Volume 35


August 8, 1937


My Jesus, You are the sweetness of my life, my Highest Good.  Come to my assistance.  I’m just a miserable little creature who needs You so much.  I’m desperate to have you inside me, pulsing with Life.  Take me and make my life your own.  Be my Love, use me however you want in Your great works.  Otherwise I wouldn’t be worthy to tell You in my faint little voice, ‘I love You.’” 


I beg You, I pray that You won’t leave so all alone.  It was all Your idea to have me write down what You reveal about Your Divine Will.  I can do nothing on my own.  It is You who must guide my hand. You have to be the One who moves my hand.  I will listen as close as I can to Your holy words.  You will have to do the rest.  Consider it, My Jesus.  For now, I will ask my Celestial Mother to help me.  She will hold me on Her lap while I write to the beat of Her Maternal Heart.  She will keep me attuned to the sweet Harmonies of the Divine Fiat.  Then I can write down everything that Jesus wants me to record about His Adorable Will.”





August 9, 1937

Prodigies of Love in the Divine Volition.  How the Divine Will Redoubles Its Love, in order to be Loved with Its own Love.  How the Queen will form the New Hierarchy in Her Inheritance.


My flight continues through Divine Volition.  His great Love awaits me.  He will take me into His arms of Light and say, “I Love you, My daughter, I Love you.  Tell me that you love Me too.  I will put My big ‘I Love you’ on your little ‘I love You’ and expand it throughout the immensity of My Fiat.  I will make everyone and everything Love you.  Meanwhile, you will love Me for everyone and everything.  I am the Immensity that I want creatures to have so that their love for Me can be as Immense as My own.”


I give and receive the sweet melodic harmonies, the enchanting sounds that enrapture My Love.  When My Will Loves, the heavens, the sun, the Angels and Saints all join in to express their Love for Me.  They vigilantly await an ‘I Love you’ in response to the ‘I love You’ they have voiced as one to Me.  The ‘I love you’ that I send on the wings of My Will repays them all for the love they have added to the Love I give you.  Everyone loves so they may be loved in return.  Unrequited love is the saddest thing of all.  It can drive you crazy.  It is a nail wound in that can only be healed with the ointment of love returned in kind.”


I felt so inadequate and I thought, “My God, how can I ever repay You for Your great Love.  The Queen of Heaven is the only One who has ever fully repaid Her Creator with Love.  But I have been delinquent in what I owe.”


I was disheartened and feeling low until my adorable Jesus came by for a brief visit.  He is always so good to me.


He said, “Daughter of My Will, don’t worry.  The soul who dwells within My Will lives in perfect harmony with My Love.  My Will doubles Its Love by living within the creature.  Since It has taken possession of her life, It can love Itself within her soul whenever It wants.  My Love is perfectly expressed within My Will.  There happiness and joy are always fulfilled.”


Our Paternal Goodness for the soul who Lives in Our Will is so great that We count every breath she takes.  We gather up each heartbeat, her every thought, word and deed.  We replace them with Our own, each one filled to the brim with Love.  Our Love is emphatic when We tell the creature, ‘Since she loves Us so much, We must Love her in return.’  When We love her, We present her with so many gifts with such grace that Heaven and earth are amazed by Our generosity.”


That’s what We did with Our Queen.  We displayed Our Love with great pageantry.  Whenever We look at Ourselves, We want to give Her everything We have and all that We are.”


Any differences between the creature and Us would bring nothing but pain.’  If the creatures feels that she is not the same as We are, she wouldn’t trust Us as a daughter should.  Confidence comes from being just as good and sharing in the same Gifts.  Disparity would be an obstacle to the formation of a Single Life.  It would keep both from loving each other with One Love.” 


Living within our Divine Volition means having the same Will and loving each other with One Love Supreme.  A Single Will and One Love are held as common goods to be shared equally.  Whatever the creature does not have We make up for by giving Ourselves to her.  She wants exactly what We want.  Her Love and Ours are One and the same.  She loves Us the same way We love her.”


My daughter, We have the power to elevate the creature until she is on the same level as Our Image.  We want her to have everything that We do so she can live within Our Will.  My Celestial Mother, from the very moment Her existence began, had the Life of My Divine Fiat as Her own.  Since We Love each other with the same Love, We can love the creature twice as much.”


We love Our Celestial Empress so much.   Our Lady has inherited Our Will and taken possession of It.  We have Our angelic choirs and the hierarchy of Saints in Heaven.  When Our Kingdom is established on earth, the Heavenly Lady will call her children and endow them with this grand bequest.  In glory, she will appoint her children as members of a new hierarchy similar to Our nine choirs of Angels.  Like the Seraphim and Cherubim in Heaven, those who live within Her Inheritance on earth will be ranked according to a new order of saints.  Then, once She has formed them on earth, She will take them up to Heaven.  She will be surrounded by this new hierarchy of creatures newly born within Divine Fiat.  This heavenly entourage of children, reborn through Her Love, has already lived within their shared inheritance while on earth.”


Only when the Work of Creation is perfected will We say, ‘It is done.’  We will have the Kingdom of Our Will among creatures thanks to the Celestial Heir who was eager wanted to give Her Life for them.  Then It shall rule as Sovereign on earth.  We will be glorified and so happy when the Sovereign Queen oversees a hierarchy that is similar to Ours.  Our own celestial hierarchy will also be Hers to command, just as Her own ministers will serve Us.  Everything done through Our Will operates as an indivisible unit.”


Its astonishing to creatures that the Celestial Queen Loves souls as much as She does.  She is a faithful copy of Her Creator.  Turning Her gaze inward, she contemplates Her Seas of Love, Sanctity, Grace and Light.”


Then She looks at the creatures with a desire to give Herself completely with all of Her Seas.  She want everyone to have a Mother, One who insists on giving them all of Her treasures, including Her very being.  She is saddened that Her children are living in poverty when their Mother is so immensely rich.”


It pains Her that they can’t live within the inheritance that their Mother has bequeathed to them.  She would like to see them immersed within Her Seas of Love hidden inside Her Sanctity, adorned with Her Beauty and filled with Her Grace.  If She weren’t already living in Eternal Glory where pain cannot exist, Her suffering would be excruciating.  She would die in agony for each creature who does not Live within Divine Will.” 


She lives in ceaseless prayer, filling Her petitions with the endless Seas that are Hers alone to give.  She implores Divine Will to grant Her request that It be done on earth as It is in Heaven.”


Through Our Love and the power of Our Will, She bi-locates Herself within each creature to prepare every child’s soul from within.  She holds each one tight in Her arms and synchronizes each heart with their own Celestial Mother’s pulse.  She does Her best to prepare them so they might receive the Life of Divine Fiat.” 


She prays ever so much within each and every heart.  She says to Our Adorable Majesty, ‘Please hurry.  I can’t hold My Love in much longer.  I’m ready to burst.  I want My children to live with Me within Divine Will.  Therein lies My Glory and the superabundant wealth of My inheritance.  Trust me, I know how to take care of Our children.  They must know that Your Will is Mine, and that Mine is Yours.’”


The Love of this Celestial Queen Mother is overwhelming.  Only in Heaven will creatures know how much She loves them.  Only then will they fully comprehend all that She has done for them.  She is extravagant in Her generosity.  Her Greatest Act is in wanting them to have the Kingdom of My Will that She has in Her possession.  This Celestial Lady would do anything to accomplish Her goal.  Join Her and pray for this holy intention.”





August 15, 1937

The Empire of the Acts done in the Divine Will.  God is at the head of the acts of the soul

who Lives in It.


My flight continues through Divine Volition where I am always expecting something new and surprising to happen.  My soul was overflowing with so much joy that I was covered in it.  I hid under this ever growing mound of joy, wishing that I would never have to have to leave.


I wish everyone could know Your adorable Will.  Your creatures would love It so much that they would let It reign within them as their Sovereign Ruler.  They would allow themselves to be caught in the net of Your Love!”


I was still contemplating this when my sweet Jesus came to visit my poor little soul.  It was so good to hear His voice.


He said, “Little daughter of My Will, there are endless new surprises and secrets to be revealed.  There are countless reasons why creatures should be attracted to My Will.  Whoever enters It feels rejuvenated and so vigorous that they don’t ever want to leave.  The creature feels flush with Imperial Divinity, soothed by a Celestial unction that transfigures his very nature and resurrects him to new Life.”


My Divine Will empowers the creature to such a high degree that even the most insignificant act seems an imperial mandate.  Whenever she loves, she unleashes an imperial power.  When she speaks, her voice is an expression of Its creative power.  Whatever work she does seems as important as those building projects of imperial grandeur surrounding her on every side.  She is the empress of that ruling mandate dominating her own self-interest, bringing that same Imperial Will into every heart.”


Our Will feels Its own Empire in the act of the creature, and It feels forced to give what she wants in that act.  When she is inclined towards love, she gathers everywhere the homage that makes Us beloved by all.  Her desire that Our Will should reign supreme over the earth is an imperial mandate that We must obey, so We pray that It might come into every heart.”


The One Primal Act of Our Will never stops.  It says to Us:  ‘I am the Act You perform.  You must give me whatever I want.’  It takes control of Our Power and replicates It so that It will multiply.  The creature prays for but one thing, yet does not ask.  She simply takes whatever she is in the act of wanting.  Though We would never tolerate any act that is not identical to Our own, when this creature acts within It, We allow Ourselves to be ruled by her dominion.”


I couldn’t begin to express what I felt when Jesus stopped talking.  My mind was attracted to His Words like a magnet.  I was so taken by the authority of His words that I would gladly give my life if only everyone would then know His Will for us.


Then my beloved Jesus continued speaking. 


He said, “My daughter, there’s no reason to be astonished about what I’ve just said.  Everything I’m telling you is the pure Truth.  My Will is all-powerful and can do anything It wants.  Our Supreme Being is obliged to do what is wanted by the one who lives within Our Will.  Her every wish is Our command.  The most a creature can see of Us is what natural happens.  Only when she lives within Our Will does she see herself as fully participating in Grace as an expression of Our Love for Our Volition.  This is how My Will expects the creature to act.  We want her to Live through Our Volition so that her acts may be fused with Ours and resonate together as One pure sound.  Then she must be as worthy as We are, sharing the One Love Supreme as We do.”


Living in Our Will means Unity.  When the creature loves, God is always at the forefront of her Love.  When she speaks, her words pour out from the Fountainhead of God.  When she works at something, God is the Leading Actor Who is operating through her endeavors.  He leads her feet in every step as she walks.  Living in My Will means that the creature lives her life within God, and the Life of God is within her.”


It is impossible for Us to deny Our Love and Power to the soul who lives within Our Will as We act.  The Will being One, everything seems to happen by Itself.  In the unity of Love, everything works together in perfect solidarity.”


Living within Our Divine Fiat is the Wonder of wonders, something never before seen or heard.  We wanted to do something so marvelous in the creature that it could only be done by God.  We must, because We can no longer contain the exuberance of Our Love.”


But the creature, being ungrateful, did not accept.  Nonetheless, We haven’t changed Our Will.  Yet We are restless because Our Love has been held back and repressed.  That’s why We are so extravagant with Our Love.  We are industrious and have endless strategies.  We will do as We have intended.  Come what may, the creature’s human will shall be one and the same as Our own.”




August 23, 1937

How the Divine Will wants to grow in the creature and form Its Fullness.  How the soul who Lives in It is kept aware of all the Works of her Creator Who makes her possess all the Divine Works.


I feel the waves of Divine Volition surging within me, penetrating into the depths of my soul.  They want to make themselves known to all by giving me their Life of celestial joy.  They won’t stop until Divine Will succeeds in giving Its immense goodness to whoever wants a Life within It. 


Then my beloved Jesus appeared.  He seemed anxious that I listen to Him talk some more about His Divine Fiat.  It was so good to hear His voice.


He said, “My blessed daughter, I’m so happy when I can talk with someone who will listen to Me, especially if they desire the Great Gift that My Word carries!  I never speak unless the soul is prepared to listen, otherwise, My Word cannot deliver the Gift that It generates from Itself.”


The more the creature seeks My Will, the more My Will grows toward Its fulfillment within her.  But she must have a desire to know and love It so much that none of It is left out when she acts.  Even with a short attention span, It grows within her with every sigh of longing for Its Life.” 


The wonder of It grows, straining for the heights where Divinity has Its abode.  There she hopes to learn It deepest and most intimate Secrets.  My Will is Life, and Life does not want to end.  It wants to keep growing, so It waits for the least sign of activity in the creature, anything at all, and considers it an invitation to love her.”


Such growth cannot be forced.  It wants the creature to desire the same growth and fulsomeness of My Will as We have proposed for her.  As It fully develops within her soul, Divine Power grows stronger, bringing happiness, beauty, sanctity and knowledge.  She is filled with the endless benefits that Divine Fiat holds for creatures.”


Everything done from within It is but another yearning sigh calling out to It, and in response, she is given yet more Divine Power.  She is adorned with such beauty that We are enraptured.  We see Our Strength and Beauty in her.  We look at her again and again, falling ever more deeply in love with her.  We are so glad that We have someone who can carry the joy of Our great blessings to creatures.  When We behold this creature, Our Love swells up and overflows, filling her completely.  She is surrounded, inside and out, by the maze of our restless Love.  She has an overwhelming desire to grow into the fullness of Our Will.”


My daughter, there’s a big difference between those who are vigilant about My Will those who are not.  Some of them keep their eyes narrowly focused on My Will while others are blind to It.  Some offer their hearts to It unconditionally and others are cold-hearted.  Few of them voice their Love by calling out to It through all created things.  Even those who have some claim to My Will are still far from having It in full.”


Then He was silent.


Meanwhile, I was still submerged so far under the eternal waves of Divine Volition that my poor mind couldn’t surface.  I wanted to tell him, “That’s enough for now, my Jesus.  My feeble mind can’t hold everything you’re trying to teach me.”


Then my sweet Jesus put His hand on my forehead and spoke.


He said, “Just listen My daughter, and I’ll tell you how much a soul living in My Will can do.  My Will makes her hyper-aware of all Our Works and how Our Supreme Being keeps them moving.  For Us, past, present and future are all the same.”


The Heavenly Father continuously generates His Son while the Holy Spirit proceeds from their Love for each other.  One is Our Life, One is Our beating heart, one is Our breath, while together We continue generating and proceeding forever.  We couldn’t live otherwise.  A creature can’t live without breathing and a pulse either.”


As We continually generate and proceed, We form such immense joy that We can’t hold it all within Us.  So it overflows to form happiness and joy for all of Heaven.  From the superabundance generated by the Word and the procession of the Holy Spirit comes the sumptuous magnificence fashioned by Our Creation’s device.  Thence comes the Creation of Man, the Conception of the Immaculate Virgin and the descent of Our Word onto the earth.  All this and more is always in process as an act of Our Divine Being.  The Father is constantly in the act of generating His Son, and the Holy Spirit continues Its procession.”


The creature who lives within Our Will acts as a spectator of these divine prodigies.  She is constantly receiving the Son generated by the Father, and the Holy Spirit Who is always proceeding from them.  There is no end to the Love, joy and grace she receives without end.  Having encountered all Creation in action, she gives Us the same glory that We are constantly generating through Our Will.”


It is Our Will that this creature be delegated all rights to the abundance of Our Creation.  She is the foremost among those who glorify all the many things We’ve created.  She encounters the Virgin as I am being conceived and harvests the Life of Love from the seas held within Her.  The Virgin insists the creature take It all to glorify Us for the common good of all that We provided when We created this Celestial Creature.” 


She encounters the Word as It is descending for His birth.  He brings the tears of His pulsating Life so full of pain.  We insist that she take it all.  She loves and glorifies Us on behalf of everyone and everything.  Through Our Will, the creature can say, ‘Everything is mine, even God Himself, including His Divine Will.’  She considers it her duty to love and glorify Us as We are within each thing for everyone’s wellbeing.”


It is impossible for Us not to give what We have done.  At this very moment, We are in the act of doing everything for the creature who lives within Our Will.  Our Love would not tolerate anything less.  It would trade Us pain for Our negligence.  It knows that We don’t lose anything by giving.”   


We feel ever more glorified and delighted that the creature lives with Us, aware of her legitimate right to possess all Our Works.  We are elated to say, ‘Everything We have is yours.’  Disunity brings nothing good.  ‘Yoursandminebreak Love into pieces, leaving shards of sadness.  There is no such thing in Our Will, neitheryoursnormine.’  Everything is in perfect harmony.”





August 29, 1937

How God wants to see His Life in the soul who Lives in His Will, to the extent of becoming her Model.  Gifts that God gives to His creature.  The space of the human will:  Divine Room for the Wonders of God.


My flight through Divine Volition continues.  I find Its ever more insistent ways to be charming and attractive.  Its Desire to Live in the soul is multifaceted.  Sometimes It prays, at other times It makes promises or simply begs.  It promises the creature new gifts that are so much more beautiful than she expected.  All she has to do is live under Its sovereign rule.  Refusing such lavish attention would be ungrateful and rude.


My feeble mind was crowded with so many pleading sighs for Divine Fiat when my sweet Jesus came by for a brief visit.  I could tell that He wanted to pour out His Love for creatures.  He is more precious to me than my own life, the source of all goodness.


He said, “My blessed daughter, those who do not Live in Our Will send Us groping though a maze in search of Our Love.  We watch them in action, every thought, word and deed.  We listen to their heartbeat and breathing, but We don’t see Our Will flowing through any of them.  The Life of Our Will and Our Love is depressed at the sight.”


They cause so much pain for Our Will that It bursts into tears.  It moans and sighs for Its Life as It searches in vain for Its own activity.  It strains to hear Its Word, or even the faint beating of Its Heart.  It hopes to find the Sanctity of Our Intelligence in the creature.  It feels left out, as if cast out from the creature and all her activities.  Its Love is being extinguished and Its arms tied so that It can’t do Its own work from within her.  They are the source of so much pain, My daughter.  It hurts to have Life and not be able to give It.  Since It can’t speak with human words, It is reduced to silence.  The creature never talks about It because there’s no place open within her words.  We want to put Our Love in her heart so she can love Us, but there’s no room for It.  Our Love is so stifled that It barely lives, all because the creature does not Live within Our Will.”


When the soul acts from within Our Divine Will, God becomes the model she is to imitate, while the act itself is what gives her access to this example of Divinity.  Our overindulgent parental goodness compels Us to be especially attentive as We watch everything the soul does within Our Will.  It waits until she is about to think, speak or do some work.  Then, using the sanctity of It works, It seals a model for Wisdom and the outline to the Creative Word inside her.”


We love her so much that that We want to be Essence of her life, the Pulse that drives her heart and the Love within her affection.  Our Love is so delirious that We try to make her into an exact copy of Our own Being.  However We can only do this with someone who Lives within Our Will.  That’s the only way she would have the wherewithal to take Us on as her role model.”


Then His voice became even more emphatic.


He said, “My daughter, We love the creature so much that We are constantly plying her with gifts.  The first one We gave her was all of creation.  Then We presented her with the creation of man, since We had already given him so many Gifts.  We gave him Our Intellect as a present, and within his mind We laid out a model for him to copy, the Image of Our Most Holy Trinity.  Vision, hearing and speech were among the gifts We gave him.” 


Having given them, We became the Curator who would supervise the care and handling of the Gifts We continue to give him.  Our Love for giving will not permit Us to be detached from the gifts We have given.  So We remain inside each gift as a guard to keep them safe and secure.  Our Love is so exuberant that It keeps Us bound inside everything everywhere.”


Our Love lets anyone give to Us, but it would never leave Our Gifts at the mercy of a creature.  It’s beyond her power to take care of them properly.  So We volunteer as guardians to make sure they don’t get away.  Then, to assure the creature of Our Love, We station Ourselves permanently in the act of giving them.”


My daughter, there’s so much I could tell you about the Great Gift We gave to the creature as We were creating her human will.  We began by creating space for a sky above to hold the sun, moon and stars.  We filled the area below with air and sent it swirling so there would be wind.  Creating space was especially important because We needed somewhere to put all of Our Works.  Our Wisdom would be ashamed if We were to created things without having anyplace to put them.”


By creating the human will We opened up an empty space in man where We could put the great Gift of Our Holy Will so It can operated from there.  We put Our own all-embracing Heaven there and sprinkled It with constellations of Our brightest Suns.  Moreover, We did that every time man was about to act.  Creation was made to serve man, who in turn would serve His God through the void of his human will.  He was created to be God’s delight.  He was meant to be His tabernacle, a throne room for His Divinity.”


I opened up a resonating chamber deep inside him as a gift.  He could use it to communicate one on one with His God.  It would have been so sweet to have his company and chat now and then.  I arranged for a private room as My inner sanctum.  My Love wanted to tell him so many things, but I needed a good environment with just the right ambience so I could speak candidly with him.  After all, My Love wanted to give Itself completely to man.  It hoped to convince him that he should abandon himself entirely in God.”


I would love to have him live within Our Will, especially because I created him all for Myself.  I have every right to demand that he be My tabernacle, a throne room as My inner sanctum.  I cannot fulfill Creation until man comes back into My Divine Will.  He must provide Me with a royal palace within his own human will.” 


We have so many more wonderful things to do.  There’s a lot more to say once We are inside Our sacred space within the human will.  But that won’t happen until Our Will resides comfortably within him.  As it is, We can’t even get in for all the clutter.  There’s not enough room for Our Works.  We try and talk to him about it, but he just doesn’t understand.  It’s like he’s deaf or something.  So We are forced to conjure up unprecedented miracles.  We are determined to get back what is rightfully Ours.  We shall have that space as an inner sanctum for Our Divinity and that’s all there is to it.”


You must pray and suffer on My behalf so that everything rightfully Mine will be returned to Me.  Never refuse Me the empty void of your human will.  I have to have someplace where I can pour out My excess Love.  Only then shall My labor continue the Work of Creation.”





September 6, 1937

Purpose of Creation. 

Speaking and Operating Life of God

in the Creation. 

God’s Word:  the Divine Will. 

How one who does his own will

risks the Divine.


I repose in the arms of Divine Volition, more loving than any father’s.  A Father who loves me so much that He never puts me down.  He likes to hold me up in the air and play with me whenever He pleases for as long as He wants.  He gets all excited when He hears me say that I love Him.  He keeps calling the seas of His Love to deluge me with Its voice singing, “I Love you, I Love you.”


Then, when my sweet Jesus came to visit my poor little soul, He saw me in the arms of His Will.


He let out a joyful cry and said, “My blessed daughter, I Love finding you here utterly abandoned in these arms.  It should always be this way.  Your destiny is assured.  We will share Our food with you so that you may live.  We want you to hold Our abundant wealth in common with Us.  The sole purpose of Creation was to provide a residence for man, and We would abide in him as Our dwelling.”


We wanted to form yet another Life of Ours within each creature as we deliver them one by one out into the day’s light.  Each of them had to have Our Life operating through theirs and speaking on Our behalf.  For Us, to be somewhere implies that We are constantly doing or saying something there.  Otherwise We would only be making endless rows of prison cells to incarcerate Ourselves.  Silence would be imposed on Us and We would idle away the hours pointlessly.”


To operate, Our Supreme Being need only speak.  The Word calls for the works that reveal who We are.  They delight Us with their beatitude and joy, as they do for those who Live within Us.  We create new forms of joy for Ourselves with every word We speak, and We renew Our happiness in each work We perform.”


We try to reproduce the sound of Our voice within every creature.  Our Life wants to operate through each one of them.  We take these wonders from Our Divine Being and use them to make new and ever more beautiful creations.  We wanted to show off Our skills and point the way toward new forms of happiness and joy.  All these things go into man to supply Our residence within him.”


The Word is Our Will, the narrator of Our Divine Being, the One who operates through Our Works.  The Word carries Our Life into the creature and keeps It there.  Without It, We would have stayed on Our Throne without establishing any other place to reside with Our Life.”


It’s very important that We hold fast to Our Divine Will and live within It.  We can do anything with It.  We can deliver Our most beautiful works from there without any limitations whatsoever.  As long as We remain there, We can replicate the Life of Our Being as many times as We want.” 


We are extremely limited without Our Will.  Our Love is thwarted and Our Power is so restricted that We can’t develop Works.  Unless Our Will is established within a creature, We would remain the silent, unknown God as far as he is concerned.” 


This is the all result of his own ingratitude.  To restrict Us in silence is a terrible crime.  We wanted to honor creatures by forming Our Life within them as the abode of delightful wonders.  Yet We were rejected and denied the freedom to form Our Life there.  The place where We were to reside has become a den for passion, sin and repulsive vices of every kind.” 


Without Our Will, man is only to be pitied.   Divinity gave him a purpose for his existence and now his life is futile.  It’s as if He wanted somehow to live without breathing.  Perhaps he thought he could live without the pulse that keeps blood circulating through his heart, even though he has rejected the very foundations of human life.  That’s no way to live.  He may as well just kill himself on the spot.”


Either way, without Our Life, there’s no heartbeat or motion of any kind.  Even worse, he has denied himself of Our Word.  He would lead a tormented life so oppressive that he’d end up dying anyway.” 


We are in everyone, everywhere, so that all creatures may participate in Our immense power one way or another.  But the truth is that without having Our Divine Volition within them, they are deaf to Our Word.  They understand nothing of Our Supreme Being.  The only reason they still live within the immensity of Our Being is that We never let anyone escape.”


They feel like strangers only because they don’t consider themselves to be Our children.  That is the source of all their pain.  We have so many things We want to tell them, yet Our Word may as well be silent.  We have the power to do endless wonderful things for creatures, yet We can’t because Our Will does not rule over them from within.”


Nonetheless, Our Love never stops.  Our all-seeing eye watches over those who want to Live within Our Will.  We listen with all Our Being to someone who calls for It to live within her.  We want to superimpose Our Great Love on what little love a creature may have.” 


As soon as We see that she’s ready for Us, We begin talking about Our Life within the creature.  We narrate the epic love story of Our eternal Will.  We tell her how much We love her.  We confess that Our Love has been sighing for her since the beginning.”


When We love without anyone to love Us, Our Love doesn’t know which way to go in search of love in return.  It wanders about delirious with spasmodic outbursts.  It can’t even find a tiny little ‘I love you’ from a creature to keep It going.  So It withdraws back into Ourselves wherein lies the center of Love.”


Such pain the created mind cannot comprehend.  The sufferings of Our unrequited Love cannot be spoken.  All other pains fade in comparison.  We always want to give, since We are the One and only continual Act of giving.  Our only desire is for someone willing to accept It.”


Each heart-rending sigh is a little alcove for the things Our Will intends to do on the creature’s behalf.  Each sigh of desire is another human ear that listens to Us, eyes that look upon Us, hearts that love Us, minds that comprehend Us.  Without these little alcoves, there’s no place to put our gifts, and without them, she will remain blind, deaf and heartless.  She will be left without anything to say about it.  Our Will is put into headlong flight, returning to the shelter of Our own celestial regions.”


As I continued my meditation, I was so thoroughly saturated with Divine Will that I needed help with It.  So I prayed to my dear Jesus, asking that He keep me locked up inside His Heart, cut off from the world and totally engaged with His Will.


Then He came back for a little while and continued where He left off.


He said, “My daughter, all of the creature’s many advantages are tethered to My Will.  If these ties were severed, all good things would come to an end.  Every time she follows her own self-interest, she breaks contact with Divine Will and loses all the advantages It has given her.   She is deprived of all that is beautiful, holy and good, a catastrophic loss.  The poor creature loses all rights to Its superabundant goodness and is thrown into wretched misery.  She is filled with sadness and is restless all the time.”


She appears to have good things, but that’s an illusion.  They just end up torturing her with no let up.  If she is decisive in her decision to follow My Divine Will come what may, then she loses her human will along with all the misery and passion that comes with it.  Takes removes what is evil as if they were filthy clothes, the fetid rags that human will provides her.”


She is glad to be done with them.  Abandoning evil brings honor and glory.  Having escaped her misery, she is victorious.  Forsaking what is good is dishonorable, a sign of cowardice.   If the creature really wants to, she can fully recover from the tragic loss of My Will.  It was her own fault.  She only reason she suffered was that she stubbornly followed a mere human will.  She had every opportunity to be assisted by Our Power, Our Love and Our Will.  Regaining her legitimate right to Our providential goodness is her only chance.  We can help her, and with a good defense, she won’t lose the game.”





September 12, 1937

How these Truths are the Greatest Gift that God gives to us.  Divine Birth.  Fidgets and delirium to see us Possessors of His Gifts.  Outpouring of Love:  His Word.  The Great Good of one act done in His Divine Will.


My poor mind is besieged by Divine Will.  It tries to teach me so much about Truth that there’s no way I can retain it all.  My puny little mind simply doesn’t have the capacity to do that.


Despite myself I have to say, “Stop Jesus, at least for now.  You want to teach me about so many things, but I can’t remember everything You tell me.  I can’t even repeat them all, much less write them down exactly the way want.”


My sweet Jesus had pity on me for being so small.  His voice was full of tenderness when He spoke.


He said, “Little daughter of My Will, don’t worry.  You petite size is lost inside My Will.  It’s not you who has to reveal the truth about yourself.  It is My Will’s task to dictate everything It wants to make known.  It will fill you entirely by making Itself small enough to come from your lips as It fills your mind.  It will do anything to make Itself known for Who It really is.  There’s no way you can do this all by yourself.  But if you put your human will into Ours, We’ll take care of everything else.  Come what may, the Truth that We reveal to you shall become known by all.”


Of all the good things We do for creatures, revealing the Truth about Ourselves is the most advantageous for them.  We let them know that this Gift has been slowly gestating in the womb of Our Divinity and We can’t hold It in much longer.  Our restless Love urgently wants the creature to accept this Gift.  Languishing for so long, Our Love is delirious.  Our only desire is to ensure that such goodness be given and received as a Gift.”


Imagine a pregnant mother whose delivery is overdue.  She waits in agony until the baby comes out into the light of day.  We cannot die, but the goodness We are ready to deliver is way overdue.  As We wait to give birth, Our Love becomes so excruciating that We are in agony.  If the creatures could see it, they would understand how much a God can Love.  Yet they keep Us constricted by refusing to accept the Gift We want to give them.”


When We do find someone willing to take It, We present the Gift and exhilarated by Our victory, We begin celebrating the miracle of giving birth.  Our newborn baby has been delivered with so much Love to a single creature who will raise It for the common good of all.”


The others are then inspired to get pregnant so that through Its regenerative power, births will multiply until the whole world is filled with the blessing We have delivered.  It will be glorious seeing Heaven and earth filled with the gift of Our great Goodness once all those who are willing have given birth to new Love.  We will be surrounded by the voices of Our Love.  As the newborns begin speaking about Our Love, everything that was repressed will come into Our embrace.  Yet We could not have delivered Our Gift if We had not found at least one creature willing to accept Our Love.”


Doing Good is Our passion.  The never ending delirium of Our Love searches for someone who wants to have It.  Then Our Life comes to rest in Our Gift.  We love the first who is willing to accept Our Gift and We trust her with It enough to make her Our recording secretary.  This creature feels so loved that she commits herself to loving Us on everyone’s behalf.  Then We begin a friendly competition to see who can love the most.”


Each word We speak is more Love pouring into the creature.  Every Word that We have spoken up till now concerning Our Divine Will is Love that We’ve poured out.  Discharging Our Love is so refreshing that it makes want to talk about It more.  The constant giving and taking of the Love We pour out unchains the Love that has been shackled within Us.”


