Volume 34



December 2, 1935

How the Divine Will darts the creature and forms the Divine Nobility,

and acting as Actor renders God and the creature inseparable. 

Example:  the sun.


My King of Love, Jesus, and my Queen Mother, my Divine One, please, braid my will into Yours and make them one.  Enfold me into Your Hearts so that I won’t write outside of Your Will.  Let me record what is in my Jesus’ Heart and the bosom of my Dear Celestial Mother.  Then I can say, “It is Jesus who writes and My Mom feeds me the words.”


You know how poorly I’ve been.  Help me by giving me the grace I need to conquer the great repugnance I feel by starting another manuscript.  I need your support.  Make me strong.  Renew my spirit with the Power of Your Divine Fiat so I can always do Your Divine Will in everything.  I was immersed in Divine Volition.  It became the Actor who came into the most intimate recesses of my soul to operate within me. 


I was surprised by my sweet Jesus, who is all goodness, when He came to visit my poor little soul.


He said, “My blessed daughter, when the creature Lives through Divine Will and works with It, Our Supreme Being keeps sending darts of Light into her.  It pierces her mind and casts the Nobility of Divine Thought into it so that she may have the memory, intellect and will that she needs to do this.  These darts pierce her mind with My Sanctity, the Memory of her Creator, the Loving Will that performs as the Actor who imbues her with Wisdom and Divine Order.  The darts It casts are Kisses of Light that give Divine Substance to her mind, so that everything within her is Noble, Holy, Sacred.” 


This Actor is Volition, and It takes Its Seat in created intellect.  From there It forms Its Image with Power and Majesty.  It hurls these darts deep into her heart to send the Nobility of Love pulsing through her affections and desires.  These darts fly into her mouth to form Nobel words.  They make her do works that are Holy.  They move her feet so that she walks with a Noble gait.  It darts her body and soul.  Its Light enters her blood and ennobles it so the creature can feel the fullness of Its Sanctity flowing through her veins.  It transforms her with the Substance of Divine Nobility.” 


This Actor of My Divine Will takes on the role of Supreme Craftsman.  It transforms God into a creature, and the creature is given the form of God.  When My Will has accomplished this, it shall be the Greatest Act ever performed, to form of God and the creature one single Life indivisible.  It rests within Its Works, satisfied that It has Conquered the creature’s love.  It has done Its Labor inside her, It has fulfilled Its Will.  Its Love shouts out emphatically, ‘I have done everything.  Nothing else remains for Me to do other than possess her and Love her.’”


That worried me, until I was reassured by my Lovable Jesus.


He said, “There’s no reason to doubt, My daughter.  The sun moving across the sky does the same thing.  When it darts a flower with light, it gives her substantial fragrance and color.  By darting fruit, it instils sweetness and flavor.  These darts inject all the substance and desired qualities a plant could ever need.  Though the sun can do this, My Divine Will can do so much more.  My Divine Will can do anything.  It knows perfectly well how to do everything.  Just as the sun goes looking for a seed to give what it holds, My Divine Will goes searching for creatures with the right disposition, those who want to Live by My Will.  It immediately darts her and transfers Divine Substance and Nobility into her soul.  That is where Its Life shall grow.”






December 8, 1935

Prodigies of the Immaculate Conception.  Communication of the Divine Rights. 

How God does not want to do anything without His Celestial Mother.


I was making my rounds through the Acts of Divine Will until I arrived at the Creation of the Immaculate Virgin by the Omnipotent Fiat.  I stopped in my tracks, astounded at the sight of the two greatest miracles united together as One.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  Of all the enchanting things anywhere in Creation, nothing can compare with the Sovereign Queen.  The sun in the sky is lost in her radiance.


My sweet Jesus saw my astonishment and spoke to me about Her.


He said, “My blessed daughter, there is nothing so beautiful, valuable or miraculous as the Immaculate Conception of this Celestial Creature.  My Divine Volition has no beginning nor does It have an end.  The greatest miracle is that It is constantly being reborn in this Creature through Her prayers and the deeds She has done.  As She grew, My Will infinitely multiplied Its Miracles within Her.”


We created the universe to be admired.  It is complete, so We don’t have to do anything else other than protect It under the Imperial Act of Our Creative Power.  In this Virgin, however, We continue Creating, Growing and Conserving the same Act.  This is the wonder of wonders, the Life of Our Volition Reborn in Her.   It keeps growing through everything She does.  To be born in Her, Our Fiat pronounced Itself through Her Conception.  This in turn pronounces Itself through an Act of the Highest Sublime Splendor with Immense Power.  It gathers up everything in the net of Its Love, leaving no one out.  Everyone can partake in the Common Good provided by Our Fiat through Its Operations if they truly want It.”


When Our Divinity saw Our Will reborn in this Holy Creature, It delegated Its Divine Rights to Her.  As the Queen of Our Fiat, She is Mistress of Our Love, Power, Wisdom, and Goodness.  Watching Her Grow as an Act of Our Volition, We were enraptured.  Since Her Love was so great that She could Love Us on behalf of all creatures.  She covered all creatures with Her mantle, She hid them in Her Love.  Through Her We could hear Love echoing from each and every one of them.”


This Most Holy Virgin bound Us and made Us Prisoners of Love.  She loved and adores Us.  She operated by prayer to grow the Act of Fiat that She held within Her.  She enveloped Her Creator within Herself.  When She Loved Us, We were absorbed by Her.  She was so powerful that We couldn’t resist Her.  She took control of Us and She gathered Our Holy Trinity inside Herself.  We Loved Her so much that We let Her do whatever She wanted.  Who didn’t have the heart to deny Her anything.  We were glad to make Her happy.  The soul who Loves Us is Our joy.  We enjoy the reflection of Our own happiness and joy that seems to come from Her.”


A creature who has Our Will as her Life means everything to Us.  The Great Miracle of someone who holds Our Will as her Life is that she comes to know that she has the same Divine Rights as We do.  She knows that there is no end to her Love.  She has so much of it that she can love each one of them while loving everyone else on their behalf.  She loves having the power to love everyone.  As her Actions keep growing, they never say to her Sanctity, ‘that should be enough’The Sovereign Queen, by having Our Will as Her Life, always has something to give Us, She always something more to say.  She has always kept Us busy, and We always keep on giving. We continue sharing the secrets of Our Love with Her.  In fact, We never do anything without Her.  As She holds this Love within Our Will, We place something especially good in Her Maternal Heart.  From there Our gift comes down to those are blessed so they can have it as their own.”


Grace does not come down to earth directly.  It must first pass through the Heart of a Mother and be enriched with Her.   No sinner is converted until Our Sanctity has passed through Her Heart so creature and Gift are form-fitted to each other.  Love will not leave Our throne until It is nourished by Her Love, and Her Sorrows if need be.  Only then does She place in the one who It was meant for so he can appreciate Our Paternal Divinity and the Maternal care of his Celestial Mother.  We could do this without Her, but that’s not Our intention.  We don’t have the heart to deny Her vocation.  Our Infinite Wisdom, Our Love, even Our Fiat forbids Us to send anything down unless it is through Her.”


Our Love for the One who Lives through Divine Will refuses to do anything without Her.  She is the harmony of the same Infinite Wisdom that makes the earth fruitful so it may provide for the natural life of all creatures.  New Creation through the Conception of the Immaculate Lady revolves endlessly around God, and God’s orbit is centered on Her.  Together they maintain the fruitfulness of the Common Good.  They form the Sanctity of souls by recalling creatures to God.  Universal Creation will always revolve around Us.”





December 15, 1935

How True Love wants to make Itself known, spread Itself out and run and fly in search of the one whom It Loves, because It feels the need of being Loved in return.  Power of the Creating Act that one receives when one goes around in the Creation.


My poor little mind is continually transported into the Sea of Divine Will, Everything It has done out of Love for creatures is still going on by reenacting Itself in the present moment.  It has loved us so much and It longs for the day when they shall acknowledge what It has done.  It waits for us within the Acts It has done, saying, ‘Let’s do this together, don’t make Me work all alone.  Whatever I am doing, you should do likewise.’  Then we shall declare, ‘We have loved each other the same.’”   


How beautiful it is to take turns saying, ‘You have loved me, and I have loved you.’  This is ample compensation for all of these Marvelous Works, even at cost of so many Sorrows and such Great Sacrifice.


As my mind went around through all Creation, I came upon the All-Powerful Fiat in the Act of pronouncing Itself to create the azure sky and stretch it out past the horizons.  My Eternal Love wanted me to Act this out in synch with It.  My sweet Jesus was quite festive seeing that It had good company, so He stopped me in my tracks.


He said, “My good daughter, to love someone and not make it known goes against the nature of True Love.  True Love spreads Itself out and runs, It flies in search of the one It Loves and doesn’t stop until It finds her.  It wraps Itself around her and hides her in Its Love.   It conjures her into Its Flames, seeking Its own Love within her.  It looks to have Its Work being done by the one It Loves.”


It does all this just for Love of It.  Knowing that the creature can never do what We do for her, Our Love, to have Its Intent, calls the creature to Itself.  It hides her in Its own Love, and invites her be co-pilot and conservator of Our Creative Activity.  Then she can really say, ‘I have Loved You.  What You have done for me, I am doing for You.’  The true reality is that We feel loved by the Love We gave her to love, and the way she has finished Our Work.” 


When the creature uses her will to levitate up into Our Volition where We create everything, Our Supreme Being renovates what she is doing by superimposing Its Creative Act over her.  We do marvelous things with Grace and Sanctity as We form multiple Suns in the Sky of her soul.  Our Actions are so delighted when she replicates them that Our Love wants to tell her about Itself while she is on patrol among all created things.  Its Love for her is so real that she can touch It with her hand.  Once It superimposes Our Creative Act over hers, they go on forever.  She is totally amazed by the Power of Our Works.  When she feels the Ardor of Our Love, she Loves Us back with the same Creative Power that We have already infused in her.  We are content to be known and loved by someone We Love that much.” 


We Created so many things out of Our Great Love for her, and We are still waiting for her to understand this.  We fit the potency of Our Love into every created thing in the hope that We will also be Loved.  Love is unhappy when no one knows about It.  When It isn’t Loved by the one It Loves, even though It has provided her with Love, It feels like It wants to die.  It stumbles, limping into oblivion, taking Its Beautiful Works with It.”


If only It were known and loved, Its Life would multiply.  We superimpose Our Creative Act over the creature’s to be loved as We Love her.  Our happy feet run, they fly with Us to Our beloved creature.  We hold her to Our Bosom to Love her and make Ourselves Loved.  Our Love feels the Happiness of the Love that she brings.” 


The greatest honor she can give Us is to come into Our Divine Will.  When We see her coming, We put all of Creation at her disposal because It is hers, We made It for her.  As she goes through each created thing, she encounters Our Creative Power when It fills her with all the Love every one of them has for her.  Our Power makes her Love for Us strong so she can love Us as much as she wants.  Our Creativity gives her a flair for the art of loving Us whenever she is inspired.  The Love of Creator and creature shares a kiss as each rests in the other’s arms.  They both savor the contentment of True Love requited.  It’s so beautiful having the company of someone who loves Us.  It pleases Us so much that Our Love rises up to contrive ever more Beautiful Works.  Our Love is industrious when We want to be Loved.”





December 29, 1935

The royal place of the creature in the Union of the Divine Unity;

how she remains enclosed in It,

and how she can form the rarest beauties

and the enchantment of her Creator Himself.


I am in the arms of Divine Fiat.  It draws me in so much that my little nothingness is lost in the All.  Empty though it may be, it is given life, sustained and nourished by the All.  God forbid that I should ever want to leave.  But even if I did, it’s not like I’d find a little hole somewhere that I could climb into and hide.  I would still find myself face to face with the All.  I would go on being a lifeless little nothing.  Then I felt Divine Volition blowing into my nothingness and It made me feel Alive with all Its Love and Power. 


A bit later, as my mind was swimming in the All, completely lost Its Endless Light, my beloved Jesus came to visit my poor little soul.  His voice was so full of Goodness when He spoke.


He said, “Little daughter of My Will.  It amazes you how marvelously sublime it is to operate through My Divine Volition.  As the creature acts within It, her endeavor is emptied of everything human so what she does may be one with Its all-encompassing Divine Activity.  The creature has her own royal place comprised of such actions that express Our Primal Act.  When she loves, she Loves within Our Unity.  When blesses Us with her adoration, she does so within Our Unity.  She understands Us only in the context of Our Unity.  Nothing she sees, does or feels is left outside of Us, everything happens within Our Divine Being.  She declares, ‘This is all I know.  Divine Volition is the only thing I want.  I Love to be cloistered and held steadfast within Its Unity.’”


The most Sublime Grace for such a fortunate creature is to act within Our Unity.  Our greatest Honor and Glory is to take possession of the human will.  That’s the only way We can give Love whenever We want, and to be Loved however We desire.  It is there that We enrich her with Sanctity, Grace and Beauty.  Then We enraptured by the Beauty and Goodness We have Infused in her.”


We always have something to do with the creature.  We entrust the All to her nothingness by loving her and being loved in return with Our own Love.  She defends the All with the Power and Love she has be given.  We feel secure within her nothingness once We have surrendered Our Weapons to her, knowing that she will keep Us safe in her citadel.”


Everything the creature does in thought word and deed is acted out within Our Unity.  Even the most apparently insignificant things, including her natural functions, are side effects of her acting in union with Us.  She resembles the sun that gives light with all its benefits.  She makes the flowers bloom with a beauty that brings enchantment to all Creation.  Once she is filled with the Light of My Fiat, everything she does becomes another one of Its many beneficent effects.  There is only one Will with Its lone Primal Act, but the Its effects are innumerable. 

They enliven a seductive Beauty that is enchanting to the God who has created her and keeps her as one with His Unity.”


My daughter, Our Supreme Being has but One Single Act.  All of Creation, down to the last creature, is an Effect emanating from Unity of Our Action.  When human will unites with It, she becomes another manifestation of Our seamless continual Effect.  And this Effect, do you know what it means?  The ultimate meaning of this Effect is that It be constantly giving and receiving from the creature.”


I am amazed and transfixed in Divine Volition.  I understood so many things about the Unity of the Divine.  It is the One that holds all of Creation and keeps everything bound to It.  The entire universe is held within Its Unity and flows from It.   It is all for One and One for all, sustaining and giving Life to everything.” 


I looked at the sky, filled with beautiful lights of every hue and color.  The rapturous wonder of so many lights spread across the azure vault is the multiform spangle of a solitary sky.  They penetrate the Heavens, descend to the depths.  Never stopping, they run, they fly, looking to give everything their Life within the Light.


Then my sweet Jesus spoke.


He said, “My daughter, these lights show the wonders of Action performed within My Divine Volition.  They are so beautiful.  They carry the Imprint of Their Creator.”





January 5, 1936

One who Lives in the Divine Volition forms

the little Life of the Divine Will in the creature. 

How she becomes Loved again and with Doubled Love by God.


My puny will is in dire need of Divine Volition.  I feel like I’m fasting, cold, weak and lifeless.  Every moment I go without It seems like death.  I crave the One who can replace my will by nurturing His own within me.  So I continually chant my plea for pity, ‘I’m hungry.  Come, Divine Will.  Give me Your Life to sate my hunger lest I die.’


I was delirious with want, hungering for the Fullness of Divine Will until my sweet Jesus deigned to visit me briefly.  His voice was all Goodness when He spoke.


He said, “Blessed daughter, My Heart is wounded by your delirious hunger.  You are always so desperate for the Life of My Will.  I am ravished by your heartrending please for Love.  They send Me running, flying toward you to make My Living Will grow within you.  The creature who wants to do My Will and Live within It projects her activity through It.  When she calls out to Her Creator, He feels called by the Power of His own Volition sent forth from a creature.  He cannot resist.  He will not suffer the least delay.” 


Let it be known that We will never be outdone in Love.  Just as she is about to call Us, before she even knows it, We call her.  She immediately runs and throws herself into the arms of Our Divine Being as if her life were centered upon It.  We hold her so tight that she is transformed into Us.  A Perfect Accord is established between Creator and creature.  Our Love is so emphatic that We Love her with New Love that is then redoubled.” 


But that’s not enough for Us.  We communicate Our Supreme Being to her so that she loves us with Our New and redoubled Love.  I wish you could know what it means to be Loved by God with New and Renewed Love.   I want you to Love with New Love and multiply It.  Only within Our Divine Will can such marvelous wonders be found.”


God Loves Himself through the creature.  Since everything belongs to Him, it’s no wonder that He unleashes His Love so It can always be made New.  He doubles it, multiplies it a hundredfold, or as many times as He wants.  He gives her the Grace to love with His own Love.  It has to be this way or there would be too great of a disparity between the One who can Love and the other who cannot.  The poor creature would be humbled to the point of annihilation.  She would have no motive to unite with the Love of her Creator.  When the Love between two beings is unbalance, one of them will have more than the other.  One of them will be sad.  However, since Our Will is Unity, It can give Its Love freely to the creature so that she will have Love that she can give in return.  It gives her Its Sanctity to make her Holy, and Wisdom so that It becomes well known.  It wants to give her everything It has.  Since she has set aside her own will to live in Our Fiat, her activity makes Our Acts come alive.”


She is forming a miniature version of Our Volition within her own and it hungers for growth.   It insists on growing.  Each additional act performed within It makes it grow all the more.  Even a sigh helps to satisfy the hunger.  Overwhelming desire sends My Will running all through her being to prepare enough food so that her Creator’s entire entourage of what He has made will be satisfied.  Heightened vigilance is of the utmost.  My Volition will do everything necessary to form Its Life within the creature.”





January 22, 1936

One who Lives in the Divine Will

forms the theater for the Works of her Creator,

and He repeats in her the moving scenes of the Redemption.


I was making my rounds through the Acts of Divine Will, trying to fill the sun, the sky and all Creation with my love, though it be little.  Divine Fiat, being reciprocal, hollowed out a place in my will and stuffed the sky and all Creation into it.  As I went through the Acts of Redemption, my sweet Jesus put them inside me by replicating the most heart-rending scenes in reply to my little love. 


Seeing that I was surprised, my beloved Jesus explained what He was doing in a voice that was all tenderness and Love.


He said, “Good daughter of My Will, My Love is so great that I must pour Myself out to replicate My Works.  But I can only do that within a creature.  I have to find a place within her where I can put them so that I will feel loved.  For that I need someone who Lives within My Will.  As the creature goes around through My Works getting to know and love them, I summon them into her.  There they reproduce themselves to act in the theater of Our Works.” 


As I gaze on these moving scenes, the sky is stretched out and the sun rises in all its majesty.  The murmuring sea generates waves of love, trying to inundate its Creator.  A meadow full of beautiful flowers makes an appearance, every bloom chanting her little refrain, ‘I love You, I glorify You, I adore You.  Let Your Fiat Reign Supreme on the earth.’  She invites any and all to her chamber recital, and they sing, ‘I love You, I love You.’  My daughter, Our Love isn’t satisfied until It has given everything by replicating Our Works in someone who Lives within Our Will.”


It’s delightful how she goes through the Acts of Creation replicating My Works.  I take great pleasure assisting the creature during the most splendid scenes in Creation.  As she goes around among the Acts of Redemption to make them hers, I relive My Life.  My Conception is replicated, as is My Birth.  The Angels sing their ‘Glory in the Heavens’ once again, and then ‘Peace to men of good will.’  When human ingratitude makes Me cry, I shed My tears with her so she can return them to Me as pearls with herI love You.’” 


Then I continue going over every step of My Life as lessons to be learned by creatures.  When I undergo the same offenses yet again, the suffering I endured in My Crucifixion and Death are repeated.  However, I only relive these within a creature I have chosen.  I go into her to suffer Death on the Cross because I know she will not abandon Me.  She is always willing to take part in My suffering, even the Crucifixion.  She is ready to give her life to atone for My Death.” 


Someone who Lives in My Will is serves as the theater of My Life with moving scenes depicting My Infancy all the way through to My Passion.  In her the skies speak to Me, the sun love Me, the winds moan their love to Me.  Through her all created things have words for Me, an ‘I love You,’ or some other token of their appreciation.  Only someone who Lives within My Will can make objects speak to Me by feeding her voice to all things.  It transforms her so completely that her love would do anything for Me.  It can replicate any of My Works through her so they become Lives that replicate what the Creator has done.”





March 1, 1936

Prodigies of the Incarnation of the Divine Word. 

How the Heavens are amazed, and the Angels remain mute by it. 

Prodigies when the Divine Will Operates in the creature. 

The Divine Trinity called in council. 

How God in Creating us places a dose of His Love in the creature.


I am stressed because my sweet Jesus has been neglecting me.  I’ve come undone under the pressure and I just want to die.  But Divine Volition triumphs over my puny little being and rises up through my soul, calling me to make my daily rounds through His Will.  Though I feel like the like the living dead, It is undeterred and rises up, Victorious.  Its Triumphant Live once again hovers over my dying will, more Beautiful than ever, full of Majesty and twice the Love. 


You Love me so much, Divine Will!  You make me taste death so you can center Your Life ever more deeply within my soul.” 


Then I continued my day within His Divine Activity until I got to the Incarnation of the Word.  I felt such intense Love that I started to burn until I was consumed in the flames of His Divinity.  My highest Good, Jesus, spoke to Me from within blazing Love that encircled Him.


He said, “Blessed daughter, My Love was so strong when incarnating Myself in the Womb of My Celestial Mother, that Heaven and earth together could not hold it.  My Incarnation happened in a single Act of Love so great, intense and strong that it was more than enough to burn everything and everyone with the flames of My Love.  Before Incarnating Myself, My Celestial Father looked within Himself at the ardor of His Love.  Knowing that He couldn’t hold it all, He poured out Seas of Love in blazing torrents.” 


Then He looked at His Son with the same fervent Love, and I found Myself surrounded by flames of Love and He commanded that I be Incarnate.  I wanted to do that so much that in the alacrity of Love, without leaving My Father, or the Holy Spirit, the Great Miracle transpired and I was incarnate.  Though I remained with My Father, I made the descent into My Mother’s Womb.” 


The Three Divine Persons are indivisible, so We could never be separate from One another.  Yet I can say, ‘I remained in Heaven as I went down upon the earth.  Moreover, the Father and the Holy Spirit came down with Me, without leaving Heaven.’  In this great Act Our Divine Being poured out so much excess Love, that the Heavens were astounded and the Angels dumbstruck with amazement.  All of them were enveloped in Our Flames of Love.” 


The Incarnation was an Act of Our Divine Will.  It can do anything and everything.  With Its Power and Infinite Love, It works wonders beyond the scope of human memory.  Our Will’s mandate was that We remain in Heaven while going down to the dungeon of the Maternal Womb, and so it was done.”


Every time the soul wants to do My Will, My Celestial Father first looks within Himself.  He calls the Holy Trinity into consultations on how to fulfill Its mandate with an Act of Our Will that provides for the best possible outcome for the Common Good.  Then He pours it out from Himself to fill the Creature with His Will so that It may operate and communicate the Transformation to come.”


For the Incarnation, the Three Divine Persons remained in Heaven while descending into the Womb of the Immaculate Virgin.  My All-Powerful Will transfers Itself into the creature to orchestrate an Act of the Holy Trinity, while leaving Him behind in Heaven.  That’s how Divine Action takes form within a human will.”


There are so many wonders inherent in a single Act of Our Will.  Our Love rises and spreads out so much that It can’t find a place big enough to put Itself, so after filling everything It withdraws into Our Source.  Our Sanctity is honored by the Divine Act of Our own Will when It operates in the creature.  It spreads out with surprising Grace and transfer Its Sanctity into all creatures.  It completes these Indescribable Wonders when the creature calls It to Operate within her.  So if you make everything disappear into My Will, We will give you power over everything.  Then you can to give Us everything, including Ourselves.”


By then my puny intellect was so full of Divine Will that I couldn’t hold It all.  But I continued making my rounds through Its Divine Activities until I arrived at the moment the Immaculate Queen was Conceived.  The Supreme Being poured so much Love into Her before calling Her to life.  Yet even then She wanted to Love Her Creator, so She poured out all the Love that She had inside Her.


When my beloved Jesus saw how much that surprised me, He clarified things for me.


He said, “There’s nothing strange about this, My daughter.  That’s what We usually do for creatures.  When We send her out into the light of day, We give her a dose of Love as We are in the Act of creating her.  We gave her a part of Our Divine Substance.  Depending on the mission We have designed her for, We might increase the amount of Love We give her.  Every creature has within herself a particle taken from the Substance of Divine Love.  She couldn’t Love Us unless We place what is Ours within her to make Ourselves Loved?  That would mean asking for what she does not have.  Since the creature has nothing of her own, We must enclose Our Love and Our Will within a Sanctuary.  From there We can ask her to Love Us and do Our Will.  We ask because We know that she has Our Love and Our Volition.  We put them within the depths of her soul so she could have power over them.”


If she loves Us, We increase the dosage of Our Love.  As It gets larger, her need to love Us gets stronger, as does her inclination to Live within her Creator’s Will.  Her need won’t grow unless she loves Us, and if she doesn’t, the passions of human weakness settle over Our Love like ashes until the embers begin to cool.  Then she stops loving Us altogether and the ashes extinguish Our Divine Fire completely.  Though, actually, the Fire still burns, but she doesn’t feel anything at all.  Every time she loves Us, she blows the ashes away so the embers may catch and the Fire burn in her bosom.  Its heat rises until it is so intense that it’s impossible for her not to Love Us.”


My daughter, the Immaculate Queen felt Love for Her Creator from the moment of Her Conception.  She could feel the activity of Our Will more than Her own life.  She loved Us so much that not a second went by when She wasn’t Loving Us.  By loving Us full circle with Her Love and then Our own, Her dosage of Love kept growing so much that She could love Us on everyone’s behalf while loving them ceaselessly in return.  Our Love is so great that Her dose of Love grew like a seed of Happiness sown within her soul where true happiness has Its royal throne.  Happiness left outside without a residence is not true happiness.  In fact, it only makes the poor creature sad.  It is like a furious wind that’s gone before she knows it, leaving hardly a trace.  Or worse, it becomes a thorn bush that stings her with no respite.”


The Happiness We plant within a creature endures like an evergreen.  We are delighted that she loves, and it makes her cheerful as well.  No one can be happy without love.  A creature without love has no interest in Our works, and no reason to complete them.  Doing a good deed for someone seems too heroic a task.  She has no idea how sacrifice adorns love with beauty.”


The Most Holy Virgin holds the open seas of Happiness, one for each of Her many Lives of Love, which is to say, one for every creature.  Moreover, by always doing My Will and never her own, She opens the many paths of My Divine Volition within Herself.  Through them She can give each creature a Life of Love so they may Live within Divine Volition.  She is rightly called the Queen of Love as the Dominant Power within Its Supreme Will.  Our Sovereign Queen loves to sally forth with these Lives and mount them within creatures to establish a Kingdom of Pure Love founded upon Our Will.  She attains the Empyrean Heights of Love for Her Creator.  She is the end all be all of Love who advocates the Common Good for human kind.”





April 21, 1936

Divine Outpouring for one who Lives in His Will;

how He renders her Participator of His Works. 

How He always has something to give

and to Operate together with the creature.


I am constantly in the Sea of Divine Volition.  There I find Peace, Love and the Strength to continue.  I see how little I am as soon as I enter.  I’m just an incompetent good-for-nothing.  Divinity loves to make His Will Operate through my littleness.  He posts His Goodness, Sanctity, Wisdom, Power and Divine Light all around me so His Will may encounter Its own Divine Qualities.  It must be assured before Its Action will operate through me.  He puts what He has in the creature so she can operate It from within. 


I followed the Acts of Divine Will until It picked me up and carried me in Its arms.  It breathed into me so I could fully participate in Its Activities.  When I arrived at the Conception of the Virgin, already in progress, I was immediately conjured into the little Heart of the Conceived Virgin.  “My God, I don’t know how to say it any better.  I don’t even know what I’m talking about anymore.  My sweet Jesus, make me understand, please.”


He said, “Blessed daughter of My Will, you’re right.  The waves of My Volition engulf you until the tiny capacity of your being is drowned and lost.  Only your Jesus can explain what you see but can’t put into words.


My daughter, We have so much Love for the creature who wants to live within Our Divine Volition, and in fact already lives in It.  We want her to participate in all Our Works, or at least as much as possible for a creature.  We’re even ready to give her the Merit of Our Divine Works.  As the creature enters into Our Will, It invite her to act as Its Divine Operation, and she does, just as if It were the One operating Itself.”


It identifies her through Its Activity.  It makes her see the Wonders of how It Operates.  It receives her and confirms that Its Goodness is within her so she will allow herself to feel the New Life of Its Primal Act.  Having seen the Conception of the Sovereign Queen, you found yourself conceived in Her Maternal Heart.  Now you see how different it is for someone to Live within My Will.” 


The Miracle of the Immaculate Conception was beyond anyone’s imagination.  The same Will that animated this inescapable Conception called all creatures into the moment where they would be conceived in Her Virgin Heart.  There they are given Her Maternal Care, Her Help and Her Defense.  They will always find refuge and support in the Celestial Mother.” 


