September 17, 1927

The pains are like iron beaten by the hammer that emits sparks.  Differences between the cross of the Humanity of Our Lord and that of the Divine Will, and how the Divine Will has Its incessant Act.


My Jesus, Life of my own poor heart, come, sustain me in my weakness.  I’m still only a little child, and I need You so much.  Hold me in Your arms.  I need You to feed me the right words and guide my hand as I write.  Give me Your Thoughts, Your Light, Your Love, Your very Will.  If You don’t, I’ll just be sitting here like a fussy little girl, doing nothing.  If You love to make Your Most Holy Will known so much, You’ll have to be the first to sacrifice, and I’ll be Your assistant.  Transform me into Yourself, my Love.  Tak­e m­­y blues away, I can’t take it anymore.  If you do, I will continue to fulfill Your Holy Will, even at the cost of my life.”


My abandonment in the Divine Will continued until I was in a nightmare of pain.  My Beloved Jesus gave me a big hug to make me strong. 


He said, “My daughter, the pain is like a hammer beating on iron until the sparks fly and it becomes so red-hot that it is like fire.  It loses it hardness under the hammer-blows until it becomes soft enough to shape any way you want.”


That’s how the soul is under the hammer-blows of pain.  She loses her hardness until she sparkles with light.  She is transformed into My Love and becomes fire.  I am the Divine Artisan, and when she softens, I shape the way I want.  Making her beautiful is My delight, and I am a jealous Artisan.   No one can make My statues or My vases, they wouldn’t know where to begin.  This is fine art composes a form of truth and beauty that sparkles in the light.”


Each truth I reveal is a hammer-blow that draws a spark from the soul, and not just tiny flickers that disappear in an instant before the eyes of a blacksmith as he beats on the iron.  My hammer-blows bless these sparks of light with surprising truths that dress the soul in beautiful clothing and nourish her with Divine Life.”


Later on, I followed my sweet Jesus.  He was in distress and suffering so much I was overcome with pity.


I said, “Tell me, my Love, what’s wrong?  Why are You so sad?” 


Jesus answered, “My daughter, I suffer because of the great sorrow of My Will.  My Humanity suffered, It had Its cross, however, Its Life on earth was short and the Life of My Will among creatures is long.  It’s been six thousand years already, and It will go on even longer.  It is continually being crucified by the human will.  Its every action is opposed to My Will, and every act of My Will ignored is another cross for My Eternal Volition.  Needless to say, Its crosses are innumerable.” 


All Creation is filled with crosses raised by human will.  My Divine Will is like the sun sending its light to creatures.  They’ll take its light without recognizing the One who brings it to them and every time they look at the sun without acknowledging My Will, another cross is raised.  Even as they enjoy the light, they use that very light to offend the Divine Will illuminating them.  It really hurts when someone tries to do good and is simply ignored.” 


Even the wind is full of crosses.  Every time it blows, it brings good things to creatures.  They take its goodness for their own enjoyment without acknowledging Who is caressing them from within the wind, cooling them with its clean fresh air.  Instead, It suffers the blows of ungrateful nails as It is crucified with each gust of wind.”


The water, the sea and the earth are full of crosses raised by human will, even though everyone accepts their beneficence.  My Will is the primal life of all created things, preserves them all, yet It is not acknowledged.  It exist within them only to accept crosses from human ingratitude.” 


The crosses of My Will are numberless and more painful than those of My Humanity.  Nevertheless My Humanity does have some good souls who have comprehended Its sorrow, torments and all the pain they’ve made Me suffer, and even My Death.  They have compassion for Me and try to make good for what I’ve suffered in My mortal Life.  On the other hand, the crosses of My Divine Fiat are not known, so no one has any compassion for them nor does anyone offer any to repay me for them.  My Divine Will feels so much sorrow from within all Creation that even the earth, wind and sea burst into tears of frustration and lash out with destruction.  Sometimes the sorrow of My Will is just too much and when It can’t take anymore, It strikes those who refuse to acknowledge It.”


That’s why I keep calling you to go all around throughout Creation, so you can learn what My Will does in It, and how much sorrow I endure from the crosses creatures give Me.  Then you’ll be able to recognize It within each created thing, so you can love and adore It, thank It as the foremost reparatrix and consoler of this holy Will.  Only someone who lives in It can penetrate Its actions and understand Its sorrows.  Then you can begin to use My Will’s own power to defend It and console It after being isolated and crucified for so many centuries while living in the midst of the human family.”


While I was listening to Jesus, I looked at Creation and I saw that It was so full of crosses I could never count them all.  Every time Divine Will would send an action from Itself for the benefit of creatures, human will would raise a cross to crucify each of these Divine Acts.  That much sorrow is too painful for me to ponder.


Then My Beloved Jesus said, “My daughter, My Eternal Fiat has acted continually on behalf of creatures since the moment of Creation.  However, creatures haven’t accepted these actions because My sovereign Will was not within them.  As a consequence, these ongoing actions were suspended everywhere in all Creation, remaining within My own Divine Will.  When I came upon earth, My first interest was to take into Myself the ceaseless action suspended within It because it had not been able to take its proper place within the creature.  My Humanity, united to the Word, had to defer to this ceaseless action to give it satisfaction.  This aspect of My Passion, unknown to creatures, was the longest and most painful.  Only then could I begin Redemption.” 


The primary action of the creature is the will.  Everything else, good, bad or indifferent, is secondary.   My primary concern was to safely store within Myself all the actions of My Divine Will, and only then did I descend toward human actions to reunite the two wills.  Then, My Will, seeing  Its actions safely secured, could begin Its reconciliation with creatures.  Now I am inviting you to absorb all these actions rejected by creatures.  My Will continues acting without pause, yet, to Its great sorrow, they are left suspended within Itself.  It simply can’t find anyone to accept them, nor anyone who even wants them, let alone anyone who knows about them.  So pay attention as you work and suffer together with Me for the triumph of the Kingdom of My Divine Will.”




September 21, 1927

How the soul who lives in the Divine Will places the acts of It in exercise.  How the truth is perennial life and continuous miracle.


I was going around throughout all Creation, petitioning for the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat from within each created thing, and then my adored Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, all created things are centered in God.  Whenever you ask for the Kingdom of My Divine Will from within each of them, they are moved to ask God for My Kingdom.  Each of them initiates a wave of supplication that continually moves, asking for what you want.  Every created thing is an action coming out of My Divine Will, Each act was given a mission.  When you ask for My Kingdom from within each created thing, every mission of My Supreme Volition maneuvers around the Divine Being.  Through them, you indirectly make Our Goodness, Power, Justice, Mercy, Love and Wisdom ask for the Kingdom of Our Will.” 


Moreover, each created thing contains a Quality of Ours.  We feel waves of beauty, power, justice, mercy, love and wisdom coming toward Us, one after the other.  They supplicate and pray in a way that is Divine.  They plead for the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat to come into the midst of creatures.  When the very acts of Our Divine Will pray to Us that much, We have to inquire, ‘Who is this who moves such an awesome Will to ask Us to grant Our Kingdom to creatures?’  She petitions Us with all of Its own innumerable actions.  Our own Actions answer Us, ‘It’s the little daughter of the Eternal Volition.  She is the daughter of all of us, who moves Our Actions with such love.  She’s asking for what We all want.’  In the excess of Our Love, We say, ‘Ah!  It’s the little daughter of Our Will!  Let her do what she wants.  She has the right to go into everything, everywhere, so let her pass.  She won’t do anything or ask for anything other than what We want.’”


After that, I thought about everything my adored Jesus told me about His Divine Will.  For some strange reason, I wanted more proof, so I could be sure it was really Jesus who spoke to me.  He immediately came out from inside me.


He said, “My daughter, there’s no proof more certain and sure than My having revealed to you so many truths that can serve the greater good,  both for you and for others.  Truth is more than just a miracle; it carries everlasting Divine Life within itself.  Wherever it reaches it bi-locates truth together with its life, it gives itself to whoever will listen to it, to whoever actually wants it.  My Truths are endless, inextinguishable light and everlasting life.”


My Truth can bring about all kinds of goodness.  It can form Saints, convert souls, dispel darkness, and has the power to renew the whole world.  I perform a greater miracle when I reveal one of My Truths than when I try to prove that it is I who visits the soul or does something miraculous.  These are mere the shadows of My Power, transient light that has no miraculous power whatsoever for anyone.  They are only important to someone who is blessed with a miracle.  Furthermore, being given a miracle rarely makes a Saint.”


On the other hand, truth contains life and can bring virtue to whoever wants it.  You can be sure, My daughter, if I had not spoken so many truths in the Gospel when I came upon earth, miracles wouldn’t have done much good.  The development of Redemption would have been delayed because they wouldn’t have found anything, not the teaching of forgiveness or the light of truth to guide them to Heaven.”


If I hadn’t told you a great deal about the Truth, especially about My adorable Will, the mission I’ve entrusted to you wouldn’t do much good anyhow.  This is the greatest miracle I’ve done in ages, and I have handed it over to you.  Spread the word about the Kingdom of My Supreme Fiat.  The only way for My Divine Will to become known in the world was for Me to explain Its truths to you.  That’s the only way lost peace, harmony and light can be restored.  All these truths will bring humankind to come and sit on his Creator’s lap and exchange the first kiss of Creation.  Then the Image of their Maker shall be returned to them.”


If you knew how much good all these truths I have explained to you will bring to creatures, your heart would burst with joy.  There is no reason whatsoever to be afraid the infernal enemy would ever dare try to explain even one single truth about My Divine Will.  Actually, he trembles and flees before Its light, each and every truth about It is another hell for him.  He refused to love My Will It or do It, so for him It became endless torment.  Even the mere mention of the ‘Will of God’ burns him so bad he flies into a rage.  He hates the Holy Will because It torments him worse than hell.  You can be sure and certain of this.  The Will of God and the infernal enemy never get along, nor could they ever get along together.  Its light blinds him and then hurls him into the abyss of hell.” 


So I recommend that you don’t let even one truth, not one single word about My Divine Will be lost.  Everything you do must strengthen the chain of unending miracles that will make Its Kingdom known.  It is imperative that you help return humankind’s lost happiness.”





September 25, 1927

One who lives in the Divine Will finds no more ways to go out of It, and one who lives in It contains all the seeds of glory that Creation possesses.  How Jesus calls her with Himself to the work of His Kingdom.


For me, not seeing my sweet Jesus is a living nightmare.


I thought, “I don’t know how my Beloved Jesus can abandon me like this.  Doesn’t He realize how badly I might stumble without Him; He is my Life.  He alone can make me do good in this life.  He no longer watches over me, or urges me on, and I need His guidance so much.  He must have given up on me.”


While I was thought about it, my adored Jesus came out from within me.


He said, “My daughter, that’s only because, by now, I’m sure that you can never leave the great Sea of My Divine Will.  I have placed you in It, and you yourself know that you wanted to go into it.  There’s no way you can get out of It because there’s no exit.  You could never reach the boundaries of this Sea.  No matter which direction you go, you would never find Its shore, there is no end to It.  I am so confident that My little daughter could never go out from within the Sea of My Will, that I feel free to wander far off within that same Sea until you lose sight of Me.  Nonetheless, there is only one Sea, and since we are both in It, everything you do has its own way of finding Me.  Whenever one of your actions does reach, I can be sure that you are in My Sea.  That’s why I don’t worry about it.”


There was a time, however, when I was not so sure about you.  That’s why I was so careful about watching over you and urging you to be more attentive.  I never left you then, only because I didn’t see you in the depths of the Sea of My Divine Will where I don’t ever have to worry about anyone leaving It.  That’s the beauty of living in My Divine Volition, where fear of danger may not enter.  On the other hand, someone who is resigned to doing the Divine Will rather than living in It, lives instead with fear and danger.  There are so many things that can distract them and lead them away from the immense Sea of Supreme Fiat.”


Then I totally abandoned myself in that Sea, and I was glad there was no way out of It.


My sweet Jesus continued, “My daughter, My Omnipotent Fiat created many things in Creation, and It placed something good for creatures in each one of them.  They, in turn, repay Me with glory for every single thing It released into the light of the day.  I had to wait so long for someplace to jealously hoard all that glory, and now it is safe and secure within you, My daughter.  By living in My Will and owning It, you possess the very seed of every glory that each created thing possesses.  As you go all around Creation, you detect within yourself whatever good each created thing contains.  Then you fulfill your mission by delivering that glory your Creator awaits with such loving anticipation.” 


The soul who lives in My Will is so harmoniously integrated with all the things I created that you can sense the sheer beauty of the enchantment passing between them.  They are so tightly bound together that they seem inseparable.   The soul living in My Divine Volition lives in full daylight and her every thought, word and deed are actual reflections of It.  The Sun of My Will is reflected in her with more fidelity than any crystal, so It helps her think and speak clearly.  It enhances her love and her work.  There is nothing greater or more beautiful than a soul who lives through the reflection of the Sun.  These reflections keep her in contact with the Acts of her Creator so she can maintain ownership of His treasure.”


My Humanity gathered all the advantages of Redemption and distributes them for the good of those redeemed.  It also wants to collect and store within Itself all the actions and merits of the Kingdom of My Divine Fiat’s children.  When the soul acts within It, I expand her capacity so I can place My Actions there as well.  As she gradually enters My Kingdom while continuing to broadcast her actions, I keep expanding her capacity to make room for all the Actions stored within My Humanity.  That’s how I make the Kingdom of My Will complete within her.”


I call on you to work together with Me in My Kingdom, and I must start by preparing the earth.  It is so filthy I have to purify it, however, there are some parts that just don’t deserve to exist anymore they are so full of evil.  These areas of tainted earth will vanish along with its inhabitants.  The Kingdom of My Divine Will is the holiest, purest, most beautiful and well-ordered Kingdom that could ever appear on earth, so the land must prepared by purification.  If I have to destroy people and places unworthy of such a holy Kingdom, I shall.  Meanwhile, as I go about purifying it, you will work at moving Heaven and earth with the actions you have performed in My Volition.”


Your echo will go on forever resonating throughout all Creation, asking for the Kingdom of My Fiat with your on-going actions.  Your echo will plead with your pain, if need be, and even your life, whatever it takes to petition something that great and good.  Your plea will reverberate far and wide as it appeals for the Kingdom of happiness to come.  Meanwhile, let’s focus on the work at hand.”


Despite what Jesus said, I was still afraid He might leave me behind, or perhaps just wander off too far within the Sea of His blessed Will.  Then who knows when He would come back His little child.  My love for Him is pure torture.


Then Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “Poor little daughter of Mine, you’re such a baby.  All you care about is being cuddled by your mom.  Heaven forbid that a mom would ever leave her infant alone for too long, because the baby would cry and cry, eyes looking all over for her mom so she could fling herself into her arms.  That’s how you are, My poor little baby.  Nevertheless, even though a mom might leave her baby, I will never leave My own little child.  It’s not in My interest to leave you, because My Will, My Actions and My Attributes are within you.  It serves My purposes not to leave you or what’s Mine within you.  Everything belonging to Me calls Me from within you, so when I want to enjoy what’s Mine, I come to you, where My Divine Will reigns within.” 


The only way you could rightly be afraid I might leave you would be if I demanded, ‘Give Me what is Mine; give Me My Will.’  However, your Jesus would never say that.  So put your mind at ease.”




September 28, 1927

How there can be no imperfections in the Divine Will, and one must enter into It completely naked.  One who does not do the Divine Will destroys the Divine Life within himself, and this is a crime that deserves no pity.  How the Divine Will alone is rest.  Scourges.


I was completely abandoned in the Supreme Fiat, however, being there in the midst of the holy perfection of such a Will, I was acutely aware of my imperfections and I felt bad about it.


I thought, “I don’t understand how my Beloved Jesus can tell me He makes me live inside His Divine Volition, when I feel like such a bad person.” 


My adored Jesus moved within me.


He said, “My daughter, nothing bad or imperfect could ever exist in My Divine Will.  My Will has purifying power as the destroyer of all evil.  In a blaze of cleansing light, Its fire destroys evil down to its roots.  Its sanctity makes the soul holy and adorns her for Its enjoyment before It takes Its delight in the one who lives in It.”


Creatures flawed by bitterness are not permitted to live in My Divine Volition; that would be unnatural and would never happen.  You were just expressing your feeling that you were flawed, repulsive and wicked.  My Will pays no attention to such things, none whatsoever.  They are just dirt under Its feet, or perhaps something to use as a footstool.  What It does think about is enjoying Its little daughter and laying Its actions on her lap.  It delights in seeing her happy so much that It offers her Its treasure with joy.”


My Will gives her everything It has and would never let even the slightest little thing inside Itself that didn’t already belong to It.  Anyone who wants to live within It must enter completely naked so My Volition may clothe the soul with light and adorn her with Divine garments.  Then It will plant a kiss on her forehead, the kiss of everlasting peace, happiness and stability.  Human affairs have no place within It, they couldn’t live there anyhow.  Even the soul is disgusted by what does not belong to My Volition.  She would lay down her life rather than take part in anything that doesn’t belong to the sanctity of My Divine Will.”


Then I abandoned myself in the Divine Fiat.


My sweet Jesus continued, “My daughter, from the very beginning of Creation, My Divine Will was given as the actual life of creatures.  It is responsible for maintaining life’s integrity by keeping it beautiful and vigorous.  It performs a Divine Act of the highest sanctity, light, power and beauty within each of the creature’s actions.  It is poised in waiting for their actions so It can give Its own and transform them into miracles of Divine Life worthy of Its power and wisdom.” 


One way to explain this is that My Divine Volition replicates Its life in each creature.  It uses all Its abilities and infinite qualities in this operation.  All these creatures would have been so beautiful with Divine Life within them.  We watched them, expecting to find Our reflection, Image and the echo of Our Happiness.  Creation could have been such a joyful feast, both for Us and creatures.”


Anyone who neither wants to do My Divine Will nor live in It would rather destroy his own Divine Life within rather than possess It.  Trying to end one’s own life by starvation is a criminal act that just makes them skinny, sick and helpless.  Trying not do My Will is like that.  It destroys the life that Divine Goodness is attempting to give him.  Even those who do My Will, if they don’t do It continually, if they do not live in It, slowly starve themselves.  Then they become too skinny, weak and frail to do anything truly good.  Even if they did try hard to do something, they’re would just be going the motions, because only My Will can ever give life to their actions.  Such crime deserves no pity, My daughter.”


Then my lovable Jesus appeared, and He looked really tired, yet restless.  He was grieving over all the many lives destroyed within creatures.  I could feel His pain.


I said, “My Love, tell Me what’s bothering You.  It must be the destruction of these Divine Lives of Your adorable Will that makes You so sad.  I can only pray that You let Its Kingdom come, so Your sorrow may turn into joy.  I hope Creation will stop making you so restless and sad.  I want them to give You the rest and relaxation you deserve.” 


Nothing I said would console Him, so I called for help from all the acts of His Will done in Creation.  Then I added my own, surrounding my Jesus with the acts of His Will.  An immense light formed around Him, hiding all the creatures’ sins in its glare.  He relaxed.


He continued, “My daughter, only My Will can give Me rest.  Whenever you see Me restless like that, and want to calm Me down, just go on carrying out the life of My Will within you.  As you make all Its actions your own, I will find Its light and sanctity within you.  Its infinite joy makes Me relax, so I can take a break from chastising creatures who destroy these Divine Lives within themselves.  If I were to destroy their natural surrounding and even their very lives, it would serve them right.”


Watch the sea as it surges out over its shoreline, snatching lives into its bosom as it advances, and burying them within itself?  The earth and wind, along with most the other elements, make their advance and snatch away creatures to destroy them.  These are acts of My Will spread throughout Creation out of love for them.  However, when they are not received with love, they transform themselves into justice.” 


That scared me and I prayed to my highest Good, Jesus, that He calm down and let the Kingdom of Divine Fiat come soon.




October 2, 1927

How Adam was the holiest one before he sinned.  Fullness and totality of goods of the acts done in the Divine Will; how they extend to all.  The pupil of the eye invested by the sun.  The creature in the Divine Will lends herself as matter and hides her Creator.  Example of the Host.


I was making my rounds throughout Creation, following all the acts of Divine Will within It, until I arrived at Eden, where God created the first man, Adam.  I wanted to unite both of us to that same Unity of wills he used to possess with God when he performed his first actions early in Creation.


I thought, “I wonder what kind of sanctity my first father Adam had.  I wonder how much goodness there was in the first actions he performed in the Kingdom of Divine Fiat.  How can I petition for the return of such a holy Kingdom upon earth, if I am the only one busy trying to bring about such great goodness?” 


As I was musing about this, my always lovable Jesus came out from within me emanating rays of light that morphed into words.


He said, “As the firstborn daughter of My Will, I want to reveal to you the sanctity of the one who possessed the Kingdom of My Divine Fiat.  At the beginning of Creation, this Kingdom was completely triumphant in Its perfect dominion of all life.  It is not completely foreign to the human family, so there is every hope of Its return into their midst to reign in dominion.”


Adam possessed such sanctity when he was created by God.  Even his slightest action had such merit that no Saint, before or after My coming upon earth, can compare with his sanctity.  All of their actions put together aren’t worth one of Adam’s, because, in My Divine Will, he was fully sanctified with every Divine blessing.  By fullness I mean filled to the brim and overflowing with love, light, sanctity and every other Divine Quality.  It was enough to fill Heaven and earth with His dominion and extend Its Kingdom.”


Each action he performed using every Divine advantage had so much merit that even one of them was worth more than everything else put together.  That’s because it was done with the Kingdom of My Will’s full dominion, and no amount of suffering self-sacrifice can make up for that.  No one has ever given Me the love and glory that Adam gave Me while he lived in the Kingdom of My Divine Volition.  With his actions he gave Me each and every blessing the world has ever had, all at once, however, they can only be found within Will, they simply don’t exist outside of It.” 


Adam was wealthy with the infinitely valuable actions bestowed upon him by My Eternal Will in the presence of the Divinity.  When God created him, He filled him to capacity with absolutely everything, leaving out nothing whatsoever.  Adam overflowed with Divine superabundance.  Moreover, when he fell into sin, none of these actions were lost or destroyed, because he had given his glorious wealth of perfect love to his Creator.  In fact, without their power and the effects of his operating within My Divine Fiat, there would have been no Redemption.  It was he who earned it.  Having had possession of the Kingdom of My Will, for however short a time, there’s no way he would have been left without Redemption.  When someone comes into possession of this Kingdom they become tightly bound with God and merit certain privileges with Him.  These bonds are as strong as chains and even God cannot break them.”


Our adorable Majesty and Adam were like a father whose son has made fabulously rich conquests full of glory beyond understanding.  All the father’s possessions speak of his son’s actions and he feels glorious hearing everyone commenting on his son’s love for his father.  When misfortune strikes, his son loses everything, nonetheless, the father would never lose compassion for his son.  No matter where he goes, he still feels wealthy because of all the love and glory his son has given him.”


My daughter, by living in the Kingdom of Our Will, Adam had breached Our endless boundaries and located his glorious actions everywhere out of love for his Creator.  He is Our child who has brought Us Our wealth by means of his actions, the source of Our Love, Our Joy and Our Glory.  His echo reverberated within Our whole Being, as Ours did in his.  Having been impoverished, Our Love still has compassion for him.  How could It not?  Our Divine Will overwhelmed Us with love and pleaded on behalf on the one who had lived within It?” 


Perhaps now you can see how important it is to live in My Divine Will.  There is a superabundance of every Divine advantage in It encompassing every possible action imaginable.  The soul fully embraces the Divine Being.  She is in My Will like an eye filled with the sun’s light.  The entire disk of sun is reflected in the pupil of the eye, yet its light floods everything outside of it as well.  It covers the entire body, as well as saturating the entire earth without ever leaving the pupil.  Even as the sun’s light resides in the eye, it also wants to bring the pupil into itself and carry it across the face of the earth.  Old Sol wants the eye to be like itself by acting like its light while at the same time gratefully receiving it as a witness to their love and glory.”


This is a parable of the soul who lives in My Will.  It fills her so completely there’s no room for anything else.  It remains outside of her, yet never leaves her.  It brings the eye of the soul’s will into Its endless light so she can do what do what My Divine Will does, that is, be repaid by her loving actions.”


Behold the power of My Divine Fiat operating within the creature.  She allows herself to be saturated by Its light and does not deny the sovereignty of Its Kingdom within her.  Adam also deserved compassion because at one time he lived in the Kingdom of the Divine Will.” 


The Celestial Sovereign Lady was able to obtain the coming of the Word upon earth by herself because She gave freedom of action to the Kingdom of Divine Fiat within Herself.  My own Humanity was able to form the Kingdom of Redemption, because It possessed the entire Kingdom of the Eternal Volition in all Its immensity.  Wherever It extends, It embraces everything.  It can do whatever It wants and nothing can stop It.”


One single person possessing the Kingdom of My Will is worth more than everything and everyone put together.  Whether by merit or by pleading, she can acquire what everybody in the whole world cannot earn or obtain collectively.  It doesn’t really matter how good everyone might be, if they don’t have the life of My Will in them, they remain as little flames or tiny plants.  At best, all they can ever be are mere ornaments for the earth, and then they wither and die.  That’s why Divine Goodness can’t trust them with anything important.  It would never grant or bestow any miracles on them, even for the benefit of everyone on earth.”


Someone who lives in My Will, however, is greater than the sun that saturates everyone with its imperial radiance.  The sun rules over the plants, giving them life, color, fragrance and sweetness to each one of them.  It imposes itself on everything with its unspoken empire, lavishing them with its nourishing power. The only celestial sphere that does so much good for the earth is the sun.  When My Will lives in someone, they are greater than the sun.  They come down with their light and quickly rise again, penetrating everything everywhere, even into God and His Actions.  By possessing the Divine Will, they rule over God Himself, as well as His creatures.  They are capable of overwhelming everything in order to extend the life of the light within them to all.  These God-bearers carry their Creator, their light walking ahead of them, successfully petitioning for whatever they want to give to others.”


If creatures only knew how great and good It is, they would compete among themselves to possess It.  Every human passion would change into passion for the light that leads them to life in the Divine Fiat.  That’s all they will do, and they will do it continually, because It gives, rules and sanctifies everything.”


My poor mind continued its wandering in the Divine Volition, marveling at how sublime were the actions performed in It so amply and comprehensively.  Then my Beloved Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, you can stop marveling.  Living in My Divine Fiat means to operate within It as the Creature transfuses into the creature.  The difference between Divine operations and those of the creature is infinite.  She lends herself to her God as a material vehicle for Him to operate and do great things.  That was the role of natural light for ­the Divine Fiat in Creation that allowed It to form the sun, stars, heavens and sea.  The Supreme Fiat resonated in all matter as It made everything in Creation.  The sun, stars, heavens and sea were among the wonders the Fiat brought to life and animated.  They were endlessly enchanting displays of what My Will can do; It alone knows how to that.”