I wish you could understand what this torrent of Love flowing out of Us means.  The you would truly appreciate the goodness that comes from It.  We unleash Our Love to fill Heaven and earth.  It saturates everyone until all suffering has been embalmed.  It becomes the day that rises from a night of guilt to save sinners.  It straightens the limbs of creatures that limp along without goodness while strengthening those who are already good.”


A word of Our torrential Love pouring out brings every possible or imaginable goodness.  Allowing Us to speak brings the greatest good that can be done for the creatures.  The requital of Our Love gives Divine Life to creatures.  That is Our greatest glory.”


A single word of Ours can do anything and everything.  Whoever listens to Our Word gives It Life.  However, We never speak unless there’s someone who is willing to listen.  The one who listens shows her love by bringing Us to life in the midst of all creatures.  For that Our Life is hers to do with as she pleases.”


So pay attention.  Let Us pour out Our Love.  Otherwise, if We have no one that We can express Our Love to, oftentimes this torrent rages with Justice.”


Then Jesus went silent.  I can’t begin to express what was going through my mind.  Since I haven’t the words to describe it, I’ll just stop here and abandon myself in Jesus’ arms to rest with Him.  He only wants to love me and be loved in return.  He hands Himself over entirely to be loved as He loves me.


Then I continued making my rounds throughout Creation, following the Acts done through Divine Volition to make them my own.  That’s the best way to Love Him the way He Loves me. 


As I was wandering around under the azure vault of the heavens, I began to ponder. 


I thought, “This heaven is a sky for the inhabitants of the earth, and a pavement for celestial citizenry.  Knowing that it serves everyone, we all have a duty, the adoration of the One created this celestial vault to show His love for us.”


So I called all the Angels, the Saints and all those who reside on the earth with me.  I invited them to return His Love with adoration in thanks for the greater glory of our Creator.  He loved us so much that He gave us this heaven for our enjoyment.  From within Divine Will I call everyone and embrace them as if we were one so they can all love together with me.


My sweet Jesus felt so wounded by this love spoken through so many voices that He spoke to me with a love that I can’t express. 


He said, “My daughter, the power of one act done through My Will is beyond belief.  The moment you called out to everyone, I felt their Love coming at Me from all directions.  We have found your own free will to be worthy and full of merit.  So when your act of love was emitted, My Will unleashed a greater Love filled with a glorious joy that saturates everyone.”


The Angels and Saints receive a higher form of glory and true happiness that makes them feel that their love for God has been returned to them greatly amplified.  Meanwhile, those on earth only receive as much grace and aid as they can handle.  Yet every act done from within My Will has a greater advantage, because My Will belongs to everyone, and they all have a right to prosper from that Act.  The merit gained by the pilgrim soul from every good deed she does becomes the common good of all.” 


This legacy of love and glory is for everyone to enjoy.  If you truly understood what it means to be loved even more by God in return for the love you give Him, you would pay closer attention.  This is the glorious joy that only God can give.  The Angels and Saints understand this and they long for you to call them again in expectation of the greater common good.  So when you don’t call, they show their concern by saying, ‘She hasn’t called yet today.’  Even though you are still on earth, your merit flows through Heaven bringing new forms of joy and love to those who reside in the celestial regions.”


I wish everyone knew what it means to live in My Will.  Knowledge whets the appetite so that more of this food may be eaten with gusto.  If a creature has no appetite for such food, it is left untouched, bringing joy to no one.  Knowledge is a little door that opens up to My gifts.  I want to give My abundant goodness to creatures and assure them that they may keep it for their own enjoyment.”


If creatures know the Truth about Us, they have esteem for It and are eager to show their appreciation.  I only speak when I know that My words are listened to with love and gratitude.  When I feel their love and high esteem, My own Love compels Me to reveal more about these Truths, and if it’s not there, I remain silent.  Instead, I recoil into the pain of My repressed Love.  I hope you never inflict this upon Me.”





September 20, 1937

How the Divine Will never stops, and Seals with Its Eternal Love all the works of the creatures.  Exchange of imitation and of Life between the Creator and the creature.


My flight continues through Divine Fiat.  It’s always happiest when It has a creature sitting on Its lap.  It enjoys living and working with her a lot.  Sometime It just likes having her company because she loves It and is keen to watch It in action.  They are always engaged in a friendly completion, a challenge that determines who can belong to the other the most.  She is dubious that Divine Volition can truly belong to a mere creature.


To love, It must find somebody to love It in return.  It labors only if someone is willing to bid for Its work.  It wants a creature who will defend Its reputation if anyone should be so bold as to offend It.  She is the only one who can make It turn justice into merciful grace.  So It must use Love as a strategy to capture her affections.


My mind was getting lost in Divine Volition when my sweet Jesus came to visit my poor little soul.  His voice was full of Love when He spoke to me.


He said, “My blessed daughter, My Will never stops loving.  It’s constantly scheming, always trying out new ways to love.  It would even go so far as to lock up the one who lives in It deep down inside the hidden places of Its secret Love.  It shows her the intimate creation of ever new forms of Love and how they multiply there.  It keeps this blessed pilgrim soul so close to It that they are a single breath of Love.” 


It unveils the hitherto unrevealed arcane celestial secrets of Our Divinity.  It gives her more information about how she might have Its miraculous powers as her own.  The question turns on whether It finds her within Its Will.  My Will savors telling the creature new things about Love that always surprise her.”


Listen closely and I’ll tell you how It makes Itself small enough to fit inside her while maintaining Its own immensity.  Its Love speaks to her and says, ‘Yes.  The creature Loves Me the way I Love her.’”


Since only Love can enter Us, My Will shrinks to minimum so It can fit inside a little creature.  From there, It turns everything she does into an act of Love.  Whether she prays, works or adores Us, It melts everything into Love.  With My Divine power, Holy Volition leads the acts of a mere creature into the Womb of Our Divinity, so they can all take their place inside Our Love.” 


As We look at Our Actions, we hear the Eternal Prayer of Our Love.  Our Adoration is pure Love.  Our Eternal Works are all about Love.  We are delighted to hear the creature glorify Us by saying, ‘My prayer, my adoration and my acts are Eternal because they are filled with Your Eternal Love.  This is the work of Your Divine Will.  So I Love You as You Love me.’”  


This is the delirious folly of Our Love.  We want to operate through the creature with Our Love the same way We do within Ourselves.  However, to operate through Her to this extent, We must reign supreme within her being.  We do not lower Ourselves into a world of limitations to lose Our Divine Being.  We do this so We can elevate the creature into what is infinite by giving Ourselves to her.  We put the seal of Our eternal Love on everything she does.  We confirm the least of her activities every time she moves a muscle, even her breathing.  We experience Our Love’s eternal breathing from inside her, and every stir of motion’s Source.  We cannot move at all without unleashing Love.”  


All Creation was an outpouring of Our Love.  We wanted to be closely acquainted with Our Works.  We wanted to be as close as possible to Our Creatures so We could love each other with One and the same Love.  That brought Us so much suffering, My daughter, more than creatures have ever understood.  That’s why We still haven’t had the pleasure of telling them who We really are.  We haven’t had a good opportunity to properly introduce Ourselves.  We want them to know that We and Our Love are One and the same.  We want to give Love and receive It.  I wish  everybody knew about this.”


Jesus was silent as I drowned within the Flames of His Love.  Then I could tell by the way He sighed that He still needed to pour out more of His Love.  There was surely enough to set the whole world on fire.


He said, “Listen, My daughter, and I’ll tell you something even more amazing about Our Love.  You’ve no idea how delirious Our Love can get.  Our Supreme Being loves the creature so extravagantly that We even go so far as to imitate her.  We make Ourselves small enough to hold within her soul.  We want to walk on her feet, work with her hands, speak through her mouth and look out of her eyes.  We want to think with her mind and have Our Love pulsing within her heart.”


But to do all that the way the creature does, We need hands, feet, eyes, mouth and a heart like hers.  Yet even though they all belong to Us as Our exclusive property, We asked her kindly for them.  We say to her, ‘Let’s love each other.  We have given Ourselves to you.  Now We are waiting in hope that you will give yourself to Us.’”


Our Supreme Being is a pure Spirit that walks without feet.  He goes everywhere without taking a step.  He does all things.  He operates everything with no hands.  He is the Word that needs no mouth.  He is Light and sees all without eyes.” 


But considering how much We Love her, We like to imitate her.  This is the great expedient of Our Love, something only God can do.  Instead of saying to the creature, ‘You have to imitate Us.  You must behave as We do,’ We say, ‘We want to imitate you and do whatever you are doing.’  Either way, she ends up being Our creature, the creative work of the Artist’s hands.” 


She came out of Us through the power of Our Creative Love.  So it’s no wonder that We should want to descend from on high and live within a creature.  We have every incentive to imitate her and do whatever she does just the way she is doing it.  This is how We honor Ourselves while bestowing greater import to Our Works.” 


But We can only do this in a creature if Our Will reigns as sovereign within her being.  We can do anything through her simply by pouring out Our Love.  We can imitate her only because her disposition is thoroughly inclined to do whatever We want.  Otherwise, if Our Will does not reign supreme within the creature, We can do nothing.”


Here’s another amazing thing about Love that you might find incredible.  When the creature allows Us to freely imitate her, she gives Us Our Life within her with hands, feet and mouth.  We refer to her as ‘Our Image’.  As We allow let her entrance into Our Divine Being, Our Fiat gives her the power to walk without feet so that she can be everywhere at once.  She will be with the Angels, the Saints and the Celestial Queen, ever within Our Divine Womb.” 


We are so happy seeing that she is no longer smothered by human nature.  She is free like Us, working without hands and speaking endlessly without a mouth.  With Our Word she narrates the epic love story about the ways of Our Fiat and how It operates through a creature.” 


When she feels Our Eternal Wisdom being poured into her, she tells Us so many things about Our Divine Being.  She just talks and talks.  We delight in hearing the creature describe Us to others.  Inflamed by Our Love, she would even love Us without a heart.  After all, a heart has its limits, whereas Our Love has none, because It’s truly immense.  So, the creature leaves the heart behind and loves from within Our own infinite Love.”


It’s impossible to describe in human language anything more astonishing and beautiful than the ways of this Love.  The pleasant taste of emulating all that she does as a pretext for Love compels Us to ask that she imitate Us.  That’s how We make her do what We do.  There are so many voids open within Our Being that We are constantly searching for innovative ways of Loving.”


I can’t describe what was going on inside my mind.  There was an immense Light emanating words that spoke of all the many ways my Creator goes about loving.


After a pause, my sweet Jesus continued. 


He said, “Keep listening, My daughter.  Our Love is so effusive that it gives us no peace unless we are inventing new ways of loving so that We may Love and be loved evermore.  If not, We would condemn Ourselves as sloths, and that could never be within Our Supreme Being.  We are an ongoing Act of burning, everlasting Love giving birth to endless works of mercy.” 


Our Wisdom is always providing new things.  We enclose Ourselves within the soul where Our Will reigns supreme.  It is there that We pour out the largess of Our Love.  There We concentrate everything We have done and ever will do.  We replicate Our most beautiful works in the creature’s soul as an outpouring of Our Love.  Our Wisdom is constantly devising so many new ways of loving that the creature could never begin to count them all.” 


There are so many touching scenes in this theater of Love.  There We perform Our epic works as a refuge for Our delights, a place of happiness and joy.  This is the hiding place for arcane celestial Secrets and a place to show of Our many splendored beauties.  We do them to be enjoyed together as a complete compilation of all Our works about Our Sovereign Rule.”


The creature wraps her soul around Us, but she still gives Us the freedom to do what We always do within Ourselves.  We allow her this privilege so she can know Who We are, what We do, and how We love.  To prove what We say beyond any doubt, We give her Our Love.  We let her Love the way We do to make God’s Love so real that she can touch It with her hand.  She is delighted that she can join Us in whatever We are doing.”


Don’t be surprised.  It’s only natural that Our Will’s true Love should unite the creature to Us.  It loves her and makes her Love Us the same way as We do.  There’s no difference whatsoever between the two.  The creature would be unhappy otherwise, since she would see how much We love her and not be able to reciprocated adequately.  The poor child would consider herself unworthy because We can do so many things, while she can do nothing.  She would be weighed down by humiliation within Our Divine Being, feeling like a stranger that nobody could trust, or some poor wretch in the company of the very rich.  We can’t have that.  If she is going to be with Us, everything We own must be hers as well.  Living within Our Fiat implies unity of purpose and working together for the common good so that universal joy may be had by all.  That makes Us really happy because then We have more space where We can pour out Our Love.”





September 26, 1937

How God gives to the creature, without ever ceasing.  Gifts He gives to one who Lives in His Will.  The Palpitating Life of God.  The little winner.


My flight through Divine Will continues.  I am astonished as ever seeing how It is always ready to give.  I am too small to hold Its Immensity within me.  Nonetheless, It injects Its Truth inside me fills me with grace.  Then It waits with endless patience and Love for me to take possession of them.  As soon as I have those in, It’s ready to give me even more amazing things and explain how I can use them.  “Will of God, You love me so much.  How can I ever repay you?” 


Then my adorable Jesus came to visit me briefly as usual.  His voice was so full of goodness when He spoke.


He said, “Blessed daughter, Our Divinity naturally desires to give.  Your respiration is involuntary.  You are constantly breathing and you don’t have to think about it.  We are constantly in the act of giving.  That is one of Our many attributes.  Sometime an ungrateful creature doesn’t take what We offer, yet remains close by, praising the perfect goodness, generosity and sanctity of Our Supreme Being.  Nonetheless, We continue waiting with superhuman patience for anyone who might take what others have rejected.  This is how Our Love triumphs over creatures.”


Since they are so small, We must adapt to show Our Love for them.  We feed them a little bit at a time, because a creature can’t be expected to take what We want to give all at once.  Our Love has to be consistent.  But regardless, We must give.  For Us, giving is as natural as breathing.  If We couldn’t give We’d lose Our breath and feint.”


Our Divine Will wants to be the creature’s Life, her greatest Act.  Only God’s Love can be so extravagant.  To convince her that she should take on Our Will, It gives her the power of prayer.  She takes the initiative and confirms that she has accepted the Gift by making all created things pray along with her.  She insists on taking Our Love, Power and Goodness so that even Our own attributes are made to pray.  Our Justice, Mercy and Fortitude all become prayers.”


Our Will has only to want something done or a present given and We bow in deference before doing exactly as It wants.  With that kind of cooperation, the creature can’t miss.  When all of Our very Divine Attributes have prayed, We confirm that the gift has been delivered.  The creature’s prayer becomes Universal so that every time she wants something, she can use the power We have given her to make all of Our attributes pray along with her.  Once she has been given this gift, she has legitimates rights over all created things.  She can have anything she wants with this gift of Prayer.  The Heavens are moved, Our very Being is so enthralled and captivated that It can only surrender.”


After presenting the gift of prayer, I offer her a gift of Love.  To confirm that she has accepted the gift, she expresses a new form of Love through the sun, wind, and sky, even from within Our Divine Being.   This gives her a legitimate right to be loved by all as she loves them with a new form of everlasting Love.  I wish you could understand what it means to be loved by all with a love keeps expanding forever.  Then you would have the power to love everyone with a new kind of love that continues growing.  Someday I might hear you singing, ‘Growing and ever new is Your Love for me.  Growing and ever new is my Love for You!’


This Love rolls out over the Heavens and fills the Celestial Fatherland, Its waves come surging into Our Divine Womb.  Such wonders occur!  Everyone is left astonished, glorifying My Divine Volition for the great gift It presents to the creature.  As We give her this Gift, We enlarge her mental capacity so she can understand what marvelous gift she has received, and use It properly


We give her the Gift of inseparable Unity with God so that will make her aware of Our Life more than her own.  God becomes both Actor and Spectator within her, while she is the one carries her Creator, living through the power and Love of His Life.  This gift is a sign that everything belongs to her.  She has legitimate rights over all things.” 


Once she has accepted Our gift it, We give her another one by making her triumphant over all things, including herself and even God.  Everything about her is triumphant with victories of grace, love and sanctity.  We declare her to be ‘Our winner.’  We let her win everything, which is another way of giving.  We want Our gifts to bear fruit.”


Every Act she does though Our Will embellishes new harmonies with beauty beyond compare.  She always keeps Us occupied.  While Our Love surrounds her with Our Works, We are busy within her being, replicating Our Life-bearing Works, the Life of the Queen, and her Son, Our Word on earth.  This is how the excess of Our Love comes pouring out to provide Life for all creatures.”


We keep on giving, yet We are never exhausted.  The soul who lives within Our Will is a day filled with Our Life and Our ongoing works.  She pulses with the Life that endlessly replicates Our Activities forever.  Though little, she’s the winner who embodies Our triumph.  Our Love is so delirious that We want to be won by the creature.  Our Love is unleashed whenever she wins.  Our restless, delirious Love comes to rest upon finding Its Life within the creature.”





October 3, 1937

Prodigies of Creation. 

Doses of Power, Sanctity etc.,

that God put outside for Love of man. 

The acts done in the Fiat will always be New

each one more Distinct and Beautiful than the other.  These acts will enclose everything, and will form

the Speaking Seas, Works and steps of their Creator.


I was making my rounds throughout Creation, tracing all the Acts of Divine Volition to make them mine.  I hug them.  I adore them by singing my little ‘I love You’ from within It.  I acknowledge all that Divine Will has done out of love for me and everyone else.  I am amazed at how many new things can be understood about It.  There are so many of the Creator’s divine secrets hidden within created things.  


Then my always adorable Jesus came to visit my poor little soul.  He could see how amazed I was by the acts of Divine Will and wanted to clarify a few things.


He said, “My daughter, Our Works are always new and they harmonize with their Creator.  The harmony between them is so natural that it’s easy for them to sing about the new ways opened up by the One who created them.  Being so close to Us, they are always making new contacts with Our Divine Being.  You keep finding new and exciting things about Our Works when you follow the Acts of My Divine Volition.  Your understanding of them grows in the pursuit.”


When We delivered Creation from the Womb of Our Divinity, It had already been within Us from Us from Eternity.  The acts that the creature was supposed to do came out of Our Fiat swathed in a Sea of Love.  Everything came out of Us, and from them We offered her all that she ought to do.  Creation is crammed with all the Works that have to be done up until the last man passes away.”


Though Creation fills all of space and time, Our Love is so great that we bring It into Our Divine Womb.  We deliver the creatures out into the light of day with Our Creative Hands and offer them all that they must do at the core within their activities.  We begin offering to them all that they have to do as principle of each of their acts.  We entrench the Life of Our Fiat as their foundation and give them Our Love as food to nourish their activities.”


However, We don’t do anything for them unless their actions have Our Will as the prime mover driving what they do.  Nor do We give them anything unless they are already well stocked with the food of Love.  To give something that does not have Our Life within it would be unworthy of Our sublime heights.  The food of Our Love is wanting in such things.” 


Everything in Creation was born with the actions that all generations of humankind were supposed to be doing at all times.  These works have been waiting within Our Divine Womb from eternity.  But now It can’t hold them in any longer, Our Love has to deliver them.  We want to pour them out.  When We gave birth to Creation, We also delivered everything the creature was supposed to do.  When We do something, the work is completely finished as soon as it has begun.”


Our Divine Fiat gathers everything into Itself, Creation and all the acts of humankind.  Then It waits to deliver the creature out into the light of day.  It nurtures her with the activities that already belong to her.  Only God has the kind of Love that is so extravagant that It designs these activities and develops them before delivering the creature into the Light where she can begin the performance.  She uses them to sanctify herself with love and glory for the One Who Created her.” 


Our Love never stops.  When We gave birth, We also expelled a dose of Our Power to sustain the creature’s in her activities, arming and equipping them with Divine Power.  Having Our Power to sustain her, We also provide a dose of Our Wisdom to animate her intellect in all her activities.  New innovative sciences and amazing discoveries take place within the creature when she is endowed with Our Wisdom.  We administer a goodly dose of Our Sanctity and Love to accompany all Our Attributes.  We want her to be loved and sanctified while she is enjoying Our superabundant goodness.”


We were busily working on the creature long before he existed.  We yearned to give him the beauty of Our wisdom, love, sanctity and power.  We offered him Our Being with liberal generosity to make him as beautiful as possible.  We said to him, ‘You are like unto Us in every way.  We couldn’t have made you any more beautiful than this.’” 


We distributed Our Divine Qualities and all the activities that had to done by man even before he came out into the light in the world of time.  Our Love was so intense that it’s beyond human comprehension.  Delirious with Love, We kept saying to him, ‘Man, I Love you so much.  I love you with all My power, Sanctity and Wisdom.  With all My Goodness, I love you and everything you shall ever do.  I Love you so much that I have arranged all your activities in the order they are to be done.  They are waiting for you, ready for your performance.  We have entrusted everything to Our Divine Volition, since you will be a stand in for Its Act, using all Its Divine Properties.  It is offering them this very moment, pouring these Qualities out into you to show Its Love for you.’  But even this isn’t enough to satisfy Our Love for you.  If it were possible for Us to be unhappy, We would surely be sad if We couldn’t give you something more.”


Naturally, an Act of Our Supreme Being is always new.  Our actions are custom made for each creature, so they are all new and quite distinct from one another.  Each one is unique in sanctity and displays a stunning form of beauty that outshines any other.  Their Love is ever new and exceptional is their power.  Each of them is an alternate way for Us to pour out Our Goodness.”


We not only give birth to these acts, but We feed them.  Their multi-formed beauty is the same as Ours.  They love as We do in endlessly diverse ways.  They all have Our sanctity, though each may express it differently.  They will establish the Order of Our multifaceted beauty and fertile love in harmony with Our wisdom.”


Such beauty is apparent in all the works of Our Creation.  Our Heaven is not the Sun, wind is not like the sea, and flowers are not fruit, but all of them are beautiful, yet very different from one another.  They sound out the harmony of beauty with endless variation.  This is the True Image of Our Actions as done through creatures.”  


Acts done through My Divine Will all take their place in this army of ever new Love, beauty and sanctity.  Merely looking at them sends Us into rapture.  We anxiously await the coming of creatures who shall have Our Will as their own.  It will possess them so they may serve as equipment for Its works.”


The Kingdom of My Will on earth is sure to come, for the acts of My Volition are already on the march.  They are unleashed from My Will as an army of nobility to be taken into possession by creatures.  My daughter, everyone and everything in all Creation came out of My Fiat so they may return as works that are each worthy to glorify Our power.” 


We will not be glorified to Our satisfaction until We can acknowledge Ourselves from within the creature and in everything she does.  We can give the creature everything and she can receive it all as long as Our Divine Will reigns supreme within her.  However, the denial of Our sovereign rule forms an abyss between so wide that We can’t give her anything.”


Our decision to give the Kingdom of Our Will to creatures is firm.  We want them to know the superabundant goodness It has for them.  Then they shall know how far their actions can go when done from within Our Divine Will.  If they don’t know about Its goodness, they will act like deaf, dumb blind kids who don’t know how to talk about their Creator.  Unless they know what is truly good, they wouldn’t love and appreciate what they have in their possession.” 


Everyone has keen sight in Our Will, and fine hearing to hear the Word animated by Its own Creative Power.  It will give them something to say, and with such eloquence that everyone will be amazed by it.  Even the heavens will be so charmed that they come down to listen close.  The Children of My Will shall be everyone’s joy as they faithfully narrate the Truth about their Creator.  Only then will We have creatures who are competent enough to speak about Us.  For in all actuality, it won’t be they who are talking, but My Will speaking through them.  Only My Will knows how to speak about Our Supreme Being.”


As soon as the creature come into possession of Our Volition, everything she does, big and small, human or spiritual shall be animated by My Will.  They shall rise up floating between Heaven and earth.  There they will gather together the sun, moon and stars in the sky, braiding them neatly with all of Creation.  Then they will rise even higher to be braided so tightly with all the Acts of the Heavenly Queen that they appear seamless.”


Such actions have the power to invest in the Acts of Our Divinity with the same joy and beatitude as the saints.  Once they’ve encapsulated absolutely everything within them, they will present themselves victorious before Our Divine Majesty.  There they will offers Us Our own Actions fulfilled in every detail.  We will be overjoyed with glory in to see Our own actions adorning the sun, moon and sky from within.  They will merge with and compliment the loving Acts of the Heavenly Queen.  Our Actions bring everlasting joy with a Love that knows no end.”


These Acts done from within Our Will augment the glory of Our Creation twice over.  They magnify the Love and glory and that We have already been given by the Sovereign Queen.  They will greatly enhance both Our glory and that of all the saints.”


When Our Will enters into something like this, it is sufficient to say that everything already is and has been done with nothing more that needs doing.  Our Will is a fury of Love and glory wherever It goes, focusing everything within Itself.  After all, since It owns everything, It is surely in full possession of all rights, nothing withstanding.” 


The wonders of such activity done from within My Will have an indescribable effect on the soul.  The murmurings of Our Divine Fiat’s Sea of Love grows into an authoritative voice.  They speak about Our Love with such eloquence that We are very much pleased and want to keep listening forever.  We are wounded by the voice of such a creature.  Her words penetrate Us like darts.  She always has something more to say about the story of Our Love.  We like it so much that We always listen closely to what she has to say.  We wouldn’t want to miss anything that concerns Our Love.  It’s so beautiful to hear a creature who has Our way of speaking through and about the Sea of Our Love.”


My Will is up to doing anything for the one who lives in It as if It were her own house.  The labors of Its Word speak through Our Works.  Every step It takes resounds of Our Ways.  Our Will is Word, and where It reigns as sovereign, It speaks though everything the creature does, lending her works the wonderment of Divinity.”


There is nothing greater, holier, more glorifying or beautiful than to live within Our Will.  No greater good can be done for a creature than this.  So pay attention and follow Me closely if you want Me to keep talking.”





October 12, 1937

The prayers of one who Lives in the Divine Volition are like commands, and her acts are messengers between heaven and earth.  For the soul who Lives in the Divine Volition, all things become Divine Will.


I am at the mercy of Divine Will.  I feel the anxiety of Its restless Love and Its desire to make Itself known so that It will not be feared.  It only wants to loved and held close within the creature.  It wants everything to unite with It as one so that It can say to the creature, ‘Let’s live together so that you can do everything I do.  My Love’s desire is that I live heart to heart with you so that there may be a single pulse beating in one heart between us.  I need your company, please don’t refuse Me.  I know that you feel unworthy to live with Me in so many ways, but, don’t worry, I’ll take care of everything.  I will clothe you with My royal garments of light.  I will arm you with My Power.  I will show My Love for you by making the Life and Love of My Will flow within the deepest fibers of you being.’ 


My astonishment still lingered as I prayed that He would give me the grace to live through Divine Will, because I was worried and even afraid. 


Then my sweet Jesus came by for a brief visit.  It was so good to hear his voice.


He said, “There’s nothing to be afraid of, little daughter of My Volition.  There is no fear in My Will, only the highest forms of love, courage and determination.  Once It has decided, It can never be moved.”


The soul who Lives in It does not so much pray as command.  Since she is the proprietor, she can take whatever she wants.  We have decided that she can do what she likes with them.  Since she lives through Our Will, everything about her is sacred and holy, so she would never dream of commanding anything other than what We want.  That’s why We are so delighted when she takes command.  With great joy we say to her, ‘Take whatever you want.  If there’s anything else you want, just tell Us.’


When the creature wants to do Our Will, every act she performs is a courier shuttling between Heaven and earth.  They are constantly going up and carrying messages of peace, love and glory.  Sometimes they even command Our Divine Justice to stop, bringing Its righteous fury upon themselves.  These messengers do a great deal of good.  As they approach Our throne, We recognize Ourselves in the acts they carry, even if they are disguised has human endeavors.  We lift the veil that hides Our Will and see that they are indeed Our own.  We are so pleased to see them that We say, ‘It is masterful in the art of Love.  It hides with the acts of a creature, so It won’t be recognized.  But We know better.  We can see Our own Love hidden within the message, so We let It do whatever It wants.’”


“We call the contents hidden within these messages ‘Acts of Our Divinity,’ and We acknowledge them as such.  The creature concurs by using her activities to clothe and cover them.  My Divine Will can count on her support.  It delights in developing Its Life in the creature with unprecedented wonders and hiding Itself within her.  It covers Itself behind the veil of her mortal remains.”


Creatures have had their origin in Its Fiat from the beginning of Creation and have been living and growing in It ever since.  It continues to uphold their very existence.  Fiat is both Actor and Audience of all their actions.  They shall live their lives within My Fiat and fly up to Heaven through the one Primal Act It has willed.” 


My Fiat has all rights to everything and no one can escape It.  The only difference is that the one who Lives within It is aware of and understands everything It does.  That’s why It’s so delighted to have her company.  Its very joy is confirmation of what My Will wants to do within her.  However, those who do not live in It are unknowing in their isolation, so they bring nothing but constant pain to It.”


He was quiet for a little while and when He spoke again.  The tender love in His voice was indescribable.


He said, “My blessed daughter, it’s so beautiful living within My Will.  We constantly celebrate the creature who does so.  Since My Will is the only thing she knows, everything becomes God’s Will.  Her suffering is by Divine Will, and so is her joy.  Her very heartbeat comes from It.  She breathes It in and moves through It.”


Every step she takes in her work resonates with the tread of My Will.  She is purified by the sanctity of My Fiat’s works.  Eating food, sleeping, the most natural everyday things become the Will of God for her.  Everything she can see, feel or touch pulses with the Life of My Will.  My Will keeps her busy.  It is so deeply immersed in her that It’s jealous of everything.  It wouldn’t let anything whatsoever that is not Divine Will come in contact with her, not air, food, or anything else.”


Everything is Our Will, for the creature as much as It is within Ourselves.  We feel Our entire Divine Being within her, from the pulse of her beating heart to the most complex moves she makes in her work.  Whether We wanted to or not, We couldn’t do anything without the creature who lives within Our Will.  Our Love insists that we have her flowing through all Our Works.  She helps Us by participating in Our Creative Act and doing all that she can to maintain It.  She is within Us, doing what We do, wanting all that We want.  We can’t leave her out because Our Will is One, as is Our Love and the lone Primal Act We perform.” 


Living in Our Will means living together forever and always as a single entity.  Our Love has a deep need for the creature’s company.  It would be delightful to live with her, holding her on Our lap and just being happy together.  Since the creature is so very small, We must give her Our Will before We can have the opportunity to give her Our Life.  She must have the mode of acting that is natural to Us working within everything she does by grace.  This is Our Joy, Our Greatest Glory.” 


It’s nothing trivial to give Our entire Being to a creature too small to hold It.  But only then can she give It back to Us wrapped within her soul so that We can give Ourselves in return and complete the circle.  She gives Us so much Love and glory that We feel amply compensated for having given her life.  Whenever she does something regardless of Our Will, We feel ripped-off.  We are deprived of Our rights along with Our joy.  So pay attention if you want everything to become Divine Will for you.”


Every act the creature performs through Our Divine Volition makes Us love her twice as much.  As Our Love conveys sanctity as It fills her with Our goodness and wisdom.  Moreover these qualities double when she learns more about her Creator so that her love for Us multiplies even more.  Our Love is a cascading operation.  It originates from Our Supreme Being to love the creature with a Love that reproduces Itself by giving her grace so that she may give Us her own ever growing love.  Our Love compels Us to multiply an act made great by Our Will.  Such acts as these kidnap Our Love for ransom.  They kidnap Our Sanctity to find out more about Us.  They want to know Who We are and how much We Love her.”





