September 23, 1929

One who lives in the Divine Will, in her littleness,

encloses the All and gives God to God. 

The Divine Prodigies


Divine Will absorbs everything part of my being.  I don’t really feel like writing, but the Omnipotent Fiat has imperious control over a little creature like me.  Its Divine Lordship conquers by knocking over my will and sets it before the Divine as Its footstool.  With both imperial strength and sweetness, It convinces me to start a new notebook, even though I thought I would have a break from writing so much.  Your adorable Holy Will is in control, You want me to make the sacrifice, and I just don’t have the strength to resist you, so I won’t fight it.


I adore Your nature as Holy Volition dissolves me.  I am so weak and I pray for Your help to make me strong.  Please don’t let me write anything but what You want and exactly the way You want it.  I to be Your replicator, so don’t let me add anything of my own.  You, My Love hidden within the Sacrament, watch me from Your holy cell.  I keep looking to You, so don’t deny me Your help as I write.  Come write for me; that’s the only way I’ll feel strong enough to begin.


I was making my usual rounds throughout Creation, following all the acts of Supreme Volition done within every created thing, when my sweet Jesus came out from inside me.


He said, “My daughter, when a creature goes through the works of her Creator with love and appreciation, it means she wants to be familiar with what God has done for love of her, even though she has nothing to give Him in return.  While going through His works, she takes all Creation in the palm of her hand and gives It back to God, beautiful and intact, for His honor and glory, saying, ‘I acknowledge You, I glorify You through Your own works, the only gift worthy of You.’” 


We are so delighted to be recognized in Our works by the creature that We feel like Creation is being repeated to give Us twice the glory.  This double glory is given to Us because the creature recognizes Our works done out of love for them, as a gift to coax their love for Us.  By acknowledging Our gift, she envelops the All within the Heaven of her soul.  We see, inside such a tiny creature, Our Divine Being with Our complete works.  It is Our Divine Fiat’s very presence in this little creature that gives her the capacity and space to enclose the All.  It’s a wonder to see the All held inside something as small as a human.  She has to be brave when she presumes to give the All to the All, only to love and glorify Him.”


The All of Our Supreme Being is the All, that shouldn’t be surprising, after all, it is Our Divine Nature to be All.  But the All enclosed in human littleness is a wonder of wonders among the Miracles of Our Divine Volition.  Wherever It may rule, It cannot diminish Our Divine Being by half, It is always whole and entire.  Creation is an outpouring of love from Our creating Fiat.  Wherever It is in control It encloses all Its works, so a tiny human can rightly say, I give God to God.’”


When We give Ourselves to the creature, We want everything in return, even her very nothingness, so Our Creative Word may be repeated over her emptiness, and We may form Our All over a nothing of a creature.  If she does not give Us everything, down to her nothingness, we cannot repeat Our Creative Word over her.  It just wouldn’t be right.  In fact, it would be dishonorable for Us to repeat it, because when We speak, We dispense with anything that does not belong to Us.  Otherwise, when We see that she does not give herself completely, We do not make her Our own.  She is still her little nothingness, and We are the All that We are.”


I continued my abandonment in the Supreme Fiat, yet I was sad.


Then my always lovable Jesus, out of compassion for me, held me in His arms and spoke to me in a loving voice.


He said, “The daughter of My Will is so dear to Me.  Sadness never enters My Divine Will.  My Will is constant joy that makes the dwelling where It reigns peaceful and happy.  I know you are sad because Me, but that’s just old remnants of your human will and My Divine Will doesn’t have anything to do with the old stuff in your soul, because It has so much that is new.  In fact, there’s not enough room in your soul to put them all in there.  So out with your sadness, out with it.”


If you only knew how much rare beauty My Divine Will inspires in the soul.  Wherever It rules, It forms Its heaven, sun, sea and a cool gentle breeze of Divine refreshment.  Being the ultimate Artisan, It has mastered the fine art of Creation.  When It enters the creature to establish Its Kingdom, It has a deep longing to replicate Its artwork, so It stretches out the Heavens within her, and forms the sun and all the other beauties of Creation.  Wherever My Will may reign sovereign, It insists on making things for Itself.  The ultimate Artist designs them with consummate skill so that It may be surrounded by artworks worthy of My Fiat.  When It is in charge of the soul, It curates indescribable beauty within her.”


That happens in the human world order as well.  When someone creates a work, he does not expend his art by doing it.  Talent continues to reside within them as something inherent in the creature, and they retain the ability to replicate their artwork as many times as they want.  If the work is especially beautiful, they will take the opportunity to reproduce it further.   My Divine Will works that way.  The work of Creation is so majestically beautiful and sumptuous, with an underlying composition that reveals a harmony of structure beyond words, that My Will keeps looking for any occasion to replicate It.  This opportunity is given to It by souls who allow themselves to be possessed by their Creator so It can dominate and extend Its Kingdom within them.  Be courageous enough that you may remove yourself from anything that does not belong to My Divine Fiat, so It will have freedom of action for Its Divine work.  Otherwise you would generate clouds around yourself that would keep My Light from extending far enough to shine Its brilliant rays on your soul.”




September 28, 1929

The first kiss, outpouring between Mother and Son.  How all created things contain each its own outpouring.  How for one who lives in the Fiat it is continuous creation.  Divine contentment.


I was making my rounds throughout Creation and Redemption until my poor mind stopped as my charming little Baby was just in the act of leaving the maternal womb, and He flung Himself into the arms of His Celestial Mom.  He clearly felt the need to pour out His love for the first time, because He wrapped His little arms around His Mom’s neck and kissed Her.  The Divine Queen felt the same need to pour out Her love on the Divine Infant, so She reciprocated the same maternal kiss with Her Son with so much affection that she felt Her Heart about to jump out of Her chest.  These were the first mutual outpourings of love between Mother and Son. 


I thought, “Who knows how much goodness They have captured in this surge of affection!”


Then my sweet Jesus appeared as a little Baby, still in the act of kissing His Mom.


He said, “My daughter, I felt such an urgent need to pour out love with My Mom.  Everything that has ever been done by Our Supreme Being was nothing more than an overflow of love.  We collected this love spilling out of Us during Creation and stored it in the Virgin Queen.  Since My Divine Will was already inside Her, She had the capacity to hold the vast overflow coming out of Us.  It came in the form of My kiss, and then She gave It all back to Me.  Only someone who lives in My Divine Will can be the pivot point for all the live action going on everywhere in Creation throughout time.  She is the vortex that takes everything in and pours Its love back into God.”


I can give anything and everything to someone who has My Divine Will, and she can give it all to Me.  We released Creation in an endless overflow of love just so We could give It to the creature who lives in Our home, My Divine Will.  From there she constantly takes in everything that pours out of Us through the ongoing act of all Creation.  We can preserve It just as We made It simply by everywhere extending for all time that same original act of creation.  We tell the creature, ‘Our overflow of all the many things We created says to you, I loved you before, I love you now, and I will always love you.’  Likewise, the soul who allows herself be carried away under wings of Our Divine Volition cannot hold that much of Our overflowing love, so she pours it back into Us and says the same.  ‘In Your Will I have loved You, I love You now, and I shall always love You, forever.’”


Actually, all created things are outpourings of love that Our Fiat, the lead actor, shows  off for the creature.  Our love overflows as an unfading azure sky that foams with stars and stretches out unchanging forever, just as it always has, with a downpour of Our love raining down on the creature.  Our affection pours out as a sun in a constant stream of Our Love that floods the entire planet with light, soaking it with innumerable benefits, each one of them being yet another endless fountain pouring out over humanity.  Our Love spills over as a stormy sea with gigantic waves that surge before the calm when you can hear the placid murmuring whispered by innumerable fish spawned in the flood tide of Our Love.  Even the earth spilled out from the excess of Our Love and ripped itself open to yield the plants, trees, flowers and fruit that fall in a cascade out of Our same ardent Love.  Everything We created, without exception, has been continually overflowing with the tides of Our superabundant Love.”


Yet rare is the awareness of all that pours out in torrents from Our Love.  Only the one who lives in Our Divine Fiat can feel herself being filled with Our creative Strength and touch Our eternal flame with her own hand.  She understands her obligation to the Creator for His ongoing work and repays Us with the love swelling out of her in gratitude.  She feels the power of Our creative Strength operating within her and wants to lend a hand as the Creator works non-stop just to show His love for her.  This is a creature who wants to show her appreciation because she is eager to receive His bounty so she can have something that will allow her to reciprocate.”


We are content when We see that this creature acknowledges the overflowing abundance she receives from Us, even though she is entitled to Our Divine Fiat.  Such a creature knows she can’t hold it all, so she plunges into the surging torrent of love that pours out of Our Divinity.  Trying to scoop up as much as possible, it soon exceeds her capacity and there is nothing to do but pour it back into her Creator with thanksgiving for His kind generosity.  Only then do We feel adequately compensated for everything We did in Creation.”


We hear her, delirious with love, saying to Us, ‘Adorable Majesty, if I only had the power, I would create for You a heaven, a sun, a sea, and everything else You created, as an expression of my eternal devotion.  I want to love You with Your own love and repay You with Your own works, because a love that is dormant isn’t actually true love at all.  Your Divine Volition gave me everything You created, and I am giving it back to You so there’s no doubt that I love You too, I really do.  I love You.’  This harmonious exchange of gifts reaffirms the accord between Creator and creature, just as it was first established by God in Creation.”


By doing his will, man broke the accord and replaced harmony with dissonance.  He lost all rights to the gift of Creation because only those who acknowledge the sovereign reign of My Divine Will within them are entitled to have It.  My Will is the Maker of all Creation and has every right to give these things to Its loyal subjects.  Those who refuse Its sovereignty however, are intruders lurking among It works, without any ownership rights whatsoever.  They have nothing properly their own that they can give to God.  They are numb to all the outpourings of love that exist in Creation, so there’s no way for them to come into possession of Our Divine Will, and without It, they are deaf to Our love story.”


Without Our Divine Volition man is truly one of his Creator’s most ignorant creatures, like a young student who has never had a teacher.  It’s really embarrassing to see a man without Our Fiat, especially since Our Creation labors for us as a professor, someone who gives them the loving kisses and fond embraces of Our Knowledge.  My Humanity suffered on account of this as long as It lived on earth.  When I would go outside, the sun would give Me the kiss that My own Will had placed in its light that it might be given to creatures.  The wind would give Me the hugs and caresses meant for humans on behalf of My own Divine Will.  All Creation was filled to the brim with Divine charisms for humanity’s own salvation.  My Humanity gratefully accepted these signs of affection from the elements and returned them with interest.  Yet I secretly lamented My unacknowledged love with each kiss refused or embrace rejected by so many generations of humans over the centuries.  I was touched by the kindness of the sun and wind, because without them, My kisses wouldn’t have left My lips, nor would I have embraced more than an empty void.”


Actually, unless My Divine Will were in a position to govern them, humans would never have enough capacity within themselves for all the good things My Will had distributed throughout Creation for their enjoyment.  Fortunately, My Humanity had a firm enough grip on My own Divine Will that could offer It a way out.  To It’s great relief, I allowed It to give Me all the things in Creation that were meant for creatures and then returned them with My love.  That’s why, whenever I go outside, there is a fiesta, with every created thing jostling each other to be the first one that would give Me all they had in their possession.  Now pay attention, and set your heart firm on living only within My Divine Will where you can experience the vivid details about what your Jesus tells you regarding My Supreme Fiat.”




October 2, 1929

Only the Divine Will renders the creature happy; one prey to the other.  One who does not have the true will to do a good is a poor cripple, and God does not want to make use of him.


Having abandoned myself so long in Divine Fiat, I now reside there permanently.  Its creative strength is overwhelming!  Its piercing light is so dazzling that it penetrates deep into the inmost fibers of the heart.  With sweet caresses, It spreads them open to make room for Itself.  It enters there and raises Its throne of dominion from which It shall command.  Its tender touch enthralls the creature into such raptures that it shrinks until it seems to vanish with grateful abandon as it dissolves in Divine Fiat.  I wish everyone could know You like I do, o adorable Will!  They would love to become lost in You as they win back Your life and then live happily ever after in Your Divine Bliss.


As my poor little soul was dissolving in Divine Fiat, my lovable Jesus moved inside me and hugged me tightly to His Divine Heart.


He said, “My daughter, only My Divine Will can make a creature happy.  It sends all evils into headlong flight and blots them out with the intensity of Its radiance.  Its Divine Power shouts, ‘I am everlasting joy.  Flee, all you evils, I command you!  I shall kill you with My joy and be free from evil evermore.’” 


My Divine Volition’s love for the one who lives totally inside Itself is so great that It completely transforms the creature’s manner of doing things.  She and her God will exchange lives, each taking on the other’s way of acting as they walk through life with both hearts trading pulses.  God and His creature shall be locked in an eternal embrace as two inseparable beings become one.  This mutual exchange of action and life becomes an amusing game of ‘chase me’ between Creator and creature as each of them becomes prey for the other.  They play at this Divine sport just for fun, each pursuing their quarry in turns, and then they throw a glorious party, singing victory songs over their conquest, though no one has lost, nor has the game been tied, because they have both won.  In fact, no one ever loses in My Divine Will, it’s just not possible.  I amuse myself in Creation with the one who lives in My Will, and no one else.  I am the Victor when I lower Myself and let the creature triumph over Me, because I know she has no problem with being conquered by Me as part of the game.  May you always fly non-stop through My Will.”


After that I started to meditate on what my blessed Jesus has be telling me about His Divine Will, especially about how deep was His heart’s desire that It become well known throughout the world.  But no matter how much He wanted it to happen, there doesn’t seem to be any momentum building so far.


I thought, “There is such mystery in the wisdom of God, I could never fully understand it.  He wants it so bad and He deeply regrets that there’s still no one to open a path to His Will by publicizing It.  You can see how His Heart has been yearning, and for such a long time.  He’s been praying for centuries now, vigilant in His hope that Its Kingdom will come into the midst of creatures.  Seeing all paths blocked and every door barred, all He can do is wait, tolerating the delay as best He can.  Jesus is the personification of invincible patience, however, and He shall continue to knock at the door of every heart until He eventually finds those who will make this mission their own.  Moreover, He shall endure in His search until there are enough dedicated people willing to take on this task of evangelizing His Divine Will throughout the world.” 


As I was meditating on this, my sweet Jesus appeared.  The first thing I always notice about Him is His inherent goodness.  He had a look on His face that was so tender that it could surely break even the hardest of hearts.


He said, “My daughter, if you only knew how much I suffer when while doing My work and revealing to creatures how much good there is in these manuscripts.  I haven’t found anyone who is truly enthusiastic about them, no one with a genuine desire to make publicizing My revelations their life’s work.  Not even those who are thankful for the advantages it has given them are much inclined to pass on My work to others.  Many are those I call on to help Me with My work.  If I find anyone who has fallen in love with it, I am drawn closer to them.  I want these chosen one to do what I want and do it well, so I come down to one of them and give him My mind.  In fact, I give him everything, My mouth, My hands and even My feet, whatever might make someone alive to the importance of such work.  If they identify with it in a deeply personal way, they will feel the urgency of giving it to others.”


My daughter, unless something this good is completely internalized by someone, there will be nothing but talk and no work will get done.  I won’t have a living presence in such people and I will be left dangling outside of them.  They will be like blind people, speechless from lack of intelligence, as helpless as crippled people without hands and without feet.  I don’t need poor cripples to do My work, so I leave them alone.  No matter how much time it takes, I’ll keep looking everywhere for anyone who might help move things along.  I never tired through centuries of searching all over the earth for the humblest creature I could find.  Then I consigned to her little soul this vast repository of knowledge about My Divine Will.  Now I shall scour the earth for as long as it takes to find those who truly appreciate this mode of living with Divine Fiat so they can help disseminate the revelations I have made describing It.  I need people willing to make any sacrifice that these writings may become well known to mankind.”


Though I won’t force anybody, neither am I helpless.   I am the patient God who wants My work done with dignity by people who are ready, willing and able.  The one thing that bothers Me the most about My work is how unwilling creatures are to make the least sacrifice on My behalf, as if I didn’t deserve a little extra effort on their parts.  It would be shameful if I were to recruit people with crippled souls for such a magnificent work as evangelizing My Divine Will, because, after all, those without a sincere desire to do good most certainly have mutilated their souls.  While I gather My Divine constituents, I shall recruit people who will work in a dignified manner for the greater good of all creatures, as well as the highest glory befitting My Majesty.”




October 7, 1929

How the Divine Fiat is inseparable from Its works. 

The terrible moment of the fall of Adam.


I was totally immersed in Divine Fiat and Its light surrounded me from every direction, inside and out.  Then my sweet Jesus appeared and held me close in His arms.  He drew His mouth close to mine and gently blew into it, however, there was so much air that I couldn’t hold it all.  The breath of Jesus is a source of such strength that I felt reborn into a new life.  My always lovable Jesus spoke to me.


He said, “My daughter, everything coming out of Our creative hands has the power to preserve what is an ongoing creation.  If Our Act of creating and preserving were withdrawn from the Heavens, the sun and all the rest of Creation, all life would come to an end.  After all, Creation is mere nothingness without the All working for Its preservation.  Nothing can separate Us from Our works because they are an integral part of Our Being and We keep them always under Our loving gaze.”


Our Fiat, pronounced Itself in the act of creating all things and has continued speaking Itself ever since, acting out the very life of all Creation forever.  We operate in a way completely unlike that of man, who cannot transfer his living heartbeat into his work by breathing his warmth through it.  His work is not really a part of him and can be taken away, so his love for it is not perfect and is easily broken.  When your work is not part of you, it can easily be forgotten.  Our works are fundamentally different simply because We love the life We have put into them, so We keep it all going with Our own Life constantly flowing through it.  If We should see any danger of what already happened to man, We would lay down Our own Life to save the life that flows within Our work.”


You began to live in My Divine Fiat when We asked for your will, and you, My daughter, most willingly gave it to Me.  When you gave Me your will, I felt victorious, so I breathed into you as I pronounced My Omnipotent Fiat within the depths of your soul to renew the act of Creation.  I am constantly pronouncing this Fiat so It will continue to give you It’s life, and as long as I keep doing that, It will go on caring for you by preserving your vitality.  That’s why you feel Me breathing into you so often, because I am renewing your soul.  My Divine Will urges Me to abide in My undying love for the sake of what We have deposited in you for safekeeping.  Every time My Fiat reiterates Itself, It speaks the truth to you in words that reveal all of Its knowledge.  This is yet another sign of Our ever growing love for you that rises up in the hope of It being love by you in return.  Our Fiat preserves all the things that It is continually creating out of love for Itself as It works within you who keeps hearing It pronounce Itself for Its own perpetuation through Its beautiful artworks.  So pay attention if you want to continue receiving the timeless word of My Fiat, the source of life’s creation and preservation.”


After that, I continued making my rounds so I could follow the acts of Divine Fiat in Creation.  As I arrived at Eden, I paused just as man was in the act of rejecting Divine Will to do his own.  By now I understood this great evil of doing the human will only too well.  Then my beloved Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, Adam’s fall was terrible indeed and momentous in its implications.  Our Fiat began withdrawing from the heavens as soon as he rejected Our Divine Will to do his own.  Starting from the sun, Its presence shrank throughout Creation, leaving only an empty void where Its once resided in harmony.  Once man had rejected Our Divine Will, he no longer deserved Our Fiat or Its habitual act of creation and preservation of everything in this Creation that was made out Its love for him as a gift from his Creator.”


