In Voluntate Dei.  Deo Gratias.



October 7, 1928

The opening of the House of the Divine Will in Corato.  Simile of the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem.  My entrance into it.  The eucharistic lamp and the living lamp of one who does the Divine Will.  The prisoner near the Prisoner.  Jesus’ delight at this company.


My Jesus, Life of my poor heart.  You know why I am so bitter, so help me.  Overwhelm the little newborn of Your Divine Volition and drag me into Your flames.  Once again, I’m asking You to give me the strength to fill another notebook.  May Your Divine Fiat block my miserable will and deprive it of life.  Let Your Divine Will take over and do the writing with characters of light.  Write whatever you would want me to write.  Prompt me whenever I’m about to make a mistake.  This continual writing is a big sacrifice for me, and the only way I can do it is if You promise to take control of the thoughts I write down.  Be my heartbeat and guide my hand as if it were Your own.  That’s the only way I can commit myself to writing for You.”


I’m right here, My Jesus, near Your tabernacle of love.  I have the honor to gaze at its adorable little door whenever I feel the fibers of Your Divinity.  I listen to Your beating Heart and watch as It gives off flames and endless rays of light with every pulse.  I can hear You sighing and moaning from within those flames while I listen to Your constant prayers, all because You want to make Your Will known so that It may give Its life to all.”


I feel myself being consumed as I repeat whatever You do.  You gaze at me from within this tabernacle while I watch You in vigil from my bed.  I pray for You to strengthen me in my weakness so I might be up to making the sacrifice needed to keep writing.”


Before I tell you Jesus has been saying to me, I have to mention that an oratory has been established here in Corato in memory of venerable Father Canonical Annibale Maria di Francia.  It was something he always wanted, and his faithful children honored their founder’s wish.  They have launched an institution called the House of the Divine Will, just as the Venerable Father would have done.  He wanted me to go there, so on opening day, his spiritual sons and daughters, out of the goodness of their hearts, took me to see it.  The reverend mothers brought me to a room, and when they opened the door, I saw the tabernacle.  I can hear Holy Mass from there under the gaze of my Jesus in the Sacrament.  I’m so happy.  From now on, when Jesus wants me to write, I can do it while keeping one eye on the tabernacle and the other on my notebook. 


I pray to You, my Love, assist me by giving me the strength to make whatever sacrifice You desire.”


At the grand opening, you one could see nuns, little girls and all sorts of people coming and going; everything was in motion.   I was so impressed.


 Then my sweet Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, these people you see bustling about getting the House of My Divine Will ready for its formal opening are the same types that I wanted around Me when I was born.  The shepherds behaved like that when I decided to be born in Bethlehem.  They were constantly coming and going, to visit Me, a little Baby.  This served notice to everyone that I had indeed been born at last.  That’s how these people are; everyone in motion, pointing out that the Kingdom of My Divine Will is about to be reborn.” 


All of Heaven now echoes the events surrounding My birth.   The Angels announced Me to the shepherds as the choir celebrated, setting them in motion.  Their coming and going to see Me was a sure sign they were the first fruits from the Kingdom of My Redemption.  Now, in this group of people, little girls and nuns, I recognize the beginning of the Kingdom of My Divine Will.  My Heart exults, rejoicing with all of Heaven in celebration.  The Angels first celebrated My birth, and now they celebrate because the rebirth of My Fiat in the midst of creatures is about to begin.”


Consider how poor and neglected I was at My birth, without a single priest attending Me, only those humble shepherds.  Now, however, as My Volition begins Its reign, there’s a group of nuns with little girls from out of town.  People are rushing about preparing to celebrate this grand opening, and there’s an archbishop with priests representing My Church.  This formal announcement to the world is a sign indicating how magnificent the Kingdom of My Divine Volition shall be.  It is being established with greater pomp and splendor than the Kingdom of My Redemption.  Every nation, their kings, princes, bishops and priests will know about the Kingdom of My Fiat and come to possess It.  You should celebrate this day as well.  After so much sighing and sacrifice in this quest to announce My Divine Will the first glimmer of a hopeful dawn heralds the the Sun of My Divine Fiat’s immanent rising.”


Moreover, this evening marks a day consecrated to the Queen of the Rosary, Queen of victory and triumph.  This is yet another beautiful sign that the Sovereign Lady conquers Her Creator, chaining Him with Her bejeweled chains of love.  Thus she drew Him down from Heaven to earth and persuaded Him to form the Kingdom of Redemption.  Her sweet rosary beads gave Her the power to conquer the Kingdom of Divine Fiat, Her second victory over the Divinity.  The terms of Her victory require It to come down again into the midst of creatures.” 


I had no idea that I would move into the House of Divine Will that very evening to be closer to my Prisoner Jesus.  Before then, I prayed to Him that He wouldn’t tell me anything about it so I wouldn’t be tempted to profane this development with my own human will.  I didn’t want to have anything to do with it, because I knew the Divine Will would take care of everything.  It was eight o’clock in the evening when, out of the blue, my confessor came with the reverend mother superiors.  Their prayer was that he should put me under obedience so I would surrender to their wish and make them happy.  I resisted quite a bit, at first, because I thought that if this was what the Lord really wanted, he would probably wait until next April when it would be warmer.  I was just procrastinating, I think, however, the confessor kept insisting until I gave in and agreed to go along with it.  So, around nine-thirty that the evening, they brought me to this house, to be near my Prisoner Jesus.  That’s my little story about how I ended up in the House of Divine Will.  Now I can get back to the real story.  That night, I was all alone with my Jesus in the Sacrament, my eyes fixed on the little tabernacle.  Every now and then the lamp would flicker.  Whenever it happened, my heart would jump, thinking it might go out and leave Jesus in the dark; it never did, though.


Then my always lovable Jesus moved inside me and gave me a hug.


He said, “Don’t worry, My daughter, the lamp won’t go out.  Anyhow, even if it did go, I still have you, My living lamp.  I see you flickering too, more than the sacristy lamp keeping vigil with the Eucharist.  Your lamp keeps telling Me, ‘I love You, I love You, I love You.’  Your ‘I love You’s’ are the flickering of My beautiful little lamp.  That happens when two human wills merge together as one within My Divine Will, and to Me, yours is more beautiful the one burning in front of My tabernacle of love.  There’s no comparison.  Moreover, since My Divine Will resides within you, your ‘I love You’ flickers within the Sun of My Fiat, right from Its core.  So it doesn’t seem like a lamp to Me, it’s more like that Sun.”


Welcome, My fellow captive.  You are her to keep Me company because I am your Prisoner as well.  We are both in prison, you are in your bed, and I am in this tabernacle.  It is right and just that we should be this close to each other; especially since we are in prison for the same reason, the love of souls for the Divine Will.  My prisoner is such pleasant company.  We’re in this together, preparing the Kingdom of Supreme Fiat.”


Yet, you know, My daughter, that My Love was waiting for your sweet presence here in this cell.  Now, I am your Prisoner and you are mine.  My Love came running toward you first.  I love you, I have always loved you.  I’ve been imprisoned in this tabernacle for so many centuries, and now, at last, I have My own prisoner to keep Me company here in these close quarters.  I’ve been captive so long, all alone except the occasion soul who visits; however, I could tell they weren’t prisoners because they didn’t have chains like I do.”


Now, the time has finally come for Me to have My own prisoner, and I will keep close to Me, constantly under My sacramental gaze.  She is enchained by Divine Will as My perpetual prisoner.  I couldn’t wish for more pleasant company.  Meanwhile, as long as we are together in prison, we may as well work towards helping creatures learn about the Kingdom of Divine Fiat; it’s worth the sacrifice for both of us.”




October 10, 1928

Forty years and more of exile; virtue and strength of a prolonged sacrifice.  Gathering of the materials, to then order them.  Happiness of Jesus in blessing His little prisoner daughter.  Kisses in the Divine Will.  Decision from priests to prepare the writings for printing.  Surprising graces that Jesus will give to priests.



I live my life in sight of my Jesus in the Sacrament now, yet my mind is a clutter of impressions.  


I thought, “It’s been over forty years since I’ve seen a tabernacle.  That’s a long time to go without adoring His Presence.  After forty years of prison and exile, I’ve finally made it to my fatherland, still a prisoner, but not an exile.  I love being so close to my Jesus in the Sacrament, and now I get to see Him all time, instead of just once a day like I used to before Jesus made me a prisoner.   I can barely feel my poor heart, like it’s been totally consumed by my love for Jesus.” 


I was mulling things over, thinking about this and that, when my highest Good, Jesus, moved inside me.


He said, “I have kept you imprisoned for over forty years for a reason.  It’s all part of the plan, a grand design of My making.  There’s no such thing as chance.  The number forty has always been used as time frame set aside to prepare for some great work.  The Jews wandered the desert for forty years before reaching the Promised Land set aside as their mother country.  They had to sacrifice for forty years to earn the right of possession.  During all that time, they were helped along by the grace of God and miracles such manna as their heavenly food.”


Prolonged sacrifice has the strength and power to obtain great things from God.  During My Life down here, I left everyone behind, including My Mom, and stayed in the desert for forty days.  That prepared Me to appear in public and proclaim the Gospel, a way of life for My Church, the Kingdom of Redemption.  To confirm My Resurrection, I remained in exile on earth for forty days after I arose from the dead.  This was to stamp My official seal of approval on all the merit of Redemption.  I wanted something similar from you, My daughter, forty years of sacrifice.  That’s how long it’s taken, so far, to manifest the Kingdom of My Divine Will, forty grace-filled years with one revelation after another.  I settled you in the capital city of the Kingdom of My Will for a long time and made sure you had everything you needed to help creatures understand It.  Your long imprisonment has been a continuous struggle with your Creator simply because it took that much time to prepare you to reveal My Kingdom.”


Everything I’ve revealed to your soul, along with the graces I have given you, has been stockpiled together with all the truth you have written on My Divine Will.  Everything you have done at great cost in pain and sorrow has been gathered as you prepared the ground for construction.  The revelations are bricks, grace, the cement, truth, foundation stones, and sorrow, labor’s sweat.  You are the contractor; I, the developer and owner.  Now that what’s needed has been requisitioned, it’s time to set everything in the right order and prepare to build.  You must admit that I didn’t leave you all the hard work of gathering the necessary material to you by yourself.  I’ve always been right alongside you, requisitioning everything we need to build My Kingdom.  You can rely on Me to help you getting everything in order.  I am the architect of this great building project and I have been preparing the blueprint for years now.  The hard work and sacrifice are not over yet.  We must keep going until the work is done.”


It’s great having Jesus in the Sacrament so close to me; every morning there’s Benediction with the Most Holy.


Today, as I was praying that my sweet Jesus would bless me, He moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, I not only bless you with My whole Heart, I bless My own Will residing within you.  I bless all your thoughts; may you always think about My Will.  I bless every breath you take; you may continually breathe It in and out.  I bless every pulse of your heart; may My Will alone be your heartbeat.  Out of love for you, I bless all human wills; may they be ready to accept the life of My Eternal Volition.” 


How sweet it is, dearest daughter of Mine.  You don’t know how happy I am to bless the little daughter of My Will.   My Heart rejoices as I bless the one who has possession of the origin, the life of Our Fiat.  You shall recall the beginning, the Kingdom of My Divine Will’s very origin.  When I bless you, I pour the refreshing dew of My Divine Volition’s light into you.  You are more beautiful to My sacramental gaze when It shines within you.  I am especially happy when I am in this cell, gazing at My little prisoner bound inside and out with the sweet chains of My Will.  And every time I bless you, My daughter, I make the life of My Divine Volition grow in you.”


It’s wonderful having the company of someone who does My Divine Will.  My Will brings the echo of everything I do in this Holy Host into the depth of her soul.  I don’t feel lonely when performing My Actions if she prays along with Me.  We sigh as one, pleading for the same thing, that the Divine Will becomes known so Its Kingdom might soon come.”


Now that I’m living so close to my Prisoner Jesus, I can visit Him briefly in the Sacrament whenever the chapel door is open, which happens quite often.  Sometimes I just blow Him a few kisses.


Then He moved inside me and voiced His satisfaction.


He said, “Your kisses please Me so much, My daughter, it’s as if My own Volition were kissing Me,  My own Divine kisses being planted on My lips, face, hands and Heart.  Everything is Divine in the soul where My Divine Will rules.  Your actions invigorate Me with My own Love, refreshing Me with the gentleness of My own Divine Will lavishing Its love for Me with hugs and kisses.”


It pleases Me so much when My Divine Will operates through the creature, bi-locating Me within her.  It returns all the beauty and sanctity of My Actions and unfolds before Me.  That’s why I yearn for My Will be known so much.  I want to see all of My Actions in creatures as befits My Divinity.”


My sweet Jesus seems to have been waiting for me here in this house, near His tabernacle of love.  He wants to get the priests to decide that they should prepare what I have written for publication.  While they were consulting one another on how to go about it, they were reading the nine excess forms of Jesus’ love during His Incarnation.  Those are the ones He narrated for me in the first manuscript.  Jesus was inside me, eavesdropping on them as they were reading, while at the same time, He was inside the tabernacle, listening attentively.  His Heart was beating stronger with each word.  With each excess of His Love they read, He gave a start and His pulse became more intense.  It was as if the strength of His Love was making Him relive each excessive form of love that He expressed during His Incarnation.  He couldn’t contain the flames of His ardent love.


He said, “My daughter, everything I’ve told you about My Incarnation and Divine Will, among other subjects, has been a further outpouring of My Love.  I’d been holding them in reserve for too long.  However, even after pouring itself out to you, My Love is still bottled up, for the most part.  It flames strive to rise ever higher and fill every heart by making known, not only what I have done for creatures so far, but the even greater things I have in store for them as well.  However, everything I have told you yet lies in hidden, which hovers over My Heart like a nightmare that stifles Me so that My flames are kept from rising up as far as they desire.”


Now that I’ve heard them reading some of it and deciding to work towards its publication, the nightmare is over.  The cover stifling the flames of My Heart has been lifted and Its pulse is strong.  You can hear It throb in the repetition each excess of My love because whatever I do repeats itself forever.  Love constrained is painful, some of it excruciating, and it makes Me feel sad and distant.  Unless My first flames have life, I cannot unleash the others, so instead, they devour and consume Me.  I will give astonishing grace to those priests who work towards banishing My nightmare by revealing all My secrets in publication.  I will enlighten them so they know how they can go about it and give them the strength they need to do it.  I will be in their midst, guiding everything.”


Since then, whenever the reverend priests review the manuscripts in preparation, my sweet Jesus is alert to see what they do and how they go about it.  I always admire the loving kindness of my Beloved Jesus and how, from within my heart, He becomes so attentive.  He echoes from the tabernacle; everything He does from within His cell, He does from inside my heart.  I get all confused when this happens, but nevertheless, I thank Him with all my heart.




October 17, 1928

How each truth of the Fiat possesses an enchantment over the human will.  The war of the Fiat.  Analogy between the Conception of Jesus and the Eucharist, and between the Prisoner and the prisoner.


As my poor mind wandered in Divine Volition, I heard all the truths spoken to me by my highest Good.  Jesus, filled my puny little human will with the radiance of many suns and I was so enraptured by all kinds of light that I didn’t feel like being part of the action.


Then my highest Good, Jesus, moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, each truth I have revealed about My Divine Will is        a Divine Life that emanates from Me.  They all have a sweet enchantment that charms the human will with My own.   When they are enthralled by these truths, they become spellbound and My Divine Will then has complete freedom of action.”


Each of these truths about My Divine Will acts as a fierce army against the human will, with overwhelming force.  Their strength is an arsenal arrayed with love, light, sanctity and beauty; resistance is futile.  Faced with such weaponry, human willpower undergoes such sweet enchantment that it surrenders to Divine Fiat.  Each additional bit of information about It leaves such obstinance spellbound.  Every truth I have revealed to you about My Divine Will opens a path for It into the human will.  From there It begins to prepare the foundations for the erection of My Kingdom in the midst of creatures.” 


Every truth has its own allure and every action the creature performs within My Will is an encounter with My Volition.  The Divine armory is filled with enchantments of overwhelming power.  Each truth has its own allure and every action performed by the creature within My Will is an encounter with My Volition. That’s where she gets the power to use these Divine incantations.  The more she acts within My Will, the more she loses her human limitations in favor of acquiring the Divine.  If and when she takes the final plunges, all she has to do then is remember that she does indeed have a will, however, she must keep it receptive enough to be enchanted by Divine Will.”


After that, I continued acting in the Divine Fiat, replicating Its own actions until I arrived at the Conception of Jesus in the maternal womb. 


Then Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, notice how close of an analogy there is between My Conception in the maternal womb and what I do from within each consecrated Host.  I came down from Heaven to be conceived in the womb of My Celestial Mom.  Then, not much later, I descended into the world once again, hidden behind the veil of consecrated bread.  From My immobility in the darkness of the maternal womb, I proceeded into the same within each Host, albeit smaller.”


Look at Me here, hidden away in this tabernacle behind sacramental veils, in tearful prayer, but I’m just wasting My breath.  My own Divine Will keeps Me in the land of annihilation and death, squeezed into a tight spot, regardless that I live to give everything life.  Immeasurable abyss of My Love!  In the maternal womb I was loaded down with the weight of every soul with all sins.  Even here, within each Host, as small as it is, I am burdened with the enormous weight of every creature’s sins, yet I never get tired of it.  True love is willing to stick its neck out or make any sacrifice for its beloved.  My entire Life is present in each Sacramental Host, from the first moment of conception until Death.”


It’s a pleasure to have you near My tabernacle under My sacramental gaze.  We are in the same situation.  My imperious Divine Will hides Me in here through the miraculous consecration of the Host, and It keeps you confined to your bed in much the same way.  There’s nothing wrong with you, physically; it’s just that My Will wants you confined like Me.  It has made you into a veil to hide Me within a living, breathing Host that resides inside a warm-blooded Tabernacle.  You are all three.”


I pray here in this Tabernacle without pause.  The first thing I pray for is that My Will become known.  I want the same mandate that keeps Me hidden here to rule over all creatures and dominate them under Its rule.  My Sacramental Life won’t be as fruitful as It could be until My Will becomes known and establishes Its Kingdom within them.  So many sacrifices shall be fulfilled with the restoration of My Life in creatures.  I shall stay hidden here, sacrificing until the Kingdom of My Divine Will is triumphant.  You prayers echo My own, I hear you saying them as you reenact all of My Actions and set all created things in motion again.  You are constantly encouraging Me, on behalf of everyone and everything, to make My Will known and establish Its Kingdom in them.”


