Volume 33


November 19, 1933


One who disposes herself to doing the Divine Will forms the passport,

the way, the train.  Jesus wants to Re-Make Himself in the creature. 

The Celestial Signer and Motor.


My Celestial Sovereign Jesus and my Great Lady Queen of Heaven, come to my assistance.  Hold this ignorant little creature between Your Most Holy Hearts.  My dear Jesus, prompt me as I write.  My dear Celestial Mom, I am your daughter.  Guide my hand as I write everything down on paper.”  As long as I am in the company of Jesus and my Mom, I will write whatever they want exactly as I am told, without adding so much as an extra word anywhere.  I hold their trust in my heart as I begin this next volume.  I don’t know, but this could be the last one.  My hope is that all of Heaven will have some compassion for their poor little exile and see that they repatriate me soon so I can join then.  But after all is said and done, Fiat is the only thing that really counts.


Then I continued meditating on Divine Will, the living center of my miserable existence until my sweet Jesus, came to visit me in passing.


He said, “My good daughter, as the soul is getting ready to do My Divine Will, she is given a passport to enter the immense Kingdom of Fiat.  But first she has to get the document and have it signed.  Then it has to be stamped with official seal of My Kingdom before it is valid.  Daughter, the very act of preparing yourself to do My Will gives you access.  The merits I earned during My Life on earth form the paper and the written legalities.  All that’s needed is to have Jesus sign and notarize it.  Only then is she free to cross the borders of My Kingdom.  Everyone in Heaven jumps at the chance to help whoever is prepared to do My Will.  I have so much Love for this fortunate creature that I open a space for Me to reside within her.  Then I can be Loved by her through My own Will.” 


When I am Loved by her through My own Will, My Love gets so jealous that It can’t bear to lose a single breath or heartbeat emanating from the creature’s Love.  You can imagine My concern by how defensive I get about her.  I would do anything to help her.  That’s one of My strategies in this Game of Love that I play.  I want to replicate Myself in her.  To bi-locate myself I have to venture out and become another Jesus within My creature.  It takes all My Divine Art to do this.  I spare nothing.  I do it all so I can give everything.  If My Will Reigns Supreme in a creature, I can refuse her nothing, because that would be like denying it to Myself.”


Your preparation for doing My Will is the passport.  The Actions you begin are visas to cross the border of what is Heavenly, Holy and Divine.  I whisper into the heart’s ear of the one who enters into It.  ‘Forget the earth.  By now, it’s no longer yours.  You will never stray from Heaven again.  Walk for as long as you like, sightseeing in a Kingdom without limits.  You’d better hurry though, because there are so many streets and alleys filled with the Goods of My Kingdom.’”  


The Beginning of your Activities lays the tracks and their completion is the train.  As soon as I see that the railcars are ready, I become the Locomotive that carries them along the track at great speed.  The scenery is so beautiful and it is a delight to travel along the right of way the creature has cleared through My Will.  These actions performed within My Will hold centuries of Incalculable Merits and Bounty.  The Divine Locomotive that moves them speeds along so fast that centuries seem like minutes.  It makes the creature so rich, Beautiful and Holy that We boast in front of the entire Celestial Court.  We point her out as the Greatest Prodigy of Its Creative Art.”


As the creature develops her activities in My Divine Will, the veins of the soul empty themselves of what is human so that Divine Blood may flow through them.  It nurtures the Substance of Divine Virtue in the creature.  This blood flowing through her has the power to develop the same Life that animates her Creator so that they are indistinguishable one from the other.  Whoever seeks God can find Him in His place of honor within the creature, and if they are looking for the creature, they can find her in the Divine Center.”





November 26, 1933

The Works of God lavishly prepare the table for the creature,

and Living in His Divine Volition, she acts as queen in the Seas of the Supreme Being. 

One who does his volition withdraws from everything and remains alone,

and remains the abandoned and lost one of the Creation.


I was making my rounds through the Works of Divine Fiat, feeling like a tiny little baby who needed to be carried in His arms.  Without Him I would get lost in the Immensity of Its myriad Works.  I wouldn’t know where to go or what to do.  He wants to teach me about His Work and how His Love finds Itself talking about the way It Operates.  That speaks volumes about how He has Loved me more than I can ever know.  So He carries me in His arms and shows me around the Endless Ways of His Holy Will. 


As if this were not enough, He folds me into each of His Works and gives me all the Love that is found in them, or at least as much as a creature can hold.  He wants me to hear the sounds of Love that echoes within each Work.  I am one of His Works too, an Act of His Will.  He has done everything for my Love.  He wants me to capture all the melodies of Love in every key encompassed within His Works. 


I was still going around through His Works when beloved Jesus startled me.


He said, “My blessed daughter, you don’t know how much it pleases Me to see you go around through the Works We have Created.  They are pregnant with Love.  As you wander around in their midst, they pour out their superabundant Love all over you.  That’s why I want you to go all around throughout Our Works.  They set the table with the lavish bounty of Our Love for creatures.  They feel honored to have such a great little sister to dine with them.  She sings another song of Love for her Creator as each course is being served.”


Moreover, My Divine Will wants her to do more than just going around through Our Works.  Every time she finishes her rounds for the day, It shows her something new about Creation and then fills her to the brim with Love.  It carries her in Its arms into the Womb of Supreme Being, and throws her onto it as if she were a little stone skipping along the surface of the endless Seas that are filled with Its Qualities.  The little daughter of Our Volition sends ripples radiating out from every contact she makes on the water’s surface until the entire Sea of Our Divine Being is adorned with them.” 


After she swims in It for awhile, she allows herself to be drowned in Love, Light, Wisdom, Sanctity and Goodness.  Its beautiful watching her and listening to what she has to say as she drowns in It.  ‘Your Love is mine, all of It, and I wrap it in a prayer that the Kingdom of Your Will shall come upon earth.  Your Sanctity is mine, Your Light, Your Goodness and Mercy are all mine.  It is more than a little creature that prays to You.  It is the Power of Your own Bountiful Seas of Goodness that assails you.  We urge You to bring about the Kingdom of Your Will on earth as It is in Heaven.  We see a tiny little the creature acting as the queen of Our Divine Being, merging Our Immensity and Our Power together.  We have to ask Ourselves what she wants and match that with Our own desire.”


She understands that there is nothing Good other than Our Will.  When she wants something, she makes the Infinity of Our Divine Attributes ask for It on her behalf.  We see that how powerful Our tiny little creature is when enriched by the privileges of the Divine Qualities she has taken as her own.  They give her such charming beauty that We are about to faint with rapture.  She makes Us do whatever We want, as long as that’s what she has in mind for Us.  She becomes Our Echo, because she has forgotten how to say anything that We haven’t already said.  Nor does she ask for anything other than what We want to give.  She wants Our Will to take over everything and become one Will within all creatures.”


When the creature has finally understood what Divine Will means and she begins to feel Its Life flowing through her, she realizes that she doesn’t need anything else.  The owner of My Volition already has more good things than she can possibly imagine.  Yet all she has is a sigh of delirious yearning for My Will to embrace everything and become the Life within all things.  Moreover, her desires are as small as she is.  Her only wish is what My Will desires.”


Then I continued my meditations on Divine Will and the serious evil that comes from indulging human pride.


With a deep sigh My beloved Jesus spoke.


He said, “My daughter, someone who follows her own will has withdrawn from everyone else to work alone solo.  No one wants to help her.  They are powerless to give her the strength she needs, nor the Light to see the best way of going about it.  She is at their mercy, isolated without anyone to support her.  No one comes to her defense.  They abandon her as someone lost to Creation.  They’re not prepared to suffer on behalf of some who indulges her human pride.  Without anyone to help, she bears the full weight of the solitude she has imposed upon herself.”


To My great sorrow, most creatures have withdrawn from Me as well.  The paradox here is that I must keep my distance so they can feel in their flesh what it means to do without My Will.  They struggle with the heavy chain of self-determination without a moment to rest.  Pride has been a cruel tyrant and overseer.” 


It’s quite the opposite for someone who does My Will and Lives in It.  Everyone in Heaven is there to keep her company.  The Angels and Saints honor My Will out of respect.  They are all have an obligation to help the creature and encourage her to act wherever My Will resides.  She contacts every one of them and insists that they come to her defense as a loyal entourage.  Grace has already smiled on her.  Light shines in her soul, governing what is Best and most Beautiful in her activities.  I am always busy with the one who does My Will.  My Action flows through whatever she does so that her actions may have the Glory, Honor and Love of My Works.  That is how I influence the actions of a creature who operates through My Will.  It connects her with everyone else so that she may have their strength and support.  These will come to her defense and keep her company.”


The creature who does My Will and Lives in It is a child of Creation who has been rediscovered.  She is like a daughter and sister, a friend to all.  She is the sun that rains down light from her lofty globe, expanding everywhere as she enfolds everything in her radiance.  It is generous to everyone.  No one is denied her beneficence.  She is the faithful sister who embraces all created things.  With her promise of love, she is the life within the good things she gives.  She makes the sweetness of fruit come alive.  She is the essence of every flower’s color and fragrance.” 


She emulates My Will, for It too rains down Light from Its majestic Throne.  When It finds a creature who is willing to accept Its Dominion over her.  It surrounds her with Its embrace, warming her until she is easy to mold.  When she is mature enough, It infuses Its venerable Life into her so the creature may have It as her own.  Through this Life everything and everyone are with her, because all things exist by virtue of My Adorable Will.”





December 10, 1933

The first word that Adam pronounced. 

What the First Lesson that God gave him was. 

The Divine Will Operating in man.


I have only ever been the little ignoramus of the Supreme Being,


When Divine Volition plunges me into Its Sea, of all I should know about His Adorable Majesty, I can barely make out the vowels and a few consonants.  I am so small that can only swallow a few drops from the Oceans of Knowledge that the Creator holds in store for us.  While I was going around through the Works of Divine Fiat, I stopped in Eden where the Creation of Man was still in progress.


I wondered, “I can’t imagine what Adam could have said when he was first Created by God.”


Then my Highest Good came for a brief visit, and I could see by the generous look on Jesus’ face that He was going to explain things to me.


He said, “My daughter, I’d be glad to tell you about the first words that came from the lips of the first creature We Created.  No sooner did Adam sense Life as He began to move and think did he see his God before him.  He immediately understood that he had been formed by Him.  He savored the freshness of his entire being and could still feel the impressions made by the touch of His Creative Hands.  He was so grateful that an impulse of Love inspired him to articulate his first words, ‘I Love You my God, my Father, Author of the life you have given me.’  But he spoke more without words.  His breath, his beating heart, everything down each drop of blood that flowed in his veins, all moving in harmony, sang together in chorus, ‘I Love You, I Love You, I Love You.’ 


That was the first Lesson he learned from his Creator, the first words he was taught, the first thought that came to the light in his mind, the first pulse of his beating heart, ‘I Love You, I Love You.’ 


Feeling himself Loved, he Loved in return.   HisI Love You’ was never-ending until it was interrupted by the disgrace of falling into sin.  The Heart of Our Divinity felt wounded by the sound coming from the lips of man, ‘I Love You, I Love You.’  These were the very same Words We had Created in his vocal chords that he now said to Us, ‘I Love You.’  It was Our Love that We had invested in the first creature that said to Us, ‘I Love You.’  It’s no wonder that We were wounded thus.  We were obliged to give in return a bigger and stronger Love, one that would be Worthy of Our Magnificence.”


Whenever We heard him call out, ‘I Love You’, We would answer with the same ‘I Love you’, but different.  In OurI Love you’, We let the Life of Our Divine Will Operate as It flowed throughout his entire beingAs if he were a Temple of God, We enclosed Our Will so that It could circumscribed within the human sphere.  Even so, It remained within Us so It could work great things as the thought, word and deed pulsing thru man’s heart as his walked among the works that he was meant to accomplish.” 


OurI Love you’ was the most beautiful, powerful and Holiest thing We could give him.  That alone should have replicated the Creator’s Life in his creature so that Our Will could operate through him.  It pleased Us to no end having Our Will take stage center as an Actor.  Human volition was dazzled by Its Light, enjoying Paradise to the max, and Ours had the Liberty to do whatever It wanted.  It was the Leading Actor who was honored in everything It did, as is only appropriate for a Will so Holy.”


So the Life of Adam began as an Act of his entire being that was filled with Love for his God.  This is a Lesson for you that is truly sublime, how the beginnings of Love could run through the creature’s entire being as it operated.  The First Lesson Our Supreme Being taught him with Its tender Love, in exchange for hisI Love You,’ was all about Our Divine Will.  As We instructed him We transferred Its Life and the Infused Science of Our Divine Fiat.  And every time he saidI Love You’ to Us, Our Love prepared other more Beautiful Lessons for him about Our Volition.  He was in constant rapture and We delighted in conversing with him.  We made Everlasting Rivers of Love and Joy flow over him.  We wrapped human life in Love and kept it in Our Will.”


My daughter, Our greatest Sorrow was to see Our Love broken in this creature.  Blocked and strangled, Our Will would not subordinate Its Life to human pride.  So pay attention, and may all things begin with Love for My Divine Will.”





December 18, 1933

How the creature has been formed by God ab eterno,

and Loved with Eternal Love. 

The human will is the disorder of the Works of her Creator.


My poor little mind is still crossing the Infinite Sea of Fiat.  Yet no matter how far you go, you never reach the other side.  Within this Sea, God completely fills the soul to overflowing with His Divine Being so that she says, ‘God has given me all of Himself, though not with His Immensity, because I am much too small to hold It all.’  Within this Sea, you can find the Harmonic Order of those Ancient Mysteries that reveal how God Created man.  Such astonishing Wonders of exuberant Love are incomparably Majestic.  There is so much mystery surrounding this that man, with all his science, cannot say with certainty how man was formed.  That’s why I’m still so surprised by the magnificent privileges of human nature.


My beloved Jesus saw how astonished I was and explained things to me.


He said, “My blessed daughter, your astonishment will end if you look closely into the Sea of My Volition.  There you will see who, what, where, why and when every creature was formed.  They came from the Eternal Womb of God.  God gave Himself to them as their Origin.  The Supreme Being formed his thought processes and determined the number of his words, the order that went into his works and his ability to walk.  It forms every pulse of his beating heart.”


God gave creatures such Beauty, Order, and Harmony so that He could see Himself fully within them.  In fact, God filled them so full that there would be no room for the creature to put anything else.  We are enraptured by the sight of Our Divine Work being encompassed by Our Power within the a creature’s tiny circumference.  With emphatic Love We tell him, ‘You are so beautiful.  You bring Us Glory as Our Work.  As a conduit of Our Love, you are the Reflection of Our Wisdom.  Our Power resonates within you, the conveyor of Our Eternal Love.’   We Loved him with an Eternal Love that has no beginning or end.  We formed this creature from Eternity, so he has always existed, just not in time.  He had a place within Us where his Creator’s Love could pulse with Life.”


The creature was Our Ideal, so there’s always been a small space for Us to develop Our Creative Work.  He was a place that could sustain Our Life as We channeled Our Eternal Love through him.  Humans have a hard time understanding these things.  They have no way to articulate the incomprehensible operations of Divinity.  These are the Ancient Celestial Mysteries concerning the strands of Our Divinity, Mysterious Secrets unknown to all but Us.  They are like the keys of a piano that We touch to make the creature perform new and unusual things.  Since they don’t know the Secrets of the Incomprehensible Methods We employed in human nature, they come up with their own theories to explain how We Operate within the creature.  Even with that, he sometimes has to bow his head and acknowledge to himself that it is beyond his comprehension.”


Being ignorant about how Our Will is supposed to operate in the creature, he brings chaos into what We have ordained from Eternity.  By distorting Our plans for him, he creates a void that was supposed to be filled with the Divine Activity We had designed for human creatures.  We Loved Ourselves in him through a series of Actions formed of Our Pure Love.  We brought him forth into the world of time so that he might concur with what We had done.  However, the creature needed Our Will to give him Its Divine Power so that he could do within time what We had already done in Eternity.  It’s no great wonder that Our Divine Being had formed him in Eternity so that Our Will might confirm everything as It was replicated in time.  It was only continuing Its Creative Work through Its creature.” 


He would never be up to the task without My Divine Will.  He had to assimilate himself in union with the Actions We had lovingly performed within him so that he could emulate them as We ordained.  Yet human will brings nothing but chaos into Our Most Beautiful Works.  Since He disregards Our Love and drains Our Work, We have to keep them within Us so We don’t lose what We’ve already done.  Stranded deep in the abyss of Divine Void, there’s nothing left to the creature but evil.  Light and Power are shut out of his works.  His steps are unsure and his mind confused.  Without My Will, he is like food without nutrition, a body paralyzed, soil that has not been cultivated, a tree barren of fruit, or a flower with a repulsive odor.  If Our Divinity had tears, We would bitterly mourn those who refuse the Dominion of Our Will.”





January 2, 1934

When the soul does the Divine Will, God can do freely what He wants to do in her; He Operates the Greatest Things, because He finds the capacity, the space, for what He wants to give to the creatures.


Even as my poor little soul swims in the Sea of Divine Will, I feel pierced by the nail that is my sweet Jesus’ absence.  My God, the pain is excruciating.  My existence is one of torture and sorrow.  I feel like I could cry a river of tears.  If it were possible, I would make the Immensity of Divine Will weep bitterly so that my sweet Jesus might be moved to pity.  He steals away without even saying goodbye.  He won’t tell me where He’s staying.  Nor does He leave any footprints I could follow so I might catch up with Him.  My God!  My Jesus, have pity on me, a poor little exile that is tortured for You and no one else.  Still delirious over His absence, I thought about Divine Will, afraid that the Life of Its Dominion may have abandoned me.  I wondered if that might be the reason my Eternal Love Jesus left me, or if perhaps He was just hiding me.  Maybe He doesn’t want to take care of me anymore.  Then I made a heartfelt plea for His forgiveness.


Perhaps my beloved Jesus saw the hardship I was going through and that I couldn’t take it anymore, because He came back to visit me for a little while.  He gave me a look of Love that was all Goodness and He spoke to me.


He said, “Little daughter of My Volition, anyone can see that you are very little.  But just because a make a little stop now and then is no reason for you to get lost in fear, uncertainty and doubt.  If you’re going to get lost, the best place for that is within My Will.  The reason I don’t come rushing when I see you in It is that I know you’re in a safe place.” 


When a soul follows My Divine Will, I know that I am free to operate and accomplish great things.  My Volition empties her out to make room for Me.  It reserves a place for Me to store the Sanctity of My One Infinite Act.  The soul volunteers unconditionally because Our Will has made her mature so that she might conform to It.  Her attitude makes it possible for her to receive the Creative Power that Operates through Our Supreme Being.” 


If he does not do My Divine Will, We have to adapt by restricting Ourselves so that We are not as Abundant as Our Divine Nature.  We can only give him Our Graces one sip at a time rather than with rivers.  Operating in someone who does not do Our Will is a burden to Us.  We want to make Ourselves known, but he’s incapable of helping Us.  The human intellect outside of Our Will is a foggy sky that obscures the beautiful Light of reason.  He is blind to the Light of Our Knowledge.  He could be surrounded with Our Light but too dim to understanding anything about it.  He would be illiterate before the Light of Our Truth.  We have to break Our Goodness, Sanctity and Love into little pieces and give them to him in small doses.  Human will is defective, laden with feebleness and misery.  He is not only incapable of receiving Our Gifts, he’s not worthy to have what We want to give him.”


The poor human will doesn’t know how to prepare herself for the Power of Our Creative Works.  She repulses her Creator’s fervent Embraces and Our Strategies of Love.  She cannot endure a heart wounded by Our Love.  All too often she tires Our Divine Patience and refuses any Gifts from Us.  If Our Love compels Us to give her Our Food, she’s unable to digest It.  Unless she is united to Our Will, she won’t have the Strength to absorb the sustenance of Our Fare.  It’s immediately obvious that Our Will is not in her soul.  True Goodness is not she wants.  As blind as she is, she grows dimmer before the Light of My Truths.  Such a creature prefers not knowing anything about them.  She looks at them as if they had nothing to do with her.  It’s quite the opposite for someone who does My Will and Lives in It.”





January 14, 1934

Sweet enchantment on both parts:  of God and of the creature.  

How she acquires the Power of making His Divine Will hers. 

sufferings smile before the Glory, the Triumphs, the Conquests. 

Jesus hidden by sufferings.


Divine Fiat rains down upon me, inside and out, soaking me to the bone.  It speaks to my pitiful being, saying, “Fiat, Fiat, Fiat.” 


I kept talking as I lay in His arms, cajoling Him into forming His Life within my activity.


I wanted His Heart to beat in mine.  I asked Him to breathe through my lungs.  I was waiting for the sound of His thoughts in my mind when a sudden burst of Light sprang out of me and leapt toward the Holy Divine Volition to capture It and make It all mine.  I wanted It to form Its Life in me and transform my being into pure Divine Will.


Though I worried about being so presumptuous, my Highest Good, Jesus, came for a brief visit.


He said, “My little daughter of My Volition, when the creature invokes My Fiat and calls out, imploring Its Life to take form within hers, a Light sprang forth with God’s enchantment to enrapture His Divine Apprentice.  They look at each other with the same sweet charm and are mutually enchanted.  A portal opens in the creature’s action to swallow Divine Will and incorporate It into her activity.  As It blossoms within her to form Its Life, the happy creature requisitions Its Power as her own.  Once she has absorbed It, she develops a Love for It so powerful that she prefers It to her own life.”


My daughter, as long as My Will has not replaced her own exclusively so that no one can take It from her.  She knows that It’s a Gift from God and that she’s fortunate to have It.  In fact, just having It represents a major victory for her.  Even so, she can never Love My Divine Will as It deserves, nor can she appreciate how much she needs Its Life.  Its Divine Life can never have as much liberty within the creature as It would like.  Yet merely calling It predisposes you to want It more.  When you make your claim, It introduces Itself.  You begin to appreciate how good it is to have something so awesome as Its very Life.  Only then can you Love It as much as It deserves.  You will guard It so jealously that you never take your eyes off It.  You wouldn’t let so much as a single breathe that emanates from It escape you.”


Later on, I wasn’t feeling very well, and I thought, “I wish that my afflictions could be wings so I could fly up into my Celestial Fatherland, Then, instead of tormenting me, my little pains would become a feast.”


Since I felt bad enough to be worried about it, my beloved Jesus spoke to me.


He said, “My daughter, that’s not as far-fetched as you might think.  Suffering smiles in the face of Glory.  Affliction savors triumph as it tallies the conquests it has made.  Suffering confirms that its Glory has been firmly established in proportion to the pain it has experienced.  Suffering is adorned with various shades of Beauty.  Her pains celebrate over their transformation into the rarest forms of Beauty.  Suffering cries from her pain on earth, while each pain is greeted at Heaven’s gate with an Eternal smile.  Suffering on earth bears the weight of humiliation, while at the doors to Eternity, they hold aloft their Glory.  Each pain on earth makes the poor creature sad, yet they hold within them a miraculous secret.  They labor among the deepest fibers of human being until their suffering reaches the Eternal Kingdom and assume the role that was destined for them.  They join their ancestral guilds as chisel, hammer, file, brush and color.”


Each pain leaves their given creature when suffering has completed its task.  Waving their tools in Glory, they conduct her in triumph to the Gates of Heaven and leave content with their transformation as myriad joys and Perpetual Happiness.  Yet none of this would have happened had not the creature received them with Love.  Each pain endured in suffering is rewarded with a kiss, a gentle caress and a hearty embrace from My Divine Will.” 


Suffering carries such Miraculous Power.  Yet left to their own, they wouldn’t have been given the right tools to complete their task.  I am suffering incarnate, the One who hides within it, laboring somberly for My Celestial Fatherland.  I have compensated them abundantly in exchange for the brief residence they have given Me on earth.  I am imprisoned in the squalid jail cell of a creature where I served My Life of suffering in the low world.  It is only right and just that this Life of Mine enjoy Its happiness here in exchange for My Glory in the Celestial Regions.  So it shouldn’t surprise you to hear that your suffering smiles in the face of Triumph, Victory and Conquest.”





January 28, 1934

Fraternization between the Supreme Being and the creature on earth, Fraternization in the Glory.  Power over Jesus Himself. 

How one who works in the Divine Will acquires the Unitive,

Communicative, and Diffusive Strength.


I was making my rounds through Divine Fiat and my poor little mind now stopped here and there among Its Divine Activities.  I admired the Beauty inherent in some and the Power of others.  I was stunned by the Interminable duration of all the Acts performed by such a Creative Divine Will.  The many sublime Qualities displayed in all Created things are there to show Its Love for creatures.  They introduce themselves to creatures and fraternize with them.  They hold each creature on their lap for a while and then bring them all into their Creator’s Womb where everything began.  Such Acts of Divine Will are Powerful aids.  They reveal their Qualities to those who submit to them.  They act as Conveyors of souls to the Celestial Fatherland.  I came to stop just as Divine Fiat was performing a Solemn Act, the Creation of Man. 


My beloved Jesus startled me when He spoke.


He said, “My blessed daughter, tarry with Us a while and look at the masterful nobility, power and sumptuous beauty that went into the creation of man.  All of Our Divine Qualities poured themselves into man.  Each of them were on display as they inundated man with a torrential rain of Good Qualities, inviting him into their fraternal order.  They all went to work.  Our Sun poured Itself over him for his initiation into Its brotherhood of Light.  Kindness poured Itself over him as a ritual welcome into Its brotherhood of Goodness.  Our Love poured Itself over him with a formal invitation to join Its brotherhood of Love.  Our Justice, Power, Wisdom and Beauty poured Themselves over him to declare him as Just, Powerful, Wise and Beautiful.  Our Supreme Being rejoiced at the sight of Our Divine Qualities all at work in fraternal solidarity with man.  Our Will comes to life in man and orders Its Divine Qualities to Adorn him with as much Beauty as possible.”


Man was Our Occupation.  Our Gaze was fixed over him while he imitated Us as Our fraternal twin.  We kept this up long after creating him.  Over the whole course of his life, Our Qualities offered to keep working with him in fraternal solidarity as their beloved creature.  And after associating themselves with him on earth, they prepared a Great Feast of Fraternal Glory in their Celestial Fatherland.  We are a Fraternity of Beauty, Happiness and Perpetual Joy.  I Love him so very much.  After all, since We Created Him, he belongs to Us.  I Love him because Our Divine Being is always flowing over him.  It pours Itself over him in an impetuous torrent that fills him and spreads out into further channels that still continue to give.” 


Since he has everything I have, I can Love Myself from within his being.  I Love him because he is destined to populate Heaven.  He is My Brother and he shares My Glory so we can glorify each other.  I will be the Glory of his Life so he can Glorify My Work.  I would Love to have him do My Will and Live in It so that My Divine Attributes may be given a deferential place of honor within his being.  That’s where My Qualities can fraternize with the creature.  However, unless My Will is there, My Attributes wouldn’t know where to go.  Their association would be broken and My Life throttled.”


My daughter, the creature became a fatality when he withdrew from My Will.  Since I couldn’t find My Image, My Life stopped growing within him.  Now My Qualities are ashamed to fraternize with him.  When human will is not being united with the Divine, everything gets upset because his life has been desensitized.  When I tell you not to go out of My Will, you should take it to heart.  Being within It, you can fraternize with everything that is Holy.  As the sister of all Our Works, you Jesus will be in your power.  and you will have in your power your Jesus Himself.”


Then I continued acting within Divine Volition until my Sovereign Jesus spoke again.


He said, “My daughter, everything done within My Will becomes identified with It.  The creature is given the Power to Unite with It, Distribute and Circulate It.  Our Divine Acts extend to everyone without exception.  Someone who works in Our Volition along with Our Activities reaches out to everyone, hoping that she can do something good for them.  She is honored to have been the Universal Conveyor of the Common Good and is glorified by everyone and everything she has assisted.”


I responded, “My Love, I have yet to notice Universal Goodness bearing much fruit in other people.  If everyone could enjoy Its benefits, they would completely transform the lower world.”


So Jesus explained it again in different words.


He said, “That’s because they have yet to receive It with love.  Not only are their hearts like barren earth, they haven’t any Seed to germinate, so Our Light cannot make them sprout.  Its like the sun.  Though It brings warmth to all the land it illuminates, if there’s no good seed or fertile ground, nothing will germinate and the land will remain unproductive.  Yet even land blessed with heat and light will yield no harvest if any of the other good things it needs is not provided.  Nevertheless, the sun is still triumphant, honored and glorified, because it has given its light as a         Universal Common Good to all without prejudice.”


