Volume 31


July 24, 1932


How with His Word Jesus generates His Sanctity, Goodness, etc., in the creature.

Follies of Love in order to put her on a par and in contest with Him.


My most sweet Life, Jesus, my Celestial Teacher, take my little soul in Your hands and, if you please, continue teaching me these Divine Lessons about Your Will.  I’m starved and need to be fed by Your Word.  Besides, I’ve gotten used to the way of Life that you’ve given me.  You have made me Live within You and Your sweet Word.  It certainly wasn’t me that arranged this way of Living.  You did it so well, My Jesus, that I feel more like You than my own self, and I’m crushed when You remain silent.  Yet, as my cruel martyrdom gets worse, I still say Fiat whenever you stop speaking.  Have pity on me, please don’t cast away your daughter, I’m afraid that you might leave me all alone.


I felt totally abandoned in the arms of Divine Will, and all I wanted was Heaven.  It seemed that there was nothing left for me to do except finish my life within Divine Will on earth and take it up again in Heaven. 


Then my Celestial Jesus paid a visit to my poor little soul.


He said, “Little daughter of My Volition, I don’t want you to be so unhappy.  There’s no reason to get so depressed considering the superabundance of My Blessings.  It makes you look too self-absorbed despite your Jesus having given you so much Treasure.  It seems that you have not yet learned to appreciate the Gifts and Wealth that your Jesus has given you.  Each of My Words is a Gift that holds so much Great Goodness.  My Creative Word shows how to grow in the Virtues We have taught, and they in turn create new forms of giving to creatures.”


Count the Words I have spoken to you, and the Truths I have revealed about all the Gifts I have given you, each one filled with Divine Treasures, no two of them the same.  Moreover, everything that came from Our Word continues to live and within It all the Goodness We wanted to give took form.  When such Goodness is given, It is certain to Live in the midst of creatures, because these Gifts are shaped and animated by Our Creative Power.  That same Word also secured all this Goodness We wanted to give.  Our Word shall move Heaven and earth just to give the fruit of the Good that it has within It.”


My daughter, here is another surprise.  I want to tell you about My Sanctity.  My Word holds the Gift of Divine Sanctity that It wants the creature to have, as much as that’s possible for a creature.  Whenever I speak of Divine Goodness, My Word envelops this Wonderful Gift.  When I speak about Divine Will, It wraps the Gift of Our Will.  Whatever Our Word says of Beauty, Goodness, Greatness or Sanctity, It is given as a Gift.” 


This is Our Game of Love.  We never get tired of inventing new ways for creatures to play with Love.  Whenever Our Word mentions Sanctity, it’s because We want to make a Gift of Our Divine Sanctity so that creature has a level playing field to compete with Us for Our Sanctity.  Whatever it takes, We are always happy to see the creature practicing Our Divine Sanctity.  If she were ever to say, ‘The Sanctity of my Creator is imprinted within me, and I’m so happy that I can Love Him with His own Sanctity’, then Our Love gets silly and pours all over her.  Even though It is an Exuberant Game, We still get carried away with It sometimes.”


If Our Word says Goodness or Divine Will, that means We want to give both of them to the creature.  She has to have them if she plans on being a serious player in this Game of Love because We want some real competition.  You don’t know how much Satisfaction We get from giving Our Divine Attributes to the creature through Our Word.  This is Our usual Way of giving Our Word to one particular creature.  The Full Power of Our Light is Fertility Itself.  It only took one of Our Words to bring about the Sun.  You can see that your Jesus often makes use of His Word to add Gifts upon Gifts.  These Gifts have Life within you as well in many other creatures because they have the Reproductive Power to replicate so that each one can be given away over and over again.  Our Word is given birth from Our Womb and is Our Child, and Children inherit many Good Qualities from their Father.  So, instead of torturing yourself, just remember that your Jesus wants to surprise you in new ways through His Divine Words, and you better be ready for something so Great and Good.”


Then I meditated on Divine Will until my sweet honey, Jesus, spoke up again.


He said, “My daughter, when the soul allows herself be Filled and Controlled as subjects of My Divine Will.  Every particle of her being, body and soul, each has My Will Operating within it.  The mind of such a creature is animated by Its Science, her voice by It Speaking, her hands by Its Work, her feet by Its Divine Steps and her heart Loves as only My Will knows how to Love.  All this comes together to form Divine Sanctity in the creature, so We enjoy all Our Rights within her, the Rights of Creation.  Everything is Ours.  In her We enjoy all the Rights of Our Sanctity, Our Works, Our Divine Fiat, Our Goodness and Our Love.  By Right, We find everything that is Ours within the creature, which, in turn, gives her rights with her Creature, because they share the same will, and that means they both have the same rights.”


Living within Our Volition means to be given Our Science of Love, Goodness and Sanctity, which is only Right and Just.  That’s the least We can do for them.  These are all properties of Our Fiat, and since she already lives within It, they also belong to her.  Those who Live within My Will are continually growing in Love, Beauty and Sanctity, which amounts to a New Act given to her Creature.  Yet this New Act is already Ours, since We made them to be a part of her nature.  The only way she can give them to Us is by the Power of Our Will.  That gives us both a great deal of Satisfaction, and while giving is better that receiving, it makes us happier that we can do both.  To give and receive is mutually nourishing and that promotes an ever closer Union.  It is a Breath of air that keeps the fire lit as the Eternal Flame of Love.  So always forward, never back, because My Will has already determined that everything shall turn out good, very good.”





August 7, 1932


How the Light of the Divine Will makes one lose the life of all other things.

It gives Divine Freshness, and one who Lives in It is Confirmed in Good

and acquires the Right of Citizen of Heaven.


Even though I am being held in the arms of Divine Will, I am still gloomy from being deprived of my sweet Jesus.  Hours become centuries without Him, days go on forever.  I mourn His sweet Lovable Presence and am reminded how hard My prolonged exile has been.  My yearning pulls a deep moan from my soul and I listen as Divine Fiat sends Its Light flowing over my pain to soothe me.  I go with the flow, riding Its Eternal Waves of Action and try my best to merge with Its single Primordial Act.  It gives me no time to grieve over the absence of the One whom I love and who Loves me so much.  Its Light superimposes itself on everything, hiding it all in Its glare and absorbing it, because It wants the whole thing for Itself.  It doesn’t waste a moment of time, even over the Holiest things, and that’s why my Jesus hasn’t come to visit me.  Yet He is my very Life.  I was still swimming in my own sea of sorrow when My dear Jesus came to visit my poor little soul.  He came like a flash of lightning and spoke.


He said, “Courage, My good daughter. 


Let yourself be guided by the Light of My Divine Will. It has the Power to transform the pain and suffering of My absence into Everlasting Peace.  This is how Divinity conquers.  Though Its Light is naturally glaring, It confirms what the creature has learned so she can be more confident about It.  When sorrows encounter Its Light they weaken and die so they may be transformed into Joyful Conquest.  Its Powerful Light not only drives everything into oblivion, It takes their place all together.  Faced with the Light of My Divine Will, if she is distracted by desire for anything whatsoever, then Its Brilliance has not fully entered into her soul and she is denied Its Reign as Absolute Monarch.  It is an Autocrat beholden to no one.  It has the Unchallengeable Right to absorb everyone, confiscate their lives, and transform them all into Divine Will.”


Every time the creature acts within My Will, a blessed dewfall comes down to conserve her Divine Freshness.  Everything alien to It is sedated with opium and sleeps.   It’s beautiful to see everything about her so fresh.  Every time she acts, it is like the first time.  Whether love or sorrow, it all seems new to her.  Human impulses wait for an opportunity to act so they be can be covered with Its dew and be opiated.  One by one, they are transformed by the sweet Conquest of Divine Volition.  She is such a lovely person once she has been Refreshed, and attractive to the human eye.  The old are seldom thought of as good looking, yet I am enamored by someone who Lives in My Divine Will, because she has taken on the pleasant Fragrance of Our Divine Freshness.   She has the charming air of what is Ours.  I am your Jesus and I enfold this beloved creature within My Divine Heart.  There I can shape and mold her until she conforms perfectly with My Will.  A flock of noble children shall fly all through My Volition to be polished as future queens, daughters of the Great King.”


I’d been depressed for such a long time, waiting for a visit from my sweet Jesus.  My mind was obsessed with His absence.


I thought, “Even though I am deprived of His Company, He still means more than my own life to me.  I am profoundly at Peace, without a fear in the world.  I’m no longer worried that it might be my own fault.  I know that My Celestial Jesus is absent for good reasons, so I’m not afraid of losing Him anymore.  My poor little soul is like a placid sea that whispers quietly ‘I love You’, hoping that the Kingdom of Your will might come upon the earth soon.  I continue murmuring in the small waves that undulate on and on across the surface, pleading for an end to my exile.  The waves grow until they are ready to take Heaven by storm and toss me onto the shore of my Celestial Fatherland.  But it’s all in vain.  Each wave that I send out falls back into the sea with a splash.  A placid calm returns as I continue murmuring, ‘I love You, I love You’, each one a plea for Heaven and earth to call for Your Fiat.”


As my mind blundered on my Highest Good, Jesus, pulled me into His arms and spoke to me tenderly.


He said, “Dear Newborn of My Will, you keep looking for new ways of torturing yourself, even though I’ve asked you to stop.  I don’t want a tempestuous sea within your soul.  I want Eternal Peace for you.  These tempests are nothing more than fear, uncertainty and doubt.  They impede the placid murmuring of your ‘I love You’ that must continue if you are to Conquer your Creator.  Be confident that He shall eventually send His Will down onto the earth to begin It Sovereign Rule.”


Evil dies within the one who allows My Will to control her as she lives within It.  Fear, uncertainty and doubt prevent My seed from gestating to be born as New Life.  There’s only one way for body and soul to be Confirmed in Goodness.  She is like the Blessed who have no evil living within them, because malevolence is barred from the Celestial Regions, nor can it enter my Will.  Someone who lives within It acquires the Right to be Citizens of Heaven.  Although still on earth, she is already an expatriate citizen of the Celestial Fatherland, since My Divine Will keeps her there for Its Grand Designs, working for the Good of pitiful humanity. 


She retains her Rights as a Citizen of Heaven during her Life on earth, enjoying the exact same Properties as those already residing in the Celestial Fatherland.  Yet she feels so far away from It.  She still hasn’t understood that Heaven must be in her soul, which is only Right and Just.  Otherwise, though she continues to Live, she does so on earth.  Living within My Will calls Heaven down to earth, and Its Light engraves her forehead with the Words, ‘Undying Love, Perpetual Peace, Daughter of the Supreme Being.’  This serves as her Confirmation of Goods Received.  I want you always inside My Will so that you can enjoy the Properties of your Celestial Fatherland,  Undying Love, Serene Peace and the same Divine Will that is the Life of all the Blessed.”





August 14, 1932


One who does not Live in the Divine Will,

finds himself in the conditions of the idle before the light of the sun. 

One who Lives in It possesses the Most Holy Trinity in Act.


I was thinking about Divine Will, and how someone who allows herself to be Controlled by It has full Dominion there with all Rights and Privileges.  What others are given out of pity through the all Merciful Goodness of God, she has by Divine Right.  She has a Right to her own Sanctity, because what Dominates her is Holy.  It has the Power to transform body and soul into Sanctity, Goodness and Love.  She has taken Heaven by storm, and as the Victor, she has won all the rights of Conquest.  Living within Divine Will is so vastly different than merely existing subject to human will.


I was still reveling in my grandiose thoughts when my adorable Jesus came back to see me for a little while.


He said, “Blessed daughter, there’s such a huge, immeasurable difference between the one and the other.  Those who live outside My Will laze basking in the sun.  All they do is work on their tan, and learning nothing in the process.  They haven’t earned the Right to anything, so the sunshine that falls on them is barren.  They are tired and restless, bored with the same old light so they head inside to lounge there in abject idleness.”


“If someone plans on doing any work, she needs enough light to complete the task at hand.  Yet no matter how much light there is outside, if the eye doesn’t incorporate it, she could be floodlit and still be in the dark.  Then again, even if her eyes are good, she can’t do much without the light to guide her.  As a Good Father, We have arrange a Union of Accord between natural light, the creature, and her eye.  They are an Integral Unit and can do nothing in isolation.”


If she wants to read, write or work, she can have all the light she wants.  It doesn’t matter what she is doing, she still needs light.  It would be extremely difficult to do anything worthwhile, yet she must earn her daily bread somehow.  The Light of My Will exists for everyone and completely fills them, however, if they don’t Live within It, they act without Central Command and Control.  Being idle implies non-action, filled with Light or not, and idlers learn nothing about the Divine.  They have no interest in Conquest and are jaded when it comes to Beauty.  Boredom is their lot.”


The will that strives to Live in Mine is an eye filled with Light, which helps it unite with the Light of My Will.  When they work together, their mighty Labors and formidable Works are enough to amaze Heaven and earth.  Living in My Will mean not being idle.  The little light of the soul joins with the Light of Eternal Fiat so that It Operates from within her activities, which further cements their mutual bond.”


Thoughts crowded my mind, clamoring for information about Divine Will as my Celestial Jesus continued his explanation.


He said, “Blessed daughter, My Will brings Light to the soul where It generates Knowledge.  Knowledge and Light are lovers that generate more Love.  Where My Supreme Will Reigns Supreme, the Sacrosanct Trinity rules through by Acting.  The Irresistible Nature of Our Adorable Divinity constantly Propagates the First Generative Act that We continue within Ourselves.  The Father continually Generates Me, His Son, and I continue to be Generated in Him.  The Celestial Father Loves Me as He is Generating Me and I Love Him as I am being Generated.  Love Proceeds from One to the Other.”


Within this Eternal Generative Act We envelop all the Secrets of Our Venerable Knowledge.  Our Beatitude generates Time for Our Intentions and wraps them in Our Power and Wisdom.  Eternity contains a single Generative Act that forms the entire Union of Our Divine Being.  Ours Reciprocal Love forms the Third Person of Our Supreme Being, Who is inseparable from Us.”


Nevertheless, It is not content with Our Generative Act being within Us; It wants to Generate outside of Ourselves, in souls.  So We animate Our Will with Our Love and send It down into souls where Its Light initiates Our Divine Generation.  However, It can only do this in someone who Lives within Our Volition, because there is no Outside for Our Divine Life.  Our Word would not find anything with hearing that could listen to Our Revelations, and without Our Knowledge, Love wouldn’t find anything sentient where It could Generate Itself.  That would mean throwing Our Most Holy Trinity thrown into the chaos of creatures, Only Our Will can form Our Divine Generation.  So listen closely to what this Light wants to tell you, because I needs completely freedom of action for Its Generative Act.”





August 21, 1932


Desire and need of Jesus that He hear the “I love You” of the creature. 

How His Love remains bankrupt.  Love, the blood of the soul. 

Anemia that exists in the world.


I was going all around through the acts of Divine Will, and I would have given anything to trade Its Action for my own.  I am too small and inept to do anything equivalent that I could offer in exchange for Its Activity.  Regardless, I hold out my little ‘I love You,’ because Jesus wants it, no matter how little it may be.  He is patiently awaiting it so He can have the opportunity to say, “The Newborn of My Will has taken Our Action inside of her own so it won’t have to be so all alone.  Now It don’t have to act on Its own, because It finally has some company.  After all, It was made specifically for her.  Moreover, this is Our Will, and always has been.  The creature has an open field within Our mutual Activity, and We tell her so.  ‘We Love and Maneuver as One in the same playing field.’


I was puzzled.


I thought, “I don’t understand what’s all that great about my little ‘I love You’ that Jesus should Love it so much and wants to keep it?”


My beloved Jesus, all goodness, was there to tell me.


He said, “Little daughter of My Volition, I Love your ‘I love You,’ and I actively await it at all times, because I Love you every moment, day and night.  If you ever forget to love, even for an instant, considering that My Love for you is ever ongoing, then I feel like I’ve been robbed.  Yet when My ‘I Love you’ runs into yours and is promptly returned just as you are accepting Mine, I feel satisfied.  Your ‘I love You’ gives Mine no time to linger, nor does Mine give yours any time for delay.  The race is on, so let the games begin, a friendly competition between the creature’s Love and the Creator’s.  It has to be a fair contest though, so the moment I see that you are about to tell Me, ‘I love You,’ I amplify what is little into something as Great as Mine.  That’s the only way to even the odds so the two Loves can be evenly matched as they seek each other out and do their best to win.  This is the Beautiful Game and I love to play It whenever I can.”


That’s My usual Strategy and I have several tactics as I maneuver to give that I might receive.  This is My Game of Love; I give Love because I want It for Myself, and when I am not Loved, I feel like a loser.  Love is My Passion.  I don’t hold back, and I never get tired of It.  As soon as the game is over, I challenge the creature to another.  I play and I play, because I am a Master of the Game.  I have both the Winning Strategy and the Tenderness replenish the creature’s Love so she can play too.  That way the Game is fair and a lot more fun.  It breaks My Heart when I say ‘I Love you’ and she ignores My Challenge.  I want her Love, so I’m ready and willing to contend for It.  I’m eager to play and I want us both to win.”


Love is the blood of the soul, and My Will the Life.  In the natural order of things, life cannot exist without blood, moreover, it must circulate, which is impossible without life.  There has to be enough blood to enjoy life; it’s the same in the supernatural order.  Neither the soul nor My Divine Will can function deprived of blood pulsing with Love.  The soul feels stronger the more Love it has.  It makes for robust activity when she is operating.  Otherwise, she will suffer anemia and slowly fade away.”


Even though My Will is Life Itself, without enough blood of Love, It gets sick and become an invalid within the soul.  It simply must have blood made of Love to function within the soul.  Virtue can become anemic, with patience, fortitude, sanctify and all the other virtues weakening until they become defects.  There is so much anemia in a world starved for the pure blood of My Love.  Weakness sets in, bringing ruin to body and soul.”