Someone who Lives in Our Volition, abides within Action that conceives.  Being a daughter whose will instinctively looks for her Mom, she wraps Her Maternal Heart around her so the Celestial Queen can act as her Mother.  The daughter shares in the riches of this Sovereign Lady, especially Her Love and all the Merit She has earned.  She takes on Her Sanctity and Nobility by acknowledging the Source of these attributes.   God then allows her to participate in the infinite Goodness and exuberant Love that He felt during the Conception of this Holy Creature.” 


It’s the same for all Our Works.  As the creature goes looking for them, calling them into Our Will so she can know and love them, We call Our Works into action.  Then We surround her with them so she can experience all Our Love and the strength of Our Creative Power.  Through this encounter, the little creature is filled by It until she can’t hold anymore.”


My daughter, there’s no way We wouldn’t make someone who lives within Our Will a participant in Our Works.  Our Love would not be True if We didn’t.  Our Nature has the power to distribute all things.  We try to share Our Divine Goodness with everyone, but the creatures keep rejecting them.  So We allocate Our Abundance to the one who Lives through Our Volition.  Since she never resists, Our Divine Being is free to give her everything.  Giving abundantly to Our beloved creatures is the source of Our happiness.”


Everything is different for someone who Lives within Our Will.  Other creatures find themselves in Our Works, the Conception of the Holy Virgin, the Incarnate Word, My suffering, Death and Resurrection.  These are the direct results of Our Power and Immensity.  They do it out of necessity rather than love.  They don’t really understand what True Goodness is actually, but they like to use My Works as a pilgrimage for their own enjoyment.  Yet the fact remains that no one can escape from Our Divine Being.” 


Someone who Lives through Our Volition is a creature who seeks out Our Works to know and love them.  Her appreciation for them is so great that she comes to take her place within them.  The loves to cooperate with Us.  It is through her participation that she acquires New Knowledge and New Love, while the others hold back without ever getting to know them.  They don’t really love Us.  They haven’t a kind a word to say about Us.  All they do is get in the way of Our Immensity.  Some of them don’t have anything else to do but offend Us.”


It is Our ardent desire that the soul Live in Our Volition.  We always have something to give and something to do with her, and she really wants to work with Us.  We don’t wait for each other to respond, because each act is always calling out for yet another.  We know each other quite well.  Our Will first makes Us known and loved.  Only then does It bring about this Eternal Union of the creature within Our Will.”





May 20, 1936

Difference that passes between

one who calls the Divine Will in her acts,

and one who does good works without It. 

The Ascension; how He departed for Heaven and remained on earth.


My poor little mind keeps going around throughout the Acts of Divine Will


I thought, “What’s the difference between someone who calls Divine Will into her activities, and those who perform good works and do not call on It, or if they do, they don’t give It the leading role place in their acts?”


Then my sweet Jesus dropped by for a brief visit.


He said, “My daughter, you can’t compare the two.  The one who calls My Will into her activity leaves behind the merely human aspects of her being by excavating her own volition to make room for Mine.  My Will adorns her with Sanctity and fills the space she has emptied with Light.  It pronounces It Fiat, creating and bringing to life the operations of Divinity within the human.  The creature participates as the proprietor of Divine Activity with all Its Power.  It has Immense Sanctify and the inexhaustible wealth of Divinity.  When We look at the one who Lives through Our Volition, We see Ourselves being honored with the crown of Our own Activity.”


When We look at those who do good works that are not enlivened by Our Volition, All We can see is the finite act of a creature, not Ourselves.  We don’t have a placed reserved within Ourselves for the good deeds they might do, so We pay them a daily wage in merit.  A day laborer doesn’t earn a regular salary.  They live from hand to mouth.   Living on a daily wage is a hardship.  They’ll never get rich.  They’re always anxious about getting paid, because that’s their only livelihood.  It they don’t work, they might starve.  The contentment of a virtuous life filled with good things is not for them.  All they have is the squalid misery of their passions.” 


Someone who Lives through Our Volition, however, have everything in abundance.  We say to her, ‘Take what you want, or at least as much as you can.  Our wealth is at your disposal along with Our Light, Sanctity and Love.  Everything We have is yours, and what is yours belongs to Us.  There’s nothing left to do now but go on living and working together.”


After that I accompanied Jesus as He was Ascending into Heaven. 


He was so beautiful and Majestic, dressed in radiant Light, captivating hearts to love Him and sending them into raptures.  My sweet Jesus spoke to me and His voice was all Goodness and Love.


He said, “My blessed daughter, everything about My Life represents the Kingdom of My Divine Will.  On the day of My Ascension I felt Victorious and Triumphant.  My suffering was over, that is, I left My suffering there in the midst of My children on earth to give the strength and aid.  It is a refuge where they can hide with their own suffering and learn from Me the merits of heroic sacrifice.”


I left My Life of suffering as an example, a seed that would grow and mature until the Kingdom of My Divine Will shall arise.  I departed, yet I remained by virtue of My suffering.  I tarried in their hearts where I could be Loved.  After My Blessed Humanity rose to Heaven, I felt more tightly bound to the human family.  Rather than do without the Love of My children and brothers on earth.  I remained in the Blessed Sacrament so I could continue giving Myself to them.  I stayed so they could give themselves to Me and find rest and relief, the remedy for all their needs.  Our Works do not suffer change.  What We do once, We do always.”


On the day of My Ascension, I had a Double Crown, the children I brought with Me into the Celestial Fatherland, and the ones I left on earth, the few who will begin the Kingdom of My Divine Will.  Those who saw Me Ascend to Heaven received such Grace that they all gave their lives to evangelize the Kingdom of the Redemption.  They laid the foundations for My Church where all human generations shall be gathered into Her Maternal Womb.  Likewise for the first children to enter the Kingdom of My Will.  Few though they be, they will be filled with superabundant Grace.  They will dedicate their lives inviting everyone to Live in My Holy Kingdom.” 


A cloud of Light enveloped Me and took My Presence out of sight from the disciples who were in rapture watching My Humanity.  Their eyes were so hypnotized by My Beauty that they couldn’t lower them.  They had forgotten about the earth and an Angel had to come and shake them out of it so they could then return to the Cenacle.  That was a foretaste of the Kingdom My Volition shall establish on earth.  The first children to abide there shall be filled with such Light that they will personify the enchanting beauty and Peace given by Divine Fiat.  They will find surrender easy owing to their desire to know and love such Great Goodness.”


My Mom was there in the midst of the disciples, assisting Me in My Departure for Heaven.  This is pure poetry.  She is the Queen of My Church, lending her aid, protecting and defending It.  She will sit enthroned surrounded by the Children of My Volition.  She is the instrument of My Church.  Her Life is the perfect model.  She is the teacher who guides the Kingdom of Divine Fiat that is so close to Her Heart.”


She ardently desires their wellbeing.  They are the source of Her anxieties, the deliriums of Maternal Love.  She wants Her children on earth to inhabit the Kingdom where She Lives.  But She is not content having Her children in Heaven within the Kingdom of the Divine Will, She wants the ones on earth as well.  She feels that She has not yet completed the task given to Her by God as Mother and Queen.  Her mission will not be fulfilled until Divine Will Reigns Supreme on earth in the midst of creatures.  She wants all children who are like Her to Inherit their Mother’s Estate.” 


The Great Lady is all Heart.  She keeps an eye out for anyone who thinks they might want to live by Divine Will.  Whenever life seems difficult, just remember that She is all around you, waiting to give you strength and aid.  She takes your human will into Her Maternal Hands so that you may be given the Life of Supreme Fiat.”





May 31, 1936

How the Divine Will encloses all the Acts of the Life of Jesus

as in act to always repeat them for Love of creatures. 

The Life of Jesus symbolizes the

Recall of the Kingdom of the Divine Will on earth.


My puny intellect followed the Life of my sweet Jesus all throughout Divine Will.   At one point I found Him in the Act of continuing His past Life on earth.  He did such marvelous things.  I learned some new aspects of Love that I never thought of and that surprised me.  Divine Fiat holds everything that Jesus had done in His Lifetime, and they constantly repeat themselves to show their Love for creatures.  He give each of them His entire Life with all His suffering and ardent Love.


My sweet Jesus, who is all Goodness, spoke to me.


He said, “My Will wants those who would live within It to know what I did and what I am doing now.  I am advocating the reestablishment of Its Absolute Rule among creatures.  My entire Life was dedicated to the constant petition that It return into their midst by leading all creatures into My Supreme Fiat where they began.  My Conception is an allegory of this recall.  Divine Will must be conceived within creatures as originally intended.  They have expelled It out of wickedness.  It has been calling them back to be conceived in It ever since.”


As I was Born, I called on My Volition to be born again within all human works.  In the tears that I cried as a Baby, and the sighing of My prayers, I was calling My Will into the suffering creature’s own tearful sighs.  I did everything to make them feel the Power of My Imperious Will, determined that It shall Reign Supreme from within them.  I hoped that they would be moved to pity by My tears mixed with theirs so they might be graced with the return of Its Kingdom.” 


My self-imposed exile from Heaven was another allegory of the creature’s exile from My Will.  My return from exile in Egypt was symbolic of My Will returning into the midst of all the poor exiles on earth.  It reprieves them from their banishment so they can return to the Fatherland where will no longer by tyrannized by foreign people, or their enemies or their own vile passions.  I want them to be filled with the Goodness of My Will.” 


My return to Nazareth was an especially telling symbol of My Divine Will and My hidden Life within It.  Its Sovereign Reign in the midst of the Holy Family was vigorous.  I was the Word, Divine Will personified and veiled by My Humanity.  The Will that was Supreme within Me infused Itself into everyone and embraced their souls.  It was the Primal Motion and Life of every creature.  I could feel them live and move inside Me.  My Fiat was the Actor who performed from within each one of them.”


I suffered in sorrow, acknowledged by none.  I heard nary an ‘I love You’, a thank You, nor any act of gratitude from anyone anywhere in the whole wide world.  I was unknown even in Nazareth.  Both My Will and Hallowed Humanity lived in their midst, giving Perpetual Light to anyone who could see Me and approach so I could introduce Myself as I truly am.  But alas, to My Great Sorrow, I remained the hidden God.”


This is the sad tale of My Divine Volition.  Man was created with the same Creative Power as My Fiat.  It has been kneaded into him since he was born.  He was soaked in It.  It has allocated Motion and the warmth of Life for his wellbeing.  But little does he know that his life will end in Fiat.  Hardly anyone has acknowledged this tireless, ongoing Act of Divinity enveloping the creature’s life with superabundant Love that graces her with True Life.  Few are they who acknowledge the Good that is done for them.  It is the Primal Act of Preservation giving the creature Eternal Life.  It orders all created things specifically for her.  Yet she spurns such generosity and flaunts her ingratitude.   This is the Sorrow of all sorrows.”


The Patience of My Will may seem incredible.  However, Its Constancy is Invincible,  It knows that Its Kingdom will come.  Its Pulsating Life will be acknowledged among creatures.  They will see Its Great Glory when is acknowledged as the True Life of every lifeform.  It is waiting patiently for the return of every creature’s life when It shall Reign Supreme within them.  Then It will no longer be hidden, but unveiled and infallibly acknowledged.  It is long suffering in the face of such ingratitude. Only a Patience Divine could put up with chattering centuries of so much human ingratitude.” 


From Nazareth, I left for the desert seeking utmost solitude, listening to ferocious animals on all sides deafening the desert with their roar.  Such solitude is horrifying and frightful to creatures.  The good is laid waste, and the soul surrounded by something far worse that ferocious animals.   Her brutal passions roar in savage rage, bestial fury, cruelty and every species of evil.” 


My Sacred Humanity went step-by-step retracing all the Sorrows suffered by My Divine Will and suffering in reparation for the indignities It has endured.  It has been waiting patiently for an invitation to return as Sovereign in the midst of creatures.  Every beat of My Heart within each Breath sounding through My Words as I walked the earth in suffering was another invitation to My Will.  Let It be known by creatures that It may return as Absolute Monarch in Its Kingdom on earth.  It has been calling them into It by letting know the Great Goodness, Happiness and Sanctity of Living within My Fiat.” 


From the desert I went on to My Public Life when few believed that I was the Messiah.  They were mostly of the scholarly type, hardly anyone else.  I wanted to use My Power to sow Miracles that will yield a good harvest of people.  That way, it they didn’t believe My Words, they’d believe the Power of My Miracles.  My Divinity was industrious in Love.  I was going to make Myself known at any cost.  If they don’t even know that I was their Savior, then Redemption wouldn’t have done much good for them.  I had to make Myself know or there’d be no point in Me Coming down to earth for them.”


My Public Life anticipated the Kingdom of My Fiat’ great Triumph among creatures.  Then as now, I reveal astonishing Truths.  I worked miracles and wonders so they would know My intent.  Using the Power of My Volition I will Resurrect those dead to grace.  I will replicate the Miracle performed at the Resurrection of Lazarus.  The evil putrefying in their hearts smells worse than Lazarus’ reeking carcass.  Nonetheless, My Fiat will call them back to Life.  It will disinfect the stench of sin and they shall rise again.  It will resurrect the goodness within them.”


My Divinity is industrious and persistent.  It will keep working until My Volitions has complete dominion over all the peoples of the earth.  Every Word I spoke during My lifetime was a call for My Will to Reign Supreme in their midst.  Every Miracle I performed called people to live in It.”


My Public Life inevitably led to My earthly Passion, analogous to the Passion of My Will.  It has suffered the rebellious pride of creatures for centuries.  By refusing submission to My Volition, they locked themselves out of Heaven.  They severed all lines of communication with their Creator and became the abject slaves of the infernal enemy.”


My lacerated Humanity sought death.  I was crucified as a guilt offering to atone for the sins of miserable humanity.  Otherwise they would appear before Divine Justice denuded of My Will.  Every time I suffered, I called on My Fiat to give creatures the kiss of Peace that would make them Happy.  Then I beckoned them into It to end the Sorrowful Passion of My Will.”


Finally, Death, the maturity of My Resurrection, summoned everyone to Rise Again into My Divine Fiat.  My Resurrection was a vivid symbol for the Kingdom of My Will.  My wounded Humanity was so deformed that is was nearly unrecognizable.  When It rose again, as healthy as ever, Its enchanting beauty was gloriously Triumphant.  That prepared the glorious triumph of My Will by calling everyone into It.  It was an appeal for everyone to rise from spiritual death and become truly alive through My Volition.  Miserable, repulsive souls will be completely transformed, happy and beautiful.”


My Risen Humanity has assured the Kingdom of My Will on earth.  The Act was unique in Its Victorious Triumph.  It was efficacious in that I did not want to depart for Heaven until I had given all the help the creatures would need to reenter the Kingdom of My Volition.  A glorious triumph is crucial for the honor of My Supreme Fiat to assure Its Sovereign Dominion.”


So join Me.  Make sure that in all your hard work and suffering, you call upon My Will to assert Its royal privilege.  It must have complete control for It to conquer all resistance and be victorious in Its quest so that It shall be known, loved and desired by all.”





June 14, 1936

God and His Will; His Will with Creation, His Will with the Celestial Beings, His Will in discord with the human family.


The powerful force of Divine Will called me into Its Endless Sea.  It was so good to be in It.  The astonishing beauty of what I understood is a source of infinite joy.  It gives birth to Divine Lives that would never say, ‘that’s enough Love for you’.  The most joyous thing about It is in seeing that everything is Divine Will.  All Creation forms a Single Act of Supreme Volition.


My mind was still lost in It when my sweet Jesus dropped by for a brief visit.  His voice expressed an indescribable Love when He spoke.


He said, “Blessed daughter of My Will, God is the One who governs the Kingdom of My Divine Will.  Our Divinity is constantly acting on His behalf.  We never follow anyone’s will other than Our own.  Our crown is the dominant attribute of Our Fiat.  Its Kingdom is within Us and stretches outward into Our Immensity Our Goodness, Love and Power.  It delves into all created things to ensure that everything is done through Our Will.” 


The second tier is Creation.  The sun, moon and stars shining over windy skies bring water to a little blade of grass.  They all work in concert through the same ongoing Act of Our Fiat.  We and they are mutually breathing ourselves in and out as a single act of respiration.  We exhale the Breath of Our Will and Creation inhales It.  All things flow out of themselves to provide Us with the Breath that We have already given them.  Everything breathes the Effects that Our Will.  It produces them specifically to unite themselves with the of Our distinctly Primal Act.” 


Our Supreme Being exults as Our Will is inhaled by all Creation and then exhaled to honor Us with the glory We have given it.  The Unity of Our Volition underlies the entire universe.   Everything that comes forth from Us enters a Single Act of Supreme Will.  The multiplicity and diversity of all things that are seen or occur are the effects of one unique and distinctly simple act.  Our Fiat never changes, nor is It subject to mutation.  All of Its Power is focused through this one Primal Act that produces all possible or imaginable Effects.” 


A third tier involves all the Angels, Saints, and the Blessed who inhabit the Celestial Fatherland.  They revolve around Our Supreme Being as they breathe Love, Power, Sanctity and the infinite joys of Divine Volition, the source of innumerable forms of happiness.  Together, they form One Single Life with It.  The Life they feel within themselves as their own is felt on the outside as well.  It brings them the open sea of Divine Happiness that is always new.   The Action It generates in Heaven is singular.  It is Divine Will, a single Breath from a self-contained Entity.  Heaven forbid that an isolated act, or even a single breath, should enter Heaven independently of Divine Will.  The enchantment of the Celestial Fatherland would go out like a light.  Beauty would vanish and Its charm upended.  Such things can never be.”


My Fiat is Love Supreme.  The Blessed in Heaven have only to breathe It in and they are filled with seas of Joy.  Such Happiness is beyond all understanding.  They breathe out and Our Divinity feels the Happiness that all Saints enjoy.  We Magnify Our Supreme Volition as the Beginning, Origin and Fountainhead of all that is good.”


The fourth tier is the human family.  It revolves around Us, yet their will is not Ours.  No one can breathe Our Volition unless theirs is the same.  Only then are they given the Sanctity and Order of Our Unity.  Inharmonic with Its Creator, they are dissonant and chaotic.  Such unhappy beings are lost to Us.  Peace, Happiness and a Superabundance of Goodness are distant, evil close by, all because Our Will is not theirs.  Mutual breathing is unknown to them.  There is no transfer of goods until there is Perfect Union with Our Supreme Being.” 


Our Creative Hands have an urge to sculpt Its Masterpiece within each creature.  Yet Our most beautiful work is left undone for lack of Will.  Souls must be sorted, arranged and ready to use in Our Divine Art or it’s just not feasible.”


We wouldn’t know what to do with a creature bereft of Our Will.  That’s why We yearn so deeply that Our Divine Will should Reign as their Sovereign and develop Its Life within them.  Our Creative Work is stalled, Our Labor suspended, the Work of Creation left incomplete.  To be accomplished, the Work must represent the Unitary Will of Heaven and earth.  It must have One Life, One Love, One Breath.  We want only the best for Our creatures.”


We have so many Beautiful Works yet to do.  But We stumble over human volition.  Arms bound, Our Hands are tied, Our Creativity foiled.  Someone who wants to do Our Will and Live in It gives Us her labor and We make of it however We want.”


When the creature decides to live through Divine Will, It secures her salvation and sanctity.  We are within her.  She is Our abode.  Her will is the material We use when We pronounce Our Fiat within everything she does so that the Works We fashion from it are worthy of the One who Lives in her.  We are like the king who makes the best use of the stones, bricks, sand and mortar he has prepared to build a royal palace with an opulence that amazes the whole world.  If the king couldn’t find the right stones or any of the other building materials he needed, it wouldn’t matter how much he was prepared to spend on a royal palace.  His work will have to be suspended indefinitely and other arrangements made for his household.”


That is Our predicament.  If We don’t have access to the will of a soul, then it doesn’t matter how much Power We have or how badly We want it.  Without the right materials, We won’t be able to build anything in the soul.  So We’ll have to wait until We have what We need for a beautiful Royal Palace that would be worthy of Our Dwelling.  When the creature gives Us her will in exchange for Ours, We have all the materials We need, ready to use.  Little or big, natural or spiritual, it’s all Ours.  We make use of everything so that Our Omnipotent Fiat can Operate.” 


Our Will is constantly involved with Its Works, even as It rests within them.  It’s always calling It Works back into the Royal Palace It has built within the creature with so much Love.  It surrounds Itself with all the Works of Creation.  Sun, moon and stars pay homage to It.  It aligns everything I did in Redemption within the creature, My Life, My Birth, My baby Tears, My Prayers and all the pain I suffered.”


Wherever My Will resides, you can be sure that nothing is missing.  It has a right to everything because it all came forth from within It.  All of Its Works are centered on Its throne within the creature where It reigns supreme.  There is so much beauty in the Harmony and Order of the Divine Goodness within such a creature.  The Heavens are amazed.  Everyone is in awe of the Power and Love inherent in Divine Will.  They tremble as they adore It.  So let yourself be worked by It.  It will do such Great Things that you will be totally amazed.”


Our Love and Eternal Wisdom has determined what kind of Graces We ought to give the creature, and the degrees of Sanctity she must attain.  We envision the beauty that We will cover her with like a pearl.  We feel the Love she must give Us and work on the Actions she has to perform.  Where Our Fiat Reigns, everything is fully realized, Divine Order is vigorous.  Nothing is one iota out of place.  We are delighted to see that Our Operations are in perfect harmony with the works of the creature.”


When We have given her Our last Love in the world of time, Our Love will send her flying into the Celestial Fatherland.  When she has completed the last Act of Our Divine Volition in her mortal life, It will applaud her triumphant entry into Heaven.  The operations of Its Will, victorious in Love, shall have conquered on earth.  Her last act will be of her Love pouring out into Heaven.  She begins her life with a cry of intentional joy that shall have no end.” 


Divine Order does not exist where Our Volition does not Reign Supreme.  So many of Our Works are broken and useless, without any effect whatsoever.  So much is devoid of Divinity, an abyss of passion and sin.  What should be beauty is deformed and pitiful.  So pay attention.  Make it so that Our Divine Will may Live and Reign within you forever.”





July 4, 1936

How one act of human will can ruin the Divine Order

and Its Most Beautiful Works.

The first thing that God wants is Absolute Freedom. 

How the Divine Will will form many Jesuses where It Reigns.


All my poor mind wants to do is fly all around throughout Divine Volition.  My pitiful human will was being squeezed in the winepress of Divine Will.


I thought, “It’s so beautiful.  I feel the Victorious Triumph of Its Dominion.  The beautiful conquest of living within Divine Volition brings happiness.  But the human volition, while it feels itself alive, it must continually die.  God shows that He is to be truly loved and honored when He descends into the creature’s self-will with His majestic power so He can operate how He knows best.  The human will has only to give up and remain in place while doing exactly what God does.  This is the ultimate sacrifice, though circumstances may vary.  It can sometimes bring great sorrow to hold onto life as if it weren’t yours, knowing that Divine Fiat does not tolerate a single fiber of human volition acting on its own.”


A crowd of thoughts occupied my poor mind. 


My sweet Jesus was compassionate regarding my ignorance and the sorrowful state I was in when He placed His Holy Hand on my head with indescribable tenderness.


He said, “Courage, My blessed daughter, don’t lose heart.  My Divine Volition wants everything for Itself because one little act or desire, one sliver of human volition, would spoil Its Most Beautiful Works.  The Sanctity of Divine Order would be mired, Its Love confined, Its Power limited.  That’s why It doesn’t tolerate that even a single thread of human volition should live independently.”


It is truly the ultimate sacrifice, no other carries as much weight.  Nothing else is as praiseworthy or intense as the sacrifice of living without self-will.  Only the ongoing Eternal Life of this Miracle done by Divine Volition can help the creature endure such sacrifice.  Comparatively speaking, the others are mere shadow play, colorful animations, games for children who cry about nothing.  In the sorrowful encounters suffered by creatures in their day to day activities, human volition does not feel undone, lifeless and without any possibility of gaining satisfaction.  The sacrifices it is will to put up with are flimsy and bereft of God.  There is no Sanctity to be found in them, nor Love, Light or true happiness, not even innocence or immunity from sin.  Human will independent of Mine can never do what is Good and Holy.”


Unless My Fiat has human volition passively waiting within Itself ready to be wrapped in Its Life, It wouldn’t have space and time for Its Activity.  It wouldn’t Operate with the Divine display of luxury and splendor that We usually do in Our Works.  A secondary will in Creation would have cheapened the sumptuous pageantry that We spectacularly parade throughout all Creation.  It would have narrowed the width of the sky, the sun would be dimmer and there would be far fewer stars in a much longer night.  With so many limitations, there would have been altogether less diversity among created things.” 


Our Volition needs solitude for what It is ready, willing and able to do by Itself.  It wants the human will within Itself as a spectator, an innocent bystander who is intrigued by the possibilities of what It wants to do in her.  But before she is willing to Live within It she must be convinced that her volition should not act anymore on its own.   Her will must be subsumed in Mine so It can have the liberty to work with the sumptuous luxury of Grace as It fashions divine splendor in endless varieties.”


The first thing We want from her is complete freedom of Action.  Give us Liberty, My daughter, at whatever sacrifice, to do Works We want for you.  Otherwise, ‘Living within My Will’ would be only a manner of speaking, yet another trite phrase, mere words without substance, nothing that has anything whatsoever to do with reality.”


Dear Jesus became silent, and I thought about everything He told me.


I thought, “He’s completely right about that.  Human volition cannot act before the Sanctity and Power of His own.  The creature’s self-will automatically reduces her to less than nothing.  She lacks absolutely everything she needs to act before such a Divine Will.  Realizing how incapable she is, a creature should pray that she not fall into tragedy by allowing her volition any leeway whatsoever to express itself in the least.”


That’s the crux of it.  You know what a labyrinth You have placed me in, shackled and humiliated to the dust.  You know how much I need You.  But I can’t help myself, not for a day, much less years.  It’s way too hard for me to even think about do it all by myself.  Only Your Volition gives me the Strength and Grace I need.  Without You, I could never endure.”


He said, “My daughter, when My Divine Will wants to perform an Act within the creature that is complete in every way.  A Complete Act of God encapsulates Beauty, Love, Sanctity and Power with a Light that astounds Heaven and earth.  It must enrapture even God.  It is His Seat of Empire, His Throne of Glory.  It will serve Him by descending as a beneficial dew for the common good of all creatures.” 


For the completion this Act, I must drape you over a New Cross, one that has never been given to anyone before now.  It will make you mature enough to rise at the ready for all that is required of you.  It must be given to you before God may complete this Act of His Will.  Without nothingness there’s nowhere to do anything like this.  Before you can receive the new things We want to give, We must prepare New Crosses.  In Unity with the ongoing labors of Our Volition, must prepare absolutely everything for an Act this Great.” 


My Fiat has never left you.  You sense the sweet impression of Its influence on your volition.  It controls every thread of your will down to its least movement or desire.  It keeps you under Its dominion out of jealousy because It wants to complete the act It has begun exactly as intended.”


Here’s a secret that’s sweet and very dear to Me.  When My Volition Controls your mind, the gaze of your eyes and the word you speak, It forms Jesus in your mind.  It is He that looks through your eyes and His Word comes out of your mouth.  As It controls the very fibers of your heart and moves them, It forms Jesus’ Heart in you, animating It with His own pulse.  When It manages the work you do and directs your steps, It has complete control of your entire being.  His Works are accomplished through you as He walks in your steps.”


If My Will gave you liberty to act on your own even slightly, no matter how innocuous it may seem, It couldn’t form your Jesus in you.  I cannot live together with a human will, nor is that something I would ever want to do.  My Volition would never take the chance of forming Me in a soul unless It were sure that My Will was animating My Humanity within her.”


In Its Kingdom on earth I will form another Jesus for each and every creature who wants to Live though Divine Will.  Since Jesus will inhabit these souls, Its Kingdom must be sumptuous as well as sublime.  It will be indescribably magnificent and totally secure.  In the Kingdom of My Divine Fiat, every creature will be a living Jesus who loves and honors Me, making My Glory complete.  I long for this Kingdom so much, and you should be doing the same without any distractions.  So, let Me do what must be done.  Trust Me, and I will take care of everything.”


Then I continued meditating on Divine Will until my sweet Jesus spoke again.


He said, “My daughter, light is a symbol of My Divine Volition.  Its nature is to expand as much as it can.  No matter what the circumstances, it wouldn’t deny its light to anyone, regardless of whether they want it or not.  Ideally, whoever wants light will use it to perform great works.  It doesn’t do any good for those who don’t want it, however they can’t deny that they have indeed received the benefit of having light.”


The same is true about My Will.  Being more expansive than light, It pervades everyone and everything.  A sure sign that a soul has It in her possession is her need to unite with It.  She wants to give herself to everyone and do them some good.  She makes haste to act on everyone’s behalf by multiplying Jesus so that each one may have Him all for themselves.  My Will is for everyone.  I am Jesus for each one of them.  I am content when the creature takes My Will and My Life as her own.   She is My Joy and My everlasting Feast because she wants to give Me to everyone.” 







August 23, 1936

The tiny little field assigned to the creature in the Immensity of the Divine Will.  Jesus places His Life at the disposition of creatures, enough that He obtains that they Live in the Divine Volition.  The Great Prodigy of the Creation of the Virgin.


I’m still abandoning myself in Fiat where My poor mind swims in Its Divine Sea.  I understand ancient celestial secrets, but I can’t articulate such things.  No human language can express them.  From within this Divine Sea, I look at Its Immensity, knowing that no being or created thing can escape It.  All Creation receive their life through Divine Volition.  But how much can the creature take from this Immensity?  She’s so little she can barely hold a few little drops.  Yet take them or not, she can’t leave Its Immensity.  She feels It flowing through her, inside, out, right and left, everywhere.  She can’t get free from It, not for a second.