The same is true of the Activity that goes into Our Works.  It has the Power to reach out and give Itself so they may provide Its Common Good to everyone universally.  Our Greatest Honor and Glory is to say with Truth, ‘I am the Provider of Goodness for all.  When I Act, I hold everyone in the palm of my hand.  I embrace everyone.  I have the Power to generate Goodness for all My creatures.’  Since the creature is My Ideal Work, I call her into My Will so she may act together with It and reach out to everyone.  She knows how much I Love and how My Will Operates.”





February 4, 1934

Love of God hidden in the Virgin. 

The Divine Paternity gives Her the Divine Maternity

and generates the human generations in Her as Her children. 

How the Divine Immensity renders all His Works inseparable.


I am still abandoning myself in Divine Volition.  My soul is merely a tiny speck, yet I go all around through It discovering everything that has been done within It.  Then I go through It again, giving my little ‘I love You’ for everything It has done in Its Eternal rounds to show Its Love for all creatures.


My beloved Jesus stopped me within the waves of Interminable Love generated by the Conception of my Celestial Mom.  I could hear all the goodness in His voice.


He said, “Little daughter of My Volition, as small as you may be, Our Love is wounded by yourI love You’.  Each of these wounds pours out Our Hidden Love and reveals all Our most intimate Secrets about how much We have Loved Our creatures.”


Though We Loved all mankind, We had to keep the Ardor of Our Immense Love hidden within Our Divine Being.  Of all the creatures on earth, none were beautiful enough to enrapture Our Love.  We found no Love to wound Us deeply enough that Our own Love would gush out and inundate all creatures.  Yet We wanted them to know that We Love them and expect Love in return.  Yet sadly, they are so absorbed in lethargic sin that We were horrified by the mere sight of them.”


Our Love for them continued burning hotter as We tried to reach everyone.  Frustrated in Our attempts, Our Love had to innovate, so We called to Life the tiny little Virgin Mary.  We wanted to create someone Beautiful, Pure, Holy and filled with Love, so We exempted her from the original sin.  When We conceived her, We included Our Divine Will so that there would be an intermediary between the life of a creature and Our own.  With an open channel that connected both worlds, We were in a state of Perpetual, Indivisible Union.”


We were so enraptured by the Celestial Queen’s Beauty that Our Love was constantly running toward her.  When She wounds Us With Her Love, Our own Love overflows and hides within Her.  When We look through Her Beauty and see Her Love for all creatures, Our Love pours itself out and Loves all creatures with the Love We have hidden in this Celestial Queen.  Through her, We could Love everyone.  By looking at creatures through Her Beauty, they no longer seem ugly.  Instead of being contained within Us, Our Love was diffused through the Heart of a Holy Creature.  We invested Our Divine Paternity in Our Celestial Mom so We could Love everyone through Her.  Endowed with Divine Maternity, She Loved the offspring of Her Celestial Father as if they were Her own children.  Moreover, She was aware that We Loved all creatures through Her.  She could feel Our Love forming a New Generation of mankind within Her Maternal Heart.” 


This was the key strategic innovation in Our Game of Love.  She allowed Our Paternal Goodness to Love all creatures, even those who offend Us.  Of all the creatures We chose one and made Her as Beautiful as possible.  She removed every obstacle by allowing Us to Love everyone through a creature We made to Love them all.  Anyone who knows how to look can find Our Love hidden within the Celestial Queen.  In fact, since She holds Our Divine Will as Her own, She insists that We Love everyone, and Our Imperial Will gently commands Her to be the most Loving Mother of all humanity.” 


True Love is never idle.  It uses all the arts.  It will exploit any opportunity, big or small, whether directly, or in a round about way.  Our Love plays hide and seek.  It will do anything to make creatures understand that We brought Her out from the depths of Our Love and are constantly animating Her with It.  There is no Greater Gift We could give to generations of humankind than this Incomparable Creature who is the Mother of All.  She carries the Love We have hidden within her and feeds it to all Her children.”


Then I continued meditating on Divine Will.  The thought that My Celestial Mom held all the Love My Creator had for me hidden within Her Maternal Heart filled me with joy.  God looks at me from within my dear Celestial Mother through Her Sanctity and is enraptured by all the Beauty He sees.  The sense of trust I felt made me very happy.  I am no longer looked at and Loved as myself.  I am loved together with the Madonna as her child.  To enhance Jesus’ Love for me, She covers me with Her own Virtues.  She will dress me in Her Beauty to hide my weakness and misery.  Then something occurred to me that squelched my joy.  Our Lord only did this for as long as the Queen of Heaven lived on earth.  When He brought Her to Himself in Heaven, this innovation of Divine Love must have ended.


That’s when my sweet Jesus came back to reassure me.


He said, “My blessed daughter, Our Works always continue and none of them can be considered apart from Us in any way.  So Our Love remains Hidden in the Queen of Heaven and will active within Her until the end of the ages.  We would not be operating as God if anything We did could be severed from Us and denied Eternal Life.  When We Love, We pour Ourselves out over creatures.  Our Love appears to go out of Us, and It does, but It also remains within Us where It abides forever.  The same Love that pours itself over creatures is still within Us and so is the creature who has accepted Our Love.  All Our Works, be they of Heaven or the earth, every creature who’s come forth out into the light of day, seem to depart from Us eventually.  However, that’s only an illusion.  They are permanently attached to Us.”


“This demonstrates the Power of Our Immensity.  It envelops everything, and since there’s no place where It is not, It makes everything We do indivisible.  Our Works cannot be taken from Us, nor We from them.  Together, We are a single body.  Our Immense Power circulates like blood, sustaining Life for everyone and everything.  Though each of Our works is distinct, they never stand alone.”


Somehow that didn’t right, or at least not all the time.


I thought, “My Love, what about the reprobates who won’t have anything to do with You?  They’re all works that came from You.  So how can they live as if You didn’t exist?”


He heard me and answered, “You are mistaken, My daughter.  My Immensity envelops them with Its Power.  They want nothing to do with My Love, but they can’t escape My Justice.  Actually, if they have nothing to do with Me, it’s because they are nothing, and My Justice would have nothing to punish.  They would already have lost their life.  If their life does exist, then the One who sustains it will punish him with Justice.”


The Sovereign Lady in Heaven still holds Our Hidden Love for each creature.  That is Her Greatest Triumph.  Having creatures Loved by their Creator within Her Maternal Heart is what makes Her smile.  As a True Mother, She often hides them from Me within Her Love so that I Love them with My Love for Her.  She hides them within Her Sorrows where they can be forgiven.  She hides them within Her Prayers to bring Highest Grace down upon them like the morning dew.  She is the veil that shields Her children with excuses before the Throne of Our Majesty.  So allow yourself to be veiled by your Celestial Mom.  She is always thinking about Her daughter’s needs.”





February 10, 1934

One who Lives in My Divine Will is raised in Its arms,

which with Its Strength form her, the little victor. 

She is the little queen who, with her Jesus in her heart,

repeats His Life.


I am a little daughter who is so small that I really need Divine Will.  It acts as the kindest of mothers, carrying me in Its arms, feeding me with Its words.  It moves the fingers of my hand and helps me walk.  It is the pulse of my beating heart, the thoughts that cross my mind.  “Divine Will, you Love me so much.  I feel Your Life pouring into me yet again so that I may live.”  It is waiting for the particles of my activity to invest Its Creative Power in them and tell me, ‘The particles of My daughter are the same as Mine because they have My Invincible Strength.’


I’m constantly amazed at the innovative ways that Divine Will shows Its Maternal kindness.  My Lovable Jesus is always on the lookout for an opportunity to be a Spectator of what Divine Volition does with me.  


He said, “Little daughter, My Supreme Volition is always watching the one who wants to Live in It as her place of birth.  She is someone who wants to grow in Its arms under Its Maternal Care.  It sees that Its little daughter wants to give herself and miniature works as her way of saying that she loves It.  This Divine Mother holds Its daughter to Its Bosom and fortifies her every thought, word and deed with Its Strength.  Its Power is invested in everything.  It Transforms her altogether.  As little as she may be, she is also strong, and she knows it.  She sees herself as victorious, no matter how little she might be.  Divine Will is a Mother who delights in being conquered by her tiny little daughter.”


My little this creature is Strong in Love when she suffers.  She knows that she operates from strength.  Such a creature wears her strength as if it were a halo.  She is Invincible before God when she conquers herself.  Her own weaknesses and passions tremble before this petite little victor.  God smiles and transforms Justice into Love and Forgiveness before the infantile power of His creature.  She has her Mom’s strength and Everlasting Aid to make her Invincibly Strong.  If you want to be victorious over everything, then grow while in the arms of My Will.  It will empty Itself into you, and you will feel Its Life pulsing within you.  It will raise you up to be the Honor of Its Likeness and Its Triumphant Glory.”


Then I resumed my meditations on Divine Will.  The most beautiful scenes of Divine Operation appeared before my mind.  They gave themselves to me in so that I would understand how they receive my diminutive love with grateful thanksgivings.  Then my beloved Jesus continued. 


He said, “My blessed daughter, centuries of time belong to the one who Lives in My Will.  I Love to watch her because of what the other creatures have not done for Me, especially considering how My Love even Operates through what they have failed to do.”   


Someone who Lives in My Will sees Creation in action.  She gives Me kisses on behalf of a radiant sun hanging below the azure sky.  She demonstrates her filial love through the twinkling of every star above.  This is how a grateful daughter should act.  And I transform everything into joy for her so that they can defend what are now her properties.  It is so beautiful to be lovingly acknowledged through the Works We have done for them out of Love.”


She finds the brief era of Adam’s innocence and joins with him as they innocently embrace Me.  She gives Me the chaste kisses of his filial Love.  It makes Me happy to see My Paternity acknowledged with honorable Love.  It’s a beautiful feeling to be Loved as a Father by My children.  As I exchange Paternal Hugs and Kisses I give her all property rights to the Infinite Joys of My Fatherhood.  I’m so glad to give My children everything when I am Loved and acknowledged as their Father.  I wouldn’t deny My children anything if they were willing to give Me the Joy that is rightfully Mine as their Father.” 


I could never deny anything to someone who Lives in My Will, because that would feel as if I were denying Myself.  So I give her everything as she mimics the scene by giving Me everything.  This is Our work exchange, the mutual Love that acts out such moving scenes from the Paradise of God and the soul.  A thousand times Blessed is the one who comes to Live through the Celestial Sojourn of My Will.”


Someone who follows Divine Will enters into It as a queen.  She comes before Us courted by all Our Works.  She becomes the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin.  She unites herself with Her Us as does with Us.  This creature gives Us what We gave to Her, and what She gave to Us.  We can feel the Glory that her Love brings Us.  She hands over the Immense Seas that We first gave to Our Virgin Queen.  Our creature moves through all Her Acts again, as if the Queen were just now doing them on Our behalf.  Enough Grace to fill an endless void is Renewed between Heaven and earth.” 


The creatures’ soul being within Our Will, It blesses her activity as the replication of Its Works.  As she duplicates them, they are presented as a Gift for the one who has given It an opportunity to multiply them.  However, since the creature is incapable of giving Us everything We did in One Act as a single action on her part, the very fact of her littleness fills the void with Our Works, one small act at a time.”


With the Dominion that Our Will gives her, she descends within the Incarnation of the Word.  It is so Beautiful to see her filled with His Love.  She is adorned with the pearls of His Tears, and His Wounds.  She is the rightful owner of His Prayers.  All the Works of Our Word encompass her inside and out as Joy, Beatitude and Strength.  She is as inseparable as her Jesus.  Her heart is His Sacred Temple.  She multiplies His Life.  The scenes she reenacts as an encore move the Author who beholds them.”


A tiny little infant creature holds Jesus deep within her heart as she prays, suffers Love together with Him.  She is someone who can say, ‘Jesus is mine.  He controls me, and I operate as if I were Him.  I give Him the one thing He doesn’t have, my suffering.  That’s the only thing that makes His Life in me Complete.  He suffers from a lack of suffering, because now that He is in His Glory He can no longer have them.  So I supply Him with what He doesn’t have anymore, and He provides what I never had, which is everything.’” 


Within Our Will the creature is known as the ‘True Queen’, the one who owns everything.  She astonishes Us with Our own Works.  She sends Us into Raptures whenever she is in the act of forming Our own Happiness.  This is what the creature can give to Us from within Our Most Holy Will.”





February 24, 1934

By doing her will, the creature loses the Head, the Divine Reason,

the Order, the Regimen.  Jesus is the Head of the creature.


Continuing my rounds through Divine Will, Its sweet Imperial Power was as Irresistible as Its Love and Eternal Light.   These Qualities were pouring themselves over my tiny being again and I was carried away by a torrent of rapture into the Sea of Divine Will.  Its always has New Ways to surprise me with Its enrapturing Beauty.  Its Immensity carries everyone and everything within Its Womb.  Yet even more striking is Its Love for the creature.  It’s all seeing eye is ever upon her.  The immensity of Its heart enfolds her with Love.  It becomes hands and feet so It can hold her close to It bosom and teach her how to walk.  It yearns to give Its Life to the creature so she can Live It.  It makes delirious promises that It will be Victorious no matter what the cost.  It is determined that Its Life will form the Life of the creature.  My mind was lost in the midst of this spectacle of Love for Divine Will. 


Then my sweet Jesus, spoke to me with a voice that was all Tenderness.


He said, “My daughter, Man lost his Head when he followed his own will.  He was left without the Discipline of Divine Reason and had no sense the Order established by his Creator.  Without a Head, all the limbs wanted to take Its place.  The limbs have their talents, but they do not have the ability or the skills needed to be the Head.  They did not know how to maintain Discipline and Order among themselves.  The loss of coordination leads to chaos as each limb competes against the others.  The Head is no longer there to synchronize their activity.”


Our Supreme Being Loved man so much that It made Us suffer to see him without a Head.  This intolerable situation brought grave dishonor to Our Creative Work.  It is horrible for Us to see someone We Loved so much being in such torment.  We were conquered by Our Love and Our Divine Will took control.  It bid Me go down from Heaven to earth and made Me the Head of mankind.  I was sent to Reunite all the scattered members under My Head.  The members were restored to the Order, Discipline, Unity and Nobility of the Head.”


My Incarnation, followed by everything that I did and suffered up until My Death were all paths I opened for the scattered members to follow.  My Divine Head had the Power to bring the warmth that would make Life flow for the Resurrection of the dead members.  I gathered all the human generations into one single Body under My Divine Head.  It cost Me so much, but My Love helped Me overcome everything.  By facing all the suffering, Triumphed over everything.”


By not doing My Will, the Head is lost to the Body and the limbs grope around spasmodically.  They walk around down here like zombies and are to be pitied.  Everything good about the creature is centralized in My Divine Will where It forms Our Glory and that of all human generations.  This is the impetus for Our Delirious Promises.  We want to Conquer through Love and unprecedented sacrifice so that the creature may Live through Our Will.  So pay attention and make your Jesus happy.”





March 4, 1934

The acts done in the Divine Will form the ways, they embrace the centuries.  The one who forms the prison.  The Divine Engineer and the Insuperable Craftsman.


My poor intelligence is always going around through Divine Fiat to encounter His Acts and unite with them.  I court them to show my love and I tell Him, “I have the Love of Your Acts within my power.  I Love You as You Love me and I do whatever You are doing.”  It’s so beautiful to say, “I have vanished within Divine Will, so Its Love, Sanctity and Operating Power is mine. We walk together in lock-step, striding along with the very same movement.  We are one Love.”


I can hear festivities within this Divine Will.


It says, “I’m so glad not be alone anymore.  I have one Heartbeat and a Primal Movement.  A single Will flows through Me and is complete fused with My own.  She does exactly what I do and she never leaves Me alone.”


Later on, while my mind was still lost in Divine Volition, something occurred to me.


I wondered, “What good are the acts I perform within Divine Will?  I don’t have to do anything, because It does everything Itself.  When I am within It, It tells me to do what It does.  In fact, it’s impossible to be in It without doing what It does.  Its Power is so overwhelming that It fills me in my nothingness and makes me do what the All does.  It is unchanging and would never act otherwise.”


Then my sweet Jesus surprised me when He came for a short visit. 


Little daughter of My Will, It is Beautiful indeed.  There is no greater honor for a creature than to be admitted into It.  Even the briefest of Its Activities embrace centuries.  Since they are Divine, they are filled with so much Power that whatever you want to do can be done with them.  You can have anything you want.  The Divine Being is bound by these Acts because they are His, and He must appraise them according to their merit.”


In addition, Acts performed within My Will open pathways for other souls to enter.  This is crucial because the first heroic souls must come to Live in It to establish the principal thoroughfares into Its Kingdom for future generations.  Otherwise they couldn’t find a way into My Will.”


My daughter, the foundation of a city depends on the access roads leading into the worksite.  Everything else that a city must have are then built around them according to plan.  Its communication structure and other services are built along them.  Without a traffic plan with an organized system of intersections, the citizens would be confined in a prison because there wouldn’t be any maps to show them the way in or out.  The human will is like a city without roads.  It’s confined to its own prison, because all roads are closed leading out towards the Celestial City of My Divine Will.”


The soul who enters into It has broken out of prison to demolish this tragic city without roads.  In union with the Power of My Volition, the Divine Engineer has drawn up a city plan with efficient roads and means of communication.  It is the Ultimate Craftsman that builds a New Citadel of the soul with such skill that it is easy for other souls to enter.  From there they go on to erect further citadels until the Kingdom is firmly established.  This is the function of such Actions done from within My Will.  For Me they are crucial because without them there wouldn’t be a road leading to the establishment Its Dominion.  That’s why I want you always in My Will.  If you want to make your Jesus happy, then never come out of It.”





March 11, 1934

How one who does not Live in the Divine Will

places It in solitude and reduces It to silence. 

One who is the Temple of God.  The Divine Will, Temple of the soul. 

The little Host.  Sign in order to know if one Lives in the Divine Will.


I hear the continuous Echo of Divine Fiat thundering within my soul.   Its Overwhelming Power calls my little activities into Its Actions to unite them as one single Act.  It delights Itself with Its creature.  It no longer feels so all alone because It has someone to tell about Its Joy and Sorrow.  It’s finally been reprieved from solitude and silence. 


When It encounters someone who does not Live with Divine Volition, the weight of solitude bears down on It.  If It tries to speak and share Its Secrets, It is not understood, because she hasn’t the Light of Its Will to interpret Its Celestial Language.  It is Sorrowful to be around her, because It’s all Voice and Word without anyone who will listen.  Adorable Will, make me Live in You always lest You languish in Solitude.  Tell me anything You want and I will listen attentively.


My mind was still lost among the vast horizons of Divine Fiat when my sweet Jesus came for another brief visit.  He was all Goodness when He spoke to me.


He said, “You’re right, little daughter of My Volition.  Someone who does not Live in Our Will ignores Its solitude and refuses to converse with It.  Every creature is a New and unique fruit of Our Labor, and each one engages Us in a conversation that matches their own outlook on Life.  If he isn’t Living within Our Volition, the creature seems far away because he doesn’t belong to Us.  We feel alone because he ignores Us.  In fact, all he does is hold up Our Work.  If We tried to talk with him, it would be like speaking to someone deaf without the advantages of sign language.  The one who will not Live within Our Volition is another Cross We have to bear.  If he could, he would like to trip Us when We walk.  He would bind Our Arms in chains.  He an iconoclast who would demolish Our Most Beautiful Works.  I am the Word and he reduces Me to silence.” 


The soul in Grace is a temple of God.  However, when the soul Lives within Our Will, then God is the Temple of the soul.  There’s a huge difference between a creature as the temple of God, and God, the Temple of the soul.  The first temple is exposed to danger.  It is subject to his enemies, the passions.  These are uncaring temples of stone for Our Supreme Being.  They aren’t fit to Love It as they should.  The little lamp of his constant Love that shows reverence for the God who resides in him has been left unlit without oil.  If he should ever fall into grave sin, Our temple would collapse and be invaded by looters.  His enemies would desecrate the ruins.”


The second Temple, God, the Temple of the soul, is never in danger.  The enemies, the passions, dissipate in their futile siege.  The soul in this Divine Temple of Ours is like the small consecrated Host of Jesus’s Body within Its Tabernacle.  The soul draws on this Perpetual Love and accepts It as her Food.  She becomes a small living lamp that is always burning, and it will never going out.  Our Temple occupies Its Royal Abode with Its Volition fulfilled.  She is Our Triumphant Glory.” 


She prays, Loves and Lives through Divine Will.  She stands in for My Humanity on earth, suffering on My behalf.  She martials the army of Our Works to be Our escort.  As commander-in-chief, she arranges the logistics of Creation and Redemption.  She positions her army around Us in a strategic act of prayer and adoration.  Her forces engage in a militant act of Loving and glorifying Us.  The conquering hero leads her troops in a song of victory.  ‘Let Your Volition be known and Loved.  Let It Reign with Dominion over all the world.’  The anxious prayers and sighs of this little Host who Lives in Our Divine Temple are that Our Fiat embrace everyone.  Her intent is that We set aside all the evils of the creatures.  She petitions Its Omnipotent Breath to reside within everyone’s heart of as the Life of every creature.  There is no mission more important and beneficial to Heaven and earth than this Beautiful little Host who Lives in Our Holy Temple.”


Our Love and Power reveals Our strategic initiatives through the one who Lives in Our Will.  It makes Itself little and enters into the soul to shape her Life.  All this is going on beneath her skin.  It rises to Its own Immensity, erecting a sumptuous Temple that keeps her safe inside where It can enjoy her company.  The one who does Our Will is always occupied with Us, and We with her.  So be vigilant and make sure you are always within Our Will.”


Then I continued thinking about Divine Volition until my beloved Jesus spoke again.


He said, “The sign that a soul Lives within My Will is that all things internal and external are conveyors of My Will.  To say that ‘I have Its Life,’ and not feel It, is impossible.  She would feel It beating in her heart with every breath she takes.  She would be aware of blood circulating in her veins as she watches thoughts forming in her mind and giving words to her voice.  Internal acts echo the external to reveal the presence of My Will in the air she breathes, the water she drinks and the food she eat.  The sun hands off its external heat and light to her internal activities so they may become the Life of My Will.  One momentary act does not constitute life on its own.  Actions have to be constantly repeated before they are acknowledged as life.”


Within My Will everything is in the present tense.  Everything We have done is still going on at the moment.  So when the creature goes into It, she enters the Power of Our Present Activity and she does what We are doing.  Our Love constantly rises to fill the creature with Our Creative Power.  Each individual creature eventually comes to understand that everything the Creator does is done especially for her.  So she tries to do everything for Him to show her Love and appreciation.”


Those who live outside of Our Fiat, however, see everything We are doing as being done in the past for the common good rather than specifically for her right now.  So she sleeps in and doesn’t want to get up, because thinking of her love so far away just makes her more depressed.  Since she thinks that nothing is going on right now, she doesn’t feel like doing anything herself.  She’s lovesick.” 


That’s how different it is for someone Lives in My Will and those who Live outside of It.  You really can’t compare the two.  So pay attention and thank Me for the Great Good that I have done for you by letting you know what it means to Live within My Volition.”





March 25, 1934

Prayer in the Divine Will acts as spokesman for the Acts of the Divine Fiat. 

The Humanity of Our Lord possesses the Generative Virtue. 

Divine Love consists in Reproducing itself in everything and in each one.


My poor little mind doesn’t know how to stop.  It keeps searching for all the Activities of Divine Will.  I’m afraid that if don’t I might be evicted from the royal palace.  I would starve without Its Food.  I would suffocate without Its air to breathe.  I would be left as an invalid who could no longer wander through Its endless confines.


I go about seeking the Acts of Divine Will, and it seems like they are calling out to me.  Yet, in the meantime, they are already in the process of uniting with me. 


They whisper in my ear, “We are under your spell.  With the Power of this Activity you have sufficient wherewithal to ask and petition for the Kingdom of Our Supreme Fiat.  You need Divine Action to acquire Divine Volition.  As the creature comes into It, Our Acts wrap Themselves around hers and Our Action takes over hers in Triumph.  Once united, both can ask for the Triumphant Dominion of Our Will on earth as It is in Heaven.’”


My mind enjoys the enchanting vista of my little actions surrounded by Seas of Divine Activity.  My little love is surrounded by the Sea of Divine Love.


Its Ancient voice never stops asking for ‘Fiat Voluntas Tua,’ on earth as It is in Heaven.


Then my Sovereign Jesus startled me.  His voice was full of Love when He spoke.


He said, “My blessed daughter, it’s so sweet and consoling to hear the Power of My Will Acting within the creature’s humble activities.  We are always listening for the love and adoration of the creature asking that My Fiat come down to Reign Supreme on the earth.  It uses the creature’s diminutive love as a herald resounding through all her acts, asking for Its Kingdom.  It won’t take on that role for Itself.  It would rather use her as intermediary to do this on Its behalf.” 


This prayer has Divine Power and all the Wealth and Weaponry it needs to wage an endless war on Us for a Higher Purpose.  By force of arms it would compel God to come down upon earth to Live within each creature.  It forces My Divine Will and all Its Works to pray that It come to Reign Supreme on earth.  Its sole purpose is to prepare a place within God for the creature.  It is a Divine Prayer with Miraculous Powers to attain everything it wants.”


Then I continued abandoning myself in Jesus’ arms.  His Divine Heart was pounding with Joy.  Love was pouring out of Him.  Jesus spoke to me sweetly, though I could hear both Delight and Regret in His voice. 


He said, “My daughter, every Act of My Humanity has the Power to instill Holy thoughts in the creature’s mind.  It Generates Light within everything she considers, filling her thoughts with the Knowledge of Divine Science.  As It continues streaming this channel of Wisdom into her mind, these New Truths overflow in torrents through the minds of other creatures.” 


Every creature has in the back of her mind a secret repository of what My Mind has Generated within My children’s thoughts.  Some of these creatures court this Knowledge as something Honorable.  They are given the freedom to be productive with the Bounty that is now their own.  Unfortunately, most creatures just neglect what they have been given until such goodness expires inside them.”


My Gaze Generates endless glances of Love, Compassion, Tenderness and Mercy.  I never lose sight of anyone.  My Gaze diffracts endlessly, multiplying Itself for everyone.  The Power of My Gaze has pity on them and pours Itself over their human misery.  It captures the creature in the pupil of My Eye and It is Powerful enough to keep them all safe.  I come to her defense and surround her with an Affection beyond what she can express.  I show her such Tenderness that everyone in Heaven is amazed.”


My tongue Speaks to Generate Words of Sublime Teachings that give Life.  It Engenders Prayers that Wound.  It Speaks Arrows of Love that Generate My Ardent Love for everyone so that I am Loved by all.  My Hands Generate Good Works with wounds, nails and Blood.  To make Me Work of each and every one them, they need only embrace Me. My Will exudes a soothing balm to heal their wounds so that the nails seem sweet.  They are purified by the Blood that washes them.  I embrace them and hold them aloft in My arms to make a spectacle of My Triumph.” 


My entire Humanity continuously Generates a reproduction of Itself in each creature.  Moreover, Our Divine Love also reproduces Itself in each and every one.  If We did not have this Generative Power, Our Humanity would be a mere poetic device rather than an actual fact.  When We speak We are only confirming what We have already done.  Our Word sanctions Our deed.  This Generative Power is a natural attribute of Our Divinity, which Itself is inseparable from My Humanity.  Our Generative Power hovers over the creatures as a Mother with wide open arms, generating Its Life within them in a marvelous way.  However, only those who live within My Will under Its Sovereign Reign receive Its full effects.  They are the mature fruit of My ongoing Generation.  As My Actions are generated, My children replicate them in a way that is just as admirable.”





April 28, 1934

In every Act that the Divine Will does,

It calls all creatures in order to give the Good that Its Act contains. 

Example:  the sun.


I am always within Its Fiat, an Inheritance I cherish.  Its sweet Imperial Power fills me as I am being absorbed by It.  I don’t even have enough time to lament being denied the company of my beloved Jesus, though this sorrow weighs heavily on me.  The infinite varieties of It continual Activity impose on me to be a participant who is always present within their Goodness.  It often tells me how much It Loves me, and asks, ‘How much do you love Us?’  My mind was lost and in rapture, overwhelmed by the Blessings It is always trying to give me.  That’s why It wants me to be present within Its Activities.  It’s Love is so Good to me.


Then I was startled by my Sovereign Jesus.


