The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will













Meditations for the Month of May,

for the House of the Divine Will.


May 6, 1930

Luisa Piccarreta




Maternal Appeal of the Queen of Heaven


Dearest child, I feel the irresistible need to descend from Heaven to make you my maternal visits. If you assure Me of your filial love and faithfulness, I will remain always with you in your soul, to be your teacher, model, example and most tender Mother.


I come to invite you to enter into the Kingdom of your Mama that is, the Kingdom of the Divine Will; and I knock at the door of your heart, that you may open it to Me. You know? With my own hands I bring you this book as gift; I offer it to you with maternal care, so that, in your turn, in reading it, you may learn to live of Heaven and no longer of earth.


This book is of gold, my child. It will form your spiritual fortune, your happiness, also terrestrial. In it you will find the fount of all goods: if you are weak, you will acquire strength; if you are tempted, you will achieve victory; if you have fallen into sin, you will find the pitying and powerful hand that will lift you up again. If you feel afflicted, you will find comfort; if cold, the sure means to get warm; if hungry, you will enjoy the delicious food of the Divine Will. With it you will lack nothing; you will no longer be alone, because your Mama will keep you sweet company, and with Her every maternal care She will take on the commitment of making you happy. I, the Celestial Empress, will take care of all your needs, provided that you consent to live united with Me.


If you knew my yearnings, my ardent sighs, and also the tears I shed for my children…! If you knew how I burn with the desire that you listen to my lessons, all of Heaven, and learn to live of Divine Will…!


In this book you will see wonders; you will find a Mama who loves you so much as to sacrifice Her own beloved Son for you, in order to allow you to live of that same life of which She lived upon earth.


O please! do not give Me this sorrow - do not reject Me. Accept this gift of Heaven that I am bringing you; welcome my visit, my lessons. Know that I will go throughout the whole world; I will go to each individual, to all families, to religious communities, to every nation, to all peoples, and, if needed, I will go around for entire centuries until, as Queen, I have formed my people, and, as Mother, my children, who would know the Divine Will and let It reign everywhere.




Here is the purpose of this book explained to you. Those who will welcome it with love will be the first fortunate children who will belong to the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat; and I, with gold characters, will write their names in my maternal Heart.


See, my child, that same infinite love of God which, in Redemption, wanted to use Me in order to make the Eternal Word descend upon earth, is now calling Me into the field once again, entrusting to Me the difficult task, the sublime mandate of forming on earth the children of the Kingdom of His Divine Will. Therefore, with maternal care I set to work, and I prepare for you the way which will lead you to this happy Kingdom. For this purpose I will give you sublime and celestial lessons and, finally, I will teach you special and new prayers, through which you will commit the heavens, the sun, the Creation, my very life and that of my Son, and all the acts of the Saints, so that, in your name, they may impetrate the adorable Kingdom of the Divine Will. These prayers are the most powerful, because they bind the very divine operating. By means of them, God will feel disarmed and conquered by the creature. Confident of this help, you will hasten the coming of His most happy Kingdom, and, with Me, you will obtain that the Divine Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven, according to the desire of the Divine Master.


Courage, my child - make Me content, and I will bless you.





Prayer to the Celestial Queen for each day of the month of May


Immaculate Queen, my Celestial Mother, I come onto your maternal knees to abandon myself in your arms as your dear child, and to ask of You, with the most ardent sighs, in this month consecrated to You, the greatest of graces:  that You admit me to live in the Kingdom of the Divine Will.


Holy Mama, You who are the Queen of this Kingdom, admit me to live in It as your child, that It may no longer be deserted, but populated by your children. Therefore, Sovereign Queen, I entrust myself to You, that You may lead my steps in the Kingdom of the Divine Will; and as I cling to your maternal hand, You will lead all my being to live perennial life in the Divine Will. You will be my Mama, and to You, as my Mama, I deliver my will, that You may exchange it with the Divine Will, and so I may be sure I will not go out of Its Kingdom. Therefore I pray You to illumine me in order to make me comprehend what ‘Will of God’ means.


(Hail Mary)


Little Sacrifice of the Month:


Each morning, midday and night three times a day let us go onto the knees of our Celestial Mama, and say to Her: “My Mama, I love You; and You love me, and give a sip of Divine Will to my soul. Give me your blessing, that I may do all of my actions under your maternal gaze.


* * *





Day One


The Queen of Heaven in the Kingdom of the Divine Will.

The First Step of the Divine Will in the Immaculate Conception of the Celestial Mama.


The soul to her Immaculate Queen:


Here I am, O most sweet Mama, prostrate before You. Today is the first day of the month of May, consecrated to You, in which all your children want to offer You their little flowers to prove to You their love, and to bind your love to love them; and I see You as though descending from the Celestial Fatherland, attended by angelic cohorts, to receive the beautiful roses, the humble violets, the chaste lilies of your children, and requite them with your smiles of love, your graces and blessings. And pressing the gifts of your children to your maternal womb, You bring them with You to Heaven, to keep them as pledges and crowns for the moment of their death.


Celestial Mama, in the midst of many, I, who am the littlest, the neediest of your children, want to come up onto your maternal lap, to bring You, not flowers and roses, but a sun each day. But the Mama must help her child, giving me her lessons of Heaven, to teach me how to form these divine suns, that I may give You the most beautiful homage and the most pure love. Dear Mama, You have understood what your child wants: I want to be taught by You how to live of Divine Will. And I, transforming my acts and all of myself into Divine Will according to your teachings, each day, will bring You, onto your lap, all my acts changed into suns.


Lesson of the Queen of Heaven:


Blessed child, your prayer wounded my maternal Heart, and as it draws Me from Heaven, I am already close to my child, to give her my lessons, all of Heaven.


Look at Me, dear child: thousands of Angels surround Me and, reverent, are all in waiting, to hear Me speak of that Divine Fiat whose fount I possess, more than anyone; I know Its admirable secrets, Its infinite joys, Its indescribable happiness and Its incalculable value. To hear my child calling Me, because she wants my lessons on the Divine Will, is the greatest feast for Me - the purest joy; and if you listen to my lessons, I will call Myself fortunate to be your Mama. Oh! how I yearn to have a child who wants to live only of Divine Will. Tell Me, O child, will you make Me content? Will you give Me your heart, your will, all of yourself, into my maternal hands, that I may prepare you, dispose you, fortify you, empty you of everything, so as to be able to fill you completely with the light of the Divine Will, and form in you Its Divine Life? Place your head upon the Heart of your Celestial Mama, and be attentive in listening to Me, so that my sublime lessons may make you decide never to do your will, but always that of God.


My child, listen to Me: it is my maternal Heart that loves you very much, and wants to pour Itself upon you. Know that I have you here, inscribed in my Heart, and that I love you as my true child. But I feel a sorrow, because I do not see you as similar to your Mama. Do you know what renders us dissimilar?  Ah! It is your will that takes away from you the freshness of grace, the beauty that



enamors your Creator, the strength that conquers and bears everything, the love that consumes everything.  In sum, it is not that Will which animates your Celestial Mama.


You must know that I knew my human will only to keep it sacrificed in homage to my Creator. My life was all of Divine Will; from the first instant of my Conception, I was molded, warmed and placed into Its light, which purified my human seed with Its power, in such a way that I was conceived without original sin. Therefore, if my Conception was spotless and so glorious as to form the honor of the Divine Family, it was only because the Omnipotent Fiat poured Itself upon my seed, and I was conceived pure and holy. So, if the Divine Will had not poured Itself upon my seed more than a tender mother, in order to prevent the effects of original sin, I would have encountered the sad destiny of the other creatures, of being conceived with original sin. Therefore, the primary cause was, entirely, the Divine Will; to It be honor, glory, thanksgiving, for my having been conceived without original sin.


Now, child of my Heart, listen to your Mama: banish your human will; content yourself with dying rather than concede to it one act of life. Your Celestial Mama would have been content with dying thousands and thousands of times, rather than do one single act of my will; don’t you want to imitate Me? Ah! If you keep it sacrificed in honor of your Creator, the Divine Will will take the first step in your soul, and you will feel molded with a celestial aura, purified and warmed, in such a way as to feel the seeds of your passions being annihilated; and you will feel placed in the first steps of the Kingdom of the Divine Will. Therefore, be attentive; if you are faithful in listening to Me, I will guide you, I will lead you by the hand along the interminable ways of the Divine Fiat; I will keep you sheltered under my blue mantel, and you will be my honor, my glory, my victory and yours.


The soul:


Immaculate Virgin, take me on your maternal knees, and be my mama. With your holy hands, take possession of my will; purify it, mold it, warm it by the touch of your maternal fingers. Teach me to live only of Divine Will.


Little Sacrifice:


Today, to honor Me, from the morning, and in all your actions, you will place your will into my hands, saying to Me:  “My Mama, You Yourself offer the sacrifice of my will to my Creator.”


Ejaculatory Prayer:


My Mama, enclose the Divine Will in my soul, that It may take Its first place, and form in it Its throne and Its dwelling.


* * *



Day Two


The Second Step of the Divine Will in the Queen of Heaven.



The First Smile of the Sacrosanct Trinity over Her Immaculate Conception.


The soul:


Here I am again upon your maternal knees, to listen to your lessons. Celestial Mama, this poor child entrusts herself to your power. I am too poor, I know; but I know that You love me as a Mama, and this is enough for me to fling myself into your arms, that You may have compassion for me; and opening the ears of my heart, You will let me hear your most sweet voice, to give me your sublime lessons. You, Holy Mama, will purify my heart by the touch of your maternal fingers, that I may enclose in it the celestial dew of your celestial teachings.


Lesson of the Queen of Heaven:


My child, listen to Me: if you knew how much I love you, you would trust your Mama more, and would let not even a word of mine escape you. You must know that I not only keep you inscribed in my Heart, but inside this Heart I have a maternal fiber that, more than Mother, makes me love my child. Therefore, I want to let you hear the great prodigy that the Supreme Fiat operated in Me, so that you, by imitating Me, may give Me the great honor of being my daughter-queen. How my Heart, drowned in love, yearns to have around Me the noble cohort of my little queens.