That’s what happens with the soul through the material aspect of the host.  My Sacramental Life animates her as the Priest says the words I spoke when I established the Most Holy Sacrament.  Those very words were animated by My Fiat with Its Creative Power, and that’s how the material host becomes transubstantiated with Divine Life.  It doesn’t matter how many words you say over the host, what counts are those few words spoken by Fiat.  Otherwise, My Life remains in Heaven and the material host remains nothing more than bread made of wretched matter.” 


That’s what happens with the soul.  She can do or say anything and suffer as much as she wants, yet if My Divine Fiat does not flow within them, her actions will always be something finite and wretched.  For someone who lives in It, however, her words, like her pain and the work she does, are veils that the Creator.  He who created Heaven and earth uses these veils to make works worthy of Himself by impregnating them with His Sanctity, Creative Power and infinite Love.  No one else, no matter how many great things he might do, can compare to a creature where My Divine Will lives and reigns in dominion.” 


The material at hand does make a difference in the outcome though.  The value of their work does depend somewhat on the quality of their resources.  Suppose you have to make a vessel out of iron, for example.  It takes a lot of sweat and toil to make it soft enough to work into the required shape.  As a result, your earnings are so small that you can barely make a living.  On the other hand, someone else could work with gold and precious stones.  This takes less hard work, yet they might earn millions of dollars.  So, it’s not necessarily how hard you work that determines how much you make.  The quality of your raw material could be decisive in earning exorbitant wealth.  Some earn a lot with little work or work hard and only make enough to keep his stomach half full, his clothes all ragged.  It’s the quality of material that can determine whether you are rich or poor.”


That’s how things are with someone who possesses My Divine Will.  When you have Its life and creative power, your slightest action in the Divine is priceless beyond what anyone could earn otherwise.  On the other hand, he who does not possess My Will as his own life is not really alive.  He tries to work with the material of his own will and that’s why he always appears poor and ragged in the eyes of God.  He is starving for lack of the food that nourishes the Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven.”




October 6, 1927

How one who works in the Divine Will works in the Divine properties.  How she forms the sun.  How God wants to find the soul in all created things.


I continued acting in the Divine Fiat, and my sweet Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, someone who operates in My Will works within My Divine attributes.  She performs her actions within My endless properties of light, sanctity, love and endless happiness until they transform into suns.  These suns are produced by My own Qualities available for the actions of the soul.  They give her the dignity that makes these actions worthy of her Creator and abide forever as the acts of God Himself, glorifying and loving Him with His own Divine Actions.” 


Adam, before he sinned, formed another sun within his Creator for every action he performed and someone who lives and operates in My Will can find all these suns he made.  So you are obliged to follow the first acts of Creation and start your work next to the last sun, the last action Adam performed while he still possessed Unity of Will with his Creator.  You must make up for what he failed to do after he left My Divine attributes and his actions no longer became suns.  That was when he lost the power of My Divine Qualities, so there was no way he could form suns.  As much as he tried to do good, the best he could do was to make miniature flames out of his actions.  Human will bereft of My own simply doesn’t have the power to form suns because it lacks the raw materials.  It would be like trying to make a golden ornament without precious metal.  It would be impossible to do, no matter how as much good will as you might have.”


Only My Will has enough light for the creature to form suns and It gives this light to no one unless they live in It, within Its attributes, not to anyone who lives outside of It.  So, you must make up for all other creatures who have never had Unity with My Will.  There’s so much work for you to do within My endless boundaries and it will take endurance, so have faith and pay attention.” 


Then I continued acting in His adorable Volition, and as I was going all around throughout Creation, my highest Good, Jesus, continued where He left off.


He said, “My daughter, I want you to spread yourself throughout all Creation, just like My Divine Will.  Unite with It within all created things.  You will be the throbbing heart of the earth, the life within it.  Your continual heartbeat will prove to Me your love for all its inhabitants.  You will be the mouth of the sea, so I can hear your voice in its gigantic waves.  I will listen to its continuous murmuring, praising, adoring and thanking Me.  On your behalf, and from all those who cross the sea, the darting fish will give me big kisses, pure and affectionate.  You will be like the arms of the sun that reach out expansively within its light.  I want to feel your arms hug and squeezing Me from every direction.  I want you to hold Me tight and tell Me that you have looking for Me and no one else, that I am the only one you love and desire.  You will be the feet of the wind chasing after Me, so I can hear the sweet sound of your steps.  Don’t ever stop running, even if you can’t find Me.” 


I won’t be satisfied until I see My little daughter in all the things I created out of love for her.  I ask all Creation:  ‘Where’s the little daughter of My Will?  I enjoy being with her so much.’  When I can’t find you, I lose the sweet amusement of My one delight.”


After this, I followed my Beloved Jesus in His Acts of Redemption.  I tried to follow Him word by word and step by step as He went about His work.  I didn’t want to miss a thing because I wanted to urge Him by begging Him, on behalf of all His Acts, tears, prayers and pain, for the Kingdom of His Divine Will in the midst of creatures. 


Then my adored Jesus said, “When I was on earth, My Divine Will, reigning within Me by nature, and the same Divine Will present and reigning within all created things, kissed each other at every opportunity.  They longed for their encounters so they could make them an occasion for feasting.  All created things would have a friendly completion to see who could find Me first and give Me the homage I deserved.  When the earth would hear My steps, it would become springtime green and flower under My feet to show Me reverence.  As I passed by, it would pour out from its bosom the flowering of all its enchanting beauty.  These demonstrations of love in My honor were so extravigant that I often had to command it to stop, and to honor Me further, it would obey.”


The sun would always try to find Me to worship Me with its light, unleashing before My eyes exquisite rainbows of color from its solar bosom.  It did its best to give Me the respect I deserved.  Everyone and everything tried to find Me so they could begin their festival in My honor.  The wind and water would do the same, and even the little bird trilled, warbled and sang in My honor.  All created things acknowledged Me and competed among themselves to see which one could honor Me the most by preparing one feast more sumptious than the other.”

Someone who possesses My Divine Will has the insight to recognize what actually belongs to My Will.  Only man did not acknowledge Me, simply because he didn’t have the keen eyesight and discriminating sense of smell of My Will.  I made it clear to him why he had to acknowledge Me, however, no matter how much I tried to explain things, many of them just wouldn’t believe Me.  Those who do not possess My Divine Will are blind and deaf, without any sense of smell, so they weren’t able to perceive what belongs to It.” 


Not possessing It is the creature’s greatest sorrow.  It’s his own fault that he’s deaf, dumb and blind, the poor cretin.  By refusing the light of My Divine Fiat he ends up taking the shit left behind by created things instead of absorbing the true goodness they have within them.  It’s so sad watching creatures deprived of the noble life of the life of My Divine Will.”




October 10, 1927

How the Divine Will is multiple in Its acts, though It is one.  How It remains conceived in one who lives in It.  How the earth is not exile for one who lives in the Divine Will, but it is exile for one who does not do the Will of God.


My poor mind continues to follow the Actions Jesus has done out of love of us.  I went back to His Conception and offered all the actions I have performed in His Divine Volition, together with my entire being, for the honor and glory of His Conception.  Meanwhile, a light came out of me flew into the womb of the Immaculate Queen as She was in the act of conceiving.  The Jesus spoke to me.


He said, “My Divine Will acts in multiples, My daughter, yet It disperses none of them.  Its Unity has possession of all Its actions as if they were just one.  This unity derives from the fact that they are all the same ongoing, endless action.  They seem innumerable, and they are, however they are preserved by virtue of being part of one endless action, and each one of them preserves all of them within itself.  Moreover, without ever pausing, each one is preserved always new, fresh, beautiful, and ready to be given to anyone who wants it.”


When this Unity grants one of them to someone, however, It does not detach it from My Will, because My Will is light which has the power to give itself by diffusion and expansion.  You can take as much of it as you want without ever disconnecting it from its source because the power of light is naturally indivisible.  The sun also has this power.  When you close the window blinds, sunlight cannot enter, and when you open the doors, it fills the room with light without ever being detached from the sun.  What it did was to expand as it extended out from its flaming surface, yet the beam took virtually nothing from its source.  So even though the beams did not detach from the sun, nonetheless, you can enjoy having them as if they were your very own.  My Divine Will is like that, only infinitely greater.  It gives Itself to all without losing one iota of Its actions.”


The act of My Conception within My Fiat is always in play.  You have seen the light of Its actions as they are performed within you.  Moreover, you’ve seen how it extends even into the womb of the Celestial Sovereign Lady, where Jesus, your highest Good, was conceived through it.  It is this unity of Its actions that centralizes them all on one point where it perform miracles by forming My very Life.  I am conceived in the acts of My Divine Volition, My Divine Mom, and those you have performed within It.  Moreover, I am conceived continuously in all the actions of those who shall possess the Kingdom of My Will.  Those who possess It receive all the advantages of My Life superabundantly.  Just by the actions they have performed within It, they are in accord with My Conception and everything I did all My Life.  So it is right and just that they receive all the treasure It holds.” 


On the other hand, those who don’t have possession of My Will only take a few crumbs from the cornucopia I so lovingly brought to the earth.  That’s why you see so many creatures starved of goodness.  They’re so undependable and silly.  They’re always on the lookout for the worldly things they love so much.  Sadly, they don’t have the light source of My Eternal Will within them, so that can’t nourish themselves with My Life.  No wonder their faces are so pale, they sense true goodness dying in them and they can barely do anything at all.  They become stressed out as they strain in the darkness while they become ever more pitifully deformed.”


I was depressed after that and I felt the full weight of my long, hard exile.  I cried about it to my adorable Jesus because He not only made me suffer the cruel martyrdom of His absence,  He keeps me away from my Celestial Fatherland as well. 


So I said to Him, “Why can’t you have pity on for me?  How can you do this?  You leave me all alone as prey to Your lovable Will.  How can You leave me exiled on this earth for so long?” 


Then, as I was still pouring out my sorrow, Jesus, who is my Life and my All, moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, the earth is an exile for those who neither do My Will nor live in It.  It’s not exile for someone who lives in It because they are only one step away from being in the Celestial Fatherland, and that last step can happen when you least expect it.  It’s different for those who are actually in exile, because they don’t know anything about It.  On the other hand, someone who knows the sumptuous beauty and joy of the Eternal City also knows that It already belongs to her.”


It would be intolerable for My Will to force someone who lives within It into exile.  To do that It would have to change both Itself and the basic link between those who live in It in Heaven and others who live in It on earth.  It couldn’t do that even if It wanted to, which It does not.  Besides, when you’re only one step outside your home, you’re not in exile, nor would you be if you were in a nearby town within the same country.”


My daughter, exile means being confined someplace with no exit.  It means losing your possessions and being forced into hard labor.  My Divine Will doesn’t even know how to do that.  Furthermore, as you can plainly see, your soul can go anywhere in space or time without any limitations.  You can go anywhere you want, into the heavens or the sun.  You’ve even made a few furtive trips into the Celestial Regions, not to mention all the times you’ve plunged into the endless Light of your Creator?” 


You’re free to go anywhere, into the sea or up in the air, moreover, My Will delights in your liberty.  It even encourages you to fly all around everywhere.  In fact, It would not be happy to see someone who lives in It hampered in their freedom.  My Divine Fiat completely fills the soul with Its blessings and would never take anything away from her.  It gives her dominion over herself by transforming passion into virtue and weakness into Divine Strength.  It gives her countless sources of joy and happiness and bestows by grace what It is by nature.  It makes her firm and unyielding forever.”


Exile is only for someone tyrannized by passion, without self control and unable to move around within his God.  Even he thinks of something good, he is still infiltrated and surrounded by darkness.  The unfortunate exile barely has a grip on virtue, he is a forlorn slave to his own miseries.”


The reverse is true for someone who lives in My Divine Will.  What’s more, I couldn’t bear keeping you alive for so long if you were in exile.  Your Jesus loves you too much to keep you in exile.  As the little daughter of My Will, My Will would never keep you in exile.  It would hold you in Its own attributes, presiding unhindered within Its light.  Your only purpose is to form Its Kingdom within yourself and plead for It to come and reign over the human family.  It’s enough to make you happy knowing that all the sighing and yearning desires of your Jesus are for the Kingdom of My Will upon earth.  I expect My full glory from the Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven.”





October 16, 1927

How the Divine Will, like water, makes Its inundations.  Who the ones are who let themselves be inundated.  What Unity means.  How the Queen of Heaven laid the foundations of the Kingdom of the Divine Will.


After being deprived of my sweet Jesus for several days, I felt bitter down to the marrow of my bones.  I was so tired of it I couldn’t take it anymore.  I really needed some rest and relaxation until I could regain my strength.  So I abandoned myself first in the Supreme Volition and then let go of everything, hoping to get some sleep at least. 


Then I realized that my mind was no longer inside of me; it was outside somewhere.  I felt two arms holding me and taking me up high, very high, under the vault of the heavens, however I couldn’t see who it was and I was afraid.


I heard a voice say, “Don’t be afraid; look up here.”


I looked, and I saw Heaven open up and my longed for Jesus descending toward me.  We flung ourselves into each other’s arms and hugged each other as I expressed my sorrow.


I said, “Jesus, my Love, You make it so hard for me, you push me to the limit.  It’s obvious the ardor of Your Love for me is no longer what it used to be.” 


When I said this, Jesus frowned like wasn’t in the mood for any complaints.  That’s when I noticed, looking down from on high, that water was pouring down and inundating several areas.  Seas and rivers overflowed, submerging towns full of people, pulling them down into their bosom.  It was terrifying! 


Jesus, in anger, said, “My daughter, My Divine Will is like this deluge coming down from Heaven in torrents, inundating entire cities with Its strength, transforming them into tombs.  It is more overwhelming than any storm.  Without regard for time or place, it inundates the earth completely, submerging every creature.  Yet no one willingly allows themselves to be immersed in the flood of Its love, light, sanctity, grace and joy.  Its blessings come down in torrents, though they are too ungrateful to allow themselves to be immersed.  Some might wade in It or get sprinkled, however no one lets It submerge and drown them with the blessings of My Divine Will.  How sad!”


I look at the whole world to see who accepts the inundations of My Will, and I find only the little daughter of My Will.  She is the only one who gladly allows herself be inundated and drowned in It.  She is willing prey to Its gigantic waves, pushed wherever It wants and submerged in Its bosom.  It’s such a beautiful sight to see, these small creatures, willing prey to the waves.  What’s most touching about it is how very little they are.  I see her as prey swallowed by waves of light.  I see her drowned by love, sanctified inside and out.”


It’s such a delight to see her.  I come down from Heaven just to enjoy watching My Eternal Volition carrying someone so little in Its arms and submerging her under Its inundations.  Such scenes enrapture Me.  My Love for you has not faded; you’re wrong about that.  Your Jesus is always faithful in love, and when He sees you under the waves of His Will, He loves you more and more.” 


Then He disappeared, and I remained totally abandoned in the waves of the Divine Fiat.  But my lovable Jesus came right back.


He said, “My daughter, My Will has Unity, and whoever lives in It lives within this Unity.  Unity means one, a singularity that embraces everything and everyone, and It can give everything, because it encloses everything within Itself.  My Divine Will not only possesses the unity of love, It holds all loves united together.  It possesses the unity of sanctity that includes all sanctities.  It enjoys the unity of beauty and enfolds within Itself everything beautiful that you could possibly imagine.  Among other things, It encloses the unity of light, power, goodness and wisdom.”


Even though perfectly true Unity is one, It must possess everything equally in all Its immensity, being infinite, eternal and without beginning or end.  Anyone who lives in It lives within Its immense, gigantic waves until the soul experiences the unified empire of strength, light, sanctity and love.  In the unity of this strength, everything turns into light for her, everything changes into sanctity, love and power.  Then all things will teach her the wisdom of this Unity.  To live in It is the ultimate miracle that carries out perfectly the Divine Life within the creature.  The word unity means everything, thus the soul takes on everything by living in it.”


After that, I continued my rounds within the acts of Divine Fiat until I arrived at the seas of the Celestial Mom formed by her within the Its Unity.  


I thought, “My Sovereign Mama had no interest in petitioning for the Kingdom of the Divine Will.  If She had, however, since She lived in Its Unity, She would have gained the Divine Will the same way She acquired the Kingdom of Redemption.” 


Then my sweet Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, even though it outwardly seemed like our Queen Mom was only interested in the Kingdom of Redemption, deep down, She was all for the Kingdom of My Divine Will.  Actually, she knew how important It was, that It meant full glory for Her Creator and the best possible outcome for creatures.  Hence, there was no way She wouldn’t ask for the Kingdom of the Eternal Fiat.” 


Furthermore, by winning Redemption, She laid a foundation for the Kingdom of My Will and gathered materials for It.  You have to do the small things before you can do the big Ones.  You have to do minor things before moving on to greater ones, that’s why I always gave freedom of action to Redemption.  It was like I was building a factory to assemble the Kingdom of Divine Fiat.  If no kingdom is established, the king who claims to dominate one is merely a pretender.  The Sovereign Queen of Heaven is the only one thus glorified in the Celestial Fatherland.  She is Queen because She is the only one to form Her whole life in My Will and, out of motherly love, She wants her children to share the same glory.  However, She is in Heaven and cannot share Her own great glory and sovereignty because She hasn’t found anyone who has lived, as She has continuously lived, in the Divine Will.”


She longs for the children of Its Kingdom because She wants all Her glory reflected in them so She can say, ‘I have children who equal Me in glory.  I am much happier now that My children’s glory is the same as Mine.’  To a mother, her children’s happiness is more important than her own.  That’s even truer for the Celestial Mother because she conceived all those redeemed and formed the very life of these children of My Divine Will.”





October 20, 1927

How created powers can neither embrace nor exhaust the Uncreated Power; not even the Virgin or the very Humanity of Our Lord.  How the Divine Will possesses the incessant and ever new act, and has the virtue of doing ever new things.  Example.  How It awaits Its Kingdom in order to communicate this new act as the fulfillment of Its glory.


I thought, “My Beloved Jesus says His Divine Will must become known on earth, and Its Kingdom is formed.  Then the children of this Kingdom can take the place reserved especially for them in the Celestial Fatherland.  When that finally happens, His Glory will shine through Creation and the glory of all the Blessed be fulfilled.” 


The Sovereign Queen was so full of the life of Divine Will that I don’t think anyone could surpass Her.  She is in heaven.  Yet the glory of God has still not been fulfilled in Creation.”


I wondered about this and many other doubts I had until Jesus spoke to me.


He said, “My daughter, you are too little to understand.  You try to measure something great using a small scale, and you can’t because It is endless.  My Wisdom is unreachable by the human mind.  A creature as holy as My beloved Mother enjoyed all of Her Creator’s treasure as Her own, without exception, and the Kingdom of My Divine Will had absolute dominion within Her.  Regardless, She couldn’t exhaust the full immensity of the Divine Being’s possessions.  She filled Herself superabundantly, overflowing enough to form seas all around Herself.  It was impossible for Her to hold all that the Supreme Being contains.” 


Not even My own Humanity could enclose all the immensity of creative light.  I was completely filled with it, inside and out, yet most of it remained outside of Me.  The circumference of My Humanity was not equivalent to the magnitude of endless light, so there’s no way I could it all.  No created powers of any kind can match Uncreated Power, nor could they encircle It, much less hold It within themselves.” 


Her Highness, the Queen of Heaven, is also the Queen of My very Humanity.  Her situation was the same as yours is when you are exposed to the rays of the sun.  Under the empire of its light, you feel the penetrating intensity of its heat.  However, there’s no way you could take in all of its heat and light and keep them confined within you; that’s impossible.  Nevertheless, you cannot deny that the life of the sun’s heat and light is both in you and outside of you.”


The Creative Will of Our Divine Being is constantly in motion, and everything It does is novel.  Every joy is a new form of happiness, every kind of beauty is unique.  Our Wisdom’s craftwork forms every soul as something original with new forms of sanctity.  The love It infuses in the soul is constantly renewed in extraordinary ways.  It is by virtue of having this ever new action that It has the power to be constantly doing something new.  Even though Queen Mom was made supremely beautiful, pure and holy, that doesn’t mean that We can’t do even more new and beautiful things worthy of Our works.” 


During Creation, Our Divine Fiat came into play while all things were being created.  It also set in motion all the new actions needed to form creatures, bestowing rare beauty and imprinting sanctity on those who would live in Our Divine Will.  Before establishing Its Kingdom, when Our Will had no life within creatures, all It had was the Sovereign Queen of Heaven. With Her It performed a wonderous miracle that astonished Heaven and earth.  Now It waits for other creatures to take possession of Its life so they can form more Kingdoms where It may reign in dominion.  Then, with Our new Actions, we can bestow rare forms of sanctity, beauty and grace.”


My Divine Will is anxiously waiting for the freedom action It needs before It can release new actions.  My Will is like a sculptor who knows how to make hundreds and thousands of statues, with no two exactly alike.  He knows how to shape them with finesse, endowing each one of them with such rare beauty, with such unique figures and postures that none of them are exactly alike.  He doesn’t know how to repeat himself, so every new statue has its own unique beauty.

When it comes to art, he can’t restrain himself.  If he did, he would be very sad.”


My Divine Will awaits Its Kingdom in the midst of creatures, so It can create rare new forms of Divine Beauty in them with sanctities no one has ever heard of until now.  These are uncharted territories for creatures.  It is not enough for It to be all-powerful, nor for It to so immense that It embraces everything, everywhere.  Using Its Divine Art, with inexhaustible love, It has created the Great Lady, the Queen of Heaven and earth, yet It desires still more.  It wants attendants for Her retinue, and My Fiat wants to live and reign as sole sovereign within tem, so It can compose ever more works worthy enough to be called Its own.”


Only then will We be fully glorified through Creation.  Until the glory and happiness of the human family is complete Our work in Creation remains unfinished.  The most beautiful statues and other extremely important works are still to be made.  Creation has a purpose that has not yet been realized or fulfilled.  If a work is missing anything at all, even one tiny little flower, one leaf, one particular shade of color, then it’s not worth what it could be.  The author of such a work does not deserve all the glory they would get if everything was as it should be.”


However, when it comes to the work of Our Creation, there is more involved than minor details.  Even the most important things are missing, for instance, Our various Divine Images of beauty, sanctity and Our perfect Likeness.  Our Will began the work of Creation with the most sumptuous beauty and magnificently harmonious order.  That’s how It designed the mechanism of the entire universe and It was the same when creating man.  So is it right and just, for the dignity, glory and honor of Our work, that It be finished even more sumptuously with all kinds of exceptionally rare beauty.  Each one of them will worthy of the endlessly new actions of My Divine Will.”

Those who will live in Its Kingdom shall be continually under the powerful force of a new and irresistible action.  They will be endowed with a new act of sanctity, dazzling beauty and most radiant light.  As soon as they come to possess this action, a new one will arrive, and then another, and another, without end.  They will say, in amazement, ‘How holy, beautiful, rich, strong and happy is our Fiat thrice holy.  It always has new sanctity to give us, with inexhaustible forms of unique beauty to adorn us and new powers to make us ever stronger.  There will be endless ways to be happy, no two of them the same, or even similar.’  These fortunate creatures will truly be the triumph of Divine Fiat, the most beautiful adornments in all Creation.  They will be like the radiant suns that will fill with light the dark emptiness of those who have not lived within Its Kingdom.”


My inseparable Mom has this ever new and continuous action as Her own life.  It was given to Her by My Divine Will because She lived Her life within It.  My Volition formed the first of these radiant suns in Her, so She occupies the foremost position as Queen where She gladdens the entire Celestial Court.  Her beauty, light and joy are reflected in all the Blessed.  However, She knows that She hasn’t exhausted all the incessantly new actions My Divine Will has established for the benefit of creatures.  There are so many more to come; It is inexhaustible.  She is waiting for more suns to be formed from Its endless acts of new and extraordinary beauty.” 


She is the true Mother and wants to be surrounded by all these suns, so they can reflect themselves in one another in their mutual delight.  Then the entire Celestial Court will enjoy those reflections, along with Her own, as the glorious fulfillment of Her Creator’s work, for the benefit of all.  She is Queen and lovingly waits for the attributes of My Will to appear within creatures.  These qualities may as well be Her own, since She was the first to form the Kingdom of My Divine Will within Herself.”


Suppose there were more suns in the vault of the heavens, all of them with new varieties of beauty and light.  The sky would then certainly appear more exquisitely adorned.  As these suns mirror their light in one another, all the inhabitants of the earth could enjoy these reflections so full of goodness.  That’s how it will be in Heaven, only better.  Those who have enjoyed the Kingdom of Supreme Fiat on earth will forever share everything in common because this Will that has ruled over them is one and the same.” 


The Sovereign Empress is in Heaven where She fully enjoys the life of My Divine Volition.  However, We are not suitably glorified in Creation, primarily because Our Will is not yet known among creatures, so no one longs for It, nobody loves It.  Furthermore, until It is known, It can’t provide what It intends to give, even though It knows how.  Otherwise, It could and would.  Only when that mission is accomplished can anyone sing of glorious victory.”




October 23, 1927

The little girl.  How the Divine Will is Kingdom of Life.  Necessity of the knowledges about It.  How Heaven and earth are there reverently, listening to the knowledges of the Divine Fiat.  Love and tenderness of God in creating man.


My poor mind sank deep into the Divine Fiat as I continued acting within It.  I saw a little girl there, standing right in front of me.  She was shy and looked pale with fright at the thought of walking within the Divine Volition’s light, it was so immense.  My adored Jesus came out from within me and filled His holy hands with light.  Then He poured it into the little girl’s mouth like He was going to drown her with radiance.  After that He took some more light and put it in her eyes, ears and in her heart.  Next, He inserted more of it into the little girl’s hands and feet.  Saturated with light, she blushed all over, overwhelmed at being enmeshed within its brilliance.  Drowning her with light seemed to amuse Jesus and He looked delighted watching her struggle within it.  Then He turned and looked at me. 


He said, “This little girl is the image of your soul, My daughter.  Look how she shies away from the light and knowledge of My Divine Will.  Regardless, I will drown you with enough light to make you lose whatever remains of your timid human will.  There is no such weakness in Mine, only invincible Divine Courage and overwhelming Strength.  To build the Kingdom of My Fiat in the soul, I lay foundations within her made solid with knowledge of It.  When that’s done, I take possession of It by laying My very Life within her where I can have My true Kingdom.”


See what a big difference there is between the realms of earthly rulers and My Kingdom.  Worldly kings never place their own lives at the disposal of each and every individual, nor can they enclose their territory within one of them.  They certainly can’t enclose the lifes of all their subjects within themselves.  Their sovereign rule inevitably comes to an end because there is no current of life flowing between ruler and subject, only laws imposed on the populace.  Without life there is neither true love nor enduring sovereignty.”