He said, “Little daughter of My Volition, your Jesus has a duty to Reveal the Secrets of My Divine Will.  Its Love is so full that It’s always overflowing, and It needs the creature to be a spillway for Its Abundance.  There is so much that My Will asks all creatures to be present within Its Activity.  It wants each of them to Live exclusively within Its Will so that It can give all of them the Bounty stored within Its Actions.  It wants everyone encompassed within Its daughter’s Activity so they may receive their share of the Goodness in her Divine Inheritance.  The only stipulation is that the one who voluntarily lives within Our Will for the Love of It is the fiduciary of Its bequest.”


Those who live outside of It may still receive a share in Its Wealth, but that up to the Heiress.  Since she’s the one who knows enough to Live within Our Volition, she is the one who will take possession of Our Household Goods and decide for the rest.  With a wholly Divine Generosity, We give her trusteeship of all the Goods bequeathed to them.  These are the blessings to be paid out as interest in the form of all the good effects that are generated from the Principal.  We will not leave them to die of hunger for want of their Creator’s Abundance.  The nature of Our Will is for the Universal Common Good.  So every Act It performs calls out to everyone.  It will embrace them all and make sure they are included in the Divine Inheritance of Its Bounty.”


Consider the sun as a symbolic image.  Since My Fiat Created it for the Universal Common Good, it brings its light to everyone.  It would never deny anyone their fair share.  If someone were to refuse the goodness inherent in sunlight, those rays that were given him do not self-destruct out of spite.  It is patient and will wait for someone to make the right decision by welcoming the advantages of having sunshine.” 


The sun does not deny itself to anyone.  It readily gives itself, even to those who would rather avoid the benefits of sunlight.  They can still share in the Inheritance by enjoying the sun’s warmth, or the keeping of time.  That does not prejudice their right to every aspect of the sun’s role as a leading actor among created things.  It helps nourish some creatures to maturity and others develop a sweetness that only the sun can give.  One way or another, every created thing has something of the sun’s qualities within them.  Every creature who eats a plant or its fruit or seeds takes in the good effects of sunlight.  Even those who avoid the sun’s rays benefit so much from its good qualities.”


My Will is greater than the sun.  With every Act It performs, It calls all creatures into Its presence and sustains them with Its Divine Abundance.  Someone who Lives in Our Will takes possession of the good things My Volition gives her every time It does something.  This Goodness feels very natural to her once she has control of It.  Goodness, Patience, Love and Light are there to serve her.  They are thankful for the Heroism of her Sacrifice, which was also given to her.  She uses them effortlessly whenever the occasion arises.  Even if she happens not to be using them, she always has them at the ready.  They are her retinue of Honor, noble princesses who glorifying her for having been given to such a creature through My Volition.  Yet keen eyesight is of no avail if she’s not looking.  Vision is hers, however, she must direct it or it’s useless.  She doesn’t use her eyes all the time anyhow, but they’re at her beck and call whenever she needs them.  Having them at all brings her glory and she feels honored to have been given them.”


“It’s impossible to have My Will without Its attributes becoming second nature.  That would be like sunshine naked of warmth, food without substance, or life denying its own heartbeat.  So the one who has My Will in their possession also has the Gift of It Attributes.  My Divine Volition brings them to her and she accepts them.”





May 6, 1934

Prime Purpose of the Redemption:  to Restore the Life of the Divine Will in the creature. 

How God does the minor things in order to give a place for His Greater Works.


I am submerged under huge waves of Divine Fiat.  The Power of Its Divine Action and the force of all things makes it impossible to ignore.  You can touch and feel all that originates in Divine Volition.  You are thankful to be the Bearer of such a Holy Volition.  God’s Primary Objective in both Creation and Redemption is to have the Life of His Divine Will pulsing through each creature and within everything else.  He wants all activity, and everything associated with it, transferred into His Royal Place through His Will.   That would be Right and Just, since He is the Author of everyone and everything.  It’s no wonder that He should expect a leading role in all things. 


So I followed the Acts of Divine Will in Its Acts until I arrived at Redemption.  Then my beloved Jesus stopped me and I heard Him sigh.


He said, “My daughter, in Our Divine Mind, the Primary Objective of Redemption was to Restore the Kingdom of Divine Will within creatures.  So We situated Our Divine Will within her and allowed her to operate through It.  She performed the most beautiful and noble acts whenever she used It.  It was Divine Folly that made Us Love this creature for her activities.”


We gave her everything We had and We Loved Ourselves in her.  That made Our Love so constant, perfect and fulsome that We couldn’t disentangle Ourselves from her.  It was Our own Will residing within the creature that compelled Us to Love her.  The Imperial Power of My Fiat that called me down from Heaven to earth.  It had a Right to insist that Its Noble Acts of Divinity be Restored and kept safe from further harm.  Everything was out of order and We had to set things right.  First We saved the creature from herself and put her in a safe place.  Then Our Will performed the most beautiful Act of Divinity by placing all things from alpha omega within her.  It would have been unnatural if We had not kept all these things in a safe place, because they were needed for the Restoration of Its Kingdom.”


Creatures naturally think first of saving themselves before assisting others.  If you can’t save yourself, there’s no way that even the most virtuous would have the power to save others.  Restoring the Kingdom of My Will within the creature is the Greatest Act that a God can do.  It was there that I kept My own Life safe and secure.  So by saving Myself, everyone had a place where they could be safe.  There would be no further danger because they had the Power of Divine Life, and within It, they had everything they needed in superabundance.”


My Redemption, My Life, My Suffering and Death was to prepare creatures for the Good Life.  I made these arrangements to open the way for a Great Miracle, the Kingdom of My Will governing all human generations.  It’s not important that they have yet to see Its Life bearing fruit, because My Humanity enfolds the seed of Life, My Fiat. This seed has the Power to multiply within hearts where It will germinate them.  That is how the Life of My Will should be restored in creatures.”


There is no Action taken by the Supreme Being that does not come forth from Our Will.  It has so much Love that It implants Its Life within Our Actions.  In fact, It demands the Right to develop Its Life there.  Redemption would make no sense if I weren’t going to restore these Rights to My Will.”  


The right to Redeem was restored in My Celestial Mother as well as My Humanity only because My Will had First Rights to determine that I would be tasked with Redemption.  Otherwise there would be no place prepared for My descent, nor anyway of getting there.  My Humanity made a sacrificial covenant to suffer on Its behalf so Its rights could be restored and that It would eventually Reign Supreme over the human family.  So remain united with Me and keep praying.  Spare no sacrifice, even at the cost of your life, for this Holy Cause.  This is about Divine Heroism and Its Enormous Love for all creatures.”


I was worried about what just happened and had some doubts.


I thought, “The Primary Objective of His Coming on earth was to establish the Kingdom of Divine Will, and that Redemption would prepare for Its coming.  Well, the fruit of Redemption is as abundant as it is obvious, however, the Sovereign Reign of His Fiat is nowhere to be seen.”


Jesus heard me and responded.


He said, “My daughter, it would be absurd and against Divine Order if Our Will was not given deference in all things whatsoever, and that’s what We do.  The Kingdom of My Divine Will first began with My Celestial Mother, and then through My Humanity.  She was the fulsome Avatar of Supreme Will, and Redemption came through Her.  Both the Queen of Heaven and I exercised the Power of this Kingdom to the fullest extent.  We represented the entire human family as Figureheads so that We could gather all the scattered members for the Redemption that was to come.  It was truly the Kingdom of My Will that gave birth to Redemption.  If My Mom and I didn’t already have full possession of It, the rest would have remained virginal within Our Divine Mind.” 


I am the Head, King, Savior and True Sanctifier of mankind.  My members have a right to what the Head controls.  Moreover, since children also have a right to inherit the Mother’s property, Redemption is theirs.  The Head wants to heal the members and bind them to Himself through His suffering and Death so they may enjoy the virtues of the Head.  The Mother gathers Her children around so they can get to know Her better and then She informs them about what they will receive as heirs.  In the world of time, the Kingdom of My Will mandated Redemption as a Primal Act Powerful enough to transport the Head’s members into Its Realm.  The two go hand in hand.”


I Love creatures so much that I insistently urge them to begin from within My Will and nowhere else.  Considering that I am Its Life who came down from Heaven to earth at great cost to Myself, there’s no reason why My Will shouldn’t be a Priority.  My daughter, they have such a hard time understanding that a single Act of My Will is worth more than all creatures put together.  My Will gave Life to Redemption, not the other way around.  Redemption has no such Power in and of Itself.  My Fiat has neither beginning nor end.  It is Eternal, whereas Redemption grew from within the world of time.  Only My Unbegotten Volition can give Life to all things, so It is by Nature the Prime Mover of what It has brought into existence.  Our Primary Objective is that Our Will have complete control over how It operates as the Reigning Sovereign of all Life.”


You say that the fruit of Redemption is readily apparent, but the Kingdom of Divine Will is nowhere to be seen.  That only because creatures don’t understand the Way Divinity Works.  The minor things We do open enough space for Us to complete Our Greater Works.  Both of them contribute to Our Primary Objective.  My daughter, Our Primary Purpose for Creation was man, but first We had to Create the sky with its sun moving over the earth, wind and sea.  We had to create a dwelling place for him that would have everything he needed to live well.”


When We Created Man, We started with his body before infusing a soul that is by far more noble and precious than his physical being.  It’s often necessary to do the minor works first to prepare a decent place for Our Greater Works.  So It shouldn’t surprise you that when I came down from Heaven onto the earth, Our Divine Mind’s Primary Objective to establish the Kingdom of Our Will for humankind.” 


The first time man offended Us, he was really aiming at Our Will.  So Our First Objective was a Restorative Justice that would reconcile such an unwanted violation of Our Will so It could reclaim Its Royal Palace.  Then came a Redemption that was super-abundant in every way.  Its Excesses of Love were enough to Astonish Heaven and earth.  It was gracious in offering a Redemption that would restore everyone’s dignity by filling a sumptuous Hope Chest with My suffering and Death.  Only then would My Kingdom be established.  The redeemed would dwell there and serve in Its standing army.  When My Will begins Its Sovereign Reign on earth, they shall attend to It in the Court of My Royal Palace.”


My suffering would heal man, and My Death would give him Life.  I could have shed but a single tear and that would have been enough to save everyone.  A mere sigh would have done it, or one drop of My Blood, because everything I did was energized by My Supreme Will.  My Will empowered My Humanity and flowed through all My Activities, including the excruciating pain I suffered.  It sought out each person and kept them safe.  No one can prevent such a Holy Will from fulfilling Its Primary Goal.  It is filled with Power and embraces everything.  Without It, there is neither Goodness nor Life.  The very thought is reduced to absurdity.  I want you to acknowledge It as the Primary Activity of all things so you can see yourself within Our Divine Order.  We defer to the Preeminence of Our Will in everything without exception.”





May 12, 1934

Extreme need for abandonment in the Divine Volition, Virtue of It. 

How we all go around God, only the human will goes wandering

and is the disturber of everything.


My poor heart is desperate for me to abandon myself in Fiat.  Its Divinity is both Mother and Father to me.  These two arms of Light hold me tight to Its bosom.  The way It recycles Itself through me feels as tender a Mother who loves Her daughter so much that She can’t bear to part from her.  Such a Mother would give her very Life for Her daughter, and She does exactly that by regenerating Her Life within this child.  The delirium of Divine Passion compels Her attentiveness.  This Holy Mother watches Her daughter with a solicitous heart.  Once Her daughter has been conceived, She remains in constant labor long after her birth as she raises Her own Life within this child who is completely abandoned in Her arms.  Abandonment in Divine Will makes it possible for Our Celestial Mother to show her gentle care and loving kindness while generating Her Life within a creature.  She gives the same Life engendered within Her, purely of Divine Will.  “My beautiful Mom, please keep me here in Your bosom of Light so I can feel Your Life within me.  Your Light is constantly painting me to let me know how much You Love me.   It tells me who You are, a Mother who is Beautiful, Lovable, and Adorable.” 


While my mind was still lost and totally abandoned in Divine Volition, my sweet Jesus came for another brief visit.


He said, “My blessed daughter, the more someone understands about My Volition, the more they enjoy Its Beauty and Sanctity.  They also gain more of Its advantages.  Abandonment within It removes all obstacles.  It clasps the soul so tightly in Its arms that My Fiat can easily regenerate Its Divine Life within the creature.” 


If you are in truth full abandoned there, that says, more by deeds than with words, ‘Do with me whatever You want with me.  My life is Yours.  I don’t want to know anything more about my past life.’  When a creature abandons herself like this, she is at the mercy of My Divine Will.  All things, including human nature, are animated by the Eternal Motion of God.  Everything revolves around Him.  Your respiration, heartbeat and circulation, as with all things in Creation, are subject to It Imperious Movement through Eternity.  Since all life derives from this Motion, nothing can be thought of apart from God.  Everyone and everything without exception follows Life as It revolves around the Supreme Being.”


Lungs cannot breathe without Life, nor can the heart pulse without It.  Every move a creature makes is dependent on It.  Whether she wants to or not, everything about her life is subject to uninterrupted Movement of the Eternal.  Her breath, heartbeat and mobility are part of the same Relentless Action.  Moreover, they all interact together and with other created things as an ensemble in procession around God.”


Only the human will is exempt.  Rational creatures were created with the great gift of a free will that can freely tell Us whether he loves Us or not.  He is not compelled to do this as he is to breathe so that his heart may beat.  Nor can he move as an independent agent without his Creator’s Motion.  Human will cannot be compelled to Love Us.  If he wants to be with Us and accept Our Will as the Life operating within him, that’s his choice.”


This is the greatest gift We gave to creatures and he should be greatly honored to have it.  But he was ungrateful and withdrew from Our Indivisible Union.  What connected him with everyone and everything was lost.  Such degradation is debilitating.  He has lost the Unique Power he had been given.  In all Creation, he is the only one to lose his way along with his honor.  Once endowed with Glorious Beauty, he now suffers from compulsive wanderlust.  He resigned from his position within Our Will despite Our mournful plea that he return to his privileged standing with Us.” 


Though everything has its place, even human respiration and heartbeat, he is a stateless refugee.  Yet he has no choice but to live in a universe of constant motion along with everyone else.  Since everything is richly endowed with the Eternal Motion of their Creator, nothing is truly deprived or enfeebled other than human will.  That’s the only thing that declines its Royal Privilege within Our Divine Volition.  Such a being is truly lost and impoverished.  Suffering from depression and other psychological problems, he is constantly disturbing the human family.  So if you want to be happy and rich, never leave your lofty place of honor within Our Will.  If you remain in place, you will have power over everything.  Light, Power, and even My Will are your birthright.”





May 20, 1934

The Divine Will devours everything as within a single breath,

all the acts done in It, and It forms of them one alone. 

The Divine Will forms the covering of the Humanity of Our Lord,

and makes It present to creatures.


I felt poor and loveless even though I am willing and able to love Him so very much.  I had just received my sweet Jesus Sacramentally and He was immersed in Love.  Yet even though I only had a few drops of It, He asked me for my love so He could give me His own Love in return.  How can I ever have a fair exchange with Him in anything? 


I thought, “My Celestial Mom wants me to love Her Jesus as much as I can.  So I want to pour my few drops of love into Her Seas of Love, and I will tell Him so, ‘I Love You so much.  I Love You like Your Mom Loves You.’  The Sovereign Lady was so happy that Her little daughter Loved Jesus with His Mother’s Love that She rejoiced, and He was even happier to be Loved by me with His Mom’s Love.”


I could hear the contentment in His voice when He spoke.


He said, “My little daughter of My Volition, someone who Lives in My Fiat is never alone in her activities.  It incorporates her being into everything that It has done or ever will do within Itself on behalf of all creatures.  I could feel My daughter’s love in My Mother’s, and My Mom’s Love within My daughter’s.  It’s so Beautiful to have your tiny little drops of love filled with My Mom’s Immense Seas of Love.”


I enjoy Heaven flowing through the actions performed by someone who Lives within My Will.  I can feel It in her willingness to love Me.  I encounter the creature in Heaven through her willingness to act out her love for Me.  Her little drops of love fills Heaven to Its Empyrean Heights and permeates everyone there.  They coalesce into a single Act of True Love emanating from Our One Will.  All of Heaven feels Loved and Glorified within the creature’s activity.  She feels Love by everyone in Heaven.”


Everything in My Will is Unified.  In My Will everything is Unity, nothing exists on its own, nor is there distance between different places or times.  Centuries disappear within My Volition.  Its Power devours everything in a single gulp.  It amalgamates everything in one unremitting Act.  Fortunate is the one who Lives in My Volition.  Only she can say, ‘I do what everyone in Heaven is doing.  My Love is very similar to theirs.’


Only those who Live outside of My Volition act independently.  They suffer in solitude because their actions have nothing to do with Ours.  Since their activities are devoid of Its Power, nothing they do will be transformed into Light.  None of their deeds can be incorporated with the Acts of Our Will.  It is the Uncreated Light that incorporates everything into Itself.  No one should wonder that Light from Light is Eternally One.”


When I abandon myself in the arms of Baby Jesus, He appeared to me.  Though He was already immersed in Love, He abandoned Himself in mine so He could enjoy the Love Our Mom had given me so I could give It to Him.


He said, “My daughter, you see Me as a little Baby because every period of My Life coexists within My Divine Will.  It holds all My tears and the suffering I endured is still there along with everything I did on earth.  Everything I did over the course of My Life is still going on within It on the creature’s behalf.  It conjures My Life as a Baby so they can taste the fruit of My Infancy.  My tender Love for creatures was so overwhelming that I cried.  Tears are the baby’s way of asking for loving compassion.”


It conjures Me as a little boy with an Enchanting Beauty so that the creature will be captivated by their love for Me.  It conjures Me as a young man to enchant them with My unconditional solidarity with creatures.  I am revealed as Crucified so that reparations are made and all is forgiven.  The entire Life of My Humanity on earth is still going on so they might benefit from It.  The Power of My Will resides in Its Infinite Love.  I made my rounds for thirty-three years, and then I departed for Heaven.  Yet even though that was enough for many centuries to come, My Life is still going on so that every creature who will ever Live may benefit from It.”


The Holy Church has the great honor of having souls who were Blessed at the sight of Me and have heard Me speak as It I were Living among them once again thanks to My Divine Will.  It gift-wraps Me and gives Me as a present for My creatures.  My Humanity is wrapped in Its Immensity which has the Power to manifest My Life in the present moment.  When It shows Me in the act of being born, It wraps Me in the Infant Childs’s body.  Since I am still growing within It, at times It wraps Me in the body of a little boy.”


My entire Life is within Its Power, and It makes it into whatever It Wills for Me.  Depending on the age It wants to show, It covers Me with the appropriate body so that My entire Life can be seen in the present moment Acting among creatures on their behalf.  My Will has your Jesus Living out His entire Life within It so that He can meet the needs of each individual creature at various points in their lives.  It covers Me in the body most appropriate to a creature so she can see that I suffer and cry.  I am still being born and I continue to die because I burn with Love for My creatures.  Moreover, I so much want to be Loved by them.  My Will can do anything and everything.  It is the Primal Urge that moves all things.  It has the Power to sustain and Preserve Our Works with Perfect Equilibrium now and forever.”


My daughter, My greatest sorrow is that creatures know very little about what My Adorable Will does for them.  Its Great Goodness offers Itself to them so they may come to understand It.  Since, no one can love and appreciate something they don’t know about, they obviously can’t give Our Works the Priority they deserve.  My Will is the Primal Fountain that feeds the little fountains of all Our Works.  It is the source of Life and all the other Good things they give to creatures.” 


If they knew what the Will of God means and the Bounty It provides for them, the earth would be transformed.  The would be so enticed that their gaze would always be fixed upon It so they might receive Its everlasting goodness.  Since It is unknown to them, they have no way of even thinking about It.  So whether they want It or not, they lose some of It Goodness.  If creatures know It or not, the result is much the same as if they believed It or not.”


My Divine Fiat gives life, movement and everything else you can imagine.  It is the primary motive driving all Creation.  I would Love so much for creatures to know what It does, what It can do, and all It has done throughout Its Divine History.  Then they would be confident that It will continue lavishing New Gifts upon them to show Its Love for creatures with more abundantly.  That’s why I ask you to sacrifice your life for It.  You can understand why I didn’t ask anyone else instead, considering how much this sacrifice has cost you so far.  You have to reconsider your sacrifice only when obstacles arise, depending on the circumstances, while I must consider your sacrifices every day.  I take into consideration the intensity, the degree of difficulty, the opportunity costs in your daily life, and how you have agreed to submit yourself to such a great sacrifice.”


Good daughter, your sacrifice was necessary for My Will to make Itself known.  Its Knowledge used you as a channel to make Itself known.  Your sacrifice is a powerful weapon that It wields to Conquer by Unveiling Itself.  In triumph it will open Its bosom of Light and reveal who It is.  By pandering to his own human will, he rejected the Life of Divine Will and It was lost to him.  This made it necessary for a creature to submit her will as a sacrificial victim, even at the cost of her life.  She abandoned self-control so My Volition could move in and introduce Itself as the Restoration of Its Divine Life.”


That’s how We always Operate.  We want to double and redouble Our super-abundance for creatures.  This sacrifice of one creature is a pretext for making known the Good things We want to do on Our creatures’ behalf.  So the Goodness We give depends only on how much Knowledge they have acquired about It.  So pay attention and don’t waste your time wondering about why you are like this.  It is Our Will and that should be all the reason you need.  Just be happy and grateful for It.”





June 16, 1934

The human will was Created queen in the midst of Creation. 

How everything flows between the fingers of Our Creator.


I continue abandoning myself in Divine Fiat.  Each Activity is another kind of food that nourishes Its Life growing within me.  Its Power imposes on my human will, conquers it and sends it into rapture.


Then He says to it, “If you Live with Me you will share in My Happiness.  I sent you out into the light of day, not to keep you far away, but here with Me, within My Will.  I Created you out of My need to Love you and be Loved in return, that is, your creation was required for My Love, the mountain top of My Will.  This is My little playing field where I show off the Mastery of My Works as they are being developed to pour out My Love. 


Adorable Will, you are so Lovable, and admired by all.  You want me within You so that Your Overflowing Love may come to life.  You Love creatures so much that You want them to Live within Your Divine Volition.  You did not Create us without a will, like the sky and the sun that travels across it without deviation.  You made us so that you can do whatever You want with us.”


As I was meditating on this, I was startled by my sweet Jesus, and His voices was all Goodness when He spoke to me.


He said, “Blessed daughter, of all the things We created, human will was the most beautiful, because it resembles Us so much.  It was the queen, the crown of creation.  All things are beautiful.  The sun smiles its vivifying light and gladdens everything.  Its light is incarnate in every hand and eye.  You can see it in the way everyone walks.  The beautiful sky covers everything with its starry mantle.  Yet, of all the beautiful things We created, none can boast that they have actually loved Us, not in the least.  No love comes pouring out of them, they have nothing to offer in exchange.  All you can hear is their thundering silence.  Everything We do is done without assistance.  We hear no echo of the rumbling Seas of Love within all created things.  Not a drop overflows for Us.  Nothing can pour out without the interaction of two sentient wills that know the difference between good and evil.”


Human will was created to be the queen in the midst of Creation.  Autocratic sovereign over herself and all created things, her Love overflowed for her Creator.  She was free to do good things for the world with extraordinary valor and heroic sacrifice, as long as she was on the side of Good.  Turning to the dark side, an evil queen can ruin the world before being ejected from on high down to the abyss of total misery.”


Yet since We Loved the human will more than anything else, We made her queen over them.  We longed to hear it say that she loved Us so that Our Love would come pouring out.  We wanted a worthy competitor in Our game of Love, so We challenged it to show that its love for Us could match Our Love for it.  We gave it every privilege, even Our very Likeness.  Human will is nothing more than a simple act, though it performs with the hands, feet and voice of a human being.”


Without a will, a creature would be a lowly beast of burden that works for others.  There would be no sign of Our Divine Nobility.  We are Pure Spirit, there’s not a shadow of the material in Us.  Yet We fill everyone and everything.  We are the life within all creatures, the movement of their hands, feet and eyes.  Human life flows through Our fingers as both actor and spectator.  We are the breath of every creature, the pulse that beats in every heart.” 


What We do for everyone and everything, human will does for itself.  The privileges We gave it are mirrored in Our own, and that’s what We like to watch.  Our Love, Power, Wisdom and Goodness are to be reflected in the simplest act of the human will.  Human will, you were so beautiful when We Created you.  Beautiful is the sky and the sun, but not nearly as pretty as you.  Yet had you no such beauty, just telling Us you love Us would bring you great glory for having enchanted your Creature with rapture.”





June 24, 1934

One who Lives in Our Will feels the Divine Heartbeat in her works,

she knows Its Aim, she operates together and is the beloved of Our Fiat.


I felt so content in the arms of Divine Will.  Its Goodness is beyond compared.  It showed me all It had done out of Love for creatures, just so I would know, and it was very pleasant indeed.  It was renewing the Glory of everything It did to gain our Love.  It did everything out of Pure Love.  It’s not happy being unknown.  It wants to be loved again and again by the one who allowed It to achieve Its indescribably Magnificent Works.


Then, while my mind was lost in contemplation before such a great variety of Divine Works, my always Lovable Jesus came for another brief visit.


He said, “My little daughter, Our Loving Works want to come Alive within the creature.  It wants them to feel Its Love pulsing inside so they can taste the fruit of Our Works.  If It could only be born within them, they too would produce the fruit of Divine Love.  Everything We have done is still going on just as before.  We call the creature into the Actions We are taking so she can see how much Love We put into Our Works.  We want her to know how much Wisdom and Power went into their enactment.  Our primary intention in everything We did was to recapture the creature’s love for Us.  Everything We did pulsated with a Love that longed to reverberate in the creature’s heart as Love for Us.”


We have within Our Divine Being everything good that can possibly be imagined, and there’s nothing else We need.  We have the Creative Power to make whatever is Good whenever We want.  Every Work We do outside of Ourselves is done out of Love for her.  We want her to know who it is that Loves her so much.  These Works are the stairs she climbs to bring Us her love.  Those who know Us not are robbers.  We are betrayed by those who do not love Us.”


My daughter, someone who lives within Our Will pulsates with beat of Our Heart, which is found in all created things along with Our Knowledge.  Our Aim is to exchange love with her.  When the creature comes in, It wraps her with Its Wings of Light and hold her to Its bosom.  When she accepts Its unremitting Action as her own, It says, ‘Rather than just watch how I do things, join Me in My Work and you will understand exactly what I am doing.  My Love was customized for each created thing as I made them.  That will teach you about all the various degrees of My Love so can learn by immersion as you drown in It.  You will become so absorbed in It that the only words that come to you will be that you Love Me, Love Me, Love Me.  Until you learn how, you won’t have Our Love in Full, nor will you enjoy the fruit Our Works.”


When the creature enters Our Will, she is superbly enriched by Creation, Redemption and all the other Works of her Creator.  It’s amazing how much New Glory she gives Us.  It’s as if Our Works were being replicated.  Everything We’ve done flows through the creature like a channel.  It is Our Will that this should happen.  When she uses Our own Power to replicate Our Work, We are so Glorified, It’s as if We stretched out a New Heaven over a newly established Creation.  When she comes into Our Volition, We welcome her.  Our New Love overflows as We tell her, ‘Come in and look at what We’ve done.  It’s real, tangible, you can touch It with your hand if you like.  Our Works are not dead, they Live for you.  As you get to know them, you bring Us New Glory by replicating Our exchange of Love.’”


In truth, Our Works praise and glorify Us.  Yet It is We who are constantly praising and glorifying Ourselves through them.  Only the creature who lives in Our Will can give Us something more.  She gives Us her human will by operating through Our Works.  She offers her intellect as she gets to know them, and that inspires her to give Us an altogether new kind of Love.  We are magnified by a human will that adds to Our Glory as she replicates Our Work.  I want you always within My Divine Fiat so you can learn Its Secrets by taking large gulps of It venerable Knowledge.  Life is given by knowing It.  Our Purpose is fulfilled in the replication of Our Works.”





June 29, 1934

Attention, eye of the soul.  In the Divine Will there are no blind ones. 

The magnet, the mintage of the Divine Image in our acts. 

God makes Himself Prisoner of the creature.


Divine Volition never leaves me alone.  It keeps a close watch on me as It invades my thought.  It controls my slightest activities in the work I do with It.  Craving attention, It lets me know in no uncertain terms that It intends to infiltrate my activity.  We take turns watching each other as It gives and I receive.  It scolds me when I’m not paying attention, but It does so with heartbreaking sweetness.