October 19, 1937

How the Divine Will forms the Most Holy Trinity

in the creature who Lives in It. 

The Wonders of Its Acts. 

How True Love begins from oneself. 

The Divine Will fecundates and sows Divine Life within the souls.


Divine Volition keeps filling me up.  I can feel It moving inside me.  Though It speaks with such eloquence, it’s a miracle that It can make Itself understood well enough for me to write down what It says.  It adapts Itself to my limited capacity.  Its Word is creative and fully intends to bring about the good that It holds for us.  If I didn’t understand, I couldn’t take that goodness for myself or anyone else as an attribute of Supreme Fiat.  I mulled it over trying to figure out how Its movement can also be Its Word.


Then my sweet Jesus came to visit my poor soul.  His voice was full of Love when He spoke to me.


He said, “Blessed daughter of Divine Volition, My Will reigns supreme with Its creative power, movement and Word.  It speaks through Its works every step of the way.   It speaks to the human mind as if she were breathing It.  It says that It wants to establish Its Kingdom.  My Will speaks to create Divine Life within every act of a creature.  So she must be very attentive to capture the sense of what It reveals and how Its goes about teaching her.” 


By the Power of Its Word, Divine Will permeates human activity.  It puts in motion the heartbeat and respiration that makes it possible for her to speak the human words she is given.  Its Divine Work is to breathe through creatures and pulse through their hearts so they may think about the Divine Word.  These activities rise up to Heaven and present themselves before the Holy Trinity.  Our Divinity looks at them and We see Ourselves, Our Life and even the Holy Trinity reproduced within her actions.  We watch the miracle of Our Will overwhelming the creature with Its Power and replicating Our Life within her.”


That makes Us so happy.  We are enraptured when We find sanctity like Our own.  We behold Our Love loving Us and Our Intellect understanding Us.  Our Power and Goodness moves Us to love mankind and bind them with Our sweetness.  We recognize Ourselves in her, and the work of Our Creation as We intended It to be.”


A single act such as these holds so many great wonders that they can’t find enough space to hold them all.  It is only through the power of Our immensity that they can find a place to stay as they are fused within Our Actions.”


Imagine Our glory and the creature’s when by the power of Our Fiat We condense the Creator’s Actions within her own.  I wish that everyone knew what it means to live through Divine Will by subjecting themselves to It sovereign reign.  If they did, they would compete with each other to be saturated by It and become replicators of Divine Life.”


Then my beloved Jesus grew silent. 


I was still immersed in the Sea of Divine Volition when something occurred to me.  I was stupefied and I said to Him, “My God, someone who lives by Your Will can do anything!”  A crowd of thoughts, each with their own voice, were saying all sorts of things that I can’t say with human words.  Perhaps I can articulate them when I am in the Celestial Fatherland and speaking the language they use there.


Jesus, who is my highest good, showed His concern when He spoke to me.


He said, “Don’t be surprised, My daughter.  My Will can do anything.  For true Love to be perfect, It must begin with yourself.  The Holy Trinity is the best model for this.  My Celestial Father generated His Son out of Love by loving Himself.  From there I proceed from the Love He has for Himself in His Son.  So I love Myself in the Father and from this Love the Holy Spirit proceeds.  From this Love for Himself, the Heavenly Father generates the one primal Love that sanctifies Itself with the only power that is Its own source.  The indivisible union of three Divine Persons is bound together by the one Love that loves Itself more than enough for everyone.”


We created the universe out of the Love We have for Ourselves.  We Loved Ourselves by creating a sky and gracing it with a sun.  Our Love for Ourselves moved Us to create so many beautiful things worthy of Our Power that could never exist without Us.  Our Love for Ourselves became more intense as We created man.  As We Loved Ourselves in him Our Love reproduced the image of Our Life within the depths of his soul.  Nothing can be given unless there’s a gift, so We gave him Our Love and being the same Love We have for Ourselves, It was perfect.  Nonetheless, We cannot pry Ourselves out from what comes from within Us.


Our Will wants the creature as an abode to Live in as a base that shall establish Its Kingdom on earth.  The foundation of Its Dominion will be poured out of the Love It has for Itself and shaped by It.  Our Will is only happy when It is reproducing Our Life just so It can operate from within the acts of a creature.  Our triumphant victory will signify Our greatest glory and highest honor when It carries them in its arms into the womb of Our Divinity.  Then We shall acknowledge Our own Life acting through the creature who lives in Our Will.  The meaning of this Love for Itself is that wants to do things and be productive by giving Itself it in the formation of another being similar to Itself.” 


Our Will is the One that fertilizes before sowing Our Life so that It may reproduce with fruitful bounty.  Wherever It finds a soul that is ready, It Loves Itself within her as the seed that It will nourish with Its Love so that she will grow into the great wonder of It own Divine Life bearing fruit within a creature.”


So abandon yourself completely into My Will.  If you allow It to make of you whatever It wants, We’ll be happy and so will you.”





October 25, 1937

The Sovereign Queen is the Heiress of the Divine Will, and therefore the Heiress of the Divine Life.  How She made herself a precious pledge in the Creative Hands of God.  The Great Good contained in one Act in My Fiat.


I was making my rounds through the Acts of Divine Will until I arrived at the Blessed Virgin’s Conception.  I stopped to offer God the same power and Love that the Trinity used as they conceived this Celestial Lady.  I was hoping that would help bring about the coming of their Kingdom on earth. 


My sweet Jesus surprised me when He came.


He said, “My daughter, as this Holy Virgin was conceived, Our festival with mankind began again.  At the very moment of her Conception she inherited Our Divine Will when Divinity began to craft Itself within Her beautiful soul.  With every beat of Her Heart and each breath She took, Our Will used Its creative power to form her thoughts with enchanting beauty and amazing grace.  She was so beautiful that Our Divine Will was enraptured both as actor and spectator.  Our Love spoke emphatically to Her saying, ‘How Beautiful the creature is when She here together with Us in Our Will!  She makes it easy to form Our most beautiful works by making Our Life vivacious within herself.’”


Our Love rejoiced and celebrated that Our Divine Heiress had come into the light of time.  She is the Heiress of Our Will and Our very Life.  By the power of Our Will operating within Her, She was Ours.  She belonged to Us entirely.  We felt Our breath moving inside Her.  We listened to Our Heart beating within Her breast.  We watched Our Love transporting Her with Our own movements.”


Our beauty was shining through Her eyes.  We watched Her pretty little hands moving and listened in rapture to Her sweet, enchanting voice.  We celebrated as We watched Her every move.  We couldn’t keep Our eyes off her.  She belonged to Us.  She was completely Ours and Our Will was already Hers.  She had every right to It.  We acknowledged this holy creature as the heiress of Our Divinity.  In fact, by possessing Our Will, She had also come into possession of all things.” 


This Holy Virgin had bound the entire human family with Her own humanity as if they were limbs connected to a body.  Seeing all of humankind in Her as She was conceived, Our Love for Her urged Us to give Our first kiss of peace upon all humanity.  That made them all heirs of the Divinity She had inherited from Us.  Only those who were so ungrateful that they refused to accept It were left without Our inheritance.”


So you can see why the Kingdom of Our Will must inevitably come upon the earth.  In fact, one earthly creature as already inherited It on behalf of the whole human race.  Now all creatures have a right to take It into their possession.”


This Celestial Sovereign was so taken by Love that She made a vow to place Herself in Our Creative hands so that all creatures could take possession of Our Kingdom on earth.  The Life of My Will, given as a pledge, has infinite value and is to be treasured.  She has handed Herself over as a firm commitment to all.  Now We hold out Our hands with this dear sweet pledge of a Holy Creature.”


By allowing Her life’s activity to flow through Our Divine Volition, She coined a Divine Currency that compensates Us on behalf of all those who will inherit Our Divine Fiat.  That’s when the Eternal Word came into My Humanity.  With My Life’s suffering and death, I paid enough to buy back Our Divine Will so We could provide for the creature’s inheritance.  A single, one breath, the slightest movement of My Will holds enough treasure to buy Heaven and earth, anything that anyone could ever desire.  So allow My Will, and that only, to be your Life and your All.”


Then I continued sinking into Divine Volition where Its power to enrapture is overwhelming.  Its enchantments are so attractive that I wouldn’t want to lose a single breath of Its sweetness.


Then my sweet Jesus spoke to me again.


He said, “My daughter, such prodigious wonders of My Will are unprecedented.  Its Power is so great that, as the creature operates through My Will, It calls into action everything that she has ever done and fuses them all together as a single act.  From there, each activity is offered Its power, goodness and merit as if the creature was just then doing what she had already done.  Each of the creature’s works is enriched with so much grace and beauty that everyone in Heaven is enchanted. 


The saints are drenched with a celestial dew that glorifies them with new forms of happiness, the works of a creature held within My Will.  Then It pours the same dew over all pilgrim souls, that they may feel Its grace and power in their own actions.  So any souls, burnt by passion, crushed by the sins of brutal pleasure, are refreshed by this Divine Dew and are finally transformed into pure goodness.” 


A single act done through My Will is enough to overwhelm Heaven and earth.  If at any time It does not spy a soul ready to receive such goodness, It goes on the lookout.  Its espionage infiltrates the times and circumstances, looking for those opportunities that brings disillusion to life and gives them a transfusion of all the good things It has waiting for them.”


Acts done through My Will are never lazy.  They are full of light, love, sanctity and divinity’s sweet fragrance.  They feel the urgent need to give light to those who live in darkness.  They bring the warmth of Love for creatures who are cold, sanctity to the ones who live in sin.  Their actions provide the sweetness of divinity to all who are bitter.  These activities are the true children of My Divine Fiat, and they never stop.  They keep wandering, for centuries if need be, looking for an opportunity to give the good things they hold within them.  Energized and armed with Its power, they say, ‘The all-powerful Divine Will gave us Life, so we can do anything at all.’”





October 31, 1937

How an Act of Divine Will contains such Power and Love that, if God didn’t make a miracle, the creature would not be able to contain this Infinite Act.  The passport.


My poor little mind is still trying to cross the Sea of Divine Volition.  It’s always telling me new things about what It intends to do within the creature who lives as a subject under Its sovereign reigns.  Speaking about His Will is My sweet Jesus’s greatest delight.  Whenever He sees that a creature wants to hear His story, He does what He likes best.  He becomes the official spokesman for His Kingdom, trying His best to make It known and loved.


Then He came to visit me for a little while.


He said, “My daughter, I could talk to you forever about My Fiat and still have new things to say about this epic story.  Being eternal, there’s no end to what It is or what It can do for the creature.  A single Act of My Will done through a creature has so much Love, Grace Sanctity and Power that unless It worked a miracle, the creature couldn’t hold It all.  A creature with natural limitations simply cannot embrace an infinite act in its entirety.”


When the creature is ready to call My Will into her activities, Its Divinity begins operating through Love.  It operates by calling upon Its Eternal Life to affirm Its Infinite Power over all things.  Its very Immensity calls and embraces everyone and everything.  Nobody can divert or bypass Its operation.  The All having been circumscribed, My Will gives shape to Its Work.”


Any action done within My Will is immense, infinite, eternal, armed with Divine Power.  Nobody can say, ‘I wasn’t there to perform in that act.’  Actions as these always carry great glory for Our Supreme Majesty, as well as immense goodness for creatures.  Divine Actions done in partnership with a creature operate as God does.  They bind them together, God giving and the creature receiving.  Such pretexts for Our Love say to Us, ‘The creature has given Us a role in her activities with the freedom to do whatever We want.’  Our Love insists that We give what We are so that We may honor Ourselves and Our Will as It operates.  Our restless Love uses any pretext to make Us continue giving.  It reminds Us that since We are all-powerful, Our Wisdom can arrange everything.”


These Divine actions become passports for other creatures to enter the Kingdom of Our Will.  They bring child into Our Kingdom so that more activities may be done there as It is being populated.  Then Its superabundant goodness will overflow onto the pioneers who first gave life to My Will with their activities.  My Celestial Mother and I issued the first passports for the early settlers who became the first children of My Will.  These passports bear My signature written with My Blood and the suffering of the Most Holy Virgin.  All passports need My signature or they will not be acknowledged as official documents.”


Someone who Lives in My Will has My Life as a guiding principle and My Love as the pulse that beats within the creature’s heart.   I have endowed her with My works and the path she must walk.  I have given her My Word so that My Will may be known.  I feel Myself in this creature and I love her so much.  She loves Me with the same Love I give her.  The creature’s soul is overjoyed, satisfied that her love for Me is so much bigger than she is, for It is My own eternal Love.  She hugs Me with the works I have done for creatures.  She runs after Me with the steps of My own gait.  Sensing that I am her Life, she finds all thing in Me, and I in her.  So pay attention, My daughter, and you will be happy, just as you make Me happy.”


I’d been sick lately and I was coughing loudly.  Every time I started I would ask for Divine Will to come reign as sovereign on earth.  Then my sweet Jesus came and gave me a big hug.  His voice was so tender when He spoke to me.


He said, “My daughter, I knew that you would petition My Will whenever you began coughing.  I felt My heart being wounded and bursting with Love.  I felt your cough wrapping Me in My own immensity, pleading for My Will.  Each one assaulted Me with My own infinity power, clamoring for everyone to petition the sovereign reign of My Will among creatures.  They were so adamant that I was forced to say, ‘Come now, My Will, it’s time for Our sovereign reign on earth.  There’s no need to wait any longer.’  Their raucous demands are so intimidating that all I can do is go along with the creature and echo what she says.”


I want you to ask for My Will through your suffering.  Address me in the food you eat, the water you drink and the work you do.  Petition Me in your sleep.  Commission every breath you take and every beat of your heart to lobby My Will for Its Sovereign Rule on earth.  That way everything will be an opportunity to ask for My Will.  The sun that fills your eyes will demand It.  The wind that blows over you will howl for Its coming.  The sky hovering above your head will plead for It to establish Its Kingdom on earth as It is in Heaven.”


Everything that happens must be an occasion to request that My Will come for Its sovereign rule here in the midst of the creatures.  You will fill My hands with pledges, starting with you entire being.  I don’t want you to move without asking that My Will be known and intensely desired by all.”





November 7, 1937

How all the Truths written about

the Divine Will shall form the Day

for those who will Live in It. 

The Queen of Heaven yearns with Love,

wanting to endow Her children.


My poor little mind was so crowded with the truths Jesus taught me.  He insisted that I write some more about Divine Will.


I thought, “I wonder when these truths about Divine Fiat will finally come to light.  Only time will tell what good will come of them.”


My sweet Jesus startled me when He dropped by for a brief visit.


His voice was so tender and full of goodness.


He said, “My daughter, My Love longs for you to see the order within these truths and the good that will come from them.”


These revelations about My Divine Will shall form the day of My Fiat in the midst of the creatures.  A splendid dawn will break with the first truths I have revealed to you.  All they need is good will and an inclination to live by them.  These truths have the power to attract the creature.  They are a light to the blind who can’t love My Will because they don’t know about It.”


Once the dawn has risen, they will be filled with celestial peace and goodness will have a stronger hold on them.  Then they will long to know more about these revealed truths that begin the day of My Divine Will.  The light grows strong as the day goes on, and so does Love.  Everything turns good for creatures as the passions lose their power to drag them down into sin.  They experience the original order of divine goodness facilitating their actions.  They feel strong enough to do anything.  Its principal power transforms her very nature by injecting goodness into her soul.  Seeing how well the morning begins, they look forward to the rest of the Day.”


In the full light of day they will feel My Will’s life vividly within themselves.  All of Its joy and happiness operates within them with full creative power.  They will savor the possession of My very Life as they come bearing My Divine Will aloft.  The light at high noon will inflame their desire to know other revealed truths that will light up the afternoon.  The creature will not feel so all alone when  there are no longer any barriers to separate her from My Will.  Everything shall be hers by right, Heaven, earth, and even God Himself.”


These revealed truths about My Divine Will that I have you write are precious and divine.  Their scope brings a full day of light to creatures.  Such revealed truths rise like the dawn for many, morning for others, noon for some, and a sunny afternoon for a few.  As these revealed truths become known by creatures, their souls will coalesce into different categories among those who live in My Will.  Whether they advance or not depends on how much of this knowledge they absorb.  Knowledge is the hand that pulls them up to the next level, making the Life of My Will more fulsome within them.” 


With revealed truths I form the day around the creature who wants to Live in My Divine Will, the everlasting Day of Heaven, far beyond all Creation.  Our Love, more than anything else, reveals the truth about My Will.  Our Glory is fulfilled by creatures who have taken Our Life to glorify Us with Our own Love.”


As these revelation emerge, I transform the creature into the embodiment of Truth.  My Love has the power to assist her by manifesting Our Truth and investing It in her.  As she experiences the Life of Our Trinity, urgency compels her to bring this shared experience into the Light.  So don’t worry.  I am the one who can and will do all.  I’ll take care of everything.”


Then, as I was following the Acts of Divine Will, I encountered all that the Heavenly Queen has done.  Her works were about love, prayer and suffering.  They were driven by Her breathing and the life pulsating within Her being.  I reverently hugged and kissed all of Her works.  I offered them in exchange for the impending Kingdom of Divine Will on earth. 


I suddenly realized that my sweet Jesus was trying to tell me something.


He said, “My blessed daughter, the one who lives within My Will can go everywhere and enter into anything.  She gathers them all together and offers them to Me.  She even gives Me My own Celestial Mother as if She belonged to this creature.  I am given the Motherly Love I received as a child and all that I did in Her company.  She can even duplicate My Life, as if It were her own, and give It to Me as a sign of her for Love Me.”


I made the creature’s day by revealing all these things about My Divine Will to you.  Meanwhile, the Sovereign Queen brought Her loving prayers with Her suffering into My Divine Will so they might fill Heaven and earth.  Her great anxiety and yearning sighs provided Her children with an endowment sufficient for those who would come to live within It.  Though She is immersed in the treasures of grace, love and sanctity, the Queen’s children are not there to inherit them because they don’t live within the same Will as Her.”


My daughter, in everything She did with all Her suffering, you can see engraved, ‘For My children.’  She prays that each of them will accept Her prayer as their own inheritance.  Moreover, since the Queen calls upon Her children to accept Her endowment of Love, We must acknowledge them as Our children too.  She wants Us to love them as We love Her.  She provides them with all the sanctity that came through her pain and suffering so they might be made worthy to receive the very Life of Her Son.”


We are touched when We hear Her supplication and see Our children kept within Her Maternal Heart as if It were a tabernacle.  With every breath she takes, she calls out to Her children and says to Our Supreme Being, ‘All that I am and everything I possess is all for My children.  Listen to Me, for My Heart is bursting with Love.  Have mercy on a Mother’s Love that only wants to provide for Her children and make them happy.  My happiness is not complete, it is halved because I don’t have My children with Me, and I want to share My delight in being with them, all of us happy together.  So please hurry and make known Your Divine Will for them.  I want them to know how anxious their Mother is about Her children.  Let them know that I only want to provide for them so they may be happy and holy.’


There’s no way We could be indifferent to a scenario as touching as this.  Her Maternal Tenderness suffers such excruciating spasms of Love as She prays, begging Us to acknowledge Her Rights as a Mother.  To meet Her concerns I often reveal ever more astonishing Truths about My Fiat.  We have given Her the freedom to pour out more extensive provisions for Her children.  Her only limitation resides in their knowledge of It.”


Now you must enter My Divine Will together with your Celestial Mother and pray in supplication that Our Will may be known so that It may Reign supreme within all creatures.”





November 12, 1937

One Act done in the Divine Will Loves God for everyone, giving Him all that the creature owes God. 

One who Lives in My Fiat gives Us the opportunity to repeat Our Works in action.  How God wants to Operate—one on one.  The “I love You”:  jewel of God.


Divine Volition keeps flooding me with Its Light, unleashing such great power within the acts of a mere creature that they become truly miraculous.  The sight of It sends me into rapture.  It shows a Creative Power that can gather all things and enclose them in a little human act.  From there It can do anything.  The power and Love of Your Divine Will is incomparable.  Your power is all-conquering and Your Love, beyond belief.


Then my adorable Jesus came to visit my poor soul.  The wonders that His Divine Fiat will do from within a creature are unprecedented, and It wants this understood.


He said, “Daughter of My Will, I feel like the flames of My Love are being smothered.  To unleash the Love that makes Me writhe in this burning conflagration, I come back to tell you more about what My Will can do from within a creature.  For My Will to Reign supreme within the creature, she has to know Who It is and the extent of Its Love.  She must understand Its Power and what It can do, so listen closely.” 


When the creature gives It enough freedom to operate, It calls upon the immense power that envelopes everyone and everything within the action she performs.  Our Divinity receives the love of each creature through their endeavors.  We hear their voices in such activity accompanied by the beat of every heart.  They sing to Us, ‘We love You.  We love You!’ 


She presents Us with the adoration of each and every creature and all that they owe to their Creator.  She animates everything so that We can hear her activity from within the sun and stars.  We are serenaded by Heaven and all Creation.  They sing their chant, ‘We love You, we adore You, we glorify You!’”


We gather everything from Our Will as It operates within the creature.  We are fully glorified when Our love for her is returned.  Our Will can give Us everything through an act of a creature.”


We are so moved by the one who allows It to operate through her activities that Our Love says, ‘I give you everything, My daughter.   I will bring you before Our Supreme Majesty as the one who loved Us for each and every creature.  She is the one who gave Us glory and adoration on behalf of everyone.  She made Us Loved by the sun and all the heavenly bodies.  Every created thing in all of Creation sang in harmony, ‘Love, Love to our Creator.’  For this, you have been given merit for everything that has ever been done.  Now all things are yours.’  My Volition is neither willing nor able to operate without It enveloping all things and doing everything Itself.”


That surprised me and I thought, “Is that possible?  Is any of this really possible?”


My Jesus answered, “Don’t be surprised, My daughter.  One Single Act of My Will is greater than Heaven and earth together.  There are no boundaries to Its immensity.  Its Power has no limits.  It holds everyone and everything in Its hands.  As It operates, Its infinite capacity for Love is given to all.  Even after It has given that much Love, what is left over is still infinite.”


Our Love is perfect.  We start by loving Ourselves, then We secure Our core interests, Our Love and Glory.  At last, We go down into creatures to love however much of Our own Love that resides within them.  This is how We glorify Ourselves through Our Works.  Everyone thinks of themselves first, just as We do.  Whether Our Will Operates within Ourselves or in creatures, It is Our right that It be given to Us before anyone else.  If Its good enough for Us, then We give It to each and every creature, depending only on how much they really want It.”


After that, waves of Divine Volition continued to inundate me.  These waves of Light, packed with truth and Love, clamor for Its wonders to be known.  This demonstration of power lets everyone know what It wants for the creature.  So I followed the Acts of Creation trying to make them my own.  I had to have them before I could say, “Everything that belongs to Jesus is also mine.” 


Then my always adorable Jesus came back and continued speaking.


He said, “Daughter of My Volition, when the creature loves Our Works so much that she longs to make them her own, she will come back Us and enter Our Masterpiece.  Impelled by Our Love We rush to welcome this creature so We can renew Our Works, if only for her.  It’s as if We were reliving them to replicate what We have already done.  We wrap all Our Love within her very being with the Our joyous power.  We endow her with the strategic folly of Our Love, the same that We felt when Our Intention delivered all Creation.”


From the prominence of Our Love, We look at her and remember what We felt when We stretched out the azure vault to form the heavens.  We look again and see her teaching all the stars how to sing.  One at a time, she gives each one her voice so they can all chant in harmony to Our Will, ‘I love You, I love You, I love You.’  Voices filled with ‘I love you’ blend to form the most beautiful Celestial Music.  The sound of such sweet harmonies fill Us until We are intoxicated by them.  In a state of inebriation, We say to her, ‘You are so beautiful, My daughter.  We are filled with infinite joy.  Not since We finished Creation have We heard such joyful melodies.  The missing creature has been reunited with Our Will so that Our Works can sing to Us, ‘I love you, I love you, I love you.’”


At the sight of such a display of love, We reenact creation by replicating the sun above, the sea below, and the windy air in between.  We focus within her all the Love and divine harmony We felt when We created the elements.  The way she returns Our Love is such a joy for Us.  The burning love she has for Us is like an incandescent sun.  Her love moans like a gale wind.  We are surrounded by the chanting of mysterious voices, ‘You loved me, so I love You.  Love You gave me, now Love I give to You.’  Sudden waves erupt from her Sea of Love.  Billowing gusts of Love rush over Us with every breath she takes.  We are so wounded by her Love that We swoon and faint.”


The soul who lives within Our Will is exclusively Ours.  She always keeps Us busy by loving Us with Our own Love.  She always keeps Us occupied with Our own Love by loving Us.  Her constant love always keeps Us busy with Our own Love.  Each time she acts from within Our Fiat, We renew the Works of Creation.  It amuses Us to make the creature love Us by loving her first.” 


We use everything she does as building materials to renovate all of Our created works.  Yet Our Love is still not satisfied.  It always wants to add more, creating ever new wonders of grace by living within Our beloved creature.  We always prefer to operate one-on-one as if everything We did was just for her.  Our great love for the creature generates even more love as her respect and admiration for Us grows.”


Whenever she bonds with one of Our Works, We renew It.  We replicate Our Works of Creation as soon as she merges with It.  We repeat Our Works of Redemption if and when she comes into them.  I reenact My Birth as I am born within a creature.  I was born for Love, and I can see It there in the depths of her being.  She loves Me with the same Love that brought Me down to earth the first time.”


There’s nothing trivial about encountering the Love that called for My Birth.  It made Me suffer and cry.  I had to walk the earth and work on Its behalf.  By working together with her one-on-one, I replicate My Life down here.  The Love that brought Me on earth to live a life of redemption was the same One that made Me love her.  My Divine Will makes her Love Me with the same Love I had for her when I was still on earth living on behalf of Redemption.  So, living from within My Divine Will means everything for the creature, and for Us.”


Then, as I was following the Acts of Divine Volition through Its Works, I had a thought.


I wondered, “What glorifies God more, Creation or Redemption?”


Jesus came right back.


He said, “They are different, My daughter, but I am very pleased with both of them.  When the creature comes upon Our Majesty celebrating the works of Creation, she sees how busy We are making all kinds of things and wonders why.  We do them for the sole purpose of supporting Our Will’s sovereign reign within her being.  All created things were made as collateral to ensure the return of Our Love.  We want her to glorify Us with her adoration.  All created things speak of Our Love for the creature, and they use her voice to make themselves heard.  They remind her that she was made to love her Creator.” 


Every ‘I love You’ that the creature wraps within the sky, the sun, and everything under them, We treasure as if each one were a priceless jewel.  We show Our Love for them with hugs and kisses.  We are delighted with them.  They reward Us for all that We have done with the glory they give Us.  We hug them to show Our delight.  because We have been glorified and fully compensated for all that We have done.” 


We could never be indifferent while listening to you chant your ‘I love You’ over and over again.  It’s enough to fill all of Creation.  We gaze at Our Jewels, one by one, feeling the same glory that We treasured through Our Creation.  Allow Us to continue Our feast.  The only reason that We are the only ones who can see your ‘I love You’ is that Our immense Will expressed through Creation hides them in the glare of Its Light.  It’s jealous, so It hides them within Its Womb.”


It’s like the sun.  It’s heat and light are much more intense than the effects it has on the earth, as precious as they may be to everything that lives there.  Even if no one can see them, it is certain that the sun does indeed have these effects.  When its light touches a flower, there is a palette of colors hard at work arranging a bouquet of luscious hues that overwhelms the artist that beholds them.  They bring sweet enchantment to generations of humankind.  It touches any plant or fruit and they take on a variety of flavors for any taste.”


“The sun is not just heat and light, for it hides much else that is good within its womb of light.  As the creature who lives through Our Will loves and adores, she beatifies the rainbow of love inherent in her works.  She jealously hides within her womb the many forms of sweetness and joy that comes from the good things she does.  My Will is the hiding place of Love and all that the creature does within It.  She is the beautiful ornament of Our Divine Works that sweetly enchants Our all-seeing Eye.  We are so pleased with this creature that We show her to the entire Celestial Court so they can share in Our delight.”


The greatest glory the creature can give Us is to follow Our Acts of Creation in solidarity with Our primary goal.  She kisses Our Love and braids herself into It as We kiss hers to weave one Love out of them.  Our happiness and joy is in having the creature close by, loving Us and doing everything that We want to do together with her.”


Redemption has a different goal, Our search for the guilty.  Creation, however, was a joyous celebration.  Our Works were smiling and glorifying Us with their love.  In Redemption, We brought medicinal remedies for their suffering.  From bitter tears We restored mankind’s former glory.  But now the creature enters Our Will to take away the bitter tears of Our pain with her tender compassion and set a jewel inside each one for Us, her I love You’.


Kissing these jewels brings Me comfort, and I am encouraged by having the company of the one who lives within My Will.  She gives Me so many precious jewels, each one yet another ‘I love You’.  She dries My tears and shares My Pain, she defends Me.  So I want you always in My Will.  Whether in feast, famine or suffering, for better or worse, I will always keep you with Me.”





November 20, 1937

How the Divine Will makes Love arise, so that everywhere It may feel Loved by the creature.  Wherever Our Will is,

We find the adaptable material for the Conception, Birth and Growth of Our Life.


My poor feeble mind keeps swimming in the Sea of Divine Volition.  There are so many truly surprising things to be found there and It’s eager to tell me all about them.  It’s desire to have Its own Life in the creature is so great.  I’d like to tell you everything It said to me, but that would be impossible.


Then my beloved Jesus came to visit my poor little soul.  His voice was filled with indescribable when He spoke.


He said, “Telling you about My Will is the best way to celebrate My blessed daughter.  All of Heaven joins Me in the festivities.  Everyone watches Me talking about My Will, and they all listen very closely.  The greatest festival I could every put on for everyone in the entire Celestial Court is to talk about My Divine Will.”


My Will makes Love operate in the souls on earth while It beatifies those in Heaven.  I don’t go anywhere unless there is Love there, I don’t even move.  I don’t know what I would do with the creature if weren’t for Love.  Yet the Love that arises from My Will is Immense.  The one who lives in It is so completely filled with My Love that she feels somewhat disoriented by It.”


Her destiny quickly becomes the same as Ours, always loving everyone everywhere.  We can feel her loving Us from within the hearts of all creatures.  Her Love flows through every location.  She Loves Us from within the sun and the heavenly vault filled with shining stars above the whispering wind all of them expressing her Love for Us.  We hear Love murmuring from the sea and the sound of fish darting about under the surface.  We hear It singing in the birds hovering above its waves of love.”


We feel her love streaming from the hearts of the Angels and Saints.  It even flows within Our Divine Womb.  Everyone says, ‘Welcome!  We’ve been waiting such a long time for you.  Come, take your seat of honor!  Love the Creator who abides within Us.’


My Jealous Will holds her closely to Itself and, saturates her with ever new Love for Itself alone.  It inspires her to sing love songs, some melancholy, lamenting the wounds of love, and others portraying Its sweet enchantment.  It says, ‘I have found someone who Loves Me, and I want to enjoy her all for Myself.  I wouldn’t be Happy without her telling Me, always and everywhere, ‘I Love You, I Love You....’”


The soul who Lives in Our Will shall be Our triumphant victory.  She is the treasury of Our Love and everlasting glory.  My Love wants to have the creature’s company so It may pour Itself out and receive her love in return.  I want to breathe as one with her, pulsing with the same life as I operate within her.  Full union is a most beautiful work of joy and intense Love. It is filled with so much that is truly indescribable for a creature.”


