Letters of Luisa Piccarreta


The Little Daughter of the Divine Will





1.   To the General Superiors of the Rogationist Fathers and of the Daughters of the Divine Zeal. Fiat

Reverend Fathers and Mothers General,


May the Divine Consoler Jesus console you and put balm on the deep wound opened in your hearts by the loss of dear M. Gesuina. But no, you have not lost her. She has left for Heaven and you have acquired a peacemaker and protector before God, just as she was on earth. She will continue to do, from there, the office of peacemaker; more so, since she left in a moment in which you, dear Superiors, moan, and the whole work moans, because you want the peace that you so longed for. Having completed her course, her beautiful soul, candid and pacific, had nothing else to do on earth; Heaven demanded her, in seeing that her course as creature had been accomplished, because It could no longer keep her away.


Therefore, all we can do is to say "Deo gratias" for the fortunate M. Gesuina, and "Fiat" for ourselves who have lost her, and this "Fiat" will remedy everything. So, let us not get discouraged by sorrow and losses; they are always bearers of graces, light, and most surprising aids. We have an omnipotent Will with us; therefore there is nothing to fear. This Divine Volition will change hearts in order to form the ones who are needed. Blessed Jesus and our Celestial Mama will be together with you, to guide you and dispose all things according to their adorable Will.


My good Mother, Reverend Father, I feel great compassion for you; I know it has been a tearing in your maternal and paternal hearts. Therefore I pray to Jesus that He may give you strength, and put Himself in the place of your hearts, so as to heal the pain and provide for everything.

I commend myself to your prayers, and leaving you in the peace of the Divine Will, I kiss your hand, reverend Mother; and kissing the hand of Father, I implore his paternal blessing.


Your most devoted servant, Luisa Piccarreta.

Corato, February 24, 1932



2.   To Sister Giovannina. Fiat

To my dear Sister M. Giovannina, in memory of her vows, always with Jesus.


The mind toward Heaven, the gaze to the Cross, the heart loving Him, the arms always in the act of hugging Him, the steps calling Him, the words saying always "Fiat". In each thing never escape from acquiring a degree of sanctity. Make yourself a saint; Jesus wants it, make Him content.


The little daughter of the Divine Will Corato, May 14, 1932

3.   To Mother General of the Daughters of the Divine Zeal.





My good and reverend Mother,


I donít know what to say, because my littleness is such that I am good at nothing; therefore I ask Jesus to do Himself what I should do. And for my wishes, may He bring you His Heart, His words animated by His Will, and taking dominion within you, may It reign with all Its fullness, in such a way that not you, but Jesus Himself, will carry out the office of Mother General, and you will be only the garment that covers Jesus. He will do everything well; He will put all things in place and will give you that peace that you so much desire.


These are my wishes for your Name Day, wishes of interior and external peace. You have great need that Jesus be the one who does everything and takes the reins, so that He may put each one in the place disposed by His Will. Therefore, courage, trust; let Jesus do everything and you will be content.

I renew my wishes together with my sister; pray for me and, from the heart, I will do it for you. Kissing your right hand with all my esteem, I say,


Most devotedly yours, Luisa Piccarreta


Corato, July 22, 1932



4.   "For the good Sister Giovannina". J.M.J.



Blessed daughter,


Thank you for your wishes; as for my wishes, I send you the Crucifix, so that you may look at Him and copy Him, love Him and enclose Him in your heart. And to console Him, may you place your will into His hands, so that He may reign in you, and form His heaven of love and of perennial peace.


Pray for me.




5.   J.M.J.


Fiat - In Voluntate Dei!


My good daughter in the Divine Volition,

I send you the greetings of the "Fiat", which will bring Its life into your mind, so as to form the Divine Trinity within it, Its love in your heart, Its motion in the pain you suffer, and Its creative virtue in such a way that you will feel It flowing in your blood - in your breath. You will feel It palpitating in all your being, and will feel Its company. It will never leave you alone, and you will often kiss It, squeeze It tightly in your arms, love It more and more, and say: "Give me the food of your Will, raise me in your arms, clothe me with your Light, heal me with your creative virtue."


Look at what a beautiful gift the operating Divine Will is sending you, as It wants to make of you a saint. Do not get discouraged; these are works that It wants to do, and when It is determined to do them, It wonít listen to reason: if It does not finish Its work, It is not content.


Therefore, my daughter, be at peace, rest in Its arms like a little baby. I repeat the greetings of the "Fiat". Most affectionately yours,

The little daughter of the Divine Will




6.   J.M.J.


Fiat - In Voluntate Dei!


My good daughter in the Divine Volition,


I return to you the wishes for the new year. But my wishes are always the same - that in all things you may always do the Divine Will. It will be your breath, your heartbeat, your refuge. In It you will find true peace, and you will give it to others; more so, since by doing the Divine Will, a sweet blood will descend into your veins, which will put to flight all troubles of soul and body.


My sister, the Cimadomos and Rosaria, return your greetings; and leaving you in the sea of the Divine Volition, I say,


The little daughter of the Divine Will.


PS. Return my greetings to Mother Superior, and kiss her hand for me.




7.   J.M.J.


Fiat - In Voluntate Dei!


My good daughter,


Forgive my delay, but what I recommend to you, if you want peace - if you want to love the Lord and make yourself a saint: always do the Divine Will. With it everyone will love you; you will be welcomed by all, and also by Jesus and the Celestial Mama. Everything you do in the Divine Will will fly to Heaven, to anticipate your possession of It. Therefore, be attentive.

Greetings from my sister and Rosaria. Pray for me. I say good-bye in the love of the "Fiat", Affectionately yours,

The little daughter of the Divine Will




8.   Fiat


Most Reverend Father Vicario,


From the good teacher Angela La Stella I received a sheet with a request for a little gift of prayer, Communions, etc., for your Paternity. Therefore, from October 20th until today, on anything good I might have done, however poorly - Holy Masses, Communions and the like - I placed the intention of doing it for you; and so that it might have more value, and bring you effects of true sanctity and of surprising graces, I asked Jesus to do everything with me, so as to be able to offer you the gifts of blessed Jesus together with mine. And this, so that your Paternity might enjoy them more.


Taking this opportunity, I send you my wishes for your Name Day, and I pray dear Jesus to carry them personally, bringing you as a wish, one "Fiat" in your heart, one "Fiat" to your words, one "Fiat" in your intelligence, so that He may convert, transform, all your being into one single act of Divine Will, and so that you may be bearer of Divine Will, Which is able to infuse peace, union and sanctity - to all.


There is an extreme need for true sanctity, especially in the Priest, and only the Omnipotent "Fiat" of God has this power: to place in us the true order of sanctity with Its creative strength.

I commend myself to your holy prayers, and respectfully kissing your right hand, on my knees I implore your paternal blessing.


The little daughter of the Divine Will




9.   J.M.J.


The "Fiat" will give you strength


My good daughter,


Here I am. As to nature, I feel compassion for your painful state; but as to the soul, you would be worthy of envy from the very Angels... You know, as many pains as you suffer, as many tears as you shed, so many are the Angels around you, gathering, full handed, the pearls which you form with your sufferings, and bringing them to Jesus as pledges of your love. However, I beg you not to cover these pearls with the mud of your laments, or of not being perfectly resigned to the Most Holy Will of God. Therefore, be tranquil; letís hope that everything goes well for the soul and for the body.