It says, “Attention is the eye of the soul that unwraps My Gift to her.  It guides her activity so that It can take advantage of My investment in her.  I won’t give any of My Treasure to the spiritually blind.  So I want you to take a good look at It so you will know exactly what It is that I want to give.  You have to see a gift before you can appreciate it.  When you get to know it, you will understand, and then you will love it.  As you see My Light more vividly, you will feel the Power of My Love.  I greatly appreciate your thought, word and deed, not matter how little they may be.  They reflect the doings of My Divine Will which knows a Love Supreme.  I have to see eye to eye with someone who wants to Live in It.  We have to look each over and reach an understanding.  Once We are known, everything’s done.  Living in My Divine Will has commenced with great vigor.”


Later on, as my mind was lost in thought within a Sea of Light, I was startled by my sweet Jesus.


He said, “My daughter, living within My Will is like being in Heaven.  It makes the soul attentive to the Life of Love, Light, Prayer and Divine Action.  Life pulses through her activities.  Someone who follows Divine Will and Lives in It, becomes a magnet for Divine Activity.  For her, every little thought, word and deed become powerful magnets that attract her Creator with such force that He can’t pull away from the creature.  The gaze of Our Supreme Being is pulled toward hers and they lock eyes.  The arms of Our Divine Will are drawn to her and they hug each other tight.  We pour out into her so much that she Loves Us just the way We Love Ourselves.” 


When the creature acts as a magnet for Us, Our Excesses of Love become more extreme.  As she performs her act, even an insignificant one, We Mint them as Divine Coins so that Our Actions may circulate far and wide.  We stamp Our Coins with Our Supreme Image and deposit them in Our Divine Treasury.  The creature can withdraw them to invest in Us.  She earns interest and dividends that she reinvest in Us so that Our Coinage may circulate more widely.  Our Supreme Being is paid with Our own currency by the creature.  We stamp them with Our Image to prevent counterfeiting.  Once you come to understand this, your heart will burst with Pure Love.”


We have the Power to give Ourselves to creatures.  Since We own everything, the act of giving is Our way of pouring out Our Love.  Arranging for the creature to give Us Our Activities, as if they were her own, shows Our Love Supreme as generously showering her with endless coins minted with Our Image.  ‘You have wounded Us with ecstatic Love.  Your actions have captured Us with a magnetic force that pulls Us into you.  It’s so sweet being Prisoners in your soul.  Having been challenged to a game of tit for tat, We cast a net of rapture that ensnares You within Us.  So keep your eyes open, My daughter.  Look closely so you can know for certain what My Divine Will wants to do in you.”





July 8, 1934

What is needed in order to form the Life of the Divine Will in the creature. 

Veil that hides It, exchange of life.


The searching eye of Divine Volition is constantly monitoring my interior to see my Primary Activity is His adorable Will is flowing.  It’s amazing how Its Divine Jealousy surrounds and fills everything.  It looks at every action, little or big, to see if the Life of His Will runs through it.  The greatness and worth of an act is measured in terms of His Will being present.  As great as the others may seem, they are mere, ultra thin veils that cover the true hidden, incomparable Treasure, the Life of the Divine Will.  Divine Will had fully occupied my mind when Jesus returned.  He is my Highest Good.  It’s hard to describe the joy He has when He speaks about the Goodness of His Will. 


He said, “My blessed daughter, human activity is so much more pleasing to Me when My Will can live entirely within it, and that doesn’t happen unless her inner life in completely centered in My Fiat.  However, she must want It first.  She must ardently desire what My Volition intends to do.  Her affinity with It leads to an affection that turns to a deep craving for It.  That will make her inclined to accept the Life of My Will in each of her activities.  Then her memory will improve until she remembers everything about It.  It will boost her intelligence so she can understand It better.  She must apply every talent she is blessed with to whatever activity My Will requisitions to form Its Life within it.  Most important though, is that her human will be completely absorbed by It so that her heart may be filled with holy desire.  Since My Divine Will wants to Live through the creature’s activities, her entire being should be dedicated to It Life or Its Action so she can be shaped by It.  This leads to a Whole and Perfect Life.”


My Will insists on everything.  It establishes an exchange between Its Living Love and human love.  It replaces her tendencies with Its own Divine Desires.  The creature’s pulse will merge with Its Uncreated Heartbeat.  Its Eternal Memory will supply the finite memory.  It wants see change in everything.  It demands the freedom to form Its Live and fulfill It in everything.  The half-life on offer by the creature simply won’t do.  So My Divine Will has established Its exchange for her.  That ensures that Its Life is fertile.  It conjures a veil over the creature with the memory of Its Love, Desire and Affinity.  She is covered by the Great Wonder of Its Life within her.  Having Its Life is very different than simple adherence to My Will, a token offering.  Such an exchange cannot transfer the Beneficial Effects of It many Qualities.” 


The sun would be a mere image if its light were stripped of its warm colors, sweet flavors and heavenly fragrance.  The earth would be denied such beautiful rainbows of color, all kinds of sweetness, and the suave taste of its bouquet.  If it gives them to the earth simply because it has them.  Without them, it would not be the true life of light.  It would be fruitless and sterile.”


The creature is much the same.  Unless she hands over her entire inner life to My Will, she is never warmed by Its everlasting Love, nor can she taste the sweetness of Its Divinity or all the other things that make up the Life of My Will.  So don’t hold back anything for yourself.  That will give Us the great glory of Our Will Living on earth as It does in Heaven, veiled by your mortal cloak.  That would be the greatest Advantage you could ever have.  It will surge beneath your veil in a tidal wave racing with Its Happiness and Joy, but the Life of Divine Will hold the cloak in place.  Its ebb will leave a firmness that is Good, a Love that is constant, a sweet taste in your mouth.  The Conquests of Jesus will become your own.  In the meantime, your external covering will continue its Mission as a sacrificial victim down here.  It will conjure the Victorious Life of Its Divine Conquests wearing human clothes.  So onward, into My Will.”





July 15, 1934

One who Lives in the Divine Will places herself in the condition of receiving and of being able to always give to her Creator.  How one who prays disburses the coin, forms the void, and acquires the capacity of possessing what she asks for.


As I was making my rounds through Divine Will, and while there, I lost my puny little human will.  It was burning with desire to go out searching for Its Activities and bring them back to me so I could take charge of them.  Just having them gives me the Infinite Glory and Eternal Love each one carries.  There are more than I can count and no two of them are alike.  These Activities go on forever, so I always have glorious Love that I can give to my Creator.  As the daughter of His Will, I can just take them.  I want them all so that I never run out of Love for the Supreme Majesty when I give Him such Worthy Divine Acts.


Then my always adorable Jesus confirmed what I was thinking.


He said, “My daughter, everything belongs to the one who does My Will and Lives in It.  Since they are inseparable, whenever It gives Itself to the creature, It brings along all of Its Works.  It gives them to the one who Lives in It so she can wander through them seeking nourishment.  She is very happy to accept Its Immense Wealth.  It does this to encourage the creature’s generosity so that she will constantly give back what she has been given.  If My Divine Will did not give her everything, she would not be truly happy living in It.  I want a constant exchange with the one who Lives within Its Volition, a mutual gift giving.”


She would not have a truly happy Life because Happiness likes to be caught by surprise with an exchange of Gifts.  Moreover, her surprise can never be more than momentary unless she encounters something she doesn’t expect from one unique Work after another.  This is a new kind of happiness and surprise.  She holds the Source of Joy in many different forms.  Every time they exchange Gifts, they are both truly surprised.  This is the kind of Joy that inspires mutual Love.”


Each pours themselves into the other, and every time they do that, both learn something new about their counterpart that had been secret until then.  This is how the creature discovers something new about Divinity and learns another aspect of the Supreme Being that she hadn’t known before.”


Living in My Will is no joke.  The Life that operates within her is one of constant activity.  Everything that has ever been done by God or His saints, in fact, whatever has be done by anyone at any time, is given to the one who Lives in My Volition.  All Good things that have ever occurred belong to It, and they are now hers.”


Everyone wishes they could have everything, and they also feel a need to give themselves. 

All this is for you.  But they all have to pass through the channel of human volition first.  Only then may the Good things they have be multiplied like loaves and fishes.  They know the glory of acting on their Creator’s behalf.  They say to each other, ‘Me too, me too!  Don’t forget me!  Take control of me.  I am in your power.  Unite us all for the sake of this One Glorious Love.  Give everyone to the Supreme Will that gave birth to us from Its Womb so that we may have Life.’”


Living in My Will is the Wonder of all wonders.  It brings Unity to all things because everything belongs to It.  Nothing is given or taken without It.  I always want to fulfil My creatures’ desires.  My ardent yearning for her to be in My Fiat makes Me give her what I want for Myself so that My Desires may be fulfilled.”


That made me think, “But what good is it to me?  What glory can I give to My God?  For that matter, what good does it do Him to have His Will be known?  Why does It really want to reclaim what It says is Its Rightful Place within creatures as their Sovereign?  As far as I’m concerned, I don’t know how I would go about asking for anything else.  Jesus must get bored hearing me tell the same old story, ‘I want Your Fiat to be my Life, and everyone else’s.”


I was still thinking about it when my sweet Jesus spoke up again.


He said, “My blessed daughter, by constantly praying for something good, the creature develops more carrying capacity for that much goodness.  She has to take possession of It first before others can have the option.  Prayer disburses the coin of the Realm to purchase the good things she wants.  Prayer shows that she values and appreciates the love she gives in exchange for It.  Prayer opens a void in the soul that she can fill with the good things she desires.  Otherwise, even if I gave them to her, she wouldn’t have any place to put them.  There is no greater Glory you could give Me than to ask that My Will be known so It might Reign as Sovereign over creatures.  This is My own Prayer, the deep yearning that throbs within My Heart.  This is My Anguish.”


I would Love so much to make My Will known that I get carried away sometimes.  It just comes pouring out of Me and onto you, saying, ‘May Your Fiat come, May Your Will be known!’  I am the one who is praying from within you, it’s not your doing.  My Love has to have an outlet.  When My Love pours out, I want to merge with the creature so I won’t be the only one praying for something this Good.  To make this prayer more worthwhile on your end, I give you power over all the Works I have done throughout Creation.  I put My whole Life into it.  I give you all My tears and suffering so this prayer will be more than just words, but deeds, My Works.  The sweet sound of your chanting is music to My ears.  I can hear your little refrain echoing My own.  ‘May Your Fiat come, May Your Will be known!’  Without this, My Prayer would be stifled within you, and that would make Me bitter.  I don’t want to be left all alone when I pray.”


Whoever knows My Will also loves It.  She retraces all the suffering that went into My Works so she can ask that My Will be known and Reign as Sovereign on earth.  Since she understands how Good and important this is, she is constantly asking that everyone should get to know about It so they have It as their own.  Even though all you can do is pray for the Triumph of My Will, rest assured that I am always nearby and praying together with you.”





July 20, 1934

Everything that comes forth from God, everything is Innocent and Holy.  How Creation is one single Act of Divine Will.  Who is the Triumphant one in the space of the universe.


My puny intellect hears the Overwhelming Power of Divine Volition calling it.  It wants to be in the minds of everyone in Creation so I can appreciate the Order and Harmony It has established in all created things.  Then I look at how each one pays tribute to their Creator.  Every created thing set above or below the Celestial Sphere, gives their own unique tribute to the One who Created it.  Even though they are silent and insentient, their very stability testifies to the Eternal Glory of the God who gave them a place of their own.


So I thought, “Like them, I occupy space in the great void of Creation.  Does that mean that I’m also in the exact place intended by God?  Is my will always performing the same Primal Act in God’s Will as the rest of Creation?”


I was still thinking about it when my beloved Jesus startled me.  His voice was full of Goodness when He spoke.


He said, “My blessed daughter, everything that comes forth from Our Supreme Being is one of My Holy Innocents.  Nothing that comes out of Our Infinite Sanctity and Wisdom is stained with shadow.  There is something useful and Good about the least of them.  All created things have Creative Power as part of their nature.  They are an ongoing Tribute to Our Glory simply by coming out of Us into the light of day.  We would never make anything useless or blemished in any way.  We Created all things to be Pure, Holy and Beautiful.  Everything is a Tribute to the fulfilment that comes from Our Primal Act of Will.”


My daughter, every created thing, animate or inanimate, begins life as a Tribute to the completion of Our Will.  All of Creation has already fulfilled Our single Act of Will.  They are already in Our Royal Palace right where they are now.  Even if they are unaware of anything, they Operate as the Living light of the sun and the wind with Its Imperious Power.  It develops Its Life within each created thing.  At this very moment, everyone and everything is still in Its Womb.  Nothing moves until It beckons them into motion.  Even the veils that cover all created things are constantly paying Tribute to Us.  They all have the Great Honor and Glory of being ruled by Our Will.”


The creature is a different matter.  Without original sin, the newborn is a Holy Innocent.  Once Baptized, the baby’s life before actual sin enters her soul has the purity of a newborn child.  She too is an Act of My Will.  The baby’s first step is an Act of My Will.  Her first thoughts and words, even the movement of her little hands, are all her way of acting as My Will demands.  She too is a Tribute to Our Great Glory.  Unaware though she may be, My Will gets what It wants from the very nature of this little one.”


Only sin can take away the creature’s Sanctity and exile her from the Life that Operates through My Will.  There is no sin within Our Womb; she is enveloped by Our Sanctity.  At the very least, she has some sense that My Living Will is Operating through her.  Everything begins with Our Will and everyone was born there as a Holy Innocent worthy of the One who created them.  Moreover, the One who preserves their Holy Innocence also keeps this particular creature in her assigned place within My Will as the only one in the entire universe who is completely Triumphant.  That makes her the Standard Bearer who with a commanding voice gathers the entire army of Creation and marches them off to God carrying their Tribute.”


My Will means everything to the creature.  It is the Primal Act of birth that continues as preservation.  It would never leave them to their own devices.  The one who lives in It knows the ways of Love and Grace Operating through Its Works.  Moreover, since the creature is as inseparable from My Will as all created things, It wouldn’t abandon her even if she was overwhelmed by sin.  Instead, It envelops her in the Dominion of Its punitive Justice.  Take My Will to heart, and nothing else.  Acknowledge It as Life, as if It were the Mother who raised you and nourished you.  It will cultivate you for Its own Great Honor and Glory.”





July 24, 1934

How the Truths that must be manifested about the Divine Will are established by God. 

How It Bi-locates, repeats, installs the Divine Life.  How Creation did not finish, but continues.


I was totally immersed in Divine Volition.  All the Truths It had revealed about Itself were crowding my mind, trying over and over again to make Itself understood.  Unfortunately, they were speaking a high Heavenly language I didn’t quite understand, that is, I understood, but I don’t know how to translate their Celestial Instructions into English.  I can only say that they held aloft Divine Joy in the Sanctity of Heaven.


I was still immersed in Fiat when my always Lovable Jesus spoke to Me with the voice of Indescribable Love.


He said, “Little daughter of My Will, Love demands that I share Its Secrets with My child.  Moreover, I have to do this often or I would drown in the tidal wave of Love that pours out of Me.  Talking to you about My Will is cool refreshment that is soothing and gives Me relief from the Flames of My Love.  I am Jesus, the One who is all Love.   Speaking about My Divine Volition manifests the highest form of My Love.  The Essence of Our Life is acknowledged by Speaking about It.  My Fiat bi-locates My Word and replicates Our Life in the midst of creatures.  Our greatest glory is to completely empty Ourselves by pouring out Our Excessive Love.  Our Life bi-locates to give Itself, and once that is established, We make her the centerpiece of Our Will, or at least as far as that’s possible for a mere creature.  Every time We do that, the Kingdom of Our Love and Will is established in yet another parallel universe.”


Our Creative Work is not finished, it continues, though not by Creating new skies with their brother suns throughout the cosmos.  Our Divine Fiat intends on continuing Creation with Its Creative Power, when It pronounces Its Fiat and bi-locates to replicate Our Divine Life in the midst of creatures.  Nothing is so beautiful as the continuation of Creation.  Now pay attention and listen to Me.  Our Supreme Majesty has established outside of Ourselves all the Truths about Divine Will that It must reveal.  Each one is another Queen within Our Divine Being waiting with Invincible Love to make her way through the world.  Each Queen brings a Great Treasure Chest of Knowledge about Our Fiat to Her creatures.  She assumes Her Role as a Teacher to form them in accordance with the Truths they announce.”


Each Queen of My Truth collaborates with others to give the first kisses of My Living Fiat.  They are gifted with the Power to Transform Itself into the very same Truths that will save those listen to them.  They shall remain among them, always ready to help them with their needs as they instruct them.  They bring fulsome Love to those who listen.  They are prepared to give creatures everything they need if they will only listen to the information each Queen brings and follow their instructions.”  


There are still some Truths about Our Will yet to be revealed yet.  Those that remain are anxiously waiting to be released from the depths of Our Divinity.  They yearn to fulfil their mission as the bearers of Good tidings meant to transform humanity.  When all the Truths We have prepared are released, these noble Queens will assemble as an Invincible Army to begin their assault on Our Divine Being.  With Our own Divine Weapons, they shall conquer Us the Kingdom of Divine Will on earth.  Triumph is assured and resistance is futile, for by conquering God, they will overwhelm His creatures as well.”


That’s why I still come to speak with you.  Moreover, I will continue until all of My Queens have come forth from Our Divinity to complete their Mission.  Speaking about My Will is Fiat’s way of continuing Creation until the cosmos is made whole.  It Created the universe as the time and place where mankind should live.  So I speak to you today about My Fiat so that Creation may continue.  Moreover am preparing sumptuous mansions befitting the dignity of My Kingdom for those who will take possession.  So pay attention and be sure that you don’t miss anything.  To do otherwise would stifle an Act of My Will and force Me to repeat My Lessons.”





August 5, 1934

Story of the Love of God, the Creation enclosed in man. 

Sorrowful notes in the Divine Love.


I was making my rounds through all the Acts of Divine Will, passing from one work to another until I arrived at man’s Creation.  That’s when my sweet Jesus stopped me.  The Love spilling out of His Heart was indescribable and He obviously couldn’t contain It.


He said, “My daughter, Love compels Me to speak about the Creation of Man.  All of Creation was pregnant with Our Love and It conversed in Its own silent language.  More than in words, It spoke with deeds as the most eloquent narrator of Our Love for man.  Only when Our Love has extended throughout all things will Creation be complete in Its entirety.  By then, no matter where they go, all created things will experience Our Love running toward them in waves to inundate them.  Like sunbeams piercing the clouds, they were be struck by the notion that Creation was finally complete, for We had Created man.”


Let Me tell you the story of Our Love for man before We Created him.  Our Adorable Majesty had determined that man should be made king of all Creation with full dominion over everything.  He was to be the Lord of all Our Works.  He was to be truly a king in deed more than words.  He was to have possession of everything that We had unfurled throughout Creation.  We made him to be king of the sun, wind, sea and sky so We established all these things within him.  It is by having their qualities as part of his being that all Creation would be reflected within him, and he in they.  That was the only way he could be made lord over them.”


His eyes had to be filled with light so he could enjoy the sunlight and take as much of it as he wanted.  He had to have feet to walk the earth and hands to pick the fruit of its bounty.  He had to care for it as a good steward if he were to be a king worthy of the title.  His lungs had to have air in them before he could begin breathing.  All things are such.”


Before Creating man, We looked over the whole of Creation, and the exclamation of Our Love was emphatic.  ‘Our Works are so beautiful that man must be absolutely gorgeous.  We must concentrate everything We have in him, so that Creation will be made manifest in him inside and out.’”


As We went about molding him, We enclosed the sky of reason within his mind.  On this azure vault We mounted intelligence, and sent thought swift as the wind.  We extended space and time within him, and a strong, imperious will.  We put his soul in motion before enclosing Seas of Grace throughout his being.  We exhaled the Celestial air of Our Love into this creature and showered him with bodily senses to grow a stunningly beautiful bouquet of flowers for Our everlasting enjoyment.”


O man, such beauty!  Yet We still weren’t satisfied, so We installed the Awesome Sun of Our Will, and gave him the Great Gift of Our Word.  We wanted him to extol in word and deed the eloquent narration of his Creator.  Since he was to be Our Image, We delighted Ourselves by endowing him with Our Most Beautiful Qualities.  Even then, We still weren’t completely satisfied.  We were so overcome by Our own exuberant Love for him, that We called on Our very Immensity so We could weave It into the overall texture of his being in every way, shape and form.”


Our All-Seeing Eye looked at him in everything.  In the deep fibers of his heart Our Power sustained him, carrying him everywhere in Our Paternal Arms.  Our Life Moved and pulsed through his heart.  It breathed with his lungs and walked using his feet as We operated Our Creation with his hands.  We even went so far as to offer Ourselves as a footstool under his feet.  To keep Our dear son safe and secure, Our Paternal Goodness arranged things so that he could not live apart from Us, nor We from him.  We did everything We could for him.”


We Love him a lot, because he cost Us so much.  We gave him Our Love, Our Power and Our Will.  We endowed him with Our Infinite Wisdom.  All We wanted in return was that he would Love Us and freely chose to Live in Our Will no matter what.  We asked that he acknowledge everything We’ve done for him out of Love.  Surely He wouldn’t be so cruel as to deny Our Loving Affectation for him.  But unfortunately, there are some who deny Our Love, and that makes Us very sad.  Now pay attention and may your flight through Our Will be nonstop.”


Then I continued my rounds all through Creation.  I didn’t know what else to do, so I urged the vast expanse of the sky to adore him.  Then I asked the stars to twinkle in profound genuflection and I invited the sun to love Him with its light.  As I was doing this, I thought, “But the sun, stars and sky are not sentient beings.  With no intellect, they have no idea what I want from them.”


Then my beloved Jesus answered me with His benign voice. 


He said, “My daughter, We wouldn’t have begun Creation unless We wanted It, and were determined to follow It through.  Then, to accomplish what We wanted, Our Will established Our Works for Us.  It is because Our Will was sought that It operates through every created thing without pause.  When you offer the sun and sky to Our Supreme Majesty, you are not offering their outward material reality.  You are offering the very Will of God that operates within each created thing simply because It is wanted.  They may not have an intellect, however, the Divine Mind animates them by residing within them.  It operates from within everything by the Will of God because It feels wanted.  By offering them to Us you are presenting Us with the Awe-inspiring Activity of Our Holy Will through Our uninterrupted Works in all their Sublime Beauty.  Here is encountered the Profound Adoration of Perfect Love, the Greatest Glory that a creature can give Us through Our Will operating throughout Creation, and It does that only because It is wanted. 

Even though the sun, sky, the stars and wind are not aware of anything, both My Will and yours know what We want to do with them, and that’s what’s important.”





September 24, 1934

How one who Lives in the Divine Will becomes His member,

and acquires the Inseparability of all the Works of her Creator.


I was swimming through the immense abyss of Divine Will, trying to take It all in, but I’m much too little to hold more than a few tiny drops of It.  Yet these little tidbits remain with as they do the Supreme Fiat, permanently binding me to It and all of Its Activities.  Divine Will, You Love so me so much as I Lives within You.  I hope You won’t ever do anything without me, since I already Live within You.  The ardor of Your Love is so great that you say to me, “Whatever I do, those who Live in Me must also do.”  You might also be unhappy, since You Live in Me, if You couldn’t do what I do so you could say, “Whatever the creature does, I do, and what I do, she also does.”


My mind was still lost in It, contemplating the strength and permanence of Its bonds when He came to visit my soul again, however briefly.


He said, “Little daughter of My Volition, the ties that bind the creature to It are so strong and pervasive for someone who Lives in My Will.  Everything It does in Heaven and everywhere throughout Creation makes her a part of It.  The body is inseparably bound to its limbs so that every part coordinates with what each single member does.  They are all aware of what everything else is doing and take part in that activity.  That’s how things are for someone who Lives in My Will, they become members of It.  so it’s only natural that they be aware of the bonds that inseparably bind and connect them.  Whatever one of them does involves the other coordinating with it as a unit so that it’s possible for them to Act as One.  My Volition acting in Heaven makes the blessed Happy enough to savor their Beatific Vision.  It doles out sips of Love that gives them Joy beyond their earthly imagination.  It sends the entire Celestial Court into raptures.  For someone who Lives within Its Will on earth, It bolsters her life by operating through her so she may be Sanctified.  She is the conquering hero whose every act is one of conquest.  Each thought, word and deed, every beat of her heart is a victory.”


The Beatified in Heaven join the operations of My Will as It conquers through Its Life on earth.  Above and below, the souls who Live in It are highly aware that everything they do, even their heartbeat and respiration, are inseparable intertwined with It.  The Happiness and Joy of My Triumphant Will is theirs.  They are always surprised at the Beauty My All-Conquering Fiat can give them.”


The Blessed in Heaven have already been conquered by Divine Will, and they Live within It as fellow conquerors of all the good work she does.  They enjoy oceanic seas of ever new Happiness.  When a creature Lives in My Will on earth, Heaven is inseparably enmeshed with everything she does, even down to her breathing.  It allows the creature to share in the Happiness and Joy of Heaven, because she has an enduring bond with them.  The Peace that the Saints enjoy is every bit as much her own.  Once the Good within her is Confirmed, It is firmly planted in the nature of her being.”


She feels the Life of Heaven flowing through her limbs like the blood circulating in her veins.  Someone who Lives in My Will is permanently connected to everything.  Nothing can be detached from her, not the sky, the sun, or anything else in all of Creation.  Everything and everyone says to her, ‘We are inseparable and will never leave you.’  The Pain I suffered on earth during My Working Life tells her, ‘We are yours.’  They surround her, inside and out.  They sit in the place of honor and allow themselves to be permanently bonded in every way.  The creature who Lives within My Volition always feels so small.  She knows that she and all My innumerable Works of Love are inseparable.  Being inseparable from all the innumerably Great Works of My Love, Light and Sanctity, she’s just a tiny speck in the midst of all of My Works.  Yet, as small as this creature is, she is truly fortunate and beloved by all.  She brings Beautiful New Conquests to augment the Joys of Heaven.  To have everything you ever wanted, keep Living within My Will.  That’s the only sure way to become the happiest of all creatures.”





October 7, 1934

Reciprocal Love between God and the creature, exchange of action,

labyrinth of Love in which one who Lives in My Fiat is placed. 

God, Sower of the field of souls.


I am submerged under the Eternal waves of the Divine Fiat where my poor little mind can taste Its sweet Enchantment.  It imbues me with the Power to Operate within It so that I feel obliged to do what It is doing.  Its All-Seeing Eyes of Light make everything come into focus as I am given Its Life.  Its Imperial Rule accounts for everything.  Not a single breath escapes Its notice.  It contributes everything so It may have them all in return.  It’s amazing how much Love It can give.  What’s even more incredible is that It wants the creature to know what It does so that she is inextricably entwined with Itself.  It even allows her to do what Divine Will does.


My enchantment continued and my littleness was lost.  Who know how long I would have stayed there if my sweet Jesus hadn’t come for a brief visit.  He spoke to me with so much Goodness and Love.


He said, “My good daughter, there’s nothing shocking about this.  Everything is possible for someone who Lives in My Will.  There is mutual Love between God and His creature.  No matter how small they are, humans always wish they could perform an Act of God.  They Love the idea so much that they would give their life if they could perform even a single Act of Divinity in their whole life.  They would greatly honor such Activity and glorify It in the highest.”


God deems it a fair exchange to Divinize the acts of a mere creature, considering that they are done within His own Being.  He see Himself in her Activity.  Such overflowing Love is the height of His Sanctity, and He Loves It so much.  Their mutual Love is so fierce that they are imprisoned within each other, voluntary, but inescapable.  Both are Happy with the arrangement because God feels Loved having found His place in the creature, and she feels Loved by God.  She has discovered her place in the Supreme Being.” 


There is no greater happiness for the creature than knowing she is Loved by God.  Nor could there be any greater happiness for Us.  At long last, We are finally Loved by someone We Created specifically to satisfy Our Will by Loving Us.  Certainly the creature who finds herself in her Creator, would want everyone to Love and acknowledge Him.  Having the Power of the Divine Fiat that animates her very being, she would rise to recall every creatures activity into God and then announce for their hearing, ‘I give You everything, and I Love You for everyone on their behalf.’  Through Divine Volition she pours her thought into every human mind.  It must be seen through every eye, spoken with every voice, pulse within every heart.  It is progress in all the work they do, every step ever taken by any foot.  Someone who Lives within My Will would give Me everything and everyone.” 