Your echo and Mine are identical, we ask for the same thing, we want the return of everything into the Eternal Fiat, and Its legitimate rights restored.  You can see how close the parallel is between you and Me, what I want, you want.  It’s so beautiful that we should both be sacrificed for such a holy cause.  You make Me happy here, amidst all the pain I suffer; it’s very sweet of you to keep Me company.”





October 25, 1928

The soul who lives in the Fiat makes all the Divine works arise and puts them all in the field.  Example.  The welcomed one of the Celestial Father.


My poor little mind is engrossed in Divine Fiat.  Its truth is a bright light, as sweet as It is enchanting.  It brilliance reveals various captivating scenes of beauty and wonder.  I have no time to do anything else, even if I wanted.  The Sea of Divine Volition constantly murmurs, louder and louder, until Its thundering deafens me to anything else and plunges me into Its depth to murmur along with It.  Eternal Volition is powerful, yet sweetly enchanting.  Your splendor is made to be loved.  I want everyone to hum along with Me, so I pray to the Sovereign Queen, asking Her to add the murmuring of Her own love and kisses, so we can give them back to Jesus, their rightful owner.  I only thought about this because I had just received Communion and I thought I could please Him more by giving Him His Mom’s kisses too.


Then my always lovable Jesus moved inside me, trying to get my attention.


He said, “My daughter, since the Queen of Heaven never did anything outside the Divine Fiat, She had the honor and glory to have It in Her possession. All of Her actions are enveloped within the endless Sea of Divine Volition, swimming in It like fish darting about in the sea.  The soul who lives in It calls up all the acts of My Celestial Mom; meanwhile, She is beckoning the entire works of the soul’s Creator.  She gives them a level playing field and complete freedom of action within such a creature.  Only someone who lives within My Will can sit at the Divine table and open all His treasures.  Only such a soul can enter into the inner sanctum where the most intimate secrets of the Divine find their hiding places.  Since she actually owns them, she can take them and present them to her Creator as an offering.”


She sets so many things in motion as she raises up all the Divine works and positions them before playing a Divine melody while performing the most beautiful and touching scenes.  She renews all joy and happiness for Her Creator, out of love for Him.”


When you wanted to give Me the kisses of My Queen Mom, you set them in motion and they quickly ran to kiss Me.  For someone who lives in My Divine Will, it is like entering a king’s sumptuous royal palace. Music concerts are held there in stately rooms and gardens filled with works of art.  Imagine a musician comes in, sits down and begins the concert.  When the king hears him playing a sonata, he hurries in and listens.  Seeing how much the king enjoys it, the musician gives the queue that signals the beginning of an opera with cast and stage crew bustling about to set the opening scene.  Even though the king is familiar with all the props on stage, he goes into raptures because the music director is telling a story with his craft for the pleasure of his audience.” 


That’s how it is for someone who lives within My Divine Fiat.  When she enters her Celestial Father’s Royal Palace, she looks at all the beautifully things there and sets everything in motion for His delight.  She loves to gladden the heart of the One who let her in and made it all possible.  Since My Eternal Volition has every good thing imaginable, there is no end to the glorious joy that soul can provide out of love for her Creator.  To Our great pleasure, We watch this fortunate creature in the Royal Palace of Our Divine Volition, grabbing everything within reach and setting it all in motion.”


She is not content until everything is taken in hand and rearranged to make a festive atmosphere for Us so Our Joy and Happiness are replenished.  Whenever We see her, We welcome her and say, ‘Hurry, dearest daughter, now play Our Divine little sonata for Us and then play that tender love for Us again.  You always make Us so happy when you perform.’”


She helps Us relive the joy of Creation in honor of the Sovereign Queen to celebrate Redemption.  As her finale, she plays Our anthem with its never-ending refrain to satisfy Our clamoring for an encore, ‘May Your Will be known and reign on earth as It does in Heaven.’”




October 28, 1928

How all that has been done by God has not been taken by the creature.  Works of Jesus.  The Feast of Christ the King, prelude of the Kingdom of the Divine Will.


I continued making my rounds in the Divine Volition, following all of Its actions, until my sweet Jesus spoke to me from inside.


He said, “My daughter, creatures have yet to absorb everything Our Divinity has done for Creation, Redemption and Sanctification.  Much of it is still in My Divine Will, waiting to be given to creatures.  If you were able to see everything in My Divine Fiat, you could watch an army of Our Actions marching out of Us to be given to creatures.  However, since Our Will does not govern them, they claim that is no place for them to bivouac, there are no barracks for them nor any means for provisioning an entire army.  Yet this Divine militia has been waiting for twenty centuries to begin their military exercise and they have their own supply train full of uniforms and supplies.  The corps of Our Actions  bring  with them high morale and more than enough Divine weapons to arm everyone in this celestial militia.  Maneuvers begin as they rendezvous for their campaign with a single chain of command directing this grand army of the Divine.”


The Kingdom of Our Divine Will shall not reign among creatures until they absorb all the Action the Divinity has done out of love for them.  The creature must take them in so deep that she can hold all of My Fiat’s possessions and consummate them within her depths.  Once My Divine Will has been assimilated within the creature, the entire Divine army can rendezvous inside her.  We performed all of Our Actions out of love for them during Creation, Redemption and their Sanctification.  Once they have reentered creatures, My Divine Will shall rendezvous and be assimilated along with them.  It will lead Our Divine army in a triumphal march signaling their domination under Its sovereign reign.”


That’s why I continually give sips of everything We did in Creation, Redemption and the current Sanctification.  Then I will repeat what I said from the Cross, ‘I have consummated everything, man’s redemption is now complete.’”


Soon My Will shall reiterate, ‘I have consummated everything in this creature, all of Our Actions have been enclosed within her, there’s nothing more to be done.  Such perfection leads to the restoration of mankind and the living Kingdom of My Divine Will that shall rule on earth as It does in Heaven.’”


If you only knew how much work I am doing, deep within your soul, to form the first Kingdom of My Divine Will.  Once It’s done, It will pass from one creature to the next until My Kingdom is more populous than any other.  The Love that forms My Kingdom is unimaginably great.  I want to enclose everything I did in Redemption within the soul where My Divine Volition reigns, along with what the Sovereign Queen did, plus the Acts of the Saints, past and present.  It’s crucial that none of Our works should be left out, so I activate the totality of Our Power, Wisdom and Love.”


Later on, as I was thinking about today’s Feast of Christ the King, my sweet Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, the Church intuitively grasps what She must know about My Divine Will and how Its Kingdom shall come.  This Feast is a prelude to the Kingdom of My Divine Fiat.  The Church is honoring My Humanity with titles appropriate for It by right.  Once She has given Me all due honors, She shall be inspired to honor Me by instituting a Feast as tribute to the Kingdom of My Divine Will, the animating source of My Humanity.” 


The Church proceeds methodically, step by step.  After establishing a Feast to My Sacred Heart, She is consecrating an entire century of devotion to Christ the Redeemer.  Now She has evolved enough to institute a Feast to Christ the King with even greater solemnity.  By entitling Christ as a King, they are saying that He must have a Kingdom full of worthy subjects.  However, only My Will can establish this Kingdom for Me.  Only then shall I declare that ‘I have My people because My Fiat has formed it for Me.’ 


If only Church leaders knew what I have revealed to you about My Divine Will, they would understand My aspiration and how I long for Its fulfillment.  Great miracles will be needed for them to appreciate the anguished sighs that gather up each beat of My Heart full of sorrows.  The only way to restore the happiness of the human family is for My Will to come reign in their midst.  They are unaware that within this Feast of Christ the King is the secret echo of My Heart reverberating throughout their being.  That, in truth, is what introduced the Feast of Christ the King on My behalf.   It has brought to their attention the fact that Christ is King.  Now let them reflect on who might be His true subjects.  Where are they?”


“Perhaps they might say, ‘We should be doing whatever we can to evangelize His Divine Will.  It is imperative that It rule us so we can provide subjects for Christ the King, otherwise we have taken His Name in vain.  We must honor Him with deeds more than words.’”




November 4, 1928

The truth is light that starts from God and fixes itself in the creature.

The blessing of Jesus.


My poor mind is enraptured by the light of Divine Fiat.  It gives so much more than a warming illumination.  It brings life to the soul and emanates heat and light from her center where Divine Life is reborn.  It is so beautiful to see the light of the Eternal Volition with Its power to bring about the rebirth of her Creator’s Life deep within the heart of a creature.  Every time the Divine Will bends down to enlighten the creature, It reveals more about Itself.


As my mind was wandering around inside this light, I could see my sweet Jesus moving, apparently submerged within it.


He said, “My daughter, Our Divine womb unleashes a light every time I reveal another truth to you about My Divine Will, and they attach themselves to the center of your being.  Yet they are never detached from the center of your Creator, because they could never exist apart from God.  They move towards the heart of the creature and lodge there without ever leaving the center of their source.”


The creature is so beautiful with all these lights set within her.  They have the power to make her Creator arise in the creature every time one of His truths is revealed to her.  I have revealed so many of them about My Divine Will that you have lost count.  All these luminous rays have descended from God and attached themselves deep inside you, without leaving Its Divine womb.  These radiant ornaments lights look great in you, such ornaments are the greatest gift you could ever receive from God.”


These luminous truths shining out from within you give you legitimate rights over the Divine attributes, one for each revealed truth.  God has given them to you all these lights as a dowry, something greater well beyond your comprehension.  All of Heaven is amazed to see so many lights shining within you, pregnant with Divine Lives.  As you transmit them to other creatures, this light winds its way toward other hearts and attaches itself there, without ever leaving you.  It forms Divine Life wherever it reaches.”


These truths I have explained to you about My Divine Will are a great treasure that I have entrusted to you, My daughter.  They were born from Its Divine womb, and will shed everlasting light upon you.  My Truth is more important than sunlight for the earth.  The sun’s light permeates the world and makes it pregnant so that everything on the planet’s surface gives birth to all sorts of good things.  It has a good effect on whatever it touches.  It is jealous of its light however, and keeps every sunbeam firmly attached to its own core, so that when it moves on to illuminate something else, the earth is plunged in darkness.”  


The sunlight of My Truth doesn’t detach from Its center either, so when it is installed in the center of a soul, It light provides everlasting daylight.”


After that, there was Benediction for the exposition of the Most Holy Sacrament, and with heartfelt prayer, I asked Him to bless me.   Then Jesus moved inside me.  I could see Him bi-locating within the exposed Sacrament as He gave me a profound blessing with His consecrated right hand.


He said, “I bless your heart, My daughter, and I seal My Divine Will within it.  Your heart, in union with My Divine Will, shall pulse within all hearts as you call them all to love It.  I bless your thoughts, as well, and I seal My Divine Will within them, so you can persuade all intelligent beings to learn about It.  I bless your mouth, so My Divine Will streams out with your voice, telling all human voices to speak about My Fiat.  I bless every part of you, My daughter, so they may call My Divine Volition from within you, as you hurry to inform everyone regarding It.”


I am so much happier when I operate within someone subjected to My Will, so I can bless everyone and pray for them from there.  I find the light of My Life in the soul who keeps Me company.  Everything I do has an immediate effect and I can see it in My Actions.  I like to have someone working with Me, so I can enjoy their company while I pray.  It’s much better than being alone.  It’s different inside this sacramental prison, the physical aspects of the Host never talk to Me, and I have to do everything on My own.  It has no heart to beat in love for Me, nor can We sigh together.  There’s only the cold of a silent tomb here in this prison; I may as well be buried in it.  I have no one to talk to because the Host can’t speak, so I can’t pour My heart out to anyone.  In the meantime, I wait with Divine patience for hearts to receive Me so I can break My silence and enjoy someone’s company briefly.  I am repatriated to My Celestial Fatherland whenever My Divine Will finds rest in some kind soul.




November 10, 1928

One who lives in the Divine Will has her own sea, and enclosing everything, as she prays, it murmurs heavens, sun and stars.  The blessing of Jesus; contest and feast of all in blessing the little daughter of the Divine Will.



After several days being deprived of my sweet Jesus, my poor heart couldn’t take it anymore.  It felt like it was going to break as I relived vivid memories of all the times He had come to see me.  I miss His lovable presence and captivating beauty.  After listening to so many wonderful lessons with His gentle voice, the very memory of them meant a wounded heart.  After freeing me from the world, I longed for my Celestial Fatherland, like a poor pilgrim, who was tired from such a long journey. 


I thought, “It’s all over.  There’s nothing left but the deep silence of an immense Sea that I have to cross without being able to stop anywhere and ask for the Kingdom of Divine Will.” 


Nonetheless, as tired as I was, I began to make my usual rounds, following Its action.  Then my sweet Jesus moved inside me and tried to bolster me with a big hug.


He said, “My daughter, I have heard your ceaseless prayer in the murmuring Sea of My Divine Fiat.  Now that you’ve enveloped the sun, moon and stars, its whispering light shines for Me.  Then you enclosed the wind, so it moans and shouts of love; and from the earth, the soft spoken flowers do sigh.  Love laments from the starry light of windy skies with the muffled moans of a wounded heart.  I hear delirious shouts of requited love and My answer flows endlessly with the flowers I have create for them.”


My Sea is so beautiful, and now It is yours, while the earthly sea is left behind, since nothing murmurs from within it except fish; the best it can do is reflect the wind and sun in the heavens.  The Sea of My Volition, and the murmuring of your prayer within It, enfold all of My works.  My Divine Will keeps the heavens, sun, stars, sea and everything else under Its control, entirely within Itself.  You can find them all as you murmur your prayers within ItGigantic waves form over the sustained murmuring of the sea.  It’s the same in the Sea of My Divine Volition with your deep desire for the Kingdom of My Divine Will.  It’s so beautiful when you focus such yearning sighs over the continual murmuring of your prayer; you form gigantic, moaning waves of flowery starlight.”


From this tabernacle I can hear you murmuring beneath the roar of waves plunging into My Sea.  My Sea is here in this tabernacle, and I continually murmur My own prayers within It.  When I hear your waves coming, I merge your sea with Mine, though they were already one, so we can murmur together in unison.  I no longer feel so all alone in this tabernacle, now that have such pleasant company to share our murmuring prayers for anyone to hear.  ‘Fiat! Fiat! Fiat!  Let It be known, for the restoration of Its Kingdom on earth.’” 


My daughter, by living in My Will and praying in It, Heaven comes down to earth and the earth is transported up to Heaven.  This is truly Our totally triumphant victory, Our Divine conquest.  So, be faithfully attentive to Me.”


There was Benediction after that, and then we shared the Most Holy Sacrament that I have been blessed to receive every day, now that I’m old.  I’m getting close to the final stages of this life and I hope to be reprieved of my interminable exile on earth as soon as possible.


Just as Benediction began, my lovable Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, I bless you, however, I want more than that for you.  I call on everyone to join Me, so that Father, Son and Holy Spirit, together with the whole Celestial Court, in blessing the little daughter of My Divine Will.”


Wherever My Will reigns, everyone on Heaven and earth sense a powerful urge to merge with Me and do whatever I do.  All the blessings of My Divine Will are focused on her.  Whenever they see Me blessing you, everyone joins in to help bless you.  It becomes a friendly contest of sorts, as everyone in Heaven competes to see how well they can bless the one who is subject to My Will.  Then, to add solemnity, I call all created things, without exception, to bless My daughter.”


I call on the sun to shine its light on you with a blessing.  I call on the water to bless you as it relieves your thirst.  I summon the wind to waft its blessing upon you.  Everyone I call sees My Divine Will when they are in the act of blessing you and feel blessed in return by the Will of their Creator that resides within you.  My Divine Will sends a powerful message to the entire Celestial Family and calls for a celebration whenever It has to work on the soul where It lives as master of the household.”


When I have My fellow captive here with Me in this sacramental prison, My Divine Will gives  Me all the joy there is in the heart of Our little daughter.  I leave all My sorrows behind when you ask Me to bless you, and I descend sacramentally into your heart whenever you watch for Me in this tabernacle and I return your gaze.  Whenever I want to help Our little newborn of Our Will, or give her something, I forget about My own sorrows and set everything aside, because it’s time to celebrate.  My Divine Will overflows with joy and is always in a festive mood.”


So I want you to rejoice with Me and return My blessing.  Bless Me through the sun.  Let your blessing flow with the water, on the wind and in the very air you breathe.  Send your blessings pulsating with every beat of your heart, because I can feel it coming from every created thing.”





November 14, 1928

How the creature possesses the human unity, and one who lives in the Divine Will possesses the Divine Unity.  One who does the Divine Will becomes mother.





I have totally abandoned myself in the Holy Divine Volition, and even though I’ve been deprived of my Jesus, my poor mind is moved by an irresistible force to follow Its action.  I believe that Divine Will has subdued mine enough that It determines which of Its actions shall appear to me in the present as if they were still going on.  As I followed Its actions, I thought about how the earth was right after Creation when man was truly happy living in the Unity of the his Creator’s Will.  At the time, he was worthy to receive everything for the sole purpose of offering it all to the Supreme Being.  Unity is everything. 


As I thought about it, my sweet Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, We created man with Our Likeness, so he has his own form of human integrity.  Every thought, word and deed is made possible by such unity of mind and will; everything depends on it.  In fact, you could say that the binding force itself is what walks the talk; otherwise, everything he attempted would work at cross purposes.  His entire life would be in shambles.”


It’s like the sun on high; the act of giving off light is one single process that is given and sustained by its Creator.  That’s why its light has innumerable effects on everything it touches.  For those who do My Divine Will and begin to live in It, human volition becomes lifeless and eventually ceases altogether.  Once the living Unity of My Will begins, the human no longer has any reason to exist.  My Will is one single, everlasting action; everything It might create or perform are all side effects of this one solitary action.  The soul who lives in My Divine Volition has this Unity at the heart of her being, so she is a witness in the present moment of every outcome this single action has ever brought about.  It is such a beautiful sight to see this happy creature incorporated within every single result produced by what Our Will ever plans and executes, past, present or future.”