So, listen to Me, my beloved child. As soon as the Divine Fiat poured Itself over my human seed in order to prevent the sad effects of sin, the Divinity smiled, It put Itself in feast in seeing, in my seed, that human seed, pure and holy, just as it came out of Their creative hands in the creation of man. So, the Divine Fiat took the second step in Me, by carrying this human seed of mine, purified and sanctified by It, before the Divinity, that It might pour out in torrents upon my littleness in the act of being conceived. And the Divinity, recognizing in Me Their creative work, beautiful and pure, smiled with satisfaction, and wanting to celebrate Me, the Celestial Father poured upon Me seas of power; the Son, seas of wisdom; the Holy Spirit, seas of love. So I was conceived in the interminable light of the Divine Will; and in the midst of these divine seas, as my littleness could not contain them, I formed gigantic waves, to send them back as homage of love and glory to the Father, to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.


And the Trinity was all eyes upon Me; and so as not to be surpassed by Me in love, smiling at Me and caressing Me, sent Me more seas, which embellished Me so much, that as soon as my little humanity was formed, I acquired the enrapturing virtue of enrapturing my Creator. And He truly let Himself be enraptured; so much so, that between Me and God it was always feast. We denied nothing to each other - I never denied anything to Them, nor did They. But do you know who animated Me with this enrapturing power? The Divine Will, which reigned in Me as life. The power of the Supreme Being was mine, and therefore We had equal power to enrapture each other.


Now, my child, listen to your Mama: know that I love you very much, and would like to see your soul filled with my same seas. These seas of mine are swollen, and want to pour themselves out; but in order for them to do this, you must empty yourself of your will, so that the Divine Will may take the second step over you, and constituting Itself as origin of life in your soul, It may call the attention of the Celestial Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, to pour Themselves upon you with Their



overflowing seas. But in order to do this, They want to find Their own Will in you, because They do not want to entrust Their seas of power, of wisdom and of unspeakable beauty to your human will


Child most dear to Me, listen to your Mama; place your hand upon your heart and tell Me your secrets: how many times have you been unhappy, tortured, embittered, because you have done your will? Know that you have cast a Divine Will out, and have fallen into the maze of evils. The Divine Will wanted to render you pure and holy, happy and beautiful of an enchanting beauty; and you, by doing your own will, have waged war against It, and, in sorrow, you have cast It out of Its dear dwelling, which is your soul.


Listen, child of my Heart, this is a sorrow for your Mama, as I do not see in you the Sun of the Divine Fiat, but the thick darkness of the night of your human will. But, take courage; if you promise Me to place your will into my hands, I, your Celestial Mama, will take you in my arms; I will place you on my knees, and will reorder in you the life of the Divine Will. And so you too, after so many tears, will form my smile, my feast, and the smile and the feast of the Sacrosanct Trinity.


The soul:


Celestial Mama, if You love me so much, I pray You not to allow me to come down from your maternal knees; and as soon as You see that I am about to do my will, watch over my poor soul, and enclosing me in your Heart, let the power of your love burn up my will. In this way, I will change your tears into smiles of delight.


Little Sacrifice:


Today, to honor Me, as many as three times you will come up on my knees, delivering your will to Me, saying to Me: “My Mama, I want this will of mine to be yours, that You may exchange it with the Divine Will.”


Ejaculatory Prayer:


Sovereign Queen, with your divine empire, knock down my will, so that the seed of the Divine Will may spring up within me.


* * *



Day Three


The Third Step of the Divine Will in the Queen of Heaven.

The Smile of all Creation for the Conception of the Celestial Baby.


The soul to the Virgin:


Sovereign Mama, this little child of yours, enraptured by your celestial lessons, feels the extreme need to come each day upon your maternal knees, to listen to You and to place your maternal teachings



into my heart. Your love, your sweet accent, your pressing me to your Heart, in your arms, infuse courage in me, and the confidence that my Mama will give me the great grace of making me comprehend the great evil of my will, to make me live of Divine Will.


Lesson of the Queen of Heaven:


My child, listen to Me; it is a heart of mother that speaks to you, and as I see that you want to listen to Me, my Heart rejoices and feels the sure hope that my child will take possession of the Kingdom of the Divine Will, which I possess within my maternal Heart, to give It to my children. Therefore, be attentive in listening to Me, and write all my words within your heart, that you may always meditate on them, and model your life according to my teachings.


Listen, my child: as soon as the Divinity smiled and celebrated my Conception, the Supreme Fiat took the third step over my little humanity. Tiny, tiny as I was, It endowed Me with divine reason; and moving all Creation in feast, It made Me be recognized by all created things as their Queen. They recognized in Me the life of the Divine Will, and the whole universe prostrated itself at my feet, though I was tiny and not yet born. And singing my praises, the sun made feast for Me and smiled with its light; the heavens made feast for Me with their stars, which smiled at Me with their meek and sweet twinkling and offered themselves as refulgent crown over my head; the sea made feast for Me with its waves, rising and falling peacefully. In sum, there was not one created thing that did not unite itself to the smile and to the feast of the Sacrosanct Trinity. All accepted my dominion, my rule, my command, and they felt honored because, after so many centuries from the time in which Adam had lost the command and the dominion of king by withdrawing from the Divine Will, they found in Me their Queen; and all Creation proclaimed Me Queen of Heaven and earth.


My dear child, you must know that when the Divine Will reigns in the soul, It does not know how to do small things - but great. It wants to centralize all of Its divine prerogatives in the fortunate creature, and everything that came out of Its Omnipotent Fiat surrounds her and remains obedient to her wishes. What did the Divine Fiat not give to Me? It gave Me everything - Heaven and earth were in my power; I felt dominator of all, and even of my very Creator.


Now, my child, listen to your Mama. Oh! how my Heart grieves in seeing you weak, poor; nor do you have the true dominion of dominating yourself. Fears, doubts, apprehensions, are the things that dominate you all miserable rags of your human will. But do you know why? Because the life of the Divine Will, intact, is missing in you, which, putting to flight all the evils of the human will, may render you happy and fill you with all the goods It possesses.


Ah! if you, with a firm resolution, decide no longer to give life to your human will, you will feel all evils die, and all goods come back to life within you. And then everything will smile at you, and the Divine Will will take the third step, also in you, and all Creation will make feast for the newly arrived in the Kingdom of the Divine Will.


Therefore, my child, tell Me will you listen to Me? Do you give Me your word that you will never

never again do your will? Know that if you do this, I will never leave you, I will place Myself as guardian of your soul; I will envelope you within my light, so that no one may dare to importune my



child.  I will give you my rule, that you may rule over all the evils of your will.


The soul:


Celestial Mama, your lessons descend into my heart and fill it with celestial balm. I thank You for lowering Yourself so much toward me, poor little one. But listen, O my Mama - I fear myself; but if You want, You can do anything, and with You, I can do anything. I abandon myself like a little baby in the arms of my Mama, and I am certain that I will satisfy Her maternal yearnings.


Little Sacrifice:


Today, to honor Me, you will look at the heavens, the sun, the earth, and uniting yourself with all, as many as three times, you will recite three Glory Be’s in order to thank God for having constituted Me Queen of all.


Ejaculatory Prayer:


Powerful Queen, dominate over my will, to convert it into Divine Will.


* * *


Day Four


The Fourth Step of the Divine Will in the Queen of Heaven.

The Test.


The soul to the Virgin:


Here I am again, on the maternal knees of my dear Celestial Mama. My heart beats so very strongly. I am restless with love for the desire to hear your beautiful lessons; therefore, give me your hand and take me in your arms. In your arms I spend moments of Paradise I feel happy. Oh, how I yearn to hear your voice - a new life descends into my heart. Therefore, speak to me, and I promise to put your holy teachings into practice.


Lesson of the Queen of Heaven:


My child, if you knew how much I love to hold you tightly in my arms, leaning on my maternal Heart, to let you hear the celestial secrets of the Divine Fiat…. And if you yearn so much to listen to Me, those are my yearnings that echo in your heart; it is your Mama that wants her child, and wants to entrust Her secrets to her, and narrate to you the story of what the Divine Will operated in Me.


Child of my Heart, pay attention to Me; it is my Heart of Mother that wants to pour Itself out with her child. I want to tell you my secrets which, until now, have not been revealed to anyone, because the hour of God had not yet sounded, in which, wanting to bestow surprising graces upon creatures, which He has not conceded in the whole history of the world, He wants to make known the prodigies



of the Divine Fiat - what It can operate in the creature, if she lets herself be dominated by It. And this is why He wants to place Me in the sight of all, as model, since I had the great honor of forming my whole life of Divine Will.


Now, my child, know that as soon as I was conceived and put the Divinity in feast, Heaven and earth made feast for Me, and recognized Me as their Queen. I remained so identified with my Creator, that I felt Myself as the owner in the divine dominions. I did not know what separation from my Creator was; that same Divine Will which reigned in Me, reigned in Them, and rendered Us inseparable. And while everything was smile and feast between Me and Them, I could see that They could not trust Me if They did not receive a proof. My child, the test is the flag that says victory; the test places all the goods that God wants to give us in safekeeping; the test matures and disposes the soul for gains of great conquests. And I too saw the necessity of this test, because I wanted to give proof to my Creator, in exchange for the so many seas of graces He had given Me, with an act of my faithfulness which would cost Me the sacrifice of my whole life. How beautiful it is to be able to say: “You have loved me, I have loved You” - but without the test, it can never be said.


Now, know, my child, that the Divine Fiat made known to Me the creation of man, innocent and holy. For him too everything was happiness; he had command over all Creation, and all the elements were obedient to his wishes. Since the Divine Will was reigning in Adam, by virtue of It, he too was inseparable from his Creator. After the so many goods that God had given him, in order to receive one act of faithfulness in Adam, He commanded him not to touch one fruit only, of the many which were there in the terrestrial Eden. This was the proof that God wanted in order to confirm his innocence, sanctity and happiness, and to give him the right of command over the whole of Creation. But Adam was not faithful in the test, and because he was not faithful, God could not trust him. And so he lost command, innocence and happiness, and it can be said that he turned the work of Creation upside down.