The Kingdom of My Divine Will, however, is the Kingdom of life, the Life of the Creator enclosed within the creature.  The creature’s being is transfused into their Creator until they are identical, otherwise, the nobility of the Kingdom of My Divine Will would be too high to reach.  The soul is then crowned queen of sanctity, love, light, goodness, grace and beauty.  She will be the queen of Divine Life, with all Its qualities.” 


The Kingdom of My Will is noble and full of life; hence knowledge of It is imperative because of Its fundamental importance.  Such understanding is nourishment for the rule of law and order.  It cultivates beautiful music, as well as the joy and happiness of My Kingdom.  Each revelation promotes its own unique form of happiness.  They are like a so many Divine keys on a church organ, producing beautiful harmony within It.  That’s why I tell you in abundant detail about all the many forms of knowledge concerning My Divine Fiat, and I need your full attention to reveal them.  They are like a formidable army base in defensive posture with sentries guarding My Kingdom so full of beauty and holiness.  It is a perfect reflection of My Celestial Fatherland.”


Jesus stopped talking for a while and then continued.


He said, “When My Divine Will is prepared to reveal something about It, or when It’s ready to perform another new action, Heaven and earth honor It by listening reverently.  All Creation detects the vitality of new Divine Action elegantly flowing within them and they feel twice as happy.  They are honored that their Creator reveals more new knowledge of It through His Omnipotent Fiat as they wait for these revelations to change the creatures’ attitude about It.  They hope to see that new act of Divine Volition replicated in the creature as confirmation of Its goodness, anticipating the joy and happiness that new knowledge will bring them.  My Will takes on a festive attitude because It sends forth Its Divine Life to a single creature who then distributes It to all creatures.”


After that, I continued my rounds in the Divine Will.  I went to Eden so I could be there when the Divine Majesty gave life to a beautiful statue of a man by breathing over it with Its omnipotent breath.  I was there to glorify my Creator during such a solemn act, to love and adore Him.  I wanted to thank Him for His excessive love overflowing over mankind. 


Then my Divine Jesus moved within me.


He said, “My daughter, this act of forming man and infusing life into him with Our omnipotent breath was so touching in its tenderness.  It was such a great joy for Us.  Our entire Divine Being overflowed so much with love that it enraptured Our Divine Qualities with a captivating strength that moved us to infuse them in man.  When We breathed over him, We poured everything into him.  By blowing into him We plugged him into Our Supreme Being, making it impossible to disconnect from Us.” 


Our Will made Itself the life of everything in the Creation of universe, yet Our Action did not stop there.  We not only gave Our Fiat to man, We gave him Our breath and Our very Life.  Our breath still continues generating other creatures, connecting them to Us permanently.  When We do something, Our Love is so great that, once it done once, the momentum continues doing it forever.  Man offends this Life of Ours within himself by being so ungrateful that he denies or even despises It.”


When someone exhales as they breathe, air goes out until they breathe in again.  That’s how it was when We breathed over him.  We gave Ourselves to him as We exhaled, and when We inhale, We draw man back into Ourselves.  However, when he doesn’t come back into Us, it is because his will is not within Ours and then We feel the full weight of human ingratitude.  That’s why We call you, to give you Our never-ending Action.  Then, when We draw it back into Us, We can feel you come into Ourselves for the fulfillment of Our Will.  This is the solemn act of releasing Our vivifying breath to generate creatures.”




October 30, 1927

How the Divine Love gushed out in Creation.  Liberality and magnificence of God in creating the machine of the universe, especially in creating His beloved jewel, with no one’s merit.  Decision of the Divine Will of wanting to come to reign in the midst of creatures.  Its balsamic air, Its enchanting and enrapturing beauty.  What the knowledges about It will do.


I was totally abandoned in the Divine Fiat, and my poor mind was soaked with the light of Its sanctity, beauty and indescribable happiness.  To possess the fount of everything good, to relish the infinite expanse of the sea of all joys, and to have the attraction of every Divine Beauty, is to enamor God Himself.  That’s what happens when you live in the Divine Volition by letting It take over your soul. 


Will of God, how lovable and adorable You are.  I want You more than my own life.  Your reign of light has the power to empty me of whatever does not belong to it.  Your sacred sovereignty transforms me with the sanctity of my Creator rather than the holiness of the Saints.  Your domain of happiness and joy puts to flight all bitterness, it pushes my troubles and everything bothersome far away from me.  Without It, I don’t know how creatures could ever prepare themselves to merit such a great Kingdom.”


My mind swam the expansive Sea of Divine Fiat as I was thinking all this, until my lovable Jesus came out from inside me and hugged me tenderly.


He said, “My little daughter, Our Love gushed out of Us and overflowed into Creation, without anyone doing or saying anything at all to merit such great goodness.  Our supreme Goodness and unlimited Kindness created the entire mechanism of this magnificent universe with such great order and harmony.  However, We did it all out of love for someone who didn’t exist yet.” 


After that, Our Love gushed out stronger than ever when We created man.  After all, We created everything for him.  We are always magnanimous when We operate, generous beyond understanding.  We give everything without ever being depleted, and there is nothing We can’t give out of generosity as part of Our great work.  Even though he didn’t deserve anything at all, when We created man, We gave him something unimaginable as a dowry.  What We gave him was the source and substance of joy, happiness and everything good, Our Will to have as his Kingdom.  Having a Divine Will at his disposal and Our Supreme Being along with It, there was nothing else he needed.”


There’s no honor in doing something poorly.  There would have been nothing noble in the work of Creation if It had meager light, dissonance or chaos.  We would never have left the first man, Our dear son, bereft of an endless variety of created things.  He was Our precious jewel, there was no way His Creator would have denied him any of Our treasure.  Not completing Our work would have been dishonorable for the One who can do anything and everything.  Our Love gushed out stronger than mighty ocean waves, just to show off.  We filled Our beloved jewel with all possible and every imaginable good thing until what His Creator poured into him overflowed so much that seas of goodness formed around him.  Man lost it all, however, when he rejected the Kingdom of My Will in favor of his own.  In doing so, he threw away his dowry and the source of his happiness.”


My Love is gushing out strongly now, as It did in Creation, because the Kingdom of My Will has decided that It wants Its life to be established among creatures.  It is showing off Its magnificence by disregarding their merits, or lack of them.  With superabundant generosity, It offers Its Kingdom once again.  This time it’s different though.  It wants creatures to know about It, and to understand Its advantages, so they will yearn for It.  They must ardently desire this Kingdom of light, sanctity and happiness.  Even if some reject It, others might call for It with longing.  Still others might urge and petition It to come and reign in dominion amongst creatures.” 


I’ll tell you again why it’s so crucial that they know about It.  If creatures don’t even know It exists, there’s no reason to desire It, much less love It.  This information will be its own messenger, a herald announcing the coming of My Kingdom.  Information about My Fiat will take the form of blazing suns, thunder and lightning with mighty winds. That should get the attention of both the learned and the ignorant, whether good or evil.  Their hearts will be struck by lightning.  The forces of nature will knock them over with irresistible power, and then raise them up again with the knowledge they have gathered.”


They will bring about a true renewal of the world by attracting and winning over creatures in several ways.  These revelations will serve as peacemakers hoping for the creatures’ kiss so they might return them with their own.  Then people will forget all about the past and they will only think about loving each other and making each other happy.  These disclosures are like warriors, confident of their victory as they conquer those who come to know them.  They are ceaseless prayers that will not stop pleading with creatures until knowledge of My Divine Will overwhelms them.  Then creatures will say, ‘You have won; we are now helpless prey to Your Kingdom’.  This knowledge is like a domineering king who inspires love, and creatures will bow their heads and become his subjects.  There is nothing My Will cannot do.  Using all of Its power, It will prepare everything for Its reign in the midst of creatures.” 


My Will has an enrapturing beauty that, once clearly seen, enraptures the soul.  It casts waves of beauty over her as adornments so rare and exquisite that no one could ever forget them.  Anyone who sees her will wander through the maze of Its beauty, unable to get out.  It has such captivating power that the soul is transfixed within Its sweet enchantment.  When creatures breathe Its soothing air, they inhale the peace, sanctity and joy of Divine harmony.  They breathe a light that purifies everything, a love that burns everything and a power that conquers everything.  Its air brings celestial healing to all the evil brought on by the deadly toxic air of human will.”


This kind of air is much like the ordinary air that humans breathe.  When it is pure, it is refreshing and promotes good health because it is good for the lungs and keeps the blood circulating.  Creatures grow strong and healthy with good appetite and rosy cheeks.  When the air is bad, however, stinking and septic, it is hard to breathe and causes problems with blood pressure.  Without life-giving, pure air, creatures become weak, pale, gaunt and sickly.  Air means life for creatures, they can’t live without it; however, there’s a big difference between good and bad air.”


That’s what the air of the soul is like.  The air of My Will keeps life pure, healthy, holy, beautiful and strong, just as it was when it came out from its Creator’s womb.  The toxic air of human will deforms the poor creature by degrading her natural condition.  It’s pitiful to see her so weak and sickly.” 


Then He spoke to His own Will and His voice grew more emphatic, yet so tender.


He said, “My Will, You are so lovable, wondrous and all-powerful!  Your beauty enamors the Heavens and enchants all the Celestial Court with rapture.  You make them so happy they can’t take their eyes off You.  Enrapture everything with Your captivating beauty.  Enthrall the earth with Your sweet enchantment.  Entrance all creatures so that the Will of all may be united into the singular Sanctity of one Life.  Your Kingdom is the only one, Your Fiat on earth as It is in Heaven.”




November 2, 1927

Difference between one who lives and operates in the Divine Will, and one who does good in the night of the human will.


My flight within the Divine Will is so constant that my poor mind is fixated in It.  Thanks to Its Light I could comprehend what a great difference there is between operating in the Supreme Will and how the human functions.  Earthly life is good in itself; however, none of the creature’s actions are motivated by Divine Fiat. 


I wondered, “Why are they so different?” 


Then my Beloved Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, for creatures, human will is the dark night of the soul.  All goodness is a form of light.  Nevertheless, if they do good works, even important ones, the only lights that shine from them are like a match, or an oil lamp or a light bulb.  The amount of light depends on how good the human action is and how often it happens; the light could be small or perhaps a little bigger.”


Yet even though these little lights keep them and those around them from being in the dark, they just don’t have the power to turn night into day.  They could even be like cities or houses that have the benefit of many electric lights, yet those too sometimes go out.  Nonetheless, it’s still impossible to change night into day.  Light made by human effort simply cannot match broad daylight, whether in body or soul.  Only the sun has the power to dispel the darkness of night and start a new day full of blazing heat and light.  Only it can gladden the earth and all its inhabitants wherever it shines, giving nature vitality.”


Creatures can only experience this endless daylight by living in My Will and operating within It.  The soul’s actions, whether big or small, are performed as reflections of the immense and eternal Sun of My Fiat.  By Its power reflected in the creature’s action, a sun forms within this human act.  It is the creature’s collection of suns that allow her to continually enjoy full daylight.  These suns are formed by the reflected power of the Sun of My Divine Volition, the source of all light.  The human actions that are changed into suns are fueled by that light, so they can never dim or go out.”


There’s a big difference between someone who lives and operates in My Will and those who do good outside of It.  That creature can form one or more suns, while the others can only provide a little light, and just one sun is enough to hide that light.  In fact, all lights put together wouldn’t have the intense power to outshine even a single sun.  You can clearly see this just by looking at how the universe is designed.  Every light of any kind made by human effort, all together, cannot compare to a sunny day.”


However, the single sun I created for the earth can illuminate the day only because its light source was put there by its Creator and will never dim.  This is a metaphor for those who live in My Divine Will.  An act of Divine Life flows within all of their actions, a Creative Strength that has the power to form suns.  It has no inclination whatsoever to create paltry little lights, only suns that are virtually never extinguished.”


Human goodwill, though beneficial, cannot create daylight.  However, it does help creatures in the night of human will, so they won’t die in the thick darkness of sin.  Their little lights help guide their steps, so they can see the dangers ahead.  They also draw My paternal Goodness toward them, because I can see that they use the night of their human will to at least form little lights to direct their steps along the path of salvation.”


That’s exactly what drew all Our tenderness and paternal Goodness toward Adam.  He understood what living in Our Divine Will meant, and all of his actions, great or small, ran within Our Creative Virtue.  They were filled by the Sun of the Eternal Fiat which has the power to form as many suns as he needed.  However, once he lost Creative Strength, he couldn’t form suns anymore, so the poor guy tried as hard as he could to form little lights.  Once he saw how greatly his original actions had changed after sinning, he grieved so much that he thought he was going to die every time he tried to act.  The Supreme Being was touched by how hard poor Adam was trying to form little lights with his actions, now that he could no longer form suns.  That’s why He kept His promise that the Messiah would come as soon as the time was right.”




November 6, 1927

One who lives in the Divine Will does not descend from her origin, and to her is due the state of queen; while one who lives outside of It lives in the state of servant.  Difference between what the Kingdom of Redemption brings to one and to the other.  How those who live in the Divine Will will be the first before God.  How the cross matured the Kingdom of Redemption.  How a Divine Life runs within each truth.


As I followed the Divine Volition, I accompanied my sweet Jesus in all His Actions while He was on earth.  He made them appear to me in the present, and I saturated them with my “I love You.”  Using His own Actions, I asked Him for the Kingdom of Divine Fiat and begged Him to give my soul everything He did in the Kingdom of Redemption. I pleaded for the grace to live continuously in His Divine Volition. 


Then my sweet Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, someone who lives in My Divine Will does not degenerate from her original state.  She owns everything in Creation because it was all created for those who live in It, and that is a lot more than she inherits from Redemption.  Someone who remains in her original state by living in the Supreme Fiat is fit to be queen and rule over her possessions.  The queen who lives in the Royal Palace of Our Will, along with the King, rules over many realms.  It is fitting that she possesses many suns, heavens and seas.  She lives with the King and makes Him happy, and He makes her happy.  That’s why there are so many more benefits from Creation.  It had to be that way so the queen could have extensive dominions to rule.”


However, by not living in Our Divine Will, the soul degenerates from her origin state and is stripped of her nobility.  She becomes a mere servant, unfit to rule over kingdoms and empires.  During Redemption, I came upon earth to resurrect man from his deathly condition by giving him every possible healing remedy to return him to his original condition.  I knew that if he returned to his origins in Our Will, he would be upheld as legitimate ruler of royal dominions.”


Moreover, for those who come to live in It, My Actions in Redemption are not remedies.  They are happiness and joy for the most beautiful ornaments in the Royal Palace of My Will.  It gave birth to all the Actions I performed while on earth, Its merciful womb delivered them and laid them on the lap of My Humanity.  It is right and just that whatever belongs to It should be Its ornaments.” 

While on earth, I prayed, spoke suffered and blessed children.  I kept track of all these actions so the children of My Divine Will could be the first to receive what rightfully belongs to them for their enjoyment.  Then I gave them as remedies to the unfortunate children of sin, for the salvation of the servants of the human will.  However, all of My Actions ran first to those who would live within the Supreme Volition, the center of their life.  Thus someone who lives in It can say, ‘Everything is mine.’  And I say, ‘Everything is yours.’”


After that, I wondered, “If the Divine Fiat already has Its first act, then no one else can say, ‘I am It’s first act.’  So how can those who come to live in It later on be the first act in the eyes of God?”


My Divine Jesus answered, “My daughter, all those who live or shall live in My Volition will, in God’s eyes, be like the first act because My Will has only one single on-going action.  All later actions come from that one primal act.  This one single uninterrupted action has the power to promote every act done within It as Its primal action.  Hence, all those who come to live in My Volition will be part of Its one single action, and they will all be first in the sight of the adored Majesty.  There’s no before or after in My Will, everything’s fused together in one single act.  There’s such honor and glory for the creature who has a role to play in this one single act of the Will of her Creator.  It is a fountain gushing out with all good things and every kind of happiness possible or imaginable.”


Then I continued following the Acts of my Beloved Jesus and I stopped when they gave Him His Cross.  He embraced it with tender loving care so He could carry it on His shoulder to Calvary.  Jesus explained to me what He was doing.


He said, “My daughter, the cross brought the Kingdom of Redemption to maturity and Its completion.  It then became the guardian of all those redeemed.   Whoever surrenders to the custody of the cross savors the sweet taste of its ripe fruit and is nourished by it and brought to maturity when she is ready to return to the Kingdom of My Will.” 


After all, that’s what prepared you to live in It.  For many years now your beauty has been maturing like perfectly ripened fruit.  Its flavor replaces the bitter taste of all the creature’s worldly attachments with Divine sweetness.  It is a sentinel that denies entry to anything unholy or does not prepare you for Heaven.  The cross has energized you with the presence of your Jesus, and He has found you mature enough to form the Kingdom of His Divine Will in the depth of your soul.  As your Teacher, I have spoken to you about It with love, and I still do that.  I have taught you how It works and how you must conduct your life within My Kingdom with all Its miraculous power and beauty.”


When your Jesus decides to reveal some truth, I bi-locate My very Life within each revelation; that’s how much Love I have for it.  This way, every truth has the power to form a Divine Life within each creature.  Whether I reveal a particular truth or not is so crucial that it risks putting a Divine Life in danger.  If it remains unknown, unloved and under-appreciated, a Divine Life is deprived of its fruit and denied its due honor.  That’s why I love the truths I reveal so much, because My very Life flows within them, so I would love for them to be published.” 


The way I operate is so much different than how creatures do.  When they speak, teach or work, they don’t invest their whole life in it, so they’re not grief-stricken if what they say and do turns out to be fruitless.  I, however, grieve so very much because My very Life flows through what I reveal.”




November 10, 1927

The soul alone with Jesus, and Jesus alone with her; how He alone enjoys her.  Order and harmony of Creation.  How each created thing was to receive the action of Adam.  God, first model of Creation; Adam, the second; the third, the one who must make the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat return.


I was felt abandoned in the Eternal Fiat, all alone, thinking of Jesus, as if no one else existed for me. 


I thought, “I feel so lonely.  Nothing flows within me except the great Sea of Divine Will; there’s nothing else.  Even Jesus flies away and hides from me within Its endless light.  Whenever I catch a glimpse of Him, the rays of the Sun of Divine Volition shines down upon Him that my poor eyes lose Him in Its fierce glare.  So I have to wait for my Jesus, my Life, to come out of Its light or else make less bright so I can find Him again.”


When the glare blinds me so bad I can’t see Him, the very life of my poor soul, it just makes me want to cry.  If only the blessed Fiat’s light weren’t so dazzling, I would have the joy of seeing my sweet Jesus again.  At least I can feel His Divine touch now and then; and His breath when He gives me a kiss.  That always makes me feel better.  But I still can’t see Him through all the glare of that blessed light.  Holy Will of God, only You have the strength and power to hide my Beloved Jesus from me.”


I was lost in thought when my highest Good, Jesus, came out from the dazzling light so I could see Him.


He said, “My daughter, when we are alone together, I center Myself within you and fill you up so completely there’s no room for anything else.  When I transform you into Myself, extraordinary grace naturally enters you.” 


I am free to do whatever I want whenever the soul is alone with Me.  I enjoy having her all to Myself.  My Love makes Me do such astonishing things with her; It’s silly how I try so hard to sweep her of her feet.  If creatures could see and hear all my seductive charms, they would say, ‘Only Jesus knows how to love like that.  It’s incredible how enticing he can be; no one can resist His charm; it’s just overwhelming.’” 


When someone lives only for Me, it’s like I’m the sun trying to shine all its light on a single plant.  Imagine one plant taking on the life of the sun and savoring all of its goodness, while the others only had what was sufficient to grow naturally.  That’s how it is; I focus My whole Life on her, holding nothing back whatsoever.”


Those who are not alone with Me, however, go without light simply because I can’t focus My Life on them, so the full weight of darkness hangs over them.  That’s because her being is divided into so many parts, one for each thing she cares about.  If she loves the earth, part of her belongs to the earth.  If she loves creatures, pleasure and wealth, her loyalty is torn to shreds as they pull her apart from different directions.  Her poor heart suffers anxiety, fear and bitter disillusion.  It’s just the opposite for someone who lives alone with Me.”


After that I continued making my rounds through the Divine Volition.  I got to Eden just in time to glorify my Creator as He was in the act of infusing life into the body of my first father Adam with His omnipotent breath.  


Then my always lovable Jesus moved within me.


He said, “Daughter, man was created well-ordered and in harmony with everything!  We created Adam to be the king of all Creation and have authority over It as sovereign.  Being in possession of Its very Unity, he would have filled all created things with his actions for the duration of his lifetime, had he not rejected Our Fiat.  As king and rightful owner, he had the right to subject each created thing to his own actions, which would fill them with light.  Every one of his actions was like a sun, all of them as beautiful as can be.  He was the crown of Creation.”


He would not have been truly king without knowing all of his dominions and having the right to submit everything We created to his own actions.  Like any land owner, he had the right to stroll around within it and plant flowers, trees or whatever else he preferred.  With the Power of Our Divine Fiat Adam did whatever he wanted.  He could bi-locate within all created things.  Whenever he spoke, whether out of love or in adoration or to command, his voice resonated throughout all Creation, filling It with love, adoration and whatever else he wanted.  The Divinity felt the love, adoration and exertion of His first son in all His works.” 


The sum total of Adam’s works would have continued throughout Creation as a prototype for all of his descendants.  It was intended that they model all their actions from the reflected light of their forefather’s accomplishments.  They were to inherit both the model and his actions as their possessions.  It would have been so glorious to see the works of Our dear son fused with Ours, because it was Our Love that gave birth to Adam, Our precious treasure.  We could have all been so happy.”


That’s why We formed Creation with man, Our precious jewel.  Unfortunately, Adam started, but didn’t finish.  He ended up in sorrow and confusion because he rejected Our Divine Will, even though It had initiated the first action that made him operate within the works of his Creator.  Nevertheless, it is right and just that We fulfill Our purpose in the lives of his descendants.  That’s why I’ve called you into the midst of My works throughout all Creation.  I’m shaping you into a prototype for the other creatures to model themselves so they can return into My Fiat.”


It is such a joy to see you making My Divine Volition your own.  I love to see you animate the sunlight so it can tell Me that you love Me and beg Me for My Kingdom on your behalf.  You call me with the swiftness of the wind, the murmuring of the sea, the flower, the outstretched heavens, and even the singing of the tiny little bird.  You animate them and lend them your voice so they can all express your love for Me.  They vividly relay the message that you adore Me and long for the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat to come soon.  It is so satisfying to relive the love and joy I first felt for My precious jewel.  I just want to leave everything behind and forget about it all.  What’s really important is that things return to how they were when We first created them.  This is too important, My daughter, so pay attention.”


The Supreme Being was the primary model for Creation.  It’s up to humankind to pattern their actions within It in synch their Creator.  Adam was made to be the secondary template, and all of his descendants were supposed to model themselves after him.  When he withdrew from My Will, however, he also lost Its Unity, so he didn’t have the paints, brushes and canvas he needed to replicate the Likeness of his Creator.”


Once he lost possession of My Will, the poor guy no longer had the skill to make replicas of the Divine.  In fact, he had none of the materials needed to create anything even remotely resembling God.  When he rejected My Divine Fiat, the power to know everything and do anything abandoned him completely.  You would be in the same predicament as Adam if you didn’t have pen, paper or ink to write down My revelations.  You couldn’t record a single word without them.  That’s what happened to Adam.  He no longer had a Divine mold to replicate Its Likeness.”


The third model has to be developed by the one who is committed to returning the Kingdom of My Will’s.  This is a big responsibility because the model you form will be copied by all the others.  If you let the life of My Divine Will flow within all your actions, It can provide you with everything you need to fulfill your mission.  If you do, everything will go well.  Your Jesus will be there with you to make sure you follow the design of His Divine model exactly.”




November 13, 1927

How the Word was in the center of His Humanity, and how He operated.  How there is a great difference between the reigning of the Divine Will and the sanctity of the Saints, even though there were miracles.


I made my rounds in the Divine Volition until I came to the actions It performed in the Humanity of Our Lord.


Then my sweet Jesus moved within me.


He said, “My daughter, the Divine Word was the center of Life within My Humanity.  We, that is, the Word and My Humanity, were inseparable.  However, My Humanity had Its limits and the Word did not.  In fact, the Logos was so immense as to be was infinite.  There was no way My Humanity could hold all the endless Light of the Word within It.” 


This Light, overflowing from the center of My Humanity, came out in rays from My hands and feet, from My mouth, My Heart, My eyes and every other part of My Humanity.  Everything I did flowed out from within this Light with more energy than any solar rays.  It permeated everything as It followed each one of the creatures’ actions, always ready to transfer Its own Actions into them.  By piercing them all with Its Light, It transformed those little deeds into Its own immense Actions by fusing them together until they were both just as important.  That’s the beauty of it.”


Imagine My Humanity’s sorrow when It saw Its Actions being rejected by creatures regardless of the Eternal Word’s very Light.  Despite His desire to transform creatures, they rejected all His Actions, each one turning to sorrow.  Meanwhile, each of creatures’ acts turned into an insult that bitterly offended My Humanity.  It’s really hard when you try to help someone and they want nothing to do with you.”


This sorrow lasts forever, because everything My Humanity did in the Light of the Eternal Word still exists and always will.  Once It has done something, It will remain in the act of doing it forever.  There It lies in ambush, waiting to transmit Its Actions to the creature.  Then the two actions shall come together with love as one meritorious Act emanating from the same Will.  The work I did for Redemption will not be completely done until My Fiat comes to reign among creatures out of love for them.  Then they will let all the good the Eternal Word came to do within My Humanity flow within them.” 


As My sweet Jesus was explaining this, I saw light coming out from within Him, enough to saturate everyone and everything.  After that, I continued making my rounds throughout the Divine Fiat.


I was following all the miracles It had done through the Patriarchs and Prophets of the Old Testament, the Apostles and all the Saints that lived after His life on earth was over.  I followed them chanting my “I love You”, using the power of His own miracles to ask that His Divine Kingdom come into the midst of creatures.


I began to wonder, “Considering how many miracles this Holy Volition has performed through all these Saints, perhaps Its reign on earth has already begun in some sense.”


As I thought about it, my Beloved Jesus, moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, nothing good exists that has not come out of My Divine Will.  Nevertheless, there’s a huge difference between sovereign rule among creatures and initializing an action from within Itself in conjunction with them.”


Take Abraham for example.  My Divine Will released an act of heroism, and as a result, he made a heroic sacrifice.  It willed powerful action, and Moses became a wonder worker.  It willed strength, and Samson became a strong man.  It willed the future of the Redeemer, and the Prophets revealed it.  That’s true for everyone who has ever distinguished themselves as a prodigy of uncommon virtue.  Whenever My Divine Will releases an action, if someone responds by adhering to it, they become its beneficiary.”


