From the Journal of

Luisa Picarretta


Book of Heaven







September 17, 1926

My Jesus, I invoke Your Holy Will; let It come and write down on paper, with eloquent,  penetrating words,  whatever needs to said to make Itself rightly understood.  These words must portray the most attractive features of the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat with gorgeous colors and resplendent light.  You must infuse a powerful magnetic force in the words that You will make me write, so that no one will be able to resist them.  The readers must want to be dominated by Your Most Holy Will.’  


Mom, true Sovereign Queen of the Supreme Fiat, don’t leave me all alone.  Take me by the hand; give me the flame of your Maternal Heart.  Protect me under your azure mantle as I write, so I can finish everything my beloved Jesus wants me to do.’


I was possessed by the Supreme Volition.  It drew me into Its immense light and made me see the order of Creation, and how everything stayed right where their Creator put them.  My mind wandered in rapture at the beauty of all Creation, as I admired the arrangement of Its magnificent harmony.  My sweet Jesus was right there with me.


He told me: “My daughter, everything that came out of Our creative hands was assigned its proper place, each created thing with their own role to play.  They all stay where they belong as they glorify the Eternal Fiat with incessant praise while It safeguards those It dominates.  It preserves intact and ever beautiful the new life It gives them.  All movement is synchronized under the control of the Supreme Fiat within them.”


Man was also was assigned his proper place.  His role: sovereign over all created things.  There was one big difference, however.  Everything else We created stays the same, without ever changing, neither increasing nor decreasing.”


My Will, on the other hand, gave man supremacy over all the works of Our hands.  It wanted to show off the superabundance of Its love by making his role one of continual growth in beauty, wealth, wisdom and sanctity.  It raises him up to the Likeness of his Creator, provided, however that he would always let himself be guided under Its control.  He had to give the Supreme Fiat a free hand to form Its Divine Life within him, continually growing in goodness, beauty and endless happiness.  Actually, without dominion by My Will, there is no growth, beauty, happiness or harmony.”


My Will is the source and beginning of the whole work of Creation, and Its master.  Wherever It reigns, It has the virtue of preserving the beauty of Its work, just as it was in the beginning.  However, where It does not exist, the source of  vitality that preserves the work of Our hands is missing.  So you can see then how terribly evil it was for man to withdraw from My Will.”     


All things, even the smallest, have their place.  They are safe at home, where no one can touch them.  They have an abundance of good things, because the Will that flows through them is the source of all goodness.  They all exist in harmonious order and universal peace.  Sadly, by withdrawing from Our Will, man lost his place and is now homeless and exposed to danger.  He is completely vulnerable.  Even the natural elements are better off than he is.  They possess a Supreme Will, while he has a degenerate human will that can give him nothing but weakness, passion and misery.  He’s been alienated from his roots and has no place to call his own.  Living in chaos and singing out of key with the universe, he has no peace of mind whatsoever.”


He is the only being wandering around in all of Creation who doesn’t have any right to anything.  We will give anything to someone who lives in Our Will however, because he is part of the family and should make himself at home.  The relationship and family ties he has by living in It give him the right to whatever we have.  Our house is his house.  On the other hand, someone who does not live the Life of My Will has made a clean break in the relationship and no longer has any family ties.  We don’t have anything to do with him.”


If they only knew what it means to break up with Our Will.  If they saw how far they would fall into the abyss, they would tremble in fear.  They would climb over each other to get back into the Kingdom of the Eternal Fiat and take their usual place again, the one originally assigned to them by God.  Now my eternal Goodness wants to give my Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat back to them again.  Considering how man had so ungratefully rejected It, this is the greatest Gift I can give to generations of humankind.”


Up till now, not much has been known about My Will, so first I have to form this knowledge and then shape It.  I must reveal this knowledge in a way that will win them over.  Then, once they know about It, they will love and appreciate It enough to want to come and live in It.  This knowledge will be a chain that binds them, albeit not something forced on them.  Instead, they shall willingly let themselves be bound by it.  This knowledge will serve as the weapons and arrows that will conquer the new children of the Supreme Fiat.” 


The real import of this knowledge is the transformation of their nature into virtue and goodness.  The result of this transmutation into My Will is that they will possess these virtues as their own personal property.”


I asked Him about this, “Jesus, my Love, if this information about Your adorable Will embraces so much virtue, why didn’t You teach Adam about it.  If this knowledge had been left for posterity’s sake, they would have loved and appreciated such great goodness a lot more.  This would have prepared their hearts for the time when You, the Divine Mender, would announce the award of this great Gift of the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat.” 

Jesus explained, “My daughter, as long as he remained in the terrestrial Eden, living in the Kingdom of the Supreme Will, Adam knew almost everything pertaining to this Kingdom.  The only limit to his knowledge was that he was only a mere creature, but nonetheless, the Kingdom was his.”


However, as soon as he left the Garden, his intellect grew dark until he lost the light of his Kingdom.  From then on Adam could never find the right words to express the knowledge he had acquired about the Supreme Will.  Before that, Divine Volition would hand him whatever terms and expressions he needed to explain to others what he knew.  That’s all gone now.  What’s worse, every time he thought about his withdrawal from My Will and the greatness he had lost, he was gripped by sorrow.  He became introverted and engrossed in his lamentation over the loss of such a great Kingdom.  No matter how hard Adam tried to fix things, the evil done was beyond repair.  Only the very God he had offended could put it all back together.”


“Adam got no help from his Creator by way of instruction after the fall, so he didn’t have the wherewithal to teach anyone anything.  After all, why teach something if it wouldn’t do anyone any good anyhow?  I wouldn’t reveal anything good unless I planned on giving it to someone.  Even though Adam didn’t say much about the Kingdom of My Will, his life was an important lesson regarding many aspects of it.


During the early years of the history of the world, up to Noah, these generations had no need of laws.  There had no idols because they understood that there was only one God and there was only one way of experiencing Him, that is, through My Will.  However, as they began moving farther away from It, idolatries arose and degenerated into even worse evils.  God saw their need and gave them His laws as a life-preserver for these human generations.”


Those who do My Will don’t need laws, because My Will is the law, It is life, It is everything for man.  The Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat is immensely important and I love It very much. This undertaking is more than just a new Creation or another Redemption.  During Creation, I pronounced My omnipotent Fiat only six times, to prepare It and issue It all in the right order.  During Redemption, I spoke; however, I did not speak about the Kingdom of My Will or the infinite knowledge and immense goodness within It.  I didn’t have to use many words because, rather than being a broad subject area, It was rather limited by nature, and a few words were enough to make it known.” 


Making My Will known is more involved, because Its history is extremely long.  It is eternal, without beginning or end, so however much I talk about It, there is always more to say, so much more.  It is more important than anything else, so there is more to know about It.  It greatness entails more wonder and light, so It requires even more words to express It.  The task is compounded because the more I make It known, the more I expand the boundaries of My Kingdom for the children who will possess It.   Everything I reveal about My Will becomes a new creation within My Kingdom, to be enjoyed and possessed by those who will be blessed by knowing It.” 


You will have to pay very close attention to how you reveal them.”





September 20, 1926


I have finished filling up another notebook and I’m starting a new one.  The burden of writing was making me somewhat bitter and I let out a big sigh.


My sweet Jesus moved within me and I could see Him shaking His head.


He sighed and said to me, “What is it, My daughter, what’s the matter?  You don’t want to write any more?” 


I started to tremble when I saw Him sigh because of me.


I said: “My Love, I only want what You want.  It’s true that writing feels like a sacrifice to me, but for You, I will do anything, because I love You.” 


Jesus continued: “My daughter, you still haven’t fully comprehended what it means to live in My Will.  When you were sighing, everyone, all of Creation, even Me, we all sighed together with you.  For those who live in It, one is the life, one the act, one the motion and one the echo.  They can’t help doing the same thing together, because God is the Prime Mover.  All created things have come out of this one Motion full of life, and there is nothing that does not possess His Motion.  They all revolve around the Primal Movement of their Creator.” 