Now know, child of my Heart, that in knowing the grave evils of the human will in Adam and in all his progeny, I, your Celestial Mother, though newly conceived, cried bitterly and with hot tears over fallen man. And the Divine Will, in seeing Me cry, asked Me, as proof, to surrender my human will to It. The Divine Fiat said to Me: “I do not ask of you a fruit, as with Adam; no, no but I ask you for your will. You will keep it as if you did not have it, under the empire of my Divine Will, which will be your life, and will feel confident to make of you whatever It wants.” So, the Supreme Fiat took the fourth step in my soul, asking Me for my will as proof, waiting for my Fiat, and for my acceptance of such a test.


Tomorrow I will wait for you again to come upon my knees, to let you hear the outcome of the test; and since I want you to imitate your Mama, I pray you, as Mother, never to deny anything to your God, be they even sacrifices that would last your whole life. Remaining ever unwavering in the test which God asks of you, your faithfulness, is the call of the divine designs upon you; it is the reflection of His virtues which, like many brushes, make of the soul the masterpiece of the Supreme Being. It can be said that the test offers the material into the divine hands, for Them to accomplish Their crafting in the creature. God does not know what to do with one who is not faithful in the test; not only this, but he upsets the most beautiful works of his Creator.



Therefore, my dear child, be attentive: if you are faithful in the test, you will make your Mama happier. Do not cause Me to be worried, give Me your word, and I will guide you and sustain you in everything as my child.


The soul:


Holy Mama, I know my weakness, but your maternal goodness infuses such confidence in me that I hope for everything from You, and with You I feel secure. Even more, I place into your maternal hands the very tests which God will dispose for me, that You may give me all those graces so that I may not send the divine designs to ruin.


Little Sacrifice:


Today, to honor Me, you will come three times onto my maternal knees, and will bring Me all your pains, of soul and of body. You will bring everything to your Mama, and I will bless them for you, in order to infuse in them the strength, the light, the grace that are needed.


Ejaculatory Prayer:


Celestial Mama, take me into your arms, and write in my heart:  “Fiat, Fiat, Fiat.”


* * *


Day Five


The Fifth Step of the Divine Will in the Queen of Heaven.

The Triumph of the Test.


The soul to the Virgin:


Celestial Sovereign, I see that You stretch out your arms toward me, to take me onto your maternal knees; and I run or rather, I fly, to enjoy the chaste embraces, the celestial smiles of my Celestial Mama. Holy Mama, your appearance today is of a triumpher, and with an air of triumph You want to narrate to me the triumph of your test. Ah! yes, most gladly I will listen to You, and I pray You to give me the grace to be able to triumph in the tests which the Lord will dispose for me.


Lesson of the Queen of Heaven:


Child most dear to Me, oh! how I yearn to confide my secrets to my child; secrets which will give Me much glory, and which will glorify that Divine Fiat which was the primary cause of my Immaculate Conception, of my Sanctity, Sovereignty and Maternity. I owe everything to the Fiat I know nothing else. All of my sublime prerogatives for which the Holy Church so much honors Me, are nothing other than the effects of that Divine Will which dominated Me, reigned and lived in Me. This is why I yearn so much that That which produced in Me so many privileges and admirable effects as to astonish Heaven and earth, be known.



Now listen to Me, dear child: as soon as the Supreme Being asked Me for my human will, I comprehended the grave evil that the human will can do in the creature, and how it puts everything in danger, even the most beautiful works of her Creator. The creature, with her human will, is all oscillation; she is weak, inconstant, disordered. And this, because in creating man, God had created him united with His Divine Will as though by nature, in such a way that It was to be the strength, the prime motion, the support, the food, the life of the human will. So, by not giving life to the Divine Will in our own, we reject the goods received from God in creation, and the rights received, by nature, in the act in which we were created.


Oh! how well I comprehended the grave offense that is given to God, and the evils that pour upon the creature. I had such horror and fear of doing my will - and rightly did I fear, because Adam too was created innocent by God, and yet, by doing his own will, into how many evils did he not plunge himself and all generations?


Therefore, I, your Mama, taken by terror, and even more, by love toward my Creator, swore never to do my will. And to be more sure and to better attest my sacrifice to the One who had given Me so many seas of graces and privileges, I took this human will of mine and I bound it to the foot of the Divine Throne, in continuous homage of love and sacrifice, promising never to use my will, not even for one instant of my life, but always that of God.


My child, to you, perhaps, my sacrifice of living without my will may not seem great; but I tell you that there is no sacrifice similar to mine even more, all other sacrifices in the whole history of the world can be called shadows in comparison with mine. To sacrifice oneself for one day now yes, now no is easy; but to sacrifice oneself in each instant, in each act, in the very good that one wants to do, for one’s entire life, without ever giving life to one’s own will, is the sacrifice of sacrifices; it is the greatest attestation that can be offered, and the purest love, filtered through the Divine Will Itself, that can be offered to our Creator. This sacrifice is so great, that God cannot ask anything more of the creature, nor can she find how to sacrifice more for her Creator.


Now, my most dear child, as soon as I gave the gift of my will to my Creator, I felt triumphant in the test asked of Me, and God felt triumphant in my human will. God was waiting for my proof that is, a soul who would live without will in order to adjust the balance with mankind, and to assume the attitude of clemency and mercy.


Therefore, I will wait for you again to narrate to you the story of what the Divine Will did after the triumph of the test.


And now, a little word to you, my child: if you knew how I yearn to see you living without your will…. You know that I am your Mother, and a Mama wants to see her child happy; but how can you be happy if you do not decide to live without your will, as your Mama lived? If you do so, I will give you everything; I will place Myself at your disposal, I will be all for my child, provided that I receive the good, the contentment, the happiness, of having a child who lives all of Divine Will.


The soul:



Triumphant Sovereign, into your hands of Mother do I place my will, so that You Yourself, as Mama, may purify it and embellish it for me, and bind it together with your own to the foot of the Divine Throne, that I may live not with my will, but always – always with that of God.


Little Sacrifice:


Today, to honor Me, in each act you do, you will deliver your will into my maternal hands, and will pray Me to let the Divine Will flow in place of your own.


Ejaculatory Prayer:


Triumphant Queen, steal my will from me, and grant me the Divine Will.


* * *


Day Six


The Sixth Step of the Divine Will in the Queen of Heaven.

After the Triumph in the Test, the Possession.


The soul to the Virgin:


Queen Mama, I see that You are waiting for me again, and stretching out your hand toward me, You take me on your knees and press me to your Heart, to let me feel the Life of that Divine Fiat which You possess. Oh! how refreshing is Its warmth; how penetrating Its light. O please! Holy Mama, if You love me so much, plunge the little atom of my soul into that Sun of the Divine Will which You conceal, so that I too may be able to say: “My will is ended, it will have life no more; my life will be the Divine Will.”


Lesson of the Queen of Heaven:


Dearest child, trust your Mama and pay attention to my lessons; they will serve you to make you abhor your will, and to make you long within yourself for that Holy Fiat, whose Life I so much yearn to form in you.


My child, you must know that the Divinity was assured about Me through the test It wanted - while everyone believes that I did not have any test, and that it was enough for God to make the great portent He made of Me, of conceiving Me without original sin. Oh, how they deceive themselves. On the contrary, He asked of Me a proof which He has asked of no one. And He did this with justice and with highest wisdom, because, since the Eternal Word was to descend into Me, not only was it not decorous that He find in Me the original sin, but it was also not decorous for Him to find in Me a human will operating. It would have been too unseemly for God to descend into a creature in whom reigned the human will. And this is why He wanted from Me, as proof, and for my whole life, my will, in order to secure the Kingdom of the Divine Will within my soul. Once He secured this in Me, God could do with Me whatever He wanted; He could give Me anything, and I can say that He



could deny Me nothing.


For now, let us go back to the point we reached. I will reserve the narration of what this Divine Will did in Me during the course of my lessons.


Now listen, my child: after the triumph in the test, the Divine Fiat took the sixth step in my soul by having Me take possession of all of the divine properties, as much as it is possible and imaginable for the creature. Everything was mine Heaven, earth, and even God Himself, whose very Will I possessed. I felt I was the possessor of Divine Sanctity, of Love, of Beauty, Power, Wisdom and Goodness. I felt I was Queen of everything; nor did I feel a stranger in the house of my Celestial Father. I felt vividly His Paternity and the supreme happiness of being His faithful daughter. I can say that I grew up on the paternal knees of God, nor did I know other love or other science but that which my Creator administered to Me. Who can tell you what this Divine Will did in Me? It elevated Me so high, It embellished Me so much, that the very Angels remain mute, nor do they know where to begin to speak about Me.


Now, my dearest child, you must know that, as soon as the Divine Fiat had Me take possession of everything, I felt Myself the possessor of everything and of everyone. With Its Power, Immensity and All-seeingness, the Divine Will enclosed all creatures in my soul, and I felt a little place in my maternal Heart for each one of them. From the moment I was conceived, I carried you in my Heart, and oh, how much I loved you, and I love you. I loved you so much, that I acted as your Mother before God; my prayers, my sighs, were for you; and in the delirium of Mother, I said: “Oh! how I wish to see my child possessor of everything, just as I am.”


Therefore, listen to your Mama: do not want to recognize your human will any more. If you do so, everything will be in common between Me and you; you will have a divine strength in your power; all things will turn into divine sanctity, love and beauty. And in the ardor of my love, just as the Most High sang my praises, “All beautiful, all holy, all pure are You, O Mary!”, I will say: “Beautiful, pure and holy is my child, because she possesses the Divine Will.”