You are wonderful, Divine Will.  You are everything to me.  You raise me up within You.  I see You everywhere.  You always Love me.  You are the Life of my life.”


My mind was still lost in the Sea of Fiat when My sweet Jesus came out the waves and approached me.  His voice was so full of Goodness when He spoke.


He said, “Daughter of My Volition, the Immensity of My Fiat is Unfathomable.  No created mind, however Holy, can comprehend Its size or know where Its borders lie.”


Everyone has their own space in It, a little field within the Immensity of My Divine Will.  Someone who lives within It labors in the plot assigned to her as the primary caretaker.  It takes the creature onto Its Lap and show her the work It wants done in the tiny plot It has given her within My Will.  Using Its Creative Power, the creature can do more in an hour than she could in a century without It.  It takes her an hour to be given a century’s worth of Divine Love, Work, Sacrifice, Knowledge and Profound Adoration.  After her labors, It calls the soul to rest so they can enjoy each other’s company.  Looking upon the Beauty of their little field, they are filled with Joy.  They return to their labor so they can make each other even happier.”


They alternate rest with labor because all the Attributes of My Divine Will form an uninterrupted continuity between Movement and Outlook.  It is never idle.  It assigns work to each created thing for Its own Glory and the common good of all.  No one who is idle resides in My Will.  It is all about the Labor of Love.  Learning about Us is a form of labor.  When she adores Us, suffers or prays, she is doing God’s Work.  Humans work is only worth small change compared to a currency of Infinite Value.  Moreover, she is constantly learning how increase the yield of her little field.” 


It is My Resolute Will that the creature should follow My Volition.  I am yearning to see Its Sovereign Reign as It Operates within her.  I am waiting to hear it said, ‘The Will of God is also mine.  Whatever God wants, I want.  I do what God does.”


My Will Lives inside her, so I help her with everything she needs.  My Humanity is here to serve the creature in the tiny little plot of the Immensity of My Will that is assigned to her.  I reveal My Power to make up for her weakness.  My suffering is in solidarity with hers.  I show her My Love so she can hide her own within It.  My Sanctity covers her.  My Life is here to aid and support her.  My Humanity is a perfect model of Divine Will in miniature.  My Divine Will must find a Jesus for every creatures who wants to live through My Will.  It will not be held up by creatures anymore, because I will have them ensconced within Me.  So It has to deal with Me more than with them.  The creatures will find everything they need in Me.  I help them with superabundant support so they can live within My Will.” 


This is how God acts when He wants something.  He gives everything that is needed to have what he wants completed.  I am at the service of those who want to Live of My Will.  They will find My Life and It will provide for everything needed so they can live in the Sea of My Divine Volition.  Otherwise their little field within My Immensity will remain untilled, fruitless, barren of happiness and joy.  It would be as if they were lying under the sun, motionless, sunburnt, feverish, and dying of thirst.  All creatures, through Creation, reside in this Immensity.  But unless their will abides within Mine, they live alone.  All Good things shall burn.  They will be tormented by passion and sin, through their own fault.  There is no greater evil than stubbornly refusing to live in My Will.”


Later on, as I was making my rounds through the Acts done by Divine Will in Creation, I arrived at the Conception of the Most Holy Virgin. 


My sweet Jesus stopped by to tell me something.


He said, “My daughter, the Greatest Miracle of Creation was the Virgin.  Divine Will preempted Her human volition at the very moment of Her Conception.  Each conquered the other and they were both Victorious.  Divine Volition entered Her human volition as King within His own Dominion.  This Sublime Creature was the first link in a chain of celebrated Divine Wonders.  Uncreated Might came pouring into created strength.  She had so much of It that she could hold all of Creation as if were a blade of dry grass.  All created things felt the created power within the Uncreated Might that sustained them with Grace and Aid for their own preservation.  They felt honored and could never be happier.  Created strength rushes through everything as the Queen who had come to support them for their preservation.” 


She had enough power to rule over everyone, even Her Creator.  She was Invincible.  Through the Power of Divine Fiat, She conquered everyone and everything.  Actually, everyone surrendered to the Divine Empress.  Her power was so strong that she sent everyone into raptures.  No one could resist Her.  Demons had nowhere to hide and were incapacitated by the force of Her devastating power.”


Once Her created will had been finally subdued, the Supreme Being emptied Itself completely into it.  Infinite Love poured into finite Love until everyone and everything felt loved by Her, the Holiest of creatures.  Her Love so utterly drenched the cosmos that everything was saturated.  Creatures everywhere breathed in more of Her Love than they did air.  That made the Queen of Love feel like she had to love everyone even more as their Mother and Queen.” 


We lavished her with Our Beauty.  We gave Her Strength, Love, Goodness and such enchanting Grace that as She Loves, She is loved by everyone and everything.  Heaven and earth were filled with Her acts of loving prayer and adoration given as reparations for the damage done by human will.  She took control of everything.  She put Her Love into everything She did so they might run along the sky with the sun and wind.  She instilled Her Love into everything.  Our Supreme Being felt Loved by all the created things when this Holy Creature prays to Us through the elements.” 


New Life rushed into everything.  When She loves Us on behalf of each and every created thing, We are loved by all of them.  Uncreated Will has a place of honor in the created will.  From there It does everything for Us in reciprocity for having all of Creation placed at Her disposal.  The True Life of God in the creature began with the Great Queen’s Conception, as did the creature’s Life within God.  There was an exchange of Love, Strength, Beauty and Light between the two.  These two miracles went back and forth continuously.  Nobody had ever heard of anything like this before.  Heaven and earth were amazed.  The Angels were in raptures when they beheld My Divine Will Operating within a creature.” 


My daughter, this Great Lady who lived within Divine Volition knew that She was indeed the Queen who ruled over everyone and everything, including the illustrious Divine King.  She was the portal of Heaven who opened to allow the Eternal Word’s descent.  She prepared the way for Him so He would have a room within Her Womb as His Residence.  Her decree of Love was most emphatic about this.  She said, ‘Come down, Eternal Word.   You shall have Your Heaven within Me.  Your Joy shall be in the same Will that Reigns as Three Divine Persons.’  She is also the portal that allows souls to rise up into the Celestial Fatherland.  The Virgin Lived within Divine Will on earth as It is in Heaven.” 


The Blessed enter into the Celestial Regions and enjoy Its Delights through Her.  The Celestial Mother covers them with Her mantle.  They are enveloped in Her Glory and hidden within all the Acts She performs through Divine Will.  The Queen Mother’s Love and the Power of Her Works bring joy to the Blessed.  She is the source of their happiness.”


My Will can do anything.  It can provide for the common good in ways never thought possible, or even imaginable.  When It reigns supreme within a creature, It gives her so much Power that she exclaims, ‘Do what You want with me.  Your every wish is my command.  Come, take what I give.  I would never deny You anything at all.  Your Strength is so overpowering that It makes me feel weak.  I leave everything in Your Hands.’  This is how she acts as Mistress and as Queen.” 


This Holy Creature, has felt the Heartbeat of My Fiat in Hers ever since Her Conception.  Within each heartbeat She Loved Me and My Divinity Loved Her twice as much in return every time it throbbed.  She felt the Breath of Divine Volition with each breath that She took, and We doubled Our Love in gratitude every time She inhaled It.  She could feel My Fiat moving Her hands as She worked, and Her feet when She walked.  She felt the Life of Divine Volition percolating through Her inner Being in everything It did.  She used all created things to love Us for Her own sake and the common good of all creatures.  We have always loved Her and will forever more.”


Our Love was constantly surging in torrential rapids.  She always held Our rapt attention.  She was a feast for Our eyes.  We were eager to gain Her Love and desperately wanted to give Her Our own.  She accepted Our Love and used It to shield Her creatures and hide all their sins.  Our Justice was disarmed by the Invincibility of Our Beloved.  She could do whatever She wanted with the Supreme Being.  I wish that everyone could understand what it means to live through Divine Volition so they could all be happy and Holy.”





November 3, 1936

Reflections between the Creator and the creature. 

Inseparability of both. 

How in every instant God asks of her

that she would receive the Life of His Will. 

How the one who decides to Live of It,

God covers everything that she has done

with His Divine Will.


I am always in the arms of Divine Volition.  I feel Its Creative Power inside and out.  It never gave me time for anything else.  I neither want, nor ask for anything else.  Let Divine Will come to Reign as Sovereign on earth as It does in Heaven.  My God, Its Force Field gives Itself completely.  It fills you from head to toe.  Yet at the same time, Its Magnetic Force pulls in the poor creature’s littleness and everything in it.


My mind was engrossed in a multitude of thoughts about Divine Fiat until my always Lovable Jesus came to visit my little soul.  His voice was all goodness.


He said, “My blessed daughter, Our infinite Love is incredibly expansive in Its excess.  There’s so much of It that We are constantly absorbed by Our reflection in the creature while she lives beneath Our own perpetual reflection.  In everything We do, Our constant motion is reflected as her very Life.  Our Love’s unbroken reflection is always telling her, ‘I Love you.’” 


The reflection of Our power sustains her.  The reflection of Our Wisdom directs her.  The reflection of Our Light illuminates her mind.  The reflection of Our Goodness sympathizes with her.  The reflection of Our Beauty adorns her.  Our Supreme Being is constantly pouring Itself out over the creature.  She is reflected by Our reflection in her.  When she thinks, We hear the reflection of her thoughts.  When she speaks, her words are reflected in Us.  We feel the reflection of her heartbeat within Our Bosom together with her movements as she works and her footsteps when she walks.  Divine Being and human being are inseparably intertwined.  They are continually pouring themselves into each other.  It is the very immensity of Our Love that allows Us to act as if We can’t do without the creature.” 


Our Love isn’t satisfied unless It can give Itself in excessive.  The only way there can be any great divergence of her reflections from Ours is if the creature does not have the Life of Our Divine Volition.  It is then that We beg for Love.  If she hears Us praying for It, she might let Our Will Reign Supreme in her mind.  Every time she talks, It begs that she will allow It full control over her words.  Whether she is working or walking, or merely content with the beating of her heart, My Love begs that My Divine Will be allowed to Reign Supreme over everything.”


No matter what she is doing, It moans and sighs, praying that It be allowed to envelope her at all times.  It says, ‘Accept My Fiat. Allow yourself to be filled by It.  Take My Fiat, please.  Let Me see the Life of My Fiat Rejoicing in you as It Rules with complete Dominion over your soul.  I pray that you will not deny Me your volition, so I can give you Mine.’”


Attaining Its heartfelt desire would be so precious.  It would wrap her in Its Love with a veil of Life.  That would be the signal that Its everlasting feast within the creature has begun and Its moaning and sighing are to be replaced by Joy.  Always vigilant, It listens for the first notes of Its Love within her, the prelude to Its Triumph.  We sing in two part harmony, ‘We Love each other with the same Love.  We have the same Life to hold.  Our Fiat belongs to you and me.’  As the harmonic structure of the composition develops, the Creator arises within her.  Our Will and Our Love has accomplished Its Purpose.  There’s nothing left to do but enjoy Itself with Its beloved creature.” 


My daughter, it takes heart to make the Gift of Our Will come alive. Our centuries-long sigh spilled out of Our Eternal Sigh as It gazed fondly at the creature who held Our Miraculous Life within her.  We felt a happiness and joy that multiplied each time Our Life took form in yet another bi-location of Ourselves.  Otherwise Creation would not have been nearly as great as It was meant to be.” 


We Created so many things and sent them forth into the light of day to foster miracles within a Miracle.  Through the power of Our Fiat, they helped form Our Life inside a creature.  Otherwise it would be as if We had done nothing at all.  So make your Jesus content.  Be the soothing balm that gives peace to the constant delirium of My Love.  Join Me with your prayerful sighs.  Ask that My Will Reign Supreme within you and everyone else in the world.” 


As He was speaking this, He took a veil of Light and covered me so completely that I couldn’t find my way out of it.  Later on, I continued meditating on Divine Will.  So many astonishing thoughts crossed my mind, all of them sweet and dear to me.  If I could put them into words, the whole world would be amazed.  Everyone would Love to have Divine Will.  Unfortunately, Heavenly things are hard to put into the words we use on earth.  All I can do is try my best to capture what I experience and keep moving with it.


Then My beloved Jesus came back to His poor little ignorant daughter.


He spoke to me with Indescribable Love.


He said, “Daughter of My Volition, pay attention, listen to Me.  I want to tell you about a tender and intensely Beautiful Act of Love by My Fiat.  Every thought, word and deed, past, present or future, were in the presence of the Supreme Being.  Even before the creature’s existence in time, her actions were shining bright in Our presence.” 


First Act of the creature was performed by My Fiat.  Actually, there is no thought, word or deed that My Fiat does not initiate.  They had to be formed in God, as with all of His Actions, and then We sent them out, one by one, into the light of day.”


When creature operates according to her own will, she withdraws from this Divine Activity.  However, she cannot undo the fact that her actions grew out of Our Fiat. As arbitrator, It transforms human activity into the Divine.  Even if man disavows the Author who has brought his acts to life, My Volition does not disown his actions.” 


My Volition’s Love was truly excessive.  When the creature is firmly committed to Living through My Will by subjecting herself under the reign of It Dominion, Its infinite goodness presents Itself with grandeur.  Though Our Love can’t resist a truly just decision by the creature, neither will It abide activity that is alien to Its own.”


It recalls everything that she has done up till then so My Will can remold them.  It converts her actions into Light so that everyone can see them.  This transformation is a miracle of the Love that puts everything It has willed into a creature.  With a Love that is completely Divine, It continues to form Its Life’s Activity in the creature.” 


My Volition’s Love is so truly excessive that Heaven and earth are amazed.  Moreover, everyone, even the most ungrateful, may decide for themselves if they want My Will to live within them.  Regardless of their past behavior, It is ready to cover for them.  It is prepared to make up for their lack of participation by restoring My Will within every creature who agrees.” 


Our Will is totally committed to Its Sovereign reign in the midst of creatures.  It is willing to overlook their neglectful deficit of Divine Volition.  It is willing to provide for them whether they deserve it or not.  This free gift the Our great generosity that comes with the complete fulfillment of Our Will, and that means everything to Us.”





December 8, 1936

How in Her Conception, the Queen of Heaven was Conceived in the Merits, in the Life, in the Love and sufferings, of the future Redeemer, in order for the Divine Word to then be Conceived in Her so as to come to save the creatures.


My poor mind was immersed in Divine Fiat and I came upon the Conception of the Immaculate Queen as It was in progress.  My Beloved was in a festive mood as He was calling the Angels and Saint to come and see this unprecedented miracle.  He was showing them how much Grace and Love He put into His call for this Sublime Creature to come out of nothingness.  He wanted everyone to know Her as the praiseworthy Queen and Mother of all.  I was stunned by what I saw, and would still be there gazing at Her if my sweet Jesus hadn’t called me.


He said, “I want to Honor My Celestial Mother by recounting the story of Her Immaculate Conception.  Being the Author of this great miracle, I am the only One who can tell what was involved.  Our Fiat was the First Act of this Conception.  We solemnly pronounced It while extending such a superabundance of Grace that It would enfold everyone and everything.  We centered everything on this Virgin’s Conception.  Since neither past nor future exist within Our Divine Fiat the Incarnation of the Word is held in present moment forever.  When It conceived Her It also incarnated Me as the promised Redeemer.  Even then, My Blood was already on Its way to being shed.  It dripped on Her to enhance, fortify and confirm Her in the ways of Divinity.”


Yet that was not enough for My Love.  All of Her Activities in Thought, Word, and Deed, every step of the way, were first conceived through My own Actions.  It was only then that all her thoughts, words and deeds were given Life.  My Humanity was a refuge, a hiding place for Her, the embodiment of a Celestial Creature.  Her Love for Us was Incarnated and Conceived in My Love.  That is how She loved Us, and She loved Us a lot.  Her Love enveloped everyone and everything.  She Loved as only God knows how to Love.  Her Love for Us and for all creatures was the same folly as Ours.”


She has only to love for a moment and Her Love abides forever unbroken.  Her prayer was conceived in My Prayer, so It was immensely rich.  It has Power over Our Supreme Being.  No one could deny Her anything.  Her Life was a continual martyrdom, and since all the sorrow and suffering She endured was first conceived in My Humanity, it was particularly vivid and excruciating.  Her pain was enhanced with Divine Strength.” 


She was conceived in Me.  From Me Her Life went forth.  Everything I did and all that I had undergone were lined up before this Holy Creature in courtship.  As I continued pouring Myself out over Her, I said to Her, ‘You are the Life of My Life.  Everything about You is Beautiful.  You are the First to be Redeemed.  My Divine Fiat was the mold that shaped You.  It Breathed on You so that You would be conceived within My Works, in My very Humanity.’”


My daughter, in Our supreme wisdom, We conceived this Celestial Creature in the Incarnate Word.  It required Our ultimate power and inexhaustible Love to provide the Dignity befitting Our Works.  As the Father’s Word, I had to descend from Heaven and Incarnate Myself in the Womb of a Virgin.  Though a virgin and exempt from the stain of original sin, more was needed for the Sanctity of My Divinity.  Our Sanctity and Love demanded that this Virgin first be Conceived in Me with every Privilege appropriate for the Life of the Incarnate Word.  Everything about Her had to be the personification of virtue and beauty.  Only then could I be conceived in the One who had been conceived in Me.” 


She became My Heaven, the Sanctity of My Life.  She was My own Blood, the same that had generated Her, the living water that We had poured over Her so many times.  My own Will infused Its Divine Fertility into Her to form both Her Life and that of God’s own Son.  To make her worthy of conceiving Me, She was filled with My Divine Fiat and made subject to Its everlasting Empire.  Moreover, It did all these things in a Single Act.  The merits foreseen for My Entire Life were called into action so that She would have everything She required.  All of this is continually being poured into Her Beautiful Soul.” 


I alone can tell the true story of Her Life as the Immaculate Conception.  I am aware of all these things, since it is I who conceived Her within Me.  The Holy Church speaks about the Celestial Queen as if It were just learning the first letters of the alphabet that describe Her Sanctity.  She is as great as all the Gifts that have enriched Her.”


I wish you could know contentment I feel when I speak about My Celestial Mother.  She knows how much you demand of Me just so I can have the joyful opportunity to speak about the One I love so much, the Mother who has loved Me as Her Son.”





December 20, 1936

The Divine Fiat made the Virgin Conceived in each creature

so that everyone would have a Mother completely his own. 

Dowry that God gave to the Virgin. 

Triumphs and Victories of God,

 Victories and Triumphs of the Virgin,

in which all creatures are provided with a Dowry.


Jesus, my Highest Good, has me immersed in the Great Miracle of the Sovereign Queen.   His Will wants us to understand how God operates through this Great Lady.  As if He were feasting on ineffable Joy, He began to explain.


He said, “I’ve revealed all this to you before, My blessed daughter.  These were unprecedented miracles.  The amazing things I am revealing to you will astonish everyone.  It is Love that makes Me want to reveal what We have done with the Celestial Mother, and the Great Benefits that will accrue to all generations.”


Our Divine Will owns everything and is so immense that It can embrace them all.  Furthermore, It is All-Seeing, and It can envision whatever kind of being that might ever conceivably exist.  It operates with a power all of Its own that works in a universal way that once done continues on forever.  In this way, the Act of Conceiving the Holy Virgin with Its own Creative Power calls all creatures to be conceived within this Virgin’s Heart.”


Yet even that wasn’t enough for Our Love.  Giving in to the most incredible excess.  It ordained that this Virgin be conceived within every creature so that each of them would have a Celestial Mother all to himself.  They would feel Her Maternity in the depths of their souls.  Even as She is holding these children conceived within Her virginal womb, Motherly Love exceeds all bounds.  She bi-locates into all Her beloved creatures so that She can be conceived with within each one of them.  From then on, She is always eager to nurture them more than any human mother could imagine.  She guides them to keep them out of trouble.  With Her Maternal Power She feeds them the milk of Her Love and the same Divine Fiat that is always providing Her with nourishment.”


Our Will is free to Live in Her with the full authority of Sovereign Power.  It summoned all things into this Celestial Creature just to have the Joy of seeing everyone contained within Her.  It longed to hear Her say, ‘They are all within Me, Your children and Mine, and I Love You on their behalf.’  Then She bi-located Herself within each and every one of them.  She wants all souls to feel Our Daughter’s Love.  For Her, everything is beauty filled with Love.” 


We can say, ‘She pledges Her Love to Us from within every creature without exception.’  Our Fiat elevated Her so high that everything was given to Her.  At the very moment She was born, We crowned Her Queen of Our Fiat and Our Love.  We feel Her Maternal Love for Us in perfect harmony with Her Love for all creatures.  The personification of Beauty took all things and made them into One Love.  We languished from the wounds She inflicted upon Us by making Us so happy.”


Her Love disarmed Us.  She took all created things under the sun, the creatures of the earth, the sky the seas, and covered them until they were hidden in Her Love so We could see them better.  It was so beautiful to see Her in action as the true Mother of all creatures.  We could feel Her forming Her Seas of Love within them as She sent Us notes that were arrows and darts aimed at Her Creator.  Their True Mother brought them before Our Throne within the Sea of Her Love so We would look at them more favorably.  Her insistence was as strong as Our Divine Will.  She placed them in Our Arms, fully expecting Us to lavish them with hugs and kisses.  We were compelled by Her Love to bless them with amazing grace.  When the Celestial Mother begged Sanctity on the creatures’ behalf, It fluoresced within each of them, forming extravagant designs as Her Love watched over Us.”


From the very first moment of this Celestial Creature’s Life, We had provided Her a dowry of all Our Divine Attributes.  Her trousseau contained Our Power, Wisdom, Love, Goodness, Light, Beauty and all the rest of Our Divine Qualities.  The Creator has provided a dowry for every creature who has come out into the light of day.  No one is born without one.  Yet, since they broke away from Our Will, they seem to have forgotten all about It.  However, the Holy Virgin never broke away.  She made Her eternal Life in the endless Seas of Our Fiat and has grown up with Our Attributes.  As She formed Her Acts with Our Divine Qualities, She formed Seas of Power, Wisdom and Light, and other such things.” 


Living with Our Science, We constantly taught Her about the history of Her Creator.  Her knowledge about Supreme Being continued to grow until She surpassed all the Angels and Saints.  In fact, they’re all ignorant compared to Her, because none of them grew up living together with Us.  She delved into Our Divine Secrets.  She explored the most intimate, inner recesses of Our Divine Being hidden without beginning or end.  There She found all Our Joys and Everlasting Beatitudes.  She used Our Power to control Us as if We were Her servant, and We let Her do it.  We enjoyed having Her as Our governess.  We embraced Her with Our innocence to make Her happy.  The pomposity of Our Love smiled on Her and said, ‘Do what you want.’


Our Volition has so much Love for creatures.  Its greatest desire is to have them Live within It.   When It succeeds, she is cast into a Sea of Grace and Love.  As she drowns in It, the insignificance of her little humanity gasps, ‘Enough, I am already saturated.  I am engulfed by Your own Love and I can’t take anymore.’  But Our Love is still not content, it never says, ‘That should be enough.’  No matter how much It gives, It wants to give more.  We prepare a feast for the one We Love and set the table for her.  We try to convince her to stay and live with together with Us.”


My daughter, another Miracle of Our Fiat in this Celestial Creature, is how She Loved Us by extending Her Maternity to all creatures.  Everything She did was a Triumph of Our Supreme Being within in the Acts of the Virgin.  Every time She prayed to Us with Her Love was another victory.  When She adored Us or suffered on Our behalf as She walked down Our path was a conquest.  We were victorious in every breath she took.  Every beat of Her heart signaled the jubilance of Our triumph.  The Triumphant Celestial Lady conquered through God every moment of Her Life, bringing admiration and further prestige.  These were the Triumphs and Victories shared by God and the Virgin.”


Acting as their True Mother She called out to all Her children.  She hid all their activities by covering them with Her own.  There were veiled under Her Triumphs and Victories together with a dowry of Her Acts on their behalf.  Her tenderness and Love were enough to break any heart and We were conquered.  She said, ‘Adorable Majesty, look at all My children.  They are My Victories and Triumphs.  I have conquered them for You.  When a mother has conquered, her children are triumphant.’  Then they could say, ‘My Queen Mother has provided me with a dowry through Her investments.  They have been secured by the Triumphs and Victories She made with Her Creator.’ 


Her Triumphs and Victories on God’s behalf were so many that they were enough to cover every act of a creature done throughout the ages.  Anyone who strives to be holy can find the highest Sanctity in the dowry that his Celestial Mother secured for him with Her Triumphs and Victories.  The weak find strength in their mother’s sanctity.  Her Triumphs make them feel strong.  Those who suffer afflictions receive the Gift of the Celestial Mother’s suffering.  Thanks to Her conquests, they share in the triumphant victory of resignation.  The sinner gains the victorious triumph of pardon.  Everyone finds the support they need in the dowry bequeathed by their Sovereign Queen, no matter what the circumstances.”


It’s enchanting to watch these moving scenes of the Celestial Mother’s activity.  The way She acts as the Mother of all creatures is so beautiful that We are enraptured by it.  We feel Her Love when She prays through Her children.  This is the Greatest Miracle in Heaven or on earth.  There’s no Greater Good We could be give to creatures.”


The Sorrow of the Celestial Mother was so great because of Her Love and the creature’s ingratitude.  This Dowry came at a terrible cost on Her part, especially by the heroic sacrifice of Her Son-God’s Life with all the atrocities He suffered.  Some people act as if they were completely unaware of this.  Others are scarcely interested, and are poor in sanctity as a result.  She suffers so much seeing Her children in poverty.  The Immense riches of Grace, Sanctity and Love are greater than any material wealth.  The Celestial Mother dedicated Her Life to acquire for them for Her children and it pains Her when they don’t have them.  Sacrifice without purpose is constant sorrow.  She wants everyone to know about this Great Good, otherwise they will never have It for themselves.”


She acquired these dowries through the power of Divine Fiat.  Though It reigned supreme within Her, It loved Her so much that It let Her do what She wanted anywhere at any time, as long as it was for the Common  Good of creatures.  The Sovereign Reign of Divine Volition will make them aware of these celestial dowries so creatures can have them as an inheritance.  So pray that something so great for the Common Good becomes known and desired by creatures.”





December 24, 1936

The Celestial and Divine Mother,

and the human mother. 

Swift race of Love of God,

in which He lets Jesus be Generated

in every creature by this Mother in virtue of the Fiat.


It’s all about the Most Holy Virgin.  A Light comes down from the bosom of the Eternal One and fills my poor mind.  The Light speaks and tells me so many things about the Celestial Sovereign Lady that there’s way I could remember them all, or know how to say them.


My beloved Jesus to my rescue and spoke to me with His usual good nature.


He said, “Courage, My daughter, I’ll help you by providing the right words.  I have an overwhelming need to tell everyone about My Mother.  Using Her privileges, She has done great things for all generations of creatures by securing a dowry that each one may as their own.  I will tell you things that neither you nor anyone else has thought about before, ideas to shock even the most incredulous, ungrateful of sinners, including those who share in Our Love.” 


Our Love gives Itself no peace.  It ran and It ran, with such velocity that It convinced Our entire Divine Being to give so excessively that Heaven and earth were astonished.  Everyone exclaimed, ‘How can God love creatures so much?’”


Our Love for creatures was so great that We gave them a Celestial Father, but Our Love was not content with that.  We were so delirious in the folly of Our Love the We decided to give them a Mother that was both earthly and celestial.  If a Father’s tender loving attention was not enough to make them Love Us, then surely the indescribable gentleness of a Mother’s Love would bring Us full circle.  Once the fear and terror of distance has been eliminated, they would abandon themselves in Her arms.  Once conquered by Her Love, they would certainly love the One who Made Her so that they could be loved as He Himself wants to be loved.”


What was needed for what He intended were miracles so astounding that they could only from God, and a Love that would never say ‘enough.’  So We called this Holy Creature out from nothingness using the same seed that generates all human generations.  It’s just that We had to purify it before giving Her Life.  From the very first moment of Her existence, the Celestial Power of Our Divine Fiat had to form Her soul by fusing Divine and human life together and having Her grow into them.  It took the participation of Divine Fertility to perform a miracle so great that a Man-God was conceived.  The humanity of the Incarnate Word cane from human seed and the Divine Word came using Our Fiat as the seed.  That eliminated the distance between God and man.” 


This Virgin, being Celestial and human, brought man closer to God so that all Her children could have Him as a brother.  They admire the family resemblance.  It has made Him approachable so that they might live together.  Since Her children also share the same human nature, they feel they can trust the Celestial Ones enough to be conquered by their love and love them in return.  Children love Her more than the whole wide world.  They think of Her as someone rich and powerful who puts Her life on the line to keep Her children safe.  She would do anything to make them Happy and Holy.” 


The Humanity of the Word and the human Celestial Mother are given as a security to guarantee that everyone can trust them with their love.  She says to them, ‘Do not fear, come to Us.  We resemble each other in every way.  Come, and We will give you everything.  My arms are always open to embrace you.  I will keep you inside My Heart to defend you.  I will give you everything.  I am your Mother.  You have been conceived in My Heart and I hold you there still.’