The whole of Creation is in My Will, it goes around incessantly, rapidly and in good order.  The one who lives in It has her place of honor in their midst, revolving around It with speed together with everyone else, without ever stopping.  Then your sigh of unenthusiastic resignation echoed in everyone.  Imagine how they felt.  It was as if a constellation of stars started moving out of its assigned place.  It’s out of order, no longer revolving with velocity around its Creator.  Watching this celestial constellation going out from their midst, they were all shaken and distracted from doing their rounds.  However, they were immediately restored by your prompt return and continued making their rounds with speed, all in good order.  They are magnifying their Creator, who keeps them all in His loving embrace, as they revolve around Him.”


What would you say if you saw a star leaving its companions and heading down to earth?  Wouldn’t you say something like: ‘It’s out of place, it no longer lives together communally with the others; it must be confused to get lost like that.’  That’s what it’s like for someone who lives in My Will, but then wants to do her own thing.  She moves away from her assigned place; she descends from the height of the Heavens and loses the Communion of the Celestial Family.  She gets lost, so far away from My Will.   She gets lost, away from light, strength and sanctity, from the Divine Likeness.  She loses her way; order and harmony are lost.  She loses velocity and trajectory as she revolves around her Creator.” 


So pay attention, because in the Kingdom of My Will there is no stubbornness or bitterness; everything is joy.  Nothing is strained; everything is spontaneous.  The creature desires to do what God wants, as if she herself were the one who wanted to do it.”


My fear grew as I listened to my sweet Jesus telling me all this, and I understood a little better how evil it is to do one’s own will.  I prayed to Him from the heart to give me enough grace to keep me from falling into such grave evil.  As I was praying, my beloved Good came back, however, He appeared with his arms and legs dislocated.  He was in terrible pain. 


He threw Himself into my arms, saying, “My daughter, these dislocated limbs that hurt Me so much are all the souls who do not do My Will.  By coming upon earth, I established Myself as head of the human family.  They are My body, my limbs.  These members were formed, joined and connected by the circulating nourishment of My Will.  As It flows in them, they are firmly connected to My body, each one where it belongs.  My Will, like a compassionate doctor, makes Divine vitality and nourishment flow as needed between the head and limbs.  It also bandages the limbs and the rest of the body perfectly in place and firmly attached under the head.”


However, if My Will is missing, there is no warmth or strength in the body, the blood does not circulate and the head has no control over the limbs.  What good does bandaging dislocated limbs do if My Will is not there?  Everything is lost.  Yet, even though all links between the head and the limbs are broken, the appendages are still there on My body, making Me feel all their pain.” 


It is My Will alone that keeps the Creator and the creature in accord, as it does the Redeemer and the redeemed ones, with the Sanctifier and the sanctified ones.  Through It, they are all in communion; without It, Creation and Redemption are meaningless for them, because the source flowing with life and goodness is not there.  The very Sacraments shall condemn them if they are without It.  My Will is what unveils the Sacraments so mankind may enjoy their life giving fruit.”


My Will is everything.  Without It, Our most beautiful works and greatest wonders are inaccessible to the poor creatures.  It alone is the reservoir of all Our works; only through It can they become alive for creatures.  I wish everyone knew what it means to do or not do My Will.  Then they would all merge with It and receive every possible or imaginable goodness as they are infused with Divine Life.”


After He finished, I performed my usual actions in the Supreme Will until just before dawn.


Then I said to Him, “Jesus, my Love, the day is now beginning.  While in Your Will, I want to make my rounds through every creature, so as they wake up from their sleep, they may all rise in Your Will.  May every intelligence adore You, may every heart love you.  May their entire being and all of their works rise up into the light this day will make shine over all generations of humankind.”


While I was saying this, among other things, my sweet Jesus moved inside me.


He corrected me: “My daughter, within My Will there is neither day nor night, neither sunrise nor sunset.  There has never been but one day, always in the fullness of Its light.  Someone who lives in It might say: ‘There are no nights for me; it is always daylight.  There is only ever one day for me.’  As She does My Will, living and operating within It, she forms ever more brilliant light within the day of her life.  She lives in a day made ever more glorious and beautiful by doing My Will.”



Day and night, dawn and sunset were made for someone who does My Will as her own.  If she does My Will, she forms the day; if she does her own, she forms the night.  Someone who lives fully in It makes the day everlasting.  Someone who does not live fully in It, those who have to struggle to do My Will, form the dawn.  Those who whine about Its demands and are tempted to quit form the sunset.  For those who do not do My Will at all, the night is perpetual, the beginning of the eternal night of hell that will never end.”




September 23, 1926


I was fusing myself entirely within the Holy Divine Volition, my soul pierced by the absence of sweet Jesus.  As I was trying to perform my actions within His Will, I felt a piece of myself being torn away, all because I could not feel His presence.  I felt my puny existence being torn to shreds without Jesus, and I prayed that He would have pity on me and come back to my poor soul as soon as possible.  After struggling for awhile, He finally came back to me; however, He was really upset by human treachery.  There were so many nations brawling among themselves.  They were filling up arms depots in anticipation of a big fight among them.  They were planning incidents to provoke battle.  Such madness and human blindness!  They have lost sight of goodness, order and harmony; in their blindness, all they can see is evil.  They are out of their minds and doing crazy things. 


Seeing Him so upset by all this, I said to Him: “Stop this madness, my Love.  Give them light so they will restrain themselves.  If I need to suffer on their behalf, I am ready, just as long as they keep the peace.”


With great dignity and severity, Jesus responded: 


My daughter, I’m keeping you all for Myself, to form in you My Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat; not for them.  I have made you suffer so much just to spare the world.  After all their treachery, they don’t deserve it.  I won’t keep you suffering merely for their sake.” 


As He was saying this, I noticed that He was holding an iron rod in His hands, ready to strike out at the creatures. 


I was frightened and I wanted to calm His anger.


I said to Him, “Jesus, my Life, don’t even think about it; let’s get back to work on the Kingdom of Your Will.  That will make You feel better.  Tell me more about living in Your Will.  I know You love to talk about It.  It’s your loving, passionate interest.”


Where were we?  Your actions flow within me and my own actions so that they may permeate all creatures with the light of Your Will, which is greater than any sun.  I want to match them, act for act, thought for thought.  I will take ownership of all their actions and absorb them.  I will redo them all as they should have been done, but have not.  This way, You will find everything here in me and Your anger will depart from Your Heart.” 


Jesus deferred to my desire and went around together with me.


Then He said to me, “My Will has such power, My daughter.  It spreads everywhere, like light.  It expands and lends Itself to every action, infinitely multiplying Itself.  It does so many things and multiplies within each thing, yet It remains always One, as It is, holding all of Its actions together without letting go of any of them, not one.” 


My daughter, the first level of action done in My Will in the name of all creatures, on their behalf, was accomplished by the Sovereign Queen.  She obtained the ultimate blessing for all creatures by making the longed-for Redeemer come down to earth.  This is how someone who acts for all, in the name of all, and makes good the debts of all, earns universal benefits that help everyone.” 


The second level of action done in My Supreme Will was completed by My Humanity.  I embraced everyone and everything as if they were all one.  I gave satisfaction for all.  I overlaid My Act in every single action of every last creature without missing even one of them.  I did this so that the glory, love and adoration of My Celestial Father might be complete in each and every action of all creatures.  This prayerful petition was answered with the fruit that grew out of My coming upon earth.  It earned salvation and sanctity for all, and if do not take it, it’s their fault, not the fault of the Giver.  My Life requisitioned universal goodness for all; I opened the gates of Heaven to everyone.”