However, this has little to do with the Kingdom of My Will.  To establish It takes more than a single action.  It requires Its own unending action, and that’s what It wants to give creatures for the foundation of Its Kingdom.  It calls for Its own uninterrupted acts of power, happiness, light, sanctity and indescribable beauty.  It wants to transform creatures with the power of Its ceaseless action into what is natural for My Fiat, every possible or imaginable blessing.” 


There is more to a king’s rule than making laws and giving good things to his people, he must help develop their lives in a dignified manner.  He must be upright and just to be worthy of his kingdom.  He has to make sure they have everything they need.  To reign well, the king should live among the people in good will and share everything with them.  He truly reigns only when he and his people live as one.  My Will is like that; It is inseparable from the children of Its Kingdom.  It gives them everything It has, more than they would ever need.  They share Its happiness and holiness together.”


Saints, Prophets and Patriarchs have not been able to form My Kingdom in the midst of creatures, even with all their wondrous gifts.  They couldn’t show them how important It is, nor how much goodness can be found in My Will.  Without Its one continuous act permanently living in them, they couldn’t understand the purpose of Its Kingdom, let alone what It can do and what It wants to give them.  Since they didn’t know It in depth, they were preoccupied with other things concerning My glory and their own well being.  They set My Will aside until the Paternal Goodness, at Its own pleasure, in Its own good time, would be the first to make It known.  A Kingdom so great and holy was beyond their wildest dreams.  So pay attention and keep flying within the Divine Fiat.”





November 18, 1927

How, when God manifests a new truth to the creature, it is a new feast for God and for her.  As the soul decides to do her act in the Divine Volition, she calls the Divine Fiat to be reflected in her act with Its light, that has the virtue of emptying it of everything that is not light.


I was depressed as usual that my sweet Jesus hadn’t visited me, even though I was completely abandoned in His lovable Will.


I thought, “Jesus, my highest Good, hasn’t spoken to me lately.  The silence is profound.  I can feel Him moving inside me now and then, just barely, yet He hasn’t said a word.”


As I was thinking about it, He moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, when God stops revealing new truths about His Divine Will, it’s because He has suspended It.  Without truth and goodness, there is no feast for God and His creatures.”


When I heard that, I said, “You are always feasting, You have all the truth.  The feast only stops for the poor creature; she doesn’t have the fountain of all truth.  When the Creator doesn’t reveal further truth to her, feasting comes to an end.  Even though she has fond memories of the feasts You have prepared for her, only You can surprise her with a new festival; she can’t do that by herself.”


Jesus responded, “You’re right, My daughter, We are always feasting.  Furthermore, no one can cast the slightest shadow over the ocean of Our ever-new Joy and endless Happiness inherent in Our Divine Being.  A festival begins whenever Our Divine Being is in the act of overflowing with love for the creature by revealing Its Truth.” 


Anytime We can redouble the creature’s happiness by revealing truth to her, We begin a new feast.  We pour out Our Truth from the fountain of Our Joy to prepare the banquet of Our Happiness.  We love to celebrate truth with her.  Anytime she sits at Our table to nourish herself with Our food, the feast begins.  Festivals of joy are meant to be shared.  Good things in isolation are no occasion for feasting; the joy does not smile.  Happiness does not dine alone, that would be dull.  There is no feast without anyone to smile and celebrate with you.  There’s no reason to prepare a banquet unless We have someone to get inebriated with Us and grin.”


It is the coming together that makes for a feast.  Contentment comes from making others content.  Even though We have Our own feasts that are forever new, We are always waiting to begin a new festival to honor the creature.  If you only knew Our Joy and Happiness when We see someone as little as you are sitting at Our table, nourishing yourself with the truth of Our Supreme Volition.  You smile at the face of Its light and take Our Joy to safekeep in Our treasury within you as you adorn yourself with Our Beauty.  As you become inebriated with so much happiness, We listen to your sweet refrain, ‘I want the Kingdom of Your Fiat.’  You would turn Heaven and earth upside down to get what you want, and only because you wish the whole human family happy to be as happy as you are.”


Even though My Will has the power to make you happy, your feast wouldn’t be complete if you couldn’t share it with others.  If you could only teach everyone about It in a way they could understand, then they could all share in Its happiness.  That would be like having another festival for them.  Just knowing you’ve made them happy would please you twice as much.”


I agreed, “That’s true, my Love.  I would be so much happier and content if I could overwhelm everyone and carry them into Your Holy Will.”


Then He said, “So would I.  Even though We have Our Happiness and Our endless feast, We would still love to add the happiness of the creature to It.  That’s why, when I see you yearning for My Truth in hope of understanding them, I feel the urge to reveal them.  So I say, ‘I want to enjoy My latest festival with My little daughter.  I want to smile with her and inebriate her with My own Happiness.’  Sadly, during these past days of silence, you have been deprived of Our new feast, as We have been deprived of yours.”


Then He was silent for awhile.  He continued, though.


He said, “My daughter, when you pour yourself into My Divine Fiat to think, speak and work within It, you call out to My Will, and It responds by reflecting Its light in your action.  This empties the act of anything human that might be in it and fills it with all that is Divine.  Your thoughts and words call My Divine Volition, as does everything you do with your hands and feet and what you feel in your heart.  It reflects Its light in each of them and empties them completely so It can form Its life of light there.” 


Since light contains all hues My Divine Will places one of Its Divine colors on your thoughts, another on your words, and others on your hands in every deed you do.  As these actions multiply, Its Divine colors subdivide further within Its light.  It’s a beautiful site to see when you are permeated by so many shades of Divine color, one for every thought, another for each action or step you take.  It is enchanting to see how beautiful you are in the light of all these Divine colors.  All of Heaven wants to enjoy the beauty My Fiat reflects in your soul.  So keep calling out to My Divine Will as much as you can.”





November 23, 1927

When the soul does not give primacy to the Divine Will, the Divine Will is in danger and as though suffocated in the midst of creatures.  When the soul prays for the coming of the Kingdom of the Divine Will, all of Heaven echoes her prayer.


Being abandoned in the Divine Fiat is my whole life.  It sustains me, It is everything to me.  My sweet Jesus hides from me more and more, and I’m left only with His Will.  It is so holy, immense and powerful that Its every motion gushes out a Sea of light generating endless luminous waves.  I feel like a little child who is lost, though I understand there is so much to do following Its innumerable actions in such a vast Sea and wandering within the Divine Fiat.


I thought, “I wish I had my sweet Jesus with me.  Only He knows all the secrets of His Will.  Then I wouldn’t get lost, and I could follow Its endless actions better.  I don’t think He loves me like He did before, even though He says He does.  I have to face of facts, however, words don’t count.  Jesus! Jesus! I didn’t think You could change so much.  Its killing me.  You know that going without You so long is a fate worse than death for me.” 


While I was thinking about that, among things, my Beloved Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, My poor little daughter, what are you so afraid of?  Why do you doubt My Love?  Besides, even if you get lost, you always remain within My Will; you are never outside of It.  Furthermore, I would never tolerate you taking even a single step outside Its boundaries.  No way, the little daughter of My Will shall always remain in Its arms.  Moreover, how could I not love you when I see that My Fiat is the primary source of all your actions?”


I can see that It’s never in danger like It is with the other creatures who suffocate It in all their actions.  It has no prime importance for them, so It’s always in danger there.  Some steal Its treasure, some are an affront to Its light, some deny It altogether and the others trample on It.  They do not recognize It’s prerogatives.  It is like a king whose subjects deny him due honor.  Sadly, they beat him and plot to kick him out of his own kingdom.”


However, My Divine Will is safe in My little daughter.  Her gaze does not threaten It.  She looks at the veils that hide My Will in all created things and tears them off so she can look at how It reigns within all Creation.  She kisses It, she loves and adores It, following Its every action as an admirer.  It is the primary impulse for all your actions, so It is never endangered by anything she might do or say.  By acknowledging Its primal action, she honors It as Divine and respects It as the king of everything.  Her soul looks out for the safety of My Will and guards her Creator’s treasure as if they belonged to her, and It knows the earth, air, water and light she takes has not been stolen.” 


On the other hand, those who refuse Its reign steal from It at every opportunity, and My Will senses constant danger.”


After that, having made my rounds in the Divine Fiat, I collected all created things dominated by the actions of the Divine Fiat.  Gathering the heavens, the sun, sea and all Creation, I bundled them up and took them to the Supreme Majesty and set all Its works around It.  Then I had the acts of Its own Will appeal for the Kingdom of Divine Fiat upon earth. 


Just as I was finishing, my lovable Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, all of Heaven echoes your petition.  The Angels, Saints and Sovereign Queen say to each other, ‘Fiat!  Fiat!  Voluntas Tua, on earth as It is in Heaven.’  They all have an interest in the Kingdom, and since it is petition of Heaven, it is their duty to ask for what you want.  They are aware of the powerful strength of My Divine Will animating them, so they echo, ‘May the Will of Heaven be one with the earth.’” 


An echo from earth fills Heaven with the resounding harmony of a single petition, blending with such beauty into one echo within a single Will.  In admiration, all the Blessed ask as one, ‘Who is that carrying the whole ensemble of Divine works before the Divinity?  With all the power of the Divine Fiat she has, she overwhelms us all until we ask for the holy Kingdom.’”    


No one has ever had this power until now.  She imperiously asks for the Kingdom of the Fiat with such power.  At most, some have asked for the glory of God or the salvation of souls.  They often ask forgiveness of sins.  All these things concern external works of God, while asking for the Kingdom of Divine Will is an internal matter regarding the most intimate Acts of God and the destruction of sin.  It’s not just about salvation; it concerns Divine Sanctity in creatures.  It means liberation from all evil of spirit and flesh.  It will raise earth to Heaven and bring Heaven down to earth.”


Asking for the Kingdom of My Divine Will is the greatest thing you can do.  It is the perfection of holiness.  That’s why they all reverently accompany your echo with beautiful harmony resonating throughout the Celestial Fatherland, ‘Fiat Voluntas Tua, on earth as It is in Heaven.’”




November 27, 1927

One who lets herself be dominated by the Divine Will, by virtue of It, receives the Divine fecundity within herself, and can generate in others the good that she contains.  What is necessary in order to obtain the Kingdom of the Divine Will:  first, to move God; second, to possess the Divine Will as one’s life.


I continually abandon myself in the Divine Volition, though My Beloved Jesus, my Life and my All, is too often hidden in Its radiant glare.  It, however, never hides; Its light is always within me.  Even if It wanted to conceal Itself, It couldn’t because Its light is everywhere, so there’s no place to hide.  It has no way to restrict Its natural immensity, It fills everything.  It predominates everything so imperiously that I feel It in every fiber of my being.  It flows within everything, even my breath.  Sometimes I think the Divine Volition loves me even more than Jesus Himself.  I say that because He deserts me so often, while His adorable Will never leaves me.  Actually, it’s only natural.  It wouldn’t abdicate, not ever.  It dominates me with Its imperial light.  It triumphantly demands my attention, no matter what I’m doing.


Divine Will, I’m in awe of You.  Nothing can escape Your light.  Though I am as tiny and insignificant as an atom, You conquer me with Your teasing caresses.  You delight in dissolving something so small within the immensity of Your endless light.”


I relaxed in total immersion within Its light until my Beloved Jesus moved inside me.   


He said, “My daughter, someone who lets herself be dominated by My Divine Will, is made fruitful through Divine power.  With such fertility, she can generate what she has in others.  The soul’s protracted generation creates such beauty with this Divine fertility.  Engendering so many births through her actions, they become her glorious entourage.  She will witness generations of the children of light coming out from within herself.  This is the joy of Divine Sanctity.” 


The fertile seed of My Divine Volition is pure and holy.  It is so beautiful.  Being light, It generates light; being holy, It inspires holiness, being strong, It creates strength.  It has custody over everything good; it generates peace, happiness and joy.  If you only knew how much good the fertile seed of this Volition will bring you with Its holiness.  It knows how to replicate everything It has at every moment.  It can bring them to you, and then to all.”


This is how Her Highness, the Sovereign Queen, was able to generate the Eternal Word by herself.  It was because She didn’t give life to Her human will that She could give life to the Divine Will.  By means of this, She fully obtained the seed of Divine fertility and could generate Him and thus contain what Heaven and earth could not.  Not only could She generate Him within Her maternal womb, She could generate Him in all creatures.  The generation of children of the Celestial Queen is the patrimony of a long and noble line.  She generated everyone in the Divine Fiat, because It can do anything and enclose everything within Itself.  My Divine Will raises up the creature and allows Her to share in the fruitfulness of Celestial Paternity.  There is so much power and so many sublime mysteries within It!”


Then I continued acting in the Divine Fiat where I offered up everything to ransom Its Kingdom upon earth.  I wanted to fill all Creation and animate all created things with my voice.  We will all chant together, “Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven.  Hurry, hurry; let Your Kingdom come.” 


After that, I started wondering, “How can such a holy Kingdom come on earth?  Creatures haven’t changed, no one bothers with It and passions still abound.  So, how can this Kingdom ever come into the world?” 


Then Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, the Kingdom of My Divine Fiat is so great and good.  To bring It about, it is crucial to convince God that My Divine Will must be here among His creatures to rule them.  When God decides to move, He overcomes every obstacle and conquers all, including evil itself.  It’s also essential that the creature who seeks It by imploring God to bestow something so  good, must internalize the life of the Kingdom she solicits for other creatures.” 


The one who has It knows how important It is and will spare no sacrifice in begging for others the treasure she already has in her possession.  She knows the secret ways she must follow; to conquer God, she must be persistent and unrelenting.  She will be like a sun that has kept its fulsome light to itself until it can’t contain it anymore and feels compelled to share it with everyone for their own good.  That’s what it means to make them happy with your own happiness.  Those who possess something good have the power both to ask for it and to give it.” 


The same thing happened in Redemption, sin was flooding the earth.  The nation called ‘the people of God’ had a very small population, and He seemed to be closely associated with them, however, that was only superficially.  However, they did not actually have in their possession the life of the Redeemer, even after so many generations had been pleading for Him.  You can say the same thing about today’s Church, whose consecrated people and religious spend so much time reciting the Our Father.  However, the fulsome life of My Will they ask for in the Our Father is not in them, so their petition is expressed in words rather than facts.”


Then, when the Queen of Heaven came, she already possessed the fullness of Divine Life, thus She could ask everything for the benefit of humankind.  That moved God so much that He felt He had been conquered and forced to decide in Her favor.  In the face of all the evil present in the world, the Eternal Word came upon earth through the Her intercession because She already possessed Him, the One who formed Her whole life.  The fullness of Divine Life enabled Her to move God, thus bringing the good of Redemption.  She obtained what all the others put together could not achieve.  The Sovereign Queen conquered Her Creator, within Herself, and then requisitioned all the good things She had requested for others.  She had the power to obtain every blessing through Her pleading and then to give humankind what had come into Her possession.”


There is big difference, My daughter, between someone who asks for what she already has, and someone else who asks and does not yet possess Divine Life.  The first one asks what is rightfully hers; the second who appeals to charity and receives a few dollars, at the most, though certainly not an entire kingdom.  On the other hand, someone who asks what she rightfully owns by possession as queen, that is, her kingdom, can legitimately give it to whomever she pleases.  Furthermore, she has her empire by Divine right, hence she can thus implore its bestowal upon creatures.”


That’s what’ll happen regarding the Kingdom of My Will and I highly recommend that you pay attention and allow It to form the fullness of Its life in you.  That’s how you will be empowered to move God, and once He moves, no one, anywhere, can ever resist Him.”




December 1, 1927

Strength of the Celestial Mama in the privations of Jesus.  Strength that the little daughter of His Will must have.  Power of the acts done in the Divine Will; how they are the outpouring of God.


I felt totally disconnected from my highest Good, Jesus.  Calling for Him, as much as I did, had no effect, I couldn’t find Him.  I can’t express how bitterly tortured I felt, I just don’t have the words, so I won’t try.  Finally, after several long days of martyrdom, as I was abandoned in the Divine Fiat, my Beloved Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, I want you to have the same strength of mind as the Celestial Sovereign Lady.  She eventually began to love the Divine Will even more than the Humanity of Her very own Son, Jesus.  The Divine Will sometimes commanded Us to leave each other, so I would go far away and She wasn’t allowed to follow Me.  She was strong enough to stay behind because Her mind was at peace and could put the Divine Fiat before Her own Son.  The Divine Fiat was enraptured by Her strength so much that It bi-located the Sun of My Divine Will.  It remained centered within My Mom and I at the same time.  The Sun bi-located Itself while the light continued as one.  It spread out without ever separating from both centers of the bi-located Sun.”


The Sovereign Queen received everything from My Will.  It bestowed fullness of grace, sanctity and sovereignty over everything.  It even provided Her with fertility, bringing life to Her Son.  My Will gave Her everything and denied Her nothing.  Later, when My Will wanted Me to go far away, She would return what She had received from the Divine Will, an act of heroic strength.  Though the heavens knew of Her heroism and that She loved Me more than Her own life, they were amazed at Her valiant deeds.”   


Now I want to see the heroism of the little daughter of My Divine Will.  Sometimes you must show the quiet strength needed to return your Jesus to the Divine Will when It requires you to be without Him.  Rather than sad disappointment, show me the same strength as My Celestial Mom.  This separation was only externally apparent in the Sovereign Queen of Heaven, internally the Divine Volition kept Us inseparably fused together.  That’s how it will be with you; My Volition will keep you within Me.  Our actions will be indistinguishable fused together as one.  We shall never be apart.”



Then I continued acting in the Divine Fiat.  I didn’t think I was doing them very, however, so I prayed to my Celestial Mom for assistance.  I knew that She could surely help me follow the Supreme Volition, having loved It so much.  Her Highness knows that It is the source of all Her glory. 


As I thought about it, my lovable Jesus, moving inside me.


He said, “My daughter, all the acts of My Queen Mother were done from within My Will, where they wait for the actions that creature do in It to assemble.  So, whenever you want do something in My Volition, those actions come to your aid.  Light, grace and sanctity gather around you to provide what you need; some of them are actually your own actions.  You have an entourage of noble, holy and Divine Acts at your service.” 


These Acts overflow from God.  When He feeds them to a creature, she is filled to the brim and has pour out what she can’t hold into her Creator again.  All her Divine acts return to Him.  They are the greatest glory a creature can give to the One who created her.  These actions performed in the Divine Volition are the source everything good.  They set everything in motion, heaven and earth, even God Himself.  They are the Divine motion that animates creatures.  The Celestial Sovereign Lady used the power of these actions to pull the Word down to earth.  Now She waits for the ensemble of Her actions to convince God to make Our Supreme Will come and rule the earth.  They are God’s triumph over creatures, as well as the Divine weapons the creature can use to conquer God.  So continue acting in My Will, and you will have the powerful assistance of both the Sovereign Queen and the Divine.”




December 6, 1927

State of the soul.  How sorrow and bitterness do not enter the Divine Will because they are human births.  The Divine way.  How the Divine Will has Its life in the midst of creatures, and how they hamper It.  How each act done in It is a Divine signature that circulates.  Example.


Though I continue my abandonment in the Divine Fiat, I have been totally deprived of my highest Good, Jesus.  I don’t have the words to say sad I bitter I felt, even though I was secure in the peaceful serenity and joy of the Supreme Volition’s light. 


I thought, “My poor soul has been transformed.  When blessed Jesus used to deprive me of Himself, even for a few hours, I was restless, I cried, raving mad.  I was the unhappiest creature on earth.  Now it’s just the opposite.  I can go without Him, for hours, even days, though I still feel intense sorrow penetrating deep down into the marrow of my bones.  However I’m no longer restless, much less delirious.  I don’t cry anymore; it’s like I’ve run out of tears.  I feel so peaceful, brave and happy.  My God, what a change!  Just thinking about being happy without Jesus makes me want to die!  Yet it doesn’t make me sad.  It seems like happiness leaves sorrow free, and vice-versa.  They both follow their course, each in its own way.  There is a time and place for each one; they don’t mix.  Jesus! My Jesus!  Have You no pity?  Why won’t You help me?  If You love me so much, You should run, You should fly to the little daughter of Your Will.”


As I was pouring out my sorrow, He moved inside me, just barely.


He said, “Daughter of My Will, why do you upset yourself like this.  You disturb your own peace and happiness.  My Will reigns like a noble Divine Queen.  It holds immense joy and endless happiness.  Sorrow and bitter tears are creatures of time; they are all born of human will.  Eternity does not give birth to them, nor does My Will.  They are finite and limited.  They have no power whatsoever to enter My Divine Volition’s Sea of happiness.” 


This is the Divine way of the Queen of Heaven and My own Humanity.  We’ve had so many sorrows of every kind without them ever penetrating or decreasing the heights of Our endless joy and happiness.  Every time you were distressed or felt restless when you didn’t see Me for a while, you were expressing what was left of your human will.  Your tears were its dregs.  My Will naturally rejects this weakness as something alien.  As reigning queen, It regulates sorrow by circulating it without ever permitting it to invade Its own happiness.  When It is sovereign within a creature, It fills her with invincible happiness, and sorrow is forever banished.  Within My adorable Will’s endless Sea of happiness, there is no room for even one single drop of sorrow.” 


Worrying about the change you feel within your soul means resisting Its reign within you.  My Divine Will has Its own life; It enters into the soul and carries out Its fully Divine life within her when the soul opens the doors of her will to let It enter and dominate.  There the Queen forms Its life of peace, happiness, light and sanctity.  As a result, the creature takes on It attributes with all Its treasure.  From then on, her sorrow is Divinely transformed so it cannot harm what My Will has infused in her.  However, when someone does not open the doors so It can enter and dominate, Its life remains in suspended animation within her.”


Imagine a creature in a similar situation as My Divine Fiat who wants to give another creature everything she has, and he responds with outrageous ingratitude.  He ties her hands and feet so she can’t come any closer to him.  Then he gags her so she can’t say anything and blindfolds her so she can’t even look at him.  Immobilized, she can’t help him as she would like.  She can’t get close enough with her feet bound, and even if she could, with her hands tied, she can’t give him what she brought.  With her mouth gagged, she can’t even tell him what it was.  He blindfolded because he didn’t want her gaze to draw him into opening the door for her.”


This bearer of so much good is repaid with sorrow, and that’s how it is for My Will when creatures won’t open the doors of their will so It may carry out Its life within them.  It’s so sad, My daughter, so sad.”


So I thought about the Divine Will being the bearer of so much good until my sweet Jesus continued speaking.


He said, “My daughter, My Love for someone who permits My Divine Fiat to reign and dominate within her is so great.  For every act she does within It, the Divinity surrenders another Divine right to the soul: light, grace, sanctity and happiness.  It binds the soul with these rights so she can take possession of Its Divine treasure.  Every additional act done in My Divine Volition is another signature on a deed executed by your Creator, making you legal owner of His Light, Grace, Sanctity and Happiness.”


It’s like a rich man who loves a poor lady who never leaves his house unless it’s to visit her lord’s fields to bring him fruit from his farms.  She makes him happy by bringing him what is his.  The rich man watches the poor lady and becomes fond of her.  He sees that she is happy living in his house, and wants to make sure that her happiness continues, so he decides to guarantee that it does.  He writes a public deed transferring his property to this poor woman who has wounded his heart by staying in his house and making her beloved lord happy with the produce of his own fields.”


That’s how it is for someone who lives in Our Divine Will.  She lives in Our house, using Our own wealth to glorify Us and make Us happy.  Any disparity between her and Ourselves would weigh upon Our Paternal Heart and cause Us pain.  We are magnanimous because no pain or unhappiness can enter Our Divine Volition.  Every time she acts, We place Our signature on another deed transferring Our property to make her rich and happy with Our own Happiness.  This is why I keep repeatingPay attention, My daughter, so you don’t miss anything.’  Every one of your actions in Our Will is a valid signature that is legally binding for eternity.  These Divine signatures infallibly assure that the Divine Will is yours, and that you belong to It.”




December 8, 1927

One who lives in the Divine Will is regenerated by It, and is endowed with Its goods.  The Virgin, little light, became Sun by virtue of the Divine Will.


As I was making my rounds throughout Creation, following all the actions the Divine Fiat performs within It, I began to wonder about them.


I thought, “I can’t go without making my rounds throughout Creation.  I could never do without my brief little visits to the heavens, the sun, stars, sea or any other created thing.  It’s like an electric wire pulling me into their midst, to sing the praises of so many magnificent works.  I’m drawn to praise and love the Divine Will that created them and holds them tightly in the palm of Its Divine hand.  It preserves their fresh beauty just as they were when It released them into the light of the day.  They ask for that very life and dominion the Divine Fiat has placed within them be brought into the midst of creatures.  Does that really explain why I can’t without them?” 


As I wonder about that, my Beloved Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, you were born not just once, but twice, first, naturally like all creatures, and then reborn within My Will.  Born as Its child, you became rightful heir to all Its wealth.  My Divine Volition bequeathed all of Its possessions to you as any father and mother would.  Furthermore, when It regenerated you, It endowed you with Its Divine properties.” 


Such an heir would naturally love such generous parents and spend much of his time on the property he inherited, enjoying what his parents have done with it.  He would visit them often and build a house of his own so he could live close by and enjoy their company.  Out of love and appreciation, he would continually sing their praises for so generously endowing him with such extensive properties festooned with every kind of beauty.  The daughter of My Divine Will would be so ungrateful if she did not have her dwelling on the premises of the One who gave birth to her out of such love.  It would mean that she didn’t love the One Who brought her into being and refused to acknowledge her generous inheritance.”


That’s why you feel the need to make your rounds throughout Creation, because it’s yours.  The One who generated you calls you out of love on His fiber optic telephone so He can share the joys of your mutual property.  He takes pleasure in hearing you repeat your constant refrain: ‘May the Kingdom of Your Fiat come down upon the earth.’”


So I continued my rounds within all that God created until I paused where He created the Sovereign Queen.  She was a creature of the purest beauty, new and unblemished, the greatest wonder of all Creation.  Then Jesus, my highest Good, spoke to me.


He said, “My daughter, the Immaculate Mary was the little light of the human genome, born of the earth.  Yet She was always the Daughter of Light, a light that stain can never tarnish.”


You know where all Her greatness lies, who gave Her sovereignty and formed seas of light, grace, love, beauty, power and sanctity, both within and without.  My daughter, humans do not know how to do great things, or how to give what is grand.  The Celestial Queen would never have been more than a dim little light, had She not set Her own will aside; it was, after all, just the flicker of a spark.  She let Herself be filled by My Divine Will, and It dissolved Her little light within Itself.  My Will is not a small lamp; It is a Sun, immense beyond understanding, that filled Her to overflowing, enough to form entire seas of light around Her, full of grace and sanctity.  These adorned Her with every shade of Divine Beauty, enamoring the One who created Her.”


Her Immaculate Conception, as pure and beautiful as It was, began as a small lamp.  It would never have light sufficiently powerful to form seas of sanctity and light unless Our Divine Will had filled Her little light enough to convert it into the Sun.  First, however, the will of the Celestial Sovereign Lady, a little candle, had to be content with being dissolved in the Sun of the Divine Fiat and be dominated by It.”


