November 4, 1931


How confidence forms the arms and the feet of the soul.  How God continues the Work of Creation in the soul who does His Will.  The Divine Will, Cement of the human will.


Jesus, my Center and Life of my poor little soul.  It is because I am so little that my need for you is so great.  Hold me tight in Your arms, my Love, and let my extreme weakness move you to pity me.  I am so tiny, and You know how much Your little ones need clothes to keep them warm.  They need their mama’s milk to grow up and be strong.  I need for You to clothe me with the warmth of your Love.  Hold me to Your Divine Breast and feed me the nourishing milk of Your Divine Will so I can grow up to be strong.  Hear me, my Jesus.  I need Your Life if I am to live, because I live only through You.  You are the One who shall write, not I, so You can write whatever You want and express it in the best possible way.  Actually, this task is not really mine, it’s yours, and I understand that.  I will only be lending You a hand, the one that You made and allowed me to use only briefly to be of service to You.  The rest is up to You, my Jesus, this is our covenant.”


As I abandoned myself in my Jesus’ arms, I heard His Sweet Voice whispering in my ear.


He said, “My little daughter, the longer you abandon yourself in Me, the more you shall feel My Life inside you as I move into your soul to be your Primary Life.  Having true confidence in Me allows the soul to climb up onto Me as if she were a spider clinging so tightly that I couldn’t shake her off.  Without such confidence, this pitiful spider is plucked of her arms and feet.  Your confidence shall be your Victory over Me as I hold you tightly in My arms, clinging to My Breast while I continually feed you the milk of My Divine Will.”


I can recognize Myself in the creature every time the soul does My Will.  It is clear to Me that My Work is being done through her, and I hereby acknowledge that these are My Words being spoken through her.  My Love is apparent in every step she takes in her pursuit of My Will.  That’s what happens when the Creator recognizes Himself in the creature and acknowledges His own Work being done through her.  Meanwhile, as the creature is operating through My Will, she projects herself into the Creator and recognizes herself in Him.  This mutual recognition between God and soul recalls the First Act of Creation when He left His vacation spa to continue the Work of Creation alongside this creature who Lives and operates from within My Will.”


Of course, Our Work did not end there, We merely paused to rest for a while.  Then the creature called Us to work by doing Our Will, and it was such a sweet call.  This work means New Happiness and Joy for Us, another Formidable Conquest.  Our Love continues Its Overflow of Power, Goodness and Unfathomable Wisdom that began with Creation.  The creature knows her God does not rest because of her, she understands that the Labor of His Creative Work continues on as ever.  As she operates in Our Will, she feels the Love of God fully Operational, as if It were rain pouring down over Her soul.  His Power and Wisdom works through her soul; It is never idle.  If you only knew how much joy We feel when the creature calls Us to work.  To be acknowledged by her is sheer pleasure.  Her call opens the door to Our Dominion.  Moreover, since she gives Us complete Freedom of Action to do whatever We want within her soul, We shall prepare a Creative Work worthy of Our Hands.”


Never let Our Divine Will get away from you if you want Our Work to go on without interruption.  Using your own voice to call Us, It will be your herald as well as Ours.  When We hear It’s sweet whisper in Our ear, We shall immediately come down into Our own Will to continue Our Work within your soul.  After all, it is only when an activity goes on forever that Life and Work are truly Fulfilled.  Those things that can be discontinued are merely side effects of My Will rather than Life being formed within the creature.  They fade away, little by little, until you are left on an empty stomach.  So have Confidence in yourself and be Courageous.  Continue onward, forever crossing the Sea of Divine Will.”


Then I followed the Acts of Jesus, my highest Good, in everything He had done in His Humanity while on earth, until He spoke to me again.


He said, “My human will had no life of its own to act out, My daughter.  All of my activity involved the passive reception of one single Ongoing Act emanating from My Divine Will.  As Word of the Celestial Father, It was rightfully Mine, to have as My very own.  All of My Activity involved Prayer and Pain, with every Breath I took as My Heart did beat.  My human will underwent the Life of Divine Will just so it could Retie all human wills to Mine, forming one long braid connecting them to Me.  These human wills were like so many houses in disrepair, on the verge of collapsing or even in ruins.  My Divine Will Operated within My Humanity to prop up the ones on the verge of collapsing and cement over the damaged areas.  Even the houses that had been completely destroyed were reconstructed by My Activity on the very ruins of their foundation.  I did nothing for Myself because I simply didn’t need anything.  Everything I did was to Reconstruct and Rehabilitate human wills.  All I needed was to Love and be Loved in return.”


Before the creature can receive the Help that comes from all the Pain that Operates through My Work, she must unite her will to Mine.  When the Messengers of Help Speak with My Voice, her Ties to Me are immediately reestablished.  All of My Activities offer themselves to everyone around.  Their Mission is to raise up, support and strengthen the ties of human will so they may be strongly bound with My own.  As soon as she decides to do My Divine Will, we merge together as one.  All of My Actions deploy themselves as army battalions in defense of the creature.

My Activity is a life boat in the stormy sea of life.  Someone who does not do My Will, however, receives nothing at all, nor could she, not without the Universal Dispenser of everything I did out of Love for creatures.”





November 9, 1931


How God has the acts of the creature established.   Operating and Incessant Act of the Divine Will.  One who does not do the Divine Will is left without Mother, and remains orphaned and derelict.


I am still abandoned in Divine Volition.  It’s Tenderness awaits me on Its maternal lap, speaking to me.


It says, “Daughter of My Will, never leave Me alone, Your Dearest Mother wants you to be with Her.  I want your help with the Endless Work I do for all creatures.  I do everything for them.  I never leave them for a second, if I did, they would die.  Yet, there are some who refuse to acknowledge Me, in fact, they offend Me, even though I would do anything for them.  It’s so hard to be alone, that’s why I long for your presence, My daughter.  To have you here with Me as I Act is something very precious, My Dear.  Good company takes the drudgery out work and makes it sweet, a source of New Joy.”


My poor little mind was still wandering through out Divine Will when my Lovable Jesus stopped by for a brief visit and spoke to me.


He said, “My Will is untiring, My daughter.  Its desire is to support the life of every human generation.  It maintains the Order and Balance of the entire universe, so Its Work never ends, nor would It ever seek a halt to such an essential task.  It gives birth to the motion that moves all things, and is bound to them with unbreakable Bonds.  A perfect symbolic representation of It is the air.  No one sees it, yet It gives birth to every breath the creature takes.  It is the font of human respiration.  If the air were to abandon its task of being inhaled and exhaled, all creatures would suddenly stop living.  My Will is so much more than this image of the air.  The Vital Power of My Divine Will gives life to Universal Respiration.  My Will is Life, and is Itself Uncreated.”


God has established all the acts of creatures, including their number.  Moreover, My Divine Will is committed to each of them.  Once It has arranged them in order and put Its own Life into them, all that’s left is to give fulfillment to these acts established by the Supreme Being.  This is done by the one who cooperates with them by allowing herself to be dominated by Divine Will.  Through her cooperation with Its Dominion, she feels the inseparable Bond that comes from having Its Divine Life flowing through her actions.  When she does not cooperate, however, she loses the Dominion of My Divine Will.  By following her human will rather than Mine, each act of self-will forms a void in her soul where the Divine should reside.  These cavities disfigure the poor creature, and since she was made for God, He is the only one who can fill these holes.  The number of these acts has been fixed, and each one was designed to fill her with Divine Being.  These foul cavities come from crooked ways of living, actions without Divine Origin and devoid of Life.  Nothing ruins the creature worse than her own self-will.”


My Will Operates as a Never-ending Act, both inside and outside the creature.  Yet only the one who acknowledges It with everything she does actually takes Its Operative Action as her own.  She confesses her love, esteem and appreciation for It.  By accepting My Will, she touches Its Ongoing Activity with her hand as It Operates.  The creature goes arm in arm with Its Powerful Movement as she breathes the Life-giving Righteousness that generates Its pulsating Life through her heart.  She feels My Will touching her everywhere, inside and out, as It gives her a warm embrace and the kiss of Life.  As the creature begins to feel My Will’s Loving Embrace, It clasps her even more tightly to Its Divine Breast, forging unbreakable chains of sweetness between Itself and Its beloved creature.  The only pay It asks for Its Incessant Work is to be acknowledged for It.  Then My Will shall use It Power by removing the veil that has kept It hidden from the creature and reveal to her who it is that gives Life to her activity.  The more you acknowledge It, the more you will feel Its great Love, and that will make you love It even more.”


The soul without My Divine Will is like a flower that has been picked from the plant.  Poor flower, having detached it from the root, they have taken its life by depriving it of the vital fluids that should circulate like blood and keep it alive, fresh, fragrant and beautiful.  It has lost the root that had given it a mother’s love, holding it tight to her breast and nourishing it.  The root remains underground, buried alive for the sake of its children so it can bring life to its flowers and make them so beautiful that humans are attracted by their sweet enchantment.  Yet when the flower is picked from the plant, it becomes orphaned of its mother.  It loses its freshness and becomes so melancholy that it withers and dries.”


That’s the story of the soul without My Divine Will.  It Lives as though It were buried in the depths of her soul, raises up her activity, and circulates Divine Spirit as the Blood that brings Life to all of her actions.  It keeps her Fresh, Beautiful and Perfumed with Divine Virtue.  She is so Sweet and Lovely that the earth is Enchanted, as is all of Heaven.”


When she detaches herself from My Divine Will, she loses her True Mother, her Dearest One, who with so much maternal care has kept her safe, close to Her Breast.  She has defended her from everyone and everything, yet she ends up being disfigured, withering to all that is Good.  These souls succumb to sad melancholy, for they live without the One who has generated them, without Life, deprived of the Caresses their dear Mother had given them.  These poor destitute orphans had no one to care for them.  They fell into the hands of their enemies and were tyrannized by their own passions.”


The root had good reason for all its excruciating cries of sorrow.   It could not help crying when saw the life of its flowers being snatched away.  This poor mother was sterilized and robbed of its crown full of children.  Yet even if the plant does not cry, My Will does indeed, and horrible so, at seeing so many of Its children being orphaned, whether or not it is voluntary.  Their poor Mother continues to Live with nothing but sadness.  You can hear Forlorn cry as She call for the Crown of Her Children to gather around Her.”





November 16, 1931


Each human act is a game, a pledge, in order to win the Celestial Graces.

The human act is soil in which the Divine Will sows Its Seed.  How love constitutes a right.


I am the living prey of Divine Will, not forced, however, it’s voluntary.  I have an intense need to offer myself up as Its prey.  It makes me happy both in time and eternity.  Everything I do is quarry for the Light of Divine Will, to Its very Life and Sanctity.  I call on It, urgently, to capture Itself within every action I perform, devouring them whole and then saying, “Each of my acts is its own quarry, one great Conquest after another, Triumphs of My Divine Will.”  After all, since I cannot live without some kind of will, and mine has been already been preyed upon by It, it’s only right and just that Its Will should become in turn My own quarry.  This mutual predation upon each other as quarry is constitutes the great game we play as love ignites both side more and more.


As my meditation progressed, my sweet Jesus seemed more and more pleased at hearing the nonsense I write, and I came to another conclusion.


I thought, “After all, I am just a little newborn infant.  It’s really not such a big deal that I speak in gibberish, because people have to make allowances.  Children are always prone to babbling in baby-talk.  In fact, my dear Jesus was so delighted to hear me prattling on out of pure love that He took the occasion to give me a brief Lesson the next time He paid a brief visit to my poor little soul.”


He said, “Tiny daughter of My Will, that’s what goes on between Creator and creature.  Every little thing she does with all that she receives from God forms a mutual correspondence as they get to know each other better and fall ever more deeply in love.  This is how they keep up the game they play so they may achieve the intent of God for the creature so she can get what she wants from God.  Each act in this game advances toward ever more glorious Victories as they continue to prey upon each other.”


Each level of this game gathers further material to enhance the next play, accumulating tokens as a prize for the winner.  God starts off by adding a special Bonus Prize to be redeemed at the end of the Game and the creature puts in one of her own.  When the game is set up, the competition begins.  Our Goodness is so great that We give Ourselves a handicap so the creature will have a better chance of winning, though sometimes We take advantage of Our Strength to ensure that We will be the winners.  We do that just to keep her on her toes, because every time it’s her turn, she can up the ante and make up for her earlier defeats so that she has a better chance of winning.  That’s all part of the strategy to make it more exciting, because it wouldn’t be nearly so much fun if there were no risk involved.  The name of this particular game is ‘The Union’.”


Each act in this playful drama is a further commitment of Ourselves to give grace upon Grace, and open the corresponding parallel between Heaven and earth.  It is the great Game of calling your Creator to abide with you.  Moreover, since each Act performed by Divine Will that is implanted within creature’s activity is a Divine Seed that Germinates inside her.  Everything she does prepares the soil where My Will can sow Its Seed and have It germinate into a Divine Plant.  Depending on the seed that is sown into the womb of the earth, a different species of plant is born.  Flower seeds will blossom as flowers, of course, and fruit seeds develop into edible fruit.”


My Divine Will sows a separate species of Seed within each act creature performs.  In some of them It sows the Seed of Sanctity, or Love, and in others a Seed that develops as Goodness.  There are so many of them.  The more she does within It, the more rich soil she prepares where My Will may cultivate Its Distinctive Seed to fill the earth with these human acts.  The Beauty of the one who allows herself to be dominated by My Divine Will is Striking indeed.  Every action she performs holds its own variety of Divine Seed, and each one is noteworthy of her Creator.  One may speak of Sanctity, Justice or Mercy, others concern themselves with Love, Beauty, or perhaps Wisdom.  A Divine Harmony appears among them, showing such pristine order that the Finger of God Operating within her that becomes obvious.” 


It’s important that you understand how crucial it is that the creature provides the right soil for us to germinate Our Divine Seed, lest We have nowhere that It might be sown.  We have no other soil than what she provides for Us with her activity, so it is within the creature that We must germinate the Seed of Our Divine Being in the creature.  It is the one who does Our Divine Will and lives within It that is the Incubator of Our Heavenly Host.  It is the Creator Himself who grows within the One who has created her.”


Then I continued acting within Divine Volition, where, as little as I am, wanted to hold everything in a loving embrace.  I was trying to send my tiny love running through all things everywhere. 


That’s what was doing when my sweet Jesus next spoke to me.


He said, “My daughter, love implies possession.  It’s only natural that you would want ownership of what is beloved, whether it is a person or an object.  To love means having a bond, be it friendship, kinship or relationship.  Moreover, that depends on whether the intensity of such love is great or perhaps less so.  When Divine Love between God and creature has no gap to separate them, then all of his actions run toward God, carrying His own Love back to Him as an offering.  When such activity has its Origin in Love and there is its final destination, this signifies the Love of a son for his Father, since he considers all things that belong to the Supreme Being as his own Patrimony.  He never has to leave the House of his Celestial Father, nor must he ever stray from His Divine Properties.”


True Love has an Unchallenged Position within the creature.  It is the Autocrat of Relationships with an Absolute Right to all that is Good.  Its Demand that It be Loved in return cannot be denied by any living thing.  Resistance is futile.  Each act of Love resonates on such a profound note that a vibration pulses through the Divine Heart that sounds like, ‘I Love You, Love me.’  These words continue on indefinitely until he hears the Creator’s intonation within his soul in answer, ‘I Love you, My son.’  Then We await the creature’s call in response, the one that takes place within Our Love, his plaintive chant, I Love You.’  Finally, We have the sweet pleasure of establishing Our cadence with counter-point, ‘I Love you, O son,’ All this has been arranged to give him a greater Right to Love Us as a member of Our Family.”


A love that is broken, one that does not know how to take possession of Our Belongings and defend them, cannot be called filial love.  It could only be friendship, at best, or circumstantial love, self-interest perhaps or mere necessity.  Regardless, it doesn’t constitute a Right to Possess the Father’s Goods, because that is reserved for His children.  Moreover, the Father has a Sacrosanct Duty according to Divine or even human laws to see that his children come into possession of His Property.  So you must always Love if you expect all your activity to be subsumed within the great Encounter, the Loving Kiss of your Creator.”





November 29, 1931


Surge and Empire of the acts done in the Divine Will.  Exchange of life between Creator and creature.  Sweet murmuring in the Divine Being.


I am bound with a Sacred Duty, impelled by an Irresistible Force and extreme necessity to Live in this Mansion given me through the adorable Will of my Celestial Jesus.  Every time I make an exit, however briefly, costs me dearly as all evils swoop down upon me.  Great is the contrast between living inside and outside the Cherished Dwelling bequeathed to me as my abode.  Whenever I wander out of It, even for a moment, I quickly make a dash to reoccupy the place assigned to me by Him.  Safely within, I bless the One who gave me such a happy place to dwelling, the Highest Good who has acquainted me with His Most Holy Will.


Then, as little as my intelligence may be, it was crossing the Great Sea of Supreme Fiat, when, Jesus, my beloved Good, announced Himself within my pitiful soul.


He said, “My daughter, to live within the Dwelling of My Divine Will means abiding in an honorable position reserved for the creature, given to her by God when she was first sent out into the light of day.  When the creature remains steadfast in her station in life, God gives her everything she needs.  She lacks neither Strength, Light, Sanctity nor Love.  In fact, He places at the creature’s disposal whatever she wants to take from the Divine Source so can she Live with a Superabundance of all things Good.” 


All actions performed in Divine Will have God’s own Operative Power simply because He is drawn by the Force that is His to Function within every act of the creature.  These acts have the power to fling themselves with imperial might the Sea of the Divine Will while forcing It into position where Its Glory redoubles with new Mercy, Love and Goodness bring Light toward all creatures.  Her action turns over the Divine Engine to set It in Motion.  While it’s true that Our continuous Motion produces an endless number of Works.  The creature’s activity performed within Our Will is subsumed into that Motion, bringing something of her own into It.  As soon as the creature initiates Our Motion enough to produce meaningful Work, We feel her energy supercharging all of Our Works.  Having her work together with Us as a colleague in Our Activity brings Us Glory, the source of Our greatest happiness.”


There is nothing at all trivial about giving her the power to move Our entire Divine Being.  We enjoy letting her do what she wants, as long as she knows her place.  That’s because We are certain that she would act exactly what We would.  She behaves in a manner precisely the opposite of someone who follows their own human will.  Such people do not surge with Divine Power.  They spend their time here below causing bitterness for the One who created them.”


I grew wistful after that.


I thought, “I wish I could give my Life to Jesus every time I did something in His Name, as a testament of my great love for Him.”


My Jesus responded, “My daughter, every time the creature acts, We give Our Life to expand what she has done.  Whenever she thinks about something, Our Intelligence comes to Life within her thought.  At her every utterance, We introduce our Living Word into her voice.  When she begins a task, Our Life runs deep within her venture so she may extend Our Work.  Our steps take on a Life of their own as she walks.  Two acts of life run concurrently with everything the creature does.  The first is an ongoing act of Divine Life and is followed immediately by an action that she performs in turn.”


All the things she does are done out of love for the One who gives her life.  An exchange has been established; We give life and receive It in return.  Yet even though there is a huge difference between Our Acts of Life and the creature’s, We are nonetheless Glorified.  We take great satisfaction in that she gives Us whatever she is able.  Moreover, everything she does on Our behalf, in exchange for the life We give her, remain within Us and never leave.  This is the legacy of Eternal Life within the creature.  We greatly appreciate the general circulation of Our Divine Being from Life to life and back again.  We listen raptly for any trace of Our Will, so filled with Love, crooning sweetly from her vivacious thoughts as they emanate directly from Divine Intelligence using Our own Voice.  The dulcet murmuring of her labor flows through Our Works in time with her tread as she walks.  Her breathy piano voice swells with crescendo until her fortissimo climactic cadence thunders, ‘I am testimony to the Life of my Creator.”


With the Emphasis of Our Love We would say, ‘The one who murmurs throughout Our Divine Being with her acts of life is the creature who operates from within Our Will out of pure love for Us.’  Our Sorrow reaches Its peak when We infuse life into the creature’s activity and receive nothing in return.  Such acts remain outside of Us and are dispersed without the Current of Our Will that was designed such that It would carry them to Us riding the eddy of Our Love.  The majority of these actions bear the seal that certifies them as offensive to the One who first gave them life.”


Imagine how it would be if creatures had any clear understanding of what it means to follow their own will.  They would die of anguish if they fully comprehended how evil is such folly, yet they hurl themselves headlong into it.  They have no idea how much Goodness they deny themselves by not following Our Divine Will.  So pay attention, My daughter, lest the eyes of your soul be blinded, for that is not My Will.  Moreover, once they are dimmed, I shall no longer look through them, and that would be a tragic misfortune far beyond your comprehension.  As for the others, they are the blind leading the blind.  Once they have gambled away Divine Will, there is little I can do for them.  It is their own fault if they have squandered the happiness I had intended for them.”





December 6, 1931


Good of the prolixity of time.  How God counts the hours and the minutes to fill them with Graces.  One who does the Divine Will tears the Veil that hides her Creator.  Bath of Light that the Divine Will gives.


I was so depressed from being deprived of my sweet Jesus.  The duration of my interminable exile weighed heavily upon me and I was overwhelmed by fatigue.  I began to feel sorry for myself.


I thought, “I never dreamed that I would live so long.  Had its duration been average, I wouldn’t have had to go through so much.  Nevertheless, Fiat!”


My mind was squirrelly and full of nonsense, so I prayed for Jesus that He might come to my rescue.  I swore to Him that I would always do His Adorable Will.  Then my Sovereign Jesus dispelled the darkness that surrounded me as soon as He dropped by to pay me a visit, however briefly.  He spoke to me with indescribable Tenderness. 


He said, “Have courage, My good daughter.  Your Jesus wants to give you ever more and I expect twice that from you.  I permit time the luxury of being prolix.  You cannot compare someone loyal for a few years with the one who has given me solid proof over such a long time as you.  Such a prolonged commitment says an awful lot more on so many occasions under such diverse circumstance.  You have stood the test of time by enduring so much pain for My sake.  You have remained Faithful, Constant, Patient no matter what the scenario, not for a little while, but for a lifetime.  That says so many things about you, My Dear.”


Every hour lived under the Imperial Rule of My Divine Will produces yet another New Divine Life bearing further Grace and Beauty as fruit for the creature.  Newly ascendant Glory continues to accumulate before the Throne of God.  We measure the time and the amount of Treasure given.  Then We await an act of requital from the creature so that it can be added to what We shall give her once again.  Since it takes time for the creature to digest what We have given, We pause and wait patiently until she takes another step toward Us.  Unless the creature immediately adds to what she has already been given, We tarry a while until she is ready, confident that she will be generous with Us as always.”


We are pleased by a life that is productive and saintly.   Every hour of sacrifice and fidelity is further Proof that she loves Us.  We even count the minutes, to make sure that every one of them is filled with Our Grace and Divine Charisma.  If her life is short, there are fewer hours to count, so We can’t give her as much.  I want you to be Happy, so let me take care of things.  Be Happy by thinking that each hour of your life is further assurance that you love Me, and that is bound to make Me Love you more in return.”


Later on, as I continued acting within Divine Will, Its Imperial Vastness overwhelmed me and pulled me completely inside of It.  My beloved Jesus explained what was happening.


He said, “Beloved daughter, to live within My Will is an acknowledgement of Paternity.  A daughter wants to be near her Father, sitting on His knees and living in His House.  She has a right to feel that way because she knows that He was responsible for her birth, the One Love Who generated her and delivered her into the Light.  Nothing else matters, only this sweet Bond of Paternity or relationship.  The daughter clearly understands that if she left her Father’s House, she would be as lost as a bird without a nest to call home.”


The one who follows My Divine Volition by living It will remove the Veils that conceal the Power of the Creator’s Love for her.  Once He has drawn her that far she will begin to love him with His own Power.  Pulling aside the Veil, she finds the Sacred Vessel of Divine Power, and she is unafraid.  He is Powerful in all things, especially His Love for her, and being loved in return.  Once she has made Powerful Love her own, she becomes daring enough to snatch the Veils away from Divine Wisdom, Goodness, Mercy, Love and Justice.  As the custodian of so many Sacred Vessels, she is loved by Wisdom with a superabundant Goodness that is so tender.  Such Treasures are hers through unprecedented Mercy and are given to show that their Immense Love for her is overflowing.  Moreover, since the Divine Being creates Order, He Loves her with Justice.”


Hidden behind the Veils, the creature moves from one Sacred Vessel to another, bathed in Reflections of her Creator as she loves Him with Wisdom, Goodness and Tender Mercy.  She knows that God has no need for any of these, and feeling Love overflowing through her bosom, she gives this Goodness to all generations of Creatures.  She would be melted into this Love if that would help her love Him more, however, Just Love confirms her Life and will not allow more than a creature can handle.”


My daughter, these Veils hide so many of Our Divine Attributes and no one can remove them unless they do Our Will and live within It.  She is the only creature who sees her God unveiled, exactly as He is in Himself.  Creatures aren’t equipped to see what We actually look like, and their distorted view gives them a low opinion about Our Supreme Being.  Nor can they feel their Creator’s Life within them unless Our Will is already there.  They can touch Our Veils, but not what is inside, so they think Our Power is oppressive.  Our Light grows dimmer, as if they were moving farther away from Us.  They are ashamed because Our Sanctity is veiled, and discouraged that they live engrossed in their own passions.”


But it’s their own fault, because We said as much in the earthly Paradise, ‘This place is only for those who do Our Will and Live within It’.  The first creatures were put out and We placed an Angel there as Guard so they couldn’t enter.  Our Will is an earthly Paradise for creatures and the Celestial One is in Heaven while the Angel guards them both.  Anyone who refuses to do My Will and Live in Its arms could never abide the common Life of Its House.  Only an intruder would attempt such a thing, but Our Veils can be so impenetrable that he could never find a way to get in.  One Angel blocks his way in, while another one lends a hand to someone who wants to Live within Our Will.  Dying a thousand times is better than ignoring Our Will.” 


Our Will keeps a close eye on the happy creature who tries to Live within It, and whenever she begins to act there, she is given Its Bath of Divine Light so she can be refreshed by Its Divine Coolness.  Light naturally makes things fruitful with delicious flavors and shades them with luminous veils.  It appears to be simply light, yet it hides a vast treasure trove filled with all kinds of gorgeous jewelry.  There’s nothing else like it.  All of these ornaments implore the light to make them as lush as they can possibly be so they might live up to the expectations of God’s plan for them.”


Think of light as the soul of created things, symbolizing the Uncreated Light of Our Divine Fiat that animates everything.  Just as she is about to act within My Will comes this Bath of Divine Light, soothing her with Its sweetness and purifying her so she can grow stronger.  When the soul is filled with this Beautiful Rainbow of Divine Colors, she is so graceful, striking and beautiful that even God is enraptured by such rare Beauty.  This Bath of Light is the initiation ceremony that allows you to cross thresholds and tear away the Veil that hides Our Divine Being from human creatures.  Our Interest is that anyone who Lives in Our Will must be like Us and not do anything that would be unworthy of Our Majesty Thrice Holy.  My Will gives you this Bath of Light every time you are ready to act within Its Infinite Light.  So be ready for It.”





December 8, 1931


The Queen of Heaven,

Withdrawer of the good acts of creatures into Her Seas of Graces. 

The Immutability of God and the mutability of the creature.


As I continue abandoning myself in Divine Fiat, I am shackled by Its sweet Chains, though my freedom is unrestricted.  I am as free as a bird in Its Divine Fields, protected from everyone and everything, in fact, I feel safer enchained by Divine Will.  As I was acting within It, I felt that I needed my dear Celestial Mother to help support my feeble activity so I might experience the smile of Divine Satisfaction.  I called upon Jesus, the Celestial Consoler who would do anything to assist may attempts to please him.  So he came to visit my poor little soul.


He said, “My daughter, Our Celestial Mama is the Treasurer of all the creature’s good deeds.  She is the Queen who has the Right as Comptroller to withdraw each of their good acts and deposit them in Her own Activity.  As Queen and Mother, her Love is so great that just as the creature is about to act, from Her Throne on High, She projects a Ray of Pure Love down into the world.  She envelops the creature’s act of love and fills it with Her own Embryonic Love.  Even as the creature’s act is still in progress, She gathers it up with Her Ray of Love and pulls it back into the Fountain that is Its Source.  Then She says to Her Creator, ‘Adorable Majesty, My Love is always gushing for You as It blends with My children’s love.  As Queen I have every right to withdraw into My Sea of Love where You can find all the creatures’ love mingling with My Own.’ 