If the Eternal Word hadn’t immediately offered His own foreseen merits as the future Redeemer to ensure the preservation of the Immaculate Virgin from original sin, everything would have been ruined beyond repair.  The sun would have pulled the heavens behind it, beating a hasty withdrawal into Our source from whence it first emerged, and as Our Divine Will withdrew, all created things would die.  Instead, the Word Incarnate, having gathered all His foreseen merits, presaged Himself before the Divinity and made an offering of them so that everything might remain in place, waiting for My Humanity to come.  So My Fiat continued Its work of creating and preserving as a well-earned gift that My merits deserved.  Moreover, It made a solemn promise to man, right after his fall, that the future Redeemer would come down to save him, and that in the meantime, he should pray and prepare himself to receive Him.”


Since Our Will did everything, It had legitimate rights over all things, yet in following his own will, man denied Its Divine prerogatives and no longer deserved the light given to him by the sun, or anything else for matter.  Whenever its light would shine on him, Our Will considered it a gross violation of Its Divine right to Its own light.  Every time man took some created thing for his own enjoyment, Our Will felt like something had been torn away from It.  If it weren’t for My Humanity, man would have lost everything.  Man’s rejection My Divine Will is the root of all evil.  Such a crime revokes all rights over Heaven and earth, while embracing It gives man iron-clad rights to ownership of every good thing, whether human or Divine.”





October 12, 1929

By living in the Divine Will, the human will ascends and the Divine descends.  How the Divine prerogatives are acquired.


I was making my usual rounds through Divine Fiat, calling out to everything It had done in Creation and Redemption, so I could gather them up as an offering to Divine Majesty with my prayers that the Divine Will become known.  I was only reminding It of my hope that It might reign with dominion among creatures, however, I had some doubts about what I was doing.


I wondered, “What good does it do continually going around like this, replicating these acts and offering them up to the Divine Will?”


Then my lovable Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, We watch you going around in Our works and inserting yourself into those acts My Fiat has already performed in Creation and Redemption.   Every time you offer them up to Us, you take a step up toward Heaven and My Divine Will takes another step towards the earth.  As you ascend Jacob’s ladder, It descends.  Without losing anything of Its immensity, It makes Itself little enough to fit inside your soul.  From there We carefully choreograph Our imitation of the prayerful action you offer up to It in solidarity with Us.  We are intimately aware of Our Divine Volition praying within you.  We feel Its breath when you exhale, Its heart beating within Us is synchronized with your own.  We feel the power of Our creative works assembling around Us as We use Our Divine Power to pray for Our Divine Will’s descent that It may reign as sovereign on earth.  So remember that you are certified to perform your duties; you are not an outsider or someone without full authority to discharge your official responsibilities.  You have been called in specifically for this assignment and are fully authorized to make public Our Divine Will as you lobby for the establishment of Our Kingdom here in among the human family.”


There’s a world of difference between the person assigned by Us to function in an official capacity and someone who has been given no such responsibilities.  Those delegated for executive duty on Our Divine Will’s behalf are expected to use their discretionary powers with complete freedom of action.  She represents the interests of all those who rely on this office for the goods and services We provide here.  Don’t forget that you’re not the only one climbing a stairway to Heaven; you are here to assist anyone who wants to know My Divine Will.  You have the responsibility to facilitate Its descent for the benefit of all those who might allow It to reign as sovereign of their soul.  Our work is important, because that’s the only way to gain access to the most important benefits that come with living in the Kingdom of Divine Fiat.”


Then I continued following the acts of Divine Will, and just as I arrived, It called the Sovereign Queen out of nothingness.  All I could do was to behold Her majestic beauty and contemplate Its meaning.  Her valid writ as Queen extended everywhere.  Heaven and earth knelt to acknowledge Her as Empress of the universe and everyone residing there.  I venerated the Sovereign Lady with love from the bottom of my heart.  I felt so little that I just wanted to jump into Her mother’s lap and say to Her, “Holy Mother, my dearest one, how beautiful you are, with the aura of someone who has lived in the Divine Will.  Have mercy on us!  You are sovereign there, so if you please, pray for It to come down upon earth to reign as monarch among your children.”


That’s when my adorable Jesus appeared.


He said, “My daughter, even if She had not been My Mother, She would still be Queen, since She followed Divine Will perfectly and lived entirely within It, knowing no other life.  This most beautiful of all creatures came into possession of Her Divine privileges by living continually within My Fiat.  Wherever My Divine Fiat reigns, It gives everything superabundantly without ever holding anything back.  You can tell how much It loves the creature when It plays little love games like hide-and-seek, concealing Itself in some tiny corner of her soul, hoping to be seen and tagged out by her.  That’s how the Sovereign Queen of Heaven used to play.  She caught Me hiding out in Divine Volition and tagged Me so I was It.  Then it was Her turn, so and She made a game of conceiving Me, and then hid Me inside Her womb.  I want everybody to know what My Divine Will can do and wait for it to happen in watchful expectation.  If they did, they would make any sacrifices for the opportunity to live within My Will exclusively.” 





October 15, 1929

How all are in waiting for the narration of the story of the Divine Will.  Void of the acts of the creature in the Divine Will.


I was totally immersed in Divine Fiat when a great vista opened up before my poor little mind, and I could see all of Creation with countless miracles being performed there by Divine Will as a matter of course.  Every created thing wanted to tell me about what this great Divine Fiat had given them so that I would know, love and glorify It. 


While my mind was still wandering around looking at Creation, my sweet Jesus came out from inside me and spoke.


He said, “My daughter, they are all waiting for the epic poem of Divine Will to be told.  Creation was the first act performed on stage by My Fiat, Its story beginning with a tale of love and devotion to creatures.  I’m giving you a full account of My Divine Volition by setting it within the epic story of Creation.  I’ve tried to keep it simple, without leaving out too many details.  There are a number of ways to approach its many themes and variations using parables and short vignettes.  I just want everyone to know what My Divine Fiat has done and what It wants to do now.  It’s only right and just that It should insist on reigning with dominion throughout generations of human beings.”


Creatures really don’t know the whole story about what We have done in Creation, or how much We loved doing It.  Every single thing We created acts as a courier attempting to deliver a personal love note to a creature.  The message varies, no two of them are quite the same, and there’s a gift-card enclosed in each one of them as a token of their affection.  It describes how closely their lives are tied to Creation with bonds that can never be broken, and if some poor creature wanted to break up with Creation by refusing their presents, she would die!  You can imagine what would happen if she rejected out of spite Its generous offer of air to breathe, light for the eyes, thirst quenching water or nourishing food.  Picture this.  What if the creature were so mad that she even refused the solid ground under her feet?  This creature ignores My Divine Will regardless of Its unremitting action going on all around her.  How can she not know that that is what allows her to keep living?  Ignorance is not bliss, however, and that’s why it’s so important that she reads Its life story as written in each created thing.”


Everything is in waiting, even Creation Itself, they all want to tell them about this Holy Will.  Creation is showing Its great desire to be better known by having Me speak to you in a loving way about Itself concerning what My Divine Fiat does in It.  No matter how good something might be, it’s useless if no one knows about it and It may as well not exist.  As it is, My Will is barren and useless to creatures, even though It would give them a fulfilling life, simply because they don’t know about It.”


A bit later I felt something tugging at me from the inside.  It beckoned me to follow all the acts that the Divine Fiat had done in Creation and Redemption, so I did, though wondered what good it would do.


I thought, “What’s the use in following Divine Volition in everything, do I really want to do this?”


My beloved Jesus was quick to answer.


He said, “My daughter, everything My Divine Will has done, both in Creation and in Redemption, was out of love for creatures.  If creatures knew about It, they could go up and watch It in action.  They are sure to fall in love with It and join in, matching It move for move.  Perhaps they could send a note asking for an appointment; each word would be priceless, every comma and period worth a fortune.  They could make arrangements keep It company for awhile, and say ‘I love You’ while gazing with awe and wonder at the Divine work My Fiat has done for everyone in the ardor of Its love.  As you follow It in action, It will appreciate having your company and won’t feel so all alone.  It you are thoughtful and act sincerely as you imitate what It does, you will hear It breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that it was all worthwhile.”


If you couldn’t bring yourself to follow It, for whatever reason, It would face the void where should have been your presence, acting within the immensity of My Divine Volition.  You would hear Its anguished cry, ‘Where is the little daughter of My Will?  I don’t feel her presence here within My Actions and I miss seeing her gaze in admiration at everything I do.  I wish I could hear her sweet voice telling Me once more, thank YouI would give anything for the dulcet tones of another I love YouI am crushed beneath the unbearable weight of My loneliness.’  You would hear It groan into the depths of your heart, ‘Come hither and follow Me as I work.  Please, don’t leave Me all alone.’  It would be evil to abandon Me because you would leave something behind, a dark empty void in the exact size and shape of the action you had not done in My Divine Will.  The least you could do is to keep It company for awhile.  If you only knew how pleasant it is having a good companion with Me while I do My work, you would be more attentive.  My Divine Fiat is vividly aware of your missing action when you aren’t following It.  You suffer the same anguish when you are unaware of It acting within your own will and you cry out in loneliness.  When your human will is no longer functioning like it used to, while at the same time you feel bereft of the loving company that My Divine Will is delighted to share with you, you suffer the same agony.”





October 18, 1929

Beauty of the Creation.  For one who lives in the Divine Will, God is in the act of always creating.  The creature who lives in the Divine Volition doubles her love toward God.  The two arms:  immutability and firmness.


I could see the birth of all Creation flowing like a river from Divine Fiat’s immense light.  It seems the act of creating and that of preserving Its work are one and the same operation, much to Its delight.  Then my lovable Jesus came out from inside me.  He was in His glory as He looked at His work of Creation and saw that It was good.


He said, “Creation is so beautiful, My daughter.  It glorifies Us by magnifying the power of Our Fiat.  Though but a single act of Our Divine Volition, many uniquely different things are continually flowing out from It.  Our Act has, as Its exclusive property, an immense empire filled with light that gives birth to a cornucopia of wonderful things, each providing numerous advantages for all.  With a single act, Our Fiat released an immense sky with a bright sun above and wind blowing over a vast sea below onto beautiful flowering lands full of every species.  Such is the strength of Its creative power that, with the slightest breath, It moves Creation around as if It were a feather floating in the air.  The incomparable power of My Fiat is beyond the reach of human understanding.”


My Divine Will reigns supreme throughout Creation, and only if It rules as sovereign in a soul can she unite herself with this single act being done by My Will.  She is the guardian and beneficiary of all those good things It has done on behalf of everyone.  This great machine that is the universe was specifically designed for the exclusive use of the creature who allows Our Divine Volition to reign sovereign within her.  It is only right and just that We not diverge from Our original plan so this creature may receive Our gift and acknowledge it with thanksgiving.  However, she has to live in Our Divine Will because it is only in Our house that she can receive such an endowment.  She wouldn’t have any place to put it, and even if she did, she wouldn’t know what to do with it anyhow.  That’s why only someone who has possession of My Divine Will can accept it.”


My Will delights in Its one and only action because It is creating out of love for her.  It makes her aware of Its ongoing action in creating the heavens with a sun and everything else as It tells her, ‘See how much I love you; I keep creating everything just for you.  As a fair exchange, I use your actions as building material to extend the heavens, and since they are made of light, I employ them in forming the sun along with everything under it.  The more you act within My Fiat, the more material you provide Me with to form ever more beautiful things inside you.’  So keep flying nonstop in My Will so I can take every opportunity to operate through you.”


After that, I continued acting through Volition by making all of Its acts performed in Creation and Redemption my own.  Then I offered them to the Divine Majesty as the most beautiful gift I could ever give as a sign of the love that I want to give It in return.


I thought, “I wish I could have my own heaven with a sun shining down over the sea onto the flowery earth with everything that lives on it.  If I did, I would have all these things say to It, ‘I love You, I love You, I adore You.’.”


Just then, my beloved Jesus grabbed me and gave me a big hug.


He said, “My daughter, someone who lives in Our Will takes ownership of everything, simply because her will is the same as Ours.  Seeing as how this creature is entitled to whatever We have, you speak the truth when you say, ‘I give You my Heaven, my sun and everything else.’  When a creature’s love rise up into Our own, she takes her rightful place at Our level of being.  When she replicates Our Love within Our Divine Fiat, as well Our Light, Power, Happiness and Beauty, We Ourselves feel twice as loved.  Such strong love from the one who lives in Our Will has the power to make Us so happy that We go into a rapture that inspires Us to love all creatures twice as much.”


When a creature enters Our Fiat, she abandons any intention to act on her own and takes on Our Action as her fountainhead of light, power, love, happiness and beauty.  Once that creature is within Us, she can double or triple these outlets.  In fact, she can multiply Our fountains from there as many times as she wants.  We allow her do this simply because she lives in Our Will.  We give her complete freedom of action to do whatever she wants in Our house.  She’s safe there within the endless boundaries of Our Divinity.  As a trusted family member, We know she will protect Our fountain of treasure.  There’s no danger of it being damaged in the least.  As long as you continue living in Our Divine Will, what’s Ours is yours, and you are free to give Us whatever you want from there as if it were your own.”


Later on, I was really depressed, but I don’t need to go into that because then my adorable Jesus started talking again.


He said, “Be brave, My daughter, there’s no reason whatsoever to torture yourself like this.  I want your soul to enjoy the blissful tranquility of the Celestial Fatherland so the fragrance of Divine Will may waft peace and happiness from your very nature.  It would be uneasy if eternal peace and happiness were not within you.  It will not let anything jeopardize Its light and happiness.”


Living in My Divine Fiat gives the creature two important spiritual appendages, a strong right arm that does not waver and the firm left one that never tires of its endless work.  She uses them both to hold God so tightly in her grasp that He cannot free Himself from the creature.  He loves it when she does that.  So don’t worry, no matter what happens, because you have God all to yourself.  Think only about living in this Fiat that gave you your life just so It may form that life within you, and I’ll take care of everything else.”




October 21, 1929

Parallel between the coming of the Word upon earth and the Divine Will.


I was perplexed by Divine Fiat, with myriad thoughts crowding my mind with what my sweet Jesus has been telling me about It, especially about how on earth could It ever possibly come into Its dominion. 


I thought, “Surely, Divine Will already rules the earth, even now.  It is everywhere and there is nowhere that It is not.  Yet It still doesn’t hold Its scepter of absolute rule, nor is It in command of Its creatures.”


My mind wandered aimlessly amid a jumble of thoughts until my lovable Jesus came out from inside me.


He said, “My daughter, My Divine Will does indeed reign on earth and is in complete control of everything.  Think of Me as the Eternal Word who came down from Heaven to encapsulate Myself in the womb of My Celestial Mom.  No one knew anything about It, so I was totally ignored.  Not even Saint Joseph understood that, with My Conception, I was already among them.  Only My Mom knew, since there are no secrets between Us, and She was aware of everything.  That’s how the great miracle of My descent from Heaven upon earth came about, and it was more real than reality itself.  I existed everywhere in all My Immensity, even Heaven and earth were immersed with Me.  Even so, I was nonetheless completely ensconced inside the maternal womb of the Immaculate Queen.”


There is a parallel between My descent from Heaven as the Divine Word and My Divine Will taking Its first step towards establishing My sovereignty on earth.  My first steps, before My Incarnation, were towards the Virgin Mother, and My Will began by approaching you, My daughter.  As soon as It asked for your will and you surrendered it, It immediately began Its first act of conception within your soul.  While It was revealing Its knowledge to you, sip by Divine sip, It started forming Its life within you as the first step towards establishing Its Kingdom.  Still, nobody would know that either, not for a long time yet.  It was just you and Me.  There was another parallel between Saint Joseph and your spiritual father who directed you as My representative.  They were both given the high honor of knowing that I was already in their midst, even before I left the maternal womb.”


Then the second step: I went to Bethlehem for My birth.  My coming was announced by angels to the local shepherds who were the first to acknowledge My presence in the world.  They were not influential people, however, and they kept this blessed event to themselves.  It didn’t occur to them that they should spend all their time spreading the news far and wide, so I remained the hidden Jesus, still unknown as far as the world was concerned.”


Although unknown, I was already in their midst as the symbol of My Divine Will.  Nowadays, I quite often have My other representatives visit you from near and afar so they might listen to the wonderful news about the Kingdom of My Divine Will so they may learn how much It wants to be acknowledged.  Yet they still haven’t gotten down to evangelizing It, either because they haven’t the necessary contacts, or maybe they just don’t care.  In the meantime, It remained unknown and ignored, even though It already exists among them.  It cannot rule unless It is known, and for now, It has dominion in you alone, much like I was only known as sovereign of all by My Celestial Mom and My step-father Saint Joseph.”


“The third step toward My coming upon earth was in exile, because the three Holy Magi came to visit Me, which aroused so much fear and suspicion that Herod sent his troops searching for Me.  Instead of joining their quest to find Me, he instigated a plot against My Life, and I was forced into exile so he wouldn’t kill Me.  My life as a refugee has a parallel in My Divine Will.  Interest is aroused in publicizing My revelations and nothing comes of it.  They always have one excuse or another and all it ends up in is talk.  Meanwhile, My Divine Will remains exiled from the human family.”


So rather than depart for Heaven, I remain in exile in the midst of creatures, much like I did with My Divine Mother and Saint Joseph.   They were the only ones who knew Me inside and out, so I formed a paradise on earth for them, while for other creatures, I may as well have never existed.  That’s what I did with you.  My Fiat formed Its life in you with an entire ensemble of Its revelations that will make Itself known to humankind.  It will not depart until It has fulfilled that purpose.  We have decided to some good work, and We shall not be moved.  After thirty years of Hidden Life, exiled from the creatures’ awareness, I made Myself known during My Public Life and making Myself known.  Likewise My Divine Volition cannot remain hidden forever.  It’s intent is to make Itself known so that It may reign sovereign among creatures; and It will.  So pay attention, so you may come to better know and truly appreciate this great Gift of My Divine Will within your soul.”




October 24, 1929

How in the Divine Will the soul has everything in her power, because she finds the fount of the Divine works and can repeat them whenever she wants.


While totally abandoned in Divine Fiat, I followed all Its acts of Creation and Redemption so I could offer them back up to It.  I eventually I reached the Conception of the Word and I stopped to meditate on It for awhile.


I thought “I wish I could use the power of Divine Will to make the Conception of the Word my own.  Then I could offer all Its love and glory to the Supreme Being so He might have the satisfaction of seeing His Word conceived yet again.”


Just then, my sweet Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, the soul has control of all things through My Divine Will because everything Our Divinity has ever done during Creation and in Redemption is still pouring out into the basin of Our Divine Fiat.  All of Our Action collects there in a pool for conservation and reuse and It belongs to Our Divine Volition and the fountain’s proprietor.  She is the managing partner in charge the fountain of My Conception, My birth, the tears I have cried, every step I’ve taken, all the work I’ve done, and everything else in its holding tank.  Our Actions replenish themselves constantly, so if she wants to offer Me My own Conception, all she has to do is remember It and I will once again be in the act of being conceived.  I shall rise again in a new birth, crying the same tears over old pains relived as I walk the earth renewing all the good work I once did for Redemption.”