Being God, I had to operate as God.  Our Love ran and It ran, constantly inventing new ways to discover the excesses of Our Love.  You will be amazed when you hear them, and when future generations hear about it, they will show their love by compensating Us as best they can for this great saga of Our Love.”


Words pale in the face of deeds.  Our Love wasn’t satisfied with using the power of Our Fiat to have everyone conceived in the Virgin’s Heart where they find their True Mother.  She was conceived within every creature so that each one could have a Mother all their own and enjoy the same full rights to Her treasures as the other children.  Our Love goes from excess to excess.  The Celestial Queen had full possession of Our Divine Fiat which has to power to generate and bi-locate.  She has the Power of Divine Fiat, so together they can both generate and bi-locate Her Son-God as many times as She wants.  When Our Love is superimposed on this Celestial Creature, It becomes delirious with the power of My Fiat that She keeps in Her possession.  It gives Her the Power to Generate Her Jesus within every creature.” 


She brings about His Birth and then raises Him as Her own.  She does whatever it takes to form the Life of Her dear Son.  She makes up for whatever the creature has failed to do for Him.  When He cries, She dries His tears, if He is cold, She warms Him, when He Suffers, She suffers together with Him.  Just as She acts as a Mother who raises Her Son, She acts as the creatures’ Mom and brings them up together with Him.  She raises them as siblings and loves them with the same Love.  She watches over them, feeding and clothing them.  The Mother’s arms are wings of Light.  She hides her children beneath Her pinions, close to Her Heart where they can rest in peace within Her Beauty.”


Yet it’s not enough for Our Love that the Word should Incarnate Himself and generate a Jesus for each and every creature.  We give all generations of humankind the same Mother, but there’s so much more.  Our Love would not have been as extravagant as We intended otherwise.  No matter how far and fast It ran the course, It couldn’t find anyone who could do enough for Mary and Her Son.  It finally settled on a way for Its Power to generate the Celestial Mother within every soul.  She is the One who generates Her Jesus so that every creature has both Mother and Son to serve them.”


It’s wonderful to see the Celestial Mother, the personification of Love, so intent on generating Her Jesus within every creature as a sign of Its Grace and Love.  This is the highest honor and greatest Glory that Her Creator has given Her, The most potent Love that God could give to His creatures.  There’s nothing here to be surprised about, since Our Fiat can do anything whenever It so desires.  It has only to want something and it is already done.  The most amazing thing here is the extravagant Love that man has drawn out of Us.”





December 28, 1936

The Celestial Heiress; how She calls Her children to inherit Her Goods. 

How She arrives at gifting souls with Her Maternal Love

in order to form other mamas for Jesus.


I was going over what I’ve been writing and I still had some nagging doubts about it. 


I wondered, There’s one link and another in this chain of excess Love.  It seems to go on forever, but I don’t understand how that could possibly happen.  I know that Our Lord can do anything.  But I have no idea how He can bring the Celestial Mother down from the heights of His own Sanctity into our souls’ murky depths.  That She would generate Her Son Jesus, raise us as Her children with tender care, and bring us up together with Him, just seems too good to be true. 


My heart was bursting with joy from the love I felt for Her while She was inside me.  With maternal Love, She raised me as a daughter together with Her dear Son.  There’s more, but I’m afraid to saying anything about it, let alone commit myself to writing.  I don’t want to get in trouble and I wouldn’t want to cause anymore problems for the others.


Then my dear Jesus came by for a visit.  He looked so imposing, as if daring anyone to challenge Him.


He said, “My daughter, I want you to write down everything I say.  The Seas of Love that I am revealing will inundate creatures, and this news shall not be suppressed.  If you stop writing, I’ll leave.  Don’t forget that I must conquer man with Love that’s too hard to resist.”


Immediately I responded, “Fiat.” 


Then my beloved Jesus resumed His usual sweet and lovable way of speaking.  His voice was so full of Love that I thought my heart would burst.


He said, “My blessed daughter, there’s no room for doubt.  My very Being is Love.  Just when it seems that I have given such an excess of Love that there would be no way for me to give more, I invent new extravagances.  I am constantly discovering new ways to surpass the Love I already provide.  There are so many more ways I could devise that would give them more Love than they could hold.  It’s important that be absolutely convinced of this.”


Adam’s sin was the root of all evil inherited by generations of humankind.  He left behind the wonderful inheritance of Divine Will in a homeland filled with sumptuous luxury and opulence bequeathed by his Creator.  He lost all rights to Our Goodness, for himself and all his descendents.  But that doesn’t mean that these Goods were destroyed.  They still exist and will be available for further use.  Our Goodness can never be destroyed, so eventually someone will take them for their own benefit.”


The Great Queen began Her Life within this Inheritance of Divine Will.  She began with such abundance that She was drowned in the Goodness of Her Creator.  That’s how She can make other creatures Rich and Happy.  Through Fiat, She inherited the fertility of human and Divine Maternity.  When she inherited the Celestial Father’s Word, she was given all generations of humankind.  Then the Celestial Mother bequeathed Our Bounty to Her children.  Since their Mother has given them Our Legacy, She has the Right to generate those children within Her Maternal Heart.” 


But that wasn’t enough for Our Love nor Hers.  She wanted to generate Her Son within every creature.  She was the Heiress of Our Divine Word and had the power to generate Him in each of them.  If they can inherit weakness, passion and evil, they should inherit the Advantages as well.  That’s why the Celestial Heiress wants to make known the Inheritance that She wants for Her children.  She wants Her Maternity for creatures so that when She generates Him, they can be like mothers to Him by loving Him as She Loved Him.  She wants enough mothers generated for Her Jesus to keep people from offending Him.  A mother’s love is unique in the way it constantly burns and how she is willing to give her life for her dear child.”


She wanted to give Her Maternal Love as a gift to creatures as the heirs of Her Son.  She feels honored to witness creatures loving Her Jesus with the same Mother’s Love.  Her Love for Me and the creatures is so profuse that She drowns in It.  She was so overwhelmed that with all Her humility, She prayed for Me to reveal what I’ve been explaining to you.  This great inheritance is Hers to give and She waiting for the heirs.  She wanted to do whatever She could for them, so She said to Me, ‘There’s no need to wait any longer My Son, hurry.  Tell them about the great Bounty that I have inherited on their behalf.  I want to do whatever I can for them.  I feel more Honored and Glorified when You tell them what Your Mother can do for them than if I were to say it Myself.’  Such revelations will have the full effect of the Life that pulses within this Sovereign Lady when My Will is becomes known to creatures.  Knowing that this is their Mother’s bequest, they will surely take possession of It.”


Then my sweet Jesus gave me a kiss.


He said, “This kiss carries My breath.  I want this kiss to infuse My Omnipotent Breath within you.  Such Bounty is assured by the great miracle that My Mother will perform for all generations of humankind.  My kiss confirms what I intend for you.”


He saw my surprise.


He said, “Kiss Me and I will put all this Abundance within you and confirm your will within Mine yet again.  Without someone to give and receive, nothing Good can be made or possessed.”





January 1, 1937

The feast that the Queen of Heaven prepared for Her Son Jesus at His birth. 

How Love attracts, Transforms, and embellishes.


I was meditating on the Incarnate Word and the Divinity’s Extravagant Love.  They are immense seas that engulf all creatures with an awareness of the Love they are given and the expectation that It will be returned in equal measure.  They are saturated with It inside and out.  As they sink beneath the waves, all they can hear is a constant murmuring, ‘Love, Love, Love, Love we give and Love we want.’


The Heart of Our Celestial Mother is wounded by the endless cry of the Eternal One who gave Love and asked for It in return.  She was completely attentive to the needs of Her dear Son, the Incarnate Word.  She was always coming up with surprising ways of showing Her Love.  I was there at the moment the Celestial Infant sallied forth from the Maternal Womb.  I had a tender yearning to hold Him in my arms.


Then He threw Himself into my arms as if ready for the festivities to begin.


He said, “My Mom prepared a feast to celebrate My Birth.  She was aware of the Seas of Love that came down from Heaven with the Eternal Word.  She heard the endless cry of God wanting to be Loved in return.  She understood Our anxious sighs of ardent Love as I was moaning within Her Womb.  When She heard Me sob and cry, She knew that every moan was a Sea of Love sent down into every heart expecting to be Loved.” 


Seeing Me unloved made Her cry.  As She sobbed, every tear doubled the Seas of My Love gathered to conquer every creature’s heart.  My tears eventually turned them into Seas of suffering.  All I could do was suffer more on their account to transform them into other Seas of Love.”


My Mom wanted to make me smile at My Birth, so She prepared a feast for Her Baby Son.  She knew that I couldn’t smile without being Loved, and that I wouldn’t take part in any feast unless Love was flowing there.  She loved Me as a True Mother and had within Her Seas of Love through My Fiat.”


“As Queen of all Creation, She wraps the sky in Her Love and She put Her seal on every star with an, ‘I Love You, My Son, for Myself and for everyone.’  She enveloped the sun in Her Sea of Love, imprinting every drop of light with HerI Love You, My Son.’  She called on the sun to douse Her Creator with its light to keep Him warm.  She wanted Him to feel His Mother’s ‘I Love You’ in every drop of light.  She fills the wind with Her Love and seals every gust with HerI Love You, My Son.’  She calls on it to caress Him with a warm soothing breeze.  She asks that He hear, ‘I Love You, I Love, My Son with every puff of wind.” 


She enveloped the air in Her Seas of Love so that every creature’s breath would carry His Mother’s Love to Him.  She covered all evils with Her Seas of Love.  Every fish darting through the waters could hear the sea murmuring, ‘I Love you My Son.’  Then all the creatures of the sea would join in with their, ‘I Love You, I Love You.’  She filled the cosmos and everything in it with Her Love.”


It was the Queen’s Imperial Edict that everyone receive Her Love and bring It to Her Son that He may live entirely within His Mother’s Love.  Of all the birds, some trilled while others chirped or warbled Her Love for Him.  Every nanoparticle of the earth was filled with Her Love.  The breath of beasts came to warm Me with theI Love Youof My Mother.  The hay in and around the manger was permeated with Her Love.  Everything I could see, taste or touch carried the Sweetness of Her Love.” 


She prepared a wonderful feast to celebrate My Birth, a feast of Love.  My sweet Mother was compensation for My Great Love.  It was Her Love that hushed My crying.  It warmed Me in the freezing cold of the manger.  I found the Love of all creatures in Her.  She kissed Me for each one of them.  She held Me close to Her Heart and loved Me with a Mother’s Love for all Her children.  I could feel Her Maternal Love within each of Her children, so I loved them as My dear brothers and sisters.”


My daughter, Love animated by the All-powerful Fiat can do anything.  It acts as magnet and draws Us inexorably into Itself.  Its Heat transforms the one It loves by removing the dross and confirming their mutual identity.  Its embellishments are so incredible that Heaven and earth are enraptured.  They can’t help loving her.  We can’t resist a creature who loves Us.  Our Divine Power and Strength are left impotent.  We are helpless before the one who conquers Us with Love.”


You celebrate the same Feast of Love that My Mother prepared for Me when I was born.  Wrap the Heavens and earth with your ‘I Love You, My Jesus.’  Let nothing go without your Love running through it.  Make Me smile.  I was not born once, I am always being reborn.  My Births are often uncelebrated, some without even a smile.  Sometimes nothing’s left but tears from My sobbing and whimpering.  I still remember the cold that made Me shiver and numbed My fingers and toes.  So hold Me close to your heart and keep Me warm with your Love.  Use the Light of My Will as My clothes and dress Me in them for the festival.  I shall prepare the feast with new Love and Knowledge about My Will.”





January 4, 1937

How every creature, even from the beginning of her existence, has an Act Wanted and Decided of Divine Will, that Creates her, raises her, forms her.  Feast of Jesus in every act of the creature who does His Will.


I am in the arms of Divine Fiat, surrounded by Its Light.  It recalls the continuous Act of His Will over My pathetic existence to Love me and give me Life.  I couldn’t live without It nor could I find the One who truly Loves me.  He wants me ready to receive the Act of Life expressed by His Will so that nothing conflicts with His intentions or deters His Love.  Even though Love competes with God’s Will, they rely on each other completely.  I was under this Act of Fiat when my beloved Jesus appeared and pulled me close to His Divine Heart.  I have no way so describing His goodness and how tender He was with me.


He said, “My blessed daughter, My Will means everything for the creature, without It she wouldn’t even be alive.  From the beginning of her existence, every creature has an intentional and decisive Act of My Will that brings intense Love to the newborn.  The creature’s creation begins under Divine Will’s imperious Act of Love that is deliberately intended and fully acknowledged.  These two Acts of Will and Love are amply provided with the Grace of Our Power, Wisdom, Sanctity and Beauty, more than enough to last for the creature’s entire life.”


Once It has intentionally acted on the creature’s behalf, It never abandons her.  It Creates and forms her, raising her as Its child while It develops the Actions that operate through her.  This is how It confirms that an Act is fully intentional.  Both My Will and My Love run through every human activity.  They are her Life and her refuge where she finds aid and support.  She is surrounded by Its Power as It provides nourishment and defense.  My Love embraces her and holds her tight to Its Bosom.  My Will surrounds her on all sides, like a house, but safer.  The intention of the Act spoken by My Fiat called her into existence.”


This Act intended by Our Fiat is the greatest and most powerful way of glorifying Our Divine Being, something even the Heavens cannot attain or understand.  It’s no small thing that Our Will runs through every act of the creature and tells them with deeds rather than words that, ‘I am yours, and I am at your service.  Acknowledge Me, please.  I am your Act, your Life.  Whenever you acknowledge Me, you give Me a little bit of your love, not much, but it means a lot to Me and I claim it as My own.  It is a welcome respite from My constant labor in arranging your Life for you.’”


My Love is not content to lag behind My Fiat.  It has an uncontrollable need to run toward all the creature’s activities with My Love.  It says to her in everything she does, ‘I Love you, and you Love Me.’


Everything depends on this intentional Act of My Fiat being acknowledged.  It makes her into an unprecedented wonder of sanctity and beauty, a gorgeous ornament to adorn the Celestial Fatherland.  It transforms creatures into Lives so radiant that they resemble their Creator, Our Will has no interest in making sentient beings that do not resemble Us.  The first thing It does is to fashion Our own Likeness so It can recognize Itself in the Actions that It develops in the creature as she operates.  Otherwise It might say, ‘She does not resemble Me in the least.  She’s obviously not Mine.’ 


If It is not loved and acknowledged by her, she brings Sorrow to My Volition.  It runs through every act of the creature, and if It were to stop, she would die.  When Divine Life is rejected, It feels Sorrow and It cannot develop her Sanctity.  It wants to engulf her with Seas of Grace.  She must be covered with beauty and wrapped in Deliberate Activity.  My Will can say, ‘There is no sorrow like Mine.’  I wanted to give her everything that is Good.  I invested all of My Activity in hers.”


So, pay attention, My daughter.  Think about all of your activity as being dependent on Divine Will.  It wraps around everything you do and makes your activity providential by giving it Life.  It Loves you and wants you to know about the Life It is giving you.  This is confirmation that It is acting within you.  You should rather die than get in the way of what It has designed for you since you first began to exist, the Primal Act of My Will.  Life is beautiful when you can say, ‘I am the Will of God.  It has done everything so I wouldn’t do anything.   It created me and then formed my life.  It will carry me in Its arms of Light into the Celestial Regions, holding me aloft triumphantly to celebrate the victory won by Its All-powerful Fiat with His Love.’”


Then my mind continued swimming in the Sea of Fiat.  It’s wonderful to see how attentive It is.  The Spirit of Divinity fills my lungs with every breath I take.  It is constantly breathing through me.  The pulse of Divinity beats in my heart.  It uses my little love to make a Sea of Love.  It is so delighted with me that It anxiously awaits my insignificant human activity to do God’s Work.  My beloved Jesus celebrates His Fiat’s work in my little soul.  His very Goodness is a sign of Its Triumph.


He said, “Daughter of My Volition, My joy is to see My Divine Will inserting Itself into an act of a creature.  Though her actions are trivial, she delights in losing herself within Its Great Primal Action, something as triumphant as It is boundless.  It says, ‘I have Conquered, Victory is Mine.’  I feast on every Act of My Will done within her.”


It is the pleasure of Our Supreme Being to see the creature lose her identity within a little human act.  If she is willing to lose her life so that Ours may live within Her, We elevate her activity until it is all Our own.  She has reached the heights of Our Timeless Action when all Eternity has wrapped Itself around such an Act.  As this act unfolds, everything that has been done or ever will be done identifies with this Act because all Eternity belongs to It.”


This Act comes out from the bosom of the Eternal One, becoming yet another Feast for Our Supreme Being and all of Heaven.  It is a help and strong defense for the whole world.  When the creature does Our Will so she can live in It, Our experience is uniquely satisfying.  This is a fair exchange because had We designed Creation as a contest of Love between Creator and creature.  This motivates Us to give new and surprising forms of Grace so that she is more eager to receive them.”


The creature flows along with Our Fiat to optimize Its freedom of action.  Our Love is emphatic when We say, ‘The creature pays Us for everything We have done for her.’  We make all things to assist the creature so that she can do Our Will in every way.  That’s all she has to do.  We don’t ask for anything else.  Moreover, since this is enough for Us, no one else should expect anything more of her.  We want her to live in Our Will without ever leaving.  Then she is Ours and We are hers.  It’s an extraordinary thing to say with truth.  ‘God is all mine and He can never leave me.  His All-powerful Fiat keeps Him here within me.’”





January 10, 1937

Braiding between the Divine Volition and the human;

Tenderness of Jesus for one who Lives in His Volition,

even to feeling Himself Happy to have cried and suffered. 

The refuge of the Works of God.


I was under Fiat Eternal waves where my poor little mind kept running to filled, just as the waves keep running to fill me.  This mutual fulfillment is a beautiful way for both to find rest.  I was still running when my Good Jesus stopped me from on high.


He said, “My daughter, the way My Fiat courses through My Fiat with the daughter of My Divine Will is so beautiful.  Just look at how they nicely they braid together, one through the other.  When My Volition runs within created things, they can all see the little thread of human volition weaving through everything.  My Fiat braids her will to extend it through all that she does.  It is only content when It sees the thread of human volition weaving through the sun, the sky, and everything else.  Human volition competes with the Divine, trying to be filled as fast as It can fill her.”


That surprised me and I said, “I don’t see how something as small as human volition can extend through all created things.  It’s not like this Fiat that embraces everything in It own vast Creation.”


My sweet Jesus explained.


My daughter, there’s no reason to be surprised.  Since all things were made for the creature, it was only right and just that the soul, along with the human will, have the dignity of filling everything while holding them in their embrace.  They have wondrous powers greater than anything in Creation and should have control over all things.  United to My Will, there nothing the creature cannot do.  Having been created with a limited capacity, she cannot embrace Our Immensity on her own.  However, as long as she stays within Our Fiat, We do everything on her behalf.  We give her the right to go anywhere, embrace everything and have Our Works as her own.  When My Fiat cannot see human volition in It Works, It feels that Its purpose has been ripped away.  It wants to cohabitate with Its creatures and acknowledge them in Its Works.  It wants them to know how much It loves them and that It wants their Love in return.”


My Will is the All-seeing Eye.  It spies upon the creature just as she about act, whether for love or something as brief as a heartbeat.  Regardless, It fills her quiet breathing with the Divine power of Its own breath.  It says to her, ‘My Works have done great things for you, and I expect you to work for Me just as well.  Everything you do is Mine.  I have Divine rights over all things, so you have a right to My Works.’”


These are the Laws that determine how someone lives in My Volition.  Both your will and Mine cease their activities and become one single Act.  For someone who Lives in Our Fiat, a thread of human volition runs through My Conception and Birth, including all My baby tears when I was suffering.” 


When a thread of human volitions is braided through Mine, all the Acts of yours Jesus, including My suffering, are tenderly woven among yours.  That’s when I feel the joyful purpose of being Conceived and Born.  Though I felt a bittersweet happiness as I would cry for her Love, the tears on My Face would stop as soon as I saw hers.  Each of them were turning into lustrous pearls as she kissed them so lovingly in adoration.  I felt victorious that My tears were conquering the creature’s own will.  I was happy that my suffering could triumph over human volition and make it flow through all of My Actions, even as far as My death.”


Since We have done everything for the creature’s love, My Will calls everything she does into Itself.  Just to be sure, It braids whatever she does tightly into Its Works so they will be securely attached without any risk of their being left behind.  With ineffable Love, It says to her emphatically, ‘My Will is yours, My Works are yours, acknowledge them with Love.  Run, don’t stop.  Fly after them so they can’t escape.  You lose your rights to My Work if you don’t even know what they are.  If you won’t take them into your possession, My Volition will have nothing but the sorrow of not seeing them braided into My Works.”


When I am betrayed in Love, I feel My Purpose being torn away from Me.  Think of a father whose children won’t help him as he works.  They want nothing to do with hi possessions and refuse to step foot in his house.  They go far away and lead a miserable life doing things that make them unworthy of such a benevolent father.  Such are the endless anxieties of My Fiat.  It sighs with longing for Its children, driven as It is to move Heaven and earth for them.  I will not be spared until creatures live in harmony with It and take possession of Its Bountiful Goodness.”


Everything We have done, whether in Creation or Redemption, has been an Act of kindness continually giving Itself to man.  These activities are left hanging in midair, right in front of his face, but he doesn’t know what they are.  He has only to call out and show his love for them.  Only then may he enfold them within his soul and partake of My Abundant Goodness.”


When someone takes possession of Our Will and Its Works, My entire Life on earth finds refuge in her, a safe place to continue living and working.  Once the soul learns how to perform Acts of Divinity in a practical way, My Life and My Works come naturally to her.  The creature becomes the refuge of Our Sanctity and Love, a safe harbor for the Life of Our Will.  Our Love can’t hold Itself in and must give Itself with extravagant abundance.  We find refuge in her as an outlet for Our Love.   We pour out such charismatic Grace that the Heavens are amazed.  They tremble with adoration for Our Divine Will as It Operates within a creature.”





January 24, 1937

The Divine Will, for one who Lives in It,

forms the repeater of Its Life and of Its Love,

and It forms and extends in her the whole of Creation

and everything that Jesus did. 

How It will give her a new name

calling her: “My Fiat.”


I am at the mercy of this Supreme Fiat that always wants to give me everything It has.  It wants to keep me busy and It always has something to do with my poor soul.


When It sees some little cavity within me that is not filled with Its Will, It becomes hyper-active.  It’s amazing how It does that.  I’ve never seen anything like It.  It looks for all the Acts It has done out of love for creatures.  If any are missing, It prepares them as a feast for me.  Then, once I have taken them in, It seals them so they stay inside me.  That surprised me, but I took this as another little lesson It was trying to teach me.


Then my always Lovable Jesus came to visit His little daughter.


He said, “My good daughter, there’s no reason to be surprised by this.  My Volition is Highest Wisdom, but Its Love is Exuberant.  It wants to perform Works with the gravitas of Its dignity.  But It does them for those who Live within Its Volition, miniature replicators of Its Life and Its Love.  It hides in them the Sanctity of Its numerous Works, even as It continues with Its creative designs.  It wants to replicate what It has done with all Creation so that It extends even further into those who live within Its Volition.”


When My Fiat designed Creation, It gave each created thing Its Love and a highly significant mission of It own.  Each one must provide a particular advantage for creatures.  The sky has an important role to play and it expresses the same Love in its own particular manner.  The sun, wind and sea each have their own assignment as do all created things.”


Everything My Will does is done specifically for whoever lives within It.  With a single Act It takes the Love given the sky together with all the significance of its vital mission and gives them to the creature.  With another act pronounced by Fiat, It reserves the Love that went into the sun as it was created and gives her the same importance so she can take on the sun’s leading role.  It takes the Love and Valor of the wind, pronouncing Its Fiat so she can perform as the wind.  In another act spoken by Fiat that makes her worthy of the sea, she moves with its waves, constantly murmuring, ‘Love, Love, Love.’ 


It delights in pronouncing Its Fiat to replicate all the activities It began in Creation.  It allocates the air’s importance with sweet birdsongs and the bleating of little lambs ambling among the all beauty It gives to flowers.  If the acts of the creature have yet surpass the Work of Creation, It uses her breath and the heartbeat driving blood rapidly through her veins.  It animates everything with Its Fiat to make Creation complete.”


Once It has completed everything It has done in Creation out of Love for creatures, It broadens Its Domain.  I conserves everything with Its Creative Power to maintain order in this New Creation It has formed within the acts of a creature.  It would not feel Loved and glorified unless Creation had a life with the power to reason and will.  The creature has voluntarily her actions to the creative power of Its Fiat.  She gives herself over to the Divine Life that rules with an inexhaustible Love.  She allows It to do whatever It wants with her, determining her actions even as far as the way she breathes.”


Listen closely to Me, My blessed daughter.  I cannot contain My Love anymore.  Let me pour It out to you.  I want to tell you how far My Love goes.  It can go anywhere and do anything for someone who Lives in My Fiat.  My Volition has never said, ‘that’s enough,’ moreover, It’s still not satisfied.  First It gathers up all the Love and dutiful merit of every creative function in the universe.  Then It enfolds them within a creature who lives in perfect harmony with It as a single Will.”


When I came upon the earth, the ardor of My Love compelled me to offer up My Life as ransom.  I suffered unto death so these ungrateful creatures could regain My Divine Will after having rejected It.  My Life was the collateral needed to reclaim on behalf of My children.  Only a God is worth enough to purchase a Divine Will.  Having paid for It, I have assured that the Kingdom of My Volition will come on earth as It is in Heaven.”


The sublime creative genius of My Volition fashioned the sumptuous order underlying Creation.  Then It pronounced Its Fiat in the creature as she went about replicating her activities, and It gathered them into one single Act while It was forming My Life within her where It encloses Its immeasurable bounty.  Then It spoke Its Fiat over her tears to insert My great merit within each one.  Its Fiat enables her work, moving her feet as she walks and pulsing through every beat of her heart with My Love.  Each prayer she says carries the same weight as My Actions.   All that she does, even the most common everyday activities natural to any creature, have the same significance as My Works.  My Life becomes twice as valuable when I replicate It in someone who Lives within My Divine Will, and I use the extra to procure My Will for generations of humankind.  She and I engage in a friendly competition to see who can give more toward the purchase of My Will so the human family may have It for themselves.”


My Will is not content until Its Work is complete.  Once the treasure of Creation and Redemption has been encased within the soul, It adds Its own Incredible Love.  Then, with resounding glory, It encloses the Celestial Fatherland within her with all Its joy and eternal beatitudes as a seal that confirms the Creative and Redemptive Work that has been done there.  Finally, just to be sure, Its Heart begins to beat within her and she is given Its Divine Breath.  That makes the Light of Its Life circulate more than blood.”


To celebrate their triumph, It gives her a New name, calling her, ‘My Fiat,’ a beautiful name that makes everyone in Heaven smile, and all of hell tremble.  No one is given this name except someone who Lives in My Volition and lets Me do whatever I want with her.  My Omnipotent Fiat can do anything and give everything.  It even her rights to Its own Power, Its Love and Its Justice.  It incorporates the will of the creature and says to her, ‘Pay attention, all I want from you is that you do what I do.  It’s crucial that you and I always be together as one.’”





February 10, 1937

The Kingdom of the Divine Volition will be

the Kingdom of the Queen of Heaven;

Her ardent desires and Incessant Prayers;

assaults of Love that She gives to the Divinity in order to obtain it. 

How She will place Her Life at the disposition of creatures

in order to give them the Grace to make them Live of Divine Will.


I was completely immersed in Divine Volition.  Heaven and earth prayed for the Kingdom they longed for as the common Will of all creatures.  Their hope was that It would come to reign supreme on earth as It does in Heaven.  The Queen of Heaven is so devoted to their cause that she fill everything with Her ardent sighs.  She moves all things by gathering the angels, the saints and the whole of Creation into Herself with one concern.  She adds Her sighs to the Divine Will She has been given and asks that Its Fiat descend into every heart and form Its Life there. 


As I thought about it, my always lovable Jesus appeared.  He let out a deep sigh.  His Heart was beating so hard that I thought It would burst.


He said, “Daughter of My Volition, listen to Me.  My Love is about to engulf Me.  I can’t hold It in any longer.  Even if overwhelms Heaven and earth, I want My Will to reign supreme upon the earth, no matter what the cost.  My Celestial Mom wants Me to do something about it.  She’s always telling Me, ‘Hurry My Son, don’t hold back any longer.  Let Love be Your strategy.  Act as the Powerful God that You are.  Let Your Will overcome everyone with Its Power and Majesty.  Subdue them with a Love that no one can resist.  It must take possession of all creatures to reign as sovereign on earth as in Heaven.’”


When I hear Her fervent sighs, I know that flames are erupting with every beat of Her heart.  No one can resist the strategies of such a Mother’s Love.  She says, ‘My Son, child of My Heart, if You have made Me Queen and Mother, then where are My People, My Children?  If I were possible for Me to be truly sad, I would be an extremely unhappy Queen and Mother.  Having a kingdom without people to live within the same Will as their Queen is heartbreaking.  Without children I have no heirs to inherit this great legacy.  There is no happiness or joy in My Maternity?  When You arrange for Divine Fiat to reign supreme on the earth, I will be happy because My people, My children will live within the same Will as their Mother.’” 