My Volition will give so much Love to this creature who Lives in It that It could inundate all of Creation.  My Volition will extend Its Love’s new Heaven over all generations of humankind.  They will feel this creature’s embrace and her great Love for them.  It was My Will that gave her a Love so immense that It embraces everyone no matter where they may be.  As this loving creature hugs My Will, she says, ‘Supreme Volition, come and rule over us as sovereign on earth.  Inundate all generations!  Win them over, overwhelm all creatures!’ 


You can see how beautiful it is living in It once your love has been subjected to the irresistible power of Its virtuous Life.  When this Love has filled everyone and everything through the Love of this creature who has lived within Our Fiat, We will allow Ourselves to be won over.  She is the one who personifies Our bond with the human family.  We will demolish every obstacle and establish Our Kingdom all over the face of the earth.  So pray that everything may ask Me to have My Will establish Its sovereign reign on earth as It is in Heaven.”


I am still being inundated by the Light and Love of Divine Fiat.  It pours Its Light out on me to make Itself know, Its Love to be loved in return.


My sweet Jesus came back again and spoke to me.


He said, “My daughter, it’s so lovely to have a creature living within My Will.  It’s no wonder that We can’t leave her alone.   We are obsessed about having her company.  We keep thinking up new ways to surprise her.  We want to give her something new.  We keep coming up with new things to tell her about Our Fiat.  That way she can get to know It better.  We can widen the Sea of Our Love within the creature only as far as her knowledge about It can go.  Knowledge is the little bell that rings to call Our Power, Sanctity, Goodness and Love with its sweet sound.  It calls them to wrap themselves within the creature who Lives in My Will.  Once they are in, We can work unprecedented miracles.”


We are beatified by having the creature within Our Will.  We delight in looking at her so much that We look into her mind to increase Our enjoyment.  This brings about the Conception, Birth and Growth of Our Divine Intelligence within her.  We look at her mouth so that Our Word may be conceived, born and grow within it.  Then she will speak about Our Supreme Being with such eloquence and grace so It may be loved by all of those who will be good enough to listen.  We look at the creature’s own human will so that Ours may be born again and grow to New Life within her.  We look at her heart to conceive Our own Love there in perfect harmony.”


That is Our strategy to win her over so that she may be constantly reborn through Our Love.  We look at her feet so that Our work may be conceived in her as walking towards birth, growth and further development.  We could do this all at once, but We don’t because We want to spend more time with her and enjoy having her company a while longer.”


Our Love is so strong that We want to form the very Life of Our own Creative Hands within the creature.  We want to give her All that We are.  Our Love is not satisfied unless We are replicating Our Life within her.  But We don’t have material pliable enough to work with until Our Will has prepared and purified the ground so that We may cultivate it.”


As We form Our Life, We sing of victory to glorify Our Divine Being.  Then she gives Us the very food that will grow within her as We cultivate it.  She gives Us water to quench Our thirst.  She hands over her inner life for Us to wear as a robe to cover Our Being.  She unlocks her soul so that We may have Our own room.  She makes up her heart as a bed for Us to rest.   She’s constantly acting to keep Us amused, surrounding Us with Our own Celestial Joys.” 


My daughter, I could never exhaust all that can be said about everything We do for the creature who lives within Our Will, nor what We can give her.  We give her all things and do everything for her, and she gives Us it all back to Us with Love.”





November 29, 1937

Our pains, united with the Pains of Jesus, form His Life within us.  There is no Good that doesn’t come from Them.  How lack of love martyrs the Divine Love.


My poor little mind is still swimming in the Sea of Divine Volition.  I feel Its Breath and Its pulse circulates through me more factually than does the blood in my veins.  It’s as if my soul were trying to tell me, “Here I am, inside and out of you, more lucid than anything else in your own life.  I flow through each of your works whenever you act.  My Love makes everything easier for you and I do whatever I can to make you Happy.”


As I listened, He showed me all the pains that I suffered fill with light.  He was holding them close to His Heart as if they were all mighty conquests of His Will.  I was still engrossed in these images when my always adorable Jesus came to visit me.   


He said, “My little daughter of My Divine Will, every pain My Most Holy Humanity suffered on earth, all the tears that I shed, every drop of My blood, each step that I took, the slightest movement I made, even My breathing, resound with a single voice.  All of them are constantly talking and shouting as they always have, saying, We want the Kingdom of Divine Will to Reign with Dominion in the midst of the creatures.  We want Our Divine Rights to be acknowledged and enforced.  They constantly pray, speaking and moaning around Our Supreme Throne, pleading that the Will of Heaven and earth may be the same.”


Whoever joins My suffering, their heart beating together with Mine, breathing My breath, walking in My footsteps, doing My work, praying My prayer, speaking with My voice, will moan over all that I did as I suffered on earth.  Everything that is good comes from My suffering sequestering the creature’s in a repository, a host that absorbs her pain and forms the two into a mutual prayer from a single voice emanating from the same Will.” 


Then My pain carries the heartache from the creature’s life before Our Majesty so that it may be transformed.  That makes her want to do everything that I did.  The creature’s pain abducts what I suffered on earth so that she might participate in both and take on the life of My Divine Will.  She unites with Me through her pain and Mine to form the great miracle of My Life within a creature.  It is a Life that operates on earth as if I were still speaking and suffering there.” 


I animate the creature’s entire being through the creative power of My Activities.  My Life flows through even the most insignificant details of her everyday life to make them all My own.  That allows her to give Me the Love and glory of My own Life.”


My Will has taken into account all your distress.  It preserves within Our Womb of Light everything you have suffered, big or small.  It captures every sigh that follows the troubled anxiety of your deprivations.  It uses them as material to conceive, deliver and cultivate Its Life.  Fed by Its sanctity, Its Life grows through your suffering each time you experience any kind of pain until they are teeming with the ardor of Its Love and adorned with incomparable beauty.”


My daughter, you should thank Me for everything I have prepared for you, including all that I made you suffer.  Everything was intended to form My Life within you as the triumph of My Will.  Such a fortunate creature sees that her pain upholds the great holiness of My Life and fulfils It as My Divine Will pulses through her life.  There’s nothing trivial about the Creator showing His need for the creature.  Do you think it’s trivial that the Creator shows His need for the creature even though He is the all-powerful source of Life.  It only goes to show how extravagant Our Love can be.”


Then my Jesus grew silent, and I was left thinking about what He had just told me.   I saw everything that I have suffered lined up within me spreading rays of Light as they were being transformed into the pains that my Jesus had endured.  They become the patronage of Divinity that defends the creature, pleading on her behalf with an ostinato chorus of moans begging His Divine Will to come upon the earth as Its reigning sovereign.


My Jesu interrupted my reverie and spoke.


He said, “My good daughter, Our Love is everywhere in every nook and cranny.  It is to be found within the tiniest blade of grass.  It fills every breath of air she takes.  It saturates each drop of water she sips.  It supports her halting tread every step of the way as she walks the earth.”


We send out Our voices in spasmodic cries of Love, ‘I Love you, I Love you, I Love you!’  Yet Our Love finds no peace, fearing that the creature cannot not hear Us and answer, ‘I love You, I love You...’  Delirious, Our Love calls out, ‘Can anybody hear Us?  But no one answers though We strain mightily to hear a singleI love Youin return.”


Why bother saying, ‘I Love you,’ if no one respondsWe shout Our I Love you’ into thin air and it is carried up by the wind into empty spaceOurI Love youdoesn’t know where it should go or which way to turn.  It has no one to lean on unless the creature hears and answers on her own accord, ‘I love You.’  It’s frantic that her little love may find refuge within Our Own Immense Love.  There it will have something to lean that can support her as she keeps growing more and more.”


When the creature listens to Our I Love you and returns it, We are reconciled by her love.  We emphasize Our Love by saying, ‘At last, someone has heard Us.  Our Love had nowhere to go, no one offered Us safe refuge.  We have finally been acknowledged by someone who can say, ‘I love You.’”


When We find someone who says, ‘I love You’, Our Love prepares a feast.  But sometimes We can’t find anyone who will say ‘I love You.’ no one to acknowledge Us and listen because she loves Us.  It’s so hard to love and not be loved in return.  I wish that everyone knew that I sustain them with My Love.  I hug them, Love them and make them breathe.  I am the pulse of Love beating in their hearts.  I inspire them to speak about Love.  I give them the ability to move so they can walk towards Love.  I make them think about My Love for creatures.  I give them Love so they can eat and drink their fill of It.  I give them their very being so that My Love may flow into It.  Not loving Me is a sign of wretched ingratitude.  To love and not be loved in return is truly the most horrible martyrdom.”


That was more than enough to ponder for a while.


I thought, “I really don’t know how anybody is expected to know that our Lord is constantly telling them, ‘I Love you.’  If they did, maybe they would reciprocate with their own love.”


My sweet Jesus answered right away.


He said, “It’s actually very easy to know, if the creature takes Divine Will to be her whole life.  It allows her hear with the acuteness of Divinity so that she can always be listening to her Creator saying, ‘I Love you.’  To match her preternatural sense of hearing, It gives her Our Divine Word so that whenever the It says, ‘I Love you,’ the creature hears and listens attentively.  Moreover, even before It says, ‘I Love you,’ she already knows that God is about to say those very words.  That way, she can send out herI love Youmeet the Divinity’sI Love you.’  It’s like a game, a friendly competition with her Creator to see who can say it first.”


My Will wants to give to the creature who lives in It everything she could ever want.  It gives her Its arms when It hugs her so she can gather up every step It takes as It is running after her.  Our divine nature is all Love.  Our need to love is so great that, if We were prevented from loving, We would suffocate, We would lose the very breath of Our Divine Life.  We move and breathe by Our Will so that We may love.  It’s impossible for Us not to Love.  Moreover, the creature who owns Our Love has the same existential need to love Us, always and everywhere.  Only My Will can reestablish order between the Creator and His creature so that she is constantly aware of Our Love and Its Sanctity.  That’s what will keep her in close contact with Our Supreme Being.”





December 6, 1937

As the creature Lives in the Divine Volition,

Jesus rings His little bell

to call the residents of Heaven and those of earth. 

How the Divine Love urgently needs

the company of the creature.


His Life within me keeps overflowing with Love.  Whenever It moves, It pours out Seas of Love that flood the world.  It speaks to every heart, saying, “‘Please, look at Me, get to know Me, receive Me into your hearts!  Put Me in charge.  I brought all My things and I’m ready to move in with you.’  But sadly, no one acknowledges My presence.  I feel rejected.  Even worse, since they don’t recognize Me, My Laws of Love are not enforced.  I’m left here with all these presents and I have no way of giving them to My children.”


Then I followed the Acts of Divine Will until I came to the deep blue sky sprinkled with stars.  Calling out to the citizens of Heaven and the peoples on earth, I asked them if together we could repay God’s immense Love for us with our own little love.  After all, He created the great expanse of the heavens to cover us so that we may be hidden within His Love.  So all of creatures, without exception, have a duty to love the One who loved us so much. 


It was then that Jesus, from the heights of his goodness, came to visit my poor little soul.  His voice was filled with Love when He spoke.


He said, “With patient Love I have been waiting for you to call everyone together within this reciprocal act of love returned on everyone’s behalf.  The moment you began calling them, I rang a little bell to summon every celestial resident and all those on earth.  I kept on ringing until I saw that all of them had rushed into your act of kindness.”


As far as the residents of Heaven are concerned, My Will is their permanent abode where they shall live forever.  Divine Will, the power that unites all things, has summoned them into this communal act of thanksgiving.  They have been anxiously awaiting My call so they might have an opportunity to return My Love.  It’s because the one who is calling them is a creature from earth, possessed of her own free will.  It’s only through someone like you that they can give Me a new kind of Love.” 


They rejoice at the sound of My little bell.  They fly into this act of love coming from a creature who only wants to love me.  Unfortunately, those who inhabit the earth can barely the sweet vibration of My little bell, since most of them do not live within My Will.”


When I see them all together in this collective act, Our Divinity assumes an attitude of loving expectancy.  It’s beautiful to hear so many voices acting as one so they can sing for Us all together, ‘We love You, we love You.  We acknowledge You in Your Works.  You have loved us so much, and we thank you for everything by returning Your Love.’”


Our Supreme Being is wounded by the sound of so many voices singing their love for Us.  We pour out more Love, seas of It flooding over everyone, filling with them with so much happiness and joy they are submerged in overflowing rapture.  They are astounded that the joys of paradise can be multiplied by this one little creature.”


Seeing that the creature who Lives in Our Will gives Us an open field for new Works, Our Love comes gushing out stronger than ever.  We just couldn’t hold that much, so We poured out new Seas of Love for the creature so We can be loved all the more.”


You must know that the thing most urgently needed by Our Supreme Being is the company of the creature.  We are not a God who wants isolation and keeps her at a distance.  Great works do not grow out of remote sublimity, nor does happiness.  Good company matures what is born from goodness and raises the most beautiful works up into the Light.” 


That’s why we created so many things.  We wanted to have her company from within every single part of Creation, each one individually and all together as one.  Moreover, since We always persist in the Act of what We did but once, the one who Lives in Our Will shall be Our constant companion forever.”


She is the receptacle of Our Creative Activity, and through her We shall be glorified by the return of the love We had created for all.  We accompany her throughout the celestial spheres.  From the sun as it shines above the blowing of the wind, the air that is breathed by all, and deep down within the murmuring sea, We shall follow by as We take her every place, everywhere.”


No matter where We are, she will defend Us.  She returns Our Love to Us because she can’t live without It.  It is impossible for her not to love Us, nor can We do without her.  In fact, We are so jealous that We still hold her tightly within the same Divine Womb from whence she came.”


He was silent for a while and then continued. 


He said, “We cherish the company of this creature so much.  She is Our recreation, a hobby, Our favorite sport.  The most important decisions We make concern Our own glory and the common good We provide for generations of humankind.  We enjoy having her company while We work on what We have designed for creatures.”


Our Love rises up to new Life, inspiring Us to new and inventive ways of loving.  We keep coming up with surprising new ways of binding the creature to Our Love for always and ever more.  We couldn’t pour Ourselves without her.  We need the company of someone who will accept Our Love and return It as something new.”


Who else can inspire Us to new designs?  Where would we put Our ever rising Love?   Without the creature’s company, Our generosity would dampen.  There would be no way for Us to express Our Love for creatures and make It come alive.  So you can see how important it is to have her company Our Love and to Our Works.  Simply put, it is fulfillment of Our Will.”





December 8, 1937

The Conception of the Queen of Heaven.  Her Race of Love.  Wherever her Creator was, She was there to Love Him.  How She remained Conceived in each created thing, and was constituted as Queen of Heaven, of the Sun and of all.


While I was swimming through Divine Volition today, my poor mind encountered the Queen of Heaven just as She was being conceived.  Such wonders are so astounding that there’s no way to describe them.


I thought, “So much has been written about the Immaculate Conception already, yet there is still a lot more to be said.”


My adorable Jesus startled me when He appeared.  He was in a festive mood and I could see that He wanted to celebrate the Celestial Queen’s Conception.


He said, “My blessed daughter, I have so much more to say about the Conception of this Celestial Creature.  She was not one of Our works, rather, in Her We created Life.  There’s a big difference between life and work.  Moreover, this Life was both human and divine.  It enjoys the perfect harmony that comes from the power of Love and Its great sanctity, with both aspects working seamlessly as one.  The wonder inherent in this Life We created is that It required a chain of miracles, each link a prodigious marvel when considered alone.  But that’s what it took to make a Life that could hold all the Goodness We poured into Her.”


This Holy Creature, conceived without original sin, felt Her Creator’s Life within as His Divine Will operated through Her own.  She loved Us so much.  She could feel Us inside and out as We worked within and all around Her.  She scurried about in a rush to be everywhere so she would encounter Her Creator wherever His Life was taking place.  She follows Us everywhere to show Her Love for Us.  Not being able to do so would be the cruelest and most horrific martyrdom she could imagine.”


Our Will gave Her wings to follow Our Life.  While remaining within Her, It could be found anywhere and be loved by anyone, as can the One that It loved so much for having loved It in return.  You might be surprised to know that as soon as She was conceived She started running Her race.  Our Love for Her being infinite, not being able to love her would have been the cruelest martyrdom for Us as well.”


She ran all over in search of Our Life even though She already had It within Her, because goodness is never fulfilled until it held both inside and out.  She remains in Heaven where she was conceived.  She resides in the celestial spheres where the stars gather for Her crown, praising Her in exultation as their Queen.  She has acquired divine rights as Queen over all the Celestial Spheres.” 


Our Immense Love was waiting for Her inside the sun as She ran toward it to be conceived.  It became a diadem for Her adorable head, filling Her with its radiance and praising Her as the Queen of Light.    Our Immense Power awaited Her in the wind, the air and deep within the sea, and She kept running for them, racing without a moment’s rest.  She still remains in the air, sea and wind where she was conceived, securing Her rights as Queen of all Creation.”


The Sovereign Lady’s power and maternal love flows through Heaven.  They flow in the sun, wind and sea.  Everyone is blessed by Her with every breath of air they take.  She was conceived in everyone, Her place is everywhere.  Wherever Our Power, She rises from Her throne to love Us and all Her children.  Above all, the Greatest Miracle performed by the Power of Our Love was to bi-locate Her.  Since We wanted to see Her everywhere at once and in every creature as well, We multiplied Her endlessly so that she would abide within all rational beings simultaneously while present inside every created thing.”


The Celestial Queen is like the sun.  Whether or not someone wants the sun to shine, it will come out and impose its light anyhow.  It says, ‘I was made to give light and will shine all over regardless of anyone’s personal preference.’


Even if somebody could hide from the sun’s light, no one can hide from the Sovereign Lady.  Otherwise She wouldn’t be called the Universal Queen, the Mother of everyone and everything.  We would never speak a Word that was not factual.”


So you can see Our Love’s great power in the conception of this Holy Creature.  We elevated Her to the heights of glory so She could say, ‘Wherever My Creator is, I am there to Love Him.  He invested His Power and Glory in Me so I would be Sovereign over all Creation.  Everything depends on Me.  My Dominion extends everywhere.  Just as I was conceived within all things, they are all conceived in Me, including the sun, wind, sea and every other created thing.   Everything is within Me, even My Creator.  I am the Sovereign Ruler who owns everything.  Everyone belongs to Me as My children.  They are all Mine.  Though in My Unreachable Heights, no one can equal such honor and glory, My Love embraces all Creation nonetheless.  I love them all and belong to them.  I am the Mother of My Creator.’”





December 14, 1937

Just as human nature has its day,

the Divine Will forms Its own Day

in the depth of the soul of the creature

who Lives in It. 

Miracles that happen in the Divine Will.


I was immersed in Divine Volition.  I was acting by Fiat within Its waves of Light and they kept getting bigger until the Light was emanating from inside me.  My need to Love It continued growing as It tried to inhale It all.  It was more important than my own life.  I couldn’t breathe without It.  If It left me, my life would grow cold and My heart would stop.  When I continue acting through Divine Volition, warmth returns with the breathing and heartbeat of Divinity to delight my pitiful existence.  I have an existential need to live within Divine Will. 


Then, my sweet Jesus came to visit my poor little soul.  His voice was all Goodness when He spoke.


He said, “My blessed daughter, nature holds human life for a day and provides a shell for an active life.  My Divine Will also forms Its Day in the depth of the creature who Lives within My Will.  As the creature begins to develop her activities in It by calling It to become her very life, she starts the day with a radiant dawn in the depths of her soul.  As the dawn gathers force, it renewing in the creature the Father’s power, the Sons wisdom and the virtuous love of the Holy Spirit.  She starts her day together with the Most Holy Trinity.  It descends into the tiniest acts of a creature and all the hidden areas deep inside her so It can do whatever she is doing while living within her being.  The Dawn casts away the dark night of the soul so it can be filled with Light.  A vigilant sentry, It guards her actions so that only the Light of Divine Will may enter them.  This Dawn is the first day of rest for God within the soul’s little room.  It begins the Eternal Day when the Life of the Supreme Being has risen together with a creature.” 


My Will never moves without the Adorable Trinity.  Even when It advances in Its role as the Actor, It exerts an irresistible pull on the Holy Trinity.  It becomes the chamber of Divinity where all three Divine Persons can stay and enjoy their beloved creature.  My Will has the Power to center everything, even Our Divine Life, wherever It reigns supreme.”


The beginning of this Day for the creature who lives by Our Fiat is beautify indeed.  Everyone in Heaven is enchanted.  No one in the Celestial Court is envious, but they deeply admire someone so fortunate as this.  She holds within her soul the Dawn of Eternal Day while still living in the world of time.  Precious is the Day when God begins to live together with His creature.”


As soon as she begins the second act in Divine Volition, the Sun of My Eternal Will arises.  The whole world is flooded by Its fulsome Light.  It visits every heart and says ‘good morning,’ bringing new joy to the entire Celestial Court.  Such Light is overflowing with love, adoration, gratitude and thanksgiving.  This glorious benediction is for the creature who, by acting within My Will, made the Sun rise.  It shines over everyone so they can see the one who loved God on their behalf.  They are grateful to the one who adored Him, thanked Him, blessed and glorified Him.  Everyone finds that one thing that they were supposed to do for God and has now been done.”


A single Act done within My Will encloses everything within Itself.   It has the Power and the Capacity to compensate for everyone’s deficiency for the common good of all creatures.  Only an Act done by My Will can manifest such unprecedented wonders.  That is the only outcome worthy of Our Creative Work.”


The third act she performs within Our Will is the high noon of Our Eternal Sun taking form within the creature.  She prepares a banquet of Love for Us, garnished with Our own divine qualities.  Everything is marked with Our Beauty and by the pure fragrant chastity of Our perfume.  We like it a lot and We eat Our fill.”


Although she doesn’t rise to Our status, being the creature who lives within Our Will, she is the proprietress of Our superabundant assets.  She takes whatever she needs from Our Treasury and prepares a sumptuous banquet that is worthy of Our Supreme Majesty.  We invite all the Angels and Saints to sit and eat with Us at this Celestial banquet of Love prepared by the creature who lives inside Our Will.  As We enjoy Our banquet, she acts and plays celestial love songs that adorn the beautiful scenery with her melodies.  As an encore, she repeats Our Works that are still, as always, in progress and enthralls Us all the more.  Once she has enacted everything in Our Will, We relax with her during the intermission.  Then, after We have all rested, another day begins and We return Our to work as usual.”


True loyalty consists in Living by Our Divine Will.  Many times, when Our faithful daughter of has seen her brothers and sisters about to be struck down as a well-deserved punishment for their sins, she delays the ending of her day.  Instead, she prays and suffers on their behalf as a plea that grace may be upon them, body and soul.  The Life of a creature who Lives within My Divine Will brings evermore joyous glory to Heaven with grace and aid for those on earth.”





December 18, 1937

All that is done in the Divine Will acquires Life,

and these Lives swim and float

in the Seas of Love of the Divine Volition.


I am living prey to Divine Volition.  It is constantly unleashing Seas of Light and Love from Itself.  But It will never be satisfied until the Life dwelling in Its Light animates the creature’s little love and come pouring out of her.  It eagerly awaits this meeting so they can love and kiss each other with one Love.  Then they will celebrate with abandon.  Its Love will say emphatically, “The Life of My Will fills the creature inside and out.  I possess her completely.  She is all mine.”  


I thought, “It seems to me that a creature’s little love would dissolve within this Immense Sea of Divine Love.


Then my adorable Jesus came back to visit my poor little soul.  He was engulfed in the Flames of His own Love.


He said, “Daughter of My Will, as long as the creature keeps My Will’s Life as her principle concern, everything little she does, no matter how insignificant, holds Divine Life.  In the Love that fills the endless Sea of My Will, you can see many little lives swimming or floating.  Each one lives from the Love and Light that rises to the surface of Our Sea.”


We feel that We have been well compensated by the little love she gave Us.  It may be small, but it comes from the very Life of Love.  She gave to Us wrapped within her everyday activities, all of them filled with Our Light’s own Life.  They have each been formed in the center of Our Fiat’s Life, and they all come to Us bearing True Life.  There are so many Lives coming out of It.  My Fiat creates and forms them within Itself.  When they are fully developed, It delivers them from Its Divine Womb out into the light of day.”


EachI love You’ carries the Life of Our Love.  Every time she adores Us, We are given the Life of Our Adoration’s Divinity.  Each is an exercise in virtue, either from the Life of Divine Goodness, Power, Wisdom, Fortitude or Sanctity.  They are all little Lives that have received Life from Our Life, and none of them ever like to be alone.  So they come running to continue their little Lives deep within Our boundless Seas of Love.” 


They love Us so much.  They may be small, but that’s all right.  We know that the creature can only give us little things, because the big ones are truly immense, and they already belong to Us.  If We gave them to the creature, she wouldn’t even know where to put them.  So they can only take refuge in Us.  When We see her within Our Seas, We are fully compensated by the Love that We always wanted from the creature.”


Jesus let me think a while about what He had said, and then He continued.


He said, “I’ll show you so you will be convinced that what I’m telling you is the Truth.” 


At that very moment, Jesus showed me His Endless Seas filling Heaven and earth.  Frolicking on the surface was the little love of a creature and everything she has ever done from within His Divine Will.  They may be little Lives, but they are so beautiful and it’s wonderful to see them swimming and diving deep into His Seas of Love.


I watched some of them floating on the surface gazing upon their Creator.  Then a bunch of them rushed into His arms to give Him a hug.  Another one kissed him and then dove deep into the Sea.  There were a thousand little caresses given in this children’s game of Love, all for the One Who had given them life.


The Supreme Being looked at them with so much Love that the entire Celestial Court came to watch.  They all began to frolic and celebrate with Him, as He shouted, “Look at them!  They’re so beautiful!”  He told them, “These are the Lives formed by the acts of a creature done from within My Will.  You can see by My triumphant smile that they are My glory.  They echo My Love with harmony because they share My happiness!” 


He showed me all these Lives in the sun, moon and stars.  I saw them flying with the wind through the air above the ones who were floating on the sea.  Every ‘I love You’ they sang was vibrant with Love’s own Life before diving with them deep into this Divine Sea to take their place of honor.  Such enchanting beauty!  It was one incredible surprise after another.  I really can’t describe it.  I was left there dumbfounded.  I just didn’t know what to say. 


Then Jesus spoke to me.


He said, “My daughter, you can see what exquisite beauty is wrought in the Life of My Will.  Yet Its Love is jealous and It keeps them within Its endless Seas.”


There are more surprises yet to come, My daughter.  TheI love You’ of the creature who Lives in My Will holds great power.  When she sends out an I love You’, it doesn’t wait around for the others.  There’s a spirited competition as each of them runs as fast as they can, trying to get ahead of the others.  Each one carries Love’s very Life as it races ahead while yet another follows up close behind.  TheI love You’ that takes the lead sprints toward the winner’s circle within Our endless Sea.  As the first one there throws itself into Our arms, the close second suddenly takes a flying leap to secure a place in Our Divine Womb.  Life cannot stand still.”


These small Lives, even the tiniest of them, have a heart that beats.  They walk, they breathe and they have a voice.  All eyes are upon Us.  They inhale Our Love and exhale It back into Us.  Their hearts pulse with Our Love.  They walk in Our footsteps, moving as We do because of Our Love for them.  Their voices are constantly preaching love, and they’re always eager to hear about Our epic story of Eternal Love.”


These little Lives never die because they have become co-eternal with Us.  This ‘I love You’ is an act of My Will that proliferates in Heaven.  These little Lives spread out everywhere over all Creation through the Angels and Saints.  There are so many of them running around the Queen, each one trying to be everywhere at once.  They even go down into the hearts of creatures on earth, saying to each other, ‘Before our Creator can inhabit these human hearts they must have our little lives of Love.  We are small enough to enter into them and Love our Creator on their behalf.’


All the hosts of Heaven are enchanted by these little lives, the greatest wonders of Our Supreme Being, the faithful who repay Us for our Eternal Love.  Such follies of Love are so remarkable that one look at them is enough for them to know that they are Our Daughters, lives created and enriched by Our Divine Volition.” 


You can imagine how amazed I was, but there was more.


He said, “Don’t be surprised.  My Work down here was all about releasing My Life into the world.  In fact, every step I took there still walks after everyone, and they never stop.  All the centuries since then are alive with the sound of My steps.  My mouth can still be heard.  Each one of My Words holds a Life that continues to speak.  Only those who will not listen are oblivious to My Voice.” 


My tears are so full of Life and they are constantly being shed upon the sinner.  A single touch by any one of them is enough for his conversion and repentance.  They embellish souls upright and good, moving their hearts to love Me even more.  Each pain, every single drop of My Blood, has My entire Life, clear and distinct, wholly within them.  Moreover, each of My Lives has enough power to sustain every creature in their own pain and bathe them from all their sins.  They are all miracles of My Will.”


Wherever It reigns as Sovereign with Its natural creative Power over even the tiniest most insignificant things, It creates using Our Life to make Us beloved by all.  You must be convinced by now, with all the Love you’ve been given, that We can’t go without having somebody to love Us.”


Our Will thinks about everything and knows how to do everything.  It creates multiple lives out of the creature’s many activities, as long as she lives within It.  That’s what compensates Us for Our Love.  It soothes Our Love’s anxiety.  It calms the delirious yearning of Our eternal Love.  So live within Our Will, forever and always.  Love Us constantly and you will enchant everyone in Heaven.  You will be the toast of Our Eternal Celebration.  We’ll toast each other and enjoy the festivities together.”


After meditating for a while longer, something occurred to me.   


I thought, “I wonder what happens to all those good works that aren’t done within Divine Volition.  If they occur outside the Divine order of things, they wouldn’t have the seed of Life.”


My sweet Jesus is always so kind to me.


He said, “Every act the creature performs is matured in the center of Its Divine Life and takes on Its attributes.  The same is also true of every little ‘I love You’ done in My Will.  Even though it already has Its Creative Life by nature, such an act of Love acquires Life anew.  Everything that is done in My Will is regenerated as a duplicate within Our Eternal Love.  These Divine Lives continue replicating to form a long chain linking many generations that are all exclusively Ours.” 


Good works that are not done in Our Will may adorn Our Creative Works as beautiful ornaments, but they can never have true Life.  Even in the Order of Creation there are some who try to live right and others who behave as if they were ornaments.  Flowers do not have lives, but they still adorn the earth with beauty, though not for long.  Neither do fruit have lives, yet they feed humankind, but once eaten they are done.  They offer an array of flavors, sweet or tart, but only when ripe.  If flowers and fruit had lives, mankind could enjoy them as often as they like.” 


Sun, moon and stars travel above the windy seas as evidence of Our Work.  They provide vital services for humankind, but are not alive in the true sense of the word.  They are part and parcel of humanity’s earthly residence, but that’s nothing compared to everyone having an entire universe to themselves as their own sumptuous palace.  We made them an azure vault spangled with golden ornaments that never fade with time.  They are enlightened by an inextinguishable Sun.  We gave them life giving air to breathe that is refreshed and purified by the wind.  I could go on and on.”


Our Love thought fit to mix Our works with actual lives for the delight of mankind.  We made things so that mankind would have the dignity of a descent residence, one that We created for them with so much Love.  Yet though Our Works are more than sufficient for their own enjoyment, We also invited them to live within Our Divine Will.  Our Intent was to form a great many Lives filled with Love and Glory for the One Who loves them so much.”