When they adore Me, from Her Throne on High descends a Ray of Adoration.  Their prayer is elevated by Her beaming Prayers and all reparations through suffering are drawn up into the Stream of Her Reparations.  Then She unleashes the life giving Ray from the deep Sea of Her Sorrows that gathers up the creatures’ prayer, adoration, reparation and suffering to make them more fulsome.  Once the creature’s thoughtful act is completed, a Ray of Light takes them up before Her Throne.  There they blend with the Source that feeds those Seas filled with Prayer, Adoration, Reparation and Our Lady of Sorrows transforms them into Celestial Help for Her children.” 


She sings, ‘Most Holy Majesty, My Adoration spreads through all the adoration rendered by creatures, My Prayer pleads with theirs and makes good their reparations.  As a Sorrowful Mother, I gather up their pains and fill them with My own.  I am called Queen because I rush to assume all their actions within My Primal Act.  I am a true Mother because of My tenderness for My children.  I rush to their aid by gathering up their actions, making compensations for some, embellishing others and strengthening all of them.  So I can rightly say, The acts of My children belong to Me.  I hold them all in My Power before God, defending some and helping others as My way of assuring them that they will see Me in Heaven.’”


You are never alone in your activities, My daughter, our Celestial Mom is always with you.  She surrounds you and nourishes your action with the Light of Her Virtues to give it Life.  Ever since Her Immaculate Conception, the Sovereign Queen was the First and Only Creature to reconnect the link between creature and Creator that Adam had broken.  She accepted the Divine Mandate to bind creatures to God, so She bound them together with Her Primal Acts of Fidelity, Sacrifice and Heroism.  Her will would die with each and every Act She performed to bring the Acts of God to Life again within creatures.  The Fountain of Divine Love gushed once again within creatures so that God might reconnect with all their activities.”


The Queen’s Dominion, through Her Acts of Maternal Love, fastens the creature’s activity to Her Own.  Only the ungrateful would refuse to be attached to such a Mother’s Love.  Your own patience is sustained and nourished by the surrounding Patience of the Queen Mother.  Her Sorrows wraps your pain with soothing ointments to heal your most painful injuries.  She is the Queen who would do anything for creatures.  She can’t just sit there on Her Throne of Glory, so She rushes down to act as the Mother of all Her children.  So it behooves you to thank Her for such Motherly Care, and thank God for giving all generations a Mother so Lovable and Holy.  She loves you so much that She intercepts all human activity and wraps each one with Her Own Beauty and Kindness to make up for their deficiencies.”


Then I continued my usual rounds through all created things so I could take part in what Divine Will had done in Creation.  It was so beautiful and enchanting.  Every time I go around in It, I am enraptured in new and surprising ways.  I keep learning new things about the Ancient Love of God that never changes and is always new.


Later on, as my mind was wandering toward the horizons of Creation, my Lovable Jesus surprised me,


He said, “Little daughter of My Will, Our Works are so Beautiful.  Solidarity is everywhere in perfect Harmony and never changes, nor can it.  You can testify to what Creation Reveals about Our Divine Being, that We are in Solidarity with Our Works.  All things have the same Universal Equilibrium, no matter what happens, agreeable or not.  Our Honor is that We never change.  We have changed nothing of what We Created.  Only creatures see or feel change, because they are the ones who change according to circumstances, and since she keeps changing both inside and outside, she somehow thinks that it is Our Works that are changing for her.  She is surrounded by her own changes, so she just can’t see that Our Power would never deviate.  All things continue to exist through Our Equilibrium and everything We did in Creation is still going on, and will continue to do so.  We made everything for those who would Live in Our Will.  As soon as the creature adapts to it, Our Creative Work continues Its Act within her as always, and she begins to understand that Our Life is not subject to change.  She appreciates the perfect Balance of Our Works, and that Our Love for her will never die.”


Wherever We find Our Will, We continue Our Work of Creation, however, that doesn’t mean Our Work stops when Our Will is not done; that would never happen.  We created them to do Our Will, even if they don’t know It.  Their eyes are blind to Our Perfect Equilibrium, so they have no idea that nothing We have ever done can be undone.  They are deaf to what Our Works say, and since they can’t touch them with their hands, they are not held out to receive Our Constant Love.  So they have alienated themselves from the House of their Celestial Father.  Creatures keep doing what they always do, and meanwhile, Our Acts continue, whether or not they are aware of them, and they have no Effect.”





December 14, 1931


One who does the Divine Will is carried in the arms of Its Immensity. 

Man, Citadel of God. 

Difference between one who Lives and one who does the Divine Will.


I always end up back in Divine Volition.  My poor little soul takes flight within Its Light where my life is lost and consumed.  My annihilation resurrects me to New Light, Love, Knowledge, Strength and Union with Jesus within His Divine Will.  Such Happiness brings Goodness into my soul.  My soul continues dying into Divine Will so that True Life might take form, little by little.  My human will finds Resurrection within Its Own.  Then my highest Good, Jesus, came to visit my humbled soul.


He said, “My daughter, Our Will is the Unmovable Fulcrum that is the Unshakable Support of creatures.  She is carried in the arms of Our Immensity, so that nothing within or without her can change.  There is Solidity and Insurmountable Strength in everything.  We want Our Divine Will to be done and nothing else, so that Our Sacred Vessel may be in the depth of her soul, the Hearth that is always burning and the Light that brings Divinity to the Eternal Day.  When Our Will reigns supreme within the creature, human selfishness fades away.  Then, from the center of her soul, she presents to Us Our own Divine Act, Honor, Prayer and an overwhelmingly strong, invincible Love.  From within My Will, you try to embrace all the works of the Blessed in Heaven and creatures on earth.  You want everything they did to become a plea that Divine Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven.  All works have the Great Honor of asking that My Fiat be the Life of each creature, so that It may Reign with Dominion among them.  In answer to their pleading, Our Divinity accepts the Great Honor of being the life that animates all these works.  Unless the soul’s deed is signed in gold by the Signature of Our Will, a legitimate title to Our Grace shall be denied her.  The doors of Heaven open exclusively for those who try to do Our Will.  Only the Daughter of Our Will can sit on Our knees with Our arms around her so she may rest in the Bosom of Our Love.”


Our Supreme Being created the earth, sky, wind and sun to have diversity, however, the way We Created man was unique.  We created all that was necessary and sufficient, so when We said ‘enough’, there could never be more or less than what We made.  Our Creative Hands designed Our Work to be beautiful, sumptuous and magnificent.  We created man to be Our Dwelling Place, however, since Our Will would be in control and operate from within him, We were determined never to say, ‘enough’.  We gave him the Power to perform a vast array of Works, requiring that he take steps towards different goals and use various words for different things.  Our Will requires complete freedom of action, so We gave man the ability to innovate and perform new Works in novel ways.  He could use the same words to say different things and walk down more than one path.  We created him to rule over Creation on Our behalf, and his Creator, the King of kings, would then dwell within him.  It is right and just that the one who serves as the Dwelling of Our Divine Being should be the vassal king that rules with Dominion over everything We had Created.  Rather than being a drone working on a single project, he would have the Power to initiate endless New Works.  As he accomplished these works he would develop new Science that would facilitate novel projects that would show his love for Us.  We would engage in intimate conversations that would teach him how to do and say things that are beautiful in every way.  His only desire would be to honor the One who dwelled within him.”


Our Love in Creating man was enough to overwhelm the world for centuries.  Yet all We wanted was to love and be loved in return, so We could build the Kingdom of Our Divine Will within him.  We never asked creatures to sacrifice anything.  All We wanted was that that they do Our Will.  We gave man the Right to be king over himself and all created things so We could dwell in him with Dignity and Honor.  We wanted him be Our Royal Palace and Citadel.”


Then I continued abandoning myself in Divine Volition until my beloved Jesus spoke again.


He said, “My good daughter, Our Will has Its Dominion and Dwelling Place in the Center of Our Divine Being and they are not external to Our Life, which is one and the same.  Rays of Life come out from Its Center to fill Heaven and earth.  The actions of someone who Lives within Our Will are formed in Our Divine Being, the Center of Its Life.  Those who do Our Will are moral and upright, however, that’s not the same as living within It where her actions begin with the Rays emanating from Its Center.  Operating in the light generated from deep within the sun’s globe is not the same as rising into the Center of Light.  Someone who lives within Our Will experiences the Consummation of her being and its Resurrection into the very core of Light.  Once within, it would be extremely difficult for her to exit this Sphere of Light.  Those who operate in the light that fills the earth don’t know the Intense Power of the Light that would consume them, nor would they understand what it means to be Resurrected within It.  Those who only do good remain as they are.  That’s how different it is to do My Will rather than live within It.  Every time the creature acts within It, she is consumed, dying to whatever is merely human, and is Resurrected to Divine Life.  The soul in constant Resurrection is Beauty Itself.  This Work comes from the Wisdom and Mastery of the Divine Artisan.  Contemplate the Beauty and Goodness of Our Design for such a creature.”





December 21, 1931


How a continued Act is like judge, order and sentry of the creature. 

Who the Depositories of Jesus are.  Divine Fields and Seas.


I relinquish myself to Divine Fiat as usual.  Its Power insists that I acknowledge It as the Life of my activity every time I do something.  It is through me that Its Power expands to create ever New Heavens of Beauty and Love.  Imagine the amazement in the Heavenly Court watching a mere creature acknowledging that an Act of God is done through paltry human activities.  Even the tiniest things are Great and Heaven must be astounded that a creature should compete with all of God’s Works.  Yet if I don’t acknowledge It then my action is not fit to receive the Power of an Act of Divine Will, otherwise Its Power stands aside as the mere human continues.  ‘O please, Divine Will, let acknowledge You at all times.  Envelop my actions within Your Potentiality, which operates only to glorify every Work done by Your Adorable Will.’ 


I was still thinking about it when my beloved Jesus dropped by to visit my poor little soul for a while. 


He said, “My daughter, to acknowledge what My Will can do with a creature’s activity is what allows Divinity to Act within her.  This is the Divine Beginning, the foundational act of My Will.  As It forms such an act, It invests Its own Permanence into it so the creature can see that her action has a Divine Beginning that will go on forever without ever changing.  She will hear the ring of a little bell signaling that her act is on its way and will continue forever.  By this she will know that the soul has received a Divine Beginning for everything she does.  This continuation is prolix way of saying that God Dwells within her and all her activity.  It is confirmation that Goodness is priceless.  The Grace and Power of an act that goes on forever is so great that It fills all the little empty spaces where there should be Intense Love rather than the usual insipid voids that are so common in human nature.  An act or virtue goes on forever because the Judge has ordered his sentries to guard the creature.  I care so much that your action should continue because there is something of Me within each one of them and My Act might be dishonored by yours.”


The Ardor of Our Love is so great that We want everything We have done out of Love for creatures to be acknowledged and appreciated, since there is nothing else they can give Us.  In the meantime, all We want to do is give.  Not to give is boredom, so I deposit My Life in the Treasury, along with all the tears and pain that I have invested in My Works.  Yet, as much as I want to give them to someone, unless they are acknowledged, My steps refuse to carry Me close enough to put My Love into them, so they are ineffective.  My tears and pain are like the blind leading the blind.”


Acknowledgement give sight to the soul so that love and desire may rise toward Gratitude for the Donor.  Once My Treasure is safely within them, they guard It jealously and from then on they use My Live as a guide for the shifting circumstances they encounter in life.  I’m so glad that I can help them with My Works.  They use them to confirm their own works and My Pain to support them in their suffering.  If they fall and get dirty, they wash themselves with My Tears.  The reason I came to earth was to be a Little Brother living among them, as well as abiding within them and helping them with their needs.  When they acknowledge Me, I reflect Myself in them to Seal the Goodness they have known.  I am like the sun that reflects its light to give plants and flowers their color, not just so they look pretty, but to infuse sweetness into their fiber.”


If you want to know everything, then you should study what My Will did and still does in Creation and in Redemption then I will be generous with you.  I never withhold any information from those who need to know.  The reason I continue as your Teacher is that there is still so much that you need to know about Me.  Besides, I like being your Tutor, and I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t always have something New to give My daughter.  For now, I am anxious that you should put to use what I have already placed in your soul so you can retain this knowledge for later.”


In the meantime, while you are still absorbing and digesting all this, I will go on molding you with My caresses to make you stronger.  By expanding your capacity, I do just what I did in the Creation with first creature.  These things are very personal, yet I have already shared so much of It with you.  I want so to tell you so much more, however, I really don’t trust anyone with this, not even you.  I want to create a special place inside you with My Own Creative Hands where I can put more of these revelations.  I surround them with My Love to keep them safe with My Strong Light as Guard.  So be vigilant and don't let anything escape your attention.  That will give Me complete freedom of action, because I want to surprise you with something really beautiful.”


After that my tiny intellect continued crossing the Endless Sea of Divine Will until my highest Good, Jesus, spoke to me again.


He said, “My daughter, We have Endless Divine Fields as well as Seas.  These are filled with Joy, Beatitude and every variety of enchanting Beauty.  Moreover, they all have the Power to replicate themselves endlessly in such a way that no two of them are ever alike.  Yet, in none of these Divine Seas and Fields of Ours, all of them filled with more Beautiful things than can be counted, are there any Lives with beating heart.  We are the Life, Heartbeat and Joy within everything, yet We are deprived, without a single creature whose heart pulses within Our Own.  We want this soul to fill Our Endless Fields and Seas.”


New things, We have so many of them, yet there is only one who would give her life for Us, the creature who comes to Live in Our Will.  It is Our Will overflowing that forms Our Divine Fields and Seas, each filled with every possible or imaginable Happiness, yet, they only come alive when a creature enters them.  She is Our Greatest Satisfaction, moreover, she is Ours, and that brings Us great Glory.  Even though We are the source of her life, she is nonetheless free to populate Our Divine Fields or not as she pleases.  Her only loss would be to sacrifice her freedom as a human, however, she will be given Divine Freedom within Our Will.  She will Live in Our Fields and Seas, none of them with boundaries.” 


It’s so beautiful to see this Life making her way through thick crowds of Our Happiness and Joy.  She cast her seed so that each little grain of wheat will grow from a stalk into a bountiful ear and each one will have her face on it.  This is not a metaphor, it is the reality of her Life pulsing as she Works in Our Celestial Field.  Think of her as a little fish, a symbol for her will that pulses with Life as it swims in Our Sea.  When it isn’t feeding it amuses itself playing a thousand different water games to entertain its Creator.  She expresses much more than joy, it is about Life Itself.  Life is much more important to Us than Our Joy.  They are fundamentally different.  We say, ‘Our Fields are deserted, Our Seas are without fish’, because the creature is not there to exchange life for Life.  Yet the time will come when they shall be filled.  Then We will have Great Satisfaction and Glory in the midst of Our Manifold Joys.  There will be a Multitude of Lives in these Fields, each giving Us life for Life.”


Our Fields and Seas are for those who live on earth and want to Live within Our Divine Will.  They are not for those who Live in Heaven, because their lives are over and they can’t add anything to what they have already done.  While they are enjoying their Lives in Our Divine Fields, they are not doing anything.  All they can say is, ‘What is done is done.’  We long to have Conquering Lives operating on earth even as they enter Our Fields.  We want them to operate as Divine Conquerors during their natural lives.”


In the meantime, Our Fields have been closed since man first sinned and left Our Will.  Justice has been served and now, after all these centuries, We want to open Our doors so that anyone who so desires may enter freely without compulsion.  We want to populate Our Divine Fields and give them a New Form.  This will be a completely New Way of Life for the creature.  We expect so much more from her than good works.  We want the creature to put Our Life into everything she does and then give these activities to Us on Our own behalf.”


I am constantly talking about My Will because the Power of My Creative Word can prepare and motivate creatures to change human will.  If they know that I want to open the door, they will knock and it will immediately swing wide for My blessed children.  I will invite them in cordially and ask them if they have come to return the Life I gave up for them.  They would be trading on favorable terms if they gave me their life in exchange for My own.”


I never speak in vain.  If I ask, I am sure to get what I want.  When I spoke in Creation, My Word formed the Universe and filled It with marvelous things.  When I spoke in Redemption, My Word filled the Gospels as a Guide for My Church so My children would have Light and Support.  My Word is the Substance of My Church, the Life that pulses through It as though in Our Womb.  Nor have I spoken in vain about My Divine Will, and I shall continue to do so.  My Words shall have Miraculous Effects as the Life of My Will pulsates through creatures while carrying out Its Works.  So let Me take care of everything and I will make sure that My Word is not trite or dull.  It is Alive, the Giver of Life with wonderful results.  Our Seas and Celestial Fields will be like Mothers to the fortunate souls who want to Live in them.  They will educate them with Divine Methods, and nourish them with delicious food taken from the Celestial table.  They will be raised to be holy and noble in everything they do or say.  As they walk along Life’s way, it will be written in bold letters, ‘They have the image and likeness of their Creator.’”


God will hear the melody of His own Voice in their Word and His Power in their Works.  He want everyone to walk in His Steps, so He listens for the rhythmic sound of all the walking He had done on their behalf, and He hears it.  Sweet.  They are running towards Him, just like He ran after them.  Enraptured, He says, ‘Who is like Me?  Who can imitate the symphonic Power of My gentle Voice, enough to Shake Heaven and earth?  Who is that has the Strength to capture My Essence in what she does and make Me Work alongside her?  Who can she be?  Who?  It must be the one who Lives in Our Divine Fields.  It is right and just that she be like Us in everything, or at least as much as that’s possible for a creature.  Yet she is Our Daughter, and that’s enough.  We allow her to imitate Us, to be like Us.  She will be the Glory of Our Creative Work, the one her Celestial Father has been yearning for so long.’  These souls will become the New Hierarchy of the Celestial Fatherland.  There is a specially place reserved for them, and no one else.”





December 25, 1931


Desire of Jesus for the company of the creature. 

Extreme need of little Baby Jesus to be Loved

with Divine Love by His Celestial Mother.


I am inundated by Divine Will’s Sea of Light.  I wish I could be a tiny little fish in this Sea filled with living, breathing Light that I could touch.  I would be so happy to hear it said to me that I am the Celestial Father’s daughter.  I was lost in thought when my dear Life, the sweet and Sovereign Jesus came to visit my poor little soul.  He appeared with Seas of Interminable Light coming out of His adorable Body.  Heaven and earth are populated by souls that have come out of this Light.


My Jesus called out to me.


He said, “Come into this Light, My daughter, I want you here.  The Power of My Light is the gushing fountain of Life unleashes the souls that give life to creatures Its Radiant Womb.  Its great Power give birth to these souls as It moves.  I want My beloved to be here with Me in My Will, the Womb of My Light.  As souls are formed and released, they are replaced by loneliness.  I want your company, because you acknowledge a Great Miracle, the Creation of souls from Our Excessive Love.  I want you here in My Will so I can put inside you for safekeeping.  I trust you not to leave them alone as they make their pilgrim journey on the earth.  I want someone to help Me protect and defend them.”


It’s so sweet having the company of someone who takes care of the Lives that come out of Me.  I am pleased to have the one who Lives in My Will as the Treasurer who safeguards the Creation of souls.  She is the Channel where I release them into the Light, as well as their Passage back into the Celestial Fatherland.  Everything I do I want to give to those who Live within My Fiat.  My Love needs their company to keep Overflowing into My Works.  They are the ones who acknowledge what I do for creatures and without them my works cannot boast.  These are the creatures who celebrate when I sing about the glory of My triumphant victories.  So I hope that you will never deny Me your company because that would deprive your Jesus of an outlet for the Overflow My of Love.  My Works wants an entourage of appreciative creatures, each one a unique work in their own right.  Without them, My repressed Love would revert to Justice.”


Later on, as I was thinking about the Birth of little Baby Jesus, particularly as He was in the act of leaving the Maternal Womb, the Celestial Infant spoke to me.


He said, “My daughter, from the moment I unleashed Myself from My Dear Mother’s Womb, I had a craving for Divine Love and Affection.  Loving each other with a Love Fully Divine, I left My Celestial Father in the Empyrean Heavens.  Affections, Sanctity, Power, everything was Divine throughout the Divinity of Our Three Persons.”   


Since I didn’t want to change My ways when I came upon the earth, My Divine Will prepared a Divine Mother for Me.  So I had the Divine Father in Heaven, and My Divine Mother on earth.  Upon leaving the Maternal Womb, I was overcome by such a desperate need for their Divine Affections that I leapt into My Mom’s arms.  Her Divine Love was My first food, first breath, and the first act of Life given My tiny Humanity.  She unleashed the Seas of Divine Love that My Fiat had formed within Her and loved Me with Divine Love, as My Father loved Me in Heaven.  I found Paradise in My Mom’s Love, and I was o so happy.”


True Love never says enough’, because then It would forfeit all the rights and privileges of True Divine Love.  My Love expanded from the breathing Paradise of My Mother’s arms as She fed Me Her Love until It became immense enough to embrace the centuries.  Then, all of a sudden, It began raving and ran off, calling out in a frantic search for Its Divine Daughters.  It was My Will that calmed My Love by presenting the Divine Daughters that would be created for Me in the coming centuries.  I took one look at them and gave them all a big hug to show My Love as I inhaled the Breath of their Divine Affection.  We saw to it that the Divine Queen would not remain alone.  We would all have Generations of Divine Daughters.” 


My Will knows how to change things through the gift of Transformation, the Grafting of Divine Nobility to what is merely human.  When I see you operating within It, I feel as if I were being given an exact replica of the Paradise My Mom gave Me when She took Me into Her arms as a little Baby.  Those who do My Divine Will and Live within It shall resurrect that sweet hope of Beauty in the Kingdom come on earth as It is in Heaven.  Then I will delight in the Paradise of creatures that My Fiat has formed within them.”


I was still think about what Jesus had told me when He spoke again, and this time His tender Love took on a new intensity.


He said, “My good daughter, Our Love keeps running after the creature.  The Momentum of Our Love races through their beating hearts.  It is the sympathetic listener of a thoughtful mind.  We even move the blood that circulates in their veins.  It runs and never stops.  The Movement of Our Love is a Note that pulses through their heartbeat, whispers to their thoughts and breathes inspiration into everything they do.  It rushes toward an encounter with love pulsing, breathing heavily with one thought, that of giving and receiving Our Own Love.  Our Love runs faster than anything, while the creature lags behind.  She just can’t keep up with Our Love as It races on forever.  Then We notice that she’s stopped running even though We keep racing through her heartbeat, breathing hard to maintain Our creature’s entire being.  Delirious, We exclaim, ‘Our Love is unknown, rejected, or just not loved by the creature.  Even when she gets It, she doesn’t have a clue.’  It’s so hard to Love and not to be loved in return.  Yet, if Our Love did not run, all life on earth would cease in an instant.” 


It’s like an old clock that goes ‘tic, tock’ for as long as no one neglects to wind it.  It’s really marvelous how it marks the hours and minutes to order the day for the general public.  Yet if the clock is left unwound, the ‘tic, tic’ slowly fades away.  Once it stops, it may as well be dead.  All sorts of things can go wrong without clocks to give creatures some order in their lives.  It is My Love that winds everything for the creature, including her.  As long as this Celestial Winding turns, the heart palpitates, blood circulates and breath is recycled.  Whether they be called hours or minutes, the seconds of a clock measure the creature’s life.  They should be aware that if My Love does not wind, they cannot live.  Somehow this doesn’t matter to them, for My Love is still unrequited.”


So My Love continues the Race with a heavy heart full of Dolorous, Delirious Love.  Who will banish this Sorrow from Us and soothe Our Love’s Delirium?  Only someone who would have Our Divine Will as their Life.  The Life of Our Will is Faithful in winding the creature’s breathing and heartbeat.  This Sweet Encounter with Our Love shall continue Its winding so that everything proceeds at the same rate as always.  Our unfailing ‘tic’ will be followed by their ‘tock’, so Our Love will never run alone again.  The race is on with the creature.  All I want is that My Will be done within the creature.”





January 3, 1932


Certainty of the Coming of the Kingdom of the Divine Will upon earth. 

How all difficulties will melt like snow before a burning Sun. 

The human will is the dark room of the creature.


I was abandoning myself in Divine Fiat, when I began to worry.


I thought, “Sometimes I wonder how it this Kingdom of Divine Will could ever to come on earth.  There is so much evil in this world that sin has become commonplace. I don’t think creatures are ready for something so Great and Good.  Even those souls who are good have no interest in evangelizing Divine Will.  The Kingdom of Divine Fiat may be in Heaven, however, it’s useless to think that It will come upon earth unless the All-powerful God performs a Great Miracle.”


I was still thinking about this, among other things, when my beloved Jesus came to visit my soul as usual.


He said, “My daughter, for Us, everything is possible.  Obstacles that seem difficult or even impossible for creatures to overcome melt away before Our Supreme Majesty like snow under a burning Sun.  All that’s important is that We want something, nothing else matters.  That’s how things happened during Redemption.  With only a small group of people awaiting the Messiah, sin was more common than ever before, and even among these there were many who were hypocrites and sinners worshipping false gods.  Nevertheless, it was decreed that I would come upon the earth, and faced with Our Decrees, all the evil in the world could not prevent Us from doing what We had intended.  The glory of a single one of Our Acts more than makes up for all the evil done by sinful creatures.  Our Act of the Will is Divine and so Immense that it encompasses all the centuries as if they were nothing compared to Our embrace of all eternity.  Our Infinite Wisdom would never withhold Life from any Act of Our Will just because creatures do evil.  We are aligned with the Divine, so We do whatever needs to be done and We leave the creatures to their own humanity.  As Sovereigns, We decree what shall be done because We are the Lord of everyone and everything, including evil.”


Just as it was Our Decree that I come upon the earth, so it was that the Kingdom of Our Will should do likewise.  In fact, you could think of them as the same Decree, because the first Act leads into the second as the Story continues.  The timing keeps pace with the actors as their characters develop along with the unfolding plot so that Our Act of Will has a happy ending that leads to Goodness.  So We take Our time preparing the creatures as We make Our Way in the midst of their evils.  People are sick and tired of living in hard times.  They seem to be walking down a blind alley with no exit and they just can’t seem to make ends meet.  They are oppressed by their leaders’ demands, yet it’s their own fault for voting in godless men with evil ways.  They have no right to lead their nations, they should be in prison where they belong.  This game of thrones and empires is being overthrown and there are only a few left teetering on the edge.  Yet, as bad as they are, without these kings, people will fall even further into the hands of wicked men.  There’s no way out for them, they’re trapped.”


“My poor children!  These people live under the boot of heartless men who exploit them without pity.  They haven’t the grace required to act as guides for their citizens.  The history of the Jewish People is being repeated.  They had no real kings in the advent of my coming on earth.  They were under the dominion of an alien empire, barbarous idol worshipers who did not even know their own Creator.  That in itself was a sign heralding My Imminent Arrival into their midst.  That era is handing off to the current one as thrones and empires are overthrown, a sure sign that the Kingdom of My Divine Will is not far off.  It is going to be a Universal Kingdom of pacifists and they won’t have any use for a king to rule over them.  That means they will all have to exert self-control.  My Will is to be the Law that guides them through mutual support.  Life will radiate from It, their Sun King, and each one will swear personal allegiance and absolute obedience.”


The old regime of arbitrary rulers will scatter like dust in the wind.  Nation against nation, war and revolution, people will fight among themselves and against My Church.  There is a fire in their midst that will devour them, the inferno of sin.  The blaze of Godless acts consumes all concord.  The fire of acting without God defies reconciliation.  Peace will not be theirs to give or receive, nor will they ever make Peace unless they call God into their midst as the bond that unites them under a regime of Peace.  Until then, I let them be, so they can experience in the flesh what it means to act without God.


Yet nothing will prevent the impending Kingdom of My Supreme Fiat.  My Power confounds the intrigues that entangle the creature with the low world and can undo them whenever it wants.  The radiant Sun will rise after the storm as the Sky clears over their newfound serenity.  The Kingdom of My Divine Will is from on high, formed in Heaven and decreed before Divine Persons.  No one can lay hands on It or do anything to avoid It.  We will deal with It, starting with just one creature, by forming the First Kingdom within her alone, then with few more.  Then Our Omnipotence shall reveal Itself everywhere.  Until then, you must be confident, even as the world overflows with evil.  The Power of Our Love is sure to win.  Our Will can do anything and Our Invincible Patience can wait for centuries.  It knows what It wants and is determined to get It.  Such resolve will sweep aside the creatures’ evil intentions.  In the Face of Its Indomitable Power and Infinite Worth, their evil deeds are mere drops of water under Our Blazing Sun.  Such trifles will highlight the fulfillment of Our Love and the great Glory of Our Triumphant Will.”