That was the great miracle, the Kingdom of My Divine Will was within Her and everything She did became light.  She nourished Herself with light so that everything that came out of Her was radiant.  The Sun of My Divine Will was in Her power, and She could draw from It as much light as She wanted.  Light naturally spreads out, looking out over everything as it illuminates, warms and nourishes.  Her Highness, the Sovereign Queen has the Sun of My Divine Will in Her She possession.  By diffusing Herself in God, She dominated Him enough that She could persuade Him to come down upon the earth.  She became the fertility of the Eternal Word, illuminating and warming mankind.”


Everything She did was done by the power of the Kingdom of My Will She possessed.  All of these privileges adorned the Queen Mother.  Her possession of the Kingdom of My Will is the substance of all Her goodness, sublime beauty and grand sovereignty.  People say a lot about Her minor gifts, but not a word about Her great power.  This shows that they know little or nothing about My Will.  That’s why they’re mostly speechless when faced with It.”




December 14, 1927

Just as the human will formed the bad seed, the Divine Will reigning in the creature will form the good and holy seed.  How God, in giving a good to the creature, first encloses the whole value of that good in one alone, and then gives it to the other creatures.


I continued abandoning myself in the Divine Will and I felt completely surrounded by the endless sea of Its light.  I was praying that my Beloved Jesus would hurry and make known His Will as soon as possible.  Once everyone knows about It, they will yearn for Its Kingdom, hoping to be ruled by It.


My lovable Jesus began to speak.


He said, “My daughter, the human will is the bad seed, it is the wood worm gnawing through generations of humans.  It is imperative that the Sunlight of My Divine Will break down and destroy that damaged seed with the heat and light of knowledge.  Every piece of information I reveal to you about My Divine Fiat is another blast to the human will that will eventually kill it.  Its heat and light will pulverize and burn the bad seed away, leaving only the good and holy seed of My Will within the generations of humankind.  As I continue revealing knowledge of It, I prepare the soil, sow Its seed in your soul and germinate It.  The luminous heat of My Divine Volition hides the seed under Its wings of light.  My Will hovers over the seed, concealing it like a mother with a baby in her womb, nourishing it so it can grow and develop Its womb of light.” 

The bad seed grew out of just one creature indulging his human will, leading to the ruin of the human family.  So it will take another creature to produce the seed of the Divine Fiat, by making the human volition die.  By allowing It to live with dominion over her, she will restore what creatures lost, their sanctity and happiness.  It will be their salvation.  One creature brought about such evil by doing his will, another one shall restore all goodness by doing My Will and giving It the freedom to form the life of Its Kingdom within her?”


As I continued thinking about the Divine Fiat, I had some doubts.


I wondered, “How can this Kingdom of the Divine Will ever come into the midst of creatures if sin abounds and no one even gives It a thought.  Why would they want such a Kingdom?  All they seem to think about is war, revolution and turning the world upside down.  They are consumed with rage because they cannot completely achieve their perverted designs by lying in ambush, waiting for an opportunity.  That should be enough to drive away the grace of any such kindness.” 


Then my Beloved Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, I have you, and you are worth more than anything.  When I consider how important you are, I ignore everything else.  The significance of My Divine Will being within you is that I will institute My Kingdom in the midst of creatures.  A person’s worth depends on what is entrusted to him.  My Will has infinite value; it is worth more than all creatures put together.  In the eyes of the Divine Majesty, the one who possesses It is the most precious thing of all.  For now I have you, and that’s enough to convince Me to establish the Kingdom of My Will.  All the many evils of this era taken together are no match for the great merit of My Divine Will operating in just one creature.  My Will shall pile up all that evil and use Its power to banish them from the face of the earth.” 


The same thing happened in Redemption, when evil had still not been banished from the earth; actually, it abounded more than ever.  However, a creature who took possession of the Divine Will came upon earth, the Sovereign Queen.  She was the safeguard of Redemption’s treasury.  So I ignored all the others along with their evil intentions and estimated the value of this Celestial Creature.  It was enough to persuade Me to come down upon the earth, such was the power of Her prayer.  She had all the rights and privileges of Our Divine Will, and would have them forever.  It was only because of Her that I conceded the Kingdom of Redemption by forming It in the midst of creatures.  Before making available the good of Redemption, I first had to find Its full value within My Mom.  I wanted to safely guard, within inside Her maternal Heart, the entire treasure I would take with me into the midst of creatures when I came upon the earth.  Only then could I grant the favor the Sovereign Queen of Heaven was asking of Me.” 


I was like the prince who prepares for an expeditionary conquest by appointing a minister who can be entrusted with his secret accounts while he is away.  He delegates suficient funds to meet the expenditures of an army large enough to vanquish all resistance, trusting only in this one official to guarantee the success of his campaign.  Assured of the logistics required to overwhelm his enemy, he triumphantly departs, knowing that victory is certain.”


That’s how I work.  When I want to give something good to creatures, I begin by delegating My treasury to one of them as My trusted fiduciary.  Then, once I’m sure of the logistics, I disburse what she has requisitioned for the other creatures.  So, focus on gathering up all of the treasures found in the Kingdom of My Will.  Safeguard them within yourself, and I will provide everything else needed for such a worthy enterprise.”




December 18, 1927

How the Virgin possessed the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat.  How the lights dived, and She was able to conceive.  How Jesus, from within the veil of His Humanity, like rising sun, kept tracing all creatures.  How each Divine manifestation is a commitment that God makes to creatures.


I was thinking about how much love He felt for us when Jesus, our highest Good, Jesus, became flesh in the womb of Her Highness, the Sovereign Lady.  How could any creature hold a God within her, no matter how holy and pure she might be?


Then my always lovable Jesus moved inside me.   


He said, “My daughter, My Celestial Mom took My Will as Her own.  It filled her so full that Its light overflowed, surging waves of light up into the bosom of Our Divinity.  With the power of Our Divine Volition in Her possession, She conquered the Celestial Father, and commandeered the Light of the Word, holding It captive within Her own radiance.  She used the same light generated by the power of My Divine Will to coerce His descent into Her womb.” 


With Our own Will in command and radiating Our Light from within Her, I could never have made My descent from Heaven.  It would have been immediately obvious, otherwise, that I had come down into the house of some stranger.  It was such a relief to land in My own house.  I had finally found a place where I could lower My Light, My Heaven and all My countless Joys.  It was the Celestial Sovereign Lady who had prepared this dwelling for Me, using the power of My own Divine Will.  She had reproduced a Heaven exactly like the Celestial Fatherland.  After all, It is My own Will that forms the Paradise of all the Blessed.” 


As the light of My Fiat pulled Me into Her womb, the Light of the Word came down.  They both dived into each other.  The purest Virgin Queen Mother took a few drops of the blood flowing from Her burning Heart to draw the veil of My Humanity swaddling the Light of the Word.  Yet My Light was so immense that, even though My Divine Mama wrapped Its sphere in the veil of My Humanity She made for Me, She still could not enfold Its rays.  From the earth’s horizon, they streamed out in a beautiful sunrise and rose up to the zenith of high noon.  From there, its rays spread over the earth, highlighting the plants covered in flowers and the sea full of creatures.  It bestows the blessings of Its light on all.  Its sphere looks triumphantly from on high at the good it does and at the life it infuses in everything it fills with its light.  That’s what I do, with more radiance than the rising sun.  Its overflowing rays diffuse outward through the veil of My Humanity to follow all creatures, giving them My very Life with all the goodness I bestow upon the earth.  Rays streaming forth from the sphere of My Light beat down fiercely on every creature, shouting, ‘Open yourself to Me; accept this life I bring you.’”


My Sun never sets, though It continues to follow Its course.  Reaching far and wide, Its pounding rays beats down on the hearts and minds of creatures.  It hammers their wills, over and over again, clamoring to give them My Life.  Yet so many of them slam their doors on Me and even make fun of My Light?  Nevertheless, My Love is so great that I never hold back, no matter what they do.  My Sun forever rises as It continues giving life to creatures.”


Then I resume my rounds through the Divine Volition until my Beloved Jesus added another variation on the theme.


He said, “My daughter, each prediction I announced to My Prophets concerning My coming down to earth was another commitment I made to creatures, that I would come into their midst.  When the Prophets reveal them, they inspire people to hope and pray for such a great blessing.

These prophecies are a down-payment on the promise.  Whenever I revealed anything about the time and place of My birth, I made another advance payment.” 


That’s what I’m doing with the Kingdom of My Will.  Each revelation regarding My Divine Fiat is another commitment I make.  Each addition bit of information I add is a new pledge that It will surely come.  When I make such commitments, it is a clear signal that the Kingdom of My Will is coming with the same certainty the promise of the Kingdom Redemption was fulfilled.  My words have their life through Me, and once given, they must have another place to dwell before they can be productive.  Every new revelation is priceless; there is nothing trivial about any of them.  Each one is another commitment by God, and none of them are ever lost or misplaced.  The more commitments We make, the closer the time come to carry them out.  However, first they have to be collected and safely stored in one location.  That’s why you have to pay such close attention.  Focus hard on them so none may thoughtlessly escape you.  There shall be grave consequences if you let even one Divine assurance go missing.”





December 22, 1927

Sacrifices of writing.  How one who operates only for God encloses a Divine Life in his act.  How one who is chosen for a mission encloses all the goods that others must receive.  How all redeemed ones turn around the Celestial Mama.  The Creation, mirror of man.


I spent most of the night writing.  That must be why I feel so week and tired.


I thought, “This blessed writing takes a lot out of me; it’s a big sacrifice.  However, I want to be of help to My Creator, for His great glory.  Something good might come of this.  It’s a small sacrifice to make if I can make know the Kingdom of Divine Fiat.  If it does, so much the better, otherwise the sacrifice I make to write will be all for nothing, a useless and vain gesture.” 


As I thought about it, my lovable Jesus came out from inside me and gave me a big hug to encourage me. 


He said, “Beloved daughter of My Divine Volition, be brave and keep up the good work.  Nothing you do for Me will be wasted.  Actually, even if the soul only performs a single act for Me, she encapsulates all of Me within that one action.  By having Me completely within her, her action takes on the value of a Divine Life, something worth more than the sun.  The sun naturally exceeds everything else when it comes to providing heat, light and innumerable other benefits for the entire world.  It’s only natural that whatever is done for Me should bring out all the great advantages inherent in Divine Life.”


Moreover, all the knowledge I reveal to you about My Will shall never leave you once they are written down on paper.  They will be as firmly fixed in the center of your being as the rays that emanate from the sphere of the sun.  In your case, this sphere is My own Divine Will reigning within you, and Its great love delights in placing ever new rays of knowledge into your sphere.  That’s how creatures will have enough light to see It and be attracted with rapture to love It.  All the rays needed to form the Kingdom of Divine Will are being stored within this sphere for the sole purpose of establishing My Kingdom.” 


Moreover, each ray will have its own unique mission to accomplish.  One of them encapsulates the sanctity of My Divine Fiat and transports it safely to My Kingdom.  Another one will carry enough happiness and joy to fill all those who want to live in It.  Yet another of these rays enfolds peace and will gather everyone in tranquility.  There are others, including strength, heat and light.  They will make the children of My Kingdom strong, provide them with enough light to do good and flee from evil, and an ardent love for what they have been given.  There’s still more yet, and they all start from within this radiant sphere.”


All the children of My Will are going to be surrounded by these rays.  They are food for the soul.  My children will suckle the life of My Fiat from them.  These powerful rays bring the benevolence of happiness, peace and sanctity, among others blessings.  When you witness them coming out of your sphere down into the midst of My Kingdom’s children, you will be so happy.  Then you shall witness the real splendor in all this.  Once creatures get to know the Kingdom of My Will, they shall glorify It by thankfully returning the favors with interest.  You shall see them ascending through those very same rays.  Every blessing shall descend through you.  The sphere of My Will then has the power to store them within you until they all ascend again by means of these same rays.”


When I select a creature to accomplish a mission critical for bringing universal good into the midst of the human family, I first have to safeguard them within the chosen one.  Her soul has to be large enough to contain a superabundance of good things destined for other creatures, even though they probably won’t take them all.  That’s what happened with the Immaculate Queen.  Since She was chosen to be the Mother of the Eternal Word, She is also the Mother of all those redeemed.  Everything that they were supposed to do, along with all the good things they were meant to receive, were firmly attached and enclosed within the Sovereign Queen of Heaven.   Just as the earth receives rays of light from the center of the sun as it orbits, all those redeemed revolve around the Sun of the Celestial Mom.  As their tender loving mother, She continually feeds Her children rays of light, nourishing them with the sanctity of Her maternal love.  Regretfully, however, most of these ungrateful creatures will not bother with the Celestial Mother.  As a result, they will not partake of the rays She so benevolently pours out of Herself.”


At minimum, the one who is chosen must have more than all other creatures put together.  Even though everyone receives light from the sun, there’s no way they could ever exhaust such an expanse of intense heat and light.  That’s how it is with My Mom.  She has so many good things, and so much of them, that She can spread the benefits of Her vital, life-giving rays better than any sun.  That’s what happens with the one chosen for the Kingdom of My Will.  You will be repaid for the sacrifice of writing so much.   Blessed light rays of knowledge shall be embedded within you where they will shine down among the creatures.  From there, the glory of what good they do will return, ascending within that same beam of light.  Once in Heaven, you will thank Me for making you sacrifice so much.”


My daughter, when a mission has such great and universal importance, encapsulating, as it does, so much goodness for the enjoyment of all, corresponding sacrifice is required.  The first to be chosen must be ready to sacrifice her life every time she captures something good to hold within herself as a gift for her brethren.  Hence, she not only gives them blessings, she sacrifices her own life for others.  I did the same thing in Redemption, so do your best to imitate Me.”


Then I continued making my rounds throughout Creation, following the actions of the Divine Will immanent within It.  My Beloved Jesus continued speaking. 


He said, “My daughter, I crafted all Creation to be a mirror for man before I actually created him.  Then, when he looked at his reflection in It, he could replicate the works of his Creator by internalizing them.  The image of all Creation that he could develop within himself would be so detailed that every aspect of It would appear within him.  Likewise, everything about him would be replicated in Creation and they would endlessly reflect each other.”


God loved man more than He did all Creation; that’s why He made a mirror of His works before creating him.  By reflecting himself in It, he could methodically replicate the harmony and light off His Creator’s plan.  Yet man is ungrateful and doesn’t even look at the mirror, let alone copy it.  That’s why he’s so disordered and dissonant, like someone who tries to play music without learning how.  Instead of giving pleasure to his listeners, he just upsets and annoys them.  Whatever good he does is cold, dark and lifeless.  His actions go whichever way the wind blows.”


I call upon anyone who wants to live in My Divine Will to replicate herself in Creation.  That way, when she moves around in It, she can always find the stairs that lead up to My Will.”




December 25, 1927

How Baby Jesus, newly born, fixes His gaze on His Mama and on the one who was to possess His Will.  How, in Creation, God placed His Will as raw material.


Even while completely abandoned in the Supreme Volition, I’m still tormented by the absence of my sweet Jesus.  It was tearing my poor soul to pieces.  It rips me apart without a shred of mercy.  It has no pity on me and the only One who can heal such horrific lacerations is far away and seems not to care that the one who suffers so much out of love for him is so cruelly tormented. 


Swimming in sorrow, I thought about my sweet Jesus when He about to come out of His beloved Mom’s womb and fling Himself into Her arms.  I wish I could have been there to hug Him and chain Him with sweet caresses so He wouldn’t ever leave me again.  As I was imagining this, my poor mind left my body and I saw my dear Celestial Mother veiled in light and little Baby Jesus was in Her arms, bathed in the same light.  After a moment, everything disappeared, and I was left alone, miserable as ever. 


However, He came back a bit later and put His little hands around my neck.


He said, “My daughter, as soon as I came out of My Mom’s womb, I helplessly gazed at Her in rapture.  In sweet enchantment, I was captured by the force of Divine Will within Her.  The most beautiful and radiant light of My Fiat made My eyes squint.  I was transfixed on Her; through Its power, She possessed My very Life.  I was so captivated watching My Life bi-located in Her that I couldn’t move My gaze from the Celestial Queen.  I was compelled by My own Divine power to gaze spellbound upon Her.” 


At the same time, I was bi-located with My gaze fixed also on the one who would do My Will and take possession of It.  Redemption and the Kingdom of My Divine Will were inseparably linked to each other.  Redemption was to prepare things, suffering as It did so, while the Kingdom of Fiat was to possess them and bring everything to fulfillment.  Both of them were of the utmost importance.  Thus My gaze was fixed on both the chosen ones who were to be entrusted.  After all, It was My own Will residing within them that enthralled My eyes.  So what are you afraid of then?  You have your Jesus’ gaze always upon you, defending and protecting you.  If you understood what it means to have Me watching, you wouldn’t be afraid of anything.”


After that, I continued thinking about the Divine Will until my always lovable Jesus spoke again.


He said, “My daughter, when Our Divinity formed Creation, It used the Divine Will as raw material for everything.  Through It, all things took their shape and substance in beautiful harmony.  Life-giving energy flows within It.  Even what the soul does flows out of this raw material of My Will.  The very shape of its handiwork takes on beauty from It; from there derives their form and function.  The life of Divine Fiat imprinted within each work is the only thing that makes them real.” 


On the other hand, those who don’t submit to My Will, neglect using It as raw material for their work.  No matter what they try to do, it will be scattered all about in formless chaos.  Things come out so ugly that no one knows how to make heads or tails of them, nor can he.  It would be like someone trying to make dough without water; no matter how much flour he has, only water gives it the life it needs to become bread.  Even if you have enough stones to build, without cement to bind them together as a unit, all you would have is a bunch of rocks stacked together; they would never become a house.  That’s what happens to works without the raw material of My Will.  All they so is occupy space and annoy people; so why bother?  If they seem to do any good at all, it only appears that way.  If anyone even so much as touches them, it becomes obvious how fragile and useless they are.”







December 30, 1927

How Jesus makes Himself seen while sowing little lights in the field of the soul.  Reason for the silence of Jesus.  Immense value of the manifestations on the Divine Will.  Divine and human characters.


I was completely abandoned in the Divine Volition following Its actions as usual, though I was a bit preoccupied.


I thought, “My beloved Jesus has been so quiet lately.   He hardly ever talks about His lovable Will anymore, and He hasn’t said much about His Fiat either.  Maybe He’s grown tired of talking about It, or perhaps He’s just run out of things to say.”

That’s when He appeared inside me, looking like a little child, clothed in light, walking in the middle of a field, apparently sowing seeds that looked like little drops of light.  He would reach into His pouch and scatter them around on the ground.  He was so absorbed in His work that He didn’t say anything until He noticed the surprised look on my face.   


He said, “My daughter, you’ve been worried about this for almost five years now, that’s all you think about, wondering if I’ll stop talking about My Divine Will.  As you can see, I’ve been busy sowing the field inside your soul with little drops of light.  After they germinate they will grow into blazing suns.  Each of these suns is one of the many astonishing prophesies about My Will that I’ve revealed to you over these past few years.  The field of your soul took on even more beauty when filled with these brilliant suns, each more gorgeous than the others.  I have cultivated it into an abundantly Divine field so full of beauty that all of Heaven fell in love with It.  Their joy would redouble every time they looked at It.”


The one who sows the seed should have the right to harvest, and since I am the owner of this Divine field, I not only retain the right to harvest It, I also have the right to sow It again.  That’s what I’ve been doing, sowing it again.  Even though it’s hard work, I am intent on sowing seeds of light on this field.  After they germinate and grow, they shall bear fruit in the form of new suns filled with knowledge about My Will.”


I work in silence, however, My silence is a warmth that nourishes and develops these little seeds of light until they become radiant suns.  One way or in another, I am always at work within you.  The work of My Divine Will is protracted, so I am always busy, and I keep you busy too.  So, let Me finish My work, all you have to do is follow Me.”


That’s when I felt the full weight of Jesus’ silence.  I was exhausted and felt so week, I thought I was going to faint.


I wondered, “Why does this knowledge about the Divine Fiat demand such hard work and sacrifice from Jesus?” 


Jesus came right back and gave me a big hug to bolster my spirits.


He said, “My daughter, even if I worked for all eternity just to reveal one bit of information about My Divine Will, it would not be long enough.  One single revelation is worth more than the starry heavens, the sun, sea and earth.  The least of My Knowledge is more valuable than all Creation put together.  My knowledge has immense value, infinite actually, there’s no limit.  Wherever it reaches after coming out of Us, it generates infinite replications of the goodness and light it contains.  It is truly the regenerator of Divine Life.” 


Creation, on the other hand, has Its limits and doesn’t have such immense power.  There’s no end to the work and sacrifice I would undergo for It, because I know how much It’s worth.  Wherever I store It, that becomes My Divine ground, My throne and My altar.  I am in love, and I get so jealous that I could never let her go.  I am always trying to keep her focused on Me.  Thankfully, My Will is not limited to a single manifestation.  There are more than enough Suns of My Will to cover her in mother-of-pearl finer than Heaven.  So think about it, My daughter, and appreciate the great blessing of having such fertile seed planted in the ground of your soul.”


So I continued acting in the Divine Volition until sunrise when I spoke to my lovable Jesus.   


I said, “Your Will envelops everything.  My only wish is that the Sun of Your Will might rise on human intellects the same way our sun rises, flooding the earth with light.  May It shine in the hearts of all creatures, enlighten what they say and what they do.  May It fill their hearts and illuminate the paths they walk with every step.  My desire is that each of them may feel the Sun of Your Fiat rising within them and that they allow themselves to be filled with Its light.  May It take them over and rule their souls.”


Then my sweet Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, there are two characters in the soul, human and Divine.  The Divine derives from the Unity, so the soul has to live in the Unity of My Will if it wants to have a Divine character.  When she acts within Unity, her deeds ascend to the Unity of her Creator where there’s only one single Act of God, and that Act was formed within God Himself.  Then the light of this primal Act descends, embracing and filling everyone and everything.  It provides whatever action they need by endless multiplying variations on the theme until It can act within every possible scenario imaginable.  When a creature acts within Unity, her deeds take on Divine characteristics.  Every conceivable action is encompassed by the same primal Act.  It is truly elegant to do everything with one single Act.  Only God has the power to do anything, embrace everything and make it all work with one single Act.”


The characteristics of the Divine and human are vastly different.  No matter what deeds a human does or how often, he is still a creature surrounded by his own actions.  They are devoid of the light that extends and spread out over everything.  His acts have no feet to walk, so whatever he does, his actions can’t go anywhere; they are immobilized.  No matter how much a creature does, his acts are numbered; there are only so many of them.  The characteristic way humans operate has no resemblance to the procedures of Divine Unity.  Human actions are easily undone; they are barren seed.  That’s why I call the soul to live in the Unity of My Will.  I want her to acquire the eternally indelible characteristics of the Divine.  Then her actions will spread out and expand as they endless multiply.  More importantly, they are supreme over all other actions done by others.”


The Divinity takes such pleasure watching an insignificant creature like you ascend in the Unity of the one endless Divine Act to unite your actions within Our Primal Act.  You give Us what is yours and We give you what is Ours as you take on the characteristics of Our singular Action.  We are so glad that We made Creation.  You put Us in a joyful, festive mood.  If you were really convinced that the only feast a creature can bring to her Creator is to live in Our Will, then you would be more attentive.  Every time you act within It, you renew Our Joy and Happiness by gathering all of Creation on your lap and presenting to Us.  You glorify Us and repay Us with love for having created It.”




January 6, 1928

How the Divine Will is immense, and in issuing the creatures to the light, It keeps them within Itself like many little dwellings.  The ingratitude of those who do not let It reign.  Harmony between God and man; how he was to receive always from God, in order to give to Him always.


I was completely abandoned in the Divine Volition, utterly saturated with Its light.  I was making my rounds within Its actions when my adorable Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, My Will is so immense that when It brought creatures into the light of day, they remained in My Will, taking on the form of little houses.  My Volition has every right to live in them and control what goes on there.  Out of goodness and generosity, It made room within Itself and provided all the materials to build these little houses there.  The creatures, with hideous ingratitude, refused to acknowledge My Divine Volition’s right to dwell within them.  Out of generosity, It prepared a house for every creature, yet to Its great sorrow, It was left homeless because they won’t allow It to enter, much less live there.”


Here’s another parable of My Will.  Imagine that someone decided to build a lot of houses beneath the sea, or within the light of the sun.  The sunlight and sea give their permission to erect these dwellings, however, once completed, they are denied occupancy permits.  They are not even allowed to enter, much less use them as their primary mailing address.  If the sea and the light were thinking creatures they would be very upset.  The angry sea would inundate these houses and knock them over.  It would tear them apart and bury them in its bosom.  The light of the sun would burn what’s left of them to ashes with its heat.  One way or another, they would obliterate any reminder of their ungrateful and despicable treatment.  They were given room to build yet denied entrance.  Now imagine if this parable were about life rather than mere physical space.”


My Will has given creatures both life and a dwelling place within Itself.  It has the power to do so because It is the source of all life and is present everywhere.  When they denied My Will ownership and residency, It’s sorrow is immense beyond understanding.  It feels the lives of these creatures pulsing within Itself, the source of their very heartbeat.  It would be highly insulted if It had to stand outside like a stranger without any right to live there.  Those that deny It sovereign residence deserve life imprisonment and ruin for such monstrosity.”


My daughter, the evil of not doing My Will seems trivial to creatures.  Their ingratitude is appalling; there is nothing more offensive.”


After that, I continued making My rounds throughout the Divine Fiat, and when I arrived where God was creating man, I was curious.


I thought, “Why did He rejoice so much in creating him and not with all the other things He created?” 


Then my Beloved Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, all Creation was well designed and optimized for harmony.  It was Our gift and we expected nothing in return.  When We created man, however, besides everything else We furnished, he was given the ability to be thankful and as generous as We are.  All of Our gifts rightfully belonged to him and were at his disposal.  However, the expectation was that he would be generous enough to show his gratitude by giving whatever he now had to Us as a present.  We would then show Our appreciation by donating those same gifts and lavishing him further with generosity.  This virtuous cycle would become a game of friendly competition to see who could give more and gracefully receive in return.  With that, We lavish Our gifts ever more abundantly upon him.” 


This mutual giving and receiving, receiving begins a joyful feast with playful conversation between Creator and creature.  The very sight of such a diminutive creature celebrating with Our Supreme Highness is amusing in itself.  We are delighted to hear her rejoicing in conversation with Us.  Our emphatic love in creating man gave Us so much joy.  All other created things seem like nothing compared with the Creation of man.  Everything We created is beautiful and worthwhile because Our Loves runs through them.  Yet We are still waiting for him to show his gratitude by giving Us everything We created as a sign of his love for Us.”