There’s a big difference between work and life.  True Life does not perish as works do after so many changes.  They are no kind of ornament if they are not upright and holy.  Such behavior would bring dishonor upon Us through in their confusion and call out for their own condemnation.”





December 21, 1937

How the Kingdom of the Divine Will

on earth has been decreed

in the Consistory of the Adorable Trinity.  The New Breath of God by which the creature will be restored.


My poor little mind was filled with the spectacular miracles that the Divine Volition can perform when It reigns as sovereign within a creature.


I thought, “There is no greater destiny than to live within It.  No one in Heaven or on earth could be more fortunate.  This is the true meaning of happiness.  Yet I don’t see how It could ever reign supreme on the earth considering how much sin abounds.  It’s horrifying.  Only the power of divinity could work such a great miracle.  Without this intervention, the Kingdom of Divine Will shall be in Heaven, but not on earth.”


As I continued mulling this over, my dear sweet Jesus, the source of my life, came to visit my poor soul.  The goodness I could hear in His voice was indescribable.


My good daughter, it has been decreed in the tribunal of the Most Holy Trinity that My Divine Will shall have Its Kingdom on earth.  We’ll perform as many miracles as it takes.  We won’t hold anything back.  We’ll do anything to get what We want.  Just the same, We will operate using simple, direct methods, utilizing all Our powers to overwhelm Heaven and earth so that every creature acts according to Our intentions.”


In Creation, all We needed was to breathe into man and Our almighty power infused him with life.  Yet so many miracles went into that one single breath.  We created the soul, providing it with three powers that conform to the true image of Our Holy Trinity.  He was adorable.  To accompany the soul, We gave him respiration and a pulse for his heart to circulate blood and keep him warm.  We gave him the power to walk, talk and see.  He had everything he needed.”


To work all these miracles in man required but one simple Act that We armed with Our Power.  We couldn’t hold Our Love in any longer and It flowed out swiftly through Our breath, running as fast as It could to get inside this creature so We could work the great wonder of all Creation.  My daughter, since man left Our Divine Will, his three powers have darkened, and Our adorable image within him deformed.  The first heartbeat of God’s Love within his own has stopped.  He has lost his breath of Divinity and must now inhale through human lungs.  Even if he hadn’t actually lost, he certainly doesn’t feel it anymore.  He isn’t aware of the Divine Life circulating through him.  What is Good no longer moves him.  He is cold to Love Supreme, deaf to the Word of God.  He is either blind to his Creator or has just slipped too far into darkness.  He’s bent out of shape, debilitated.”


To restore man to his former glory, We shall return once more and breathe into him a Love that grows stronger by the day.  We will breathe into the depths of his soul.  We’ll blow so hard into the center of his rebellious will that the evil snares entangling him will be shaken loose.  His passions will lie cowering on the floor, terrified by the Power of Our breath, cringing from Our Divinity’s raging fire.” 


The human will, resonating with the pulse of its Creator’s life, cloaks Him like a veil so that man return as the standard bearer of his Creator.  Then he will be truly happy.  We will restore him with the healing power of Our Breath.  We will behave with the tenderness of mother with her a crippled child.   She whispers in his ear and he is comforted by the sound of her breathing.  She blows into the baby’s ear hoping to make him laugh so he’ll feel better.  She pours herself out for him, hoping to heal his deformities.  All she can do is to breathe on him, wishing that he could be the beautiful child she always wanted.”


The power We breathed into the creature will never leave him.  We will keep breathing on him until he returns to the loving arms of his Father.  We wanted him to be as beautiful as We are.  We would do anything to have him the way he was when We made him.  Only then will Our child understand how much We Love him and acknowledge Our Paternal Goodness.” 


Our all-powerful Spirit blows Our Will down to earth to reign as Sovereign over all Creation.  It will renew Our Life within the creature.  All these revealed truths about the great wonders of living from within My Will can provide her with Our Divine Attributes as the most beautiful Gift that could ever be given.  That is Our guarantee that Its Sovereign Reign shall come on earth as It is in Heaven.  It’s a fact, even now as I speak, or I wouldn’t have spoken at all.  My Word is confirmation that this Gift has already been given through the miracles I intend on doing.  I would never reveal My Divine Qualities and have them known by all if the Kingdom of My Will were not to come upon the earth at last.”





December 25, 1937

The descent of the Divine Word. 

How He left Heaven,

while still remaining there. 

Prodigies of the Incarnation. 

The beginning of the Feast of the Divine Will.  How in His Divine Works

He puts aside human ingratitude. 

The grafting. 

How the Love of Jesus paid for all

and rescued us.


I followed the Acts of Divine Volition until I came upon the Divine Word just as He was going down to earth.  I stopped in my tracks, dumfounded.  All my poor little mind could think was, ‘My God.’  There were so many wonderful surprises about Love, Power and Divine Wisdom!  They were so awesome.  I wish I could tell you more, but I really wouldn’t know where to begin.


I was startled when I saw my beloved Jesus.  He was being inundated by the huge waves rising from His Sea of Love.


He said, “My blessed daughter, My coming down to earth involved a long chain of miraculous events that were begun through the ardor of Our Love.  Such mysteries are so profound that neither creature nor Angel could fully comprehend how Our Divinity operated in the miracle of My Incarnation.”


The nature of Our Supreme Being is to be constantly in motion.  If you could imagine what is impossible, that Its motion would pause for even second, then you might see the cosmos come to a screeching halt.  All life would end, since the conservation of everything that exists in Heaven or on earth depends on that Motion.”


When I came down from Heaven onto the earth as the Word and Son of the Father, I stepped away from Our Primal Motion.  Yet even though I left, I stayed with Him nonetheless.  The Father and the Holy Spirit came down with Me, knowing that I would never act without them.  We coexisted in the world while seated on Our majestic throne in the celestial realm.”


When I left, the immense power of My Love came down with Me.  My incredible Love is never satisfied unless It can take My Life and replicate It within each and every creature.  It formed multiple versions of My Life within everything everywhere.  Having broad powers over My Immensity, My Love filled It with so many parallel instances of My Life that everyone could have one for themselves.  To honor and glorify Our Divinity It replicated yet another Divine Life each time We brought someone or something out into the light of day.”


Our Love compensated Us for the Work of Creation by multiplying Our Life over and over again.  Moreover, It repaid Us with interest by giving Us something extra for each of Our Works.  Our Divinity is captivated by the ingenious strategies of Our Love.  It swells with rapture at the sight of all Our parallel Lives being spread throughout Creation.”


Apart from Our Love, nothing is immense enough to embrace them all.  My Life is at the center of an immense parameter that holds the innumerable Lives being distributed there.  Once We have embraced all these Lives, they engage with each other and everything else so they can offer Us their love in the hope of being loved even more in return.”


I was surprised to hear this, and before I could ask Him, my sweet Jesus had a response.


He said, “Don’t be surprised, My daughter.  Once We begin operating on one of Our works, We always complete the task so that no one can complain, ‘He didn’t do this for me.  If He did, I would have His Life all to myself.’  A creature doesn’t really love something unless it belongs to her and she has it under her control.”


Take the sun for example, because that is also one of the Works We created.  It became light for the eyes, completely filling them.  Moreover, that same light allows her to work with her hands and it lets her see where she can put her feet when she’s walking.  In this way, every creature and created thing can say, ‘The sun is mine.’ 


Though the center of the sun is high above the atmosphere, light departs from it while remaining within its fiery globe.  Its disk of light flood the earth, illuminating everyone and everything.  Even the littlest among flowers has it all to herself as does the tiniest blade of grass.  The sun is not life, yet it has light to give with all the good things that it can do for the rest of Creation.”   


Our Divinity is both Life and the Author of life.  So when I descended from Heaven to earth I had to act in a thorough way that was entirely complete and whole.  Beyond the sun, I show My Life by multiplying it into many Lives so that everyone in Heaven and on earth could possess My Life.  Otherwise such Work would not be worthy Our Wisdom and Infinite Love.”


When He stopped talking, I continued thinking about the birth of my little Baby Jesus.  Then He spoke again.


He said, “Little daughter of My Will, the celebration over My Birth began the Feast of My Divine Will.  As the Angels were singing, ‘Glory to God in the highest and peace on earth to men of good will,’ all Creation joined them in their festivities.  My birth brought true glory to Our Divinity in the high heavens.”


True peace shall come to mankind when they have acknowledged My Will and the reign of Its Dominion over them.  Only then will they know My Will as the highest good.  They will they feel Its Divine Power when Heaven and earth sing together, ‘Glory to God in the highest Heavens, and Peace on earth for men who live by Divine Will.’  All good things will abound in these men, and they will have True Peace.”


I sat in silence thinking about the birth of the infant King Jesus and then I spoke to Him.


I said, ‘Dear little Baby, tell me what You felt when You saw how indifferent humans were to Your Great Love?’ 


My Jesus answered me.


He said, “My daughter, if I had taken into account human ingratitude towards My Great Love for them, I would have made My way back to Heaven in sadness.  Rather than a festival of Love, it would have been as though a mournful wake.”


To make My paramount works more beautiful, I celebrate them with a luminous manifestation of My Love with great and glorious pageantry.  I ignore their ingratitude, leaving behind the misery of sin and human weakness while I celebrate My greatest works as if nothing else existed.”


If I had been preoccupied with the evils of humankind, I couldn’t have performed such great works.  I would never have sent My Love out onto the field.  I would have held back, suffocating in My own Love.” 


I wanted to work in freedom so I could make them as beautiful as possible.  I had to set everything aside and cover them up with My Love, leaving nothing else visible other than My Will.  I set out with My Greatest Works and performed them as if no one had ever offended Me.  For glory’s sake , I could let nothing offend Our dignity or take anything away from the beauty and grandeur of Our Works.”


That’s what I would have you do if you weren’t so preoccupied with your own evil passions and all the troubles you encounter in life.  The more a creature thinks about these things, the weaker she feels.  It’s pitiful how much she feels like she’s drowning in evil as misery presses down on her with ever growing strength.  Just thinking about it makes her weary as weakness feeds upon itself.  So the poor creature continues to fall as the evil around her becomes stronger while her misery turns to starvation.  If she would only stop thinking about them, they would disappear on their own.”


Goodness is completely the opposite.  One good deed leads to another.  One act of loving kindness calls out for more.  Abandoning herself but once in My Will and she feels Divine Life being renewed within her.  The very thought of goodness is food that provides the strength to do more good.”


So I don’t want you to think about anything else but loving Me and living within My Will.  The flames of My Love will consume all your miseries and evil passions.  My Divine Volition will become your Life and use your misery as the platform that will raise Its Throne on high.”


Then I continued my contemplation of the little Newborn Jesus.  It broke my heart to see Him sobbing and wailing like that.  The poor infant kept crying as He shivered in the cold.  In my mind, I placed an ‘I love You’ on each of the little One’s tears to soothe His pain and warm Him so He wouldn’t cry.


Then My Jesus told me about what I was seeing.


He said, “My daughter, I can feel the one who lives by My Will inside My tears as she tries to soothe Me on that cold night so long ago.  She tried her best to stop My crying as I sobbed and wailed in the frigid air.  I could feel her I love Youflowing through My tearful cries and the shivering of My tiny limbs.  Through the Power of My Will that she has in her possession, she turns tears into smiles and conjures heavenly joy from a child’s sobbing cries.  She warms Me with love songs that turn My pains into hugs and kisses.” 


Everything My Humanity does is grafted onto the creature who lives within My Will.  Everything I think about is spliced into her thoughts.  Whether I talk or pray, My words are embedded within her own.  My labors advance through the work of her hands.  Everything I do is grafted onto the creature, making her a replicate of My Life.  When I look at My Divine Will within the creature, I can see My Power and Sanctity in her.  Since My whole Life is grafted onto hers, I can do whatever I want with her.” 


I can work wonders of many kinds when I encounter My Will within the creature.  I came upon the earth to cover all things with My Love.  I came to drown evil itself and consume everything in the flames of My Love.  It is only right and just that I should repay My Father with Love.  He was owed a great debt of gratitude by creatures, so I had to restore His honor and glory by compensating Him with Love on their behalf.  Otherwise My own Love would find no peace.”


It fills the gap between the honor and glory He has been given and what is still owed.  It takes a great deal of Love to compensate a Divinity Who has created a Heaven above this sun, wind and sea bordered by florid, verdant earth.  His creature have been blessed with this and so much else without even so much as a simple Thank You’ in return for the abundance they have received.  She has taken the good things We made, so she’s either a shameless ingrate or a thief.”


My Love rushed here and there, frantically trying to fill the gap between Creator and creature.  It gave Itself to My Celestial Father in lieu of payment.  My Love had to redeem the debts incurred by generations of humankind.  That’s the only way the Life of My Divine Will could be returned to them.”


My Love had to replicate Itself for each and every Life that It would ransom.  It’s worth so much that It can afford to ransom everyone and repatriate whatever It wants.  My Love has already paid for your freedom, so you belong to Me.  Now let Me enjoy having you.”





December 28, 1937

Just as the Redemption served to rescue the residences, the Kingdom of My Will will serve to rescue and return them to the One Who had Created them.  How in every act done in the Divine Will God Creates His Divine Life.


As I contemplated Divine Will, many heart-rending scenes unfolded before my mind’s eye.  I saw my Jesus suffering and crying as He prayed that He might be the Life of every creature.  There was a crowd of handicapped children around Him who were either deaf, blind, crippled, paralyzed or covered with sores.  It was a pitiful sight to behold.


Only My sweet Jesus can love like that.  He hurries forward and goes from one child to the next for a hug, holding each one of them close to His heart.  When He cures a child with the healing power of His hands, He speaks softly into their heart to soothe them, saying, “I love you, My child.  “My child, I Love you.  Take My Love and give Me yours and I will heal you.”


You Love us so much, my dear Jesus.  You are my Life!”  I was scorched by the flames of His Spirit, then smothered in His Love.


I was jarred from my reverie by the sound of His voice.


He said, “Little daughter, let Me pour out My Love.  I can’t hold It back any longer.  It’s so hard to love and not be loved in return.  Having no one to surprise with My Love is unspeakably painful for Our Supreme Being.”


I came upon earth to rescue My habitat.  Mankind is My dwelling place, the residence I built with so much Love.  Since it had to be palatial enough to dignify My Presence, I consulted the creative art of My Power and Wisdom.  This residence was a masterpiece of Love shaped by Our Divine Hands.  But when Our house became detached from its foundation inside Our Will, it collapsed into darkened ruins, a den of iniquity for thieves and criminals.  It was extremely painful to watch.” 


Now My Life has returned to salvage My residence.  Its restoration will be a labor of Love, just as it was when first built.  It was Our house and it’s worthwhile saving so We can live there again.”


I used every imaginable technique possible to save the residence We cherished so much.  I spent My Life making it sturdier, erecting it over new cement foundation.  I poured all My Blood on it to wash the filth off what was left.  It took My Death to restore its Life so it could be a residence worthy of the One Who created it.  Then, having used up everything We had to save Our home, it was only right that We should also rescue the King Who was to reside there.”


But Our Love was came to a screeching halt half way through the race.  The course was blocked off and parts of it weren’t even there anymore.  Even so, the Kingdom of Our Will must rescue the Fiat rejected by creatures and escort It to the entrance of Its abode.  Only then may It reign as sovereign over the dominions that are Its rightful property.”


Saving all these houses wouldn’t be worthwhile to Our Creative Wisdom, if We left the One Who’s supposed to live in them wandering around outside without a Kingdom and the Dominions around It.  To save the house and not yourself would be absurd.  There’d be no one to live in it.  But that would imply that We haven’t the Power to save Ourselves.  Nonsense!  If We had the Power to save Our Creative Work, We would certainly have the Power to save the Life residing within Our Works.” 


Yes, We shall have Our Kingdom, and   We’ll perform unprecedented miracles to have It!  Our Love will finish the course.  It won’t stop half way.  It will break these shackles and continue the race, bringing the healing ointments for those wounded by human will.  Then We’ll decorate their mansions with Divine regalia.”


With Its Imperial Power, It directs Our Fiat back into Its Royal Palace as reigning Sovereign with all Its rights in full effect.  If the Kingdom of My Will were not assured, there would be no reason to fix up and restore the mansions.  My daughter, you still don’t understand very well what ‘not doing Our Will’ means.  Creatures take away all Our Rights and then they strangle most of Our Divine Lives.” 


Our Love was so great that We wanted to create Ourselves anew in everything the creature does.  It’s still as strong as ever, with the same desire to known and loved through her activities.  We want an ongoing mutual exchange of Life between creature and Creator as originally planned.  But it can’t be done without Our Will.  Only the Power and Wisdom of Our Volition can prepare the creature to receive Our Divine Life.  That will put Our Love on course towards creating Ourselves anew within the creature’s activities.”


The actions she performs within Our Will become an irresistible attraction that pulls Us inside her.  When We look at Our reflection inside the creature, Our overwhelming Love forces Us to create Our Life anew within her.”


I wish you could truly know what it means to create Our Life.  Such an expression of Love is so strong that Our Love emphatically declares, ‘The creature is letting Us live Our Life in everything she does!’”


This reflection of Our Love is just as strong as the Original.  The holiness We see within her has the same sanctity as Ours and her glory is just as great.  We wait there in anxious vigil until her actions can be repeated over and over again within Our Will so they can multiply Our Life.  We want to live through her activities so We can love and glorify Ourselves from within them.”


Only then can We live up to the full range and scope of Creation so that everything We made will serve Us as intended.  Even the least, most insignificant act of the creature replicates Our Life.  Each and every one of them is an expression of Our Love.  Having the creature live through Our Volition means everything to Us, and just as much for the creature.”





January 2, 1938

In the Divine Will, miseries and weaknesses turn into the Most Beautiful Conquests. 

All that is done in the Divine Volition

is first formed in Heaven. 

The entire Celestial Court participates,

and these Acts descend to benefit the earth.


I continued my meditations as I was flying through Divine Volition.


I thought, “Living within Divine Will all the time hardly seems possible under these circumstances.  There are so many close encounters with misery and weakness to consider.  Yet even in times of affliction, Divine Will floods the world with Light.  It wants to set everything on fire until there’s nothing left but Its Will.  It won’t let anything get between Creator and creature other than Love.  My dear Jesus is always stands guard over my thoughts so that nothing passes through except His Will.”


He said, “My good daughter, I am so jealous about the one who lives in My Will that I won’t tolerate a single barren thought coming in to sap her strength.  God decides who comes to live in My Will, but that creature must be just as determined.  Her decision is invigorated by new Life and an innovative form of Divine Power that makes her invincible when the evils enmeshed in life’s circumstances come to challenge her.”


Once We decide, it’s done and can’t be changed.  We are not here to negotiate with children who play without the burden of any serious decision making.  We only choose those who We know will persevere.  We are more than willing to give her whatever help she needs so she won’t give up.”


It doesn’t matter how miserable she feels when faced with the evils of human weakness.  They shrivel and die when faced with the Power and Sanctity of My Will.  They taste the sting of death and flee in panic.  Such miseries can’t get into a human will that is submerged in My Will.  Nothing gets in unless it is there to do what I want.”


My Will can even make misery serve Its purpose.  It often uses one obstacle to overcome another, turning them both into glorious conquests.  It superimposes Its Life on them to form Its Kingdom.  Declaring the triumph of Its dominion over them, It enlists every weakness into Its forces and leads them on to Victory.”


For someone who Lives within My Will, everything must be an expression of the most beautiful Love a creature can give to the One Who forms her life.  We use every brick, stone available.  We recycle every bit of left over material to build a beautiful house for him.  Then, before she comes to live in Our Will, We purify everything and cover it all with Our Love.  Once We are done, the only thing We see is Our Love with the creature.  Once Our Love has covered up everything, including her past miseries, she takes her place inside Our Will.  We purify her every time she about to act so that Our Will can go in and make whatever It wants out of her.”


My daughter, there are no judges or verdicts in My Will.  There is such great purity and sanctified order in the way We do things that everyone should bow their heads in adoration for all that We do.  There’s no reason to sacrifice you peace of mind over misery no matter what the circumstances.  Leave everything to the Mercy of My Will.  It can them all into great spectacles of Love.”


He paused for a moment and then continued.


He said, “My daughter, everything the creature does within My Divine Will has already been shaped in Heaven where the Eternal Day knows nothing of the night.  The entire Celestial Court is aware beforehand that there is a creature on earth who will take refuge in her Celestial Fatherland.  Knowing that It is already hers, they are only waiting to see what she will do there.  Everything she will do enters the very core of My Fiat calling upon It’s creative Power to take this opportunity and operate through her actions.”


She enters through Divine Will and is welcomed by the Most Holy Trinity.  They arrange everything about her until she is in perfect harmony with It.  They sustain the act she is about to perform by breathing into it their Creative Power.  They make her actions into such great wonders that everyone in Heaven is overcome with great happiness and joy.  All the Celestial Regions resound with voices singing in perfect harmony, ‘Thank you, thank you for allowing us this great honor.  We behold Your Will as spectators while It operates through an act of a creature.’”


Heaven expands with even more happiness and joy.  Spellbound, they lift their grateful voices and together they call out to her, ‘We welcome you.’  Such an exemplary celestial creature feels God’s Love multiplied as she is inundated by new seas filled with Grace.” 


She rises up to Heaven with the action she is to perform so God can work wonders on them, and then she returns with it as someone who bears all that God has done through her.  She floods the earth and fills all Creation with it so that everyone can enjoy the glory in these marvelous wonders done by Divine Fiat while It operating through the act of a creature.  This is the greatest homage, the love and glory she renders by allowing Us to do whatever We want in everything she does.”


We can do the greatest wonders without anyone’s help.  We didn’t ask anyone’s advice about Creation.  We just did It.  No one even had to mention It, yet We created all sorts of wonderful things nonetheless.  All We needed was a refuge for all the great wonders We intended to create.”


Now We have someone who can show Us by all the various things she does, even the least significant ones that come most natural to her.  Nature belongs to Us and We can use whatever We want to do marvelous things with the life of a creature.  The more Our Love gets a taste for it, the more Our Power exalts in performing the greatest wonders within the tiny circle of human activity rather than outside.”


Actually, these are all just pretexts.  We are always looking out for an opportunity to do this.  We have been yearning so long to say, ‘She gave herself to me, and I provided for her, giving Myself unreservedly.  As small as she truly is, she didn’t hold back anything for herself.  So it’s only right that I should give her everything, even My very Being.’”





January 7, 1938

One who Lives in the Divine Volition forms the refuge for the Life of the Divine Will. 

The ‘I love you’ as refreshment for the Divine Love. 

How God feels obliged toward one who Lives in His Will.


As my poor little mind was flowing through Divine Volition, I could see how anxious It was about Its one desire.  If only the creature would come to live with It.  It would be so happy to have her loving It with Its own Love.  The least she could do would be to capture Its anxiety and ardent sighs within her soul and say, “I am here with You.  I will never leave You alone.  I will soother Your Love’s anxiety and make You happy.” 


Just as I was thinking this, my dear sweet Jesus came to visit my poor little soul.  His Love was so immense that His adorable Heart was about to explode. 


He said, “My dearest daughter, those in Heaven, together with all creatures on earth, are wrapped and sealed in the intensity of Our Love.  Our Volition is rapidly flowing through every fiber of her being.  Every molecule in her body is constantly being flooded by It.  It fills her so fast and furiously that nothing remains but the Life of Our Will.  There’s nary a breath of anything else left behind.  Our fervent Love is so overheated that It asks for a little refreshment from the creature to quench the great thirst of Its immense Love.”


There’s only one thing that can bring relief to the totality of Our intense and fulsome Love, the creature’s I love You.’  She gives Us another cool refreshment every time she says it.  Her I love You’ comes right into the midst of Our Flames and tramples them, crushing the embers with her feet until they go out.  Then she hands Us a cool sweet beverage, saying, ‘I love You, I love You.  You Love me because You want Love in return, and I am here to love you.’” 


HerI love Youfinds its way inside Our Intensity and opens up little space all for itself.  From there this creature’sI love Yourevitalizes Our own.  A drink like this is so refreshing.  It soothes Our feverish Love and calms Our raving delirium.”


My daughter, unrequited Love builds a damn on Its natural course that blocks the flow of Our Love.  Having to hold that much Love inside Us is painful enough without having to face the hardheartedness of unrequited Love.  There’s nothing We can do but go out searching for someone who loves Us.  Her I love you is so sweet and refreshing.  We would give her anything to have it.”


We find refuge for Our Life in the creature who lives in Our Will.  We are constantly exchanging Our Life for hers, accumulating them one by one with each transaction.  We can do whatever We want with them so We give them away as only God can do.  Having someone live within in Our Will gives Us a safe house for the theater of Our Works.  There Our Love can relax and enjoy the refreshments brought to Us by all Creation.”


She has everything We want in a creature.  We Love her a lot, and We’d give anything to prove It, whatever she wants.  Every act she performs from within Our Will is another chain forged of Love binding Us to her.  We have an obligation, considering all she gives Us.  We’d give Our Life, Our Works, Our Love and Our very Will.  Don’t underestimate Us.” 


Her generosity is so exuberant that We could never repay her without the Power of Our Divinity.  Our Love would never allow Itself to be outdone by a mere creature.  It keeps coming up with new ways to get what We want.  Our best strategy is to give her Our Life as many times as necessary.  One way or another, We’ll get what We want.  We’ll do whatever it takes to win her over.”


Our Love is emphatic when It declares, ‘You are My happiness and joy.  I have no choice but to give you air so you can breathe.  I’m obliged to breathe in and out with you.  The sun pours its light into My hands so I can give it to you.  I’ll never leave you alone.  I will stay here with you forever.  Food, water, air, food, I’ll bring everything to you with My own hands so you’ll know that I take My obligations seriously.  Then I’ll watch what goes on with them so I can do the same.  It will be just as I if I were doing it all for both of us.”


While I’m watching her take them in, she says, ‘From here within Your Will, I accept everything You give me as proof that I love You.  I want to love and glorify You with your own Will,’


No words can express the relief I feel when she tries to repay Me.  I allow it of course, but then I always come up with another surprise just to prove how much more I Love her.  So please, make Me happy.  Live heart to heart with Me as both beat in time with My Will.  It’s a joy having you with Me.  You and I will be so happy together.”





January 10, 1937

The first Sermon that the little King Jesus preached to the children of Egypt. 

How each of them had

within his heart the Celestial Father,

who Loved them

and wanted to be Loved.


As I was making my rounds through Divine Fiat, my sincere hope was that not one of the Acts It had done in Creation or Redemption would escape my attention.  I was worried that if I didn’t recognize one of them, I’d miss a chance to show my love for it with hugs and kisses. 


I wanted to hold each one of them close to my heart and keep them all for myself.  Divine Volition would not be pleased if the creature who Lives in It couldn’t recognize all of Its Activities.  After all that It had done for her, It would surely be disappointed if It couldn’t find a little ‘I love You from Its beloved within everything It did. 


I arrived in Egypt just as the Celestial Child was learning how to walk.  As I watched Him taking His first baby steps, I kissed the ground and placed my ‘I love You’ under each of His tiny footprints.  Then I asked for His Will to take Its first steps towards every generation of humankind.


I did my best to follow Him in everything He did.  So I prayed with Him until He started crying.  Then I begged His Will to draw their prayers into Itself and irrigate them with His tears so the Life of Its Fiat would grow within the human family.


I was so intent on following Him in everything He had done that I was startled when the Infant King came to visit my poor little soul.


He said, “Daughter of My Will, I’m happy as long as I’m sure that the creature won’t leave Me alone.  I can feel her presence behind Me, in front of Me, and in everything I do.”


My exile in Egypt had its conquests.  When I was about three years old, living there in our little shack, I could hear children playing and shouting outside in the street.  I wasn’t too little to go out and play with them, so I went.”


As soon as they saw Me, they ran over and gathered around Me, nudging each other trying to get close.  They were astonished at My beauty and captivated by My gaze.”


When I spoke, My voice sounded so sweet to them that they melted inside.  They had all fallen in love with Me.  They jostled all around Me and I couldn’t get away.  I loved them too, so I gave My first sermon to these kids, speaking in a way that only little children could understand.”


True Love has no choice but to make Itself understood.  It wants to make them happy both in the world of time and for all eternity.  It was their innocence that made it easy for them to understand Me.”


During My Sermon I said to them, ‘Listen to Me My children.  I Love you very much.  I want to tell you about your Origin.  Look up at Heaven.  Your Celestial Father is up there and He loves you very much.  Yet He wants to do so much more than just being a loving Father watching over you from Heaven.”


He guides you, He has created the sun and sea for you before making the earth a garden filled with flowers to make you happy.  But His Love was so exuberant that He came down into your hearts so He could build a Royal Palace in the depths of your soul and live there as the willing captive who makes your life sweet.”


From there He sets the rhythm of your heartbeat and breathing as He moves through your being.  You find yourself ambling as He walks, anticipating every step you take.  He works with your little hands and speaks through your voice.”


He loves you so much as you move and walk that He follows to give you a little kiss or a gentle squeeze.  We wants to give you a big hug and hold you up in triumph as one of His own dear children.” 


There are so many more hugs and kisses from the Heavenly Father that remain hidden in mystery.  But creatures are so oblivious that their lips do not meet His kiss.  They don’t respond to His fatherly embrace.  He is sad when His children don’t give Him hugs and kisses.”


So He tells them, ‘My dear children, your Celestial Father wants you to remember that He lives inside you.  He has His own palace in the center of your soul.  He gives you all that you have and more.  He didn’t forget a thing.  All He wants is for you to put your love into everything you do.’


So love Him.  Let love be always on your lips, within your little hearts and in everything you do.  For your Father, that would be like giving Him delicious food.’


He Loves you very much and wants you to love Him too.  Nobody can ever love you as much as He loves you.  You have been given a father on earth, but the Celestial Father’s Love is very different.  Your earthly father doesn’t always follow you in every step you take, nor does he sleep within your soul at night.  His life doesn’t beat within your heart like Mine does.


If you fall down, he might not even know anything about it.  But your Celestial Father never leaves you.  Just as you are about to fall, He stretches out His hand and holds you up.  He watches out for you whether you are asleep or outside playing, even when you’ve been naughty.  He’s always with you and knows everything you do.  For this you should love Him very, very much.’


As My excitement grew I said to them, ‘I want you to promise that you will always, always love Him!  Repeat after Me, ‘We love You, our Father who art in Heaven.  We love You, the Father who dwells within our hearts!”’


My daughter, some of the children were quite moved by My Words, others were in rapture.  Some of them squeezed as close as they could to Me and wouldn’t let go.  I made sure that they could feel the Heavenly Father’s Life pulsing within their little hearts.  They began to celebrate, rejoicing that their Father was no longer so far away, but deep inside their own hearts.”


After giving them a pep-talk to bolster their courage enough so they could go back out into the world, I blessed My children.  Restoring the creative talents We had given them as an inheritance, We invoked the Father’s Power with the Son’s Wisdom and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Then I told them, ‘Go now, it’s getting late.  You can always come back later.’  So they left.”


Whenever they came back to see Me over the following days, there were throngs of children crowding around Me.  They had even set a lookout to spy on Me and she passed the word whenever I came out.  Everybody wanted to know what was going on around our little shack.”


When I went outside they would clap their hands and start celebrating.  There was so much shouting that My Mom would come out the door to see what was happening.  She would stand there in rapture, watching her Son speaking with so much natural grace to these kids.  Her Heart was bursting with Love as She witnessed the first fruits of My Life on earth.”