“I am moved by the sound of My Mother’s voice resonating in My ears.  It fills My Heart with sweetness and soothe the wounds inflicted by the arrows of Love.  I could never deny Her anything She asked for, even if I tried.  For one thing, She never denied Me anything.  Besides, I just don’t have it in Me to refuse Her.  My Divine Heart compels Me to make Her happy.  Join Us in Our yearning.  Pray with Us that My Will may become known.  Only then will It come to reign as sovereign on earth.  You don’t have to take My word for it.  Here is My sweet Mother.  She will confirm everything I said.”


There She was.  I could feel Her presence and I looked up to see Her hiding me under Her sapphire Mantle.  When She took me onto Her Maternal Lap, I can’t describe the Love that I felt.


She said, “Daughter of My Maternal Heart, the Kingdom of Divine Will shall be My Domain.  The Holy Trinity has entrusted Me with It.  By putting the Eternal Word under My care when He descended from Heaven to earth, they put their Me in charge of Their Kingdom.  My sighs are deep within My ceaseless prayer.  It was enough that I assailed the Most Holy Trinity with My Love, constantly reminding them of the rights they gave Me as Queen and Mother.  The trust they gave Me will come to light when It forms Its Life triumphantly as My Kingdom that shall cover the face of the earth.”


I burn with desire for the Kingdom of Divine Will to be established on earth among My children.  Though Heaven and earth are already filled with My Glory, I want more.  My longing deepens as I await My Glory to be doubled by each of My children when they will eventually live within It.  I feel deprived when I think I might not have the Glory of being Queen.  I worry so much that My children will not love Me as their Mother that My Heart keeps calling to them over and over, ‘Come to your Mama, My children.  Love Me as your Mother, just as I Love you, My children.  But you must Live within the same Will I inhabit, if you would truly love Me as My children.  Otherwise you wouldn’t know how much I really love you.”


My Love for you so great that I want this Kingdom for you on earth.  My anxiety for you is so intense that I go down from Heaven and look all around for souls who want to live through Divine Volition.  I am the spy who looks for those who are ready for Me to enter their hearts.  I form My Life in them so they are prepared for the dignity and honor that comes from having Its Fiat take possession of their soul where It can form Its Life.”


Then I will be inseparable from My children.  My Life will be there to serve them with My Virtue, My Love and My Sorrow.  I will protect them with an indestructible wall of Power.  They will find in their Mother everything they need to live in this Holy Kingdom.  My feast will be amply prepared when My Love is resting in My Children.  When My Maternity finds those who Loves Me as My children, I will give them such amazing Grace that Heaven and earth will celebrate with joy.  As their Queen, I will lavish Graces never before seen upon them.  My daughter, stay with Me, your Mother.  Let us pray together for what we yearn so much, the Kingdom of Divine Will.”





February 26, 1937

What one additional act that the creature does in the Divine Will is: 

it is Harmony, Music, it is the Overwhelming of Heaven and earth,

it is the Installation that she forms in God, and God in her.


My poor little soul is surrounded by Divine Will, inside and out.  To my left and right It flows, even under my feet.  It runs through everything, everywhere, saying, ‘It is I who forms your life and keeps you warm with My fervor.  I am the One who gives you My breath and motion.  Acknowledge Me as the One who animates your life and I will do in you what is only worthy of Me.’


My mind was still lost in Fiat when my sweet Jesus came to visit me briefly.  I could tell that His Love needed to talk about His Volition.


He said, “Little daughter of My Volition, My Love feels so repressed that It has to pour Itself out or I will become delirious.  I am suffocating in My own flames.  Talking is a way for Me to relieve My Heart by pouring out My Love.  It’s refreshing to find someone who will listen.  I am going to tell you how far My Love goes, about the great miracle of having My Will living within a creature as It operates.  Every time a creature acts from within My Will, she works to further perfect the harmony between Heaven and earth.  She composes new celestial music for her Creator who likes it all the more because it comes from the earth.  Since everything in Heaven is already Ours, no one in the Celestial Fatherland claims to give Us anything.  We are the ones who give everything as We beatify them all with Our Felicity.”


Only a soul who lives on earth can say, ‘I give to my Creator’ and We are enraptured by the sound of her words.  We give Our Will to renew Our Life operating within her so she can compose new and ever more beautiful music.  It is wonderful to hear the music of Our Heaven on earth, this New Celestial Music that comes from the wayfaring soul.  Everyone in Heaven celebrates that the earth is Ours and We Love it all the more.  Every time She acts from within My Divine Will, Heaven and earth are overwhelmed.  Angels and Saints run through her activities along with Creation Itself.  They all take their place of honor within the Acts of My Will as they operate.  No one wants to be left outside of an Act of My Divine Fiat.  Everyone and everything is truly centralized.  My Will can do no less than to keep everyone under Its sovereign reign within the scope of Its Activity.”


As My Will operates, It gathers all things up into Itself to give them.  It is powerless to leave anything incomplete.  Everything is given in full from Its endless Bounty.  What more can I tell you, My daughter, about how It overwhelms Heaven and earth with Its overflow.  When the Act of My Volition operates from within a creature, everyone else wants to play a role in an Act where such marvelous things happen.  They will take part in the most moving scenes of miracles such as have never before been witnessed anywhere.  The Heavens, astounded, shall watch in ecstasy the Power of My Will enclosed within the tiny circle of a creature as It operates.”


From that point on, they shall eagerly await to be overwhelmed yet again by an Act of My Will operating from within her.  They shall long so much to have their souls further embellished.  Those in Heaven cannot experience the beauty and great happiness of an Act of My Will conquering a creature, because there are no further conquests for them.  Such an opportunity does not exist for the Blessed.  What they have done on earth is enough and they need do no more.”


From within My Will She incorporates God into the creature and the creature within God.  In this mutual installation, God’s Life flows into her like a blood transfusion.  This is a fusion of the human heartbeat with the Eternal Pulse that gives her the Creator’s Life, Love and Sanctity.  It propels the creature’s little love flowing into the Eternal One where she lives within Him as the one Love of the same unitary Will.  Each breath she takes, every heartbeat is another arrow of Love that darts towards the One who created her, wounding Him severely.  Everyone in Heaven is amazed when they look upon God and see the creature fused within the One whose Love conquers all.  They look at the creature on earth and see their Creator upon His throne residing within her.  This shows how greatly excessive is Our Love for Our beloved creature.”


When We find a creature who would do anything for Us no matter what, we don’t care how small she is.  It’s only a question of what We should do with her, since We can do anything We want.  We display Our Love and Our Divine Being in Its entirety.  We flood the creature so that We may be filled by her.  We do Great Things befitting Our dignity.  Everyone is amazed by Our generosity, they are astounded.  Every time the creature acts within My Will, it’s as if We actually needed her.  The more We give her, the stronger the bonds that unite Us with mutual Love.  We keep giving her additional rights and privileges to Our Divine Being so that We tighten Our control over her.”


That an Act of Our Fiat should operate within her is so awesome that I could spend centuries talking about It without describing It adequately.  Being Jesus, the Operator, I’m the only One who can tell you what’s happening.  Even the Angels and Saints can’t explain such Goodness.  But since I know how to justify what I’m doing, I will continue describing the infinite treasure that awaits you there within such an Act.  So pay attention.  Nothing could give Me greater satisfaction than having your little human activities and the love within them.  The best way you can love and glorify Me is to let My Will make Its descent into them where It can operate.  Its Love needs complete freedom of action within the miniature acts of a creature.”





March 6, 1937

Creation, first means of help in order to form the Life of the Divine Will in us;

second, God directly; third, the circumstances of life.



I keep swimming in the Immense Sea of Divine Volition until I begin to doubt.


I thought, “I still don’t understand how Fiat can live within a puny creature.  I don’t see how it’s possible, I’m way too small for that.  I can see how I might live in though.  That would be a lot easier than the other way around.  It takes up so much space that I can’t even see it all.  I don’t see how I could hold It inside me, I simply don’t have the room for all that.”


My always Lovable Jesus replied with His usual Good nature.


He said, “My daughter, using Our Power to form Our Life within a little creature is delightful, so long as she’s not weighed down by anything else.  It’s not uncommon for Us to make Our greatest works out of pure nothingness.  Our Will is to form Itself within her soul and remain there as her possession.  We have mandated that everything We create, whether in Heaven or on earth, must serve the creature by helping her to form Its Life and promote Its growth within her.  The primary purpose for Creation is to make her feel the power of Our Love and Our Will.  The power We have given is also the nourishment that helps promote the growth of her natural life and sustains it.  It does double duty by penetrating deep into her soul through human activity.”


When created things encounter the Life of My Will in miniature within a creature, It embraces Itself in them through her with kisses all around.  It remolds her and blows on her to enlarge her capacity so It can move into Its new little paradise and rest there.  It provides for all the ways and means found in created things that help sustain the Life of My Will growing within a creature.”


The sky stretches over her head and keeps watch over her so nothing enters that is not the Will of God.  The sun approaches her and shows its love by warming her.  It fills her eyes with light so she can use her hands and guides her steps so she can walk around.  It penetrates her soul and fills it with the light of love.  It makes it fertile so it can be filled with My Will.  It stores its heat and light within her so that she can live exclusively on things that belong to My Will.  Nothing but light and love.”


The sun follows its course across the sky, beatifying flowers with various colors and so much more out of love for the one who holds My Will.  Every time the sun endows the creature with its light, My Will visits her to if she needs anything.  It wants to make sure she has everything to make Its Life grow in her.  I would do anything for her, just as I have in the past, with the intention of forming My Fiat’s Life in a creature.”


The air provides breath for the body while serving the Breath of My Will to the soul.  The wind purifies nature’s air with kisses and caresses on behalf of My Life’s Imperial Will that she holds within as her own.  All created things carry My Will inside them so that It may be released deep within the soul to aid and defend her as she grows into what I have intended.  My Will that is veiled inside them forms It Life within creatures.  Yet so many fail to accept Life that It remains beneath the veil, repressed.  It is frustrated in Its desire to give the Bounty It holds for them.”


There is a second pathway, an even more splendid way of showing Its Love.  It has so much Love that We are burnt with the desire that the creature should hold Our Will as her very Life, and that It should act within her every thought, word and deed.  We ought to be within every step that she takes so We can work through all of her activities until all that she does is Our own Divine Emanation.”


Our Divine Being runs through all of her activities with all that We have given her.  Surrounding her, We revive her that she may be Reborn within Our Will.  We are at her service so that this Life will take form within her.  We can say that We place Ourselves at her disposition in order to form this Life.” 


This is all in Our own interest.  Our desire is that Our Will should form beautiful generations of Divine Will within every creature’s volition.  Then We shall have many of Our Lives loving and glorifying Us through her.  Creation will take on Its true beauty when everything shall be Ours.  From Our throne, the pulse of Our Life will be felt throbbing through everything everywhere.”


A third path abides within the circumstances of life.  Every occasion is an expression of My Providence surrounding each one.  Sorrow and mortifications help them grow and worthily develop My Living Will within them.  From within all things, It prepares the Primal Act of Life as a gift for creatures.  If everyone would pay closer attention, they would be happy and secure under the gentle dewfall of such a Holy Will.  It loves them so compulsively that Its only desire is to form Its Life within some poor creature.”





March 14, 1937

The Divine Will is Life,

and as Life It forms the Generation of Its Life

in the acts of the creature who will Live in It,

and forms the long Generation

of the children of Its Divine Fiat.



Divine Volition never leaves me.  It intends to confirm me in greatness by making me long for a Life within It.  Not just me, but everyone who should ever want to Live within It.  It is ready to announce something new about the importance of each additional act done within Its Most Holy Will. 


Then my sweet Jesus, acting as the spokesman for such a Holy Volition, came to visit my poor little soul.


He said, “My blessed daughter, I need still to tell you about how much good each additional act the creature does while cloistered within My Volition.  My Will is Life, and the only way It operates is by generating Life.  It can do no less.  Every time the creature acts within It, another of Its Acts is generated and enclosed within her.”


An act of a creature becomes a veil for My Divine Birth to be formed in hiding.  As soon as the act is completed, My Will goes all around through the entire world searching for another soul that is ready.  It takes what is born there through Its generation and forms another child to be safely hidden within the Realm of Its Fiat.  From then on, each additional act she performs becomes one more child in My Kingdom.  Every ensuing act done within It further populates the Kingdom of My Will.”


Our Supreme Being is delirious in Its desire to have what We wants, the creature living within Our Volition.  We are astute in Our Love so that We may achieve Our goal.  It is so beautiful to see the first children of Our Fiat acting so that We may live in further new generations of Our Living Will within creatures.  We love so much that We take every opportunity to give this Great Bounty enfolding all of Heaven and earth.”


As He was saying this, my sweet Jesus appeared holding inside His Heart, all the acts performed through His Volition, especially the myriad done by our Dear Celestial Mother.  Within each act He Generates the Life of Divine Will, because He simply can’t hold It in any longer. 


He stepped out and went all round through every generation of creatures.  Whenever He found a soul that was ready, He drew near and with an embrace, He whispered in her ear.  He breathed on her to remake Creation anew.  Then began the feast where He had stored a Living Act of His Will.  He had no wish to segregate the Act from Its Life.  He did not want the Life He had generated to be kept apart from the Primal Act.  It wants to be the Custodian of Its own Life.


I was amazed by this new realization, and worried.


I thought, “I just don’t see how that’s possible.  It seems too far-fetched.”


My sweet Jesus spoke again.


He said, “There’s nothing peculiar about any of this.  My Will can do whatever It wants.  All It has to do is want something and everything is done.  The brilliant sun that is only a shadow of My Fiat does this for Me.  As it finds the plants and flowers, it touches them with light to generate color and fragrance.  It brings them to maturity while generating sweetness into their fruit.  As many fruits and flowers there are, It gives each of them their own unique flavor and color.  A touch of light warms them with its own fire within.  Unless the sun finds neither flower nor fruit, it does nothing special and its natural goodness remains within itself.”


My Will is like the sun, but so much more.  When It finds a creature who has an interest in It, It invites her to join in Its Activities.  It invests in human endeavor by descending into its depths and warms such activity until it is transformed.  As Life’s Proprietor all, It generates yet more as a further sign of Divinity’s great wonder.  Like the sun, if It doesn’t find anyone who wants to Live within My Volition and develop her acts there, the many Divine Lives I could give remain within It.  It waits with the determination of Divine patience for someone who will let Me generate My Life through her activities.”


My Will is like a tender loving mother who thinks of her own Life being passed on through future generations.  She wants them to come out into the Light as a long chain of children, all of whom will populate her Kingdom.  So My Volition goes scouting for someone who will dedicate herself to Its endeavor.  It searches out the acts of a creature so It may descend into the depths of human activity and form Its Life there.  It wants to walk in their midst giving Its own Life to creatures.  Life does not form Itself on the outsides of people, but always within.  Otherwise the vital essence of what makes life would be left out.”


My Will cannot form Its Life outside the creature, not even from Heaven.  It must descend to form Itself within them.  The human will must also surrender to the Divine, gladly.  We don’t want to force anything.  It’s hard to explain what We do when We find her, the graces We pour into her and the good things We want for her.  It is not about works, but rather Our Life that We must grow.  We spare nothing in that regard, though what We have done will only be known in Heaven.  So pay attention and be sure to Live continually under the gentle dewfall of My Volition so that It may invest Itself within your acts by animating them with Its Life.  This is how you will give Me another child each time you act.”





March 18, 1937

The Divine Will makes a Gift of all Its Works

to the one who Lives in It. 

The Breath of God in His Works

and in all the holy works of the creatures. 

The Divine Will makes Itself Supplier of what the creature lacks.


I was making my rounds in Divine Fiat, following Its Divine Activities in Creation as much as best I could.  I sought out all the holy acts performed by my dear Jesus, my Celestial Mother, and all those done by creatures.  It was really great how they became mine as I retraced them.  The Divine Volition gave them to me.  Assuming that I have a legitimate right to everything, I offered them to the Creator as a sign of my devotion.  I seems like the best way of offering my intense Love and profound adoration to the One who created me.  I felt empowered by the sun in the sky with stars above and the wind blowing just for me.  Everything was mine because It was all Divine Will.  I was lost in amazement when my sweet Jesus came to visit me age, however briefly.


He said, “My blessed daughter, you shouldn’t be surprised at any of this.  Everything Holy and Good belongs to My Fiat and It’s eager to give everything to the one who Lives within It.  It’s a fair exchange.  The creature doesn’t want anything for herself.  She’s determined to give It everything, just as My Volition intends to give her everything, including Its very Being.  Creation, Redemption, the Queen of Heaven, and every good and holy act, are God breathing.  He exhaled His Fiat to create all of creation.  He breathed again and sent His Word down to earth.  His breath gives Life to all the good works of every creature.”  


Someone who Lives through My Will is continually reviewing His Works, watching for signs of His Divine Breath so she can gather what He has done.  She presents them to Him as the fruit of her Creator’s powerful breath.  He is glorified and loved having His Works offered to Him by a creature, the fruit of His Work, living and breathing.  Every time she goes through His Works, He is loved and glorified, as if He were presented with His own life yet again.  He eagerly awaits more gifts, a fair exchange of what He has given.  He feels loved in return for His Works, just as He has loved.  His Power and Love have been acknowledged.  His Divine Condescension pours out torrents of Graces and Love toward the one who has known His Love through His Works.” 


My daughter, when the creature lives through My Will, a Love never to be equaled presents Its every possession as a gift.  It appoints her mistress of all that It owns.  If even one is left out, then there’s one less that could have been given to others.  Handing everything to her as a gift, My Volition gives her a wide open field.  There she gathers for her for her Creator and is compensated twice over.  This gift is made the moment she acknowledges Our works with Love and appreciation.”


Love gives her the right to possess everything within My Eternal Volition.  Actually, It is compelled to make this gift of everything It owns.  Otherwise Its Life would alienated from It Works and stifled.  It would have no right to say, ‘All that is Mine is yours.  What I do, you shall do as well.’  My Volition won’t put up with that.  It would say: ‘Let us live together as one Life.’  My Love would find it impossible not to give her everything.  It would be unimaginable if I could not entrust Myself to her.  Impossible!  I’ll give everything to the one who Lives in My Will.”


My Fiat loves the one who lives within It so much.  Yet the creature’s own will, being weak and impotent, does not follow the Acts of My Volition.  The trials and tribulations of life often prevent her from flowing through Its Activities.  So Its Love compensates by acting on the creature’s behalf, assuming the tasks she ought to be undertaking herself.”


It provides for everything she needs.  It calls forth Its own Love and propensity for Divine order from deep inside her soul, reviving their Life together.  Human life ought not to be separated from It.  There should be no divisions whatsoever.  Anything else implies a void within Divinity.  Its Love would never tolerate such a thing.  It supplies whatever the creature lacks because It doesn’t want her to be deprived of Its Divine Life, not for a moment.”


Such great Love is so compelling that He says, ‘Courage, do not fear.  Trust Me.  Live with Me.  If you don’t have what it takes to continue flowing through My Fiat, I will show My compassion by taking on the tasks you can’t do on you own.  I will provide everything you need.’  The Kingdom of My Will is a realm where mutual Love and Trust abide together as One.”





March 22, 1937

Need of Love that the Divine Fiat feels for being Loved in return.  How to one who Lives in It, It gives her so much Love as to let her Love in all hearts and in the whole Creation in order to be reciprocated for the Love of everyone.  How the soul without the Fiat is like the earth without water.  Evils of disturbance.


My flight through Divine Volition continues.  All It does is pour Love out over the creatures.  They feel how intense Its Love is for them.  It is so great that the creatures can’t hold It all and must return what they can to the One who loves them so much.  They are shaken by the amount of Divine Love they receive.  Even the way It moves toward them is irresistible.  It will do anything to make Itself loved in return.  It darts the creatures with arrows of Love that wound their hearts and they send their own arrows back toward the One who started the exchange of fire.


I was submerge in the depths of Its Love when I was startled by my dear Jesus, who is the sweetness of my Life.


He said, “Daughter of My Will, Our Love is great.  Neither sadness nor any kind of anxiety can enter Our Divine Being.  If that were possible, however, It would be the saddest of any being and so restless.  Our Love is infinite and never stops.  There’s so much that It drowns everyone and everything.  But We want so much to be loved in return, but sadly, We wait in vain.  Our Love moans and becomes delirious.  It runs and won’t stop, It just keeps running.  Our Love wants to unload Itself and rest for a little while in one of the souls who live in My Will.  Then, straightaway, It takes flight again to pour out It never ending Love.  They are the ones who are already drowned in My Love.  The hear Me moaning to be loved in return and immediately repay My Love.  Just as We need to be Loved in return, they also want Love from the One who loved them first.”


My daughter, Our Volition circulates like blood in the heart of every creature.  There’s no place anywhere in Creation where It cannot be found.  Its Center spreads out everywhere with the creative power of Its Love.  In a single breath, It gives Life to everyone and sustains It.  It develops Its Life of Love in everything.” 


It Creates out of Love.  It circulates through everyone because It loves them.  We want someone who Lives within Our Volition to Love Us in all hearts everywhere.  The melody of Love for the creature within every heart is so beautiful.  Even if the others don’t love Us, she loves Us on their behalf.  We want to feel her Love for Us from times past and into the future.  We want to hear her melody of Love in the sun, wind, sky and sea.  Our desire is to hear It everywhere in everything.”


Our Will transports her everywhere.  When she comes to live in It, the first thing We do is present a gift of Love.  It gives so much Love, enough for It to be returned by everyone and everything.  Our Divine Fiat is so delirious with Love that It broadcasts the creature’s melody of Love to the Highest Heavens.  It says to all the Blessed, ‘Listen to this beautiful melody of Love coming from the one who Lives within My Will on earth.’  It makes this melody of Love resonate in the Angels and Saints, the Virgin, the Most Holy Trinity.  Everyone enjoys twice the glory when they celebrate Divine Will operating within a creature.  All together they applaud the creature who has let It operate on earth, and is celebrated in Heaven.” 


My Divine Will is adamant that someone who Lives within It must negotiated a fair exchange of Its Love with everyone and everything.  My Divine Fiat finds everything It wants in the creature’s Love.  Her life is Its own, giving It due glory.  She repays past debts with her gratitude and high esteem.  She has the true familial trust that allows It to give her everything.  Love proliferates by generating the superabundant goodness of Divinity.  So pay attention, My daughter.  When you Love from within My Will, you have enough to Love everyone.  You make them all Love the One who Loves you so much.”


I haven’t been paying much attention today because I’ve been so miserable under the present circumstance.  I don’t need to go into the details here, it’s enough that Heaven knows.  I’m depressed and extremely annoyed.  There’s been so much disturbance that I haven’t had the peace of mind to completely abandon myself in Divine Fiat.


I was pleasantly surprised when my sweet Jesus appeared.


He said, “My daughter, you don’t know what you’re doing.  A soul that is not fully abandoned within My Will is like the earth without water, plants with no sunlight, a body without a soul.  The poor creature is parched ground with nary a blade of grass.  Dying of thirst, she is incapable of doing anything good at all.  She burns with an unquenchable thirst and no one brings cool water to relieve her.  Without the radiant Sun of My Fiat, her eyes will darken until she dies in the gloom.  If she cannot see what is good, she won’t know how to do it.  Deprived of Its warmth, the tree of Goodness will bear no fruit.”


Without My Will she is deprived of Divine Life.  A body without soul putrefies and is buried.  Outside the Life of My Volition, her passions rot within her until she is buried in sin.  Depression brings a turbulence that cancels her flight through My Will.   She can’t pick up enough speed to follow Its Works anymore.  I cannot bring her to rest in the bosom of Our Divinity until she has followed all Our Works.”


So pay attention.  Take whatever depresses or annoys you and put them here in the Hands of your Jesus.  I will throw them into the burning Light of My Fiat and they shall be consumed.  Once they are burnt, you will be free to fly swiftly all through My Volition.”


Don’t you worry about a thing, My daughter.  Just leave it to Me.  Allow yourself peace of mind.  Otherwise I can’t grow and develop the Life of My Will in you.  I want this so much that if you were to deny Me, I would be plunged into the worst of sorrows.  I would gasp for breath as My Heart quits beating.  I could no longer continue living My Life within you.”





March 26, 1937

The Creation and the Humanity of Our Lord,

are fields in which one who Lives in the Divine Will develops her acts. 

How she forms the Humanity of Our Lord

and the Paradise of Jesus on earth.


My flight through Divine Fiat continues.  Everything in It is mine.  He has given me all things to show His great Love for me.  I’d better find out what I have, if only to show my appreciation.


As I was going around through the Works of Divine Volition, my dear Jesus, who is the sweetness of Life, came to visit me again, however briefly.  His voice was all goodness when He spoke.


He said, “My little daughter of My Volition.  To love something, you have to feel some ownership or responsibility for it.  Otherwise, it wouldn’t be your concern, and the question of love does not arise.  It’s is right and just that by nature you should love what is yours.  In fact, It’s almost impossible not to love what belongs to you.”


I love creatures so much because they are My Works.  I created them and gave them life so they could be sent out into the Light.  I give them aid and sustain them because they are Mine.  I am the pulse beating within their heart.  I am their breath, the very Life of their life.  I can do no less than Love them.  If I did not Love them, My Love would be a continual reproach.  It would ask, ‘Why create them if not to Love them?’” 


It’s the privilege of Love to love what is your own.  My own Justice would condemn Me.  All of My Divine Attributes would wage war on Me.  I want to be loved by creatures, so I tell them, ‘I am your God and Creator, your Celestial Father.  I am everything to you.’  That is who I am.  I tell the one who wants to live in My Volition, ‘Everything is yours, the sky with a sun, and all of Creation is yours.  My Life is yours, My suffering, My very Breath is yours.’  That’s why you feel the same need to love as I do.  So love what your Jesus has given you.” 


Creation and My Humanity are open fields where the soul develops her act by working through My Divine Will as she lives within It.  Having full possession of It, she needs her Creator’s works flowing through her like the blood circulating in her veins.  She wants to know what mission they fulfil, the good they do, and how important each one may be, so she can love them all the more.  She knows that if she can better appreciate the many good things she has in her possession, they’ll make her feel rich and much happier.”


She approaches the sun to learn the secrets of its light.  She wants to know how it can have such intense heat while displaying a rainbow of colors.  It’s an ongoing miracle how it develops everything on the face of the earth by merely touching them with its light.  It makes everything come alive with vivid colors.  It completely transforms everything and makes them sweet.  She loves the sun because it belongs to her, though not nearly as much as she loves the One who created it.”


That’s how she feels about all created things.  She wants to learn their secret powers so she love them more.  She’s eager to show her appreciation for them together with the Love she has for the One who has given her full custody of them.  It’s no wonder that the one who Lives within My Divine Fiat is called the heiress of all Creation.’”


From the province of Creation she goes on to the realm of My Humanity.  My daughter, it’s hard to describe the marvelous things that happen in this arena of life.  It is not about the works of Creation so much as it concerns human and Divine Life.”


They put themselves in My place and I can’t refuse because I belong to them.  They have a right to Me and all that is Mine.  I am happy to be in their possession, because they will Love me even more.  Creatures replicate My Life within My own field of action.  They Love with My own Love.  Their actions fuse with Mine to form so many stars and suns with skies that hold them.  All of these have so much beauty than those in Creation.  They fill the arena of My Humanity.”


I am loved and glorified by all the stars, suns and skies within Me.  They are not silent like the ones in Creation.  They speak to Me with perfect rationality.  The way they talk about My Love, speech and love are the same affair.  They speak to Me about the history of My Love for souls.  They win Me over so much that I want to protect them.  When they speak, they cover themselves with all My suffering so they can replicate My Life.”


I feel these souls flowing within My tears, through My Words, and in all My Works, every step of the way.  They provide refreshment in My suffering.  They come to assist Me.  I find refuge in them and they defend Me.  I Love them so much that I say, ‘you are My Life.’  I Love them as My possessions, and I belong to them.  The folly of Love and possession is all the same.”


Since it’s impossible for Me to suffer in the glory of Heaven, the souls who live within My Will take on all My Humanity’s suffering.  The all-powerful breath of My Will creates suffering and sorrow for this Humanity that represents Me in everything.  They shall be the New Saviors who will give their life to save the entire world.” 


When I look down from Heaven, I’ll see another Jesus in each one who gives their life for me.  With My own Love’s great folly, they will eagerly face suffering and death just so every one of they can say to Me, ‘I am a faithful copy of You.  Suffering makes me smile when I am drawing souls into You.’


I love them so much.  I’m happy not to feel alone anymore.  It’s a victory to have colleagues fostering the same Life by suffering the way I suffer and wanting what I want.  The is My great happiness, My paradise on earth.”


My Divine Will can provide them with what is truly great and miraculous, as long as they live within It.  It replicates My living Humanity and the Joys of My Celestial Fatherland.  Take this to heart, you must always live within My Will.  Don’t think about anything else or My Love will be disconnected.” 


If only you knew how much it costs Me not be loved for even a moment.  My happiness is shattered.  My Love is delirious and It keeps saying, ‘How can this be?  I love her always and she does not.’  So pay attention.  I don’t ever want to be left alone.”





April 4, 1937

As the creature gives her will to God,

so God acquires His Divine Rights over her;

how three walls of Strength are formed

in order to not let her come forth from within the Fiat.