She flows through the heavens as a direct result of Our Will, as she does with sun, sea and wind, or anything else for that matter.  This is in contrast with how the human will runs through all human action, or how visible sunlight effects whatever it touches physically.  The process is similar, although the soul operating within the Fiat has in its possession everything It has and is involved in whatever It might produce, however It may do so.  That’s why living in Our Will is the greatest miracle.  Moreover, Our Divinity couldn’t do anything more wondrous, even if It wanted to do such a thing.  It simply couldn’t imagine anything greater than what It has already done.  There is no miraculous power, nothing more beautiful that could bring greater joy to creatures than to her Our Will.  Just consider, once We have given you Our Will, We have granted you everything that is, was or ever shall beSuch power sounds Our echo in the depths of the soul and develops Our most beautiful Images.  The feint echo of humanity becomes one with Our own by merging with Our primal Action.  She dissolves while flowing through all the effects that this single Act of God produces.”


After that, my lovable Jesus appeared as a tiny little child and threw His arms around my neck.


He said, “Mom, mom!  Someone who does My Divine Will becomes like a mother.  My Divine Fiat transforms her with prolific enhancements that give her all the qualities of a true mother.  I embellish such a mother with reflections from the Sun of My Divine Volition.  The pleasure I get from calling out to her, ‘Mom, Momis glorious indeed.  I choose her as My mother and then I call lots of other little ones and give them My own mother as theirs.” 


As He was talking, He showed me many little boys and girls gathered around me.  The Christ child said to them, “This is both My mom and yours too.” 


The little ones started to celebrated and made a circle around us as He continued explaining.


He said, “These little ones you see are the first cohort of My Divine Volition’s children.  Everyone within It is little; My Divine Will has the power to preserve their freshness and beauty so they appear exactly like they were when they had just come out of Our creative hands.  It called you to live in It as someone very little, so it is entirely appropriate that you, being the first of them, should be the petite mom of these little kids.”




November 20, 1928

How one who lives in the Divine Will is in possession of the perennial day, knows no night, and becomes the owner of God Himself.


I was submerged in the Supreme Fiat, and my poor mind was wandering around among so many astonishing truths that were simply beyond my understanding.  All the revelations my sweet Jesus had made to me about His Holy Will were lining up within my soul, one behind the other, like so many enchantingly beautiful suns.  Each of them was different, yet all of them were full of happiness and joy because of the truth they had.  It was such a beautiful sight, so enchanting that I was in raptures.  My puny intelligence was besieged by these suns so that I was swimming in endless light.  Bewildered, I kept trying to put everything together to reach some understanding of how all these things fit in with the Divine Will. 


Then my always lovable Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “Dearest daughter of My Will, Its offspring live in an everlasting day that knows no night.  Everything becomes light for someone who lives in My Will; it is a personal attribute like beauty, happiness and joy.  That’s not the half of it, a minor detail really, because when We give Our Will to the creature, she takes ownership of Us as her own personal property.  We are at her beck and call.  She can do whatever she wants, and We always let her win, no matter what.  Nevertheless, it’s not human volition that dominates Us, never.  Its is actually Our own Volition bi-locating within the creature, so there’s really nothing odd about her getting her own way.  She can say whatever she wants because she’s one of Ours.  We let her do her own thing because that’s the way We want it.  After all, every time she gets her way, We are the ones who actually win, since that’s what We want.”


We give Our Will to the creature, and she accepts It as the source of her own life. It goes back and forth in a friendly contest between her and Us where Our playing field is Divine.  Regardless, when she enters the arena, she dominates the terrain; she owns It.  It’s a joy for Us to watch how someone so little can envelope Our Eternal Volition and take everything We have, including Our very Selves.  We could never deny anything to Our own Will.  Quite the contrary, We delight in making a gift of Our most intimate Joy and the secrets of Our eternal beatitudes.  We celebrate just how little this creature is who allows Us the pleasure of controlling her by delegating Our own attributes to her.  That’s how We amuse Ourselves, so let the games begin.”


Our Will is the greatest thing that I could possibly give to man when I created him because that’s the only way he could reach his goals.  It lets him do whatever he wants, to the extent of dominating everything We have.  We didn’t do that for other created things, so they can’t do whatever they please, because they only have limited rights under Our dominion.  The ardor of Our love was more intense when We created man.  The All infused Himself in nothingness so the void could receive life once again in the All.  We gave him Our Divine Will as his inheritance, to insure his safety within one single will.  Such a creature owns everything in common, as far as his capacity allows.  This promotes such a love for one another that they freely permit themselves to be mutually dominated by each other.”


The soul where Our Divine Will reigns is more beautiful to Us than anything else, with all the glorious raptures it brings to Us.  She is the only one who doesn’t complain that Our Love is too generous.  We always have more to give, and We tell her that.  Moreover, to enhance her joy even further, We declare that she has won Our very Selves.  So pay attention, My daughter.  If you want everything there is, let Our Will reign within you.”




December 2, 1928

The Eucharistic tabernacle and the Tabernacle of the Divine Will.


Since Jesus seems to avoid me more often, all I can do without Him is to yearn for Heaven, saying, ‘When will You have pity and open your doors to me?  When will you finally bring your poor little exile back to her Fatherland?’  That’s the only way I could ever stop pining for my Jesus!  If I see Him at all, just as I begin to think He is mine once more, He disappears in a flash and I have to wait for so long just to catch another glimpse of Him.  Everything turns to sorrow without Jesus.  I get no respite, even with such holy things as prayers and the Sacraments.  Everything becomes further martyrdom without Him. 


I thought, “What’s the use in Jesus placing me near His tabernacle of love if we never speak?  I wonder if He’s hiding something, because He’s stopped giving me lessons on the Divine Fiat.  He used to have His pulpit in the depths of my soul, and He always had something to say, but now all I hear from Him is profound silence.  However, I still listen within to the Eternal Volition’s murmuring Sea of light that continually whispers Its love, glory and adoration that embraces everyone and everything.”


As I was meditating about it, my sweet Jesus appeared inside me for a bit.


He said, “Courage, My daughter, It is I who makes waves in My Divine Will’s Sea of light in the depths of your soul.  I am always whispering about how I want to snatch from My Celestial Father the Kingdom of My Will upon earth.  All you have to do is follow Me, though even if you didn’t, I would do it by Myself.  Of course that’ll never happen because My Fiat keeps you submerged within It.”


Don’t forget that you are the Tabernacle of My Divine Will.  I have worked on you so much, pouring every imaginable grace into you just to form this Tabernacle for Myself?  There has never been anything like It on earth.  I have so many Eucharistic tabernacles, yet this Tabernacle of My Divine Fiat doesn’t make Me feel like a prisoner. 

I have endless expanses of My Will, yet I don’t feel lonely because I have someone who keeps Me company forever.  Sometimes I’m your teacher giving you celestial lessons; otherwise I’m pouring My love and sorrow into you.  Now and then I amuse Myself with you in celebration.”


Whenever I pray, crying as I suffer, I know I am never alone, because I always have the little daughter of My Divine Will to celebrate with Me.  What I enjoy the most, however, is having the great honor of conquering with beauty a human will that sacrifices itself for Me to the point of becoming the footstool of My Divine Will.  My favorite Tabernacle delights Me so much that I wouldn’t exchange it for any Eucharistic tabernacle where I am all alone.  The host cannot give Me My own Divine Will as It bi-locates within you and I both, simultaneously.”


The sacrificial host has no way of possessing My Will, nor can it accompany Me as I Act.  I am all alone in this cold tabernacle, with only a lifeless pyx to keep me company.  I am delighted to keep you here, close to My Eucharistic tabernacle.  All I have to do is glance at My Divine Will the One I have formed within you, and My lonely spell is broken.  Then when I experience the pure joy that only a creature who lets My Divine Will reign within herself can give Me.”


My aim is to inform creatures about My Divine Will.  It is in My interest to have It reign among creatures.  That’s all I care about.  Then each creature will be My living Tabernacle, and they will be able to speak.  I won’t feel so all alone anymore it they could only talk to Me.  I want to have the pleasure of their Divine company forever, so I will bi-locate My Divine Will inside them.  My Heaven shall be within each one, because the Tabernacle of My Divine Will envelops My Heaven on earth.”





December 5, 1928

For one who does the Divine Will and lives in It,

it is as if she made the sun descend upon earth.



I was completely immersed in Divine Volition when my poor little mind leapt up towards a point of light that was so high that I became disoriented.  I had no sense of boundaries in any direction and my mind was filled with the very light that surrounded me until that’s all I could see.  It seemed so potent that only a few drops of this light filled me beyond capacity, though perhaps it’s just because my mind is too small.  It felt so good to be in the middle of all that living light aglow with so much happiness emanating from the Word.  The soul sees her Creator reflected from everywhere within and feels her bosom giving birth to Divine Life.


Divine Will, such splendor; You alone give us life.  You alone preserve the Life of God that You bi-locate with the creature.”


Then, as my mind was still wandering within the light of the Supreme Fiat, my sweet Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, for the soul, living within My Divine Will is better than having the sun wrapped around the earth.  Imagine; night would be banished from the earth and it would always be full daylight.  Enveloped by the sun, the earth would be a luminous body rather than a dark one and would never again have to beg sunlight from afar.  The earth would live with the sun as a single life-form and be in direct contact with all the benefits of sunlight.” 


As it is, the earth and the sun are at extremes, with our lowly planet looking up on high for the sun.  The poor earth is subjected to the night, or at best, to the seasons.  It must ask the sun to germinate its flowers and give them color while ripening its fruit until sweet.  Now the sun can’t do all this without the earth’s cooperation; it must rotate to expose every side, and even then, some parts will remain arid.”


This is a metaphor about someone who does My Divine Will, living within It and someone else who lives in the world of her human volition.  The one who lives in My Will entices the Sun of My Divine Will to come down into her soul together with all of Heaven.  Light from this Sun has the power to chase away all darkness, so from then on, she lives in everlasting daylight.  Passion is like the darkness of night, as are all forms of misery or temptation.  Human weakness lacks the power of the Sun’s light, cold heartedness, Its warmth.  Besides the cycle of day and night, they would bring the dull chill of wintery seasons, unless routed by Its light beating down upon them, saying, ‘I am here, and that’s all you need.  My seasons are cycles of light that keep flowers blooming year round.  Peace and happiness be upon you.  I make your soul one that is constantly bringing Heaven down to earth.’” 


However, those souls who neither do My Divine Will nor live in It are kept in the darkness of night most of the time.  Subject to seasons of long rainy days, it’s no wonder she struggles in turmoil, and persistent droughts dry up the soul until there’s no love left for her own Creator.  Sadly, since the very Sun of My Divine Will does not reside in her, It has no way of giving her anything of what It has in abundance.”


To possess My Divine Volition is to own the source of light, life and everything that is good.  Those who do not possess It are like the earth that enjoys the benefits of sunshine, but not everywhere.  Parts of the planet receive minimal light, and some lands are frozen wastes.”



December 8, 1928

Why all Creation celebrated the Conception of the Sovereign Queen.

How the Virgin awaits her daughters into Her seas,

in order to make of them queens.

The Feast of the Immaculate Conception.


I wondered, “Why did Creation exult with such joyous celebration over much the Immaculate Conception of our Sovereign Queen?” 


Then my always lovable Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “I’ll tell you, My daughter.  When Divine Will began Its life in Our little celestial girl, a new era was initiated, one of ever increasing goodness for creatures.  Everything good begins in My Divine Will and then comes down to benefit creatures.  From there these blessings find their way back up into their source.  This celestial little girl began Her life in the Divine Fiat, right from the start, with Her Immaculate Conception.  Her humanity came from the creatures’ genome and, by means of My Will, She acquired Divine Life.  She had the power to unite the Divine and the human, and She gave God what man had denied Him, his will.  It was through Her that mankind inherited the right to ascend and be embraced by their Creator.”


She bound God and humanity together using the power of Our Fiat that We had given.  All Creation, both Heaven and earth, and even hell, were alert to the Immaculate Conception of this little girl from the moment She took form in Her mothers’ womb.  They could feel the power of a new order being established through Her.  My Will made Her the sister of all, She held everything in Her loving embrace.  Everyone loved Her and longed to be near Her.  They felt honored to adore the Divine Will within such a privileged creature.”


All Creation celebrated the happy arrival, knowing that up until then, mankind had been the cause for so much disorder in the world of created things.  There had been no courageous hero who could say to their Creator, ‘I want nothing to do with will, it’s yours; take it as a gift.  All I want is Your Divine Will; that is my life.’  Yet this Holy Virgin gave up Her own will in favor of the Divine and all Creation was thrilled that someone had finally been brave enough to returned it.  The heavens, the sun, sea and all creatures on earth tried to outdo each other in honoring the one who had possession of My Fiat.  She brought a new world order to all created things as if it were a kiss.  My Divine Volition handed the Divine Queen a royal scepter and crowned her as Empress-in-command of the whole universe.”


I felt totally annihilated inside; I’d been deprived of my sweet Jesus for so long that my life was drained.  My very existence, less than an atom, was utterly burnt out.  Constant exposure to the burning rays of the Sun emanating from the Divine Fiat has evaporated my vital energy.  Yet despite the scorching heat, I do not actually die, nor is my life fully consumed.  I’m merely depressed to point of being completely undone. 


Then my sweet Jesus appeared inside me and gave me a kiss to cheer me up.


He said, “Courage, My daughter; don’t lose heart.  Enjoy yourself.  Be glad that My Divine Will has entered into you.  It darts about here and there, removing your human moodiness and replacing them with a consciousness of Divine Light.  Today is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception when gorgeous seas of powerful love overflow from the Divinity and drench the Celestial Creature with happiness.  Earthly creatures could plunge into these oceanic depths too, if it weren’t for the human will.” 


Whatever We do continues to be done forever without pause.  It’s natural for the Divinity to give, and when It does, the giving never ends.  The same seas are still overflowing while Queen Mom waits for Her daughters to come and live in them.  Each one of them will become a little queen of the sea.  The human will is not allowed to enter, however.  There’s simply no place for it.  Only those who live within the  Divine Will have access to them.”


You can enter into the seas of My Mom whenever you want, My daughter.  My Divine Will guarantees it, you only have walk up to them and dive in.  She waits for you because She wants you so much.  Your love added to Ours makes Her twice as happy, and it doubles Mine as well.  Giving makes Us happy, and when a creature declines the good things We offer, the happiness We want to share with her is stifled.  I don’t want you to be depressed.  Today is the greatest of all feasts, because the Divine Will lived inside the Queen of Heaven.  That was the feast of all feasts, the first kiss, the beginning of a Divine embrace that the creature gave to her Creator because of Our Fiat that the sovereign little girl took as her own.  Now the creature sits at her Creator’s table.  Today is also your feast, because it is part of the mission that My Divine Will has given you.  So, come wade into the seas of the Immaculate Queen and enjoy Her feast as if it were your own.” 


I felt myself being carried outside of myself and into those endless seas, however, I can’t explain what happened, so I’d better move on.


Later on, my confessor read to a group of people what I wrote in volume 15th about the Immaculate Conception.  My Beloved Jesus was celebrating inside me as He listened to him read.   


He said, “My daughter, I feel a sense of satisfaction with your work.  Today My Sovereign Mom receives Divine honors from the Church for maintaining the Life of Divine Will as Her primary purpose in life.  That is the greatest honor that anyone could give, recognition that human will never had any part to play in Her life.  Everything was about the Divine Will, and nothing else, ever.  That was the secret of the sanctity of Her Highness.  It gave her beauty and power.  It made Her the greatest creature ever to live.  It was My Fiat that burned off every stain of original sin as It conceived Her with immaculate purity.” 


It is strange that My Church should proclaim Her Immaculate and conceived without sin without acknowledging My Divine Will as the prime mover and cause of Her purity.  So the Church only gave Her human honor, rather than the Divine honors She rightly deserves for allowing Divine Will to live in Her exclusively at all times.  She and I were both sad about that.  My Church never acknowledged the Divine Will dwelling within the Queen of Heaven.  Neither did She receive the honors due Her for reserving within Herself a place for the Supreme Fiat to form Its life.” 


Today, by reminding the world that everything in Her was the supernatural work of My Will.  All of Her other rights and privileges were contingent upon the Divine Will controlling Her.  It is only right and just that today that, through this magnificent Feast of the Immaculate Conception, Divine Glory is celebrated.  Actually, it would be more accurate if this Feast were calledThe Conception of the Divine Will within the Sovereign Queen of Heaven.’  This Conception was the direct result of the Acts of Divine Will with all Its attributes, including all the marvelous works this celestial child prodigy has done.”


His voice changed to one of tenderness as He continued.


He said, “My daughter, We so delighted to see how beautiful this celestial infant was from the moment of Her Immaculate Conception.  We would look at Her as a miniature earth sprouting from the human race, and inside this micro-world We could see the Sun of Our Eternal Volition.  It was no wonder that She couldn’t hold it all, because It overflowed out of Her in a swelling torrent that filled Heaven and earth.  Then Our Omnipotence performed a miracle that allowed her microcosmic world to hold Sun of Our Divine Volition within Her.  So you could see both earth and Sun in everything She did whether working or just walking.  Her thoughts were rays of light as were Her words and everything else about Her.  This was done because Her little world was so much smaller than the immense Sun She held within Herself, otherwise Her actions would be lost in the glare of Its light.”


The Celestial Sovereign's little earth was continually energized, animated and preserved by the Sun of My Fiat.  Lovely flowers continually bloomed there, maturing into the sweetest fruit.  Her overwhelming beauty draws Our Divine gaze and sends Us into rapture.  We couldn’t help looking at Her, because even more than beauty, She gave Us happiness.  Everything about this Immaculate Little Virgin was so gorgeous that it’s no wonder that We were enchanted.  Eloquence is insufficient; that She was the protégé of Our Will says it all.  If creatures only knew what it means to live within the Will of God, they would give their very lives to know how to live in It.”





December 13, 1928

How all created things possess a dose of happiness.  How the privation of Jesus makes life rise again.


I was merging with Holy Divine Volition and following Its activities as It performed them in Creation when my sweet Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, everything We created was equipped with a form happiness specifically designed for it, so that each created thing gives a kiss to mankind that fills them with delight.  Such gladness is what overflows with abundance from the living experience of Our own Happiness.  Only those who live within Our Divine Will, soaking up Our Happiness like a sponge, can appreciate what it is that We have extended throughout Creation.”