I Love your ‘I love You’ so much, and I want it in all My Acts of Divinity, in all created things, and in every act of the creature.  Love is the antidote, and blood the solution to all the anemia in the world.  It’s unrestrained circulation prepare the way for the Kingdom of My Will.  So I need your love.  It’s not much, but that doesn’t matter.  What I look at, is whether it was done through the Power of My Will.  That alone can make the slightest activity a Great Movement for Me.  It fills them with such Beauty that I am bowled over with rapture.”


It’s enough for you to know that it pleases Me, and that I want it.  My contentment lies in seeing you do it, no matter the grandiosity of your actions.  I want this ‘I love Youof yours to be the pulsing of your heart, the air that you breathe, the sun, moon and stars, everything.  Though what I really want is to see is your ‘I love You’ filling Heaven and earth, creatures and Creator.”





August 28, 1932


Divine Alternating: work and rest. 

How God always takes the creature by way of love. 

Universal Love and Special Love.


My little mind is still lost in Divine Volition.  I wouldn’t know how to exist unless I dove into Its waves to find what It had done for our Love still going on in what is now the present moment.  Faced with Love’s Immensity, my heart moaned in sorrow because of my sweet Jesus’ profound silence.  My soul looks through pure clear air at a cloudless Sky studded with twinkling stars of every hue and a radiant Sun that continually pounds on my littleness with its Light.  That’s how It transforms everything about me into Divine Will.  Peace and Serenity forbid the wind from stirring in the least.  That’s the natural effect Eternal Fiat has on Its own.  Yet something didn’t seem right.


In my confusion, I wondered, “Has the King abdicated?”  With a Love beyond understanding, He has arranged everything within me as it should be, and now He’s gone.  I’m lost without Him and I feel so all alone.  “Why have You left me?  Please tell me!  Why won’t You talk to me?


My dear Jesus, wounded by my pitiful moaning, held me in His arms to calm me. 


He said, “No need to wonder, My daughter, this is My usual way of doing things.  When My Labor is done, I like to rest in My Creation.  It’s as if I had a nice soft bed that acts with profound silent adoration to give Me Rest.  Rest after work is a rest that works, and this is only right and just, so I allow her to make the sacrifice.”


I did the same thing in Creation when I uttered the Word of My Fiat and Our Work was done perfectly every step of the way.  After everything was fine tuned and operating as designed, I had a good rest.  It was so sweet and I enjoyed It so much.  This is the Pulse of Our Supreme Being, Work and Rest.  Work calls for Rest, and Rest prepares Us to Work.  So you should be glad that I rest in your soul.  because everything you see within yourself is Work that I have done.  Every Word I speak is Work, and within My Word I have formed a New Creation within you, more Beautiful than the First, which in Itself was very Good.  What provides for the body must also serve the soul if she is to have the Life of My Will.” 


If I did not alternate between Work and Rest, it would be a clear sign that you have not given Me enough Freedom to Operate and Work in your soul with My Creative Strength.  Otherwise I would have continued My Work until I had what I wanted and then I would have rested.  I never rest until I am done with My Work.  Then I rest until I am ready for New Labor.  So let Me rest under a placid Sky with Stars and Sun raining down to refresh Me.  The music of the spheres is beautiful and invites Me to Rest.  They sing to Me in their silent language, ‘See the Beauty of Your Works.  Your Will has Operated with Creative Power to give us life.  We are Your Works, rest in us and we will be Your Glory, Your Perpetual Adoration.’ 


To this sweet music I take My Rest as I watch My Work in progress and conserve My Strength while preparing new Designs.  After My Rest I begin My Labors with a sweet ‘I Love You’ to a the creature, so she will be wounded and captivated by the Irresistible Strength of My Love.  Then she gives Me complete freedom of action in her soul, so I always start there.  When I am ready to begin My Labors, I use the ways and means of Love ask her to make the sacrifice for My sake.” 


My Love makes her happy.  It advances and captivates her until she is inebriated.  She becomes so intoxicated with My Love that she lets Me do whatever I want.  At that point, she would give her life for Me.  I send forth an ‘I Love you’ from the depth of My Divinity, filling her with an Immensity that is Infinite in every way.  It has Power that can do anything and the Wisdom to arrange all things.  Everything in Creation feels the Strength of My ‘I Love you,’ and they all say it together with Me.” 


In the heavens, the entire Celestial Court, says it.  The stars’ twinkling becomes an I Love you’.  The sun, wind, water and air, say, ‘I Love you.’  When I say, ‘I Love you’, It reverberates through all things, reaching everywhere.  Everyone joins in, saying it together with Me and it rains down on creatures with an Immense I Love you’.  Once she has been drowned by My Love she lets Me do what need to be done.  Breathless, she allows Me to fulfill My Most Beautiful Works.”


Swept away, She has an overwhelming need to say, ‘I love Youalong with the others.  Yet she feels so small that she is afraid to hold the weapons of Immensity, Power and Infinity.  Nevertheless, she doesn’t want to be left out, so she uses the Power of My Will to say it.  I enjoy it so much that I am impelled to begin My Labors.  So I direct another I Love you’, a very special one this time, meant for everyone, because I truly Love them all.  My Love never ceases for anyone, however, when I want to do some extraordinary Work with an innovative Design, My generalized Love becomes more specific.  The creature’s fascination becomes My base on earth where I can Labor to extend My Works.” 


So let Me begin.  I know when it is time for Labor or Rest, Word or Silence.





September 4, 1932


The exchange, the need, of Divine Love.  The Operating Divine Will, continuation of Creation.


I am always in the Sea of Divine Volition that makes all of Creation appear before me as if I were floating in an enormous theatre.  The sound is clear and the scenes moving to reveal the Great Love of God toward creatures and enraptures the heart to love Him.  Then I thought about how ungrateful people can be.  They might evade rapture and not love Him at all.


I was surprised when my sweet Jesus appeared.   His Heart was swollen with Love.


He said, “My good daughter, Our Supreme Being made Creation to give Love, and be loved in return by creatures.  That was Our sole Purpose in Creating, It’s supposed to be a give and take.  Otherwise Our Works would be isolated without providing fruit or nourishment to anyone.  We want mankind to be happy and full of lifeThis mutual exchange is what transfers the Light and Its Life to creatures, which is more important than the air they breathe.  Together with food, water, fire and all the other things We provide, they can have the Good Life.  We have Placed so many Acts of Life around the creature to nourish, grow and sustain her Life.” 


Our Love needs to be part of an exchange.  Works without exchange are left without anyone to admire them.  However much they are used on a daily basis, they may as well be invisible and never receive a proper welcome.  There is more to this exchange than simply making use of it.  They must enter inside My Works to acknowledge the One who Created it out of Love for them.  Such an exchange gives Life to gratitude and thanksgiving.  It keeps up a conversation that promotes relationship, otherwise it is broken.”


There is another feature of Our Intense Love toward man.  To facilitate this exchange, We placed Our Will in man when We Created him so It could Operate together with his own.  Our Will in Creation made so many Works out of Love for him.  If only his soul had the power to take possession Our Divine Will, he would have the Strength and Power as We do and could have a fair exchange with Us.  Our Fiat, acting through Creation the same way as in the creature, would unleash true human volition.  It could take on the yoke of all of its activities, big or small, and they would be Light.  That would be a fair exchange for all the Works It had done for him in Creation.  Moreover, he would know exactly the number of multi-formed Beauties It has.  He could support the weight of all Its Works.  Operating from within the creature, It would Function with the same Multiplicity, Sumptuousness, and Beauty as It has in the universe.  There will be an exchange between Its internal and external Works established deep within the soul.”


Divine Will uses the human will as raw material to continue shaping Creation with Its hands.  When man rejected Our Will, Its Life ceased Operating through his actions.  Sadly, while he could have used It to Create and Transform them into heavens filled with stars chasing their sun over tranquil seas.  He obstructed Our Work, stopped it, and cast dissonance into Our Sweet Harmonies.  These Exchanges that are so Dear to Us that they could only exist through the Power of Our Volition.  As long as Our Will Lived and Operated within him, We did everything We could for his wellbeing.  That draws Our Insistent Attention, Our Sorrowful Sighs that open the human world and clear the Playing Field so that Our Volition can have complete Freedom of Action to do whatever It wants.” 


The Supreme Being wants this exchange incorporated within Its Works, and so does the creature, in fact, that’s the main reason We have these works, that’s the whole point.  When there is an exchange, or at least the hope of one, he makes time for work, his hands and feet begin to move and his mouth starts talking.  It gives him the strength to undergo any sacrifice.  Unless there is an exchange, he has no use for hands, feet, mouth, strength nor even time for that matter.  His work becomes a dead end job.  Yet the importance of this exchange isn’t so obvious for most creatures, even though it motivates them to work and gives it Life.  It is My Love that needs this exchange, because it allows Me to continue the Work of Creation.”


Then I continued abandoning myself in Divine Fiat until an unruly crowd of fear, uncertainty and doubt rose up in my mind.


My Celestial Teacher called for order. 


He said, “My daughter, My Will has the Power to Center the entire being of man on a single Act.  When he labors, It Power to Unite centers his thoughts, words and deeds, on his work, even his heart beat is in synch with his steps as he approaches the task at hand.  It gives him a sense of teamwork and cooperation.  When his being is filled with Strength and the Imperious Will to Operate, everything comes into focus.  This Unifying Power makes the creature dominant and systematic, because the first thing bestowed by My Fiat is self-control and a sense of Purpose.  When he assumes Dominion over Its Divinity, he becomes soft clay in the Sculptor’s hands, and a tool of Its Marvelous Works.”  


Without My Will, the creature is left without a Unifying Power for his actions, so everything he does is befuddled and chaotic.  He is a hard, crumbly material that is difficult to shape into the form that Our Volition has designed.”





September 8, 1932


Prodigy of the Birth of the Queen of Heaven. 

Ways of communication between Creator and creature. 

What forms Nobility.


My simple mind keeps running around Divine Volition inside and out, and far as it goes, I never get tired.  I feel a Mysterious Strength urging me on, saying, ‘Run, seek out Its Activities, Love them, kiss them, adore them.  Transform yours actions so that your entire being conforms to the Life of Divine Will.’  I don’t even know what to say about It, so all I can do is keep telling It, ‘I love You, I adore You, I bless You.  Adorable Will, I love You from within all Your Works.’ 


Today is the Nativity of the Queen of Heaven, so I stopped to think about the Marvel of Her Birth.  Heavens and earth were alert as they adored this Divine Wonder.  Then my Highest Good, Jesus, began to speak.  The Tenderness and Love in his Voice was Indescribable.


He said, “Blessed daughter of My Will, the Birth of My Celestial Mom is the Wonder of all Wonders.  It was more amazing than all the miracles ever performed put together.  She was born Pure, Holy, Beautiful, and Immaculate.  However, the true Miracle of Her Birth was that My Divine Will was born together with Our Little Celestial Baby Girl.  It was already Conceived and enfolded within Her for Its Gestation where It could begin Operating as It shaped Its Growing Life within the Gracious Infant.  They were born together so It could use this Celestial Creature as Vehicle for Its Operations as It formed Its Divine Life.” 


This was a Miracle that only Eternal Love, Divine Wisdom and Power could work.  It gave her more than Life, and much more than the Gift of being free of original sin.  With Our Power, that was easy to do.  What was so amazing that captured everyone’s attention was My Will being Born together with Her into the world.  Heaven and earth were shaken by it, and they still are to this day.  If they were attentive, they could feel Its Mysterious Strength, the same Power that Organized and Conserved the whole of Creation.  It was Our own Will that moved everything, enlisting Itself and all Creation in the service of this Newborn Baby Girl for Her to do with as She pleased.”


When My Will was born within Her at the time of birth, It called every miracle ever performed, or still waiting for the proper time, to rally around Her as the Crown of Creation.   Wherever My Fiat Reigns Supreme It envelops all Goodness within Its and performs every Miracle still waiting to be done.  It displays Its Love and Power by developing a Life prepared to Operate on Its own behalf from within the creature as far as her capacity allows.  Our Unborn Will has neither beginning, nor end, nor limits of any kind and is to be admired above all things.  Thank Our Supreme Being for Loving this Newborn Baby Girl so much that We let It be born in Her.”


So as I followed the Work of Divine Will in all created things, and my Lovable Jesus continued His Teaching.


He said, “My daughter, We created all things so that the first man would as have as many ways and means as possible to come to Us.  We left everything open so he wouldn’t have to knock before coming in to Us.  He was Our Son, so it was only right and just that all the ways to go to his Celestial Father be held open so We could be with each other and Love him as We are being Loved in return.  The son would ask for Grace and Favor.  Yet sadly, he was ungrateful.  He took it upon himself to create a door, slam it shut, and secure it with bars.  He severed all communication with the One who had given him Life.”


Someone must remove the bars and open the doors, someone who Loves Me and Lives in My Divine Will.  My Love’s Fiat is a Powerful Force that removes barriers and opens up ways for the distant son to come back into the arms of his Celestial Father.  The Nobility of man is composed of all the virtues, good works and love that comes from doing My Divine Will.  But the substance of this Nobility is the superabundance of My Grace.  Everything good rests upon It, the Fountain and Reservoir of all the good he can do.”


Man is Noble by Design, though his poverty often convinces him to do thing unworthy of his Nobility.  Nobility doesn’t guarantee wealth, and not all of them can afford to dress well or live in a palace.  Sometime all it brings is nostalgia.  That’s how it is for those without Grace.  Goodness without this support is undermined until virtue is bankrupt and he suffers a deficiency of charity, patience and prayer.  Nobility comes from what is good, the wealth of My Grace supports it.  My Will forms the King who Dominates and with Divine Mastery Rules and Orders all.”





September 18, 1932


Page written in the Divine Will, story of the creature. 

How God does not want us servants, but Princes of His Kingdom. 

Divine Love in search of all creatures in order to Love them.


I continue abandoning myself in Divine Volition.  I submerged under Its Eternal Waves, hidden in Its depths.  Nothing escapes Its Immensity.  To find everything, It must be embraced.  Each wave has its own story, and to hear them, you must dive into the Sea of Supreme Fiat. 


While my mind was still lost within It, my sweet Jesus came to visit my little soul,


He said, “Blessed daughter, My Will envelopes everything.  I keeps a Written Page of how each one is to develop and fulfill his life.  This page was written before time began; it was engraved in the Light of Our Will.  Every creature has her time to live, while Our Supreme Being had no beginning.  We Loved him heedless of beginning or end.  Before the existence of Creation, We Loved him, as he was already within Us.  We held the Prodigious Birth of all creatures enclosed within the Sanctuary of Our Divinity. 

We read about each one of them from a single Page Written in Our Book, the circumstances driving each little story.  Somehow the creature must live his life more or less according to what was written while fulfilling Our Most Holy Will to Its Great Glory.  For that, We Loved him Intensely.”


You did not exist yet when Our Will enveloped you.  We Loved you and held you on Our Lap to rest.  We gave you so many Lessons on Our Fiat.  We were pleased to see you listening while you took notes by writing in your soul what was written on a Page of Our Eternal Book.  We want the creature to do in Our Will what We have already done, what We had Intended by own Volition.  We overflowed and it poured out of Us.  It wants to do it and replicate it in the creature, making him Its Divine Field of Action.  We Love it so much and would never do anything other than what We have done.  We give her a working model of Our Actions so she can copy it for herself.  We help her, lending assistance every step of the way.  We leave her in peace while she is busy copying, though it is Our Will that moves her action and is the substance of everything she does.  The copy is certain to come out as a faithful rendition of Our Design.”


However, whenever someone tries to follow their own will, for whatever reason, they ruin Our Design.  It doesn’t look good when an attempt is made to erase something on Our Written Page.  Every one of Our Written Words cradles a specific example of Our Eternal Love.  It records the development of his life according to Our Likeness, and within this chronicle, he narrates his love story.  It is about the Fulfillment of his Creator’s Divine Will.  The human volition falsifies Our Page, throwing Our Likeness into confusion.  Rather than making a faithful copy of this Page written out of Love for him, he has written his own page with befuddled words of sorrow, the storyline, vile and gross.  The centuries won’t remember a word of it.  The Eternal One listens to the creature’s fable and it does not echo the story Written on His Page.  His Divine Story, however, shall be praised by creatures forever.”


My daughter, the low world has the mistaken notion that the creature can somehow live apart from Us.  That’s a big mistake, and a fatal one.  All of Creation is the Inheritance that We had bequeathed to him, so It is still Ours, It belongs to Us.  Furthermore, even though We have released It into Being, there has been no disconnection; that’s impossible.”


All We want is the Honor and Glory of Our Bequest, because creatures are not Our faithless servants, but Our Children, the Cohort Scions of Our Kingdom.  They are crowned by the Integrity of Our Will, so indispensable for a creature.  He can’t live without It, nor can he ever escape, not even in hell.  The worst case scenario would have It Operating with his being without preserving it, or vice versa.  Either way, It would be denied the opportunity to do Good Works.”


To live without My Will would be like a body living without a soul, impossible.  When a limb is cut from the body, it lies there, cold, pallid and putrefying detached from the soul.  Without My Will, everything would come to nothing.”


Living in My Will is to feel It flowing all throughout your being.  Your actions surge with the Divine Power of Its Light, My Living Will.  Where Its Life is not Operational, whatever action you are performing will be dull, flat, pointless, cold and devoid of Divine Light.  It would be dead to Goodness, and where there is no Good, evil spreads like a cancer, leaving a trail of rot.  If the creature could see himself without My Volition Living and Operating within him, he would see himself so disfigured that he would be horrified.”


So always let yourself be overwhelmed by the Eternal Waves of My Volition.  There you will find your story woven with so much Love for you into a Page Written in Its Eternal Book.  Then you will no longer be frightened by what We have prepared for you.  You will find everything pertaining to you that absolutely must happen in the story of your life so Our need for Love may be satisfied.  We wrote your life before time began so that Our Will would become known to others.  So, be faithful and don’t obstruct Our Love.  Give Us the freedom We need to develop this Marvelous Plan We have designed for you.”