Of all those children who listened to Me, not a single one was lost.  They knew that they had their Father buried deep inside their hearts like a treasure that was worth enough to purchase a Celestial Fatherland.  Moreover, this same Father who they loved so much was also in Heaven watching over them.”


My daughter, this sermon that I gave while still a baby to the children of Egypt was the foundation, the very essence of man’s creation.  It holds an indispensable doctrine of the highest sanctity.  It is making Love arise with every moment that passes between Creator and creature.” 


It’s so painful to watch so many little lives that don’t know anything about God’s Life within their souls.  They are left to grow without their Divine Paternity, as if they were orphans left all alone in the world.  They won’t know how much Love is theirs if they can’t feel It.”


There must be some way they can love Me.  The heart is hardened without Love and life is degraded.  These poor kids could end up doing serious crimes.  This is painful for your Jesus, and I want it to be painful for you as well so that you will pray for all of them.  There are so many to be taught that I am in their hearts.  They must know that I love them and I want their love just as much.”





January 16, 1938

How the Divine Will calls the creature in Its Acts in order to donate Its Works to her. 

If the creature answers,

she calls God and receives the Gift.  Exchange of wills between the creatures and God.


Divine Volition is always around me.  Sometimes It calls me onto Its Lap of Light and holds me tight.  When I respond to Its Call and embrace It, I am overwhelmed by It Love yet again.  It gives me so many gifts that I don’t know what to do with them all.  I’m bewildered in the midst of so much generosity and Love.  All I can do is call upon the Holy Will that loves me like this. 


Then my sweet Jesus came to visit my poor little soul.  The tenderness in His voice was indescribable.


He said, “Daughter of My Will, your Jesus is the only one who knows all the secrets of My Fiat.  Being the Father’s Word, I Glorify Myself by narrating all that It has done for creatures with exuberant Love.  It called to you through everything It did in the Works of Creation and Redemption.  If you answered Its Call, saying, ‘Here I am.  What do you want?’  It would give you Its Divine Works as a gift.  But if you didn’t answer, It would keep calling you until you answered.”


When It created Heaven, It called you from above the azure vault, saying, ‘My daughter, come and see how beautiful the Heaven is that I’ve Created.  It’s a gift I made for you.  Take It.  It’s really great.  Yet I can’t give you anything unless you can hear Me.  I’d just be left here holding this gift, calling you over and over again.  But I won’t stop calling until you accept My gift.’ 


Heaven covers such a great expanse that the earth seems like a tiny hole in comparison.  In fact, everyone has his own Heaven.  So I call everyone by name to accept their gift.  But it’s painful for My Will to be calling again and again without being heard.  Meanwhile, they look at Heaven as if it had nothing to do with them.” 


My Will has so much Love for you that when it created the sun, It called out to you in a chorus of voices all made of light.  Then It goes out searching for you and the other creatures, so I can offer It to them as a gift.  Your name is emblazoned in the sun with letters made of Light so I will never forget it.  Its light keeps calling you as it comes down from its globe to reach you.  It’s not enough just to call you from its incandescent sphere on high.  Its Love keeps growing as It comes all the way down to tell you with Its heat and light, ‘Here’s a gift.  I created this sun for you.’  When someone hears, It celebrates that a creature has accepted the sun as a gift from her Creator.”


My Will keeps calling out to you, searching everywhere.  It calls you from the wind, sometimes forcefully, other times It moans plaintively as if It were going to cry, hoping that you will hear and accept Its gentle breeze as a gift.  It calls you from the sea, murmuring, ‘The Sea you hear is a gift that I made for you, hoping that you would accept.  Accept it as My gift to you.’  Even from within the air you breathe and the little songbird flying through it calls out to you, ‘I give you all this as a gift.’


As soon as the soul responds to the call, the gift is given.  Until she responds, these gifts are left suspended between Heaven and earth.  My Will calls out and hopes for a response so that a mutual exchange between Creator and creature may continue.  It announces Itself to raise up an endless Love between Its Fiat and the one who lives within It.  Divine Will calls over and over, but it’s hard to hear unless she lives inside It.  All the while It is calling her through Its Works so that It can be heard in the depths of her soul from both inside and out.”


I have called you into the acts of My Humanity so often, and I’m still calling you.  When I was conceived, I called out to you so I could give you My Conception as a gift.  When I was first born, My call sounded like a little child moaning in the silent night.  They it grew louder until I was wailing at the top of my lungs.  I was hoping that a baby’s crying would move you to compassion and that you might answer Me soon.  I wanted to give you the Gift of My Birth through My tears as I moaned and wailed.”


When My Celestial Mama swaddled Me in a baby blanket, I wanted you wrapped up inside with Me.  I called you with each word I spoke and every step I took.  My pain called out to you as suffered.  Every drop of blood I shed was mournful plea.  My last breath on the cross offered you everything as a Gift.  I wanted to keep you safe by taking you with Me into the hands of My Celestial Father.” 


I called for you everywhere so I could give you all that I had done.  I poured out My Love so you would know how I feel about you.  I wanted My captivating voice to bring a sweet intoxication into the depths of your heart.  My mystic voice creates, enthralls and conquers.  It waits for you to answer, ‘Here I am.  Tell me what you want, my Jesus.’  The sound of your voice should respond to My Love with a promise that you will accept My gifts so I can say, ‘‘I have been heard.  My daughter acknowledges Me with her love.’”


Our Love might seem excessive to you, but to love without being loved in return is unbearable.  No one can endure being ignored forever.  They would lose their will to live.  So We continue Our folly in this game of Love so that Our Love may live to finish the race.” 


His voice grew more emphatic as He continued talking about His Love.


He said, “Our sighs follow one another, driven by Our anxious desire to have the creature stay with Us and never leave.  In fact, We want to give her Our own Will.  If We give her Our Will, there’s no limit to the good things We can provide for her.” 


So, once We have drowned her in Our Love, Beauty, Sanctity and all Our other attributes, We will say, ‘We have given you so much, and you have offered Us nothing in return.’  The creature will be stunned by her humiliation because she has nothing to give Us.  She knows that even if she had anything to give, it was already Ours to begin with.  Then she’ll have no choice but to look at her own human will and set it down before her Creator in homage. That would be a beautiful sight to behold.”


If she were to give Us her will over and over again, moment by moment, We would give her merit for as many times as she gave it up.  It would be as if she had given Us yet another human will every time she let go of it.  Every time she does that, We can give her Our Will so that Our Sanctity and Love may multiply along with all Our other Attributes.”


When I heard this, I said, ‘My dear Jesus, to receive such merit each time I give You my will is such a favorable exchange that I feel that I am constantly being endowed with vast wealth.  What’s in it for You?’


He just smiled and said, “To you goes the merit, and to Me the advantage of being given all the Glory of My Divine Will.  Every time I give It to you, the Divine Glory that I receive from the creature is doubled and multiplied tenfold, a hundredfold.  Then I can say, ‘She gives Me everything she has, and I give her all that is, or was, or ever shall be.’”   





January 24, 1938

How our Lord left for Heaven

remaining on earth in the tabernacles,

to accomplish the Kingdom

of the Divine Will. 

One who Lives in the Divine Will

can say with Jesus: 

“I leave and I stay.”


My flight through Divine Volition continues nonstop.  As I was visiting my dear Jesus in His sacramental form, I imagined that I was embracing each Eucharistic Host in every tabernacle all over the world.  I wanted to be His cellmate wherever He was being held prisoner.


I thought, “It’s an enormous sacrifice on His part being incarcerated like this for even a day, let alone centuries.  The least we could do is compensate Him for His time.”


That’s when my beloved Jesus came to visit my poor little soul.  He was surrounded by the flames of His Love.


He said, “My good daughter, Love was the first prison to hold Me.  My cell was so confining that I barely had room to breathe.  My Heart was so constricted that I couldn’t get any work done outside the prison of My Love.  So I was transferred to another prison, the tabernacle of My Love.  It had surely acted with the foresight of the loftiest Divine Wisdom.”


The chains of My Love dragged Me down from Heaven for My Incarnation.  I came down upon the earth to search for My brothers and sisters who are also My children.  I was sent to build innumerable prisons of Love that would be impossible to escape.  Yet even though I left, I was still in Heaven because the prison of My Love kept Me from leaving the Celestial Regions altogether.”


Once My Mission on earth was accomplished, I went back to Heaven without ever leaving as the Sacramental Host imprisoned in so many tabernacles. Yet being imprisoned by My Love was sweet.” 


“My Love said to Me, ‘The purpose for your descent from Heaven to earth is still waiting to be fulfilled.  The Kingdom of Our Will on earth does not exist.  No one seems to have ever heard about It.  So for now, You remain here as a prisoner within each Sacramental Host.  That’s how the singular Humanity of Jesus can be present in every Sacramental Host that will ever be consecrated.’


In a fury of Love, all of these myriad Lives will make their way towards Divinity from within each heart that will ever receive You sacramentally.  Moreover, each of these Lives will have a few words to say about Our Will so that creatures might know something about It.  They will not be deaf to It when It comes down into every heart.  They will hear It loud and clear when It whispers thunderously into the secret recesses of their heart, telling them about Our Fiat.  My Love will say to them, ‘You shall be the standard bearer of Our Kingdom.’’ 


I acknowledge that the demands of My Love are right and just by continuing My Life on earth.  It is here I shall establish the Kingdom of Will, and stay here I will until My Work is completely done.”


When I returned to Heaven, My Life remained in the millions of Sacramental Hosts held in tabernacles all around the world.  From there they do what must be done to build the Kingdom of My Will.  That much is certain or I wouldn’t have stayed.  Being held hostage this way is a much greater sacrifice than giving My mortal Life to ransom creatures.  From there I would shed tears in secret and let out bitter sighs as I was devoured by the flames of Love surrounding Me.”


I want souls to be consumed by My Love so that others may come into My Divine Volition and be raised to New Life.  Its Kingdom will arise from the Center of My Love.  It will incinerate all the evils of the world, relying only on Itself.  Armed with infinite Power, It will go from victory to victory until It wins this Kingdom wherein creatures may live under Our sovereign reign.”


But I didn’t want to be imprisoned in solitary confinement.  The flames of My Love rose higher and forced Me to imprison you in chains so strong that you could never escape.  My Love poured Itself out to provide Me with company during My imprisonment.  That way I could talk to you extensively about My Will and how It sighs in anxious desire for Its sovereign reign.”


It gives My Love an opportunity to address the Supreme Majesty and say, ‘We have taken a creature from the human race as prisoner.  We talk about Our Will so she can let the others know that It is about to extend the Dominion of Its Kingdom.  Our captive negotiates on behalf of the whole human family, so this Kingdom will be Ours by right.”


Each instance of My Sacramental Life that I give you is a payment that is more than sufficient to secure Our Kingdom for My children.  Over and above these payments, My Love insists on adding as a bonus, this simple creature who has shared the burden of My Imprisonment.  She will strengthen the bond between Creator and creature so that We may accomplish Our goal, that the Kingdom of Our Will on earth be firmly established among creatures.”


My constant prayer reaches out from within each tabernacle so that the creatures may know My Will and submit to Its Sovereign Reign.  I send up the tears and sighs of My suffering to Heaven so that Divinity might be moved to concede a blessing so great as this.  I send the same tears of My suffering into every heart so that creatures may be moved by compassion to surrender themselves so that they might receive what is for them the ultimate good.”


When He was silent, I mused over what He had said.


I thought, “By making Himself a prisoner, my dear Jesus performed an act of heroism so great that only God could attempt it.  Yet even while a prisoner, He was still free in Heaven where He enjoys complete freedom.  Even from there He appears on earth to visit Me unveiled by His Sacramental Presence.”


But my pitiful existence in this prison is too much to bear.  He’s really overdone it.  He knows how confined I feel in such a narrow prison cell and how hard it is to be chained down like this.  I cannot be like Him, a prisoner Who is also free.  I am never paroled from this prison.  My captivity just goes on and on.”


I was still fretting about this when He started talking again.


He said, “My poor daughter, you have been given a chance to share in My Destiny.  When My Love decides to do what is Good, It does not hold back.  It spares no pain or declines any sacrifice.  My Love won’t hear about anything else.”


Since Its sole purpose is to make goodness arise, I was no other option than doing what I did.  This was not just about some random goodness.  It’s about the Kingdom of Divine Will to be established on earth as It is in Heaven.  Nothing else, no matter how great and good, can compare to this.  All the other good things We do for creatures are like so many tiny drops in a vast sea, flickering sparks before the face of the sun.”


So don’t be surprised if I’ve overdone it as you say.  Your lengthy sentence in prison was necessary for My Love.  It needed you to keep Me company and list to what I say.  These revelations about My Will are essential for Me.  I have to make sure that everybody knows about It.  Whenever I say something to you about It, My Love offers compensation by freeing you from the shackles of your own human will.  It sets you free in verdant fields within the dominions that make up the Kingdom of My Will.”


All knowledge is directed toward this purpose.  It unchains the creature from her self-will, the source of her human passions and all the misery that goes with them.  You should thank Me for everything I have done to you for your own good.  My Love knows the best way to compensate you.  It will take into account every breath you take, and every second of your incarceration.”


After that I continued meditating on the Wonders of Divine Volition until my beloved Jesus came back.


He said, “Daughter of My Will, when describing how I came down from Heaven and walked the earth, I told you, ‘Though I leave, I remain with you nonetheless.’  Then as I ascended into Heaven I said, ‘I am still here with you even as I leave the earth beneath Me.’ 


My Word repeats upon descending as a Eucharistic Sacrament for the benefit of creatures, ‘Though I leave, I remain here in tabernacles all over the world.’  The creature who Lives within My Will can say what was said by My Word in everything she does.  As soon as she begins to act, I appear in the form of whatever she is doing.  My Life has the power to multiply infinitely and do so as many times as It wants.”


So in all truth, she can say, ‘I leave, yet I stay.  I leave for Heaven in beatitude even as I am coming home to let everyone know how my dear Jesus works.  He expresses Himself through my actions so that they can all enjoy His presence and show their love for Him.  I remain here on earth, living to defend and support all my brothers and sisters.’  A single Act of My Will can stun with Its beauty.”





January 30, 1938

All that is done by one who Lives

in the Divine Will

acquires Divine Nature. 

Its Prodigies in Creating the Divine Life within the human act. 

Feast for the whole of Heaven. 

The True Return for the Creation.


As my poor little mind swam in the Sea of Divine Volition, I listened to Its constant murmuring.  There’s something very special about the sound of Love murmuring to souls from a Sea of mysterious light.  It enters into Its children, hoping to reigns as their sovereign within.


It uses every strategy in this game of Love to entice them back into the Light within the very same Womb that delivered them.  In a voice filled with pain and longing, It says, “My children, let Me be your sovereign ruler.  Once filled with Grace, you will remember that you are children of the Celestial Father.”


My mind was lost in this Divine Sea when my dear Jesus came to visit me for a little while.  He is the source of all Goodness Who brings sweetness to my life.


He said, “Little daughter of My Divine Volition, My Will sighs with great anxiety as It waits to rule as sovereign over everything the creature does.  It always on the lookout for a soul who will call It Primal Action into her own endeavors.  The feast begins as soon as she calls.  It runs toward the creature and breathes Creative Power into what she is about to do so that her deeds naturally unfold as Acts of Divinity.”


The creature can appreciate the nature of this Divine Love that fills her when she realizes that It’s all around her.  It flows like blood through her veins, pumping through her heart with every beat deep into the hidden marrow of her bones.  Her entire being becomes an expression of Its Love.”

The convergence of Divine Nature with human activity is the greatest miracle ever to be done by My Will.  Yet It gives only what It has full possession over, and that is Love.  It can never stop loving.  It is happy not seeing or feeling anything but Love.  My Will established her in the Divine Order by making Love an integral part of her nature so there would be complete harmony between God and creature.” 


My Will threw the creature into Our Maze of Love.  When she adores Us, Divine Strength rushes in to make her adoration second nature.  When she blesses Us in thanksgiving, her gratefulness assumes an aspect of Our Divinity.  From then on, the creature has a natural ability to bless and adore the Supreme Majesty in thanksgiving.  The Divine Nature My Will bestows upon the creature enables her activity to continue on relentlessly forever and always.”


She is then always at Our beck and call.  Our Love has found the one who loves It with Its own Love.  Having found her, whenever It needs to pour out Its excess, It opens the dam gates until she too is overflowing with Love.  Our Majesty finds Its own Eternal Adoration in the creature who can say Thank You’ andI bless You’ in a way that is truly Divine.”


We have found someone who can present Ourselves to Us.  We love this creature who is the pinnacle of Celestial Being so much that We are constantly giving her whatever We want.  For Us, giving is a beatitude far beyond happiness.”


Those who do not live through Our Volition can only force Us to be idle, and utterly bored.  There’s a limit to what We can give them only because We wouldn’t know where to put it.  If We gave them something, We’d be afraid they would lose it.  Besides, it would be a waste to give them so much, since they don’t appreciate what little We have already given them.”


Then His voice sounded even more anxious than before.


He said, “My good daughter, the wonders that are worked by My Fiat through the acts of a creature who lives in It are unprecedented.  When It sees that she is about to act, My Fiat rushes in to take what she intends on doing into Its own hands.  It purifies her action before shaping it and filling it with Light.  Then My Fiat inspects it, to see if her actions can be improved with Sanctity and Beauty.   Then It has to make sure that her actions can fit inside the immensity of Its Being.  Then It checks on how much Power and Love can flow through this particular act of a creature.”


When It has double checked to make sure there’s nothing missing, It hugs and kisses her intention.  Then It pour Itself all over this human endeavor before releasing it with dramatic solemnity to carry Its Love.

Finally Its all-powerful Fiat speaks and is replicated through her ongoing activity.”


The Heavens are enrapt with attention when My Will is about to Operate through an act of a creature.  It’s a moving scene when they are stunned with amazement, enthralled as they exclaim, ‘We didn’t know it was possible for God and His Thrice Holy Will to love so much that He would incarnate Himself in a simple act of a creature.”


My Fiat looks back at what It has done through an act of the creature and is Itself enraptured.  It is delighted to see Its New Life.  Overcome with Indescribable Joy, It prepares a feast for everyone in Heaven as It pours out abundant grace over all the earth.  Such acts shall be acknowledged as My Life, My Primal Action, echoes of My Power, Wonders wrought by My Love.’


Make Me happy, My daughter.  Such Feasts of Creative Power are the Joy of My Creation.  Every time the creature acts, My Life is replicated yet again.  So don’t forget call Me whenever you are about to act.  I will continue to do new things through you that will astonish people all over the world.  Only then will I be repaid and the Glory of all Creation fulfilled.  Heaven and earth shall be filled with a constant stream of New Lives that are all My own.”





February 7, 1938

How God does not Love force

but spontaneity. 

Display of Magnificence,

Splendor and Sumptuousness

that the Divine Volition

will do in those who Live in It. 

How Creation is not finished.


I am subject to the Empire of Divine Volition.  Its Creative Power is strong and Its imperial edicts are sweet to the poor creature who is subjected to It.  Since she agrees with Its Fiat, there is no coercion involved.  She is pleased to have It exercise complete freedom of action.  She says, “I am honored that You want to do something miraculous with a mere a human being.  It’s a privilege to have your Creative Power operating within my poor little soul.”


My mind was focused on receiving the Creative Power of Divine Fiat when I was surprised by my always Adorable Jesus.  He had come for a brief visit and when He spoke to me, His voice was filled with indescribable Love.


He said, “Daughter of My Will, It’s beautiful to see the Creative Power of My Fiat operating.  Its sweetness is so irresistible that It has no use for violent tactics.  Its sweetness makes the creature tranquil enough to enjoy the beauty of Divinity.  It inspires her to say, ‘Make haste, Holy Will, do not delay.  I am languish when You are not operating within me with your Creative Power.’”


My daughter, We have no use for anything that is forced, nor would We ever force the creature’s will.  That’s not the way We operate.  These are human methods that do not apply to Our Works or Our Love.  Everything about Our Will is spontaneous and fulsome.  When We long for something good, We make it so.  Our Works are so full of Grace and Love that there is no equal.  But if the creature does not willingly and spontaneously accept the good things We offer, We do nothing.  Instead, We wait until she hears Our anxious sighs.  When the creature’s Love is ready to accept the Work of her Creator, We move, but not before.”


The Life of Our Will keeps growing within the creature every time she acts in It.  Once My Will has filled her so completely that It means everything to her, We begin to show her Our Love and all the graces that comes with It.  From then on We continue giving her new manifestations of Grace and Love that are sure to surprise her.  She will see the magnificent pageantry and divine splendor on display in this game of Love.” 


Everything We do bears the seal of her Creator’s great bounty.  Even when the soul has been filled with Our Divine Volition, We don’t let up.  We give her everything We have, whatever she wants.  One after another We unfurl an opulent chord of Our Divine Melody every time she acts.  The pomp and fanfare of Our Music will announce the superabundance We have given her.  We are delighted every time she plays another beautiful little sonata using the melodies and chordal harmonic chords of Our Divine Music.”


For the soul who lives within Our Will, the opulence and magnificent pomp We display is more extravagant than anything We did in Creation.  To start with We began with a profusion of abundant Light beyond measure.  As an extension of Heaven Our Fiat adorned the sky with opulent beauty aloft adorned with a profusion of stars.  The opulent splendor We created was so abundant that creatures could never imagine needing anything else.  In fact, everyone could give as much as want without needing to ask for more.”


Only human self-will puts limits and constraints on the creature.  It forbids her to accept My superabundant goodness and casts her down into misery.  So now I am anxiously waiting for My Will to be known by the world so that my children might live there within It.”


There will be such a lavishly opulent display that every soul will be like another Creation made anew, beautiful but each unique and easily distinguished from all the others.  Then I will amuse Myself by working as the Ultimate Architect of her being.  It will be a tour-de-force of My Creative Art.  I have been longing for this to happen.  I want it so much.  I yearn for it.  Creation is not yet finished.  I still have so much to do.  There are so many beautiful works to be done.  O, how I long for this; how I want it; how I yearn for it!  Creation is not finished.  I have yet to do My Most Beautiful Works.”


So let Me get to work, My daughter.  The task that lies ahead is to reveal the Truth about My Divine Will.  I am now the Architect Who will work through you with My Creative Hands so that Truth may live within your soul.  I enjoy this kind of work so much.  The soul is like soft wax in My Hands.  I shaped her into the Life that I want for My daughter.  Now just pay attention and I’ll do the rest.”





February 14, 1938

How the acts of one

who Lives in the Divine Will

are extended for all,

and become the narrators

of the Supreme Being. 

Display of Love. 

How God Created Forgiveness

in Creating the Virgin.


My flight continues through Divine Volition.  I am lost within Its immensity.  It acts with power when It operates through the act of creature.  It wants to fill Heaven and earth with what she has done so that everyone will see what It can do and experience how much It loves.


I was trying to make sense of this when my beloved Jesus came to visit my poor little soul.  He was all goodness when He spoke. 


He said, “My blessed daughter, that My Will’s Love should operate through a creature seems unbelievable.  When It Acts, My Will wants everyone to have the work It has done for themselves.  Its all-powerful breath gives wings to Its performance and sends It flying toward the starry heavens.  Billowing over the windy seas It goes everywhere so that everyone on earth can breathe in what she has done.  Then it flies high up into the Celestial regions so that the Angels and Saints, the Queen Mother, even Our Divinity participates in the act she has performed.”


It works in such a way that everyone can say, ‘I act in concert with her.’  This Love that is My Will wants everyone in on the act so that each of them may be given Its Life.  It wants adorns everything with the ornaments of Its Creative Power so that everyone can take part in It.  Through their participation they are given the Love, Glory and Honor of My Will.  They receive It from each other and all created things.”


My Volition is never satisfied until Its Action has filled everything.  The It proceeds holding the creature aloft in triumph, proclaiming that she is the one who gave It the freedom to operate through her actions so that It may be known and loved by all.  Each of her endeavors is yet another feast celebrating the pure joy of Creation.  We enter into the creature so We can infinitely multiply the immense power, love and glory inherent in the creature’s human activity.”


Actually, there’s really nothing unusual about any of this.  After all, Our Divine Will is already everywhere.  Our Actions that send the acts of the creature flying into Our Volition where they find shelter.  They enter even the tiniest hiding places in everything everywhere and find My Will waiting there.  Her actions repay Us with love on behalf of all Creation.  It’s sweet having her acting just to keep Us company.”


Our Love for the one who decides to live within Our Fiat is exuberant indeed.  We spy on her, keeping an eye out for any activity she might be about to give Us so that Our Creative Power can operate through it.  This creature is a living display of Our Love.  She is an act of Our Power replicating Our Life within a creature.”


I continued making my rounds through Divine Volition as my sweet Jesus transported my puny little human will into the

Creative Act of His Will.  My God, I saw so many bewildering things that my poor mind gets lost in astonishment.  It left me dumbfounded.  I don’t know what else to say. 


Then my always Adorable Jesus came back for a brief visit.  He voice was all goodness when He spoke.


He said, “My good daughter, Our Fiat demonstrates how the wisdom and power of Our Love operates in Creation.  All created thing are filled with Our Love, power, wisdom and indescribable beauty.  These virtues serve as mediators with Our Supreme Being.” 


We did even more when We created the Sovereign Queen.  Displaying Our Qualities was not enough for Our Love.  We wanted to express a piety, tenderness and compassion so profoundly intimate that they would shed tears of Love for Our creatures.  So when Our Fiat proclaimed Her Creation by  calling Her to life, We also created the mercy of forgiveness to reconcile Us with humankind.”


We gave Our Celestial Creature these qualities so that She could be a Mother to creatures and serve as the Mediatrix who would reconcile Our children to Us.  The Sovereign Lady holds entire seas filled with piety, mercy and forgiveness from the tears unleash by Our Love, enough for all generations of humankind.  They would be regenerated by the seas of forgiveness and mercy We created within Her.  She conveyed a piety tender enough to melt the hardest of hearts.”


My daughter, it was only right and just that everything be given to this Celestial Mother.  Since She had already assumed the Sovereign Reign of Our Will on Our behalf, She could be entrusted with everything.  She is the only One who has enough room to hold the seas We have created.  The creative power of Our Will keeps all that We have created intact.  No matter how much We give continuously, We never have any less.”


We cannot give or entrust anything where Our Will is not active.  We cannot store something where there is no room for it.  Our Love is held back from all the many beautiful works We want to perform within creatures.  This Sovereign Lady was the only creature not to resist Our Love.  So it was through Her that We put on this wondrous display of Our Works.  She took on a Divine fertility that was enough to make Her the Mother of Her own Creator.”


Then my beloved Jesus showed me all the Acts that He performed together with His Celestial Mother.   As They worked together, the seas of Love they each held merged as one to create a tsunami that reached as far as Heaven, flooding everything in it surge.


Then He said, “Its waves inundated everything as far as Our Divinity, unleashing a torrential rain of Love upon Our Divine Being.  They carried so much love on behalf of every creature.  Our Divine Being was refreshed by this soothing balm.  Our Justice was moved by Our Love for creatures.  Our Love regenerated the human family with a New Love.  God loved with a double Love from the Queen and Her dear Son.”


It may surprise you to know that while I was a little Baby sucking milk from My Mom, I was also suckling hungry souls.  She held a vast reservoir of them inside and as She fed Me her milk, all these souls would flow into Me.  She wanted Me to love and kiss them all as a sign of Her Victory and Mine.  The milk she gave Me was mixed with Her own tender maternity.  She insisted that the Divine Love I would give to all souls be both Maternal and Paternal.”


When She gently placed all souls within Me, I took My turn in this game of Love.  I looked at these souls with a gentle gaze and breathed on them.  Then I put them back into their Mother’s Heart.  Once She had taken them in, it was My turn again, so I gave Her the perpetual Love of their Divine Father, one that is firm, unshakable and unwavering.  Human love can easily change at any moment.”


My Mother and I being inseperable, I wanted Her Love to have the same qualities as My own.  She is the only creature who can love souls the way God loves them.  Every single Act We perform, from the least to the greatest, is a mutual exchange of souls.  I set them inside Her and She places them in Me.”


We replicate this transfer of souls because My Divine Heart is extremely jealous about anything that My Mom gives Me.  These are the greatest gifts a Mother can give to Her Son.  Moreover, She is every bit as jealous about the gifts I give Her.  She employs all Her maternal qualities to protect and defend the gifts presented by Her Son.”


Our Love would grow and replicate with each mutual exchange of souls so that We could offer Our creatures twice the Love.  Together We developed strategies to love them more so they might all be won over.  With Love We would risk Our Lives to rescue them.”





February 20, 1938

How Jesus, in His Incarnation,

formed from Himself

one Jesus for each creature to exist,

so that each one of them

might have one Jesus at her disposal.


I continue resting in the arms of Divine Volition.  It loves me so much that It is constantly telling be this epic love story that never ends.  I listen in rapture as the narration goes on, anticipating a new surprise at every turn.  It’s impossible not to love It.  I don’t see how anyone could not unless they were ungrateful or altogether mindless.  By Divine Fiat, I was made aware of all It did as the Word came down upon the earth.


Just then, my Jesus came by for a brief visit as usual.  His voice was so full of goodness.


He said, “Little daughter of My Will, My Love is so full that I must unleash It at once.  Yet I can only entrust Its secrets to someone who lives within My Will.  I make her aware of everything so that she and I may love with the same Love.  So It replicates in her all that I did within Myself.” 


Listen My daughter, and I’ll tell you about how extravagant My Love can be.  It makes Me do things that seem incredible to created minds, wonders that are completely unprecedented.”


When I came into the world, I wanted to multiply Myself enough times for each and every creature who would ever exist, past, present or future.  Everyone had to have Jesus for themselves, One that was theirs alone.”


They all needed My Conception as their own for them to be conceived in Me.  They needed My Birth to be reborn, washed by My tears.  They required My infant childhood to be restored in them so they could begin their new Life.”


I had to walk so their steps might be guided.  I labored so that their works could be done within Mine.  My pain was a soothing balm that would strengthen them.  I suffered to repay any debt they might have incurred through Divine Justice.  My Death would help them find their new Life.  My Resurrection could raise them again completely within My Will, the only way for each of them to glorify their own Creator.  I did all this with the highest Love, Reason, Justice and Sublime Wisdom.”


My Celestial Father had determined that I would have as many Lives as there would be creatures being brought out into the light of day throughout the ages.  He will only be satisfied once He has been glorified and compensated for His great Love.”


Even though not everyone would accept My Life, My Celestial Father demanded My Life so that He would be glorified for everything He had done in the Work of Creation and Redemption.  As soon as man withdrew from My Will, the glory owed to My Celestial Father was left in arrears.”


If I hadn’t multiplied Myself so that every creature could have their own Jesus, the Glory of the Celestial Father would have been unfulfilled.  I never leave My Work unfinished.  My own Love would have waged war against Me if I hadn’t multiplied Myself so that each one could have Jesus to themselves.  Such negligence is beneath Our dignity and undeserving of Glory.  If We’re going to do something good for every creature, it must be completed.”


My Lives have been multiplied enough for each and every creature to have One.  Yet We suffer the unbearable torment of being ignored.  It too much of a bother for most of them to even take a look.  Of those who do, most don’t see any point in having One, though there are a few who might take a few scraps from My Life here and there.  The worst part is that some of them would just as soon return the favor with insults.”