With all my heart I pray and will pray for you. And you, be good; dignified. Always pray to Jesus that He may assist you, as you are far away from your family - from all of us. Learn a little bit to be alone with Jesus, and He will be with you. Be sure that I wonít forget you.

Your family is doing well. Your mother will come on Sunday. Poor one, she suffers so much for you. Therefore, be cheerful; only a few days more and your purgatory will end. The Misses Cimadomo and the trainees remember you and return your greetings. I pray Jesus and the Celestial Mama to bless you always, and keep you hidden: Jesus in His Heart, and Mama under Her mantle; and I say,


Most affectionately yours, Luisa

PS. With your mother I send you the bed coverlet and the 15 embroideries for 5 Liras. Greetings to Rosina Netta.




10.    To Sister Remigia, her niece. In Voluntate Dei!

My good daughter in the Divine Volition,


May the Divine Will give you the peace so desired by Jesus and also by me. Your letter says clearly that you do not enjoy peace. My daughter, what are you doing? Peace makes us see things as they are before God, and not as creatures see them. And since peace gives us divine sight, in circumstances, in humiliations - we see what God sees. We remain with a peace that no one can take away from us - the only treasure we can possess on this earth of exile; and it is the bearer of the Divine Will as life within us.


Therefore, my daughter, never be disturbed; these are storms that go by. Creatures who today call us saints, tomorrow will call us wicked - devils. Both things must not affect us, because God alone knows what we are. Rather, try to be really good, to do nothing without being subordinate to Mother Superior, to trust nobody, and in speaking, never to say anything which does not regard sanctity and the Divine Will. May nobodyís name ever arise on your lips. Think that Jesus continually says to you: "My daughter, forget about everything, and remember only that your Jesus wants love in order to give you love. If you love Me, you will form chains of love, and binding Me with them, you will hold Me tightly in your arms, and I will be your defense, your help, your company, your life." So, make Jesus content, and do not lose simplicity; do not lose time. Each thought of yourself is a gap of love that you form; you deny Jesus an act of love, and keep Jesus sighing for your little love. Think about it, and be attentive.


Now, my daughter, my sorrow for you ended since the time Mother P. came and assured me that the doctor had said that there was no need for surgery. My concern was the concern of a mother who wanted to know about the health conditions of her daughter. But now everything is ended. Try to be always tranquil; thank the Lord for you donít suffer much. I hope that you will get even better, and will be able to do your office better, being attentive in making each of the girls a tabernacle in which each one will keep her Jesus, and in teaching them how to make Him grow and be happy.


And leaving you in the Divine Volition as though in a safe place, so that you may cross Its sea with courage and peace, I say,


The little daughter of the Divine Will

11.    To Mrs. Mazari, from Bari. In Voluntate Dei!

My good daughter in the Divine Volition,


may Heaven reward you for the sacrifices you make, and for promoting the book of the Queen of Heaven. It seems to me that the Celestial Mama never stops saying to you, "Thank you, thank you, my daughter", and that She is preparing for you more graces, especially the great grace of making you always do the Will of Her dear Son - grace which is bearer of peace, of graces, of intimate union, and also of temporal help.


My daughter, by doing the Divine Will, we become true children of the great Lady, and we are transformed into Tabernacles, in which Jesus forms His residence; and then everything we do is sacred, everything is prayer, even the most indifferent things. By doing the Divine Will, the very natural things necessary to our life, are transformed into prayer, adoration and love for our sweet Jesus, because by doing His Will, everything we do is holy, everything is love, and so our being becomes.


Now, considering all you have told me about your son, in my feeble opinion, it seems to me that he is still too young; let him mature, and he will get more practice of life. Marriage is cross - and to put him on the cross so young does not seem fair to me. You know that everything is written in Heaven; therefore, if it has been established by God, in His time the Lord will preserve the young lady for your son. Besides, what you should care about is whether they are pacific families, because peace is what constitutes happiness of families, not money. How many rich people are unhappy because peace does not reign in their families. Therefore, be attentive in this; furthermore, when the woman brings much more than the man, she wants to be superior to the man, and make of him a poor slave... In the end, do as you think best.


I assure you of my prayers for your good mama, true martyr. Maybe the Lord will make her do her Purgatory in this life. Oh, if you could take her with you, how many blessings would you not draw upon yourself? Let them know that there are the maledictions of the Lord for those who do not respect and love their parents.


I commend myself to your prayers, and from the heart, I will do it for you. I will never forget what you are doing for dear Celestial Mama. And leaving you in the Divine Volition, so that It may protect you, help you and assist you, with a thousand regards, I say,


The little daughter of the Divine Will




12.    To Mrs. Antonietta Savorani, widow from Faenza. Fiat

My good daughter in the Divine Volition,


Thank you for interesting yourself in promoting the book of the Queen of Heaven and that of the Passion: this is nothing less than calling back the Celestial Mama and the King of Sorrows into the midst of creatures, so that we may learn to live more from Heaven than from the earth. This would be the greatest fortune for us, so as to be able to live from the Divine Will. So it seems that Jesus and His Mama never stop repeating, "Thank you, thank you, my daughter! As a reward, We will form our Heaven in your soul; We will be always with you; your life and

Ours will become one." Therefore, what I recommend to you is to correspond to such a great good. Be attentive to listening to sweet Jesus, Who speaks in your heart. He wants to make of you a saint, but wants your will in His hands in order to make of it a prodigy of sanctity.


Three things I recommend to you: firmness in good, perennial peace, filial trust. Trust will make you live like a little baby in the arms of her mama, and Jesus and the Celestial Mama will take care of all the things you need. They will tell you with facts: "Think about living from Our Will, and We will take care of everything, even the salvation of your brothers." Arenít you happy?


You ask me whether your friends can write me. My daughter, it is hard for me to answer; it is better if they pay attention in reading the book of the Blessed Mother. Oh, how many things will the great Lady tell them of what they would like to hear from me! And then, there is the book of the Passion in which Jesus speaks heart to heart. In this fifth edition which I am sending you, you will find new things, and, doubled, the "Treaty on the Divine Will." Read it, and you will be able to tell me the great good it does to you.


I recommend that all of you pray to the Lord that all may recognize such a great good; and the face of the earth will be changed. On my part, I would like to give my life so that all may know the Divine Will. I commend myself to your prayers and to those of your good friends; and leaving you in the place of honor of the Divine Will, sending you Its kiss of Light and Love, I say,


The little daughter of the Divine Will




13.    To Father Bernardo of the Most Holy Hearts from Assisi. Fiat - In Voluntate Dei!

Most esteemed one in the Lord,


what I recommend to you is to look at the Divine Will in all things, both the favorable and the adverse - painful, sorrowful ones - and in the contrasts of life which no one lacks; rather, blessed Jesus allows them in order to form the little rocks on which to raise the building of sanctity within us, since without Cross we would lack the primary element to becoming saints... Saying, "I donít mean to become a saint" means that you rely too much on yourself; you look at yourself instead of abandoning yourself in the arms of Jesus. Lean on Him, and you will see that all things - pains, crosses, miseries, weaknesses, the very defects, and illness - will lose their look and

will all turn into messengers and bearers of sanctity. Sweet Jesus gave you everything to make of you a saint: call to religion, crosses, nourishment... And if you sin and are not holy, do you want to know the cause? Lack ofunion with Jesus. Union with Jesus floors all sins, love kills all passions, and abandonment in Him and trust are the nourishment in order to grow in sanctity. Here is the means to sin no more: to be united with Jesus, love Him, and always do His Will.