The soul:


Queen of Heaven, I too hail You: “All beautiful, pure and holy is my Celestial Mama”. O please! I pray You, if You have a place for me in your maternal Heart, O please, enclose me in It, so I will be sure that I will not do my will any more, but always that of God; and we, Mother and child, will both be happy.


Little Sacrifice:


Today, to honor Me, you will recite three Glory Be’s for three times, in thanksgiving to the Most Holy Trinity for establishing in Me the Kingdom of the Divine Will, giving Me possession of everything. And making the words of the Supreme Being your own, at each Glory Be, you will say to Me:   “All beautiful, pure and holy is my Mama.”



Ejaculatory Prayer:


Queen of Heaven, make me be possessed by the Divine Will.


* * *


Day Seven


The Queen of Heaven in the Kingdom of the Divine Will takes the Scepter of Command,

and the Sacrosanct Trinity constitutes Her Its Secretary.


The soul to the Divine Secretary:


Queen Mama, here I am, prostrate at your feet. I feel that, as your child, I cannot be without my Celestial Mama; and even though today You come to me with the glory of the scepter of command and with the crown of Queen, yet You are always my Mama. So, though trembling, I fling myself into your arms, that You may heal the wounds which my bad will has made to my poor soul. Listen, my Sovereign Mama, if You do not make a prodigy if You do not take your scepter of command in order to guide me and hold your empire over all my acts, so that my will may have no life alas! I will not have the beautiful destiny of coming into the Kingdom of the Divine Will.


Lesson of the Queen of Heaven:


My dear child, come into the arms of your Mama, and pay attention in listening to Me; and you will hear the unheard-of prodigies that the Divine Fiat did in your Celestial Mama.


As I took possession of the Kingdom of the Divine Will, Its steps within Me ended; more so, since these six steps symbolized the six days of Creation: each day, by pronouncing a Fiat, God took as though a step, passing from the creation of one thing to another. On the sixth day, He took the final step, saying: “Fiat - let Us make man in Our image and likeness.” And on the seventh day He rested in His works, as though wanting to enjoy everything He had created with such magnificence. And in His rest, looking at His works, He said: “How beautiful are my works - everything is order and harmony.” And fixing upon man, in the ardor of His Love, He added: “But you are the most beautiful - you are the crown of all Our works.”


Now, my creation surpassed all the prodigies of Creation, and therefore the Divinity wanted to take, with Its Fiat, six steps in Me. As I took possession of the Kingdom of the Divine Will, Its steps in Me ended, and Its full Life, whole and perfect, began within my soul; and - oh! at what divine heights I was placed by the Most High. The heavens could neither reach Me nor contain Me; the light of the sun was small before my light. No created thing could reach Me. I crossed the divine seas as if they were my own; my Celestial Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, longed for Me to be in Their arms, to enjoy Their little daughter. And, oh! the contentment They felt in feeling that, as I loved Them, prayed Them and adored Their Supreme Height, my love, my prayer and adoration, came out from within my soul, from the center of the Divine Will. They felt, coming out of Me, waves of divine



love, chaste fragrances, unusual joys, which started from within the Heaven that Their own Divine Will had formed in my littleness; so much so, that They could not stop repeating: “All beautiful, all pure, all holy, is Our little daughter. Her words are chains that bind Us; Her gazes are darts that wound Us; Her heartbeats are arrows that, darting through Us, make Us go into a delirium of love.” They felt the power, the strength of Their Divine Will coming out of Me, which rendered Us inseparable; and They called Me “Our invincible daughter, who will obtain victory even over Our Divine Being.”


Now, listen to Me, my child; the Most Holy Trinity, taken by excess of love for Me, told me: “Our beloved daughter, Our Love cannot resist; It feels suffocated if We do not entrust to You Our secrets. Therefore We elect You Our faithful Secretary; to You We want to entrust Our sorrows and Our decrees. At any cost We want to save man - look how he goes toward the precipice. His rebellious will drags him continuously toward evil. Without the life, the strength and the support of Our Divine Will, he has deviated from the path of his Creator, and walks crawling on the earth weak, ill, and full of all vices. But there are no other ways to save him, nor other ways out, than for the Eternal Word to descend, take his guise, his miseries, his sins upon Himself; become his brother, conquer him by dint of love and unheard-of pains, and give him so much confidence as to be able to bring him back again into Our paternal arms. Oh! how We grieve over the destiny of man. Our sorrow is great, nor could We confide it to anyone, because not having a Divine Will to dominate them, they could never comprehend either Our sorrow, or the grave evils of man fallen into sin. To You, who possess Our Fiat, is given the ability to comprehend it. Therefore, to You, as Our own Secretary, We want to unveil Our secrets, and place the scepter of command into your hands, that You may dominate and rule over everything, and your dominion may conquer God and men, bringing them to Us as Our children, generated anew in your maternal Heart.”


Who can tell you, dear child, what my Heart felt at these divine speaking? A vein of intense sorrow opened in Me, and I committed Myself, even at the cost of my life, to conquer God and the creature, and to unite them together.


Now, my child, listen to your Mama: I saw you surprised in hearing Me narrate the story of the possession in the Kingdom of the Divine Will. Now know that this destiny is given also to you: if you decide never to do your will, the Divine Will will form Its Heaven in your soul; you will feel the divine inseparability; the scepter of command over yourself, over your passions, will be given to you. You will no longer be slave to yourself, because only the human will puts the poor creature into slavery, clips the wings of her love toward the One who created her, and takes away from her the strength, the support and the confidence to fling herself into the arms of her Celestial Father in such a way that she is unable to know either His secrets, or the great love with which He loves her, and therefore she lives like a stranger in the house of her Divine Father. What distance the human will casts between Creator and creature!


Therefore, listen to Me - make Me content. Tell Me you will no longer give life to your will, and I will fill you completely with the Divine Will.


The soul:



Holy Mama, help me; don’t You see how weak I am? Your beautiful lessons move me to tears, and I cry over my great misfortune of having fallen many times into the maze of doing my own will, detaching myself from that of my Creator. O please, be my Mama, do not leave me to myself. With your power, unite the Divine Will to mine; enclose me in your maternal Heart, in which I will be sure never to do my will.


Little Sacrifice:


Today, to honor Me, you will remain under my mantle, to learn to live under my gaze; and reciting three Hail Marys to Me, you will pray Me to make everyone know the Divine Will.


Ejaculatory Prayer:


Holy Mama, enclose me in your Heart, that I may learn from You to live of Divine Will.


* * *


Day Eight


The Queen of Heaven in the Kingdom of the Divine Will receives the Mandate from Her Creator

to place in Safety the Destiny of Mankind.


The soul to the Divine Agent:


Here I am with You, Celestial Mama. I feel I cannot be without my dear Mama; my poor heart is restless, and only when I am on your lap like a tiny little one, clasped to your Heart, to listen to your lessons - then do I feel it at peace. Your sweet accent sweetens all my bitternesses, and sweetly binds my will; and placing it like a footstool under the Divine Will, it makes me feel Its sweet empire, Its life, Its happiness.


Lesson of the Celestial Agent:


Dearest child of mine, know that I love you very much; trust your Mama, and be sure that you will obtain victory over your will. If you are faithful to Me, I will take complete responsibility over you

– I will act as your true Mama.  Therefore, listen to what I did for you before the Most High.


I did nothing other than bring Myself onto the knees of my Celestial Father. I was little, not yet born; but the Divine Will, whose life I possessed, rendered my visits to my Creator accessible to Me. All doors, all ways, were open for Me, nor was I fearful or afraid of Them. Only the human will causes fear, apprehension, distrust, and puts the poor creature far away from the One who so much loves her, and who wants to be surrounded by His children. So, if the creature is afraid and fears, and does not know how to be as child and Father with her Creator, it is a sign that the Divine Will does not reign in her. And therefore they are the tortured - the martyred ones of the human will. Therefore, never do your will; do not want to torture and martyr yourself by yourself, for this is the most horrible



of martyrdoms, without support and without strength.


Listen to Me: I brought Myself into the arms of the Divinity; more so, since They awaited Me, and made feast on seeing Me. They loved Me so much, that when I would appear, They would pour more seas of love and sanctity into my soul. I do not remember ever having departed from Them without Their adding more surprising gifts for Me.


So, while I was in Their arms, I prayed for mankind; and many times, with tears and sighs, I cried for you, my child, and for all. I cried because of your rebellious will, because of your sad lot of seeing yourself reduced to slavery by it, which rendered you unhappy. To see my child unhappy made Me shed bitter tears, to the point of wetting the hands of my Celestial Father with my crying. And the Divinity, moved by my crying, continued telling Me: “Our beloved daughter, your love binds Us, your tears extinguish the fire of Divine Justice; your prayers draw Us so much toward the creatures, that We do not know how to resist You. Therefore, We give to You the mandate to place in safety the destiny of mankind. You will be Our Agent in their midst. To You do We entrust their souls; You will defend Our rights, prejudiced by their sins; You will be in the middle, between them and Us, to restore the balance on both sides. We feel in You the invincible strength of Our Divine Will which, through You, prays and cries. Who can resist You? Your prayers are commands, your tears rule over Our Divine Being.  Therefore, forward in your enterprise.”


Now, my dearest child, my little Heart felt consumed with love at the loving ways of the divine speaking; and with all my love I accepted Their mandate, saying to Them: “Highest Majesty, I am here in your arms; dispose of Me in whatever way You want. I will lay down even my life - and if I had as many lives for as many as are the creatures, I would put them at their disposal and Yours, to bring them, all safe, into your paternal arms.” And without knowing then that I was to be the Mother of the Divine Word, I felt in Me the double Maternity: Maternity toward God, to defend His just rights; Maternity toward creatures, to bring them to safety. I felt Myself Mother of all. The Divine Will which reigned in Me, and which knows not how to do isolated works, brought God and all creatures from all centuries into Me. In my maternal Heart I felt my God offended, wanting to be satisfied, and I felt the creatures under the empire of Divine Justice. Oh! how many tears I shed. I wanted to make my tears descend into each heart, to let everyone feel my Maternity, all of love. I cried for you and for all, my child. Therefore, listen to Me - have pity on my crying. Take my tears in order to extinguish your passions, and to make your will lose life. O please! accept my mandate

– that you do always the Will of your Creator.