For Her, Our Happiness isn’t the least bit strange, since she her taste has been purified by Our Fiat rather than human will.  In fact, she can enjoy all the happiness inherent in created things with each her five senses.  We feel such happiness and joy when We see someone who does Our Will sitting at the table of Our Happiness and eating.  Every bite tastes different, just as every created thing has a different happy feeling peculiar to itself.  We love to see the creature happy.”



I heard the sound of a harmonium playing in the chapel and Jesus stopped talking for a moment to listen.


Then He said, “It makes Me happy that the little daughter of My Will is as delighted as I am hearing this music, and when we both listen to it together, we are doubly delighted.  Making someone who loves Me happy is My greatest joy.” 


I responded, “Jesus, my Love, you are my only happiness, nothing else matters.”


Jesus answered, “I should be your greatest happiness; after all, I am the source of all happiness and joy.  I especially like to give you lots of little joys.  I really enjoy them, and they make Me twice as happy when We can both take pleasure in them together.”


I thought, “Jesus is delighted whenever I enjoy any of many forms of happiness He has distributed throughout Creation.  I wonder why He causes me so much grief by leaving me all alone for days at a time.  He know it makes me unhappy, like my life was over.  Any happiness he brings my poor soul fades away and I just feel like dying.”


Jesus answered me.


He said, “My daughter, I know how depressed you get when I am away.  I am your life and without Me you feel dead.  However, there’s an important lesson in this that you have yet to understand.  That is how you open a space within you where My new Life can take form as I reveal new things about the life of My Divine Will.  In fact, your pain is Divine, so it has the power to taste death without actually dying.  It also has the power to resurrect My Life with enchanting Truth.”


The pain of My privation opens a space for My new Life, and teaches your soul how to listen so you may grasp the truth about My Divine Fiat.  If I didn’t leave you alone every now and then you would not have had your astounding new insights into the teachings of your Jesus.  Think about it.  Every time you went without seeing Me for a while and thought everything was over, My Life would rise within you and celebrate our love.  Then I would start where we left off with My lessons.  Whenever I seem to be gone, I’m still there hiding inside you, preparing your new assignments.  Then I would rise up out of you with new Life.”


Remember that I was the One who suffered in agony so all creatures could rise again through the pain of My Death.  Death suffered within the Divine order fulfills the Divine Will and brings Divine Life to all creatures.  After suffering so many deaths, I really did want to die so My resurrection would bring an abundance of everything good.  With My resurrection, all the blessings of My Redemption arose, and with it, everything that is good was reinstated for creatures, including their very life. So just pay attention and let Me take care of everything.”




December 14, 1928

The Tree of the Divine Will.  The single Act of God.

One who lives in the Divine Will forms the echo in all created things.


I’ve been worrying about how publication of the manuscripts about Divine Will is going.  They keep asking all these questions, and it really bothers me.  I thought, “Jesus is the only one who understands how I’m being martyred.  It’s torture having the people in charge talking to me about their plans for publication.  I’m so upset, and there’s no one who can sooth my tortured soul enough to just go along with it and say ‘Fiat’.  Only the seductive persuasion of my Jesus can do that.  He strikes holy fear into heart over the serious evil I might cause if I leave the Divine Will even for a moment.  The whole thing seems to be going in slow motion and I keep reliving the inner turmoil I’ve undergone over this publishing business.  I wonder if all this pain is really worth it.  Who know if anyone will even read it?  I hope that maybe Jesus will make me happy by letting me see it from Heaven.  As I thought about, among other things, I began to pray.  I saw a tree loaded with fruit that were blazing with light, and my sweet Jesus was crucified on its trunk.  It was hard to see Him; the fruit gave off so much light, and that surprised me.


Jesus said, “My daughter, this is the tree of My Divine Will.  My Will is like the Sun, Its fruit turn into light and sprout more Suns.  I am the center of its life, that’s why I am on its trunk.  The fruit you see are the truths I have revealed about My Divine Fiat.  They are now giving birth to their light in the bosom of generations who should hurry up and harvest them, but they don’t.  Without them, the fruit of this tree cannot reproduce either this from themselves nor its great benefits.”


Be consoled in your torture and martyrdom.  You and I work well together.  However, there can’t be a shadow of doubt about My Will; I could never tolerate that in you, of all people; that would be My greatest sorrow.  Let Me say about you, ‘The little daughter of My Will gave Me her will as a present and I gave her Mine as a Gift.  This exchange of wills is one of My greatest joys, and shall be yours as well.’  If anybody is at fault, it is those who neglect it.  So don’t torture yourself like this.  You shouldn’t let all these questions bother you; patience.  I will be within you to give you light and the words you need.  This is obviously more important to Me than it is for you.”


I thought about the Divine Fiat until my sweet Jesus continued speaking.


He said, “My daughter, within Our Divinity, one single act is enough to accomplish everything.  That very action is will, thought, word, work and walk.  Our one singular Action is the voice that speaks, the hand at work, the walking feet, and It includes everything.  It is the power of Our one primal action that thinks, works, speaks and walks within the creature.  Its echo provides whatever is good in them.  We carry all creatures along with their every action and We are offended by anything that does not serve Us, especially if the offense is intentional.  Some creatures us Our own Actions as weapons with intent to injure Us, such is the infamy of Human ingratitude.”


Someone who does Our Divine Will and lives in It operates within Our one single Action, so her will to act is exactly the same as Ours.  By flowing together within Our Action, she becomes the thought, word and deed of everyone as they walk together throughout their life.  We enjoy watching Our power fill such a little human so she can carry all the other creatures’ actions along with Us.  Rather than using Our Actions as weapons to bludgeon Us, she arms herself in Our defense simply because she loves Us and fights for Our greater glory.  She is Our warrior defending Our rights.”


Then, wanting to make everything my own, I continued following the Divine Fiat throughout Creation.  I felt like making the sun give Him the glory of its heat and light.  It was my desire that the sea should present Him with the glory of its ceaseless murmuring.  I would have done everything in my power to rightfully declare, You have given me everything, and I give You everything in return.’” 


As I thought about that, among other things, my Beloved Jesus moved inside me.   


He said, “My daughter, it’s so beautiful to have you living inside My Will; My omnipresent Divine Will hears your echo everywhere.  Your echo resounds in the sun, sea and winds of the air, even in Heaven.  It carries your Creator’s own Love, Glory and Adoration back to Him, as is proper, so My Divine Will does not feel alone in the midst of all created things.  That way It has the echo of someone who lives in My Divine Volition to keep It company.  Then It will enjoy all the love and glory It had originally spread throughout Creation being returned to It.”




December 16, 1928

Speaking of the nine excesses of Jesus in the Incarnation.  Contentments of Jesus.  His word is Creation.  Jesus sees the scenes of His Love being repeated.

Preludes of His Kingdom.


Today begins the Novena of Baby Jesus, and as I was meditating on the nine excesses of His Incarnation that Jesus had so tenderly narrated to me in the first notebook.  I was reluctant to mention it to the confessor since he said that he would read them to the people who come to our chapel.


As I thought about it, my little Baby Jesus suddenly appeared in my arms.  It was so cute how He caressed me with His tiny little hands.


He said, “My little daughter is so beautiful and lovely.  Thank you for listening to Me with such kindness.” 


I protested, “What are You saying, My Love?  It is I who should thank You for talking to me.  As my teacher, You have given me so many lessons, none of them deserved, and You have done it in such a loving way.”


Jesus replied, “My daughter, I try to speak to so many people, but they won’t listen to Me.  When that happens, I am reduced to silence as My flames are extinguished.  For this, we should both be thankful for one another.  So why are you against reading the nine excesses in public?  You still don’t understand how much love, life and grace there is in them.  You know that My word is Creation.  When I explained to you the nine excesses of My Love in the Incarnation, I renewed all the Love I felt during My incarnation.  Moreover, I created new love to fill the creatures and conquer them into submission.”


These nine excesses of My Love show how much simple, tender love went into the introduction to all the lessons I would teach you about My Divine Fiat.  This is how Its Kingdom will be formed.  Just reading them renews My Love and makes It twice as strong.  You should be glad that My Love’s growth spirals and overflows to fill more hearts that then spill out their excess as they are further prepared by these lessons on My Will.  Such knowledge increases in a positive feed-back loop until Its reign shall begin.”


I interjected, “My dear Baby, lots of people have spoken about Your Incarnation.” 


Jesus answered, “Yes, they have, however, such words come from the shore of My Love rather than the depths of Its sea, spoken without the tenderness of fulsome life.  I have spoken fewer words to you, yet they hail from within the living fountain of My Love.  Their gentle power flows with such alluring tenderness that only the dead are not moved to pity for Me, the little One who suffered so much pain even from the womb of My Celestial Mom.” 


Later on, the confessor was in the chapel, reading the first excess of Jesus’ Love in the Incarnation while my sweet Jesus listened intently from inside and then gave me a hug.


He said, “I’m so happy to hear them talking about It, My daughter, and My Joy is even greater when we both listen together in this house of My Will.  My pleasure stems from what I have told you, and yours, from what you have heard Me say.  My Love swells, roils and spills out.  Just listen how beautiful it is!  The spoken word breathes the air that goes from mouth to mouth with the carrying power of My Creative Word, bringing a new creation into their hearts.”


Listen, My daughter, in Redemption I had the company of My Apostles.  I was in their midst, instructing them with unsparing love, as I established the foundation of My Church.  Now I can watch those loving scenes being repeated among the first children of My Will assembled here in this house.  I see you among them, full of love, trying to give them the lessons about My Divine Fiat that are the foundation for the Kingdom of My Divine Will.  If you only knew how happy I feel when I hear you speak about My Divine Volition.  I anticipate the moment you begin to speak, so I can listen and enjoy what My Divine Will brings Me.”  




December 21, 1928

Sea of love in the excesses of Jesus.  Example of the sea.  The Divine Will, solar ray that brings the life of Heaven.  The Divine Will operating.  Happiness of Jesus.


We listened to the nine excesses of the Incarnation as the novena of Holy Christmas continued.  Then my Beloved Jesus hugged me as He revealed how each excess of His Love was a boundless sea with gigantic waves of fire supporting all these souls.  Fish flow through the waters of the sea, their source of life.  It carries them along, feeds them, and gives them a place to hide with a bed where they may rest.  It is their palace, one they never which to leave.  If they were to be evicted, they would complain, “It’s all over now that we’ve been disinherited and thrown out of the fatherland given to us by our Creator.”  That’s how it is for creatures.  Gigantic waves of flame rise from a sea of fiery Love and devour the creatures.   It wants to be their very life, so It serves as their guide and defends the palace in the fatherland of creatures, where they eat and sleep.  Yet they die the moment they leave this sea of love.  Little Baby Jesus cries, moans, prays, shouts and then lets out a sigh, because He wants no one to leave his devouring flames; He doesn’t want to see anyone die.  If the sea could reason, it would cry over the fish being snatched away from its sea.  The tender love of a mother turns to sadness when a life meant to have and to hold is suddenly taken away.  Wave hurled from such love would overwhelm anyone who dared to seize the lives in its care, because they are its treasure and glory.


Jesus interrupted me.


He said, “Whether the sea cries or not, I do, whenever the creatures My Love has devoured are so ungrateful that they refuse to live in My Sea of love.  Instead, they tear themselves away from My flames and go into exile far from My Fatherland.  They forfeit their life in a palace where they were well fed and had a warm bed, a place well governed within securely defended walls.  Why shouldn’t I cry?  They left Me, the source of their own creation, where they were devoured by My flames of love when I became flesh to show My love for all creatures.” 


When I hear the nine excesses being retold, the sea of My Love roils and swells with huge waves.  Beyond the deafening roar, you can hear Me moaning with love and crying in sorrow.  Through My sobbing, you can hear Me say, ‘Don’t make Me cry any more, let’s kiss and make up so everyone knows that we still love each other; then everyone will be happy, Creator and creature.’”


The moment Jesus finished speaking, I saw Heaven open up and a beam of light came down over me from above so that we could all see each other.  Then He continued speaking.


He said, “Daughter of My Will, this ray of light focused upon you is My Divine Will bringing the life of Heaven into your soul.  This beautiful sunbeam does more than illuminate and vivify you.  It lights up everyone around you, like natural sunlight that spreads out, giving all those nearby a warm kiss of light that breathes life into them.”


The sea of love that you saw is how My Will operates; when It acts, the sea of My Love begins to roil and swell into gigantic waves.  Through their deafening roar you can still hear a prayerful cry that shouts and moans.  Otherwise, the sea of My Love is calm.  All you can hear is a quiet murmuring when My Fiat is tranquil, though either way It is always happy and joyful.”


You have yet to understand the joy I get out of casting a light on My Word.  I offer My very Heart to the one who works to make My Divine Will known.  It’s so important to Me that I enfold him within Myself as I overflow out of him.  I am front and center within him, continually speaking about how My Will operates through My Love.  It is not your confessor that speaks to those assembled in the evening about the nine excesses of My Love; It’s actually Me taking his heart in My hands; that’s what makes him speak.”


Benediction began as He was speaking, and He changed the subject.


He said, “I bless you My daughter, I am happy about everything when I perform an Action involving someone who is in possession of My Divine Will.  Whenever I bless you, I know that My blessing has a place to store all the beneficial effects it brings.  When I love you, My Love finds My Fiat within you and makes Its home there where It can live a life of love.  Every action I perform on you, whether internal or external, brings Me its own form of happiness.  Since a Will that is Divine has a place for everything I give you, I know that Its power multiplies whatever good thing I put there.  It is Our Omnipotence that does everything.  Its pursuit is to form another life for each and every Action We perform with the creature who is controlled by It.”


After that, I continued making my rounds within the Divine Fiat.  I returned to Creation time and became one with the actions performed by our father Adam when He was still innocent.  I wanted to start there and continue from where he left off.


That’s when my Beloved Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, when I created man, I gave him a visible universe where he could move about freely and look at his Creator’s work.  Out of love for him, I made everything to work in harmony with his own actions so that everything he did had a space where it would naturally fit.  Though more elegant, I did the same with the invisible world.  I made his soul with a heaven full of stars and his own sun, custom made so that he could perform his own holy work without any impediment whatsoever.  We expected him to emulate his Creator’s work by synchronizing his own actions within the prearranged spaces allotted for them.”


When man abandoned My Divine Will to live in his own, he became deaf to his Creator’s echo, bereft of any model he could use to emulate Our works.  These spaces created to accommodate man’s work were to facilitate humanity’s first steps; everything else is void, emptiness yearning to be filled, and filled it must be.  That’s why I lovingly anticipate those who are ordained to live in My Will.  The ones who sense the power of Our echo have Our models right in front of them.  They will hasten to fill these invisible voids that I made specifically for My beloved during Creation.”


This void is actually Our Will.  I provided man’s nature with a heaven with its own sun, and I gave Heaven, the Sun of My Fiat, to his soul.  When I see you walking in the footsteps of Adam when he was still innocent, I say to all, ‘Finally, the void of My Divine Will is being conquered by the creature as she begins to work within It.’  So pay attention and keep flying nonstop within My Divine Volition.”





December 25, 1928

The feast that the little daughter prepares for Baby Jesus; how she renders Him happy.  Adam, first sun.  Example of the artisan.


I was thinking about the birth of Baby Jesus, praying that He might come and be born in my poor soul.  I wanted to sing His praises and gather an assembly to witness His birth, so I fused myself in the Holy Divine Volition and began flowing through all created things.  I tried to animate the sun, sea and sky full of stars, along with the earth and everything else, with my “I love You.” 


“I wanted all created things to be ready and waiting for Jesus to be born.  Then, all together, we would say to Him, “I love You,” and “We want the Kingdom of Your Will on earth.” 


While I was doing this, all created things came to attention as Jesus was being born.  When the dear Baby came out of the womb of His Celestial Mom, the sun in the sky with its tiny little                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   bird began singing in chorus, “I love You.”  Then we sang “We want the Kingdom of Your Will on earth.”  The “I love You” I placed within the Divine Will promptly flowed through all things wherever It had a living presence.  Then they all sang praises to the birth of their Creator;


When I saw the newborn Baby, He flung Himself into my arms, shivering with cold.


He said, “What a beautiful feast the little daughter of My Will has prepared for Me.  The chorus of all created things sang so beautifully to Me.  I could tell from theirI love You,’ that they sincerely want My Will to reign in their midst.  The one who lives in It can give Me anything.  She would use every strategy she could think of to make Me happy and see Me smile, even if I was crying My baby tears.  I have been waiting for you to surprise Me with your love emboldened by the power of My Divine Volition.”


I spent My entire Life on earth suffering through all the work I had to do while preparing everything needed to establish the Kingdom of My Divine Will.  This Kingdom has to be one of tenured happiness, so everything has to be done just right.  That’s the only way My work can produce an abundance of sweetest fruit for Me and My creatures.  They shall then be entitled to their own joy.”

All of a sudden, He disappeared, and when He came a bit later, He was resting in a little golden cradle, wearing a flimsy tunic woven out of light. 


He said, “My daughter, today is My birthday, and I have come to see you, just to make you happy.  Today of all days, It couldn’t resist bringing happiness to the one who lives in My Divine Will.  It feels like My first kiss when I tell you that ‘I love you’ in return for the love you have for Me.  I want to hug you close to My little Heart so you can feel the fire unleashed from My heartbeats that wants to burn everything that does not belong to My Will.  It’s so pleasant to hear your heartbeat echoing My own as you go on repeating your chorus, ‘May Your Will reign on earth as It does in Heaven.’  So if you want to soothe My baby crying and make Me happy, keep on singing.  I could listen to it forever.  Look at this golden cradle your love has made for Me, and My little garment of light woven out of your actions in My Divine Will.  I hope you are as happy as I am.”


After that, I continued acting within the Divine Fiat, going back to Eden and reentering the first acts of creation that made man.   


Then my sweet Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, Adam was the first human sun.  Being fully invested with Our Volition, his actions were stronger than the sun’s rays expanding outward to permeate the whole human family.  From the very center of this first human sun, each ray split into several throbbing beams.  Every one of them had the power to create their own suns without ever breaking away from the first sun.  Furthermore, since each one of them derived their life from the original, they all had the power to be a sun in their own right.”