Donít think about the past, this harms you a great deal; rather, even today, begin your life with Jesus and you will find out for yourself how all things change for you; you will feel like another man, born again in all that is holy.

Lastly, I tell you that if Jesus made me write as many as two times (which I do for almost no one), it is because He loves you and wants you a saint. Therefore I beg you to do the deeds. I leave you in the Divine Volition, clasped within the arms of Jesus.


The little daughter of the Divine Will Corato, October 9, 1934



14.    To Mrs. Costanza Benedetta Pettinelli from Siena. Fiat - In Voluntate Dei!

Most esteemed one in the Lord,


I feel gratitude and I thank you for interesting yourself in promoting the month of the Queen of Heaven in the Divine Will. But do you know who is thanking you? Sweet Jesus and the Celestial Mama. They are really the ones who thank you and look at you with great love; and as you promote it, they keep repeating, "Thank you, thank you." Their desire that the Kingdom of God come upon the earth is so great that our Celestial Mama Herself wants to descend from Heaven; She wants to enter the families and the whole world, to become leader, teacher and example of a Kingdom so holy. Therefore, She loves in a special way those who are interested in it, She will give them the first place and hold them as first children of this Supreme Will... She will give you the peace that you so much long for, because the first fruit, the first act of divine Life, the breath which the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat produces in the soul, is peace - and peace in all things, even in the holiest ones.


How many times do you not remain restless in your desires, in your holy works, in the evil you would like to prevent? But blessed Jesus whispers to the ear of your heart: "Peace, peace, my daughter; I donít want you to be disturbed. Your Jesus, whether they offend Him, run away from Him, or put Him out of their hearts, never loses peace. So do I want from you - I want you peaceful. Peace will be the flag which goes ahead, in order to prevent evil and do the good you desire."


Therefore, my good lady, never be disturbed. Hold peace as the greatest of all treasures. Your peace will achieve victory in the heart of your son, and peace will prepare your soul to live from Divine Will, and - oh, how ††fortunate will you be! You will feel heaven in your soul, and will have a Divine Will in your power. Oh, how well will you do, and how much will you love to place your life so that all may know and do the Divine Will. Therefore, always forward in the good you have started. The Celestial Mama is preparing a chain of graces for you, and will keep her blue mantle laid upon your person in order to protect you and guard you. Oh, how sweet it is to be ††able to say: I want to place my life at everyoneís disposal, so that all may do the Will of God! Sin, evils, would then cease, and - oh, how happy weíll all be!


I commend myself to your prayers, of which I have great need, and from the heart I will pray for you. I leave you in the Divine Will. With a thousand respectful regards, I say,

the little daughter of the Divine Will

15.    To Mrs. Copparo La Scola from Termini Imerese, Palermo. In Voluntate Dei!

Most esteemed and blessed daughter in the Divine Volition,

Here I am to make you content. I believe that the Queen of Heaven and the great King of sorrows will reward you for your great goodness and charity, and will be generous to you with celestial favors, as you interest yourself so much in promoting His Passion and that which regards His Divine Will. Greater love cannot be given to the Lord.


Now letís come to us. You say you have many crosses. Good sign, my daughter. Crosses are divine jealousies and little coins that our Lord gives us. His jealousy is the great love He has in making of us saints; He takes everyone away from us and He Himself, God, Maker and Martyr, with little crosses and with His own hands, works our souls and makes of them His images. What love for us, as we can say, through little and large crosses, "I am similar to my dear Jesus"!


But do you want to know why you feel the weight of your miseries? Because many times you do not try to be together with Jesus and to convince yourself that He is already with you, and you do not unite the pains of Jesus with yours. Before the pains of Jesus, yours lose hardness, empty themselves of their weight, become small, and almost smile, because they love to adorn our souls with the same ornaments as those with which we see Jesus being adorned. What pleasure, what joy, to be able to say: "You have suffered for me, and I for You"! Together with Jesus, pains change their look, miseries disappear; and from pains, miseries and weaknesses the most beautiful conquests, celestial riches and the strength of God arise, and the very Angels and Saints envy our lot.


Therefore, my daughter, here is the secret to becoming a saint: be together with Jesus, never deny Him anything, and in everything you do, even in necessary things of life - in the pains you suffer, in the prayers you say, in the work, in the food, in the sleep, say to Him from the heart: "Jesus, I want to do always your Will." In this way, you will always keep the Fiat on your lips, in your mind, and in your heart.


If you do this, you will form the joy of the Heart of Jesus, and He will not be able to deny you anything, not even the sanctity of your children... It seems that you are very much concerned for them. Do not fear; place them in the hands of Jesus and on the lap of the Celestial Mama. Advise them to read often the book of the Queen of Heaven in the Kingdom of the Divine Will, and you will see the great things the Lord will do with them.


I finish by recommending that you never lose peace... Be careful not ever to be disturbed, not even for your miseries, and not even for the illness of your husband. Let us adore the judgments of God, just and holy, Who disposes everything for our good and to make us holy.


I commend myself to your prayers, and from the heart I will do it for you and for all those who buy the book, so that all may become saints. I leave you in the sea of the Divine Volition, and with a thousand regards, I say,


most affectionately yours,

The little daughter of the Divine Will Corato, November 25, 1934

16.    In Voluntate Dei!


My good and Reverend Mother General,

thank you for your wishes; I return them to you from the heart. Forgive me if I delayed in answering you, as it was convenient for me to play with my Little Baby Jesus, and then to think of my duty of answering Your Maternity. And you know that many times one loses the game and remains upset, and tries to repeat the game in order to win; therefore it takes time and patience (I am joking).


Now, my most dear Mother, I send you my best wishes: Christmas has gone, Jesus is born, and as my wishes, I send you little Jesus shivering with cold, His face wet with graceful tears, carrying His present in His little hands. But do you know what that is? His Divine Fiat. What a beautiful present He wants to give you! The gift is great, but He doesnít want to be with nothing in His little hands. My Mother, He is little, and wants to hold something to play with; He wants your will as gift, so He will find something to amuse Himself with. Arenít you happy?

Therefore, my wish is great: I send you a most delicate task - to make the little Infant not be born, but grow with your love, to calm His crying and make Him smile by telling Him that you gladly accept the present of His Will, giving Him yours. In sum, you will make Him grow so much that you yourself will become the veil that covers Jesus.


My Mother, it is true that my wishes come from a little ignorant one, but you must know that it is the delirium, the fever, that devours me, as I yearn that the Divine Will reign in the hearts, and that we be the repeaters of the life of the Little Baby.