The soul:


Celestial Mama, my poor heart cannot endure in hearing how much You love me. Ah! You love me so much, to the point of crying for me. I feel your tears descend into my heart, and like many wounds, they wound me and make me comprehend how much You love me. I want to unite my tears to yours, and pray to You, crying, that You never leave me alone, that You watch over me in everything, and even beat me, if necessary. Be my Mama, and I, your little child, will let You do anything with me, so that your mandate may be the welcome one by me, and You may bring me in your arms to our Celestial Father, as the accomplished act of your divine mandate.



Little Sacrifice:


Today, to honor Me, you will give Me your will, your pains, your tears, your anxieties, your doubts and fears, into my maternal hands, so that, as your Mama, I may keep them in deposit within my maternal Heart, as pledges of my child. And I will give you the precious pledge of the Divine Will.


Ejaculatory Prayer:


Celestial Mama, pour your tears into my soul, that they may heal the wounds that my will did to me.


* * *


Day Nine


The Queen of Heaven in the Kingdom of the Divine Will

is constituted by God Celestial Peacemaker and Bond of Peace between Creator and Creature.


The soul to her Celestial Queen:


Sovereign Lady and my dearest Mama, I see that You call me as You feel the ardor of the love that burns in your Heart, because You want to narrate to me what You did for your child in the Kingdom of the Divine Will. How beautiful it is to see You direct your steps toward your Creator; and as They hear the treading of your feet, They look at You and feel wounded by the purity of your gazes; and They await You in order to be spectators of your innocent smile, to smile at You, and to amuse Themselves with You. O please! Holy Mama, in your joys, in your chaste smiles with your Creator, do not forget your child who lives in the exile, who is so much in need, and whose will, peeping out, would often want to overwhelm me, to snatch me from the Kingdom of the Divine Will.


Lesson of the Queen of Heaven:


Child of my maternal Heart, do not fear, I will never forget you. On the contrary, if you always do the Divine Will and live in Its Kingdom, we will be inseparable, I will always carry you clasped in my hand, to lead you and be your guide, in order to teach you how to live in the Supreme Fiat. Therefore, banish fear; in It, everything is peace and security. The human will is the disturber of souls, and puts in danger the most beautiful works, the holiest things. Everything is unsafe in it: sanctity, virtues, and even the salvation of the soul are in danger; and the characteristic of one who lives of human will is volubility. Who could ever trust one who lets herself be dominated by the human will? No one neither God, nor man. She looks like those empty reeds that turn at every blow of wind. Therefore, dearest child of mine, if a blow of wind wants to render you inconstant, plunge yourself into the sea of the Divine Will, and come to hide on the lap of your Mama, that I may defend you from the wind of the human will; and holding you tightly in my arms, I may render you firm and confident along the path of Its Divine Kingdom.


Now, my child, follow Me before the Supreme Majesty, and listen to Me. With my rapid flights, I



would reach Their divine arms, and upon arriving, I would feel Their overflowing love which, like mighty waves, covered Me with Their love. Oh! how beautiful it is to be loved by God. In this love one feels happiness, sanctity, infinite joys, and one feels so embellished, that God Himself feels enraptured by the striking beauty He infuses in the creature in loving her.


I wanted to imitate Them, and, though little, I did not want to remain behind Their love. So, from the waves of love They had given Me, I would form my waves, in order to cover my Creator with my love. In doing this, I would smile, because I knew that my love could never cover the immensity of Their love. But in spite of this, I would try, and my innocent smile would arise on my lips. The Supreme Being would smile at my smile, making feast and amusing Himself with my littleness.


Now, in the middle of our loving stratagems, I remembered the painful state of my human family upon earth, for I too was of their offspring - and how I grieved and prayed that the Eternal Word would descend and put a remedy to it. And I would say this with such tenderness as to reach the point of changing smile and feast into crying. The Most High was so moved by my tears, more so, since they were the tears of a little one; and pressing Me to the divine bosom, They dried my tears and said to Me: “Daughter, do not cry, pluck up courage. Into your hands We have placed the destiny of mankind; We gave You the mandate, and now, to console You more, We make of You the Peacemaker between Us and the human family. So, to You it is given to reconcile us. The power of Our Will that reigns in You compels Us to give the kiss of peace to poor humanity, decayed and unsafe.”


Who can tell you, my child, what my Heart felt at this divine condescension? My love was so great that I felt faint and, in delirium, I was restless, looking for more love as relief for my love.


Now a word to you, my child. If you listen to Me by banishing your will and giving the royal place to the Divine Fiat, you too will be loved with striking love by your Creator; you will be His smile, you will put Him in feast, and will be bond of peace between the world and God.


The soul:


Beautiful Mama, help your child. You Yourself, place me into the sea of the Divine Will, and cover me with the waves of the eternal love, that I may see and hear nothing but Divine Will and love.


Little Sacrifice:


Today, to honor Me, you will ask Me for all of my acts, and will enclose them in your heart, so that you may feel the strength of the Divine Will that reigned in Me. And then you will offer them to the Most High, to thank Him for all the offices He gave Me in order to save the creatures.


Ejaculatory Prayer:


Queen of Peace, make the Divine Will give me Its kiss of peace.


* * *




Day Ten


The Queen of Heaven in the Kingdom of the Divine Will, Dawn that rises to put to Flight the Night of the Human Will.

Her Glorious Birth.


The soul to the Queen of Heaven:


Here I am, O Holy Mama, near your cradle, to be spectator of your prodigious birth. The heavens are stupefied, the sun is fixed upon You with its light, the earth exults with joy and feels honored to be inhabited by its little newborn Queen; the Angels compete among themselves in surrounding your cradle, to honor You and to be ready for your wishes. So, all honor You and want to celebrate your birth. I too unite myself with all, and prostrate before your cradle, where I see, as though enraptured, your mother Anne and your father Joachim, I want to tell You my first word, I want to entrust to You my first secret. I want to empty my heart into Yours, and say to You: “My Mama, You who are the dawn, herald of the Divine Fiat upon the earth, O please! put to flight the gloomy night of the human will in my soul and in the whole world. Ah! yes, may your birth be our hope which, like a new dawn of grace, may regenerate us in the Kingdom of the Divine Will.”


Lesson of the Newborn Queen:


Child of my Heart, my birth was prodigious; no other birth can be said to be similar to mine. I enclosed within Myself the Heaven, the Sun of the Divine Will, and also the earth of my humanity - but a blessed and holy earth, which enclosed the most beautiful flowerings. And even though I was just newly born, I enclosed the prodigy of the greatest prodigies: the Divine Will reigning in Me, which enclosed in Me a Heaven more beautiful, a Sun more refulgent than those of Creation, of which I was also Queen, as well as a sea of graces without boundaries, which constantly murmured: “Love, love to my Creator.” Therefore, my birth was the true dawn that puts to flight the night of the human will; and as I kept growing, I formed the daybreak and called for the brightest daylight, to make the Sun of the Eternal Word rise over the earth.


My child, come into my cradle to listen to your tiny little Mama. As soon as I was born, I opened my eyes to see this low world, to go in search of all my children in order to enclose them in my Heart, give them my maternal love and, regenerating them to the new life of love and of grace, give them the step to let them enter into the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat, of which I was the possessor. I wanted to act as Queen and as Mother, enclosing everyone in my Heart, to place everyone in safety, and give them the great gift of the Divine Kingdom. In my Heart I had a place for everyone, because for one who possesses the Divine Will there are no constraints, but infinite expanses. Therefore I looked also at you, my child - no one escaped Me. And since on that day everyone celebrated my birth, it was also feast for Me. But upon opening my eyes to the light, I had the sorrow of seeing the creatures in the thick night of the human will.


Oh! in what an abyss of darkness the creature who lets herself be dominated by her will finds herself enwrapped. It is the true night - but a night with no stars; at most, a few fleeting lightnings, which



are easily followed by thunders which, in roaring, thicken the darkness even more, and unload the storm over the poor creature – storms of fear, of weaknesses, of dangers, of falling into evil.


My little Heart remained pierced in seeing my children in this horrible storm, in which the night of the human will had overwhelmed them.


Now listen to your little Mama: I am still in the cradle, I am little; look at my tears that I shed for you. Every time you do your will, it is a night that you form for yourself; and if you knew how much this night harms you, you would cry with Me. It makes you lose the light of the day of the Holy Will, it turns you upside down, it paralyzes you to good, it breaks true love in you, and you remain like a poor ill one, who lacks the necessary things to get well Ah! my child, dear child, listen to Me: never do your will; give Me your word that you will make your tiny little Mama content.


The soul:


Holy little Mama, I feel myself trembling in hearing of the ugly night of my will. Therefore I am here, at your cradle, to ask of You the grace that, by your prodigious birth, You make me be reborn in the Divine Will. I will be always near You, Celestial little Baby; I will unite my prayers and my tears to yours, to impetrate, for myself and for all, the Kingdom of the Divine Will upon earth.


Little Sacrifice:


Today, to honor Me, you will come three times to visit Me in my cradle, saying to Me each time: “Celestial little Baby, make me be reborn together with You in the life of the Divine Will.”


Ejaculatory Prayer:


My little Mama, make the dawn of the Divine Will rise within my soul.


* * *


Day Eleven


The Queen of Heaven in the Kingdom of the Divine Will,

in the first Years of Her Life down here, forms a Most Refulgent Daybreak, to make the longed for Day of Light and of Grace rise in the Hearts.


The soul to the Little Baby Queen:


Here I am again near your cradle, Celestial little Mama. My little heart feels charmed by your beauty and I am unable to detach my gaze from a beauty so rare. How sweet is your gaze; the motion of your little hands calls me to embrace You and to cling to press myself to your Heart, which is drowned with love. Holy little Mama, give me your flames, that they may burn away my human will, and so I can make You content, living of Divine Will together with You.