Someone who lives in Our Divine Will replicates Our work in Creation by reliving It as she reaches out to embrace Redemption while It dawns in an unending sunrise.  The one who lives in Our Will is the instigator that signals Us to open Our fountainhead so Our works may gush out once again with cooling refreshment for everyone.   Its power shares Our creative Strength with her so she can make everything rise again to new life.  The action she offers with her supplication keeps up Our fountain’s constant flow and wafts a gentle breeze that sends Our Action rippling over the basin’s edge with Its overflow swelling towards infinity.”


Our fountains are like the sea.  On windless days there are no waves pushing a flood of water to inundate entire cities.  They are fountains gushing with all Our work.  When Our Divine Fiat does not move them, and the one who lives in It doesn’t make waves through the wind of her action, It won’t send in a tide of abundance for the common good of creatures.  The basin remains filled to the brim with Its action, though still and silent.”


As the one who lives in Our Divine Fiat continues acting in It, those acts rise all the way up to where her soul first began its existence.  Such force of action does not rest on the surface, but rises up to the heights, looking for the source of her life in the Creator’s bosom.  These actions assemble around their original starting point in God and are acknowledged by Him as His own Divine acts loving Him with His very own Love and Glory.”




October 27, 1929

Why the Kingdom of the Divine Will could not come before the coming of Our Lord upon earth.  The graft of Jesus Christ and the graft of Adam.


I was making my rounds throughout Creation, following Divine Fiat’s action live from Eden until the Divine Word’s coming down to earth, and I began to wonder about it.


I thought, “Why wasn’t the Kingdom of Divine Will established on earth before the Son of God came down from Heaven to the earth?”


My sweet Jesus uses my thoughts as an opportunity to explain thing to me.  In fact, I think that when He wants to talk to me about something in particular, He starts by sowing doubts in my mind so that I have to wrestle with them for awhile.  He knows I’m really interested about everything regarding His Kingdom and He uses this method to teach me about It.  Otherwise, when He doesn’t have anything to say, my mind is silent and unreflective.  That’s when I go through the acts of Divine Will within Its light.


Then, right on cue, my lovable Jesus came out from inside me.


He said, “My daughter, the Kingdom of My Divine Will could not come upon earth before I did, simply because humanity was not yet in full possession of My Divine Fiat.  Human creatures are limited in what they can understand, so they aren’t held to the high standards of the Divine Order, nevertheless, they must have It as much as humanly possible.  Otherwise they have no rights in My Kingdom.  Heaven was still closed back then, and on earth, Divine Will and the human one were scowling at each other.  Mankind was in an impossible situation.  He felt the urgent need to ask for something, yet he didn’t know what it was, only that is was something great and good.  He tried to wrap his mind around It, but It was way beyond his ability; he just couldn’t quite grasp It.  So it was only right and just that God should do the impossible by giving It to them.”


Before My coming upon earth, God and creature were as far apart as the sun and the earth.  In fact, the situation was even worse.  It was as if the earth had no seeds that it could germinate into shoots and then grow into plants.  The sun was willing to do its part, but since nothing would germinate, its life-giving power, perfect for bringing a plant to maturity, was useless.  That’s why the earth and the sun were so alienated from each other.  They can’t think or feel like humans, but if they could, they would have been scowling at each other.  The sun was frustrated that it couldn’t do what it was created to do, and the earth was resentful because the sun couldn’t help.  Each of them blamed the other and they were both at an impasse.”


Such was humanity’s plight without the seed of My Fiat; their hopes were dashed because nothing would grow.  Later, when I came upon the earth, the Divine Word clothed Himself with human flesh and was grafted onto the tree of humanity.  My Humanity became the seed of the Eternal Word so these two wills could be spliced together, My human one with the Divine.  As head of all human generations, I reinstated the legitimate rights of both parties, human and Divine.  Creatures were entitled to all the privileges of citizenship in the Kingdom of My Divine Will, and God certainly has the right to give them full suffrage in It.”


When two trees are spliced together, the graft doesn’t immediately take, because their sap and fibers intermingle slowly, little by little and it takes awhile for their mutual vitality to assimilate with each other as one living organism.  It doesn’t yield Its first fruit right away, but soon enough there are more and more of them until the tree matures and its new grown branches are loaded with large tasty fruit.  My graft with the tree of humanity didn’t take right away either.  Its been about two thousand years since the fibers were to merge the splices together, so it might be awhile yet before the sap starts flowing right.  There is reason to hope though, because the seedling is growing and the graft is healing.  Now all the creature can do is pray that she may savor Its first fruit soon.  God has found an opening since My Humanity has united man’s nature with My Divine Will through the power of the Word made flesh.  Now both man and God have had their legitimate rights restored.  I worked hard during Redemption, watering and cultivating the soil so this celestial graft might take.  I spliced the human will with the Divine  so may flourish and now I wait to savor Its first fruit.”


The Kingdom of My Divine Will could not come before I did.  I came upon the earth to graft the two wills so they might take on the very nature of Its life and begin operating within the creatures’ soul.  As creatures begin to work hard for the advancement of Its Kingdom, that in itself will be a sure sign of It imminent arrival.  My Divine Fiat is immense and has the power to extend It empire everywhere, including the human will.  However, that doesn’t mean a complete identity of life force and motivating impulse.  They are like the immense sun with its orbiting planet.  Sunlight covers the earth with its penetrating light, providing warmth and nourishment.  This in no way implies that one becomes the other, nor that they fuse together as a single entity.  They are distinct and separate bodies.  No matter how much the sun may illuminate the earth, offering it warmth and nourishment, it will never give up its own life for a mere planet, nor would the earth surrender its life to the sun.  They were created different and will always be that way.”


That’s how it is with My Divine Will.  It cannot bestow the essence of Its being until man surrenders his human will to Mine.  There can be no fusion of One with the other until then.  Creatures are on their own, bereft of the Creator’s Life and likeness deep within their souls, something only My Divine Fiat can provide.  Continuing aloof and distant in their divergent interests, My Divine Volition illuminates it regardless.  It continues to rain down abundant nourishment out of generosity and the goodness of Its Heart.  It’s only natural that something this immensely powerful should be so liberal and tolerant.  The fact remains, however, that by Adam’s sinful pursuit of his human will, a malignant rot infected his family tree in it very roots.  It’s especially ironic that he thought he could do one better by grafting something onto it.  Yet Adam’s pride left the tree of humanity vulnerable and prone to every disease that came along over the course of centuries.”


Not much happens when two things are first grafted.  Nothing really good or bad is immediately obvious, even though that’s when good or evil actually begins.  Adam did not directly bring about all the evil things humans have done to each other for generations, yet by making that graft, he unleashed a torrent of evils.  It was only centuries later that I would make another graft by coming down to earth, so until then, the infection grew and evils multiplied.  Until then, the Kingdom of My Will was unimaginable.  When I came down to earth, I grafted My Conception onto the tree of humanity and It began to counteract evil and disinfect the family tree.  That revived the hope that the Kingdom of My Divine Will would be established for humanity in general.”


All these truths I have revealed to you about My Divine Fiat are the nutrients of life, like water and fertilizer that vitalize the sap flowing through the tree of humanity after It grafted Me onto it.  Since My Divine Fiat’s life has been grafted into the tree of My Humanity, there are plenty of reasons to hope that My Kingdom will take up Its scepter and rule over Its dominion in the midst of creatures.  There’s no cause for doubt, all you have to do is pray.”




October 30, 1929

One who lives in the Divine Will can go around in all the works of God, and acquires the Divine rights.


The sweet enchantment of Omnipotent Fiat hides keeps me hidden within Its overpowering light where there is nothing to distract me from Its unfolding action.  So I set my I love You’ as a seal upon each one of Its acts and asked for the Divine Will’s Kingdom to be established among creatures.  My mind’s eye saw a great wheel of light that completely filled the world.  The center of the wheel was one big light with lots of brilliant spokes radiating out all the actions done by Divine Fiat.  I moved from one ray to another, setting the seal of my ‘I love You on each one a petition that would continually ask for the Divine Will’s Kingdom.


As I was doing this, my always lovable Jesus came out from inside me.


He said, “My daughter, the one who lives in My Divine Will performs her actions within It.  These human works are binding to God and they bestow upon her all legitimate rights to such a holy Kingdom, along with the duty to make known the immanence of Its sovereign reign on earth.  The soul who lives in My Fiat gathers up all the action It has done out of love for creatures.  God acknowledges her as the conqueror of His Will as well as all Creation.  This creature acts upon every one of Its actions without exception, even if it is only her little I love You or another I adore You’.  She ties everything together with something of her own, and that makes My Fiat so happy.  It has finally found the blessed creature It has been looking for since the very beginning when It created the entire universe.  Now It can finally bequeath the wealth It has wanted to give for so long with all Its love.”


By living in My Divine Will, the creature enters into the Divine order as the proprietor of Its works, so she has the right to give whatever others may request of her.  That’s her prerogative, and it not a human right either.  She has the Divine right to ask for whatever she wants.  Everything she does calls out to her Creator, speaking with His own Divine imperial authority.  She says to Him, ‘Give me the Kingdom of Your Divine Will so I can give It to your creatures.  When It begins Its sovereign reign among them, they will love You with your own Divine Love, and everything will be newly created in You.’


Every time you go around in My Will and put something of your own in It, you are given higher authority from the Divine to ask for such a holy Kingdom.   That’s why all the works of Creation come towards you whenever you go around in It and those of Redemption assemble around you, each one of them waiting to accept your action as payment for Our active work.  You keep track of everything and acknowledge them one by one with an embrace and your littleI love You’.  The transaction is then finalized and sealed with a kiss.


In Our Fiat there is no ‘yours’ and ‘mine’.   Between Creator and creature, everything is held in common, so she has the right to ask for whatever she wants.  Drenched in sorrow, I would succumb to depression from all the pain I endured while completing My Acts on earth if the little daughter of My Divine Will neglected to acknowledge them and try to place around My Action the bouquet of her own loving acts.  How could I give you any privileges if you haven’t even acknowledged them?  There wouldn’t be any way you could make them your own.  Furthermore, recognizing Our works not only gives you a right to them, We give them to you as your own possession.  So, if you want My Divine Will to reign as sovereign, always go around in Our Fiat and acknowledge all Our works, no matter how little or great they may be.  When put your own little act inside each one of them, everything else will be granted you.”





November 6, 1929

Jesus, center of the Creation. 

The word, outpouring of the soul; the value of it. 

Who is the bearer of the works of God.


As I continue abandoning myself in Fiat, I feel as if Creation and all the works within It are my sisters in a tight-knit, loving family with Its Will as our charismatic head of household.  I relive everything Jesus did while on earth; that’s my whole life these days, or should I say ‘Life’.  If Jesus is bread, then I am kneading myself into the dough with all of His Acts.  I was there with Jesus, the center of the universe, looking out at everything surrounding us.  My Jesus, who is usually such a sweetheart, didn’t look very friendly today.  There was dead silence there in the middle of all His beautiful works.  He didn’t have a word to say, and they weren’t talking either.  He pulled me over to tell me something.


He said, “My daughter, I am all alone here in the center of My Creation.  Even though I am surrounded with everything and they all depend on Me, I don’t really have anyone to keep Me company since they aren’t sentient beings.  With all the honor and glory they give Me, I still feel as lonely as ever.  The Heavens are speechless and the sun doesn’t have anything to say.  I can hear the sea rumbling its waves, and it occasionally mumbles something, but it won’t talk to Me.  I don’t feel so lonely when I’m having a conversation with someone.  Two beings sharing thoughts and ideas, affectionately revealing their hopes for the future, that is My sweetest joy.  Having company like that is pure celebration for Me.  Secrets shyly revealed in words that blend their deepest sentiment harmonize so sweetly in My ears.  Fond affections freely expressed are an exchange of wills, one with the other.  Mutual empathy is the sweetest, most pleasant thing there could be.”


It is a great gift when the word pours out love from the soul.  The word is a door you enter to exchange joy and sorrow.  It is the crown of Creation that We spoke through Our Fiat.  A single utterance gave birth to the miracle Our works, all vying in beauty.  The word is an exquisite tiara crowning the work of Redemption.  There would be no Gospel had I not spoken, nor would the Church have anything to teach the people.  The great gift of the word is worth more than the whole world put together.”


“Daughter of My Divine Volition, only the one who lives in My Divine Will can relieve the loneliness I feel, surrounded as I am by all My silent works.  She comes here into the center of the universe and talks with Me about them.  She tells Me how much she loves Me for each and every thing I have created for her.  She opens her heart to Me, revealing her most intimate secrets, especially about how sad she is that My Divine Fiat has yet to assume Its sovereign rule.  When I hear her say that, My Heart knows that she shares My love and sorrow with kindness.  She is My new portrayal.  Whenever she speaks, My Divine Heart swells with so much love and joy that I can’t help but open My mouth and I talk to her at length.”


I open My Heart and I pour My deepest secrets into the refuge of her heart.  I tell her about My Divine Will and how It is the only purpose of all Our works.  I’m so happy to have such good company, because when I pour Myself out to her, she understands what I’m talking about and I can count on her to tell Me the truth.  Everything I have revealed to you about My Divine Will has been love pouring out in a mutual transfusion of life.  Besides, it’s entertaining to have such sweet, pleasant company.  A soul that lives in My Divine Will is everything for Me.  She compensates for the dead silence of My works by speaking to Me on their behalf.  That makes Me happy and I don’t feel so lonely.  At least I have someone who will listen appreciatively to the great gift of My word.  Otherwise I would be the silent Jesus who has no one to engage Him in conversation rather than the Jesus who becomes more talkative when He has good company.  It would be pointless though, if My Fiat wasn’t there, because I wouldn’t be understood anyway.”


After my lovable Jesus stopped talking, my poor little mind wandered around the Divine Fiat until He spoke up again.


He said, “My daughter, My Divine Will makes the creature simple by removing what is most irrelevant to It from her soul.  I keep doing that until there is nothing human left in her except the innocent simplicity of a clear-eyed child stepping lightly towards Me with easy manners to offer Me her candid words and playful eyes.  Such simplicity is a mark of the Divine.  So when I catch the adoring gaze of an innocent child, it’s as if I’m looking into a spotless mirror polished to pristine perfection.  Lies and pretention are the root of all evil and they shall no longer exist under My Divine Will’s sovereign rule on earth.  while simplicity, as origin of every true good, will be the true characteristic that will point out that here reigns the Divine Will.”


Our Love for the one who submits to total domination by Our Divine Fiat is so great that every service We expect from a creature is first performed in God Himself before being delegated to her and put into action.  Our Will and hers are one and the same, so she holds this act to be her own, repeating it for Us as many times as We want.  Someone who lives in Our Divine Volition takes on Our work, copying as many of them as We need for distribution.  Her God-given eyes of light are fixed on her Creator, noting His every move so she can faithfully replicate them.  She says, ‘My only desire is to do exactly what Your adorable Majesty does.’  We are always happy, since that is Our nature, yet Our happiness doubles when the creature shares Our joy by an ever closer conformity to Our Likeness.  It makes her happy to love with Our Love and glorifying Us with Our own works.  The Creative Power of Our Fiat multiplies Us by reproducing Our Life and Our works in the creature.”




November 10, 1929

Only the little ones enter to live in the Divine Will. 

Example of the little boy

Difference between the creation of the universe and that of man


The Divine Fiat absorbs me completely within Its light to give me Its primal act of life.   A strobe light pulsates within me, synchronizing my heart with Its own until they beat as one with the heart throb of Its beauty, sanctity and Creative Power.  My poor little soul soaks up these Divine heartbeats like a sponge, but it can’t hold them all because it is so small.  Burned by the scorching rays of the Sun of the Divine Fiat, my soul goes into a convulsion of spasmodic pleas.  “Fiat, Fiat, have pity on me, for I am so little!  I can’t hold all Your light, I’m way too small.  Please, carve out a space inside me, and make it big enough to hold more light so I won’t be suffocated by its overwhelming radiance.  I cannot embrace such immensity; much less fit it into a soul as small as mine.”


Just as I thought this, my sweet Jesus answered me.


He said, “Courage, My little daughter, try to be brave.  It is true that you are too small for some things, but only the littlest ones may enter My Divine Fiat to live Its light.  For every act these little ones do in My Divine Will, they suffocate one of their own.  You have to kill the human will with kindness because there’s simply no room anywhere in Mine for it to operate.  Human volition has no right to be there anyhow.  It wouldn’t make any sense because it is so obviously worthless compared with the righteous reasoning power of a Will that is Divine.”


Compared to Divine Will, the human one is like a little boy who says he can do something all by himself.  So he is allowed to try to do it under the supervision of someone who is highly trained in the arts and sciences, and the poor little guy gets so embarrassed by his gross incompetence that he can’t even say anything in his own defense.  All he can do is stand there in fascination, charmed by the elegant speech and finely honed operating skills of a true scientist.  My daughter, when the little one is on his own, he feels like he is really something, and perhaps a bit older than he actually is.  But when the kid compares himself with a sophisticated adult, however, he thinks that he is even younger and more insignificant than he is in reality.  So you can imagine how someone that small must feel when faced with the colossal stature of My Divine Will.”


Every time the soul operates within My Divine Will, she empties herself, and the void left by her abandoned selfishness becomes the doorway that My own Volition shall enter.  Now imagine a house that could somehow hold a sun inside it, the more doors and windows it has, the more its sunlight can shine outside.  If someone holds up a metal plate in front of the sun and it has several holes bored through it.  If you drilled more holes in it, the entire plate would appear much brighter.  That’s what goes on in the soul.  The more action she performs in My Divine Will, the more openings there are for It to radiate the light of My Divine Fiat.”


Then I continued going all around Creation, following the Supreme Fiat’s action, until my sweet Jesus started talking again.


He said, “My daughter, there’s a huge difference between the creation of man and that of the entire universe’s foundation.  In the beginning, there was Our creative and preserving Act, and after everything was arranged and harmonized, there was nothing more to be done.  It didn’t need anything else, so there was never any reason to add something new to it.  There was a different outcome in the creation of man.  It not only had the same Action that creates and preserves, there had also been something new added to it: an ongoing Act in the never ending process of constantly renewing Itself.  Although man was created in Our Image and Likeness, the Supreme Being is an ever new and continuous Act, so man has to have every new activity of his Creator as his own.  That’s how We enhance this resemblance to the Author of his life.”


Our ongoing Act of continually generating novel ways of behaving has a stationary residence, both within and without the creature.  It is the power of Our ongoing Act that is continually giving man the ability to think new thoughts and articulate them in ways that he could not have without It.  That changes his approach to everything he does.  Man comes up with new ways of doing things from time to time; however, he tends to do the same old things over and over again.  If he would only allow himself to be controlled by My Divine Will, his life would be one of constant innovation.  The most beautiful aspect of man’s creation was Our ongoing creative and preserving Action.  We infused Our Divine Will into his soul that he may live and gave it the lifeblood Our Love.”