Then I continued abandoning myself in Divine Fiat until my sweet Jesus spoke again.


He said, “Good daughter, someone who does My Volition and Lives in It rises into the Unity of My Will and brings It down into all created things. This is how she gives Me her Love using creatures and all their activities as a conduit.”


I answered, “My Love, I do everything I can to love You from within every creature in everything they do, yet I can’t see that what I’m doing actually works.  I try my best to cover them all in my love, and some of them still don’t love you at all.  That makes me sad, because I worry that my love doesn’t have enough power and vitality to make you loved by everyone.  I just to know to do that.”


Jesus answered, “My daughter, it is the powerful Unity of My Volition that sets you up over everyone and everything.  It wants you to love from within them all so that I can have an exchange of love with everyone.  Yet even if they don’t love Me, at least you do.  I can hear the lovely notes of love that everyone should give Me, and I am content.”


This is Our Divine Office, and from the heights of Our One Primordial Act, Our Love, Light Power and Goodness descend.  Requiring no intervention on Our part, It traces all their activities, every thought, word and deed as they walk life’s way.  With every heartbeat It molds them, investing everything they do with Our Love and stamping each one with Our Seal of Approval.  Our Love is irresistible and It urges Us to go in search of everyone and everything.  Nary a heartbeat escapes Us without an I Love you’.”


Yet they do not love Us.  There are those who would flee to avoid Our Love raining down upon them.  We continue nonetheless in spite of all this.  Since Our Divine Nature is Love, that is what We must do, so We shall never stop Loving them.  The one who loves Us makes Us happy and Our Love for her makes Us content.  It has the Power to Love everyone and It reaches everywhere.  Our Happiness would never be fulsome if it were possible for Our Love to suffer by not being able to Love everyone, nor would It ever stop just because It is not reciprocated by everyone.”


We want you to continue loving Us on everyone’s behalf, overwhelming them all with Our Love.  Even though you do not achieve everything you intend, you will hear the melody of Our Felicity in Love, if only you love Us for their sake.”





September 25, 1932


The Divine Will calls the life of Our Lord into the soul, abandonment calls His Works.  Right that the Divine Will gives to one who Lives in It.


I am snuggled in the arms of Divine Volition like a little baby who wants to be cradled on her mama’s breast for a little nap.  If mom doesn’t hold her, the poor little baby feels so insecure that she feels overwhelmed and begins to cry.  She begs for her mother’s arms to hold her before bedtime so she may calm down and rest in tranquility having gotten what she wanted.  I am like that little newborn baby.  I have a great need for security, cradled in the arms of Fiat where I am protected.  Being newly born, I feel naive in Its Divine Sea, I need a guide to show me what I must do within Its Will.


My Highest Good, Jesus knew how depressed I was about Him not visiting Me while all the things are going on, so in all His Goodness, He came to visit me.


He said, “Little Newborn of My Volition, come into My arms.  This is the only place you can be safe and secure.  Danger fears entering My Will.  It is more loving than any mother can be while It hugs you in It Bosom to nourish you with the Light of Its Love.  There is no depression here, nor sadness or fear, things that are entire outside My Will.  There is nothing like that inside of It.  It is the abode of Peace and Joy with an infinite Capacity.”


There is so much to do there that the soul has neither time nor place, to be depressed.  Being totally abandoned in My arms, depression is banished.  It’s like a sweet restful sleep, dreaming of the One whom she loves, knowing that He holds her close in His Bosom.” 


Fear and dejection bring insomnia, and all she can see is she herself, rather than the One who Loves her so much that He can’t take His eyes off her.  Living in My Will makes My Life take form within you.  Unconditional surrender summons Me to My Work.  Deserting a life of abandonment obstructs Life of My Work within her.  I would feel bad if I couldn’t develop what I want to do in the creature.  So abandon yourself completely within Me, and I will think of everything.”


I made my rounds afterwards, all throughout Creation, making an exchange for all that had been Created and Sustained out of a singularly pure Love,


My beloved Jesus spoke again.


He said, “My daughter, the great structure of the world attached to Our Great Divine Architecture continually revolves around Us.  Animated by Our Relentless Motion, it moves with alacrity throughout Our Being simply to return the Honor and Glory of all the Love that springs forth from Trinity.  In the midst of Our Works going round Us, they praise Our Supreme Being with secret ancient voices that conjure Our Life within all created things.  They reciprocate every beat of Our Loving Heart with a profundity of Adoration as the entourage of Our Glory, the Aura of Our radiant Beauty.  This is the Life of Our Light.” 


Someone who goes all around throughout Our Works is focused on giving Us everything that all of Creation can give.  My Divine Will situates her in all created things so they might continue all the things they have been doing for her.  The more she goes round, the more she is Loved with the Light of Knowledge to adorn her.  It enchants Us watching her go around gathering an image of her Creator’s Life to copy.  My Divine Fiat gives her an Irrevocable Right to a place of honor in midst of Its Works.  Nothing can separate the one who Lives in Our Will.  She is integral to Our Work in creating everything, from the least to the greatest.  Its Unifying Power over all things draws her into what It has Created, and that is Eternal Bond that can never be broken.”





October 9, 1932


God Created man in an Ecstasy of Love. 

Creation, Garment of man. 

The sweet sound of the little bell. 

Ecstasies in turn of the Creator and of the creature. 

Prodigy of the Conception of the Virgin.


I continue abandoning myself in Fiat.  The more I lose myself in It, the more I am fortified by It Strength.  Its Life animates me, Its Light comforts and illuminates me.  It is the Revelation that shows me Who It is that holds the abandoned in His arms, the One whose powerful allure makes me go all around through His Works.  He wants His little daughter to be a spectator of what He has done for Love of creatures.


As I was making my rounds, my Divine Sovereign, Jesus, stopped in the middle of His Act of Creating Man and spoke to me.


He said, “My daughter, the Creation of Man is such a sweet memory.  He was Created in an Ecstasy of Love.  We Loved him so much that We were enthralled by Our own Work as We were bringing him out into the Light.  The Beauty We imparted to him Enraptured Us.   We provided Sanctity for him and were in Bliss.  We fell into rapture from the Harmony of the Design We used to mold him.  The Birthright of each Quality We imbued him with was an Ecstasy of Love that incited Us to Love him all the more.”


Our Love had shaken and overwhelmed Us with a frenzy of delight that arose as an Immortal Love toward man that was fully operational.  We placed no limits on this Ecstasy of Love.  We were enraptured and nothing bothered Us.  We made such a display in Loving and Enriching him with everything Good.  We left nothing undone.  We wanted him to be full of Love for Us and enrapture Us so much that We would Love him constantly.  Just thinking about how man was Created brings back Our Loving Ecstasies.” 


When someone goes around through Our Will, she finds the Works We prepared for the Creation of man.  She sounds the bell calling all creatures to acknowledge the Love of God for man.  Its sweet sound catches Our Attention.  Our Love reawakens and We rise once again into the sweet ecstasies of Love she inspires.  Ecstasy means pouring out completely into the Beloved.  The one who comes into Our Will has the power to make Us undergo Ecstasies of Love so that We can pour Ourselves out into her again.  Then We use Our Power to send the creature into Ecstasy over Us, and then We wait, because there’s nothing left for her to do but pour back into Our Supreme Being.”


A mutual outpouring occurs, one into the other.  Nothing pleases Us more than seeing a creature in the same Will as where she was Created.  To contemplate Our Works, one must know them and feel Our Love pulsating within each created thing.”


We designed Our Creation and filled It with so many things and then We tailor made them into a Garment for man as a gift.  Created things have so many benefits that promote life for the one who wears this Garment and knows that she has a right to them.  Knowing where to look, she finds Love pulsating through Our Will as It Operates.  She loves them for the Supreme Being that abides in them and who Loves her so very much.  So pay attention as you continue going around through Our Works.  We must support each other in our mutual Love, taking turns as we surrender to Ecstasy.  The Creator has given you this Royal Garment to show His Love and you will find it very useful to you.”


Then my poor little mind wandered through the Acts that Divine Will has initiated.  I strolled from one to another until I came to the Conception of the Most Holy Virgin.  Only God knows how I felt.  The Heavens were silent before this Act of Divine Will just concluded.  The Angels were bewildered and try as they might, they couldn’t find the words to describe such an astounding Miracle.  Only God knows what to say about It.  He is the Author of this Miracle that he has worked by this Conception.  My Lovable Jesus surprised me while I was still dumbfounded. 


He said, “My daughter, the Conception of the Immaculate Virgin was a Novel Act of Our Will.  A New way for a New time, and a New avenue for Grace.  All of Creation was renewed in Her.  Being Immense and All-Seeing, We called all the good acts of every creatures, past, present, and future, as if they were one single act.  This overarching Conception gives everyone a New Right, not just with words, but deeds that cover everything.”


When Our Will perform an Act that is for the Universal Good of everyone, It leaves no one out.  Being All-Powerful, It unites all creatures with their actions, except for sin, because evil has no entrance to Our Acts.  It will take all their actions to accomplish this Act as We intend.  Moreover, all of your acts have contributed.  By doing your part, so you have every Right to be Her Daughter, and the Virgin Queen is your Rightful Mother.” 


We brought this Holy Creature forth into the Light to Renew all Creation with an New Love.  She is the advocate of everyone and everything.  They will find safety under the wings of this Creature who is their Celestial Mother.  We never do Our Works at random.  We always start from Our One Primordial Act.  By Virtue of Being One, It brings them all together and does them as if they were a single gesture.  All possible means will be used for the Good of everyone.”





October 16, 1932


The Divine Will forms of all the centuries one alone.  It simplifies, forms the void and forms the Divine Nature and Its walk in the human will.


Divine Volition keeps weaving Its Divine Life into my soul.  Its sweet Enchantment nourishes it and makes it grow into the shape It desires.  My soul takes shelter under Its wings of Light, so well protected that not a breath of wind disturbs it.  There nothing can hinder the growth of Its Life in my soul.  More tender and loving than any earthly mother could be, Divine Will cradles me in Its arms.  Covered by Its Light, my life is sheltered from difficult situations.  Otherwise I would be so troubled that I wouldn’t know what to do.  Its Light calms me, gives me strength and draws me onward.  “Adorable Will, I am thankful for your great Goodness.  I dare to offer You the Infinity of Your own Volition, and the gratitude You deserve.”


As my mind was bathed in Its Light, my beloved Jesus, paid a brief Visit to my soul as usual.


He said, “My blessed daughter, it’s so beautiful to watch the creature growing within My Will as she hides under Its wings of Light.  Enveloped in Radiance, she neither sees, hears nor touches anything other than her Mother’s Light covering her to keep her warm and secure.  If any creatures should try to beat her or hurt her in any way, she wouldn’t get mad.  That would just make her feel snuggled more intimately in Its arms of Light.  She would respond with a smile of Light to whoever wanted to hurt or insult her.  She would joke about it.  Be kind to your enemies, because that will confuse them.  When the Power of My Will is activated, It slips away, and then advances Triumphant over any assault.  Its Light forms Its Throne of Immortal Glory within the soul who gives It enough Freedom to Operate.”


Its Power is so Great that it gathers all centuries into a single moment.  Its Empire is everywhere and everything It has ever done is the same Act as now.  Centuries evaporate before Its Power.  All the kind acts of creatures are no more than so many atoms that cohere in one movement conjured by a simple Act that acknowledges Its Power.  Generations of humans lying at Its feet in adoration shall be the Glory owed to Our Supreme Will.”


Let the sun be a symbol.  It is composed of many energetic atoms that unite to form the sun that spreads light all over the earth.  Each photon, armed with Divine Power, has a great influence on the earth merely by touching it.  Plants take in these marvelous goods and effects and form a distinct life with them in each plant and flower.  The same process goes on in the acts of creatures.  They are like atoms containing the Awe-inspiring Power of My Will, pregnant with Splendid Effects.  When the creature is ready to act in My Will, It arms Its Power and simply enters the void of human will and gives it a Divine Nature.  Victorious, It prepares Its own way in the will of the creature and begins to walk until It stops, Its step impeded by the human barring Its way by doing her won will instead of Mine.”


It is a great crime to impede the walk, or even one step, of My Volition as It works in the creature’s will.  I Created them so I could form many paths through human wills where I could walk continually without any obstacles as My Action Operates.  Anyone who impedes My walk would hinder Me in the continuation of My Creation.  They would block My steps and tie My Hands so I couldn’t Operate.  Whether I do My Will or not may seem irrelevant to some, however it is such a great crime that Divine Majesty cries out for vengeance on these poor creatures.”


When it is known that My Will is doing a Work that requires sacrifice, and they cause problems, it’s as if they were opposing Truth Itself.  This is a sin against the Holy Spirit that cries out to God for vengeance.  To know My Will and not do It obstructs the way to Heaven and breaks off relations with the Divine.  They should know a Divine Command obligates every creature to acknowledge My Volition and submit to whatever It wants, even at the cost of their life.”


So pay attention.  If you want to make your Jesus happy then Adore My Will and do whatever It intends for you.”





October 21, 1932


The creature, heaven studded with stars.

Creation is enclosed in the creature.

How the practice of good forms the life of the good in the creature. 

Sign if Jesus resides in the soul.


I am always prey to the Divine Fiat waiting for me in all created things.  It wants to double the Love that It had for me when It Created everything.  Divine Volition has a deep yearning for Its beloved creatures.  As little as it may be, their love is needed as a base to support Its own great Love.  The sun up in the sky riding the winds is a sign that is has been looking for a way to tell us.  ‘My Love has always been there for you, so you must never deny Me yours.’


As I was being called by all things to Love my Creator, my beloved Jesus surprised me. 


He said, “My daughter, as I Created this star-studded heaven extending out over your head, I also Created a heaven inside you, a soul that extends everywhere.  From head to toe, this heaven extends through every part of your being.  Compared to the heavens above you, this heaven within you is even more beautiful.  This heaven works through your own natural abilities when you think, speak, work or suffer.  Each one is a radiant star that adorns the heaven of your soul.”


The Sun that shines within her is My Will, the flowing Sea, My Grace, the Wind, My Sublime Truth.  The Meadow are flowered with Beautiful Virtues.  All Creation is fully encompassed within the creature.  The Wisdom of Our Powerful Love did not intend for Creation to be exclusively outside of the Creature.  The vital and substantial interior part could never be left without her own heaven, stars, and a sun.  When We perform a Work, We fill It inside and out with Our Life.  It was Our Intention that not a particle of her being would left without Our Life and the Power of all Our Creative Works.”


We Love the creature so much because of Our Work that We leave Our Life in her to conserve what We have already done.  Unless someone is aware that My Divine Will Lives within her, she can only understand It theoretically, not in practice.  When she knows what is good, she practices it, and that unleashes the power of what she knows to make substantial the good that lives within her.  Theory without practice is a lifeless painting devoid of the poetic power that draws someone to become lost in it.  My Will is Life and Our Labors are Living Works that never die.  They are lifeless for creatures who don’t know them, and completely dead for those who will not seek them.  For someone who knows them yet does not put them into practice, My Works still seem to be waiting for Life.  In the meantime, I am waiting as always for the creature to put into practice what she already knows.  Then the Life of My Volition will make Our Works come Alive for her.”


I was afraid after that, and I began to doubt if my sweet Jesus was here in my soul, or had He withdrawn, leaving me all alone.  It is a thorn with such a cruel sting.  I feel done to death without pity.


But then my always Lovable Jesus took me by surprise.


He said, “Be not afraid, My daughter.  To reassure you, I’ll give you a sign so you’ll know if I am residing within you or not.  When the soul submits to My Will, loves It, and gives It the Place of Honor, it is a sign that I reside there.  My Presence has the Power to keep human will in submission to Mine.  So if she is rebellious to My Will, that’s a clear sign that I have withdrawn.  Now calm yourself and don’t be afraid.”





October 30, 1932


One who Lives in Our Divine Will emits three acts: 

Concurring, Assisting, and Receiving. 

All the Divine Qualities continually call one who Lives in Its Will

in order to form her and raise her similar to them.


The Sea of Divine Volition is still murmuring so pleasantly within my soul.  How can it be that Its crooning should penetrate and overwhelm me like this?  It subsumes me until I murmur together with It as if this Divine Sea were mine.  In this fusion, I don’t know how to do anything other than what Supreme Will is already doing.  So as I was murmuring Love, Adoration, Joy, Happiness and Beauty, they worked their way through my being as if they were arteries and veins.


That’s when my sweet Jesus came to visit His little daughter,


He said, “My blessed daughter, having someone so little in the Endless Sea of Our Volition is Our Greatest Joy.  The one who Lives in It acts by concurring, assisting and receiving.  First she Concurs with the acts of her Creator, the Will of One being the same as the other’s.  Divine Will seeks the creature’s concurrence in Its Work every step of the way.  My Volition doesn’t feel so all alone when someone Lives in It who will never leave.  It appreciates a finite will acting within the Infinite.  They love each other and concur in all the different aspects of the Work that We are constantly undertaking.”


The one who Lives in Our Will relieves Our solitude.  It’s only natural that We should feel her current flowing through Our Divine Sea.  As she continues pouring her littleness back into Us again, she reaffirms the Rights of Our Volition to do what It is already doing.  Imagine Our Joyful Contentment when the she concurs with Our intent as We Work.  Once We have her consent to Act, We ask for her assistance and she acts upon Our request.  She knows about everything We do and is always helpful when she acts.  How can We hide from her when she is already with Us, ready to concur with Our Volition and lend assistance.”


Yet she does more than concur and assist, since she must also act to receive what We do on Our behalf.  She accepts the Infinity of Our Love as We Work, even though she so little that she cannot possibly hold such great Love together with Our prodigious Work.  So she leaves it inside Our Volition along with the rest of the Treasure she has Received.  She has the right to do this since It belongs to her.  Everything that is done in Our Will is so Great that she would never be able to keep It all for herself.  So she uses Our Will since she has worked to safeguard her deposit.”