Now I pass on to send my wishes to the whole community and to the little orphans, by sending the greetings, the kiss, the present which Baby Jesus wants to give to all of them. And I beg all of them not to send Him back, otherwise they will make Him cry; and then how much will it take to soothe His tears.


In a special way I send my most heartfelt wishes to my good Mother Nazarena; tell her that I always remember her, I will never forget her, and I wish that dear little Jesus will keep her company, and make her a saint - a great saint; and to pray for me.


I finish here, because dear Little Baby is in a hurry to come to you, to give you His present and receive yours. So I leave you in the place of honor of the Divine Will, in which Jesus wants you. I kiss your right hand with sincere respect, and I ask you to bless me.


The little daughter of the Divine Will Corato, December 27, 1934



17.    Fiat


My good daughter in the Divine Volition,

Thank you, thank you for all your attentions. Know that every additional book you promote is an additional right which the King of sorrows and the Queen of Heaven give you, to be faithful daughter of the Divine Will. Listen, my daughter, it is a mother that speaks to you. Listen to me; maybe these are my last words. Listen to the Celestial Mama and to sweet Jesus. They want you to not think of the past - to place a sepulchral stone on it, so that you may forget everything and say: "My life will start today; I am born again together with my Queen

Mama, with Jesus, and with the Divine Will." And your pains, your crosses, even though heavy, will serve the Divine Beggar, Who looks for our sufferings in order to form and continue His life within us. Oh, how happy will you feel, if in every pain you say, "This pain serves Jesus"! Then you will feel His invincible patience, filial trust, and courage of heroes. Patience, trust, courage, is the bread of the strong, the heroism of martyrs. Therefore, courage! Those who think of the past lose the present. The Lord has disposed everything: crosses, illness, state of marriage; in a word - everything. The Lord had to prepare the material in order to make of you a saint; and He has prepared enough of it. So, all you have to say and do is this: "The Heart of Jesus wants me a saint: I must become a saint!" Have we understood each other?


Now I assure you of my prayers for your children; then the Lord will console you even more. I leave you in the Divine Volition to become a saint. Never get disturbed in anything; rather, give all to Jesus, so that He may change it into flames of love. Pray for me. With a thousand regards, I say,


most affectionately yours,

the little daughter of the Divine Will Corato, January 5, 1935



18.    To Mrs. Costanza Benedetta Pettinelli from Siena In Voluntate Dei!

My most dear daughter in the Divine Volition,

How many blessings will your good daughter receive as she interests herself in promoting the Divine Will! Now letís come to us. I repeat to you my "thank you" in the name of the Celestial Lady and the King of sorrows, for all that you are doing for the Divine Will. You will see it in Heaven and you will also feel it down here - in the depth of your heart - the love they have for you and the glory that awaits you up there. You must know that He is the one who leads you, and the Celestial Mama, squeezing you to Her maternal Heart - the one who is pushing you to promote them. They use you as an ambassador to make the Divine Will known, and when they see that you are about to speak about It - oh, how they rejoice, how they celebrate and love you more!... But you tell me: ††"For us, the sea and the heavens are always stormy." Your enemies make fun of you; so much the worse for them! Jesus too was mocked in His pains; donít you want to be like Him? You must know that your pains are written in the pains of Jesus, as triumph of His Love toward you, and that for every pain you suffer, sweet Jesus adds one more degree of sanctity and one more touch of His likeness; arenít you happy? Yet, on some occasions you have said to dear Jesus that you wanted to suffer together with Him, so He took your words and made facts. But, in spite of this, be sure that beloved Jesus will be jealous that you donít lack what is necessary, and even the storms will calm down. Send everything - pains, bitterness, strains - into the Divine Will; tell Him from the heart that you want nothing but His Will, and look at all things as bearers of a Will so holy, and you will see that the Fiat will defend you. Donít get discouraged, do not fear, do not lose peace, abandon yourself more than ever in the arms of the Divine Will, and be tranquil, waiting in full confidence for the helps and means which are necessary to you.


My good daughter, how bad did your words sound to me, "I am afraid to be lost"! Donít you know that sufferings are the certainty, the seal, of our salvation? Sufferings form the carriage which brings us to Heaven,

and the more the sufferings, the faster it will go. So, each additional pain is a faster ride which takes us soon and straight to Heaven.


Therefore, courage, courage. All other things are left; while sufferings are brought to Heaven, and form our most beautiful throne and never ending glory. Now I repeat my refrain: continue to promote the Divine Will. I expect ††a great deal from you, and so does Jesus and the Celestial Mama. I commend myself to your prayers, and I will not forget to keep you locked in the Divine Will as the dearest of my daughters.

Accept my respectful regards, as I say, most affectionately yours,

the little daughter of the Divine Will




19.    To Mrs. Antonietta Savorani, widow from Faenza Fiat - In Voluntate Dei!

My good daughter in the Divine Volition,

Your letter brought me great contentment, especially in hearing that you want to strip yourself of the mourning clothes of the human will; and I briefly answer to your difficulties. To live in the Divine Will is not so difficult as you and others believe, nor does sweet Jesus want impossible things, nor can He teach difficult things; rather, in all He teaches, His love is so great that not only does He facilitate His teachings, but in order to make all that He wants and teaches easier, He puts Himself at our disposition, doing together with us all that He wants and teaches. My daughter, everything is in a strong, firm, constant resolution to deliver our will into the hands of Jesus, so that His Will may underlie each one of our acts. Therefore, in all our being, in the most natural acts of life - in food, in sleep, in sufferings, in prayer, and also in legitimate pleasures, the Divine Will must have Its royal place, Its field of action, and our will must be the ground in which to receive these divine acts, and the footstool on which the Divine Will must place these acts; and these acts, united together, will form its Life. Life cannot be formed with one single act, but with many acts, repeated and incessant.


Moreover, the love of Jesus, His sighs and also His tears for desire that His Will reign in us as life, are such that He never leaves us alone; He Himself descends into the depth of our will; He molds it, strengthens it, purifies it, prepares it, and does all that we do together with us. So, if we want it, everything is done; however, it is not that we must no longer feel our will: to operate on a dead will would be neither ours nor Jesusí victory. The dead are buried. Therefore Jesus wants our will alive, so that it may feel all the good, as His operating Will lays Its acts in it. The human will becomes the residence of the Divine, and gives It all the freedom to dominate and to do whatever It wants.


Do you see, then, how easy it is? Nor does one have to be a religious to do this. The Sanctity of living in the Divine Will is for all; or rather, to tell the truth, It is for all those who want It. Therefore, get down to work; tell Jesus from the heart: "I firmly want it, I continuously want it; I want it!", and Jesus will make wonders, and will use everything you do and suffer as raw material so that you may ask for His Will and let It operate with Its creative virtue.

As far as the vow, do it on the day of Ascension, so that sweet Jesus may bring your will to Heaven as the most beautiful victory He has achieved over you...