You are the one who shall complete the third level of My Will.  That’s why I make you act on behalf of everyone in everything you do.  I have you act in the name of everyone on behalf of their actions, and then embrace them all.  Your level must be on the same plane as Mine, and be merged with the plane of the Celestial Empress.  This is how you will attain by prayer the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat.” 

You will do something universally good, which means that nothing must escape your attention.  This is how you will bind all creatures to this goodness you want to give them.  To make up for all that was left undone, actions carried out in My Will form double chains; the longest, strongest, unbreakable chains of light.  No one can break a chain of light.  It is even more indestructible than a solar ray, which no one can shatter, much less prevent it from going wherever the length and width of the ray want to reach.  These chains of light bind God, obliging Him to give universal goodness, and compel the creature to receive them.”




September 26, 1926


I was totally immersed in the Supreme Volition, and my poor mind was admiring all Its wonderful effects. 


My always lovable Jesus said, “My daughter, the brief wordsWill of Godcontain an eternal promise without equal.  These words embrace everything, both in Heaven and on earth.  This Fiat holds the font of creativity, the wellspring of everything good.  By virtue of possessing My Will, you will rightfully acquire whatever this Fiat has.  She attains the right to the Likeness of her Creator, thus acquiring the right to Divine Sanctity, His Goodness and His Love.  By right, Heaven and earth are hers, because they all came into existence by Fiat.  It is right and just that her privilege extend over everything.  The greatest Gift, the greatest grace I can give to the creature is to offer her My Will.  Every possible or imaginable goodness is rightfully bound to It, because everything belongs to It.”


Later on, my sweet Jesus appeared as He came out from within me.  He was looking at me, and His gaze was so piercing that it was as if He were engraving His own image on my poor soul.


When I saw this, I said to Him, “Jesus, My Love, have pity on me; don’t You see how ugly I am?  I turn uglier every day you are away from me.  I’m a good for nothing.  I can just barely make my rounds in Your Will.  I fall so badly.  Your absence burns and consumes everything within me and robs me of life as I try to do good.  All I have left is Your adorable Will that binds all to Itself so that I want nothing but Your Fiat.  I don’t want to see or touch anything except Your Most Holy Will.”



Jesus resumed speaking: “My daughter, wherever My Will is present, everything is love, holiness and prayer.  Its fountain is within you.  Your thoughts, as you gaze at me, your words, your heartbeat as well as your movements, everything is love and prayer.  It is not the words that form prayer; no.   My Will, as It operates, dominating all of your being, makes each one of your thoughts, words, gazes, heartbeats and movements into little fountains that spring from the Supreme Will.  Rising up to Heaven, some pray in their silent language, some love, some adore and others bless.” 


My Will makes the soul do what is holy, what belongs to the Divine Being.  The soul who has the Supreme Will as her life is the true heaven.  She silently narrates the Glory of God and announces herself as the work of His creative hands.  The soul is so beautiful to see when My Will reigns in her.  Her every thought, every glance, every word she speaks, every beat of her heart, every breath she takes, her every movement forms another star to adorn her heaven.  This is the narration on the Glory of He who created her.  My Will inhales everything in one breath, and lets nothing of all that is good and holy escape the soul.”




September 28, 1926


I was feeling depressed, crushed under the weight of being so deeply humiliated.  I have just been told that, not only what I wrote about the Will of God is to be printed; everything my lovable Jesus has told me will be made public.  I am speechless with pain.  I wish I knew how to talk them out of it.  I couldn’t even move myself to pray that my beloved Jesus would forbid it.  Silence overwhelms me inside and out.


Then, my lovable Jesus moved within me; He gave me a big hug to encourage me and give me strength.


He said, “My daughter, I don’t want you to look at what you have written as your own.  Look at it as Mine, as something that does not belong to you.  Don’t think about it at all; I will take care of everything.  Entrust it to My care; and as you write, I want you to give it to Me as a gift so I can be free to do whatever I want with it.  There’s nothing to concern yourself about except living in My Will.  Every bit of information I have revealed to you is a precious gift.  The least you could do is to give Me a gift.”


I replied, “My Jesus, forgive me; I don’t mean be like that.  Just thinking about others knowing such personal details between You and I makes me uncomfortable.  I can’t explain how it hurts me so much.  I abandon myself in You.  Give me strength, and I will give You everything I’ve got.” 


Jesus said, “Good, My daughter!  It is My Glory, the triumph of My Will that requires all this.   It wants; It demands that you be Its first triumph.  Aren’t you happy to become the victory, the triumph of this Supreme Will?  Wouldn’t you make any sacrifice so that this Supreme Kingdom can be known by creatures and possessed by them?  I know how much you must be suffering after so many years of secrecy between you and Me.  I have jealousy kept you hidden for so long, and now our secrets are coming out.  I can understand why you have such strong feelings about this.  However, when I want something, you must want it as well.  We both agree on this point, so don’t worry about it.”


Then He made Reverend Father appear.  Jesus was there next to him and He placed His holy right hand on Father’s head to infuse him with a strong willingness to help.


He said to him, “Hurry My son, there’s no time to lose.  I’ll stay close and help you, so everything will go well, according to My Will.  I have taken great care that My Will should be known, and I have dictated the Writings about the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat with paternal goodness.  I will help with the printing the same way.  I will be right there with those who will be busy with it, so that everything goes according to plan.  So, hurry, hurry.”





October 2, 1926


I was feeling as bitter as could be because of the absence of my sweet Jesus.  I felt so bad, I just couldn’t take it anymore.  Then, right when I thought the pain couldn’t get any worse, He moved inside me.  He appeared, looking troubled.


He told me, “My daughter, I am looking at how much I have to expand the boundaries of the Kingdom of My Will, so the creatures can take possession of It.  I know that they are unable to grasp how endless the Kingdom of My Will is.  Most creatures don’t have the ability to reach across and embrace a Will that fills a Kingdom that has no boundaries.”



“They are created beings, so they are always limited and restricted.  Nonetheless, even though they are limited, I prepare good things for them, more for some and less for others.  I extend the expanses they have to possess according to their ability.  I am also looking at posterity, and at what attitudes future generations will have.  Consider the current generations and their attitudes.  Those in the present must petition the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat with prayer while preparing the new generation and those following.  I must balance preparations for posterity with the interests of those living now in the present, as I keep expanding the boundaries of My Kingdom.  All generations are so inter-linked with one another that some will be praying while others prepare the new generation.  Some will plead for the coming of this Kingdom so that posterity may possess It


That’s how it was with My coming upon earth to form the Redemption.  The generation that was alive then were not the ones who prayed, sighing and cried, imploring Its blessings; that was done by those who lived before My coming.  The generation that lived at that time were the ones who enjoyed the blessings that were given them.  I expand the boundaries of Redemption’s goodness according to the attitudes of those in the present, together with the prayers and inclinations of those in the past.  After all, I only give good things to creatures if they will do something good with them; if these gifts are useless then there’s no sense giving them anything.  When creatures are ready, these things will be given them for their use.”


You will know when I am expanding its boundaries, because that is when I reveal more information about the Kingdom of My Will.  Before teaching you anything new, I cast a glance over all the creatures to assess their attitudes, to see whether new knowledge will do them some good.  Sometimes when I reveal things, it’s as if I haven’t taught them anything at all


When I see that, I want to expand My boundaries even more so I can give them more goodness, happiness and joy to have and to hold.  However, they are not prepared and it makes Me sad.  So I wait for your prayers, and the pains you suffer on behalf of everyone.  I wait for you to make your rounds in My Will.  You do this for those alive in the present as well as for the posterity of future generations.  Then I will return with new surprises as I reveal My teachings about My Will.” 