All of Our Glory and Joy were consolidated in man.  When he was created, We endowed him with certain gifts that would harmonize him with Us.  We accorded harmony of light, intelligence and word in every step of his works.  In his heart, we implanted harmony of love.  They were like a bundle of fiber-optics transmitting harmony of light between Us and him.  We would descend into him along these fibers and he would ascend to Us.  That’s why there was so much rejoicing when We created man, and such great sorrow when he withdrew from Our Will.  When he severed the connection that carried harmonies, Our festivities turned into mourning, both for him and for Ourselves.  He undermined Our highest aspirations by deforming Our Image which We had replicated within him.” 


Our Divine Will alone has the power to preserve the beauty of Our work with all the harmony We desire.  Once Our Will was removed, man became the most vile and disgusting being in all Creation.  So, if you want all your senses to harmonize with Us, never leave My Will.  If you want your Creator to always give you presents, let It alone be your life.  When It becomes the most important thing in your life, then you start to feast with Us.”





January 13, 1928

How God centralized everything in man in creating him, and how, in the history of Creation, He now comes back to storm It, and centralizes the first act of Creation in one creature from their stock, to form the Kingdom of His Will.


Even though I was continually abandoning myself in the Divine Volition, I was still in torment from being denied the presence of my sweet Jesus.  My God, it hurts.  I wish things could be the way they were before.  I miss His sweet smile and His affectionate kisses.  His voice was so gentle.  I was so enchanted by His Beauty, it would send me into raptures.  I miss how I would palpitate in synch with His tender heartbeat whenever He gave me an innocent hug.  He would pour His Divinity into me as our lives merged as one.  Jesus created another paradise within His little daughter every time He would Act, every time He spoke or even looked at me.  But now, as I look back at them, I remember them as wounds, razor-sharp darts, burning arrows of intense sorrow, martyrdom and a death that wouldn’t die.  Yet there’s something strange about my sorrow, like it’s not really here.  It would be better if I could just grieve for a while, then maybe I would feel better.  Probably not; my grief would have clearly informed me that my love for Him was the source of my torment, especially since He had loved me so much.  


But I don’t even have that consolation.  Just before my wounds begin to bleed, before I feel the burning pain of the arrows, even before the darts are thrown, the light of the Holy Divine Volition flows through them.  Then the intense pain of my martyrdom gets lost in Its glare, leaving only the nourishing dew of peace and happiness flowing over my poor soul.  I don’t even have the benefit of grieving over such a great loss.  I almost wish I could grieve like I did before.  Perhaps then Jesus, my highest Good, wouldn’t stay away so long.  But that’s beyond my power.  I’m at the mercy of Divine Fiat; It doesn’t any part of me untouched.  It even wants to lord it over the sorrow I feel when my Jesus is away for so long.


I was swimming in two seas, the sorrowful sea of being without Jesus, and the Sea of the Divine Volition’s light.  I continued making my rounds through It as they began to merge into one another.  I paused at the Creation of man when my sweet Jesus started moving inside me, though just barely.


He said, “My daughter, When We created man, Our Divinity centered everything on him.  What We had done in the rest of Creation became irrelevant as We set everything aside and focused exclusively on him.  Our Love overflowed.  We kept looking at him for a long time to see whether Our Beauty would shine out through him.” 


Our Divine Being poured sanctity, light, wisdom, grace, love, beauty and strength on him like a torrent of drenching rain.  As We did, We gazed at him intently to see whether all Our Qualities were focused on him.  We wanted to make sure that he had everything he needed for Us to love him and be loved in return.  He did, and We were enraptured by his beauty.  He filled Us with love and poured out Our own Qualities on Us.  It was like a mirror image of Our Divine Being had thrown a rope around Us and pulled Us toward him.”


“It was a solemn moment, an unforgettable experience.  The Creation of man was a work of such ardent love.  At the climax of Our Feast, Happiness and Joy, along with all of Our Divine Qualities, overflowed to celebrate his Creation.  We looked at the mechanics of the whole universe and, shaken by Our own Love, We gave him everything as a gift and made him king of all created things.  Then We said, as much to Ourselves as to him,   


“‘We are Sovereign Kings.  Sovereignty and kingship are things We created with Our own hands, and now We bestow them upon Our dear son, as a sign of Our overflowing Love.’  It would have been unsuitable for Us to make Our son into a servant, and beneath Our dignity to make him any different from Us who reign in dominion.  It would be tasteless for a king to make his own son into lowly servant, and unworthy of him to throw his son out of his royal palace a make him live in a wretched hovel.  This king would deserve denunciation by all.  Everyone would call him a tyrant rather than a father and king.  Our own newborn child came out from the depths of Our Divine Love, and We want Our work to be dignified with the stamp of Our royal seal.”


Nonetheless, Our Love has been shattered by man.  By withdrawing from Our Divine Will, he threw away the royal seal and insignia of kingship.  That didn’t deter Us though; Our Will is persistent.  We will transform the work of Our hands into son king; not a servant.  After such a long history, We have come back to storm Creation.  We have called someone from the human race to be the triumph of Our Will.  We will ignore everyone else as if they didn’t exist as We solemnly renew the creation of the first man.  The ardor of Our Love generates such huge waves that everywhere We look, all We see is love.  Even though We are all-seeing and are aware of everything, We ignore it and focus on this one little creature bobbing on the tumultuous seas.  With her, We shall renew the miraculous first act of Creation.”


That’s what We did with the Sovereign Queen.  She did not break Our Love; She preserved the life of Our Will within Herself and has every right to the title of Queen.  The work of Our creative hands has its Empress, and when Our Love sees Her, We begin to feast.  However, Our Love is not satisfied having only one Queen, because that was not what Our Will intended with Creation.  The creature rides the powerful waves generated by Its outpouring as Our Love calls out to her.  Its Divine Attributes overflow until she is drenched in pouring rain.  All the work of Creation is encapsulated within her.  As Our second daughter, she is also a queen.  We shall make her the foundation of the Kingdom of Our Will where Our children may assemble, all of them kings and queens.”


Now I’m setting everything else aside so I can initialize the first act of Creation within you.  Even though I keep an eye out for others, I am so captivated by My Love that My gaze is fixed on you alone.  It urges Me to pour out everything I need to form the Kingdom of My Will within you.  I’m like a father who has provided whatever his older children needed to get settled, and now begins to do the same for a younger child.  At that point, he’s doesn’t worry about the older ones, he’s already taken care of them, nor his minor children, he can take care of them later.  At the moment, he’s only focused on the child who’s ready to settle down.  If he is a good and worthy son, the father doesn’t care how much he has to spend.  His parental love pouring out, he sets up a trust fund and prepares a sumptuous house for him.”


That’s how I fulfill the purpose of Creation, the Kingdom of My Will in the midst of creatures.  I hold nothing back from the one who I have called to be the first.  I enfold everything within her so those who follow can find everything in one place.”




January 18, 1928

How the Virgin is isolated in Her glory, and how She awaits the cortege of the other queens, so as to have Her retinue.  How the works of God hold hands among themselves.  How the manifestations on the Divine Will will be the Gospel of His Kingdom.  The issue about the writings.  Necessity of the first Priests of the Kingdom of the Fiat.


I continued acting in the Divine Will as I pondered what I should do next.


I thought, “I wish I could enclose myself within the Primal Act of God, I could do everything in one single act.  That’s how I can give my Creator all the love and love, His own Beatitudes and infinite Joys.  Then I could love Him and glorify Him as He loves and glorifies Himself.  If I were in the Primal Act of Divine Fiat, I’d be able to give Him everything.  I would have everything I need to make my Creator happy with His own Happiness.” 


I knew I was powerless to do that, so I prayed to my Sovereign Mom to come to my assistance by enfolding me within that Prime Act with Her maternal hands.  She has Her eternal dwelling in the Divine Will, and the Primal Act of God belonged to her, so She could give Him whatever She wanted.


I kept thinking about it until I was going in circles.


I thought, “I’m talking such nonsense.” 


Then my lovable Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “The Queen of Heaven is secluded within Her great glory.  She is the only who has lived within the Primal Act of God.  The Queen of reclusion lives completely within the fullness of Divine Volition.  Earthly queens have an entourage around them to enhance the glory of their reputation; however, there are no other queens among them.  An earthly queen is surrounded by damsels, pageboys and faithful friends to honor her keep Her company.  Only the Sovereign Queen of Heaven could merit a royal cortege of Her own rankTo be surrounded by other queens equal in rank to the Celestial Sovereign is an infinitely greater honor than having other creatures assembled around her.  There’s no comparison.”


Now, the Celestial Mom awaits the Kingdom of Divine Will on earth.  That is Her desire.  There will be other souls living there with the Primal Act of God and they will acquire all the royal privileges of a queen.  They will be Her entourage.  They will be imprinted with indelible characters for all to see that they are daughters of the Divine King who have legitimate title to the royal privileges of a queen.  These souls will dwell in the Divine Royal Palace where they will acquire courtly manners.  Everything they do or say, every step they take, will take on a noble air.  They will learn science so advanced that they will surpass all creatures.  They will be filled with a light that announces to all that this queen has lived in the Royal Palace of My Will.” 


The Sovereign Queen won’t be alone on Her royal throne forever; She will eventually be surrounded by an entourage of other queens that will reflect Her beauty.  She will know how much grace each is capable of receiving by the glory they give Her.  It will pour out in a flood as they honor and glorify Her.  She wants to transform those who would live in the Divine Fiat into queens within Its Primal Action.  She would like a retinue of other queens around Her in the Celestial Fatherland to give Her due honor.”


Later on I wondered, “What the use in writing about Divine Will?” 


Then my highest and only Good, Jesus, moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, all of My works go hand in hand; that’s how I operate.  None of them are contradictory; they are all tied together and reinforce each other.  For instance, I formed My chosen people so the future Messiah could be born among them.  From them I also formed a Priesthood to instruct the people and prepare them for the great blessings of Redemption.  To them I gave laws, revelations and inspirations that would develop into Sacred Scriptures, the Bible and they studied It intently.” 


I did not abolish Sacred Scriptures when I came to earth; I enhanced them by announcing My Gospel.  They support each other really well.  When I established the new Church, I inaugurated a new Priesthood dedicated to instructing people in accord with both Sacred Scripture and the Gospel.  Those who do not draw from this life-giving fountain have nothing to do with me because they are the foundation of My Church and the basis of human existence.”


What I am revealing to you about My Divine Will and you are writing down is calledThe Gospel of the Kingdom of the Divine Will.’  Nothing in It contradicts either Sacred Scripture or the Gospel I announced while living on earth; they complement each other.  I call on Priests to tell they are allowed to read this Gospel all about Heaven, the Kingdom of My Divine Fiat.  I tell them what I told the Apostles, ‘Preach It throughout the whole world.’  I often make use of the Priesthood in My works, to prepare the people, just as I did before My coming.  Since then I have used the Priesthood of My Church to confirm My coming and everything I did and said.  Now I will have the Priesthood of the Kingdom of My Will.”


The things I reveal will help a lot.  They involve many startling truths and promise so many blessings for the children of the Fiat Voluntas Tua.  They are as essential as the Gospel, where all may draw Celestial life from an inexhaustible fountain.  They will restore Creation for the happiness of the world.  Those who yearn will be glad to drink deeply from this fountain of My knowledge.  They have to power to banish all sorrow by drawing the life of Heaven to them.”


When He said that, I thought about how big a deal my writing about Divine Will had become since the venerable Father Di Francia, of blessed memory, brought them to Messina, in Sicily.  Before dying, the blessed Father vigorously advised his superiors there to keep them for publication at a time of God’s choosing.  I, however, and my own superiors, definitely want them here.  So all we do is send scorching letters back and forth about how they want to keep them and we want them back.  I’m tired of it, though I do worry about it sometimes.


I thought, “How could my Good Jesus put up with all this?  I wonder if He’s ever disappointed about it?” 


Then He moved inside me.


He said, “I know you are worried, My daughter, however, I’m not the least bit disappointed at all.  Actually, I enjoy seeing how much interest Priests have in these Words that will form the Kingdom of My Will.  It means they appreciate how valuable they are.  They all want to keep such great treasure for themselves so they can be the first to publish.  Meanwhile, as long as this debate goes on, they come together in consultation on what to do.  I’m just glad that more of My Ministers are becoming aware such great treasure exists and that it offers knowledge about the Kingdom of My Divine Will.  This is begins the formation of the first Priests for the coming Kingdom of My Fiat.” 


It’s crucial that these first Priests be formed; like the Apostles who served Me as I established My Church.  They are the ones who will be busy publishing these Writings.  Once they are in print, they will become known.  They will be new evangelists for the Kingdom of My Supreme Will.  The four Evangelists who wrote My Gospel are the best example for them to follow.  It was their highest honor to work for My Glory, and that’s just as true for those who work to publish information written about My Will.  These new evangelists shall have a place of honor among those who dwell in the Kingdom of My Will, because they have worked for My greater Glory.  This shall come to pass once creatures come back into My bosom, by finding their proper place living the life of Heaven on earth, the sole purpose of Creation.”


This is how I expand the circle; like a fisherman, I catch those who shall serve Me in a Kingdom so holy.  So don’t worry; I’ll take care of everything.”





January 22, 1928

Insistences in asking for the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat:  the sign that It wants to reign.  The martyrdom of the privation of Jesus.  The human will, profaner of the creature.


I was making my rounds in the Divine Fiat, trying to move Heaven and earth so all might have one Will, one voice, one heartbeat.  I tried to animate everyone with my voice so we could all chant together, “Give us the Kingdom of Your Will.”  To do obtain this, I had to become the sea to make the waters speak.  I had to be the sun to give my voice to the light, and the heavens so I could animate the stars.  I wanted everyone to say, “May Your Kingdom come and Your Fiat be known.” 


I wanted to cross over into the Celestial Regions and make all the Angels, Saints, and even my dear Celestial Mom, sing in chorus, “Adorable Trinity, make haste without delay.   We pray, we implore You, may Your Will make Itself known and descend upon earth to reign as It does in Heaven.” 


I did so many things there that it would take too long to write them all down.


I wondered, “Why do I care so much about all these things, since there’s nothing I can do except ask for His Fiat to rule the earth?” 


Then blessed Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, if you knew who pushes you, who makes you so insistent, who moves everything in you to call for life, the Kingdom of My Will upon earth, you would be amazed.” 


I asked, “Tell me, my Love, who is it?” 


He answered me tenderly, “Since you want to know, I’ll tell you.  It is My Will Itself that pushes you to do this.  It wants to make Itself known, It wants to reign.  However, It wants Its little daughter insist on it any way she can.  It wants you to make everyone and everything call for It to come down upon the earth, by any means necessary.  Your insistence is a sign of Its yearning and Its infinite care for creatures.  It is the mirror image of Its own insistence that It be allowed to give to Itself to all.  It would move everything, so you want to move everything: sun, sea, wind, heaven and earth, so they, in turn, might move creatures to recognize, accept and love It.” 


Once It is desired, It will tear the veil from all created things.  Like a Queen Mother longing for Her children, It will come out of It hiding place within their bosoms and reveal Itself.  It will embrace Its children and reign in their midst, giving them peace, sanctity, happiness and everything blessing.”


After that, several long days went by with seeing my sweet Jesus and I felt weak from the ordeal.  I was so exhausted that when I tried to write what He had told me previously, I just couldn’t do it.  When He saw that my best effort was not enough, He came out from deep inside me, like someone waking up from a long sleep.  He was so compassionate.


He said, “My poor little daughter, don’t lose heart, try to be brave.  I know My absence is a horrible martyrdom for you, however, I am always hidden within you; if I weren’t, you would never be able to endure it; you could even die.  After all, It is My immense and eternal Divine Will that martyrs you.  It’s only natural that a creature so small would feel crushed by something so enormous.”


Remember though, you are Its little daughter and Its love for you is so great that Its own light wants to revive you, body and soul.  It starts by pulverize you to dust and them reanimating you at the atomic lever with Its light.  Its heat will sterilize you until you are germ-free, without a scintilla of human will.  Then, body and soul, every part you will become sacred.  My Will would never tolerate even a single atom of your being unless It had already animated and consecrated every subatomic particle.  Your painful martyrdom is merely burning away whatever does not belong to It.”


You how the creature is profaned by human will.  If  it can find even the slightest little crack, it will squeeze through and profane whatever is most holy and innocent within you.  Give it an inch and it will take a mile.  My Will made man to be a sacred living temple where I can dwell and rule in glory from Its throne.  If a creature allows even the slightest opening to human volition, everything about this temple is profaned.”


That’s why My Will touches everything you are, even My own presence.  It always wants to be sure that It has absolute dominion over you.  Furthermore, It checks to see if you are content to have It exclusively dominating you.  It must be the most important thing in your life.  ‘Now I am certain that she has denied Me nothing, she has even sacrificed the company of her Jesus, the One she loves much more than herself.  The safety of My Kingdom is assured.’” 


I was relieved to hear that, and His presence made me feel stronger.  Yet, at the same time, I felt sad because His words seemed bitter to me.


I asked Him, “My Love, does this mean You won’t come visit your poor little exile anymore?  I can’t go on like this.  How can I ever live without You?” 


He said, “There’s nothing to worry about.  Besides, there’s no place to come from if I’m already inside you.  So, calm down.  I never leave; I am always with you and I will reveal Myself when you least expect it.”




January 27, 1928

How the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat is enclosed in the Redemption.  How God, in operating, chooses one in whom to deposit His work.


I was still making my rounds throughout the Supreme Volition until I arrived to witness the Acts of my Beloved Jesus during Redemption.  Step by step, I experienced His love and His sorrow as I tried to follow everything He did.    


I thought, “I remember the time Jesus told me He loved me so much that He made me the owner of everything He did, every word He spoke and every step He took.  I owned His Heart with all His pain.  He gave me every Act He ever performed as a gift.  Only Jesus could do that, and He wanted to because He loved as God does.  Creatures, on the other hand, can only give material things from the riches of the earth, if they give anything at all, but never their own life.  A creature’s love is always finite.”


If that’s true, my lovable Jesus should call me wherever He is about to Act, so He can give them to me as a present.”


Then He moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, the Kingdom of My Divine Will was enfolded within Redemption, and every one of my Acts encapsulated both.  There was only one difference.  Everything concerning Redemption was evident because I evangelized It as a gift that would prepare creatures for the Kingdom of My Divine Will.  Whatever was specific to the Kingdom of My Fiat, I kept within Myself, suspended in My Divine Will.


Whenever Our Divinity decides to Act externally, whether to work or do something good, We first choose a creature to safeguard Our works.  We wouldn’t just leave them hanging in mid-air without anything to do, so We store what We’ve done inside a creature for safekeeping.  We always call at least one creature in case the others are so ungrateful they refuse Our gifts.  When We have them stored safely away in one creature and everything is ready, We start operating.” 


“In Redemption, My inseparable Mom was the treasurer of all My Actions.  Whenever I was about to breathe, cry, pray, suffer, or do anything, I would call on Her to take them all and hold on to them for safekeeping.  Only then would I breath, cry or pray.  It would be an unbearably tragic sorrow for Me not to have My Mom as the guardian of all My Actions.”


I called you even before Redemption as I was enclosing all the acts of the Kingdom of Supreme Fiat within It.  I placed everything regarding the Kingdom of Redemption within the Sovereign Queen of Heaven, and that’s what I did with you.  You are the guardian of everything pertaining to the Kingdom of Supreme Fiat, like a lock-box stored within a vault.  That’s why I want you to follow Me, step by step.  When I cry as little child, I want you near Me so I can give you the gift of My own tears; I will use them to as I plead for the great Gift of My Divine Kingdom on your behalf.  Whenever I speak, I want you near Me to accept the word of My Will as a gift.  When I walk I will give you the gift of Its steps, and when I work, I will endow you with Its works.  When I pray, you will have My prayer as tribute to petition Its Kingdom for the human family.  When I perform miracles, I can give them to you to exchange for the Gift of the great Miracle of My Will.” 


Likewise, when I give sight to the blind, I shall give you the sight of My Will by removing the blindness brought on by your human will.  When I make the deaf hear, you shall acquire the gift of hearing My Will.  When I give speech to the mute, I loosen your tongue so you can speak with the voice of My Will.  Walk I make the lame walk straight, you can stand upright in My Will.  When I calm the storm with My Imperial might, I command the storm of your human will so it no longer dares to agitate My tranquil Sea.  Everything I do and suffer is wrapped like a package called ‘the Kingdom of My Will’, and you shall be the treasure chest that holds It.  This is gift is precious simply because I have loved It and formed It within Myself.”


It would have been for Me the greatest of My sorrows, while forming with so much love the Kingdom of My Divine Will within Me, in My Humanity—the primary purpose for My coming upon earth—and forming this Kingdom of Mine in order to restore It in creatures, if I were not to be sure, as I was for the Redemption, that at least one creature would receive the restoration of the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat.” 


I looked at all the centuries as one single point in time, and there I found you, the chosen one.  Since then I have been preparing My Kingdom by directing My Actions toward you for safe deposit.  I spared nothing for the Kingdom of Redemption, neither toils, nor pains, prayers or graces, not even death.  These sacrifices were transformed into abundant grace, the necessary and sufficient means for all to be saved and sanctified, and I securely saved them all in the Celestial Queen.  I did that for the Kingdom of My Will as well.  I give so much, over and above everything I secure within you.  I continue teaching with light, grace and attractive promises; I hold nothing back.  This guarantees that anyone who wants to receive the great good of My Will by allowing It reign within themselves can find a superabundance of everything they need.  Everyone has the opportunity to live in great goodness.”


I have been waiting with so much love for you enter into the world of time.  You can’t imagine how long I have been yearning for you to be the receptacle of all the suspended Actions My Humanity has performed to bring about the Kingdom of Supreme Fiat.  If you only knew what it means for your Jesus to suspend an Action.  If you did, you would rush to receive all My Actions that have been in storage for so long.  Each one of them holds a Divine Life.  Then you would make haste to make them known to all the other creatures.”




January 29, 1928

Immense value of the Writings on the Divine Will.  How they are characters transmitted by the Celestial Fatherland.  How they will lay siege to the human will.  Desire of the Heart of Jesus.  His Acts, an army asking for the Kingdom of the Fiat.


I was reading what I had written two years ago about Divine Will and had the strange sensation that I could see Divine Life, alive and pulsating as It flowed through the words I wrote.  Its powerful light was the living warmth of Heaven, the strength of a functioning Divine Fiat.  I thanked Jesus from the bottom of my heart for what I was reading.  It was out of love that He made me write.


I continued reading until my Beloved Jesus came out from within me.  He was so beside Himself with excitement that I could hear His Heart pounding.  He threw His arms around me and hugged me tight so I could feel the heat from His beating Heart.


He said, “My daughter, I so glad to hear you thank Me for making you write about My Will.  It is Heaven’s Doctrine; It has the power to convey Its pulsating celestial life to those who read It.”


Even as My Will pulsates in the midst of creatures, the human will suffocates It.  Soon, however, the pounding heartbeat of the Book of Heaven shall suffocate the human will.  My Will is Creation’s living heartbeat and It is laying claim to Its proper place at the center of all life.  These Books are immensely valuable.  Their contents are worth more than their weight in gold; infinitely more.”


The pages of these Books are printed with characters of radiant light that decorate the walls of the Eternal City in the Celestial Fatherland.  There the Blessed are in rapture; they are amazed to read the Writings of the Supreme Will.  There’s no greater grace I could give during these times than the Writings of the Celestial Fatherland to creatures.  Thanks to you, they will be passed on and bring the life of Heaven into their midst.”


You have thanked Me with My own thanks that you were willing to attend My lessons and make the sacrifice of writing what I dictate.  As you wrote, My Will made the living power of It life-giving heartbeat flow with every word and letter you put down on paper.  This Book will give off warmth for all eternity.  That’s why you feel a celestial renewal when you reread them.  They are imprinted with It.  Those who read these Books are going feel to the pulsating life of My Will.  The power of Its life-giving heartbeat shall rouse them from their lazy lives.” 


When they read these Books about My Supreme Fiat, the human will shall be lost in Its radiant glare.  They will apply healing ointment on human wounds.  Under the influence of this celestial opium, earthly passions will fade away until they die.  From their ashes, the life of Heaven will arise again in the midst of creatures.  These pages are the true celestial army that lays siege to the human will and all the evil that comes out of it until there is peace.  Lost happiness shall return when the life of My Will rises again in the midst of creatures.  This siege won’t hurt anyone, quite the contrary, My Will shall lay siege to the human will so it won’t tyrannize the poor creatures any longer.  It shall set them free in the Kingdom of My Will.”


This is why I kept insisting you write.  I did everything but nail you to the cross as a sacrifice; I had no choice; it was that important.  It was an echo of Heaven, life from above that I want to replicate on earth.  That’s why kept repeating my usual refrain, ‘Pay attention, don’t miss a thing, and fly non-stop within My Will.’”


So I continued my rounds in the Divine Fiat where I sighed with Him, cried with Him and followed Him step by step in everything He did.  We suffered together.


I said, “My Love, Jesus, I deploy the army of all Your Acts around You.  I fill Your words, steps, pains, heartbeats and Your every Action with myI love You.’  I ask You for the Kingdom of Your Will.  Hear me, my Jesus!  I pray for It using prayers from the army of Your Actions, hoping they will persuade You.  How else can I possible convince You to grant me such a holy Kingdom?” 


Then I wondered, “Did my sweet Jesus have any desires while He was on earth, or not?”


That’s when He moved inside me. 


He said, “God has no desire, My daughter.  Desire only exists when you want something you don’t have.  I have no desires because I own everything; what could I possible want if I already have it?”


As a man, however, I did have desires, because My Heart was completely entangled with the other creatures.  I made everyone’s desires My own.  I ardently desired to give the Kingdom of My Divine Fiat to all creatures.  When I sighed, I sighed only for the Kingdom of My Will.  Whether I prayed, cried or desired for anything, it was only for the Kingdom I wanted to establish It among creatures on earth.   I desired It because there is nothing holier.  There was no way My Humanity could not want and desire what is holiest thing of all, if for no other reason than to sanctify everyone’s desires.  I desired, not only because It so holy and great, I wanted It because It was the best thing I could possibly give them.”


Everything you do is My echo that reverberates in you.  That’s what makes you ask for the Kingdom of My Will from within each of one of My Actions.  That’s why I make present of each of My Actions, each pain I suffer, each tear I shed and every step I take.  It’s because you penetrate them, and from there, you replicate all of My Actions and say, ‘Jesus, I love You, and because I do, You must grant me the Kingdom of Your Divine Will.’” 


I want you to call Me from within everything I do and make the sweet memory of My of Actions resound.  Do this for Me by saying, ‘Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven.’  Do it in such a way that when I see the little daughter of My Will echoing all My Actions and ordering them around Me like an army, I might grant the Kingdom of My Will sooner rather than later.”




January 31, 1928

Round in the Divine Will.  Assault at the Divine Majesty.  Attractions of littleness; the secret of it.  How the human will is nauseating.  Example.