He was one of Our works, just like all the rest of Creation.  However, the reason We love him so much is that he has a part of Our Life in his possession.  It’s impossible for Us not to love him, simply because he’s Ours.  It would be unnatural if We didn’t love him.  Our Love for man may seem incredible to some, yet the reason is quite clear.  We love him because he came out of Us, We are the Ones who gave birth to this child.  If man does not accept Our love and give his to Us in return, he is being cruel both his Creator and himself.  If he does not surrender his will to Us and take Ours instead, then he is worse than any barbarian.  By refusing to acknowledge his Creator, he builds a maze of misery and is lost in it.  When he denies any love for Him, he become weak, body and soul.  He has lost any chance of ever having true happiness.  By rejecting Our Divine Will, he keeps distant from the Creator, destroys the very principle of his own creation.  Rather than consume the blood of Our Love that We infuse into his soul, he prefers to let the poison of his human will flow in it.  Until Our Will is acknowledged as the founder Its Kingdom in the midst of creatures, man will always live in chaos without any semblance to the Likeness of He who created him.”





November 14, 1929

How the rights of Creation are just and holy. 

Example of the sun, and how one who lives in the Divine Will is the true sun.


I am always in the Divine Fiat, my beloved birthright, and the deeper I go, the more I love It.  The more I move around it It, the more It unveils and declares Itself.  It says to me, “Live always within your precious birthright, because It was given to you with so much love.  It is yours, and always will be; no one can ever take It away from you.  I will never allow My little daughter to be denied the heartbeat of My light, the soothing breeze of My breath or the life of My Divine Will.”  My poor little mind was still wandering around in Divine Volition when my lovable Jesus came out from within the steadily pulsing light waves of Divine Fiat.


He said, “My daughter, since the sun has the unitary power of the light given to it by its Creator, it has an inalienable right to its permanent possession, and not a single drop of it can ever be taken away.  The powerfully cohesive strength of the sun’s own light touches everything indiscriminately with its precious, life-giving properties.  The sun likes to play with the earth by giving a kiss of light to each plant so they can all pass them on for the creature’s delight.  It gives each one of them a warm embrace, blowing kisses that make them turn colors, so sweet is their flavor.”


It is so rich in its generous bounty.  The sun is no jealous miser with its treasure; nothing is withheld, not a single drop of light.  It would never begrudge anyone anything.  It is because it respects the rights of all created things that it would never waste anything of what God has given in His boundless munificence.  If the sun were selfish with its light, it would slowly but surely abdicate its right to be the sun.  The first rites celebrated as all things were created, and especially man, were the most sacred of the holy sacraments.  It’s only right that everyone should faithfully observe them just as they were in the act of being created at the dawn of man’s arousal from the dust.  Man was the only creature to lose the great dignity that God had bestowed on him in the way he was created.  Such gross negligence was costly, as all manner of evil swooped down upon him.”


My daughter, whoever lives in My Divine Will has all the legitimate rights inherent in her creation, even more so than the sun.  She lives in the Unity of her Creator, replicating all the effects of Divine Unity.  From there, she gathers up everything and embraces everyone.  Breathing Divine Unity, she warms the hearts of creatures.  She reproduces all the advantages that come by living in a Kingdom of Grace.  She outshines the sun in the game they play, touching everything with the power, sanctity and loving sweetness of the Divine.  She’s trying her best to pull everyone into the Unity of her Creator.”


However, even though she wants to give everything, she still jealously protects the rights given to her in creation.  The Creator’s Will belongs to her as the primal act that brought about her creation.  She tells everyone, ‘I will never leave the Divine Fiat.  If I lost even a single drop of It, I would lose my rights through negligence, and I wouldn’t want that to happen.  It would be much better instead, if you would all come into the one Will that is everyone’s, so we can all live in common.  In the meantime, as long as you are still down in the lowly human will, I shall be like the sun and give you the benefits of Divine Will.  Its life will be always mine.  I am in the Will of our Creator, praying and waiting for all of you to come into It.’”


The one who lives in My Will is the true sun where all seeing is filled with light and everything is warm to the touch.  There is an abundance of good things waiting for everyone inside that heat and light.  All the earth’s treasures and even the very essence of life are to be found within them.  The same is true for the one who lives in My Divine Fiat.  Even though she looks much like any other creature, Divine Will resides within her, the sustainer of Heaven and earth.  Since she has so much to offer, It doesn’t want to keep her on the sidelines.”





November 20, 1929

How peace is the fragrance, the air, the breath of Jesus. 

How the works of God are all ordered. 

How He does minor things first, and then greater things. 

Example of Creation and Redemption.



I was apprehensive about printing these blessed manuscripts on the Divine Will.  I would give anything if I could keep them from printing some of the more intimate details about what my beloved Jesus had discussed.  It feels as if a nail were being driven into my soul.  There is a bitterness deep down in the marrow of my bones. 


I thought, “I wish blessed Jesus would have spoken primarily about His adorable Will and less about some of the other things.  That would have spared me a lot of this piercing sorrow.”


I was still venting my bitterness when my always lovable Jesus, always so full all goodness, gave me a big hug.


He said, “Courage My daughter, don’t lose your peace of mind.  Peace is the fragrant air I exhale.  Unless the soul is at peace, I feel uncomfortable.  I don’t feel at home in My own Royal Palace.  The nature of My Divine Will is peace.  Anxiety clouds over the sun so that it cannot bring full daylight over the earth.  Whatever the circumstances might be, when the soul has no peace, it is like the gloom of a rainy day because the Sun of My Will isn’t able to give her all the heat and light that comes from Its life.  So relax.  Don’t make clouds that obscure your soul, because I feel hurt when you do that.  Then I can no longer say, ‘I am reside within this creature in everlasting peace, with all the joyous light of My Celestial Fatherland.’”


Daughter of My Volition, all of My works are well ordered simply because I am order itself.  You can see the perfect harmony of Creation.  Even though man was the main purpose of Creation, he was not the first thing I made.  That would have fostered disorder in the universe, so I had to establish his proper place in the scheme of things.  I had to place the sun where it would best illuminate him, a pavilion of the Heavens as the roof covering his living space, and plants for his nourishment.  Out of total chaos, My Fiat had to create and revise everything until it was just right, and then, when It had formed the most beautiful dwelling imaginable, It created man.  Anyone can verify how much order your Jesus has put into His work.”


I had to go through a parallel process with you because everything has to be arranged in the right order for it to work as intended.  Our primary purpose was to teach you about Our Divine Will so that It might reign as a sovereign king in his own royal palace.  An effective presentation of Its Divine lessons should be the heraldry that proclaims Its knowledge to others.  However, before doing that, I needed do what I did in Creation.  I had to arrange the heaven of your soul with stars perfectly aligned in their own constellations.  They are an anthology of instructions regarding the beauty of these virtues I have revealed to you.  I had to come all the way down to the level of your human will before I could empty it out and clean it.  Once the air was purified, I renovated and redecorated to make it more habitable.”


To do it right, I needed to implement various modes of creation as I worked on you.  I had to make the primordial, chaotic world of your human will disappear before I could restore order.  Then I established it in the depths of your inner being by Divine Fiat.  After I made the ancient earth of entire being vanish, I stretched out the heavens and placed the sun there.  Under them I laid out seas of astonishing truth with the rising tides of Its creative power.  You are painfully aware of how I brought you to maturity through a sequestered life on the cross.  You lived in the world as an exile from Heaven, deeply absorbed in the Sun of My Divine Fiat as you contemplated My existence.”


Everything I did within you was preparation for the great Gift of My Divine Will, the same One It gave to the first man in the beginning at his creation.  Imagine how much there was to been done before Creation was adequately prepared in a way that would best serve the man destined for the ultimate Gift of Our Will, his treasured inheritance.  The very creation of the world was symbolic of the due diligence required to adequately prepare your soul.  Now show you adoration and thanks for My kind disposition toward you by being faithful to Me.”


My Redemption is another example of how much has to be done before the serious work can begin.  That’s the only way to accomplish the goals We have intentionally set for Ourselves.  I came down to earth and took on human flesh just so I could lift up humanity again and return My Divine Will’s sovereign rights over humanity.  By ruling them through My Humanity, I have affirmed the legitimate right of both parties, human and Divine.  I hadn’t yet said very much about these things, but I want it understood that I only came into the world to do the Will of the Celestial Father.  I want the world to know this because it’s really important to Me that they do.   That’s why I once said, ‘For whosoever shall do the will of my Father who is in heaven, he is my brother, and sister, and mother.’  That’s all I ever said about it, so now I’ll be more precise.  I came to establish the Kingdom of My Divine Will in the midst of creatures.”


I was intent on rescuing humanity; however, My primary concern was safeguarding My Divine Will by restoring Its rights over all flesh, including My own.  Anything else would have introduced chaos into the work of Redemption.  There would be no reason for saving humanity if it meant abdicating Our Divine rights and those of Our Fiat by letting everything go to rack and ruin.  That will never happen.  My primary goal was to balance the accounts of My Divine Will.  I complied by act as humanity’s Celestial Doctor, administering medicinal remedies to help them recover from their infirmities.  I spoke about forgiveness and detachment from their human will.  I instituted Sacraments before suffering atrocious pain and even death.  All this was to prepare a new creation so creatures might accept the My Divine Will as the King who reigns absolutely over all of His people.”


That’s what I have done with you.  First I prepared you for It by talking about love, virtue and crosses until you were ready to learn the lessons that can be taught about My Fiat so that by knowing It, you might love It.  Then once you began to feel how good it is to have Its life within you, your only desire would be to share Its life with everyone by making It known.   After they learn about It, they will surely show their love for It by accepting Its sovereign rule among creatures.”




November 26, 1929

Each act that is done in the Divine Will is a Divine Life that one encloses. 

How the creature enraptures God.


I was really depressed because my sweet Jesus seems to be ignoring me again and I feel so empty when He does that.  I have all things in Jesus.   Everything in the house of Jesus belongs to me, and He reminds me so with that same sweet, gentle manner that I admire so much.


He says, “All that’s Mine is yours, so I don’t want to hear you saying to Me, ‘Your heavens, Your sun and all Your created things’.   What you should say is, ‘Our heavens, our sun and our Creation’, because you were creating along with Me in My Divine Will.  Moreover, you not only continued to live in It, you also offered to join Me in the task of preserving what you and I have created.”


Everything is ours, My daughter, everything.  What’s Mine is all yours, and if you don’t believe that, then maybe you don’t trust Me.  That would put your loyalty to the Celestial Family in question.  The next thing you know, you would become estranged from Us and stop living in the house of your Divine Father.  You would be renouncing all family ties with your Jesus.” 


So when He ignores me, I feel rejected by His Family and put out of His house.  That would be a big change and such a dismal notion makes my poor soul really sad just thinking about it.  Now that I know what it means to be without Jesus, I feel totally abandoned by the only One who can give me life.  This exile is much too heavy a burden to bear.  I’m so desperate for my Celestial Fatherland that I’m about to panic.  A pack of oppressive thoughts pursued my mind.  The crushing crowd trampled my poor little soul.  The burden was too heavy for me to bear and my agony was so excruciating that I was just about to despair when, in this dark night of the soul, the precious Life of my sweet Jesus rose like the Sun.  All those cruel thoughts fled head over heels from the sweet sound of His voice the moment He spoke.


He said, “Try to be brave, My daughter, don’t lose heart now, because you still have a lot of distance to cover in My Divine Will.  There’s a long way to go and you can’t carry this crowd of thoughts with you because they’re slowing you down and making you fall behind schedule.  Your depression is like any fixation waiting to be picked up, but you really don’t have time to stop for them.  Your journey has been delayed, but at least you haven’t left the road so far.  There’s no good reason why you should turn around and go back.  Your Jesus is urging you to keep walking, so don’t stop no matter what.”


You pick up another Divine Life with every step you take in My Divine Will and it would be a shame if you should leave one of them stranded by the side of the road.  Such a mishap would deprive Our Supreme Being of that same love and glory We have already given them.  Those Lives are identical with Our own and We share the same happiness.  Kindly give Us the satisfaction of completing your journey.  You underestimate how much We desire the love, glory and happiness of Our very Life!”


The strength of Our own Will allows this fortunate creature to live in It and enjoy Its great abundance.  The power of her enchantment is so great that We are thrown into rapture.  We bi-locate Our Divine Being and It walks with each step the creature takes as she works, so We are also ensconced in everything she does.  We co-exist within the creatures’ own love.  Our greatest satisfaction comes from the gift she makes to Us of Our own Life, Our Glory, and all Our superabundant wealth.  Within your endless walk through Our Will, We move in rapture from the sweet enchantment you invoke upon Us.  When you stop walking, the spell is broken and the sweet enchantment of your footstep fades away.  Then We say, ‘The little daughter of Our Will has stopped walking, and We are deprived of the sweet enchantment of her activity.’  Left without a human vehicle, We hail its driver with urgent instructions, ‘Daughter, keep walking, don’t stop.  Our Fiat implies continual motion, so go on, keep going, follow It.’”


There’s a big difference between someone who lives in Our Divine Volition and a person who passively goes along with Our Divine Will, doing what It does as circumstances permit.  The one who resides there offers Us Divine Lives through her activities while the other one merely internalizes the effects of Our Will.   When someone reacts to It with reflexive action, all We experience are the effects of what We do.  We don’t have any sense of being enchanted by Our own Strength as expressed through her activity.  One sends Us into raptures; the other doesn’t.  One has all of Our Love; the other only has a tiny piece of It.  One contains the source of Our Happiness; the other grasps a mere shadow.  It’s a matter of cause and effect.  Life is more important than its artifacts.  The worker is more important than his work.  Nothing is worth more than life.  There’s no comparison between Divine Life rendered by the creature in My Divine Will and the work she does outside of It.”




November 30, 1929

Condition of man before sinning. 

How in each of his acts he looked for God, he found his Creator, he gave and received. 

How the human will is night for the soul.


I started making my rounds in Divine Will as usual, and I tried to realign every created intelligence so they would conform with God’s.  I wanted to do that with the first to the last man on earth throughout the ages.


I began by saying, “I rest myI love You’ upon each thought of every creature to prepare them for what I request, and now I make my appeal.  May Divine Fiat have Its complete dominion over each intelligence.”  But then I was interrupted by the same nagging doubt.


I thought, “How can I knit the thread of human thought with anI love You’?”


Then my sweet Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, since My Will reaches everywhere, you can do anything with It.  Before man fell into sin, all he thought about was God because he saw Him everywhere he looked.  That’s all he ever talked about.  He worked on God’s behalf, chanting His Name with every step.  In return, God dedicated all His activity to man using one unitary Act that was to go on forever.  So man spent all his time giving to his Creator whatever he was receiving from Him.  There was so much harmony between Creator and creature.  They were both obsessed with a mutual give and take than went around in an endless circle, on act leading to another, even if only a considerate thought or a momentary loving gaze.  All of man’s thoughts were a search for God, and God ran to fill each one of them with grace, sanctity, light, life and His own Divine Will.  Every act of man, even the most apparently insignificant, was one of acknowledgment and love for the One who had given him life.  God would repay him with His own Love by making His Divine Life grow inside each of man’s activities, whether imperceptible or grand.  Of course, man didn’t have the capacity to receive Divine Life all at once, since he was so small, so God gave It to him sip by sip, every time he expressed his love of Him.  He always took delight in giving, because that is what formed His Divine Life in him.”


For every thought or act of man poured into God, and God poured another one into him.  That was the real plan for Creation, finding the Creator in all of man’s activity so He could give him His Light along with everything He had made specifically for him.  Our Divine Will, present in Ourselves as It is in him, supported both aloft, and forming the fullness of day in man, It held everything in common for the good of all concerned.  Man was so happy when Our Divine Fiat ruled over him.  We held him on Our knees like a doting father holds his child.  We breast fed him like a caring mother, nourishing him so he would grow and develop.”


I want the creature’s every thought to be an ‘I love You’ in My Divine Volition, just as it was in the beginning between the Creator and His creature.  Yet man stopped loving the One who showed so him much devotion and sinned by rejecting Our Fiat.  He kept his distance from his Creator, starving the love he once felt.  True love can only be nourished when lover and beloved are in close contact.”


We created the love that brought man to life, and now it is dying of starvation.  Now, every time the creature acts without Our Divine Will, he brings nightfall into his soul, and every thought, work or look made it darker.  The sun does not shine without My Fiat, there is no day.  The best he can hope for is a few flickering candles, just barely enough to see where he’s walking.  Even when man tries to be good and avoid evil, he still doesn’t really understand how gloomy it is to live without My Divine Will.  The human will is always a dark night for the soul.  It is so oppressive the she becomes bitter and bemoans life’s heavy burden.”


So pay attention and make sure nothing slips out of My Divine Fiat.  That’s the only way you can live in full daylight as man once did at the dawn of Creation.  It will restore harmony by setting in motion the continual give and take of your activities with the Creator.  Embrace the whole human family and beg that order be restored as it was when they were created.  Then the night of the human will shall come to an end as My Divine Will arises, bringing full daylight the world.”





December 3, 1929

Difference between the sanctity founded in the virtues and the one founded in the Divine Will.


As my poor little mind was wandering around in the Supreme Fiat, I pondered the role of virtues in the Divine Will.


I thought, “Can there really be that much difference between someone who has his sanctity grounded in virtue and another person sanctified in Divine Will?”


I heard my sweet Jesus sighing when he moved inside me.


He said, “There’s a huge difference, My daughter.  Listen, and I’ll tell you why.  The luxuriant earth is beautiful with so many flowering plant varieties in every color and all kinds of trees bearing the sweetest fruit.  It’s all so beautiful.  It would be most unusual for a flower or any kind of plant, even exotic ones, not to have its roots in the earth.  It is like a father’s lap or a mother’s nourishing breast.  It’s hardly possible to grow any kind of plant without entrusting it to its mother earth.”


Sanctity rooted in virtue is much like that for human life on earth.  Humans take a great deal of satisfaction in holy works and whatever virtues they may put into practice.  The soil of human glory and esteem is always there, like a flower bed that gives birth to fragrant blooms of vivid color, a marvel to behold.  Sanctity founded in virtue is the beauty that grows from human earth.  However, to grow into flowering plants or trees, they must have water and sun as nourishment, that is, My Grace.  Without It, they would die before they could bloom.”


Sanctity found in My Divine Will is different.  It is the Sun on high, and earth has nothing to do with It, nor does water for that matter.  Its light draws sustenance directly from God and is steadily moving as It nourishes all the virtues in a way that is purely Divine.  Human satisfaction has lost its way.   Holy self-esteem is all vainglory and has no reason to exist.  Those who live in Divine Will have a vivid sensation that It is what does everything in them.  They are grateful that the Divine Sun condescends to dwell in them.  Its nourishing radiance transforms them into Itself, the unifying light of Divine Fiat.”


Since Its light would never tolerate a single earthly atom in My Divine Volition, they are denied entrance by Its virtuous light, the sentry that defends It by blockading human will with Its own sweetness.  Light is so diametrically opposed to the world’s darkness that they shall continue avoiding each other until the creature is totally transformed through Divine Will.  The sun delivers beautiful flowers with all the other important things it gives to the earth, while receiving nothing in return.  Those who base their life in My Will are sanctified by It and given the wherewithal to nourish such sanctity as is rooted in virtue.”