She says to My Will, ‘I need Your Power and Love for myself.  Once they belong to me, my Love will say to You on everyone’s behalf, ‘I Love You.’  Our Will has set up an exchange where I can transact for all the creatures’ activities, plus their Love.  My Will, You cast the soul of the one who Lives within You into Your labyrinthine Power.   It is so immense that something as small as a human feels like she’s drowning in Love.  She finds It so refreshing that she feels compelled to retrace everything and constantly sing to It, ‘I Love You, I Love You’.  That’s how much Love overflows into her from My Divine Will.  This is a story about Our Life and how We wove Our Love into everything outside Ourselves.  Someone who Lives in Our Will has to do the same.  She must reach an accord with Us to perform a single, ongoing Act of Pure Love.”


My blessed daughter, We Love Our creatures so much that Our Love overflows continuously and pours all over them.  Our Primal Act of Happiness is Love and the giving if It.  Not Loving her would like not Moving or Breathing.  Our Supreme Being would starve without Nutrition.  We have to show Our Love with Deeds, otherwise Our Divine Life would stop in Its tracks, and that’s just not possible.  We contrive innumerable schemes and complex strategies of Love, not only with words, but in deeds.  Such is Our Work, and It continues operating forever.  In Creation We made a sun that operates by giving Its heat and light to everything.  It transforms the face of the earth sowing color, sweetness and fragrance within each plant in different proportions.  Nothing is left completely without the beneficial effects of sun light.  It takes the seed to maturity so that plants can provide nourishment for man and a vast array of flavors that tantalize his palate.  Our Supreme Being does the same for man’s noblest aspect, his soul.”


We do so much more for man than the sun could ever do for him.  Darting into his inner being, We remold everything about him.  We touch him with what is better than sunlight.  We fling the seed of Thought into his intellect and transplant Our Memory into his.  Our Will germinates inside his own as does the seed of Our Word in his voice.  We bring the seed of movement to maturity in his works and Our Love flowers within his heart.  We would never withhold the benefits that the Sun of Our Divinity brings to him.”


Once he notices Our Work, he labors in the field of his soul alongside Us.  We watch over him day and night.   We nourish him and him warm with a mother’s tender Love.  If need be, We defend him by keeping him hidden under the cover of Our Love.  We ensure a Beautiful Harvest that will nourish him as well as Ourselves.  To show his appreciation, he will praise the Infinite Power of Our Wisdom and Love.  If he pays no attention to Us, Our Divine Seed remains dormant instead of germinating Its Goodness.  Without Divine Nourishment, his fast will be prolonged.  In the meantime, We fast without his love.  To sow and not harvest is great sorrow.”


Regardless, We Love him too much to leave.  We keep throwing darts of Love at his hearts to awaken his Love for Us.  Like the rising sun, Our warmth never tires of passing its light on to him, even if there are no plants waiting to flower.  The sun warms even barren soil that cannot germinate the seed cast upon it.  Nevertheless, the sun could do so much more good if only there weren’t so many barren fields left stony and abandoned by man.”


That’s how We are.  If only We could find more souls who would show some interest in Us, We would give creatures so many Advantages that could surely Transform them into Living Saints that were faithful copies of Ourselves.  Someone who lives within Our Divine Volition is confident that Our seed will be sown every day and that she can labor in the field of her soul along with her Creator.  So forget about everything else.  I want you always in My Fiat.  We will have a Beautiful Harvest together you and I, and we’ll have abundant food to share with others.  This is how we share the same Happiness.”





October 21, 1934

How the characteristic and property of the Divine Will is spontaneity. 

How everything beautiful, holy, great, is in It.


I am always on the way through the Divine Fiat and my puny intellect never stops.  It keeps running around for all its worth, trying its best to follow the trajectory of Divine Will’s constant activity on behalf of the creatures It Loves so much.  It has always Loved me and always will.  I should be keeping up with It to show my love and solidarity, but I can’t run that fast.  I try the best I can, though I’m afraid that I just disappoint It by getting lost in this labyrinth of Love.  Yet no one’s forcing me to do it.  I guess I’m only trying to find out how much more It Loves me. 


I am always surprised to see Its Immense Seas of Love.  My own love hardly amount to a tiny drop, and even that has come from the same Sea.  That’s why I have to go into It and say, ‘Your Love is mine, and we both Love each other with the same Love.’  I calmed down when I realized that Divine Volition was content.  If I weren’t daring enough to take some It, I wouldn’t have any at all.  I wish I had more of It to give.  However, the little I do have isn’t even enough to wet my lips.  As my mind went on blundering, my sweet Jesus, my dear Life, came to visit me briefly.  It seems that He enjoyed listening to me.   


He said, “My little daughter, no one forces the creatures into these loving acts of spontaneous sacrifice.  When they do, I enjoy them so much that I gather them into My Heart.  My satisfaction is so great that I keep saying, ‘They are so beautiful, and sweet is their love.’  I find My Divine Way within them through My spontaneous suffering and constant Love.  No one has to force Me.  They don’t even have to pray for It.  Spontaneity is a beautiful character trait.  It’s both a virtue and a natural attribute.  It is a Quality of My Divine Will.  Everything is Spontaneous within It.  Whether It be Loving, Operating, or engaging in the One Central Act of giving and conserving everything, It isn’t forced by anyone, nor does It require that anyone pray to It.”


Its motto is, ‘I do what I want.’  Force implies necessity, and We never need anyone or anything.  Force implies both power and dependence.  We are naturally Powerful and everything depends on Our Power.  We can do everything one moment, and undo it the next.  Force implies the absence of love, and We have so much Love that it’s mind-boggling.  No one prayed, or even said anything to Us before We Created the universe and everything in it.”


I was beyond the Law in Redemption.  I was not obliged to suffer and die.  My Law was Love and the Power of My Divinity’s spontaneous maneuvers.  I brought about My own suffering, and then I breathed Life into creatures so they could give It back to Me.  It was with Spontaneous Love that I gave them Life, and I wanted to receive It from them the same way.  No one could have touched Me without My permission.  Everything that is Good, Holy or has Great Beauty came through My spontaneous maneuvers.  Anyone who operates through force would be satisfied with a forced love.  There’s nothing beautiful about forced love and there’s no possibility that one person can coerce another into being Beautiful.  Faith that is forced through works or love has no Life and will change whether through coercion or the lack of it.  Goodness is firmly anchored in Spontaneity.”


My daughter, Love is the surest sign that a soul Lives within My Divine Will.  Suffering is always spontaneous whether forced or not.  My Will, simply by having her inside Itself, transfers Its Spontaneity into her.  Only then can she flow through Love that goes into Its never ending Work.”


It would be annoyed having someone within Its Womb of Light if she didn’t have the spontaneity that is so characteristic of Its Ways.  The creature keeps both eyes on My Divine Fiat because she doesn’t want to be left behind.  She runs with alacrity to Love with Its Love so she can exchange herself for It and operate through Its Works in praise of Its Magnificent Creative Power.  So run, run and don’t stop.  Nothing can force your human will to operate.  Let the natural spontaneity of your soul plunge into My Divine Will.  Only then can she cross over into It Loving Ways.  That’s Our whole strategy for Loving creatures.”





November 5, 1934

True Love forms in the creature the little place in the Divine Works

in order to be able to enclose the Life of the Divine Will.


Its Irresistible Power won’t let me stop.  All Creation speaks through It in everything my sweet Jesus has done, especially His suffering.  It says, “I Created everything for you and your love.  Wouldn’t you trade anything for My Love?  Won’t you put anything of yourself into what I have done for you?  I cried for you, I suffered and died for you.  Don’t you want to see yourself in My tears, My suffering, My Death?  My entire Being goes out searching for you.  Why don’t take a closer look at what I have and invest in It?  Put yourself in their place and wrap them in your ‘I love You’.  I am all Love, so why haven’t you been completely transformed into Love for Me?”


Since I was still confused, my poor little mind followed the progress of all the Activity, past, present and future, still going on within Divine Will.


I said to It, “Like them, I have subsumed my activities in Yours, and even though my littleI love youseems inconsequential, I put everything I’ve got into it.”

Then, as I was following their itinerary, I was startled by my sweet Jesus.  He came to visit for a little while and He spoke to me in a voice that was filled with Goodness.


He said, “My blessed daughter, when I see True Love in the creature, I forget everything else and begin thinking that maybe I should allow My Will to come on earth as their Reigning Sovereign.  It’s not that I actually forget anything, because We are perfect, without any defects whatsoever.  It’s just that I am overwhelmed with joy by True Love from the creature, especially when her entire being is telling me that she Loves Me.  Her Love for Me overflows into Me and flows through My entire Being and all of My Works.  She acts like yeast being kneading through Our Being and rising so that I feel her Love everywhere.  I set everything aside while I enjoy My creature’s Love.  She never lets Me forget that she loves Me.  She uses her love as leverage so that I have to keep giving her ever new surprises, and ultimately, even the Kingdom of My Will.  True Love is so powerful that it commandeers My Will to become the Life of a human being.” 


When I stretched out the heavens and Created the sun, My All-Seeing Eye watched your Love running across the sky to fill the sun’s light with grace.  You opened a space within each created thing and set your Love inside each one.  Filled with joy, My Will ran to you and those who Love Me and filled these little voids of Love with It Life.  As My Will travels across the centuries, It gathers them up into a single virgin point of latent action to contain Its Love and then puts Its Life into It with all the Majestic Grandeur of Its Divinity.”


I came onto the earth and found a little spot to enclose My Life together with True Love from the creature.  I saw your Love right away and wore It as a crown.  It filled My Humanity and flowed with My Blood into every cell of My Sacred Body where It worked like yeast kneaded into My Being to make It Rise.  Everything was activated for Me in the present moment.  My tears found a little opening and trickled down my Face.  My Love found a safe refuge in that sacred portal for My Life of suffering.  My Death found Resurrection in the True Love of My creature.  My Divine Will entered Its Kingdom there and began Its Sovereign Reign.” 


If you want My Divine Will to begin Its Rule as the Life of My creatures, then let Me see your Love always and everywhere.  You hold the burning torch destined to consume everything that is not My Will.  All My Works shall find a secluded hermitage as Its hidden cloister.  From there It will continue Operating with Power for all that is Good.  You and I will exchange places, for you shall find a dwelling in Me and all My Works.  I shall abide in you and operate from within your activities.  Advance through My Divine Will and light the torch of Love.  Consume your pride and every obstacle to It Sovereign Reign in the midst of creatures.”





November 18, 1934

Love of God in the Creation,

the Glory that it would have given Him if it had reason. 

Sacrifice that Love makes for His Glory;

His continuous Cry. 

The Army armed with Love;

exchanges of Love between God and the creature.


I am dutifully searching for the Acts that are constantly being performed by Divine Will.  It is always busy operating and never idle.  I’m glad I can tell my Creator that His Divine Fiat Loves me so much that He has and still is extending the sky over my head and giving life to the wind along with all the other things He makes.  He Loves me so much that He speaks to me through Deeds, and as well with as Words.  He says, “It costs Us the same to Create Our Works as it does to Conserve them.”


As I went around through Creation, the sun, stars and the others that dwell in sky came to meet me with their lovely chant.  “For you our Creator has made us, because He Loves you.  Now come and Love the One who has Loved you so much.”


I was lost among these created things as my always Lovable Jesus deigned to greet them.  He stopped me and spoke.


He said, “Little daughter of My Divine Volition.  There was, and is, so much of Our Love in Creation.  If the creature were to pay close attention she would surely be drowned by Our Love.  The only thing on her mind would be to Love Us.”


My daughter, here is the extent of Our Love for creatures.  We made nothing in all of Creation to be sentient.  Now imagine that We had given everything the ability to reason.  There would be no Glory in making an intelligent sky, since it just hangs there unmoving above the sun, moon and stars. Even though it extends over the earth forever and always, it has no choice but to follow Our Will.  The sun is unchanging, the faithful steward of Our Light and Our Love that administers the delicious fragrance of Our Abundance.  It would never change unless We wanted something different to happen.  Imagine Our Glory if We had given free will to the elements.  An imperial wind blows emphatically through the great void of the universe over the earth’s constantly murmuring seas.  Everything would have Glorified Us if We had furnished them with intellect.”


But Our Love cried out more emphatically than Our Glory, protesting the gift of reason for Creation.  It shouted, ‘It is for Our Love of the creature that We have Created everything.  She is the only one that should have the privilege of free will.’  She will be the one who comes into the sky to exchange the azure vault over her head for Our Constant Love and Eternal Glory.  We hear the cry of her Love for Us, and It shall not be moved.”


She comes right into the sun, and becomes it as if it were hers to do with as she pleases.  She trades it for Our Love and pulls Us into the sunlight to make it sweet.  She exchanges Our Love so the sun may administer the Largess We have given in return.  The sun then trades It with her in exchange for more of Our Love.”


It’s only right and just that the creature should inhabit all created things.  From within them she exchanges everything in Creation for ever more of Our Love.  This generates so much more Love than created things could have given Us had We endowed them with intellect.  That’s why it was to her that We gave the ability to reason.  We want Our Will to control the creature from It Royal Palace within her, as It has throughout Creation.  By uniting her with all created things she would comprehend all the chords of Our Love that are resonating toward her.  She can exchange them with Us in her antiphon of Constant Love and Eternal Glory.  We never stop Loving her with Deeds that are also Words, so she is obligated to Love Us always and not fall behind.   She runs to greet Us and sings her Love over these Amorous Melodies We have composed for the creature.”


Our Love is unable to say, ‘that’s enough.’  It always wants to give the creature more.   It is never content until It composes yet another aria of Love so It can sing to her, ‘I have always Loved youwith a Love this lushly symphonic.  That’s why Our Fiat populated within each created thing an endless fugue of Love that is.  It invested the Power of Its Love in them just to say, ‘I Love you.’  Here, the Sweetness of Our Love, there, Its Lovability, and in another, Enrapturing Love that binds the conquered.  Resistance was futile.  We armed each created thing with its own unique weapon to wield from the many Attributes of Our Love.”


Our Fiat deployed an Invincible Army throughout Creation, armed with weapons of Love, each more powerful than the others.  With the gift of reason, the creature learned how to take up these weapons of Love inherent in all created things.  Empowered as a specialist in arms of Love, she emulates what We do by speaking with deeds as much as words.  She says, ‘My Love for You is Powerful, yet so sweet and gentle that I get weak in the knees.  I faint in Your arms, confident of your support.  As You hold me, I can see that you are enraptured by my Love.  My weakness has conquered You.  I bind You to me with my Love.  You have armed me with Your own weapons of Love, and We wage war on each other with Love.’


My daughter, Creation has so much hidden Love.  Unfortunately, the creature does not rise within Our Will, she has not come to Live in It.  We gave her the ability to reason, but she still doesn’t understand anything.  Nevertheless, It would be right and just if she gave Us something in return for the intellect We gave her.  Our Love is disappointed.  However Its Patience is enduring so It keeps crying out that It wants to be Loved by the creature.  For her Love It was willing to sacrifice the everlasting Glory of endowing all Creation with intellect.  So be vigilant that you are truly Living within Our Divine Volition.  As the one who Reveals Our Love, you have been armed with these weapons so we can Love each with all Its Qualities.  Then I will be truly content, and so will you.”





November 25, 1934

To Live in the Divine Will is like one would Live between father and child. 

Her acts are visits to the Celestial Father. 

Divine Abyss in which one who Lives in the Divine Will is placed.


I keep going back into the Celestial Patrimony of Divine Fiat.  Every time I act, I return to the arms of My Celestial Father.  One glance is enough for me to return, one kiss, one caress, one little word of Love.  I go back to learn something new about His Supreme Being so I can Love Him even more.  I go to Him not just to receive.  I show Him my gratitude by returning His own Paternal Tenderness to Him.  In Divine Volition, God cultivates His Paternity with tender, ineffable Love.  He awaits the creature to rock her in His arms and tell her, “I am your Father and you are My daughter.  I Love to have My children around Me.  They are My crowning Glory.  As a Father, I’m a lot happier when they’re around me.  There’s no greater contentment for a Father than having several offspring who reaffirm their loving relationship with Him.  When the creature enters Divine Volition, she acts like a loving daughter should.  There is no such relationship outside of Divine Volition, however, so there are no paternal rights.”


My mind was lost in a crowd of thoughts about Divine Fiat when I was startled by My Celestial Sovereign.  Jesus, my beloved Life, took me into His arms and showed the same Paternal Love, only more so.


He said, “I keep waiting for your return to My Will, My daughter.  If you only knew the anxious yearnings I suffer, you would be kinder and visit Me more often.  My Love makes Me restless until you jump into My arms so I can give you My tender, Paternal Love, and receive yours in return.  When you want to Love Me but don’t know how because you are so little and can only say, ‘I love you’, that, for Me, is as if you were jumping into My arms.  YourI love Youis the act of throwing yourself into My arms.  You know how little your I love You is, yet you dare to take My Love and give Me a great bigI love Youanyhow.  I’m so glad that My daughter Loves Me with My own Love.  My delight is to exchange My Actions with the creature’s activities


I don’t give My Will to strangers until I weigh and measure them.  I allow My children to take whatever they want.  All your activities must flow through My Will so your labor, prayer and sufferings may accompany your ‘I love You’ from within.  It’s as if each one were a brief visit to your Father and you would ask Him for something.  When He says, ‘Tell Me what you want’, you can be sure that He will always give you what you want, and other gifts and favors as well.”


Then Jesus stopped talking.  I desperately needed to rest in His arms and be consoled because had been neglecting me so often recently.  However, to my surprise, I saw My sweet Jesus holding a brush in His Hand.   All I could do was admire His Mastery as He painted on My soul the Acts of Divine Will performed in Creation and Redemption. 


Then changing from deeds, He spoke through His Word.


He said, “My Will holds everything whether inside or outside Itself.  Wherever It Reigns Supreme, there also are Its Acts of Life, because It can’t do without them.  Its Activities are Its arms and legs.  They are the words of My Will.  If My Will were to be in the creature without Its Works, it would be as if they were broken, which could never be.  I paint Its Works to give them Life and concentrate them.”


The creature who has possession of My Will holds the Divine’s endless Void within her.  She feels the Life of all Its Works concentrated within her, at least as far as that’s possible for such a tiny little creature.  She is aware of Its Endlessness outside her, though Its limits cannot be seen.  She has the Power to communicate with It.  She feels the abundant rain of Its Works coming down upon her.  They shower her with Love and a vast array of Divine Treasures.  My Divine Will holds everything within Itself, just waiting for an opportunity to give It all to the creatures.  It wants to say, “I have given everything to the one who Lives in My Will, I have denied her nothing.’”





January 20, 1935

Living in the Divine Volition makes the Paternity of her Creator felt,

and she feels the right to be His daughter.

Three Prerogatives that the one who Lives in It acquires.


My poor little mind gets lost in Divine Volition.  I don’t even know how to say what it understands.  I can’t really express what I experience in the Celestial journey of Divine Fiat.  All I can say is that I feel Its Divine Paternity’s Love waiting for me to come into His arms so It can tell me, “We are like a father with his children.  They come to enjoy My Paternal Tenderness, My Loving Courtesies, My Infinite Sweetness.  Let Me be your Father.  To cultivate My Paternity would be the greatest joy I could experience.  There’s nothing to fear.  Come and be My daughter.  Give Me a daughter’s tender Love.  My Will being one with yours, It gives Me Paternal responsibilities, and It gives you all the rights of a daughter.” 


Divine Will, You are so Powerful that all I can do is admire You.  You alone have the Power to eliminate our distance from Our Celestial Father, or any difference between us.  To Live within You means to be aware of Its Paternal Divinity and behave as the daughter of Supreme Being.”


My mind was still crowded with so many thoughts about It when my sweet Jesus came for a brief visit.


He said, “My blessed daughter, living within My Will means that you acquire all the rights of a daughter, and God assume the Rights of a Father as your Supreme Commander.  Only He knows how to unite the One to the others and cultivates one single Life between them.  Someone who Lives within My Divine Volition is given three Advantages.  She is given the right to Divine Life.  She is acutely aware that everything that she does is Life, so when she loves she knows full well that Love has Its own Life.  She can feel It flowing through her mind, her breathing and heartbeat.  She feels It powerful vitality acting within her without pause in Its everlasting Action that brings everything to Life.  When she is praying in adoration or making reparations, she feels Its persistent Life of prayer, adoration and reparation.  Unlike human activity, Divinity is never interrupted.  Every act done through My Will gives the soul the vitality she need to act.  Everything inside It is Alive so when the creature does something good within It, she acquires the Life that went into It.”


There’s a huge difference between something Good that takes on a Life of Its own, and a human act that, once it has occurred, is over and done with unless she does it again.  She has no real control over her own human acts, nor can she keep them up for long.  Bereft of Its True Life, they will never become self-sustaining.  Only when creature has taken on that Life so she can operate It from within does she feels Its Goodness continuing within her on Its own initiative.  These fulsome Acts of Life can only be found in My Will.  Having begun with Divine Life, they have no end, so they can go on giving Life to everyone and everything indefinitely.  Stranded outside of It, even the greatest works come to an end.  Only My Will can give the creature the great privilege of having her activities transformed into the Divinity’s Eternal Life within her soul.”


“The second Privilege she enjoys is that My Will has given her Property Rights over Itself as a gift.  It is superabundant, without a scintilla of poverty.  There is an abundance of Sanctity, Light, Grace and Love.  They belong to her as does Life.  It is right and just that Its Divine Properties should belong to her.  She is glad to be the proprietor of the Sanctity, Light, Grace, Love and all other Divine Properties.  Only in My Will she be the Master of all this.  Outside of It, everything is rented out by the unit so that the creatures may not be owners.  That’s what a huge difference there is between the two.”


Her third privilege is the Right to Glory.  Everything she does, big or little, natural or supernatural, has given her the Right to Glory.  She has the Right to Glorify her Creator in everything, especially her respiration and heartbeat.  Everyone has the right to glorify themselves in the One who is the source of all Glory.”


You can find everything inside My Will at your disposal by Divine Right.  Though human rights do not apply here, My Will would Love to assign Its Divine Rights to you because It Loves the creature as It rightful daughter.”





February 24, 1935

Reason, the eye of the soul, is light that makes her know the beauty of her good works. 

What are the Rights of the Divine Will, how in It there are no intentions, but Acts.


Though I am always in the arms of Divine Will, I am extremely resentful about my sweet Jesus not coming to visit me recently.  My poor soul is inundated by a sea of bitterness.  In the meantime, I can’t wrap my soul around Its uncreated Light, nor can I understand It, but It never leaves me.  This boundless sea of acrimony was sent to conquer my pitiful human will and is victorious.  There’s nothing left for me except Divine Will, and It is everything.


I was still pondering this when my sweet Jesus came for a brief visit.  He is my dear Life and His voice so full of Goodness when He spoke to me.


He said, “My blessed daughter, We gave creatures the ability to reason as a gift so they would know if what they were doing was good or evil.  Every time she does something good, she receives new gifts of Beauty, Grace, Merit, and a more intimate Union with her Creator.  When she is bad, she must endure the suffering that ensues.  The connection she has with her Creator weakens and the distance between them grows.”


Reason is the eye of the soul and a light for her path.  It illuminates the beauty of her good works, the fruit of her sacrifice.  Yet It torments her when she does evil.  When the creature is acting for the common good, Reason conducts her to a place of honor.  If she treats It as her lord, her life has order and harmony.  As she grows in meritorious virtue, she will feel strong and at peace with herself.  When she does evil, her life is chaotic.  She remains a slave of her own bad habits.”


The power to reason facilitates the creature’s activities within My Divine Will for the common good.  It is because of her rationality that she merits the accord that human will might want to incorporate.   If the creature lives within Our Will, she rises so high that she leaves the depths of human activity behind her, even if it is good.  If she comes into Our Divine Volition, she absorbs Our Being like a sponge and then dives deep within herself to soak her action with Love, Light and Sanctity.  Eventually her actions disappear within Our own, and reappear as Divine Activity.”


It is right and just that Divine Merit should flow.  Human prestige is lost in Our Divine Will.  Someone might think the creature isn’t doing anything, but that’s far from the truth.  If It Operates within her, the virtuous thread of human volition that It has taken into Its Hands become the Triumph that crowns Its Conquest over the act of a creature.  Human reason can voluntarily surrender it inalienable rights as homage to the Mastery of the One who has taken her.”


This is about more than just doing something.  Here God has accepted as fair exchange the most Beautiful Gifts He has given the creature, reason and will.  This is how she gives Us everything that she can give.  She acknowledges Us by stripping herself away so she can Love Us perfectly.  We Love her so much that We drape Ourselves over her like a cloak.  We give her Our Works in a way that says, ‘We are doing this together.’  We align Ourselves with the creature until she never wants to do anything without Our Will.  We are so Generous that even when the creature behaves in a human manner, her ability to reason leans toward the common good.  For this We acknowledge her merit.  This is how We usually Operate.  Not one good deed goes unrewarded.  We keep Our Eye on her to find out how We can best reward her.”


He stopped talking for a while, and I started thinking about how Divine Will keeps an eye on us.  It Loves us so much that It can’t leave us alone for a second.


Then my sweet Jesus spoke up again.


He said, “My Divine Will means everything to the creature.  She couldn’t live a moment without It.  Everything she does, every step she takes, her every movement, is fed to her by My Volition, and the creature should be grateful to have them.  She’s more or less aware of what’s going on, but she has no idea how it involves her, because she doesn’t know where her life came from or where its going.  Most creatures think My Will has nothing to do with them.  It would be more appropriate if they would at least acknowledge that It has legitimate Rights over them.  It’s important to know what these Rights are so they can set up an exchange with My Divine Volition.  Then they would know who gives Life to their being.  Creatures are mere statues without It.  They can only see the superficial, not the Life-Force that animates them from within.”


Among Its innumerable Rights are those over Creation, Animation and Conservation.  Its Rights over man are legitimate because It Created everything to provide for the well-being of man.  My Will had Created Earth, wind, fire, water and air as a gift to man.  Each one of them establishes further legitimacy to Its Rights over him.  My Redemption pardoned his sin, My Grace inspires him to Operate for the common good.  Both impart basic, fundamental Rights over him.  His very being is kneaded into My Will like dough, yet he hasn’t a clue.  To Our great sorrow, We are still waiting to be acknowledged.  Before the Life of My Will can be Triumphant in the creature, she must know what It has done for her Love that has justified Its Rights over her.  When she finds out, she will immediately take her place within My Volition.  She will commune with the One who gives her Life, propels her every move, and pulses within her heart.  Accepting Its Life as the ground of her being, she will offer It back to honor and glorify the One whose Love is her Life’s foundation.  Then the Rights of My Will shall be vindicated.  Everything It has given her to express Its Love shall be repatriated into the Womb of Its Light.  The creature It has Created out of Love shall be reborn and rest in Its arms.  In sum, It will feel Reborn again in Its arms she who with so much Love It had Created.” 


I wish everyone could know the Rights of My Will.  The constancy of Its ardent Love that gives her Life and sends her out into the light of day.  Its Love is more protective than any mother’s care.  It wouldn’t leave her alone for a second.  It Loves her inside and out, from above, below, left and right.  Regardless of whether the creature knows and loves It, or not, the Divinity’s Heroic Love continues giving Life to her activities and carries them along for her.  My Will, You alone know how to Love her with the Heroic Strength of Infinite Love.  Yet, incredibly enough, the one You Created doesn’t even acknowledge Your Existence.  Human ingratitude is great indeed.”


Its Divine Fiat’s boundless Love is so tangible that I can touch It with my hand.


I thought, “I don’t know how can anyone Live in It.  Perhaps intent is the key to Living in It.” 


My always Lovable Jesus continued speaking.


He said, “My daughter, good intent alone has nothing to do with Living in My Will.  Intent is for those who do not act.  Nothing can be done without the One who gives Life to the creature’s attempt to bring about the Common Good.  Unless she Lives within My Volition, their acts have no merit.  They are holy intentions at best.”


My Will has the Operating Power to activate whatever the creature intends and make it vivid.  When she finds the One who can bring her actions to Life.  She can feel Its Vivifying Power transforming her activity into living works.  All things change once enveloped by My Will.  Her intent for the common good takes on a Life of Prayer and Adoration.  All things truly virtuous are filled with everlasting Life and cannot be diverted.  The One who feeds the creature Life keeps her within Itself where they can Live together.  I give her Merit for Works animated by My Will.”


There’s a big difference between intention and Work.  Intent is for the sick and the poor who can’t really do anything about it.  At least they offer their good will for some charitable exercise.  They want to help propagate the good by doing as many beautiful things as they can.  But poverty and sickness get in the way.  They are virtual prisoners who will never bring about the common good.”