I tried to gather up all the acts of Divine Will done in Creation by my Beloved Jesus, as well as the seas of the Celestial Queen.  I was attempting to hold all the actions ever performed by Divine Fiat.  I wanted to replicate everything and bring them to His Highness, the Supreme Majesty, hoping to use them in my final assault.  I was determined to make It give me Its Kingdom on earth by any means necessary. 


Then I thought, “I am so little, just an atom.  How could I possibly carry the vast sky with its innumerable stars at night and overpowering sunlight by day?  Can anyone hold all of my Mom’s endless seas, or those of Jesus?  Among so many great works something as small as an atom would surely get lost.  However, I do believe that all Heaven will smile when they see someone so little trying to roundup everything in the Divine Will for this grand assault.  Actually, someone as small as me would not only lost, I would be bowled over by even one work of Divine Volition.  Attempting such assault would be futile; it would probably just make the whole Celestial Court grin.” 


I was still thinking about it when my sweet Jesus came out from inside me and spoke tenderly.


He said, “My little daughter, you minute size attracts the attention of all Heaven.  They are curious to see what someone so little might want to do and whether she can follow through on it.  To see someone big doing great things isn’t all that impressive; nothing to celebrate.  However, a little girl doing something great would be quite a surprise.  They would look on with amazement at the great work being done by someone so tiny little.  That would never happen if someone big were doing the same work.”  


If you only knew how intently the Divine gazes upon you.  All of Heaven looks at you hastening to gather up all the works of the Divine Will.  They are astonished at how you are launching a determined assault on your Creator.  They are intrigued that you would use His own weapons to wage holy war on Him until He surrenders His Kingdom.  Heaven smiles as you hurry to gather everything together.  The fact that you are so little is reason enough for the Celestial Fatherland to celebrate as they wait in anticipation for the final assault to begin.”


Therein lies the secret of strength through insignificance.  Even though you get lost in the sunlight or among the stars, and vanish beneath the Seas of Me and My Celestial Mom, your tiny atom doesn’t stop.  It jumps back into the arena to replicate all the works of Divine Fiat.  The full secret is enclosed within It.  It moves you, fills you up and spins you around to make you enclose all of Its actions.  It uses your very littleness to make an assault on Itself to force It to come rule the earth.”


Even a single atom, if is animated by My Will, can do anything because it becomes yet another action among all the other acts of Divine Will.  It then combines all of Its actions into one single act.  Then It declares, ‘Everything is mine and must serve Me.  That’s the only way to seize the Kingdom of Divine Fiat and bring It down to earth.’”


After that I thought about how much evil the human will has done to the poor creatures.  I hate it; I don’t want to have anything to do with it anymore.  I don’t even want to look at it, because it makes me sick.  Then my Beloved Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, the human will is disgusting in itself.  When it is united with Mine, however, it is the most beautiful thing I ever created.  Divinity would never create anything disgusting.  United with Ours, the human will would have goodness, light, sanctity and beauty continually circulating in it.  If it were part of Our ceaseless movement, it would be cleansed of any stain whatsoever.  It would be greatest wonder of Creation.” 


It would be like the continually murmuring sea.  Constant motion make its waters pure and crystal clear.  When seawater is stagnant, it becomes putrid and so disgusting that no one can stand looking at it.  The waters would be so dirty and clogged with debris that ships couldn’t navigate.  Nobody would eat fish from water that filthy.  The sea would be a liability for the earth, spreading contagious diseases to generations of humankind.” 


Otherwise, merely by murmuring in continual motion, it provides so many good things for creatures.  It knows how to dispose of all that dirt inside its bosom; its murmuring has the power to keep it buried on the bottom.  It has mastered the ability to isolate the dirt and purify its waters.  Yet, the human will can do that much better than the sea.  It is beautiful, clean and wholesome when Divine movement murmurs within it; all evil becomes inert and buried at the bottom.  However, when My Will does not murmur its primal motion, all sorts of evils arise again.  Then the beautiful sea becomes ugly and pitiful.”


The image of human nature is so beautiful when united with the soul.  Whether it listens, walks, talks or does anything at all, at least it doesn’t smell bad.  When separated from the soul, however, it becomes putrid with a horrible stench.  Its natural beauty decays beyond recognition and is disgusting to look at.  It’s remarkable how the body turns into a corpse when the murmuring of the soul falls silent and the endless primal movement of human nature comes to a halt.” 


My Will was supposed to be the soul of the human will, the continually murmuring source of life.  As long as it remains united with Mine, it continues the beauty miracle of life.  When it separates from Mine, it loses its arms, legs, speech, hearing and warmth of life.  It becomes a ghastly corpse that should be buried in a deep pit to cover its unbearable stench.  Those who do not remain united with My Will lose the life of their soul.  Everything they do is worthless and dead.”




February 2, 1928

How she must make up for those who have not operated in the Unity of the Divine Fiat.  How, for one who does not possess It, It is a foreign language.  The reason why no one has spoken about It until now.  How one who does not live in the Unity receives the effects from the Divine Will, not the life of It.  Example of the sun with the earth.


I continued making my rounds throughout the Supreme Fiat until I arrived in Eden.


I thought, “My Jesus, the Unity of Your Will shall be my own.  It’s the least I can do to make up for the lost Unity of my father Adam.  He withdrew from It, and now I have to make up for all the actions left undone by descendants bereft of Its Unity.” 


I had my doubts, “Am I really in the Unity of Divine Fiat?  If I’m not, how can I possibly make up for the others?  Maybe I’m all talk and no action.” 


Then my sweet Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, when Adam sinned, there was a mutual withdrawal of the Unity of My Will; man withdrew from It, and It withdrew from him.  As My Will withdrew, man lost My Unity along with all of Its attributes.  He lost all the privileges God had given him when He created him because he was, in fact, deserter from the Kingdom of My Will.  Deserters lose any right to possess anything.”


My Will withdrew from man because he withdrew first.  However, It gives Itself again to someone who withdraws from human volition and reenters Its Kingdom to conqueror once again the Unity of My Divine Fiat.  Since there has been mutual accord between you and the Divinity, My Will calls you to the first Act of Creation by giving you the great gift of Its Unity.  You not only receive It, you give It your own will as a gift.  There is mutual exchange, not of mere words, but in fact.  My Will makes you aware of the great gift It gave you so you’ll know what you have and appreciate It, so you can enjoy Its goodness and ask the same for the human family.  Once you have given the gift of your will, don’t acknowledge it ever again as your own.  The mere memory of it should make you shudder.” 


It is right and just that you do your duty and make up for the Unity lost by man since the time It withdrew into the Celestial Regions.  My Will is free to give Itself again if It finds someone who no longer wants to live by her human will.  Moreover, you wouldn’t understand Its celestial language if My Will were not present in you, it would be like a foreign language.  I would be heat without light, food without calories.  It would be too difficult to write down for the enlightenment of your brethren.”


This is a sign that My Will controls everything you do, say or think; It is the pulse of your beating heart.  It is like a teacher that loves to listen to a student who has studied his lessons.  I had to give you the Gift of My Divine Will so you would have enough grace to understand all the advantages of My Divine Fiat’s Kingdom so you could write them down.”


That’s why no one has spoken at length about My Will up until now.  There hasn’t been anyone else to help others comprehend the immense seas of goodness within It and how It is willing and able to give everything to creatures.  All that’s come out so far is a few words here and there, uttered in awkward catchphrases.  The really haven’t had much to say about something as broad and deep as My Fiat, nothing to express the eternity It enfolds within Its embrace.  Without receiving this Gift for themselves, when they try to say anything about Its infinite qualities and how important they are, they may as well be speaking a foreign language.  Unless they experience It in depth, there’s no way they can explain much of what goes on within a Divine Will; there just aren’t enough centuries to describe It in detail.  So pay attention, My daughter, catch some new aspect of It every time you cross Its Sea and make It known to generations of humankind.”


Then I pondered the Unity of Divine Fiat.


I thought, “Many have done good works, some of them great.  How could they do that without possessing Its Unity?” 


My Jesus is so kind.


He said, “My daughter, nothing good has ever been done without the powerful effects of My Divine Will.  That’s the only way creatures have been able to do anything good at all.  Up until now, My Queen Mom has been the only one to live completely within the fullness of Its Unity.  That’s how She could bring about such a great miracle, the Incarnation of the Word.  The earth would already have been restored to the Garden of Eden had there been anyone else.  Furthermore, no one possessing the Unity of My Will could have kept It all to herself.  There’s no way she could resist talking about It.”


That would be like the sun trying to stop its rays from spreading by hiding inside a crystal vase.  Its heat would crack the glass and demand the freedom to spread Its rays.  No one can possess the Unity of My Fiat and not say anything about It.  Its own rays would take the initiative and spread the beauty of Its knowledge.  If she tried to hold It in, her heart would crack open enough for the fullness of Its goodness and light to vent some revelation or other.  The power It has within will inevitably do something good.”


The sun is like that.  The powerful effects of It light make the earth productive by germinating plants for the good of all.  The earth cooperates with the sun by allowing it to promote the growth of plants, flowers and fruit for creatures.  However, the earth would never attempt to climb up into the sphere of the sun.  If it tried, the sun’s strong light would surround the earth until all shade was banished.  Then every atom of dust would convert to light and the earth would become part of the sun.” 


However, the earth does not rise, nor does the sun’s sphere go down; earth remains earth and is not absorbed by the sun.  They admire each other from afar and try to help each other by working together using the effects of the light the sun spreads over the earth from on high.  Yet even though the earth receives such marvelous assistance in producing the most beautiful flowers, it keeps its distance from the sun.  They aren’t so much alike that the life of one becomes the life of the other.  The earth cannot speak on behalf of the sun, nor can it explain all its benefits.  It doesn’t even know how much heat and light it has.”


That’s the creature’s predicament without the Unity of My Will.  She cannot rise up to infinite heights of Its sphere to become a sun, nor does My Divine Sun descend to form her life.  She does want to do good, however, so she reovolvesmoves around Its light, and My Will sends whatever she needs to germinate the goodness she desires.  My Fiat does not deny Itself to anyone.  It awakens human nature with Its light and again makes it verdant enough to produce the fruit of good works.”




February 5, 1928

Promise, in Eden, of the future Redeemer.  Solemn promise, in the “Our Father,” of the Kingdom of the Divine Will.  How God feels the joy of Creation being repeated.


My poor mind is transfixed in the Supreme Fiat.  I feel like a little girl who stays after class with her beloved teacher, asking her a thousand questions.  Her lessons are such a pleasure that she hangs on her every word, hoping to learn something new.  She stands there, mouth agape, as the teacher lectures.  She listens in rapt attention, hoping for yet another astonishing insight.  That’s me, a poor little girl enthralled by her teacher, the light of Divine Will, waiting for It to convey Its beautiful life to my young soul with evermore insightful examples.  It loves to please me, simply because I am so little.  The Divine lessons It gives me are always so  full of surprises, things I never would have thought of by myself.  I was still thinking about the Kingdom of Divine Will and how many difficulties had to be overcome for It to reign upon earth when my Beloved Jesus come out from inside me.


He said, “My daughter, after Adam sinned, God promised him that a Redeemer would eventually come.  Centuries passed before He came, but the promise of Redemption was fulfilled for the good of all generations.  I came down from Heaven to establish the Kingdom of Redemption, and before leaving, I made the most solemn pledge of all.  I promised that the Kingdom of My Will would come, just like in theOur Father.’ 


My prayer was a formal commitment the My Father’s Kingdom would come if creatures would pray for It.  More importantly, I solemnly prayed with them so It would come sooner.  Together we ask for the Divine Will on earth as It is in Heaven.  I led this pray Myself, knowing that His Will would deny Me nothing, especially since I used the Father’s own Will to pray for something that He Himself wanted more than anybody.”


After praying to My Celestial Father in this format, I was certain that He would grant Me the Kingdom of My Divine Will on earth.  With this assurance, I taught it to My Apostles so they could teach it to the whole world.  This is the rallying cry of all, ‘Your Will be done, on earth as It is in Heaven.’  This is surely the most solemn pray anyone could ever make.  Since centuries are like a single point in time for Us, Our words are, in fact, actions already accomplished.” 


My praying to the Celestial Father, ‘Let Your Kingdom come, Your Will be done on earth as It is in Heavenmeans that It hasn’t been established among creatures yet.  Otherwise I would have said, ‘My Father, let the Kingdom I have established on Our behalf be confirmed so Our Will may reign in dominion on earth.’  Instead, I said, ‘Let It come.’  This means that, without a doubt, It must surely come, and creatures only have to wait for It with the same certainty they awaited the Redeemer before He came.  The words of theOur Fatherare a solemn commitment that obliges My Divine Will to fulfill Its promise; that much is certain, you can count on it.  Furthermore, I had already prepared everything; all I have to do now is reveal My Kingdom, and that’s what I’m doing.” 


I don’t reveal all these truths about My Fiat merely to inform and entertain you, it’s because I want everyone to know that Its Kingdom is near.  They need to know all about the wonderful advantages promised.  If they do, they will fall in love with It so much that they will long to enter such a holy Kingdom to live there happily surrounded with beauty and superabundant goodness.  What now seems difficult for you is easy for the power of Our Fiat, because It knows how to overcome all problems.  It has the power to conquer anything, the way It wants, whenever It wants.”


Then I made my rounds throughout the Eternal Fiat as usual.  I went all around Creation, gathering all of Its works to bring them to the Divinity as homage for the great glory and beauty of Their own works.  Then I began to have some doubts.


I wondered, “What glory is there in giving my Creator all of His own works?” 


That’s when Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “You are bringing Us the joy of all Our achievements.  Actually, they existed before We made Creation, however, they were stored inside Us within Our Will.  We were still waiting for the joy of seeing Our works glorified outside Ourselves, where they had yet to be accomplished.  Our works were formed at the beginning of Creation.  It’s only natural that when someone moves around among them, they would want to gather them all up together and set them around Us.  What this says to Us is, ‘Your works are so beautiful, holy and perfectly harmonious.  Their very perfection tells us who You are.  They are a narration of Your Glory.’  The replication of Our glory brings Us joy.  It reminds us of all Our works when We stretched out the Heavens and positioned the sun there.  We are always in the act of Creation and It speaks to Us with the voice of the little daughter of Our Will.” 


You would feel the same way if you decided in your will to make many beautiful works of art.  Your joy doesn’t really begin until you see the finished product.  Now imagine that someone who loves you was in the habit of bringing them to and saying, ‘You do such beautiful work.’  Wouldn’t that be glorious?  You would relive the joy every time your efforts are appreciated.  That’s how I am.  It’s always a pleasant surprise when that happens.”




February 9, 1928

The Sovereign Queen of Heaven, reflector of Jesus.  Pleasures of Jesus when one asks for His Fiat.  How Jesus gathered all goods and consumed all evils; how He ignited the stake within Himself.


I continued to follow the Acts of Jesus as they were done in His Divine Will when He was on earth.  This time I was following Mother and Son as they fled into Egypt.


I thought, “I can imagine how beautiful it must have been to see His Divine Mom holding Her dear little Baby in Her arms.  Even though He was so little, He held the Eternal Fiat within Himself, enfolding Heaven and earth.  As Creator, everything came out from Him and depended on Him for its existence.  The Sovereign Queen was transfused in little Jesus by the power of the same Fiat that animated Them both.  She was the mirror that reflected Him, She was His echo, His very Life.  They possessed so much hidden beauty; numerous varieties of heaven with radiant suns, each more stunning that what can be seen above our earth’s horizon.  Yet, no one saw anything unusual other than three poor fugitives.” 


Jesus, my Love, I long to follow my Celestial Mom, step by step.  I want to animate each blade of grass with my voice, every atom of the earth.  My wish is that You feel myI love Youunder Her soles as She walks.  I want to animate all the light of the sun, so when it shines on Your face, it will bring You myI love You.  I aspire the same with every gust of wind so that all its caresses shall say, ‘I love You.’  I am the one who brings You the warmth of the sun through Your Fiat.  I send a breeze to caress You and the whistling wind to tell You of my love.  It shall say, ‘My dearest little One, let everyone know Your Divine Will.  Let It come out from within Your little Humanity and rule in dominion as Its Kingdom is established in the midst of creatures.’”


I would take too long to explain everything, but as my mind wandered after Jesus, my highest and only Good, He moved inside me with kindness.


He said, “My daughter, My Mom and I were like twins because We were born of the one Will that gave Us life.  The Divine Fiat held all Our Actions in common so that the Son was reflected in Her, and the Mom was a mirror of the Son.  The full force of the Kingdom of Divine Will had complete dominion within Us.  As We fled to Egypt, We carried the Divine Volition.  It was like We were just strolling around on vacation, though We could feel Its great sorrow that It was not reigning within creatures.  As We looked across the centuries though, We felt the great joy of the Kingdom It would establish in their midst.” 


It was so pleasing for Us to hear your repeated refrains in the sun, wind and water coming to Us on the wings of Our Fiat.  We could even hear them under Our feet as We walked; ‘I love You, I love You; let Your Kingdom come.’  It was Our own echo that We heard coming from within you.  All We wanted was that the Divine Will rule over all as their conqueror.  Even back then We loved Our tiny little one who was only asking for what We wanted as well.”


Then, I thought some more about everything my sweet Jesus had done while living on earth, until He continued where He left off.


He said, “My daughter, when I came upon earth I looked at all centuries, past, present and future.  I gathered within My Humanity everything good and upright that could be done over generations of humankind, so I could set My seal on them as confirmation of their goodness.  I not only didn’t destroy them, I gave them Divine Life by enclosing them within Myself, and since there were still a lot of things missing, I made up the difference.  Human creatures have everything they need.  With wings of time, I flew through the centuries and gave each human being My complete works.” 


I also gathered up everything evil so I could burn them.  I used all My pain and suffering as fuel, igniting them within My own Humanity.  As they burned, I felt all the pain each evil had caused, and from their ashes, a corresponding goodness arose to revitalize generations of humankind with new life.”


Now you must replicate what I did.  You must consume every evil by suffering them until each one becomes yet another cure for those who are to be redeemed.  They need imaginable remedy possible, to get them ready to accept the great goodness of My Will reigning in their midst.  You must prepare My Kingdom for creatures by enclose all that is good and holy within yourself by consuming all evil in the flames of you own pain and suffering.  That’s the only way you can resurrect the life of My Divine Will in the midst of creatures.  You must echo everything I do and secure each one within until there is enough for the arisen Kingdom of My Fiat.” 


Follow Me every step of the way and feel the life, happiness, the very heartbeat of this Kingdom within Me.  It wants to come and reign in the midst of creatures.  I allowed the infernal enemy to infiltrate Eden, however, My Love for this new Eden in the Kingdom of Fiat is so great that I would never allow him to set foot in It.  When he approached Me in the desert, he walked into a trap that crippled him.  There’s no way he can enter now, and even if there were, he wouldn’t dare try.  You must have noticed how your own presence terrorizes the enemy so much that he takes flight; the mere sight of you scares him.  My victory was the force that hurled him down.  He fled in confusion.  Everything’s ready; there’s nothing left to do but make It known.”




February 12, 1928

Laments of the soul.  How Jesus enclosed within Himself all the acts rejected by creatures, and formed His Kingdom.  How one who possesses the Divine Fiat possesses the bilocating power and can give to God, as her own, what belongs to God.


My poor mind moves about within the endless boundaries of Supreme Fiat.  My poor heart is in nightmarish pain and agony because my Beloved Jesus has abandoned me again.  Hours feel like centuries without Him and nights seem to go on forever.  Because the immense pain that swoops down on my little soul is Divine, I drown in its vastness.  The agony is eternal and I am crushed under its sheer weight.


I was thinking, “Holy God, how can you do this to me?  You take away the same Life that You want me to possess.  It can’t be!  You are making life impossible.  Not having the fountainhead of Your Life within me is a living death.  Come back, Jesus.  Don’t abandon me all alone.  I can’t live without life.  Jesus! Jesus!  Knowing you has cost me so much.  You have torn my human life to shreds so You could give me Yours instead.  Now my own life has been suspended so I can’t find it.  You have stolen it from me with Your scheming.  I can barely feel Your Life, I can only catch a glimpse of It now and then through the blinding glare of Your Will.” 


It’s all over for Me, I’ll just have to satisfied with seeing Your Life through these rays of light that reflect Your adorable Will.  I can’t take it anymore.  Jesus, come back to me, please.  You used to love me so much; that’s what you said, yet You have the audacity to abandon me.  Come back and stay with me for good.  Promise me You won’t go away.”


I kept pouring out my sorrow until He moved inside me and dimmed the glaring light that was hiding Him.  He reached out and gave me a hug.


He said, “My poor little daughter, try to be brave.  My Will wants to be everything to you.  I can’t change My Mind about leaving you, that decision was made when you decided not to leave Me anymore.  Then we began stealing each other’s lives, I stole yours and you captured Mine.  You could see Me before without the glaring light of My Fiat because I held It inside Me.  Now that I’ve decided to take life in you, It has overflowed out of Me and bi-located by enclosing My Humanity inside Its light.  That’s why you experience My Life through Its reflected light, so there’s no reason to be afraid I might leave you.”


You know that My Humanity relived, within Itself, all the actions creatures refused to do, even though My Will had asked for the creatures compliance when It gave Itself to them.  I redid them all and stored them within Myself to use in the formation Its Kingdom.  I had to wait for the right time before releasing them from Myself and setting them within creatures as the foundation of this Kingdom.  That’s the only way the Kingdom of My Will can be established in the midst of creatures.  As both God and man, I’m the only One Who can make up for man’s negligence by taking into Myself all of the Divine Will’s operations and then transferring them back to creatures.  That’s what they should have done in the first place.”


Regretfully, while still in Eden, the human will and the Divine did nothing but scowl at each other, because they were opposed to the Divine.  All other offenses stemmed from that, with disastrous consequences.  So first I had to redo within Myself all the actions they performed in opposition to Divine Fiat, and then let It build Its Kingdom within Me.  If I did not reconcile these two wills that were scowling at each other, there’s no way I could have arranged for their Redemption.  Before doing anything on earth to establish My Kingdom, I first had to reestablish well ordered harmony between the two wills.  That’s the only way I could bring about Redemption.”


I had to eliminate the evil consequences of what human will had done, so I gave them effective remedies.  Only then could I reveal the rich treasures within the Kingdom of My Will.  Its reflected light brings you these actions held within My Humanity for the sole purpose of transforming you into Divine Will.  So never fear, just pay close attention as you follow It.”


So I continued making my rounds throughout Creation, all the while giving my Creator the reverence He is due on behalf of the Divine Qualities embedded within each created thing.  Divine Fiat sustains their life simply because everything came out of It, moreover, It is the primal action of each created thing.  I had my doubts though. 


I thought, “These created things don’t belong to me, so what gives me right to say, ‘I offer You the sunlight’s due reverence and the glory of the starry heavens’?  I keep going on and on like that.” 


As I was thinking about it, my always lovable Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, those who possesses My Will and live in It, have the right to say, ‘The sun is mine, and so are the heavens, the sea and everything else.  They belong to me, so I have every right to take it all and arrange them around the Divine Majesty.  I intend to give Him the glory held within each created thing.’  Creation is indeed the work of My Omnipotent Fiat.  Its pulsing life, vital warmth and constant motion animate every created thing.  They flow within It, bringing order and harmony to all Creation as one single action.”


Those who live My Divine Will own the heavens, sun, seas and everything else and are intimate with them, just as they are for My Fiat.  Since she is Its firstborn, she has all rights and privileges over everything else born of It, and that means all Creation without exception.  In all truth, she can rightfully say to her Creator, ‘I offer You sunlight’s devotion.  It is the glory of heaven’s vastness and the symbol of Eternal Light; all of its talents are at Your service.’  You can truly say that about everything in Creation.”


The ability to possess My Will is a sign that the soul carries on Divine Life within herself.  Everything she does shows the immense power of her love light.  We feel Our Power bi-located within her.  She duplicates Us along with all Our Divine Qualities and then prepares to offer them as her own gift to Us.  This Divine homage is worthy of a Divine Fiat that knows how to bi-locate endlessly.  It does that when It call the creature back to the first acts of Creation by saying, ‘Let Us make man in Our Image and Likeness.’”




February 20, 1928

How one who must enclose a good in order to give it to creatures, must enclose the whole of that good within himself.  This happened to the Virgin and to Our Lord.  What Unity means.


Jesus stays away longer these days.  It’s only by the mercy of Divine Fiat that I’m still alive, simply because It has made Itself the life of my little soul.  It seems like my Beloved Jesus has handed me over to It.  I think He hides behind the veils of Its light and spies on me.  He’s like a vigilant sentry watching me to make sure I always follow His adorable Will.  Oh God, it hurts to be in love.  I’m lost inside an immense light and don’t which way to turn.  I don’t know where to start looking for Him.  He’s the One Who made me what I am, He’s the One Who always tells me the truth.  I feel the pulsing of many Divine Lives within me, trying to make me understand Who He is.  I wish they would tell me where I might find Him.  Jesus! Jesus!  Come back.  How can You do this to me?  I can feel Your heart beating in mine, yet I can’t see You.”


I kept pouring out my heart until I suddenly had an idea. 


I thought, “Maybe Jesus doesn’t think any of us are ready to accept life emanating from His Truths.  He doesn’t want to waste this life, however, so He remains hidden in silent vigil.”


I wondered about this until I saw my highest Good, Jesus, in the act of stepping out from inside me.


He said, “My poor little daughter, you got lost in the light while trying to find the One you love so much.  The light generates waves in front of you so enormous that they block your view and you can’t see Me.  You seem to have forgotten that I am the Light and the Life; you can feel My heartbeat.  My Will could never live within you if your Jesus were not there to give the freedom of action It need to operate in your soul?  So, calm down.” 


Anyone who would be the bearer of good things must first have these gifts located entirely within themselves in all their fullness.  Otherwise such goodness would have to way to get from one place to another.  I have to center the Kingdom of My Will within you, so all of It has to be there, full and complete.  Its light is preparing you to accept all the truths needed for the establishment of Its Kingdom.  The other creatures aren’t ready to accept the living truth of the Fiat, so I won’t give you the power to reveal them yet.  That’s true about a lot of things.  In the meantime, however, you are the treasurer and must account for everything.”


That’s what We did with the Queen of Heaven.  She was the treasury of the Incarnate Word who would give Me to generations of humankind.  I collected all the good things meant for the redeemed within Her.  She has everything they need to receive the Life of a God.  Her Highness, My Mom is sovereign over all creatures; She rules over every good action they are capable of performing.  Since She is the channel of holy thoughts, whenever someone thinks the way a saint would, they act as subjects under Her Sovereignty.”


Whenever they walk, talk or do anything in a saintly manner, you can be sure that all of their actions originate in the Virgin.  She has sovereign rights over everything they do or say, anywhere they might go.  Anything good done by anyone comes from Her.  She was the primary cause of the Incarnation of the Word, so it is appropriate that She be the channel of all goodness with sovereign rights of over everything.” 