I am submerged under the Eternal waves of Divine Volition.  If some thought escapes me, the waves start pounding me with ferocity.  They quash my stray thoughts and fears until I am at peace.  Then I go running through Divine Fiat again.


Yet I am still tormented by the thought that I might wander out of It. 

O My God!  I can’t go on suffering like this.  I want to die just thinking about it.  I would no longer be a sister to all created things.  I would lose my place in their midst.  They would no longer be mine.  I won’t have anything to give my God.  There’s nothing left for me than pure nothingness.” 


I felt so bad thinking about it.  It’s torture.


Then my sweet Jesus had pity on me.  He saw what a state I was in and rushed to hold me up with His arms.  His voice was so good to hear when He spoke to me.


He said, “My daughter, look what you’re doing.  Don’t torture yourself like this.  Be brave.  Your Jesus doesn’t want this.  Your suffering only means that you don’t want to go out of My Divine Will.  Just having your will is enough for Me.  This is your pledge of loyalty and I hold it within My Divine Heart as a pearl beyond price.  No one touches it but Me.  Don’t pay any attention to what other creatures may think.  As far as I’m concerned, it’s as if they weren’t there.  As often as not, what they do only pushes you into My arms so I can free you from an enemy that plunders your peace of mind.”


When the soul is decisive about giving Me her human will, she takes her place within My Volition where I am Master.  Once she has certain knowledge about what she is doing without further curiosity, she is rightfully Mine.  It’s not easy for a creature to cede these rights.  But I will use all the arts and give My Power an open hand to keep what interests me the most from being taken away.  The surrender of human will forges such tight bonds between Creator and creature that she and I are indivisible.  We feel her life as Ours with the same Will that always motivates Us.” 


There’s no way you can believe that a single thought or emotion could break these bonds.  If they could, We would lose Our unanimity.  We only cede what is Ours upon the proliferation of decisive actions that prove she wants Our Will and not her own.  Otherwise, she is sadly mistaken, My daughter.”


We love her so much that as soon as she gives Us her own human will, We build a wall around her.  We raise a barrier of Light so that even if she wanted out, she would be lost in Its glare and not know which way to walk.  She has no sense of direction within this Light.  Her only retreat is to hide in the bosom of her Creator.” 


Then We erect a second wall with everything My Humanity did while on earth.  We build with the tears of My Works and as I walked along My suffering way.  My wounds are the bricks, and My blood the mortar that I use to construct a wall around this happy creature to keep her from straying away.  Therein lies the secret power of Life Itself for the one who would live through Divine Volition.”


There’s no way that after conquering her will I would let escape what cost me so much blood.  I gave her My Life and My Death.  You have yet to fully understand My Love.  Doing My Will or not isn’t simply a matter of resignation.  There are so many others who have not their rights to Me.  Self-will is dear to them.  If they try at all they are so impatient.  They oscillate in their passion from one moment to the next, loving Heaven for a moment and then the earth.”


Someone who has given her will to Me has taken her rightful place in the Divine Order.  She wants to do nothing other than what We are doing.  It makes her feel like a queen.  Leaving Our Fiat would be nearly impossible unless she was resigned to being a servant or a slave, because that’s what would happen if she left Our Volition.”


Creation is a third wall.  In Its entirety It senses her operating powerfully within this Divine Will that everything must have just to live.  As due homage everything forms a wall around her, the sun with its light, the winds with all their imperial force.  All created things feel the creative power that is always operating with great vigor ever renewed, constantly working in the creature.  They’re doing all they can while they run around enjoying the works of Fiat that animate them.”


So don’t worry.  Enjoy the peace that you have within My Volition as It holds you.  Let your Jesus take care of everything.”





April 8, 1937

Everything that one does in

the Divine Volition constitutes

a Right for everyone,

and everyone can do that good. 

These Rights were given by Adam,

by the Queen of Heaven,

and by Our Lord

who prepared the Royal Garments for us.


My poor little mind is constantly plunging into the Sea of Supreme Fiat.  Though I can feel Divine Volition’s Heaven within me, I often lose my Jesus in Its Immensity and can’t find Him.   Being deprived of Him is the most painful martyrdom in my pathetic existence down here.  Finding Him takes a lot out of me.  I’m often left in such a pitiful frame of mind that I feel like dying.  When He finally comes, it’s usually to play a game of Love, though sometimes He reveals such astonishing Truths.  Then I forget about my sorrow and Life returns to me.  My Jesus, you are so wise and can do anything.


I thought, “I wonder why Jesus doesn’t bring me with Him up into the Celestial Regions.  It’s so hard for me down here.  Sometimes I see a door and just as I am about to hurl myself through it, a powerful force pulls me back into my miserable exile.”


I was still pondering this when my sweet Jesus had pity on me.  His voice was compassionate and filled with Goodness.


He said, “Courage, My blessed daughter.  Bravery demolishes the strongest fortress and conquers the best trained armies.  It also diminishes Our Power if the creature is bold enough to seize It.  The courageous simply appropriate what they desire if they don’t lose their nerve or doubt makes them hesitate.  When We see that she hasn’t the least doubt of getting her way, We give her what she wants and more.  My daughter, be courageous, trust Me.  Assert yourself.  Insist on what you want and never quit.  Love is the only weapon that can wound Us.  It weakens Our Will until We let her take what she wants.”


We have a good reason for keeping you on this earth a while longer.  Our Divine Will is Immense and the creature has very little room within her to hold It.  She isn’t capable of embracing It all.  She can only take It in one little sip at a time, just as you do now when you act through My Volition.  Whenever It reveals more about Its Truth, you take another sip.  When you express your desire through prayer that My Kingdom come and are willing to suffer for It, your capacity increases.  Every sip you take opens more space to hold yet another.  As you do this, you gather one generation after another to enclose them within the Kingdom of Divine Fiat that they shall have as their own.”


All of these generations live as a single family, and every one of them has full rights to the inheritance bequeathed by their Father.  They are all members of the same Body, and I am Its Head.  When one member does something good, it is hers, because she is the one who made it happen.  However, she has done on behalf of the others and they all have a legitimate right to the fruit that derives from the others’ actions.”


You have yet to gather all those generations that shall come to possess My Will as their Life.  You must forge a chain of you actions with your insistence and your suffering as the links.  Each one gives you the right to take another sip that opens up space for more.  This is the chain that binds those that want to take possession of My Kingdom by living in It.  As soon as you have performed the final act that completes your mission, I will carry you to the Celestial Father without delay.”


The Immensity of My Divine Will envelopes everyone and everything.  Since all beings swim in It, everyone has a right to Its works.  All creatures can relive Its Primal Act.  Many are those who won’t replicate It and have no desire to have It as their own.  He doesn’t even acknowledge that he lives in It, even though his life is animated by Divine Fiat.”


It’s as if they were blind or worse.  Even while the sun is striking them with darts of light, all they see is darkness, so they go in and prepare for bed thinking it is nighttime.  They may as well be paralyzed.  Even though they have full use of their limbs, if they are asked to do something good, they won’t move a muscle.  Nor can they use their voice to speak up for what is good.  They chose to be deaf, dumb, blind and paralyzed.”


As for the others, My Will is Life Itself and It communicates with all creatures.  Everything that is done within It becomes Life, promotes the common good and gives everyone the same rights to It.  Moreover, everyone can relive the Act so that Divine Life can develop within and operate unhindered.”


Adam, as the first among all generations of humankind, had every right to My Volition’s Kingdom on earth.  During his life before the fall, he acted exclusively within My Will.  When he sinned by his own will, the Life of My Volition no longer operated through him, nor could he operate in Us.  Yet his actions still exist, since nothing within Our Volition ever stops, nor would We ever expel them.”


So whoever comes in to It will encounter Adam’s original Love within his earliest activities.  That’s what gives her the right to possess Our Fiat and relive everything he did there.  His actions still speak louder than words.  His love remains united with Ours.  He loved Us with Our own Love that shall endure forever.”


By operating within Divine Volition the creature becomes eternal.  Whatever she does with Us goes on forever.  From then on she is a willing servant to everyone.  Only an ingrate would not accept such an offer.  He refuses to use his life to obtain Our Life.”


The right to possess My Will as Life was given by the Queen of Heaven.  As a member of the human race, She was exalted through Her heroic sacrifice.  It came at the cost of Her Divine Son’s Life.  She was willing to do anything so that all human generations could have the Kingdom of Our Fiat for themselves.  Having paid such a price, she prays with a deep longing that Her children may enter such a Holy Kingdom.”


When I came down from Heaven into the world I took on human flesh.  I acted on their behalf in everything I did, suffering for them, sighing and weeping as I prayed for them.  I worked hard for them every step of the way so that human generations could have My Fiat’s Kingdom for themselves.  I can say, ‘My Humanity is for you and everyone else.   It is a door for those who want to enter into this Kingdom.  Your rights to It will be reflected in the royal garments that you wear upon arrival.’  My Humanity is the Garment that will cover and clothe with dignity all those who come it possess It.” 


My Love is so great that I invite all the other creatures to live within My Volition.  With the amazing grace I offer with the sacrifice of their life, I give them additional rights to It.  They would gladly pay with their lives if the entire human family could gain possession of My Kingdom.  So let your human will keep running through Mine so that your actions may be full and complete.  Then your volition can take off on its flight to the Celestial Fatherland.”





April 18, 1937

continuous encounters between the Divine Volition and the creature.  How one who Lives in It has formed the little tiny Sea of the Fiat.  How It always runs in everything in order to give New Graces and New Love.


My flight through Fiat continues.  It is coming forward to meet me over and over again every second.  It collects everything I touch and all that I do whether it be happy or sad.  Then It puts them into each created thing and arranges them all around me so they’re easy to use.


It’s always on the lookout for any opportunity to reveal Itself, saying, “I’m here, tell Me what you want.  You would make Me a lot happier if you would allow Me to give Myself ever more abundantly so that I can bring you more joy.  I would be delighted to make My daughter happy.”


My mind was drowning in the Divine Sea of Its Volition when my beloved Jesus suddenly appeared.  He wanted to visit be for a little while because He couldn’t hold back His Love any longer.


He said, “My blessed daughter, My Divine Will has such an over capacity of Love that It becomes extravagant.  When the creature lives through It, she forms a little sea of Fiat within her soul.  It is drawn by Its own Power so much that It is always discharging more into the little sea within the tiny circle her soul.”


Overcome by a Love It can’t resist, It keeps running through everything she does.  If she’s at a loss for words, It runs to give her the Word of Its Fiat that increases the Divine Power that runs through the creature’s words.  When she is ready to work, It grips her hands to Itself and fills them with Its Fiat as an investment.”


It is constantly augmenting Its Divine Power within her works.  It waits until she is about to take a walk.  Then It runs and fills each step with Power so she can run to the One who is always rushing towards her.  Whenever she loves, It runs to give her New Love.  If she is trying harder to be good, It runs and fills her with Goodness.  Every breath she takes, every heartbeat or thought, is invested with the Fiat that instills Wisdom in minds.  It fills her with the fragrance of Its Beauty.  Her heart beats with an eternal Love that grows.”


My Volition never stops running toward someone who holds Its Volition as their own.  When It runs, It makes use of all Its resources.  When the sun is investing its light in her, It runs to provide more Light.  Moreover, since a creature is much more important than a sun, It gives her all the properties inherent in Light.  In fact, It augments them.  It gives her divine sweetness, fertility and an array of Celestial fragrance.  It instills a flavor about her that tastes of the Divine.”


Its Supreme Qualities are like a pallet of beautiful of colors.  It uses the Power of Fiat in a way that Its beloved creature takes nothing more from the sun than heat and light.  They are invested in her so that she may reinvest them in Its Fiat.  When the wind blows it provide an opportunity for Its Fiat to run after her.  It invests nature’s power in her to augment the power of Its own sovereign Love.” 


Its Divinity moans through the wind to make her moan with Its own divine passion that Its Kingdom may come on earth as It is in Heaven.  It kisses and caresses her, holding her tightly so she knows how much It loves her.  All because It wants to be loved in return.  When she takes a drink of water, It runs to fill her with Celestial refreshment.  When she eats, It runs to give her the nourishing food of Its Will so that Divine Life may grow within a creature.  This is how It confirms Itself in her with strength and power.”


My Volition runs through everything without exception.  It prepares a feast every time she is blessed with this sweet encounter.  It celebrates the unending goodness It wants to give her.  When the creature runs from within all things toward the One who is running toward her, My Fiat is overcome by Love.  Its endless sea swells and sends tidal waves into a tiny little sea that grows miraculously.  Its amazing how It can expand the soul’s miniature sea until it is so huge that she can hold all of Its superabundant gifts.”


My daughter, Our Divinity’s Love must constantly give with endless generosity.  Otherwise Our power would be limited.  If Our Love ever determined what ‘enough’ was, Our Being would be less than infinite.  So It is always running in search of someone who loves and wants to be loved in return.  We consider limits to be meaningless and there’s no such thing as ‘enough’ for Us.”


However, there are some ingrates who refuse to acknowledge Us and act as if they were blind.  The sun does not deny him its light, yet he doesn’t seem to know, or he says that he can’t see it.  Nonetheless, he cannot deny that he feels the sun’s heat.”


That never happens to those who live within Our Will.  It keeps watch over her, always expecting a mutual encounter as our paths merge.  If Our Love wants her to run even harder, It hides the paths even as we continue to run.  Then Our poor daughter begin to squirm with such anguish that We have to remove the veil that conceals the way forward.  We say to her, ‘Calm down, We were here all the while.  There’s no reason to worry that We will ever leave the daughter of Our Volition.’  We return her serenity by letting her feel Our Love more intensely and be given an abundance of new grace.”





April 25, 1937

Prodigy of the Operating Act of the Divine Will in the creature. 

How one who lets It Operate in her, is the longed for,

the welcome one, the beloved of the whole Celestial Court. 

Everything that she does in It,

acquires the virtue of producing Divine Life.


I was thinking about how Divine Volition operates from inside a mere creature.  My God, it’s astounding how many surprising scenarios of high drama It can arrange.  These are miracles and wonders that only God can direct.  A mere human can only be amazed.  She’s enchanted that something as immense as Divine Fiat can be condensed within the insignificant activities of an ordinary creature.  It uses Its creative power to operate within her, forging a chain of unprecedented miracle with countless indestructible links.  The Heavens are amazed and the earth trembles before such an Act of Divine Will within a mere creature.


My mind was still lost in amazement when Jesus, my highest good, came to visit me, however briefly.  It was so good to hear His voice.


He said, “My little daughter of Supreme Fiat, Our Love is so great that as soon as the creature calls Our Volition into her activities, It rushes into whatever she is doing down here.  By calling out, she opens a little space for It to operate.  Calling out means she loves It and needs an Act of My Will operating within hers so she doesn’t have to act alone.  She acknowledges that she is Our footstool.  She admits that Us that she’s an admirer of a such a Holy Volition.  It descends with Its creative power, bringing joy and celestial beatitudes.  It escorts the Holy Trinity to be both actor and spectator as It operates.”


As It pronounces Its Fiat in the little space of a creature, It forms such astonishing wonders that the sky and the sun pale in comparison, surpassing the beauty of all Creation.  It Creates Divine Music within her that has the power of Its own radiant Suns.  It recreates Its very Life within her and starts operating and generating new forms of joy.  There’s so much going on with this Act that the Angels and Saints would all leave the Celestial regions just to enjoy watching the Primal Act of their Creator’s Fiat as It operates.”


The sumptuous beauty of this Divine Act has the power to vivify all things.  My Divine Volition then brings back them back to Heaven triumphant in Its conquest of a soul that It has operated as Its own.  It gladdens the entire Celestial Court with new forms of beatitude and joy.  They are so overcome with glorious joy they have been given that all they can do is thank My Divine Volition for operating within a creature with so much Love.  There is nothing more glorious and joyful than seeing It operate as an Act of conquest within her.”


I was amazed when I heard this.


I said, “My Love, when this Act is brought back into Heaven, the poor creature is left behind and she is loses the Act.”


Jesus explained, “No, My daughter, the Act is hers forever, no one can take it away.  Even while It gladdens the Celestial Fatherland, It remains based as a foundational property within the depths of the soul.  The Conquest is hers and while It is gladdening the Celestial Court, she loses nothing.  Moreover, she senses the ongoing creative power of My Fiat constantly acting in new conquests.  Even while It remains in the soul, It is brought into Heaven as a new form of glorious joy for the Saints, and as a gentle dewfall that refreshes tired wayfarers.  The human family is closely bound with Heaven, just as Heaven is with the earth.  There is such a bond between them that everyone has a right to participate in whatever good deeds they may do within It.  They are members in solidarity among themselves as an entity.  The common good naturally gives itself to everyone.” 


When My Will Operates in the soul, Heaven is filled with expectation.  As they swim through My Fiat they sense that It’s about to operate and they come to attention.  Their yearning prompts them to demand new conquests so they may find further enjoyment through the Divine Will they already possess.  It is the Primal Life of the Saints in Heaven, so It allows everyone to concur with the Acts It performs.  They all have a right to be given new forms of joy through the stunning conquests than only My Will can provide.”


The one who lets It operate through her activity brings new joy to Heaven.  She is welcome as their beloved.  The entire Celestial Court has been yearning for her.  Since there are no new joys of conquest up there, they await them from the earth.  I want everyone to know all the Secrets of My Divine Fiat.  They would gladly give their lives to Live within It and have It reign supreme over the whole world.”


Then I continued my meditations on Divine Will.  I could at least do that.  It gives me Life, I can feel It inside me.  I feel it hovering around me.  It picks me up with the tenderness of a loving mother and carried me in Its arms.  It raised me, providing the nourishment I need.  It defends me from everyone and everything.


My sweet Jesus continued.


He said, “My Will is so beautiful.  No one can boast that he loves the creature more than It does.  Its Love is so great that It wants to do everything for her.  It doesn’t trust anyone else with her.  It creates her in Its Fiat, providing nourishment and raising her as Its own.  It’s always carrying her around in Its arms of Light.  It acts like a professor, teaching her and bringing her to the heights of sacred science.  It reveals the mysterious hidden secrets of Our Supreme Being.  It makes her aware of Our Love and how We are burned by Its flames.  It want her to burn as We do in everything she does.  It never leaves her alone.  It’s always running to put more of Its Life in her.” 


Every action animated by Divine Life has the power to produce Divine Life in turn.  My Will extracts these Lives from within the creature’s activities and gives them to the others.  From within those Lives, It isolates the Lives of Divinity, Grace, Light Glory and Sanctity as presents for the entire Celestial Court.”


My Will is truly the One who does all things.  It gives Itself to everyone through the one who Lives in Its Volition.  When Its masterpiece is completely finished, It carries her to Heaven in triumph to celebrate the victory of Divine Art and Power working through the creature.  But first she is obliged to live within It.  Then she must allow herself to be carried away in Its arms.  So pay attention and let this Holy Volition work.  All It wants to do is love you and be loved in return.”





May 6, 1937

How Jesus does not know what to do

with a soul who does not possess Peace. 

God makes a Gift of all His Works,

and also His own Life,

to the one who Lives in the Divine Volition,

in order to let her see how much

and how He wants to be Loved.


I continue to abandon myself in Divine Volition.  My poor little mind felt sad, depressed by the circumstances of my life.  I sought refuge in the center of Its Fiat and was reborn.  I was rejuvenated as the dead end of my sorrow was made new.  But as soon as I move away from Its Center, I‘m depressed again.


It gets so bad that I feel like I’m being reproached, quite rightly, by my dear Jesus.


I imagine Him telling me, “Be careful, My daughter, I don’t know what to do with a soul who is not at peace.  I dwell in Heavenly Peace.  It is a little bell that sweetly rings, calling My Will to rule the world in peace.  Peace calls everyone in Heaven with a powerful voice and they come to attention.  They are spectators of a wonderful conquest, Divine Volition operating through a creature.”


When peace dispels these dreadful storms, the Saints light up with a celestial smile.  They are delighted that such a beautiful springtime shall never end.  Now live in peace or you will make Me sad.”


So I tried my best, diving into Divine Will so I wouldn’t be thinking about myself anymore.  There I followed the Acts of Divinity through Creation and Redemption until my beloved Jesus filled my mind with the Voice of His Creativity, the sound of Love.


He said, “My blessed daughter, leave yourself behind and come into My Will.  It’s crucial that We reveal what Our Love can do for someone who Lives in It.  Our Love anxiously waits for her to join Us.”


We want her to identify with Our Works as if they were hers.  Our creative power is constantly at work.  As she identifies herself with Us We renew Our Works as a gift to her.”


Then We say, ‘These are your works, do whatever you please with them.  Our Works give you the power to love Us as much as you want.  The ways you can glory Us are infinite.  You can do something good for whomever you want.  Not only do you have Our Work to do as your own, the One who created everything belongs to you as well.  We have rights over you too, because you are already Ours.’” 


How sweet it is that something as little as the human creature could have rights over Our Divine Being.  We are chained by a sweet loving kindness that makes Us appreciate Our creative work with a stronger, more intense Love.  Our Love keeps repeating for emphasis, ‘She is so beautiful.  She is Ours, all Ours, and We belong to her.’  There’s nothing left to do but love each other.  Our Love for her is eternal, and she will Love Us forevermore.”


As amazed as I was, the same nagging doubts crept up again.  So my dear Jesus came to clarify a few things.


He said, “My daughter, there’s nothing to marvel at here.  Your Jesus is teaching you the pure, unvarnished Truth.  He wants you to know what a creature can do and how much He loves her.  Though We rest content in Our endless joy, We want more.  Seeing the creature in possession of all that is Ours would give Us a deeper satisfaction.”


The one who Lives within Our Divine Volition shares Our very nature.  Seeing Our Fiat in the Act of Creating the sky with a sun, she conforms to Its Actions by doing what It does.  Our Goodness is so great that the Union We have with her confirms the nuptials of her marriage to Us.”


Our Volition We has acted decisively to give her the sky with a sun as a wedding gift, and she in turn presents Us with the Glory of a more expansive sky.  She Loves Us through every aspect of it, providing something good for the others by allowing them to have such a sky for their own enjoyment.  Having the sun within her power, she glorifies Us by giving the world a fiery globe to provide it with light.”


She glorifies Us through every man who is endowed with the heat and light of a sun.   Each one is another little sonata of love that she sings to enrapture Our Love and make It brighter with even more Love.  She provides every flowering plant, fruit and flower with nourishment.  She warms them with a heart that cries out with Love and Glory for the good things We do.  She offers Us little birds that sing for the rising sun.  Little bleating lambs accent the glorious Love she sends Our way.”


The merits of all the goodness the sun does for the earth are incalculable, and it is all for the one who lives within Our Volition.  Everything We have, We give to her.  Moreover, since We have no need of merit for Ourselves, We assign that as well for what she has done.  It’s a fair exchange for the cry of Love that she is constantly sending out through all things.  She does the same for the goodness provided by all created things in harmony with the earth’s wind and water.”


Amazed once again by what I heard, it seemed perverse that I was always so nit-picky.  So I moved on through the Acts of Redemption and was immersed in His suffering.  My always Lovable Jesus tried to bolster my conviction by appearing inside me during His sorrowful Act of being crucified.  I shared His suffering and died with Him.  His Divine Blood flowed, His Wounds were open.” 


I thought my heart would burst the way He spoke, I was so moved by His tenderness.


He said, “I am yours, here within you, and at your service.  The bloody wounds of My suffering are yours.  Do whatever you want with Me.  Just be magnanimous about it.  Since you are brave as My lover, you must imitate Me accurately.  Take My Blood and give it to whomever you want.  Take My Wounds as a balm to heal the wounds of sinners.  Take My Life so that all souls may live with grace, sanctity, love and Divine Will.  Take My Death that more souls dead with sin may rise again.  I give you complete freedom of action.  Just do it.  Show them all that you know how to be My daughter.  I have given Myself entirely, and that’s all I have to give.”


Make everything add to My Glory by showing them how I should be loved.  Fly through My Will carrying My Wounds and My Blood along with the kisses of a tender loving Father.  Bring them all to My children, your brothers and sisters.”


There’s nothing to wonder about here.  That’s just how Divinity operates.  Its Works are constantly being replicated so they may be given as Our gift to creatures.  Each of them can say, ‘Everything belongs to me, even God Himself is mine.’  We take great joy in seeing them with the gift of Our Works.  They own their very Creator.”


This illustrates the extravagance of Our Love, We want the gifts of Our Love to be tangible so it will be clear how much We love them.  If We didn’t make a gift of everything to the one who Lives in Our Volition, We would feel as if We were defrauding the creatures, and We would never do that.  So pay attention.  Let your soul lie entombed within the everlasting peace of Our Divinity where there is no disturbance.  All created things will bring you the sweet smile of your Creator’s Love.”





May 10, 1937

How God makes Himself Food of the creature;

the reciprocation, the harmonization,

the speaking to each other of both parties,

forms the Most Beautiful Works. 

How the Queen of Heaven continues

the Office of Mother

and raises Her Son in creatures.


I am still submerged in the Sea of Divine Volition.  I can’t really do anything because of my incompetence.  Yet somehow It seems delighted to care for such a tiny creature.  It behaves like a mother, feeding me the food of Its Fiat with It own hands.  It teaches me the Science of Divine Will, word by word, syllable by syllable, starting with a few simple vowels as it were.  It celebrates when It sees that I’m beginning to understand something.  It seems to be sure that It can form a soul completely out of Divine Will.  I feel content under Its maternal care, and I thank It from the bottom of my heart.


Then my beloved Jesus came as the as Spokesman of His Volition.  It was so good to hear His voice.


He said, “My little daughter of My Volition, every time I reveal some truth about My Fiat, you grow into It.  Each mouthful makes you stronger.  Its warmth makes you more pliable so It can mold you.  You begin to take on Its form.  Every sip you take as you drink from the Immense Sea of My Will gives you another Divine Attribute.  Every time you act, We set Our Celestial Table for you.  When you Love, It feeds you more of Our Love.  When you begin to understand Us, It feeds you more of Our Wisdom.  It gives you so much news, all of it good.  It gives you a great deal of knowledge about your Creator.  God becomes your favorite food.  It feeds you Power, Goodness, Sweetness, Strength, Light and Mercy in everything you do.”


By living within Our Eternal Volition, a little creature takes Us in sip by sip, one mouthful at a time, as much as such a tiny being can hold.  She can’t take in Our Divine Being all at once, though she feels she must try.  This is their mutual delight.  She takes what We give.  We give Ourselves and she gives Us the very littleness of her being.  We operate through her however We want, and she lets Us work unhindered.  It’s a mutual exchange.  We collaborate in perfect harmony, talking over everything We need to do as We implement Our most beautiful works.  This is how We develop the Life of Our Will within the creature.” 


Nothing gets done while We are idle and there’s so much work to do.  But first We have to announce Our intent so that We are understood.  Making beautiful statues that replicate Our Life is hard work.  When We find someone who is willing to listen and put everything she has into Our Work, We don’t hold back.  We put all of Our knowledge and Power into this collaborative work on the creature’s behalf.”


The creature who works with Us is fed exclusively by Our Fiat rather than any other food.  When she has forged the chain of her activities, they are sealed by the attributes of Divine Virtue.  God is then imprisoned within His own Divine Virtues which are themselves encapsulated in the creature.  Whenever she loves, God displays the power of His sanctity, goodness and Love through the acts of a creature.”


There is so much power surging through the actions performed by God through His creature that they fill Heaven and earth.  It flutters through every soul, filling them with Its powerful Love.  Once they are enveloped by It, she kisses them on behalf of Divine Volition so the human family can feel Its Power and Love.  Then they will know that It wants to begin Its sovereign reign on earth.    


The hidden God will endow these rights through a creature that belongs to the human race.  These rights are inalienable to all but the most corrupt, and these reprobates will be bowled over by an all-conquering Power.  So let Me finish the Labor of My Will within you.  As long as you are not opposed to any of this, we will both watch with satisfaction as It reigns supreme within other creatures.”


Later on, after I had taken Holy Communion, my dear Jesus appeared inside me as a tiny little baby.  Our Celestial Mother held Her deep blue mantle over me and Her divine newborn child.  I don’t know how, but then She was inside me.  She took Her dear infant Son into Her arms, kissing and caressing Him.  She held Him close to Her Heart and fed Him.  She raised Him over the years, using a thousand different strategies of Love.  A mere spectator, I was thoroughly amazed.


Then the Sovereign Celestial Mother spoke to me.  It was wonderful to hear the Love in Her voice.


She said, “My daughter, there’s nothing unusual about this.  My dear Jesus and I are inseparable.  Wherever the Son may be, the Mother is always with Him.  I have been given the task of raising My Son within souls.  He’s so tiny, and souls just don’t understand how to raise Him.  They need the milk of Love to nourish Him so He won’t cry.  They must warm Him up when creatures make Him numb with cold.  I am His Mother and I know what My Divine little Child needs.  He wouldn’t know what to do without His Mom.  He and I are inseparable.” 


I am replicating in souls what I did throughout His Infancy.  While I raise My Son, I care for her to make Him happy.  All the while I take good care to raise My daughter so that she will grow up the way My Son wants her to be.  This is My Mission, sent to Me from the highest celestial regions.  Where there is someone living within the Will of My Son who has become second nature to Him, there also am I.  My Love insists that I fulfill My Mission as the Beloved Mother for the sake of the One who loves Me and all those who We love so much.  They seem like identical twins, My Son-God and the creature.  How could I not love them?”