Eventually, We shall have the great Glory of forming this Kingdom inside one creature, and she will be like Sun.  In her, We shall have every right to enjoy Its Light as Our own property.  She will be more powerful than the sun, giving all creatures the Right to possess such a Holy Kingdom.  We, in Our Infinite Wisdom, shall abound with Grace, Light and every kind of Support.  The way We go about doing this will surprise everyone so much that they shall be glad to allow the Kingdom of My Will Reign to in their midst.  So let Me take care of It.  You have heard this from Jesus, and that should be more than enough.  Think of It as already done.  Creatures, with all their evils, have no right to any power whatsoever over Our Will.  Once Our Wisdom has decreed an Act of Our Will, there’s nothing they can do about It.”


I meditated on Divine Fiat until my sweet Jesus spoke again.


He said, “My daughter, My Will is the Light of light.  Human will lives in a dark room with the impoverished creature.  When My Will bursts into self-will’s dank hovel, it shall be radiant with Light, piercing the most deeply hidden spaces within the soul.  It becomes the Light of every thought, word and deed, every step, and it’s amazing how different each one of them can be, how none of them is ever done quite the same.  Synesthesia of thought is animated by Light, every word comes out in an endless variety of colors.  Everything you do sets off fireworks, vivid every step of the way.  Litanies of words illuminated by the Light of My Will, color schemes changing with every step, no matter what she does, brilliant hues and glowing shades admire her deeds.”


Beautiful is seeing the creature vibrant with the Rainbow of Our Divine Colors.  It’s one of Our favorite scenes, her showing off for Our own enjoyment.  We look at her and remember that these nothing more than the Reflection of Our Thoughts, Words and Deeds fluorescing with Our Divine Palette.  Our Will projects this display of Light within the acts of a creature whose enchantments fill Us with rapture as Spectators of Our Own Actions.  These Scenes so Beautiful and Delightful that We watch them over and over again.”





January 7, 1932


The Divine Will can be Wanted, Commanded, Operative and Fulfilled.

Example:  the Creation.


I’m following Divine Volition as It hovers over me, wrapping Itself around everything I do, just to have the pleasure of saying to me, ‘Whatever you do belongs to Me, because it is My own Life that is acting within you.’


It is a sweet loving patience that endures in the rapture of my soul.  It watches closely as It orchestrates what I do every step of the way.  Its Life operates from inside, directing every step I take.  It is a willing hostage imprisoned within every move I make, without surrendering one iota of Its Vastness.  I have no way of expressing what I feel under the Empire of Divine Will.  I am like a child just learning to say, ‘a, b, c’.  My mind is overflowing and I just don’t know how to say what I mean.  No one knows anything about what I would like to say, if only I could.  I try and I try and the words escape me, so it’s better if I go ahead without them.


Then, my sweet Jesus took me by surprise.


He said, “My daughter, My Will has different and ways of Acting that might shock anyone, even when It conforms with the creature’s disposition.  It usually tells you what It wants, but It leaves it up to the creatures if they want to do it or not.  This is no more that the creature is already willing to do voluntarily.  Sometimes, however, It will add to Volition with a Command, though when It does It gives twice as much Grace to make sure that It is done.  This is what is expected of a Christian, and nothing less.”


We have another way of operating, however.  When Our Will descends into the creature’s activity, whatever the creature does is as if It were doing it on Its own behalf.  So It Acts by setting in motion the Sanctified Power of Its very Life.  Before that could ever happen, the soul must first be accustomed to both Voluntary Will and what It Commands.  That’s the only way to fill the gaping hole in human activity with an Act of Divine Fiat that is fully operational.  However, for an Act to be completely fulfilled, It must be Holy.  That is the Beauty of such an Act of Power and Radiant Light.  This, only My Divine Will can do.  Everything is encapsulated within the Act only when It is fulfilled in a way that everyone can see.  Behold the sun, moon, stars and sea, filled with Celestial Beatitude.  It involves everyone with everything.”

That surprised me and said, “But how can just one Act can enclose everything within It?  That’s incredible.” 


He answered, “Why?  What’s so farfetched about It?  My Will can do anything and enclose it all within everything, big or small, however I please.  An Act of Mine, once fulfilled, become inseparable with whatever It has done, or will do by and by.  Otherwise it would not be one with Our Primal Act.  That would be a mere succession of disjointed activities, which Our Divine Being never Wills, so there’s no way it could ever happen.  Creation is one clear example that is quite tangible.  All created things are connected yet distinctly separate from one another.  The sky is an Act of Fiat that is fulfilled as a footstool for those in the Celestial Fatherland up above, where happiness and joy abound.  All the Angels and Saints rest upon it, and they in turn serve as Our Throne.  Yet that same sky is the azure vault above the creature’s head, and above it are a multitudes of stars as a canopy.”


Down below is the sun, wind, sea and air, all hanging from the same arc of heavenly space.  Inseparable as they are, each has its own function.  They all paint the same picture, yet you can see the sun following its daily course, listen to whistling of the wind as it refreshes you with its cool breath over the gentle murmuring of the sea.  The air breathes with the murmuring sea, and you hear them both as one sound.  One creature can enjoy them all together, sky, sun, wind, sea, and the outline of a flowery earth below.”


Once fulfilled, an Act of My Will remains cohesive.  They came from a single source with a powerful cohesive bond.  It’s no wonder that an Act fulfilled in a creature should envelop everything.  You look at the world as through a glass darkly, and what you see is all of Its Works in a single picture.  Everything knows its proper place and is reflected with the full artistic Power of My Will being done by one lone creature.  That’s why the Value of a Fulfilled Act of My Will, whether inside or out of the creature is so great.  No matter how much We give, We always have something more for her, even though she doesn’t really have the capacity to hold that kind of Treasure.  She fills herself to the brim and it still overflows enough to fill the seas.  That’s not all that much, in fact, it’s very little, considering the infinitude of such an Act of My Divine Fiat.  She might as well try to hold all of the sun’s light in the pupil of her eye; impossible.  She fills her eye with as much light as she can, and oceans of radiance overflow.  This Sun is My Fiat, always more than the eye can behold, or even the eyes of every creature in the world.  They can take as all light they want, but there will always be more, so much more.  Such is a True Image projected by an Act of My Will Fulfilled in a creature.  So pay attention, and let It Live within everything you do.”





January 12, 1932


Round in the Divine Will. 

Pledges, advances and commitments on the part of creatures. 

Capital on the part of the Creator. 

Echo that the Divine Will forms in the creatures.


I was making my rounds as usual, all through the Acts performed by Divine Will.  I felt that from within It I could embrace everything and remember all that Divine had ever done.  It was an Infinite Theatre that appeared before my little mind.  Innumerable Divine Scenes entertained me with a Sweetness beyond words.  A panorama of enchantingly beautiful episodes showing Divine Fiat’s Power as It soars through Creation, Redemption and Sanctification.  A single round might last for centuries, filled with such marvelous beauty that Heaven and earth are astonished.  It takes us along as It goes round, just to show us what It can do out of Love for us.


I was still following an Infinite Round of Divine Volition when my Lovable Jesus came to visit His little newborn infant.


He said, “Little daughter of My Will, I really enjoy seeing you go round in the Infinite Circle of My Supreme Fiat.  When I see you pause, surprised in the face of Its Miraculous Works, I can see you watching in adoration, enraptured by these enchanting scenes, so much that the Ardor of My Love exclaims.  ‘I am so happy that My daughter had the chance to watch and enjoy such wondrous scenes portraying the Will that Created her.’” 


There’s more to it though, to purchase a property, first of all, someone has to be willing to sell it.  Then that person must invite the buyer to see what it is they have for sale and show her around so she can be sure that she really wants it.  There’s a fountain with a luscious garden of rare, beautiful plants, and the buyer really loves it.  Negotiations begin from there towards a binding contract and a substantial down payment.”


Now, blessed daughter, since It wants to give you the Kingdom of My Divine Will, you really ought to take a look around at Its Divine Properties.  I’ll take you by the hand and show you Its Endless Seas filled with Abundance.  I want you to see all the Miracles and great Wonders there are in It; they will astonish you.  You will experience the Happiness and Joy of having things that are infinitely worthwhile.  Once you get to know what It has, you will fall in love with It and be so enamored that you will no longer be able to live without It.  You would give your very life to purchase such a Holy Kingdom full of Peace and Beauty.  All you have to do is to commit yourself with a binding agreement and a down payment.  Our Love and Goodness wants so much to give Our Will to the creature as her personal property.  So It lets her have It so she can use what It has done as a down payment that will commit her to take possession of such a Great Gift.”


You go around in Creation watching the heavens, delighting in the beautiful azure vault filled with stars or radiant sunlight, and you acknowledge the ever present pulse of Divine Fiat that created them out of Love for creatures.  Your heart unleashes what little love a creature may have toward the One Who has Loved you so much.  Your love is written in sunlight high upon the heavens, so you have given Us the sky as collateral, with the stars as a down payment.  The sun is your witness that an agreement has been made, because it was Created for you.  Then you realize that you already have Our Will as your own Life and that is enough to guarantee your legal possession of Its Kingdom.  It’s the same with all created things, you love Us when you acknowledge them.  Every time you make your rounds through It, you further your commitment with another installment toward the balance.   We in turn show Our commitment by giving you grace to help you as a citizen of Its Kingdom, the great Gift of the Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven.” 


We know that the creature has nothing to give Us, so Our Love arbitrates to give her Our Activity so she has collateral and We hand over Our Works as Divine Currency.  We make sure that she has sufficient wherewithal to negotiate with Our Supreme Being.  All she has is a little creature’s humble love that We unleashed as We were in the Act of Creating her, a tiny particle of the Infinite Love of God.  When the creature loves Us, she engages with Infinity and We feel the Magnetic Force of this particle of Our Infinite Love hovering about.  It Loves Us from within her, rising up, stretching toward Us as It tries to reenter the Infinite where It originated.  It enraptures Us so much that the ardor of Our Love exclaims, ‘Who can resist the Power of Our Infinite Love that is unleashed from the creature who Loves Us?’  The earth and sky are a small price to pay as compensation for her diminutive love.  Even though she is so little, she owns a particle of the Infinite, and that’s enough for Us.”


The creature’s promise of sweet love is precious and dear to Us.  Everything comes out of Our Will as the centuries go by.  As you travel around visiting the Creation of Man to learn how It was done, you cross the endless Seas of Grace, Sanctity and Love that were set within him as he was in the Act of being Created.  You gather up all that Love and give to Us so that We will be committed to the same Acts We performed when We Created man.  It was very similar when you visited the Creation of the Virgin in Her Seas of Grace.  When you offer her My Coming upon earth with everything I did and suffered in My Public Life, you commit the Queen of Heaven with My very Life with all My Act.”  


Even though My Will is everything, It still wants to be acknowledged before giving Itself to the creature.  It invites her negotiate with It just to have some interaction.  The more you visit It as It Acts, the more It is bound by a commitment to distribute Its Wealth of Truth and Knowledge about My Divine Will.  I have filled your soul with My Treasure.  It is so exuberant that It can fill the entire world with Love, Light, Sanctity, Grace and Peace.  After all, as soon as you first started making your rounds through Its Activities, I was already waiting for you with all Its Love as collateral for the principal and interest to pay for Its Kingdom come on earth as It is in Heaven.  You have signed a binding contract and so did My Fiat.  Every time My Word spoke the Truth, another step was taken towards the foundation of My Kingdom.  Its Army was called up and the Treasury filled to support It.  As Its Joy and Delight attracted creatures, Its Divine Strength made Its move to Conquer them.  When everything is ready, Our Deed is done and We show them what We have done so they can tell everybody else about It.”


We want creatures to have this great Blessing and the best way to do that is to start with one creature who will in turn tell another as My Word is passed on to still others.  We never leave Our Works hanging, so We build a little shelf to serve as a base for Our Greatest Work.  The Queen of Heaven is a small foundation for Our Great Work of Redemption and anyone can come take as much as they want of It.  Let your flight through My Will be non-stop, so that the two parties may be committed to My Will.  Its accumulated wealth can help bring Its Kingdom onto the face of the earth that much sooner.”


Then I felt more immersed in Divine Fiat than ever before, and my Sovereign Jesus spoke again.


He said, “My daughter, when My Divine Will operates within the soul, she is immediately aware of how It lays Gentleness within a human being, as well as Sweetness, Peace, Fortitude and Determination.  Before My Will begins operating, however, It blows into the soul and imprints My All-powerful Fiat within her.  Then Its Heaven wraps Itself around the Work It wants to do.  My Will is unable to Operate without Its Heaven, so when It does, Its Echo resounds among Three Divine Persons to alert Them of what It’s doing within her soul.”


The Will that Operates within her is One and the same as the Divine Trinity’s.  It just so happens that whatever It does in the Divine Trinity generates a Powerful Echo within the creature.  This is the Echo that whispers amazing secrets with an indescribably sweet voice.  It tells her that these bonds of Love reflect how the three Persons in the Holy Trinity Love One Another and It describes the Sweet Accord they share among Them.”


The same Echo carries the most Intimate Secrets of the Supreme Being into the creature’s mind.  When My Will operates within the creature, the Echo of one blends in with the other.  The first is the Divinity that reveals and the second reverberates in God with a powerful speaking voice that has Divine Mannerisms.  They talk together about what they can give the creature for her own good.  They tell each other about all the ways such a creature can love them with the same Love they have for her.  The Power of My Will binds the creature with sweet chains.  It reveals the identity of God and the creature, transforming them both.  God is replicated in the creature and she becomes a reproduction of God.  My Will is Powerful and venerable.  It forges new links in the sweet Chain that binds God and the creatures together so that everyone may return into My Divine Womb.”






January 17, 1932


Dominating, Speaking and Delighting Modes of the Divine Will.  How Heaven remains behind. 

Victory of God and Victory of the creature.  The Divine Will, Gatherer of Its Works. 

Example of a mother who cries over her crippled child.


My poor little soul was still trying to cross the Endless Sea of Divine Fiat when I had the most amazing insight.  I thought I had gone quite some way until I looked around and noticed that I had barely gone a fraction of the distance I needed to complete my voyage.  Its vastness is so great that even if I were to walk for centuries, I would still be close to my starting point.  There is so much to know about Divine Volition that I am lost at Sea.  I am just an ignorant little girl who has barely learned the vowels of Divine Will with no hope of learning consonants until I reach my Celestial Fatherland.  Soon, I hope.  I wish all the citizens of Heaven could have pity on me; perhaps they might end my prolonged exile.


Then my always Lovable Jesus showed His compassion for us by giving me a big hug.


He said, “Courage, My Blessed daughter; don’t torture yourself like this.  I want My Divine Will to be your Heaven, for now.  It will be your Celestial Fatherland on earth, and It won’t let you down.  It will bring Pure Joy from on high to make you happy here on earth.”


It has manifold ways of giving, wherever It reigns Supreme.  It will surprise you, over and over again, until Its Joy overflows from you.  Once you are satisfied that It is indeed yours, you will enjoy Paradise here on earth.  It likes to dominate Its creatures from time to time.  Its Dominion extends as far as the mind’s eye can see or words express or the heart caress.  It controls the creature’s entire being down to the slightest movement.  Its Dominion is ever so sweet.  Its Dominion is Life, and It is strong.  It is the Light that finds the path It will take through darkness, and once past, It discards the gloom.  Though Its enemies may try to bar the way leading toward Its blessings, Its Dominion puts them to flight.”


The creature is sustained by the Dominion of Divine Will, and once under Its jurisdiction, she learns how to control her own actions.  Divine Will is such that while It commands and controls, It shows how Gentle Strength can be very sweet to creatures.  In fact, It identifies with the creature so much that It asks her to assist in the burden of governing such a Peaceful Dominion.  So each time the creature acts It gives her the Kiss of Peace so that everyone will know that she is in control.  The Kiss is so Gentle and Sweet that her human will is enraptured by the Divine.  Together, they extend the Divine Kingdom’s Dominion into the depths of her soul.” 


There is nothing more Lovely and Beloved, nor as Great or Holy than to experience the Dominion of My Will flowing within every act that you perform.  Soon enough, the creature is completely saturated with It.  Saints in Heaven lag behind the pilgrim creature whose heart is under the Dominion of My Will.  Its Work has already been accomplished in the Blessed.  All there’s left to do is keep them in Eternal Bliss.  Meanwhile, there’s still plenty of Work to do in the pilgrim soul.  The Life It will infuse within her is always New, as are the Conquests yet to be made in the Expansion of Its Extended Dominion.  An endless chain of Victories lie in the Total Dominion of My Divine Will within the creature.  Through her ongoing activities, the creature is sure to be the Winner of Our Divine Will.  There’s nothing left to be won in Heaven, because everything is already Ours.  As for all the Blessed, they have finished their role, of which the final act was their last breath.  Everything yet to be Conquered depends on Our Work in the pilgrim soul on earth, not in Heaven.  We have nothing to gain in Heaven.  So there’s nothing to lose.”


When Its Total Dominion in the creature has been secured through My Divine Will, It enters Its Speaking Mode.  Each of Its Words is a Creation in Its own Right, so there’s always something to do wherever It Reigns as Sovereign.  Yet, even though Its Word has Creative Power, It cannot Speak unless It Creates.  It is determined to Create Itself in the creature, just so It can make a Display of Its Divine Energies.  It does things Word by Word, almost like It did in the Creation of the universe.  My Word propagates for as many different things as It intends to Create.”


A soul costs Us more than the entire universe, hence, only if Its Dominion is assured is It generous with Words.  Every time Its Creative Word has consent to Act upon her, It expands her understanding and prepares to speak again.  Whenever It Speaks, It creates Light, Sweetness, Divine Strength, Knowledge or a Peaceful Day.  Each Word brings the Power of Creation to the Goodness It has and then reveals It.  Its Word Announces the Benefits It wants to Create in the soul.  A single Word from My Divine Will is worth more than you can imagine.  To the fortunate creature who has taken Its sweet, happy Dominion as her own, It give so many Heavens and Seas of Treasure, along with every kind of Beauty.”


Happiness and Joy come after the Work is done.  It’s the Nature of My Will to be pregnant with Countless Joys.  When It looks at a creature who is ready to receive what Its Word has created, It is happy.  In fact, every time she takes possession of what It has created, Eternal Happiness and Joy is born anew.  Once It has spoken, their delight begins.  It’s so much more enjoyable when both amuse themselves together.  As they rejoice together, It tells her more about the Nature of Joy in all Its many forms.  When It makes clear how It created this Joy in her soul out of Its great Love for her.  Her Joy increases as she comes to understand that all It wants is for her to be Happy.  Yet happiness and joy ring hollow unless they are shared and they slowly die from loneliness.  I want to delight you, so I am continually preparing New Joy by the Work of My Creative Word.”  


The only time We are Happy enough for a celebration on earth is when a soul allows My Supreme Will to reign over her as a loyal subject of My Dominion.  Only in this honorable creature does Our Living Word find Joy.  Our Creative Hands Work according to the Order established by the Infinite Wisdom of Our Divine Will.  Yet those who shamefully follow their own will bring chaos and disorder into Our Creative Work.  So pay attention, My daughter, if you want to make Me Happy, for I am the One who makes you Happy both in time and Eternity.”


After that, I continued my swim through the Divine Fiat’s Sea of Light until I started to drown in It.  I tried holding onto Its Knowledge, but there were so many Revelations that I didn’t know which to grasp.  I’m so little that I didn’t know how to hold onto them.  When I lost them in the Light, I was stunned.  I still don’t know what more I can say about it.


My sweet Teacher, Jesus, reacted to my doubts.


He said, “My Will gathers up all Its Works and hides them in the glare of Its Light.  It defends Its own Work and keeps It safe.  The creature is the most Beautiful Work of Our Creative Hands, and It Light would do anything to keep her safe.  It wants her to be as strikingly beautiful as she was when We created her.  It pulls her up onto Its Lap of Light and covers her with Its radiant glare until she is cleansed of all evil.  If she were blind, It light would make see again, and if mute, Its Light would allow her to speak again.  Its Light works on her from every angle. If she were deaf, It would make her speak, if crippled, her posture is perfected, if she is unattractive, It Light makes her beautiful.”


My Divine Will does more than any mother to make Its creature fresh and Beautiful.  It uses the hidden Power and Beauty of Light as a weapon.  Imagine a woman who has just given birth to a baby boy of captivating beauty.  She was such happy mother, until the child had a horrible accident that left him deaf, blind and crippled.  The unfortunate woman can barely recognize him and the poor baby can’t even see what his mom looks like.  At one time she would be startled whenever his silvery voice would call out to her, ‘mama’, and now she feels robbed of her joy.  She remembers the pitter patter of his little feet running to jump up on her lap.  Now he can hardly drag himself along the floor, and sorrow pierces her heart every time he tries to stand upright.  She would give anything to have her child be whole again. She would go to the ends of the earth in search of someone who could make him well.  To lay down her life would be so sweet, if only she could see her child as beautiful as the day she gave birth to him.  But sadly, it is beyond the power of this poor mother to restore her poor child’s original beauty.  In her life of constant sorrow, he will always be a thorn that pierces her poor mother’s heart.”


Living blind, deaf and crippled, that’s the price a creature has to pay for stubbornly following her own will.  It’s enough to make Our Will cry.  Our Love sheds Tears of warm Light of over her.  There’s nothing that poor mother can do for her crippled child, only My Divine Will has the Power to do that.  Its Treasury of Light is at the creature’s disposal.  It gives her the power to restore everything that Good and Beautiful in the creature.  My Will is the tenderness of a Loving Mother for her dearest child.  She brought him into the Light of Day and cares for him with the Diligent Work of Her Hands.   She would go the ends of the earth, throughout the centuries, gathering Powerful Remedies of Light that Vivify, Transform, Embellish and Untangle.  She won’t stop until She can hold the Work of Her Creative Hands on Her lap as a Mother should do, and It will be as Beautiful as when She gave birth to It.  Then She will make up for all Her many sorrows by enjoying It forever.”


These Revelations about My Will are Remedies.  Everything I do or say is a Mighty Fortress that I build around the weak human will.  The Food I prepare is Bait; just a Taste of It makes them regain their lost Sight that they may see the Light.  So pay attention and don’t forget anything that My Will reveals to you, because someone will eventually need everything you write, and they can share it with others.  Every single Word has to be taken in account and remembered.  Your soul has become a pulpit that holds many Truths, although the Central Pulpit holds Its Greatest Treasures in reserve.  So even if you lose any of Its Words or Revelations, It keeps the Original for safe keeping, because everything that concerns My Divine Will is Infinitely Valuable, and nothing that is Infinite can ever be lost.  It jealously guards Its Truths in Our Divine Archives, and you should do the same.  It you appreciate Its Holy Lessons then you should be vigilant in guarding them.”






January 24, 1932


Each little visit of Jesus, Bearer of Celestial Truths. 

One who Lives in the Divine Will is under the rain of the New Act of God. 

Example of the flower.  How each act done in the Divine Will is a step. 

Office of Mother.


I was concerned about all the many Revelations that my blessed Jesus has told me about His Divine Will.  I knew that He used me as a Sacred Deposit of His Truths, and I had a holy fear about how I should keep them in my poor little soul.  I often leave them exposed and neglected even though I know that such Infinitely Valuable Truth requires close attention.  I wish I could imitate the Blessed who know so much about the Divine Will, yet keep It to themselves rather than evangelizing pilgrim souls about It.  Even though they are Beatified and delighted to be so, it’s not their responsibility.  They don’t have to breathe a word about the Truth, not matter how much they know about It.  I was still thinking about it when my Loveable Jesus paid a visit to my poor little soul.  In all His Goodness, He did His best to explain things to me.


He said, “My daughter, every Word I have spoken to you about My Divine Will has come from these little visits and each time I have left you with the substantial Good inherent in every one of My Words.  You were incapable of safeguarding My Words, so I couldn’t trust you with them.  I had to be the Custodian of the Infinitely Valuable Truths I left in your soul for safekeeping.  So you don’t have anything to worry about, because I guard everything Myself.  These Celestial Truths are from Heaven, Love pouring out of My Will that have been withheld for centuries.  Even before I ever spoke to you, I had already decided to stand guard inside you so I could keep an eye on what I would put there for safekeeping.  I am the Head Custodian and you are My assistant.”


Every time I visit you, however briefly, I bring Celestial Things that you must carry into the Celestial Fatherland as a Triumph of My Will.  Each one is a guarantee that Its Kingdom shall come upon the earth, in fact, It has already begun to establish Its Sovereign Rule.  Everything you have written down is a reminder that My Will wants to Reign Supreme throughout generations of humankind.  They are meant to incite creatures, urging Divine Supplication.  They confer overpowering Strength to the Captains who would guard the Kingdom of My Divine Fiat.  They are a stinging Reproach to those who should be making known such Great Goodness, but do not because they are either lazy or worried about their reputation.  Their attachments prevent them from going out among the nations to bring Good News heralding a Joyous New Age that shall witness the Kingdom of My Will on earth as It is in Heaven.  So abandon yourself in My Arms and let Me do what must be done.”


Then I continued acting through Divine Will where everything It had done in Creation is still going on as if It were just now Creating It.  This is a Gift that It gives to creatures to show Its Love for them.  I am much too small for all these created things, so I take them a little at a time, and only as far as I can reach.  Divine Love waits for me within each created thing, so It can replicate the Act of Creation for Me and then say to You, “See how much I Love you.  I Created them especially for you, and I continue doing so, because I want to show My Love, not only with Words, but the Deed Itself will say,  ‘I Love you!’”


I am so full of Love for you that I am drowning in It.  At first I fidget, and then I rave, because I am desperate for Your love.  I am fulfilling Creation before your very eyes, and I am opening a pathway to Love for you.  I am in the Act of sustaining the Primal Act of Creation by chanting this mantra, ‘You Love Me, and I Love You.’”


I went through all created things, gathering up His Love, because I didn’t want to sadden the Maker of Love by neglecting the Love He had put in each created thing specifically for me.  I arrived at Man’s Creation as an Act of Love so exuberant that it rained down in a cloudburst and I was drenched under Its Intensity. 


Then my always Lovable Jesus spoke to me.


He said, “Blessed daughter, Our Way with creatures hasn’t changed since It first began during Creation.  It’s still the same and always shall be.  Someone who enters into Our Will can touch Our Act Creation with their own hand, because It’s still in the Act of giving Itself to the creature.  Moreover, Our Love is ever New.  Yet It was much more than Our Love, as Great as It was, for It made Us unleash New Goodness from Our Womb and send It on Its Way.  It’s the same endless Act that releases New Power, Sanctity and Beauty in such Quantities that We drenched the creature in a cloudburst of New Actions that continues on forever.”


All of Creation is continually in act of replicating Itself for the creature’s benefit.  Our Ways are always the same and never change.  We constantly nourish the Beatitude of the Church Victorious in Heaven with Our New Activity.  We also nourish the life of the one who Live within Our Divine Will on earth with New Sanctity, Goodness and Love.  Yet there’s nothing to be gained by the Blessed Who swim through the New Joys of their Creator.  However, the fortunate pilgrim soul who Lives inside Our Will is always in Act of making New Conquests.”


Someone who neither follows Our Divine Will nor Lives in It is estranged from the Celestial Family.  Although she might have tasted a few drops of her Creator’s Love and Goodness, she hasn’t see her Celestial Father’s Superabundance.  She acts like an illegitimate daughter without Full Rights to her Divine Father Possessions.  Only My Will can bequeath such a Daughter her legitimate Rights, and then she has the Freedom to take whatever she wants from her Celestial Father’s House.”


Someone who Lives in Our Will is like a flower growing on a plant.  Mother Earth feels obliged to give the root of this flowering plant some room in her house.  She nourishes it with her minerals and holds it up to the sun so it can be colored by its rays.  She waits up for the night so that her flower may be cooled and refreshed before the ardent kisses of the sun.  She helps it mature so that it develops the most intense colors and beautiful fragrances.  Just as Mother Earth nourishes the flower so it might live, so does Our Will for the soul who Lives within It.”


Someone who neither does Our Will nor Lives within It is like a flower that has been snatched from the plant and set in vase.  The poor flower has lost the mother who had nourished it with love and held it to the sun’s warmth so it could take on color.  Once it is set in a vase, it has water, but not from its mother, so it lacks nourishment and will soon wither before dying.  A soul without My Will has the same problem.  Without the Divine Mother who engendered her, she is deprived of the Power to nourish and grow.  She is an orphan left without her Mother’s warmth and denied the Light that paints with flowery strokes of Beauty.  She is a poor orphan left without the Tenderness and Love of the One who gave her life.  She will grow up to be skinny and plain until the True Goodness within her completely shrivels.”