I finish here, as I cannot continue further. Pray for me and make yourself a saint, for Jesus wants it. I leave you in the place of honor of the Divine Will, with a thousand regards,

the little daughter of the Divine Will Corato, May 7, 1935



20.    To Federico Abresch from Bologna In Voluntate Dei! - Fiat

Most esteemed one in the Lord,

You cannot imagine the contentment I feel when I hear that one wants to live in the Divine Will, because it is a victory of Jesus; and as He conquers our will, we conquer His Own. In the Kingdom of the Divine Will no one loses, we are all winners, both God and the creature.


I am surprised by your doubts. How is it? Donít you know that Redemption is preparation for the Kingdom of the Divine Will? And the Sacred Heart of Jesus is nothing other than the immense Reign of His Will. It is not the ††Heart that dominates; it is the Divine Will that dominates His Divine Heart. Poor Heart, if it did not have a Will to dominate it, it would be good at nothing. If the will is good, the heart is good; if the will is holy, the heart is holy. If our will gives place to the Divine, letting It raise Its throne in our will, the heart acquires the divine qualities by grace. Therefore, both in the Divine and in the human order, it is always the will that has the first place, the prime act, its rule. The heart and all the rest are in the secondary order... Therefore, to say that the Heart reigns, if the Divine Will does not reign, is absurd. They can be called devotions, pious practices...; if the Divine Will does not reign, the Kingdom does not exist. It exists in Heaven, but has no place on earth. However, the Holy Church, organ and messenger of the Supreme Fiat, through the Sacred Heart, through the Celestial Mama, beseeches ††the Kingdom of the Divine Will. She does not say it with words, but says it with facts. The Divine Volition is the King - His Heart, His wounds, His precious Blood, the sweet Queen, form the ministers that surround the King, and through them beseech the Kingdom of the Divine Will in souls.


Now, how can one know It? All the necessary things, the different circumstances in which we may findourselves, are Will of God for us. If we are really determined to live in It, God is so pleased that, if miracles are needed, He will make them in order not to let us use our will. It is up to us to truly decide, and be willing even to give our lives in order to live in It; and dear Jesus and the Sovereign Queen will take on the commitment, will be our sentries, and will surround us with such graces as to not let us be betrayed by our own wills. More so, since our Lord does not teach difficult things, nor does He impose them or want them, but He facilitates all that He wants from us in an admirable way; even more, He puts Himself in our place to make it easy for us, and does together with us all that He wants us to do.


I commend myself to your prayers and also to my good daughter Amelia. Make yourselves saints. May the ††Divine Volition stretch out Its arms to you, to raise you in Its womb. Look at all things as bearers of It, to give you Its life, Its sanctity... The little one - raise him holy, as a gift of the Fiat; who knows whether your desires to see

him religious and holy may not be fulfilled. So I leave you all in the Divine Volition; let me always find you in It. And with a thousand regards to the father, to the mother and to the son, I say,


most affectionately yours,

the little daughter of the Divine Will




21.    To Sister Remigia Fiat - In Voluntate Dei!

My good daughter in the Divine Volition,

Thank you for your wishes, and from the heart I return them to you, just on this Christmas evening as I am writing you. The Celestial Baby is born; even more, since He is born in every instant. In every good act we do, every time we abandon ourselves in His arms, and every time we cry out from the depths of our heart: "Lord, I want to do your Will", the dear Little One repeats His birth. So, I wonít wish you His birth, since He is born; but rather, to make Him grow, to love Him and then to warm Him, because He is shivering with cold, and His little lips are livid, so freezing is the air. He wants your ardent kisses, the air of your love to warm Him; His limbs are numb, and He wants your works, your movements done for love of Him, as clothes to be covered with; and as food He wants His Will reigning in you.


So, this is my wish: that you raise me the Divine Infant and make Him happy; and that you give your will into His little hands to play with, so that, after all the tears He sheds, He may find you to make Him smile. And then, the dear Little One wants to entrust you with another task: that you make all the girls around you know that they each possess Jesus in their hearts, and you must teach them how to make Him grow. If you do this, you can be tranquil, because you will form many tabernacles for little Jesus. However, I do not want, nor does Jesus want, that you lose peace. Look for the Divine Will in everything, and your being will become continuous prayer, in everything. It is not the words that form prayer, but our union with the Divine Will; and then all is sacred, holy, and prayer within us. And then, peace is the eye of our acts, and therefore it will show you how to love Jesus and make Him loved.


Don Benedetto returns your wishes and blesses you. Pray for me, as I need it very much. I leave you closed in the Fiat; be careful not ever to leave It, and I ask the dear Baby to bless you.


Your most affectionate aunt,

the little daughter of the Divine Will Corato, December 25, 1935



22.    To Mrs. Rosita Muccia Fiat

Most esteemed one in the Lord,

Thank you for your postcard. I let you know that I wonít be able to start the surplice before the beginning of

November; therefore, as far as the advance, do as you think best, whenever you want to send it, at your convenience.


I assure of you my poor prayers, and you, pray for me. Let us remain united in the Divine Volition and letís make ourselves saints. Heartfelt regards,

most affectionately yours, Luisa Piccarreta


Corato, September 24, 1936




23.    To Mrs. B. Cattivelle In Voluntate Dei!

My good daughter in the Divine Volition,

I read your sorrowful letter and from the heart I feel compassion for you. However, pluck up courage, do not abandon yourself to yourself; rather, abandon yourself in God and in the arms of our Queen Mama. In your state of sorrow, they await you in their arms as their favorite one, because you are a daughter of sorrow; but they want you more peaceful, and less concerned about your state, because apprehension worsens the trouble, and makes one see it darker, and maybe worse than it really is. And then, my daughter, I must tell you the truth, if you resign yourself, your state is the greatest state of sanctity; it is the jealousy of God that takes creatures away from you; it is because of the great love He has for you that, jealous, wanting to be loved and loving you very much, He takes everyone away from you. Therefore, thank the Lord for He has placed His divine eyes upon you to make of you a saint. And if you are resigned and patient, you will convert the one who "despises you", as you say, you will achieve victory over his cold heart, and will conquer him to Jesus.


Therefore, I recommend that you never leave prayer. Have great confidence in God. One who trusts, captures the Heart of God, His graces, His love, and becomes a faithful copy of sweet Jesus; and He always carries her in His arms, as triumph of the trust of the creature and of His Love. So, I recommend to you: make yourself a saint. If Jesus gives you the means, the raw materials of sanctity, which are crosses, abandonments, humiliations - all raw materials to make us holy - take advantage of it, do not reject such a great good...


I assure of you my poor prayers, be sure that I will not forget you... I commend myself to your prayers, and hoping that the Divine Volition will give you peace, strength and sanctity, with sincere regards I say,

most affectionately yours,

the little daughter of the Divine Will.


I send you Jesus to keep you company. Keep your gaze fixed in Him to imitate Him, your heart to love Him, your hands to hug Him, your lips to repeat always: Fiat, Fiat!