Then I continued making my rounds through Divine Fiat, looking for all the acts of creatures, past, present and future, so I could ask on everyone’s behalf for the Kingdom of Divine Will. 


I was still doing that when my sweet Jesus resumed speaking.


He said, “My daughter, since the very beginning of the world, all the good that has ever been done outside My Divine Will has only amounted to candle light, and even that comes from My Divine Fiat.  Sometimes creatures want to be good even though they don’t know how to behave inside of It, and when that happens, Its rays focus on their action until their reflections ignite as tiny little flames in their souls.  That is the power of My Will, immense and eternal, that produces nothing but light.  It is reflected in these little flames dancing around the Sun of My Divine Will to honor and glorify Its great generosity.  Such is the fruit of creatures trying so hard to be virtuous and good.”


Whenever they want to do something good, Its rays focus on them to provide the actually effects of their good intentions.  When it finds good seed in the earth, its light, warming and caressing it, provides the very life it needs to sprout.  A seed cannot mature into colorful flowers or sweet fruit without sunlight, nor does anything good ever happen without My Will.”


Only someone who lives in My Divine Will can give rise to the Sun with her activity.  My Will does much more than focus Its rays on her, Its very Sun come down into her with the power to create and give life.  It bi-locates Itself as a duplicate Sun shining through the creature’s activity.  The best way to understand the difference between Divine Will and virtue is to compare the sun with a plant or a candle.”




December 10, 1929

Perfect balance of God in His works

Triple balance


I felt totally abandoned in Divine Will, engrossed in my activities there, when I heard a voice whispering in my ear, “I’m so tired.”  I was intrigued and wondered who it could be and why he was so tired.  Then my sweet Jesus moved inside me and made His presence known.


He said, “It’s Me, My daughter.  I’m sick and tired of waiting.  It’s so frustrating.  I feel compelled to do something really good for creatures, but they don’t want My help.  I’m ready, willing and able to help, and nobody cares if do or not.”


When My Fiat decides to operate, It does so with the same power and wisdom as Its primal act.  The effect is just as immense and has the same endless number of ways to do things.  All It has to do is intend something and then It goes into action as befits Its own Divinity.  All of Its activities are in perfect balance with each other regarding value, weight and measure.  My Divine Will has Its field of action in Creation where It displays the great magnificence of Its works.  There are so many of them that man can’t count them all.  His ignorance surpasses everything in Creation and he still can’t rightly judge how valuable any one of them might be.  He see and touch them, but that’s all he can do, even though he enjoys their benefits.  He doesn’t really know exactly how much heat and light there is in the sun or how it works or its exact composition.  He can see it though, and feel its heat.  Man’s like that about a lot of things.”


My Redemption goes hand in hand with Creation and has just as much activities as it does.  They are in perfect balance with each other because they are both acts of My Divine Will.  Whenever It’s ready to act again in the great Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven, It has another one all ready to go My Divine Fiat.  As with the others, It will have the same triple balance of action in value, weight and measure, so they should fit together perfectly.  I’m being force to wait, nevertheless.  When I think about how many acts I want to perform, knowing that the Kingdom of My Fiat is still unknown and Its sovereignty on earth delayed, I get really frustrated.  I feel deeply lethargic, yet, at the same time, I’m so fidgety that I lose My temper and have to cry out in protest, ‘How can they possibly refuse all the wealth I want to give them?’  I’m still depressed that My Activities are not bonded like brothers with these creatures.  I regret that the power of My Divine Volition, with all Its light, happiness and beauty, still doesn’t flow into their midst.  So have pity on Me if I seem grumpy, show Me a little compassion.  It’s just that I’m so tired of waiting that I don’t feel like talking to anyone.”




December 16, 1929

How Jesus had need of nothing, possessing within Himself the strength creative of all goods. 

How the Divine Volition is the bearer of all created things.  The generative virtue.


I was making my rounds in Divine Fiat so I could unite myself to everything It does for us to show Its love for creatures.  I was there when my lovable Jesus descended into the low world of human activity.  He suckled milk from His Mom, ate food, drank water and humbled Himself with manual labor.  It was amazing to see this, knowing that, by His nature, He needed nothing.  He had the strength to create a superabundance of everything, even though He Himself had no need for any of it.


Then, just as I was thinking about it, my sweet Jesus appeared inside me and I heard Him respond.


He said, “You’re right, My daughter, I didn’t need anything but My Love.  After coming down from the high Heavens to this lowly world, I couldn’t keep still and quiet.  I had an irrepressible need to express My Love through the same activities that engaged the creature by necessity.  I did them so My love could run to her and say, ‘I wanted to show you how much I love you by coming down into all your activities, even the least important of them.  I wanted to show My solidarity by doing the same chores you have to do in order to survive.  I did everything you had to do; that was My way of telling you how much I love you.  I want to give you My Love and then receive It back from you again as a sign of your own Love.’”


The main reason I lowered Myself to engage in all those mundane human activities was not necessity, since I didn’t need anything, it was to follow Divine Will in everything I did.  All things showed themselves to Me as exactly what they were, and I took that into account as I did them, because Divine Fiat wanted them done just as It had ordained.  It was as if there were a contest between the Divine Will, Mine by nature as Word of the Celestial Father, and Itself, as that same Will had been spread throughout all Creation.  I saw My Divine Will in all things, and nothing else, everything had disappeared.  It was my food and drink, It meant everything to Me.”


It was My Divine Will that sent Me down into the world of human activity.  I would call creatures, one by one, so they could take the primal act of My Divine Volition into each and every thing they did.  This was My gift to them, that their every activity might be animated by It and come alive.  Creatures have to see things as they actuality are; they have to examine their source.  They must acknowledge the One who nurtures and sustains everything, the bearer of all the many things that support human life.  If they really loved My Divine Will, they would savor the true essence of created things, but instead, they look at superficialities and become emotionally attached to their appearance.  They’d rather chew on rinds than the sweet fruit within all created things.  After all, We only made them to help creatures act through Our Divine Will exclusively.”


I am forced to look on in sorrow as creatures go without food or water and neglect the work they have to do before receiving My Divine Volition that It may be fulfilled.  All they care about is satisfying their own personal needs and indulging human self will.  It makes no sense that they would eject My Divine Fiat from their activities, especially considering how many things We have created specifically for that purpose.  It’s as if We put Our Divine Will in a central bank where everybody can have access to It.  Instead, through gross mismanagement, interminable bankruptcy proceedings are the normal state of affairs.  If they had taken My Divine Will as their own and followed It, this ruptured pipeline of goods would have been repaired by now.  In the meantime, Our sorrow shall continue until We see It enthroned as the Queen of creatures that rules over all human activity.”


Then I abandoned myself in Divine Fiat as usual.  I really need to be immersed in Its Sea of light all the time.  I don’t ever want to leave; it would be better if the tiny mote of my being could be completely dissolved in Its Divine Sea.  It is the pulse of my beating heart.  It’s the air I breathe, infusing me with life.  My whole metabolism is regulated by It so that I can live in harmony with the cosmos.


My poor little mind became so crowded with thoughts about Divine Will that my sweet Jesus had to interrupt me.


He said, “My daughter, there is no real life where you may rest anywhere but in My Divine Fiat.  The true life of each creature becomes active as she is formed within the womb of her Creator.  Then We give birth to her and send her out with it into the light of day.  We have the power to generate this life and We pass it on to Our child as a fertile seed so she may give birth to lots of other creatures.  As she goes along in life, the gestatation of her chaste words and holy thoughts mature into beautiful, enchanting works.  As soon as they are born, We witness the sweet pitter-patter of little steps while brilliant rays of light flash from every heartbeat.”


As the creatures give birth to them, they take off, upward and onward, towards their Creator and acknowledge Him as their Father.  Generations of offspring surround Him and sing, praising Our Glory in thanksgiving for Our generative power.  For Our generative power to procreate, it should be understood that Our Divine Will must have full custody of the child after We have given birth.  Otherwise, she faces the danger of being born as a mutated brute that would be powerless to generate anything good.  All that would ever come out of her would be vice, passion and weakness.  Such creatures never have enough power to make the ascent.  We shall look down on their futile attempt and repudiate their claim to Our patrimony.”




December 18, 1929

Ardor of love.

Specialties of the three ardors of love of Our Lord.

The devouring love, and how It devoured all souls.

Tears of Baby Jesus.


I was thinking about the Incarnation of my sweet Jesus in the Celestial Sovereign’s maternal when my sweet Jesus came out from inside me and held me in His arms so tenderly that I thought I would melt.


He said, “My daughter, the ardor of Creation was love was extremely intense and there was so much of it that it overflowed from Our Divine Being, spreading out to fill the entire universe.  Our Fiat began Its operation by pronouncing Itself and the race was on, a marathon of love that ran and ran without stopping, even when It had reached absolutely everywhere.  That’s when It gave Its first loving kiss to all creatures, even before they came into existence.  It kept going, planting a kiss full of love, joy and happiness on all generations.  At the final sprint, when kisses weren’t enough to express Its love, Our Divine Fiat enunciated Itself in an explosive burst that formed the heavens full of stars and a sun shining on the newborn earth and seas.  Without stopping, It created everything that can be seen in universe where there had once been only the great void of an endless abyss.  The ardor of Our Love in Creation was an eagerness to celebrate love, joy and happiness, a game We played to delight all the creatures.”


We couldn’t hold back the ardor of Our Love when I was incarnated in the maternal womb, and it overflowed from Us in a torrent that ran the same race as in Creation.  The ardor of this love was full of compassion and tender mercy, although it did put the Life of a God at risk in Its frantic search for man, all for a kiss.  But what kisses!  When ex-lovers forgive each other, their kisses are always full of tender concern.  It engulfed every creature’s life within its sea of love.  It gave everyone a kiss of life through a kiss of death before laying down its life to allow man to live and love.  Creation was simply a joyful celebration of Our Love.  The Incarnation, on the other hand, exceeded that by far because the long suffering sorrow of Its love was sacrificial.  It was so intent on stalking the life of man that It completely disregarded Its own.”


Yet Our Love is still not content.  Put your hand on My Heart and feel how hard It’s beating, It ready to explode.  Press your ear against My chest and listen to the gigantic waves seething on a stormy sea.  It’s a tsunami that’s about to overwhelm everybody and everything in its path.  Now Its ready for the third race, and the ardor of Its love cannot be contained.  In the end, It must firmly establish the Kingdom of My Divine Will.  Our love is so hot that it will fuse Creation together with My Incarnation and make them one.  The ardor of this all-conquering love shall triumph over everything in this quest that can only end with Its kiss of eternal peace.  Its kiss of light shall chase away the night of the human will so that the fulsome day of My Divine Will might arise and bring with It a cornucopia of good things.”


Our Love seethes with such deep longing within Me that I can feel It ready to burst out in a surging torrent.  Yet, for now, My only relief is to pour it out on you by talking about My Divine Volition.  That’s the only thing that calms the ardor of My Love in this delirious fever.  Now that I’m refreshed I can get back to work subjecting your soul to My Will.  So pay attentions while I do it.”


Later on, my poor mind was wandering around within the Love of my sweet Jesus, when I saw a great wheel of light burning brighter than any fire.  There were so many brilliant rays of light emanating from It, one for every creature that would ever come out to see the light of day.  These rays latched onto each creature with a sweet force-field of rapture and pulled them into the great wheel of light’s core where Jesus was waiting to devour them in the womb of His Love.  Not wanting them to die, He wrapped them up inside His little Humanity so they could be reborn.  There, He nourished them with His devouring flames so they would grow into a new life full of love.  From the first moment of conception, my little Jesus took in all human generations that were to be born.  Like a tender mother, He swaddled them all after delivering them into the light generated by His Love.  However, the labor pains were beyond excruciating and led to His Death.


Then my tender little baby Jesus, in the middle of that chasm of flames spoke to me.


He said, “Look at Me and listen, My daughter.  From within this flaming abyss, I breathe My Love’s devouring flames, and with them, the breath of all creatures.  My tiny little Heart is pumping flames that lap at the heartbeats of all creatures, capturing them to be held inside My Heart.  I can feel all heartbeats pulsing within My little Heart.”


Everything is in flames, they shoot out from My tiny little hands and feet so much that I can’t move.  My Love is so demanding that It put Me here in the middle of this consuming fire so I would vividly suffer the pain and misery inflicted by everyone’s sins.  I want to soothe their pain and give them life.  Even though I’m so little I am still not spared anything.  I can say, ‘Every evil has fallen inside, outside, and all around Me.’  It makes Me cry when I look all these people loaded down with so much pain and surrounded by this all-consuming fire.  I want to shout, ‘My Love gave everyone to Me in Creation, but then they escaped.  Now It has returned all these creatures to Me so I might have them as a gift.’  It gave them to Me when I was conceived in My Mother’s womb.  But I’m worried that they might escape from Me again.  I want them to be Mine forever.  If only they wouldn’t try to run away, I would be so happy.  Their pain would refresh Me if all My precious children were safe.  They are dear to Me because they were conceived in My lowly Humanity and I gave birth to them.”


Crying and sobbing, I looked each one in the face so they might be moved by My tears.  I said to them again, ‘My dear children, stop hiding and don’t ever leave Me again.   You should recognize Me, I’m your Father, please don’t abandon Me.  My hot tears say that I love you too much.  This fire devours Me, at least you can pity Me for that.  I love you both as your God and as the Father that is strong in His love for you.  I love you as much as My own Life.’


As My Divine Volition’s little daughter, I tell you that the first and most important thing My Love wants for creatures is to devour their human will, the root of all evil.  Yet its devouring flames are hidden by the smoke that surrounds it.  What’s worse than its billowing cloud of noxious gas, however, is that it was the instigator of the most sorrowful scenes in My very Humanity, especially the torture.  The only thing you can do now is to pray that My Divine Will becomes known so It may begin Its sovereign reign over them.   That’s the only thing that can make your Jesus happy, and until then, My tears will never end.  There are so many reasons to cry over the lot of poor humanity living this nightmare that billows from its own miserable will.”




December 22, 1929

How the greatest works cannot be done on one’s own, for they would die at birth. 

The three prisons of Jesus.  The two mamas.


I was still abandoning myself in Divine Fiat when my tender Jesus appeared as a little baby lying in my heart as if He were in the womb of our dear Celestial Mother.  I was enraptured by the tiny child’s beauty.  His adorable face was wet with tears and I could tell by His sigh that He just wanted to be loved.


He cried, “Ah, ah, why doesn’t anybody love me?  I want to renew all the love within souls that I had when I was incarnating Myself.  I would gladly give it to someone but I can’t find anyone who wants it.  When I incarnated Myself, My Queen Mom gave Me the freedom to pour out My Love so I could collect from Her maternal Heart all My love that creatures rejected.  This reservoir of My rejected Love and sweet companion to My pain dried My tears with Her warm tender love.”


The greatest works cannot be done alone, you need at least two or three people to nourish and protect the work, otherwise, without life-giving nourishment they would be in danger of dying at birth.  The truth is that in Creation there were Three of Us generating It from the Holy Trinity.  Then We made man so We could use him as a reservoir to store Our work, and since all work and no play makes man a dull boy, We also made a woman to keep him company.”


For the Incarnation, Three Divine Persons concurred with My Humanity, because I do not exist apart from them.  Then they gave Me the Celestial Queen to be My Mom and serve as the Divine reservoir of all the Incarnation’s treasure.  That should make it clear how much I need the creature’s assistance to produce My works.  However, this creature must be completely at My disposal if she to take responsibility for all the wealth I will give her for safekeeping.  I want you to be My second mom by accepting the patrimony of My new Incarnation as an endowment from the Kingdom of My Divine Fiat.  That way I’ll have two moms, the one who helped Me establish Redemption’s Kingdom, and the other who shall assist Me in forming the Kingdom of My Divine Will.”


Then He caressed my face with His tiny little hands, saying, “Mom, mom!  Motherly love is better than any other, so love Me as My mom.”  So I rocked Him in my arms, and He was very quiet for a while.


Then He said, “My daughter, now I am going to tell you how excessive My Love was and where it led Me.  When I came down to earth from Heaven, It took Me to a very dark and narrow prison cell, My Mother’s womb.  My Love wasn’t very happy to be there because from there I was put into another cell, My Humanity that jailed My Divinity.  My first prison sentence only lasted nine months, but the second one kept Me imprisoned in My Humanity for a thirty-three year stretch.  Yet My Love didn’t stop there.  Just as My Humanity’s prison term was ending, My Love caged Me in a box to be the Eucharist.  Humanity and Divinity were imprisoned together in a little host.  Life imprisonment is like being in the land of the dead.  It was deathly silence; no heartbeat, no breathing could be heard, nor was there movement of any kind whatsoever.  Nevertheless, I was resigned to being there as if I were dead, not making a sound.  I couldn’t move a muscle, lest someone hear Me.  I didn’t breathe.  I wouldn’t even let My heart beat, disregarding its urge to pulse.  Furthermore, it wasn’t only for a few years, I would serve time until the end of the ages.”


So, I went from prison to prison until they became a part of Me, the Divine Inmate, the Celestial Prisoner.  While I was in the first two, My Love was so intense that I simply had to develop the Kingdom of Redemption.  Now that I’m in My third prison, the Eucharist, I am building up the Kingdom of My Divine Fiat.  That’s why I sentenced you to this prison, your bed.  We are both prisoners in solitary confinement, though I am in the tabernacle and you are lying here.  We have bonded like cellmates, sharing the task of making good the Kingdom of My Will mature.” 


“I needed a Mom for the Kingdom of My Fiat, for the same reason I had to have one for Redemption; however, My love is so demanding that this one has to be locked down so she’ll always be at My disposal.  I will be your prisoner as well.  While I’m locked in that small sacramental host, I will also be in your heart.  You are My darling prisoner, the one who listens to Me so intently and keeps Me company in the loneliness of such a long prison sentence.  Even though we’re prisoners, we can still be happy because we are advancing our cause: that the Kingdom of Divine Will may be given to creatures.”




December 24, 1929

When Jesus speaks of His Truths He unleashes light.  The Truths, read and reread, are like wrought iron.  Run of the Divine Will.


I was thinking about all the things my sweet Jesus has been explaining to my poor soul out of generosity, and as I reread them under the present circumstances, they sparkle with light. 


Then my always lovable Jesus spoke to me.


He said, “My daughter, whenever I speak, I unleash the light of Truth that must be accepted and caressed by the soul.  Once this light is accepted and set in a place of honor within her soul, it calls out for another light.  One beckons the other, back and forth, in an endless call and response.  However, if one of them fails to invite the other, the circle is broken and it returns to its source.  When the soul returns to read whatever is written and then meditates on it, These Truths appear as wrought iron that has been beaten so hard while red-hot that they gave off sparks of light.  Otherwise they remain in the soul as useless lumps of cold, hard, black metal.”