The creation of man was more beautiful than anything in the entire universe.  The bond that united the one with the many was the greatest miracle of Our Omnipotence.  Our Will, being one with Itself, prevents anything from being torn from the center by keeping everything in contact with the unifying source of all.  This image is the symbol of Our Divinity, because We are indeed inseparable.  Even though We are three Divine Persons, We are always one, because We have one Will with a single Sanctity and Our Power is undivided.  That’s why We always look at mankind as if they were a single creature.  Even though many generations have come and gone, they have all had the same center.  We created man with the same uncreated love and he was intended to be so much like Us that We were his to give as he pleased.  There is only one Will acting within Us, the same one that was intended to be the single will of all mankind.  It is the unifying bond that keeps them inseparable from one another.”


So when man withdrew from Our Divine Fiat, chaos warped him and sapped all the strength he might still have if he hadn’t let down all generations by breaking with his Creator.  The integrity of his body was torn, broken and bereft of the strength he once had before the fall.  That’s why My Divine Will wants to reinstall Its Primal Action within the creature.  He wants to knit together everything that been broken apart and renew him to the integrity he had when he came out of Our creative hands.” 


We are like the sculptor who made a statue so beautiful that both Heaven and earth were astonished.  The artisan loves his statue and identifies with it so much that he imagines it to be alive.  No matter what goes on in his workshop, he reacts as if it were this handsome statue encountering it.  He spends his time gazing at it so much that he becomes delirious.  Then one day somebody bumps into it and knocks it over.  The spell is broken as he looks at his statue lying on the floor in pieces.  He feels like a part of him has died.  Imagine his sorrow.  He would do anything to make his handsome statue whole again.  Still feverish with love, he grieves.

The Divinity is like that with man, deliriously in love and anguished, wondering how to refurbish his beloved work of art.  The most important part of it had been broken, Our Will that We had installed within him.  If We can only fix that, this beautiful work of art can be made whole again and Our Love shall be content.”


All We want from Our daughter is to let My Divine Will live within you.” 


Then His voice became tender.


He said, “My daughter, the Divinity did not consign love to created things, only the flowering of His Light, Power and Beauty, and other Attributes.  When We created the heavens, sun, sea, earth, wind and stars, Our works were the flowering of Our beatific Qualities.  Such life was Our greatest miracle, created only for man, the very life of Our Love.  After all, We created him in Our own Image and Likeness.  That’s why We love him so much; this life and work has come out of Us, at great cost.”




December 29, 1928

Mute heavens and suns; speaking heavens and suns.  How God resumes His Creation.  How Heaven will no longer be foreign to the earth.


I was following the Divine Fiat throughout Creation, following Its actions, when my sweet Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, look how beautiful Creation is, designed with perfect harmony.  As beautiful as It is, however, the heavens full of stars and the sun are speechless, they cannot utter a single word.  Yet the heavens, stars, sun and prevailing wind of My Divine Will are all speaking with peerless eloquence.  When My Will gives voice, there is heaven, and before it, Angels and Saints are at a loss for words.”


These heavens with their suns only speak because they are full of life, and each one of them is something I have revealed to you about My Divine Will.  My Will is not merely life; It is the fountainhead and living source of all lives.  It has heavens full of knowledge that can never be silenced.  Every one of these revelations about My Divine Fiat is a heaven, a sun or a driving wind.  Though each one of them is unique, they all have the power to speak about the Divine Life in their possession.  They all have the capacity to generate new heavens lit by most beautiful suns with mighty prevailing winds blowing beneath that fill hearts and conquer them with their sweet moaning.”


The Love I showed you by revealing so much about My Divine Will goes beyond the love We had for Creation.  During Creation, a single heaven or even one solitary sun was sufficient for Our Love.  Although We displayed the ardor of Our Love in the skies over the speaking man’s head, We also creates heavens and suns that speak in the depths of his soul.  Later, when he withdrew from Our Divine Volition, We set a limit to Our Love, so the heavens that speak no longer live within him.  Yet Our Love did not shout ‘enough is enough’, It just stopped to wait and see.  After awhile, when It couldn’t hold Itself back any longer, It began creating heavens and suns that speak within the little daughter of My Divine Will.”


You can see every one of My Revelations about My Fiat right there in the depths of your soul, all of them perfectly synchronized.  One of them is heaven, and whenever it speaks, it generates another heaven.  The sun is there, and when it speaks, it gives off enough heat and light to create an additional sun.  Another is the sea, generating waves from its mouth as it speaks, so many of them that it forms another sea which overflows, sending waves crashing over the whole world.  They are yet more creative words spoken so loud that no one can ignore them.  They announce a new sea of peace and joy pouring out from My Will into every creature.  Let’s not forget the wind.  You can hear its imperious command bowling over even the hardest of hearts, though sometimes it whispers a caress so as not to frighten anyone.  Once in a while its voice will moan seductively so that it may be loved in return.  One way or another, whenever it speaks, a gusting wind of words rushes ahead to pronounce the living power of My Divine Will.  Each one of My Revelations concerning It is in Itself a new creation, and all of them have their own unique beauty surpassing the Creation beginning with time.  Moreover, they speak, and that in itself is exquisite.”


I am especially happy to be inside your soul because there I am in the midst of My eloquent heavens, stars and suns.  Furthermore, My Happiness is twofold when you make a sacrifice out of writing, because these new heavens express themselves in a torrent of words that spawns ever new heavens.  They are what will bring the life of My Divine Fiat into the midst of creatures.  Heaven will no longer be a stranger to the earth when these heavens articulate the new celestial family on earth, because their words will communicate between Creator and creature.  The winds of knowledge will keep the secret joys of the Most Holy Trinity to be held in common with creatures.  When creatures eventually come to own Divine Sanctity and Happiness, all evil will disappear.  Then I will finally have the joy of seeing them happy, just as they came out of Our creative hands.”



January 1, 1929

Pages of her life that will form an epoch.  The gift that Jesus wants.  The circumcision.  Decision on the part of God; He is waiting for the decision of creatures.


I was wondering what kind of New Year’s present I could give little Baby Jesus.


Maybe I should give Him my will again, to use as a miniature footstool for His little baby feet, or I could give it to Him as a toy small enough for a baby’s hands.”


As I thought about it, my little Jesus appeared inside me.


He said, “My daughter, your will already belongs to Me, you’ve given it to Me several times before, so it’s not yours anymore.  It’s My footstool now, and sometimes I play with it just for fun.  There are other times though, when I keep it in My Heart as My most cherished conquest.  It is a secret joy that soothes all My pain.”


If you really want to give Me a New Year’s present, I’ll tell you what I want.  I’ll take all the actions you’re going to perform within My Will during the coming year.  Each one will be like another sun orbiting around Me.  I will be very pleased to see all those suns the little daughter of My Divine Volition has given Me as presents.  I’ll return the favor by giving you enough grace to double the number of suns coming from whatever actions you perform in My Will.  Then you’ll have all the freedom of action you need to give Me all kinds of luxurious gifts.”


Then He said, “My daughter, every aspect of My Divine Will I have revealed to you is like another page of your life.  If you only knew how many advantages these pages contain.  Each of them is a current flowing between Heaven and earth, another sun to will shine over everyone’s head.  These pages will herald the Celestial Fatherland.  Each one of them is another step My Divine Volition takes toward creatures.  Like turning a page, these revelations about It open a new chapter in the life of future generations that will read about the Kingdom of My Fiat.  Every step of the way, It comes closer until It is right in their midst.  Once there, It will reinstate their right to enter into Its Kingdom.” 


My revelations are decrees that manifest the good things I want to give, so I only reveal these things when I’m about to make another contribution.  So the things I tell you about My Divine Will are Divine vouchers I issue that are redeemable later on.  This long history of My Will should be the most beautiful pages of your life, it braids together the entire history of the world leading up to the most beautiful period of any century.”


After that I meditated on the sharp pain little Baby Jesus suffered when He was circumcised.  It was only eight days after He was born that He allowed Himself to a cut in such a painful procedure. 


Then Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, in the first stage of life, Adam lacerated his own soul by sinning.  Divine Will poured out the wound which was then infected with dark, feeble misery until maggots devoured everything that was good about man.  If he has any natural goodness at all without My Divine Will, it is dried out, moldy and worm-eaten, tattered and useless.”


I loved him so much that after My Life had been here for a week, I was ready to be circumcised.  It seemed so cruel that I cried just like any baby would.  This wound opened the door to human will and I allowed it to enter My own.  By being cut like that I intended to heal the injured human will and envelope mankind once again within My Divine Fiat.  It would sever what maggots had infested, his darkness, misery and error.  The power of My Omnipotent Fiat will refurbish and restore everything about him.”


Daughter, I meditated on the Kingdom of My Divine Will from the moment I was conceived.  So during My infancy I pondered how It could be kept safe and secure among all these creatures.  My tearful sobbing showed how sad I was that the Kingdom of My Fiat upon earth had yet to be restored.  It was so painful to even think about, all I could do was to offer it all up with a sigh.  I knew that no matter how much I gave him, man would never be happy.  There was no way he could ever have his full share of the bounty.  Without sanctity he has no right to wear the insignia of creation’s sovereign king.  He remains a miserable servant, pathetic.  If My Will were to reign in their midst, I could give him, at a stroke, a royal palace full of treasure in the dominion he had lost.”


In the twenty centuries gone by, I haven’t stopped sighing.  All the revelations about My Divine Will I have given you come from My pain.  My tears speak for themselves; My sighs are carved in stone.  They turn into words when I tell you about them and you tenderly write them down on paper.  They are very convincing the way they explain how My Divine Volition yearns to reign on earth as It does in Heaven.  We, the Divinity, have done Our part.  Our decrees mandating the sovereignty of Our Divine Will on earth are written stone forever and nothing can stop Us.  We have dispatched an army of revelations from Heaven, and that’s a sure sign of Its coming.  If that weren’t so, it wouldn’t have been worth it to risk so much of the Divine Will’s treasure.  It has been hidden from man for centuries, and could stay that way for some time yet.”


We are now waiting for the creatures to do their part; most of them can’t make up their minds.  Then there are those who know the secrets of My Divine Will and keep procrastinating.  They should know better.  They ought to get busy publicizing them.”


Human will; you are so ungrateful.  I am waiting for your decision.  Let’s kiss and make up so I can give you the Kingdom I have prepared for you.  What are you waiting for?  Pray, My daughter, don’t let anything hold you back.  You don’t want to miss out because this is sure proof of Our Love for you.”




January 6, 1929

Crowd of people who did not reach the proper stature, because they went out of the inheritance of the Divine Fiat.  Wherever the Divine Fiat is present, there is the communicative strength of the Divine goods.


I was abandoned in the Divine Fiat as usual, and as I was following Its action, I saw a crowd of people.  They were all short and skinny.  They looked gaunt and sick, obviously malnourished.  Some of them had wounds.  As small as they were, they didn’t seem like children, they didn’t have that young innocent look.  They lacked the vigorous splendor of adolescence, and there was nothing of the dignity that comes with maturity.  I don’t know if they had a food shortage or not, because I saw them eating, and it seemed that no matter how much they ate, they were still hungry.  I felt such pity for this huge crowd of people, so many that it was like the whole world was there.  I had no idea who they were or what happened to them that stunted their growth so much.


Then my Beloved Jesus came out from inside me and let out a big sigh.


He said, “Such a forlorn crowd, My daughter.  Poor children, they are the multitude that spurned the Paternal Inheritance bequeathed by their Celestial Father.  They have no place to live, there’s nowhere safe for them to go and they don’t get enough to eat.  They’ve been forced into a life of crime, stealing junk food wherever they can find it.  It’s no wonder their growth is stunted.  They’re always hungry, but so sick and scrawny that they don’t even have the strength to look for food.  Without their Inheritance, they’ve become desperate garbage pickers.”


My daughter, My Celestial Father bequeathed My Divine Will to this crowd of people as their Inheritance.  If they had only stayed within It, they would have all the good food they needed to grow strong and healthy.  We would’ve been looking at fresh-faces kids, hale and hearty teenagers with graceful and dignified adults to watch over them.  This Inheritance had everything they could ever want to promote body and soul; they could have been absolute masters of everything.”


When man left behind the Inheritance of My Divine Will, he lost control of everything.  He went from being master to a life full hardship as a servant.  He’ll never grow big and strong as it was intended.  That’s why I long for those who shall in Our Inheritance of the Divine Fiat, because I love them.  Within It, the multitudes will grow vigorous and upright with fresh faced complexions, because they will be fed with nourishing food that makes them strong and healthy.  They will be the glory of Our creative effort.” 


We feel sorry for this dejected throng of deformed creatures.  It is with great sorrow that We say once again, ‘Our creative hands have never fashioned anything ugly or deformed, everything We’ve made was fresh, beautiful and so delightful to look at that We go into raptures.’  Just talking about it makes Our Love swell to overflowing.  We want to send Our Divine Volition on Its way to reign among creatures.  Then We will graciously restore Our beautiful work so it will be just as it came out of Our creative hands.”


After that I continued to think about the Supreme Fiat.  I’m beginning to understand It much better now.  I see It in all Its majestic light pouring out so much strength, sanctity, love and happiness that heavenly seas are filled to overflowing with them.  They hover over the heads of creatures, eager to drench them in deluge.  Sadly, however, mankind is oblivious of such abundance suspended just above them at the ready.


Then, as my mind was immersed in Divine Fiat, my sweet Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, wherever Divine Will is present, the overwhelming strength of these Divine attributes come hurtling down in mighty waves.  They have the power to change the very nature of even the hardest, most bitter and painful things.  What is hard becomes soft, pain turns into joy and bitter things are sweetened.  Every sacrifice makes room for conquest and all the earth is transfigured in Heaven.”


Your present circumstance should be more than enough to convince you of what I am saying.  If My Will were not present in someone like you, nailed on a bed for so many years, without the joy of sunshine, fresh air and all the pleasures of the earth you would have been so miserable.  In fact it would a whole lot worse than you think.  Nevertheless, My Divine Fiat, the source of true happiness, poured Itself all over you and deep down into the marrow of your bones, bringing happiness.  With Its strength, It puts all evil to sleep; that’s what makes you happy, and I really love to see you that way.”


I’m not talking about simple pleasure of amusement; I mean actually being happy despite being confined to bed.  That sends Me into such rapture that it make me twitch out of love for you.  I find you irresistible just the way are.  I’m so delirious with love that I want to tell you, ‘It’s the miracle of My Divine Fiat that makes My daughter this happy.  Anybody in the world would have cried out in misery at their sad misfortune.  This is unprecedented.  With My Divine Will, she is the happiest creature in the world, completely in control of herself and at peace.  That’s because the happiness of My Fiat flows in her veins, and It knows how to transform everything into eternal bliss.’”


My daughter, seeing the creature happy is My only pleasure.  The only thing that makes her unhappy is human volition, and once that’s gone, there’s no reason to be sad anymore.  My Will destroys sadness like nothing else can.  In fear of impending doom, evil dies trying to escape Its approach, a futile endeavor.  My Will has the power of the morning’s rising sun to scatter night’s darkness.  Darkness dies in its encounter with light, for it no longer has any right to exist.  That’s how it is with My Divine Will.”





January 13, 1929

The Prophets; how the Kingdom of Redemption and that of the Fiat hold hands.  Necessity that what regards the Kingdom of the Divine Will be known.


I continued my rounds with the acts of Divine Fiat until it was time to escort the Prophets as Divine Volition revealed to them how and when the future Redeemer would come.  The Prophets tearfully yearned for Him with prayers and penances that instantly became my own.  Being the fruit of the Eternal Divine Fiat, I offered them as a down payment for Its Kingdom to come on earth. 


As I was doing this, my sweet Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, when something universally good can benefit all, it must.  However, for that to happen, all people, or at least most of them, must know which blessings they need most, and why.  With prayerful sighs and good works, they beg for the great goodness of their heart’s desire, however, they must first have some idea of what that could be.  Only then will they know what it is that they yearn with so many sighs and good deeds.  Furthermore, they must understand with both their hearts and minds; that’s the only way the goodness they desire can be given them in truth.  When something universally good is to be accepted, the entire population must not only ask for it, they have to insist on it.  When it is a matter of a single creature in one local, however, that lone individual suffices to have their own personal intention fulfilled.”


Before I came down to earth for My conception in the womb of the Sovereign Queen of Heaven, I was already conceived in the minds of the Prophets.  That wouldn’t have mattered much if I hadn’t confirmed it as a crucial event by revealing how and when I would to come upon earth and that I would do it to redeem mankind.  The Prophets faithfully announced those revelations with trumpet blasts, interpreting them for the people in their own words so everybody would be clear about why I was coming to earth.  I was conceived in the womb of their words, and the news was born that the Word had decided to come down to earth flying from mouth to mouth.  That’s how I was conceived in the word of the Prophets.  Gestation continued in the word of the people when they prayed for the future Redeemer who they had been yearning for so long.” 


As the news spread among the popualtion of a certain nation about My coming down to earth, their Prophets led most of them in prayer for what they had been yearning for so long.  Thus, through their tearful penance, the Queen was conceived in the will of the people.  So I let the Her come to life so I could be conceived in real life and make My entrance, since so many had been longing for Me with such deep desire Me for over forty centuries.  The Prophets would have been guilty of a horrendous crime if they had kept to themselves the revelations about My coming.  That would have prevented My conception in the minds of the people, despite all their prayers.  There were so many words and good works to be done before God would concede something so universally good as My coming down upon the earth.”


My daughter, the two Kingdoms of Redemption and My Divine Fiat go hand in hand.  Being universal means anyone can go in if they want, however, they have to know about first.  It has to be conceived in hearts and minds through prayer.  They have to want It enough to lead a holier life.  That’s what it takes to prepare them for the Kingdom of My Divine Will.  Then, and only then shall It come into their midst.  Unless the news is divulged, there will be no trumpets announcing My revelations, nor shall knowledge of My Divine Fiat fly from mouth to mouth.  Only then shall they have some conception of It in the minds and manifest it with prayerful sighs reflecting the creature’s deep desire.  Otherwise, My Divine Volition will not make Its triumphant entrance as the sovereign ruler of the world.” 