After that, I went all around throughout Divine Will to find all the acts of creatures so I could superimpose my ‘I love You’ upon them.  From within the creature’s action I shall plead for the Kingdom of the Divine Will upon earth.  Then my sweet Jesus spoke up again.


He said, “My daughter, My Divine Will, when It is invoked from within the act of a creature, It takes away the sour taste of human will.  My Will tutors it in good manners and makes it sweet as It represses latent aggression.  Its Light warms the works made numb by the coldness of human will.  Someone who Lives in My Divine Will prepares the Grace that anticipates human generations so that It might be revealed to them.  Each time she acts within It she builds another step on the ladder they can climb to attain Knowledge of the Supreme Fiat.  However, she must climb each rung before the other may begin their ascent.  My Divine Will gives Maternal Powers to the one who Lives in It.  She is assigned the work of fulfilling the Office of True Mother before God and creatures.”


Your activities within My Will are needed to build a stairway to Heaven.  You have to use Its own Divine Strength to force It to allow My Fiat’s descent so It may establish Its Kingdom on earth as It is in Heaven.  It begins Its task with the first people it finds on this staircase.  They are the ones who are ready and willing to let It Reign Supreme in their midst.  There’s no way up without steps, so the pioneering creature is assigned the task of constructing a ladder so that others can use it.  We have to delegate her as the Official Mother as an incentive.  My Divine Will shall assign creatures to her and she will love them as her own children.  The one who accepts this responsibility must work and sacrifice for these children, to the point of giving up her life for them if necessary.”


By making her the Official Mother, My Divine Volition endows her soul with Maternal Love so these children will be close to her heart.  With a tenderness that is both human and Divine, she will Conquer God along with the creature, uniting them together so she may follow His Divine Will.  Maternity is the greatest honor We can give to a creature.  As the one who bears the power to Generate, We shall give her the Grace to form Our beloved people.  Despite the pain that comes with Maternity, she will experience a joy that is Divine when she sees the children of My Will come out from within that pain.  So be strong as you continue replicating your activities.  Don’t hold back, because such cowardice comes from being weak, lazy or unreliable and is unworthy of the Children of My Will





January 30, 1932


The Divine Will, Spy, Sentry, Mother and Queen. 

Its blowing Breath forms in the soul the support of Love in order to enclose Its Truths. 

Ecstasies of Love of the Creator; Nourishments that He gives to His Gifts.


I was following the Acts of Divine Fiat, and each of them was so full of Love that they simply had to let It out on someone, so they breathed It into my poor little soul where It remained a prisoner.  Then, from within that Love, I unleashed my own towards the One who Loved me so much and I waited expectantly for It to breathe into me again.  I wanted to tell It, ‘I love you’, and say it with intense affection.  Divine Will’s yearning to be loved is so great that It gives some of Its Love to the creature so that It may be Loved in return.  Then It waits in anticipation for the creature’s love so It can say, ‘How happy I am that you Love Me!’ 


I was still thinking it when my adored Jesus stopped by for a brief visit.


He said, “My daughter, Our Love can seem Incredible at times.  Our Divine Will is a Spy that keeps the creature under surveillance.  It monitors her behavior, looking for any signs that she might be open for a breath of Love.  It knows that the creature doesn’t have enough Divine Love, just the tiny seed of the Infinite Love implanted in her when she was Created.  Unless It is fertilized, It would like a fire glowering beneath a heap of ashes.  Though the fire is still burning, it is suppressed under a pile of ashes and radiates very little heat.  Since We have no desire for human love, Our Divine Will implements Its Strategy of Love, biding Its time until she is ready and then We breathe into her.  It’s only a light breeze she feels as the ashes of the human will are blown away and the tiny seed of Our Infinite Love lights up, revived.  My Divine Volition continues to blow, adding more Divine Love.  The soul has a warm feeling as she is being emptied out, followed by the cool, soothing breeze of Love.  It is from within her tiny seed of Infinite Love that she is able to Love Us with Our own Divine Love.”


My Divine Will’s Great Love is artful and talented.  It is the Spy that breathes upon her, the Mother who rocks her asleep in It arms, the Sentry that stand guard over her, and the Sovereign Queen who rules over her.  It is the Sun that shines over her and offers to be her servant.  When It is ready to store Its Truth, Knowledge, or even one of Its Words inside you for safekeeping, It breathes on you hard enough to uphold Its Light and Love where Its Revelation are to be kept.  It entrusts Its Truth to the Light of Its own Love because It is truly interested as a curator to show them without putting them in jeopardy.  If it weren’t for the Support of My Love archiving all these Revelations concerning My Fiat, many of them would be buried deep within your soul and still unknown to the world.  That’s why, before sharing any more information, It Acts as a facilitator preparing you for the New Love It will place within you.  It builds a new Foundation for Its Truth and a Bank Vault reinforced with Divine Love.”


I wait for you inside your activities with all My Love.  We will use any pretext to find an opportunity to insert the creature as if she were a comma.  We connect all the dots so We can give the creature New Grace and Love.  The one who does Our Will should stay close to Us, and besides, We like to have her company.  Our Will has already carried her to Us in Its arms so she can be with Us, as well as into Our Actions, so she can do all the she sees Us doing.”


Then I continued making my rounds through all the Acts of Divine Will until I arrived at the Creation of Man.  I became a spectator, watching how the Divine Maker had so lovingly Created him. 


Then my Highest Good, Jesus, came to explain what I was seeing.


He said, “Little daughter of My Will, We want to tell Our Story to the little ones.  There are an infinite number of secrets We want to share with her, all of them beyond description.  They have to do with her origins and We want her to see them in a way that is so real that she could touch them with her hand.  As little as she is, We have Loved her so that We might Love her again.  She was there with Us when We were in the Act of Creating Man.  We want her to celebrate with Us the Solemn Act of her Creation.  When Our Supreme Being was in the Act of Creating the creature, We became deeply ecstatic as Love Enraptured Our Divine Being.  That’s when Our Fiat began Operating with Its Creative Power.” 


It was during this Ecstasy of Love that We released from Ourselves the Graces, Gifts, Virtues, along with the Sanctity and Beauty that We would endow to creatures for their enrichment.  Our Love would not have been content unless We were to organize outside Our Trinity all the things needed to serve each and every creature.  We made all forms of Sanctity, along with Special kinds of Beauty as Gifts so that every one of them would have the image and likeness of their Creator.”


These Endowments and Riches are already at their disposal, having been endowed with them since birth.  In fact, from the very moment man was Created, God had prepared these Gifts out of His Being and customized them all specifically for each individual creature.  However, most of them know nothing about this, so they are unable to enjoy the Rights that God gave them.  Even though they are Rich, they live in poverty, far from True Sanctity, as if their being had not come from the Thrice Holy God who creates all creatures to be Happy, Beautiful and Holy, like Himself.  Centuries will no on and on without end until everything born in Our Ecstasy of Love has been accepted by creatures as their own.  Up till now, very little has been taken of the superabundance We have offered them.”


With the Excess of Our Fervent Love, We poured out Our Grace as a Gift for their Endowment, however, that doesn’t mean that such Grace has no connection with Us.  They have been poured out, however that doesn’t mean they are no longer part of Us, because that would be impossible.  By accepting a gift that remains Our own, the creature too receives the constant nourishment We provide for Our Beauty, Sanctity and Grace.  Nourished along with Our Gifts, she becomes just as inseparable.  Otherwise, she wouldn’t have enough holy nutrition to keep the Sanctity of Our Celestial Grace alive.  She is always with Us now as We continually Act to provide her with food to nourish Our Sanctity and keep up Our Strength.  We provide her with one particular delicacy to preserve Our Beauty.  We are always busy when We are around her, serving a variety of dishes to nourish each Gift We have given her.  This is Our technique for making the Crown of Our Gifts and keeping It polished.  Happy is the creature who is Crowned with Our Gifts and lives within them.”


By giving a Gift to the creature, We bind her to Ourselves so she can nourish what We have given her.  It also serves as a pledge that she will always be with Us in Our Work and in Our very Life.  We want Our Likeness, so We must give Our Life to replicate It within her, and We’re glad that We can.  Our Love replicates Our Ecstasy and makes Us give everything We have.  In fact, We would even take on the littleness of a creature.  After all, she came out of Us, so she’s Ours.  You can see how much We care about Our Ecstasies of Love.  We give her something much better than any Gift, Our own Will as the Life of a creature.  Cultivating Our Gifts is altogether different than promoting Our Will.  The creature then has the Power to make Us fall into rapturous Love with her and We become the Victims of unremitting Ecstasies of Love.  It makes Us pour out Torrents of Love, Seas of Light with Indescribable Grace.  Nothing is spared.  She must have a coterie of honored guests around her before being fed as a tribute of Divinity.  So be vigilant, My daughter, let nothing human come out of you, so that you honor My Will abiding within you with Divine Action.”





February 6, 1932


One who Lives in the Divine Will is raised by God with Divine Features and Manners.  The race in the Fiat.  The acts done in It are placed on the Eternal Scale and enclosed in the Divine Bank.


As I continue abandoning myself within Divine Volition, I always feel like a little speck of dust that floats up and down as though were wandering through Its Activities looking for Its Life and mine somewhere within Its Action.  I am a tiny mote that never stops moving.  It keeps running in the hope of finding what it so urgently needs to stay alive.  I face starvation without Its Action, so I have to run if I am to find the food of Life.  Divine Will awaits me from within Its Action with an Indescribable Love, ready to prepare this food for Its little daughter. 


As my mind was still wandering within Its Light, my sweet Celestial Sovereign Jesus left His Work to visit His little daughter.  


He said, “Blessed daughter, it’s wonderful to see you racing through Our Will.  Even though you are only a speck of dust, We are raising you to Our own high standard, and you will have Our Features.  We teach Our Divine Manners and Celestial Science so that the creature forgets her rough manners and the ignorance of human will.  When a creature is grown-up, she has already been formed, so there’s not much We can do for her.  They are used to living how they think grownups should act according to human will.  If someone could manage to destroy these old habits, it would be a miracle.  The little ones are so much easier for Us, and it doesn’t cost Us much.  Their bad habits are not so ingrained, so a wave of the hand with one little Word of Ours and a Breath of Light is enough to make her forget all about following her own will.  So remain little if you want My Divine Will to raise you as your true Mother.  That would be to Our Glory as well as yours.” 


An act that is repeated often enough becomes a habit, whereas an act never ceases can only come from the Supreme Being.  When the creature is always repeating a particular action and she takes possession of such an act, it means that God has enclosed His Life and His Manner of doing things within that act.  An action that continues is an Act of Divine Life.  Only the one who Lives in My Divine Will is aware of the Power, Virtue and amazing Strength of an Act that goes on forever.  Having been raised by Us, it is not easy for her to deviate from Our Behavior.  She is never distracted from the Life of the One who has raised her by continually Acting within her.  You are always running because of your extreme need to have Our Life united to yours within My Fiat’s Activity.  Meanwhile, We run through your actions to be present within Our own Incessant Activity.” 


You run together with Us so that Our Actions, both internal and external, may Live in Common.  We both have a tremendous need for Love to make someone as little as you are go around through all the Acts of Our Fiat.  Even though you are too small to hold them all within yourself, you can take as many of them as you can as you make your rounds.  So keep running with Us as fast and far as you can.  The highest Grace I can give to a creature is to let her experience the power of continual Action.”


I continued following the Acts of Divine Will until my beloved Jesus spoke again.


He said, “My daughter, each time you do something within an Act of My Divine Will you form another Bond with It.  Every time you act in Divine Fiat you are confirmed in It and Divine Will is confirmed in you.  My Will expands Its Sea around you with each new Bond, and as confirmation, It places a Truth in It and then seals It with Knowledge.  Every time you replicate this process, It reveals something of even greater value within My Will.” 


Each additional Bond, Confirmation, Truth or Value that you come to know makes the Life of My Will grow within your soul.  When you repeat your actions, they increment in Value with each degree of Knowledge you acquire, and as much as We invest in your activity.  So whatever you did yesterday, if you repeat it today, it will have more value because of what We have revealed.  Repetitive actions accompanied by New Truth and Knowledge increases in value day by day until it approaches Infinity.  When We set the creature’s activity done in Our Will on Our Eternal Scale, It registers an Infinite Weight.  When We deposit them in Our Divine Bank, she earns a hundred times as much in interest.  Whenever you repeat an action, it is like putting coins in Our Divine Bank.  The return is great because you acquire the Right to collect even more from Us.”


Our Love is so excessive that We become the creature’s Debtor when she deposits her small change in Our Bank of Immensity.  Even though We have such enormous wealth, We Love to accept her nickels and dimes so We can give her a deposit slip as legal tender to be exchanged for What We own.  Our Love in willing to interact with the creature at any cost.  It wants an ongoing relationship with her even if it means losing.  We want to give her presents so We display all the many Beautiful things We have.  We want her to know how Sweet and Powerful Our Word can be.   Yet she indifferent to Us, even cold.  She has turned her back on Us.  At times, it seems that human ingratitude has defeated Our Love.  I’m sure My little daughter would behave like that.  The fact that you are so little puts you in great need of your Jesus, His Love and His Will.”





February 10, 1932


Work of God in the soul who Lives in the Divine Will.

Co-Breathing between God and the creature. 

Lookout of Jesus to have the company of the creature in His Works.


My sweet Jesus has the power to send me into raptures.  He’s always pulling me into His adorable Will so I can cover all His different categories of Work.  They are waiting for an opportunity to give me something more than they already had given me.  I was amazed at all their Generosity and Goodness. 


Then my beloved Jesus gave me more Love and a greater desire to follow the Acts of Divine Will.


He said, “Blessed daughter of My Volition, each time you raise yourself up into It and unite yourself to each of the Actions It has done so you can unite your own with them, that Divine Act carries you upward from Grace to Grace.  It elevates you to the next level of Love, Glory, Sanctity and Divine Life.  All of these Degrees of proficiency taken together are what form Divine Life in the creature.  Each degree forms either a Heartbeat, a Breath, a Word, Vision, Beauty or the Sanctity of God deep in the soul.  As soon as the creature approaches, Our Acts rise to give what they have.  They anxiously await her so they might have an opportunity to Rise up and pour out their Divinity into her so they can replicate her activities.”


The one who merges with the Acts of Our Divine Will gives Us a chance to develop Our Life as We Work within the creature.  The creature who rises up into Our Divine Will leaves everything behind and becomes nothingness as she acknowledges her Creator when He greets the nobody who has out into the Light.   However, a nothingness that is cluttered with earthly things has nothing to do with Him.  However, if He sees that it is truly ‘nothingness’, then He fills it with the ‘All’.  Living in My Will means removing all the clutter in your mind so you can be light enough to fly into the Womb of the Celestial Father, and since you have emptied yourself, you shall receive the Life of the One who Created it.” 


Our Will is Our Life and Our Food, and since We have no need of earthly food, It gives Us the food of Its Holy Works.  Since the creature is one of Our Works, Our Will must be her Life so that she, and her works, can be Our food.  In exchange, We shall give her the food of Our Works.  Feeding one another the same food is much the same as God and the creature inhaling and exhaling each other.  Their mutual Breathing brings Peace.  This exchange of what is Good binds them permanently together.  Divinity’s Breath circulates within the creature as she breathes the very Godhead.  They are so closely united that they breathe each other in and out.  The Will breathes for them both, as does Its Love and all of Its Works.  The Breath We gave man as We Created him was lost when he began following his own self-will so We must find a way for him to regain it.  Our Will has the Power to regenerate what he had lost through sin and We have taken it upon Ourselves to restore him as he was when he came out of Our Creative Hands.”


After that, I went back and followed the Works of Creation and Redemption until my Sovereign Jesus spoke again.


He said, “My daughter, Our Works get lonely when they are not acknowledged as being done out of Love for creatures.  The only reason We did all these marvelous Works in Creation was to prove Our Love for them.  We didn’t need them for Ourselves; it was only Our Intense Love for them that made Us do them.  Our Works get lonesome when Our Love is not acknowledged in each created thing.”


There is no Honor without an entourage of creatures to appreciate them.  The sun, moon and stars get lonely.  The pain and suffering in My Work of Redemption are forlorn.  There is no one to keep Us company other than the One who acknowledges them as she goes around and through them.  All they want is someone to Love and to be Loved in return.  Yet she encounters Our pulsating Love for her pining away out of loneliness.  When you go around in Our Will to find Our Works so you can acknowledge Our Love and pledge your own, I feel drawn to you.  I lie in wait for you from within each work just to enjoy your company as My dedicated follower.  When I am with you, I feel duly compensated for everything I did and all that I suffered.  When you are delayed in coming, I am on the lookout from within My Works, waiting in expectation.  When I see you on your way, I look forward to your sweet Company with joy.  So pay attention and don’t make Me wait.”





February 16, 1932


The acts done without the Divine Will are voids of the Infinite.  How one must do everything and wait for the events to let the Kingdom of the Divine Will Come.  How the acts done in It set out for Heaven as Property of the Celestial Fatherland.


I continued acting through Divine Will, looking for Its Actions so I could fuse them together with Mine.  Only then I can say, “I do whatever It does.”  I’m happy whenever I think about doing what Divine Will does. 


Then my lovable Jesus came to visit His little daughter.


He said, “My Good daughter, I want you to understand what kind of void forms within the creature’s activity when it is not completely filled with My Will.  It has neither the Fullness of Sanctity nor anything else that is endless.  Without Infinity, a dark abyss of emptiness appears that only the Infinite can fill.  The creature, along with all of her actions, was made for the Infinite.  When My Will flows within her actions, It establishes the Infinite within them so they can be filled with Light.  My Will holds the Infinite within Its Womb of Light where It completes the Action.  Unless My Will becomes the Life Force animating the creature’s action, it has no beginning nor ends and means, so the act is an empty one.  This void is an abyss that no one can fill, unless it be with sin.  It deepens into a chasm filled with darkness and misery, a truly horrifying sight to behold.”


There have been so many acts devoid of Infinity over the course of all these long centuries since the first human rejected the Infinite.  My Divine Will owns the Rights to every act the creature has done.  If It is to reign as sovereign on earth, the one who Lives in It must go about tracing all these empty actions with a prayer that Its Dominion be all-inclusive.  She urges It to establish the Infinite within each act so that It may acknowledge them within Its own Action.  It doesn’t matter whether these acts are past or present, for someone who Lives in My Will there is always something to do, because there are so many broken things that need fixing.  Since It holds the Power to renovate all things, all It needs is a creature who is willing.  In a broken world, creatures act without My Will, however, a creature united to My Will can fix everything and put them all back together.”  


I’ve told you before and I’ll say it again, ‘We must do everything we can to make Divine Will a household word so that It might Reign Supreme over the earth.’  We gather up the creature’s prayers along with all the rest of her actions, including the sacrifice of her very life if need be.  We take them in hand and call on It to match what they have given in exchange.  Then both of us can chant, ‘I Love You’, and then call out our plea, ‘We want Divine Will.’  All of Creation, along with every action the two of us has done shall be covered with It.  Divine Will is called by each of the creature’s activities, resounding from all directions through every created thing.  The two of us have appealled, asking even the Sacrifice of Our Life within each thing, as well as in every act the creature may do, so that It may come upon earth as Reigning Sovereign.”


This Power coming before the Throne of God is an Irresistible Magnetic Force that pulls at every activity of the creature until they cry out their demand.  They want Divine Will as their Sovereign Ruler in the midst of creatures.  It is the little daughter of My Will and I who cry out for Its capture so we can bring It down to Rule over earth as It is in heaven.  Here are the rounds you have made repeatedly throughout Creation, within My Acts and in those of the Dear Celestial Mother, committing Our Divine Acts for such a Holy Kingdom.  Then there are the acts of creatures that you replicate with corrections.  Yet they all speak with a single voice, either directly or indirectly through the one who will make the sacrifice of becoming Provider and Restorer.  They are asking for It to down among them and Rule over generations of creatures.”


What you and I do together are Acts that necessary for preparing the formation of the wealth that shall serve as capital for whatever is needed.  Once we have both done our part in providing everything We require, We can say, ‘We have done everything We had to do.’  It was like that in Redemption.  I said, ‘I have done everything to Redeem manI don’t know what else My Love could possible do to save him.’ Then I went back to Heaven.  There I waited for man to take advantage of the Good things I gave him that I had formed by Sacrificing My Life.  That’s where We are now.  When there is nothing left for us to do for the Kingdom of My Will on earth, you too will ascend into Heaven.  You can wait there in the Celestial Fatherland for the creatures to take the abundant wealth that will serve as capital for the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat that will have been established there.”


That’s why I keep saying to you, ‘Pay attention and don’t leave anything out.’  We must do Our part until there is nothing else that can be done.  The rest will depend on what happens when the conditions are right.  There are all kinds of people and they will all react differently when encountering the unique circumstances that will come to pass.  By then It will be firmly established and will determine It own way of reigning supreme over the creatures.  It is easier to do this kind of work when there is more sacrifice invested.  Performing an act that goes on within My own requires the sacrifice of human will and may even call for someone to lay down their life.”


He stopped talking for a while and then continued.


He said, “Each of the creature’s activities has its assigned place around God just as all the stars do in the azure vault of the heavens.  Acts done in My Will are the ones that set out on the Royal Road.  They are the property of the Celestial Fatherland.  They each have a place of honor, and it is from there that they give Divine Glory to their Creator.  When such an act leaves the earth, the Heavens bow down in greetings and all the Blessed go out to meet it.  They escort the action to its own place of Honor with the Supreme Throne’s inner circle.  Such activities are Glorified when Our Eternal Will has Triumphed in the act of the creature, and has placed Its Divine Act in it.” 


Even if they are good, acts that are not done in My Will do not set out on the Royal Road.  They make their way through winding roads, with a long stop in Purgatory waiting to be purified by fire alongside the creature doing the act.  Once they they have be cleansed, they set out for Heaven.  However, since they are not part of the Inner Circle, they take their assigned place behind the others.  Acts performed in My Will head straight for heaven as soon as they take shape.  They are Heavenly things that don’t belong on earth.  There’s no sense in waiting around for the creature, so they immediately fly off to their Fatherland.  All the Angels and Saints lay claim in Heaven to what has been done through Divine Will on earth.  In fact, everything It has done, either on earth or in Heaven, is the Common Property of everyone in the Celestial Fatherland.  Each of her little acts is claimed by everyone in Heaven as their Fountain of Beatitude and Eternal Joy.  It’s quite the opposite for those who dos not operate in My Will.”





February 24, 1932


Continuous Rebirths of the creature in the Divine Will.  How the creature becomes the Protector of the Divine Works.


I am always in the tender arms of Divine Will, more comforting than any mother.  It holds Me tight in Its arms, surrounded by the Light that infuses Its Life of Heaven in me.  It is completely Attentive to the daughter of Divine Will, who had the Great Glory of fasting entirely without food.  She knows no other science or law other than Its Will, her ultimate taste and pleasure.  It keeps me busy and distracted from everything else with all the Surprises It gives me.  It explains so many things, each one more Beautiful than the other, because they belong to It.  My poor mind falls into rapture as I sink further into Its arms of Light.  Even though everything It has done has been released into the outside world, they all continue to revolve around It.  One look inside It Will makes it plain that everything going on is all One Single Act.  Yet looking outside from within It, you can see Innumerable Works and Actions.  I could feel the beginning of my own existence within It, right where I was about to come out into the Light, and that surprised me.


Then My beloved Jesus paid a brief visit to me.


He said, “My daughter, you were born and Reborn in My Will.  Every time knowingly abandon yourself in Its arms of Light and remain there inside, you are Reborn in It.  Each Rebirth is more strikingly Beautiful than the other.  That’s why I often call you ‘the little Newborn of My Will’.  Every time you are Reborn within It, you return to be Born yet again.  My Will is simply unable to remain idle with someone who Lives within It.  It wants to be Born Again over and over within the creature, seamlessly from one to another, continually absorbing her into Itself.  My Fiat is reborn in her, and she is Reborn in My Will.  These mutual Rebirths are yet another form of exchange, offering life for Life.  This perfect act is the Greatest indication of Love, and it allows them to say to each other, ‘My Love for you is much more than an act, It is Life everlasting.’”


My daughter, when someone Lives in My Divine Will, she is very fortunate, because she has a chance to revisit the First Act of her Creation.  She relives her beginning from God’s Omnipotent Breath which has the Power to Create, Enliven and Sustain.  If she withdraws in it, however, she reverts to the same nothingness she was before she came out.  She has a vivid understanding of being constantly Reborn while cradled in her Creator’s Arms.  She goes back to her beginning as a creature returning to God the First Act of Life that she received from Him.  That is the Holiest of Actions, the most Solemn and Beautiful Act of God.”


Then I continued my rounds through all the Acts of Divine Will.  I wanted to hug everything, including everything the Blessed have done, so I could give Honor and Glory to God and all the Saints.  Moreover, I would use the very acts they have already done to Honor them.


My beloved Jesus then continued where He left off.


He said, “My daughter, when the creature thinks back on all that her Creator has done out of Love for Her, she becomes the guardian of all His actions, especially those the Redeemer had done to save her.  The heavens, the sun and all Creation feel safe under the creature’s protection.  The tears of My pain and suffering during My Life down here on earth also take refuge in her as their Protector.”


The Saints find protection in her memory where their actions are brought to life and replicated in the midst of creatures so that the Life they led may return to them as It is reenacted.  There are so many beautiful works and virtues left buried in the low world.  However, since no one remembers them, Honor is neglected.  Memory recalls the works of the past and brings them into the present.  When the creature’s memory becomes their Guardian with her memory, an exchange takes place between her and Creation, as well as with all Our Works.  Redemption, together with everything the Saints have done, becomes the defender of their Guardian, sentries that surround her like a shield.  Our Works take refuge in her for their own protection.  All My Pain and Suffering, in union with the virtues of My Saints, compete among themselves to be the next one on duty in her Honor Guard.”


The greatest Honor the creature can give is to use Our Merits in all her activities when asking that the Kingdom of Divine Will be established on earth.  It is their calling to be employed by this Holy Kingdom as messengers between Heaven and earth.  Everything, past, present and future, must serve the Kingdom of Divine Fiat.  As you remember Our Works, recall the virtues of the Blessed along with their activities.  They all serve the Kingdom they have asking for and will be honored to assume their official roles.  It’s important that you continue making your rounds through Divine Will to help prepare Its Kingdom on earth as It is in Heaven.  So pay attention as you continue your activities.”





March 6, 1932


One who Lives in the Divine Will feels the need to go around the Divine Works;

and how all the Divine Works go around the creature. 

The purpose, seed of light.


As I continued my rounds through the Divine Works, my poor little mind was fixated on the Works of my Creator.  I kept running around them as if I were on a race track.  They are Works done out of Love for me, so I’m obliged to acknowledge them.  They are my stairway to Heaven that I climb up to reach the One who has always Loved me and declare my love for Him.   He wants to be loved more than anything. 


Then I began to question what I was doing.


I thought, “Why does my mind always have to run?  It’s as if a Powerful Force were controlling me so that I had to keep running in this race.” 


That’s when my sweet Jesus came to visit me, however briefly.


He said, “My daughter, everything moves around the creature.  As the heavens move over her, they keep her in sight under their azure vault.  The sun follows its path across the sky while sending its radiant beams to surround her with heat and light.  Water swirls around the creature.  The wind blows eddies of warm air circling about her.  Fires beg to be lit on every side.  They all give her the gifts inherent in their being.  My Life and all My Works are on all sides of the creature, and they are constantly Acting so that she may have Me all to herself.”


Moreover, as soon as a baby is conceived, My own Conception hovers round the embryo to form and defend him.  From the moment he is born, My Birth is superimposed on the newborn.  It moves around him sharing the Works of My baby tears as I wailed in My infancy.  Even My Breath envelops him in warmth.  The newborn loves Me, though unconsciously, and I Love him like crazy.  I Love his innocence and My Image within him.  I Love what he must become.  My Steps walk around his first indecisive steps to support them and keep them safe on the path I have walked.  My Works go around everything he does.  My Words wrap around his speech, and I suffer My Agony around his pain to support him until he breathes his last.  My Death hovers round him with Invincible Power and aid when he least expects It.  My dying breath, with Divine Jealousy, presses around him so that his death may become True Life in Heaven.  My Resurrection goes round his tomb, waiting for the fullness of time when My Imperious Resurrection summons his body to Immortal Life.”


All the Works that have come out of My Will were created to go round and round.  If an Action should stop, It would cease to exist and We would be deprived of the fruit We were to harvest.  Actually, the Divine Being would never initiate an Act that could stop or be fruitless.  Someone who enters into My Divine Will takes her rightful place in the Order of Creation and is then obligated to go around in synch with all created things.  She is urged to take a quick tour of My Conception, Birth, My early years and everything I did on earth.  The Beauty of it is that as she goes around all Our Works, they go around her, faster and faster until they are both whirling around each other.  These effects of My Divine Will are the fruit We savor.”