The soul takes on the likeness of My Truth.  Unless she reads them over and over again, sucking out the pith of My Truth as It has been revealed to her soul, she remains like that cold, dark iron.  If she does, it means that, by contemplating It, she is beating It while It is still red-hot, and like that iron, her soul gives off sparks that are the light of Truth.  Then, as she realizes how great an honor it is to hear My Truth, she sparkles with even more little flecks of light.  If My revealed Truth is left in oblivion, however, if she neglects to give It the seat of honor, they may as well have been buried, and the living should not be entombed, because they are vivid sparks that bring life and light to the world.  Either way, they won’t actually die though, for the time will come when others will treasure them.  When that happens, those who have left them in oblivion shall be condemned for having buried them with the trash.  If you only knew how much light there is in everything I have revealed to you about My Divine Will, you would be lost in the glare of Its light and utterly amazed at how much good they would do.”


Then, as I continued my activities in Divine Volition, I thought about how lonely Jesus must have been while in His Mom’s womb.   


He responded to what I was thinking, “My daughter, having someone sweet to keep Me company is very pleasant.  The main reason I came down to earth from Heaven was so I could find her and make her My own.   Just having her there to keep Me company made it all worthwhile.  I’m happy to have someone’s company, especially if they love Me.  It’s kind of them that they don’t want Me to be lonely.  However, I wouldn’t feel that way at all with someone who lives in My Divine Will.  I want her with Me all the time, or I’ll get upset.  I insist on her being there to witness My tears when I was baby who sometimes whined and cried a lot.  I want her to watch Me as I learned to walk, and later when I experienced the joy of working on behalf of the creatures.  I need to use her as a reliable storage area for all these events.  Now that My Will is operating in her, it’s really important that she be aware of everything that goes on there lest undue problems arise.  My Divine Will has an overwhelming need to share with the creature everything It does in My Humanity.  Otherwise the same Will that controls both of us might become self conflicting.  I call you into each and every one of My Activities just so you know what I have done and what I am doing now.  I’m giving them to you as a present so I can say, ‘The one who lives in My Divine Will never leaves Me because we are so tightly bound together that we are a unit.”


I replied, “My Love, Your stream of love never stops flowing; it’s always running.  I can’t make my love run like You do, because I’m too little and I have no way of making my love for You flow everywhere, high and low.  Only You can do that.”


My sweet Jesus answered, “Actually, My daughter, you can move your love through this immense Sea of My Divine Will.  Just imagine that you are a ship going on a voyage.  As it plunges full steam ahead through the heavy seas, the waters divide and let it pass, leaving a white wake behind to mark the trail as a sign of passage.  However, little by little, the wake disappears as if no vessel had gone by there.  Yet, nonetheless, the ship has made a run for it, cutting straight through the sea and arriving at its destination.”


When the ship of your soul begins to love, she will plunge into the Sea of My Divine Fiat and make a run for it throughout all eternity.  However, she is a different class of vessel.  The other one plowed through trailing an ephemeral wake that was quickly closed from behind by the proud waters, leaving no trace of the ship’s passage.  You will not run like that, quite the contrary.  As the soul plunges on course through the Sea of My Divine Volition, Our Divine waters seethe into a gurgling trough.  This one, however, remains parted and everyone can see that a ship has plowed a furrow through Our Sea.  We can say ‘The one who lives in Our Will passed through here on her voyage of love.  The course she has run has been marked with an indelible sign.”


If you want to adore Us and be adorned with sanctity, power and wisdom, then plunge into Our Will.  As long as you are running on course, you shall have holy love and beauty.  Knowledge about your Creator shall become a science and everything you do will be done with profound adoration.  Every time you plow through Our Sea of Divine Fiat, you will leave a permanent trough behind you.  Then We will say, ‘In this voyage that the little daughter Our Divine Volition made over Our Sea, she ran a true course and plowed a furrow where sanctity may flow ever after unimpeded.  For that, We sanctified her, and now she will be holy forever.  This is where she ran a true course, plunging through the Sea of Our beauty and left an indelible furrow, so when We enhanced her beauty, she was adorned with it forever.  Here, she ran a furrow deep into Our knowledge, so she knows Us.  We adorned her with beauty and such splendor shall be forever her own.  We welcomed her and made Ourselves known.  Then We spoke to her at length about Our Divine Being.  Our word was binding and she identified with Us.  We have an overwhelming desire to make Ourselves known more and more, so We gave her the ultimate gift by revealing Our Truth to her.’ 


So, every time you make a run for Our Supreme Fiat, you share what is Ours.  Our seething Love speaks urgently to Us about you, pointing out your excursions by the gurgling troughs of your wake.  We have certain proof that you have been in Our Divine Sea.”



December 25, 1929

How the birth of Jesus was the rebirth of the Divine Will in His Humanity,

and everything He did were rebirths of It,

formed in Him in order to make It be reborn in creatures. 

Jesus was the true Sacrificed One of His Will.


I was thinking about when my sweet, loving Baby Jesus came squirming out of His Celestial Mom’s womb.  Her greatest joy was to hold Him tight in Her arms and lavish Him with kisses.  They played a little game to see who could shower the other with the most love.


My mind was crowded with thoughts about the holy birth of the Divine Infant when I felt Him move inside me.  Then He jumped out right into my arms and stretched out His tiny little hands to hug my neck.


He said, “My daughter, give Me hugs and kisses and I’ll do the same.  Let’s play a game to see who loves the other the most, and don’t stop.”


After we played for awhile, my tiny little Baby snuggled into my arms.  He was quiet and looked so helpless.  I can’t describe how sweet His hugs and kisses were, so I’ll move on to what He told me right after that.


He said, “My daughter, the very moment My Mom gave birth to Me, My Divine Will was reborn in My Humanity, bringing good tidings: Its rebirth in the midst of human generations.  Even though My Fiat is eternal, It was ‘born’ in Adam so It could generate a long line of reincarnations among his descendants.  Unfortunately, when Adam rejected this Divine Will, he blocked It from being reborn in every new creature.  However, Its love is invincible and constant, so It decided to wait for My Humanity before being born again within the human family.”


From then on, everything I did during the whole course of My Life was to facilitate My Divine Will’s rebirth among creatures, however, It had to do everything through Me first.  So I started with the tearful whines and moans of little baby as It was reborn.  It was Mine then, It belonged to Me.  Not only that, I had the power to reincarnate It in a creature and every right to give It to whomever I please.  Every time My Humanity did anything, My Divine Will would be reborn, even if it was only to take a step or pronounce a word or do some work or feel some pain.  With every breath I took, up to My very Death, another reincarnation of My Divine Fiat would become available to deserving creatures.  As the head of the human family, all members of My Mystical Body, I summoned within Me all incarnations of My Divine Volition through My Activities.  From there, I allowed them to be reborn in creatures.”


Every one of My Activities, even My Sacramental Life in each consecrated Host, is continually incarnating My Supreme Volition within creatures.  I am the Sacrificial Lamb for this holy cause that implores My Will to reign as sovereign, as well as the One who formed Its Kingdom within Myself.  I reincarnate It within Me as many times as there are creatures who ask for It to be reborn in them.  I am the One who established Its holy empire and is now initiating Its sovereign reign among the members of My Mystical Body.”


My daughter, after I secured the Kingdom of My Divine Will safely within My Humanity, I had to reveal It in a way that creatures could understand.  So I came to you and began narrating the long story of My Divine Fiat.  I’ve made so many revelations, and shall continue to make them, by telling you the truth about them in great detail.  Each one of them was a reincarnation of an action performed by My Will within My Humanity.  The number of revelations I’ve made to you is perfectly balanced by the actions that have been reborn inside Me.  Every time My Divine Volition gives birth to another action inside Me or a consecrated Host, it is reborn as a revelation of a truth that It confirms as Its own.  Then It gives birth to that action yet again within the creature.”


God has only to speak the word to form the life that will animate something good within a creature.  All life is born by Our word, FiatWhen It pronounced Itself, the Heavens were created, along with the sun and everything else in the entire visible universe, including man’s own life.  Up until that moment, We held everything inside of Us.  By pronouncing Itself, It populated heaven and earth with countless works made with all the beauty that We merit.  Then It began generating a long line of human life to live there.  All the things I tell you about My Divine Will are examples of the power in My creative word.  Each of them is reincarnated in the human family through Me.”


The main reason My self-referential story goes on so long is that it has to balance everything We did in Creation with My activities in Redemption.  Never assume that just because I grow silent every now and then that I have finished My story; actually, I’m just resting for little awhile.  I rest in My own word and all the works that come out of Me.  Every time I pronounced My word in Creation, I would take a break and relax while a admired It.  Then, when I’m ready for the next stage, I say ‘Fiat’ again.  I’m using the same strategy with you as I did then.   I give you a lecture, one lesson at a time, and then I relax while I enjoy your reaction to My words.  Then, when you’re ready for more new life, I give you another lesson.  So pay attention and keep flying non-stop in My Divine Will.”





December 29, 1929

How, in descending from Heaven to earth,

Jesus formed the new Eden. 

How the Divine Will has always been Queen.


My poor little mind had been captured and transported to my little newborn Jesus sitting on the lap of my Celestial Mom, crying.  He was shivering so much in the numbing cold that He began to wail.  Oh, my poor baby!  My little soul was ready to melt in love so I could make Him warm and soothe His crying.  Then my cute little celestial baby asked me to come closer so I could be near Him while His Mother held Him in Her arms.


He said, “My daughter of Divine Volition, come and listen to My lessons.  I came down from Heaven to earth so I could begin Redemption so I could recreate Eden with the restoration of the primal act and start over with man’s creation in My Humanity.  Bethlehem was the first Eden.  It was there that, with Our Creative Power’s full strength, I felt the ardor of Our Love as It created man.  I sensed the integrity of his innocence and the sanctity of dominion that he had been given.  I loved that happy man so much simply because he lived within Me.  So when he lost his place of honor, I took his place because it’s only right and just that I put Myself in man’s condition just as he was created.  That was the best way for me to go down into his misfortune so I could lift him up again and keep him safe.”


There were ongoing courses of action fused together within Me as one happy Eden once I reinstated the original beauty and sanctity of man’s sublime creation.  Both he and I were then innocent and holy, however, I was the Eternal Word.  Besides having an immutable Will, I had every conceivable power I needed to completely rewrite the beginning of man’s creation by lifting up the fallen man.  God cannot act otherwise, because We love Our work.  We created him with the ardor of Our Love and then gave birth to him.”


I had to completely refurbish fallen man’s condition so that his destiny would match the way he was created.  Otherwise the inevitable outcome would have been absurd; Our Love would become so impotent as to stop all together, and We would never tolerate being accused of weakness.  His betrayal was a slash that could have divided Us from a segment of Our Creation unless We completely restored man to his original condition.  So I started to redo in Bethlehem what first began Eden by embracing everything Adam did while still innocent, and then doing what he would have done if he hadn’t fallen.  Our Divinity expected justice, so I had to pay his debt by reliving Adam’s life as an innocent man.  In compliance, I lowered Myself to his level, stretched out My hand and hauled him up from his fallen state.”


Everything that happened in the beginning when I created man was still going on inside Me, I could walk around among the events that occurred and pause here and there to reassess things.  Every time I stopped, My Humanity would replicate another Eden with My holy innocence.  Thus, Egypt became Eden, as did Nazareth, the desert wilderness, Jerusalem and Mount Calvary.  All these Edens called for the Kingdom of My Divine Will to begin Its reign on earth.  Then I fulfilled the Kingdom of Redemption, which is still making Its way all around the world, establishing Itself at every step.  Now these Edens, with all their actions refurbished as if man had not fallen, are aligned with the acts of Redemption.  To prove this beyond doubt, they are now making their rounds as they establish the Kingdom of My Divine Fiat.  Now stay with Me and emulate My Actions in everything I do.  You must offer them all up so My Divine Will can take control and establish Its sovereign reign.  That’s My goal and I need your help to reach It.”


Then, after a short break, He began a new lesson.


He said, “My daughter, My Divine Will has always been My Queen because that is Its nature.  It is the main focus of Our very Divinity because It rules over all Our Attributes and has Them under Its direct control.  It is the Queen that mandates Our every action in Heaven and on earth.  It is the Queen of Creation that rules over everything, everywhere.  We want man to be Our Queen’s loyal subject by doing Our Divine Will.  That is the greatest honor We could bestow as proof of Our supreme love for him.  When the one and only Will  begins Its sovereign reign It shall sit at the head of Our Divine table, and man shall be seated with Us, sharing Our Divine bounty.  It would be Our glory to see him happy simply because We made him using Our own creative hands and We did it with so much love.  Neither Our Divine Volition nor Our Love could be content to stop with mere acts of Redemption.  They want to move forward and finish the work at hand.  We can’t imagine leaving work half-done, and with the centuries at Our disposal, so We can do whatever We want.”





January 2, 1930

Difference between acts and effects of the Divine Fiat.  How many goods an act of It can produce.  Example of the sun.


I was still abandoned in Fiat, making my rounds among Its works surrounding me, as each of them waited for me to recognize them as my Creator’s work.  They wanted to fuse together with me so that we would be permanently bound as one.  The light of Divine Will streamed throughout all Creation as our blood flows through the body.   It flowed in all of Jesus’ acts with every step He took, every word He spoke and all His tears of pain.  Since they all belonged to me, I went searching for them so I could love them and acknowledge everything as my own.


As I was busy doing this, my sweet Jesus spoke to me.


He said, “My daughter, someone who lives in My Divine Will communes with everything We have created because My Will is everywhere and belongs to everyone.  Since there is only one Will operating with full dominion, all things are like parts of a body that has God for its head.  He is intimately bound to all things simply because Our Divine Volition flows within them as their primal act of life.  Only human will can break this union, and it does that whenever it tries to operate on its own.  It is blind to the beauty of being inseparably bound to God, His creatures and everything else He has created.  My Divine Will is the cupbearer to the creature of all Our Acts of Creation and Redemption.  It reveals Our secrets.  Our Will is one with the creature who lives in It, so there’s nowhere to hide.”


I'd feel awful, My daughter, if I couldn’t make you aware of My tears and innermost pain over what I did while I was on earth.  In My sorrow I would lament, ‘Not even the little daughter of My Will knows everything I have done and how much I’ve suffered.  All I wanted was some token in return, even if it was only another brief chorus of ‘I love You’.  Then I would give her everything I have as a reward.  Everything you know and love about Me are the gifts I want you to have.  I would celebrate and propose a toast, ‘I always have something to give to My daughter and I’m glad that she’s always willing to accept them.  The give and take between seems so natural that I’m sure we’ll always be together, because we are occupied in the exchange we make.’”


Later on, I continued making my rounds though every act of kindness that has ever done since the dawn of creation when living things first began to walk the earth, especially Adam, the first of all fathers.  I wanted to offer them in exchange for the Kingdom of Divine Will on earth. 


Then my sweet Jesus moved inside me and began talking.


He said, “My daughter, every good thing imaginable comes from My Divine Will.  There’s two ways of looking at them, however.   You have to distinguish between one of Its actions and the effects that stem from that activity.  Creation was an act of My Fiat, and so many beautiful things came out It.  The heavens with their sun and stars hover over an atmosphere that supports the natural life of creatures.  There are an endless variety of fulsome works as diverse as the wind and sea.  Yet it only took one act of My Divine Will to fill Creation with everything It has and govern all their activities.”


The creation of man was one example of the action It carried out.  However, even a single work such as forming the first human being required a vast array of subsidiary acts to support its existence.  It had to create an intelligence adapted to his eyes and ears.  He needed a mouth to speak the words that were given to him and a heart so they would have meaning.  Then We has to give him Our Likeness so he could be a vehicle for his Creator.  Myriad wonders subsist within him and he has all of Creation arrayed around him at his service.  In fact, Our Fiat’s primal act initiating Creation was only a prelude to the second act, man’s formation.”


Another astounding act of Our Divine Will was the creation of the Immaculate Virgin, a living miracle so full of wonder that Heaven and earth were stupefied at Her arrival.  Then to top things off, She made the Divine Word come down and walk upon earth.  That was My Incarnation yet another act of My Fiat extending from Our Primal Act bringing a superabundance of good things for the human family.  Then there is a second tier of blessings that have been distributed among creatures; virtues, prayers, good works, miracles and all the other effects derived from My Divine Volition.  They are limited in scope because they depend on the creature’s character and disposition.  By themselves, they are nowhere near fulsome enough to fill Heaven and earth as do acts of My Divine Fiat, which are independent of them.  Cause and effect; you can see how different they are, though they all stem from the same Primal Act.”


The sun is a perfect example of an apparently independent agent generating countless secondary effects that are not completely under its own control.  The sun, considered as an action, always has the same amount of light, so much that its majesty covers the earth.  It never tires of giving its heat and light.  However, the effects of the sun depend on the earth’s position and atmospheric conditions, which are constantly changing.  The earth flowers with color in every shade and hue according to the season, while at other times it is stripped of its beauty as if the sun didn’t have enough power to fill the earth with its splendid effects.  However, that’s not the sun’s fault; the earth has its own way of doing things.  The sun has everything it needs to do the job and that’s the way it is, was and ever shall be.”


When I see you rummaging through the effects of My Divine Fiat, I notice that you’re worried about not missing anything.  I watch you trying to gather them all up and set them inside It as a way of showing your love and thanksgiving for the beneficial effects It provides.  Whenever you ask that It might establish Its sovereign reign on earth, Our Will is persuaded to generate yet another one of Its actions.  The Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven will be another act of Our Supreme Fiat, an act, not an effect of something else, something so magnificent that everyone will be left stupefied.”


We created man with the miraculous capability to possess Our ongoing act of Divine Will as his own.  By rejecting It, he lost the act and was left with nothing more than Its effects.  He is like the earth that simply must have the benefits the sun provides, at the very least, even if he would rather not have the heat that come with full daylight.  Likewise, man must have the generous effects of Our Divine Will, at bare minimum, even though he had rejected Its life.  In fact, Its Kingdom signifies man reclaiming the ongoing act of Our Divine Fiat so It can resume operating in the creature.  That’s why I talk about It so much.  It means the beginning of My Divine Fiat’s never ending activity in the creature after so much anxious anticipation.  It will do so many works with so much light, grace and beauty that you won’t know where It begins and where It ends.  So, keep going through everything that My Divine Fiat has done and gather up whatever It produces.  You must work tirelessly until the holy Kingdom you desire has been established.”


After a pause, He added, “My daughter, the effects of My single, solitary Will act on the creature in different ways depending on his disposition.  However, the acts of Our Divine Will do not depend on the creature in any way.  They come from the very Unity of Our Divine Fiat’s one, overarching primal act.  Since We exist independent of time, there can be no progression of acts, nor does a single act progress.  It only seems that way to a creature who sees Us pronounce a Creation that needs Redemption before the Kingdom of Our Divine Will can be established in the midst of creatures.  The knowledge We give to a creature about the Unity of Our one Primal Act seems to unfold before her, one revelation at a time.  When We try to explain Our Act in detail, We demonstrate various aspects of It that seem to progress from one act that leads to an effect that may act on someone or something according to their disposition, which itself is subject to change.  Nevertheless, for Us everything was encapsulated within one single Act.  Nothing escapes from the Unity of Our Divine Volition simply because It encloses everything, does everything, embraces everything, and It is always one seamless act.  Both the acts of Our Fiat, as well the ensuing effects, always start from the Unity of Our one and only Act.”