Corato, October 6, 1936

24.    To Mother Cecilia Fiat - In Voluntate Dei!

My good and dearest Mother,

Here I am, after a long time, writing a few lines. I felt the need to do it, but I waited for the glad coming of your Name Day to fulfill the duty of a daughter toward such a good mother. But what shall I wish you? I feel I would not be able to continue if I did not take the majestic Sun of the Fiat, make it my own and give it to you. But listen, my Mother, to what a beautiful wish I want to send you, and what it is that the Fiat wants to give you as a wish: It wants your heart so that you be the heart and It the heartbeat; It wants your body so that you be the body and It the breath; It wants your voice so that you be the voice and the Divine Will the word... In sum, It wants the most intimate and vital parts of your being in order to form the inseparability between you and the Divine Will. Arenít you happy, my Mother? I believe I could not send you a more beautiful wish, and your Saint will smile at you from Heaven, in seeing that one who carries her name is completely transformed into Divine Will, and will feel more honored and glorified.


Besides, what else is left in our life other than to let It reign and dominate in our souls? All other things - we can call them fleeting visits, while the Divine Fiat remains with us, and with invincible patience forms the way, the carriage, to take us to Heaven. Therefore, let us enclose everything in the Fiat, so that this too may serve to enlarge the Kingdom of His Will within us.


But I will certainly come, do not doubt, on the wings of the Divine Volition. I will come to bring you my wishes and to be spectator, to see how It forms Its heartbeat, Its breath, Its word in you; I donít want to be deprived of a scene so touching. And you, then, will send me many beautiful things in thanksgiving for my wishes (I am joking).


And now, my Mama, I leave you in you feast, to celebrate it in the Divine Volition, so that mother and daughter may do one single act of It, as prelude of the feast which is made in Heaven. Best Regards to N.; and renewing my wishes, I say,


most affectionately yours,

the little daughter of the Divine Will Corato, November 18, 1936



25.    To Mrs. Mazari from Bari J.M.J.

Fiat - In Voluntate Dei!


My dearest and good daughter in the Divine Volition,

First of all I thank you for all your attentions. I donít know how to thank you, but dear Jesus Himself will take on the commitment to reward you for so much goodness by making of you a saint and by calling you to live in His Fiat. Greater grace He cannot give you, because, as we decide to always do His Will and to live in It, sweet Jesus covers all our past miseries in order to let us begin the new life, all holy, and all of Heaven. He makes us feel the

heartbeat, the breath of the Fiat, forming His word in our voice, harmonizing us with Him, squeezing us in His arms, so tightly that we canít help feeling the life of the Divine Will... My daughter, for one who lives in It, Heaven is always open and graces descend in torrents upon our heads. In the secret of our heart, Jesus says to us: "My daughter, if you do what I want, I will take on the commitment of all your things. I can do them better than you, do not worry about anything; let Me do and youíll see. You, instead, think of not losing peace, and enjoy the life of my Will. Let Me extend my Kingdom in each one of your acts, in such a way that you may feel, see and touch nothing but my Will..." How happy will you be with such a great good, and I, your poor mother, will be pleased with your lot and will rejoice at your happiness.


I beg you to let yourself always be found in the Royal Palace of the Divine Will. With my sister and Mother Superior, I send you the greetings of the Fiat.


The little daughter of the Divine Will




26.    To Mother Paolina J.M.J.

Fiat - In Voluntate Dei!


My good and reverend Mother Paolina,

(...) Now letís come to us, my good mother. I delayed writing you in order to let Holy Christmas draw near and then send you my poor wishes. But what can I, poor little ignorant, wish to you? So I ask dear Baby Jesus that He Himself bring you my sincere wishes. During these days, you will prepare your heart in order to form it as a host in which the Divine Infant will come to be reborn in you, and will bring you, as a wish and a gift, the heartbeat and the word of the Fiat, His baby tears, His tender moans and wails, in order to be consoled and to receive your tender love in return. My Mother, welcome Him soon, soothe His crying, warm Him, and be attentive so that He may always remain with you. This is what the Celestial Baby wants: He comes to remain with you. I am sure that you will not send Him back, and He will make of you His Royal Palace, His little Paradise. This is the wish I am sending you; I believe you will be content.


Now, this wish of mine - I extend it to my dear daughter, sister Remigia; I recommend that she be attentive so as to form the little paradise to the Little God. And I beg, I implore, sister Salette, sister Amelia and the whole community - each to form, not a star, but a Royal Palace for the dear Baby, and make Him a little fire, and the life of His Will. Oh, how happy will He feel in finding many royal palaces for His birth!


I send to all the greetings of the Divine Fiat, so that It may invest you with Its Light, cover your miseries with Its Love, and, if some of you are in pain, bring you balm and strength in order to convert everything into Will of God.


Now I expect your wishes and your prayers. Most dear Mother, I leave you in the Divine Volition to make yourself a saint and to enjoy the Christmas holidays. I kiss your right hand, and with respectful regards, I say,


the little daughter of the Divine Will Corato, December 10, 1936

27.    To Mother Cecilia Fiat - In Voluntate Dei!

My good Mother Cecilia,

Thank you for everything. I donít know how to repay you, but I believe that Jesus will do it for me. I am sorry for your illness, since sight is so necessary. But the Divine Fiat is that which must embrace us, enclose us within Itself, in such a way as to consume us completely in the Divine Will. In fact, you must know that when we really decide always to do the Divine Will, His love is so great that He covers all our past miseries, defects and passions, as if we were newly reborn, and therefore, as though having made us new again, He wants to see nothing but ††His Will in us.


Now I send you my Christmas wishes in advance; I entrust you to Baby Jesus. During these days, make of your heart a little host, and dear Little Jesus will bring you as His wish, His love, His baby tears, His wails, His whole life, and will infuse in you His tender and compassionate love for His pains as a baby. This is my wish, and I also wish the whole community, especially those who remember me, the rebirth of Baby Jesus within their hearts.


I commend myself to your prayers, and from the heart, I will also do it for you; and leaving you in the arms of the Divine Volition, as though harmonizing, to breathe with one breath, with one heartbeat, with one will, I kiss your right hand with profound obsequies,


the little daughter of the Divine Will.




28.    To Mrs. Antonietta Savorani, widow from Faenza Fiat - In Voluntate Dei!

My good daughter in the Divine Will,

Thank you for everything, both the requests and the Holy Masses; assure everybody of my poor prayers. But to the ladies who ask for graces I say that the most powerful means to obtain them is to do the Divine Will, to put their wills into the hands of the Queen so that She may exchange them with the Divine, and also to give Her the first place as Queen and Mother of their families. Oh, how the Heavenly Lady will feel enraptured! As the first miracle, She will give them Her own Son as gift; She will enclose Him in their hearts that they may live together, and She Herself will stay to take care of Her dear Son. And to us, her children, She will give peace and put order between Creator and creature. Once She has done this, the rest will come by itself, always provided that it is for the good of their souls...


But I recommend perfect resignation. This is the shortest and safest way, because with it we hold a divine power in our hands, and we are not the ones who ask and pray, but the Fiat Itself asks and prays within us.


How I would love for everyone to understand this great secret - that, if we want it, we must let the Divine Will reign in us. How many graces not obtained, how many obstructed sanctities, how many unhappy people, and with no peace, because the primary food of the Fiat is missing - the life of Jesus is missing within us! Here is all the trouble!