Motion indicates than an Act is alive, and since they share the same Will, they have to run around with It together.  If you are not racing around Our Works constantly, it’s because you don’t live in My Will permanently.  It means that you leave It from time to time for a brief vacation.  When that happens, the race is canceled because the other contestant has dropped out.  When you go back into It, you are given another place in the Order of things, and you immediately begin running again.  It’s as if another Divine Will has begun operating in you.  So be vigilant.  You are dealing with an Omnipotent Will that is always running to embrace everything.”


I had some doubts after that.


I thought, “What’s the use of racing all around through the Acts of the Divine Will?  What good does it do?” 


My Celestial King, Jesus responded immediately.


He said, “My daughter, each one of the creature’s activities has an inherent value matching the purpose that drives her actions.  Its purpose is like a seed buried in the ground where it seems to disintegrate into the soil without actually dying.  It is reborn as a seedling that grows until its branches are loaded with the flowers and fruits that were inherent in that seed.  The seed is no longer visible because it is hidden within the plant.  You can tell if the seed is good or not by the taste of its fruit.  If the fruit is delicious you know that the seed has served some purpose.”


When the seed of Light is buried in a creature’s actions, It seems to disintegrate within her.  If the seed has a holy purpose, all the acts that stem from it will be holy as well.  The Prime Directive starts with the first seed that animates and gives Life to the sequence of events that constitutes the Primal Act.  The Purpose of Life that derives from such activity produces the flowers and fruit of True Sanctity.  Having Full Knowledge of her will, the creature does not work at cross purposes with the Prime Directive.  She is confident that her actions are in accord with Its Primary Purpose.  Since your race through My Divine Will has the Purpose you intend, that Its Kingdom be Established on earth, all of your actions are focused within My Fiat.  Transformed into seeds of Light, they grow into Acts of My Will that speak eloquently with Ancient Divine Voices.  They ask for this Holy Kingdom to come into the midst of the human generations.”






March 13, 1932


[She] The prisoner and [He] the Divine Prisoner. 

The Virgin, Announcer, Messenger, Leader of the Kingdom of the Divine Will. 

One who Lives in the Divine Will forms the Speaking Creation.


I continue abandoning myself within Fiat.  I am vividly aware that I am a nonentity in extreme poverty who is constantly suffering from the absence of my sweet Jesus.  He would often treat me as a consort of Heaven and infuse New Life in me.  If I didn’t have His Divine Volition to sustain me, I couldn’t go on without Him.  He often takes off and hides, leaving me tied to the stake of love where I am slowly consumed in fire as I wait for Him.  It’s only when my depression becomes extreme that He comes to pay me a brief visit.


I was still dwelling on my pain and suffering when I thought, “Jesus has shackled and bound me with chains that I could never break.  I’m just a poor lonely prisoner.  I wish my Celestial Mom was here to keep me company.  I’m sure that, under Her Guidance, I could learn how to Live within Divine Will the way I should.” 


I was still thinking about this when my sweet Jesus dropped by for a brief visit.  He spoke to me so tenderly.


He said, “My dear prisoner!  I’m glad that I shackled and bound you.  You are My Love and I keep you here so I can have you all to Myself, shackled in chains, My dear little prisoner.  Love works tit for tat.  Before I made you a prisoner, I made myself a Prisoner in your heart.  I made you prisoner because I didn’t want to be alone, and so I could to say, ‘We are both prisoners, and we can’t do without each other.’  This is how we will prepare the Kingdom of My Divine Will.  Works done by yourself are not as enjoyable as when you have someone pleasant to keep you company.  It inspires hard work while sweetening the Sacrifice needed to produce the Most Beautiful Works.  When you called Our Celestial Mom as your Guide, your Prisoner Jesus was exultant with Joy that we would have Her Sweet Company as we did Our Work.”


She was the True Celestial Prisoner of My Divine Will.  She has the Keys of Its Kingdom and She knows all Its secrets ways.  Moreover, for each Act that the Queen Prisoner did, She prepared a place within Her Action to receive the acts of the creature done through Divine Will.   The Celestial Sovereign is vigilant in discerning whether the creature operates in My Fiat.  She can take their actions in Her Maternal Hands and fold them into Her own Acts as pledges, as anecdotes that the Kingdom of the Divine Will is wanted on earth.  The Celestial Lady and I have already formed this Kingdom.  It already exists, It only has to be given to creatures, that is, received by them.” 


It must be known before It can be given.  She is the Greatest, Holiest, Creature and she knew no other kingdom other than the Kingdom of My Divine Will.  She is Its first citizen.  It is only right and just that the Celestial Queen will be the One to announce Its coming.  She is the Leader of this Holy Kingdom, both Messenger and Message.   So pray to Her, invoke Her Name, and She will be your Loving Guide and Teacher.  The personification of all that is Maternal, She will receive all your actions and wrap them in Her own.  She will say to you, ‘The acts of My daughter are much like her Mom’s, so they will always be close to Mine.  They will give creatures a twofold Right to the Kingdom of Divine Will.’  Yet this is God’s Dominion.  It is He that must give and the creature who must accept.  Both sides must act to fulfill what is intended.”


She is Preeminent, having imperial power over the Divine Heart She is the Sovereign of Heaven.  Her Acts will lead the procession for the retinue of the creatures’ actions.  She will divinize them through the power of My Will, giving them the Right to receive this Kingdom.  When God looks at these Acts, He will be moved to give It for the sake of the Love that He had as He Created everything so that His Will might be done on earth as It is in Heaven.  Each creature is to be a Kingdom of His Will with Total Dominion.  So onward with your operations as you are living in Our Supreme Fiat.”


Later on, as my mind was wandering through Divine Volition, my sweet Jesus continued. 


He said, “My daughter, the soul who enters into My Will is transformed into Light.  Her actions will not lose anything of their individual nature, yet they will be vividly animated with Light.  Though distinct among themselves, all their acts shall Live through the Light of My Fiat.  My Fiat delights in transforming every thought, word and deed with It’s Living Light, every step of the way.  The soul, as the original Heaven animated by Fiat, forms through her actions the sun and stars over a murmuring sea.  They shall caress like a refreshing wind as it moans, speaks, shouts and whistles over all created things.  She gives Divine Light to her Creator and to herself as It descends into the very depths of creatures.  This Light is fertile and has the power to infuse everything everywhere.  She fills them with Light and makes them flower with beauty.”


My Divine Will replicates Its beloved Creation in the soul who Lives within Its Light.  It will be even more beautiful then, because Creation still has no voice.  Though I speaks It eloquently, It always does so in Its own silent language.  It will renew Creation in the soul where It may always Speak.  The sun speaks of her works, the sea, her thoughts, and the wind will give voice through her words.  As she walks, her virtues leave flowers in her steps.  Everything she does speaks through brilliant stars that twinkle, pray, love, praise and bless.  The offer continual reparation and thanks that Our Supreme Fiat’s Love shall never cease as It delights in forming within them a Creation that speaks of the Beauty that is animated by Its Divine Light.”


So it’s no wonder that your Jesus forms His permanent Dwelling in the midst of this Creation that Speaks that My Divine Will is forming for Me.  It would be even more surprising if I were not there, because the Owner, the King who has formed it for Himself with so much Love, would be absent.  There would be no reason for all this if I were not to dwell inside of it and enjoy My lovely Creation as It Speaks to Me.  Moreover, My Creation speaks about all the work that is to be done, for there’s always more to do as We add onto It.  Each of her acts gives her another voice that speaks to Me with eloquence about My Love and of hers, and I must listen to it.  Furthermore, I want to enjoy the flavors she gives Me.  I like them so much that I yearn for them, and this is not something I can ignore.”


There is always something for the giving and the taking so I cannot leave her for a moment.  Though I only speak now and then, sometimes making My Presence known or Hidden, I can never leave the one who Lives in My Divine Will; that I cannot do.  So you can be sure that as long as you don’t go out of It, your Jesus does not leave you.  He will always be with you, and you will always be with Me.”





March 20, 1932


Three necessary conditions in order to obtain the Kingdom of the Divine Will. 

How all live in the Divine Will.  Different way of Living.


I was thinking about Divine Will and saying to myself, “If Our Lord Loves His Holy Will to be known, and He wants It to Reign in the midst of creatures, then why does He want them to pray for It?  He wants to, He can give It without so much as a single prayer.” 


Then my sweet Jesus surprised me and said, “My daughter, to know My Divine Will is the Greatest thing that I can give and that the creature can receive.  Its Reign would be Confirmation of Its Great Gift and I could be sure that Its Will was known to all.  All they have to do is ask for It.  By asking for It, she commits herself to building a Royal Palace within herself where It may dwell.  She acquires the Love she needs to Love It, and a quality of Sacrifice so essential if she is to have It as her own.  Whenever someone has to ask, their human will loses ground and is sapped of strength until it is drained.  Only then will they be ready to receive the Dominion of Supreme Volition.  When God sees that they are praying for Him to give It, He is prepared to make a gift of It.”


Both sides must be properly disposed if We are going to give Our Celestial Gifts, and there are so many of them.  Yet since no one asks for them, We keep them within Ourselves, waiting for an opportunity to make a Gift to someone who need only ask and receive in a way that is appropriate for It.  This is how a fair exchange will be established between Creator and creature.  Without a serious bid, all commerce is closed, and Our Celestial Gifts do not descend or circulate over the face of the earth.  To obtain the Kingdom of Divine Will it is indispensable that they first ask for It with Incessant prayers that reach us as if they were brief letters of solicitation.  They are an ongoing petition that demonstrates a consensus that they serious about receiving Our Will until eventually the final letter arrives settling an accord.”


What is even more important than petitioning for this Kingdom is to know they can really have It if they do ask.  It is hard to think about loving and desiring something Good unless they know that it’s actually possible to obtain It.  If the Ancients had not known that a Redeemer was to come, no one would have given it a thought.  They would not have hoped and prayed for salvation, because in those days, sanctity was focused on a Celestial Savior that was so far in the future that they didn’t think He would come in their own life time.  Moreover, other than a Redeemer, there was no hope of anything else that was truly Good.  Knowing that you can have something Good means that It is within reach during your own lifetime and that nourishes the creature’s hope of actually having It.  The reason I have given you all this Knowledge about My Will is that it be known that they can have the Kingdom of My Will.  When it is known that a Good can be possessed, the creature will be diligent in applying this art to obtaining their intent.”


It is also important that creatures know that God wants them to accept His Kingdom as their own.  That is the foundation for a certain Hope that they will have It that urges them to complete the final preparations needed to receive the Kingdom of My Divine Will.  When they want something Good so much that they long for It, and they know that the One Who made It wants them to have It as their own, then a final surge of Grace will in fact obtain It for them.  Had I not revealed to you that I can give and I want to give My Divine Will as the Sovereign Ruler that shall reign forever in the midst of creatures, you would have remained as indifferent as everyone else toward this Great Goodness.  Your interest and your prayers have been given birth from what you have known about It.” 


When I came upon earth, for the first thirty years of My hidden Life, I didn’t do much good, simply because hardly anyone knew Me.  I was among them, but they didn’t know.  The only Good to unfold was between Me, the Celestial Father, My Celestial Mother and dear Saint Joseph, because they knew Me.  Most of the others knew nothing at all about why I had come.  When I came out of My hiding place I introduced Myself openly as the Promised Messiah in truth, their Redeemer and Savior.  By making Myself known I was contradicted, slandered and persecuted.  The anger and hatred of the Jews led to the Passion of My Death.  Evil rained down upon Me like pouring rain, yet by making Myself known, I affirmed that I was in all Reality the Eternal Word Who had come down from Heaven to save them.  As long as I stayed in Our little house of Nazareth, they didn’t know who I was, so no one said anything.  It wasn’t until I became known that they began to slander Me and threaten Me with harm.  As soon as I revealed Myself, evil swooped down upon Me.  Nevertheless, It was essential that I be known, otherwise I would have gone back to Heaven without accomplishing the Purpose for My coming down upon the earth.”


Though I suffered in the midst of this chasm of evils, I instructed My Apostles, announced the Gospel and performed Miracles.  The Knowledge I revealed about Myself prompted My enemies to inflict pain and suffering, even death on a Cross.  Yet I accomplished the Purpose I had intended, that many would come to know Me among all those who would not, and that was the Fulfillment of My Redemption.  I knew that when I made Myself known, the pride and treachery of the Jews would do all that they could to stop Me, yet it had to be done.  If a person or some other Great Benefit were to remain unknown, creatures would be deprived of the Good Life.  Goodness and Truth are frustrated if unknown.  They remain as barren as a sterile mother whose family line will end with them.” 


You can see how important it is that the Kingdom of My Will be known.  I can give It to creatures, they are able to have It as their own, and that’s what I want more than anything.  It’s just as important as them knowing that I was the Son of God who came down upon the earth to Redeem them.  It is also true that many who come to know this will do the same as they did to Me when I made Myself known as the long-awaited Messiah.  You can expect scorn denial, slander, fear, uncertainty and doubt, which has already begun, as you can see.  It will get worse as the publication date approaches.  Even so, that will only show that My Divine Will is becoming known.  But that’s not important.”


Goodness has the Power to impair evil.  Many creatures and all the citizens of hell will feel the sting.  Wounded, they will arm themselves against the Good and call for Its annihilation along with all Its Evangelists.  Yet in spite of them trying to do everything they could to stifle It, My Will is about to arise.  Knowledge of My Will and how much It wants to Reign as Sovereign among them is taking Its first Steps.  Regardless, some will believe and others will not.  The first Step will call for a second and third in the face of those who would instill fear, uncertainty and doubt.  It is absolutely essential that it be known that I can give My Divine Will to creatures and that I want very much for them to have It.”


Unless these conditions are met, God cannot give what He wants to give, nor can the creature receive it.  So pray, and don’t hold back as you make My Divine Will known.  Times and circumstances change, as do people.  Other than God, nothing ever stays the same.  What is not accomplished today can be done tomorrow, and that will confound those who would try to stifle such Great Goodness.  Yet My Will shall Triumph and It will have Its Kingdom on earth as It is in Heaven.”


I continued my meditation on Divine Will, while completely abandoning myself in the Arms of Divinity.


My beloved Jesus spoke again.


He said, “Good daughter, My Divine Will has everything in Its possession and holds them all within Itself.  It is full of Beauty and Joy.  All things come out from within It without ever leaving.  It carries everyone and everything within Its Immense Womb of Light.  Everyone lives in It, but not in the same way.  The one who subsumes her self-will within It, Living there subject to Its Dominion is Its daughter.  She is Heiress to Its Beauty, Joy and all the superabundant Wealth of her Mother.  Her Divine Mother is intent on enhancing and embellishing her as she rejoices.”


Meanwhile, someone else who follows their own human will refuses to subject herself under Its Dominion.  She too lives in this Holy Will, but as a stranger and not as a daughter.  All the Joy within It turns into bitterness, wealth into poverty, and Beauty into ugliness.  As an outsider, she does not take part in the Good things My Divine Will has in Its possession, which is fair because she really doesn’t deserve anything Good.  Since she is subdued by her own human will, she can only take what it has to offer, passion, weakness and misery.” 


Nothing escapes My Divine Will, not even hell.  Since they did not love It in life, they could only live there as illegal aliens in gloomy prison cells.  For them, the Happiness, Joy and all the Beatitudes of My Divine Will are transformed into the pain of eternal torment.  So Living in My Will is not something new, as some might believe.  Everyone lives in It, the good, the bad and the ugly.  What’s New is this way of Living in It, acknowledging It as one continuous Act of life that includes your own.  It has Dominion over all your activities.  The Sanctity of each moment the creature is given comes from Living in It.  She is continually growing in the Sanctity given to her by My Will, and they live together in It.  She experiences the Life of My Will more vividly than her own.”


Even though she is on the inside, she doesn’t actually Live there, so she won’t acknowledge It within her actions.  It’s as if she Lived somewhere far away from It and did not share Its continuous Act of Life, even though she does.  The Sanctity of Living in My Will has not been formed within her, even when her circumstances are sanctified.  They remember My Divine Will only when they are in need, or some cross of sorrow is burdening them.  Then you hear them exclaim, ‘Let Thy Divine Will be done.’  Yet all throughout the rest of their lives, My Will has never been mentioned even though It has been there taking part in all their activities.  It was there all that time without them knowing It.”


Imagine a mother who has given birth to several children while living in her palace.  Some of them stay close to their mother, while she teaches them how to be courteous and well mannered.  She nourishes them with fine food and delicacies.  They have nice clothes to wear.  She lets them in on all her secret dealings, because they are to inherit all of her wealth.  The mother lives through her children, and the children through their mother.  They make each other happy, and love each other with devoted love.” 


There are other children living in this palace with their mother, but they don’t spend much time with her.  They prefer the recreation rooms on the far side of the house, away from their mother’s supervision.  They dress indecently and mock her noble manners.  All they eat is junk food and candy.  The only time they go to their mother is when they want something.  They are nothing like the other children. They don’t love and respect their mother like the others do, yet they all live with their mother in the same palace.  That’s how it is.  Everyone lives in My Will, though for now, there is only one who wants to Live in It as a daughter with her Mother.  All the others live in It as if they didn’t even know It, or like strangers.  Some of them only live there out of spite.”





March 27, 1932


Condition of assurance for the Coming of the Kingdom of the Fiat upon earth. 

The Manifestations on the Divine Will will be the fierce Army of Love,

Weapons and Net, to conquer the creature.


I was immersed in Divine Volition, and there were so many thoughts crowding my mind.  There were waves of Light following one after the other as they turned into Voices murmuring Celestial Music.  It was hard to grasp what language was coming from that Endless Light, or what they were singing about.  Whenever the Wave came over me, I thought I could understand some of it, but as soon as the Light withdrew, I was left with only a few drops of comprehension.  The memory of having been in this Eternal Light was so sweet and unforgettable that the memory of it will always be dear to me.  If blessed Jesus hadn’t not miraculously lowered Himself in way that was closer to human nature, I would have been at a loss for words.  My mind was developing a picture of what the Kingdom of Divine Will might look like, and I wanted Jesus to tell me more about the conditions that would have to be met so I could be certain of Its Coming.


That’s when my Celestial Teacher came to visit the little newborn of His Will.


He said, “My Blessed Daughter, there are a few conditions that are absolutely necessary to ensure the coming of the Kingdom of My Divine Will.  The most important thing to nourish Its Life is that the creature is required to sacrifice a lot for a long time and articulate the experience as they go along.  Since Our Goodness asks for sacrifice, It must give Amazing Grace to those who are willing.  Moreover, It must do things in such a way that creatures are captivated by My Love.  My Gifts and other Graces must be so overabundant that their sacrifice seems very little in comparison, even though It absorbs her entire life.  She will no longer have any rights over herself, since they belong to God, who is asking her to sacrifice, and unless she knew how extreme the sacrifice would be, it would not have the same meaning.  The more she knows how heavy this sacrifice will weigh on her, the more merit it will have in His eyes.  Knowledge is what gives specific merit to a sacrifice.” 


Unless she knows that her sacrifice is hard, it will have little merit and bring her less Grace, nor would it do much Good.  Our Love is wounded when We explain how heavy the sacrifice We are asking of her will be and she agrees without conditions, out of love for Us.  Our Power is disarmed if she accepts everything just so Our Will might be fulfilled.  Enduring sacrifice brings endurance of prayer, and We listen in rapt attention.  Our Gaze is engrossed by the sight of her praying as she tied to the stake for the sacrifice We asked from her.  She prays the We get what We, that Our Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven.  She would turn Heaven and earth upside down if she only could.  She wishes that she had power over everything and could make everyone ask for what she wants, so that by her sacrifice, God might accomplish what He had Intended and that It would bear the fruit He desires.  It is impossible for Us in Our Fatherly Goodness not to grant a Petition coming from such long suffering sacrifice and persistent prayer.”


We have done these things with you on the creatures’ behalf, considering their circumstances.  We want you to know about the Abundant Goodness We surround them with because you are neither deaf nor mute, either spiritually or physically.  We do not give Our Wealth to those who are too blind to see what We have done for them.  Nor to those who are so tongue-tied that they haven’t the words to reveal Our Grace and Truth.  First We give her Knowledge of what We want to be, and then We give her what she needs so she can help with what We have planned.”


Everything begins with Knowledge, which is a void that acts as the seed where We place her sacrifice along with the rest of Our Things.  It gives rise to beautiful prayer that encumbers Us with chains and unbreakable Bonds.  It makes Us give her whatever she wants.  Our Will is the Life behind every Work.  It gives Life to everyone and everything so that It might come upon the earth as its Reigning Sovereign.  It wants from the human family the life of one creature to be at Its disposal without any opposition.  It would be at the Mercy of Its Divine Will so It can do with her whatever It wants.  This will act as a support that helps bring about conditions that will warrant this Kingdom on behalf of creatures.”


The conditions are now ripe as far as God is concerned, but I can only present them to the one who has agreed and will make the sacrifice I desire.  I have been thorough in revealing the whole Truth about My Divine Will.  As long as I have been speaking about Its Kingdom and the Good things It feels compelled to do, they have rejected It.  It’s been about six thousand years now that I have endured the sorrow of being denied Its Reign.  I have promised them happiness and joy with an abundance of good things if they would allow It to reign over them.  I have given so many assurances about this Kingdom of My Fiat.  I have taken these promises and sealed them inside what is most beautiful, precious and sacred, in the center of this wooden stake where the sacrifice We require takes place.”


I never get tired of giving Assurances.  I speak about them and then return to talk some more, always trying New Ways, speaking New Truths in New Forms with Surprising Allegories, always regarding My Divine Will.  I would never have said so much if it were not certain that My Kingdom will have Its Dominion upon earth.  It is nearly inconceivable that My Speaking so much, together with your continuous sacrifice, would not produce the desired fruits on behalf of God and His creatures.  So continue flying nonstop throughout this Fiat that has the Power to make Its own way as It breaks through every obstacle.  Its Love will convert Its fiercest enemies into Its most faithful friends and defenders.”


He paused for a while and then continued.


My Conception, Birth, hidden Life, My Gospel accompanied by Miracles, Pain and Tears leading to My Death, unite as one Invincible Army to achieve My Redemption.  Every Revelation about My Divine Will, from the first to the last Word  I ever speak, must assemble their battalions of Irresistible Love and Overpowering Light until the world is completely transformed.  They will cast a net around the creature to capture her.  The harder she tries to get out, the more completely entangled inside she will become so that she’ll never escape.  As she struggles with it, all My Revelation concerning My Will shall continue to assail her, pulling the net even tighter.  As she is enmeshed, she will develop a taste for the Beauty of My Truth and she’ll be glad to be caught up in the Certainty of what I have shown her.  That’s how the Fulfillment of this Kingdom of My Divine Will shall begin.  Each Revelation concerning It is another Weapon that brings this Holy Kingdom closer to completion.  If I reveal something and you don’t write about it, It will be lose a formidable Weapon crucial to Its establishment.  So pay attention.”


Furthermore, every Word released from My Uncreated Wisdom involves Work and Instruction, the Substance of Life.  Each Truth revealed about Our Divine Will has Its own Task within Our Kingdom.  Many Truths share the responsibility of Growing and Cultivating the Divine Will as It Lives in the creature.  Some will be in charge of Nourishing it, and others will act as Teachers.  Some Truths will take on their Mission as Defenders, assembling around the creature like an Army, so no can lay a hand on her.” 


So you can see how important it is that I talk so much as I explain all these Truths I have revealed.  Such a Kingdom is not established with a few words, or activities and offices.  It takes at least as many as an earthly kingdom.  Each of My Truths will be assigned an Office where they will maintain Perfect Order and Enduring Peace.  It will be an Echo of Heaven where they will swim in a Sea of Grace, of Happiness, and a cloudless Sun under Serene Skies.  The Truths about My Divine Will shall be the only Laws that Govern creatures who enter this Kingdom to Live.  Laws of Love that oppress no one, sweet so they are loved, promoting Strength, Harmony, Happiness and a Superabundance of everything that is Good.  So be Courageous, and continue moving forward in My Divine Will.”





April 2, 1932


How the Divine Power will put a limit to the evils of man, and will say to him: 

“Enough up to here.” 

How Our Lord shows with facts that He wants to give the Kingdom of His Will.


I always return to Holy Divine Volition.  I can’t do without It, because It is Life and It makes me feel Alive.  I can feel the motion of Its warm breath.  That’s how it is with Divine Will, you can feel the Warmth Its Life, Its Movement and everything It holds within Itself.  There’s something else about It that is very different.  Whatever catches you attention is enfolded within Its Life and then It moves on to the next thing you experience.


I began to wonder.


I thought, “How else can the creature ever regain the holiness and beauty he had when he came out of the Creative Hands of God?  There is no other way than to establish the Kingdom of His Fiat in the midst of the human family.” 


Then my beloved Jesus surprising me.


He said, “My daughter, all the Works of Our Supreme Being are Perfect and Complete, none of Our Works is left half done.  Creation is all Complete, and Perfect as well.  In fact, in Our superabundance, We created things that are over and above what is necessary or sufficient.  We made allowances for the extravagant pageantry of Our Love and the Magnificence of Our Power.  We created all things specifically for man and he was also made to be perfect and complete.  Moreover, We had a Purpose in Mind when We created him, that Our Fiat would have Its Kingdom within each creature.”


He sinned, however, and was stained by it.  He was degraded and became like a house collapsing on itself, open to plundering thieves, his enemies.  He behaved as if Our Power were limited, as if We didn’t have the Authority to do whatever We want.  We do what We please in the fullness of time as We deem appropriate to achieve Our Purpose.  Only those who doubt Our Supreme Power can deny the Kingdom of Our Will’s immanent arrival.   We can do anything whether or not We decide that it will be done.  Our Power is so Great that We only have to want something for it to be done.  Nothing can resist before Our Power.  We have the Power to Rehabilitate him and make him more Beautiful than before.  We could support his collapsing house and patch it with cement so that it’s Stronger than it used to be.  A single Breath of Our Power would blow his thieving enemies into the dark abyss.”


So even though man slipped from within Our Divine Will and brought chaos upon himself, he was still Our Work nonetheless.  The dignity of Our Work demands that It be Complete and Perfect, because that’s how We want It, so Our Power had to set a limit on his disorder.   We addressed his weakness with an Imperious Voice, ‘We’ve had enough of this!  Reenter the natural Order of this, take the place of Honor We have assigned you as a Work Worthy of your Creator.’  Its Omnipotence will perform miracles that do not have the strength to resist.  Though drawn by Invincible Love that attracts with Supreme Force, it will happen spontaneously without any strain.”


The Redemption Our Will desired was done with the Miraculous Power of Our Love.  It conquers all, even the worst kinds of ingratitude and the gravest sins.  It compensates with Love the worst offences of ungrateful man.  Without Our intervention, man will never be able to stand up again, even with the aid of My Redemption, because he does want any help.  Many will never stop being helpless sinners, smeared with the gravest sins.  However, the Power of My Love overflows enough to touch him with Its all-conquering Will.  Man will be shaken and floored, and when he rises to his feet again, it will be from evil to Good.  He will Re-Enter Our Divine Will that he had left and regain his lost Inheritance.  It all depends on whether Our Will wants it and has issued Its Divine Decree.  Once mandated, it’s as good as done.  It decisions are always right and they become facts.”


When I came upon earth to fulfill My Mission as Redeemer, everything My Sacred Humanity did were added to the Repository holding all the Acts of My Divine Will so they might be held in reserve for creatures.  Since I was Divine Will, I didn’t need them for Myself.  My Humanity acted with the tenderness of a Loving Mother.  The Acts of My Will were implanted as embryos that would be born in the fullness of time.  When It gives Birth to them, they shall fall into the lap of the creature’s actions to form a Kingdom for the Acts of My Fiat.  It is always there as a Loving Mother in agony waiting to give Birth to Her Divine Offspring.”


I taught creatures how to say the ‘Our Father’ so everyone could pray that My Kingdom come, and My Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven.  Teaching such a prayer would have been useless if It were not to come, and I never do useless things.  The many Truths I Revealed about My Divine Will were a clarion call that Its Kingdom will come upon earth, and not by human effort.  It was the work of Our Omnipotence.”   