Lesson of the Queen of Heaven:


My child, if you knew how my maternal little Heart rejoices in seeing you near my cradle to listen to Me…. I feel Myself, with facts, Queen and Mother, because in having you near Me, I am not a sterile Mother or a Queen without a people, but I have my dear child who loves Me very much, and who wants Me to do for her the office of Mama and of Queen. Therefore, you are the bearer of joy to your Mama; more so, since you come onto my lap to be taught by Me how to live in the Kingdom of the Divine Will. To have a child who wants to live together with Me in this Kingdom so holy is the greatest glory, honor and feast for your Mama. Therefore, pay attention to Me, my dear child, and I will continue to narrate to you the wonders of my birth.


My cradle was surrounded by Angels, who competed among themselves in singing lullabies to Me, as to their sovereign Queen. And since I was endowed with reason and with science, infused in Me by my Creator, I did my first duty to adore, with my intelligence, and also with my babbling little voice of a baby, the Most Holy Adorable Trinity. And the ardor of my love for a Majesty so holy was so great that, feeling Myself languishing, I was delirious for wanting to be in the arms of the Divinity, to receive Their embraces, and to give Them my own. And so the Angels, for whom my desires were commands, picked Me up, and carrying Me on their wings, brought Me into the loving arms of my Celestial Father. Oh! with how much love They awaited Me. I was coming from the exile, and the brief pauses of separation between Me and Them were the cause of new fires of love; they were new gifts that They prepared for Me, to give them to Me; and I would find new devices to ask for pity and mercy for my children who, living in the exile, were under the lash of Divine Justice. And dissolving Myself all in love, I said to Them: “Adorable Trinity, I feel happy - I feel Myself Queen, nor do I know what unhappiness and slavery is. On the contrary, because of your Will reigning in Me, the joys, the happinesses, are so great and so many that, little as I am, I cannot embrace them all. But in so much happiness, there is a vein of intense bitterness in my little Heart: I feel in It my children unhappy, slave to their rebellious will. Have pity, Holy Father have pity. O please! make my happiness whole - make happy these unhappy children, whom I carry, more than Mother, within my maternal Heart. Let the Divine Word descend upon earth, and everything will be granted. And I will not come down off of your paternal knees if You do not give Me the deed of grace, that I may bring to my children the good news of their Redemption.”


The Divinity was moved at my prayers, and filling Me with new gifts, They said to Me: “Return to the exile and continue your prayers. Extend the Kingdom of Our Will in all your acts, for at the appropriate time We will make You content.” But They did not tell Me either when or where He would descend.


So I would depart from Heaven only to do the Divine Will. This was the most heroic sacrifice for Me, but I did it gladly, so that the Divine Will alone might have full dominion over Me.


Now listen to Me, my child. How much did your soul cost Me, to the point of embittering the immense sea of my joys and happinesses. Every time you do your will, you render yourself a slave, and you feel your unhappiness; and I, as your Mama, feel in my Heart the unhappiness of my child. Oh! how sorrowful it is to have unhappy children. And how you should take to heart doing the Divine Will, since I reached the point of departing from Heaven so that my will might have no life in





Now, my child, continue to listen to Me: in each one of your acts, may your first duty be to adore your Creator, to know Him and to love Him. This places you in the order of Creation, and you come to recognize the One who created you. This is the holiest duty of each creature: to recognize her origin.


Now you must know that my bringing Myself to Heaven, descending, praying, formed the daybreak around Me, which, spreading in the whole world, surrounded the hearts of my children, so that, from the dawn, the daybreak might rise, to make arise the serene day of the awaiting of the Divine Word upon earth.


The soul:


Celestial little Mama, in seeing You, just newly born, giving me lessons so holy, I feel enraptured and I comprehend how much You love me, to the point of rendering Yourself unhappy because of me. O please! Holy Mama, You who love me so much, let the power, the love, the joys that inundate You, descend into my heart, so that, filled with them, my will may find no room to live in me, and may freely give up the place to the dominion of the Divine Will.


Little Sacrifice:


Today, to honor Me, you will do three acts of adoration to your Creator, reciting three Glory Be’s to thank Him for the many times I received the grace to be admitted to Their presence.


Ejaculatory Prayer:


Celestial Mama, make the daybreak of the Divine Will rise within my soul.


* * *


Day Twelve


The Queen of Heaven in the Kingdom of the Divine Will

leaves the Cradle, takes Her first Steps, and with Her childlike Acts, calls God to descend upon Earth, and calls the Creatures to live in the Divine Will.


The soul to the Celestial Little Queen:


Here I come again to You, my dear little Baby, in the house of Nazareth. I want to be spectator of your tender age; I want to give You my hand as You take your first steps and speak with your holy mama and with your father Joachim. Little as You are, after you have learned how to walk, You help Saint Anne in the little tasks. My little Mama, how dear You are to me, and all striking. O please! give me your lessons, that I may follow your childhood and learn from You, also in the little human actions, to live in the Kingdom of the Divine Will.



Lesson of the Little Queen of Heaven:


My dear child, my only desire is to keep my child near Me. Without you I feel lonely, and I have no one to whom to confide my secrets. So, it is my maternal cares that seek to have my child near Me, whom I keep in my Heart, in order to give you my lessons, and so make you comprehend how to live in the Kingdom of the Divine Will.


But the human volition does enter into It; it remains crushed and in act of receiving continual deaths before the light, sanctity and power of the Divine Will. But do you think that the human volition remains afflicted because the Divine Will keeps it in the act of dying continually? Ah, no, no - rather, it feels happy that upon its dying will, the Divine Will is born again and rises victorious and triumphant over it, bringing to it joy and happiness without end. It is enough to comprehend, dear child, what it means to let oneself be dominated by It and to experience It, for the creature to abhor her own will so much, that she would rather let herself be torn to pieces than go out of the Divine Will.


Now listen to Me: I departed from Heaven only to do the Will of the Eternal One; and even though I had my Heaven within Me which was the Divine Will and I was inseparable from my Creator, yet I enjoyed being in the Celestial Fatherland. More so since, the Divine Will being in Me, I felt my rights of daughter to be with Them, to let Myself be rocked as a tiny little one in Their paternal arms, to participate in all the joys and happiness, riches and sanctity, which They possessed, for as much as I could take of them, and to fill Myself so much, as to be unable to contain any more. And the Supreme Being enjoyed in seeing that, without fear, but rather, with highest love, I filled Myself with Their goods; nor was I surprised that They would let Me take whatever I wanted. I was Their daughter one was the Will which animated Us; whatever They wanted, I wanted as well. So, I felt that the properties of my Celestial Father were mine. The only difference is that I was little, and could not embrace or take all Their goods; as many as I would take, so many were left, that I had no capacity to contain them, because I was always a creature; while the Divinity was great immense, and in one single act It embraced everything.


But, in spite of this, at the moment They would let Me understand that I was to deprive Myself of Their celestial joys and of the chaste embraces which We gave each other, I would depart from Heaven without hesitation, and would return to the midst of my dear parents. They loved Me very much; I was all lovable, striking, cheerful, peaceful, and filled with childlike grace, such as to captivate their affection for Me. They were all attentive over Me - I was their jewel. When they took Me in their arms, they felt unusual things, and a divine life palpitating in Me.


Now, child of my Heart, you must know that as my life down here began, the Divine Will extended Its Kingdom in all my acts. So, my prayers, my words, my steps, the food, the sleep I took, the little tasks with which I helped my mother, were animated by the Divine Will. And since I have always carried you in my Heart, I called you as my child in all my acts. I called your acts to be together with mine, so that also in your acts, even indifferent ones, the Kingdom of the Divine Will might extend. Listen to how much I have loved you: if I prayed, I called your prayer into mine, so that yours and mine might receive the same value and power the value and the power of a Divine Will. If I spoke, I called your word; if I walked, I called your steps; and if I did the little human actions, indispensable



to the human nature such as taking the water, sweeping, helping my mother by handing the wood to her in order to start the fire, and many other similar things I called these same acts of yours, that they might receive the value of a Divine Will, and so that, both in mine and in yours, Its Kingdom might extend. And while calling you in each of my acts, I called the Divine Word to descend upon earth.


Oh! how much I have loved you, my child. I wanted your acts within mine in order to render you happy and to let you reign together with Me, and - oh! how many times I called you and your acts, but, to my greatest sorrow, mine remained isolated, and I saw yours as though lost within your human will, forming horrible to say the kingdom, not divine, but human: the kingdom of passions, and the kingdom of sin, of unhappinesses and misfortune. Your Mama cried over your misfortune; and for each act of human will that you do, as I know the unhappy kingdom to which they lead you, my tears are still pouring, to make you comprehend the great evil that you do.


Therefore, listen to your Mama: if you do the Divine Will, joys, happinesses, will be given to you by right; everything will be in common with your Creator; weaknesses, miseries, will be banished from you. And then you will be the dearest of my children; I will keep you in my same Kingdom, to let you live always of Divine Will.


The soul:


Holy Mama, who can resist seeing You cry and not listening to your holy lessons? I, with all my heart, promise, swear, never to do my will - never again. And You, Divine Mama never leave me alone, so that the empire of your presence may crush my will, to let me reign, always always in the Will of God.


Little Sacrifice:


Today, to honor Me, you will give Me all your acts to keep Me company during my tender age, saying to Me three acts of love, in memory of the three years which I lived with my mother, Saint Anne.


Ejaculatory Prayer.


Powerful Queen, captivate my heart, to enclose it in the Will of God.


* * *


Day Thirteen


The Queen of Heaven in the Kingdom of the Divine Will departs for the Temple and gives example of total Triumph in the Sacrifice.


The soul to the Triumphant Queen:



Celestial Mama, today I come to prostrate myself before You, to ask for your invincible strength in all my pains; and You know how my heart is filled with them, to the point of feeling drowned with pains. O please! if You love so much to act as my Mother, take my heart in your hands and pour into it the love, the grace and the strength to triumph in my pains, and to convert them all into Divine Will.