This is why I get sad when I’m not talking to you.  My Word is the greatest of gifts, a new creation.  When I can’t deliver it from within Myself, because creatures are not ready to accept it, I carry the weight of the gift I want to give still within Me.  When I’m unable to give it away, I get upset and become cold towards them, and My pain gets even worse when I see you suffer because of Me.  I wish you could know how much I feel your sadness, how it all pours into My Heart!  My Will brings it deep into My innermost Heart, because I do not have two Wills, just one.  As a result, because It does reign within you, It pulls your suffering deep inside of Me.  So pray and let your flight be non-stop in the Supreme Fiat.  Plead that creatures will prepare themselves, so I may return to teach them once again.”


After that, He was silent, and I was even sadder than before.  I felt all the weight that Jesus felt because of the creatures’ lack of cooperation.  At that point, I was afraid Jesus wouldn’t be talking to me for awhile, so He tried to cheer me up a bit, and Himself as well.


He said, “Courage My daughter, do you think that everything that goes on between Me and you will become known?  No, My daughter; I will only make known what is necessary, only what has to do with the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat.  In fact, I will be even more generous, considering what creatures will accept of this Kingdom of Mine.  I will give them free reign to advance more and more, so they can expand their holdings in the Supreme Fiat.  That way they will never be able to say: ‘Enough, we have gone as far as possible, there’s no place else to go.’  Oh, no, I will give such an abundance that humans will always have something more to take to help them extend their journey.” 


However, in spite of such abundance, not everyone will know our secrets.  What's more, not everyone knows what Me and My Mom prearranged between Us to bring about the Kingdom of Redemption with all Its amazing grace and innumerable favors.  They will know them once they are in Heaven, where there are no secrets.  Meanwhile, here on earth, they only know what I give them superabundantly for their own good.”


That’s how I will do it with you.  When I look around, it is for those who want to come to live in the Kingdom of My Will.  However, for the little daughter of My Will, for the one who has formed this Kingdom together with Me with so much sacrifice, will My Love ever be able to say ‘Enough’?  Would I ever deny My Word to you or stop pouring into you the continuous flow of My Graces?  No, I could never do that, My little daughter; it would go against the nature of My Heart.  It would deny My Will, which holds one continuous Action that can never interrupted.  It is always giving Itself, replete with new surprises, to someone who knows no other life but the life of My Will.” 



If you see Me aloof, it’s not your fault.  You and I don’t need words to understand each other.  For us, just to see each other is to understand one another.  You and I pour ourselves into each other.  When I pour Myself out, new graces flow into you and you take them.  What is necessary for you, who must be the primary cause that forms the Kingdom of the Eternal Fiat, will not be necessary for those who only have to live in It.  With you, it’s not only about living in It, it’s more about forming It.  So it behooves your Jesus to give you everything, especially the raw materials for the formation of a Kingdom so holy.” 


That’s how it happens in the lower, physical world as well.  Anyone, who has to build a kingdom, needs so many ways and means, includes lots of raw materials, while someone who has to build just one city needs much less.  On the other hand, someone who is only going to move there to live doesn’t need all that much.  All the hard work and sacrifice required to build a kingdom isn’t necessary for those who simply decide they want to live there.  I just want you to work on the formation of the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat; your Jesus will take care of everything else.”





October 6, 1926


I was totally immersed in the intense pain of being deprived of my sweet Jesus.


I said to myself, “My Jesus, how can You not have compassion for this little daughter of Yours who pines for You so much that she feels like her very life is being snatched away from her.  It is not just the pain, that would be more bearable, but it seems that life itself is missing.”


I’m a weakling.  If for no other reason, You should have compassion on poor little me, simply because I am way too little for this.  I feel like I am continually losing my life, taking it back, and then dying again.  Jesus, my Love, this kind of martyrdom is new and unprecedented.  What’s going on?  I seems like I die over and over again, yet I never actually die.  My life is a void without any hope of flying back to my Celestial Fatherland.”


As I was thinking about this, my always lovable Jesus moved inside me.


With a tender tone, He said, “Be brave, little daughter of My Will.  You’re right about that.  You sense that life is missing in you because you sometimes feel like I’ve left you.  When you sense the Life of your Jesus missing, you think that It has died within you.  There’s a good reason why you feel that way.  As little as you are, you must surely feel like this life ending within you is hard martyrdom.”

You know that My Will is life.  Whenever creatures don’t follow It, it means they are rejecting It, and when they reject My Will, they reject Divine Life, thereby destroying It within themselves.  Pain from the continual martyrdom of My Will is nothing trivial.  With great kindness, It wants so many acts of life to arise in creatures, while they cut themselves off from It with a deadly sword.  When that happens, this Divine Life cut off within them leaves a void they try to fill with a sinful life of passion, darkness and weakness.” 


By not doing My Will, creatures lose Divine Life.  In your case, It does reign within you.  That’s why, when you feel deprived of My presence, you share the pain of losing one Divine Life for every single creature who cuts themselves off from It.  It is up to you to offer reparation and compensation for every act of Life lost to My Will because of them.  You should know, that to form this Kingdom of Divine Fiat, It must find in you one of Its actions for each one It has lost.  This is why you have to experience the alternation of My presence and My absence.  Every time it happens, you perform more act of submission to My Will.  You take these acts of Divine Life others have rejected and make them your own.” 


Do you remember when I revealed to you your mission regarding the Eternal Fiat?  I asked you to make the sacrifice of suffering one death for each creature who would come out into the light.  That is, to die once for each creature who would reject the life of My Will.  Yes, My daughter, by not doing My Will, each creature rejects another Divine Life.  It’s not at all like practicing the virtues, where they reject gems, precious stones, costly ornaments or fine clothes.  Anyone can do without these if they don’t want them.  Rejecting My Will, on the other hand, is to reject the means to live, to destroy the font of life; it is the greatest of all evils.  Anyone who does such great evil doesn’t deserve to live; he deserves to die to everything that is good.” 


Someone has to compensate My Will for all these lives creatures have cut off from It.  To do this, you must suffer, not mere pain, but the deprivation of Divine Life due to My absence.  To form Its Kingdom in you, My Will needs to find in you every satisfaction that creatures have denied It.  You have to account for every life that has failed to rise within It.  Otherwise, this Kingdom would have no foundation.  It would be unjustly denied Its rights without due reparation.  Remember, your Jesus will not leave you for too long, because I too know you cannot live under the duress of such painful martyrdom.”


It upset me further when the Reverend Father came; He is the one who’s busy printing the writings on the Most Holy Will of God.  He wanted all the writings handed over to him, including the copies of what he already had, leaving nothing for me to reference.  I was tormented by the thought that the most intimate details concerning me and Jesus were now public.  Now I couldn’t even go over again what Jesus had told me about His Holy Will. 


Then Jesus came back and asked me: “My daughter, why do you torment yourself so much?  I’ve told you before that what I made you write on paper, I Myself first wrote in the depth of your soul, and then I made you put it down on paper.  Besides, there’s still more written inside you than on paper.  So when you feel the need to go over again what regards the Truths on the Supreme Fiat, just take a look inside yourself and you will immediately see what you want to go over again.  Just to be sure of what I am telling you, look right now into your soul and you will see everything I have dictated, in the exact same order as I have revealed them to you.” 


As He was saying this, I looked within myself, and with a single glance, I could see everything.  I could also see what Jesus had told me that I neglected to write down.  I thanked my beloved Good and, with resignation, I offered my own problems as a sacrifice to Him.   In return, I asked that He give me the grace to help make His Will be known, loved and glorified.




October 9, 1926


I was making my rounds in the Supreme Volition as usual when my sweet Jesus conjured a globe of light inside me.  As I repeated my actions in the Divine Fiat, it became larger and the rays that came out of it grew longer. 


My always beloved Jesus said, “My daughter, the more often you go around in My Will repeating your actions, the larger this globe of light becomes.  As the sphere grows, its light increases in power and its rays extend farther so it can better illuminate the Kingdom of the Eternal Fiat.  Your actions fuse together and dissolve in My Will to form the singular sun needed to illuminate a Kingdom so holy.  This sun shall possess the Creative Power.  As it extends its rays, it will leave the mark of its sanctity, goodness, light, beauty and Divine Likeness.  Those who will let themselves be illuminated by its light shall feel the power of new joy continuously created.  They shall be content with endless blessings.”