Everything is possible when We want it.  We do great things with the same ease that We did the small, because all of Our Act are done with the same Virtue and Power.  It has little to do with anything Our Act of Power may receive.  When I was on earth, My Power ran through all of My Actions so that the touch of My Hands and My Imperious Voice were filled with Power.  Everything I did was done with the same ease.  Calling Lazarus to life when he had already been dead for four days and the stench of corruption was unbearable was just as easy as reviving the little girl who had been dead for only a few hours.  I commanded that the bandages be removed from him, and then I called him with My Imperious Voice, ‘Lazarus, come out!’  With the Command of My Voice, Lazarus was Resurrected, the foulness disappeared, the stench evaporated, and he came back hale and hearty as if he had not died.  These are good examples to demonstrate how My Power can make the Kingdom of My Fiat rise again among creatures.”


Here is another good example of how My Power Works that is just as tangible.  A man is so thoroughly corrupted that the stench of his sinful infection is more unbearable than any corpse wrapped in its death garments.  He has need of Majestic Divinity to free him from the bandages of his passions.  If My Imperial Power so desires, It will fill him and bring death to his sinful corruption so the poor man shall rise again Healthy and more Beautiful than before.  The only doubt anyone should have is whether My Divine Will want something or not.  They know that they could never deserve such Great Goodness, however they should never doubt whether My Power can do it.”





April 9, 1932


How Jesus keeps molding the creature in order to make her Rise Again

in the New Life of His Truth. 

How Jesus alone could Manifest so many Truths on the Divine Will,

as He possesses the Fount of them.


I continue abandoning myself in Divine Volition.  I feel like a little girl being nourished, sip by sip, with Celestial food that gives my soul Strength, Light and Indescribable Sweetness.  Each Truth that my beloved Jesus reveals to His little newborn is a touching and delightful scene filled with beauty.  He conveys to my mind the Beatitude of the Celestial Fatherland. 


I was immersed in the Truth of Supreme Fiat when my always Lovable Jesus came to visit His little girl.


He said, “Little daughter of My Volition, although Our Supreme Being gave the creature the heavens,

the sun, earth and sea, they are not as great as the Truth He teaches about Divine Will.  Natural beauty is external to the creature while the Truth penetrates the innermost fibers of her soul.  I am constantly molding the heartbeat, affection, desire, the intellect, memory and will to Transform her completely into My Living Truth.  As I continue molding her, I replicate the Miracles I performed in the Creation of Man.  With a touch of My Hand, I destroy the evil seed and raise up the Seed that bring New Life.  As My Touch continues molding the creature, I give this New Life to her.  The heavens over the sun and sea do not have the Power to Transform the creature into a heaven with a sun shining over the sea.  The Goodness of Nature remains outside her.  An abundance of Good things were included in the Truths I have Revealed to you.  So be vigilant as you align yourself with this great Goodness.”


Then I continued meditating on the Truths of Divine Will, overflowing with Joy and various Divine Transformations.  They have Revealed to me the Supreme Being.  I would never have known the Creator, my Celestial Father, if Holy Truths had not come as Messengers, bringing so much Beautiful News of His Adorable Majesty.  As these Truths crowded my mind, a doubt arose.  ‘Was it really Jesus who has revealed all these Truths, was it the devil, or just my own fantasy?’ 


Then my Jesus surprised me.


He said, “My good daughter, how can you doubt this?  The sheer number of these Truths concerning My Divine Will is sure proof that only your Jesus could Speak with such detail using so many Powerful arguments.  I have the Living Fountain of Truth and I reveal them in little drops of Light, each one being certain Knowledge about My Adorable Will.  I say ‘drops’ because there is an Infinite Sea of them that I have yet to tell you.  Even if I spoke for all Eternity, I would still would have so much more Knowledge concerning My Supreme Fiat that I would never finish the telling.  What are ‘drops’ for Me are the vast seas I have already Revealed to you.  What is but a drop for an Infinite Being is sea for you, a finite creature.” 


The fact that I Speak so much and in such detail should convince you of this Truth, that only your Jesus could know so much about His own Will.  My reasoning is sure proof of this, you can be sure.  The enemy has no such Fountain.  If he were to so much as touch one of My Key Truths, It would burn him even more.  What he hates most is the very Divine Will that torments him.  He would turn the world upside down if he could.  He uses all his artful tricks to hide the Truth about My Will so that no one can follow It.  The fantasies of you imagination are much too small for My Truths, the Light of Reason would be smothered in something so limited.  Attempting to give two or three reasons through your own imagination, you would have become increasingly tongue tied and flustered until you were reduced to an embarrassed silence.”


Only your Jesus has the Word that is ever New and Penetrating, full of Divine Freshness.  Faced with the unimaginable Sweetness of these astonishing Truths, the human intellect is forced to bow its head and say, ‘This is the Finger of God.’  So acknowledge this Great Goodness, and let My Will alone be your Focal Point in all things.”





April 13, 1932


The human nature that lets itself be Dominated by the Divine Will:   Its field of action and flowery earth.  How the Divine Will possesses the inseparability.


I am always in the arms of Divine Will, like a child held tight in the arms of her Mom.  It holds me so close in Its arms of Light, that I can’t see, hear or touch anything but Divine Will. 


I thought, “If only I could be free from the prison of my body, my flights would be quicker through Its Fiat.  I would have known so much more that I could have done everything in a single Act as It does.  My human nature keeps interrupting me and putting obstacles in my path so that it’s difficult to run nonstop through Divine Will.”


I was still bemoaning the fact when My Divine Teacher Jesus dropped by to visit my poor little soul.


He said, “Blessed daughter, someone who Lives in My Divine Will has the power to continually modify the creature’s human nature so that it’s no longer an impediment.  Then her natural abilities become an asset that helps her complete more Acts of Divine Will.  Her body becomes like good soil is to flowers, allowing beautiful flowers to bloom so profusely that they cover it until it is hidden beneath their multicolored splendor.  They will absorb what the sun has to offer until their natural colors become brilliant with light.  Without this good earth, lowers wouldn’t have any place to germinate and form their life so they can make their appearance with stunning beauty.  The sun would be deprived of an opportunity to transfer its essence with vivid hues and sweet fragrance.  That is how human nature can be for the soul who Lives in My Divine Will.  Its clean fertile soil gives her a level playing field where colorful blooms may flourish under as many Suns as the Actions she performs.”


My daughter, I am enchanted by the Beauty that stems from a human nature that Lives in My Divine Will, profusely hidden under a meadow of flowers glowing with resplendent Light.  The soul could not form so many varieties of Beauty in isolation.  However, while engaged with the little crosses that are the necessities of life, whether happy or sad, she sows them like seeds in the soil of human nature so they bloom into a flowery field.  The soul by itself has no soil to raise flowers.  United with the body, however, it can do so many beautiful things.  I designed this human nature, piece by piece, with beauty sown into its form.  I works as the Divine Craftsman with such Mastery that no one else can do anything like it.  I Loved him and I can still see the touch of My Creative Hands Impressed on human nature.  Its Mine, it belongs to Me.”


There is complete accord between nature, the soul and human will enmeshed with what is Divine.  From nature’s expression as the good earth, human will acts to receive the Life of Divine Will into its own activities.  The creature allows herself be Controlled in everything she does to the exclusion of everything other than My Will as the Actor Bearing Life and Conservator of all Its Work.” 


Everything is Beautiful, Pure and Holy.  My Fiat hovers over her with Its Brush of Light to Perfect her, making her Spiritual and Divine.  So human nature cannot be an obstacle to your flights through My Will.  It is human will that becomes an obstacle when you allow to feed on your Life.  From your own soil there is nothing to fear.  It gives whatever it is given, and more.  It transforms the seed into plant, flowers and fruit.  Otherwise it remains silent as sterile dirt.”


I thanked Jesus for His Beautiful Lesson and was content that my human nature could not harm me.  I can actually help make the Life of Divine Will grow in my soul.


So I continued making my rounds and flying through Its Activity until my sweet Jesus interrupted me.


He said, “My Divine Will is indivisible from Its Actions and Effects.  It operates alone inside and outside Itself whether It works in the creature or the creature works within It.  Otherwise It carries out whatever else My Divine Will wants to do.  It inserts what belongs to It while retaining Its Actions and Its Properties as an integral manifestations of Itself.” 


If the creature Lives in My Divine Will, these Acts become common property for one and other.  However, if she steps out for a while, she loses the Privilege of having them being done in Our House.  The Substance, the very Life of the Act, the Sanctity and Beauty, the Privileges that are needed to form a single Divine Act, have been provided by Our Divine Volition.  All the creature has done is concur with her will and assist with Our Operation.  As far as substance goes, she has nothing to offer Us.  As long as she Lives within Our Volition, she is co-commander, if she goes absent without leave, she is not authorized to touch anything.  When she reports for duty, she has all the Privileges of a Commander.” 


Someone who Lives in My Divine Will works together with Us, otherwise they follows Our Orders and do whatever My Fiat commands.  With limited responsibilities, someone who does My Will finishes the Act, but that’s the end of It and there’s no Encore.  Even so, their actions bond with It, even though they don’t follow through with the Operation.  It’s all too obvious.  They were half-hearted about taking My Divine Will, and they had limited results.” 


The one who Lives and works in It acquires an uninterrupted Act of continuity as she Operates.  These will always be the Agents of My Fiat, as long as they don’t change their attitude about how My Volition Operates.  That creature will act in a way that lasts forever.  I want you always in My Fiat if you want to act in a way that has no limitations.  As a creature, you can only do It drop by drop, nonetheless, the Seas are waiting for you to fill them.  So don’t touch, or even look, at anything other than My Divine Will.”





April 23, 1932


How the creature is called by the Divine Will. 

However many times she does her acts in It,

so many times It is Reborn in her acts. 
Contest between Creator and creature.


My abandonment in the Divine Fiat continues, I feel Its call from within all Its Acts, that is, in the sky, in the sun, in the sea, in the wind, and in the Acts that It performed in the Redemption.  There is nothing that exists that did not come forth from the Divine Volition. 


It calls to tell me, “I have done everything for you.  Come and enjoy all the things I have Created specifically for you to show how much I Love you.  Everything belongs to you and it’s important that you don’t neglect any of them.  They belong to Us too, and We don’t want them to be stranded all alone.  Come make your voice echo and reverberate throughout all created things.  We are waiting to hear the sweet sound of your footsteps.  Our solitude turns into a celebration when you are with Us.  We are delighted by the sweet and unexpected Joys We receive from Our beloved creature.”


After a while, as my mind was around throughout Its Works, my always Lovable Jesus came to visit my poor little soul.  He spoke to me so tenderly.


He said, “Blessed daughter of My Volition, all created things were made for creatures, and My Divine Will remained within each one of them, calling out to the creature.  It made all things for the creature because It wanted her and didn’t want to be alone.  It gave her Authority over everything It created so that Its Purpose in her Creating her would not be left unfulfilled.”  


The one who takes possession of My Will as her own Life hears My call.  The Echo of My Will that resonates within all created things is answered by the same Echo in the soul who holds It.  My Volition calls her into Its arms.  I have given her this authority over all created things so that her Love would urge them to say, ‘Love’When she adores, they say, ‘Adoration’, when she is thankful, they sayThanksgiving’You can see her work hovering in the sky as the sun, sea and wind emulate her call to Love.  Even the little bird sings in adoration, giving thanks in the same way as the creature who has possession of My Divine WillHer Love is immense, and is everything else that she says or does.  She has power over Heaven and earth.”


Furthermore, the soul who has acquired My Divine Will uses Its all-powerful Divinity’s Truth and Power in her work.  That means diffusing herself into everyone and everything to gather them all into her Activity.  With her Imperial Authority she makes herself heard by everyone.  She wants everyone to be vigilant about the Power of My Fiat Operating through the creature’s Activity, though Its actually Mine, not hers.” 


Angels, Saints and all of Creation have It in their possession.  They feel Its Powerful current flowing through everything and they are intent on having It for themselves.  They Love how Divine Will Operates and they bow in adoration and thanksgiving.  For everyone in Heaven and on earth, Its one Primal Act is the Greatest, most Beautiful thing imaginable.  Its One single Act has Total Power whether exerted through human activity or on Its own behalf brings Innovation by transforming everything.  New Things arise that did not exist before.”


One Act done through My Divine Will takes place in the Divine Order of Its Powerful Empire.  Its Rule is all encompassing.  It Rules with Enticing Love, Enrapturing Beauty, Infinite Joy and Sweetness.  It is an Act that gathers up everything.  Those who are not enamored of Its Beauty feel the weight of Divine Justice looming over them.  Yet all will feel this single Act of My Will Touching them with Its Power, no one is to be excluded.  These are the only Acts surrounding the Godhead with endless Praise.  They were replicated by God to participate in His Never-ending Act.”


After that I continued acting in Divine Will until my sweet Jesus spoke to me again.


He said, “My daughter, the soul who Lives in My Will is continually in the Act of being Reborn through the Actions she performs in It.  When she loves, she is continually in the Act of being Reborn through Divine Love.  Being Born in It is what makes her Love come alive.  As Its Life becomes the Primary focus of her entire being, It transforms everything about her into Love.  It takes over every movement of her body, including her heartbeat, breathing and every step she takes.  When she glances at the world, It takes notice.  Every movement of her will is directed by It.”


Its Love grows within her every time she is Reborn.  It is her Life, and is constantly being born and growing.  We are wounded by the Power of her Love as she enraptures Us with Our own Divine Power.  Love pours out of Our Wounds to do the same with Our beloved creature.  Every time she is reborn, Our Love for her is replicated.  When she compensates Us on behalf of creatures, she does so within Our Will.  Reborn as Divine Reparation, It comes to Life within her soul, moving and breathing.  Her self-will and her entire being takes on the will and all her being acquires the Life of Reparation.” 


Its Life gives her the power to disarm Us, transforming the scourges that creatures deserve into Grace.   Everything a creature can do in Our Divine Will works the same way.  The Lives that she replicates within herself are nourished by Our Divine Sources.  Praising Us in Our Divine Will brings a generous Life of praise.  The Blessing she gives within It brings a lifetime of Blessings for he Creator.  A simple ‘thank you’ said within It becomes a lifetime Thanksgivings.  She grows every time she is Reborn through these Actions, and Its Life becomes more fulsome within her.  Her breathing, heartbeat, circulation, thought, speech, mobility and every other aspect of her being is unanimous in saying, ‘I thank You,’ ‘I praise You,’ ‘I bless You.’  It is beautiful to see her taking possession of more Lives every time she is reborn within her own Actions as they done within Our Divine Fiat.  For every Life she incorporates, We feel yet another heartbeat consolidated within her own.  Many Lives breathe as one, moving together and marching in step.  Some say, ‘Love’, while other ensembles each say, ‘Reparation,’ orThanksgiving,’ orPraise,’ orBlessing.’”


All these Lives Reborn sing in Beautiful Harmony within the blessed creature who had the Providential Good of acquiring them.  It is always Our Pleasure to gaze intently at her while as We listen to her beautiful music.  The Power of Our Will is constantly calling Our Attention to her she as tells UsI love You,’ so We answerWe Love you, We Love you, Our daughter!’  When she offers Us reparations, We hold her to Our Heart.  Since she thanks, praises and blesses Us, We answerWe Thank you, We Praise you, We Bless you.’  We compete with her.  Heaven and earth are astonished that the Creator should have a contest with His beloved creature.  That’s why I want you in My Will permanently.  You give Us something to do and I We like talking with you.  You give Us an outlet for Our Love.”





April 30, 1932


How Living in the Divine Will is a Gift.  Example of the poor one, and example of the king.  How the Gift is an excess of Love and Magnanimity of God, who neither cares, nor wants, to keep accounts of the Great Value that He Gives.


I was totally immersed in Divine Volition.  Though a crowd of thoughts jostled my mind, they were all about Fiat.  That’s all you can think about there.  Its sweet Enchantment, Its Light that fills everything, together with all of Its Truths assemble like a formidable army that repels all things foreign to It.  The happy creature who finds herself in the Celestial Atmosphere of Divine Will is completely happy in the fulsome Peace of the Saints.  All she wants is that everyone should know such a Lovable, Holy Volition.  Her wish is everyone might come to enjoy her Happiness. 


Then I thought, “How is it that creatures can come to Live in Divine Will and form Its Holy Kingdom?” 


My beloved Jesus surprised me.


He said, “You are so little, My daughter!  It’s obvious that someone as little as you are doesn’t know how to rise up into the Power, Immensity, Goodness, and Magnanimity of your Creator.  It’s from your very littleness that you measure the Greatness of Our Liberality.  My poor little girl, you get lost in Our Unimaginable Powers, you have no idea how to weigh the endless paths of Our Divinity.” 


From a human point of view, the creature is surrounded by evil.  Living in My Volition and forming Its Kingdom on earth seems to you like trying to touch Heaven with your finger, as if that were possible.  What is impossible for men, is possible only for God.  Living in Our Will is a Gift that Our Generosity wants creatures to have as their own.  The creature is transformed by this Gift, from poor to Wealthy, from weak to Strong, and from ignorant to Erudite.  A slave of vile passions, he is exchanged as a Sweet and Voluntary Prisoner of the All-holy Will that takes no prisoners.  He is crowned as King of Divine Dominions, and of all created things.” 


Imagine some poor man dressed in rags living in a shack that doesn’t even have a door.  His wretched hovel is open to thieves who treat him as an enemy.  He doesn’t have enough bread to satisfy his hunger and is forced to beg for food.  If there were a generous king who would give him a millions of dollars as a gift, the poor man would change his life style radically.  Instead of living as an indigent beggar, he could live like a lord in one of his palaces or villas, dressed in fancy clothes.  He would have more than enough food for himself and would be in a position to help others.  This gift of money has changed the poor man’s destiny.”


If filthy lucre has the power to change this poor man’s lot in life, imagine how he might live if he were given the Generous Gift of Our Will.  Such a Great Gift would change the miserable fate that awaits future generations of humankind.  Yet there will always be those who live in poverty and misery because they are too proud to accept charity from others.  Our Generosity gave this Gift to man when he was created.  However, he was ungrateful and rejected It.  He preferred following his own will, so he withdrew from Ours.”


Someone who has decided to follow Our Volition prepares a place that’s worthy of this Great and Noble Gift with Its Infinitude.  Our Knowledge about Fiat will help prepare her to receive this Gift in a way that will astonish her.  Even though It wasn’t available until now, they could have It as soon as tomorrow.” 


I would do what this king has done by establishing a kinship bond with his with his own royal family.  To do this, he takes one of them and gives her a room in his royal palace where he can raise her properly and teach her to be courteous.  He lets her in on all the family secrets and give her a place in his living will so that she has rights in this worthy family.  He gives her his volition as a gift to make her more secure.  Then she won’t have to go back and live her poverty stricken family.”


I can do what that king cannot do.   I can bi-locate My Will and make a Gift of It to the creature.  Imagine what he would do if only he could.”


The king keeps his eye on her.  He’s always giving her jewelry and beautiful gowns to wear.  He loves to see her dressed in finery and adorned with luxurious ornaments.  He know they can’t go on like this so he takes her hand in marriage.  They have each become a gift to the other.  Once wed, they both have the same rights as Sovereign Rulers.  Her poor family has now acquired a bond of kinship with the king.  He loves the one who gave herself to him so much that he calls her family to live in his royal palace.  He gives them the same gift that he gave to the one he loves so much.”


That’s what We did.  We called someone from the human family to Live in the Royal Palace of Our Volition.  We made the Gift of Knowledge a little at a time until she could be entrusted with Its most Intimate Secrets.  When We felt how sweet and precious it was to let a creature Live in Our Volition, We were Content.  The Joy We experienced was Indescribable.”


Our Love pushed Us and threatened to use violence on Us unless We made a Gift of Our Omnipotent Fiat.  We’ve had her in Our Power ever since she gave herself to Us as a gift.  Our Divine Will has secured Its Place of Honor within the creature.” 


Once We have made the Gift of Our Fiat to a member of the human family, We share the bonds of kinship with her.  She earns the Right to this Gift and can share It with her family.  We never perform Works as a Gift for a single creature, We do It for the Universal Common Good.  So this Gift is available to everyone, provided they want It and are prepared to accept It.”


Living in My Will does not come naturally to the creature, nor can she force the issue or merit It in any way on her own behalf.  It is a Gift that I make to whomever I want, whenever I please and for whatever generation of creatures I see fit.   It is Gift of Heaven made through Our Great Generosity and undying Love.  This Gift binds the human family to their Creator so He won’t seem so distant.  His is so close that He may as well be part of the family and live with us in His Royal Palace.  His Gift makes them so wealthy that they forget their past miseries when they were weak and ridden with passions.  Everyone will enjoy Peace, Strength and an Abundance of Grace.  When they acknowledge this Gift, they will say, ‘I am not deprived of anything in the House of my Celestial Father.  Everything there is at my disposal, thanks to the Power of this Gift I have received.’” 


Our Great Generosity and Love inspires Us to provide these Gifts.  It doesn’t matter if the creature deserves It or not.  If We gave It to someone because of the sacrifices they had made, It would be a reward rather than a Gift.  No one has a right to this Gift and It is beholden to no one, nor are We, for that matter.  In fact, before man even existed, We already Created the sky, the sun, wind, sea and an earthly garden full of flowers.  We made them all especially for him, as a Gift.  He had done nothing to deserve such a Great and Everlasting Gift.”


We were in the act of Creating him when We gave him a Great Gift that was loftier than the others, Our Omnipotent Fiat, and he rejected It.  But We didn’t give up, We were determined that he would have It.  We kept It in reserve so We could give It to his children, the same Gift their father had spurned.” 


This Gift was given from the excess of Our Love.  There is so much of It that there was no way to account for It all.  We didn’t care about that.  Yet the creature was paid nonetheless, depending on his good works and the sacrifices he would make.  We paid him exactly what they were worth.  After paying him, We still had a huge surplus, and that We gave him as a Bonus.”


If anyone has any doubts about this, it’s because they can’t understand the Generosity of Our Divine Being, nor the extent of Our Love.  But that doesn’t mean the creature shouldn’t compensate Us, at least a little gratitude and love.”





May 8, 1932


By doing his will, the creature impedes the course of the Gifts of God, and if he could would place Him in immobility. 

How in all His Works, God gives the first place to the creature.


I was still meditating on Divine Will and the foreboding evils of the human volition when it is left without a Guide.  He is bereft of the Living Fiat, with Its Light and Power.  It’s starving out of pure ignorance, because it has no Teacher who can teach It Divine Science.  There’s no way a creature can know anything about his Creator without a Guide.  He’s still learning the letters of the alphabet.  In the shadow of ignorance, he can barely discern the vowels, only because there is no Light without Divine Will.  It’s always night for him.  That’s why he knows so little about God.  Without Divine Will as his Reigning Sovereign, there’s no way he can understand the Celestial Language of Divine Truth and Primal Action.


I saw the human will before my mind, a ragged cretin limping and covered with dirt.  It was wrapped in thick darkness and dying of hunger.  Then comes the Living Light.  He winces and blinks, straining to look at It, in vain, because even a glance at the Light of Truth blinds him in Its glare.  He is confounded.  The tragedy of human will is enough to make anyone cry.  Without the Divine, there is no Good Life, you could starve to death without It.


I was still thinking about it when my Celestial Teacher Jesus came by for a brief visit.


He said, “My blessed daughter, following your own will is a grave offense,  even worse than if a creature were to paralyze the movement of the sun, sky, wind, air and water.  There would be so much chaos and terror that mankind could not survive.  Nevertheless, stopping created things in their tracks is still better than keeping the Creator from His work.”  


When Adam withdrew from Our Will, he blocked the stream of Gifts It sends to Our beloved creature.  If it were possible, he would have brought God to a standstill.  Our Supreme Being had designed creatures to be in continual Contact with Him.  It liked to give him Gifts now and then, surprising him whenever possible with Its Beauty.  It’s a pity that it had to end this way.”


By following his own will, he sends a message to his Creator, ‘Go away, I have nowhere to put Your Gifts.  The more you talk, the less I understand You.  I’ve had enough of Your surprises.  Go away, I’m busy.  I can handle everything on my own.’


He’s right about that.  Without My Will as his Primal Life, he has nowhere to put My Gifts and He doesn’t understanding Our Celestial Language.  As an outsider, he’s not impressed by Our Surprises and is blind to their Beauty.  The creature loses Divine Life by not doing Our Will.  Our Beauty is lost on him.  He has no interest in the crucial Act of his Creation.  He doesn’t want to know how God had Created him.  When man withdrew from Our Fiat, he threw himself into chaos, staggering through the darkness.  His detachment led Him to reject the Vital Act of his own Life.  He lost the stability and permanence of the Action that Lived inside him in the Unity of Our Divine Will.” 


We are paralyzed when We want to give and We cannot.  That’s the way it is with most creatures.  When We speak, he refuses to listen.  We try to make Our Sorrowful Laments heard from afar, saying, “Get a grip on yourself.  Reclaim the Will that you rejected. 

It will overlook your evil tendencies if you call out to It.  It’s waiting to take possession of your soul and form Its Kingdom within you.  My Kingdom is a Dominion of Peace and Happiness.  Its coming will be a Glorious Victory for Me, and you too.”


You are not a slave living in a maze of evil and misery.  That’s not how I Created you.  If you have sovereignty over yourself, then you are the King of Creation.  Call out to My Will as your Life and It will inform you concerning your Nobility, that You were raised on high by God.  Then you will be content, and so will your Creator!’”


After a while, He continued His lecture.


He said, “My daughter, the creature has no True Life within her until she enters into My Divine Will.  Only then does her nothingness become clear.  The void within her must be filled by the All, the One Who brought her out of nothingness into Life.  As soon as she recognizes herself, the All fills her with Itself.  When her nothingness encounters True Life, she is in immediate contact with Sanctity, Goodness, Power, Love and Divine Wisdom.  She acknowledges the Power of the Creative Work within herself.  A desperate need for the Pulsing of Divine Life tells her she is Truly Alive.  Only My Will can bring the creature to acknowledge her complete nothingness.  It is constantly Breathes over the abyss to fan the flames of Divine Life until she becomes a Work that is truly Worthy of Our Creative Hands.  Without Our Will, the creature feels like a mere something as the All hovers over the void.”


Then I continued acting in Divine Will.


My poor mind was lost in the sheer variety of Its Works as they ran in search of man to embrace him.  They sing the Sorrowful melody of Its Loving laments, piercing the very depths of his heart.   Then they rally around in his defense, ready to help him in anything that would make him happy.  Divine Fiat searches for man in everything It does, hoping to find him and Love him.  Yet man doesn’t search for It in his own activities.  He not going to sing melodies of Love to It.  No sweet laments are heard about the One who Loves him so much, the One who hopes for his Love in return.  Nor will he come to His defense.


I was still lost in His Divine Works when my sweet Jesus started talking again.


He said, “My daughter, all the Works We have performed outside of Ourselves have been done solely for creatures and We will continue Our Labors on their behalf.  We have no needs of any kind.  Our Grand Design revolves around them.  As We Work, you can see the creature sparkling within Our Action, streaming through It as Our dazzling Purpose.  Every act has a purpose that motivates what We do.  The main reason We work is the creature and everything We do supports Our Plan for him.  He sparkles, streaming through Our Action, and We say, ‘You were with Us when We stretched out the sky and a sun to adorn it.  You were the guest of honor streaming through its azure light.  Every Act of the Word done on earth centered on you.  Every Word was about the creature, and you flowed through Our Pain as if you owned It.’


We don’t give the creature a leading role in Our Act as an ornament or decoration.  She’s not a bystander.  She’s not mere flotsam floating on the surface of Our flowing stream.  Idleness has never made anyone Holy.  We positioned him in Our Acts so he could set his acts within Ours.  That is Our Script, and she has center stage.  As the creature gains confidence, she acts her part with a liberating sense of freedom.  We work hard on Our labor of Love, Creating, Directing and bringing It to Life.”


Though We support everyone and everything so the creature can have the starring role in Our Work, too many of them have nothing to do with her.  It’s like she hasn’t read the script because We didn’t have a role in It for her.  So for now, the main Theme of Our Works is the Sorrow of Unrequited Love.  They are constantly asking about the actor who has the leading role and why he hasn’t come to rehearse with the Director on this Labor of Love.  Nevertheless, there will be no end to the centuries until Our Works have achieved their Goal.  She is to take center stage and act out the creature’s role in the Work We have Created specifically for her.  These are among the Works that shall depict the Sovereign Rule of Divine Will as the Life that portrays their soul.”





May 15, 1932


How the knowledge about the Divine Will will form the eye and the capacity in order to look at and receive the Gift of the Divine Fiat,

and will accustom the creature to Living as children. 

Disorder of the human will.


I am back in the Supreme Fiat as usual, enjoying the Enchantment of Its Peace, Happiness and Light.  I wish the whole entire world could know such Goodness, so that everyone would pray for Its Kingdom on earth.