Furthermore, everything the creature has done within Our Volition, every little ‘I love You,’ or offer to act, no matter how infinitesimally, she has done through the mercy of Our Will.  In fact, every time she has concurred with one of Our Acts and assisted in Its realization, she has taken on yet another Executive Position within Our Will, and as she takes on more Responsibilities, she acquires further Rights.  Its Divine Power is constantly sending her into raptures.  It sends her flying through Divine Will so that her life can be completely formed within It.  The Purpose of Our Creation was that all creatures should Live this way.  It was a bitter experience seeing that most of them lived deep within their human wills.”


The one who Lives in the Heights of Our Volition, sees the evil of those who live deep below.  Fortunately, she has the Receiving Act incorporating Our Infinite Love and the vast array of Our Works.  She makes them available to Us and gives the creatures access to them as well.  We are reimbursed with everyone’s love and they receive as much of Our Grace, Light and Love as such little beings can handle.  Our Mediatrix between Heaven and earth is dear to Us as well as to creatures.  She has the Power of Our Divine Fiat that wants to bind Heaven and earth.  If We were negligent in pleasing the one who Lives in Our Will, We would displease Ourselves.” 


So I continued abandoning myself in Supreme Volition.  It makes me happy to know that while in the Fiat I was consulted so that I might concur with everything the Supreme Being did.  The Big Secret was that my human will was subsumed in the Trinity.  The great miracle of all this was that someone as little as I am was ensnared into concurring and assisting in everything the Divine Majesty does.  I cannot demure or recuse myself, nor can the Trinity back out of their commitment.  It was Their own Will that I be taken into Their Midst, and I couldn’t find my way out of such Immensity anyhow, no matter how hard I might try.  No matter where I might go, I would find Divine Will Operating there, conscripting me to concur in Its Work, so I am no intruder.  It reaches out and takes me into Its arms by right of Conquest.  Moreover, there was Greatest Happiness on both sides that I should remain with them, so Divine Volition holds this little creature tightly bound to Itself.


I can’t quite say exactly how I wandered into this Endless Light, and I was completely surprised when my dear Life, my Sovereign Jesus, told me what was happening.


He said, “Little daughter of My Volition, Living in My Will means calling the creature to take on Our Divine Qualities.  Our Being is always Operating and Our Attributes are always in motion.  Our Volition is what designs the Work and generates the Motion within Our Being.  The one who Lives in It is first initiated into Our Power by Our Volition, and eventually into Our Wisdom, Our Love, Mercy, Justice, Goodness and Divine Beauty, that is, all of Our Attributes.  The powerful Voices of Our Attributes call the creature into themselves so that she grows and develops with their Qualities.”


They would be disgraced if they couldn’t pass Our Attributes on to someone who Lives with them in the same Volition and is animated by It in the same way.  She wouldn’t be compatible with them, nor would she enjoy the same Rights and Privileges.  Being little doesn’t bother them, this they can tolerate, because they know that what is finite can never reach the Infinite.  It is this very littleness that is their glory.  They feel honored because they know that the goodness and beauty they see in her was made possible by all the work they had done previously.”


She is not that different from the others.  Someone who Lives in Our Will constantly hears the whispering and shouting of Our Supreme Being enticing Its beloved creature with Its Qualities.  Before her, creatures didn’t actually want to live, simply because they didn’t know the meaning of true existence.  We could never tolerate such an attitude, because Our Will is One.  It has the Power to Unit everything and make them cohesive.  Upon entering It, they are powerless to leave.  Our Goodness on High responds to Love’s demand that It keep what is Ours within Itself where It may conjure a particle of Its own Will.  For this, Our Divine Attributes demands someone who is animated by the same Will, Movement and Work.  That’s the only way My Qualities can be compatible with her and Live together as One.  Such a creature would be a ripped and broken will if they could not have her entirely within It.  After all, the first man was ripped out of Our Will the moment he began chasing after his own.  He was torn so severely that it overturned the entire Order of Creation, as far as he was concerned.  He ended up rejecting his own Creator and running from the surging tide of His Divine Grace.”


The one who Lives within Our Volition will be the Reparatrix of this painful gash that brings us so much sorrow.  Our Divine Being arms Our Attributes and marshals them around her within Us, so that old trick is never repeated.  We will be so happy living together.  If you doubt what I say, that’s a clear sign that you haven’t really understood how much I Love the creature.  My Love drives Me to Excess, Delirium, and Folly.  It demands that she be completely Mine and stays with Me.”


I have every Right to Love her because I made her and she is Mine.  You are Mine, I am yours, so You too have a Right to Love Me.  If you were not to love Me, you would be remiss in your Sacred Duty to the One Who has given you being and Who Loves you so much.  So let Us Love each other forever and always with a Love that will not be still.  Together we shall unveil New Discoveries of Love.”





November 6, 1932


How God does Deeds and not words. 

One who works in the Divine Will works in Eternity,

one who works outside of It, works in time. 

The Words of Jesus are Works.


My poor little mind was filled with the sweet Lessons that my Lovable Jesus had been teaching me.  Even though Jesus can direct a soul to wherever He thinks best and get the results He wants, I was still suffering from fear, uncertainty and doubt.  Human laws are irrelevant to Jesus and their opinions He completely ignores.  In fact, He’s constantly doing New things to bewilder them.  No one can predict the Power of His Love, no matter who they are.  There’s no use in questioning His methods, nor can anyone hold Him up when He’s decided to do something.  He makes a joke of any attempt to sway Him.  Since they don’t know what they’re talking about anyhow, He lets them go on and on with their idle gossip.  The soul He has chosen has no choice but to accept what He has done without her consultation.


Then I started thinking about my current situation.  Perhaps I’m just being oversensitive or paranoid, but the thought of it made me tremble.  I was depressed and upset about it and had serious misgivings.  I thought, ‘Who knows how many questions they’ll raise about the way Jesus says things”, and that made me even more depressed.


Fortunately, My Jesus watches over my poor miserable soul.  When He came to visit me, He was so full of Goodness.


He said, “Blessed daughter, don’t you worry about a thing.  My Will has the Power to kill off anything that doesn’t belong to It.   It can transform the creature’s weakness and misery into the very Life of Light.  None of this is within the creature’s power without the Power of My Will.  It can do anything and everything.  The sun is a symbol of My Will.  As it rises, darkness attempt to flee before it is hunted down and killed.  Then it fills the earth, giving all things the life of its light.  That’s how it is with My Will.  When the creature allows herself to be filled by the Power of Its Light and darkness flees.  Anything that is evil within her is slain and then transformed into the Life of Light.  Anyone who doesn’t understand this is too ignorant to understand what My Will is, or what It can do.  They don’t know how far those who Live in It can reach once they have been filled with Its Light.”


So let them talk.  While I am accomplishing great deeds, they can play with words.  There’s no reason for you to expect their understanding unless they engage in a thorough study of It.  Though they be learned doctors in other subjects, they are still ignorant regarding My Will.  So forget about them.  Deeds are truly louder than words.”


When someone works through My Divine Will, her acts of love and adoration fly toward God in His Eternity where My Divine Will resides.  Nothing you do in Eternity can ever escape from It.  Therein lies the Confirmation of you Works.  They cling to It through their Perpetual Adoration and Everlasting Love of the Divinity.  The creature’s Works are transfused into God because He is the one who operated through them.  The human will does not enter Divine Volition, nor Eternity, for that matter.  It must lose its life to gain the Life of God and His Works.  When someone comes to Live in Our Volition, We see her in Eternity and no longer in time.  Our Dignity and Honor demand that her actions become Our Acts as must her love be Our Love.  The creature comes into Our Volition and gives Us an opportunity to Work.  We give her Our Love so she can love Us with Our own Love.  Everything belongs to Us.  She must be the coin that bears the Image of her Creator.” 


Those who work outside My Divine Will do so within the parameters of time.  Her adoration is restricted by time, and that’s how We look at her.  There is no Confirmation for any works held prisoner in time.  They must await the Judgment to be either confirmed, condemned, or purified in purgatory’s fire.  We see that the creature’s works fall far short of Full Sanctity and Love, so whatever merit they might have can never approach the Infinite.”


It’s nothing like that for the one who Lives and works through Our Will.  Everything about Our Activity is full of Sanctity, Love, Beauty, Grace, Light and have an Infinite Value.  There’s a huge difference between the two.  If everyone understood this, they would strive mightily to Live in Our Volition.  However, first they have to empty their human activity so they can fill it with the Operational Activity of Divine Will.  So pay attention, and don’t do anything until it is emptied and drawn by the Light of My Will.  You will give Me the Great Satisfaction of being put to work.  Let Me work like the God who is, was and ever shall be.  I am always waiting for you.  I will take the first step and reach out for you so I can work within you.  I will open your mouth engage you in Sweet Conversation and Reveal to you the Ancient Secrets of My Supreme Fiat.”


Then I thought about everything my Highest Good Jesus had taught me as uncertainty and doubt lurked in the shadows.  He immediately began speaking with the eloquent lucidity of a Master. 


He said, “My good daughter, do not be astonished at what I am about to tell you.  Everything is possible for My Will, nothing is impossible as far as It is concerned.  As long as the creature allows herself be conducted by It, everything will done.  Everything I tell you helps to establish order and harmony that will form the Kingdom of My Divine Will.  I am replicating what I did in Creation.  I pronounced ‘Fiat and then remained silent.” 


Genesis mentioned days before I had created time.  It took prolonged epochs to fashion the Great Machine of the Universe.  I worked as I spoke, and I was so pleased with the Work My Word produced.  One Fiat called out to another which in turn called for an encore.  I was in rapture as I listened to My Fiat pleading to be replicated.  My Fiat only stopped when I saw there was nothing more to be done in Its Work.  Everything was Sumptuous Beauty, Order and Harmony.  I wanted to admire My Work, so to prolong My Joy, I decided to rest within It and watch over My one and only Fiat.”


The Power of My one Fiat bound Me to My Works so tight that We cannot be separated.  Everything begins by pronouncing My first and only Fiat.  Now the First Lesson I articulate is how to install the Powerful Work of My Fiat within the creature’s soul.  Once I have begun, I can’t stop until the Work is Complete.  Imagine if I had left Creation half done.  Such a Work would not be worthy of Us without My exuberant Love.  One Fiat draws Me into It, and another follows to enrapture Me.  It opens a space within the creature where I can place Order and Harmony for My Fiat to Operate.  First It prepares her and then It compels Me to teach another Lesson so We can Act together more often.  Once these Acts coalesce as one, there will be a New Creation that is more Beautiful than the Original.  This New, more artistic machinery of the universe shall further advance My Will’s Kingdom on earth as It is in Heaven.”


“Every one of My Words is another Work, an additional outlet for My Love that signals the completion of My First Fiat.  They hand off to each other until the first and last has been pronounced.  They will be woven together to form the New Creation of My Kingdom deep inside the soul.  Being passed on for posterity’s sake, they will carry more Good things than the universe can hold, with Sanctity and Grace to win over generations of humankind.”


So one Word, more or less, with any number of Lessons or Revelations, are all Works.  If they are not received and taken into account, then My Fiat is not drawn into the rapture that calls out for another Fiat, so My Work is Incomplete.  I will wait and repeat My Lessons, which is a sign that you haven’t kept track of all that I’ve told you.  It has to be complete because everything I’m telling you about My Will has already be been established.”


After that, I thought about what I wrote at the beginning of this section.  Someone who works through Divine Will acts eternally, while those who act outside of It work within time.


I thought, “How can they be so different?”


My Highest Love Jesus answered right away.


He said, “My daughter, it’s not that hard to understand.  Suppose that you expected an ingot of gold to make ornaments, yet all you were given was copper and iron.  You can’t change base metals into gold, so you make them out of copper and iron instead.  When you compare ornaments made of iron with the same made of gold, they are appraised by different standards.  Even though they took the same length of time to make and they resemble each other, the gold objects are considered more beautiful and sophisticated.”


Now consider someone who attempts good works by following her human will.  As time passes, it becomes obvious that everything she did only lasted for a while and then fell apart, leaving the world just as miserable as before.  Human works have minimal value unless they are threaded with the Golden Light of My Will.  Meanwhile, those who work within It use the Power of Its Golden Thread to act in such a way that her Creator can Operate.  Though time is not on her side, she does wield the power of Eternity.  Divine Will and the human are so different that there’s no comparison between the One and the other.  Living in My Will means having It as the Prime Operator Acting through the creature.  My Will acts as a teacher who has given his student a golden theme for her work.  He gives her paper and pen and guides the disciple’s hand as develops the theme so that student and teacher are writing together as one.” 


The teacher develops a theme that demonstrates his science with a beautiful writing technique that hasn’t the slightest defect.  The student works diligently under the close guidance of her teacher so that his work is conducted faithfully without her interfering.  She is so happy to see such beautiful ideas and exquisite concepts flowing from her pen that she is in rapture.  When a protégé is blessed with such good fortune, her actions take on all the merit and worth of her teacher’s work.  That’s how it is for someone who Lives in My Will.  The creature must be acted upon by My Volition to accomplish Its Work.  Everything else must be put aside so that what needs to be done befits an Act of Divinity.  Our Goodness is such that she is the Author of Our own Acts.”


Those who do not Live within Our Volition are also students.  Yet when the Teacher gives a theme to his student, she does not flesh out His Theme accurately, nor does she fulfill the role of a faithful a disciple.  Just the same, He gives her the freedom to make mistakes along the way.  She might try to do things within the limits of her capacity simply because she doesn’t feel him hovering over or working through her.  When that happens, she is neither willing nor able to operate according to the theme of her Teacher’s Actions.”


This theme has a name, and We call It Our Grace.  It never leaves the creature completely, so she does manage a little good here and there.  It depends on the creature’s attitude whether It participates as the Operator of the Act, or merely assists in It.  It is impossible for a creature to do anything good without the aid and assistance of Divine Grace.”





November 13, 1932


Industries and Traffic of Jesus in the Sacrament. 

Who forms His Paradise, and who forms His purgatory.


I was sunk over my head in existential nothingness.  I felt so deprived of my sweetest Jesus that even my nothingness was left without His Life to define it.  Without His strength and aid, Holy Communion seemed empty of Jesus.  I was depressed and very bitter at my loss.


Then came Compassion Itself.


He said, “Courage, My daughter.  Your nothingness is everything for your Jesus, because that is precisely what allows Me all that I want.  I do not descend only when you receive Me in the Sacrament, I come down for creatures in all My Works.  Just as I allow you to take possession of My Sacramental Life, I give you ownership of all My Works.  If you agree, then you have enough to give as much as you want, because everything I have done belongs to you.  Actually, the Sacramental Life you receive in the Sacred Host was enveloped in My Human Activity ever since I received Myself when I instituted this Most Holy Sacrament.  Moreover, It was enfolded in the Acts My dear Celestial Mother performed as She received Me Sacramentally.  Furthermore, It is surrounded by every Action completed by those who Live in My Will.  Their Acts are indistinguishable from Mine and are Incorporated as an extension of My own Life.”


So you can give Me everything, and that will soothe your misery.  It will enhance your love so much that It you would be ashamed it they came into you and you didn’t have anything to give Me in return. You can give them to Me for My own pleasure.  You can demonstrate your Acts of Love and watch them Bi-locate as your action and Mine.  Two can be better than one.  Consider the Acts of the Sovereign Queen and the souls who Live in My Will.  My Sacramental Life is surrounded by Twofold Acts with Twice the Love and Greater Glory.”


Communicating Myself to souls resembles a favorable commercial transaction that doubles My investment.  Even My Sacramental Life is offered on this exchange.  There are not many takers, however.  Most people are uninformed about It and those who are enterprising aren’t sure what they can put up for exchange.  Since no one come to the trading floor, I end up fasting.  It’s sad that I don’t have a chance so show how productive My Exchange of Love can be for them.  I don’t have any problems with you though, so I engage in as many transactions as a creature can make.  As long as I’m satisfied with It, I rest content in the Paradise of My Most Holy Sacrament.  However, giving Myself completely and receiving nothing in kind, the Sacramental Host becomes a little prison cell where I suffer as if I were in a purgatory of human ingratitude.  So pay attention.  Be courageous in your resolve to give Me what’s Mine.  I want you all to Myself.  Then I can say, ‘I have given her Everything and she has given Me Everything in return.’  You will make Me content with My Commerce of Love.”


After that I made my usual rounds through the Acts of Divine Will.   One after another, all created things invited me in.  They wanted to be known as Works of the Omnipotent Fiat waiting for an opportunity in my little exchange of love.  It wanted it, had a claim on it and was intent on fulfilling the Purpose behind the manifestation of all Creation.


I was trying by best to follow Divine Will when my Lovable Jesus came for a brief visit.


He said, “My blessed daughter, everything that Our Paternal Goodness has Operated in Creation and Redemption is still waiting for an exchange with the creature.  The Purpose behind Our Design for Creation was that man would Appease Our Will in everything.  My Will Operates in Creation by continually Operating within the creature.  The ensuing Action’s echo calls back to the Original in a feedback loop that reverberates as a single Act.”


The Operational Power of My Will is unique in Its Magnificent Power, Wisdom and Beauty.  It Operates in the Celestial Spheres but is repressed in man, so My Will does not Operate in him.  He doesn’t know how to listen for the echo of It Powerful Operations Acting throughout Creation.  If Our Works are not being exchanged then We are not accomplishing Our Purpose.  The purpose behind Our Design determines the exchange of whatever work is done, whether it be great or small.  All works, both human and Divine have a purpose that determines how they interact with each other.  Purpose initiates the work and gives it life so it can be fulfilled through an exchange.  Work cannot begin without a purpose, and it remains half done until it is confirmed by an exchange.  The exchange helps you endure any sacrifice, and inspires dauntless heroism in both God and His creatures.”