As My Will regulates all the actions of those who live in It, the Kingdom of My Will shall be continuously created.  The creature will be subsumed within an ever new and continuous Action of this Supreme Volition.  It will keep her so absorbed that there will be a total cessation of activity within herself.  I would love so much that the Kingdom of My Will be known, for the great blessings that creatures will receive, and for the unencumbered field of action It will have.”



As it is now, the Supreme Will is hindered by their own so-called ‘self’.  However, as It becomes known, Its vivifying rays, penetrating with the fullness of such vivid light, shall blot out the human will, dazzling it with Its brilliant light.  When the human will sees the great good that comes to it, it will give complete freedom of action to My Will, giving It total dominion.” 


In this Kingdom, a new era of continuously renewed creation begins for My Will.  It will distribute everything that It has provided for creatures, had they always done Its Will.  It had to keep these things within Itself for so many centuries, placing them in storage until It could release them for the benefit of the children of Its Kingdom.”


After this, I continued to pray.  However, as I was praying, I saw that Jesus, my highest Good, was hurrying out in a rush from deep within me.  He was pushing a bundle of light above Him, which hid Him in its glare so I couldn’t see Him under it, still inside me.  He gave it a final push and made haste to come out for me. 


I asked Him, “My Jesus, why are You in such a hurry?  Is it about this Kingdom that interests You so very much?” 


Jesus answered: “Without a doubt, My daughter; it is indeed what interests Me the most.  Even from inside you, I could hear the Father, who took our Writings with him, talking about My Will to some of the other creatures who surrounded him.  He spoke with so much love that I was wounded deep in My Heart.  So I wanted to come out of you and eavesdrop.  He was using My very own words; the same ones I used to reveal My Will; they resonate as I listen to them.  I hear My own echo.  Listening to him is so delightful.  You must be delighted too, considering how much you have sacrificed for it.”


That’s when I saw a ray of light coming out of Jesus.  It reached all the way to where the Reverend Father was standing.  The light pervaded his body and made him speak.  Hearing the Reverend Father talking about His adorable Will was very consoling to my Jesus.



October 12, 1926


I was immersed in a sea of pain brought on by the absence of Jesus, my highest Good.  I went all around Heaven and earth, asking for Him, but I couldn’t find the One I longed for so much.  This sea of pain was rising and swelling more and more, drowning me.  It was a pain that only Jesus can give.  Only He knows how to give it to a poor little heart that loves like I do.  It’s because it is so little that it cannot survive in this immense sea of bitter water brought on by the pain of His absence.  It drowns in its own depression, waiting for Him, the one I yearn and long for so much.


I was thoroughly depressed when my always lovable Jesus appeared inside me in the midst of a cloud of light.


He asked me, “Firstborn daughter of My Will; why are you so depressed?  If you think of how very fortunate you are, your depression will depart from you.  Do you know what being the firstborn daughter of My Will really means?  It means being the favorite daughter of our Celestial Father.  Among all the others, you are the first one He turns to with His the love.  It means being the first-born daughter of grace and of light, the first daughter of glory, the heir to her Divine Father’s riches, and the favorite daughter of Creation.  As firstborn daughter of the Supreme Will, she enjoys all the bonds, the relationships, all the rights that a firstborn daughter can expect.  She has the benefit of these parental bonds; she shares in all the thoughts and feelings of her Celestial Father.  She is the rightful heir to all His possessions.” 


But that’s not all.  Do you know what it means to be the first daughter delivered by My Will?  It means more than being the most beloved heir to everything belonging to her Creator.  She enfolds within herself all the love and everything else the rest of the children might come to possess.  Whatever the others have individually will collectively belong to the firstborn daughter of My Will.  This is right and just, because My Will entrusted her with everything as her own; she has within herself the origin of all things.  Creation was made for her.  She is the reason Divine Action and Love entered the playing field.  Even before her birth, the firstborn daughter of Our Will was the primary purpose for all the works of God.  Hence, all good things are derived from her.  Ultimately, everything comes from her, and everything return to her.  So you can see how fortunate you are, even though you cannot fully comprehend what it means to have your Creator’s love and all His possessions centered within you.”


On hearing this, I said to Him, “My Love, what are You saying?  What good does any of this do me?  This great fortune You are talking about is abject poverty if You deprive me of Yourself.  All good things turn bitter without You.  I’ve told You so many times that You are all I want; You alone.  You are enough for me; You are everything I need.  Even if I did have everything, without You, it would still be an indescribably painful martyrdom for me.”

Love, grace, light, all Creation, speaks to me about You; they tell me Who You are.  When I can’t find You, I go crazy; I fall into a delirium of mortal agony.  These firstborn rights to primacy, give them to whomever you want; I don’t care about them.  If you want to make me happy, stay with me, just You alone; that’s all I want.”


Jesus responded: “My daughter, there’s more to it than just being alone with Me.  That’s not enough.  I don’t want to hear you saying that you don’t care about everything else.  No, it is not enough for Me to give you Myself alone without giving you everything I have.  If I care so much that you have primacy as the firstborn daughter, you must care about it too.” 


You know the reason why I come around to see you so often is because of your being My firstborn daughter.  As long as Adam was still the firstborn son of My Will, having primacy over everything, I visited him often.  As long as My Will dominated him, It coached him in the protocols necessary to be with Me as the son who is the consolation of his father.  Then, I spoke to him as to a son, and he to Me as his Father.” 


As he withdrew from My Will, he lost his preeminence, his rights as the firstborn; he lost every good thing I have.  He no longer had the strength to withstand My Presence, and I no longer felt drawn by a Divine force and Will to go to him.  His entire relationship with Me was broken, so he no longer had a right to anything.  After rejecting the light of My Will, he could no longer see Me unveiled amidst the lightning.  He was blinded by the glare of My Light.”


The privilege that Adam lost as firstborn son of My Will has passed on to you.  Before he withdrew from My Will, I was ready to enfold every good thing within him, so now I must enclose them in you.  As far as I am concerned, you are the first creature to be have been made by Our hands, because the one who lives in My Will always takes first place before her Creator.  The fact that she was born later in time is irrelevant.  The one who has never gone out of Our Will always comes first.  The fact that I have come reveals the irresistible force of My Will drawing you to Me and preparing you.  You must show Me the highest gratitude for being made the firstborn daughter of My Will.  You must care about everything.”


I was so confused that I didn’t know what to say.  In my inmost soul, I said, Fiat, Fiat.”



October 13, 1926


I was fusing myself completely within the Holy Divine Volition, going all around and acting within It.


Then my beloved Jesus moved within me and said, “My daughter, everything you do, each prayer you say and pain you feel in your soul enters into the light of My Will.  Each one, as it becomes light, forms an additional ray in the Sun of the Eternal Volition.  These rays compose the most beautiful glory that a creature can give to the Divine Fiat.  Then, seeing Itself so glorified by Its own light, It fills these rays with new knowledge that gives voice to more surprising things about My Will that reveal themselves to the soul.” 


My revelations to the creature blot out the human will.  The stronger the light, the more rays there are, and the more strongly the human will is dazzled, lost in the glare of the light of My knowledge.  It is rendered impotent to act, thus giving the light of My Will the freedom of action It needs.  The human will becomes so engrossed in the action of My Will, that it has neither the time nor place to act on Its own.”


It is like the human eye when it stares at the sun.  Strong light fills the pupil and dominates it so much that it is unable to look at anything else, even though the eye has not lost its vision.  The strength of this light has the power to remove everything from its sight.  It cannot see anything but light.” 