My blessed daughter, let us remain united in the Divine Will; let us allow It to reign and we will receive the most beautiful surprises...Pray for me. Leaving you in the Divine Will, I say,


most affectionately yours,

The little daughter of the Divine Will




29.    To Mother General of the Daughters of the Divine Zeal J.M.J.

Fiat - In Voluntate Dei!


My good reverend Mother general,

Today is the sacred day of Ascension, the name of which you carry, and I feel the duty, although I am the least among all, to send you my sincere and affectionate wishes. But what wishes can I give you? I wouldnít know what else to wish you other than that dear Jesus may make facts correspond to the name He gave you - that is to say, that He may take each one of your acts within Himself and bring it to Heaven, so making of all your life a continuous Ascension, like many conquests that sweet Jesus takes from earth to Heaven, and like the triumph of His Love in which your life must be consumed. To live in order to be consumed in love is the most beautiful act, which, putting us on the stake of love, consumes us with Jesus and makes His Life rise within us.


But this is not enough, most dear Mother, if I donít let my Divine Fiat act. Therefore I send it to you with all my heart, and I pray that It may pronounce Its Omnipotent Fiat in the center of your soul, and create Its Life within it, nourish it, and carry you always in Its arms of light; and that It may pronounce Its Fiat in every action you do and form in it Its Heaven, the most beautiful stars, the brightest sun, in order to make the most adorned room in which to reign and form Its first Kingdom.


My Mother, He always gives something to do to those who live in His Divine Volition. He lets not one of our acts escape Him without animating it, molding it, investing it, caressing it with His Creative Virtue. These are the best wishes I can send you, and I want you to accept them, so that the Divine Will may fulfill the wishes I am sending you with all my heart. I commend myself very much to your prayers...


Luisa Piccarreta




30.    To a religious


Reverend Superior,

I assure you of my poor prayers, but all you should care about is to do the Divine Will, and to know It in every circumstance of your life, since It comes to us as bearer of sanctity. Sanctity is not formed by playing, but by working, suffering, loving. However, the first act must be the wanting to do the Divine Will and to live from It... It will give us the strength, the peace so necessary to do well the office in which God has placed us. Mortifications, adversities, crosses, come to us veiled and do not let us see the good which they contain; but peace removes the veil and allows us to recognize the finger of God in our sufferings, the beautiful conquests we can make, the

sanctity we can acquire - in a word, the Divine Volition that comes to us to tell us: "With this suffering I want to make of you a saint." For this purpose, I take this opportunity to send you the reviews of the "Hours"...


I commend myself to your prayers, and leaving you in the sea of the Divine Volition, in which you will find all the helps you need, with sincere regards, I say,

Most devotedly yours,

the little daughter of the Divine Will




31.    J.M.J.


Fiat - In Voluntate Dei!


My good daughter in the Divine Volition,

Let us thank from the heart the Lord and the Celestial Queen for having consoled you. This is why we should never get discouraged or lose peace, when we are not answered immediately. When there is prayer, the hour of the Lord will come and He will give us more than we ask for. Our part must be to remain always in our place, to always do the Divine Will, because this is the greatest of miracles, and Our Lord will provide and take care of everything; more than that we ourselves would not do. If we always do the Divine Will, our names will be ††written in Heaven and our salvation, our sanctity, will be secured. Jesus will be all ours; and what will He not give to us? Everything. Therefore, think about making yourself a saint, and the rest will come by itself.


Thank you for your attentions. Give my regards to the Tantaloís, whom I remember with affection and gratitude. If you can, tell them to remind their sister who is in Barletta what I had said to her in person. I commend myself to your prayers, and leaving you in the Divine Volition to become a saint - in Which I hope to find you always - send my regards to Angelina from Corato. Most affectionately yours,


the little spark of the Divine Will


P.S. I will do the 4 applications as soon as possible. Corato, July 5, 1931



32.    J.M.J.


My good daughter in the Divine Volition,

Peace, trust, courage, resignation and prayer, and the Lord wonít be missing to you. All that the Lord allows for you is nothing but means to become a saint. Therefore, do not bother about what your thoughts say to you, but kiss the Divine Will, Which disposes everything for our good.


Now, you must know that these sisters donít take people in as lodgers; it is prohibited by their rule. As far as coming to speak with me, you should not say this to anyone, because I cannot receive; it would be an exception. I wouldnít want you to spend the money on the trip, when with a little bit of Will of God you could fix everything. Therefore, do as you think best. It is certain, though, that whoever does the Most Holy Will of God is

never abandoned by God. So, I repeat - trust, do not lose peace, otherwise youíll ruin yourself. Pray for me - and leaving you in the sea of the Divine Volition, with all my esteem, I say,


most affectionately yours,

the little daughter of the Divine Will Corato, July 19, 1937


33.    To Mother Cecilia J.M.J.

Fiat - In Voluntate Dei!


My good and reverend Mother,

I feel the certain hope of finding you in the Divine Volition, Which possesses the fullness of all goods; therefore there is no good which I cannot wish you on the beautiful day of your Saint Cecilia. So I wish you the peace of ††the Fiat, that may make full day arise in you, always serene, so that the darkness of the night, of disturbances and oppressions may have no place. Peace can be called daylight of God, in which the Divine Volition forms Its day of ever growing sanctity, and ever new graces. Dearest Mother, one single act we do in the Divine Will is so great as to surpass the greatness of Heaven and earth; it encloses immensity, power, and all goods. Therefore my wish for you is that all your life be a continuous act of Divine Will, and then you will have love for all, a sanctity that makes up for all and encloses God Himself. And when God is with us, what beautiful and good things can we not receive and accomplish? I could not wish anything more beautiful than the peace of the Divine Will. It will your guide, It will sustain you and comfort you in the circumstances of life, and also the bitter ones, which never lack.


I leave you in the Divine Volition, so that the feast of Saint Cecilia may be more beautiful, and may be the echo of the feast of Heaven. My sister kisses your right hand and sends her affectionate and sincere wishes. And I, renewing my wishes, kiss your right hand. Most affectionately yours,

the little daughter of the Divine Will Corato, November 20, 1937


34.    To Mrs. Maria Torre J.M.J.

Fiat - In Voluntate Dei!


Most esteemed Maria in the Divine Volition,

(...) Now I recommend that you and the German lady live in the Divine Will. If we do this, we secure our sanctity, our names will be written in Heaven, all that belongs to God will be ours, the Divine Volition will place Heaven and earth in our hands; It will be ours, and therefore it will be easy for us to convert the most obstinate sinner; It will put peace everywhere, and Its power will conquer everyone. Therefore, a little patience my good Maria, the

Lord will fix everything. Let us do the greater part, that is, the Divine Will - and everything else will come by itself; or rather... more than we ourselves, Our Lord will take care of it. (...)




35.    To Mr. Vincenzo Messina, imprisoned in the jail of Favignana, Trapani Fiat

Dearest brother in Jesus Christ,

I was immensely pleased by your request for the book of the Queen of Heaven, thinking that the Celestial Mama comes also to the prison to visit you and to be your Mother, Teacher, consoler; and also to give you her sweet company in order to teach you how to live from the Divine Will, and form, in prison too, the Kingdom of the Divine Volition.