Too few are those who can say, ‘I lead the Life of Jesus just as He does.  I imitate His Life as best I can.  I’d do anything for Him.’  I offer Myself along with these creatures to ransom the Love and Glory of Creation and Redemption.  Yet even if some of My Lives are never claimed by a creature, they can all be admired as they glorify My Heavenly Father.”


Any way, I didn’t come into the world exclusively for creatures.  I came to serve My Father’s interests.  I will glorify Him as never before.  Someday you shall see the beauty of His Celestial court with all of My excess Lives surrounding Our Divinity.  When Love and Glory come pouring out of these Lives, you might be thrown into such rapture that you would have a hard time finding your way back.”


Long after He stopped talking, I could still see this heavenly scene going on before my mind’s eye.  I was entranced as I watched innumerable creatures throughout the ages, each with their own Jesus.  But there was a thorn in my heart that tortured me bitterly deep down to the marrow of my bones.  I saw someone very dear to me in mortal danger.  My existence here depends on this person and I’d do anything to save him no matter what the cost.


So I grasped Divine Will and made It my own.  ‘Jesus, Your very Will is now my own.  But I don’t want to do this, and neither should You.’  My God, I was in battle with an awesome Power. 


But I had a strategy to win.  My mind came before Divinity and surrounded It with the expanse of the heavens teeming with stars in prayer.  I brought the vast, white-hot incandescent light of the sun shining throughout Creation in prayer.  I brought the Heavenly Queen’s oceanic Power and Love mixed with the suffering of My Jesus as He bled, all of it in prayer.


Then I gave each and every creature their own Jesus just so I could hear them sigh in prayer.  I was surprised by all the commotion.  It’s a bit much seeing and hearing all those creatures, each with their own Jesus praying that I might have anything I want.  Seeing so much Divine complicity and sheer kindness was disorienting.


May we always bless Him and thank Him.  May everything be for His Glory.         





February 26, 1938

How God Recognizes Himself in the one who tries to recognize God in His Works.  Happiness that God receives

from the love of the creature. 

The place that man has in the Creation and in the very Divinity. 

How the Divinity forms

the members of one

who Lives in the Divine Will.


I am subject to the Empire of Divine Volition.  It sighs with Love because of Its desire to be acknowledged in all Its Works.  It takes the little creature by the hand, picks her up and flies off.  It gives her a tour and points out everything It has done.  It wants to show her how much It has loved her so she will understand that It has every right to be loved in return.  It wanted to impress on her that unrequited love brings excruciating pain.


I was left there bewildered until my always adorable Jesus came to visit my poor little soul.  His voice sounded so good to me when He spoke.


He said, “My blessed daughter, to love and be loved in return is sweet and refreshing to Our Love.  The happiness of the world converges with Heaven’s Bliss as they greet each other with a kiss.  The earth is Our delight when it brings Us a creature who will acknowledge Us with her love.  She brings Us great happiness and joy.  We already have the joys of Heaven and nobody can take them away from Us.  But the joy We get from the creature’s love is new to Us and adds to Our conquest.”


When a creature recognizes Us in Our works, she flies up to acknowledge the One who created her.  To be acknowledged is Our greatest glory, the sincerest Love anyone can give Us.  Such acknowledgements become members of Our Divine Militia, Our People’s Army.  Our only demand is that they pay tribute with their love.”


All of Our Works are there to serve them and provide abundant opportunities for happiness.  We are still God without them, but without army or people.  After having brought so many creatures out into the light of day We could still be left without an army of people.”


The moment the creature recognizes Us within all created things, she seals a love letter inside each one of them to make her Creator happy.  Whenever she rises to salute her Creator, she acknowledges Us and We acknowledge Our Divine Being within her.”


I wish you could truly understand the importance of mutual acknowledgement.  It means that Our Love is loved and at peace.  It intensifies Our Love for the one who loves Us so much.  Our Love is driven to such extremes as to acknowledge Itself in a creature and then create Itself anew within her just so that It might be loved.”


It’s so beautiful to recognize Ourselves in a creature.  She provides Us with a throne room in the Celestial Palace of Our Divinity.  We inundate her with oceans of Love.  Every little thing she does generates waves of love that rise to glorify Us with her blessings.”


She comes into Our Divinity to acknowledge that We are inside her.  We acknowledge her presence in all Our Works.    We can see her in the sun, wind and every created thing.  Our Love comes into Our Fiat to escort her everywhere.  We arrange her being so that she fits perfectly within all Our Works.”


“Then my mind began swimming in the Sea of Divine Volition just as before with one surprise after another.  My God, the wonder of all Your Works.


When my sweet Jesus came to visit my poor little soul, He was engulfed in the flames of His Love.


He said, “Blessed daughter of My Will, My Love gives Me no Peace unless I am revealing yet another mind boggling aspect of My Divine Fiat.  It wants you to experience the sublime nobility of living through Divine Volition both in Creation and from within Our Supreme Being.  The creature who Lives in Our Divine Will is the pinnacle of Creation.”


All created things are so intimately connected to her that they feel like conjoined body parts.  The sun moving across the expanse of heaven is just another part of her being.  The billowing winds beneath the sky are puffs of the air she breathes.”


All created things feel honored to be a part of this blessed creature.  They would gladly be her heart, more than pleased to become hands or feet.  They would love to be her eyes or perhaps the air she breathes.  Each and every created thing has their proper place where they fulfil a distinct mission as an apendage of her being.  Her soul is the head that keeps order among her members.  She accepts on their behalf all the Love, Glory and Sanctity that God put into everything He created, including her members.  All of these good things and more go to her as their head.”


The members of this creature who lives within Our Will also belong to Us as Our Supreme Being’s appendages.  The keep Us in close communication with her.  We circulate through the veins of her soul like blood.  Our Love is the pulse that constantly beats within her heart.  The Spirit of Our Divinity breathes through her soul.  Our Love Supreme is so excessive that It circulates a little creature’s love throughout Our Divine Being along with everything she does on Our behalf.”


We keep her human respiration and circulation inside Our own because We are jealous of them.  Everything that comes out of her We keep locked up inside Us.  We pay her for them with Our Love, hoping to hear the same sweet chant that so delights Us, ‘I love You, I love You, I love You,’  


The creature who lives within Our Will forms an unbreakable chain that reaches through the ages.  She gives Our Love a stage for an extended performance of Our infinitely sweet refrain, ‘I love You, I love You, I love You.’”


When Our Love can’t find the love of a creature, It stops and lets out a painful scream so loud that It might deafen her.  It shouts, ‘Why don’t you love Me?  Withholding your love from Us is much too cruel a wound.’”


O Love must be excessive lest It never be satisfied.  We made Creation to be an extension of the creature just as It is for Us.  All of Its many parts serve both Creator and creature as appendages.  We place Our Gifts together with Sanctity and Love within each created thing.  They carry them aloft to the creature and return delivering all that she does for Us.”


All created things are depots stuffed with everything We want to give her.  The Heavens are a reservoir of stars symbolizing a vast array of distinctly new and unique acts that We want to perform on her behalf.  The sun is a symbol of the Eternal Light that wants to flood her being.  The sun’s heat and everything it does for the earth represents Our Love for her.  It want to fill the creature with warmth so she can feel how much We love her.”


We want to inundate her with those gifts that will have the most beautiful effect on her.  We want to fill her as much as We can with everything that is good for her.  Every little breeze carries Our tender embrace and loving kisses.   The Dominion of Our Love sends impetuous waves sweeping her into It’s riptide where Our Love’s grand embrace is awaiting.  Everything is prepared to ensure that she will never live apart from Us.”


Each created thing was designed to carry Our gifts to the creature, but only for those who love from within Our Will.  They are filled with them and would love to carry them aloft as gifts bearers, but they can’t find anyone who lives within Our Divine Fiat, the only source of power that communicates with all Our Works.  They closer than their own arms and legs, or even her very life, because they come with the One Who created her.”


There are so many unprecedented miracle waiting to be delivered from the Womb of Our Divinity for those who allow Our Will’s Sovereign Reign within them.  Our Works singing in triumphant glory will hold their hands high filled with abundant gifts from goodness of their Creator’s Providence.  Happiness will abound whether in giving or receiving.  So pay attention and don’t concern yourself with anything other than living here in My Will.  There is still so much I have to give and receive from you.”


I was astonished to hear this and could only wonder.


I thought, “That’s incredible.  Could any of what He just said ever be possible?”


My sweet Jesus answered Me.


He said, “That shouldn’t surprise to you, My daughter.  Everything We did was to serve the creature who would have My Divine Will be her life.  Our Dignity was insistent, as was Our Majesty in all Its Wisdom and Power.”


When the creature extracted himself from Our Will, Justice demanded that We withhold anything that should be reserved for Our Supreme Majesty alone.  The creature was left there without appendages, a pitiful head without a body, seemingly worthless.  It’s hard to imagine that a head without arms or legs could do much of anything.  It would be difficult for him to work or even live.” 


My Will intends on going back into the creature.  My Love demands the restitution, not only of Its members, but even the very Life of the One Who created them in the first place.  Our Will that reign supreme over all shall array Its forces through Its works and turn them over to the creature who had lost them only because of human will.  All lines of communication between creature and Creator resembled broken or dislocated bones that could no longer hold his limbs together, leaving nothing but pain.”





March 6, 1938

Oppressions and melancholies have no reason to exist in the Divine Will. 

They form the clouds and the bitter little drops that embitter God and the creature.  Prodigies of abandonment

in the Divine Volition. 

How all created things remain animated by one who Lives in the Fiat.


The Sea of Divine Volition sends Its never ending waves plunging into me.  It tries to fill me so full of Light that there’s no room for anything else.  With unfettered dominion, Its Living Will grows within me as It is warmed by Its Light.


But I was too depressed to appreciate such wonders.  It was more than just melancholy.  My situation is just too painful.  My existence down here is pathetic at best.  Gloomy clouds thicken until I can barely make out Its beautiful Light.  Deprived of Its gentle warmth, this barren soul cannot be reborn to grow within her own Creator. 


My sweet Jesus was watching over my poor soul.  I knew how jealous He could be, but His voice was so full of goodness when He spoke.


He said, “Courage, My good daughter.  Depression, melancholy and regrets over the past have no place in someone who lives in My Will.  These are dissonant notes that clash with the joyful sounds of peace and Love.  Such halfhearted melodies sound awful to Our Divine Ears.  Imagine trying to make Our Sea of Divinity sour with a few drops of vinegar.”


Our Seas of Happiness and Joy are given to the creature who lives within Our Will.  Armed with Our Power, nothing can challenge her.  Securely out of harm’s way, the path ahead is clear.  Even more, Our Will has the Power to flatten any obstacle.  It crushes them into dust to be blown away by a sudden haughty gust of wind.”


It galls Us hear a creature of Our Will being threatened or harassed in any way.  We can’t help but hear her troubles when she is distraught because she lives here with Us in the Our Volition.  Nothing dare outrage the unity of Our Will.  It is beneath the dignity of Our Divine Being to stand aside when a creature is in distress.  That would be unworthy of Our Love.  We use Our Power to engulf her yet deeper into Our Love just so We can watch a smile take over her lips as a sign of the joy that fills any heart.”


The very thought of a past tense is absurd, as if her Divine Rights have yet to be claimed.  Everything the creature has ever done that is good and beautiful is kept safe here inside Us.  It is a testimony to her love and the glory she gives Us.  Her good deeds will form the crown she wears for her grand entrance into the Celestial Fatherland.”


We anticipate this sheer act of beauty in abandon when the creature throws herself into Our Arms.  She allows Us to shape her into anything We want whether somewhere in time or for Eternity.  Then We savor Our labor of Love, this statuesque beauty that adorns Our Celestial Jerusalem.”


He let that sink in for a while to make sure I understood.


Then He said, “My daughter, Our greatest satisfaction is to have the creature abandon herself in Our Will.  As she empties herself into Us, We come rushing in with new forms of Life, Love, and Sanctity.  We fill her with knowledge about Our Supreme Being.  As soon as the creature abandons herself in Our Divine Volition, We begin to work great wonders using new forms of grace far beyond her expectations.”


Our Will receives whatever We give the creature and holds on to it for safekeeping.  To abandon oneself in Our Will means taking Heaven by storm.  She wields imperial power over Our Divine Being by capturing It within her little being.  Triumphant, she cloisters herself within Our Divine Womb.  Heaven is amazed, Angels and Saints, ecstatic that a creature would have the power to abandon herself so completely while still a pilgrim on earth.”


Having abandoned herself within Our Fiat, We can do whatever We want with her.  Once she has subjected herself to Our Power without reservation, Our Work begins.  We open up wellsprings of Love within her soul filled with Mercy, Sanctity and everything that is good.”


Whenever Our Love is about to act, Our Spirit’s all-powerful breath sends It gushing through these little fountains.  Her Love for Us surges from their spouts up to Heaven, enough to float the entire Celestial Court.  Our Grace, Mercy and Goodness are more than adequate to float the earth.  Whenever We turn them on, creatures are transformed by floods of Grace.”


We could do it Ourselves without any help, but it’s better this way.  We can delight Ourselves whenever We please just by turning on the fountains We opened in the creature’s soul.  We’d rather show Our Mercy toward all through her.  She is Our intermediary between Heaven and earth.  Whenever she abandons herself in Us, Our Grace pours out with such force that We surge with a Love that is new to every creature.”


So the more you abandon yourself in Our Will, the more Magnanimous We’ll be towards you and all others.  Anyone so inclined will find new strength and guidance.”


When He saw how surprised I was, He tried to help me understand what He saying.


He said, “My good daughter, I wish everyone could know what it means to live within My Divine Volition.  It seems too far-fetched for them only because they don’t know what My Will is or what It does.  There’s a vast array of wonders It wants to perform within the creature.”


Since no one believes in something they don’t know about, It seems impossible for My Will to do all that I say It does within a creature.  There’s really not that much they need to know.  Whatever knowledge they might pick up sends Us on Our way into the creature where We can make some room for the unprecedented miracles We will perform there.  Knowledge gives them eyes to see Our Divine Wonders so they can appreciate what I’m saying about them.  Everything is miraculous for someone who lives in Our Will.”


As the creature acts from within My Will, all created things are animated by whatever she says or does.  She gives everything a voice so each of them can say, ‘I Love You,’ ‘Glory be upon You,’ ‘I adore You,’ ‘Thank You,’ and ‘Blessed be our Creator.’  The sound of their voices drift through the air in sweet enchanting harmonies that enrapture Us.”


Those who live within Our Will give created things a voice so they can sing for Us.  The same things happens when voices and chants are captured by ingenuity in wood or metal.  Musical instruments sing and speak as do those who live in My Will.  The creature is so glad to see Me loved and glorified that she sends her voice with whole-hearted love into each created thing.  While some of them recite My epic love, others glorify Me in song.  They all tell Me the same thing.” 


It makes Me so happy to see the creature master all of Creation.  She is their Queen, the One who animates all things to love Me.  Her sweet voice resonates in Our all-hearing Divinity.  I gave her everything, and she gives them all back to Me so I can offer them again as gifts.”





March 12, 1938

How God Loves and Prays to Himself,

to give the Kingdom of the Divine Will.

The life of one who Lives in It

is formed in God. 

How she is continuously Reborn. 

Sowing of Divine Lives. 

How she is welcomed

and loved by all.


I can feel the arms of Divine Volition holding me with Its Power.  It watches everything I do, even the most insignificant, everyday activities, waiting for any opportunity to make them come alive.  Its Light gathers the cosmos into every little thing I do.  With Its Goodness and Love, It tries to be involved in the creature’s life anyway It can.  It wants to give so much that It pours Itself into her.  That’s how It operates.  It is transforms Itself into things that love Him for who He really is by constantly offering their praise.


It is My dear Jesus’ great delight to speak about His adorable Will.  He is always revealing something new about It.  When He came to visit my poor soul, I could tell what He wanted.  He needed someone He could trust with His secrets.


He said, “My blessed daughter, We enjoy having the creature living here within Our Will.  It amuses Us so much that We want her to stay with Us forever.  When the creature joins Our Volition and lives in It, Our Will exchanges a kiss with the human will.”


We love Ourselves by praying that Our Will may come for Its sovereign reign among all generations of human creatures.  The creature mergers with the Sea of Our Divinity as would a tiny drop of water.   All that remains of her is Our Prayer that everything be empowered to have what We ask Ourselves for on their behalf.  The least We can do is answer Our own Prayer.” 


After Our prayer, We set out wandering through all the nations looking into every heart for anyone who might have the slightest inclination to live within Our Will.  We take that predilection into Our Creative Hands and purify it for sanctification.  Once We have made her up, We set her on stage to perform in the First Act of Our Will.  Then We wait for the second act in the Life of Our Fiat, and then the third.  This is a play that was written to go on forever.”


Everything the creature does within Our Will is actually done by Us as Our prayer for Love.  We are entirely committed to giving all that We determine is in the creature’s best interest.  It’s impossible for Us to deny Ourselves whatever We ask.  That’s the whole purpose for having a creature within Our Will.  Yet for this happen, the creature must impose on Us to do what she wants.  She must force Us to give what We have already decided she must have.”


My beloved Jesus paused for a while and then continued.


He said, “My daughter, the life of someone who Lives in Our Will is formed within Our Divine Being where she is constantly being conceived, born and reborn.  Our Divine Being is constantly in the Act of generating new things so that she might be continually reborn over and over again.  Each time her beauty increases at the same pace as her Sanctity and Love.  Every time she is reborn, she takes whatever she needs from Us to make her grow.  She is most fortunate to be reborn constantly so that We are born again with her.  We are delighted that the creature not only lives in Us, but she is forever being reborn to new Life.  It is constantly growing within her so that every time We act, Our most recent works are improved upon as they proliferate.”


She is delightful to look at when she is reborn with new forms of beauty, each more attractive than before.  She never stays as she was.  The more beautiful she becomes, the more We are enraptured.  Our gaze is locked on her so intently that We can’t do anything else but enjoy Our own infinite beauty as it grows within a creature.”


We cherish this beauty that We are constantly giving her anew because it is Our own.  Our Love is not idle as We watch all these expressions of Our beauty raining down on her in so many splendorous ways.  Moment by moment Our Love is reborn as if It were something new and unforeseen to her.  All she can ever do is to give us this love that is always new and never stops growing.”


There are no words that can describe the creature’s life after having been transformed within Ourselves so many times.  Her life becomes the paradise that We create inside her for Our own pleasure.  Her constant rebirth always brings Us new joy.  We experience surprising new ways of being happy every time she is reborn with Our Power, Goodness, Wisdom and Sanctity.  We recognize Our own Life in her, so We Love her as We Love Ourselves.”


After having been born in Us so many times, We give her the power to reap what We have sown.  Then We can sow as many of Our Divine Lives as We want.  That’s when Our Will comes into the picture.  My Will announces that Its Fiat is about to create.  It speaks to sow Divine Lives and makes them grow by breathing Its Spirit into them.  It nourishes each Life with Love and embellishes them with myriad forms of beautify in colorful hues.  As her life is reborn in Us time and again, growing all the while, We infuse Our Attributes into her before sowing what will be an abundant harvest of Divine Lives.”


Since all of these precious Lives have the same creative power as Our own, We can truly say, ‘We have sown an abundant harvest in the earth of a creature to produce as many Divine Lives as We want.’  Sunlight seems a shadow compared to their radiance.  Heaven is minuscule in proportion to their expanse.”


These Lives have been formed by Our Love within the creature so they may populate the earth and generate the Life of Our Will in the human family.  Our Life never dies, Our Lives remain with Us for eternity.  They are all waiting to take possession of the creatures so they can transform them into One Life.”


This grand design of Our Divinity is the reason I have been talking so much about Our Divine Will.  Each Word We say delivers yet another Life that We give birth to and bring out into the light of day.  Every Word that We speak about Our Fiat is one more Life that gains exposure so that It may communicate with creatures.”


Every bit of knowledge that We reveal is a kiss that We give to the creature so that an additional Life is formed with each breath she takes.  Our Life moves and breathes.  It has warmth and a heartbeat.  She can’t help but feel Our Life in her.  Each Life has the power to transform this fortunate creature’s within Itself.”


So pay attention, My daughter.  You mustn’t allow even one Word about Our Fiat to be misplaced.  Each is a Life that We Live inside another creature.  A single Word on Our Fiat is a lot more important than all of Creation.  Creation is Our Work, while every Word about Our Fiat is Divine Life.  Works, no matter how many there may be, are never worth more than Life.”


We sow the seeds of Our Divine Life in this creature that We love so much.  Whenever We talk to her about Our Will, Eternal Love gushes over her in torrents knowing that It will return from whence It came.  The weight of human ingratitude towards Love is lifted when We find someone who Loves Us with Our own Love.  It gives her the power to make good on all the Love that creatures owe Us.  All their evil passions will be consumed with fire.  Every gap is filled and furthest distance brought close.”


Our Love refreshes Itself through her.  We take Our revenge on the creature by loving her with infinite Love.  No matter how much We love her, It is never enough for Us.  She must also have the tender Love of the Celestial Queen for her precious daughter.  She is the sister and fast friend of Angels and Saints.”


She is loved by Heaven, the sun, moon and stars.  The wind and sky love her.  Everyone does.  They can feel the strength and power of Our Love.  They consider themselves fortunate to love her.  She comes bearing aloft joy for all Creation.  She is ‘Our Consolation’, the one who makes Our Love content, the treasury that holds Our superabundant riches within her.”





March 16, 1938

How the Divine Fiat reaches the point of counting the breaths and the minutes,

to make the creature return

to Live in It. 

She knocks on all created things. 

How God wants to be

in continuous Act

of giving and receiving.

The Pains of Jesus kiss

the pains of the creature.


Divine Volition awaits me with great desire.  It yearns my entry at any moment so that It can reenter everything I do.  Heaven forbid that I should every escape Its Will.  It’s feels so all alone, forlorn without the creature’s company.  I can hear Its plaintive voice groaning, “Please don’t leave Me.  I remained in the heavenly spheres with the sun, sky and wind so I could keep you company and enjoy your companionship.  I only want to love you and be loved in return so that I might say in all truth, ‘Everything I do with Our Divine Being in the Heavenly spheres I want to do within My beloved creature.  If you don’t remain in My Will, however, We live apart from each other and I feel lonely.  Yet as painful as that may be, I never stop calling you.’”


Divine Will, You Love me so much!  You’re absolutely marvelous, adorable.”


I was sad just thinking about how lonely It must be.  But then my sweet Jesus came to visit me briefly as usual.


He said, “Good daughter of My Volition, waiting is one of Our greatest sorrows.  The creature keeps Us on sentry duty.  We count the minutes when she’s not here with Us.  We tally each breath and every heartbeat.”


We want a place for Our Love within hers so that Creator and creature might love each other in perfect harmony with the same One Love.  Then We will carry her victoriously into the womb of Our Divinity.  In the meantime, We long for her return so much that minutes seem like centuries without her.”


When she enters Our Volition petitioning for Our Will’s sovereign reign on earth, We rejoice.  We celebrate the beauty of her yearning for what We want.  That the creature should aspire to whatever the Creator wants is the greatest thing that could ever happen.  Our Love smiles and We rest in peace.”


She solicits the sovereign reign of Our Will on earth by knocking on every door.   She petitions the sun, moon and stars in heavens and the wind that blows beneath them over all the world.  I am the One Who has My Dominion within them.  When I hear them knocking, I throw open the doors and rush out to welcome them as their Reigning Sovereign, but she just keeps walking.  She climbs the stairs and knocks at the door of Our Divinity.  Greeting all the Angels and Saints, she insists that they ask My Fiat to come down.”


It is sweet to hear the penetrating sound of her rapping.  She knocks with such authority that We come to attention.  She gives them all something to do, and then they ask if there’s anything else they can do for her.  She moves Heaven and earth just by living within Our Will.  Exhorting them, she marshals all of Our Works for a Holy Crusade.”


He let me think about that for a minute before continuing.


Then He said, “My daughter, We want the creature to live within Our Divine Volition where We can always give her these new gifts of charismatic love.  Everything that comes from Our Divine Being is new.  But the creature can only remember so much of what We tell her unless she lives within Our Will.  That’s the only way she could ever have enough room for all the gifts We give her.  We can’t deliver Our gifts unless there’s somewhere to put them.”


All We can do is continue suffering the quandary of wanting to give even when We cannot.  We are smothered by Our own Love and there’s no relief in sight.  We’d give anything to have someone who could take It.  We are forced to watch the poor helpless creature wallowing in ignorance.  It’s so unbearable that all Our Will can do is turn Our wealth over to the public as a common good.  Then We can say, ‘Take whatever you want.  It you like It then you might want to make a little donation by giving Us your love and perhaps even your human will.’”


So let’s make a pact, My daughter.  Let’s agree that I will always love you as God and you will continue giving Me the love of a tiny little creature.  We will be in constant contact.  There’s no end to the things We can do together.  We will love each other with One Love and share the same happiness.”


Later on, all I could do way lay there in pain, tossing and turning.  I couldn’t find a comfortable position to sleep.


Then my sweet Jesus came back and started talking again. 


He said, “My daughter, let My pain and yours embrace.  My suffering blows a kiss to your discomfort as a gesture of My Love.  My suffering identifies with yours.  The pain you feel comes alive within My own.  Your pain is made as infinitely worthy as the suffering I endured.  They both carry all that is great and good.”


Everything is transformed within My Will, especially pain.  Human experiences are transfigured as Divine.  The way I see things, it is not the creature who suffers.  I designed these pains and gave each one life so I could suffer them together with My beloved creature.  I replicate My Life within her accompanied by the heavenly court of My pain and suffering.  Each is given the royal title of My Passion.’”


I set this pain twixt Heaven and earth to glorify My Celestial with undying Love.  It acts as a refuge for the creature’s defense.  It conjures regret for those who offend Me, a cry of Love to those who love Me not.  Light that reveals the One who they didn’t recognize.  I assign each of them their own special mission to bring all the good things creatures need.”


So let Me take care of everything.  These are the Works that your Jesus intends to do.  Moreover, I shall do them through the one who lives within My Will.”





March, 20 1938

Love devices of the creature

who Lives in the Divine Will. 

Example of a teacher

who possesses the sciences,

but does not find anyone

to whom to teach them;

or of a rich man who does not find anyone

to whom to give his riches.


Divine Fiat cradles me in Its arms.  It loves the creature who lives in It so much that It always wants to hold her tight.  Love pulls her inside Its perpetual motion.  If she were to move so much as a hair’s width outside Its Life for even a fraction of an inch, Its Love would suffer an agonizing martyrdom.


I heard Its voice and It sounded so full of pain.


It said, “Daughter, don’t budge from Me, not for a instant.  Your life feels like Our own and if you left, Our Love would turn bitter.  It would be tortured and torn apart.  The creature who lives within Our Will breathes in Our Spirit just as We do.  With every breath she takes, We love and are loved in return.”


She moves within Our motion, living Our Life, working with Us by speaking Our Word.  She flows within Our Divine Being, much like the blood that circulates through a creature’s veins.  We can hear her endless chant as she moves, singing, ‘I love You, I love You.’


But that’s not enough for her.  She takes off flying through created things everywhere, gathering all the Love that We had spread throughout Creation.  When she returns with them she takes refuge in Our Supreme Being.  She likes to surprise Us by fetching the love that all created things would give Us if they only had a mind that could intend what they do.  She’s always finding new ways to Love Us.” 


Sometimes she visits her Queen Mother to ask for all Her Love.  She surprises Us by doubling the Great Lady’s Love and giving It to Us.  There is celebration in her voice as she exclaims, ‘I bring You my Celestial Mother’s Love.’  Our happiness leaps, abounding with joy.  We can’t go without having someone to live in Our Volition.”


Divine Will, You hold so much Power and Love for those who live within You.”


I was so amazed that I didn’t know what else to say.  Later on, My beloved Jesus came back for another brief visit.  The Love in His voice was indescribable. 


He said, “My daughter, born and Reborn within Our Will.  Living in Our Will is full of marvelous, unparalleled wonders.  The Heavens tremble and bow at the very sight of them.  We develop Our Creative Works in this creatures, filling them with delirious Love and the anxious sighs of Our Will.  She is the one who will help others understand Our Supreme Majesty so they can Love Us with Our own Love.”


Think of Us as a learned professor who has mastered all the sciences.  We could lecture at any university or school of higher education.  But sadly, without this creature, We wouldn’t find a single student ready to learn Our Science.  The teacher cringes at the thought of having so much scientific knowledge languishing idle within his mind.  He worries that all the scholarly lectures he has prepared might go unheard.  If no one considers them relevant, they will surely be wasted.”


If this forlorn teacher could only find one student who wanted to learn his sciences, He would stand before him lecturing day and night as long as He would listen.  He is elated that his hard won scientific will no die with him, but live on within his understudy.  It almost feels as if his life has been duplicated.  He would be forever grateful that someone had listened.  He feels reborn now that his lonely spell has be broken.  He loves the adulation of a student who listens raptly to his lectures.  That is enough to transform his bitter life into one of joy.”


This is yet another parable of Our Supreme Being.  Without anyone living here within Our Divine Will, We are like that forlorn professor who is faced with lecturing to an empty hall.  Our infinite science has no audience.  No Word is heard without the Light of Our Will to illuminate the minds that We hope to edify.”


As long as the creature lives here within Our Will, We can feel Our Life inside her.  That’s when We know that We can teach Our Divine Science and watch all the Lives that arise from within her being.  She will understand perfectly all the many dialects of Our Celestial Language.  Only the will she love Us as much as We want her to love Us.” 


By changing her destiny, We change Our Own.  Loneliness will be vanquished once We are assured of having her company for all eternity.  We will always have something to say as long as We have someone who listens.  An eternity of suffering becomes a joyful celebration because We have a creature living here in Our Will.”


When We can’t find anyone to live within Our Will, We feels as if, with all Our immense wealth, We have been dispossessed of everything.  We choke on everything We have lost.  As desperate for Love as We feel, We still can’t find anyone to accept Our infinite treasures and make them their own.”


Imagine someone like that.  Poor guy, someone so unhappy surrounded by fabulous riches while suffering the cruelty of such loneliness.  Nobody loves him.  He gets no respect, not even a simple ‘thank you’.  Everyone hides from him.  He’s trying to find anyone who will take some of his wealth, but they all evade his every plea for mercy.  Joy dies without anyone to share it.  His superabundant wealth may as well not exist.  He’s bore to death when he can’t share life with others.”


Isolation is bitter, the worst thing that could happen to anyone.  There’s been so many times that We wanted so much to give, but there was no one there.  By refusing to live here in Our Will, the creature shuts every door and deny Us entrance.  Thinking to avoid Us, she keeps her distance, but all the while she is building a wall of misery around her.  She seems to prefer passion and weakness of the ugliest sort.”


That’s why everyone’s so surprised at the notion of living here within Our Will.  We are just as puzzled.  We intend to enclose infinity inside what is very limited, confining the immensity of Our entire Being within a mere little creature.  We are compelled to work such prodigious wonders if only for Our Love, for It rules Our Divine Being, determined that We shall perform whatever amazing miracles that might satisfy It at last.  Needless to say, the Angels and Saints are totally astounded, jaws gaping at the very sight of such wonders.”





March 22, 1938

As the creature decides to Live in Our Will,

all things change for her,

and she is placed

in the same Divine conditions. 

The function of

the children of the Divine Fiat,

and how they will carry within them

the Life of their Celestial Father. 

The last sign of Love

at the point of death.