I will never undermine the freedom of the human will.  It is a great gift that I gave man when creating him that gives him the option of being one of My true children, or not.  I use the light of this knowledge regarding My Will to form rays much stronger that sunbeams.  Whoever wants to look at them and understand shall be filled with this light.  Hidden in Its glare, the human will delights in the sight and looks at it with love.  It will be thankful that this light acts to takes the place of its own.  It will forget about loving other things and no longer delight in them.  That’s why I talk so much about the strength of this light of My Will.  The stronger it is, the more other things are hidden in its glare, invisible to the human will.”



Look at the sky, a perfect example of this.  At night, it is studded with stars.  However, they cease to exist for the human eye during the day, even though they are still in their proper place in the sky, just as they are at night.  What has the strength to make the stars disappear in full daylight, even though they are still there?   The sun.  It hides them in the glare of its strong light; however it does not destroy them.  You can see the truth of that when the sun begins to set and they come out to be seen in the vault of the heavens.  It seems like they are afraid of the light, and they hide, leaving the light of the sun free reign.  They understand, in their silent language, that the sun, in its goodness, has a better effect on the earth.  They know that it is right and just to give way for the great action of the sun. They pay homage to it by allowing themselves to be hidden in the glare of its light, and when the sun sets, they are back in their proper place, to be seen by all.”


That’s how it is with the Sun of knowledge about the Supreme Fiat. It’s about those human wills that let themselves be illuminated by these rays of light emanating from My knowledge.  Seeing great good in the action of its light, as Its rays hide the human will in Its glare, they will feel ashamed and afraid to act.  As a result, the human will gives complete freedom of action to the light of the Divine Will.  Then, the more you pray and suffer in It, the more knowledge you receive as revelation, and the stronger the light becomes, the sweeter it is to be hidden in Its radiance.  This is how I will establish the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat.”





October 15, 1926


I continued my usual rounds in the Supreme Will.


I thought, “My Jesus, Your Will embraces and encloses everything.  In the name of the first creature to come out of Your creative hands, up to the very last one to be created, I intend to compensate for all willful human opposition to Your Will.  I will take within me all the actions of Your adorable Will that creatures have rejected, and repay You for them in kind, with love and adoration. It is my intension that there shall be no action on Your part that does not have a corresponding action on my end.  My little acts will be bi-located in each one of Yours, because Your Eternal Fiat needs the support of human action for It to rule.  I hope this will satisfy You, so You will come and reign triumphantly on earth.  Thus, in each one of your actions, I offer You Mine as the ground on which You can lay Your Kingdom.”






As I was thinking about this, my always lovable Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “Little daughter of My Will, it is right and just.  It is necessary for both your will and Mine that Its child replicate all the different actions of My Will and that they be absorbed into Its Own.  Consider the father who is unhappy because his child is not at his side following him as he performs a particularly significant action.  Now consider the child who feels unloved because he has been left behind and forbidden to follow his father on such an important occasion.  When I say, ‘Daughter of My Will, newly born in It’, I mean precisely this: follow in all of Its actions as a faithful daughter.” 


You know that, in Creation, My Will entered the field of action by way of the human actions of a creature.  However, as It acts, It wants these actions of the creature within Its Own.  As It operates, It wants to declare: ‘My Kingdom is in the midst of My children; It reigns within their innermost acts.’


However much the creature takes of My Will is how far I extend My Kingdom within her, and she, her Kingdom in My Will.  Depending on how much she lets Me dominate within her own actions, that’s how far she expands her boundaries within My Kingdom.  The more I give, the more she takes of joy, happiness, goodness, and glory.”    


It is established that in the Celestial Fatherland, the glory, beatitude and happiness they receive depends on how much they have enfolded My Will within their souls on earth.  Their glory is measured in proportion to how much they possess of My Will within their souls, and no more.  The volume of their capacity is determined how much of the Divine Will that they have done, and therefore possessed, while living on earth.  Even if, in My superabundance, I wanted to give them more, they would lack the capacity to hold it, and it would overflow.”


Of all that My Will has established for creatures, of all of Its actions, they have taken very little.  They haven’t understood much, until now, because Its Kingdom has not been known, much less possessed.  As a result, It cannot offer all of Its full glory in Heaven, nor all the joy and happiness It has, because It is in the midst of children whose small statures lack the capacity.”




It anticipates the time of Its Kingdom with such yearning love.  It is waiting for Its total dominion so It can give from Its Fiat everything It has prepared for creatures.  This is how It will form children capable of receiving all of Its goodness and bring glory to all the Blessed.  The Kingdom of My Will shall be made complete in the Celestial Fatherland by these children.  It is they who have gathered up within themselves what My Will needed, thus giving It freedom of action for Its dominion.  Then they will have ‘essential glory’, when they have the capacity and the space to contain it.  It will be through them that the others shall have ‘accidental glory’.  Then, all together, they will enjoy the full glory and complete happiness of My Will.  The Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat shall be the total triumph of Heaven and of the earth.”


Then I thought, “In the ‘Our Father,’ Our Lord teaches us to say, that is, to pray, ‘Your Will be done.’  So, why does He say that He wants us to live in It?” 


Jesus, always benign, moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, ‘Your Will be donethat I taught in the Our Father meant that everyone is to pray that they might at least do the Will of God.  This is true for all Christians and for all times.  No one can call himself a Christian if he is not prepared to do the Will of his Celestial Father.  But what about what comes right after that‘On earth as It is in Heaven.’  This means to live in the Divine Will.  It means to pray for the Kingdom of My Will, that It may come on earth so humankind can live in It


In Heaven, they not only do My Will, they live in It.  They have It as though It were their very own Kingdom.  If they did My Will, but did not possess It, their happiness would not be complete, because true happiness begins in the depth of the soul.  To do the Will of God does not mean possessing It.  It means to submit oneself to Its commands, while to live in It implies possession


In the Our Father’, the words Your Will be done is the prayer that all may do the Supreme WillOn earth as It is in Heaven,’ means that man may return into that Will from which he came.  There he will reacquire his happiness and all the good things he has lost.  He will regain possession of his Divine Kingdom.”



October 17, 1926


It seems I cannot go without making my rounds in the Supreme Will.  I feel like It’s my true home, and only when I go around within It am I content.  There I find everything that belongs to my sweet Jesus, and by virtue of His Will, everything that belongs to Him is also mine. 


I have so much I need to give to my beloved Good.  What’s more, there is so much to give Him that I can never finish giving Him everything.  I always have the desire to go back and continue my rounds, so I can give Him everything that belongs to His adorable Will. 


While going around, I think of the great good the Supreme Volition brings to the soul.  I pray to Jesus that He will soon make It known to all, so they might take part in such great goodness.  So, as I reach each created thing, I say to Him: “I come into the sun to keep company with Your Will that reigns with dominion here with all the splendor of Its majesty.  As I keep You company in the sun, I pray to You that Your Eternal Fiat be known. Just as It reigns triumphantly in the sun, may It do so in the midst of creatures.”


See, the sun is also praying to You.  All its light turns into prayer as it extends over the earth, permeating plants and flowers, mountains and plains, seas and rivers with its light.  It prays that Your Fiat may be one on the earth, harmonizing with all creatures.  I am not the only one who is praying.  It is the power of Your own Will reigning in the sun that is praying.  The light is praying with its innumerable effects.  The goodness, the colors within it are praying.  Everything is praying that Your Fiat may reign over all.  Can You resist all this vast light, that prays with the power of Your own Will?”


As little as I am, I am keeping You company in this sun.  Here I bless, adore and glorify Your adorable Will with that same magnificent glory with which Your own Will glorifies Itself in Its works.  Only in humans does Your Will not yet find the perfect glory of Its works.  So please, may Your Fiat come soon.”


While I am doing this, I feel all the light of the sun praying that the Eternal Fiat may come.  Actually though, it is His most adorable Will that pervades the light and prays.  I left It there, still praying, and moved on into other created things to make my short little visits.  With each one, I keep company briefly with the adorable Will in each one of Its actions It exercises within every created thing.