Someone who operates through My Divine Will are like the rich who has a great deal of disposable income.  She knows that good intentions are worthless and will tell you so.  If she is inclined to be charitable, she can go wherever she wants, doing good things for everyone by offering them her assistance.  There are so many kinds of wealth within My Volition that the creature gets lost in It.  She can take handfuls of It and give it to whoever she wants.  She doesn’t make any noise about it either.  As silent as light, she brings help and then withdraws.”





March 10, 1935

Everything that one does in the Divine Will does not remain down on earth,

but departs for Heaven in order to take its Royal Place in the Celestial Fatherland.


I always end up back in the Endless Sea of Divine Will.  Yet even though I can only manage a few tiny sips, that’s still enough nourishment to sustain me and promote the growth of Its Life within me.  Each Truth that’s handed down to me about It is a full dinner served by my Jesus in the Celestial setting of Divinity.  However much I am fed, Supreme Fiat takes in the same amount of nourishment.  Each Truth is a shower from Heaven raining down upon me.  It awaits me on every side until I finish what I am doing and then carries my action up to the Celestial Fatherland.


I was still lost in Divine Light when my beloved Jesus, who is all goodness, came for a brief visit.


He said, “My blessed daughter, Heaven is always open for someone who Lives in My Will.  It lowers Itself and does whatever the creature is doing.  They pray together in profound adoration.  It works with her to repair all that must be made whole.  They suffer together so her Love for It may continue to grow.  It Loves to act alongside her so much that It carries what they have done into the Celestial Abode lest they be stranded on earth.  It places their earthly activity on a Royal Pedestal reserved for conquests made in tandem with Its beloved creature.”


What is done through My Volition belongs to Heaven.  The earth is not worthy to have such as this.  The creature is thus made secure.  The creature’s happiness lies in her awareness that Divine Fiat has the Power to control whatever she does.  These human activities, having been divinized, find their way to Heaven for safekeeping on her behalf.  There they await as noble courtiers preparing a Glorious throne for her.  Its Love is jealously identified with her.  Actions performed through Its Volition are not left in the creature.  Born of Its Life, It enjoys holding the creature’s offspring within Itself.  Pleased to be Loved, It can no longer wait and must give her Glory in advance throughout the Celestial Fatherland.” 


Actions performed through My Volition narrate a story about the Love that passes between Creator and creature.  I enjoy hearing the narration of how My Love goes to such excess that I lower Myself in collaborating with the acts of a creature.  It recounts as well the love she reveals by consenting to My Activity within her.  Mutual Love brings happiness.”


It’s wonderful to see the creature enduring exile while her activity resides in Heaven as a trophy of the conquests that I have made over human will.  Everyone has their own mission.  Some Love Me as I Love.  Others adore Me as Divinity adores.   Some make Celestial Music to praise and worship Me in exaltation for the miraculous way My Will operates.  Pay attention so you that nothing that is not Mine gets through other than what is My Divine Will.”


A thousand thoughts crowded my mind as I continued meditating on the Supreme Fiat.


Then my Lovable Jesus spoke again.


He said, “My daughter, We made the creature so that he would conform with Our way of doing things.  It is her Sacred duty that everything she does calls out to the One who created her.  Every deed she does must acknowledge the legitimate rights of His Dominion from His Royal Throne within each action she performs.  In return, each human act is honored with the Light and Power inherent in an Act of Divinity.”


It is Our Will that she be completely saturated with Divine Being.  If she leaves Us out of her activity, she denies Us one of Our basic rights.  Furthermore, her actions are left stranded in the lower world without the Power of Its Divine Light.  She is marooned in darkness so deep that her intellect can barely make out a few murky shadows as she gropes her way one step at a time.  It serves her right, however, because she can turn on the light any time she wants, yet she does not.  She has access to a Higher Power and does not call upon It.  Though her activity could be sustained as an Act of God through His Works, she would rather do it by herself.”


It is Our Decree that no one enters Heaven unless her soul is completely filled with the Love of Our Will.  The least bit of emptiness is enough to keep Heaven from opening for her.  So We reserved a space for Purgatory so she can burn away everything human by suffering Its fire.  With anxious longing, such martyrdom can fill her with the Pure Love of Divine Will until she is finally admitted to the Celestial Fatherland, though without much glory or merit.  But at least she’ll have met the minimal conditions for entrance to the Celestial Abode.”


If only they would have done it on earth by calling Our Life into their activity, every deed would be Glorious.  Once part of her Creator’s Work, it is easily recognized by its great beauty.  Souls who have given Divinity Its rightful place within their conduct are received with lots of Love.  We see Ourselves in her whenever we meet, and she can identify herself in Us.  That makes us both so happy that everyone in Heaven marvels at the Joy and Glorious Beatitude the Supreme Being pours over this fortunate creature.  I want you in My Will at all times.  Abide in My Love so It can burn away whatever is not Mine.  My Will is like a brush that paints with Light to portray Our Activity within everything you do within It.”





March 19, 1935

The Divine Will and the human volition are two spiritual powers. 

All of man is in the will. 

How Jesus does not teach, or want, impossible things.


As I cross through the Eternal waves of Divine Volition, I feel the constant movement of Its Life while I listen to Its continual murmuring.  It whispers about the Love It gives everyone to make them happy.  Its hum grows louder as It gives off Power and Light.  Its low crooning gives Life to all things and sustains them.  It is the Primal Motion that pervades everything as It acts within them.  It envelopes everything and hides them within Itself.  It gives and receives everything.  I wish I could have the Power of Your Diving Volition as the Life within my soul.  I want to Live through you with regard to any other life than Yours.  I am so far from my heart’s desire.  There is much to be done before I can live completely through Divine Will. 


I was still thinking about this when my sweet Jesus startled me.  My dear Life spoke to me with a voice full of Goodness.


He said, “My blessed daughter, tell Me what you really want.  You say that you want My Will to Reign Supreme within your soul and Live in you as your very Life.  If you truly want it, then everything’s done.  Our Love is so great, and Our Desire, ardent, that the creature already has Our Will as her own Life so she can Live in It.   As far as her human volition truly wants It, Our Supreme Being fills the human will with Our own so It can Live and Work there.  Her soul becomes Our Center of Operations.”


Divine Will and human self-determination are complimentary spiritual powers.  The Divine is Immense and has Infinite Power.  The human is very little, but she does have power.  Moreover, both being spiritual, they can pour themselves into each other to form a single Life.  All power resides in volition.  As a spiritual force, the will has an internal site where it can store its good intentions.  That’s also where evil intent is kept, along with her pride.  The will’s intention hunkers down within her.  If she looks for self-esteem, glory, prestige, greed or the sinful egoism of pleasure, she can find it within herself.  Sin itself can lurk there.”


If she wants Our Will to abide hers, We so command, with sighs of relief.  The only condition is that she must truly want It.  Then she will have the Great Advantage of having Our Will as her Life.  Otherwise, the Sanctity of Living in My Will would be very difficult, nearly impossible, for sanctity to reside there.   I would never advise such difficult things and I have no use for the impossible.”


My usual method is to make it as easy as possible for the creature to do the most arduous things and make the greatest sacrifices.  If necessary, I insert My Volition to bolster the meager force of her will by animating it with My Irresistible Will.  The creature’s heartfelt desire makes it easier to have the benefit of having My Will living within her.  My Love is such that to make it easier, I whisper into the ear of her heart, ‘If you really want to do what’s best, you and I can do it together.  I will never leave you alone.  You shall have the Powerful Light of My Grace to sanctify you.  Together, you and I will bring about the Common Good to do with as you please.’”


Creatures don’t really have to do that much if living in My Will is what they truly desire.  Deciding that it’s too difficult is also a manifestation of human will.  If she is staunchly determined to persevere, then she has already conquered My Will and It’s as good as hers.  Human will is like a spiritual black hole.  It pulls things into itself and never lets them go.  It is also like the sun.  It has all kinds of things inside it, but all that’s apparent is heat and light.  It has innumerable benefits, yet all it has to do is touch the earth and wonderful things happen, even though nothing is visible other than light.”


That’s what human will is like.  There are so many good things about it, and all kinds of good intentions.  It might want Love, Sanctity, Light, reparation, patience, or any of the virtues, even her Creator for that matter.  Being a spiritual power, it has the capacity to hold everything she wants.  It not only has the power to encompass the Goodness she desires, she can also transform herself into the Common Good it enfolds.”


Goodness comes natural to the human will.  Though she may not get around to doing the Good things she wants, nevertheless, her will keeps these good intentions for later.  When the occasion arises and she has a chance to do the good deed she intended, there is no hesitation.  With the promptness of love, she goes into action and does what she has wanted to do for a long time.”


It’s as if the sun couldn’t find any seeds or flowers to accept the good things it has to offer.  So It bides its time, and at the first opportunity, It touches them with its light.  The bringer of life can then germinate the seeds and paint all the flowers with color.”


With indelible writing, the human will keeps a log of everything it does and all that it wants to do.  Even if the creature forgets, her will does not.  It keeps a written record of all her activities so that she won’t lose track of anything.  In fact, you could say, ‘To completely understand a man, look to his will.  If that’s holy, then everything about him, no matter how insignificant, is also holy.  If it’s bad, then even his attempts to be good are somehow perverse.  As long as you truly want My Divine Will to be in control of your Life, you don’t have to do much.  When your will is united with Mine, it is powerful enough to do anything.  Your actions speak louder than words that Divine Will is in your possession.  So pay attention, My daughter, and may your flights through Supreme Fiat always be nonstop.”





April 12, 1935

One who Lives in the Divine Will leaves her coverings, reduces herself into nothing,

and the All forms Its Life in the nothing. 

There is no will that does not possess Its Life. 

How the Celestial Queen Loved Us in Her Conception;

Prodigies that the Divine Volition did in Her.


I feel smaller than an atom, practically nothing, and I am lost in the All that is Divine Volition.  Its Totality is aware of Its Life running free through the creature’s nothingness.  Its Creative Power Operates anyway It wants within this void that is a creature.  Divine Fiat amuses Itself with her emptiness by annexing it into It Dominion.  It entices her into Its rapture and fills her with It.  Her nothingness lets It do whatever It pleases.  The abundance she receives can never be lost.


While contemplating my nothingness, my sweet Jesus came for a brief visit.


He said, “My daughter, when the soul Lives in My Divine Will, she abandons her outer layers, and then everything inside it, keeping only the purity of empty space.  My Volition invades her, filling her with the All.  It takes over her very being and performs Miracles of Sanctity, Grace and Beauty worthy of Its Creative Power.  It Generates Love in this void of nothingness and having complete control there, It cultivates Divine Life.  Its Love for her emptiness is so great that Supreme Fiat delegates some control in managing her void.  Having been given full dominion over it by the All in her possession, she has the same power to control it.  With the highest accord, she has a pact with Divine Will that they shall both control each other with the same Love in a single Will between them.”


Human volition is aware that its life resides in Mine.  She would never do anything unless she was aware of how My Action operates, since she knows that It wants to collaborate with her.  Of course, My Volition is also aware of My Life within hers.  With full Dominion, It superimposes Itself over her nothingness so that she can operate in the All.  No will is left without the Life of My Will.  If the creature is decisive in her intent to Live within It, this Life must be cultivated by Its Goodness, Sanctity and Power with Fulsome Love.”


Life is the manifestation of her will, the robe that covers her, the sound of her voice.  She becomes the narration of Its, Infinite Power, something truly marvelous.  Allowing the creature to Live within My Divine Will does not completely satisfy It.  Only when the All is encompassed within her nothingness will It be content.  Its Life operates with Dominion there and makes whatever It wants out of nothing.  That’s why I talk to you about My Will so much.  I am the voice that represents Its Life, the Narrator of this Fiat hidden within Me.” 


Its Greatest Miracle is to form My Divine Life within the nothingness of a creature.  Only My Will has the Creative Power to replicate Its own Life in someone who is willing to receive It.  The soul who has My Life takes part in the Sanctity of My Love.  It’s beautiful to hear nothingness chanting with the All, saying, ‘Love.  Glory.’  She feels Its overwhelming Power infusing her within the Acts of Divinity so she can control them in concert with My Will.  Our greatest satisfaction is to behold her nothingness operating with the Dominion of Our Divine Being.  Now pay attention, and make sure that you are always living within My Will.”


After that I made my usual rounds through Divine Will.


When I arrived at the Immaculate Conception, my sweet Jesus stopped me and spoke.


He said, “My daughter, I want you to penetrate more deeply into the Immaculate Conception of My Most Holy Mother.  See how perfectly She Loved Her Creator.  She loved all creatures to demonstrate Her love for Us.”


The little Queen began Her Life in Divine Will with Her Creator from the moment she was Conceived.  Faced with the Ardor and Immense Power of Divine Love, she felt lost.  She was drowning in Love and didn’t know what to do other than gather It up for the One who Loved Her so much.”


He felt so Loved that He surrendered the Power of His Will and It became Her Life.  She was God’s greatest, most Heroic Love, and all It could say to Her was, ‘I have given You all that I am.  There’s nothing left to give.’  The little Queen used Her New Life to Love Him as much as She was Loved.  She didn’t go a moment without Loving Him.  She wanted to be just like Him in Her Love for Her Son.”


Our All-Seeing Divine Will hid nothing from Her.  It revealed to this Holy Creature all generations of humankind with every sin they had committed and all their trespasses to come.  From the first moment of Her Conception, this little Celestial Child knew no other life than Divine Will.  She grieved for Its Divine Sorrow with each of the creature’s sins.  She wrapped each sin with Her tears to fill Seas of Divine Love and Sorrow.  It’s inconceivable for My Will to do anything small, so It poured them all into Her beautiful Soul.  This Holy Little Virgin, from the first moment of Her life, was the Loving Queen of Sorrows.”


Since Our Will can do anything, It gave Her so much Love and Sorrow that if It had not sustained Her with Its Power, She would have died every time a sin was committed.   She was consumed by Love for every creature who would ever exist.  From that moment on, through Our Will, Our Divinity began to suffer from Its Divine Love with Sorrow for each and every one.” 


We were repaid for everything and felt satisfied.  Divine Love and Sorrow made Us sympathetic toward everyone.  Her Love was so great that We were compelled to Love all those whom She Loved.  As soon as this Sublime Creature came out into Light, the Eternal Word ran toward mankind to save them.  No one can resist the Operating Power of Our Will in the creature.  She will do whatever it takes to get what She wants.  We gave this Celestial Queen to all generations of humankind.  I wish they could appreciate what a Great Gift this was.  The Bearer of the Eternal Word on earth prepared for Redemption by conquering Her own Creator.  If they did, they would clamor around Her Maternal knees to beg for Divine Will, since She is the One who carries Its Life.”





May 14, 1935

The one who does the Divine Will has no need of laws. 

The one who Lives in It gives labor to everyone:

to the Celestial Father, to the Celestial Mother, and to Jesus Himself.


I rest in the arms of my adorable Divine Will, even being though I was immersed in sorrow from being deprived of my blessed Jesus’ company.  Hours are pitiless centuries without Him.  I suffer a lingering death that knows no mercy.  Yet His punishment is just.  I have shown my ingratitude by not conforming to Him.  Please, my Love, hide my misery in Your Wounds, cover me with Your Blood.  I unite my sufferings with Yours so they may cry out together, “Have pity, pardon this poor creature.”  I can’t go on without You.


While I was pouring out my sorrow at being martyred for such a long time, my sweet Jesus was moved by compassion.  He came to visit me briefly, though it was so short that it was over like a flash of lightning.


He said, “Courage, My blessed daughter.  Don’t torture yourself like this.  My Divine Will has given you power over all things.  You can truthfully say, ‘Everything is mine.’  I have shed My Blood for all, and you don’t have to ask for It.  I suffered for all.  Make use of My suffering for your necessities.  My Wounds are open to all.  You don’t need permission to enter them and be sheltered there.  When My Divine Will Reigns Supreme within a creature, she needs no law.”


Divine law is part of her very nature, like respiration and the circulation of blood through a beating heart.  This powerful Law is a substantial part of her life.  Such is My Law of Love, Sanctity and Order that it’s natural for her to be aware of them.  Wherever My Will Reigns Supreme, there is Its Love, so much that It transforms what is good until these qualities become natural to the creature.  Once she owns them, no one can take them away.  I act as Guardian of these Gifts granted to the creature’s very nature.”


Sweet Jesus became silent, and my mind continued swimming in the Sea of Divine Will. 


Then He spoke again.


He said, “My daughter, someone who Lives in My Will provides work for everyone.  When My Celestial Father sees the creature in His Divine Volition, He surrounds her to work on His Image and Likeness.  Finding His Will inside her, He has the right material for His labor, so He makes an Image that resembles Him.  He is most happy when He can replicate such beauty in His Images.”


It provides work for My Celestial Mom, Encountering My Divine Will in the creature, She has someone to keep Her company, a daughter for her Maternal Love.  She infuses Her Fertility into her from the Actions She performs within My Volition.  She has found someone who would use Her as a Model and become a faithful copy.  The Celestial Mother is satisfied with Her diligent Labor.  She is dedicated to Her Maternal Care and Attention.  She Loves to act as a True Mother who can provide Her with an Inheritance.”


Having the Will of a Mother, and of a daughter, She feels understood and shares Her Grace, Love and Sanctity.  She is happy in Her Labor because She has someone to court Her who is similar and Lives through the same Divine Will.  Those who Live in It are Her preferred daughters, Her favorites.  They act as Her personal secretaries.  Through My Divine Volition, they have a powerful magnet that attracts the gaze of our Celestial Mom so much that She can’t look away.  The Great Lady labors to keep them secure by wrapping them in Her Virtues.  She surrounds them with Her Love, Sorrow, and the very Life of Her Son.”


But that’s not all.  As I see that a soul has forsaken her own will to Live in Mine, I go to work, forming My Constituents.  Only My Will can form these Holy members, so I am in constant labor with the one who Lives in It.  I stand watch inside and outside her, vigilant that nothing interrupts My Work.  To form My Members, I duplicate the labor of My Conception as I regenerate each one.  I am born again so they may follow suite.  I cry, suffer, preach and die as I transfuse the vitality of My Divine Essence into My constituents to fortify and Divinize them until they are worthy of My Sacred Head.”


My Contentment is that while I labor, I multiply My Life by forming others to replicate It.  There is nothing I wouldn’t give or do for someone who Lives in My Will.  It encloses Me within the creature to make Me work at crafting members Worthy of My Creative Hands.  I am happy when the creature allows My to labor within her soul and I feel amply compensated for the Work of Creation as well as Redemption.”


When the Angels join the Saints watching the Celestial Father, their King and His Sovereign Queen intently working within such creature, they all want to help Us out with Our Work.  They contribute their labor by surrounding the creature to defend her.  They send enemies into headlong flight.  They protect her from all evil.  They form stout defensive walls so no one molests her.  This how someone who Lives inside My Divine Volition donates labor to everyone, so they too may be helpful in her work.”





May 26, 1935

Fear, human virtue; Love, Divine Virtue.  How trust enraptures Jesus. 

One who does the Divine Will finds herself with all the Divine Works,

and remains confirmed in them.


Even as I abandon myself in the arms of Divine Volition, my mind is still full of fear and apprehension.  I offer them up to my sweet Jesus so He can fill them with His Fiat and transform them into Peace and Love.  Then He came for a brief visit, filled with all Goodness.


He said, “My blessed daughter, even holy fear is something characteristically human.  It stops love in midflight by giving birth to fear and hardship during her pilgrimage on the highways of Goodness.  The creatures is always looking to the left and right, fearing the One who loves her so much.  It violates the sweet enchantment of trust that allows her to Live in her Jesus’ loving arms.  If she fears too much, she is lost to her Jesus and must live alone all by herself.”


Love is Divine Virtue, and Its fire it has the Power to purify her soul of any stain.  It transforms her by uniting her with her Jesus and allows her so much trust that she enraptures her Jesus.  The sweet enchantment of trust is ever reborn, each into the other in turn.  Neither can go on without the other.  She pays no attention to anything else, only the One who Loves her so much.  Her entire being is carried up in raptures of Love.  The Inseparable Son of Divine Volition is Love.  He exalts the Dominion of My Divine Will in the Highest.  It reaches into every act of a creature, both human and spiritual.  It ennobles all things.”


Human activity remains in the shape and form of the material that underlies them.  They don’t change on the outside.  The change resides in the depths of human will.  Everything she does, even the most insignificant things, are transfigured into the Divine and Confirmed by Fiat.  Its Incessant Labor extends the Abode of Peace over everything the creature does.  It acts as a True Mother, always busy enriching Her dearest daughter with Its Divine Conquests.  So banish every latent fear.  They have no lawful reason to exist.  Neither fear, worry nor mistrust has any right to live whatsoever.  None of these things have anything to do with Us.  All you must do is Live within the Love of My Will.”


The creature gives Me pure joy by trusting in Me.  She is like a daughter to Me and I do what I want with her.  The only way she can really know Me is through trust, for I am an Immense Being filled with endless Goodness.  My Mercy knows no bounds.  The more she trusts Me, the more I Love her.  Trust increases My generosity toward creatures.”


I continued abandoning myself in Divine Volition.  I prayed, asking Him to pour Himself over my little soul and make me rise all the way up into Divine Fiat.  I wanted to become a single Act of Divine Will.


But then my sweet Jesus started talking again.


He said, “My daughter, everything I created runs alongside all that I did and suffered in Redemption so they can tell the creature, ‘We bring your Creator’s Love to you so that we can receive yours.  We are His Messengers.  We go down into the depths of the earth and rise again on high to bring your little love to our Creator in Triumph.  You are the beneficiary of great things.  You have been confirmed by His Love, His Works, His Life full of tears and sufferings.’”


My daughter, you find yourself by running throughout all Our Works.  Our Will brings you everywhere so that We may be confirmed in you.  Creature and her Creator exchange lives with each other along with their activities.  She replicates Divine Action as she goes along.  This is the Highest Grace that can be given or received.  This Confirmation of Our Works replicates within her all Our Good Qualities.  Our Sanctity, Goodness and Love are transfused in her.”


We are enraptured as We contemplate her being.  Our Love emphatically states, ‘Our Being is as Beautiful, Perfect and Holy as It is Immense.  Though Our Light, Power, Wisdom, Love and Infinite Goodness are beautiful, just as stunning is it to see Our Attributes in all their Immensity enclosed within a tiny creature.  She displays her Love and glorifies Us by saying, ‘I am so little that I could never hold Your Immensity within me, but I am what You are regardless.  Your Divine Will has encapsulated You within me.  I Love You with Your own Love, I glorify You with Your Light, I adore You with Your Sanctity.  I can give You anything and everything because I hold my Creator within me.’” 


My Divine Will can do everything from within the creature, if she allows It to govern her being.  Pay attention if you want all this, so you can have as your own to give.”





May 31, 1935

How the Divine Power has no limits. 

Certainty that the Kingdom of the Divine Will must come. 

How the Redemption and the Kingdom of the Divine Will are inseparable.


I am in the arms of my Lovable Jesus.  He surrounds me with His Holy Volition so completely that I couldn’t live without It.  I feel It inside me.  Its imperious dominion is absolute about filling my inner being with sweetness.  Its Indescribable Love give Life to my thought.  It beats in my heart and rushes through my lungs to engage me.  It says, “It makes me happy that you know how My Life resides in your thoughts and the beating of your heart.  You feel Me inside you, and I feel you within Me.  Each of us is happy to be occupied with the same overarching concern, My Will.  The creature fully understands that I am working alongside her.  I lower Myself into all her activities and do them together with her so she can have the Likeness of My Life and My Divine Action.  You know how much it grieves Me when they set Me aside without acknowledging My Dominion.  I want them to appreciate that I am the One who is the foundation of their Life.”


I was suddenly overcome by fear, uncertainty and doubt.


I thought, “It doesn’t seem possible that the Kingdom of Divine Will can be established here.  It’s terrifying how much evil swarms through this world.”


My sweet Jesus was definitely not pleased with this.


He said, “My blessed daughter, if you seriously doubt this, then you really don’t believe that My Power is without limits and can save others.  Acknowledge the fact that I can do whatever I want.  We placed Our Life in man when We created him as Our Dwelling.  If We couldn’t protect Our own Life, then Our Power would have serious limitations.  We are zealous about the dignity of Our Dominion.  We triumphantly declare that We are in this Dwelling.  Furthermore, the creature feels honored to have God abide in her.  She acknowledges Us as her Sovereign Ruler.  The true Goodness of Our Power is infinite.  It serves Itself and is perfectly safe, moreover, It overflows into others.”


I came upon earth to suffer and to die so that mankind would be safe in My Dwelling.  It would be strange indeed if My Dwelling was secure, but the Owner who dwelt in It had no Right of Dominion and was powerless to keep Himself safe.  That would be absurd.  This is not the Order of Our Infinite Wisdom.  Redemption and the Kingdom of My Will are completely one.  They are inseparable.  I came to earth for the Redemption of man.  I also came to establish the Kingdom of My Will by saving My Life.  It is only right and just that I reclaim My Rights as Creator.”


I exposed Myself to so much humiliation for the sake of Redemption.  I underwent inhuman suffering before dying Crucified.  I endured all that to secure My Dwelling and restore Its sumptuous beauty.  I had to be Magnificent so It would be worthy of Me.  It seemed that everything was finished and My enemies were gloating that they had taken away My Life.  My limitless Power recalled My Humanity to Life, and by Rising Again, everything rose up along Me.  My suffering raised the creatures together with all the Benefits creatures, My sufferings, the Goods I had secured for them.  When My Humanity Triumphed over death, My Will Rose Again and Triumphed within the creatures awaiting Its Kingdom.  If My Humanity was powerless and had not Risen Again, Redemption would have failed.  Creatures would have doubted that It was truly the Work of God.”


It was My Resurrection that revealed who I am.  It stamped My Seal on all the Goodness that I intended to bring down upon the earth.  So My Divine Will made It a Double Seal by transporting My Humanity’s Kingdom to creatures.  I established this My Kingdom of Divine Will within My Humanity on the creatures’ behalf.  There’s no reason whatsoever why I shouldn’t give It to them.  It’s only a question of time, and for Us, all times are a single point.  Our Power shall work such Miracles that man will abound in New Love, Light and Grace so that Our human Abodes will acknowledge Us.  They will spontaneously insist on Our Dominion and Our Life will have secured Its legitimate Rights within the creature.” 


In time you will see what My Power can do.  It will Conquer everything by crushing the most obstinate of the rebels.  No one can resist My Power.  I could bowl them over with a single Breath.  I could destroy everything and redesign the universe as I please.  So pray.  Cry out with abandon, ‘May the Kingdom of Your Fiat come, and Your Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven.’”





June 6, 1935

How one who Lives in the Volition of God has God Himself in her power. 

The Queen of Heaven goes around through all the nations in order to place Her children in safety.


My poor little mind continues flying through the Endless Light of Divine Volition that has given birth to everything in Heaven and on earth.  They all have something good to say about the One who generated them.  They never get tired of narrating His Eternal Origin.  His Sanctity is beyond compare.  His Love is constantly generating and is ever new.  His Fiat is always speaking to the mind.  It speaks within their hearts.  It’s speech is on every tongue, uttered with articulate voices, moaning, begging, sometimes imperiously, other times so sweetly that even the hardest, most obstinate hearts are moved.  “My God, Your Volition has such Power.  Please, help me.  I want to Live in It permanently.” 


I was still thinking about It when my sweet Jesus came for a brief visit.


His voice was filled with Indescribable Goodness.


He said, “My daughter, My Will is everything.  It does everything.  It gives everything.  No one can ever say that he has not received everything from It.  The creature’s sanctity is in direct proportion to the rapport she has with My Will.  The more she rises toward Union with God, the closer her unanimity with Him.  The value of her merits is assessed by the relationship she has with My Will.  The entire foundation of the creature’s advantage is based on the substance of its Origin.  It depends on the extent of her activity within My Will and her knowledge about It.  Once she allows My Volition to enter into all her activities, she can say, ‘Everything is Holy.  Pure Divinity is within me.’  We can give her everything.  She has power over Our very Life.” 


If she had nothing to do with My Will and didn’t know the first thing about It, We wouldn’t have given her anything.  Without merit, she wouldn’t have the seed that germinates into Our Bounty.  She would receive no pay from Her Celestial Father because she hasn’t earned it.  If she has not labored in Our Field, We might say, ‘I don’t know you.’  Unless she has as at least done something within My Will, Heaven is closed for the creature, and she has no right to live in the Celestial Fatherland.  That’s why We are so insistent that Our Will be done constantly, and that It be known.  We want to populate Heaven with Our beloved children.  Everything has come forth from Our Being, and We want everything to return within Our Divine Womb.”