I’m the same way.  As Redeemer of all, I had to have all the blessings of Redemption within Me.  For those redeemed, I am a sea of goodness that is channeled into a fountain of Redemption.  I naturally have Sovereign rights over the actions and good works that creature perform.  We do not rule the way creatures do.  They rule in dominion over most, but not all, external actions of their subjects.  They, however, are ignorant of what goes on in the minds of those they rule.  They do not have true sovereign rights because they are not the source of their subject’s thoughts, words and deeds, and they are certainly not their source of life.  I, however, am not only the life force of everything they do in the world; I am also the source of their interior life.”


After that, I continued making my rounds through the Divine Will until I merged with the same Unity my first father Adam had before he sinned.  Then my sweet Jesus spoke to me.


He said, “My daughter; you still don’t completely understand what unity means.  Unity is the source and amalgamation of all the creatures’ actions, past, present and future.  Adam was the rightful owner of Our Unity before he fell.  His thoughts were united with all the thoughts of every creature.  He walked, talked and worked in Unity.  I could always find within him My Unity, the beginning, middle and end of every action ever done by generations of humankind


Adam had possession of everything and he encapsulated them, along with everybody else, in My Unity.  Now that he has left It, you will take his place as you rise up into It and take your place within the origin of everyone and of everything.  There you will absorb everything Adam ever did, along with the full ensemble of all the actions ever performed by creatures.  Living in My Will means that you can say, ‘In the same way that everything comes out of Divine Fiat, I am the origin of all things, they have their source in me.  I am their thoughts; I am every word they speak and all the work they do.  I walk the innumerable steps they take, and when I do, I bring them all to My Creator.’”


Adam was intended to possess everyone by enfolding them within himself, had he not withdrawn from Our Will by abandoning his life within in Our Unity.  Had he not left, generations of human beings would have continued to live in Our Will so that It could have maintained Its singular Unity.  When everything shares the same echo, it becomes the same source and each person encapsulates everything within himself.”




February 25, 1928

How the Divine Will is present in the midst of creatures as center of life.  How the heartbeat is the king of one’s nature, and the thought is the king of one’s soul.


My flight in the Divine Fiat is non-stop; however, it looks like Jesus has decided not to talk to me anymore.  It’s all over.  I’ve yet to master what He’s taught me so far, and if He stops teaching me altogether, I’ll be a poor little ignoramus for the rest of my life.  I can’t go on writing without Him; I wouldn’t know what to say.  I couldn’t come up with a single vowel or consonant without him.  I just have to resign myself and get used to living one-on-one with the Divine Volition.  Actually, It never leaves me now, in fact, I don’t think I’m capable of leaving It either.  I see It everywhere, inside me and out, and in everything I do.  The sheer immensity of Its light animates my every action.


I see It everywhere I look; It’s everywhere.  There really isn’t anywhere in Heaven or on earth that It doesn’t shine Its light.  You can’t help but see It in the act of giving itself to creatures, constantly.  Without a doubt, It’s the most important thing in life.  The Divine Will can’t leave me, nor can I leave It; we are inseparable.  It never tries to escape from what Jesus does, not ever.  Moreover, if I don’t accept It as the Prime Mover of my actions, it pouts.  Regretfully, if what I do does not reflect Its actions, if I try to lead my life independently of Its own, as if I could ever see without Its light, then I become a source of sorrow.


Divine Will, You are so adorable and lovable; nothing can surpass You.  The more I go on, the more I understand You and love You.”


As my poor mind wandered around in the Fiat, my sweet Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, My Will is present among creatures at the center of their lives.  You can think about the human heart that way, as the master of one’s natural being.  As long as the heart is beating, the mind thinks, the mouth speaks, hands work and feet walk.  When the heart stops, all of a sudden, everything ends, because the ruler of this lowly nature has abdicated.  That’s what happens when the regulator is not there to animate thought, word and deed; everything stops.  In a similar manner, thought is the king of the soul, ruling from his throne room where the soul actively lives and works.”


You can imagine what would happen if human nature tried to throttle the beating heart, that is, to overthrow the king of speech, thought and all activity.  It would be the death of all action; suicide.  If the soul tried to suffocate thought, she wouldn’t be able to do anything.  It would be like a king without realm or subjects.”


My Divine Will is for each creature like what the heart is for human life, or thought for the soul.  Its eternal heartbeat is the epicenter of life.  Its pulse lets the creature think, speak, walk and act.  Yet, since creatures don’t give it a thought, they throttle It.  They extinguish Its light, blaspheme Its sanctity, disturb Its peace, corrupt Its upright works and unjustly persecute Its holy speech.  Some creatures are so intent on throttling It that their own souls end up committing spiritual suicide.”


In this lowly world, My Will is indeed king of a realm without land or people.  Creatures, on the other hand, behave as if they had neither king nor laws.  The king of heartbeats neglects the body; the thought king has deserted the soul.  What’s worst of all is that they ignore Divine Life, even though It envelops everyone and everything within Its immensity.  It’s forced to live a stifled existence within Itself because no one will accept Its rule or Its attitude towards life.” 


Yet It still longs to form Its Kingdom on earth; It wants Its chosen people to be faithful.  So, It won’t give up, despite having to live a stifled existence amongst thankless creatures.  Rather than departing for Its Celestial Regions, It remains among them, persevering in Its quest for recognition.  It wants everyone to understand the good things It wants to do.  It intends to overwhelm them with love until they acknowledge Its celestial laws.  It yearns for the children of Its Kingdom.  Its heart, pulsating with love, light and sanctity, is ever ready to grant them peace and happiness.”


It lives in you for the sake of revealing Its mysteries to creatures.  They have to know what Divine Will means.  I like to hide within My own Will so It can have freedom of action as It lives out Its life within you.”





February 28, 1928

Just as God has the hierarchy of Angels in Heaven with nine distinct choirs, so will He have the hierarchy of the children of His Kingdom with nine more choirs.  Condition of the late confessors, and how the memory of Father Di Francia will not be extinguished in this work.


A thousand thoughts crowded My poor little mind as I pondered Holy Divine Volition.  They took the form of lights rising up with increasing intensity and merging with the light of the Eternal Sun that resides in the Fiat that knows no limits.  It’s hard to explain, but I was thinking about Jesus’ revelations on the mysteries of Divine Will.  Each one has the power to bring another Divine Life into the soul, uniquely embossed with the rarest joyful beauty.  It holds them in common to be shared with those who love It and are blessed with Its knowledge.


I thought, “One revelation more or less is enough to differentiate between one soul and another.” 


I began to reminisce about my late confessors and I felt sorry for them.  They took such an interest in blessed Jesus’ revelations on the Divine Will and would encourage me to write.  I felt especially sorry for venerable Father Di Francia who sacrificed so much to make them known.  He had to travel far and wide to arrange for their publication and he spent a lot of money doing it.  Then, just as things were beginning to make progress, Jesus took Father up to Heaven where he now abides in Him.  However, neither He nor the others were able to garner everything revealed so far about the Fiat.  Sadly enough, that means they weren’t able to take possession of all these happy lives of rarest beauty that come with what has be revealed since they passed.


It would take too long to explain it all, however, as my mind was wandering, lost in thought, my sweet Jesus appeared within me, casting out streams of light with His outstretched arms.


He said, “My daughter, I have a hierarchy of Angels with nine distinct choirs and, in the fullness of time, I will have a hierarchy of children in the Kingdom of My Divine Fiat.  They will also have nine choirs, each distinguished by the various shades of beauty they have acquired by learning about My Fiat.  Some will know more about It than others.”


Every additional revelation about My Divine Volition is another new and joyful creation of exquisite beauty that It forms within creatures.  Divine Life flows through them, carrying every shade of His Beauty.  He accompanies His revelations with all the melodic harmonies of Our Divine Being’s Happiness and Joy.”


Our paternal Goodness reveals Its life, beauty and happiness so It can be replicated among creatures.  Our revelations are available to anyone and it wouldn’t be fair to lavish Our beauty or the sound of Our Joy on those who have no interest in learning about It.  These are endowed on others.  They shall be thus blessed according to what they have learned, so there shall be different hierarchical choir in the Kingdom of My Divine Will.” 


You will come to know how different they are, those who study My revelations on earth and those who will acquire them later on in Heaven.  The first choirs will be so endowed that the nature of their Divine Beauty will be as obvious as the joyful sounds that emanate from their Creator.  However, It wouldn’t be natural for the lesser choirs to be so endowed.  They will only have second hand knowledge about It.  The earth, for instance, does not illuminate itself with its own light, that would be unnatural.  It receives that vivifying light elsewhere, from the sun.  Those who know the most about It will form the highest choir, and the others will be assigned according to how much knowledge they have received from others.”


Nonetheless, all those who have learned something about It, whether a little or a lot, will be awarded the noble title of children of My Kingdom.  Knowledge of My Fiat will ennoble those creatures who dedicate their life to making It their own.  The life-giving energy of Divine Life will flow within their soul, raising them up to their original image and likeness.  They are like paint brushes that portray the Image of the Creator in the creature.  The title isLet Us make man in Our Image and Likeness.’


Even though some may not know as much as the others, that will not detract from their noble character.  They’re just a little bit different is all, siblings of the same noble family who have different talents as scholars, artists or painters.  There are those who apply themselves more and attain more status and prestige in society.  They become well known, like and admired because of the skills they have mastered.  Within the same family, some might make a greater contribution to society than their siblings.  With a lot of hard work and sacrifice, they may become very successful, however, that does not detract from their siblings’ nobility; they are from the same family, after all.  They still dress fashionably; they have polished manners and speak with sophistication.  They’re much the same.”


All the children of My Fiat are noble because they have shed the coarseness of human volition and the shabby rags of passion.  Doubts and dark fears will be dispelled by the light of My knowledge and cast into a sea of peace.  Your confessors, having passed into the next life, are the prelude to the children of My Will, especially the first one.  He sacrificed a lot and worked hard to help cultivate the little garden of your soul.  I didn’t reveal that much about My Fiat at first because you weren’t ready yet.  So he is the one who will be remembered as the dawn’s herald.  He was the first to announce the coming Kingdom of My Will.” 


Your second and the third confessors helped considerably.  They knew a lot about My Will and were willing to make sacrifices, especially the third one, who did so much writing.  He worked at making It known with so much love.  He set this rising sun on course to become full daylight.  Those who follow will be high-noon on the great day of My Will.  Depending on how much interest they have shown, some of them will be remembered as the day’s first hour of My Volition.  Others will toll the second and third bells, and a few will shine in the full light of midday.”


The memory of Father Di Francia will never be extinguished in this great work of My Divine Fiat.  He worked so hard getting It ready for publication before I brought him to Heaven so he could be with Me.  He shall long be remembered for his ardent desire to make My Will known.  He shall not be forgotten, never.  He will be pre-eminent for having searched far and wide for the most precious thing that could ever exist in Heaven or on earth, the one act that glorifies Me the most.  His work on behalf of creatures will give Me full glory, and they will be given a superabundance of everything.  He did the initial work that would make My Divine Will be known.  He spared nothing to meet expenses, no sacrifice was too great.  Even though he couldn’t see the publication through, at least he got it started so that one day the work of My Will shall be known and have a living presence among creatures.” 


No one can ever deny the fact that Father Di Francia was the first to promote this knowledge about the Kingdom of My Will.  Only death prevented him from seeing its publication through to completion.  When this great work becomes known, his name will be remembered as the moving force behind it.  The splendor of his work will be glorified both in Heaven and on earth.  Even now, those who yearn for this victory are competing for possession of the Writings on My Divine Fiat?  If he hadn’t taken the Writings with him and work on publishing them, no one would now be talking about them.  If he hadn’t help others understand how important these Writings are and how much good they would do, no one would have taken the time to look at them.”


My Goodness is great and I shall justly reward, and lavishly so, whatever good the creature does, especially in the work of My Will, because it is dear to Me.  I give anything to those who work and sacrifice to protect the rights of My Eternal Fiat?  Heaven and earth will be astonished how generous I can be.”


Hearing that made me wonder, “Considering how important this knowledge is for the good of mankind, I imagine blessed Jesus will continue revealing more about His Fiat to others after I die.  Why wouldn’t any future work on It be just as meritorious?”


Jesus suddenly moved inside me.


He answered, “No at all, my daughter.  Father Di Francia will be known as the first to propagate It, with your other confessors assisting.  The little daughter of My Will shall be recognized as first to work at It, and more importantly, that you are the treasure chest of such great goodness.  I chose you for such an important mission because of your trustworthiness.  Imagine someone who has come up with an important invention.  Others might copy it, improve upon it, find more applications for it or expand the market for it.  Yet no one can claim, ‘I invented this.’  They should rightly say, ‘So-and-so invented it.’  So people will know that the Kingdom of My Fiat started with the little daughter of My Will, and she is Its treasurer.”




March 3, 1928

How all things start from one point.  Sublimeness of the state of Adam.  Why Our Lord has not manifested his happy state until now.  How one who possesses the Unity possesses the source of good.


My poor heart was swimming in such sorrow without my sweet Jesus, it was suffocating me and I was worried.  I was so tortured that I would have given anything to find Him and tell Him how stressed I was. 


I suffered in anguish until my lovable Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, don’t worry about your feelings, It’s just My Divine Fiat working Its craft in you.  It is enclosing everyone and everything from all past and future centuries within you.  The Supreme Volition is sowing the seed of all that It has done in Creation so It can harvest the satisfaction of being repaid what creatures owe It for all of Its Actions.  So don’t worry.  My Will is enveloping centuries within each hour of your life.  Anyone whose primary action resides in the reign of My Will must have Its source within them before they can carry out Its Divine Life.” 


All things start from a single point from where they expand and disperse everywhere, like the sun, for example.  Its light comes from the center of its sphere and from there it illuminates the entire earth.  So just follow My Will and don’t worry.”


So I continued making my rounds throughout the Divine Will until I came to Eden where I tried to merge with Adam’s state of mind before he sinned, when he was still in enjoyed Unity with his Creator.  I wanted to restart my actions in tandem with his so I could make up for what he did.  Perhaps then the Unity he lost by falling into sin could be reinstated.


I thought, “I wonder why blessed Jesus hasn’t revealed to anyone the wondrous sublimity between the innocent Adam and his Creator.  It might help they knew of all the beauty he enjoyed deep within a sea of joy.  It all started with him.   He was the focus of everything.  If only people knew about all the great privileges Adam had, maybe then they would yearn to return to their original state at the dawn of humanity.”


As I was thinking about it, my sweet Jesus moved inside me with all His goodness.   


He said, “My daughter, My paternal Goodness only reveals things when it will do some good for creatures.  If not, I don’t bother.  The history of man’s innocence is too tender for me.  Just thinking about it makes My Love rise and overflow in huge waves that pour Itself out like it used to over Adam when he was still innocent.  I haven’t found anyone to accept this overflow since Adam because they are incapable reciprocating.  For My Divine Fiat to be wholly within them, the synergy of life between the infinite and the finite must be maintained.  My Love suffers when My own waves of Love come back to Me without finding anyone to inundate.  When that happens, My Love suffocates Itself, so It holds back.  That’s why I haven’t said much about the Adam’s innocence until now.  He hardly mentioned it himself since the memory of his happy state made him feel like he would die of sorrow because My own Love was suffocating Me.”


Now that is time to restore the Kingdom of My Divine Will, revealing more about the innocent Adam should help hasten Its coming.  That’s why I’m telling you so much about the sublimity of his existence; I want to replicate what I did with him.  By the power of My Volition, I want to bring you up to where man was when Creation began.  A creature who lives in the Unity of My Fiat can give Me whatever I want.  Together we can give each other everything.  When I can truly give the things I reveal, My Love does not drown in Its own waves, It generates more of them.  It is such a joy to see them replicated by the creature that I want to reveal what was unknown to them for their own good.  If you only knew how much I enjoy giving.  My Love celebrates when I see the creature ready, willing and able to receive My goodness.  If you did you would be more attentive and let Me pour out My repressed Love.”


When He stopped talking, I was submerged in Divine Volition.  I am in rapture over the wonders the soul can do by possessing Its Will.  I felt so tiny swimming in the Fiat’s Sea of light.  Waves of light in various shades of beautiful color would arise whenever I moved and then empty into the womb of My Creator.  When Paternal Goodness is filled with His little one’s waves, He sends His waves back toward me.  Lovable Supreme Will, You are splendid, indeed, more desirable than life itself, and You love me so much.  It’s funny how You start this game where my Creator and I are contestants vying to fill up the other.  Then You watch and cheer us both on, hoping for draw.


I was still wandering around in the Fiat when Jesus began speaking again, ever so sweetly.


He said, “My daughter, anyone who possesses the Unity of My Volition has freedom of action to do as much good as she wants.  After all, she has the source of all goodness within herself and it is at her disposal.  Considering that she is always in touch with of her Creator and He keeps sending her the waves of His paternal Love, it would be ungrateful if she didn’t send Him her own waves.  Especially since the immense Sea of her Creator flows into her own little sea within her soul.” 


Those who do not acquire Its Unity, however, are not in possession of Its source.  If she wants to do something good, she requires Divine Charity for each and every good action she wants to perform, so she has to ask for grace to do the good things she wants to do.  For someone in possession of My Unity, however, goodness merges with her own nature.  So, whenever she feels like doing something, she acts, because she already has the source of goodness within her.”




March 8, 1928

How God created man to keep him on His knees and to make him act as the repeater of His Acts.  How Jesus showed Himself placing all the volumes written on His Will, all ordered, in His Heart.  Love of Jesus for the writings, and the good that they will do.  How one who decides to live in the Fiat is bound with chains of light.


I was still completely abandoned in Holy Divine Volition, following Its innumerable actions as best I could.  However, since there are so many of them, sometimes I can’t count them all, let alone follow them.  Still, I can’t lay hold of them, so all I can do is watch.  It’s incredible how far Its activity surpasses human ability.  So, since I’m too little to do it all, I’ll just do as much as I can without ever leaving the works of Divine Fiat. 


Then my mind continued wandering around within the works of Divine Volition until my sweet Jesus moved inside me.   


He said, “My daughter, Our paternal Goodness created man so We could hold him on Our lap and play with him all the time so he was always having fun with his Creator.  We always kept him on Our lap so he wouldn’t get upset and ruin Our fun.  Moreover, since Our Will was supposed to belong to the one We loved as Our own child as well, It echoed all Our Actions within man’s innermost being.  Whenever Our child heard Our echo, he would repeat the Actions of his Creator.  We were always so happy together when Our creative echo was reverberating within Our child’s heart of hearts.  We instilled the good order of Our Actions, the harmony of Our Happiness and Joy and the image of Our Sanctity.  They were all so happy back then.”


Eventually, however, human will snatched the child We loved so much from Our lap.  It took him so far away from Us that he couldn’t hear Our creative echo, and no longer knew anything about what his Creator was doing.  We longer had the joy of seeing Our child happily amusing himself on Our lap.  The echo of his own will mesmerized him and he became bitter from the degrading tyranny of his passions.  It was pitiful seeing him so unhappy.”


This tells you something about what it means to live in Our Will.  It means staying on Our lap where We expend Our wealth taking lavish care that you share in Our Happiness and Joy.  If you only knew the satisfaction We feel seeing the creature sitting on Our lap, listening attentively to the echo of Our words, Our works and Our footsteps.  We would be content to hear you answer the echo of Our Love.  So pay close attention that none of Our echoes escape you.  Give Us the pleasure of seeing someone so little repeating the Acts of your Creator.”


I responded, “My Love, if I have to sit on Your lap to live in Your Will, then I can’t walk around or do anything, so why should someone remain sitting on your knees and do nothing else?”


Jesus answered, “No, you don’t understand.  That won’t stop you from doing anything.  When I talk about Our Immensity, I mean that It is everywhere and you can always sit on Our Divine lap wherever you are performing your actions.  Besides, everything you do is an echo of what We do anyhow.”


Later, I started worrying about what I was writing on the Divine Will, for some reason, until my sweet Jesus appeared inside me.  He had all the volumes written on It and He was going through them one by one.  He took each booklet in His hands, and with tender loving care, He looked at each of them as if His Heart were going to burst.  As He finished each one, He placed them in order within His Most Holy Heart where He would jealously guard them.  He noticed my astonishment.


He said, “My daughter, if you only knew how much I love these Works.  They cost Me more than Creation and Redemption put together.  After putting so much love into them, they show the full worth of My Will.  These manifestations of My Kingdom confirm that I want the Kingdom of My Divine Will established in the midst of creatures.  They will do great things as they rise like Suns dispersing the deep darkness of human will.  Their living presence will rout death as it fleas from these poor creatures.  These Books will be the triumph of all My works, the most convincing narration of how tenderly I love mankind; I have always loved them.  My love is so jealous for these Books that I will guard them all in My Divine Heart so not a single word will ever be lost.” 


I have put everything into these Writings.  They describe superabundant grace, a warming light that illuminates and nourishes every creature with love that wounds and all-conquering truths that send them into raptures.  Every word is alive and will bring about the resurgence of the Kingdom of My Will.  I want you to appreciate them that much and show the respect they deserve.  You will be delighted with the good things they bring about.”


After that, I continued abandoning myself in the Fiat until I was filled with Its endless light.  Then my adorable Jesus spoke to me again.


He said, “My daughter, when the soul decides to live in My Divine Will and withdraw from her own, I bind her with chains of light to make sure she is safe and secure.  I don’t take away her free will, however, because that was a gift given to the creature in Creation.  Once I give something, I never take it back, unless the creature decides to reject My gifts.  When I bind her with light, I make sure she can get out whenever she wants; however, she will have to try really hard because I don’t make it easy to escape.  These chains of light will saturate all her actions with resplendent grace and she will see and feel their beauty.  The human will is so blinded by their brilliant enchantment that she is honored to be bound with such noble chains.  They bring her so many advantages that she starts to yearn for the day when her actions are no longer dependent on what is human.  She will have an ardent longing for the Divine Volition to displace everything else.” 


She will feel both free and bound, though never forced.  By her own free will, she is spontaneously attracted to the great goodness that comes her way.  She see her own action circumscribed by concentric circles of light that turn into chains that transform her into the same light that binds her.  Beautiful, harmonious voices come out of her soul with each of her actions and wound the hearing of all Heaven with love.  They announce that My Divine Will is operating in the creature.”




March 11, 1928

Difference between Jesus and the Virgin.  How the whole Hidden Life of Jesus in Nazareth was the recall of the Kingdom of the Divine Will upon earth.  How the human will is the fount of good or of evil.


I was wondering how much difference there was between the Holy Virgin and my lovable Jesus, since Divine Volition lived in both of them with the full dominion of Its Kingdom.  Then my sweet Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, the Celestial Queen and I had one and the same Will animating Us.


She and I are like two different houses.  One of them has windows all around that lets the sun come in to fill it entirely.  Its light reigns throughout the house like a queen dominating every last inch within.  Though helpless to resist the sun’s overwhelming light, the house somehow seems bigger under its constant glare.  In contrast, the sun’s sphere lives in the other house, so it doesn’t need any windows to let in the light.  That makes a huge difference.”


This parable explains how My Mom and I are different.  She is the house filled with sunlight that has handed Herself over to Sun of My Will as Its helpless victim.  Regardless, the Eternal Sun of My Fiat Sun constantly nourishes Her with Its endless light and She grows within It.  In contrast, My Humanity holds the sphere of the Divine Sun within Itself where It continually rises and never sets.  When the Sovereign Queen draws this light from Me it becomes Her life.  When something belongs to someone exclusively, that person has sovereignty over it.  Thus, to Her glory, She is the Queen of light.”


After that, I did my usual rounds, following my Divine Fiat until I arrived at my lovable Jesus’ home in Nazareth where He carried out His Hidden Life.  I was planning to replicate His Actions.


I said, “My Love, myI love You’ follows You everywhere, replicating all or Your Actions so I can use them to ask You for the Kingdom of Your WillMyI love Youfollows You everywhere, step by step, word for word.  It is even there in the wood You are hammering.  While You’re at it, You may as well hammer the human will; hammer it until it stops.  Then Your Divine Will shall rise again in the midst of creatures


MyI love Youflows in the water You drink, the food You eat and the air You breathe.  It flows in the rivers of love that gush between You, Your Mom and Saint Joseph.  It flows in the prayers You say, in the ardent beating of Your heart and in the slumber of Your sleep.  I want to be near You, whispering in Your ear, ‘I love You, I love You.’  Please!  Let Your Kingdom come.’”


I was thinking about how I could make my “I love You” form a circle around all the Acts of Jesus when He moved inside Me.


He said, “My daughter, My Hidden Life went on for a long time, all the while recalling the Kingdom of My Divine Will upon earth.  I was reliving all the actions that creatures were supposed to do in It and then hand them over to humankind.  My Mom and I always did this together during My Hidden Life as We were forming the Kingdom.  Adam and Eve were the two people who had destroyed the Kingdom of My Divine Fiat while Her Highness, the Sovereign Queen and I were the two who had to redo It.”


First of all, I had to take care of the Kingdom of My Divine Will since the first offense started off with the human will offending Mine by its withdrawal from It.  All the other offenses were secondary consequences of that first action.  Human will is a life or death issue for creatures when they hurl themselves either into either happiness, or tyranny and disaster.  It determines whether good angels lead them up to Heaven, or if they become demons to be hurled into hell.  The will is the source of all evil, as well as all good, The will is the creature’s fountain of life gushing out happiness, joy, peace, sanctity and virtue, or squirts streams of sin, misery and wars that destroy everything good.”


I spent almost thirty years in this Hidden Life preparing the Kingdom of My Will.  My Public Life was brief, only three years; that’s when I worked on Redemption.  I always had My Celestial Mom with Me while forming the Kingdom of My Divine Fiat; however, I had to do without Her physical presence during My Public Life.  I made Myself King of the Kingdom of My Fiat and the Virgin was Queen.  We were the foundation of the Kingdom destroyed by human will.” 


That was the reason I was brought to earth in the first place.  It was necessary to come down among creatures to establish It among them.  The cause and effect were one and the same.  However, I had to make up for the offensive acts creatures had committed against My Celestial Father before I could obtain Redemption on their behalf.  Now that the Kingdom of My Will has been formed, there’s nothing left to do but to make It known.  All I had to do was hand over the Actions I performed to obtain Its foundation.  Once they were yours I had to follow you as We redid them on behalf of the creatures.  This is the endless echo of our actions reverberating in the Unity that flows within the Kingdom of My Divine Will among creatures.  I am ever vigilant that your will have no life so that Mine can be free.  What I am doing is making you My second mother by recalling all the actions that the Virgin and I did together and storing them within you for safe-keeping.  So pay attention and follow My Will in everything It does.”


Let everything be for God’s greater glory and the fulfillment of His Most Holy Will.