Then I thought, ‘Living in the Divine Volition is a Gift that He makes to generations of humans.  Jesus Loves this Divine Will so much that He wants people to know about It and yearn for Its Sovereign Reign.  Yet He doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to give them this Gift.’


That’s when my highest Good Jesus, came to visit my poor little soul, and He was all Goodness to me.


He said, “My daughter, I Burn with Desire to see My Divine Will Reign, however, I can’t make this Gift before I have Revealed the Truth.  Knowing It, creatures will have the Great Advantage of having enough insight to comprehend It.  They have to be prepared before they can receive such a Great Gift.  Creatures still don’t have the eyes to see It, nor the mental capacity to understand such things.  I have to Reveal so many Truths yet about My Divine Will.  Once they begin to know My Truth, they will develop an eye for It, a sphere to hold the pupil that must be animated with sufficient Light before they can look at this Gift and comprehend It.  This Light is greater than the sun and It shall be entrusted to them.” 


Trying to give It today would be like presenting a blind person with the fiery globe of the sun.  I could give such an unfortunate man the entire sun, and still being blind, it would do nothing to change his lot in life.  Even worse, he would be saddened by a gift of the sun that he couldn’t see.  It wouldn’t do him any good at all.  If only he weren’t blind.  Having your own sun would be really great.  It would be an endless feast for him.  He would be in a position to give light to others and be loved by them in return.  They would surround him to receive the goodness of the light that he has as his very own.”


So if I were to give the great Gift of My Divine Will today, it would be like giving a fiery globe to the blind.  It would change the misplaced destiny of human generations more that the sun ever could.  It would be a useless gift for the blind, and I do nothing out of futility.  I wait with a Divine Patience that is becoming delirious.  My Truths will eventually find a way to enter souls.  I will help them to develop an eye that is animated by sufficient Light to see the Gift of My Fiat.  They must have the capacity to hold It within themselves where I can establish Its Kingdom and extend Its Dominion.”


Patience and time will make sure that everything is done appropriately.  Our Sovereignty deserves nothing less for Its Meritorious Work.  Our Supreme Being acts as a father would when he wants to give a great gift to his little son.  The father calls the child, shows him the gift, and says to him, ‘I have made this gift for you, it’s yours when you’re for it.’   But he doesn’t give it to him right away.  The son is surprised and overjoyed when he sees the gift his father has made for him.  He stands there in front of his father and asks if he can have it now.  Flustered, he starts begging ever more insistently to have the present he has already been given.  The father takes this opportunity as a teachable moment.  He explains the nature of the gift, its value, and how happy his son should be to have something so good.  The son acts more maturely after his father’s explanation.  He must know how to behave if he is to have this gift.  He begins to understand how important it is that he takes care of such a great gift and act responsibly with it.”


So he tries to explain to his father that he is ready and starts begging for it again.  He wants the gift so much that he starts crying.  He can’t imagine not having something as good as what he is being given and wants to lay his hands on it as soon as he can.  He sighs and says a silent pray, thankful that his father has made him something that he must know how to appreciate before actually having in his possession.  He must know to have a special place in in life for a gift that is a sacred trust.  The father’s delay shows his love for his son by teaching how to delay gratification.  His desire to give this gift to his son immediately gives him a burning sensation, however it’s important that the child be capable of understanding the value of the gift he about to receive.  As soon as he sees that the son has the maturity required before taking responsibility for something this great, he will hand it over, grateful for his son’s appreciation.”


That’s what We are doing.  So much more so that this father, We long for the day We can give the Great Gift of Our Will to Our children, but first they have to know what it is that they are about to have as their own.  Such Knowledge about It makes Our children mature and more capable of taking responsibility for something as a Good as My Gift to them.  All these Revelations will give spiritual eyes to the soul.  They will then be able to look at Our Paternal Generosity with comprehension.  After all, We have been waiting for centuries to present Our Gift to creatures.”


Moreover, once they have received the Knowledge I have revealed about My Divine Will and have understood It, the Seed will be sown that shall germinate into the love children show toward their Celestial Father.  They will appreciate Our Paternal Generosity.  He wants them to do His Will, because He Loves them and wants his children to appreciate the Love He has for them so they may share His Divine Abundance of everything Good.” 


Our Knowledge about Divine Fiat will make them accustomed to Living as Our children.  The time for Miracles shall be over when Our Supreme Being gives to Its children the Great Gift of Our Will.  Children have a right to inherit their father’s property, and it is his duty to give all he has to his children.  Those who prefer to live apart as strangers don’t deserve their father’s possessions.  Our Paternity has a deep craving for this.  We want it, We long for it.  We have a burning desire to give this gift so that Our children may be at one with Our Will.  Our Paternal Love can rest when We see the Work that came forth from Our Creative Hands in the Womb of Our Volition.  They shall live in Our House.  Our Kingdom must be populated by Our dear children.”


I continued meditating on Divine Will after that.  I don’t know what I would do I didn’t have this to think about.


Then my Celestial Teacher spoke again. 


He said, “Blessed daughter, all the Acts done My Divine Will are Bound so tightly together that they are inseparable.  When you look closely at them, at first they appear to be one single Act.  It’s only when you enter further into It that you can distinguish one from the other.  Yet they are fused together as single, amalgamated unit.  Strength in Unity and indivisibility is the Nature of Divine Work.  Creation Itself declares this.  If one single star were to be detached from the place assigned for its interconnection with all the other created things, it would fall from the sky.  Chaos would ensue in the general disorder wrought on all Creation.  Indivisible Union would be completely subverted.  They all have their own life and each one is unique.  Together they form the perfect Harmony of all Creation.  Taken separately, they are the lifeless source of chaos everywhere.”


When human will is divorced from the Will of his Creator, he falls, taking everything with him into an abyss of pandemonium.  If he could, he would have everything disintegrate, and instill bedlam throughout whatever his Creator has ordained.  No one should be surprised at this.  After all, We Created human will.  Disengaged from Our Arrangement, it would lurch from its focal point of Divine Strength.   The Union of common accord would be sundered.  If it were possible, he would overthrow the Creator and tear apart everything that is Good.  Without Us, man loses the Strength and Unity of what is Good and essential to Life.  Condemned to fall, he would drag down everything with him into an abyss of chaos and disorder.”


Once she is Living in My Divine Will, the soul begins to act in Truth.   She is empowered with the Strength and Unity of all the Acts of Divine Fiat incorporated in one indivisible Act and encapsulated by all other Acts individually.  She feels the need of continuing her acts and linking them together to develop the Strength of Divine Will that animates her.  Life must be felt to experience It in Truth.  It wants to Breathe and Pulsate within Its Work.” 


One act calls forth another in the sequel of actions going on throughout the Unitary Activity of My Will.  Yet the formation of Life in a single act that breathes together with a single heartbeat is still on enough.  Its Breathing must continue without pause, Its Heart pulsating relentlessly in Its never ending Work.  The soul Living in My Divine Will breathes with heart throbbing solidarity.  My Fiat instills Its Life of Working as fully as is possible for a creature to maintain.  So if you want Its Life within you, act within It without intermissions.”





May 22, 1932


Delightful scenes that the soul forms for her Creator.  The Divine Will will give to the creature the Gift of Infused Science, which will be like a Divine Eye for her.


My poor little mind swims in the Immense Sea of Divine Will.  I can hear It murmuring from the depths, ‘Love, Praise, Thanksgiving’.  The Supreme Being allows His murmuring to merge with creature’s echo as they exchange Love for love.  This sweet encounter between Creator and creature shows how much they love each other.  Their exchange of Love generates waves of Love, Light and Indescribable Beauty that overwhelm the poor little creature.  She can’t hold that much and feels like she is drowning.  After that she is shy about doing it again, even though it involves the Ineffable Secrets of Love, Light and Divine Knowledge.  The Murmuring of the Eternal One has completely filled her soul with them.  There is so much Knowledge that I was lost in It, and since I didn’t know how to do it over, I could only stammer about it.  I couldn’t find the appropriate words and I was afraid to say anything about what I didn’t really didn’t understand, so I kept swimming.


My Lovable Jesus sympathized with my capacity being so small.  He held me in His arms.   


He said, “My blessed daughter, it’s normal for someone as little as you are to feel like you are being drowned in the Immense Light of My Love.  These Truths about the Holiness of Our Adorable Being are Innumerable.  However, Our Power and Immensity delights Itself with refilling the creature with so much Love, Light, Sanctity and Our compendium of Knowledge that she sometimes feels like she’s drowning.  To witness the creature drowning in Our Immensity is Beautiful to Us.  She tries her best to describe what she sees and is drowned by the Light and Love of Its Astonishing Truths.  It’s Beautiful when she attempts to describe what she hears and Our Waves fill her up so full that she can’t find adequate words for it.” 


This is how We illustrate Who We are to Our beloved creature.  We act like a teacher showing examples of the science he is trying to teach his young student.  He demonstrates what he knows while the child listens and fills both heart and mind with the discipline he learns.  It’s normal that a teacher explains more that the student can remember and demonstrate that he understands.  The teacher does this to impress his students.  Perhaps they will admire him enough to strive for his mastery of scientific knowledge.  They listen to their teacher attentively and he tries his best to keep their interest and study hard for him as someone they admire and respect.”


That’s what We do.  We want to be known, Loved and admired.  When We see the creature empty herself of everything, hoping for nothing else other than Our Divine Will, We are delighted.  We are so exuberant that We drown her with Light, Love and all the many Truths regarding Us.  We break down the science into a series of lessons.  We take a broad area of learning and teach her the components one by one because We delight in optimizing Our lessons so she can learn them according her limited aptitude.”


Someone who Lives in Divine Will shall reacquire the Gift of Infused Science, among many other rights and privileges.  This Gift that will be a guide to Our Divine Being and It will help her carry out the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat in her soul.  It is also a Guide to the natural order of things.  It will be the Hand that guides her in everything and will make known the Pulsating Life of Divine Volition in all created things.  It will always bring her what is Good.  This Gift was given to Adam at the beginning of Creation.  Besides Our Divine Will, he also had the Gift of Infused Science, so he understood Our Divine Truths with clarity.  Moreover, he all knew what Beneficial Virtues all created things possessed for the Good of creatures, from very large thing down to the smallest blade of grass.” 


He rejected Our Divine Will by doing his own, so Our Fiat withdrew Its Life and the Gift he had carried within him.  So he lived in the dark without the True, Pure Light of Knowledge concerning all created things.  Yet with the return of the Life of My Will in the creature, Its Gift of Infused Science will return.  This Gift is inseparable from My Divine Will, just as heat and light are associated with each other.  It Reigns in the depth of the soul and fills the eye full of Light and transforms it into the Divine Eye.  She acquires the Knowledge of God and of all created things as much as is possible for a creatureWhen man withdrew from My Will, his eyes became blind, because It no longer animated his Divine Sight.  It had stopped operating as the Life of the creature.” 


As long as the bodily eye is healthy, it can distinguish colors, objects and people.  However, if the pupil becomes dark, then he can no longer distinguish light, and blind.  It becomes nearly impossible for him to distinguish anything.  He can feel his way around, so can understand some of what goes on around him, but the light of his eye has been extinguished.  Though he still has eyes, they are lifeless and no longer full of light.  There is only a thick darkness that makes him lament the loss of his sight.”


Where My Will Reigns as Sovereign, It fixes the Gift of Infused Science within the soul.  It can see more than the eye and can understand Divine Truth without difficulty.  It comprehends the arcane Knowledge concerning Our Supreme Being with marvelous ease, using no special techniques or learning strategies.  No one can know the substance of natural things and the Good that lies therein better than the One Who Created them.  So it’s no wonder that Our Divine Volition, Sovereign within the soul, Reveals so much about Our Divine Being and all the things that He has Created.”


If Our Will is not in control, everything is darkness for the poor creature.  Our children are blind and they neither know, nor love the One Who has Created them.  He Loves them more than a father and yearns for the love of His children.  My Divine Will does not go around empty handed.  Where It Reigns as Sovereign, It brings all of the Superabundant Goods in Its possession.  If they are ungrateful, It is forced to withdraw, taking everything with It.  Such Goodness cannot exist without It.”


It’s like the sun as it rises in the morning, bringing the gift of its light with all its beneficial effects to the earth.  When it withdraws in the evening, it takes all the light with it, leaving nothing behind for the night.  Not a drop of solar light can exist without the sun.  They are inseparable.  Wherever it goes, it brings its fulsome light and forms the day.”


So pay attention.  Where My Will has Its Sovereign Reigns, It wants to do Great things.  Since It wants to give everything, It can never be satisfied doing little things.  It wants to form the Full Day and display in Its Gifts with Magnificence.”





May 30, 1932


How the Divine Will seeks the act of the creature in order to form Its Life in her.  Difference between the Sacraments and the Divine Will. 

How the Divine Will is Life and the Sacraments are the effects of It.


My poor little mind is still crossing the Immense Sea of Divine Fiat. 


It has Dominion and Command over all things, including the Supreme Being.


It says, “In vain do you flee from Me, because, within all things, ‘I am here.  I am Who am, and I am her to give you Life.’  I am Insurmountable.  No surpasses Me in Love, nor Light, nor in My Immensity.  I form as many Lives as I want to give to creatures, and they are all Mine.” 


You are Power of Divine Volition.  Your Immensity seeks out the creatures’ actions to form Your Life within each and every one of them.  Yet so many of them refuse to have You, though rejection stifles the Life within Your Immensity.  Your untiring Love conquers all in Your search for human activity where You may continually Bi-locate Your Life.”


My mind was lost in the Sea of Fiat when my Celestial Teacher, Jesus, came to visit His little daughter.


He said, “Blessed daughter of My Volition, every act the creature does in My Will, is another step she takes closer to God.  As she approaches, He in turn matches her step by step, coming ever closer to her.  Creator and creature are constantly walking toward each other.  My Will descends into the creature’s actions so that Divine Life can take another step closer to her as she climbs through Fiat into the Divine Regions.  There she becomes the Conqueror of Light, Love, Sanctity and Celestial Knowledge.  Each breath, word, act, and heartbeat in My Will is a Step through Divine Life the creature takes.  It longs for these acts to have Its Field of Action where It can form many Divine Lives in the creature.”


That was the Purpose of Creation, to form Our Life in the creature so We could have Our Divine Field of Action in her.  We Love having her do Our Divine Will so We can safely place Our Life in the creature.  We are self-sufficient, so We don’t need her or anyone else with Us.  The Great Miracle We wanted was to form Our Life within the life of the creature through the Power of Our Will.  If We did not, Creation would not accomplish Our Primary Purpose and Our Love would be thwarted.  It would be bitter to look at such a Magnificent work unfinished and Our Purpose unfulfilled.  If We were not Certain that Our Will would Reign Supreme within the creature where We could form Our Life within her, Our Love would Burn Creation so completely that there would be nothing left of It.  The only reason We have tolerated them so long is that We see the times to come when Our Purpose shall be Realized.”


When the creature follows her own will, she takes a step back from her Creator, and as she pulls back, God withdraws until the distance between them is Infinite.  So perseverance is crucial.  She must continue Operating in My Divine Will to diminish the great distance between God and the creature under the influence of the human will.  This has nothing to do with a single individual’s distance.  I am all in all for everyone in Heaven and on earth.  The distance between human volition and Mine is a difference in Sanctity, Beauty, Goodness, Power and Love.  Such distance is infinite and can only be eliminated through My Volition Operating in the creature to Reunite her with Us by reconnecting her to Us so completely that each is inseparable from the other.”


In Redemption, everything We manifested for the descent of the Word onto the earth was another step closer to mankind.  As people yearned and prayed for It, We were manifesting Prophecies and Revelations to them.  As they were taking steps toward the Supreme Being, We were walking towards the creatures.  As the time for My descent onto the earth drew near, We revealed more through Our Prophets.  We were walking faster towards each other as the time approached.”


At the beginning of the world there were no Prophets, though later on, We began revealing information about once a century.  The creatures were cool about the leisurely pace of Our walk back then.  Most people thought the news about My coming was absurd.  Now they think the same about the Kingdom of My Will, that such a thing was just not possible.  Most of the Prophets came after Moses, especially during the advent of My coming.  As the gap between Our Revelations narrowed, We and the creature walked faster toward each other.  By the time the Sovereign of Heaven came, We were running as she hastened toward her meeting with the Creator who would Redeem them.”


These Revelations about My Divine Will prove that It is walking toward Its Sovereign Reign on earth, and that the creature takes them as an ironclad guarantee that It is coming soon.  She walks faster and then begins to run, intent on being on time for their First Meeting so she can take It into her soul where It can Rule over her.  This is the first step in the establishment of Its Sovereign Reign in the midst of creatures.  So keep acting and don’t stop.  It is the continuity of your actions that pick up the pace as you stride over every obstacle.  That is the only thing that can conquer both God and creature.”


A crowd of thoughts about Divine Will surged through my mind before receiving Holy Communion.   


I thought, ‘What’s the difference between the Sacraments and Divine Will?’


Then my Sovereign Jesus tore open his Eucharistic Veils and revealed himself.  He let out a pathetic sigh before speaking.


He said, “There’s a huge difference between the two, My blessed daughter.  Sacraments are the Effects of My Will, which is Life, and It is Life’s Creative Power that forms the Sacraments and gives them Life.  The Sacraments do not have the Power to give Life to My Will, because It is Eternal, having neither beginning nor end.  Since the Nature of My Adorable Will is Creative Power, It has priority over all things.  It creates all things, including Its own Life, and It does so wherever wants, however It wants, whenever It pleases.  Imagine the difference between the sun and the effects it produces.  The sun is not given life by its own effects.  It does, however, produce the life of its effects if they are open to it.”


Creature receive the Sacraments according to time, place and circumstances.  Baptism is given only once.  The Sacrament of Penance is given when someone falls into sin.  They receive My Sacramental Life only once a day.  There is no access to the Strength and Aid of Baptismal Waters that constantly Regenerate over the course of the poor creature’s lifetime.  When a Priest pronounces the Sacramental Words ‘I absolve you from your sins.’ she is not fortified for the rest of her days.  During life’s trials, the creature’s fault accumulate around the clock every day.  Not so, the saving Grace of Jesus in His Sacrament form.”


My Divine Will holds in Its Imperial grip the Primal Act of Life that is continually Acting to give the creature her very life.  Every second, every minute and hour of he life, It gives Itself to the creature as the Life of Light, Sanctity, Love and Strength.  There is no time and place in Its Life, no changing circumstances, they simply don’t exist.  It is governed by no law.  It has no restrictions.  When It gives Life, It does so continuously.  There’s nothing intermittent about It.  In the ardor of Its Imperious Love, It is continually Baptizing and Absolving her.  Her First Communion is going on every day of her life.”


Our Will was given to man at the Beginning of his Creation as his own Eternal Life.  It is Our Will that forms Our Life in him.  It gave Substance to the Fruit of Creation.  With this Life We gave him everything.  There was nothing he would ever need that cannot be found in Our Will.  It gives everything he could ever want, Sanctity, Light, Strength and Aid.”


He had power over everything.  My Will was committed to giving him everything he wanted, provided he would allowed It complete Dominion over his soul for as long as It Lived in his soul.  There was no need to institute the Sacraments when man was Created.  He had in My Will the Beginning and Eternal Life of everything that is Good.  The Sacraments as an aid, the medicine of forgiveness, had no reason to exist.  When man rejected Our Will by withdrawing from It, he was left without Divine Life.  There was Virtue to Nourish him.  The Act of continually receiving New and Growing Life was not available to him.  He would have died without the Effects that My Divine Will he was given according to his disposition depending on the times and circumstances.”


When Our Paternal Goodness saw that man continued fall ever deeper, It decided to help by giving him Its support.  It gave him the Law to guide his life, since Creation did not provide such things. However, My Divine Will was continuously giving him Life.  Our Divine Law came naturally to him.  He could feel It as vividly as his own life, so We had no commands.  He didn’t need Us to tell him what to do.  In fact, there are no laws or command where My Will Reigns Supreme.  Laws are for rebels and villains, not for children.  For those who Live in Our Volition, all differences are resolved in Love.”


Man was the Ideal of Our Creation, and all the laws in the world cannot remake him.  Everything We have done was for him, because I wanted to come into their midst on earth.  So I instituted the Holy Sacraments to give him solid support with medicine to cure him.  We gave him security and supported him with Our aid depending on the times and circumstances according to the creature’s inclination.  These are the Works of My Divine Will and their Effects.”


Even with all this Great Good, if the soul does not let Divine Will enter and become her Life, she will always be miserable in a life half-lived, being eaten alive by her own passions.  Sanctity, her very salvation, will always be at risk.  Its is My Will that continually offers Itself as her Life.  Its sweet Enchantments soothe her passions and miseries.  It opposes the evil in creatures with their opposites, Sanctity, Love, Power and Light.  Her human volition will succumb to Its sweet Enchantment, Beauty and Goodness shall wash away the evil within it.  Subject to Its sweet and gentle Empire, My Will’s never ending Act of Life fills her with Holiness.  She will let It do whatever It wants.  The ongoing Action that gives Eternal Life can never be reached through other activity.  There are no other ways and means, no matter how powerful and holy, that can provide the Goodness brought by an Action that never terminates.”


The worst thing a can do to herself is not agreeing that Our Will should as Sovereign within her.  This is the greatest wrong she can do to Our Paternal Goodness.  By following her self-will and relying on her own power, she induces Us to destroy all of Creation.  We designed the creature to live in Our Dwelling.  We reserve the Right to Inhabit all created things, including the heavens, the sun, the earth, and every Work that We have released from the Heights of Our Supremacy.  We add to their beauty and dignity by residing in them.  We keep them as fresh and new as when We were in the act of bringing them out into the Light.”


Refusing to do Our Will is like pushing Us out of Our Own Home.  Imagine a rich lord who has erected a big, beautiful palace and is ready to move into it.  As he is about to enter, they slam the door in his face.  They throw stones and yell at him to never set foot there again.  He is saddened that he can’t live in the dwelling he has built for himself.  He could take his revenge by tearing it down, but he doesn’t because he is fond of his own work.  So waits patiently for the one he has smitten with love until she opens the door and invites him in to live with her.”


That’s how the creature behaves when he refuses to let Our Will Reign as Sovereign within his soul.  He slams the door in Our Face and throws his flinty sins at Us.  We wait With the Indomitable Patience of Divinity.  Since he doesn’t want Our Will Living in him, Our Paternal Goodness decides to let him enjoy Its benefits regardless.  So I give him Our Laws, Sacraments, the Gospel, and the aid of My Examples and Prayers.  I do this for his own Good so that My Will can function as the creature’s Eternal Life.  Since It includes Law, the Sacraments, Life and the Gospel, there’s nothing else like It.  It owns everything, so It can give whatever It wants to the creature, and all of It is hyper-significant.  That should be enough to demonstrate what a huge difference there is between having My Will as the ongoing Life of the creature and the Effects Its Sacraments have on her.  They are not everlasting and they are dependent on the times and circumstances.  Even though Its Effect can do a great deal of Good, they can never do what the Life of My Divine Will Reigning Supreme within the creature can do.  So pay attention, My daughter, and give It the Sacred Liberty to do whatever It wants in your soul.”






June 12, 1932

One who Lives in the Divine Will finds all the Divine Works in Act and done for her. 

One who Lives in the Divine Will does the Office of Breeze for the Divine Works.


My poor little soul keeps going around throughout Divine Fiat.  Living in It is irresistible because I have everything at my disposal, and It’s all mine.  It’s as if all created things were secretly inviting me into them.  In the depths of my heart I can hear them calling me with their silent voices.  ‘Come into our midst.  Take us and enjoy all the Beautiful Works our Creator made for you.  We belong to you.’  It’s so enchanting to look at all Creation through the veils of Divine Will. 


Then, as my poor little soul was enveloped in the sweet enchantment of all Creation, my beloved Jesus came to visit me again, however briefly.


He said, “My blessed daughter, for someone who Lives in My Divine Will everything is present.  Neither past nor future exist for her, everything is in progress.  Once she enters the Divine Order, Our Paternal Goodness has no use for the Love It in the past during Creation or the Love that is yet to come.  Such Love opens no breach in the creature’s heart, since the Work of Love unleashed from Our Womb during Creation doesn’t seem to be directed at her, and Works of Love in the future are no more than vague hope and longing.  Moreover, past and future do not exist for Us.  They are reserved for those who live outside of Our Will, because they only look at Our Works from the outside, not as they are in themselves.  Someone who Lives within It encounters Our Works from the inside and they see Our Creation as something that is continually going one for the benefit of all creatures.” 


We let the happy creature who Lives in Our Volition to see and touch with her own hand Our Act of stretching the heavens out overhead during Creation, adorning it with a sun above the wind blowing over the sea, all for her benefit.  She see and clearly understands Our Intense Love within everything We Created for her.  Our Power and Wisdom had arranged them out of Love for her.  She is immersed in them until she is drowning beneath the waves of Our Love, Power, Wisdom and Goodness within each created thing.  Yet even though she seems to be drowning, she can see that Creation shows no sign of ending.  The Creative Act continues and It would never say to her, ‘that’s enough.’  Since she understands that Our Act of Creation never suspends Operations, she echoes Our Love and would never stop Loving Us.”


It’s beautiful to see the creature constantly Loving Us with Our own undying Love.  Moreover, as she drowns in Our constant Love that sustains Its Creative Act out of Love for her, so she can repay Us.  She imitates Our own strategies and says to Us, ‘Supreme Majesty, if I had the Power, I would behave like you by making just as many sun-filled skies as You have, I and would do it out of Love for You.  However, since I can’t do that, I’ll give everything you have already given me, such as this Heaven with Its very own sun.  That’s my way of telling You how very much I love You.’”


I am so Happy to be repaid by a creature who takes Our Love as her own and then gives It to Us in return.  Within Our Will, there’s no between Creator and creature.  When she loves, she Loves Us with Our own Love, and when she works, her labor serves to advance Our ongoing Work.  She loves nothing outside of Our Love, nor does she do any work other than Our own.  Our Love is hers, and she gives It to Us.  We have been working together for a long time now.”


That’s why having the creature Living in Our Will makes both happy.  We like to interact with her because We Created her in the first place so We could work together to our mutual delight.  There was no reason to keep her at arm’s length when We should be Fused together as One.  We absorb her into Our Creative Act as It Operates according to Our Plan for all created things.   She generates the waves of Our Love.  She opens the vein of Our Joy and spills It out for the creatures to drink.  She feel the pulse of Our Will as It Operates.  Drowning in Our Sea of Happiness and Joy is paradise for her soul.”


Creation is always an Act in progress, as is Redemption.  Someone who Lives in My Divine Will is constantly aware of the Act of My descending from Heaven to earth.  I descend specifically for her because I Love her.  That’s why I am Conceived and Born, suffering as I die.  I do everything for her.  Tit for tat, I descend, and she receives Me, is conceived in Me, is born again in Me, Living together with Me and dying with Me, only to rise again together.  She want to do everything I have ever done together with Me.”


She is an integral part of Creation, Redemption, Our Works and even My very Life.  I would give anything to the one who Lives in Our Will.  I have focused everything on her because My Love insists upon it.  You can have everything if you Live in My Will.  There’s no need to share It by halves, so take It all and enjoy how Good it feels to have everything Operating within you as a single ongoing Act.  Then you will understand how much you have been Loved by your Creator and why you are obligated to Love Him in return.”  


So I abandoned myself completely in the arms of Divine Will.  My restless mind was going over past episodes in my life that still make me sad.  I felt shy about it, and so small.  My sweet Jesus was sympathetic and came to Bless me.  The soothing balm of Its dewfall made me perfectly calm and I was glad to escape the storm.  My beloved Jesus is so Good to me.


He said, “Courage, My good daughter, there’s nothing to fear.  Courage is a Powerful Weapon that kills shyness and drives out fear.  Forget about everything and come into My Divine Will.  Be the gentle breeze that fans all Our Works.  Everything in Our Fiat is in order, but they don’t seem to be moving.  They want a gust of creature’s wind to propel them forward a few steps closer to them.  A steady breeze would be enough, and a gale force wind would send them down the runway and fly into the air with a cargo of Goodness taken from Our Works.”


As the soul enters into Our Will, her activities merge with Ours and continue moving within them as a steady breeze.  Flying along with the Power of Our Will, she calls out to Our Works and captures them.  She propels all Our Works with a penetrating wind full of sweetness, sending them on their way toward the creatures.  It makes Us so Happy.  We long for the sweet refreshing breeze the creature brings to Us in Our Volition.” 