January 7, 1930

Exchange of gifts between God and the creature. 

How one who lives in the Divine Will is the Divine bank upon earth

and forms a nimbus of Heaven.


I was completely abandoned in Supreme Fiat when something occurred to me.


I thought, “What could I give my beloved Jesus?”


He immediately answered, “Your will.”


And I responded, “I already gave it to You, My Love.  It’s no longer mine to give, it’s Yours now.”


Jesus begins a new lesson, “My daughter, you can give Me your will as a present anytime you want; and I would accept it as a new gift, every time.  It’s important that the human will remain free.  That’s the only way she can be continually in the act of giving it to Me.  I will accept her gift as many times as she gives it to Me, since she sacrifices herself whenever she gives up her will.  When the creature is consistently presenting Me with the gift that keeps on giving, I know that she has made a serious decision about Me.  She obviously loves and esteems the Gift of My Will.  As she continues to make of herself a present for Me, I go on giving her My Gift.  However, first I have to expand her capacity before she can accept It because creatures don’t have enough room for all of My endless Volition.  So I am continuously increasing her capacity by adding more love, light, sanctity, beauty and, most importantly, further knowledge about My Divine Will.”


In our mutual exchange of wills, yours and Mine, we each receive a double gift every time we swap them.  So, both of us always have something to give each other since nothing ever ends inside My Will.  Something is bound to come up at any moment in this endless exchange.  Because every time you give your will to Me, as soon as it makes contact with Mine, your will acquires the same privileges Mine has and it begins to give itself up to Me.”



I was chanting my ‘I love You as I followed the acts of Divine Will, and then I realized, yet again, just how big the difference of scale is between the magnitude of great works done by Divine Fiat and the tiny scale of my ‘I love You.  It made me feel as small as a tiny newborn infant compared to the Fiat that can do anything and embrace everything.


Then my lovable Jesus appeared and gave me a hug.  As he held me in His arms, He began to elucidate. 


He said, “My daughter, the one who lives in My Divine Will is like a central bank where I safeguard My riches on earth.  When you say your ‘I love You,’ I multiply it with My own so that what started out as something small becomes huge as it spreads out through infinity until My fortune of Love eventually becomes too large to measure.  Then, to keep if safe, I deposit My wealth in the central bank of your soul.  As you go on with your activities, I take each act and multiply it with Mine and then deposit it in your soul so I can have My Divine treasury on earth.  The little acts that you do in My Divine Volition give Me keep Me busy.  I make an infinite number of Our Divine Qualities flow through your little finite actions.  I mix them together and, one by one, I make them into Our own actions.  Then I deposit them in the central bank of your soul so that Our bank can always have access to its Heaven on earth.”


Someone who lives in Our Divine Fiat must be the cloud from Heaven that comes down to earth and covers everything, including that fortunate creature, so she can’t see the earth, but only Heaven.  However, since My Divine Will can form Its own Heaven, It would never be deprived of It.  Heaven’s drapery comes down and pays homage to My Fiat as they acknowledge the source of their existence.  All of the Blessed are left stupefied after seeing a cloud of Heaven on earth, but quickly recover when they see Divine Will forming their Heaven.  They see the source of all their happiness right where Heaven’s curtain had come down, so they head straight for this blessed creature that has Divine Will as her reigning sovereign within her.  Once they are assembled around her they begin to sing the praises of My Supreme Fiat.”


So pay attention, My daughter, I’m giving you a gift beyond price by teaching you about My Will and how It wants to form Its Kingdom within you.  You can show your gratitude simply by thanking Me.”




January 10, 1930

One who lives in the Divine Will belongs to the Divine Family.  Different ways of belonging to God; example of a kingdom.  Some live in God, some outside of God.


Even though I was abandoned in Divine Fiat, I was so annihilated that I felt smaller than an atom.


I thought, “I’m just a miserable little no-account.”


Then my adorable Jesus broke my chain of thought with His sudden appearance and He tried to give me a pep talk.


He said, “My daughter!  Big or little, you are a member of Our Divine family, and that should be more than enough for you.  I know It means everything for you because, after all, that’s the greatest, most glorious honor you could ever have.”


I replied, “We have all come out of You, My Love, and we all belong to You, so it’s no wonder that I’m Yours.”


Jesus clarified, “Everyone does indeed belong to Me through the bonds of creation.  However, there’s a big difference between someone who belongs to Me because I created them and someone else who, through a fusion of wills, belongs to me because the only will she has is Mine.  A creature’s will is their most intimate part, and the same is true for God, and that is a foundation for strong family ties.  It is the most essential characteristic of life.  It is a director that controls through its power to bind God and the creature together permanently.  The very fact that we are inseparable is a sure sign that she belongs to Our Divine family.”


Consider what it means to be a family member in any kingdom.  Everyone who lives in it is subject to the king; however, they don’t all have the same relationship to their sovereign.  Many of them are regular citizens, while some of the others serve as soldiers, sentries or work in various ministries, and then there are his courtiers, who are closer to him than the rest.  None of them are family members though; they don’t have the same royal privileges as the queen or her children, so they are more subject to the king’s laws and are put in jail if they rebel.”


Everyone belongs to Us, however, there are many different ways of belonging.  Only someone who lives in Our Divine Will can reside in Our midst.  Our Divine Fiat holds her on Its lap, which is made of light, and brings her into Our innermost Divine womb.  We could never leave her on the outside because that would mean putting Our own Divine Volition outside Ourselves, not that We’d ever want to do that.  We’re happy to have her within Us so We can cuddle with the precious memory of Our Love overflowing into Creation when We brought It into being.  She is the heir of Our Divine Will and We want her to live in the estate she has inherited, happily ever after, playing with her Creator and flashing her innocent smiles.  The only reason you feel so little is that My Fiat is jealous and won’t let you act through your own human will.  My Fiat’s love is exuberant and watches you closely.  The reason you feel small is that your human will hasn’t grown, and it’s only because you are so little that My Will wants to form Its life in you.  As long as Its Divine Life grows within you, human life has no reason to develop, so you should be resigned to the fact that you will always be little.”


When my sweet Jesus stopped talking, I abandoned myself in the Holy Will, as usual, until He started to speak again.


He said, “My daughter, someone who lives within My Divine Fiat lives in God and has every right to give away the treasure she has in her possession.  The Divine Being surrounds her everywhere; everything she sees, feels or touches is God; there is nothing else.  He, to her delight, is the only one she knows and understands; everything else has vanished.  All she remembers is that, even though she is within her God, she is still a pilgrim and must plead on behalf of brothers, especially because she has so many much treasure to give them.  All they have to do take as much of it as they are ready to receive.”


Remember how, a few years ago, how I put you inside My Heart and you couldn’t see anything outside of It.  You liked It so much that you didn’t want to leave.  I reminded you then that you were still a pilgrim by setting outside, at the door of My Heart or in My arms, so you could watch the evils of the mankind in safety.  Even though you implored Me on their behalf, you were mostly upset about not being inside My Heart.  You began to live in My Divine Will when you felt the security of being inside My Heart, out of danger and free from all evil.  God is the vigilant sentry stationed all around such a happy creature to defend her from everyone and everything.” 


Someone who follows My Divine Will without actually living in It can receive things, however, she really doesn’t have anything to give.  Since she lives outside of God rather than abiding within Him, whenever she looks at the world, she feels its passion and that puts her health in danger.  She comes down with an intermittent fever that makes her sick, while at other times, she seems healthy.  They try to be good, but they get tired or bored or frustrated and give up the attempt.  They are like homeless people begging on the streets, exposed to the cold and rain or the scorching sun.  It’s dangerous for them to be out there on their own.  The penalty is just, however, because even though she could live in God, she’d rather live outside of Him.”




January 16, 1930

How, in Creation, Redemption and Kingdom of the Divine Will,

the operating role is of the Divine Will, and the Three Divine Persons are concurring. 

How the Creation wants to narrate the story of the Divine Will. 

How one who lives in It receives everything, can give everything,

and takes part in all the Divine Qualities.


I was following Divine Fiat in the work of Creation, enthralled by Its pure beauty and majestic order, a work of art that was worthy of the One who had created It.  Every created thing had its own little story inside them that they wanted to narrate.  They told me how Fiat had brought them out to the light of day by giving them life.  They were keen to tell me everything they knew about Divine Will so that the world might get to know It.  There was a combined effort to narrate the epic story of the Fiat that had created them, and It sustained them until they could fulfill their task.  It gave each created thing a lesson plan to edify every sentient creature about the Divine Will that had created them.


My poor little mind wandered around looking at Creation and listening to all the beautifully instructive lessons that each created thing wanted to teach me about Divine Fiat.  Then my sweet Jesus came out from inside me.


He said, “Little daughter of My Eternal Will, all the work done in Creation, Redemption and the Kingdom of Our Will is Our Supreme Fiat’s doing.  Our Fiat took the operational initiative after Three Divine Persons had concurred.  We gave the task to Our Divine Fiat and It rolled out Creation, Redemption and the restoration of Our Divine Will’s Kingdom.”


Our Divine Volition always takes the lead whenever a work comes out from within the Divinity with the concurrence of Our Triune Divine Being.  Our Will is the executive power and director of operations for all the work Our mission entails.  Hands are needed for operating, and feet to walk.  You don’t usually walk on your hands or operate things with your feet, and neither of them do anything unless they are in agreement with your entire being.  That’s how Our Divine Being works.  Nothing takes place without Our full accord.  Once We have that, Our Divine Will takes on Its role as director of operations.  It dwells within Our Divinity and Its life flows within Our Divine womb.  In fact, It is Our Life.  It remains in Our Divine womb even as It goes out of Ourselves carrying the creative power to do whatever’s necessary for the direction and maintenance of Our work.”


Everything you see is work of Our Divine Fiat, and every created thing is like a child who wants to tell everyone about his Mom.  They know where they came from because they can feel Her life inside them.  She inspires each one to proclaim Her beauty and goodness.  They are happy to inherit the beauty given from birth by such a Mother.  If creatures only had My Divine Will as their life, they would understand so many wonderful things about It.  Since they know It so well, they can’t help talking about It, in fact, that’s all they do, because they love It and would give their lives rather than losing It.”


Later on, He began explaining some other things about It.


He said, “My daughter, Our Divine Will is everything, and It is everywhere.  The soul who lives immersed in It is constantly receiving her life from God, and He is always in the act of pouring Himself into her.  However, since she really doesn’t have the capacity to hold that much, as He keeps pouring, the excess overflows so much the entire seas form around her.  Our Divine Will would not be satisfied unless It could share every facet of Our Divine Attributes with the soul who lives in It, as far as that is possible for creatures.  Furthermore, I does shall continue doing that until the soul admits, ‘You give me everything, and I give it all back to You.  From within Your Divine Will I can give You all of Yourself.’”


That’s why someone who lives in Our Fiat is permanently attached to Us, and as small as she may be, We feel her flowing through Our Power.  She honors Our Power by filling herself up with It as much as she can, because that is required for It to connect Itself to the creature.  We feel her flow through Our Beauty as she takes on Its loveliness; from within Our Love she takes her fill of It and is sanctified as she enters Our Sanctity.  She honors Us by being filled, because she gives Us a chance to adorn her with Our Divine Beauty, fill her with Our Love and imprinting Our Sanctity on her.  This is how Our Divine Attributes work together as a unit.”


She keeps Us operating and working hard as We transfer Ourselves into her.  It wouldn’t be appropriate for Us to let her into Our Divine Will if she were unrelated to Us.  She’s too little to hold Our entire Divine Being, however, We can share all of Our Divine Attributes, as much as that’s possible for a creature, because she must have everything she needs.  We wouldn’t want to keep anything from her, because that would deny it to Our Divine Will and prevent Us from doing what We want to do.  So pay attention, My daughter, and you will discover in Our Fiat exactly why We created you.  You will find your heritage as Divine nobility along with everything else you shall receive, and then you can give it all back to Us.”




January 20, 1930

How beautiful is the living in the Divine Will.  The soul places God in the condition of repeating His works.  How the Divine Fiat acts as actor and spectator.


As I was making my rounds in the Divine Will, I came to the moment when the Queen of Heaven was being created.  Divinity had set aside Its robes of justice and donned Its festive garments.  Then It relived the beginning of Creation as a solemn act that called to life this noble creature who would live within the Divine Will, since that was the only reason God created man.  It was only human will that evicted us from God’s dwelling place and deprived everyone of His riches.  She, however, would never leave Her Father’s house, His Sanctity or His Light.  God resumed the festival of Creation by creating the Holy Virgin.  You could tell by His sweet smile how much He enjoyed conversing with this creature about holy things.  His love overflowed so much that He decided then and there to make Her Queen of the entire universe.  He commanded everyone, including all created things, to acknowledge their Queen.  They honored her by prostrating themselves at Her feet in veneration, and then they sang Her praises.  I was singing the praises of my Mother Queen, as I usually do, by hailing Her on everyone’s behalf as the Queen of Heaven and earth.  We sang lauds to the Queen of hearts, the Celestial Empress who rules over all from within Her Creator. 


I pleaded with Her, “O please, rule over us all as your universal empire; let human will surrender its independence to Divine Will.  Rule over Our very God, summons Divine Fiat down into human hearts to initiate Its sovereign reign within us on earth as It does in Heaven.”


As I was doing this, my sweet Jesus moved inside me and joined us in singing the praises of the Celestial Mom, our Queen.  Then He hugged me as began explaining what was happening.


He said, “My daughter, living in My Divine Will is so beautiful.  It brings everything that God has ever done into the present moment where a creature can find all the works of her Creator and take part in them.  She wants to show her love by honoring her Creator for this glorious act.  The one who lives in Our Divine Will inspires Us to reintroduce Our most beautiful works.   She is the one who calls for a return to Our festivities.”


The creation of the Virgin is a clear indication of what Our Divine Will means and what It can do.  The moment It took possession of Her virgin Heart, We made Her Queen right there on the spot.  We celebrated the coronation of Our Will by crowning Her.  It’s only right and just that the creature who has possession of Our Will should wear a Queen’s crown and hold the scepter of command.  Our Divine Will never holds anything back.  It gives everything to the one who allows the establishment of Its Kingdom within her soul.  When you found the Sovereign Lady being created in the Divine Fiat and sang praises to Her as Its Queen, She found you too.  She heard you singing.  The Mom does not want to be outdone by Her daughter, so She began singing your praises as a way of  honoring Divine Will as It was about to take possession of you.  As a responsorial to your song, She kept calling the heavens, the sun, the Angels, and everything else.  She directed them to sing in praise of the little daughter who would live in Fiat, the same fountainhead that sends up all Her own great glory, beauty and happiness.”  


I continued abandoning myself in Divine Fiat when my sweet Jesus stopped talking until shortly thereafter He began to speak again.


He said, “My daughter, when My Divine Will reigns within the soul, It assumes the role of both actor and director.  No matter what she does, It is always My Divine Will that is performing an action that is superimposed on the act of a creature.   So, whenever she thinks, It forms her thought by calling all the sanctity and beauty of Divine Intelligence into her mind.  However, the creature has neither the capacity nor enough room to take in all Our Intelligence.  Every time My Fiat begins to act within the creature’s intellect, It must use Its power to expand her mind so she may have sufficient space for new Divine Intelligence over and above her own.” 


Wherever It reigns as sovereign, My Will begins each breathe and every heartbeat while It primes the pump that circulates a creature’s blood.  Along with Its Divine respiration and luminous heart pumping her blood, there is also a total transformation of Its Divine Will within her soul.  Moreover, It gives that creature the power to breathe Divinity as the heart flashes with every beat.  There is infinitely more Divine Life circulating within her being than there is blood flowing through her veins and arteries.”


When My Will directs the creature, It operates continually as the lead actor, and all the while, It plays the role of a spectator who delights in watching scenes of Its own Divinity unfolding under the viewer’s control.  The creature allows her being to be manipulated like putty in Its hands.  As she watches, delightful scenes unfold, beautifully depicting what My Fiat wants to do in the soul if and when My Divine Volition reigns in dominion within her.”




January 26, 1930

How each word spoken by Jesus on His Fiat is like a child of His that comes out of His womb, and has the communicative strength to communicate itself to all Creation. 

Empire of the prayer done in the Divine Will


As My flight through Divine Fiat continues, I can better understand how Heaven and earth are filled with It.  Every single thing created carries this holy Will. 


My mind was still wandering around within Fiat when my sweet Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, all created things live in My Divine Will, which gives them the power to know when It is ready to reveal something about Itself.  My Divine Volition then fills them with knowledge by teaching them a lesson or showing how It works.  Since the Will that dominates all Creation is one, they can all sense the creative contact and sustaining power that’s trying to operate by making It known.  When they see that another sister is joining them, they throw a welcome party for her.  Every word I have spoken to you about My Divine Volition is a Fiat that We have announced as they come out like a child, one by one, from the womb of Our Will.  This is the echo of the same Fiat that brought Creation, applying Its vital strength wherever Our Will resides.”


Our Divine Fiat operates by pronouncing Itself to reveal more of Its truth and make Itself known.  Imagine a family when they see their mother is about to give birth to other little children.  They all celebrate because the family becomes larger every time they have another little brother or sister.  They celebrate with delight over the one newly arrived in their midst.  Creation has been like that since It left the womb of My Divine Will.  My works form a single family and are so tight knit that one can hardly live without the other.  My Will keeps them inseparably united because they know that one single Will is in charge.”


After hearing My Fiat speaking for so long about all the knowledge It keeps revealing to you, they see how many new generations of Divinity are emanating from My Fiat.  As their numbers increase among them, the family of Creation expands.  They are now celebrating the prelude leading up to the Kingdom of My Divine Will.  When I speak to you about My Fiat, It pronounces Itself by revealing Itself and the Heavens reverently lower themselves to receive Its new born infant.  They take Its child into their midst and honor him with a welcome home party.  My daughter, when My Divine Will pronounces Itself, It expands everywhere.  Everything subject to Its rule hears Its echo and feels Its creative power.”


Later on, I continued praying that blessed Jesus would hurry up and bring the Kingdom of the Divine Will on earth.  We’ve been anxiously waiting for It too long now.  This prayer wounded my beloved Jesus, because He has been yearning to see the triumph of Divine Will upon earth longer than anybody.


Jesus responded right away.


He said, “My daughter, when someone prays in My Divine Volition, calling for the advent of Its Kingdom on earth, it is as if they were commanding God with imperial authority.  God has no choice but to comply.   As the creature prays in My Divine Fiat, it is the power of Our Will that prays in a voice laden with domineering command.  Its immensity reaches everywhere, embracing the universal power of prayer and surrounding Us from all sides.  It is Our own Will that prays within Us, and the prayer becomes a demand, ‘I want.’  As It rules over Our Divine Being with Its sweet imperial order, We say, ‘We want.’”


A prayer said in Our Divine Fiat is a decisive command that carries a signed warrant for what It wants.  If there are no immediate results, it’s because We are still preparing the secondary causes inherent in Providence so that what We have decided to give will come out of Us.  Let there be no doubt that, sooner or later, the decision to grant It will be complied with and It will come down from Heaven.  So keep praying in Our Fiat because such prayer moves Heaven and earth, and even God Himself.  If you would love to see My Kingdom upon earth, ceaseless prayer is the answer.  I will pray together with you to make sure We get what We want.  That’s exactly what the ultimate purpose of Creation is, that Our Divine Will reign imperiously on earth as It does in Heaven.”