Then I went back to my meditations on Divine Will.  I prayed that It would hurry up.  I ask that Its Omnipotent Power overcome every obstacle to His Kingdom come and that His Will should Reign Supreme upon earth as It does in Heaven.  As I contemplated what was before my mind, my sweet Jesus conjured so many woeful, horrifying things, enough to unnerve the hardest hearts, scattering the most obstinate of them in chaos.  There was terrifying fear on every side.  I was so petrified that I thought I would die, and I prayed that He would spare the world such horrific scourges.


My beloved Jesus had pity on me.


He said, “Courage, My daughter, everything happens for the Triumph of My Will.  I strike to heal.  My Love is so strong that when I cannot conquer with Grace and Love, I conquer using fear and terror.  Man is so weak that he rarely thinks about My Grace.  He is deaf to My Voice, he laughs at My Love.  All I have to do is touch him and what is necessary for natural life evaporates.  That’s usually enough to undermine his haughtiness.  Such humiliation makes him collapse like wet rag, and then I can do what I want with him.  Unless their self will is especially obstinate or treacherous, one chastisement is usually enough.  When he sees himself at the brink of death, he comes running back to My outstretched arms.” 


I Love My children always.  They are My beloved creatures.  I would rather eviscerate Myself than see them stricken.  Yet mournful times will surely come, so I have delivered them all into the hands of My Celestial Mama.  I have entrusted them to Her, so She may keep them safe under Her mantle.  I will give Her the ones She wants.  Death itself has no power over anyone in My Mom custody.”


As He was explaining these things to me, my dear Jesus showed me the Sovereign Queen descending from Heaven with indescribable Majesty and Maternal tenderness.  During Her visitation among creatures of every nations, She marked Her dear children as those who would be saved from any scourge.  My Celestial Mom’s touch has the power to sheild these creatures from any affliction.  My Sweet Jesus gave this right to His Mom, and she protects whomever She pleases.  It was a moving sight to see the Celestial Empress visiting every part of the world, taking creatures into Her Maternal Hands.  She holds them to Her bosom and hides them under Her Mantle.  No evil can harm anyone in the custody of Her Maternal Goodness.  She is the One who guards and defends them.  I wish everyone could see the Celestial Queen as She lovingly performs Her mission.  The Tender consolation She offers Her children would make them cry.  If they did, they would surely fall in Love with Her.





June 10, 1935

Rain of Love that Our Lord pours over creatures from within created things,

and how He Bilocates Himself in her and He sees Himself matched in His Love.


As I was making my rounds through the Acts of Divine Will, I felt the Loving Acts of My sweet Jesus raining down upon me.  I went around the sun, wind and sky, and all the other created things, a vast array of Loving Activity came down as a gentle rain.  To be Loved by God is the greatest Happiness.  It is the highest Glory to be found in Heaven or on earth.  I was desperate to love Him.  If I were Jesus, I would make me rain down my Love for Him.  But sadly, we are so different.  He does real work, while the only thing a puny little creature like me can do is use His own works to express my love for Him through my totally inadequate will.  The very idea that I don’t love Jesus the same way He Loves me is depressing.  As I was mulling over this quandary, Jesu, my highest Good, spoke to me in a voice so loving that I can’t describe it.


He said, “My blessed daughter, don’t torture yourself like this.  I have a powerful remedy for everything.  I can make the creature’s love equal to Mine.  I would never discourage her love for Me, for that is one of My Passions.  I can always make someone who loves Me content.  I bi-locate Myself so I can take My place within each created thing and rain down My Love.  I enter the creature and give her the power to rain down her love on Me.  She can take the Love I give her and make It her own.  Once she has My Love in her possession, it’s only right and just that she should give It to Me.  I can feel the contentment she feels by Loving Me as I have Loved her.  I know that It’s actually My own, but I don’t mind.  I’m not a stingy God.  What’s important is that in her own will she wants to Love Me as I Love her, and that’s enough for Me.  I am content that I can tell her, ‘You Love Me as I have Loved you.’”


I Created the whole universe as a Gift to creatures, and I inhabit each created thing so I can rain Love upon them.  When someone acknowledges this Gift as the Great Love her Creator makes for her, It is given to her as her own.  This Love that rains down is for her.  By giving it to Us with all her being, she Loves Us.  We feel matched by this Love from the creature, conquered by her Love.  We accept it and give It to her again.  This starts the continuous exchange of Our Love with hers.  I wish you could know how content I am to have It.”


My Love is wounded every time I hear you say again that you want to Love Me, and that you Love Me in each created thing.  You Love Me in My Conception, My Birth, in every baby Tear, your Love become pearls.  With every drop of Blood in My Passion, I feel My Life in your Love.  I consider a fair exchange with you in everything I did in My Life down here.  All I did was create a rain of Love for you.  I wish you could see how much Love I pour over you.  It is so much, and just the right kind, that I am overcome by the ardor of My own Love.  My hugs and kisses are for My Love within you, and when you share them, I am doubly content.  All I do is wait for yours to match It so that My Love may be requited.”


I continue abandoning myself in Supreme Volition.   The sky stretch out overhead does double duty.  It is the pavement of the Celestial Fatherland, or the Deity’s footstool, while for us wayfarers down here, it is our azure vault.  Pavements in the Blessed Regions are sumptuous, and the vault over the wayfarers’ heads, befitting of royalty.  The one is two, the two, one and the same, everyone’s Love, and their Will.  Prostrating myself alongside the sky, I call on everyone above and below it to adore my Creator.  We bow together in adoration of the same Will and Love of all.


While I was doing this, my sweet Jesus spoke again.


He said, “My daughter, the creature’s First Obligation is to adore the One who has created her.  This primal act is a sacred duty that calls for order.  Beautiful Harmony arises between Creator and creature.  It is the harmony of will and Love imitating Its ways.  Duty is the substance of sanctity.   All things were naturally created to have and hold the Imprint of True Adoration.  By uniting with them, the creature gives perfect adoration to the One who created her.  All created things taken together are one Profound Adoration sent to their Creator.  When the creature unites all things to herself through the Power of Our Volition, she inspires adoration for their God so they may fulfill their sacred duty.  She rises above everyone and brings everything to Us.  She comes to beat within Our Heart and respire in Our Breath.” 


We welcome her heartbeat and breath within Our own because she sweet.  To make the exchange fair, We beat within her heart and breath through her lungs.  We give her Our Divine Heartbeat and Breath so she may have Our Life.  It is the creature’s heritage that Our Supreme Being should grow within her.  The first duty for the creature to act upon is Adoration, giving the Creator Life within her own soul.  She gives Him complete freedom of Dominion to replicate Himself within her.  His pulsation and breathing fills her with Love.  It says, more with deeds than words, ‘This creature holds her Creator within her where I can do whatever I want.’  What’s hers is Mine, and what’s Mine is hers.  Nothing she has belongs to her alone.  Even her heartbeat is Mine.  I have a Place for My Love within her, and she has her own place of honor in Me.  Heaven and earth exchange the kiss of Peace to seal their Permanent Union.”





June 17, 1935

How God, by giving us the free human will, places Himself at our disposition,

in order to feel it with Him, dealing with it as if He had need of the creature. 

Loving conditions in which God places Himself for Love of creatures.


I was making my rounds through Divine Volition, and I stopped at each act of my Celestial Mom had performed within Divine Will.  My God, it’s amazing how Divine Fiat Bi-locates to multiply Its operations.  It conjures such enchanting Beauty of graceful Works that Heaven and earth are awestruck.  They behold God watching Himself operate inside the Sovereign Queen just as He functions within His own Being.  I would do anything to give my God all the Glory the Sovereign Lady gave Him.  She was grateful for all the Acts of Divine Will performed within this Sanctuary hidden behind the veils of the Immaculate Lady.


During this meditation, I was surprised when Jesus, my highest Good, came for a brief visit.


He said, “Little daughter of My Divine Volition, that was Our greatest miracle, a sign pointing to the boundless Magnanimity of Our Goodness and Love.  This was Our descent into the depths of human will where We function as the God We are as if We were Operating within Ourselves.” 


Behold Our Infinite Wisdom.  Taken by an Excess of Love for the creature, We gave her a little human will that was free and independent of everything else.  We gave her a free will that We were committed to serve.  All she needed was a desire for Us to come down into her being, even though it was as rudimentary as it was small.  Yet Our Will can do from within her whatever It does in Our Supreme Being.”


This was a Great Miracle of Love unequaled by any other.  We gave the creature a human will so We could be her subjectivity.  We wanted to depend on the Good Work We do from within her to accomplish all the other Works that We were developing as is Our custom, by finessing Our unapproachable Love.”


We gave her a will that was born free so the creature could say to Us, ‘Come into my house so I can go into Yours.  Do what You want with me so I can do what I want within You.’  We came to an accord with her, Our gift of free will.  She gave Us the only thing that was within her power to give.  This a Magnanimous Love that exceeds anything.  Only Our Supreme Being could do something like this.” 


Our Love courted the creature’s free will.  It formed many centers where It could bi-locate Itself to establish Its Dominion in multiple Kingdoms.  We would show off Our Divine Works through the creature so We could replicate Our Labor to Infinity.  We wanted to operate as God from these centers without limits or any restrictions whatsoever, as if We were operating within Ourselves.  Our Love could show off even more from within these little human wills, because We had to use more Power.  It required more Art to show Our Immensity from within these little spheres of human will.”


We had to regulate Our Power more elegantly in the depths of human volition.  We had to empathize with her in what We would do because We want her to operate in partnership with Us.  As she adapts herself to Our Ways, We must integrate Ourselves with her.  Our Love is so committed that It adapts Itself to her human ways.  This gives Us more to do.  Our Love overflows more and Loves even to the Excesses this human will, such that it gives this human will its Royal Place, its Free Dominion.” 


It’s much different operating outside the human circle.  There’s no end to what We can do out there.  Our Immensity such that We go everywhere with unlimited Power to do everything.  Our Wisdom arranges everything with Love for all.  It envelops all things whether or not We are loved by them.  Our Supreme Being is free.  It doesn’t need anyone and can do whatever It wants.  Since We can do everything, there was no labor involved in doing Great Works.  All We had to do want it, and instantly, everything was done.”


When We want to Operate in the creature, We act like We need her by using enticements.  We have to explain the Good things We want for her and how We Operate.  Since We never coerce a human will, We teach her what she needs to know and the doors spontaneously open to Us.  She is honored to give Us a place to operate from within her will.”


Our Love put these conditions on Us for the Creation of Man.  It Loved him so much that It decided that the creature must have a free will so he could say, ‘I have something I can give to my Creator.’  There is no greater Love.  The Honor and Glory the creature gives to Me when she allows Me to Operate from her will is so great that nothing can compare.  She gives Us It is Our own Glory and Honor and Our Life flows through all her activities.  Our Love can say from within her, ‘I give God to God.’  It is the highest point the creature can achieve, and It makes God’s Love truly excessive.  If only creatures could know how great a Gift this free will is that Love has given them.  I elevated her above the sun and sky.  She is more exalted than the entire universe.”


I can make over everything, do whatever I want, without anyone knowing anything about it.  With the creature, however, I have to lower Myself for Love by asking her for a little space in her will so I can Operate from within her and do her some good.  It’s sad how many would deny Me even this.  They stymie My Will until It can’t do anything in the human will.  My Sorrow over their ingratitude is Infinite.” 


Imagine a king who works from his royal palace.  He has complete command and control over everything and fosters the common good.  His royal palace lends is fully equipped for whatever the king wants to do.  Now imagine another king who would lower himself by staying in a miserable hovel but could accomplish from there just as much as the other monarch.  It’s easier to admire a king willing to sacrifice for love by operating from a little shack instead of his royal palace.”


A royal palace facilitates everything for a king to operate.  A king must adapt his behavior to operate from a simple hut while striving to accomplish the same work he might do from his citadel.  That’s how We operate.  From the Royal Palace of Our Divinity, in is natural for Us to do great things.  It may seem incredible to you, but from the human volition, We can show how truly great and excessive Our Love can be.”





July 8, 1935

Inseparability of one who Lives in the Divine Will with her Creator.

The Queen of Heaven together with Jesus

in Instituting the Most Holy Sacrament. 

The children of the Divine Will will be suns and stars

that will crown the Celestial Sovereign. 


There’s no rest for me until I abandon myself in the arms of the Divine Will.  It throws me into Its Endless Sea where I encounter what It has done out of Love for creatures.  I stop here and there among Its manifold Works to admire them.  I express my love for them with a kiss and I thank Him for being so generous to us, though we be such miserable creatures.  As I wandered around, I was surprised to see our Mom, the Great Queen.  Our Lady is the Holy Trinity’s Most Beautiful Work.  I stayed with Her for awhile, lost in contemplation.  I understood something very profound, but I couldn’t begin to explain It.


Then my Lovable Jesus appeared and spoke to me.  His voice was sweet and full of Indescribable Love. 


He said, “My daughter, My Mom is so beautiful.  Her Empire extends everywhere.  Her Beauty enraptures and captivates everyone.  They fall on their knees to venerate Her.  My Divine Will made Her that way for Me.   She was created to be inseparable from Me.  Everything I ever did was done in concert with the Sovereign Queen.  I pronounced My Divine Fiat and Its Power inspired My Conception in Her Virginal Womb, giving Life to My Humanity.  My Fiat is always and forever the same.  Whenever I was operating, Divine Fiat gave My Mom the right to do whatever I did.”


Her Divine Fiat was the same as Mine when I Instituted the Sacrament of the Eucharist.  We pronounced the Fiat together to transubstantiate bread and wine into My Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity.  Just as I needed Her Fiat for My Conception, I also wanted Her to be a part of this Solemn Act that began My Sacramental Life.  I wouldn’t have had the heart to leave My Mom out of an Act that displayed My Love with such exuberant excess that It astonished heaven and earth.  She was together with Me and I installed Her as the Loving Queen of My Sacramental Life.  The Love of My True Mother offered Her Womb to Me along with Her Beautiful Soul.  She would defend Me and make up for the horrible ingratitude and sacrilegious enormities that, to My sorrow, I would suffer in this Sacrament of Love.” 


My daughter, My Purpose is to give the creature My Will as her Life so she can be with Me.  I let her Love with My Love and operate through My Works.  I want her company while I am acting because I don’t want to be alone.  There would be no reason to call the creature into My Will if I must be an isolated God.  She would be alone as well, and left out of Our Divine Works.  She would have nothing to do with the Institution of the Most Holy Sacrament.  She wouldn’t be involved in anything I did during the course of My Life.  The One Volition that animates Us would be lost to her.”


Whatever I did, My Mom has done.  Whenever I performed a miracles, She was with Me, operating these wonders.  I felt Heaven’s Sovereign Lady within the Power of My Will as She and I called the dead to life.  She suffered everything that was inflicted upon Me.  I had Her company in everything I did.  Her labor was fused with My Work.  The Highest Honor My Fiat could give was to make Her inseparable with Her Son and the Unity with His Works.  The Virgin was My Greatest Glory and since she witnessed everything I did, I stored My Works inside her Maternal Heart for safe-keeping as soon as each of them were completed.  She guarded them all so jealously that not a single breath escaped.  This Union of Will and Work ignited such Love between Us that could set the whole world on fire, consuming everything in Pure Love.”


Jesus was silent, and I remained in the Seas of the Celestial Sovereign Lady.  I learned so much, but I have no idea how I could even begin to explain any of it.


Then Jesus, who is my highest good, continued speaking.


He said, “Her Majesty My Mom is enchantingly beautiful.  The Heavens bow before Her Sanctity.  Her untold wealth is everlasting.  There’s no one like this Lady, Mother and Queen.  Her riches are counted in souls, and every one of them is worth more than the entire world.  Our Lady of Sorrows, the Mother of all souls is the sole Portal leading into Heaven.  She is truly a Lady, the proprietress of every soul.”


She is rich with a unique kind of wealth, filled with Loving Lives that extol the Celestial Lady’s Virtue with loud voices.  Our Mother has innumerable children.  The Queen shall have them as citizens in the Kingdom of Divine Will.  These children are the people who will be Her radiant Crown, stars and suns forming a diadem on Her August Head with such Beauty that all of Heaven are enraptured.  The children of My Divine Will’s Kingdom shall Honor their Queen, and by doing so, they are transformed into Suns that form a beautiful Crown for Her.  She yearns for this Kingdom to come.  She already has a radiant Crown from the Most Holy Trinity, and now She awaits the crown of Her People.  Praising Her as Queen, they offer Her their lives to be transformed into Suns as a testimony of Her Love and Glory.  I want them to understand what Living in My Volition means.  So many Divine Secrets would then be revealed.  They will certainly make further discoveries about their Creator.  You should rather die than be left out of My Will.”






July 14, 1935

Certainty of the Kingdom of the Divine Will on earth. 

Impetuous wind in order to purify the generations. 

The Queen of Heaven placed at the head of this Kingdom.


My mind always returns to the Endless Sea of Divine Volition.  Smiling, It murmurs Its Love for the creature, hoping she will smile back with the same Love, tit-for-tat, and not fall behind.  It’s nearly impossible to Live within Divine Will without doing exactly what It does.  It’s difficult to say what a creature feels in this Divine Sea other than to describe the Purity of Its kisses and Its chaste embrace.  They infuse Celestial Peace, Divine Life and enough Strength to conquer God Himself.  I wish that everyone could experience what I feel.  Once they have Lived in this Sea, they would never want to come out of It again.


I meditated on this for a while longer.


Then I thought, “Nobody knows when this Kingdom of Divine Fiat will come.  It certainly won’t be easy, that’s for sure.” 


That’s when my beloved Jesus came for a brief visit.


He said, “Yes, My daughter, yet nevertheless, It will surely come.  You measure these sad times for humankind by the generations now living.  That’s why it looks so difficult to you.  However, the Supreme Being measures time in Divine intervals that are so long that it beyond the ken of human nature, though for Us it’s easy.”


Our actions are like an impetuous wind, so strong that they shall all be swept away by it.  Gusts of wind shall purge the putrid air of human will and chase away the tragic events that are now on the march.  It will render them a heap of ruins and they will be scattered like dust blown by a sudden gale.  Our Wind will be strong, imperious, storming, impossible to resist.  It will generate waves full of Grace, Light and Love that will drown generations of humankind, utterly transforming them.  At times a strong wind sweeps away an entire city, moving water, trees, creatures and the earth beneath them, sometimes for great distances.  Who can withstand this, Our Divine Wind.  We decree what We want, and enforce it with Our Creative Power.”


The Imperial Queen of Heaven constantly prays that the Kingdom of Divine Will be established on earth, and We would never deny Her anything.  Her Prayers are dauntless winds that We cannot resist.  The Power of Our Will is Her Strength, and for Us, they are Imperial Commands.  She has every right to expect It, for It is Hers on Earth as It is in Heaven.  As the owner, She can justifiably give It to anyone.  In fact, this Kingdom shall be called the Dominion of Our Celestial Queen.  She will act as an Empress in the midst of Her children on earth.” 


She will bestow upon them Her Seas of Grace, Sanctity and Power.  She will put to flight all their enemies.  She will nurture them in Her Womb.  She will hide them within Her Light, cover them with Her Love, and feeding them with Her own hands the sustenance of Divine Will.  Our Mother and Queen will do all things for the people of Her Kingdom, Her children.  She will give unprecedented Grace to the astonishment of the world, a Miracle that will shake Heaven and earth. We have given Her a free hand to establish the Kingdom of Our Will on earth.  She is the Model, a Guide to Its Truth, the Celestial Sovereign of Its Kingdom.”


So pray with Her, and in the fullness of time you will achieve what We intend.”





July 21, 1935

The most intimate and most sorrowful sufferings of Jesus are the anticipations; His inventions, deliriums, discoveries of Love.


I am in the arms of Divine Will, but my sweet Jesus has been neglecting me and it feels like a nail in my heart.  I keep waiting and waiting until my suffering becomes torture.  Hours seem like centuries to me, and the day seems like it will never end.  I have a nagging suspicion that my sweet Jesus will never return.  I hope I’m wrong.  I have no idea what’s going on with Him.  I’ve had enough of myself.  Divine Will holds me prisoner on this earth.  I want to fly as fast as I can up to Heaven.  But I can’t.  Its chains are too strong.  It’s impossible to break away.  Since I’m tied up so tight that I can’t think straight, all I can do is abandon myself as much as possible within Its Supreme Fiat.  I must be delirious.  The one thing I’m sure of is that I just can’t take it anymore.


Then my always Lovable Jesus finally came back to His little daughter.  He conjured Himself with a Wound in His Heart that poured out Blood and Flames.  It was as if He was going to drown all souls in His Blood and burn them alive with His Love.  His voice was all Goodness when He spoke.


He said, “Courage, My daughter, your Jesus suffers in agony like you, but deeper and more profound, enough to make Me shed Blood and Flames.  Most of My suffering comes from having to wait all the time.  My Gaze is constantly fixed on souls.  Once a creature has fallen into sin, I have to wait for a long time before she returns to My Heart seeking pardon.  I hold her forgiveness in my hands, waiting for her, but she doesn’t come.  My suffering grow bitter the longer I wait, until I am so tormented that Blood and Flames spew out of My punctured Heart.  The hours and days seem like years as I linger.  Having to wait is the hardest part for Me.”


My Love for the creature is such that when I sent her out into the light of day, I established an exchange so she could give Me a certain number of actions proving her Love, and I would promise to Love her in return forever.  She could trade her prayers at a fixed rate for the Graces I would give her.  Once she had done enough good deeds, she could barter them for My help so she would operate more effectively for the common good.” 


Unfortunately, the creatures took advantage of it to make Me wait, knowing that I suffered by the delay.  She leaves Me in anticipation from one act of love to another with no assurance that I will ever have them.  She is slow to act for the common good, belated in her prayers, if she does them at all.  Until then, I just have to wait for however long it takes.  My Love is so restless that I’m delirious.  My yearnings are such an intimate form of suffering.  If it were possible for Me to die, then I would, once for every time the creature neglected our love for each other.”


The Sacrament of My Love involves a long delay.  I wait for everyone, counting the minutes, but some of them never show up.  Others are so glacially cold that I am left in unrelieved anticipation, the heights of cruel martyrdom.  Few are willing to wait for Me no matter how patient I am with them.  They are the only ones who give Me hope for mankind.  I am repatriated into their hearts where I pour out My Love.  In them I find refreshment to relieve the cruel martyrdom that comes from waiting for so long.  Some of them seem to think that I’m not really suffering all that much.  That only adds to the cruelty of My martyrdom.  Yet it costs you just as much to wait for Me.  If I didn’t come to the rescue by meeting your expectations, you couldn’t endure it any more that I can.”


There is another kind of waiting that’s even more sorrowful.  The ardent desire for the Kingdom of My Divine Will is accompanied by deep yearning and chronic anxiety.  I’ve been waiting for six thousand years, hoping that the creature would come back into It.  I Love her so much and I long to see her happy.  But for that to happen, we must Live with one single Will.  Any action other than that pierces Me like a nail.  Moreover, she wouldn’t be happy being so different from Me.  When I look out from the Immense open Sea of My Happiness and I see My children unhappy, I suffer.”


All I can do is wait around and be patient.  Filled with an abundance of Grace and Light, I wait until they are ready.  Once they understand the advantages of sharing a single Will, I anticipate that they shall come running with the expectation that they would Live with Me.  It will change their destiny.  They will share in the common Good with Us and live happily ever after.  Most sufferings come and go, but the anguish of waiting never ends.  I always have to be on My guard, resorting to such extreme innovations of Love that Heaven and earth are astonished.  I pray that the creature won’t make Me wait any longer.  I beg her, because I just can’t take it anymore.  It’s too much for Me to bear.”


So come together as one with Me and wait for the Kingdom of My Will.  I spend too much time anticipating the creature, and I suffer from it.  At least we will be together.  After suffering so much, I find your company refreshing.”





September 28, 1935

Divine Love invests every act of the creature.  How in all His Works God calls everyone and does Good to everyone.  How Divine Life forms in the creature, how It is nourished and grown.


I was following the Acts of Divine Will when I was transported into a Sea of Endless Light.  It allowed me to see how much God had Loved the creature in the past, now, in the present moment.  It’s so awesome that if anyone could truly understand It, their heart would surely burst with pure love.  The ardor of God’s Love, the way It strives to finesse It’s strategy, is simply irresistible.  But I am too little, so these flames just devour me.


Then my beloved Jesus came to visit my poor little so He could lend me His assistance.


He said, “Blessed daughter, let Me pour out My Love.  The creature has always been with Us in Our Divine Mind.  She has always had her own place in the Womb of her Creator.  Since before the Day Star, everything she has ever done in thought, word and deed, every step of the way, has been adorned with Our Love.  Everything does is connected to a chain with links forged by innumerable Acts of Our Love.  Every one of them corresponds to a thought, word or deed of the creature.”


Our Love promotes Life by nourishing every iteration of all the actions she has ever performed.  She must be beautiful, because she is in Our Divine Mind.  She is formed by the circular breathing of Our Love, a Love desired, not forced, nor driven by any necessity.  It is generated by the Power of Our Supreme Being, a Force that is always superimposing Its everlasting Love over her works.  If Our All-Powerful Fiat did not continually generate new Works filled with Acts of constant Love, It would suffocate in Its own Flame and come to a grinding stop.”


We sent forth the creature from Our Divine Womb to briefly work her way through the world of time.  And Our Love courts all her activities with a unique form of Its Love.  In fact, It assails them and fills each one with Our Love.  If It didn’t, It would deny Its own generative, revitalizing Power, the engine that propels a human being.”


If only creatures knew that a unique form of Our Love runs through their every thought, word and deed.  It beats in their heart and flows through their breath.  If they knew, they would Love Us and not profane Our Great Love with unworthy acts.  See how much your Jesus Loves you.  I know how to Love you.  So, if you pay close attention, I can teach you how best to Love Me.  Our Love is entitled to Love everything that We have sent forth from Ourselves.  We have the authority to make every act of the creature rise from within Our Love.”


Jesus was silent for a while as I thought about this excess of Divine Love and then my beloved spoke again. 


He said, “My daughter, be still and listen to Me.  Our Love is great that every time We set upon a Work, We call everyone individually.  Each one benefits in their own way from the Work We do for the common Good.  If Our Work could only benefit one creature at a time, We would not be acting like God.  That’s not how We operate.  Everything We do is a Gift for each and every one of them.”


My Conception in the Womb of a Virgin was the Greatest Work ever done in the entire history of the world.  They begged for Our Fiat, and My Humanity was Incarnated without being forced to do It.  Moreover, no one has done anything to deserve what We had no need to do.”


The only reason for this Gift of Our Love was that Our Love demanded it.  Such an Act is so overwhelming that It embraced everyone and wrapped Itself around each one of them.  Heaven and earth were so amazed that they are still enraptured by It.  Everyone feels this invasion of Love enough to be impressed that My Life is Conceived in all My creatures.  It is My Love that compels Me to be Conceived within every single soul, at every moment, always and forever.  I only need to be Conceived once to be eternally Conceived everywhere.  Consider My Conception in the Consecrated Host.  Every act of a creature who Loves Me participates in My Divine Conception so they may do My Will.” 


My Love must give in Excess if It is to say, ‘I have Loved you very much.  I’ve done everything and given you all that I have so you would know that I Love you.’  I hope that makes you happy.”


While I was in the Womb of the Holy Virgin, I breathed through Her lungs, was comforted by Her warmth and nourished with Her blood.  Likewise, when I am possessed by a creature, My Life depends on her to breathe and keep It warm so It may grow within her.  My Love puts Me in a dilemma.  When the creature loves Me, she breathes for Me and keeps Me warm.  She does all kinds of good things for Me.  She prays in adoration and glorifies Me.  She is willing to suffer for Me.  She promotes My growth and allows Me to move.  She assists My formation within her soul.  Without her love and support My growth would be stunted.  Worse, I would freeze, starve, and suffocate.  Between My Love and the creature’s ingratitude lies a serious dilemma.”


If she is good to Me, she will contribute to My growth so I can fill her soul with My Life.  I develop My Life in her by walking on her feet, working with her hands and speaking through her voice.  It makes Me happy to put my thoughts in her mind so I can Love her with a creature’s heart.  She becomes nothing more than veil to cover Me.  I act as her owner.  I have complete freedom of action to do whatever I want.  My Divine Will is constantly replicating Its All-Powerful Fiat so My Love may be conceived.”