Therefore, my brother, courage, trust, for you have a Celestial Mama who loves you very much, who will never leave you, and if you listen to Her, will make a sanctuary of the prison. And if human weakness took you to prison, the Sovereign Queen comes with the strength of the Divine Will to take you to Heaven and render your days less sad; even more, She will turn pains, privations, loneliness, into ransoms and eternal conquests; She will make you feel the peace that, even in the world, cannot be enjoyed. The Divine Will will transform you, and you will feel the new life that the Celestial Lady brings you.


Know that I am your sister in prison. For more than fifty years the Supreme Fiat has kept me imprisoned in a bed. Yet, I am glad - I am happy; but what makes me happy? The Divine Will, Which I try to do always. You too can be happy, if you do the Divine Will. Oh, how It will change your bitterness! You will feel a true divine strength that will ease your painful state. Never neglect the Rosary to the Celestial Mother, and if you can, be a missionary in the prison, by making known that the Queen of Heaven wants to visit all the prisoners to give them the gift of the Divine Will. And if you need some more copies and you cannot pay, I am willing to send them for free.


I leave you under the mantle of the Celestial Mother, listening to Her lessons of Heaven - and with a thousand regards, I say,


your most affectionate sister,

the little daughter of the Divine Will




36.    To Mother Cecilia, from Oria In Voluntate Dei!

My good and Reverend Mother,

I answer to your dear letter. What a beautiful surprise to hear you say that peace and submission reign in the community! If there is peace, there is God. His children are as though kneaded in peace; therefore they are peacemakers, and bearers of peace. Their words, their manners, are never boisterous or sharp, but embalmed with the balm of peace, such as to sweeten the most embittered hearts; so much so, that those who are restless feel humiliated and confused in the face of a peaceful soul. Peace, my Mother, is the sign that the Divine Will

reigns as life, or at least as virtue. When the Divine Volition wants to reign in the soul, It first sends Its message of peace. Many times it is about closing oneís eyes to little bagatelles, trifles and specks, so as not to lose peace or time; in this manner, the Divine Fiat makes Its own ways in our souls, forming Its throne and Its life, and extending Its dominion. Oh, how Iíd love that my Mother who is far away would give me this contentment - that she were one single act of Divine Will and the bearer of It to all her daughters... The sacrifice of having you far away and of being without you would be less bitter, in thinking that my Mother is on a mission to make the Divine Will known. And from here I pray, I accompany you, and I almost keep a look-out, to see the fruits of this celestial mission. Therefore, when your letters touch the key of Fiat, I give a start of joy and say: "She is far away from me, but at least she serves the Divine Will."


Now letís come to us. I sent you the 23 addresses; I believe that you received them and sent them as well. I also sent you the reviews in order to make their promotion; if you want others, Iíll send them to you. Listen, my Mother, I want to teach you a holy trick: for every "Appeal of the Queen of Heaven" and for every book you send, tell the Celestial Lady that you bind her to giving you the great gift of the Divine Will. Then, every "Appeal", every book, will be one more guarantee that you place in her maternal hands, not only for yourself, but also for the person to whom the book and the Appeal are directed. The Sovereign Lady will feel bound and as though obliged, in seeing so many pledges in her hands, and She will give you what She herself wants to give you: the Divine Will as life.


(...) The whole community sends you its respects, Don Benedetto blesses you from the heart, and leaving you bound in the Divine Volition, I kiss your right hand, and I say,


most affectionately yours,

the little daughter of the Divine Will




37.    To Sister Mattia


My good daughter, Sister Mattia,

I answer to your long letter. Its content shows that peace does not smile in your soul and that you are very worried about yourself. Poor daughter, who gets wet with a drop of water, and tangled up and lost in little trifles. It seems that you have forgotten my poor suggestions - that is, how every thought of yourself is a little escape from the arms of Jesus. Itís no wonder that you feel incapable of good, when you run away from His arms! While, even in the midst of a thousand enemies and incessant occupations, oh, how happy you would feel being in the arms of Jesus! It is not our occupations that take us away from Him, but our will - the thought of ourselves Ė that make us put Jesus aside, even in good. Therefore, let Jesus take care of it, and He will turn miseries and fears into as many sips of love for Himself and for you. For one who is with Him, the most indifferent things, works, sacrifices - are prayers, adorations and love; he feels the Tabernacle in his own heart, and Jesus living within himself; therefore he finds almost no difference between the Jesus of the altar and Jesus of his heart.


Therefore, courage, trust and peace. Put yourself aside, and give place to Jesus. We are small; if we think of ourselves, Jesus will find no space in which to put Himself and make us feel His thought, His love, His palpitating life within us. But if we donít think about ourselves, then we will feel that the actions of life make us find Jesus

and lead us to Him. So, assure me that you will be at peace, that I may say to the Celestial Little Mama: "This is our daughter; at any cost we must help her to become a saint." Arenít you happy?


The second edition of the "Queen of Heaven" just came out. I am sending you two copies, one for reverend Mother Vicaria and the other for you, for free. If you want more, let me know how many you want and Iíll send them to you. I commend myself to your prayers. My sister tells you many things... I do not neglect to recommend that you promote the new edition. I want to see what you are able to do for the Celestial Mama, and for the triumph of the Divine Will... I leave you in the Divine Volition, and be careful not to escape any more; sending you the kiss of the Fiat, I say,


most affectionately yours,

the little daughter of the Divine Will




38.    To a Religious


Fiat - In Voluntate Dei!


Reverend Mother,

I hope you are doing better. Just as dear Jesus brought you sufferings in order to continue a little bit of His life in you, now I hope that the Celestial Baby, with His childlike smiles, brings you sanctity, in order to continue the life of His works in your Maternity. And since our sufferings are in the hands of Jesus, they are files which sharpen us up more in sanctity, brushes that embellish us, love that consumes us. Dear Little Baby will come all festive, to reward you for the pains you have suffered, and will remain in you to dwell in you forever, bringing you the Divine Will as gift. This is the most beautiful wish I can send you; I think you will like it.


In this night of Holy Christmas, let us say, from the heart, a big and repeated "Fiat". In this way we will prepare a feast for the Divine Little One and He will bring us His own, so we will celebrate together His adorable birth...

Now, I braid all the daughters together with the mother and I send my wishes to all, by praying to the Divine Infant that He will bring His Fiat to all the sisters, giving you the kiss of the Fiat (...)




39.    To Sister Remigia Fiat

My good daughter,

I received your letter and with sorrow I learned of the state of your health. Patience, my daughter, dear Jesus wants to make you mature more in sanctity, and His Divine Volition wants to hasten Its life in your soul. Crosses are firewood: the more the wood, the more the fire grows; or like the sun to the plants, which caresses the plants with its light and heat, matures them, and gives them sweetness and taste. Without a cross we are like unripened fruits - like sterile plants, which do more harm than good. However, my daugther, remove the sadness from your soul; do not get discouraged or disturbed; hold peace as the greatest treasure. Jesus is good, He wonít harm you, but will dispose everything for your good.

Now I want to know how you feel... I leave you in the Divine Volition, and everything you suffer and do, place it in Its hands, so that you may provide It with all that is necessary