My Divine Will must form Its Kingdom in souls.  Creatures have to give It total Freedom and allow It to Control them.  It has to Operate through them with Its Creative Power.  Until this happens, We will not have a Fair Exchange.  So We keep waiting for It.  Then We see Our Most Beautiful Works half done and powerless to Fulfill Our Intentions.  The Most Beautiful and important aspect of these Actions is missing.  They have no purpose as far as Creation is concerned and they do nothing to bring about the Kingdom of My Will.  Our Creative Work makes no progress without a Fair Exchange.  The Work of Creation cannot proceed unless Its external aspects follow the internal Creation in the depths of the creatures’ souls.  It can only be done if My Will is prioritized and given the Freedom to Operate within the human will.  Until that happens, It cannot proceed with Its Work because It has to Create New Heavens in the creature, with their sun, moon and stars.  Since there is no Fair Exchange for what It gave them during their Creation, We can make no progress in Our Work.  We cannot proceed with what We had intended to do in creatures through the Power of Our Will.”


How can We be compensated, if We still have not finished doing what We had planned.  We still have not fulfilled the Work of Creation We begun so many centuries ago.  The Work of Creation incorporated everything My Fiat had to do in all creatures to declare that Our Work is Done.  Our Volition has not yet completed everything It wants to do, nor has It been compensated for what It has done so far.  We have yet accomplish the Purpose behind everything the creature does in Our Will as she Lives in It.  Her Purpose is to Live in Our Will.  She must allow It to Reign Supreme within her by giving It an open field for the Magnificence of Its Works.  Only when she understands the Purpose of having the same One Will as her own can We establish a Fair Exchange for all We have done out of Love for creatures.  So pay attention, and keep moving forward in My Will.”





November 20, 1932


God placed Happiness in His Works in order to make the creature Happy. 

Every Act done in the Divine Will is a Work, a step,

a Love that God surrenders to the creature.


I always return to the same point as where I started when going around through the Acts of Divine Will.  Sometimes, after have gone around through Its Works, I think I have understood all the Beauty, Sanctity and the Infinite Goodness within It. Then, when I start going around through It again, I feel like an illiterate, an ignorant, tiny little girl.  I can see that there’s still an awful lot to understand yet.  I have to learn more about the Works of Supreme Will before I can get anything out of It.


While my meager intellect was enraptured by the sight of It Magnificent Works my Celestial King Jesus, came to visit my poor little soul,


He said, “My blessed daughter, all of My Works have great Value and Infinite Goodness.


Just when you think you have understood everything, the next time you enter into the midst of Our Works you realize that there’s so much more to learn.  The Infinite cannot be contained in the finite.  You can only hope for it to be filled.  Enclosing the Infinite is impossible.  Your intelligence is finite and will be exhausted before approaching the Infinite.  When it is full and you think you have understood it all, remember that it’s not true.  Actually, it not really full.  It’s just that you have no place to put more Divine Knowledge.  After ruminating for a while, you will rethink them and find a little more space in your mind to put new things as you learn more.  That’s why you feel so ignorant every time you are confronted with the Magnificence of Our Divine Works.”


The Works of Redemption are like those in Creation.  We filled them both with Happiness, Light, Grace, Goodness and all of Our other Divine Qualities.  All these Privileges are constantly pouring themselves over the creature to make her Happy.  The Happiness of Our Works have the Fragrance of Celestial Air.  They are a soothing balm of Divinity for those who come close enough to understand them.  The overflow with Infinite Goodness for the creature.”


Our Works bring the refreshing rain of Our Happiness to Delight her.  Those who do not approach will never understand them.  They are gloomy from the noxious air of human will.  No one works with the intention of making himself, or anyone else unhappy.  They want to profit from work well done, especially by the Supreme Being who has done everything to build a staircase of Happiness for the creature.  Watching the creature in the midst of Our Works, trying to understand and be one with them for their own enjoyment, makes Us Content like nothing else.  She is demonstrating what is normal for someone who must Operate in Its Works.  Our Will always works the same way, and It replicates the likeness of Our Work in the creature.”


I was still immersed in Divine Will when my always lovable Jesus spoke again.


He said, “There’s no reason to be surprised about, My daughter, everything is possible in My Will.  Being within It, the creature has the power to everything I want.  Its Empire looms over her being, vigilant that not a single act can escape her without being filled with the Power and Might of Divine Action.  In Our Will, whatever is human dies a Happy and Glorious death, only to Rise Again with the Divine Power of Live Action.  Moreover, she has a Will that is not hers.”


It has such Imperial Power over her that if she had a chance to do anything else, even something good and holy, she would decline.  She would rather go centuries without doing anything at all rather than act alone.  She would act only if she had the Imperial Act of My Will operating through her.  Within It, the creature clearly understands what a single Act of My Will operating through her action can do with her.  She could act a thousand different ways without Divine Action and they wouldn’t amount to anything.”


Our Goodness is great that when the creature enters into Our Volition, We enjoy having her with Us so much that We surrender Our Works to her.  Every step of the way, We give her all Our Love, or as least as much as a creature can humanly experience.  Every time she acts within Divine Will, We take another step that is hers.  We also Work through her when she takes advantage of Our Goodness and Love.  Her Happiness is so complete that she tells Us, ‘In Your Volition I have power over Your Love, so I can love You a great deal.  Since My love is the same as Yours, I can Love You as much as You Love Yourself.  I have power over Your Works so that I can Glorify You properly.  Your steps are now mine to tread as you walk in quest of all creatures, conducting them all before Your Adorable Majesty.’”


In all Its Immensity, Our Supreme Being finds Itself in everything.  It is the Life behind every work, It steps with every foot and pulses through every heart.  Since the creature who Lives in Our Will has surrendered her own, She walks together with Us in every step taken by humankind.  She works through every one of them, and she Loves Us from each throbbing heart.  Whenever she sees creatures offending us, Our Loyal Follower she tries to hide Us inside her, as little as she is.  She would give her very life to defend Us.  It would be impossible not to Love such a creature.  There are Miracles within Our Will so unimaginable that none of them would attempt to decipher them.  It’s no wonder they don’t believe what I tell you.  So don’t stop.  Just follow Its Light and allow yourself be Its Happy Victim.”





November 27, 1932


The human will is like paper on which the Divine Image is coined,

and God places on it the numerical value that He wants. 

An Example.  God enclosed in the act of the creature.


I am always being preyed upon by Divine Fiat.  Even though I am little, I never tire of going all around inside of It.  I have the certain hope of consuming myself in Its Light.  I have an insatiable appetite for penetrating ever deeper into Its Knowledge so I can savor the ever new taste of the Divine.  I relish every new Disclosure.  Every additional piece of Knowledge is another flavor that whets the appetite for more.  Oftentimes I have an insatiable hunger that simply cannot be satisfied.  I would keep my mouth open forever in the hope of tasting this Celestial Food.  My mind was so crowded with thoughts about Divine Will, that if I tried to write them all down, I don’t know where I would find enough paper.  So I’ll have to keep it brief.  As soon as a few doubts began to creep into my mind, my Celestial Teacher Jesus paid a visit His little Newborn. 


He said, “Blessed daughter, an act is worth more when the good that it carries is known.  The more such goodness is acknowledged, the more merit the action will acquire.  The creature performs an action according to its worth.  Our Paternal Goodness would never deceive anyone or trick them.” 


We let creatures know what is good about an action because that’s what We want to give them.  This Knowledge is a sure sign that action already holds some worthwhile good for them.  We act like a king who takes worthless paper and put numbers on them like 10, 100, or 1,000.  Without the numbers, each piece of paper is worth the same.  What make each one valuable are the numbers and the image of the king who issues it for transactions within his kingdom.”


The creature’s activity is like paper, Knowledge is the Divine Image we imprint on it, and the denomination is the spiritual Value We invest in it.  It’s no wonder that a single Act done through Our Will is worth more all the acts that creatures have ever done outside of It.  It is Our Image that makes the human act a means of transaction on Our Exchange in proportion to the Value denominated by Our Knowledge.  Since We issue the currency, We can denominate human volition to serve Our purposes.  The king put whatever numbers he wants on mere pieces of paper.  We issue the currency that circulates in Our Celestial Fatherland.”


Our Will was a Free Gift that We gave to man, He paid Us nothing for It, since he could never have enough in currency or barter to trade.  All he had were the miserable little slips of paper issued by human will.  Sadly, he didn’t even willing to borrow so he could have Our Great Gift.  We were His Tender Loving Father, and there are no accounts kept between such a father and his children.  A father is expected to be generous with his children.  They are duty bound by justice to love and esteem their father who has been so generous.”


That’s why Knowledge about Divine Will is so important.  We reveal It by degrees so the creature can appreciate this Great Gift that We want to give her cost free.  Knowledge stimulates the appetite so she will want to learn more. That way, little by little, human volition can prepare itself to undergo this Transformation, the Unification of Divine Will.  We do not keep an account, nor do we care whether she can pay Us or not, because Our currency has Our Image imprinted on It with innumerable denominations.  It makes Us content to see Our children rich and happy with Our own Divine Wealth and Pleasure.”


After a while, my sweet Jesus continued. 


He said, “My daughter, as the creature works through Our Will, her action is given Divine Fertility.  She transforms them into Divine Seed that is planted throughout the soul to be harvested as more Seeds in thought, word and deed.  You can see the Creator’s sweet enchantments in her little acts.  He is glad to share His Life through His Loving Presence in the creature’s activities.  If only everyone could enjoy the sweet Surprise of this unique miracle.  That the Supreme Being should enfold a brief human act within Itself would astound them.  All the miracles ever done in the entire universe cannot compare with something as beautiful as this.”


There’s a huge difference between someone who Operates in My Will, and those who operate without It.  The first is the Fountainhead’s endless source of water for whoever wants to drink from it.  The second is a spigot that has gone dry.  The first is fertile ground with meadows are that always in bloom.  The second is so barren that it can barely support a few weeds.  The first has the sun to quench her thirst with large gulps of Light, Sweet Sanctity, enduring Patience and Heroic Sacrifice.  The second has the dark of night to stimulate a thirst for passions that make her so weak that she loses sight of Heaven.  They are radically different.  So pay attention and let My Divine Will Consume you and Transform you completely into Its Light.”





December 6, 1932


Value of an act done in the Divine Will. 

How it becomes Powerful over everything,

and is the only All-Doer who moves everything so as to make her Creator Loved.


My am always abandoning myself in Fiat.  Its captivating Power sweetly enraptures me, filling and absorbing me, making my poor little soul shrink until it is as small as an atom.  It is starkly aware that Its Immensity cannot be contain within such a tiny circumference.  Yet in spite of my littleness, it refuses to be idle.  It wants to love, bless, glorify and thank the One who Loves it so much that He has put His Divine Will at her service.


My mind was still lost in It when my Celestial Sovereign Jesus came to visit my poor little soul.


He said, “My daughter, you can’t fully understand the how Valuable an act done in My Divine Will can be.  Its Worth is so High that the creature who has done It cannot hold It entirely within her.  She is so full that It overflows in a wave as Immense as Eternal Fiat.  Everything It envelops is enclosed in Its Immensity where the creature’s act is replicated.  When you love, adore, bless Me or thank Me, you open up a vast field where all created things imitate what you do.  Heaven, the earth, sun and wind, seas and rivers, plants and flowers, all sing in chorus, ‘We Love You, we adore You, we are praying You.’” 


Their Echo resounds in everyone and everything.  With Fulsome Power of My Will, It absorbs them all, incorporating them with the act that the creature has done in My Will.  Such a Sweet Surprise, what Marvelous Enchantment!  Her act reigns supreme over everything, and compels everyone to do the same.  This tiny atom that enters Our Volition has Power over everything.  She is so sweet as she feeds her own activity to everyone that her Creator Loved may be Love.” 


Our Supreme Being feels the creature who enters Our Volition moving everything.  Her voice carries through all things.  Since she doesn’t want to be alone, she enters and fills everything.  She reigns supreme over all things that are filled by Fiat, and they say whatever she wants.  When she Loves, everything Loves, if she adores or blesses, they all do the same along with her.  She is the Commander of all Creation, and We let her do it.  It is Our Own Volition that wants what she does with the same Imperial Power We have invested in her.”


We are so delighted to see such a little creature run through Our Immensity.  We enjoy having the creature’s company.  Having company means acknowledging each other.  It means that we are already together.  We acknowledge the actions she performs and their value so she will tell Us how much she Loves Us.  The more she understands that her act is Great, the more she gives Us.  The more We feel Ourselves Loved, and the more We Love her.  She is the only one who has come from earth to relieve Our solitude, the sole Omnipotent Actor who would move all things to Love Us, bless Us, and thank Us.” 


It’s true that other creatures are here within Our Divine Will.  However, they don’t know that We are with them.  They aren’t aware that they work for Us, or the value of their work.  They live as strangers as if they were so very far away from Us.  Our great sorrow is to have children in this House of Our Will who act as if they weren’t Ours.  They don’t acknowledge the One who gave them life and Loves them so much.  This doesn’t happen with someone who already knows that she Lives in Our Will.  We know each other.  We live as children and with their father.  Or rather, she Lives in Us, and We in her, and together we are one single Will.”





December 16, 1932


How the Good makes Glory rise naturally,

and becomes narrator of she who did it. 

How in every ‘I love You’ is a Triumph of Jesus,

and in order to be Loved He places His hidden Love.


I continue to abandon myself in Divine Volition.  Even though being deprived of my Beloved Jesus is such a nightmare, the Eternal Fiat’s Light never leaves me.  Its waves of Light fill me inside and out, nourishing my poor little soul.  It becomes my beating heart, breath and every move I make.  The Life of Divine Will compensates for everything else, even my Jesus.  I could easily end my own life and Its Light would carry me off to Heaven, but I won’t.


I thought, “My exile has been going on for so long, and what good does it do?  I might be doing something really great for all I know.  But what could it be?”


As I was thinking about it, sweet Jesus, my dear Life, came to visit me again, briefly.


He said, “Courage, My daughter.  My Will is consuming you with Its Light so It can make a Copy of Its Divinity in you.  It is so Jealous that It won’t stop sending you Light even for a moment.  It won’t give you any time to do your will, only Mine.  Of all the Good things there are, nothing is this Great.  This is the kind of Goodness that Operates within everything.  It is the Substance of Sanctity, the Sun that shines through Its Holy Words and Works.  It walks among the creatures giving Light to Itself, and warmth, and with every step, Light and warms whoever is around it.”


Goodness is Everlasting Glory on earth as it is in Heaven.  No one can ever remove the glory of something good once it has been done, not even God.  Good actions come naturally while glory rises out of itself.  Sometimes creatures are forgotten after they act, but glory associated with her activity takes on a life of its own in their midst and is not easily forgotten.  Every good thing done sings the glory of its author and becomes her narrator.  Even if you performed only one single Good act in your lifetime, all Eternity would sing to your Greater Glory.”


Then I continued my rounds through Divine Volition as usual, animating all created things with my little “I love You,”  I wanted to impress all things with it so they could have a voice that would ask for the Kingdom of Divine Will on earth as It is in Heaven.


Then my blessed Jesus surprised once again.


He said, “Little daughter of My Volition, I want to Love and be Loved by creatures so much that My Yearning becomes Delirious.  I keep It is hidden, however, so It won’t be noticed when I put a dose of My Love in their souls.  If they are susceptible, I increase the dose until they can feel My Love inside them.  Then they tell Me from their heart, ‘I Love YouI Love You.’  When I feel Myself being Loved by the creature, I am Triumphant.” 


EachI Love You, is another Victory.  After hiding My Love inside her, I intentionally forget that it was a scheme to make Myself Loved.  I focus more on how It channels through her will and flows from her mouth in a sweet voice.  My Heart is wounded every time the creature’s Love comes to Me.  EachI Love You you send to your Jesus makes My Triumph all the Greater.  As you apply your ‘I Love You’ to everything in Heaven and on earth, both animate and inanimate, I become enraptured.  I look at everything sprinkled with this beautify creature’s Love and My Love is emphatic when It says, ‘I am ecstatic when I know that I am already being Loved.’  I Triumph in her Love, and she triumphs in Mine.”


Having said this, He was silent.  The ardor of His Love overcame him and He was about to faint, so I had Him rest in my arms.  When He recovered, he felt refreshed and He spoke to Me even more emphatically.


He said, “You know what I want My dearest daughter.  What interests Me the most is that the creatures know I Love them.  I want to whisper into the ear of every heart, ‘I Love you, My Child.’  I would be content if I were to hear them answer Me in the same way, ‘I love You Jesus.’”


I have an overwhelming need to Love and be Loved.  My Love is stifled so often.  When I Love them, knowing that they don’t love Me, My Love builds up without an outlet until I drown in My own Love.  I Love your ‘I love You’ so much because, the way you say it is like a little flame that flares up into the Great Fire of My Blazing Love.  Then a mist of refreshing dew falls on the Flames that burn Me, reassuring My Love and calming My Delirium.  When I am Loved, My Yearning is soothed and I can go on giving, and when it starts overflowing again, It begins to gush.”


My daughter, Heaven is full and the earth swollen with My Love.  My Love is rising up everywhere, ready to overflow in a torrent that runs in search of hearts so It can tell them, ‘I Love you Child, I Love you so much.  Tell me that you Love Me’It listens intently, hoping to hear the creature say that she Loves Me.  If she confirms this, Its Love is reassured, and rests sweetly in her heart.  If It is not affirmed, It runs all over Heaven and earth.  I won’t stop until It finds someone who will profess her love for It.”


Every ‘I love You’ of the creature is an outlet for My Love.   Her Love enters Mine and is incorporated within It.  She has the power to rend My Heart open until My Love gushes out.  Her love is pure when it is animated by My Will.  The endless chanting of yourI love Yourushes into you Jesus and asks if I will rest in your soul.  I want you to keep chanting, ‘I love You’ so I can see what I have done for you.  I am always waiting to hear you say it.  If you won’t, My yearning will return and say, ‘It saddens Me that not even the little daughter of My Will lets her love pour into Me.’  Grief stricken, I await this precious little song, ‘I love You.  I love You.’ 