It laughs when It has succeeded in forming Its Life within the creature.  My Love flew like a hawk through everything I did in Creation, Redemption, Sanctification and My Sacramental Life, whether in Heaven or on earth.  It provides for the common good of everyone through the Sanctity of My Works.  So no one can say, ‘None of this does me any good.’  Only an ingrate would say something like that.  It’s their own fault.  I haven’t neglected anyone.”


You can see what’s going on with My Love and the Nourishment of My Will.  They won’t let Me grow.  Their lack of Love is breathtaking.  Denied their human will, I am left naked and numb with cold.  It annoys Me no end to be stripped of their cover.  Their abject misery is detestable and their unholy works, dishonest.  Yet I would never abandon them.  I put up with their rudeness and wait with Invincible Patience.”


I have a surprise for her, more Grace and Love.  Stricken by My Kindness, she will give Me whatever I need to grow within her souls.  Cost is no object.  I shall form My Life within the creature.  I will use all the arts to achieve My Intent, even if I have to punish her so she knows that I am here within her soul.”


Have pity, My daughter.  You have to make up for all this human ingratitude.  I am everything to them.  I continue to provide their breathing and heartbeat.  I grace them with food and warmth.  These ingrates couldn’t make a move without Me.  I give them everything and they refuse to share with Me.  I have honored them by forming My Living Temple within them, My Royal Palace on earth.”


As it is, there’s more than enough pain and suffering to go around because of their selfishness.  So I advise you not to deny Me the breath of your love.  At least give Me the minimum of what I need to grow within you.  Make My Will your Life.  Allow Me the dignity of staying in your sumptuous Royal Palace, as I deserve.”





October 4, 1935

All the glory, the honor, is in being able to say with deeds:

“I am a continuous Act of Will of my Creator.”

Necessity of diversity of offices and of actions.


I was making my rounds through Divine Will, searching out all the Activity that brought about Creation so I could present my little ‘I love You’ so I could unite myself with all created things.  I wanted to glorify my Creator by saying, “I am here in my place of honor, performing my Mission as an ongoing Act of Divine Will.  Even though I am nothing, and can do nothing, yet I do everything when I follow Divine Will.”


As I was thinking this, Jesus, who is my Highest Good, came to visit me briefly.  His voice was all Goodness when He spoke. 


He said, “My blessed daughter, every created thing has its own unique Mission.  Even though the Will of All is One, they don’t necessarily do the same things.  It is not the Powerful Wisdom of the Divine Order that one created thing should always duplicate what another does.  Since one is the Will that Controls them, the glory that comes from It can be secured by one and given to Me by another.”


Their Substance and Goodness are filled with such Merit that they can say, ‘I am an ongoing Act of my Creator’s Will.  The greatest Honor, Glory and Power He could give me is to be a single Act of Divine Will.’  A little blade of grass, as tiny as it is, takes up such a small space on the earth that perhaps it has been completely overlooked, unseen by anyone.  Yet it was my Will that wanted it so.  Though it has no aspiration to do more than what a blade of grass usually does, by doing My Will it brings Me the same glory that the sun offers.  In its own way, it rules with such majesty over the earth that it is truly the ongoing Miracle of all Creation.”


All created things work in symphony among themselves.  The sun, in all its majesty, kisses the little blade of grass with its light and keeps it warm.  The wind caresses it and brings water to quench its thirst.  The earth reserves a little place for it to form its tiny life.  Such dedication, all for a single blade of grass.  There’s not that much more that can be said other than it holds My Will and has the power to do good things for generations of human beings.  Having Created everything out of Love for My creatures and wanting them all to share in the Common Good, everything has secret powers to give the Goodness they possess.”


It’s all about doing My Will and never leaving Its endless Divine enclosure.  I may seem that you aren’t doing anything when you’re in It, but that’s not true.  You are operating together with Divinity and can rightly say, ‘I do what God is does.’  She may not be aware of all the particulars of Its Activity.  She not be consciously fulfilling Its Mission in all Its many diverse undertakings.  It may not seem like much, yet God does everything and the soul takes part in all of it.  My Will confirms that a space within her being has been emptied out so It can establish Its Divine Order there and imprint It with the Image that Seals Its Works.” 


What is important about the variety of Its action with Its many diverse Missions is the Harmonic Order that manifests My Infinite Wisdom.  Even in Heaven there are several choirs of Angels, and My Saints have each been given their own unique Missions, whether as Martyrs, Virgins or Confessors.  On earth My Providence has assigned many diverse Offices such as king, priest and judge.  A king orders, a judge determines and people are dependent on another.  If everyone occupied the same office, the earth would be disordered and revert to chaos.”


People must understand that My Divine Will alone is competent to do what is Truly Great.  If they were content to do what is apparently small and insignificant, they would cherish their role within the Mission God has assigned them.  Instead they allow themselves to be lorded over by their own human will rather than giving themselves unconditionally so that great actions may occur.  Since they can’t do that, they are always discontent with their lot in life because they abdicate the role that Divine Providence has assigned them for their own Good.”


You can be happier doing little from within My Will than attempting great things without It.  Its very Immensity will find you in all Its Activities, and you will find yourself in Its Love and Power through Its Works.  In a way, you can’t do anything without It, nor can It do anything without you.  By Living within My Volition, such Wonders run together in incredible ways.  The creature in her nothingness is at the mercy of the All.  Her nothingness is the human prey of a Will that can do anything.  Her nothingness can do everything.  She will perform Works that are worthy of Supreme Fiat.  The most Beautiful, Solemn and pleasing act for Us is the nothingness of the creature freely given to Us so that We can do whatever We want with her.”





October 7, 1935

The one who does not Live of Will of God

forms her living Purgatory on earth and in prison. 

The Divine Love.  An impetuous tempest, excruciating scenes.


My poor mind needs to pour itself into Divine Volition and center itself there.  When it throws herself in, it feels the Breathing, Heartbeat and Love of Divine Life as her own.  No one can live without breathing, and the heart must surely beat.  A soul without Fiat creates the most excruciating Purgatory for herself.  My human will would cast me into the fiery abyss of all evils.


I was still lost in thought when I was startled by my beloved Jesus.  His voice was filled with tenderness when He spoke to me.


He said, “Blessed daughter of My Volition, I glad you understand that you cannot Live without My Fiat.  Someone who doesn’t Live in It forms her own living Purgatory by obstructing all the Good things I have prepared for her.  When the creatures shuts them up inside Me, within My Heart, a writhing Pain signals Purgatory for My Love.  My Flames smother and I can’t breathe.  My Life thus encumbered, I can no longer communicate with the creature.”


Everything I’ve done serves My Primary Purpose, making her Live through My Will.  That’s what Creation was for, making a creature to Live through My Will.  When she refuses to Live in It, she suffocates My Life within created things.  I came down upon the earth to give her Its Life.  As soon as the soul decides to Live within My Volition, immediately My Most Holy Humanity takes Its Place inside her.  My Blood pours over her like a plentiful rain.  My Death continues to form the continual Resurrection of the soul as she Lives within It.  The creature can feel herself being constantly regenerated through My Blood, My suffering, My Love, even My Breath.  They give her sufficient Grace to Live through My Divine Will, because I have put everything at her disposal.”


My Most Holy Humanity is at the disposal of My Divine Volition, so I placed It inside and outside the creature to provide Life for My Will within her.  When she decides not to Live in It, My Blood no longer rains because there’s no one there that It can Regenerate as Divinity.  My suffering cab no longer maintain a wall to defend her because human volition undermines My Works and they collapse.  It would rather My Death be impotent than see everyone Rise Again in My Volition.” 


When the soul declines to Live through It, My suffering, at the cost of My Life’s Blood, lays prostrate at the door of human will.  I wait with Invincible Patience to enter, assailing her from all sides, offering her the Grace of Living within My Volition.  As long as I can’t enter her with My Life’s Blood and suffering, all things are stifled within Me.  I suffer so much when she refuses Me the freedom to give her the Good things I want for her.  My Love tortures Me.  My suffering, My Wounds, My Blood and My Works form a chorus of pitiful voices calling out to me without let, ‘This creature is obstructing Us.  We are as lifeless as We are useless.  She just doesn’t want to Live through Divine Will.’  My daughter, there’s so much sorrow in being willing and able to do Good without doing it.”


Then I continued abandoning myself in Divine Volition.  It transported me outside myself, and I was horrified when I looked at the earth.  I tried to withdraw back into myself so I wouldn’t have to look at anything.  But my sweet Jesus wanted me to look at that unbearable scene, so He stopped me.


He said, “My daughter, it’s sad to see so much human treachery.  One nation betrays another and war ensues.  The poor people among them are dragged into fiery torment.  My poor children!  A might storm is coming, with blasting winds strong enough to move trees and boulders along, stripping the earth of everything.  The ground shall be so thoroughly plowed, that with a little work, it will be ready for planting.  The tempest comes to purify the people until the days of peace, serenity and brotherly love shall arise.  Pray that everything works for the common good and the Glorious Triumph of My Will.”





October 13, 1935

So much is the Love of Jesus, that He feels the need of pouring Himself out with the creature.  He is in between His Celestial Father and creatures, and He remains struck for Love of them.


I was completely abandoned in the arms of my sweet Jesus as usual.


He had a fervent need to pour out His Love by talking about It.  That is His only outlet.  He wants creatures to know how He has suffered.  He describes how His Love shackles Him and the dire circumstances He has had to face because of It.  His greatest relief is in having Me listen to Him.  It’s excruciating to hear His voice gasping with tears.


I could still hear His pain as He spoke to me softly, “Love Me, Love Me.  All I want is Love.  Not to be Loved is My greatest Sorrow.  I don’t feel Loved because My Will is not being done.  It holds My Love up high and leads the creature to Love Me as My Divinity should be Loved.  The creature Loves Me with My own Love, so sweet and refreshing, the only relief I have from the intensity of My Flames.”


I was lost in thought when Jesus, who is my Highest Good, came to visit my poor little soul.  He had conjured Himself as enveloped in His own Flames. 


He said, “My daughter, if you only knew in what dire straits I find Myself in because of My Love.  I Love My Celestial Father so intensely, that I would gladly give My Life if that would prevent anyone from offending Him.  We are One.  He is My very Life.  It’s impossible for Me not to Love Him, even if I tried, and that’s unthinkable.  Our Divine Power made Me to be One Love with My Celestial Father.  We are inseparable.  Creatures are a part of My Humanity.  They were incorporated in Me.  There’s no way I couldn’t Love them.  That would be like not loving My own life.  My Love shackles Me to them.  My Love is unconditional, despite their intrigues.”


I Loved My Father so much that seeing Him being offended is My cruelest Martyrdom.  I have always Loved My creatures.  I can feel them inside Me.  They offended Him in every possible way.  Their ingratitude knew no end.  It was only right that My dear Celestial Father wanted to strike them down, just to get rid of them.  I was stuck in the middle between God and creature and was struck down by the One I Loved so much.  I lamented for the creatures even as I endured their suffering.  Yet, since I always remain with My Father, I was also offended.”


It was Divine folly that I should Love every single creature even as I gave My Life to save them.  I didn’t want to withdraw from My Celestial Father even if I could, because He was Mine and I Loved Him.  It was My Duty as His True Son to return all the Glory every creature owed Him so that He would be satisfied.  That’s how much I Love Him.  My suffering was indescribable when I was struck down, but I wanted to be punished for their sake so I could show My Love for both.”


Only because My Love is Divine did I attempt such an innovation.  I was so tightly shackled by My Love for creatures that It seemed unbelievable to them.  True Love is so heroic that It ends up burnt at the stake.  It is consumed by Its own Love for them.  It holds them as being incorporated in Itself.  They form Its very Life.  It’s sad how My Love puts Me in such dire straits.  It fills Me so much that I need to pour out My Works even as I suffer.  I will pour Light into My Love, and amazing Grace shall come from It.  I pour out so much Love that I am always inside, outside and all around the creature so that I may better serve her.”


I serve her with light from the sun in a continuous outpouring of My Love.  I serve her with air so she can breathe, water to quench her thirst and plant life for nourishment.  I bring the fire that warms her, and wind to cool her with its gentle caress.  In everything I’ve done in Creation and Redemption, My Love has been unable to contain Itself.  It all sallies forth to pour My Love out over the creatures.”


No one knows how much I suffer by not being Loved, or the torture I endure from human ingratitude.  I Make her offenses My own so I can grieve as if they were Mine.  I even do the penitence she owes.  I take upon My Shoulders all her evils, so I can change them into Good.  I make her Mine, all Mine.  I go as far as giving her a place within My Humanity as a member who is very dear to Me.  I keep devising ever new innovations of Love to let her know how much I Love her.  My sorrow is in not being Loved.  That’s the cause of My suffering.  So love Me, My daughter, Love Me!  When I feel loved My Love finds a resting place.  It is then that these loving tortures are transformed into My sweet refreshment.”





October 20, 1935

Love and the Divine Will are on par with each other; Love forms the prime adaptable material in order to form the Life of God in the creature.


My poor little mind needs to rest in Divine Volition.  It feels Loved by the only One who knows how to Love a meager intellect like mine.  It feels so Alive in Him.  Having His sweet company is the greatest Happiness of all.  Though it needs to be Loved, its desire to Love Him is so feverishly hot that it wishes it could be totally consumed by It.  It wants to leave this bitter exile so it may enjoy Perfect Love in Heaven.  My Jesus, have pity on me! 


My mind was still running along these lines when my beloved Jesus came for a brief visit.


He said, “My daughter, Love and the Will of God go hand in hand with each other.  They are inseparable.  Together they form a single Life.  My Will Created so many things and operates within them all, and It does so while Loving them.  Such Works would be unworthy of Our Infinite Wisdom if We didn’t Love what We created.  Every created thing, even the least of them, holds the source of Our Love within, a sigh, a heartbeat, and a voice that is continually calling out, ‘Love.  I am Divine Will, Beautiful, Pure, Holy and Powerful.  I Love that I Love and will never cease Loving until everything is transformed into Love.’” 


My Divine Will Loved first, and then It Created what It Loved.  Love is the air that We breath, It is Our Heartbeat.  Most everything has contact with air, nobody can escape it.  Nothing on earth can avoid it.  Our Love is truly the air that everyone breathes.  It Loves everyone and everything.  It’s only right and just that Our Love should lord over everything, It wants to be Loved by everyone.  When It is not Loved, there is no air for Us to breathe, Our Heart does not beat.  There’s no Life anywhere.  Our Love is powerless to give Itself.”


To say that the creature does My Will but does not Love, these are mere words without deeds.  Perhaps it may be the Will of God by chance depending on the time and circumstance.  Only Divine Love has the Power to Unite and center everything in My Divine Will to form Life.  Only My Love can transform the creature into the supple matter that can be molded until she becomes the Life of Divine Will.  Without It she is as hard as a rock and cannot be embossed with the impression of Supreme Being.  My Love is the cement that can fill all the wounds of human volition.  It makes her like putty in Its hands and she can then be formed however It wants.  It stamps her with Its Seal, universally acknowledged as the Hallmark of Divine Life.” 


The Will of God cannot be considered apart from Love.  When you are doing My Will, you are also Loving.   When you Love, you keep My Will safe and secure within you.  They go hand in hand and are mutually supportive.  My Volition Creates by using Love as a material to be shaped by the Creative Act into Our Most Beautiful Works.  When We are not Loved We become delirious.  It’s as if Our arms were broken.  We can’t find the material We need for Our Creative Hands to form Our Life in the creature.  We compete in a contest of Love with each other.  We are always happy when We Love each other.  If you Live in My Volition, I will put My Love at your disposal.  You will have the power to Love heroically at all times, and no one will ever say, ‘That’s enough.’”





October 27, 1935

How the Divine Will descends into the human act

and creates Its Palpitating Life in it.

How It forestalls Purgatory for one who Lives in His Will.


I can feel the Power of Supreme Volition within me.  There’s so much that It impels me to act out on a small scale what is done through a Powerful Act of Divinity.  That’s what It wants, but sometimes It waits to be called by the creature.  It doesn’t want to be an intruder, or enter by force.  It just wants to let her know.  Human volition kisses the Divine and allows Its Operation to proceed.  She takes her place in Its entourage, honored that Divine Will has operated through her own activity.  I’ve lost my mind.  Yet I’ve understood so much.  It’s just that I don’t know how to explain any of it in words.


Then my beloved Jesus appeared.  He spoke to me in a voice filled with all Goodness.


He said, “My blessed daughter, you have yet to understand how My Will operates through human activity.  Descending, It enters human activity in all Its Majesty with Creative Power.  It brings Light and the Luxury of Innumerable Graces.  It pours Itself out again and again into the human act.   It uses Its Power to Create Its own Activity within it.  It uses human activity as source material for Creating Its Actions.  It creates as many Acts as It wants.  Sometimes It Creates one for every creature who is prepared to receive such astounding Miracles of Love, Light and Grace.  Each one holds the pulsating Life of Divine Volition with all Its Creative Power.”


It will not perform an Act so Great unless the creature knows about It.  Moreover, she must have a yearning desire for It.  She calls on It asking that her activity may be done within Its Creative Will because It is Holy and Powerful.  My daughter, the creature can pray that she operates for the common good out a sense of duty or because it is absolutely necessary.  Otherwise she might feel trapped and suffer from it.  It doesn’t matter how good any human activity may be, no matter how hard she tries, if it hasn’t the power to multiply and flourish on its own.  Her actions would not have the fulsomeness of what is Good without Its Sanctity and Love and might sometimes be mixed with vile human passions.  The Creative Strength of the One who Creates Good will disassociate Itself from anything that hasn’t Its Sanctity.”


The soul who allows My Divine Will to Operate through her activity gives It a free hand as It continues Creating.  The only way It can be properly Loved and Glorified is for the creature to let It Create whatever It wants through her activity.  That’s the only way Its Royal Sovereign Dominion can be acknowledged with Love and respect.  The Heavens will be shaken and everyone intent in their acts of profound adoration as they watch My Divine Will Creating through an act of a creature.” 


If creatures knew what it means to Abide within My Divine Volition, they would compete to Live in It and It would soon be populated with children of My Will.  Human will cannot function within Mine.  It must passively submit to Its ongoing Acts of Divine Volition without participating in It.  Continual Acts of Kindness elaborate on the Harmonic Order within Its Stunning Diversity.  Such enchantment goes into the formation of Its Life and helps bring about the Common Good she seeks to acquire.”


Our Life is one of constant reiteration.  Our Love steadily implements the regular preventive maintenance of the universe so that it may live in Harmony and uphold the established Order.  If a single iteration were left out, total chaos would ensue in a nanosecond.  So keep repeating your little chant within My Will at all times.  Constantly subsume all your activities in My Will so that It can replicate Its Act of Creation within you.  As It proceeds through the actions you perform, It will reform them, and You shall partake of Its fulsome Life.”


Later, as I was contemplating the totality of Divine, I began to doubt.


I thought, “I don’t see how it’s possible for a creature to do that much.”


Then My sweet Jesus came and tried to clarify things for me again.


He said, “My daughter, as soon as the creature resolutely decides to Live within My Divine Will, It forms Its seed of Life in the depths of her soul, on the condition that she never follows her own self will.  This My Fiat does with an Indescribable Love.  Its very Power and Sanctity forbid It to grow in a soul until she has been purged of all misery by removing every blemish and stain.  It anticipates Purgatory by purging her of everything that might prevent the Life of Divine Will from developing within her.  Any latent debility must be immediately purified by Its Heat and Light, because It cannot coexist with sin.  Its Hands are constantly Acting to purify the soul so nothing can impede the growth and development of Its Actions within the creature’s activity.”


My Will transports Purgatory from the future to the present so It can free her in advance.  Then she is made to Live in My Will where It can be free to form It Life as It pleases.  If the creature were to die after deciding that she wants the act of Living in My Volition, she flies straightaway into Heaven.  My Will shall carry her aloft in Its Arms of Light for Its Triumphant Birth as Its own beloved child.” 


Were that not to be, it wouldn’t be said, ‘Your Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven.’  It would be true only as a manner of speaking, but not really.  Its Sovereign Reign in Heaven would never tolerate either sin or the fear of Purgatory.  It throws everything out so I can be alone in Its own House.  From there It shall Rule with complete Dominion.”





November 4, 1935

One who Lives in the Divine Will possesses her Jesus in a Perennial way, and He repeats the Miracle of Receiving Himself that He Operated in Instituting the Most Holy Sacrament.


I still abandon myself in Divine Volition.  The more I walk through Its Sea, the more I need Its Life to keep Living.  After receiving Holy Communion, I have an overwhelming desire to Love Him.  However, my pitiful nothingness hasn’t enough Love to Love the One who Loves me so much.  I have such a scarcity of love that I feel ashamed when faced with Jesus’ boundless Love.  But I still want to Love Him.


My beloved Jesus spoke to bolster my courage. 


He said, “Don’t be discouraged, My blessed daughter.  The nothingness of someone who Lives in My Will is held fast within the All.  Just by wanting to Love Me, she Loves Me with My own Love.  This Love I place in her is not only Immense, It is also Powerful and Wise.  I am Attracted to It.  The very nothingness of creature surrounds Me from every side.  She binds Me with her Love, the Love I have given her, and I can’t escape.  She wounds Me with darts of Love until I am about to faint.  I feel like I need to rest in the arms of her Love.”


Someone who Lives within My Will holds her Jesus Eternally.  It has the power to grow, develop and nourish My Life in the creature.  Whenever she receives Me in the Sacrament, I find Myself there with another Jesus who Loves and adores Me by thanking Me and offering reparations for the past.  I replicate the Great Miracle that I performed when instituting the Sacrament of the Eucharist by communicating Myself.  This is how your Jesus Receives Jesus.  It is the Greatest Honor and I am completely satisfied by this exchange of My Heroic Love when I Receive Myself.  O am compensated for everything I did during My Sacramental Life.  God is exchanged for the very same God.  I gave what was given to Me yet again.” 


It’s impossible for someone who Lives in My Will not to have possession of her Jesus.  When they receive Me in the Sacrament I can say, ‘I’m going to find Myself in the creature.’  I find what I want, My Life uniting us together to form a single entity.  I reenter My Royal Palace where I find the Love that always Loves Me.  I receive compensation for the Great Sacrifice of everything I do and suffer in My Sacramental Life.  My Excessive Love brings Me the overwhelming Power to repeat the Miracle of Receiving Myself as a sacrament.  But I can only do that within a creature where My Divine Will Reigns Supreme.”





November 17, 1935

Everything that one does in the Divine Will takes its place in God.


I was once again in the arms of Divine Will.  It waits for me so It can Operate through the little things I do that I may abide within Its Works where It also finds rest.


Then my sweet Jesus surprised me by coming for a brief visit.


He said, “My daughter, as the creature operates through My Will, her actions take their rightful within Our Divine Being.  Our Goodness is such that It reserves a multitude of voids where It can receive into Our Volition all human activity that has the Power to be Creative.  They come to their Creator in a festive mood and fills these empty spaces.  Our Love forms such Beautiful locations within Us and keeps them ready so It can say with deeds, ‘These Actions are done by Us, and what We do, the creature also does.  When she does something in Our Will, none of it remains outside of Us, nor could they.  If that were possible, Our Life would have separate parts, and that can never be.  Our Supreme Being is unitary, and so are all Our Acts.  We have spaces for everything where the creature can Live within Our Volition and have everything she does be united with Our single overarching Act.”


The creature’s actions have a place of honor within Us where they take on Eternal Life and rest in everlasting peace.  We feel the same Happiness and Joy that the creature has enfolded into her action by doing it within Our Will.  Our Fiat Loves Us through the creature’s activity.  It brings Us great happiness, and Glorifies Us as We deserve.  It’s natural for Us to be Happy.  When We feel the Happiness that only a creature can give Us, We consider It a fair exchange for the Work of Creation.  It’s no small thing that We give the creature the power to make her Creator happy.”


When We experience all this Joy, We abandon Ourselves in the arms of the creature and We hold her in Ours.  We Rest in her, and she rests in Us.  Our Rest is broken whenever she surprises Us with more of her other activities.  We enjoy all the Happiness she brings Us.  All We do is pass from Happiness to Rest, from Rest to Happiness.  Blessed the creature who Lives in Our Divine Will.  She makes happy the One who holds the open Sea of Infinite Joy and Happiness that end.”



November 24, 1935

True Love always calls Him whom one Loves, and it calls Him within.  How without the Divine Will everything is veiled.  Example.


My poor mind was drenched by the fierce waves of Divine Volition.  As fierce as they were, they were peaceful somehow and brought happiness.   Despite being soaked, a poor little creature like me doesn’t have the capacity to absorb all of It.


I followed the Acts of Fiat until I arrived at the Creation of Man and began to meditate on It.  I wondered, “How much Love could Adam Love the Lord before He sinned?”


My beloved Jesus startled me when He spoke.


He said, “My daughter, Adam Loved Me as much as a creature possible can.  He was a web of Love.  Every fiber of his being was full of Love for his Creator.  He could vividly feel the Life of his Creator beating in his heart.  True Love was constantly calling the One he Loved, longing to give Him his life along with his Love in exchange for having His Life as his own.”


My Divine Will’s Love finds the structure of Its Rule established in the creature.  Nothing opposes Its Sovereign Dominion.  It acts like a King sitting on His Royal Throne as It forms Its long sought Kingdom within her.  When the creature Loves Me as much as she can, God can found throughout her entire being.  She captures Me within the center of her soul and there’s no way out.  I can’t escape from her even if I wanted to, which I don’t.  Even if I did, she would come after Me.  Neither of us could ever separate from the other, because I am Love Itself.  Someone who Loves Me truly can say, ‘I have conquered the One who has Created me.  I have Him within me and He is all Mine.  He belongs to Me and no one can take Him away.’” 


My daughter, Adam’s Love for Us was total and perfect before he sinned.  My Will had Its Life in him and It was more important to him than his own life.  When he sinned, the Life of My Fiat withdrew, but We left him Our Light because he couldn’t live without It.  In fact, he would have returned to nothingness again.  We acted like a Father to Adam when We created him.  We held everything in common, including both our lives.  His disobedience was an act of rebellion against his own Father, who was so upset that He kicked him out of the House and annulled his son’s property rights.  Their lives went their own separate ways.  Yet the Father’s Love was so great that He sent him enough to live on no matter how far away he lived.  His son didn’t know how to take care of himself and He knew that without his Father’s help, he would be finished.”


My Divine Will did It withdrew Its Life, but It left Its Light to guide Its son and enough wherewithal that he would not perish.  Once Its Life was withdrawn, all the Works of God were hidden behind a veil.  He could no longer see what is Divine.  Even his own memory, intelligence and will were hidden to him.  Like someone dying in misery, a filmy curtain covers his eyeballs until he can no longer see clearly the light of life.”


My Divinity veiled Itself with My Humanity to go down from Heaven to earth.  If creatures had My Will as their Life, they would have recognized Me immediately when I unveiled Myself.  They would have immediately known that My Volition is within them.  They would have Loved It for being the same Divine Volition that is in Me.  They would surely have stayed with Me, in fact, they could never have left Me.  They would have recognized Me as the Eternal Word under the likeness of their human wrapping, the One who Loved them so much that He clothed Himself as one of them.” 


I wouldn’t have needed to Manifest Myself, because My Will resided within them and would have unveiled Me.  I would have had no place to hide.  Meanwhile, I had to explain who I was, and most of them didn’t believe Me anyhow.  Everything is obscure to those who don’t know that My Will must have Its Sovereign Reign within creatures.  The Sacraments were a New Creation that I left with My Church out of Love for Her.  These too are hidden from them behind a veil of pride.  Their veiled eyes keep them from enjoying the secrets of Its beauty.  Were it not for their willful blindness, they would see such marvelous things and be astounded.  As it is, they can’t even see what’s inside themselves.”


Once My Will Reigns Supreme within the creature as their very Life, the veil is torn and all things are revealed.  Then they will see how We made all created things to kiss, caress and embrace them as an expression of Our Love for them.  They will feel Our Heart beating throughout all creation with such ardent Love.  They will see Our Life flowing in the Sacraments as It continually gives Itself to them.  An overwhelming need will compel them to give themselves.  We shall be waiting to receive them with Love.  This is the great Miracle that My Divine Will shall perform by tearing away the veil.  They will abound with Amazing Grace as It takes possession of all souls.  Its irresistible Life will become their own and It will have Its Kingdom on earth.”


Hurry, my Jesus.  Tell me everything you want to be done so Your Will may be done on earth as It is in Heaven.”