It is essential that all revelations about My Fiat be known.  Moreover, it must be made known that My Divine Will is ready to come reign on earth as It does in Heaven, here, in the midst of creatures.  Priests, as the new prophets, have been given the task of announcing My Divine Fiat with fanfare by speaking, writing and publishing.  Just as it would have been criminally negligent for the Prophets to keep My Redemption hidden, it would be a crying shame if priests were to neglect whatever concerns My Divine Will.  They would be guilty of preventing creatures from knowing that they were to receive such a great gift.  That would be to stifle the Kingdom of My Divine Will.  How could they keep something so great in suspended animation; there’s nothing else at all like It anywhere?  Outrageous!  So I recommend that you don’t leave anything out.  Do your part and pray for those who have to publicize such great goodness.”


Then His voice changed.  He spoke tenderly, as He often did, but now I heard sadness.


He said, “My daughter, that’s why I decided to have priests, so you could give them, as a sacred trust, all the revelations that I have explained to you about My Divine Fiat.  They must be intent on being the faithful executors of what I want known, that is, the Kingdom of My Divine Will.  There is only one reason I have them, to fulfill My great designs for the destiny of the human family.” 


That’s why, in the Kingdom of Redemption, I left My Queen Mom among the Apostles.  They sorely needed Her help and guidance to begin the Kingdom of Redemption, since the Sovereign Queen of Heaven knew more about It than all of Apostles put together.  It was so important to Her that She kept It wholly formed within Her maternal Heart, so She could very well instruct the Apostles about the way forward and help them with their doubts.  She was the true Sun in their midst.  Just one word from Her was enough to fortify My Apostles by enlightening them and giving them strength.”


I’ve done the same thing for the Kingdom of My Divine Fiat by storing It within you for safekeeping.  I keep still you in the exile just so the priests can learn from you, their new mother who helps them by providing a light to guide their way.  With you they can begin to evangelize the Kingdom of My Divine Will.  Up until now, to My great sorrow, they haven’t shown that much interest in It.  So pray, and keep praying.”




January 20, 1929

How Creation is a Divine army.  Wherever the Divine Will is present there is perennial life.


I was flying with abandon throughout the Divine Fiat, as usual, following the action It performed all over Creation, and I wanted give my Creator the glory of everything I found there.  Every though every created thing, being of Divine origin, is glorious, noble and holy, each one of them has their own distinct properties, as you would expect from a Creative Fiat, so they all give their own kind of glory to the One who created it.


As my poor little mind wandered about Creation, my sweet Jesus moved inside me.   


He said, “My daughter, each created thing has its own mission, depending on how God created it, and all of them are faithful to Me as they perform the task at hand.  All of them are continually giving Me glory, each in a way that is distinct according to their own talents.”


Creation is My Divine army, a cohesive unit comprising an array of disparate functions.  They are constantly advancing in close formation toward their objective, the glorification of their Creator.”


Like any army, it has ranks of officers such as captains and generals commanding battalions of regular soldiers.  They are all highly motivated and they man their posts in the king’s service with order and discipline.  Semper Fidelis.  Every single created thing has within it an act of My Divine Will.  That’s what holds them together in a perfectly ordered matrix that is constantly changing in new arrays of beauty that are in themselves acts that glorify the One who created them.  Wherever My Divine Will may be, there is life everlasting in harmony with an undeviating, predestined order that brings joy to everything as each one fulfills its assigned role.”


Man would be like that if the human will had not snatched him away from My Will.  They might have been an army of highly trained and decorated soldiers with soaring morale.  They are on permanent assignment in their glorious campaign to exult Me.  That’s why I want My .Divine Fiat to return to command over the ranks of creatures.  I want My noble army to go on a sacred mission with the insigniaGlory of their Creator’.”





February 3, 1929

To recognize Creation and Redemption is to recognize the Divine dominion.  Tight bonds that exist between Heaven and one who lives in the Divine Will, and how one who lives in It is all one piece.


My poor little mind swims in a bitter sea of deprivation because my sweet Jesus ignores me.  The world is such a harsh place without Him.  I long for my Celestial Fatherland more than ever.  It’s more bearable when we’re together, but I could never live without Him.  Mercifully, however, the dead sea of His absence empties out into the vast, light filled Sea of Divine Fiat which dilutes the pain from His absence.  Not long ago I would have taken flight up into the Celestial Regions to escape such fierce pain.  Nevertheless, Fiat!  Fiat forever! 


So I continued making my rounds throughout Creation and Redemption.  My mind recalled all the acts of God so I could follow them and render homage to each one of them with heartfelt thanksgiving and worship.


Then my sweet Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, when the creature recalls the acts of Creation and Redemption to honor them and get to know them better, she acknowledges Divine dominion in all things.  She shows reverence toward My Divine Will and renders due honor so that she might help bring Its Kingdom closer to being established among creatures.”


Shortly after, however, I felt like I couldn’t go on any longer without my Jesus, I just didn’t have the strength anymore.  I was so dejected that if Heaven and earth could see the pain inside me, they would cry out of sheer pity.  When the Divine Fiat hides my sweet Jesus in the glare of Its light, my pain is obscured as well so that nobody knows how hard my martyrdom has been.  It is a secret, just between me, Jesus and Holy Divine Volition.  No one suspects a thing as they look at me under the rain of Fiat’s light.  As far as I know, they probably think I’m the happiest person alive.


I call on the power of Divine Will!  You can change anything You like, and no matter where You are, everything looks nice and beautiful.  In fact, You bejewel my pains with Your light and make them appear to be costly rare pearls that each contain a sea of happiness and joy within.  You are ingenious, O Divine Will!  Under Your imperious light, no one can do anything but remain silent and follow You, hoping for Your love.”


Yet while my little mind was wandering around within Its light, cringing from this terrible nightmare of Jesus’ absence, I just barely felt Him move inside me.


He said, “Courage, My daughter; don’t lose heart.  Everyone in Heaven’s watching.  It’s the irresistible force of My Fiat that makes them identify with you so much.  They can’t help looking at you; they love you and agree with everything you’re doing.  The Sovereign Queen, with all the Angels and Saints, work together as a unit in one single act of Divine Will, and they are nothing other than that.  In every thought, word and deed, they walk within It and look at nothing else but Fiat, Fiat everywhere.  That’s what fills the Saints so full of happiness.”


Someone who lives in My Will and complies with It on earth is very similar to those who live in Heaven.  She live as part of the same unit and synchronizes all her actions with It.  Pilgrim souls think the same way as the Saints, that is, their thoughts are one and the same.  Whatever she loves, they share her affection, and whatever she does, they do along with her.  There is such a tight bond between her and Heaven that they all perform the same single act of My Will.  All the Celestial Inhabitants an eye on her to see what she does on earth; they don’t want to miss a thing.  My Divine Will has Its Heaven wherever It reigns, with the power to kidnap Heaven for ransom on earth and to abduct the earth, absconding with It to the Celestial Fatherland.  It’s all amounts to the same thing.  So be brave and don’t lose heart.  Just remember that you are dealing with Divine Will, and that should enough to make you happy.”




February 10, 1929

One who lives in the Divine Will lends to It her nothingness emptied, that the Fiat uses as the space in which to exercise Its Creation.


I was making my rounds throughout Creation, following all the actions performed by Divine Fiat that continues on forever and ever.  My poor mind is especially caught up with reliving everything Divine Volition had done with Adam and all succeeding generations before Redemption as well as after.  Every act of Divine Will done for Creation and Its creatures, was greater than the sun, and I had to follow them all, embracing and making each one my own.  Yet even that couldn’t distract my poor heart from the torture of being deprived of my highest Good, Jesus. 


Then He moved inside me.


He said, “Courage My daughter.  My Fiat continues creating in the one who lives in My Divine Will and follows Its actions, and with each of them Its creation continues.  My Divine Fiat is never content until It sees all of Its actions within the soul who lives in It, all lined up in order like a new Creation.  The result is a new heaven with it own sun, sea and flowery landscapes.”


Creating man was the most beautify and tender act, done with an intense, ardent love, and now It is recreating man in the creature who lives in My Volition.  My Fiat has a feast repeating Its actions, however, It can only do that with someone who lives in It.  It loves creating, both new things, as well as what It has already done well.  The soul lends My Volition her emptied nothingness as a space where It can create whatever It wants.   It’s almost like when It used the void of the universe to extend the heavens where It placed the sun and established boundaries for the sea so the earth could flower with exquisite beauty.”


That’s why you go around among the acts of My Fiat with endless waves of light passing through your mind.  As you follow them you can feel all those so scenes from Creation being imprinted within you.  You experience man as he was being created, the Queen of Heaven being conceived, the Word descending, along with so many other actions, as they are done by My Will.  The power of My Creating Fiat always wants to act, providing without end.  So don’t get distracted, this is much too important.  You are undergoing the process of being continually acted upon by My Creating Will.  Unless It can see all of Its actions held closely within your soul, the work It does there will remain incompletely.  Then I can attest that It reigns triumphantly within you.”


It watches intently to see if all Its actions have actually begun their life within you as you acknowledge them by calling out your love for them.  My Volition pronounces Its Fiat over your love-call and brings Its action to life within you with a continuity that won’t stop even when you feel tortured by My absence.  It has so much to do that It has to move on.  I let It do that, because you and I must follow Our Volition in everything, to allow for the triumph of Its just cause, and to give It freedom of action to establish Its Kingdom.”






February 17, 1929

The soul who lives in the Divine Will is inseparable from It.  Example of the light.


Even as I was making my rounds of the acts of the Divine Fiat, my depression was sucking the life out of me because my sweet Jesus still hasn’t returned.  I can’t put into words how bitter I feel.  Life is so hard.  The Divine Will that gives me life has immense seas of light and the joy of everlasting happiness.  Right now, however, It is obscured by clouds of bitter depression lowering from His absence.  Oh God, it hurts!


While I was still in that state of mind, following the acts of Divine Fiat in this state, my Beloved Jesus moved inside me, though I hardly noticed until He spoke.


He said, “Courage My daughter, stop torturing yourself like this.  You know that someone who lives in My Divine Will can never be apart from Me or It.  Light is made up of different colors, depending on how intensely energetic it is.  These attributes are distinct from each other, yet they are part of one and the same experience.  My Will is like that.  Life and strength coexist as one.  Energy, light and color and begin their life together; take away one and they all die.”


The soul who lives in My Divine Will can’t be separated from Me or My Divine Fiat.  When she enters My Divine Volition she takes on Its living heat and light.  Its incessant action includes Its multiplicity and infinity in the same way that Its light is composed of colors; the soul merges with It as one single action.”


The degree of separation between My Divine Volition and the one who lives in It is so vanishingly small as to be virtually nil.  In fact, even when Eternal Wisdom created the universe that holds the heavens with its sun, you and I were together, flowing within My Divine Fiat like heat, light and color.  I was very cautious about performing a single act of My Will without My little daughter or someone else who lives in It, since I wouldn’t have the energy to do it with heat, light and color.  That’s impossible, of course, so it follows that you and I are inseparable.  Just try to be brave and don’t get yourself so upset about nothing.”


I responded, “If that’s true, My Love, then I was right there within all acts of Your Divine Will, even when your Fiat belonged to Adam, before he sinned.  I’m sorry, because I must have been there at the time.”


Jesus answered, “My daughter, My Divine Will has both permissive acts and those that are desired.  It didn’t want Adam’s fall, something like that can only be permitted.  In the permissive act, heat and light, with all the colors of My Divine Will, step away without meddling in human affairs.   They have no contact whatsoever.  Whenever an action is wanted, however, they work together in one discreet action.” 


The light of the sun is never stained when it passes over rubbish, of course not.  Light and rubbish have nothing to do with each other.  Light is untouchable, it triumphs over everything.  Just because a sunbeam illuminates filth on the ground doesn’t mean you can trample on light.  Nothing outside can enter such living light.”


My Divine Will is greater than the sunlight that flows all over human actions to make them visible because never comes in contact with the evils creatures do.  Only those who want to permanently merge with Its heat, light and color may enter.  Anything else simply doesn’t belong there.  So you can be sure that you had nothing to do with the fall of Adam.  He left the light to enter the dark side, and the two will always shun each other.”




February 22, 1929

How, when she writes, the Divine Will makes Itself actor, prompter and spectator.  Ordinary and extraordinary order that the Divinity has in the Creation.








It’s been really hard, but I’ve kept writing despite having plunged into the deepest depression I’ve ever experienced; He’s been gone way to long.  I did it only because this might be the last time I write in honor of this Fiat that has shown me so much love.  He didn’t say much the last time He was here, but didn’t want to let even a tiny drop of light to be lost about what He revealed to me.


I thought, “Who knows, this could be the last little drop of light I put on paper.”


As I pondered my impasse, my Beloved Jesus came out from inside me and threw His arms around my neck and gave me a big hug.


He said, “My daughter, I felt a powerful attraction as soon as you began to write, one I couldn’t resist.  As My Fiat overflowed from you, I was compelled to dictate further revelations about My Divine Volition so you could write them down.  In this sacred duty, It has the Divine right to be director, actor and audience as you write to illuminate ever more astounding truths about My Will.  Each Divine letter of your writing must clearly explain what must be known.”


It’s not actually you that writes, you are only an instrument that follows the prompts of My Divine Will as It dictates the core substance of Its tender love.  If you knew the deep yearning It feels as It inscribes Its life on this paper, you would die of love, totally consumed.”


Then He went back inside me, and as my enchantment with Jesus wore off, I continued writing.  As He whispered the words he was feeding me, I was transformed into light.  When I was done, I began to pray, however, my fear that Jesus would not return was like a nail in my heart.


I started whining, “Why does He still refuse to take me to Heaven?” 


I remember how many times He’s brought me to death’s door and I was knocking on Heaven’s door.  Yet every time they were about to open in welcome to the Blessed Dwelling, obedience would impose on my poor life and the doors would close.  So I am forced to linger in the harsh life of my exile.


Blessed obedience can be a cruel tyrant at times. 


I wondered, “I wish I knew whether it was obedience that held me back, or was just that my existence down here was not yet meant to end.”


While I kept thinking about it, lots of other question wandered through my mind, some of them so filled with indescribable bitterness that it was intoxicating.  Then my highest Good, my dear Life, Jesus, surprised me by reappearing.


He said, “My daughter, Our Divinity has a standard design for all Creation and under no circumstances can anything change it.  We determine when life ends, not a minute earlier or later.  In this We are immutable.  However, We also have a transcendental order.  We are the masters of Creation and have the right to change Our laws whenever We want.  Yet We don’t take this lightly, there must be something good for all Creation coming out of it before Our great Glory intervenes.”


My daughter, establishing the Kingdom of My Divine Will upon earth, and making It known is the greatest work of all.  However, it doesn’t do the creature any good unless she knows about it.  So, it’s no wonder We haven’t surrendered to obedience by letting you die, especially since your connection with My Divine Fiat makes you an exceptional case.  Every new revelation about My Divine Volition is another Divine Life coming out of Our womb, and each of them is worth the ultimate sacrifice.  Though it costs you your life, obedience has denied you Heaven by keeping you alive.”


Moreover, since the best thing that could ever happen for the world, and for the fulsome glory of all of Heaven, would be for creatures to know about My Divine Will and allow It to reign.  That’s why all of Heaven prayed that I would answer the pleas of the one who commanded you.  So, without discounting My Will, I responded by opening the door for to you.  I know you sacrifice a lot in your exile from the Celestial Fatherland; however, your martyrdom carries out My Will by obeying the one who commands you on Its behalf.”


This sacrifice has taken many living revelations about My Fiat from Me.  Anyhow, We needed a trustworthy soul who knew Heaven and the secrets of how My Divine Will is done there by those who live It within the Celestial Dwelling.  It had to be someone who would appreciate them enough to live by them, a creature ready to lay down her life so that others might know such great goodness.”


When He stopped talking, however, I started complaining about my sorrow at not being taken to Heaven.


He said, “Courage, My daughter, there’s not that much work left to do on these Writings about My Divine Fiat.  You can tell by My silence that I am about to finish revealing this Gospel about the Kingdom of My Divine Will.  That’s how I did things for the Kingdom of Redemption during the last days of My Life when I stopped preaching the Good News.  I went into hiding insteadMoreover, if anyone complains about too much repetition from the Evangelists, it was to confirm everything I said, which was sufficient for all to receive the gift of redemption.  All they have to do is take advantage of it.”


That’s how it will be for the Kingdom of My Divine Will.  Once I have said everything that creatures need to know so they may receive such goodness as their own, there won’t be any reason to keep you on earth.  It will be up everyone else to take advantage of It.”




February 27, 1929

How all the Saints are the effects of the Divine Will, while those who live in It will possess Its life.


I am continually abandoned within the Supreme Fiat, following the actions of Divine Volition as much as I can, embracing everyone and everything.   


Then my sweet Jesus came out from inside me.


He said, “My daughter, all of Creation, including the Saints, derives from the effects of My Divine Will.  My Will only has to speak for the most beautiful works to be created and shaped.  The least momement on Its part become fragrant wonders cast upon the creatures.  Its slightest breath covers It’s beneficiaries with all manner of beauty.”


The sun is the best analogy for this.  Merely by shining on the earth, whatever plant its light touches gives off a sweet fragrance and displays a wonderful variety of colors.  Hardly anyone would deny that the touch of its light is beneficial.  However, My Divine Will is much greater than any sun.  Merely by allowing It to touch you bestows an odor of sanctity with love, light and other miraculous advantages.”


The benefits of My Fiat are given to those who do My Divine Will, adore Its nature, and patiently allow whatever It wants of them.  This shows that the creature acknowledges Supreme Will so that It won’t ever withhold any of Its marvelous effects.  Those called to live within My Divine Volition must not only experience the effects of My Divine Fiat, they must live them.  All sanctity, past, present and future has My Divine Will as its primal cause.  It holds within Itself all the goods effects of every kind of sanctity It has formed and given to creatures for their enjoyment.”


Such a soul might say, ‘While other people have achieved sanctity in some sense of the word, I have become holy in as many ways as there Saints.’  She shows all the great sanctity of the ancient ones such as Our holy prophets and martyrs, plus the lesser ones of penitents.  All Creation will be portrayed in her since My Divine Will loses nothing by releasing Its works.  Even when then they are let go, It keeps them within so they can be replenished from their fountain head.  Absolutely everything My Divine Volition has ever done or will is at the disposal of someone who lives within It.”