I go throughout the heavens, to the stars, and then the sea.  I do that so the heavens, the stars and sea may pray with their murmuring that the Supreme Fiat be known and reign triumphantly over all creatures, just as It reigns in them.  Then I go around over all created things to keep company with the Divine Fiat, asking, within each thing, that It may come to reign upon earth.  How beautiful it is to see and to hear the all Creation praying that Its Kingdom may come into the midst of creatures. 


Then I descend into everything that my Jesus did in Redemption.  I enter into His tears, His little baby moans, into His works, steps and words, into His pain, His wounds, His Blood, and even into His Death.  This is how I beg that His tears might pray for His Fiat to come soon.  I plead that His moans and everything He did, all in chorus, may implore that His Fiat be known.  I pray that His very Death may make the life of His Divine Will arise again in creatures. 


I was doing this among other things too numerous and detailed to go into here, when suddenly my sweet Jesus gave me a big hug.


He said, “Little daughter of My Will, you know that My Will remained within Creation to rule over It.  I did this to give freedom of action for creatures to make as many visits to It as there are things It has created.  It wants to have the creature’s company, speaking in the silent language of the whole universe.” 


It’s very hard for such a holy Will to remain in isolation.  It wants to sanctify, but there’s no one to share in Its sanctity.  It is so rich, and yearns to give, but there’s no one to receive.  It’s so beautiful, but there’s no one to adorn with beauty.  It is so happy, yet can find no one to make happy.  It always sad when someone is willing and able to give, and has no one to accept.  It’s so terribly painful for this holy Will, but not as sad as being left alone.” 


It is delightful to see a creature engaged with Creation, just to keep It company.  This fulfills Its original purpose: to reign with dominion in each created thing.  What makes It even happier, what magnifies It’s glory, is what you do as you reach each created thing; you ask that Its Fiat be known and reign over everything.  As you encounter My Will within the sun and all the heavens, as you greet It within the sea, or anywhere else, you pray.  You implore My Will to pray with them as well, that the Kingdom of My Will may come.  You understand that My Will is in you so that, when you pray for something, it is actually My own Will that is praying within you.  Through you, I Myself move all of My works, even My tears and sighs, so that the Kingdom of My Will may come.”



You cannot understand how gratifying it is to hear all Our works praying for Our Fiat to come.  You have opened a breach into My Heart, into My very Will.  When I see that you seek nothing for yourself, not glory, love, grace or anything else, My contentment grows.  You understand that someone who is as little as you are cannot bring about such a Kingdom as great as It is.  That’s why you go around in all My works, wherever an act of My Will is present and performing Its office.  You make My own Fiat say, ‘May Your Kingdom come.  Oh, please!  Let It be known, loved and possessed by all generations of humankind.’


A Divine Will that prays together with Our works, Its little daughter, is the greatest sign.  It is a power coequal with Our own that prays; it is impossible for Us not to grant what it asks.  The Kingdom of Our Will is so holy, without any shadow of human weakness.  It has the purity and nobility of the fully Divine.  Our own Fiat shall be Its basis, Its foundation and Its depth.  It will extend above, below and in the midst of these children of the Celestial Family.  It will make them steadfast as they walk with a firm step into the Kingdom of My Will.”




October 19, 1926


As I was in my usual state, my adorable Jesus appeared inside me with a Sun that descended from heaven and centered in His breast.  As I prayed, breathed, moved and performed my actions in His Will, I was filled with Its light.  Jesus was expanding within my soul, occupying more space, which surprised me.  Everything I did took on light from the breast of Jesus as He grew larger within me.  The more He expanded, the more He filled me up.


After this, He said to me, “My daughter, My Divinity is a new, yet ongoing, Action.  As the bearer of this new Action, It carries out Our works under the regime of My Will.  It possesses this new Action in full, so It is ever new in Its works, Its happiness and Its joy.  What It reveals of Its knowledge is ever new.  It is always telling you new things about My Fiat because It holds the source of all that is new.”


Sometimes it seems that so many things look alike as they go along hand-in-hand with each other.  This is the effect of the endless light It has within It, which is indivisible; that’s why all these lights seem so closely linked together.”


Light appears white because all the different colors that come together to make it so.  Each of the colors are like new and distinct actions that come together to form the single action pertaining to white light.  It makes no sense to say that that there is only one color.   There are many varieties of color, and each comes in many shades: light, medium and dark.  However, what enhances these colors and makes them more brilliant is that they are filled with the power of light, otherwise they wouldn’t have such attractive beauty.”


That’s how it is with all the bits of information given to you about My Will.  They start from Its endless light and are filled with It.  When they come together holding hands, they all look like the same knowledge.  However, they are substantially more than just colors.  These truths have ever new meanings.  They continually point out new paths that lead the same way.  The good things they bring are new, as are the diffusions of sanctification with ever new metaphors that reveal beauty never before seen.  When the same revelation is given using even one new additional word about My Will, it is like adding a new shade of Divine color.  The same eternal Action is ever renewed as It brings to creatures an Action that never ends, always with new graces, goodness and glory.”


Having all this information about My Will is really important.  It’s like having a coin that can replicate itself as many times you want.  When you have an everlasting fountain of good things, there is no poverty.  In a similar way, the knowledge I give is an endless spring that pours out light, Sanctity, strength, beauty and riches.  Those who have this knowledge will possess the source of light and Sanctity.  For them, darkness, weakness, the ugliness of sin and their deficit of Divine goodness will end.  All evils will end, and they will possess the source of Sanctity.”


This light you see centered in My chest is My Supreme Will.  As you perform your actions, It comes forth to instruct you with new information about my Fiat.  This light brings you new knowledge about my Fiat that empties you to make more room for Me, so I can expand more within you.  As I keep extending Myself, so your natural life, and especially your will, come to an end. Everything within you ends as I take your place.  Then I can form and extend the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat in you more and more.  Then the field of action you have as you go around in It gets bigger as you help Me in the new work of forming My Kingdom in the midst of creatures.”


I resumed my action in the unending Heaven of Divine Volition.  I could touch with my hand the existence of many beings and innumerable things.  All things that came out of the Eternal Fiat, in Creation, Redemption and in Sanctification, are new and distinct among themselves.  They may look alike and go hand-in-hand in their similarity, but not one being or thing can say, “I am the same as the others.”  Even the smallest insect or the littlest flower has something unique about it.


I thought to myself: “It’s really true that the Fiat of the Divine Majesty is the source of a new on-going Action.  Happiness is regulated by this omnipotent Fiat, under the influence of a new Action that is never interrupted.” 


I thought about this until my sweet Jesus came back.  He looked at me with indescribable love and summoned everything He made.  At His wish, all Creation and the good things of Redemption arranged themselves around Jesus.  Then He bound my poor soul to Creation and Redemption so I would receive all the benefits of everything that His adorable Will has done. 


He said, “My daughter, someone who lets herself be dominated by My Will is influenced by all Its actions and receives the benefits and the very life of what I did in Creation and Redemption.  Everything has a relationship with her and are bound to her.”





October 22, 1926


I was thinking about the Holy Divine Volition.


I thought, “What’s so great about this Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat?  What good will It do?” 


Jesus interrupted me by moving inside me in such a hurry.


He said, “My daughter, what’s so great about It?  What good will It do?!  The Kingdom of My Fiat will enfold everything good, every miracle and all the most sensational wonders.  Even if you took everything all together, they still would not surpass what will come with this Kingdom.  A miracle usually involves giving sight to a someone blind, straightening up a cripple, healing the sick or raising the dead and such.  The Kingdom of My Will provides nourishing remedies that prevent these problems, so there’s no danger of anyone becoming blind, crippled or sick.”