“Love Me, My daughter, please Love Me.  Have pity on My Wounded Heart.  My Yearning turns to Agony and Delirium, as It pleads for your love.  I long to embrace you.  I want to hug you and hold you tight against My Heart so you can feel the heat of My Burning Love.  Scorched by the searing Flames of My Love, pity will move you to Love Me.  I beg you.  Make Me content, Love Me.  If I am thwarted in My Love, it will be Delirium that overflows.  When a compassionate heart is moved by pity to Love Me, My hardship is transformed into Happiness.  Each ‘I love You’ is another stick of firewood that you cast into the Immensity of My Love and the little flame of your love burns more intensely for your Jesus in His Anguish.”





December 21, 1932


Exchange of gifts of will between God and the soul. 

Continuous Rebirth in the Divine Life,

Wedding Bond, feast of everyone. 

How the Divine Will holds the creature besieged.


I feel like a little baby in the arms of Divine Will.  I truly am like a little newborn child, or perhaps one that is about to be born when an Act of Divine Will pours itself over me.  I feel that way every time He reveals more of His Knowledge.  I am Reborn in an Act that brings first-hand Knowledge of a New Life in His Divine Will.  Each time I am given power over something that I did not have before, and I didn’t even know.  It was only in the act of receiving It that I felt Reborn yet again.  Each time I am about to be Reborn, He gives me another of His Acts.  He fills me with more of His Knowledge so that I am constantly in the act of being Reborn.


O Power of the Supreme Fiat, you never leave the creature.  In fact, every time You put me in the labyrinth of Your Immense Light, you give me New Life.  I am in constant need, so I am always waiting for You to give me more of Your ongoing Life that I may continue being lost and adrift in happiness.  To be lost only means being conquered by the new Divine Life It forms within the creature.”


Then, as my mind was lost in Divine Fiat, my Celestial Teacher came to visit His little newborn child.  He spoke to me in all His Goodness.


He said, “My little daughter, I Love so much that I am always in the Act of making a Gift of My Will within all the actions the creature performs so I can receive her own will as a gift.  So I am always the first to give.  I spy on the creature so I know when she is about to act that I can place the Gift of My Will within her activity.  Whenever she sees the Great Gift I have set within her, she offers Me her volition as little gift in exchange.” 


With this Gift of My Volition that I go on giving through all the creature’s activities, she receives a New Act of Divine Life and is Reborn in It.  As soon she becomes aware of what I have done, she begins to emulate this Divine Life, and as she begins the process, I immediately present her with another New Gift of My Volition.  The creature’s life is developed by the giving of My Gift as I wait to be given hers in return.  She becomes increasingly aware of her life continually growing and being Reborn in the Divine.”


This Gift is so Great that Heaven is amazed when I am about to present It and in reverence they all bow down to adore My Gift.  Magnifying their Creator for His generosity, the spectators focus intently on how this Gift develops in the creature’s activity.  They tremble when they see that she is being Reborn to New Life in the Divinity.  All are ecstatic as they witness this Great Miracle.  She is to be Reborn with New Divine Life every time I give her this Gift of My Will.  They thank Me for My Great Generosity.  Their joy increases as they watch the Gift of My Volition Operating through the creature’s activity.”


This mutual exchange of wills is the Matrimony of the soul with God, and this one is to be repeated endlessly.  Each one is a cause for celebration and they are always congratulating the newly-weds.  They extol their Creator for this Gift of My Fiat.  I Bind My Life with hers and We are inseparable.  That is the substance of a True Wedding between the human and the Divine.  Imagine the ingratitude of those who would not accept the Gift of My Volition in their activities, especially considering all the Kindness that goes into It.  I appeal to them and pray for their consent.”


Through My Diligence, unexpected incidents under new circumstances are secured, ensuring many New occasions for the Gift of My Fiat.  If they are refused, My Diligent Love turns to Sorrow and all of Heaven weeps with Me.  When this Gift of My Will acts through a creature, the Heavens are embraced.  They are full of Joy when the Feast is accepted and in Sorrow if It is rejected.  So pay attention.  All I want is that the exchange continue.  Accept the Gift of My Will and present Me with yours wrapped in each and every little thing you do, whether it be prayer, suffering or work.  That would make Me so happy!  I am all eyes when you act, discerning if they meet all the requirements that an act should have to be Worthy of My Divine Will.”


I was so full of Divine Volition that I could feel It beating within my poor little soul.  Its Celestial Air soothed me and I could feel Heaven within me.  My Happiness was from above and I felt happier than all of Its Celestial Citizens.  After all, they don’t have the Gift of an all-conquering Act of Divine Will as it is being Reborn in God.  They have the Gift that Beatifies and makes them Happy, however, Conquest has nothing to do with It.  Now I can make New Conquests by wrapping my actions with an Operative Divine Will.


My mind kept blundering in the same vein until my sweet Jesus took me by surprise.


He said, “Blessed daughter, I want the creature to take the Gift of My Will into all of her activities and give me hers in exchange, time after time.  She has to be reliable in this exchange because We won’t have one act performed correctly and not the others.  Otherwise a void would form in the soul where an exchange should have filled It.  Such an abyss is the refuge of weakness, misery and passion.  Divine Life would be cut off and you could not be Reborn in Truth.  The Primal Matter of My Fiat is Its unremitting Action, and It would not be there to nourish you.  You will need It to be Reborn in God.  Unless the Act continues, it’s impossible to receive Gifts so Good that Heaven and earth are amazed.”


When I heard this I said, “Tell me, my Love, why is it so important that you take the creature’s will only to give Yours in return?  Why would you want to exchange Your Own Will for another’s?


He answered, “I could save the creature’s life by taking her will.  By giving her Mine, I protect her every from everything around her so I My Life can be secure within her.  Since no one, or anything for that matter, is outside the boundaries of My the Dominion and Conservatory that is My Divine Will, I have this fortunate creature with Me in everyone and everything.  Then I can say with deeds rather than with words, ‘What is Mine is yours.  I have done everything for you.’


With this, I have accomplished what I Proposed.  My Created My Works with so much Love.  I don’t worry about the creature once she is out of danger.  My Divine Will has laid siege and taken her into the Confines of  Its Infinity. 

All that’s left to do then is enjoy each other’s company and make each other Happy.  Neither of us will ever intrude on the other’s Happiness again.  When I see a creature without the Gift of My Fiat, I have no Peace.  So I am the vigilant Watchman.  I know that her volition can betray us both.  So I am Strategic in the Diligence of My Love, always working, for I am restless.” 


When I have Power over her volition, and her over Mine, I rest in her destiny.  Out of danger, the Exchange between us is an excuse to do things together or engage in sweet conversation.  Since I always want to be hers, I use this Exchange as a strategy to give her My Will yet again.  She should already be Mine, because I have been hers for so long.  Only by giving It again, can I offer New Divine Life and ever more Amazing Grace.  I want you here in My Volition, so we can both be sure that you and I will always be together.”





December 25, 1932


The Birth of the Infant Jesus was Universal, He was Born in all and in each one. 

How to keep us safe, He came to cover us with the Garment of His Humanity. 

Example of the sun.



Today is Christmas and I am still abandoning myself in Fiat.  I waited all night to see my Celestial Baby, and He didn’t come.  I miss the One who forms my Life and is my All.  My heart feels like it’s cracked open.  I feel dead inside without Him.  I am tortured without His Strength to Support Me.  It’s terrible, a fate worse than death for my poor little soul.  In between my panic attacks, I prayed to Supreme Volition that It would reveal the whereabouts of the One who Loves me and tortures Me as His victim soul. 


Then, as my mind was enraptured by an Immense Light that filled Heaven and earth, I saw a great wonder, the little Divine Infant being Reborn in every created thing.  The Little Infant Jesus was replicated in every heart through Bi-location, endlessly multiplied in everything.  He was Infinitely Reborn in each and every one so that they may all have this Wonderful feeling of having the Celestial Infant Born within them.  It was so beautiful see Him as a tiny baby in the sun, moon and stars.  He was reborn in all the natural elements, as well as in every creature.  Everything extolled Him for giving them the great Honor and Immense Goodness of being Reborn within each one of them.  The Sweet Baby Jesus was His own promise to them.  Lost between wonder and amazement, I saw the One I was anxiously seeking.  He was also Born in me to relieve my sighing heart.  He allowed me to hug him and I held him very tight



He seemed to enjoy what I was doing, and He spoke to me in a tender voice.


He said, “Love Me, My daughter, Love Me!  I was Born to Love and to be Loved.  It was crucial for My Birth to be Universal so I could Act as their God.  Now everyone can indeed say, ‘The Celestial Infant was Born for me.  He is truly mine, to have and to hold.’  My Love would have been stifled if I could not be Born within everyone.  Unless My Birth was Universal, My Power would be limited and My Immensity restricted.  It’s no surprise that My Divinity can fill Heaven and earth while being incorporated in My little Humanity.  It multiplied and Bi-located Itself so I that could be Born within each and every one.” 


The Plan of Our Infinite Divinity is that everything should partake in the Good things We do for them and be pregnant with Our Works.  I descended from Heaven to earth, taking on human flesh so the Celestial Father would be Glorified in the Highest as the One Who made up for everything that man had not done.  He wanted My little Humanity to be Reborn in all created things because man had not Glorified Us with an Exchange of Love for having Created the sun, moon and stars.  My Humanity was Reborn within them to Glorify My Celestial Father in the Highest for the whole Work of Creation.”


By rejecting My Divine Will, man became completely helpless and couldn’t do anything.  I was to be his Savior in Reparation for his sins and I came to his defense.  He was Glorified when I covered him within the Garment of My Humanity to keep him safe.  I answer for him to My Celestial Father in all matters.  My Love for him was so great that My Divinity overflowed with It by having Me Reborn in every heart and deep within all created things.  Actually, the first ones to recognize Me and extol Me were the things We Created.  The witnessed My Birth inside themselves and were exultant with Joy as they prepared a Feast for Me.  Among creatures, however, those who possess My Divine Will are the ones who Celebrate with Me because I was Born in their hearts.  They were the first to acknowledge My Birth within their hearts, and they have prepared an Eternal Feast for Me.  The others just make Me cry.  The bring Me Sorrow and worse.  They wield sin like a knife, trying to cut Me.  They would kill Me if they could.”


I stayed there, totally immersed in His Love, watching the moving scene of the Celestial Baby at His Universal Birth within everyone.  He made me understand so many things, though some of them are best left unsaid because I don’t know how to explain them and could mislead someone.  So I began to prepare a Feast for the Celestial Infant by abandoning myself completely in Divine Will.  When He returned, I noticed how attractive just how attractive He was, with a Beauty like no other.  I wrapped Him in my heart full of Love where He could be Born and replicate the Wailing so normal for infants with lovable moaning and bouts of sobbing.  It was so moving to see Him weeping and crying.  His Rebirth forced Its way into each and every creature using the siege engine of His Tears.  Sobbing was the strategy He used as His Wailing showed us how to pray.  Using the Power of God, He made His way into their Hearts through Rapture and establish His Rebirth in them.  The Heavens bowed down and we adored the Celestial Infant together with our love.  My mind was still lost in this Great Mystery when the sweet little Baby started talking between his Tearful Sobbing. And.  He held his hands out in gesture of prayer as if Heaven were making an appeal.


He said, “Blessed daughter, My Birth was Universal because that is God’s way of doing things.  I am like the sun.  Everything in Creation receives Its heat and light.  All creatures share in its benefits whether they want it or not.  The sun addresses them in its wordless language, ‘My Empire of Light comes down from on high.  I have Supremacy over everyone and everything.’  Its silence speaks louder than words.  ‘Whether you receive me with love or reject me, I have a right to fill everything with light.  I will surround you on all sides with it and there’s little you can do to escape.  I have been given the glorious task of presenting my light to everyone.’


The sun is a symbol of My Birth.  It is reborn every day for all Creation to see.  Being Universally Reborn began the Invasion.  When I was Reborn in their hearts I invaded their minds with My Thoughts, their eyes with My tears and their voice with My whimpered prayer.  It signaled the Universal Invasion of all creatures.  I take her from all sides so she can’t escape.  If they receive Me with love, My Life is Born within them and its growth is amazing.  Even if they don’t, I have every Right as God to be Reborn within them; however, there is no Growth.”


Tiny and alone, I am reserved about it, just waiting for the right moment.  My weeping and tears might induce them to love Me.  It they don’t, My Life will turn to Justice.  My little Heart is in agony waiting to see if the Birth of My Love will resort to Justice for these poor creatures.  Since I have already been Born within your soul and you have been so good as to let Me grow, you are the one who will change the tears I weep into Joy.”   






January 6, 1933


God hides Himself in the creature who works with all her acts in the Divine Will. 

Gratitude that He feels for who lets Him produce His Life. 

Rights of both parties.  The little ship.


I was making my rounds in Creation, following the Acts of Divine Will performed within It.  Each created thing was an entrance open to my activities.  We assembled for an exchange of Divine Will as the embodiment of the Actor and Conservator of all created things.  As I doing that, the Celestial little Baby came for a brief visit.


He said, “My daughter, someone who follows Divine Will pours herself into It by acting until every particle of her being lives within the Supreme Being.  Everything God has Created and all that He has done or will do is enclosed within My Volition.  It pours Itself out completely over the creature’s activity in a single Act that fulfills her own action and embellishes it by surrounding her with all that My Will has done or will do.  All Divine Activity fuses with the creature’s action and laminates it with Its own impression.”


My Will works through Our Divinity within the human act.  There’s no reason whatsoever for It to segregate another act from Its own.  It compiles them as a New Act to be synchronized and performed as One.  As an encore, We pour Our Divine Being over the creature along with all Our Acts.  We hide inside of her and wall Ourselves in without leaving the Immense Power that We are for all Eternity.  The creature doubles Our Happiness by giving Us the opportunity to Bi-locate Our Life through Our Acts.  Someone who allows Our Will to control her life honors Us by Glorifying Our Life and all of Our Acts.”


We are like the sun.  From on high it seems to give nothing but heat and light.  Not true.  It gives everything it has over and above its light.  That’s why flowers have such wide variety of color and fragrance.  Nothing can beautify to so many substantially different plants using only heat and light.  Light has so many properties and it generous with all of them at no cost to itself.  If the sun were sentient, it would feel great about all the good things it does for the earth.  Replicating Our Life and Our Activity in Our beloved creature makes Us happy and for this We are grateful to her.  She has left the field open to Us so We could use Our Transmitting Power as a way of replicating Ourselves in her.”


I still had my doubts.


I thought, “How can creatures have such a Blessing with all this sinful passion going on in the world?”


He answered, “Blessed daughter, when the soul hands herself over to the Mercy of My Will, It has the Power to vanquish all evils.  There is no sin or passion that does not taste death by an implacable sword.  They are their own death. As My Will begins to Reign Supreme in the soul, they feel their life ebbing away.  It is like frost to a plant.  They dry out, wither and become brittle until they are dead.  When light appears, where can darkness go but to die?  It disappears without a trace.  My Will is like heat to the cold that shrivels into nothingness.”


Just as frost kills plant life, My Divine Will has the power to extinguish all evils.  However, unless the soul allows herself to be constantly under the control of My Will, It cannot bestow Its Goodness on her, nor could It transform her attributes and activities into Divine Life.  Where there is no Divine Life, evil arises to fill the gap.  However, when the sun expels the frosty weather, plants begin their slow struggle to become verdant once again.  When the light withdraws, an invasion of darkness is imminent.  Whenever heat subsides, cold springs to life.  It’s crucial that you do My Will constantly if you hope to banish all evil and uproot the very roots of passion.”


My Divine Volition always wants to give the creature something.  However, It must first evaluate how much she works in Its Will because every act that she does within It is performed by Divine Right.  Every time she acts, she is given additional Rights within My Oceanic Fiat to hold sway over the creature.  These Rights of ownership belong the God and the humble creature.  My Will Bi-locates and is enclosed within the soul according to the creature’s capacity to hold It.  Since It always wants to give her something, It brings her to navigate in the Immense Sea of Its Volition deep within the soul.  Think of her as a little ship on a vacation cruise through the Sea of Volition.  Depending on how hard she works to prepare herself, she gathers up additional quantities of Divine Will and enfolds them within her.  If you stay inside It permanently, you will give Me the Right to give so that you are always getting something new.”





January 14, 1933


The page of life.  Creation, Celestial Page.

The ‘I love You,’ punctuation of these pages. 

The Craftsman and Divine Writer.


I was making my usual rounds throughout Creation, hoping to encounter the Divine Will in charge of It.  I want to exchange my love for His.  He Loves me so much that He has Created all kinds of things to encourage me and they are all waiting for the Seal of my ‘I love You.’  They have a right to expect tribute from the earth on behalf of the Will that had given them so much as an Actor, Director and Producer.  I watched my sweet Jesus take my ‘I love You’ in his hands and use it as a Seal on the created things I had just spoken to and set them aside one by one.  Then He waited for me to seal more created things with my ‘I love You’ so He could follow up with His Own Seal.


I was admiring how much Interest Jesus had in what I was doing as He waited for me to finish my work.


I thought, ‘I wonder why Jesus has so much interest in what I am doing that He wants to help me with it.’


He stayed long enough to explain why.


He said, “My blessed daughter, your ‘I love You’ is like punctuation is to writing.  Without it, sentences get confused and are hard to understand.  You need it to be exact about the ideas you want to express.  It helps the reader understand the true sense of what you are writing.  You can write down any ideas you want, good ones or bad, but without punctuation, the writing lack style and doesn’t say much.  The only thing it clearly states is that the writer is ignorant.  It’s not worth what little effort went into it.”


There’s not much to a period, a comma, a question mark or any other kind of punctuation, not compared to all the different words that are used.  Each ‘I love You is another punctuation mark delimiting your life, the things you do or say and the paths you walk.  They even separate your heartbeats.  Your actions have more meaning when they are punctuated with your ‘I love You’.  Your ideas are more exact and beautifully expressed.  Your life’s story is written in His Book of life and they help you reflect on what you know about the One you love so much.”