Lesson of the Triumphant Queen:


My child, courage, do not fear; your Mama is all for you, and today I was waiting for you so that my heroism and my triumph in the sacrifice may infuse in you strength and courage, that I may see my child triumphant in her pains, with the heroism of bearing them with love and in order to do the Divine Will.


Now, my child, listen to Me: I had just turned three years old when my parents made known to Me that they wanted to consecrate Me to the Lord in the Temple. My heart rejoiced in hearing this that is, consecrating Myself and spending my years in the house of God. But beneath my joy there was a sorrow - a privation of the dearest persons one can have on earth, which were my dear parents. I was little, I needed their maternal cares; I was depriving Myself of the presence of two great saints. Moreover, I saw that as the day approached on which they were to deprive themselves of Me, who rendered their lives full of joy and of happiness, they felt such bitterness as to feel themselves dying. But, though suffering, they were disposed to make the heroic act of taking Me to the Lord.


My parents loved Me in the order of God, and considered Me a great gift, given to them by the Lord; and this gave them the strength to make the painful sacrifice. Therefore, my child, if you want to have invincible strength to suffer the hardest pains, let all your things be in the order of God, and hold them as precious gifts given to you by the Lord.


Now, you must know that I prepared Myself with courage for my departure for the Temple, because, as I delivered my will to the Divine Being and the Supreme Fiat took possession of my whole being, I acquired all virtues as my own nature. I was dominator of Myself; all virtues were in Me like many noble princesses, and according to the circumstances of my life, they promptly showed themselves, to do their office without any resistance. In vain would they have called Me Queen, had I not possessed the virtue of being Queen over Myself. Therefore, I had in my dominion perfect charity, invincible patience, enrapturing sweetness, profound humility, and the whole endowment of the other virtues. The Divine Will rendered my little earth of my humanity fortunate, always flowery, and without the thorns of vices.


Do you see then, dear child, what it means to live of Divine Will? Its light, Its sanctity and power convert all virtues into one’s nature; nor does It lower Itself to reign in a soul where there is a rebellious nature - no, no. It is sanctity, and It wants the nature in which It must reign to be ordered and holy. Therefore, by the sacrifice of going to the Temple, it was conquests that I made; and over this sacrifice, the triumph of a Divine Will was formed in Me. And these triumphs brought into Me new seas of grace, of sanctity and of light - to the extent of feeling happy in my pains, in order to be able to conquer new triumphs.


Now, my child, place your hand upon your heart, and tell your Mama:  do you feel your nature



changed into virtue? Or, do you feel the thorns of impatience, the noxious herbs of agitations, the bad humors of affections which are not holy? Listen let your Mama do it; place your will into my hands, determined in not wanting it any more, and I will make you be possessed by the Divine Will, which will banish everything from you; and what you have not done in many years, you will do in one day, which will be the beginning of true life, of happiness, and of true sanctity.


The soul:


Holy Mama, help your child; make a visit to my soul, and with your maternal hands, snatch from me everything You find which is not Will of God. Burn away the thorns, the noxious herbs, and You Yourself, call the Divine Will to reign in my soul.


Little Sacrifice:


Today, to honor Me, you will call Me three times to visit your soul, and will give Me all the freedom to do with you whatever I want.


Ejaculatory Prayer:


Sovereign Queen, take my soul in your hands, and transform it completely into Will of God.


* * *


Day Fourteen


The Queen of Heaven in the Kingdom of the Divine Will arrives at the Temple, Her Dwelling, and makes Herself Model for Souls consecrated to the Lord.


The soul to the Celestial Queen, Model for Souls:


Celestial Mama, I, your poor child, feel the irresistible need to be with You, to follow your steps, to see your actions in order to copy them, to make of them my model and keep them as guide of my life. I feel so much the need of being guided, because by myself I can do nothing; but with my Mama who loves me so much, I will be able to do everything - and will be able to do also the Divine Will.


Lesson of the Queen of Heaven, Modeller of Souls:


My dear child, it is my ardent desire to let you be spectator of my actions, so that you may be enamored and may imitate your Mama. Therefore, place your hand into mine; I will feel happier to have my child together with Me.


Now, pay attention to Me, and listen. I left the house of Nazareth accompanied by my holy parents. Upon leaving it, I wanted to give one last glance to that little house in which I was born, to thank my Creator for having given Me a place in which to be born, and to leave it in the Divine Will, so that



my childhood and so many dear memories since, being full of reason, I comprehended everything

might all be kept in the Divine Will and deposited in It as pledges of my love toward the One who had created Me.


My child, thanking the Lord and placing our acts into His hands as pledges of our love causes new channels of graces and communications to be opened between God and the soul, and it is the most beautiful homage that one can render to the One who loves us so much. Therefore, learn from Me to thank the Lord for all that He disposes for you, and in anything you are about to do, may your word be:  “Thank You, O Lord; I place everything in your hands.”


Now, while I left everything in the Divine Fiat, since It reigned in Me and never left Me for one instant of my life, I carried It as though in triumph within my little soul, and oh! prodigies of the Divine Will - with Its preserving virtue It maintained the order of all my acts, small and great, as though in act within Me, as Its triumph and mine. So, I never lost memory of a single act of mine; and this gave Me so much glory and honor that I felt Queen, because each of my acts done in the Divine Will was more than sun, and I was studded with light, with happiness, with joys. The Divine Will brought Me Its Paradise.


My child, to live of Divine Will should be the desire, the yearning, and almost the passion of all, so great is the beauty that one acquires and the good that one feels. The complete opposite for the human will; it has the virtue of embittering the poor creature; it oppresses her, it forms the night, and she gropes her way, always staggering in good, and many times she loses the memory of the little good she has done.


Now, my child, I departed from my paternal house with courage and detachment, because I looked only at the Divine Will, in which I kept my Heart fixed; and this was enough for Me in everything. But while I was walking to go to the Temple, I looked at all Creation, and oh! marvel - I felt the heartbeat of the Divine Will in the sun, in the wind, in the stars, in the heavens; even under my steps I felt It palpitating. And the Divine Fiat that reigned in Me commanded all Creation, which concealed It like a veil, to all bow and pay to Me the honor of Queen. And all bowed, giving Me signs of subjection. Even the tiny little flower of the field did not spare itself from giving Me its little homage. I put everything in feast, and when, out of necessity, I would go out of the house, the Creation would place Itself in the act of giving Me signs of honor, and I was forced to command them to remain in their place, and to follow the order of our Creator.


Now, listen to your Mama. Tell Me: do you feel in your heart joy, peace, detachment from everything and from everyone, and the courage that you can do anything in order to fulfill the Divine Will, in such a way as to feel continuous feast within yourself? My child, peace, detachment, courage, form the empty space in the soul in which the Divine Will can take Its place; and being untouchable by any pain, It brings perennial feast into the creature. Therefore, courage my child; tell Me that you want to live of Divine Will, and your Mama will take care of everything.


Tomorrow I will wait for you to tell you of the way I conducted Myself in the Temple.


The soul:



My Mama, your lessons enrapture me, and descend deep into my heart. O please! You, who so much love for your child to live of Divine Will, with your empire, empty me of everything; infuse in me the necessary courage to make me give death to my will; and I, trusting in You, will say to You: “I want to live of Divine Will.”


Little Sacrifice:


Today, to honor Me, you will give Me all your acts as a pledge of love for Me, saying to Me: “I love You, my Mama”; and I will deposit them in the Divine Will.


Ejaculatory Prayer:


Celestial Mama, empty me of everything, to hide me in the Will of God.


* * *


Day Fifteen


The Queen of Heaven in the Kingdom of the Divine Will. Continuing on the same Topic: Her Life in the Temple.


The soul to the Queen of Heaven:


Queen Mama, here I am; your child is at your side to follow your steps as You enter the Temple. Oh! how I wish that my Mama would take my little soul and enclose it in the living Temple of the Will of God, isolating me from everyone, except my Jesus and Her sweet company.


Lesson of the Queen of Heaven:


My dearest child, how sweet is your whispering to my ears hearing you say that you want to be enclosed by Me in the living Temple of the Divine Will, and that you want no other company but that of your Jesus and mine. Ah! dear child, you make the joys of true Mother arise in my maternal Heart; and if you let Me do it, I am certain that my child will be happy, and my joys will be hers; and to have a happy child is the greatest happiness and glory of a maternal heart.


Now listen to Me, my child: I arrived at the Temple only to live of Divine Will; my holy parents delivered Me to the superiors of the Temple, consecrating Me to the Lord; and while they were doing so, I was dressed up in a festal manner, and hymns and prophecies were sung, which regarded the future Messiah. Oh! how my Heart rejoiced.


Afterwards, with courage, I said good-bye to my dear and holy parents; I kissed their right hands, and I thanked them for the care they took of my childhood, and for having consecrated Me to the Lord with so much love and sacrifice. My peaceful presence, without crying and courageous, infused so much courage in them, that they had the strength to leave Me and to depart from Me. The Divine Will ruled over Me and extended Its Kingdom in all those acts of mine. Oh! power of the Fiat You



alone could give Me the heroism, though I was so little, to have the strength to detach Myself from those who loved Me so much, and whom I saw feeling their hearts break in separating from Me.