Then Her voice took on an exquisite tenderness even as She was becoming more excited.


She said, “My daughter, the power of Divine Will is so beautiful, great and wonderful.  It empties her of everything that is neither Light nor Divine.  It gathers the furthest distances into One, replicating what It has done for centuries upon centuries, giving all human activity a Divine nature.  Its creative Power bi-locates, replicates and transports Its own Life into a creature.  So love as much as you can and don’t deny It of anything.”





May 16, 1937

The Truths, Divine Birth,

and it is the Greatest Miracle that God can do,

and the Greatest Good that He brings to creatures.


I always come back into the Sea of Divine Volition.  So many revealed truths crowd in my poor little mind like a cluster of radiant suns.  Each one tells the Story of Divine Fiat in their own unique way.  Some tell the story of Its Eternal Light, or Its Sanctity.  Others describe how It forms Life in the center of the soul.  They all have something to say about this Holy Volition.  Each of them has a specific assignment, but they all have the same task.  All of them carry the unique goodness they hold within so they may together form one Life.


However, before they can merge the good things they contain, creatures must listen to them with the doors of their soul wide open.  They must acknowledge the goodness within all created things with reverence and sincere appreciation before they will merge them into one Life.  I got lost among the bevy of messengers that wanted to tell the Eternal Story of Its Fiat. 


Then my Jesus stopped by for a brief visit as usual and my highest Good spoke to me with indescribable Love.


He said, “My little daughter of Divine Volition.  The Greatest Miracle of Our Divine Being is what We reveal.  The Truth is Ours because It took form and developed to maturity within Our Bosom.  We gave birth to It, sending It out carrying the Good Life to creatures.  When the Truth was born in Us, the flames of Our Love were so intense that We had to vent Our Divine progeny outwards so It would not overwhelm Us.”


We never reveal Our Truth through the sun, wind or sky.  It is Our Life that brings Divinity to creatures.  Neither Creation, Our Works, nor the other miracles We have wrought are Life Itself.  It is Our Truths that have Life everlasting.  They bi-locate themselves within whoever is will to receive them.  It’s amazing how they multiply so that every creature may have My Truth as their own.  They are the ones who have a legitimate right to It.”


We gave birth to these Truths, they resemble Us, Our Supreme Being in every way.  They are not voices, yet they speak.  They have no feet, but they walk so fast that no one can catch them.  Nothing can stop them.  They enter into the mind and form thoughts that become self-evident.  They transform the will so that it wants to take possession of them.  They renew the memory so they will not be forgotten.  They walk along the paths of the heart to be loved.  They operate with no hands.  They see without eyes.  They have no need of a heart to generate Love.” 


These Truths are the pulsating Lives of Our Divine Being in the midst of creatures, throbbing without It own heartbeat, because Our Heart is in the creature.  We are pure Spirit and We are everywhere.  We are the Heartbeat that is felt and not seen.  We form this Life and give it to all human generations.”


We perform another great miracle every time We announce a Truth that takes on a Life of Its own.  Each one We reveal is greater than the sun.  It gives Itself as Light for the creatures by sending arrows of Light that pierce them with the vital warmth that brings Its Life to maturity within them.  The first one is directed at one creature and then It expands into whoever is ready to accept It.”


If they should encounter some ingrates who want no part of such Goodness, they keep going.  They never die or lose any of their life force.  They wait with invincible patience, for centuries if need be, for the next generations.  To them will be given the goodness they have to offer.  Then they will accomplish their purpose for setting out from Our Divine Bosom.”


When We send out Our Truths, We look to the centuries.  Once We are certain that they will bi-locate and multiply Our Lives in the midst of creatures, We send them out to give the goodness they carry.  Creatures will eventually receive the Divine Honor and Glory inherent in Our Truths.  We never do anything that is futile.  There should be no doubt whatsoever that all the many Truths We have lovingly revealed to you about Our Will shall bear fruit and form their Life in souls.”


“We have sent out Our Truths because We know for certain that They will bear fruit.  They will establish the Kingdom of Our Volition in the midst of creatures.  If it doesn’t happen today, it’s because this food is not ready to be digested by creatures.  If they still despise the Source that forms Divine Life within, the time will come that they compete to be among those who know these Truths best.” 


To know them is to love them.  Love will give creatures an appetite for the food that is offered, the Truth that forms My Life within them.  So don’t worry, it’s just a question of time.  I won’t stop because I know how things will turn out.  Until then, I will go on revealing My Truths, and you will continue your flight through My Volition.  Keep an open mind and listen to Me carefully so you can put them into practice.”





May 23, 1937

How the Divine Will is Order and Peace,

and this is the sign where It Reigns. 

One who Lives in the Divine Volition

is always Renewed in Divine Sanctity, Love and Freshness,

and in her act runs the Creating and

Growing Act of the Divine Goods.


The Sea of Divine Volition constantly murmurs about peace, harmony and the Divine Order.  Its waves run high, but always in one peaceful swell after another.  As they inundate Heaven and all the creatures on earth, they start with an embrace and the kiss of peace before entering into their souls.  Without the kiss of Peace, they seem to pass by, because Divine Volition has not found a suitable place for It.  My mind was still lost in this Sea when my always Lovable Jesus came to visit My poor little soul, bringing the sweetness of His Divine Peace.


He said, “My blessed daughter, My Will is the Divine Order.  When the soul is in perfect order, this is a sign that It is forming the peace of Its sovereign reign within her.  Peace is the daughter of the Divine Order generated by My Fiat, and It became imminent through the Son.”


You have yet to understand how great things will be when It establishes order for the common good.  It gives Dominion to the creature and establishes her as the absolute ruler of herself and all created things.  Moreover, her Dominion is Divine since It is generated by My Volition.  This creature shall be the ruler of My Will, with dominion over all creatures.”


The virtue of such good order is admired by all.  She is bound to everyone by giving herself to them.  Waves of peace, filled with the power of Creation are under her control.  The Power of Divinity and all the Saints in Heaven are hers.  Her well-ordered demeanor is penetrating.  Her peaceful manners infiltrate everyone so thoroughly that they let this creature have her way.  Since she has given herself to everyone without keeping anything for herself, it is only right just that everyone should give themselves to her.” 


She feels the Peace and Joy within, the happiness of her Celestial pilgrimage.  Everyone feels united, bound through an indivisible union.  What unites My Will shall never be torn asunder.  True Order brings about this Union, an accord with everyone.  She has a place within all creatures, and everyone will find a little place of their own within her.  She will Love them the same way their Creator does.” 


My all-powerful Fiat works miracles where It reigns as sovereign.  However, It won’t produce any Work that doesn’t resemble Itself.  Such works generate everything It needs to form Its Life in the soul, providing so many good effects than no one will have any objections.”


Then I will say, ‘No one touches her but Me,’ It is My Will that no one bothers her.  If anyone dares to make trouble, I will defend Myself and what is Mine.  My Love will become the fire of Justice.  They will be humiliated as if they were dust.  So pay attention.  Make sure that everything about you is peaceful and well ordered.  If you notice anything to the contrary, be vigilant and pray to Me.  Insist that I use the power of My dominion to scatter everything that disturbs good order and eternal peace.”


Then I resumed my meditations on Divine Will until my sweet Jesus spoke again.


He said, “My daughter, when the creature calls My Will into her activities, she lives more exclusively within It.  Its creative power fills her and everything she does, renewing Its Divine Life within her.  Every time she invokes It while she is operating, My Volition goes into action so that We are performing the same Act together as one.”


Applying Its creative power, It transforms all of her activities, past and present, making them all Divine.  The sanctity of Its works is sealed.  It gives her new forms of merit to glorify her with the assurance that It would do it all over again to show Its Love for her.  When she loves, It brings into the present moment every time she has ever loved, merging them all into one single act of Love.  If she suffers, It does the same with all of her past suffering.  It fuses them into one that gives her another new form of merit for all that she has suffered for Love.”


Everything that she has done is replicated and merged into a single act that is embellished with new forms of beauty, sanctity and grace.

Her Love is always fresh and lavished with merit.  There are no individual actions in My Will, only one indivisible activity that reflect the highest forms of unity.”


Everything must be like Me, with only one difference.  Our creative activities grows grow within the creature, while Our Supreme Being does not increase or decrease.  Our immensity is fulsome and infinite.  To vent Our excess Love, We are impelled to love the creatures and be loved by them in return.  We give her everything without diminishing Our Bounty.”


Our all-seeing eyed is vigilant.  It watches for any sign that she wants to live within Our Volition.  When she does, We love her even more, enriching her with Our Love so that We may be loved in return.  We enfold her into Our Divine Being, putting her in perfect harmony with Us.  We want to enjoy Ourselves with her and give her everything We have.”


She is shaken by the fever of Our Love.  We breath flames, chanting forever, ‘I Love you My daughter, I Love you.’  She becomes Our echo and answers Us, ‘I love You, I love You, Life of my life, Love of my love, my Father, my Creator.  You are my All, I love You.’   We celebrate with the pure joy that she gives Us.  We have given her Life and now We have what We had always wanted.  We want her here in Our Will so We can make sure that she is exactly the way We want her to be.  We will give her all that We want a creature to have so that We can have what We want from her.”


If she is outside of Our Fiat, Our Love for her is stifled.  Any separation at all makes her feel so far away, and We from her.  Then she begins to fear Us, a sure sign of human will.  It hurls the creature away from Us, the one I have loved so much.”





May 28, 1937

The Queen, Bearer of Jesus, the Great Gift that was consigned to Her.  Task that She had from the Supreme Being.


I’m still living within Divine Volition.  His Love for me so great that He hides me in Its Light so that only His sublime holy Will can be seen or felt somehow.  I was pleasantly surprised to see My dear celestial Mother this morning. 


It was just after receiving Holy Communion that I saw her inside me holding Baby Jesus.  She held Him so tightly to Her maternal Heart that they seemed to be one thing together.  I wanted to see the delight on His face when He saw my love for Him, even if it is as small as mine, but He was barely visible the way She was holding Him in Her arms.  I thought if I abandoned myself in Her arms perhaps I could be part of the same picture.  Suddenly, there I was, loving the same way as Jesus and my dear Queen Mother loved each other.  They were both very happy that I wanted to live with them.


As I was snuggling with them, the Sovereign Queen spoke to me tenderly.  It was good to hear her voice.


She said, “My beloved daughter, I am called Theotikos, the God-bearer, because I carried Jesus before and after His birth.  Supreme Being entrusted Me with this Gift.  Once He was certain that I had enough grace, love, power to be a guardian who could love Him and keep Him safe and sound, the Gift of the Eternal Word was assigned to Me.  That fact that I had His own Divine Will assured Him that He could incarnate Himself in My Womb.”


He said, “Our daughter, We are giving you the Life of the Son-God as a Gift.  You can let creatures hold Him, anyone you want, but you have to make sure He is safe at all times.  Never let Him out of your sight.  If you give Him to someone who does not love Him, He will be upset.  Then you will have to appease Him somehow until He feels better.  You must be dignified at all times, because He expects the one who holds Him to be sanctified in a life of purity.  You must be attentive to Him.  He is the greatest gift We can offer someone.  Furthermore, We give You the Power to bi-locate Him however many times You want.  That way, whoever wants Him can have this Great Gift for themselves.”


This Son of Mine is My Gift.  I know His secrets of love, His anxieties and deepest yearnings.  Sometimes He cries and I listen to His little voice sobbing.  He says, ‘Give Me souls, Mom.  I want souls, please.’  I want whatever He wants.  We cry together because We both have one desire.  I want everyone to have My Son.  However, since God has entrusted Me with this great Gift, I must Him safe and secure.  So I accompany Him when He comes down into hearts through the Sacrament, to guarantee the integrity of My Gift.  I never leave Him alone.” 


If My poor Son didn’t have His Mom with Him when He goes down among them, they would mistreat Him and I would feel horrible.  Some people are incapable of saying I love You’ from the heart, so I must love Him on their behalf.  Some of them are so distracted when they consume Him in the Eucharist that they don’t think about how great it is to receive such a gift.  So I pour Myself over Him to distract Him from the cold reception of their wandering minds.  Sometimes they treat Him so bad that He cries until I soothe Him and wipe away His tears.  Then I gently scold them so they won’t make Him cry anymore.”


Such moving scenes take place in the hearts of those who receive Him Sacramentally.  There are souls who feel they can never love Him enough.  So I give them His Love together with Mine so they can love Him more.  The Angels are enraptured by such Heavenly scenes.  We are all so exhilarated that We forget the insults We have endured from others.”


There are so many things I could tell you.  I am the one who has carried Jesus, and I will carry Him forever.  He won’t go anywhere without Me.  Whenever a priest pronounces the words that consecrate the bread, His Mother’s hands are the wings that fly down with Him to sanctify the Host with His Presence.  Whenever unworthy hands are about to touch Him in the Sacrament, He knows that I am holding Him in My hands.  He feels safe and secure within My Love.”


I am always on the lookout to see if they truly want My Son.  Whenever a sinner repents for having committed some grave sin, and the Light of Grace dawns in his heart, I fly to him carrying My Jesus, the One who confirms that he has been pardoned.  Then I think about what I can do for the repentant sinner so that My Son will always remain in his heart.  I am the God Bearer, a creature who has taken the Kingdom of His Divine Will as Her own possession.  When It reveals someone who wants Him, I rush to her, flying.  I bring Him to her, but I remain there as His guardian.  I would never think of leaving Him.”


When I carry Him to someone, I stand by as a spectator, watching what He does and listening to what He says to the soul.  I have been present all this time, eavesdropping on all the lessons My dear Son has been teaching you about His Divine Will.  I listened to every Word He told you, thanking My Son for each one of them.  My glory would soar whenever He spoke about the Kingdom that I had in My possession.  This great Gift, My Son, has been the source of all My good fortune.  As I watch Him speak I see the fortune of My children being grafted with Mine and I rejoice.”


Each lesson He has given you, and more, has already been written in My Heart.  Every time He teaches a lesson, another paradise opens up for Me.  Whenever your mind strayed or you forgot something, I asked pardon on your behalf and prayed that He would continue His lessons.  He always wants to make Me happy.  In fact, He wouldn’t know how to refuse anything to His Mom.  So He keeps giving you these lessons that are so beautiful to hear.”


My daughter, I am always close by when My Jesus comes to visit you.  Sometimes I am hiding inside Him, though for you it might seem as if He had left Me behind in Heaven.  Yet I am with Him.  We consult one another and I am aware of everything He does.  Other times, He hides within His Mom and makes Me act on My own.  But He and I are always together.”


We occasionally unveil Ourselves together so that souls can see their Mother with Her Son who Love them so much.   That depends on the circumstances and the blessings they ask from Us.  Sometimes We can’t hold as much Love as We have for each other, so We pour the excess all over My children.  But you can be sure that if My Son is there, so am I.  The Supreme Being has given Me this task and there’s no way I can get out of it.  I could never imagine not wanting to do this for Him.  This maternal joy is the fruit of My Sorrows.  This is the Glory of the Kingdom that I have within Me.  It is the Will of the Holy Trinity, proclaimed as their greatest accomplishment.”





June 6, 1937

Interest that God has that the creature Lives in His Will. 

Dowry that He will give. 

Sentinel of Jesus in order to supply for what she lacks,

and if necessary, He will also do Miracles. 

Example of a king.


I was in the arms of the Divine Volition, when my usual nagging doubts crept in again.


I thought, “I don’t see how anyone can live completely within It.  No one’s perfect.  Life is full of obstacles.  There’s so much suffering in the world.  Life’s daily circumstances clamor for our attention and It escapes through our fingers.  We have to be quick.  We have to take control of our breathing and heartbeat so we can run through Divine Fiat.  Its Breathing and Heartbeat then becomes our own.  It never stops running towards us to bring us Life.”


My sweet Jesus had compassion for my ignorance.  His voice was all Goodness when He spoke.


He said, “My blessed daughter, Our Supreme Being’s primary interest is that the creature live within Our Will.  That’s the only reason We brought her to life.  We help her whenever We want something from her.  We provide her with all the means, everything that’s necessary.  She has all that she needs to give Us what We desire from her.  If We have to work a continuous miracle, We do that, as long as that will help her give Us what We want.  That has always been Our intention.  When something We want done is completed within a creature, We treasure the glory she has given Us.  She embraces the Eternal One and becomes the crown of Our Creation.  Having made Us so happy Our Divine Being is eager to serve the creature.  We want Our Actions to be completed and come alive within her.”


We reveal Our Truth to someone who would live within Our Divine Will.  We present It as a dowry, primarily for her support, but also to provide her with a secure defense.  The pave the way and open doors for her.  They are jealous, however.  Acting as her personal guards, the take positions around the one who wants to Live in My Fiat.  The Light of Our Truth shall never depart this fortunate creature.  It fills her with Light as It reshapes her life.  It kisses and caresses her.  It nourishes her intellect sip by sip to make Itself understood.  This is the entourage that flocks to the Life of My Volition that reigns as sovereign within her.  The Truth that springs from Our Bosom takes on the task of providing all that is good for the soul.  It encloses the creature within the Light of Truth that keeps watch over her so she won’t escape.  Truth never tires.  Though centuries may pass, It is always there occupying Its own space.”


This is the great dowry I will give to the one who live within Our Eternal Volition.  Love compels Me to unveil My Truth so I give her the treasure trove of knowledge I have revealed about It as her wedding gift.  This is the Divine Dowry that I will give to those who live in My Fiat.  It contains a superabundance of aid that will make them happy and rich.”


Our Truth acts as a tender Mother who takes her little babies onto her lap, feeds them, wraps them in Light and lets them sleep on her bosom.  To keep them safe, she walks in their steps, works with their hands and speaks through their voice.  Her Love pulsates in their hearts.  To keep them attentive and entertained, she acts as their teacher describing some of the enchanting scenes in the Celestial Fatherland.  The Truth cries and suffers along with them.  It takes their breath and makes it come alive.  It transforms even the most common everyday event into the timeless prize of divine conquest.”


I tried to make some excuse.


I said, “My Jesus, You’re right, as always.  But humans are so weak that I’m afraid I might sneak out of Your Will from time to time.”


He responding by saying, “I’m disappointed by your fear, My daughter.  I have such an intense interest in this that I am burned by the flames of My Love.  I want souls to Live by My Will.  I am fully committed to supplying her with everything she needs.  However, the creature must be decisive about wanting to Live within It.  She must never waver in this regard.  I am only asking that she does the best she can.”


Listen, My daughter, I’ll tell you a secret.  I do everything to provide for the bare necessities of human life because all life belongs to Me, and I suffer for it.  Yet the creature behaves as if she were bewildered and lost, only because she doesn’t know how to follow the Acts of Life that Rule over her.  I don’t want Life to be intermittent.  Life doesn’t happen now and then depending on the circumstances.  Life goes on as It must as a single uninterrupted Act.”


I am the jealous watchman who stands guard over her.  When I see her straying from the path, I do what she is supposed to be doing.  My Fiat shakes her up when It operates, but sooner or later she comes back to her senses and continues her course through My Volition.  I don’t even have to say anything about her stopping.  I take her from where she left off and reconnect her to My Act where It is still in progress.  It’s as if the Life of My Fiat were never interrupted in her, because I have provided for everything.  I do that especially when her human will is trying its best, but her weakness makes her stumble.”


My Love is so bold that I want her to live in My Will, no matter what the cost.  If it requires an ongoing miracle, so be it.  But you must have noticed how My Love is as tender as it is fierce.  I would never scold her for failing to hold her course.  In fact, as long as she is aware of her failing, I don’t say anything at all.  I’d rather bolster her courage and sympathize with her so she won’t lose trust in Me.”


With all Goodness I would say to her, ‘Don’t be afraid, I have provided for you.  You are trying to be more attentive, aren’t you?’  Then, seeing how good I am, she would love Me even more.  I know that I have to give everything I’ve got to have a creature live within My Will.” 


I will behave as a king who would love so much to have his kingdom populated again.  He lets the whole world know that whoever wants to come is welcome in his kingdom.  He wants it known that he is even willing to send them money for the trip.  Not only is housing available gratis, they will also be provided with free food and clothing.  The king ventures to make them all rich so they can be happy.  To show how good he is, the king lives among his people.  He loves them so much that he has used his wealth to ransom them from the miseries of an unhappy life.” 


That’s who I am.  I want the whole world to know that I want people living with My Divine Will.  All they have to do is tell Me their name and let Me know that they want to come into My Kingdom.  They will immediately be given an abundance of everything that is good.  Unhappiness banished, everyone will take possession of Its Kingdom, each a king or a queen in their own right.  They will Live happily together with their Creator.  I will make such a display of giving, that everyone will be in rapture because of it.” 


My deepest longing is to have the creature living within My Will.  I want you to pray for It and share in My yearning desire.  Your life in such a holy Kingdom will be so sweet.”





June 18, 1937

What one obtains and what submitting oneself to the Divine Will means.  Exchange of abandonments between the Divine Will and the soul;

Merit that she acquires.  Outpouring of Love. 

How in every created thing there is the Deposit of Love for us.


As I followed Divine Volition through Its Activities, I encountered many new surprises that I found consoling.  There was so much Love that I was consumed by the flames of Divinity.


Then my sweet Jesus came and explained how important even one additional act of submission to Divine Volition can be.


It was so good to hear His voice.


He said, “My daughter, My Love has an overwhelming need to pour Itself out into the creature.  So it must become common knowledge what happens when she submits to My Will.  She comes to live within It as Our daughter.  We are enraptured when We see her within Our endless Divine enclosure.  We pour out new Seas of Love over her, enough to make her feel that she is drowning.  We give her so much that she can’t hold it all in either, so she gives It to everyone else as a gift.  She presents It to all the Angels and Saints.  She lets the Sea of Love she has been given flow back to her Creator by pouring It into the hearts that are ready for It while still living on this poor earth.  We are given to everyone to make Ourselves loved by all.  This is the most efficient way of exchanging Love on a grand scale.  We replicate these surprising new modes of Love by sharing Our Divine techniques.”


When the creature submits to Our Will she opens up a space for Us within her soul.  There We reign supreme, operating as God in the little place she has reserved for Us.  Our works of Love involve so many different miracles that all throughout heaven everyone shakes their head in amazement as they look down, contemplating what We do within the creature when Our Divine Fiat reigns supreme as her sovereign ruler.  The work of Our Creation in man is not yet finished, because it was interrupted when he withdrew from Our Volition.  Once Our sovereign reign was ended, We could not entrust Ourselves to him, so Our creative work was suspended.  We are anxiously awaiting his return into the arms of Our Fiat so We may continue Our sovereign rule.  Then We will continue Our Creation by doing any number of beautiful things within his being.”


We will present surprising new gifts.  Our Wisdom will use all Its divine arts to make so many beautiful new images of Ourselves.  It will lovingly express powerful images of Itself with the beauty of divine light as a gift to creatures.  Our Love will not be held back anymore.  Our Volition has the power to do anything and will give what It most desires.  It will make a great display of giving to compensate for what was lost when Its Love was repressed.  The theme of the exposition will be entitled, ‘Our Times’ and admission is free.  Once people know who We are and how much We love them, they will surely Love Us for It.  We will show them Our Love at their own convenience so that We may love each other with the same Love.  The one who comes to live through Our Volition will signal Our triumphant Victory, as if she were a Divine Army.  She is both the continuation of Our Creation and its Completion.” 


It’s torture wanting to give all that We have and being frustrated in the attempt.  We have the Power to Create endless wonders of sanctity and grace.  We suffer from rejection because Our Will does not reign supreme within souls.  We are held back in the creation of Our most beautiful Works.  This is the essence of Our sorrow, and the only way you can alleviate it is by never indulging your own self-will.  By constantly undertaking Our Volition you will have Our Power as your own, and especially Our Love.  You will enrapture Our Fiat by allowing It to Reign as Sovereign in the midst of the all human generations.”


Later, as I continued meditating on Divine Will, I wondered if there were an easier way to go about this.


I thought, “There must be some way I could just throw myself at the mercy of Divine Fiat and stay there permanently.  I don’t see the point in having to give myself over and over again.”


My always lovable Jesus answered me right away.


He said, “My blessed daughter, you still haven’t learned the Secrets of Our Love.  Our infinite strategies of Love are extravagant.  You have to love before you can discover anything about Love, which means giving and receiving from the One you love.  Every time a creature throws herself at the Mercy of Our Volition, We give Ourselves to her.  We abandon Ourselves in the bosom of a creature, and you still haven’t learned the meaning of this.  This is about the goodness and grace We leave there, the renewal of Our Life as We replicate It.  If you did, your heart would burst with happiness, joy and Love.” 


Every time she gives herself to Us, she gains merit by having given Us her life.  Whether she gives herself ten, twenty, a hundred, a thousand times or more, that how often she gains merit.  Because each and every time she gives herself, We receive another life, and to show Our gratitude, We give her Our Life in return.  We renew her life in Ours, We replicate everything that is truly good for her.  So every time she gives herself to Us, there is more goodness in the world.  We are so generous with her that We give her another Divine Life as a sign of her merit.  She will bi-locate her own life by doing this.  The merit she receives is measured in the number of Our Lives We give the creature in return for however many time she gives Us her own.  Whenever she bi-locates herself, We give her merit that is worthy of Our own Life, because she has once again given Us her life.”


Our Divine Commerce allows Us to give Ourselves so We can gather the creature’s life into Our Supreme Being.  This exchange of Lives keeps up the conversation so We can make Ourselves known for who We are.  We let her feel the warmth of Our beating Heart, the Love that consumes Us.  We teach her how We love her, and how We want to be Loved.  If she didn’t feel the need to be constantly giving herself to Us, that would be a sign that she doesn’t Love Us.  Her heart would not take possession of Our Irresistible Love as her own.”


The sign of True Love to be always giving yourself at every moment to the One you love.  As she gives herself, the power of Love overwhelms her so much that she is willing to die for It.  If she were denied, she would gasp and break into tears with heartrending cries of sorrow that would deafen both heaven and earth.  So as not to arrive at such dire straits of sorrow, My Love waits patiently for the creature to give herself to Me.  Then I immediately give Myself to her unreservedly and with all the immensity of Our infinite Will.”


Then I continued to make my rounds through Creation, encountering one beautiful surprise after another.  Every created thing told me how much God loved me.  Each one of them had a space within them that held a reserve of Love that constantly spoke to me, saying, “He Loves you, your Creator Loves you.”


My sweet Jesus spoke up when saw my surprise.


He said, “My daughter, Creation was an outlet for Our Love.  Everyone was there as We were sending Creation out into the light of day, no one missed out on it.  We placed a reserve of Love within each created thing on the creature’s behalf that constantly sang about their Love for her.  They would chant on and on, ‘He Loves you, your Creator loves you.’ 


Our Love sends all created things running to bring her the Goodness We have consigned to them.  The sky has a legitimate right to extend itself over everyone’s head as couriers of the Love We have assigned them.  We appointed the sun as trustee for the Love We have bequeathed to creatures.  It disburses the light it holds for them as interest according to their Creator’s living Will.”


We placed a reserve of Our Love within the earth so that it would be firm enough to support the creature’s step.  We infused Our Love into mother earth and she carries It within her womb.  As she teaches a young creature how to walk, assuring the child by singing from beneath the souls of her feet, ‘He Loves you, the One who created you sends His Loves to you.’” 


Water quenches her thirst with Our cry of Love and washes her in It to make her clean.  This vital fluid for plants does so many good things for the creature.  The Love We have reserved for fire become the creature’s property.  It harnesses fire and cries out to it, ‘Give warmth to Our daughter, and do her no harm.’  It uses the same strategy with all created things.”


We have established Our reserve of Love within created things to console the creatures.  She appreciates Our Love for her and yells out to Us as she is preparing a table for her Creator as a sign of gratitude.  The sun alone provides a variety food from Our Love and she prepares it, offering hospitality to her Patron.”


Light carries the Sweetness of Our Love and touches you with It to sweeten the love you offer Us.  We like deserts with the food you give Us.  It is Love that makes Us sweet.  Light seasons the taste of Our Love.  Your Love for Us serves Joy with the many flavors of Our Love.”


There is fertility in Our Love, but It also burns, wounds and consumes.  When you love Us, Divinity makes your Love fertile.  But It also has the power to wound Us when We see you burnt by your Love for Us until you are totally consumed.  Light carries a variety of colors that embellish everything.  Your Love for Us takes on the power and beauty of Our Love.  When you are clothed in the enchantment of Our Beauty, We are overwhelmed by Our raptures.”


My daughter, We have put so many different kinds of Love in each created thing on every creature’s behalf that it would forever to describe them.  It is her responsibility to study all these diverse modes of Love.  Only then can she return Our Love the same way We Love her.  Otherwise Our Love will remain in isolation, deprived of the creature’s love and comradery.  We are sad that Our Love within each created thing is not acknowledged, even though all things made have a mandate to Love her with their own unique form of Love.” 


The wind blows puffs of Our Kisses.  It billows Our tender caresses.  You can hear the moan of Our unanswered Love.  The wind is as impetuous as We are in Love.  Its Our Love carries everything before It.  Its commands are tempests that cannot be ignored.  Its shouts and cries make a deafening roar.  The declarations of Our Love are all that can be heard above Its thunderous din.  If the creature recognized Our Love rushing through the wind, she would return Our kiss and respond to Our caresses in kind.  We kiss her and caress her because We want to be kissed and caressed in return.  When We hear her moaning in expectation of Our Love, We no longer suffer.  She would love Us in return with the same persistent Love.  She would raise her voice with Our Love in a majestic chorus, ‘Let us Love, let us Love the One who Loves us so much.’ 