The commas and periods of your ‘I love You’ rise up on high and punctuate the Divine Pages of Our Celestial Book.  All of Creation is but a Divine Page that We have written, punctuated with Order and Harmony.  It expresses Our Ideas exactly in a beautiful style that is quite moving.  It has an artistic value than no wordsmith could ever match.  Your ‘I love You’ overlays Our Divine Punctuation.  It will help creatures to read Our Book and appreciate Its worth.  It gives her a clear idea of what We have done out of Love for her.  The ideas expressed by her Creator are written in a style that is so beautiful that she will grateful and thank Him by paying tribute to His skill.  We hope that she will pay Us in return with a Love for Justice.”


Your ‘I love You’ naturally has the power to transform itself into Light.  I Love to take the periods and commas of your ‘I love You’ and shine their little Light on Our Own Divine Punctuation.   As I look across all Creation, I feel a spasm of Love when I see the punctuation written by the Little Daughter of My Volition superimposed on Our Celestial Punctuation.”


My daughter, tell Me why you trying to fill all created things, and My Own actions, with your ‘I love You.”


I answered, “Because I love You and want to be Loved by You.”


He said, “That you love Me and say ‘I love You’ to Me is My greatest pleasure.  I am so anxious to be Loved by the creature.  It makes Me sigh and I become delirious.  Every time I hear your ‘I love You’, I whisper into your heart ‘I Love you’, and I punctuate the page of My Celestial Book that is written about your life.  I try to please you by doing this.”


Then I told Him about my misgivings.


I said, “That’s not enough, My Love.  Your Punctuation is not enough to satisfy me.  I’m just a little good for nothing, because I don’t know how to do anything else, but You know how to do everything.  I want You to be the page written about my life.  That would please me a lot.”


Jesus answered, “Yes.  I will do that just to please you.  In fact, I’m already doing it.  However, I still need writing materials, paper, pen and ink, so I can finish the page I have started.  If I am missing even one of them, such writing will not come to life.  My Divine Will is the paper, the very foundation of everything that goes into the page of Life.  My Will stretches out as the Foundation of all Creation, something more substantial than paper.  It awaits the Distinct Handwriting of Our Constant Love as We Pour It out again.  We write with the indelible ink Our Divine Attributes and Works.  We use a pen made from Love and Our never-ending Works.”


The soul must have My Divine Will as the Foundation of everything else.  But that’s not enough.  I need Constant Love as the ink I will use to write on this paper of light.  However, paper and ink aren’t the only things I need to write.  The pen is made of holy works, various sacrifices and life’s circumstances.  I need this kind of pen to write in a beautiful style with expressions that bring tears to the eye and fill the heart with Joy.  They must transform the reader so that the page gives her the Good Life once again.”


I am the Divine Wordsmith Who used pen, paper and ink to write the Book of Creation that I brought into being.  My Greatest Delight is to compose and write the creature’s Page, because It is perhaps even more beautiful than the entire Book of Creation.  So I always have pen, paper and ink ready and I promise you to write the page of your life.  I am the only One Who can compose and write like this.  It will make us both content.”





January 18, 1933


Loneliness in which Jesus is placed by those who receive Him Sacramentally;

His tears, His Sorrows.  mute Species, and Living Species. 

Continuation of the Life of Jesus in the creature.


Having received Holy Communion as usual, I was praying in thanksgiving when my Highest Good, Jesus, came to visit me.  He seemed cold and distant and He looked like He needed company.  I gave Him a hug and tried to console Him.  I expressed my solidarity and promised never to leave Him alone.


That seem to make Him feel better and He began to pour out His Sorrow.


He said, “My daughter, be faithful to Me, never leave Me alone.  Loneliness is so painful and it’s depressing.  Good company like comfort food and it helps relieve this kind of suffering.  Without company, such sorrow would make anyone suffer.  They are starved for companionship and comfort food like this is the only remedy.  They don’t have anything.  There’s no one sympathetic enough to give them medicine, even if it were bitter.”


My daughter, so many souls receive Me Sacramentally in their hearts, and then abandon Me.  It feels like being alone in the desert, as if I had nothing to do with them.  They treat Me like a stranger, and I’ll tell you why.  They do not take part in My Life, My Virtue or Sanctity, neither My Joy nor My Sorrow.  Keeping company with someone means empathizing with their sorrow.  When they receive Me with devotion without taking part in My Life, My loneliness is bitter.  Moreover, I have no way of telling them how much I Burn with Love for them.  So My Love is in isolation, as is My Virtue and even My very Life.  I can see nothing but loneliness inside and out.”


I keep coming down into their hearts, and I cry, because I feel so all alone.  They don’t appreciate Me, and they certainly don’t love Me.  I feel hemmed in by their callous attitude, reduced to silence, and sadness.  So they don’t really take part in My Sacramental Life, and even from within the depths of their hearts, I feel isolated.  However, since there’s really nothing else I have to do, I wait with the Endurable Patience of My Divinity.  I await their consummation of the Sacramental Host that My Eternal Fiat uses to imprison Me.  Hardly a trace of My descent remains within them, nor could I leave anything of My Sacramental Life behind, other than My tears.  Since they haven’t taken part in My Life, there’s no space available for Me to leave the Spiritual Bounties I have for them.  I want all creatures to hold them in common.”


You see many souls who receive Me Sacramentally, but they are not the least bit like Me.  They are barren of virtue.  They have no love for Me nor are they capable of sacrifice.  These poor creatures!  They would eat of My Body, yet they won’t keep Me company.  So they are spiritually starved.  So My Sacramental Life is often left in dire straits, hemmed in between My Sorrow and this cruel Martyrdom.  My Love feels like It’s drowning sometimes and I wish I could free Myself.  I longed to descend into hearts, but their constraints were suffocating Me.  How can I pour Myself out for them if they have won’t pay attention to these Flames that Consume Me?”


Sometimes I’m inundated by this flood of Sorrow.  I yearn for a heart to relieve My Pain, and all I find are creatures expecting that of Me, but only on their own terms.  The only way I can console them is if hide My own Tears and Sorrows, longing for relief Myself.  There are so many sorrows in My Sacramental Life.  They receive Me and I am kept in bitter loneliness inside their hearts, but most of them have no time to keep Me Company.” 


When I find a heart that will keep Me company, I transfer My Life into her leaving My Virtues there along with the fruit of My Sacrifices.  Having chosen her as My Residence, we participate in each other’s lives.  She is My Refuge and I hide My Pain within her.  She compensates Me for the Sacrifice of My Eucharistic Life by relieving My loneliness.  She gives Me an chance to pour out My Love and Sorrow while she dries My tears.  Creatures like her treat Me as a Living Sacrament, while those who consume Me as the Sacramental Host do nothing for Me.  At the most, they hide Me, leaving Me to do the rest by Myself.  They don’t have a single word to relieve loneliness, as if they were deaf and couldn’t speak.”


When souls treat me as a Living Sacrifice, Our hearts beat as one.  When I see that she’s ready, I transfer the Pain of My Passion into her.  When I am with her, instead of being a Sacramental Host I become a Living Sacrament so I don’t have to live My Life on earth all alone.  “I no longer have any control over My pain.  I go around asking for Love from souls who share My Living Sacrament.  Having their company makes up for My loneliness and sorrow.  My daughter, when I find a heart who Loves Me, keeps Me company, and gives Me the Freedom to do whatever I want, My Love becomes over enthusiastic, or even excessive.  When I’m with her, I don’t care about anything else.  I give her everything I have, enough to drown the poor creature in My Grace and Love.  When My Sacramental Life descends into such a heart, It is no longer barren.  It replicates Me and I bi-locate to continue living My Life in her.”


Such creatures are the Conquerors who hand over their lives to this poor indigent Man of Sorrows.  They each tell Me, ‘My Love, you have had Your turn at suffering, so rest for a while, it’s my turn.  I’ll make it up to You by suffering in Your place.’  That pleases Me so much.  My Sacramental Life has a place of Honor within them because It replicates Its own Life in other creatures.  So I want you with Me at all times.  We can Live together.  You take My Life into your heart, and I will do the same with yours.”





January 22, 1933


How Jesus does not want to keep accounts with the creature.

The Celestial Gardener. The human will, field of Jesus. 

Dowry and trousseau that God gives to the creature.


I was meditating on Divine Volition until My mind was crowded with more fear, uncertainty and doubt than I could handle.


I thought, “Why does Jesus Love my will so much that He wants it for himself?  When He gives Me His Will, I’m the one who gains from It.  With Divine Will in my power, I own everything, including God, and I hold them all inside me.  Yet the only reason He wants mine is to trade it for His Own.  That amazes me.  So what does He have to gain from having a weak and insignificant human will that is more inclined to evil that good?  Perhaps Jesus is not very good at arithmetic or just doesn’t understand the art of giving.  It certainly doesn’t seem like a fair trade, though it could be that He uses some other criteria.  As long as He gets what He wants, He doesn’t seem to care whether He gets much in return or even if He isn’t given anything at all.  One thing is clear however, His Love is True, because it is disinterested.”


As my mind kept blundering along like this, my sweetest Jesus appeared.  It was apparent that He had been listening closely to my blithering nonsense and He was somehow delighted by it.


He said, “My blessed daughter, if I had wanted to keep My accounts balanced with the creature.  I would never have given her anything at all.   All she has to give Me is what I have already given to everyone and everything.  Whatever she has to give Me is already Mine, so My Love doesn’t bother keeping accounts.  Such accounting would interfere with My Love and limit My Freedom of Action.  I’ll the creature whatever I want, whenever I please.  That way I can avoid any awkward situations.”


To give you My Divine Will, you have to give Me yours because two wills cannot be in control of the same heart.  That would mean war.  Yours would get in the way of Mine and that would limit Its freedom of action.  Since It would not be free to do exactly what It wants, I would have to ask for yours every time I want to do something with you.  But there’s more to it than that.  You know that your will is weak and insignificant.  But as soon as it comes into My Creative Hands, it is Transformed.  As I make It vibrant and powerful, It undergoes an attitude adjustment.  I invest it with the productive power of Goodness so that it never sits idle.  I am the Celestial Gardener working in the field of your will, transforming it into a Beautiful flowery meadow, My Garden of Delights.”


What you have at hand is insignificant, and can be harmful at times.  When it is Mine, its nature is transformed.  I entertain Myself with it.  I like to have a little bit of earth available so I can plant a Beautiful Garden.  When I am ready to give, I start with something small and insignificant as a ploy to give then something truly Great.  Then I say, ‘She gave to Me, and I have given to her.’  Although it’s true that she has only given Me a little, she gave what she had.  In fact, she disposed the last of her possessions and gave the proceeds to me.  That’s the greatest gift I could receive, so I endow her with the Exuberance of My Love, so that I can make up for the creature’s poverty.”


So I continued meditating on Divine Will, trying to follow Its Activity, and then my beloved Jesus spoke again.


He said, “My blessed daughter, when you try to follow the Acts of My Divine Will, you get ever closer to It.   My Fiat comes to greet you and It welcomes you with Its Actions as a present, hoping that the gift giving will be mutual.  Getting your attentions is always a sweet surprise, and so is the enchantment of your love.  I never lose sight of you.  I assist you at the most moving scenes, such as your nothingness being in the All, your littleness within the Great, and the finite merging with the Infinite. We play back and forth, God and His creature, and each time one of us pours the same Pure Love into the other.  When We sent forth the creature into the light of day, We presented her with a Dowry, a Trousseau of Our Divine Elements.  The Dowry is Our Will, and We gave It without conditions.  Moreover, We gave her the opportunity to increase her Dowry.”


The actions that someone performs in Our Will become Deeds to the New Properties she has acquired, over and above what her Creator has already given her.  With all the Emphasis of Love, We tell her, ‘However many more acts you do in Our Volition, that’s how many more Divine Fields of Action We will give you where you can carry on with your activitiesYou will work in Our Celestial Field, and We will give you as many fields as you want, as long as you do something with them.  You just have to make sure they’re productive.  It would give Us great pleasure to see your properties become more extensive.’


We act like a father who he give a field to his son, intending it to be his inheritance.  His son works a hard, sacrificing a lot to make it productive, hoping his father will give him another field to work.  So his father extends the field to increase the property his son will inherit, and he is pleased to give more, as much as his son can handle.  The father takes more pleasure in his son’s property than if it were his own.  His son will make a fortune with it.”


That’s what We do, and more.  When We see her diligent and ready to make any sacrifice, We don’t let her work alone.  We join in with the task at hand.  We lend her whatever she needs, whether it be Our Action or Our Sanctity.  We give her anything she wants, just to have the pleasure of seeing Our daughter become the rightful owner of so much valuable property.”





January 29, 1933


Power of the Truth.  Steps on both sides, God and the creature. 

Unusual aspect of the Supreme Being.


I was meditating on the many Truths my adorable Jesus has revealed to me about Divine Will.  So many thoughts concerning these Truths were crowding my mind, some of them surprising, others full of emotion and joy.  They came down from Heaven all ready to fill the earth, and their Work was to open themselves up for us so we could reenter them.  They would then form a wall around us so we wouldn’t leave them again. 


Then my Celestial Jesus came to visit my poor little soul.


He said, “Little daughter of My Volition, every Truth that I have revealed about My Divine Will is another way for Us to approach the creatures.  On each occasion that Our Supreme Being spoke, It took another step toward them and put an extra Divine Element at their disposal, binding them anew so they may be united in Love.  Our Word is a sign of Our Birth that We post on the road to Heaven to guide the creature that We have been longing for with a deep yearning.  Our Sacrosanct Trinity is drawn by the Power of the Word because We are One with Him.  We follow Him, step by step, until We arrive at His destination.”


When We decide to reveal a Truth through Our Word, We share a part of Our very Selves.  Our Supreme Being takes on an extraordinary Aspect and We are filled with a New Joy.  The Power instill New Beatitudes comes forth from Us.  All of Heaven sees this unfamiliar trait in Us and senses that We were about to put forth Our Truth in single Word.  Our Three Divine Persons were the first to celebrate the Truths We put forth, and then the whole of Heaven joined in with Us.  These are the Gifts of the Great King, who knows how to move everything by filling them with It. 

Our Word has the Creative Power to vividly transform all things by giving them new Life.  Sometimes It starts by knocking things down and crushing them.  Then, once It has smashed everything to pieces, It raises the Life of Our Word as a New Creation over the ruins of what was there.  Such Magnificent Works are enough to amaze Heaven and earth.  


We can do everything with a single Fiat, so you can only imagine what a chain of them can do.  This Fiat We have transformed into the Word of Truth has an Invincible Power beyond comprehension.  It is with firm, unshakable Goodness that We enhance the Power of My Fiat when It Speaks.  You do not yet understand how Great the Gift of my One Word can be, nor the Superabundant Goodness that a single Word of Divine Truth holds within Itself.  However, you will understand it with time when you see the Works and Mighty Deeds that My Truths have wrought.  My Truths have the Power to bring Our Supreme Being closer so We can take the first steps.  In fact, oftentimes It starts Us racing toward the creatures.  It also gives them the Grace to step forward and start running toward the One Who is on His Way to meet them.  The race has begun and all contenders win as the creatures are presented with the Great Goodness that Our Fiat has pronounced.” 


Our Truths Act with Power as they come forth from Our Diving Being and set out to give the Good Life they hold for creatures.  They also inspire them to approach the Fountain that is their Source so they may be transformed into the very Goodness that comes with this Truth.  Everything depends on Our New Truths.  It may take centuries, but that’s not important, since they will then be armed with the invincible Power of Divine Patience so they may never tire in their determination.”


Listen carefully to My Truths.  Remember where they came from and Who has handed them over to you.  Think of the Goodness they want you to become as the two contestants approach each other.  Don’t worry about seeing the Effects It might have on the world just yet.  The Truths about the Good Life that It brings them will announce all that is to be.  You take care of the part I have assigned you and let your Jesus see to the rest.”


We form the soul in the proper time and place with all the support she needs for Our Truths to descend.  We are the One Who will decide when to release them from Our Paternal Bosom.  Our Supreme Being will summon these Truths from within Us and send them forth into the Works We shall do for Our creatures.  We would never leave them hanging in the air idle, because Our Wisdom never does anything useless.  We only send them out as the Bearers of Good Tidings.”


We are providing support ahead of time, when and where needed, so they can begin working immediately upon arrival.  They will participate in this Transformation with the Goodness they bring with them.  All they need is one poor little soul to begin with and then transform her into armies of creatures to bring forward all the Beneficence Our Truths holds for them.  Once these noble armies have been assembled, Our Truths shall carry them to Us right onto the lap of Our Celestial Fatherland.  They shall be the Conquerors that populate Heaven.  They will act as messengers running over the earth as they cast the seed, work the fields, gather the harvest, and singing in Triumph, carry it safely into the Celestial Regions.  Untiring, they will never stop until they accomplish what was intended.  So pay attention, and don’t contradict anything of what your Jesus has taught you.”





February 12, 1933


God possesses by nature the Creative Strength.  Necessity of Love. 

God, Voluntary Prisoner of the creature. 

The Divine Fisherman, daily fishing.


As I was continued acting in Divine Volition, I felt a certain Power that fascinated me.  It made me feel so at one with Its Divine Works that I shared a sense of identity with them.  I seemed to be shrinking, or perhaps it was just that I was lost Its Immense Sea.  I could feel Its current flowing into me, and then out.  Its Eternal Waves threw me up and plunged me back down into It.  I was more aware of Its Divine Life than my own.


My always Lovable Jesus is the One Who tears everything down and raises them up.   He confers death at the same moment that He calls for New Life to arise.  He came to visit His little daughter


He said, “Blessed daughter, Our Love is Exuberant.  The more We give the creature, the more We want to give them.  When We give, Our Love flows out of Us from all sides, trying to drown them with Sanctity, Beauty, Goodness and Light.  Our passion grows as We give them more Love and We are Loved in return.”