What enchantment and amazement would it not be if a creature could enclose within herself the whole sphere of the sun with all of its light?  She encapsulates every sweet effect of the sun’s light and color that is given to the entire planet for its diverse vegetation, from the smallest plants to its tallest trees.  All of Heaven and earth will be astonished when they realize that everything good they have been given is stored within the soul who envelops the sun’s sphere as the core of her being.  In human terms, that could never happen, because there’s no way a creature could ever have the powerful heat and light of the sun inside her without being burnt to a crisp.  After all, such a fiery globe cannot go against its nature.”


My Will, however, has the power to fit inside such a creature because It can change size however It pleases while keeping her alive as It transforms the creature into Itself.  Adorning her with every shade of beauty, It endows her as the proprietary dominatrix of Its Divine dominions.  So pay attention, My daughter so you can appreciate My Fiat’s life of great goodness.  It would simultaneously possess you while making you the rightful owner of everything It has.”


Then He added, “My daughter, someone who lives within My Divine Volition never abandons the ways of her Creator because she is Our replicator.  Even though Our essence is singular, with one Will living the same Life, sharing one Love and exercising identical Power, We are, nonetheless, three distinct Persons.  The soul who lives in It is the same way.  Every heartbeat is distinct, yet each one performs three separate functions.  One embraces God, the second, all creatures, and the third, herself.  So, whether in thought, word or deed, she acts with the love, wisdom and power of her Creator as she embraces everyone and everything.”




March 3, 1929

How the Divine Will is always in the act of renewing what It did in the creation of man.  How It contains the charming virtue.


I was still making my rounds in the Divine Fiat, when I stopped for a while in Eden.  I adored the Supreme Will while It was in the act of creating man, so I could unite with the union of wills connecting Creator and creature in the beginning.


Then my highest Good, Jesus, moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, the creation of man was the most beautiful and solemn act of all Creation.  With the zeal and ardor of Our creating Love, Our Fiat created all the creatures of the earth within Adam.  Ever since, It has continued creating and reinvigorating each creature, just as We did with the first man and still do for all his descendants.”


When newborn creatures come out into the light of day, Our Divine Volition renews Its promise to pour out Our love for them along with all Our Divine Qualities.  We show Our love for them by giving them ever new forms of beauty, full of grace and sanctity.  Each creature was yet another welcome cause for Us to celebrate a happy outcome that enlarges the Celestial Family.  Our Divine Fiat rejoices at every new opportunity to be overwhelmingly magnanimous with creatures so It can demonstrate Its sublime mastery over each creature.”


When Adam left Our Divine Volition, his descendants lost the opportunities given to man during the creation of man’s first act.  However, Our Divine Volition never actually stopped, because when We decide to act, no one can deter Us.  Yet even though It is always renewing the wonders of Creation, no one appreciates or even notices them.  So It resolves to wait with Divine patience for the creature to come back into Its Volition.  Then It will resume the action already in progress and repeat what It did during the creation of man.”


It has waited so long for anyone that might show up; however, so far, the only one who has is Its little daughter, the newborn of My Divine Volition.  She takes part in the first act of man’s creation every day, reliving the scene where Our Divine Being brandished all Our Divine Qualities as It made man into a little king.  It was not Our plan that Our son would leave us, so We decorated him with all of Our Divine insignia, so that everyone would acknowledge him as Our Love’s greatest marvel.”


My daughter, if you only knew how lovingly It waits for these brief visits you make every day to the Eden of Our Fiat.  The force of your love puts Us in such a festive mood as We create man.  Without you, instead of acting, It hesitates and keeps to Itself the beauty It longs to give.  Without anyone to share Its activities, there are no occasions for joy, only sighs for Its unrequited love.  It wants to provide unprecedented abundance through Its creative acts, yet no one wants anything to do with them.”


So it’s great to see you there within Its Divine Volition, reaching out into the very act of creating man and giving It a reason to rejoice.  An urge pulls It like a powerful magnet to make Itself known to creatures so that My Divine Will may reign among them.  They must find their way toward the moment It acted to create man, so It may be relieved of the abundance of good things It wants to give for the creatures’ delight.”


If creatures only knew how many evermore beautiful new creative ventures My Divine Fiat wants to lavish upon each one of them.  They would rush to enter into My Divine Volition to begin their lives over again in It so they may receive Its infinite generosity.”


As much as I have been following Holy Divine Volition, I still had my doubts.


I wondered, “Do I really own this holy Fiat?  It is true that I have no desire for anything else, and It does overflow, like a sea, both inside and outside of me, completely submerging me in Divine Fiat; nothing else matters to me.  But does that really mean It belongs to me.”


I was still thinking about it when my Beloved Jesus answered my question.


He said, “My daughter, a sure sign that a soul is in possession of My Will is that she has such complete self control that her passions don’t dare move when caught in the light of My Fiat.  They are so powerless to act that they may as well be dead.  The power and sanctity of My Will knocks everything out of the way.  When that’s done, Its light shines on the human will and covers it with sanctity like a beautiful floral wreathe.  Its wonderful how Its blessings can transform miseries into fertile soil that will never again grow thorns, only celestial flowers and sweet ripened fruit.”


Such a fortunate creature has full dominion as the legitimate owner of God Himself, including all His creatures and everything else He created.  She is such a powerful enchantress that she captivates whoever is fortunate enough to know her so they can never tear themselves away.  When she holds the power of My Fiat within her, even God is so enchanted that He’s content to remain inside her.  Creatures are charmed by the soothing fragrance of My Divine Fiat bringing true peace and goodness into their hearts.  They would do anything to hear even a single word from you that might come and live in their hearts.  So pay attention and keep flying non-stop within My Divine Will.”




March 8, 1929

How Creation is the celestial band.  How the Fiat possesses the generative virtue.


I continue to go around throughout the acts of Divine Fiat, gathering up all Creation and requesting on their behalf that the Divine Will come reign as sovereign on earth.  Then I delivered them all to my Creator as the glory of all Creation.


I said, “Adorable Majesty, I beg You, listen to the heavens, the stars, sun, wind and sea.  Hear all Creation asking for Your Fiat to come down and rule the earth.  Let the will of all unite as one.” 


As I was doing that, my adorable Jesus came out from inside me.


He said, “My daughter, all Creation forms a celestial band that plays the most beautiful music with a light-show of all created things powered by My word, Fiat.  No two created things are identical because My Divine Volition made each one unique with Its creating word, and they all make their own distinctive sound.  When they play, their notes come together in a concert so beautiful that no earthly music could compare, because there are more possible combinations than there are created things.”


The heavens play their own theme as the sun sound the bass in counterpoint with the stars’ arpeggios as a prelude to the rest of the orchestra, with each section adding their own color.  All these sounds take their part in the harmony of My Divine Will.  It has the power to generate life, nourish it and then bring everything into being by pronouncing Its Fiat.  Wherever that happens, It leaves a beautiful light that compliments the qualities of yet unheard harmonies.  Its outgoing power transmits the harmony of such beautiful composition to the entire universe.  It’s breath alone nourishes all of Creation, keeping It fresh and beautiful, just as It was created.”


If creatures would only let themselves be nourished by the breath of My Omnipotent Fiat, no evil could ever live in them.  Its generating power nourishes them with beautiful compositions of harmony and light.  My Fiat can make anything and give it to whoever wants it.” 


“My daughter, you gathered up every created thing so you could bring their great beauty to Us in homage, and asked in return that We bring Our Kingdom upon earth.  Each one of them, by nature, has its own distinct notes to sound.  When they began their concert, the harmony was so beautiful that it immediately captured Our Divinity’s undivided attention.


He said, ‘The little daughter of Our Fiat brought Us Our celestial orchestra to perform a symphony filled of meaning.  The chorus goes ‘May the Kingdom of Our Divine Will come upon earth.’  We especially liked the music because it affected Us deeply within Our Divine bosom, and We were moved by compassion for all the creatures deprived of Our Fiat’s life.  Only someone who lives in It can move Heaven and earth, and climb up on Our knees, as a child might.  We will act so surprised when she snatches from Us something so great as the Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven.” 


Then I continued following the Divine Will, taking part in many of Its compound effects on all aspects of Creation, until my always lovable Jesus began speaking again.


He said, “My daughter, in one single act, My Fiat sustains all of Creation with Its innumerable beneficial effects.  That action is the very life of everything It has created.  It nourishes them with so many different kinds of food that sustains the beauty and freshness they had when first created.  My Divine Will, by means of Its Sustenance and Nourishment, is the Generator of life throughout all Creation.”


Likewise, the one who lives in My Divine Volition is a part of Its activity, sustaining, nourishing and vivifying all created things; she is inseparable from My Fiat!  As the creature operates within It, she exhales the breath of My Fiat to sustains the life of what We have done.  Moreover, she has the power to resurrect and animate the many acts of My Will that human will has murdered.  My Will continually acts by giving life to creatures, however, when they resist My Will, these actions may as well be dead.  Meanwhile, someone who lives within It keeps them alive with her resuscitating power.”




March 13, 1929

How the Divine Love overflowed in Creation.  How the Divine Will does not know how to do broken things.  How each privation of Jesus is a new pain.


The inner strength of Divine Power is constantly pulling me into the Eternal Volition, insisting that I continually attend Its actions.  It wants to give Its little newborn the very life of these actions so I may enjoy hearing her repeating them either solo or in harmony with Itself. 


The Divine Fiat celebrates when It has the joy of holding the little newborn in Its arms of light, either to tell her Its long story or listen to her recount what she has done in tandem with It.  That allows Divine Fiat to fully enjoy the happiness of having willed Creation. 


Then, with a surge of love, Its light transported my tiny intellect to Eden where our Creator was in the act of bringing that love to life in Adam.  He did this because He wanted him to share in an everlasting mutual love without the least interruption.  It wanted to lavish him with love; however, It also wanted to be loved in return.


As my mind wandered around within the mutual love of Creator and creature, my sweet Jesus, moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, during the first act of man’s creation, Our Love overflowed in torrents as its flames leapt ever higher.  With penetrating force, Its arcane voice made itself heard in the sky by the stars, sun, sea and wind.  Mysterious voices crying out over the head of man filled the firmament with, ‘I love you, I love you, I love you.’ 


These powerful esoteric voices woke man from his sweet, deep sleep with rapture beckoning from His Creator’s ‘I love you’, and Adam responded in kind.  His love surged out to the stars, sun, sea and wind, carrying his ‘I love You, I love You, I love You, my Creator!’  Our Divine Will dominating Adam did not let even one ‘I love you’ from Us go unrequited.  Such sweet enchantment was lovely to hear.  The power of Our Divine Fiat would take the ‘I love You’ of Our son, the precious jewel of Our Heart, on the wings of Its light so it could overrun all Creation.  We could hear Our  own ‘I love You’ coming from him through each created thing in a never-ending echo.  Our Divine Will never acts in a sporadic or episodic manner, Its consistency is eternally vigilant.” 


As long as Adam held on to the treasured inheritance bequeathed by Our Fiat, he had  Its ongoing action as his own.  He was part of Our team, seamlessly continuing Our action wherever We left off.  We were completely in synch with each other with sanctity and the beautiful harmony of love.  Our Fiat deprived him nothing of what was Ours.  However, when he withdrew from Our Will, he lost his way and couldn’t find a thing.  Unfortunately, that left many empty cavities between him and his Creator, voids where there should have be sanctity, leaving empty beauty and unfulfilled love.  There was an abyss between him and his God.  That’s why Our Fiat wants to be the font of the creature’s life as It was before the fall.  Then It could fill in any voids and start over again with him as a newborn infant resting in Its arms.  He will be reintegrated with Its ongoing action, just as he was when It created him.”


Later on, I felt abandoned by my highest Good, Jesus, and I suffered such indescribable pain.  I had to wait for a long time before my dear Life came back to me.


I said, “Tell me, my Beloved Jesus, why does the pain of Your absence always seem like something new?  Every time You hide, I suffer a new form of agony within my soul, a death more cruel and harrowing than I’ve ever experienced before when you would disappear.”


Then my always lovable Jesus answered my question.


He said, “My daughter, every time I come to you, I explain another act of My Divinity by revealing more about My Divine Will.  I would show you some new form of My Beauty or unveil another aspect of My Sanctity.  I’ve been elucidating all Our Divine Attributes.  Each new source of pain you feel every time I appear to be away comes from the new things I teach you whenever we are together.  The more you learn about them, the more you love It, and whenever you seem to be deprived of Me, the source of these revelations, the more your longing brings you emotional pain.  There is a correlation between additional knowledge, new love and fresh pain burrowing into your soul from My absence.”


However, each new sorrow carves out another void inside your soul, a vacuum that abhors ignorance and must be filled in with new information about Divine Will.  Each new pain constitutes another harrowing death you suffer through My absence.  They are calling you with that same arcane, mysterious voice that calls Me to rapture.  So I answer the call by revealing some new revelation that brings you yet another Life of your Jesus.  Each revelation about My Divine Fiat is a Divine Life that comes out from the womb of Our Divinity.  The Divine pain you suffer because of My absence has the power to call these Divine Lives from Heaven, each filled with knowledge about My Will.  They reveal themselves to you so they may reign sovereign on the face of the earth.”


If you knew how valuable one single revelation about My Divine Will can be and what goodness it brings, you would venerate it more than any sacred relic.  You should adore it even more than the Sacrament.  So let Me take care of things and you just abandon yourself in My arms and wait for your Jesus to bring you the Divine Lives of His Fiat’s knowledge.”




March 17, 1929

What Jesus has manifested about His adorable Will are Divine births.  His sorrow when He sees that these truths are not well kept.


I was completely abandoned in the Divine Fiat where my poor mind was immersed in the Sea of Its endless light.  Then my adorable Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, My Divine Will is always in the act of giving birth by generating light, beauty, sanctity as It reproduces lives similar to Its own.  The first cohort was formed within Our Divine womb, and since then We have delivered innumerable generations.”


We gestate and give birth whenever We want to deliver some truth about Our Will.  First We engender it in Our womb as if it were Our own precious child and then We deliver it to the creatures down below.  The one who takes it is free to reproduce multiple births so that other creature may have their own this dear child delivered from Our womb.  Our Truths descend from Heaven to gestate in human hearts and until there are a long line of descendants of the Divine ancestor I have delivered.”


So you see, My daughter, that every truth I have revealed to you about My Divine Will was a child generated within Our Paternal womb.  We delivered this child of Our Beauty and Light, so full of Our Sanctity and Love, that you might have it as your own and, by the grace of God, reproduce it for others.  This only happens because these truths found a free space where they could gestate until they develop enough that you can no longer keep them within yourself.  Then you will deliver these fraternal children of Our Truth for those who were blessed enough that they listened to you.”


However, those who cannot love them or at least show their appreciation through their esteem, and those who will not even take these truths into consideration, are ungrateful creatures.  They are those children of Ours who are unable to love or appreciate the greatest thing in Heaven or on earth.  They are the ingrates who try to stifle Our new generation of children.  Our Child and greatest treasure is Truth, the trustee of Our Life on earth, so being careless with Our Truth is the greatest of all evils.”


Our Truth can do anything because It has the authority of Our Fiat.  It is so vast and powerful that It can save the entire world.  Each truth has its own distinct form of goodness and is given to creatures for the glory of the One who generated it.  Since We give birth to the precious splendor of Our goodness, it should be returned to Us; to impede this is the greatest crime.”


That’s why I’ve given you so much grace by administering these words to you as I direct your hand while writing.  I do it so the children of My Truth won’t be suffocated and buried in your soul.  I stay close by so you won’t forget anything, in fact, I hold you in My arms, like a mother tenderly holds her little daughter.  I occasionally entice you with promises and sometimes I correct you.  Now, however, I am scolding you severely because I saw how reluctant you were to write the truths I reveal to you.  The very lives of My children are at stake; they must come out into the light, if not today, then tomorrow and the sooner the better.”


You have no idea how sad upset I am about the negligence of those who lost three Volumes about My Divine Will.  There were so many truths written in them.  Such carelessness makes a tomb for My suffocated children after having given birth to them with so much love from My Paternal womb.  Those irresponsible people who lost them have sabotaged My plans for the long story of My Divine Will that I have lovingly dictated to you so that others might know about It.  The ardor of My Love ignites every time I start to tell you about My Fiat.  It’s like reliving the entire act of Creation, especially when, in the passion of Our Love, man was created.”


Hearing this felt like my soul being pierced through with a sword and then torn to pieces.


I said, “My Love, Your Omnipotence can perform a miracle if You want, and they will be found.  Then you won’t mourn all these stifled truths in the long story of Your Divine Will and Your plans can continue undisturbed.  I’m sorry to hear about it; I can’t tell you how sad it makes me.”


Jesus answered, “My grief echoes your own.  They have strangled and torn up so many of My Lives, to your sorrow and Mine.  However, the truths that have been lost are written in the depths of your soul.  I wrote them inside with the creativity of My own hand, and then you transcribed them with paper and pen.  Your heart feels the same vivid tearing as Mine.”


If you only knew how much I mourn the negligent loss of each truth written in those Volumes.  I feel the death of every one of them as if it were Me that has died so many times.  Moreover, all the goodness inherent in them has died as well, along all the glory they would have given Me.  They will pay for their negligence with time in the fires of Purgatory for each truth they have abandoned.”


They better do everything they can to find them, as penance for their neglect, because I’m not going to make them miraculously reappear, which is what they expect.  We initiated the birth of these truths, the lives of Our dear children, so We won’t pull out.  We would never abandon what We deliver from the womb of Our Divinity.  They carry such great bounty and make it available to creatures.  We would never recall them just because a couple negligent ingrates have lost so many of Our Truths.”


When the Kingdom of Our Will becomes known as the sovereign ruler on earth, I should reveal once again what has been lost.  If I didn’t, plans for the Kingdom of Divine Fiat would be incomplete and it would be harder for people to become part of Its nexus.”


When I heard this, I started crying.


I said, “If that’s true, my Love, then I’ll have to stay that much longer in exile here on earth.  I can’t wait any longer; I have to get back to my Celestial Fatherland.  It’s torture to be without You.”


He said, “Daughter, stop tormenting yourself like this, and don’t tell Me what to do.  Whether they find them or not, I’ll reveal whatever I want, whenever I please, to whomever I chose.  As for you, just do what you have to do for the Kingdom of My Divine Will.  Once you have done what We want for Its fulfillment, then I will carry you in My arms up into the Celestial Regions, and not a minute sooner.”