January 30, 1930

As Redemption unfolded, so will the Kingdom of the Divine Will unfold.  Analogy between the two of them.  Leap of joy and of sorrow of Jesus.


I was thinking about how the Kingdom of the Divine Will would come upon earth, and in what way It might unfold.  I wonder who will be the first ones to have such a great advantage. 


Then my sweet Jesus appeared.  He gave me a hug and kissed me three times.


He said, “My daughter, Redemption’s Kingdom is unfolding in much the same manner as the Kingdom of My Will shall come into being.  Redemption is still making Its way around world.  However, there’s a lot more to be done yet because there are many people throughout the whole word who haven’t heard about My coming upon earth and are deprived of Its blessings.  In the meantime, Redemption keeps preparing people until they are ready to enter the Kingdom of My Divine Will.”


My Redemption didn’t begin everywhere at once.  It began in a small corner of the world around central Judea.  There was a small core of people who were waiting for me in their little nation, among them, the Mother I had chosen, and My step-father, Saint Joseph.  I had been letting them know that I was coming down to earth since the dawn of civilization by revealing Myself to their prophets of old.  It was only right and just that they should be the first ones to have Me in their midst, since that is where I began making Myself know.”


There were many people there who still didn’t know about Me at the time, and not all of those who did were grateful.  Yet no one can deny that My Celestial Mom, the Apostles and the other disciples were from the Jewish homeland.  They were the first heralds that made known to the other nations My coming upon earth.  Moreover, they exposed themselves to danger by evangelizing the goodness of My Redemption.  That’s how it will be for the Kingdom of My Divine Fiat.  The first towns, states and countries knowing the truth about My Divine Will shall be the earliest to receive the advantages that Its Kingdom brings.  However, Its expressed Will is to come and reign as sovereign among all creatures.  So, until then, It will make Its way around the world, revealing Its knowledge to generations of human beings.”


My daughter, the way Redemption unfolded was analogous to how the Kingdom of My Divine Will shall come about.  The Virgin I chose for My Redemption, to all appearances, had no importance in the eyes of the world.  She had no wealth or high standing, nor official connections, and even her own town of Nazareth had no importance.  All She owned was the little house where She lived.  Yet even though I chose Her from such a small, out of the way locale, I wanted My Redemption to grow from Jerusalem, the capital city, where the Pontiff and Priests resided.  They were the one who represented Me and administered My laws.  Now I have chosen another virgin for the Kingdom of My Divine Will.  She doesn’t appear to be important either, nor is she rich or from the higher echelons of society.”


The analogy continues.  Her home town of Corato is also unimportant, however, it does belong to Rome, where My representative on earth, the Roman Pontiff, resides and adjudicates My Divine laws.  His main duty is evangelizing My Redemption to the peoples, and it is also his duty to make known the Kingdom of My Divine Will.  Both will proceed in the same way moving toward their mutual goal as the Kingdom of My Supreme Fiat unfolds.”


After that, I continued making my rounds throughout Divine Volition, until I arrived at Eden, where I prayed to Jesus that He would soon return man to the original purpose of creation.  He must become as he was when first coming out of His creative hands.  While I was doing this, I could feel my beloved Jesus inside me, His Divine Heart leaping with strength, while at the same time, so full of tenderness.


He said, “My daughter, even the mere mention of Eden makes My Heart leap for joy.  However, it is a bittersweet sensation because of My sad nostalgia for man’s original happiness.  I created him with captivating beauty and full sovereignty over his own being.  I miss the happy times together when We both took so much delight in Our innocent joys.  Our child was so beautiful, truly worthy of Our creative power.  Just remembering him is so sweet and pleasing to My Heart, that It can’t help leaping with love and joy.”


Unfortunately, his lot in life changed so much as We watched him fall from happiness into the evils of human will.  Our Divine Will was his only safeguard against evil.  It sustained him as he was when We first made him with Our own hands using all Our creative powers.  We entered him in a friendly contest with his Creator where all he had to do was be ready to give his love and innocent joy to the One who had created him.  However, after leaping with joy as I watched him, My hopes were soon dashed when I saw that he was unhappy.  My sorrow was really intense.  If you only knew how pleasant it is for Me when you come back into this Eden to restore the beauty of the great and holy things I did for the creation of man.”


By easing the pain of My plunging sorrow, you have given Me the joy and satisfaction of letting Me leap with joy once more.  You have raised My hopes so much that I am confident My Fiat will return this child to Me as happy as ever, full of the innocent joy We implanted in him as he was created.  If you were not to rescue Me from My sorrowful abyss, I would shout My grief so loud that all Heaven would be reduced to tears.  When I heard you chanting ‘I want the Kingdom of Your Divine Will,’ My Divine Heart’s headlong plunge into sorrow was arrested and I leapt with joy.  I said, ‘The little daughter of My Will wants My Kingdom and is asking for It.’ 


She wants It because she knows and loves It.  It belongs to her and she prays that other creatures might have It as well.  My Divine Will is the origin of man’s created life.  It’s the only thing that allows him to receive the fullness of his Creator.  That’s how he can give back whatever he wants to Him should He so desire.  My Fiat has the power to alter man’s condition and change his destiny for the better.  Everything smiles lovingly at him because of It, and they all want to serve him.  Moreover, they consider themselves fortunate that they are able to serve My Divine Will in him, the creature It rules as sovereign.”




February 6, 1930

Effects of living in the Divine Will and in the human will.  How Its way of operating in the soul symbolizes the Creation.  How It does little things first, and then the great ones.


I continue abandoning myself in Divine Volition where my poor mind is as crowded as ever with things pertaining to such a holy Will.  My thoughts plunge into Its Sea of light, and then come out as numerous messengers bringing so much wonderful news from within the sea that gave birth to them.  When one of them begins to say something that describes It, another one interjects something else.  It’s glorious to see how much they know about this Fiat that gave them life.  It’s so delightful listening to them, even though I don’t have the words to express all the wonderful news my thoughts bring me about the Divine Will’s endless Sea of light.  I need Jesus to guide me by providing the words; otherwise I couldn’t say a thing about It.  I was still in the Sea of Divine Fiat when my sweet Jesus appeared to help change what my mind was thinking into words.


He said, “My daughter, living in My Divine Will has a marvelous effect on creatures.  My Fiat always keeps the creature facing toward Heaven.  Instead of growing out of earthly things, she is nurtured by Heaven.  My Will is the same one operating in the creature. It keeps her in tune with her Creator and keeps revealing to her exactly who He is who created her, how much He loves her, and how He wants to be loved in return.” 


Her Creator delights in placing her before these reflections of Divinity, so they can make her more and more like a true portrayal of His Image.  After all, that’s what He does with someone in possession of His Will, since He created her.  That’s another way He makes her will the same as His.  My Fiat keeps her turned toward Heaven so much that she doesn’t have time to look at the earth because she is absorbed so by the Supreme Being.  Yet, even if she were to look, all things converge on Heaven.  Wherever It is has sovereignty, My Will has the power to change the very nature of things, so everything is Heaven for the creature who lives in My Divine Will.  The Heaven of My Divine Will reigns in her soul, so she naturally grows into It.”


Someone who lives according to human will is always looking at herself, so her will keeps exposing her to what is human, the reflections of what exists in the lower world.  She lives an earthly existence and grows without the Likeness of the One who created her.  There’s such a huge difference between the two.  If creatures could only see that, they would all love My Fiat and yearn to live in It.  They would abhor following human will and consider it tragic.  They have no purpose in life because they have lost track of the source of origin that created them.  They behave like a king who abdicates his crown, takes off his royal garments, comes down from his throne and clothes himself in dirty rags.  He goes to live in a stable with his beastly passions and eats their grubby food.  Such a fate would make anyone cry, but that’s what happens when someone allows himself to be dominated by his human will.”


I started thinking, after that, about all the things my beloved Jesus has done with my poor little soul.  He has so many ways of showing His love for me that there’s no way I could possibly tell you about them all.  But who knows what I was thinking.  There’s a reason for that though.  My poor little mind is just so overcrowded with all the things that have happened to me during my lifetime.


As I was being preyed upon by so many thoughts, My Jesus appeared as the one and only Supreme Goodness.  He gave me a hug that was indescribably tender before beginning His lesson for today.


He said, “My daughter, My way of operating in your soul is a microcosm of all Creation.  As great a work as Creation was, We did Our work methodically by creating the little things first, and that turned out to Our satisfaction.  We created the heavens, spangled with stars, so We would have a place to put the sun.  Then We made the sea and surrounded it with plants and everything else We needed.  Although that might seem like a lot of work, they were only small details in Our plan for creating man.  He was superior to all of Our other works and would hold sway over them completely as their king.  All created things, no matter big they might be, must serve their lord, and a servant is always less than his master.”


So, after We created the universe and everything was placed in its proper order according to plan, We created man.  They had been waiting for him in rank and file like a highly disciplined army ready to serve and obediently awaiting his orders.  All created things joined his Creator, pouring themselves out in songs of Our eternal love.  They sang, ‘We all have our Creator’s insignia, and we are standing by, raring to discharge our duties in service of the one who is His Image.’  Heaven and earth threw a lavish feast for him.  Even Our Divinity joined in the festivities to help celebrate their love and appreciation for the creation of man.  The mere thought of it makes Our Love churn so powerfully that It overflows to form immense seas all around Us.”


The Kingdom of My Divine Will is so much greater than the work of Creation that Our Divine Being is called to begin operating in a way that is even more tangible than Creation Itself.  Everything I did with your soul in the beginning was analogous to Creation.  You are Mind and I wanted you all to Myself so I could be free to do whatever I wanted with you.  I wanted to empty the abyss of your soul so I could lay My heaven there within you.  You practiced the virtues exactly the way I wanted, and everything you said about them became stars to adorn the heaven I had spread out within you.”


The human family has done so much that is unworthy of them and I wanted to renovate every evil act perpetrated by man and take them in repayment for what they owe.  However, before I could recall the Sun of My Divine Fiat, I had to prepare you for the dignity of being the first one who would live within My Divine Will.  That’s why I made seas of grace flow, so they could nourish this flourishing beauty, almost as if I were creating mankind over again for the sole purpose of having My Divine Fiat reign as sovereign within him.  I am replicating everything I did and placing them all within you, where they shall wait at the ready, like a Divine army that serves as an escort for the Sun of My Eternal Will.  That’s just what We did in Creation.  The only reason We created such an abundance things to serve man was that they might make it more likely that he would allow the sovereign reign of My Divine Will within him.  We did the same with you, in fact, everything We’ve done has been so that My Will would find Its rightful place of honor and glory.”


That’s why I first had to prepare you with so many graces and teach you all the little things you needed to know, little, that is, compared to the great Sun of My Divine Volition.  As It was making Itself known to you through all these revelation, It was also forming Its life that would establish Its first Kingdom a the creature.  So don’t be surprised that Our Wisdom and Providence does little things first so they may serve as an escort appropriate to the dignity of the other, greater things.  My Divine Fiat deserves the very best for having done absolutely everything.  All are beholden to It.  Heaven and earth shall bow in reverence to anything associated with My Will, especially those things that help make It known.  Let everyone adore in profound silence every single act of My Divine Will, no matter how small.”




February 11, 1930

How man was created to live in intimacy with God and in His house, and as he withdrew from His Will, by God’s Goodness he was given his rightful share


My poor mind is sweetly enchanted by radiant Sun of Eternal Fiat.  I am deeply touched by all the beautiful scenes It unfolds within me.  I wish I had the power to describe what I see.  If I could, everyone would be so enchanted by Its sweetness that they would all break out in a chorus of “We shall follow this Divine Will.”


Sadly, however, I’m such a pathetic ignoramus that whenever I try to say something, all I can do is stammer.  Yet I try to understand the great goodness of Divine Volition, and how we swim in Its gigantic waves of light.  They are indescribably beautiful and have an unfathomable sanctity.  I had so many questions.


I wondered, “How is it possible that people don’t know about something so great and good even though we all swim in It?  We simply ignore our own blessed source of life, even though It surrounds us, inside and out.  Why wouldn’t people want to enjoy all the wonderful advantages of having the great wealth that such a holy Will offers us?  O please, Omnipotent Fiat, if You would only reveal Yourself, You could entirely change the face of the earth.  Why wasn’t Our Blessed Lord pleased to reveal It while He was here?  For that matter, He could have told us about all the wonderful things this Most Holy Will wants to do by giving Itself to creatures right from the beginning of Creation.”


My mind continued wandering, enraptured by the sweet enchantment of Divine Volition, until Jesus appeared before me.  He is My charming Celestial Teacher, the love of my life, who speaks so lovingly about His Will.


He said, “Little daughter of My Will, the creature cannot live, neither in body or soul, without My Divine Will, the primal act of life, within her.  She can either accept Its ongoing act of life or not exist at all.  Man was created to live in the opulent wealth of Divine Will, his beloved inheritance.  We made him so he could live with Us in Our abode, like a son who lives in his father’s house.  We want man to live in close proximity so We can amuse Ourselves with him.  The only way he can share our joy and happiness is to live with Us in Our Divine Will.  When the son lives far away, his father doesn’t smile much.  He misses the joy and laughter he used to have from the close camaraderie and pleasant conversation they once shared.  They cannot smile and amuse themselves together when they are so far away from each other.  Although distance can make the heart grow fonder, being separated from the joy of his beloved son for so long makes him quite bitter.”


Man was created to live close to Us, in the intimate comfort of Our own home.  He must live in Our Will so We can secure Our joy and everlasting happiness, as well as his.  Even though man was happy to live as Our son in the Father’s house, one day he rebelled and left his Paternal home.  The Father lost his smile when the son began indulging his own self-will.  Despite the son having deprived his Father of pure, We nonetheless understood that he wouldn’t survive without the support of Our Divine Will.  So We gave him his rightful share of Our Divine Will, not as the core of his life, however, but We concurred in giving enough to keep him alive.  It no longer held him in Its lap where he could share Its holy joy as before.  Yet We gave him what he needed, depending on his behavior.”


Without My Divine Will there can be no life.  The reason so little is known about My Divine Fiat is that creatures only know the part of It that is legally theirs as their minimum birthright, though they seldom acknowledge even that.  However, just because they have not been completely disinherited, that doesn’t mean he’s entitled to live in his Father’s house so he stays away from Him.  Unfortunately, the creature is prone to squandering what little he has left by indulging in unseemly behavior.”


So don’t be surprised if not very much is known about My Divine Will.  If you don’t live in It, if you’re not continually in contact with It, then there’s no way to receive Its life, nor the happiness and sanctity that goes with It.  You have to be close to It or else you can’t open Its secrets.  That’s the only way It can make known who It is and what It can give the creature.  Otherwise, no one will know how much It yearns to keep her on Its lap and form Its Divine Life within her.  By merely doing his will, instead of living in It, man agrees to be Its servant without becoming rightful heir to Its inheritance.  The master does not bequeath his wealth to his employees.  They work for miserable wages and continue to live in hardship.”


I have opened the doors to you, My daughter; you may enter Our house and live there in Our Divine Will.  And keeping you with Us so We can reveal as much as possible about Our Divine Volition.  Rather than paying you standard wages, We bestow Our fortune upon you as the lawful heiress.”


He paused for a while and then continued.


He said, “My daughter, during the entire history of the world, very little has been written about My Divine Will.  Since they have only had what they were legally entitled to know, they have merely written about what they have understood concerning My Fiat’s relationship with creatures after the first sin.  They knew nothing about how It conversed with Adam when he was still innocent of any sin.  That was yet to be written.  Moreover, those that knew anything regarding My Well have continued to offend It by not residing in Our house.  There was no way anyone could have documented My Divine Will unless he had lived in Its house as if it were his own.  That’s the only way they could have known Its secrets and the great miracles performed in the creature by having Divine Will operating within them as their very life.” 


They understood that My Divine Fiat orders everything by Its command and nothing happens without Its concurrence.  Yet they could not say anything about how My Divine Will operates within Itself; that science has been ignored by creatures up until now.  They didn’t know about living in Its house, nor did they understand that It does everything in a single instant through Its immense power.  That It envelopes everything within the creature, just as It does in Itself, was way beyond their comprehension.  It could only have been written by the one to whom It was revealed by My Divine Fiat, Our daughter, who lives in Our house.  They were as far away as she is close to Us.  She resides within My Will where We amuse Ourselves by disclosing Our most intimate secrets.  In fact, the only way she could have understood what We are revealing to her about the creature’s relationship with Our Will, was to live in It.  Otherwise, We would have seemed to be talking in some strange foreign dialect that was unknown to her.”



February 17, 1930

How the Divine Will is the heartbeat, and the creature is the heart;

the Divine Will the breath, the creature the body. 

Inseparability of one from the other.


Divine Volition continues to occupy my poor little mind.  As become immersed in It, I am surrounded, inside and out, by Its invigorating power.


My sweet Jesus hides behind His Divine Volition’s gigantic waves of light, though I can often see Him moving within them.  Then He appeared and spoke to me with tenderness beyond words.


He said, “My daughter, My Divine Will is the heartbeat without a heart.  The creature is the heart that pulsates by My Will, such is the union between My Fiat and the creature who cannot live apart from It.  The heart is worthless without a pulse; however, even though the heartbeat is the creature’s life, it cannot beat without a heart.  Without the empty heart of a creature, My Divine Will doesn’t have anywhere to be the living heartbeat that forms Its Divine Life.  My Will created the creature with a heart so Its own would have somewhere to throb.”


Moreover, My Divine Will is breath without a body; the creature is Its body and My Will is his breath; without It, he dies.  My Divine Volition forms the breath of every creature.”


There are many examples of this union binding the creatures’ existential form and function together that cannot be considered as separate.  That human life ends when it ceases to breathe in just one of them.  My Divine Will means everything to creatures.  Imagine a word with no mouth, light without an eye, hearing independent of ears.  It is the foot that takes a step forward to work with its hands.  The soul who lives in My Divine Will serves as Its eyes and ears.  Her mouth speaks for It, her feet walk Its path and her hands do Its work.”


My Will shrinks Itself to fit inside the creature, while remaining as immense as ever.  Its victory is to form Its Kingdom within her and using her as Its own body.  It pulsates inside her, breathing, speaking and walking towards Its own work.  Yet, to My Divine Fiat’s great sorrow, creatures still don’t want It to do Its work through them.  Moreover, by refusing Its sovereign reign, they reduce It to silence, thereby compounding their own incomprehension.  Meanwhile, with Divine patience beyond words, It waits for those who shall live in Its Will so It can begin speaking again as part of Its Divine activity.  That’s how It will form Its Kingdom in the midst of creatures.  So pay attention, My daughter; listen to My Divine Fiat speaking through you.  Be aware of Its life operating within everything you do and get ready for a big surprise.  My Divine Will shall work great miracles through you.”


May everything be for the greater glory of God, and the fulfillment of His Most Holy Will.  Thanks be to God.