Now, my child, listen to Me: I enclosed Myself in the Temple; and the Lord wanted it so, that I might extend the Kingdom of the Divine Will in my acts which I was to do in it, so as to let Me prepare the ground with my human acts, and the Heaven of the Divine Will which was to be formed over this ground, for all souls consecrated to the Lord. I was most attentive to all the duties which were usually done in that holy place. I was peaceful with everyone, nor did I ever cause any bitterness or bother to anyone. I submitted Myself to the most humble tasks; I found no difficulty in anything, either in sweeping or in doing dishes. Any sacrifice was an honor a triumph for Me. But do you want to know why? I looked at nothing - everything was Will of God for Me. So, the little bell that called Me was the Fiat; I would hear the mysterious sound of the Divine Will which called Me in the sound of the little bell, and my Heart would rejoice and run to go wherever the Fiat was calling Me. My rule was the Divine Will, and I saw my superiors as the ones who imparted the commands of a Will so holy. Therefore, for Me, the little bell, the rule, the superiors, and my actions, even the most humble ones, were joys and feasts which the Divine Fiat prepared for Me; and extending Itself also outside of Me, It called Me to extend Its Will in order to form Its Kingdom in the smallest of my acts. And I acted like the sea, which hides everything it possesses, and lets nothing but water be seen. So I did: I hid everything in the immense sea of the Divine Fiat; I saw nothing but seas of Divine Will, and therefore all things brought Me joys and feasts.


Ah! my child, you and all souls ran within my acts. I could do nothing without my child; it was precisely for my children that I prepared the Kingdom of the Divine Will. Ah! if all the souls consecrated to the Lord in holy places would make everything disappear in the Divine Will, how happy they would be, converting the communities into many celestial families, and populating the earth with many holy souls. But, alas, with the sorrow of Mother, I must say: how many bitternesses, disturbances and discords are not there? while sanctity is not in the office given to them, but in doing the Divine Will in whatever office that might be entrusted to them, for It is the peacemaker of souls, strength and support in the hardest sacrifices.


The soul:


Oh! Holy Mama, how beautiful are your lessons. How sweetly they descend into my heart. O please! I pray You to extend in me the sea of the Divine Fiat, and to raise it around me like a wall, so that your child may see and know nothing else but Divine Will, in such a way that, journeying always through It, I may know Its secrets, Its joys, Its happiness.


Little Sacrifice:


Today, to honor Me, you will do for Me twelve acts of love, to honor the twelve years which I lived in the Temple, praying Me to admit you to the union with my acts.


Ejaculatory Prayer:


Queen Mama, enclose me in the sacred Temple of the Will of God.



* * *


Day Sixteen


The Queen of Heaven in the Kingdom of the Divine Will

continues Her Life in the Temple, and forms the New Day to make the Refulgent Sun of the Divine Word rise upon Earth.


The soul to her Celestial Mama:


My most sweet Mama, I feel that You have stolen my heart, and I run to my Mama, who keeps my heart within Hers as pledge of my love, and, in place of my heart, wants to put the Divine Will as pledge of Her love of Mother. Therefore I come into your arms, so that, as your child, You may prepare me, give me your lessons, and do with me whatever You want; and I pray You never to leave your child alone, but to keep me always - always together with You.


Lesson of the Queen of Heaven:


My dearest child, oh, how I long to keep you always together with Me. I would like to be your heartbeat, your breath, the works of your hands, the step of your feet, to make you feel, through Me, how the Divine Will operated in Me. I would like to pour Its life into you. Oh, how sweet, lovable, enchanting and enrapturing It is. Oh! how you would render Me twice as happy, if I had you, my child, under the total empire of that Divine Fiat which formed all my fortune, my happiness, my glory.


Now pay attention to Me, and listen to your Mama who wants to share Her fortune with you. I continued my life in the Temple, but Heaven was not closed for Me; I could go there as many times as I wanted - I had free passage to ascend and descend. In Heaven I had my Divine Family, and I burned and longed to be with Them. The very Divinity awaited Me with great love in order to converse with Me, to be happy and to make Me more happy, more beautiful, more dear in Their eyes. After all, They had not created Me to keep Me far away - no, no. They wanted to enjoy Me as Their daughter; They wanted to hear Me - how my words, animated by the Fiat, had the power to put peace between God and creatures. They loved to be won by Their little daughter, and to hear Me repeat to Them: “Descend let the Word descend upon earth.” I can say that the very Divinity would call Me; and I would run I would fly into Their midst. Since I had never done my human will, my presence requited Them of the love and the glory of the great work of all Creation, and therefore They entrusted to Me the secret of the history of mankind. And I prayed and prayed again for peace to come between God and man.


Now, my child, you must know that the human will alone closed Heaven, and therefore it was not given to man to penetrate into those celestial regions, or to have a familiar relationship with his Creator. On the contrary, the human will had cast him away from the One who had created him. As soon as man withdrew from the Divine Will, he became fearful, timid; he lost the dominion of himself and of the whole Creation. All the elements, because they were dominated by the Fiat, had remained superior to him and could do harm to him. Man was afraid of everything; and do you think it is trivial, my child, that the one who had been created as king, dominator of everything, reached the



point of being afraid of the One who had created him? It is strange, my child, and I would say almost against nature, that a child would be afraid of his father; while it is according to nature that, as one generates, love and trust between father and child are also generated. This can be called the primary inheritance that is due to the child, and the primary right that is due to the father. So, by doing his will, Adam lost the inheritance of his Father; he lost his Kingdom, and rendered himself the laughing stock of all created things.


My child, listen to your Mother, and ponder well the great evil of the human will. It removes the eyes of the soul and makes her become blind, in such a way that everything is darkness and fear for the poor creature. Therefore, place your hand upon your heart and swear to your Mama that you would rather die than do your will. I, by never doing my will, had no fear of my Creator. And how could I be afraid if He loved Me so much? And the Kingdom extended so much within Me, that with my acts I kept forming the full day to make the new Sun of the Eternal Word rise upon earth. And as I saw that the day was being formed, I increased my supplications to obtain the longed-for day of peace between Heaven and earth.


Tomorrow I will wait for you to narrate to you another surprise of my life down here.


The soul:


My Sovereign Mama, how sweet are your lessons. Oh, how they make me comprehend the great evil of my human will. Oh! how many times I too felt within me fear, timidity, and as though far away from my Creator. Ah! it was my human will that reigned in me - not the Divine; and this is why I felt its sad effects.


Therefore, if You love me as your child, take my heart in your hands, and put out of me the fear, the timidity, which prevent my flight toward my Creator, and, in their place, put in me that Fiat which You so much love, and which You want to reign in my soul.


Little Sacrifice:


Today, to honor Me, you will place into my hands every bother, fear, mistrust that you may feel, that I may convert them into Will of God; saying to me, three times: “My Mama, make the Divine Will reign in my soul.”


Ejaculatory Prayer:


My Mama, my trust, form the day of the Divine Will in my soul.


* * *


Day Seventeen


The Queen of Heaven in the Kingdom of the Divine Will leaves the Temple.  Marriage with Saint Joseph.



Divine Mirror to which She calls, to reflect themselves, all those who are called by God to the Marital State.


The soul to her Celestial Mama:


Holy Mama, today more than ever I feel the need to remain clasped in the arms of my Mama, so that that Divine Will which reigns in You may form the sweet enchantment to my will, that It may keep it subdued, and it may not dare to do anything which is not Will of God. Your lessons of yesterday made me comprehend the life imprisonment into which the human will casts the poor creature, and I so much fear that my will may make little escapes from me, and take its place in me again. Therefore I entrust myself to You, my Mama, that You may watch over me so much, that I may be sure to live always of Divine Will.


Lesson of the Queen of Heaven:


Cheer up, my child have courage and trust in your Mama, and an iron resolution never to give life to your will. Oh! how I would love to hear from your lips: “My Mama, my will is ended, and the Divine Fiat has total empire in me.” These are the weapons that make it die continuously, and conquer the Heart of your Mama to use all the loving arts of Mother, so that Her child may live in the Kingdom of Her Mama. For you it will be sweet death, which will give you true life; and for Me it will be the most beautiful victory I will achieve in the Kingdom of the Divine Will. Therefore, have courage and trust in Me. Distrust is of the cowardly, and of those who are not really committed to obtaining victory, and therefore they are always without weapons; and without weapons one cannot win, and is always inconstant and vacillating in doing good.


Now, my child, listen to Me: I continued my life in the Temple and my little escapes up there to my Celestial Fatherland. I had my rights of daughter to make my little visits to my Divine Family which, more than Father, belonged to Me. But what was not my surprise when in one of these visits of mine They made known to Me that it was Their Will for Me to leave the Temple; first, to unite Myself in bond of marriage, according to the custom of those times, to a holy man called Joseph; and to withdraw together with him to live in the house of Nazareth.


My child, in this step of my life, in appearance it seemed that God wanted to put Me in a trial. I had never loved anyone in the world, and since the Divine Will extended through my whole being, my human will never had one act of life; therefore, the seed of human love was missing in Me. How could I love a man in the human order, as great a saint as he might be? It is true that I loved everyone, and that my love toward all was so great, that my love of Mother had inscribed them in my maternal Heart, one by one, with indelible characters of fire. But this was all in the order of divine love; and human love, compared to the divine, can be called shadows, shadings - atoms of love. Yet, my child, that which in appearance seemed to be a trial and as though strange for the sanctity of my life, God used in an admirable way in order to fulfill His designs, and to grant Me the grace which I so much longed for that is, the descent of the Word upon earth. God gave Me the safeguard, the defense, the help, so that no one could talk about Me about my honesty. Saint Joseph was to be the cooperator, the tutor, who was to take care of that bit of the human which We needed; as well as the shadow of the Celestial Paternity, in which our little Celestial Family on earth was to be





So, in spite of my surprise, immediately I said: “Fiat”, knowing that the Divine Will would not harm Me, or prejudice my sanctity. Oh! had I wanted to put in one act of my human will, even in the aspect of wanting to know no man, I would have sent to ruin the plans of the coming of the Word upon earth. Therefore, it is not the diversity of states that prejudices sanctity, but the lack of Divine Will, and of the fulfillment of one’s duties to which God calls the creature. All states are holy, marriage too, as long as the Divine Will is present in them, as well as the exact sacrifice of one’s duties. But the great part are indolent and lazy, and not only do they not make themselves saints, but they make of their state, some a purgatory, and some a hell.


So, as I learned that I was to leave the Temple, I did not say a word to anyone, waiting for God Himself to move the external circumstances to make Me fulfill His adorable Will, as indeed it happened. The