That’s how I did it for the Kingdom of Redemption.  I did everything I had to do, without missing a thing.  I did My part so everyone could enjoy the benefits of Redemption.  Once It was all done, I left for Heaven without looking back and the Apostles took It from there.  So don’t worry, I’ll be right behind you.  Just pay attention.”




March 22, 1929

In His works, God makes use of human means.  How, in Creation, the Divine Will had the field of action, constituting Itself life of everything.  How the Divinity acts only as concurrent and Spectator.


My poor mind was riveted to the Divine Volition, and I began to wonder.


I thought, “How could His Kingdom ever come on earth if no one knows about It?”


As I was pondering, my always lovable Jesus came out from inside me.


He said, “My daughter, I use humans in My work once I have inaugurated a course of action.  First I lay the foundation and erect the superstructure.  Then all I have to do is get the creatures to evangelize and become part of it.”


That’s what I did in Redemption.  I had the Apostles to evangelize and propagate It.  Only then could they both give and receive the fruits of Redemption.  If the Apostles hadn’t spoken about what I said and did while on earth, following generations would never have had the Gospel.  If they had stood by and kept their mouths shut, there wouldn’t have been any Sacraments.  If they hadn’t been willing to lay down their lives in their attempt to spread the good word about My coming upon earth, My Redemption would have died with My Resurrection.  Nothing good would have come of It, either then or now.”


In the last years of My Life on earth, I called the Apostles around Me and I sent them out to proclaim the good news of what I had said and done.  If the Apostles had invoked their right to remain silent, they would have been responsible for the loss of so many souls, just because no one told about the blessings of Redemption.  Creatures would have been cheated out of such great bounty, and there would have been nothing they could do about it.” 


However, since they did not remain silent and did lay down their lives, they are responsible for so many souls being saved, almost as many as I did.  As the first evangelists, they helped erect the unshakeable pillars of My Church and brought so much good to humanity in the process.  It is typical of Our Divinity that We first perform Our first Act through Our works by preparing the way with everything the creatures might need before delegating the task to them.  We give them all the necessary and sufficient grace required to continue what We have done.  That’s how Our works become known, depending, of course, on how much interest and goodwill creatures might have.”


That is how it shall be with the Kingdom of My Divine Will.  I called you to be My second mother and I am revealing all the secrets of My Divine Fiat’s great bounty, one by one, just like I did with Her in the Kingdom of Redemption.  Creatures must know how much It yearns to come and to reign as sovereign on earth.  I have done everything I needed to do.  I called My Minister so you would explain your mission and offer to help him evangelize It.  If those whom I delegated won’t follow through, they could put the Kingdom of My Will at risk of dying as soon as It rises.  They will be held accountable for losing the treasure of such a holy Kingdom.  I would serve them right if I called on others to replace them as evangelists and distributors of this knowledge about My Divine Fiat.  Until I find people who have Its interests at heart and value It more than their own lives, the Kingdom of My Will can never begin Its life up earth.”


As soon as He stopped speaking, I continued my abandonment within the Divine Fiat until my highest Good, Jesus started where He left off.


He said, “My daughter, My Divine Will had complete freedom of action during Creation.  Our Divinity coexists with Our Will since We are One, nevertheless, the Primal Action was an act of Our Will.  When It spoke, It became active, and in speaking, It arranged everything.  We were Spectators of Our Supreme Volition as It acted.  It was so masterful at designing everything in perfect harmony that We felt rightfully glorified.  Our own Will made Us twice as happy.”


Creation is Its work, so the full power of Creation with Its rich bounty resides completely within My Supreme Will.  It is the primordial life of everything; that’s why It loves Creation so much.  It is aware of Its own life flowing within all created things.  It lovingly revealed Its masterful power in man’s creation by endowing him with all the artistry of Creation.  In fact, It outdid Its own creative power with brush strokes of Divine art, making him a miniature god.  It superimposed Itself within and all around him, left and right, over his head and under his feet.  With an outpouring of Our Love I carried him within My Divine Will where, in triumph, he could admire Its singular prowess.”


It was the Divine right of My Fiat that man should live exclusively within Its Divine Will forever, especially since It had done absolutely everything for him.  It called him to life from nothingness, forming him and giving him his very being.  It gave him the double life of both man and My Divine Will.  It held him in the arms of his Creator and kept him happy with all the fresh beauty he had when first created.  So, when man sinned, My Fiat felt the life that It carried in Its very womb had been snatched from It.  Imagine Its sorrow.  Within the womb of Its very life, where there was once a beloved son, held safe and sound, there was now a void.”


Redemption was My very Divine Will incarnating Itself so It could search for the lost man.  ‘Verbum’ means word, and Our Word is the Fiat that was spoken in Creation.  So likewise, in Redemption, It incarnated Itself to find what It wanted.  Its empty womb has a rightful claim on this child who had so cruelly torn himself away, and My Will left nothing undone in Redemption.” 


Yet It is still not content with what I did.  It wants Its womb to be full.  It doesn’t want to see man disfigured by sin anymore.  Man’s estrangement must end so It may see him decorated with the insignia of Creation.  It wants him once again within Its Divine womb, adorned with Its own beauty and sanctity.  The Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven signifies man’s return into My Divine Will.  It will not regain Its tranquility until It sees Its precious child living happily in the opulence of Its own house.  Only then may It say, ‘My child has returned, clothed in royal garments and wearing the crown of a king.  Now that he lives with Me, I have reinstated his rights as they were when I created him.  Now that man has come back into My Divine Will, there is no disorder in Creation.”




March 25, 1929

How the Creation runs a vertiginous race toward Its Creator.  One who lives in the Divine Will is inseparable from It.  Order that Jesus has kept in manifesting the truths about the Divine Will.  Renewal of the Creation.  Importance of the truths.


As my abandonment in Divine Fiat continues, I am once again became aware of just how little my poor soul is, lost here in the midst of all created things.  I am compelled by my own momentum to continue this race through all Creation simply because I am part of It.  My will is the same as Creation’s, that of the one and only Divine Will.  The Will of all being one, we do  the same things in synch as we run back to our original center, our Creator.


We say to Him, “We run this high speed race because Your Love has delivered us by calling everyone back into Yourself.  Listen to us chant, ‘We love You, we love You’.  We are singing the praises of Your everlasting Love, one that will never be extinguished.” 


Once we come out of His center again, we continue our race that never stops.  All we do is go in and out of His Divine womb to form our circle of love, our loving race toward our Creator.  Then, as I ran with all Creation in this race of love toward the Divine Majesty, my always lovable Jesus came out from inside me.


He said, “My daughter, someone who lives in My Divine Volition is bound to all Creation and It can’t do without such a fortunate creature.  She can never disconnect herself from created things because the will of one and the other are the same Divine Will.  They form one single body and Its multitude of members are inseparable from one another.”


I watch someone who lives in My Divine Will and gaze at her heavens.  Then I turn back to look at her and see her sun.   Enraptured by so much beauty, I look closer and find her sea.  Every kind of created thing is visible within her.”


I say, ‘O Power of My Divine Fiat, You transform the one who lives in You, she is so beautiful to Me.  You put her at the head of all Creation, she races faster than the wind, passing everything up, and is the first to enter into My Divine Center.’  She says to Me, ‘I love You, I glorify You, I adore You’, echoing throughout Creation as all repeat after her this pleasing chant.”


My daughter, that’s why I reveal to you, with so much love, everything about My Divine Will.  I have taught you absolutely everything creatures need to know about Its Kingdom.  All this would have been known from the beginning of Creation if Adam had not sinned.  Each of My revelations about My Divine Fiat, was meant to help man grow in the sanctity and beauty of His Creator.  I was teaching him a little at a time, giving him Divine Life, sip by sip, so he would grow how My Divine Will wanted for him.  However, by sinning, man interrupted My teaching and reduced Me to silence.”


After so many centuries waiting for man to return into My Fiat, I have resumed My lessons with so much love.  More tender than a mother when she yearns to give birth to her beloved child so she may kiss her newborn, lavishing him with affection.  All she wants is to enjoy him and hold him tightly to her maternal breast, filling him with everything she can give to make him happy.  That’s why I have resumed My teaching by revealing to you everything about the Kingdom of My Divine Volition and the way for creatures to get into My Kingdom.”


I explain all these truths about My Fiat to give a free hand to the loving design that man abandoned by sinning.  Otherwise, My Kingdom would now be here on earth as It is in Heaven.  My lessons have been organized so that each truth is linked with the others so that no one would try to delete or conceal anything.  Otherwise, a void would appear in the Kingdom of My Divine Fiat that could deny creatures the support that would encourage them to live in My Kingdom.”


Each truth concerning My Divine Volition is a place where It reigns in the midst of creatures.   Moreover, each one is both a path leading to It, as well as a void they can claim as their own and fill with an apprehended truth.  All the truths I have told you are so interconnected that if some were removed, there would be a heaven without stars, empty darkness without a sun, or an earth that does not flower.  There is the renewal of all Creation within each of these truths.  My Fiat wants to come out, even more than a sun wants to rise again, just as It did in Creation.  It takes to the field with complete freedom of action where It will hide all the evils of creatures in the glare of Its light, covering them with a luminous veil.  It wants to give them Its creative hand, full of grace, so they might reenter the womb of Its Divine Volition.”


Everything I have told you about My Divine Will is so important that it costs Me more than all of Creation because to renew It requires twice the love.  No matter the cost, We give creature twice the grace and light they need, just to be sure.  We don’t want them to suffer a second sorrow worse than the first one at the beginning of Creation when man sinned, personifying the failure of Our Love.  That’s when he lost Our Light and the precious inheritance of Our Supreme Volition.”


Its because these truths are so important that I’m so apprehensive you might lose track of anything I reveal to you about My Divine Will.  Concealing some of them would be like trying to displace the sun from the sky or forcing the sea to abandon its shoreline.  If you can imagine what that would do to the earth, just think about what might happen if any of the truths I have revealed to you about My Divine Will went missing.”




March 31, 1929

Absolute rights of the Divine Will.  How the human will changed the human destiny and the Divine.  How, if man had not sinned, Jesus was to come upon earth glorious and with the scepter of command.  Man was to be the bearer of his Creator.


I feel the infinite power of Divine Fiat within me, imperiously surrounding me.  It forbids my dying will from making the slightest move.  Yet It exults in not letting it die completely.  Otherwise It would lose the glory of controlling a still living human will that voluntarily accepts Divine Fiat vigorously acting on itself.  Moreover, it is content to live while dying so it can give its life over to the absolute dominion of victorious Supreme Volition with all Its Divine rights.  It then extends Its boundaries and sings a victory song over the dying will of the creature.  Yet, even while dying, she smiles because Divine Will makes her happy with the honor allow It complete freedom of action within her soul.”


As I contemplated my subjection under the empire of Divine Fiat, my sweet Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “Little daughter of My Divine Will, hegemony over the creature’s every action is one of the unrestricted rights of My Divine Fiat.  To deny Its supremacy is to negate the Divine right that It is justly due as the Creator of human will.  My daughter, I can’t tell you how much evil a creature can do when she is on the verge of withdrawing from the Will of her own Creator?  That one single act of the first man withdrawing from Our Divine Will was enough to change the destiny of so many human generations, even the very destiny of Our Divine Will.”


If Adam had not sinned, the Eternal Word, the very Will of the Celestial Father, would have come down upon the earth as the glorious and triumphant ruler.  His Angelic army would have been clearly visible for all to see.  The splendor of His Glory and His enchanting Beauty would have drawn everyone to their crowned King and head of the human family.  Royal scepter in hand, He would have given creatures such honor that they would declare, ‘We have a King who is both God and Man.’  There would have been no illness of body or soul if man hadn’t withdrawn from My Divine Will, so your Jesus would not have come down from Heaven to help him in his infirmity.  The Divine Fiat was never touched by discomfort of any kind, nor would have man, yet the poor creature was drowning in the pain of human will.”


I could have watched over a holy man who was happy with the bounty I had given him.  He changed Our destiny by preferring his own will to Ours, so it was decreed that I was to descend upon earth, and the mandates of Divinity cannot be overturned.  So I came down without the glorious pageantry they might expect, disguised as a poor, humble man who suffered under the creature’s burden of misery and pain.  It was human will that made Me cry over man’s unhappiness, because he was deaf, dumb, blind, so full of misery, and to heal him, I had to take them all upon Myself.  I had to resemble them so I wouldn’t scare them to death.  I became their brother and give them medicine to remedy their needs.  Human will has the power to make man happy or unhappy, Saint or sinner, healthy or sick.”


However, if the soul decides to do My Divine Will always, and to live in It, she will change her destiny, and My Divine Will shall fling Itself upon the creature as Its prey.  It will give her the kiss of Creation, changing the way everything looks and feels.  It will give her a big hug and say, ‘Let us start over, the time of Creation has come back for you, and for Me.  You and I will be happy living in Our house as Our daughter, sharing the wealth of your Creator.’”


Listen to Me, little newborn of My Divine Will.  If man had not sinned, by withdrawing from My Divine Will, I would have come upon earth in a far different manner, full of majesty, as when I rose again from death.  My Humanity was akin to man, though one with the Eternal Word.  My resurrected Humanity, however, was totally different.  As the Triumphant Divine, It was clothed in the light of glory, subjected to neither suffering nor death.”


Nonetheless, as the Man of Sorrows, before My voluntary death, My Humanity was subject to all kinds of pain.  Yet the sickly eyes of man were still dazzled by human will, so few could recognize Me resurrected, which was still another confirmation of My Resurrection.  Then I ascended into Heaven to await the effects of these medicinal remedies on man, hoping for the recovery of his sight so he could recognize My Divine Will.  Once he begins to live with My Will instead of his own, I will show Myself full of majesty and of glory in the midst of the children of My Kingdom.”


The Resurrection confirms the Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven.  After so many centuries of sorrow for My Divine Will, denied absolute authority in Its Kingdom on earth, it was right and just that My Humanity secure Its Divine rights.  It will then have accomplished Its original goal, as well as Mine, by establishing Its Kingdom in the midst of creatures.”


Allow Me to further your understanding of how human will changed the destiny of both man and the Divine Will.  For the entire history of the world, only two persons have lived within the Divine Will, without ever using their own, the Sovereign Queen and Myself.  We are infinitely different from other creatures; Our bodies were not left on earth.   The Divine Fiat remained in Our bodies because they were like royal palaces for Its exclusive residence.  It claimed Us by right of conquest, body and soul, holding them hostage in Its Celestial Fatherland.  No other human wills had ever remained permanently dormant, allowing My Divine Will complete freedom of action over them as Its own dominion.  Its power is infinite, Its love, supreme.”


Then He grew silent, so I went swimming in the Sea of Fiat, my comprehension growing the farther I swam along, until my sweet Jesus started talking again.


He said, “My daughter, when the creature neglects My Divine Will for her own, he sows confusion in the order My Divine Majesty established in the Creation.  His low behavior is disgraceful when he distances herself from his Creator.  He breaks off from his roots, the ends and means of the love filled Divine Life implanted in him as he was in the act of being created.”


We loved him much that we rooted Our Divine Will within him as the source of his life.  We long for the rapture he inspires in Us.  We wanted to experience the bliss of Our Strength and Power echoing throughout his entire being.  As it is, the only way he allows Us to share in It is if We bi-locate Our Divine Will within him.  We yearned to see man bearing on high the Creator who would make happy in both time and eternity.  So when he declined doing Our Divine Will, the great sorrow We felt from Our work in chaos was vivid.  Our echo faded away, carrying off Our Strength, leaving only weakness, before We could enjoy the rapture of giving him ever new forms of happiness to surprise him.  Everything turned topsy-turvy.”


I keep talking about My Divine Fiat so much simply because We can no longer tolerate such disorder in Our work.  We want to reestablish order in man’s life so he can return to his first steps in creation.  When the vital energy of Our Will begins flowing within him again, he may be reinstated as the one who carries the happiness We share with him into Our royal palace on earth.”





April 4, 1929

How the first who will live in the Divine Fiat will be like the yeast of the Kingdom of the Divine Will.


Holy Volition pulls me like a magnet into Itself with so much force that abandonment is the only course of action.  It gives me to drink, sip by sip, the light of Its life, with wondrous miracles of insight, worthy of my adoration.


As my mind was still wandering within It, my sweet Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, the first person who does My Divine Will by living in It, shall be like yeast that leavens Its Kingdom.  All the knowledge I have revealed to you about My Divine Fiat will be flour to make Its bread, and however much you have, yeast can ferment it.  However, living water is needed to mix the flour and yeast before there can be true bread to nourish generations of humans.”


I need the yeast of those few who live in My Divine Volition as much as all this knowledge to make the dough of light, sustenance for those who shall live in the Kingdom of My Divine Will. 

So don’t worry if you are the only one, unknown by but a few who look at My Divine Will through a glass darkly.  As long as there is a minimal amount of yeast mixed with living water and this flour of knowledge, the dough will rise by itself.”


I followed the actions of Divine Fiat during Creation, pursuing them up to the sky in the sun, sea and wind.


He said, “You see, My daughter, everything that provides for the entire human family as a whole always works in unison as part of an integrated design.  There are things that stand out, however, simply because they are discordant and don’t fit in with the flow of things.  They are more obvious for their inconvenience and may appear as foolish or tragic.”


There is only one sky, and it stretches out over everyone’s head.  The earth has just one sun, yet it provides light for all creatures.  Only water is truly wet, and every living thing depends on it, not withstanding its many forms in wells, fountains or oceans.  It can be soft as dew or an awesome force of nature drenching a sun-dried earth, of which there is only one supporting so many feet.”


There is one natural order of Creation serving the supernatural, made by God, the Universal Being, and He is One.  The God of all gives Himself to every living thing, and as He is their life, He gives them the goodness of His bounty.”


The Virgin is the one universal Queen, Mother of all.  Your Jesus is the One universal and My Redemption reaches everywhere.  All My works are collectively available and at the disposal of each individual, I suffered on behalf of everyone without exception.”


There is one little newborn of My Divine Will, and the entire universe shall hold in common all the benefits of the knowledge revealed to her about My Divine Fiat.  She is the sacred repository where I have put them for safe keeping so they may be distributed from there like endless rays emanating in splendor from the sun.  She will be the source of a light that shall illuminate the entire world.” 


Everything I tell you holds universal virtue that gives itself to everyone for the good of all.  So pay attention and keep following My Divine Will.”



May everything be for the glory of God and the fulfillment of His Fiat!

Deo gratias.