So pay attention and hold onto your peace of mind.  There’s no way to come into Our Will without it.  Our Ardent Love is waiting for your sweet refreshment before moving on with Our Work.  There’s only room for Peaceful souls within Our Volition.  Unless It hears your footsteps coming behind It as It walks, unless Its Works are surrounded by an entourage of the gentle breezes you bring with you, It become Sorrowful.  It says, ‘The daughter of My Will has stayed behind and has left Me all alone, with no one to keep Me company.’


My daughter, when Our Divine Being Created man, as We hovered over his soul, We poured the rain of Our Sanctity into him along with Our Love, Goodness, Light and Beauty.  When he withdrew from Our Divine Will, he covered himself to avoid Our Rain.  When the soul comes into Our Will, her actions send a breeze blowing toward Us that carries all Our Works into Our Own.  We generate the rain and pour Ourselves out onto this fortunate creature, and then over everything else.  The favorable breeze in Our Fiat is the invocation that calls down the long awaited rains from Our Supreme Being.  However, the human will operating outside of Our own is a contrary wind that drives away Our beneficial Rain, leaving only a cloudy sky.  That’s why so many creatures look like parched lands deprived of flowers and fruit.  It’s not a problem for the soul who Lives in Our Divine Will, because she has left everyone behind and now Lives with her Divine Family.  She enjoys the Rain from Our Divinity overhead whenever she wants it.”





June 17, 1932

How one who Lives in the Divine Will encloses,

does and braids her acts with those of the Virgin and those of Our Lord,

and how she forms a nuptial among all the things that belong to the Divine Will.


I continue abandoning myself in Divine Volition.  Its Omnipotent Force fills me completely and my poor little soul is undone.  I want to touch and feel Divine Will and nothing else.  When some little cloud infiltrates my mind, before I know it, I am flooded with Divine Light and the cloud immediately dissipates.  I throw myself into the arms of my Dear Celestial Mother, my Refuge, or into the arms of my sweet Jesus where I find my Life once again.  I pray to either one or the other or both to Act and shelter me between them so I feel safe.  They will defend me from everyone and everything. 


I was still contemplating this when my Highest Good, Jesus, gave me a big hug.


He said, “Blessed daughter, the Actions My Mom and I perform are full of Love and Sanctity.  Our Queen and Her Son are constantly in the Act of waiting to enclose your activities between Our Own.  We shape them to fit Our Activity and use these Acts to Seal your own.  The Acts of the Sovereign of Heaven are braided together with Mine and can never be undone.  The one who Lives in Our Divine Volition Operates a third skein in the middle of what We are Braiding.  Her activities will remain entwined in Our Actions forever.  We are the custodians of these Triumphant Works of the Holy Fiat.” 


Nothing enters into Our Acts if it has not been Born in It.  The Sanctity of someone who Lives in Our Will is formed in the middle of Our Sanctity.  She loves from the center of Our Love and operates in the midst of Our Works.  So the one who operates in Our Volition will naturally feel like a permanent part of Our Action since We determine her activities.  Light carries warmth and heat glows with light.  This Victory is Ours and will continue forever as Our Glorious Triumph over the human will.  They are Attributes of Our Divinity that We form in her, and she forms in Us.  Human volition and the Divine are always kissing each other because they are fused together.  God carries out His Life in the creature, and she lives hers in God.”


The creature who Lives in My Will has a Right to anything that belongs to My Fiat.  She has a Right to Our Divine Being, her Dear Celestial Mother, the Angels and all the Saints.  She has a Right to Heaven, the sun and all of Creation.  Likewise, God, the Virgin, and everyone else have a Right to everything she has, including her very being.”


When two young spouses tie the knot with an unbreakable bond, and both of them acquire a right over the other’s entire existence.  They hold everything in common, and no one can take that away from them.  That’s how it works for someone who Lives in Our Volition.  She is really and truly married to the Supreme Being.  Everything that belongs to Him is her nuptial property.  It’s so beautiful to see this dear creature espoused to all.  She is their favorite, everyone’s beloved.  Everybody wants her, and you can see why.  They hope for a chance to enjoy her company and they don’t ever want her to leave.  They know that she loves them too.  She acknowledges their right and gives herself to all of them.  This is her Creator’s the New Extended Family, and she is one of them.”


If it were visible from earth, they would see God carrying her in His arms to the Sovereign Queen Who Nourishes her with the choice food of Divine Volition.  The Angels and Saints are her Entourage.  Heaven reaches out to cover and protect her, and Woe betides anyone who dares touch her.  The sun focuses its light on her for a hot kiss as the wind caresses her.  Everything We Created offers their Services to her.  My Will moves everything around her.  My Providence sees that everyone and everything has a chance to love and serve.  She is the one who Lives in It gives everyone else something to do, and they are all Happy to extend their field of action inside and outside the fortunate creature.  I wish that all creatures could understand what it means to Live in My Divine Will The would all do their best to compete for a space in It for as their Celestial Dwelling.”


I am abandoning myself for than ever in the Immensity of Divine Volition’s Light.  I could see my sweet Jesus inside and felt His Attention focused on how small my poor soul is the scheme of things.  He’ll take care of everything because he wants me to have it all.  He showed me how easy it is for him to set my heart beating with a touch of his fingers.  He makes my breath go faster, he moves me.  He keeps all my thoughts and words in Order, and He does so with such Loving Tenderness that I am lost in rapture.


When my blessed Jesus saw the surprise on my face, he spoke to me.


He said, “My little daughter, Don’t be surprised at how much attention I lavish on you.  You’re only half aware of all the tender loving things I do both inside and outside you.  I serve Myself in the soul of those who subject themselves to My Divine Will’s Sovereign Reign.  Through the dignity of My Divinity and Sanctity, I lend My Actions as if I were doing them to benefit My own Life.  So I put My Intense Love into them, with My Thoughts in Order to support the Sanctity of My Works.”


Once I see the creature’s docility when she offers herself as a daughter taking on her Father’s Divine Work, I am happy and honored to serve her.  This is how the Father lives and works through his daughter with all the same tender loving care.  I serve Myself through My daughter.  When you serve yourself, it is not servitude, it is Honor and Glory.  It means keeping your Dignity and Sanctity in the way you live, without lowering yourself.  Servitude begins with serving other people, however you serve yourself by holding your head high.  When My Divine Will Reigns supreme in the creature, it is in My own interest that everything she does should be Worthy of It, because they are born of My own Actions.  Otherwise, it would be unseemly to My Divine Will, as well as to human activity.  I offer to do everything myself to better serve My own Will.”


Then I abandoned myself in Jesus’ arms until he spoke again.


He said, “Blessed daughter, My Humanity so loved the human family that I carried them with me, and I still hold them in My arms close to My Heart.  Every pain I suffered, all the work I did, and all the prayers I said, were New Bonds of Union between us.  My entire Being and everything I did ran continually in a mighty torrent toward each creature.  By melting into Love It became a Bond of Union, Love, Sanctity and Protection.  These are the arcane voices, passionate in their delirious Love, that penetrate deep within each one of them, telling them, ‘I Love you, My children.  I Love you so very much, and I want to be Loved in return.’ 


My Humanity established the True Union between Creator and creature, binding them all together like the limbs and the body are attached to the head.  I made Myself Head of the entire human family.  This is what gives them the power to bind themselves to God.  However, to bind yourself to creatures requires patience.  That inspires others so they may have enough patience to be bound together.  It’s the same way with obedience, humility and charity, all requirement for those who would be in My Church.  These are the bonds extending into someone who follows My Divine Will and lives in It.  Since she is present both in Heaven and on earth, she forms these bonds everywhere.  Her actions bind Heaven and earth, calling everyone to Live by Divine Will.”





June 26, 1932

Sublimity and Power of sacrifice. 

How God, when He wants to give a Great Good,

asks for the sacrifice of the creature. 

Example of Noah and of Abraham.


I was making my rounds through Divine Will, tracing everything It had done so I could make Its activity as my own.  Then I can say, ‘I was with You, and I still am. Now I am doing what You do.  What is mine is Yours, and what the Saints have done by because of You is also mine.  You are the Fountain that overflows everywhere, the Source of all that is Good.’   


As I was going around, I reached that point in the history of the world when God asked from Noah the sacrifice of building the ark.  Then I offered that sacrifice as if it were my own so I could ask for the Kingdom of Divine Will up earth as It is in Heaven.  Just then, my blessed Jesus made me pause for a while at that point in history.


He said, “My daughter, all the Good of the history of the world is founded upon the sacrifice that My Supreme Will is still asking from creatures.  The greater the sacrifice We ask of her, the more Good We enfold within it.  We ask for such great sacrifices because of their sins, even though they deserve to have their world destroyed.  Then, rather than destruction, a new life for creatures will come out of this sacrifice.  At that point in the history of the world, creatures did not deserve to exist anymore.  They should have all perished.  Noah, By accepting Our Mandate and agreeing to make such a sacrifice for so many years building the ark, he bought back the world for all future generations.” 


As he went on sacrificing himself for all that time, enduring hardships, toil and sweat, he pours out coins, not of silver or gold, but his whole being acting to follow Our Volition.  In this way he saved enough coins to buy back what was about to be destroyed.  They owe it to Noah that the world still exists.  By his sacrifice in doing Our Will the Way We wanted, he saved both mankind and everything that was made to serve them.  A copious sacrifice performed the way God wanted says great things about the Common Good, the sweet chains that bind God and his creatures.  We don’t care to escape from the labyrinth of these chains as long as the creature binds Us to them through prodigious sacrifice.  Their effort are so sweet and dear to Us, that We let Ourselves be bound by her, just as she pleases.  By his long, drawn out sacrifice, Noah bought back the future of human generations.”


After another lengthy period in the history of the world, Abraham came, and Our Volition commanded him to sacrifice his own son.  This was a tremendous sacrifice for a poor father to make.  God put man to the ultimate test by demanded proof that was inhuman and nearly impossible to execute.  He has every Right to ask whatever He wants and demand any sacrifice he pleases.  Poor Abraham, he was put in such a predicament that his heart bled.  He felt death within him by the same knife he had to use in the slaying of his only son.  This sacrifice was so crucial to Life that Our Paternal Goodness insisted that it be executed.  Yet is was not completed, because He knew that he could not have lived on after so harrowing an experience.  He would have died of grief after killing his own son.  It was an act beyond the strength of human nature.” 


Abraham accepted everything, heedless of what he was about to do, despite being consumed with sorrow at the fate of his own son.  If Our Volition had not prevented the fatal act It had demanded of Abraham even if it meant dying along with his beloved son, he would have followed through with the sacrifice as ordered.  This great sacrifice We had ordained showed the exuberance of an Act that was unique in the history of the world.  It was this sacrifice that elevated him on high, to be predestined by Us to be the father and head of all human generations to come.  By the sacrifice of his only son, he poured out coins of blood and intense sorrow to buy the future Messiah for the Jewish people and all humanity.  After the sacrifice that Abraham intended to make on Our behalf, We made Ourselves heard often in the midst of creatures, which We had not done before then.  His sacrifice had the Power to draw Us so much closer to them that We sent many Prophets while they were waiting for the long sought Messiah that would come upon the earth as promised.”


After another long period of time waiting to present the Kingdom of Our Will, We wanted a sacrifice to serve as the centerpiece.  Even though the earth is still flooded with sin and deserves to be destroyed, the sacrifice of a creature could buy it back for Us.  Her sacrifice is a call for the return of Divine Will as Sovereign Ruler.  Then the New Life of My Volition shall be Reborn in the world amongst creatures.  So I asked for the enduring sacrifice of your life, chained to a bed.  That’s not that much to ask, considering how many other souls have been sacrificed to a bed of pain.  However, this is a New Cross, one that I have not asked of anyone before, an enduring martyrdom that is renewed every day.  You are the best witness of that, considering how much you’ve complained about it.”


Daughter, when I want to give the creatures something really Good that’s New, I give them New Crosses whenever I want a New, Unique sacrifice, a cross that makes no sense to humans.  Man is not obliged to investigate Divine Logic, only to bow his head and adore it.  More importantly, this is about the Kingdom of My Will, so My Love had to invent New Crosses and sacrifices that never before been requested.  I needed a pretext, a prop strong enough to support it, and enough coins to buy It.  I also needed an extremely long chain for the creature to bind It.  I would give a clear signal when We were ready to bring this Great Common Good into the world, and then We will ask a creature to make this great sacrifice for years on end.  We want to assure the creature that the Good that We want to give is certain.  When We find someone to accept, We make her a presage of Grace.  With her sacrifice, We give Life to the Goodness We want to give.” 


My Will wants to form Its Kingdom through the sacrifice of creatures so It can surround Itself with them for Its own security.  Her sacrifice shall undo the human will and erect Its Own.  She has come to mold enough coins of Divine Light for Our Divinity  to buy back the Kingdom of Our Divine Will and give It to every human generation.  So don’t be surprised at how long your sacrifice has been, or by what We have arrange to do in you.  Our Will thought It necessary.  Don’t worry about not seeing and hearing from others about the effects of your sacrifice.  With your sacrifice, you are signing a deed of purchase with Our Divinity.  Once you have settled with God, the purchase is guaranteed.  It is certain that in due time, the Kingdom of Divine Volition will take Life, because It was purchased by the sacrifice of someone who belongs to the human family.”





June 29, 1932

Prodigies and Secrets that the Living in the Divine Will encloses. 

Moving scenes.  Generations of the Divine Acts in the creature. 

Divine Custody and Jealousy.


I am in the arms of Divine Fiat.   Its Dominion reaches into everything over and above my little being.  Its Imperial Majesty has no slaves.  It is rather a Transformative Union where the creature is both ruler and subject, and has been since she was given the power to control the Supreme Will. 


My mind was swimming in the Sea of Divine Fiat, and I almost drowned under Its huge waves.  After a while, my Celestial Jesus came to visit my poor soul.   


He said, “My blessed daughter, the Living in My Volition encloses so many Prodigies and Secrets as to make Heaven and earth astounded.  As small as the creature is, she gets lost in Its Immensity as soon as she enters.  Divine Will takes her into Its arms and she is Conquered, while at the same time, human will conquers the Divine.  After their mutual Conquests, Divine Will celebrates Victory over the human and does whatever It wants with it.  Meanwhile, the human will also celebrates, for it has made a great Conquest of the Divine and can do what it wants with the Vanquished.  It sends the captive off to Heaven as the Conquered becomes a Herald of the New Happiness and Joy in Its possession.” 


My Will, once It is conquered by the soul, does not hold back.  Bi-locating Itself, It both stays put and also sets out for her Celestial Fatherland incompliance with the one who has conquered It, taking the human volition with It as a New Captive.  The Victorious Divine Will enfolds all this Happiness and Joy within It.  To their great delight, My Will beatifies all those in Heaven, while My Conquering Will is on earth, plunging with the creature into the Celestial Regions, flooding them with the New Joy My Divine Will has conquered.  The Joys of My Conquering Will are different and quite distinct from those of My Will as It Delights.  The Blessed have no control over these all-conquering Joys.  It is the creature who has the power to send them down onto the earth.  They take form on the torture stake of pain and love where she annihilates her own volition.  The Joys that delight, however, are within the power of the Celestial Inhabitants.  They are the fruit that comes with the abundance of Heaven.”


There’s a big difference between the Joys of My Conquering Will and those that come from My Delightful Will.  My Conquering Joys do not exist in Heaven, only on earth.  It’s so beautiful to see the creature acting within My Volition.  Every time she conquers It, she sends It off to Heaven, or Purgatory, or even towards earth for the creatures living there.  Actually, she can send It wherever she wants.  My daughter, when We such a little creature coming into Our Divine Will, We are moved and delighted, especially considering that she is also very useful to Us.  Her little actions conquer Our Immense, Powerful, Holy Eternal Will with her sweetness, even though It can do anything and holds everything within Itself.”


Yet being so little, the idea of conquering the Endless Divine Fiat stupefies her.  She wouldn’t know where to put It.  She could try to keep It all inside her, but she has nowhere near enough space.  She tried to take in as much as possible, filling herself until she overflowed, and there was still Immense Seas of It outside of her.  The creature is like a bank and she wants everyone to make some withdrawals.  So she sends It off to Heaven as a Sacred Patrimony of the Celestial Fatherland, and whoever wants some can take as much as they please.  Then she eagerly sets about performing more acts within It, so she can keep replenishing It every time she does something within It.  This the True Divine Exchange that God has established with the creature between Heaven and earth.”


Then my mind continued wandering through Fiat.  It is always giving Itself to the creature, and It never stops.


My sweet Jesus spoke to me again.


He said, “My daughter, the human will is the creature’s fountain of life and substance of her being.  It gives life to her works and populates her mind with thoughts.  It composes a stream filled with all kinds of words.  Without free will, there would be no Fountain of life, nor would she have any substance to her being.  It would be a life striking for its lack of beauty, and the complex web of life it weaves would unravel.”


The same is true for Divine Will.  Wherever It holds sway, It becomes the Fountain of Life and Substance underlying all actions done within It.  As the creature thinks, speaks, operates or walks, the Fountain gushes through her activity instilling Divine Substance.  There is such a variety of activity, and all of them distinct regarding their Sanctity, Light, Love and Beauty when the Fountain pours them into her activities.  It is always forming New Acts with the Harmony of Divine Operations within the creature.  We use great Care with these acts because We Generate all of Our Divine Acts in the creature’s depths.  Our Contentment was finally complete and We can continue the Generation of Our Activities as God should Operate, without hindrance.  However, unless Our Will is there in the creature, We are unable to Generate Our Action.”


In addition to Our Care, We also add Our Custody and the Jealousy We feel toward these actions.  Your Jesus remains inside and all around the creature to maintain custody over It.  My Jealousy’s gaze is fixed on them just to be sure.  I take great pleasure in monitoring the Generation of Its Actions as they Operate in the creature.  We are delighted that she has taken It into her possession.  After all, Our Will is Infinitely Valuable, so it would be irresponsible not to keep at least one of Its Acts in Our Custody.  It is Our Fountain of Life, the very Substance of Our Supreme Being, Our Power, Sanctity, Goodness and all Our Attributes.  They are the Crown of Our Will.  All of Its Acts are dependent upon It and gives It Custody over all Its Activity.  We pay Homage to them whether It does them in Us or in the creature.  So pay attention.  Submit to the Control of My Will if you don’t want to lose your Jesus.  I know how much you want Me and yearn for My Love.”






July 9, 1932

Hunger that the Divine Will produces.  Life imprisonment of Love. 

How God forms the persecution of Love to the creature.


I was under the Imperial Divine Will, and then I wasn’t.  I thought I was dead for a few minutes, lifeless, cold, without sustenance.  It was as if Divine Life had ended because there was no one to nourish and sustain It.  I was broken hearted and started ranting over and over again, “Jesus, help me, without Your Volition I will die of hunger.  Please, let me feel Its sweet Empire again.  It is my food.   Let Your Life Live in me so that I may Live of You.” 


Then my beloved Jesus had pity on me.  With loving tenderness, He held me in His arms and spoke to me.


He said, “Little daughter of My Volition, Courage, don’t lose heart.  Divine Life is formed and Nourished by My Volition and shall never die.  If you feel the hunger, it’s because you don’t always hear what I say about the other Wonderful innovations My Will has for creatures.  When you interrupt what I’m saying, you feel hungry for endless new varieties of Nourishment It holds for you.  They were prepared to whet your appetite for the New Nourishment of Its Knowledge that will promote your growth and development.  The only food you need is Divine Volition, anything else would only disgust you.  You are so spoiled by the flavor of My Food that you can eat nothing else.”


However, this hunger is very fortunate, because it serves as a portal into the Celestial Fatherland.  The only True Nourishment from these Divine Regions is the New, uninterrupted Act of My Divine Will.  This food from the Celestial Jerusalem has all the delightful flavor you could ever want for your daily nourishment.  Besides, feeling hungry is a sign of life, not death.  So wait with enduring patience for the Nourishment of My Will and you will be repaid for the hunger you have suffered with more than you could ever want.”


I can’t believe I actually interrupted Jesus.


I said, “My Love, my heart bleeds, but I have to tell You something.  Your Love for me is no longer constant, even though you always tell me that I will be enchanted by surprising new revelations about Your Being and Your Volition, and that I would touch and feel with my own hand how Your Love Pulses for me.  I used to tell myself, ‘Jesus Loves me so much.’  Yet You haven’t spoken to me that much lately, and I don’t believe you really Love me anymore.  When someone is constantly loved then there is a break, Love becomes such a cruel torment.  Now all I can say is, ‘I am not Loved!  I am not Loved by the One I have loved so much.’”


Then Jesus interrupted my interruption.


He said, “My daughter, It would go against the Nature of Our Divine Being if We didn’t Love a creature who loves Us.  To be loved and not to Love negates the Attributes of the Supreme Being.  If that were possible and We were capable of pain, the creature’s love would be the prosecutor that gives Us a life sentence of corporal punishment.  We would have no Peace until we were so tightly fused together that Love of one and of the other would kiss and rest together.  You don’t know what it means to love and not be loved in return by the one you love.  There is so much restless pain for someone who does not love simply because the one they love is busy doing the Father’s Work, their Sacred Duty.”


That is the state of Our Divine Being, We Love too much and the creature does not love Us.  Our Love intimidates the one We Love.  It is a life sentence that torments her and gives her no Peace.  Restlessness is the sure sign that Our Love has taken aim at her and is trying to win the creature’s Love through coercion.  So calm down.  When you Love Us, We have already Loved you.  Our Love binds us so tightly together that you generate heat, and Our Love feeds yours until it sparks the Immensity of Our Light.  It has the Power to banish whatever comes between us so that we can Live together forever as if we were of the same nature, each forming the Life of the other.”


Just because I’m not constantly talking to you doesn’t mean Our love has broken.  The only way for that to happen would be if you decided that My Will isn’t worth the cost of your life.  You would then forfeit the power you have over It.  As long as My Goodness allows you to have power over It, you can be sure that My Love for you is constant.  The one who follows My Divine Volition and Lives within It does and Lives in It becomes God’s very Life Operating in the creature.  Our Love for someone who allows herself to be Controlled by Our Divine Volition is so Great that We have her as Our Sweet Prisoner.  It pulls Itself inward until It is small enough to Operate in her soul where It takes Great Delight in Loving her.”


Yet even when It restricts Itself, It is still Immense and Operates with her in an Infinite number of Ways, just as We Love and Operate within Ourselves.  Immensity and Infinity are both Aspects of Our Nature, so everything We do is as Immense and Infinite as We are.  We are Content restricting Ourselves within her littleness as We carry out Our Works of Love.  We pour Ourselves into her until she overflows so much that she fills Heaven and earth.  It is to Our great Glory and Honor that We can Operate as God within the little creature We Love so much.  If you could only understand what it means to have Us perform even a single Act of Love in one of Our Works that We carry on within you, a mere creature, you would die from too much Joy.  All of Eternity would not be long enough for you to thank Us for something as Great and Good as thisNow let Me do whatever I want with you so I can be sure that we will both be satisfied with Our Work.”





July 14, 1932

Celestial Atmosphere.  Jesus, guarding the act of the creature; work of one and of the other.  How the acts done in the Divine Will guard and embrace the centuries, and are the sentries and sentinels of the creatures.


I am always busy with Divine Volition when I’m inside of It, because there’s always more work to do.  Yet I never get tired of doing It.  It makes me stronger and nourishes the growth of Divine Life within me.  It engulfs me in Joy and gives me Peace.  I can feel the Celestial Atmosphere inside and out. 


While I was swimming in the Eternal Waves of Divine Volition, my Highest Good, Jesus, came to visit my poor little soul.


He said, “Blessed daughter, I am the One who forms the Celestial Atmosphere inside and outside the creature.  As soon as she enters into My Divine Volition, I station Myself as the Guard of the action she is performing.  She makes fertile topsoil with her activities and I form the Divine Seed and cast it into the acts of the creature.  I am the Celestial Farmer who tills the soil of her actions and I plant My Seeds in her so I can reap the harvest of works done through My Will.  The continuation of actions performed within My Divine Will gives Me so much Work to do that I never leave the creature who is providing work for Me.  I would never want to neglect soil that is as rich as what she has formed in My Will and exposed to the life-giving Rays of the Divine Sun.  It calls you to work in My Volition and then you call Me.  It is so sweet to work together with you in My Fiat.  I never get tired of this kind of Work, in fact, It brings Rest after such an exquisite Conquest.”


He paused for a while and then continued.


He said, “My daughter, the Acts that We do within the creature each have Three Scenes.  An Act of Preservation, the one that Nourishes, and the Primal Creative Act.  These three scenes give Eternal Life to Our Actions, and the creature who owns them has a Creative Power in her that erases all the weakness of human nature.  The one that nourishes always keeps her busy.  It gives so much Food that she has no appetite for more.  Our daily bread protects her from corruption and It delivers her from all evil.  This sustaining Act gives her Strength and keeps what is Good Pure and Beautiful.  These Three Acts in One are like impregnable fortresses that We give to the creature who lets Our Will Reign Supreme within her.  It is so well fortified that no one can harm her.”


After this, my poor little mind continued making its rounds through Divine Will, searching for Its Action so I could enclose my own activities within Its Own and make them one.  This helped ease the pain of my long exile so I could operate together with Supreme Volition.  I want to make my actions disappear within Its Own.  I have the power of Heaven and the Eternal Beatitudes that flow through them.  I am getting closer now and no longer a stranger to my dear Celestial Fatherland. 


My mind was crowded with thoughts about Divine Will when my Highest Good, Jesus, came to visit me for a little while.


He said, “Little daughter of My Will, each time you do something through It, you are regenerated and grow in a completely New way within Our Fiat.  The Supreme Being and everyone in Heaven enjoy the great Contentment of being Replicated in the act of a creature.  To form Our Life in her act is the festive occasion that We have yearned for so long.  We put together all Our Strategies for Love and take in the Full Glory that only Our creature can give Us.  Sacrifice calls out to God with powerful voice.  Doing Our Will makes Him descend into the soul and she lets Him Operate from there as the God Who is, was, and ever shall be.” 


I responded, “My Love, I always try to operate within Your Volition, but no matter how much I pray that Its Kingdom come on earth, there’s no sign of It yet.” 


He said, Good daughter, that doesn’t mean anything.  Prayers and actions performed in Our Volition enter Our Divine Act with such Power that they have to come down with all the good things within them for the creature’s use.  Posting themselves as Guardians of the centuries, they wait with steadfast patience and so much love.  They have a Light they use to knock on the heart’s portal so they may enter as Light for the mind.  They never get tire or lose strength.  These faithful sentinels never leave their sentry post until they have given the creatures all the Goodness they have within them.”


These acts are the owners of My Volition and they are absolutely determined that It should be given to creatures.  I anyone manages to avoid them, they take aim at another.  If one century is not gracious enough to receive them, they are not discouraged.  They keep going because We have given them Power over the centuries so they can form Our Divine Army in the midst of human generations and establish the Kingdom of Our Will.  There is a human involved in Its Actions who has been crowned with Divine Power.  These are the Acts that give creatures a Right to possess such a Kingdom.  It is Our Will that Operates through these activities.  It gives God the Right to Rule with Dominion over the creature with Our Omnipotent Fiat.” 


Such activities are the down payment and capital that pay God on behalf of creatures, so they have a Right to give what they have purchased to all generations of humankind.  The sun never quits, nor does it get tired of beating down on the earth with its light to give creatures the advantages it has to offer.  Being more powerful than the sun, they go around through each and every heart across the centuries.  They are always in motion and they never give up until they have given everyone My Will so that It might Operate within them.  In fact, they are certain they will do what they had intended and be victorious.” 


“So if you don’t see any results yet, don’t be concerned.  Just continue your life and keep acting through My Will.  It’s more important than anything that you the currency needed to pay for such a Holy Kingdom.  Do this on behalf of your brothers and sisters.  Remember that when I was on earth I had to Act under the same conditions.  I paid in full on everyone’s behalf, and My Life was at everyone’s disposal in everything I did.  So now they should be willing to give Themselves along with all the Good things they have in their possession.” 


Even when I left for Heaven, I stayed behind to explore the hearts of creatures for centuries afterward so that I could give everyone the advantages of My Redemption.  It has been about twenty centuries since, and My Life’s Activities continue going around all over the earth.  They still haven’t all been taken up by creatures, in fact, several large areas of the world still don’t know Me.  My Life, the Fullness of My Plenitude and My Actions never withdraw.  They keep running through everything while embracing all centuries as though one, so they might give everyone the superabundance of Good things It has prepared for them.  There’s still a lot to be done before there is enough spiritual for the payments due.  The rest will take care of Itself.  So pay attention, and may your flight through My Fiat be nonstop.”