As I continue my flight through Divine Volition, I can feel a soothing breeze blowing over Its gentle waves the moment I enter.  Everything is at peace.  Its strength fills the soul with such courage that it feels like it could do anything, even what God does.


Divine Will, you have the power to revitalize a poor creature and transform the human will.  You make her reborn to new Life.”


Then, my Adorable Jesus came for a brief visit as usual.  He spoke to me so tenderly.


He said, “Little daughter of My Will, when the creature decides to live through My Volition, everything changes for her.  The Domain of Our Divinity is handed over to her, giving her dominion over everything.  She rules over Our Power, Goodness and Sanctity.  Our dominion of Light is hers to command.  Heaven and earth are hers by right.” 


We shelter her with a serene atmosphere of peace and security.  The creature who lives in Our Will is never deprived of good health, beauty and divine joy.  Her most insignificant everyday activities become so important that all of Heaven has to smile, even Our Supreme Being.  We pay close attention so that whenever she loves or works at something, We can all share a smile with her.”


Our Love wants her to live like Us.  We Love even when We are not loved.   Being ignored doesn’t prevent Us from giving Life, even if We offended.  We don’t reproach the creature when she returns asking forgiveness.  Instead, We give her a hug and pull her onto the lap of Our Divinity.”


We are the only One man can trust.  He certainly can’t trust other creatures.  They must constantly change to uphold their own deception.  Just when he thinks he can trust one of them, they abandon him.  The only creature he can trust is someone who lives within Our Will.  A creature like that honors Us by loving whether or not she loved.  If she is ignored or offended, she runs after the rascal and tries to save him.”


We experience Ourselves through the one who lives within Our Will.  We love this creature so much that We pour rivers of Love all over her.  We want to be loved more and more with a Love that grows and multiplies.”


After a while He spoke again with tender loving kindness.


He said, “My daughter, the entire cosmos was created in one great outburst of intense Love.  The children of Our Fiat will do whatever is necessary for Our Love.  Our Love is forced to pour Itself out lest We suffocate in Its flames.”


We need the children of Our Will to continue pouring out Our Love.  We put them in Our position so they’ll have to pour out their love along with Us.  We pour out Love all over each other.  We started Creation in a burst of overflowing Love, and We finish It by pouring out just as much Love with Our children.  Our children will be the glorious crown of all Creation. Our dignity would be tarnished if We were denied the glory that creatures owe Us for having created so many thing to show Our Love for them.”


Our highest, most noble intention, sublime in its holiness, is to create everything and enclose it within Our Will.  Only there can everything be animated and energized as intended all along.  Everything We delivered through Creation must come back into Us where Our Fiat is to be adored.  Otherwise they might think that We don’t have enough power to do all things.  Creatures would doubt that Our Love conquers all or that Our Wisdom arranges for everything.”


The children of Our Fiat are those who allow Us to implement Our Will through them.  They personify Our gloriously triumphant victory.  Our faithful children bear the True Image of Our Divinity.  The Life of the Celestial Father dwells within them as their own life.”


Our children will be like so many brilliant suns in Our heavens.  They will become Our very Life.  We would be delighted to create billowing winds of Love all throughout their inner being.  They will hear deep down within themselves the gentle murmur of an endless sea chanting, ‘I Love you, I Love you.’  We’ll find all this and more inside them.  There’ll no longer be any difference between Heaven and earth.  Whether We keep them with Us in Heaven or My Kingdom on earth, it will be just the same to Us.”


So cherish what’s most important, your intention to live within Our Divine Will.  Our Love will find release and finally be at peace.  Our happiness begins on earth deep within a creature’s heart.  Our Will is constantly upon you to nourish Our Life growing within you.  Our Love will send you a steady breeze of ever new Loves as It looks for any sign of Its Love’s return.”


After a little while, He started talking again.  I don’t have the words to describe how tender His voice was, but just the sound of it was enough to break my heart. 


He said, “My good daughter, I wish that everyone could know what I’m telling you about what My Will does with a creature who lives It.  If they knew how It lives inside her, they would all throw themselves into It arms and never leave.”


My Will is the creature’s true Mother.  It creates her with Its hands by conceiving her in the inner sanctum of Its maternal Womb.  She is never left alone there, not for a second.   As the creature takes form, she is given arms and legs with the ability to use them.   It nourishes Our creature and keeps her warm.  It breathes Its Spirit into her, and once she has been fully developed, It brings her out into the light of day.”


It never leaves the child to fend for herself.  No earthly mother could ever be as vigilant.  It hovers over her, watching and waiting, always ready to assist.  It moves the infant’s arms and legs.  To compliment the heartbeat It has primed, It breathes into her for the first time.  As she grows, It puts words in her mouth and moves her feet one at a time so she can walk.”


In everything the creature does, My Will assists, augmenting her human potential.  The principle of human life, body and soul, was designed entirely by My Will.  It made them to be a sanctuary where It’s Life would abide forever.”


My Will was everything to the creature until he was overcome by guilt.  The sight of his guilt ridden shame brought tears to the Celestial Mother’s eyes.  My Will was sad because It misses Its child.  But It doesn’t leave him behind.”


Though bound by Its Love to live within the creature and give her life, Its Divine Life is stifled.  It feels unloved only because no one knowns about It.  The Love My Will has for the creature is so great that It follows her in everything she does regardless of her offensive behavior.  The poor a child would surely be surprised she knew how determined It was to save a mere creature out of goodness and love for her.”


Our Love insists that We do whatever it takes to save the creature by pulling him away from sin.  Even if We don’t succeed during his lifetime, We surprise him at the last moment by Our Love for him just before he dies.”


With finality We show a sign of Our Love for the creature by providing her with grace through Our Loving Kindness.  The tenderness of Our Love is enough to melt any heart, no matter how hard it may be.  It’s determined to win her over.”


When the creature finds herself between life and death, she looks for her Jesus.  I show myself just as her time on earth is about to end and eternity calls.  She is enraptured that I should be so cordial as to chain down the bitterness of her life and make everything sweet in her last moments.  I gaze at her with enough love to extract a sincere act of contrition from deep within her heart.  This one act of Love attaches her firmly to My Will.”


Disillusioned by her life on earth, Our Love for her is so palpable that she can touch it with her hands.  She repents the pain she has caused by not having loved Us during her life on earth.  She finally recognizes that Our Will was not only the guiding principle of her life, but was also to be her fulfillment.  Her satisfaction is complete as she accepts her death knowing that she has accomplished this one final act of Our Will.”


It the creature hadn’t done at least one act of God’s Will, the doors of Heaven would not have been opened. She would not be acknowledged as an heiress of the Celestial Fatherland.  The Angels and the Saints could not admit her into their midst.  Not that she would want in, knowing that she has no right to be there.”


There’s no sanctity without Our Will, nor salvation.  Many have been saved by this powerful sign of Our Love.  The only exceptions are the ones who are most obstinate about their perversions.  Following the long path of Purgatory might be more convenient for them.  The moment of death is a net for Our daily catch of lost souls.”


After a moment of silence He continued.


He said, “My daughter, the moment of death is time enough for disillusionment.  That’s when all things present themselves to her one after another.  They say, ‘Good-bye, your life on earth is over and eternity is about to begin.’


Imagine a creature locked up in a room when someone appears and says to her, ‘Behind this door there is another room where you can find God.  Here is eternity’s abode where heaven and hell reside just down the hall from purgatory.’  So she looks and doesn’t sees anything there.  She’s heard others mention them, but she knows they haven’t seen them either.  Sometimes they don’t even know what they’re talking about.  What they say really isn’t that important.  Half the time they’re just making things up, that’s for sure.”


Then one day the walls collapse and she can see with her own eyes what they had been talking about all along.  She sees God, her Father, the One Who has always shown her such great Love.  He keeps giving her gifts, one after another, including all the broken promises of Love that she still had to make good.”


She sees how her life had always belonged to God rather than herself.  Everything passes before her eyes in procession, paradise, eternity, purgatory and hell.  She can see the earth running away as every worldly pleasure turns their back on her.  Then everything vanishes.  The only thing that hasn’t disappeared is this room with the collapsed walls, eternity.  That’s quite a change from living as a mere creature.”


My Kindness wants everyone to be saved.  So I let these walls crumble when the creature is between life and death, just as their soul is leaving the body as they enter eternity.  They will have just enough time for a sincere act of contrition.  Then they can show their love for Me by acknowledging My Will over them with perpetual adoration.”


This is the hour of Truth, their time to be rescued.  I wish everyone could know how diligent My Love for them is and that It will surely be there to welcome them in the last moment of their life.  I shall never let them fall from their Father’s hands.  Yet no one should wait for that moment.  They should love Me for all their life.”





March 28, 1938

How, for those who Live in Divine Will, the Creation serves as many cities,

where the creature can repatriate. 

How the human act must begin

 and finish in the Divine Volition

 in order to be Complete. 

Rain of Light. 

The greatest Pain of Jesus

 is to see that creatures

do not Live in His Will.


My poor mind is always searching for any Acts done through Divine Volition.  Whenever I go looking for them, they seem to be waiting for me.  Acts of Divinity hope to be found by creatures so they might receive her ‘I love You.’  So they try to let the creature know how much they love her.  The soul who lives within the acts of her Creator feels like she has finally come home.  She is immersed in the Sea of Happiness and Joy. 


My adorable Jesus startled me when He appeared suddenly.   His visit was brief, as usual.


He said, “My blessed daughter, We made man to live in Our Will.  Each of Our Activities became small city states where he could find his native fatherland.  Each city offers their own different amusements to enjoy.  There are so many things to do, all of them enchanting and simply delightful.  His Creator loved him so much and spared nothing in His designs.”


Imagine that the sun were a city.  When the soul enters Our Will, she finds a city of Light with ornate gardens flowering in many shades of beautiful color.  Sweet fragrance wafts through the air.  The creativity of this one festive act brings endless joy to the creature.  The Love she finds there brings her happiness in ways that she can’t begin to describe.”


She dives from the shore into a beautiful sea of love and joy.  Savoring the sweet fragrant air, she takes long walks through the homeland she has been given, surveying all the good things there.  It’s great to be the owner of such a fine location.


It makes Us happy to see the good work We have done in these cities for mankind’s enjoyment.  That was once desert is now populated by Our children.  Upon entering Our Will they find pathways that lead them to the different cities We built for them in Creation.”


One city is filled with delight while others have their own unique forms of Joy.  The citizens of one place have an outstanding knowledge of their Creator.  There’s also a town where Love is especially intense.  Those fortune enough to live with its boundaries are hugged and kissed so that they may cherish the Life of Love provided for them.”


Each created thing has something from Us in them that can only be given to creatures, but only for those who live within Our Will.  The city gates are not open to anyone else.  Those who live around It get some benefits, though they don’t have full access to all the superabundant goodness that comes from Our Works.”


My daughter, an act of a creature must begin and end in Our Will if it is to be perfectly executed.  Our Will gives what she has done a Life of Light and Love.  Everything about the action she takes will be adorned with all that is good and holy.  Any act that does not begin from within Our Will proceeds in chaos devoid of sanctity and beauty.  It doesn’t carry the trademark that certifies it as an Official Act of Our Will.’”


It’s enough to make anyone cry watching so much random human activity going mad.  They are all missing the point, some of the right from the moment they began and the rest go awry somewhere along the way.  What’s worse is that they get smeared with mud and just left there to rot.  Some of them are soaked in guilt.  All they do is irritate Our Righteous Justice.”


Nothing good resides in a creature without Our Will.  Even when they seem to do some good, it’s only an illusion, because it won’t last, not without the substance of Our Living Fiat.  The first challenge they are faced with disappoints them so much that they give up on their good intention.  They usually regret even trying such a thing.”


Anything done from within My Will is steady and strong.  It’s never fazed by any challenge and is never disappointed.  Such actions move with alacrity, eager to give the Good Life they carry.  Everything done by a creature from within Our Will if fully accomplished and perfect in every way.  Someone who continually lives in It is constantly drenched by a torrential downpour of Light that soaks her with all the beautiful effects that come from Divine Life whenever she moves.  With every beat of her heart and each breath the creature takes,  she is doused with more.”


Our Divine Being is pure and endless Light that surrounds everything good thing that is possible or even imaginable.  Its Word is an all-seeing Light.  No matter where they may be, nothing can hide from Us.  This Light is also Our Work, the primal motion of Life that animates everyone and everything.  It carries infinite beauty with endless joys and everlasting happiness.”


Whoever continues living in Our Will, is constantly drenched by the torrential rain of Light pouring out from Our sovereign creative Word.  Our Word completely transforms the creature by talking to her about Our Supreme Being as much as possible.  We transfer all Our Divine Attributes to her with so many forms of beauty that We are enraptured.”


The gaze of Our All-Seeing Light is constantly upon her.  Our stride rushes toward her.  Our Works hold her tight in their arms of Light and nestle her on Our lap.  They all pour their Light on the creature to endow her with Our gaze of light, Our incandescent stride and all Our many works.  Someone who lives continually in Our Will is in direct contact with her Creator.  She is given all the ability and talent that God can give to a creature.  When she operates through It, she is in full communion with Our Works.  From then on, all her endeavors are molded into Our Works.”


After that I continued tracking the Acts of Divine Will until I encountered what Our Lord did for Redemption.  I kissed everything He did, I adored what He had done, blessed all His Works, and thanked each of them one at a time.  Then I loved His works with the same Love that Jesus felt for them, because that was my love too.


Jesus was moved by all this, deeply touched that His Actions were loved with His own Love.


He said, “My daughter, Love is the only thing that affects Me this way.  My wounded Heart compels Me to speak, so I reveal My secrets to My beloved creature.  Such mysteries are hidden from those who don’t love Me.  The language of Love is completely foreign to them.”


Each act I performed on earth brought Me pain so intense that I would have died if My Divinity hadn’t sustained Me.  I kept working as My Will agonized within Me, frantically searching for the human will that was supposed to be there.  It demanded that I pull him into My Works where I could give him the virtue and grace he needs to live within My Will.  I did everything I could, whether by breathing My Spirit in and out of her or just pulsing along with My Heart.”


I began to stalk the human will and I leapt the moment I saw him.   I surrounded and inhaled him.  He became the Primal Movement of My Spirit, the rhythmic pulse throbbing within My Heart, My all-seeing Eye, My tread as I strode.”


My daughter, wanting to do something good for someone when there’s nobody who wants your help is truly painful.  I wanted to establish a safe haven for the creature where she could happy.  I wanted My Works and the suffering of My Humanity to be something more than a refuge for her protection.  I intended them to be a royal palace where she would reign as their sovereign queen.  But instead of listening with gratitude, she escaped from My hands.  She ran away from My suffering to live unhappily in the midst of dangerous enemies.  The disappointment I suffered when I saw that she had no one to defend her amplified My pain.”


My worst suffering down here felt as if I were continually dying as I watched the creature living outside of My Will without the slightest intention of following It.  The acts I performed seemed irrelevant.  Since she didn’t appreciate what I had done for her, the Life I had put into them was left to languish in pain.”


I could not have endured such deep pain if My all-seeing eye could not look across the centuries as a single act to see My beloved children eventually living in My Divine Will.  They are the ones who would use all that My suffering Humanity did on earth to establish My Kingdom.  It would become their palatial abode, a dwelling place more beautiful than they could ever imagine.”


Go on tracing My Actions through all their pain every step of the way.  Ask that My Will come for Its reign on earth so that My pain might be soothed and turn into Love.  You will shorten the time it takes for My Will to be known and loved as their reigning sovereign.  In the meantime, I will keep you here with Me so you can be the one who brings a soothing balm for My pain.  When I see the bitter suffering of the acts I performed for creature as I watch them running away from My Will, I can come to you for solace.  Your soothing balm will ease the pain I endured and all the bitterness I have suffered since then.”





March 30, 1938

When sacrifices are made in good will,

dear Jesus places in them

His Divine Flavors,

rendering them pleasant and Lovable. 

How God Created in them

the Passion for Love.


I rest in the arms of Divine Fiat.  Its great Love feeds me with Light and keeps me warm.  When I’m tired, It rocks me on Its knees until I calm down and then raises me up to new Life.  “Divine Will, you are so adorable.  You are the only one who truly loves me.  I find refuge in you from all the problems in my life.”


I was depressed that everyone around me were making such big sacrifices and suffering on my account.  It’s too painful to watch others being sacrificed like that.  Then my sweet Jesus, held me tight in His arms as an act of tender compassion.


He said, “Courage, My poor daughter.  Don’t think about it.  You know how I will compensate them for their kind attention.  I shall reward them for every sacrifice they make, from the big ones down to the slightest inconvenience they might endure on your behalf.  I keep tabs on everything.  For those who serve My Will, not a single breath goes unrewarded.  Any sacrifice made for someone who loves Me and wants to live within My Will, is as if it were done for Me alone.”


To ensure that these sacrifices are done through My Will, I give them the savor of Divinity.  Anyone who tastes them will take pleasure in making such sacrifices.  I will even bless their very desire to savor the taste of any sacrifice done My behalf.  The salt of the earth, they are spice for this food.  The savor of Divinity drains the sacrifice from any work, making them light and pleasing to taste.


Our Love demanded that We create this Holy Passion with such a pleasant taste that it would be impossible for Us not to love these creatures.  It’s like grease for wheels that otherwise could barely move.  Once they are lubricated properly, they can roll with ease.”


Our Love’s great passion gave Us this dire need to prove Our Love for creatures by Our Works.  No one begged Us to create the heavens, the sun or any of the other things We made for them.  After We created them and realized how much tasteful pleasure We had wrought, Our Love exclaimed emphatically, ‘Our Works are so beautiful!  Yet We will be glorified and be even more delighted once Our Works lend themselves to creatures out of love for them.  This will surely make them love Us.’”


Yet over and above Our passion for Love was Our dire need of It.  Added to that was Its delirious folly, so much so that We would never be satisfied by works alone.  Our Love was so extravagant that We were compelled to give True Life as well.”


My need for Love was enough to make Me do anything.  I was even willing to suffer extreme humiliation and unprecedented pain.  But Our Love’s great passion would never be satisfied without the creature’s participation in It.  So within every sacrifice We ask of her, We instill this holy passion.  We give It such pleasure and taste that Our conquest is certain to be the most beautiful sight We have ever beheld.”


As Our Passion becomes more ingenious, We find a thousand new ways to do this.  But We have found that It cannot live or even exist without operating to Its full capacity.  In even the holiest of works, if there’s no passion or taste for sacrifice, We may as well be looking at a painting, not something that’s truly alive.  It’s cold and can only produce apathy or disgust.  There’s nothing to savor.  More evil might come of it than good.”


Don’t worry about the sacrifices others make for you, My daughter.  They’re actually doing it for Me, not you.  I will infuse so much grace into them that their sacrifice will be drained of anything but taste and pleasure.  I will pour Myself into them according to the love they put into it.  The more they sacrifice the way I want them to, the more My Life will grow within them.”


Maybe it’s just My Love’s passion that makes Me talk so much about My Will.  All I want to do is create enough passion in mankind that they will come into My Volition and live there.  The only reason I say so much is that I want to drown the human will with all the savory taste of Our Divinity.  Perhaps they might finally decide to live within My Will once they have tasted Its power and felt true happiness at last.”


Try to count, if you can, how many flavors of contentment and joy that I have given you in your present circumstances as a sacrificial victim.  I am Jesus.  I know what must be done to make this sacrifice into something easy that you will truly love and desire.  I give you My strength and support, My own Sacrificial Life for the sacrifice of a creature.  My Martyrdom takes the sacrifice of a creature onto Its lap.  It will become Life and Light to whoever is willing to sacrifice themselves on My behalf.”





April 4, 1938

How God Created the necessity for His Will within the creature,

and how she could not live without It. 

Example:  how He Created the necessity of water and sun for the earth. 

How one who does not Live in the Divine Will wants to confine God in Heaven. 

Each additional Word on the Divine Will gives a New and Distinct Life.


My poor mind is desperately searching for any trace of Divine Volition’s activity.  I need what is the very breath and heartbeat of my pitiful existence.  Without It I would slowly asphyxiate and my heart would stop.  My God, I don’t see how anyone can live without the air provided by the life of Your Will.  It doesn’t seem possible.


Then my sweet Jesus came to visit my poor little soul.  His voice sounded so good me.


He said, “Good daughter of My Will, My Love for man was so great that when I created him, I gave him My Will as his primal Life.  That was absolutely critical.  He couldn’t do anything good without It.”


If the earth had a soul, it would be like water, because there could be no life without it.  Yet standing water begins to stink without the sun to purify the land.  It keeps the ground from becoming a fetid swamp reeking with pestilent air.  But the sun disinfects the earth with heat and light while nurturing the land so that life may flourish.”


Earth, water and sun are important elements, though not enough to sustain life by themselves.  Without seeds, the earth could not yield plants with their beautiful blooms, nor trees laden with fruit to delight the farmer.  Starting from seeds, they provide food for countless generations of human kind.”


If a single one of these elements were missing, the earth would be desolate.  It would be frightening to live in such a bleak and gloomy world.  It is the unity of these elements that makes everything beautiful.  Only together are they of any use.  Their mutual support brings goodness to Our creative works so they may flourish.  Each one separately can be noxious and harmful to the poor creatures who depend on them.  United, they make the world a good place to live.”


I gave the creature a deep seated need for My Will when I created them.  The soul I created for them was like water to the earth.  It had to flow more freely through the body than water seeping into the fields of earth.  I infused My Will into his soul to be the sun, heat and light that nourishes it.  It adorns it with such beauty that Our Love for her continually enraptures Us.”


Much the same as the farmer who casts seed upon the earth to make it produce, My Will sows the seed of Divinity within the creature.  They would grow into a cluster of suns, each more beautiful than the others.  They blossom with Celestial fruit to feed both creature and Creator.  Our Will is the food that gives Us Life.”


It’s important that Actions have a Unity that allows the creature to sow them like seeds.  It is her need for It that determines the growth of My Will within a creature.  It endows her with all the Power of Our Divine Attributes, enabling her to perform endless wonders filled with grace and beauty.  We love the creature so much that We can never leave her.  We want to operate continuously within her.  When We love, she joins her love to Ours.  Whenever We work, she labors at Our side.  But she can’t do anything without Us.”


If We were not united to the creature she’d be useless.  She would be like earth, water and sun without seeds to grow.  We love her so much that We do everything with her.  It would be horrible if the creature were to leave Our Will.  Harm would certainly come to her as she lived out her life in pain.”


Then sorrow crept into His voice and I was very touched by the way He spoke.


He said, “My daughter, it’s painful to watch the creature living outside of Our Will.  Her refusal to live in It confines Us within Our Own Celestial Fatherland.  It’s almost as if she didn’t want Us to live together with her on earth.  Our Will seems to weigh her down.  She runs away from Our Sanctity and shuts the door to Our Light, leaving the poor creature just sitting there, staring into the darkness.”


If she continues following her own will, she will die from cold and starvation, She says, ‘Heaven is not for me.’  These creatures live in exile on earth without support, weak and defenseless.   The very idea of goodness become a bitter jibe.  She considers it a defect to even think about such things.  Her behavior tortures Us as Our Love slowly suffocates.”


Every word spoken out of Our Will’s Love for creatures takes on Divine Life by revealing more knowledge about Our Volition.  Moreover, each of these new lives are unique.  But they all bring new forms of love, sanctity and beauty.”


We are delighted to speak about Our Will.  We celebrate what It is and what It can do.  It wants to ennoble creature and raise her up to the sublime heights of Our Divine Will.  The more It becomes understood, the more Divine Lives We pour out.  Whenever the creature takes one of these Lives, she gives Us new Love with ever more kindness and beauty.”


By revealing Ourselves, Our Lives are exchanged for the creature’s love and glory.  When We find someone who wants to know Us, We reveal Ourselves.  That is the one act that glorifies Us the most.  Our Love searches out the one It can pour Itself into and We give her whatever We want.”


There’d be no reason at all to make creatures if We had intended to remain anonymous.  Our Knowledge propels Us down into her soul and gives her wings so she can fly up to Us.  As soon as We see how hungry you are for more knowledge about Our Will, We prepare a wonderful surprise, Our all-powerful Fiat.  By that I don’t mean just telling you about It.  We are actually going to give what We have been revealing to you as a gift.”


After a while He started talking again.  He seemed very emotional about something.


He said, “My daughter, someone who lives within My Will is very popular with creatures.  They all feel loved by her.  Her love rushes toward them with hugs and kisses for everyone.  It jumps into their hearts, one by one, so that all of them will love Us.  Even the tiniest I love You, I adore You, I bless Yousaid by a creature who lives in Our Holy Will, should be held closely within all Creation.”


The Angels and Saints would be honored to keep a space open inside themselves for even the faintest ‘I love You’ coming from this blessed creature.  They all want to love Us your little I love You.’  Imagine the creature’s joy when she returns to her Celestial Fatherland and sees her own ‘I love You’ emblazoned on all the Blessed as they love their God through song.


It’s all very simple.  Since Our Will is universal, anything that is done in It takes place everywhere and joins Us in this ongoing Act of Perpetual Love.  The heavens with sun, moon and stars, all Creation will take hold of these Universal Acts to love and bless Us with them.”





April 10, 1938

How Jesus wants to find everything

in the creature who Lives

in the Divine Will,

and wants to find her in everyone. 

How God wants to find in our love the support for His Works and the hiding place of His Life.


My poor mind keeps coming back into this Divine Volition. 


I talked to my adorable Jesus about it today after receiving the Holy Sacrament.


I said, “Since everything is mine when I’m in Your Will, I can love You with Your own Love and that of My Queen Mother.  I give You the delight of Her maternal joy as I kiss You with Her lips.  I give You a big hug with Her arms and I carry You with me when I take refuge in her Heart.  There You will find the protection that only Your sweet Mother can give You.”


My sweet Jesus spoke to me tenderly as I was merging the two of us inside our dear Mother.


You are My Mom’s daughter as well as Mine and I’m really glad to see the two of you together.  Her fondest wish is that all creatures could Love Me with Her own Maternal Love.  She wants them to kiss Me with Her lips and hold Me tight in Her arms.  She wants them to keep Me safe as any mother would so that all of them would be like My Mom.  Having Mother and daughter loving Me with the same One Love is To have both Mother and daughter loving Me with the same One Love is My greatest joy.  The two of you have given Me a new paradise on earth.”


But that’s not enough.  I want to find everything I want in a single creature who can live within My Will.  If anything at all is missing, My Will won’t be completely fulfilled in her.  I want My Mom to have a place of honor within the creature as the Queen Mother Who rules together with the Holy Spirit and My Heavenly Father.  I want this creature to love Me like They do so that her Love can have the same immensity as Their Own Infinite Love.  I would be delighted if you could love me in the same way that My Father and the Holy Spirit love Me.”


Jesus stopped and waited for me to tell Him what I thought creatures should give Him.  I am unworthy to say something like that, but I wanted the same thing He did, whatever that might be.  So I tried my best to make Him happy by saying, “I love You with the same immensely powerful Love that your Father has for You together with the endless Love of the Holy Spirit.  I love You with all the Love the Angels and Saints give You.  I love on behalf of all creatures, past, present and future, whether they love You or not.  I love You the way all create things would if they only could, that is, with the same You had for them when they were created.”


My dear Jesus let out a long sigh that was heavy and deep.


He said, “Now that I have found everything I’ve been longing for in a creature, My satisfaction is finally complete.  Looking out over Our endless Seas of Love within My loving Mama is such a delight because there I find everything and everyone.  Next I will look for everything and everyone inside the creature who lives within My Will.  From there I can watch her in everyone else.” 


My Heavenly Father generated Me through Love so I could participate in the act of giving and receiving endless Love to those who love Me.  Together We’ll make sure that none of Our Love ever goes to waste.”


After a while, He started talking again.


He said, “My daughter, Our Love desperately wants all creatures to know about Us and all Our works.  If they don’t know Us, then We are only bystanders, even though We live inside and all around them.  Aware of all that they do or think, We love them in every little thing they do.  But they still don’t love Us.”


They act as if they don’t recognize Us.  It’s painful to know that Our Love cannot arise in them until they acknowledge Us.  Our Love finds no refuge in her, and without Love, We have no place to put Our Works.  We need some place to pour out Our Love, but there’s no shelter anywhere.  Everything’s left up in the air.”


We search for the creature’s I love You’ in all Our Works so We can arm it with Our Power.  We will make it sturdy enough to support Our greatest endeavors.  It makes Us happy to have her littleI love Youas a pedestal for Our Works.” 


It’s sad when We want to perform but there’s no space available for Our Work.  It seems so lifeless and drab without a proper stage.  Our acts of Love are blocked and rebuffed.  They can’t breathe.  Well, they could, but We can’t because the ungrateful creature won’t even acknowledge Our Presence, let alone love Us.”


Though Our Works were all done for the creature’s benefit, they tie Our hands so that We can’t do anything to help them.  There’s no space reserved in them where We can place Our Works.  Knowledge and Love are the only things that can open up enough space to hold them.  There’s no reason for Us to operate like that if no one’s prepared to accept Our Works.  So whenever We’re ready to do something, We must go out looking for someone who understands Our Work.  Once We’ve found such a creature ready and willing to accept Our Work with love, We go into action.”


My own Humanity had to wait for someone who would love what It was about to do before acting.  If I hadn’t found anyone willing to accept My mission then, I would have waited centuries if need be until I finally found someone who would accept it with love.”


As a newborn baby, I cried out to those who would eventually repent in sorrow for their sins.  My tears were to wash them clean so they might accept once again a life of grace.  As I learned to walk, every step took Me toward those who would walk along the path of Goodness so I could give them strength and guidance.”


During all My Works, every word I said or pain that I suffered went out in search of a creature’s work that would be sturdy enough to serve as a pedestal for My own.  Then I would put My Words into her mouth so she could speak on My behalf.  My Pain needed the creature’s own suffering as a platform where I could display all the good things I did on their behalf.”


My Love’s Passion insists that everything I do should be helpful to My children.  That’s the main reason I want creatures to live within My Will.  Only then will My Works have a platform.  Creation and Redemption need something to support them, a place where even a Baby’s sigh could rest.  This is the stage where the creature’s works are portrayed as My own.  Their pain becomes Mine, for I am the Life that supports their human existence.”


Everything I did then will be My Glory.  Every pain I suffered shall be victorious.  They shall cast out all enemies, restoring order, harmony and peace.  The Celestial smile of the Heavenly Fatherland will appear on the face of every creature.”


My beloved Jesus saw how surprised I was, so He continued.


He said, “My blessed daughter, living in My Will is enough to amaze anyone.  Even the Angels and Saints are astounded by such unprecedented wonders of Divinity.  They know that My Will is not about words so much as indisputable facts.  My Will transforms words, intentions and desires into accomplished works.  Outside Our Will, creatures indulge in mere words, tangled desires and misplaced intentions.”


The creative power of My Will changes what the creatures desires into accomplished deeds and works teeming with life.  The secret here is that a creature who lives within Our Will is fully aware of what We do and wants only that It be done accordingly.  She follows Us as We work, urging Us on so as not to be a mere bystander.  She wants to see Us accomplish what We do so much that she can’t pull herself away.”


Her need for Our Fiat so great that she can’t do without It.  Her breath coming in and going out is not as important to her as constantly giving what she has received.  She becomes like motion itself, such is her irrepressible need to move.  My Will means everything to her.  It’s impossible for her to live without It.  So pay attention and may your constant flight through Our Fiat never end.”


May everything be for the glory of God and the fulfillment of Divine Will.