Creative Power is a natural trait of Our Supreme Being.  We were alone when We Created the Universe.  There were no creatures involved yet.  Once It was Created, however, Our Love for her was so Great that We wanted to continue developing Our Creative Power along with her.  The Act of conserving Creation is much like Creating It in the first place.  Our Creative Power endows the soul with Unifying Principle that continues Creation by extending It within her.  We Create New Heavens of Love, New Knowledge as brilliant as the Sun over New Grace filled Seas, a New Air of Sanctity, and New Winds that bring soothing and refreshment to the creature.  We Create the New, Evergreen Life of Our Divine Will, and Flowers endowed with New forms of Beauty that is filled with Holy Desire.  Our Creative Power echoes Creation within the soul, bringing all things into existence.  We are always Creating with Wisdom and Goodness.  In fact, We never stop, nor shall We ever.  That would a restriction on a Creative Nature that has the Power to go on Creating forever.”


Our Divinity on High has to lower Itself as We descend into the depths of a creature’s soul.  Once there, We work with her to develop Our Creative Power together.  The solitude of doing it alone would tie Our hands and limit the strength of Our Creative Powers.  We would do anything to increase Our Love, so We formulated Our Law of Love.  Our need for Love was something We created in Ourselves to be a necessity, yet We couldn’t force anyone to Love Us.  It is Our need for Love that makes Us lower Ourselves to their level, so that in Our folly We Love them excessively.  After all, it would have been absurd for a Perfect Being to Create things for sentient beings and not Love them.  So first We Love them by letting Our Love flow through them as their Primal Act, and when they are ready to be born, We send them out into the Light.  Our Love is Triumphant when It overflows.  When It doesn’t, Creation become a burden to Us and deprives Us of Glory and Honor.  Things that do not love one another avoid each other’s company.” 


However, We Love them so much that that We cloister Ourselves within them.  We become Voluntary Prisoners so We can form Our Divine Life in the creature by filling her with as much of Our own Life as she can hold.  Since We want to Love her more and be Loved as much possible in return, We make sure that she knows about it.  We want her to keep Us company so she can she can see Our Works and touch them with her own hand.  Our Love doesn’t rest as We develop Our Divine Life in her soul.  If she cooperates with Us We instill as much of Our Creative Power as she can handle.  It give Sanctifying Power or the Redemption or both depending on her needs and the intimacy of her contact with Us.  That’s what’s important, that she be close to Us, otherwise We leave her alone.”


We want to use Our Creative Power on her, but only if she knows about It and agrees to take It as her own.  We use Our Redemptive Power if she is tyrannized by sin, but only if she wants to be Good and will accept It with loving gratitude.  We want to use Our Sanctifying Power, but only if she is intentional about accepting the Transformation of Our Holy Actions within her own activities.  Only then will she receive Our Sanctifying Power.  When the soul abandons Us, the little work she does is disconnected from Our Great Work of Love and she becomes more like an inanimate object.  We cannot develop Our Work if the creature doesn’t know or care about the Goodness she receives from Us.  She would treat God as if He were so distant that it’s impossible for her to know and love Him.”


Our Love is so Great that all creatures swim in the Immense Sea of Our Love.  Yet, as Immensity as Our Love is, that’s still not enough for Us, so Our Supreme Being acts as if It were fisherman and goes fishing for little smidgens of love from creatures.  He casts His net for the slightest human activity that is willing to sacrifice or suffer even a little bit for Our Love.  It is a good catch if We get a single ‘I love You’ coming from the heart of a creature.  We cast Our net in the Sea hoping to haul in whatever Happiness and Satisfaction We can get from Our Love being reciprocated by the creature.  We crave it so much that We prepare Our Celestial Table and then go fishing every day.”


True Love has transformative power that is so sweet that It ravishes the eyes of Our Divinity.  It makes the slightest act of love by a creature into something gracious, pleasant and Beautiful.  It makes Us so Happy that Our Heart is wounded by rapture.  Kidnapping her would be Our greatest Triumph.  If you would be the bearer of Our Happiness and Joy, then love Us forever.  For the sake of spiritual security, enclose yourself completely within Divine Fiat and let nothing leave you other than Love for your Creator.”





February 24, 1933


The Truth, seed; Celestial Farmer and human sower. 

Immutability of Divine Ways. 

What purpose pains and contradictions serve.


My poor little mind was totally occupied with all the Truths that Blessed Jesus has revealed about Divine Will, each one a miraculous sign with no two of them the same.  They are distinctly Divine and certainly not human.  They come from Heaven, not earth, and they act to assail the creature with their message.  They want to transform her with their miraculous Power into what is Celestial and Divine.  My mind was filled with them.


I thought, “Such Truth is Celestial and Divine, without a trace of anything human about them.  They are as penetrating as they are Lovable, Holy and full of Light.  Each one of them carries the Life, Love and Sanctity of the One who revealed them.  Yet they seem doubtful to some of those who have only read a little bit about them.  That makes things difficult, you know.  What am I saying?  You know everything, Jesus.”


I was depressed and yearning to tell my sweet Jesus about my pain when He surprised me.


He said, “My good daughter, don’t torture yourself like this.  To know the Truth means loving It.  Love increases the appetite, and that makes food taste better so that you chew it with pleasure until you are full.  This Food is My Truth.  Chewing on It makes It easier to digest so that the Great Good of My Truths becomes part of you.  Then all doubts fade away and difficulties melt like snow under the rays of the burning sun.  If the creature hardly touches them and doesn’t chew on them slowly with careful study, then there will be no love to stimulate the appetite.  So It’s no wonder that fear, uncertainty and doubts should arise.  They should just say, ‘This food is unappealing to us and we don’t want to eat it’, rather make judgments about its quality.  My Truth is loved more by simple hearts than the learned.  That’s what happened with Redemption.  To My Great Sorrow, no one learned followed Me then, only poor, uneducated, humble souls could do that.”


My Truths are the seeds, and I am the Celestial Farmer Who sows them in the creatures’ souls.  Since I do the Sowing, I have a Right to the fruit of My Labor.  Just like any poor farmer who casts his seed into the earth, if there is no water for them, the earth won’t have the appetite to savor the seed and digest it well enough that it becomes part of it.  The soil won’t multiply the substance of the seed to yield for the poor farmer ten, twenty, a hundredfold from the seed the earth has eaten.  He casts his seed, but without rain the earth that covers it becomes hard and the germ of the seed does not erupt into life.  The poor farmer must endure and have patience before harvesting the produce of his seeds.  At least he has sown the seed and can have some hope that rain will stimulate the earth’s appetite for the seeds so they will germinate and provide a bumper crop.  It helps if he breaks up the hard earth by tilling it.  That gives the seed a better chance of reproducing itself.  Moreover, he must be patient simply because the soil is not going anything until it has had time, even if there is rain and everything else goes well.  It could produce a more abundant harvest than he ever expected.”


If the farmer, despite all his trouble with the earth, can hope for an abundant harvest, then so can I, the Celestial Farmer.  I have released so many Seeds of Celestial Truth from My Divine Bosom to sow them the deep within of your soul.  If you are patient, the Harvest should fill the whole world.  If you believe then you shouldn’t worry about the fear, doubt and uncertainty of a few.  They are like dried out soil, hard and calloused earth.  They won’t keep Me from providing a Superabundant Harvest.  Don’t be mistaken, My daughter.” 


People change with the times and circumstances.  What today seems black, tomorrow is white.  People see what they want to see, depending on their attitude.  Sometimes they are nearsighted or farsighted.  Sometimes they just don’t have the intellect for It.  Have compassion for these poor little creatures.  What’s important is that I have sowed My Seed in her.  The Truths I have revealed are substantial and interesting.  I have done most of the Work and My Labors will end.  I found your earth and cast My Seed, the rest will take care of itself.  Fear, uncertainty and doubt are like firewood for this poor farmer to cook the seeds of My Harvest for his Food.  For Me they are like suns, and they will bring My Truths to maturity in hearts.  Words alone are not firewood until they are practiced.  The very Life of the Seed goes on this sacrificial fire.  It will be cooked until it becomes delicious food for My creatures.”


My daughter, if I took seriously what they said about Me, especially their distortions of the Truths I revealed when I was on earth, I wouldn’t have followed through with Redemption, nor would I have preached My Gospel.  The worst of them were the educated nobility who supposedly knew Scripture and taught religion to the people.  Yet I endured their constant distortions with Love and endless Patience.  I just let them talk.  It was painful, but they were the firewood that burned hot enough to consume Me on the Cross out of Love for them and everyone else.”


It’s still that way, even today.  If I worried about what they say about the Truth of My Divine Will, I would have stopped revealing them and put an end to My plans to fulfill them.  However, We’re not fickle and We don’t let things like that affects Us.  Human work is flawed.  They take into consideration other people’s opinions before acting.  We aren’t like that.  Our Divine Work has already been determined and will not change for any reason whatsoever.  Once We have decided on something, no one can change Our Mind.  All Hell could break out and We would be unaffected.  Our Love can never be extinguished.  We bide Out time and wait for the circumstances We have foreseen and the people who will do the work We have planned for them.  So don’t you worry about a thing.  Our Divine ways and means are yours as well.  Be prepared to sacrifice your life for the cause, that  My Divine Will become known and Reign Supreme over the whole world.”


My sweet Jesus became silent and I started thinking about how impossible it would be for His Divine Will to Reign on earth as in Heaven.  I heard Jesus’ sighing.  


He said, “Blessed daughter, what is impossible for men can easily be done by God.  If it were impossible for My Will to Reign on earth as It does in Heaven, then I would not have shown My Paternal Goodness by teaching them a prayer like the Our Father.  I would never ask anyone to pray for the impossible.  Nor would I ask them to recite such a Loving Prayer unless I was the one who would say it first and foremost.  I certainly wouldn’t have taught it to the Apostles so that they could teach it to the whole world as the most Beautiful and Substantial Prayer of My Church.”


I have no use for what is impossible, nor would I demand it from the creature.  Not even I would do anything impossible, since there would be no reason for it.  If it were impossible for My Divine Will to be done on earth as It is in Heaven, I would not have taught them a prayer that would be useless and futile.  I never do anything that’s worthless.  It may take centuries, but the Prayer I taught shall bear fruit.  No one has urged Me to do this.  It is a free gift of great goodness that My Will should be done on earth as It is in Heaven.” 


Nobody prayed for Creation, yet I stretched out the heavens and created the sun along with everything else.  The same holds true for My Will.  It was a completely spontaneous act on My part that I told My Apostles, ‘Pray that My Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven.’  No one begged for My Will to be done.  When I saidPray that this will happenit means that I had already looked at everything with My Al-Seeing Eye and considered all the details.  I knew it was possible so I taught them the Our Father because I wanted the human will to be reunited with Ours.  But first I gave them a deep longing that It should come and Reign Supreme on the earth as It does in Heaven.  Everything I have revealed about My Will is encapsulated in these few words, ‘May Your Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven.’  That single phrase holds enough Grace, Sanctity and Light to fill the deepest void and begin the Divine Transformation that would occur between Creator and creature.


My daughter, your Jesus gave this Royal Gift to generations of humankind as the Fulfillment of My Redemption.  Since My sufferings had not brought Me the gratification I sought, My Love was not completely satisfied.  I wanted to give them so much more.  My deepest desire was to see Heaven on earth in the midst of My children.  It was only a few days before I departed for Heaven when I made My final decision to give them My Will on earth as It is in Heaven.  So I taught them the Our Father, which demonstrated My firm commitment to give them this Great Gift.  Once your Jesus commits Himself, He never fails to keep His Word.  There’s no reason for you to doubt.  If others doubt, let them, because they have no idea what I’m about to do for them.  I have all Power in My Hands and I am willing to use It. That’s all I need.  Go in Peace as you continue following My Volition.  You’ll see.  Trust Me.”





March 5, 1933


How the human will reduces the soul to shreds

and forms the little disordered citadels,

without king and without defense.  Weeping of Jesus.


As my poor little mind was crossing the Sea of Divine Fiat, I began to understand more about It’s Sanctity and how worthwhile It was to be in it.  But I’m just a tiny creature and I really can’t see that much of It.  It’s a miraculous that that I’m allowed to Live within It and wrap myself in such a Holy Will, especially since It seems to go on forever.  It’s beyond my understanding how I’m able to carry a thrice Holy Volition as if It were my own.  It’s a big responsibility to carry something that involves everyone and holds everything inside of It.  That something big might enclose what is little is obviously true, but that something so small can include what is truly Great seems incredible to me.  Only God can do such miraculous things. 


Your Divine Goodness is truly wonderful.  You are the tender loving mother who would accompany her child as a vigilant guard stationed inside him so she can keep him safe.  She wants to replicate her own life within the child so she can say with pride. ‘He’s just like his mother.’”


The Pure Joy of Divine Fiat makes me so happy, even when a whirlwind of sadness comes over me.  My mind is thrilled, even though I understand how terrible and evil it for creatures to insult God by taking the liberty of following their own will instead of His.


Then my beloved Jesus came for a brief visit, as He often does when He wants to tell me something.  He looked bitter about something.


He said, “My good daughter, the human will is abominable.  It wages war on God and even on itself.  It only hurts itself when it mobilizes every weapon it has against its own Creator.  Man’s soul looks like a tattered wreck when it appears before God.  Every act of human will distances him from his Creator’s Sanctity.  He has no recourse to his God’s Strength and Power.  He is divorced from the Divine Love that never changes for him.  Without My Divine Will, the creature is a city besieged by enemies who would starve them out and torture anyone they captured.  The only difference is that the torturer who would bring such agony is in fact his own self will.  There are no other enemies to torment him other than himself.”


I wish you could truly understand how much sorrow I feel when I see these souls being torn to shreds.  Every act of self will further divides God from His creatures.  He removes himself from the Beauty of his own Creation.  Pure Love that is True leaves him cold.  He has lost sight of his Origin and he can expect only hell should his human will fall into grave evil, or at least purgatory if he has not gone too far with it.  Human will is like gangrene to the body.  It is deforms the creature’s natural beauty and has the power to tear his flesh until it falls off in shreds.”   


Souls live in poverty without My Divine Will, the only thing that brings Integrity with Its Power.  It brings unity to everything.  It makes upright every thought, desire and affection.  It brings true love to the human will and unites the creature’s soul with the Original Beauty she was given when It created her.  Without My Will, the creatures thoughts want one thing, her affections another, and her will something else.  All they do is fight with each other until they are entangled or go their separate ways.”


There is no Unity or Peace, without My Will.  What has been divided must be reunited, yet there is no one to glue the pieces together so they can be strong in the face of all the evils that arise.  Your Jesus weeps over the ruins of Jerusalem’s conflict.  They should have acknowledged their Messiah instead of ignoring Him or putting Him to death.  The same has befallen My Will.  They ignored It even as It was in their midst.  It was within them all the time, yet their souls became disparate petty city states to confound Me.  They force My Hand and I repeat the ancient prophesy, ‘not a stone will remain on stone’.  They are citadels of anarchy without My Will and they have no defense or anyone to protect them.  There is no one to provide the food they need so they can do what is Good and avoid entangling themselves in evil.  I cry over their fate, and I pray for them to acknowledge My Will with love and live under Its Sovereign Reign.  You and I must pray together for this.”


Then I went back to follow the Acts of my sweet Jesus during His time on earth.  I prayed to Him from the bottom of my heart that the Power of His Actions would make His Will known to everyone.  I followed Him on the path He took until my mind stopped as my Eternal Love, Jesus, was in the Act of walking through the fields.   He was delighted to look at the flowers and gather them in His Creative Hands.  I wanted to place my ‘I love You’ with each flower so that it could have a voice that would ask that His Volition become well known and loved and loved as It should. 


Then my Jesus made His presence known in all His Goodness. 


He said, “Blessed daughter, I want to tell you My Sorrows and the Secret to My Heart.  Human will was the nail that pierced My Heart.  As I travelled on the roads and through the fields, I looked at the flowers in bloom and trees loaded with fruit as I enjoyed My Creation.  These fields in bloom symbolize Me.  Yet their flowers do not represent Me as much as the vivid Beauty and Fresh Complexion of the creature that makes me rejoice.”


But when I look at human volition, the nail suddenly pierces My heart.  I see the creature transformed into withered flowers, faded, and dried out.  They are in the act of dying as they droop from their stems.  The fragrance of their perfume becomes a foul odor.  I see fruit on the trees, rotten before they are ripe.  They symbolize the creature reduced to evil by the human will, the ruin of the Most Beautiful Work of Our Creative Hands.  I feel Pain.  These flowers bring tears to My eyes and I feel the nail of human will penetrate more fiercely.” 


My Sorrow is so deep.  All I can do is wait for your ‘I love You’ asking Me for the Good of My Will and that the evil of human will be known so they do mine and abandon their own.  I often gaze at the azure heavens.  I see them studded with stars or majestic with a sun dominating the earth with a light that shines as a symbol of the heavenly soul.  The Sun of My Will yearns to shine in such an enchanting heaven.  It must dominate the heaven of their soul with Its Light along with the beautifully flowered earth of their bodies.  I long to feel My Heart pierced through with such Joy.”


Yet My Hope lasts but for a brief moment when suddenly the nail of human volition goes out into the field, lowering with darkest clouds, pregnant with thunder, lightning and hail.  It blocks the Sun, vandalizing the Beautiful Sight of a Serene Heaven as it unloads itself over the poor creature.  It devastates the heaven of their soul along with their earthly bodies, hurling desolation and terror all over the world.”


When I Lived down here, I couldn’t take a step without the spike of human volition piercing My Heart, from the moment I was born until my historic last breath.  That’s the crux of My ongoing Martyrdom.  What is Beautiful becomes deformed until My Most Beautiful Creative Work turns ugly.”


Yet in everything I did and all that I suffered, My aim has always been to keep the human will safe and secure.  I Love the one who calls out to My Activity so she might do My Work along with Me for the sake of My Sacrificial Love.  She sacrifices herself to bring about the Great Good that My Will be known and so It might Govern human volition, the font of all evil for the poor creature.”


Remember, don’t ever leave Me alone.  I want you with Me at all times so I can replicate My Life within you.”