Our Love rushes through the air that everyone breathes.  Many created thing begin and end at intervals, but not this steady wind that provides for every breath.  Whether she is sleeping, walking, working or eating, Our Love is constantly flowing in new ways that are distinct from other created things.  Our Love rushes in an unrelenting torrent, bringing the irresistible enchantment of Life.  It rushes through the heart with blood, stimulating nerves and fortifying bones.  It invigorates the body and brings vitality to all human activity.” 


In the silence of the night is says to her, ‘I bring you the Creator’s constant Love, and It is never ending so that I may give Life.’  Someday the creature will acknowledge Us in the air they breathe and the Act of Life We send rushing towards her with Love’s warm winds.  When she finally understands how unrelenting It is, she will accept the inevitable and give Us her life.  It is a fair exchange of the wherewithal to Love Us.  Then she will sing Us Our Love story with the never-ending chorus, ‘I Love You, I Love You always in all things, and within each one of them, just as You have Loved me.’ 


From greatest to the smallest created thing, therein lies a new and unique form of Our Love for creatures.  Yet being unaware of It, they cannot reciprocate.  So they return Our Love with despicable ingratitude and vile offense.  We continue waiting for Our Will to be known so that It may rule as Absolute Monarch in the midst of all human generations.  The Revelator of Our Love will ensure that We recover Our losses.  Then We will Love together with the One Love Supreme.” 


We would be so happy seeing Ourselves Loved that more new and unique forms of Love would multiply.  Our Love will not be repressed any longer.  It will have an outlet and return to Us at last.  Until then, acknowledge Our Love and pray that Our Kingdom come on earth as It is in Heaven.”


If the creature wants Love, We must see that she loves Us, otherwise We don’t know what she wants.  We wouldn’t know what to do with her because there wouldn’t be a solid platform to hold Our Grace.  The most basic elements that form Our Life in her would be missing.”





June 28, 1937

What God does for the creature

when she decides to Live in His Will. 

As one decides to Live in the Divine Volition,

her name is written in Heaven

and remains Confirmed in Good,

in Love and Divine Sanctity,

and she is added to the Celestial Militia. 



My flight through Divine Volition continues non-stop.  It carries me in Its arms with so much tenderness and Love that I am embarrassed to be loved so much.  I am surrounded on every side by Its Maternal Goodness. 


Then my sweet Jesus came by for a brief visit.  There was such goodness in His voice that I thought my heart was going to burst with Love.


He said, “Daughter of My Volition, I wish you could know how happy We are to see the soul enter Our Will.  If she runs toward Us, We make a dash for her.  As We meet each other, Our Will pours into her with Light. Our Love kisses her and Our Power takes her in Its arms.  Our Beauty adorns her and Our Wisdom directs.  Our Sanctity fills her and seals Itself inside.  Our Divine Being in It entirety surrounds her, ready to give her everything We have.”


When the creature abandons her self-will and enters Our Volition to live within It, We regain possession of what went forth from Us.  Once Our intent when We created her has been reaffirmed, We prepare to celebrate.  It’s so beautiful watching the creature enter Our Will, there’s nothing more enchanting than this.  Every time she comes in, We renew Our Divine Being inside her with new forms of charismatic Love. Having someone who lives through Our Volition makes Us festive.  She wants to Live in Our Will so she can be coddled by her Creator.  She knows that Our intention is to give her new forms of sanctity and charismatic grace.”


When Jesus grew silent, I sank into His Eternal Volition.  It was marvelous hearing how much we are loved by God when we live through His Volition.  A thousand different thoughts crowded my puny little mind.


Then my beloved Jesus began speaking again.


He said, “My daughter, there’s nothing that amazing about what I just told you.  There are so many wonderful things in store for you yet.  I just wish everyone were willing to listen.  If they did, they would surely decide to Live within My Volition.  Listen and be consoled by the beautiful things My Love compels Me to say.”


My Love demands that I tell you what We are willing to do for someone who lives through Our Volition.  When the soul firmly reiterates her decision to live no more of her own will but of Ours, her name is inscribed in Heaven with indelible symbols of Light.  She is enrolled in the Celestial Militia as the Daughter and Heiress of My Divine Will’s Realm.” 


Since Our Love confirms her goodness, she is so horrified by anything the least bit sinful that a loathing for it keeps her from falling.  This further confirms the Creator’s goodness, sanctity and Love in her.  She has reclaimed her privileges and now, rather than being considered as just another exile in the world, she is honored as an officer of the Church Militant on earth.  Since everything good is at her disposal, she has right to say, ‘All that is God’s belongs to me because he has given me even His Will.’  She is convinced that the Creator has handed Himself over to her.”


Now that she no longer follows her own will, she operates through Mine.  All the barriers that kept her from hearing her Creator are gone.  There is no distance between them.  Whatever had made her different from God has ceased to exist.  She feels so loved by her Creator that her heart is ready to burst with love for the One who loves her so much.  The greatest honor, glory and joy for a creature is to feel loved by God.  There’s nothing to amazed about, My daughter.  We had a goal in mind when We created humankind.  Our intention was to have Our Life in her under the guidance of Our Sovereign Will.  We gave her Our Love so she could love Us as We love her.  We did this so that Our work of Creation would be something worthy of Us.”


My heart was bursting with joy when I heard my dear Jesus telling me this.  I thought, “Is it really possible?  How can anyone’s goodness be so awesome?”


My sweet Jesus answered me.


He said, “My Daughter, I am the Master of the universe.  I do what I want and I give whatever I want to whomever I please.  All I have to do is want something and it is done.  Even in the lower world things usually happen pretty much the same way.  When someone signs up with the army of any nation, they have to swear a loyalty oath to the constitution.  From then on, all they have to do is follow orders.  They wears a standard uniform that everyone knows is the army’s official dress-code.”


Once they have demonstrated their competence and loyalty, they have a solid career path.  They have a guaranteed salary and live well enough.  If they advance in rank, they have all the comforts of life and can even pay someone else to clean their house.  When retirement comes, they can rest and take it easy.  Yet the only thing they have done for their country is to go by the book and follow orders.  That gives them the right to an income for life.”


Now consider someone who has made a firm commitment to give her human will to Me.  That is the noblest, most precious aspect of her being.  She gives herself to Me entirely, inside and out, with every breath she takes.  By her merit she deserve to be written into the annals of Our Divine Militia so that everyone knows that she has served the Celestial Army with honor.  It’s impossible not to love her. There’s no way I would leave her without the things she needs.  Anything less would sadden your Jesus.  It would deprive Me of the peace that is Mine by nature.  I love the one who has given Me everything, the one whom I love more can ever be described.  I keep her in My Heart always.  I give her My very Life.”





July 4, 1937

How God wants to form so many of His Divine Lives in each creature. 

How one who Lives in the Divine Volition

acts as Bearer of Everyone and Everything to her Creator.


I was completely filled with Divine Volition.  Everywhere I looked It was trying to give me Its Life through each created thing.  The strategies of Love employed by Its Imperial Domain made me smile.  It is determined to plant Its Eternal Life inside me no matter what the cost.  I never ceases to amaze me.


Then my always Lovable Jesus came to visit my poor little soul as usual.  The goodness in His voice was sweet to my ears.


He said, “My blessed daughter, I relish pouring My Love into you by revealing Our Celestial Mysteries concerning Our Supreme Being’s adorable Will and Its Love for creatures.  You would bring Me great joy by listening closely to what I have to say about Our being among creatures and the abundance of good things We can do for them.”


Our Immensity envelops everything.  Our Power is so strong that It carries everyone and everything as if they were a tiny little feather.  This is natural to Our Thrice Holy Being.   We can do no less.  Our Immensity and Power flow through every fiber of the creature’s heart and in each breath she takes.  It is the rapid pace of blood flowing through the vein.  It is the swiftness of thought.  We are aware of everything as both actors and spectators.  These are the attributes of Our Supreme Being.” 


You are amazed that We want to multiply Our Lives so many times within each creature.  God operates by forming another Divine Life for each creature who comes out into the light of day.  The creature is Ours.  We created her and We live together.  Our Love for her gives Us the irresistible strength and power to take form in the creature as the Life of her very being.  Our Creative Art wants to do so much more than simply making creatures.  Our Love’s great zeal demands that We replicate Ourselves in every one of them.  This is the state of Our affairs in the midst of the human family.  We are always in the act of forming Our Lives within them.” 


Yet Our Creative Art is either so repressed that We can’t continue Our Divine Creation, or It is discarded altogether.  Creatures allow Us to live together with them as long as We bear the costs, but they won’t let Us develop Our Life in them, and that makes Us feel so sad.  We would love to live through them.  The greatest glory they could give Us would be to give Us the freedom to make Ourselves the Life of every creature.” 


The only place We are free to form Our Life is in someone who lives within Our Will.  Our Divine Fiat generates the basic materials for Us to form Our Life.  It gathers Its own power, sanctity and Love and calls Us into the depths of the soul.  Once We have all the necessary materials ready, Our indescribable Love inspires Us to form Our Divine Life.”


After It has been formed, We raise It as Our own, to Our great delight.  We enjoy developing Our creative arts with this celestial creature.  A chain of miracles begins.  She takes possession of her Creator as Our Will operates through her on His behalf until she carries everyone and everything along with Us.


When she thinks, she brings Us the thoughts of all creatures.  She is the one who supplies their human intelligence and repairs them.  She works for them and speaks on their behalf.  She carries them along, one step at a time.”


All of creation accompanies her with dignity as her entourage.  She holds up the sky with its sun, moon and stars.  She sustains the wind and everything that flies through it, leaving nothing behind.  She brings Us the sweet tribute of a tiny little song bird, the reverence and glory of everything We created.  Together they form a crown for the creature who has the Life of the One who created all things.  They all want to be carried aloft by the creature who embodies the act of speaking.  She is the one who narrates the love story written by the Creator for them to act out on the world’s stage.”


Someone who takes on Our Volition becomes jealous in their Love because We want everything for Ourselves.  This is the highest form of justice.  Everything that is has been given by Us, so it is only right that We should want them all.  She too is taken by the same folly as Our own Love.  She wants everything so that she can give them all to Us.  She displays her jealousy by offering everything to Us and speaks her little words of Love on behalf of all creatures and created things.”


Someone who Lives in Our Volition is never alone.  She is always with her Creator playing a game to see who can love the other more.  She has everything around her and she carries them to the One she loves.  Having the power of infinite Love, He wants everything within the creature to be transformed into Love for His Love.”





July 12, 1937

How the human reflections take the place away from the Divine Ones, and are rubble that muddies the fount of the soul. 

How the Divine Will converts Its Love into nature,

and what It does at the point of death: 

It anticipates it for one who Lives in It.


I am in the arms of Divine Volition, the hypervigilant sentinel that wants to be the Life that drives everything I do.  It penetrates all the hidden depths of my heart and mind.  It repels everything foreign to Its Fiat and pulls me back if anything tries to infiltrate.


Then my always Lovable Jesus came to visit my poor soul.  He assumed the role of an instructor who wants to teach to His little daughter everything.


He said, “Blessed daughter of My Will, self-reflection, impressions, anxieties, phobias, depression and doubt can only obstruct divine reflections.  Holy intuitions send the creature flying rapidly towards Heaven where the joys of true goodness and celestial peace man be found.”


When someone gazes into a lake when it is calm, the surface acts as a mirror.  The reflection is beautiful, clear and exact.  When rubbish is thrown into it, however, the water ripples and echoes through the flotsam and is muddy.  No one can admire themselves in such an imperfect mirror.  She sees her arms, legs and head disjointed and so muddled that the image is barely recognizable.  It’s just a bit of rubble, but it’s pitiful just the same.”


When the soul is created by God it is like a basin of crystal clear water.  God can look at Himself in her soul, and she can see Him clearly as well.  Self-reflection, depression, fear, uncertainty and doubt are so much rubbish thrown into the depths of her soul.  When God looks at Himself there, He sees only disjointed bizarre-looking fragments of her soul.  His divine power, sanctity and joy are scattered, the unity of peace is broken into shards.”


Such rubbish distorts her knowledge of God so that she doesn’t know how much He Loves her or what He might want.  When she goes to look at herself in God, she trips over the rubble.  She can only walk with a limp.  She wants to fly toward the One who created her, but her flight path is blocked by what in reality is mere nothingness.  Yet the creature must get closer to unite with Him and be sanctified before the Knowledge of God can be formed in her.  Only then can she see God in the creature, and the creature in God.”


The soul must not allow herself to be distracted by such trash, this junk cluttering the soul.  There’s no substance to these things.  Nothing is solid without true Love.  When the waters are muddied, God cannot mirror Himself in her soul to form His beautiful image therein.  So pay attention and keep searching for My Will.”


He stopped talking and I was left to think about how truly evil self-reflection can be.


Then my sweet Jesus spoke to me again.


He said, “My daughter, only through My Will can the soul reach the heights of perfect sanctity.  That’s the only way she can be enclosed within the one Primal Act, or at least as much as is possible for a mere creature.  She must fill herself completely without leaving any hollow spots before the good she might do becomes second nature to her.”


When she Loves through My Fiat, she is inundated from every direction by a torrential Love that saturates the deepest fibers of her being.  Flood level rains sweep her away in Its surging Love.  Acting like a Queen She commands Her Love to become second nature in the creature.  It must be so real that she can feel Its breath and pulsating heart.  It must animate the creature and walk in her steps.  It must take over her being so completely that all she know how to do is love.”


This wave of Love surges up into Heaven, while the rain never stops.  She takes her Creator by storm and she Loves Him always and forever.  That’s what happens when Goodness becomes second nature to a creature.  She has a deep need to replicate Goodness as the Primal Act that constitutes her Life.  When she adores, her very nature becomes a form of pure adoration.  From then on she is aware of this profound reverence coming from all things and rushing towards her Creator.”


When she offers reparation, a path unfolds for her to search out all past offenses and remediate them.  The creative power of My Will leaves no void unfilled.  It makes everything the creature does within It something completely natural to her.  She is someone who Lives in My Will and has It as her own as It operates through her Life, while others only know It as a virtue to be desired.  There’s quite a difference between the two.  Yet the saddest thing about life in the lower world is that most of the rest think this has nothing to do with them.”


Some will be surprised and others consoled to know what We do when the creature is at the point of death.  It gives Us great pleasure when she has firmly and steadfastly decided to Live through Our Volition.  We confirm the goodness of her life in everything she has done.  A virtuous life of prayer, suffering and good works has formed a little Divine Life in her soul.  All the Blessed in Heaven have My Live according to the good that they have done on earth.  The more they have Loved Me and fulfilled My Will, the more Divine Life they have.”


They all have It, some more, some less because true happiness and joy is something they have within them.  Each one has their God both inside and outside of them, constantly replenishing their joy.  So if a dying soul is not filled to the brim with Love for the Divine Will within her, she is still confirmed, but does not immediately enter into Heaven.  That soul goes to Purgatory to fill the voids where love is not and My Will should be.  She does so through suffering, anxiety and deep longing.  Once they are completely filled, they are transformed into My Love and absorbed by My Will.  It is then that they fly up toward Heaven.” 


When someone no longer wants to follow her own will and does only Mine, however, there’s no point in waiting.  The overwhelming power of Our Love compels Us to confirm her Goodness in advance.  Our Love becomes part of her nature, as does Our Will.  She already feels My Love knowing that My Volition is hers.  She feels My Life more than her own.  The difference is that those who are confirmed at the point of death no longer grow in goodness.  The merit she has earned has already been totaled.”   


My Life will always grow in someone who lives within My Will.  Her merit is that of Divinity and has no end.  As she continues living within My Will, her admiration grows.  The more she knows Me, the more I love her, so the glory of My beloved creature keeps growing.  I flow through everything she does, giving My Love and kisses to all of her activities.  Since I acknowledge her as Mine, all of her deeds have the same value and merit as they would had I done them Myself.”


You have yet to understand what We feel for someone who Lives through Our Volition, or how much We Love her.  We want to make her happy in every way.  She fulfills the purpose of Creation.  She personifies the glory that all things must give Us.  The complete fulfillment of Our Will means everything to Us.”





July 25, 1937

How one act in the Divine Volition can be an impetuous wind,

an Air, a Celestial atmosphere. 

Three circles.  God, if He Loves, He Operates;

if He speaks, He gives.


The Sea of Volition is always murmuring, though every so often It forms huge waves that are sent headlong towards the creatures, inundating them with Life and Love.  Its Love is insistent and intelligent in the way It works on the poor creature.  They are thoroughly amazed when they realize that It needs us.  The truth is that God alone knows how to love us. 


My mind was still lost at Sea when my sweet Jesus startled me.  He came for a brief little visit to explain what I had been seeing.


He said, “Blessed daughter of My Volition, you have seen the Sea of My Will and heard Its sweet murmuring.  The souls who live in It are constantly murmur together within this Sea.  Their gentle crooning never ends, giving these words to the murmuring Sea, ‘Love, Glory, Adoration,’ a perfect echo of My Fiat, sweet and simple.”


They murmur about Love with every breath.  You can hear the whisper of blood flowing through veins behind Its pulse gently murmuring, ‘Love, Love, Glory to Our Creator.  Every thought with each attendant movement is choreographed to enhance the gentle rocking of the waves that accompany their whispered lullaby.  Yet when My Will is called into their actions, these rhythmic undulations become tidal waves that are impetuous enough to inundate God and creatures together.  Heaven and earth are submerged in the same unitary Will.”


One Act done within My Will can be an overpowering wind that moves and flattens worldly passions.  Weakness and bad habits are blown away along with the putrid air of sin, displaced by the clean freshness of virtue.  Divine Strength, Holy habits, and the Sanctifying Air of My Will are all that remain.”


One Act done through My Volition can be the Universal Air that penetrates all things everywhere and enters deep into everyone, day or night.  It has arranged for Itself to be breathed in as sanctity and Life.  It displaces the polluted air of human volition so that the wholesome air of My Fiat may enter.  It is a sweet balm to the creature, healing and revitalizing her with the spiritual atmosphere of Divinity.”


One Act done within My Fiat becomes the celestial air that wraps around all Our Works and Creation itself.  The power of Our Works assails Our Divinity and imposes Itself on Us.  It compels Us to give grace and other gifts that prepare the creatures to be given the Kingdom of Our Volition.  One Act of Our Will can hold such marvelous wonders.  The creature cannot hold so much treasure if they can’t even begin to fathom its worth.”


Then Jesus became silent.


I was still drenched from the Sea of Divine Will when I was somehow transported into the Celestial Fatherland.  I found myself between three circles of Light.  The Queen of Heaven was standing by one of them and Our Lord at another.  I was enchanted with their beauty and the indescribable Love flowing from them.  There was a multitude of souls with them, completely transfigured by a Light that gave them Life and made them grow.  Jesus and His Celestial Mother were the guardians of these souls, whom they provided with guidance and nourishment.  I was amazed at their beauty.  They had the Life and likeness of their Creator.


Then My sweet Jesus and His Mother spoke together as One.


They said, “Three circles of Light symbolize the Holy Trinity, and these are the souls who will inhabit the Kingdom of Divine Will.  This realm will take form in the bosom of Divinity.  Mother and Son shall rule this Kingdom and jealously guard It.  Our Kingdom is assured and is already formed.  Everything that shall ever be has already been accomplished by God.  Yet you must pray that what is in Heaven will come to pass on earth.”


Then I came back to myself.  I was really sad to be imprisoned once again in this miserable body.


Later on, my Jesus spoke to me again.  To hear His voice was the highest form of goodness.


He said, “My daughter, Our Divine Being is pure Love, and there is so much of It that We have to pour the excess out into the creature.  Whether she deserves It or not is unimportant.  It merit were all that crucial, all of Creation would still be waiting here within Our Bosom.  For Us, to love means that We are active.  We loved and Creation began.”


In the generosity and excess of Our hyperactive Love, We made a Gift of it to humankind.  A gift is not a payment or a reward for merit.  There not enough money in the entire world to pay Us for Our Gifts.  All the acts of kindness ever done would not merit such largesse.  Yet not giving It would encumber Our Love.  We cannot hold It back.  If We couldn’t give anything to the creature, it would be as if We didn’t love her.  To love, We must be actively giving.  Our Supreme Being often has such delirious fits of Love, that We must take these gifts and graces from within Our Divine Bosom and give them to creatures.”


To prepare these gifts, We must begin with Love.  Then We have to let the creature know that We have a gift for her.  When We Love, it means that We are in the process of giving.  We speak, Our Creative Word prepares the offering, announces that We are giving it, and then presents the creature with Our Gift.  Our Word is the messenger that allows Us to pour out the Love We have repressed within Us.”


We do not give Our Gifts as compensation or as a reward for merits achieved.  When a father gives presents to his children, it’s not because they have earned them.  It’s because they love each other.  It helps the father make himself understood.  It’s important that the Word present the gifts so they are better appreciated.  Then they will take care of what they have been given and love the One who has prepared their gift.  Then they can thank the One who obviously loves them so much.”


It is customary to pay for work rendered, or as a reward to a stranger who has done a favor.  This is done innumerable times every day.  No one has to pray that they be given the excess of Our Love.  They don’t even have to deserve It.  We made Creation as gift to humankind.” 


The most extravagant thing about Our Love was that We also created the Virgin as a Gift.  Moreover, as the Eternal Word, My descent from Heaven was a Gift to them.  I was so sweet them that I became living prey to man’s cruelty as their sacrificial victim.  Furthermore, though It might seem overgenerous, there is yet another excess of Our Love.  I will give them the Greatest Gift that can be given, the Kingdom of My Volition.  The Celestial Virgin, Heiress of this Kingdom, will call creatures to be Her children so that they can be given this Great Inheritance as Her Gift to them.” 


My daughter, if the soul allows My Divine Will to reign as sovereign within them, her love shall no longer be left barren.  Nor will her fruitfulness be measured in mere words or deeds.  She will feel the creative power of Our Love within her.  She will be just like Us, when We love, We activate.  Everything We do is given, and to her We give the Great Gift of Our own Divine Being.” 


Our Love is so great that We can give nothing less than everything.  We hand Ourselves over to the tender mercies of the creature.  Our Love is not content until It can say, ‘I have given her everything that I am, there is nothing more to be given.’  Yet though Our Will be in her possession, We are secure nonetheless.  We are in Our own House, with all the decorum, dignity and honor that is rightly Ours.” 


Having been given Our Creative Fiat, if the creature truly loves Us, she will reciprocate by giving Us her life.  She gives it to Us because We have given her Our own, and that’s a fair enough exchange as far as We are concerned.  Every time she loves Us, Our Creative Power multiplies her life so that she can to offer it all to Us as gift.”   


Her love will not be something that We are not.  The Life of Our Fiat shall be hers in full.  That would be only right and just, since she has handed herself over to the tender mercy of her Creator.  We are equal partners, Creator and creature.  She gives Us the Life she receives as a gift.  Whatever limits the creature may have, We will make up for it.  By giving Us her life as a gift, she has given Us everything.  She has kept nothing for herself.  Our Love is fully reciprocated and We are satisfied with her.”


So if you want to give Us all that you receive from Us, let Our Will reign supreme within you, and everything will be granted to you.”





August 2, 1937

How Creation possesses Perfect Happiness,

as to be able to give terrestrial Happiness to creatures. 

How sin stopped the happiness. 

The great evil of one who gets out of place

at the beginning.  Example.


I was making my rounds through Creation, following the Acts of Divine Will done in It, and I had one surprising encounter after another.  Each one of them was intended to bring enough happiness for everyone and everything.  My always Lovable Jesus noticed my surprise and began to explain what I had seen.  It was so good to hear His voice.


He said, “My daughter, Our Supreme Being is the source and fountainhead of all happiness.  Every created thing and all sentient beings were happy when they were made and sent forth from within Our Being.  All of Creation was filled with happiness, so much so that the entire planet had perfect earthly happiness.  Adam, as the first human, enjoyed this fulsome happiness in the beginning.  All created things rained happiness and joy over him.  Having My Will as his own, he held seas of happiness and contentment within him.  The source of endless joy and beatitude had Its abode within him.  For him, everything was happy, inside and out.”  


When Adam sinned, he removed himself from My Will and joy abandoned him.   All created things withdrew their joy and held it back within their bosom.  From then on, man was no longer master, but only an ungrateful servant.  We are not the source of unhappiness.  It is not something can We give because We haven’t anything remotely like that within Us.  It’s impossible to give what you don’t have.  It was sin that sowed the seeds of unhappiness and sorrow within man.  From then on, he was surrounded with every evil, inside and out.”


When the Celestial Lady came upon the earth, followed by My Most Holy Humanity, all of Creation began to celebrate.  They smiled with joy and resumed the life intended for them.  When We walk among them out in the open, they ran toward Us and bowed to show their gratitude.  They unleashed all of their repressed happiness and joy upon Us.  The sun gave Us the joys of its light, delighting Us with a variety of colors.  It lavished Us with kisses to express the joy of having such Love.  It stretched out an illuminated path under Our steps with profound adoration.  The wind sent a refreshing rain of joy over Us.  It huffed and puffed to drive away the putrid air of sinfulness.  Little birds hopped all around Us singing their praise with joyful trills.  Their music was so beautiful that I commanded them to fly up and sing their Creator’s praises, so they took off into the air.”


The earth bloomed under My steps to offer Me the Joys of its many floral bouquets.  I told them to stop and they obeyed.  The air brought Me the Joys of Our all-powerful breath as We breathed on man to give him Life.  He too was overwhelmed with Divine happiness and joy.  Whenever I breathe, I feel the same happiness and joy that We experienced in the Creation of Man.  Every created thing wanted to pour out all the joy they had just to make Me happy.  I took these reverential honors given to the Creator and offered them to My Celestial Father out of Love for Him.  They glorify Us for the magnificence of Our marvelous works in Creation.  They honor Us for Our Love of humankind.”


My daughter, the joy We put into created things still exists.  We made the sumptuous splendors of Creation and filled them with happiness, without losing anything in the process.  We are waiting for the Children of Our Will.  They have a right to be happy on earth.  It is for them that We put so much joy into everything We made in Creation.”


It is only because of Our Love for them that Creation still exists.  Even if all creatures aren’t as happy as they could be, at least they can have everything they need to live.  The continued existence of Creation after so much human ingratitude and abominable sin is proof that the Kingdom of My Will is sure to come on earth as It is in Heaven.”


Once the creature has It, she will love and glorify Us by savoring the joys of Creation.  She will compensate Us for what We have done for her by doing everything that is possible or imaginable for a creature to do.”


All Creation had a beginning and Our Volition still has everything We made in Its possession.  Mankind originally understood that Our Will was everything and all creatures were to live within It.  They had everything they could ever want.  They were to live in peace with endless joy and everything would continue in perfect order.”


When their beginning was ignored, everything changed.  Nothing appeared the same as before.  Happiness turned to sorrow, strength became weakness, order fell into chaos, and peace broken for the sake of war.  Mankind is miserable without My Will, walking blind if they are not paralyzed.  When they try to do something good, it seems too difficult and they become bitter.”


Everything that is guided by the source of existence finds its way with confidence and walks firmly on the right path.  All the good works they undertake turn out well and everyone is happy.  But once they have lost track of their beginning, everything seems topsy-turvy.  They waver and lose their way.  They end up not knowing how to do anything right.  It’s pitiful how they keep trying to do something, anything, on their own.”


Human events go on like this.  Imagine if a teacher taught consonants to his young students, but no vowels.  Vowels propel every word that is written, from basics to the most advanced schools of science.  The poor child would never learn how to read, and if he tried, he would go mad in the attempt.  The root of all this evil is that they don’t know how science began.  They should also be taught the vowels if they are going to understand anything.”


My daughter, until man reverts to his original state, he may not reenter My Divine Will, otherwise My Creative handiwork would be disrupted.  Once It is dislocated, everything breaks down and nothing works.  He is ignorant and miserable.  He has never been taught the language of My Divine Will, not even the basics, like vowels.  Even if I spoke to him directly and filled his mind with Light, he still wouldn’t understand what I was talking about.  Not having begun to learn the vowels, he can’t make out any words.  It’s impossible for him to read any of the lessons I have taught about My Fiat.”


Without the basics, he has no foundation.  He can’t learn by himself and has no one to teach him.  Without understanding, he is helpless.  He has no idea that he’s retarded and living in poverty.  If he did, he would beg that he be allowed to come back into My Volition.  There he would start with the basic vowels until he learns his first Word, the God who created him.  That would set him on the path toward understanding the True Celestial Science.  He would make a fortune, both on earth and in Heaven.”


I keep whispering into the ear of his heart, ‘My child, come back in, please, return to My Will.  Go back to the beginning and start over.  You will become more like Me.  You will eventually resemble me so much that I will have to acknowledge you as My child.’  I am ashamed that some of My children do not resemble Me at all.  It makes Me feel sad, miserable, someone to be pitied, or despised.”


It doesn’t have to be like this.  It’s all because they refused the great wealth the Celestial Father had saved for their inheritance.  I cry about how things have turned out for them.  My daughter, if you pray that everyone comes to acknowledge My Will as you have, you will appreciate It more.  You must love It more than your own life.  Never forget about It even for a moment.”