Death will no longer have any power over the soul, and even if it has power over the body, it will not be death, merely something transitory.  It’s the degraded human will, fed by the nourishment of sin.  That what causes corruption in the body, while the nourishment of My Will preserves it.  Dead bodies that have been fed by It will not decompose as they do now.  They shall no longer become so horribly corrupted as to scare even those with strong stomachs.  They will all repose in their tombs uncorrupted, waiting for the day of the resurrection.”


Which is the greater miracle, to give sight to some poor blind person, or to preserve the eye so that it never loses its sight?  Which is it?  Is it to straighten a cripple, or keep the ability to walk straight; to heal the sick, or to remain always healthy?  The miracle that preserves is greater than the miracle that remedies some misfortune after it has occurred.”


This is how the Kingdom of Redemption differs so greatly from the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat.  In Redemption, a miracle was for those who were poor and unfortunate.  It is still the same today for those who suffer one misfortune or another.  I used these examples of several types of external healing as parables for the types of spiritual healing I perform on souls, though they easily relapse in their sickness.”


The Fiat will be a miracle that preservesMy Will has a miraculous power for those who let themselves be dominated by It; they shall be subject to no evil.  It needs no miracles that cure, because It shall keep them always healthy, holy and beautiful, worthy of the beauty wrought by Our creative hands as We created the creature.”


The miracle of the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat shall banish all evil, misery and fear.  It will not merely perform this miracle now and then as needed.  It will keep the children of Its Kingdom within Itself with one on-going miracle that protects them from any evil, distinguishing them as children of Its Kingdom.  That’s what It will do for souls.  There will also be several modifications to the body, because sin nourishes all evils, and once sin is removed, there will be no nourishment for evil.   Human nature will also benefit, since My Will and sin cannot co-exist together.”


I have to prepare the great miracle of the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat, My daughter.  I am doing with you, firstborn daughter of My Will, just what I did with the Sovereign Queen, My Mom, when I prepared the Kingdom of Redemption.  I drew Her really close to Myself and kept Her occupied with Her inner life enough that, together with Her, the miracle of Redemption was formed.  There was such a great need for It.”


There were so many things that We needed to do, redo and complete.  Except for Her perfect virtue, I had to hide anything that might look like a miracle to others, so She could have more freedom of action.  She eventually crossed the endless Sea of the Eternal Fiat to reach the Divine Majesty and attain the Kingdom of Redemption.”


Rather than the Celestial Queen making the blind see and the mute talk, She accomplished the greater miracle of bringing the Eternal Word down to earth.  Healing the sick would have been accidental, individual miracles in passing; Redemption is a permanent miracle for everyone, as long as they want it.  Earthly miracles are nothing compared to Redemption.”



She was the true Sun, who hid everything within the glare of Her light; she hid the very Word of the Father within Herself.  She let the miracles of Redemption, along with all Its resulting goodness, germinate from within Her light.  As the Sun, She produced miracles and goodness without anyone being aware of it.  No one could point Her out as the primary cause of everything.  All the good I did on earth, I did because the Empress of Heaven held Her empire in the Divinity.  It was through Her empire that She drew Me down from Heaven to give Me to the creatures.” 


Now, I am doing the same with you to prepare the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat.  I keep you with Me and have you cross Its endless Sea to give you access to the Celestial Father.  You must conquer Him with your Empire and then pray to Him to bring the Fiat of My Kingdom.  I keep you constantly busy in your inner life with the work of My Kingdom.  All the miraculous power needed to form a Kingdom so holy has to be fulfilled and consummated in you.  To do this, I have you go around continuously redoing and completing everything needed, things that everyone should be doing to form the great miracle of My Kingdom.  I let nothing miraculous appear in you externally, except for the light of My Will.”


Some might say, ‘How can this be?  Blessed Jesus reveals so many signs to this creature about this Kingdom of the Divine Fiat.  The goodness It will bring shall surpass Creation and Redemption; It will be the crown of both.  However much goodness may come of It, there is nothing miraculous about her, as far as we can see, that might confirm the great goodness of this Kingdom of the Eternal Fiat.  Other Saints, even without signs of this great goodness, have made miracles every step of way.’” 


They should ponder My dear Mother, the holiest of all creatures, and the great goodness that She enfolds within Herself for creatures.  There is no one who can compare to Her.  She performed the great miracle of conceiving the Divine Word within Herself, the wonder of giving a God to each creature.  She gave the Eternal Word to humankind.  In the face of this great marvel, like nothing before, neither seen nor heard, all other miracles put together are like a tiny little flame before the sun.” 


Someone who has to perform the greatest of miracles has no need to do the lesser.  Compared to the miracle of the Kingdom of My Will restored in the midst of creatures, all other miracles will seem like tiny little flames before the great Sun of My Will.  Each saying, truth or revelation about It is a miracle coming out of My Will to preserve mankind from all evils.  They bind creatures to something infinitely good, with greater glory and a new kind of beauty, something fully Divine.”



Each and every truth about My Eternal Fiat has wondrous virtue.  These miracles are more powerful than merely resurrecting the dead, healing lepers, giving sight to the blind or a voice to the mute.  My words on the sanctity and power of My Fiat will resurrect souls to their original state.  They will heal the leprosy induced by human will.  They will give them the sight needed to see the goodness of the Kingdom of My Will.  Up until now, creatures have been blind to It.  These truths will give voice to many who can say all sorts of things but are spiritually mute, speechless concerning My Will.  Ultimately, these truths will perform the great miracle of giving each creature a Divine Will that enfolds all goodness within It.  When It comes into possession of the children of Its Kingdom, It will give them everything.”


That’s why I keep you so busy working with of this Kingdom of Mine.  There’s a lot to do to prepare this great miracle of making the Kingdom of the Fiat known so creatures may come to possess It.  So, pay attention while crossing the endless Sea of My Will, so that the natural order between Creator and creature may be reestablished.  This is how, through you, I will perform the great miracle that will make man return to Me, his origin, from whence he came.”


I thought about what I just wrote, especially the part about each word and teaching regarding the Supreme Will being a miracle that has come out of It.  Then Jesus confirmed what He had told me.


He said, “My daughter, I performed many miracles when I came upon the earth.  Which of these two was the greater: My Word, the Gospel I announced, or was it that I raised the dead, gave sight to the blind and hearing to the deaf?  It was My Word, My Gospel that was the greater miracle; especially considering that these other miracles themselves have come out of My Word.  My creative Word is the source, foundation and substance of all miracles.  The Sacraments came from It.  Creation, itself an on-going miracle, took Its life from My Word.   My Church has My Word, My Gospel as Its foundation and rule.”


My Word, My Gospel, was a miracle great enough to contain the miracles that came from It.  These other miracles derive their life from My miraculous Word.  So, You can be sure that the Word of your Jesus is the greatest miracle of all.  My Word is like mighty wind that roars and pounds on the ear.  It enters into the heart, warming, purifying and illuminating it.  It goes round and around, from nation to nation, covering the whole world, wandering through the centuries.  No one could ever kill and bury even one of My Words.  Although sometimes it seems that My Word is silent or hidden, it never loses its life.  Just when you least expect it, it comes out and goes all around, everywhere.  Centuries will pass in which everything, including humankind, will finally be overwhelmed and disappear.  However, My Word will never pass away, because it holds life, the miraculous power of He who issued it.” 


I verify for you that each word and revelation I make to you about My Eternal Fiat is among the greatest of all miracles that will serve the Kingdom of My Will.  That’s why I push you so much.  I don’t want a single Word of Mine left out as you write this.  They are My own miracles coming back to Me.  They will bring so much good to the children of the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat.”




October 24, 1926


I was making my usual rounds in the Divine Volition; in each thing I placed my ‘I love You.’  I asked that the Kingdom of the Fiat come and be known upon earth.  I reached out for every action that my sweet Jesus did in Redemption.  For each of His actions, I asked that ‘Your Kingdom come,’


I thought, “Before, while going all around throughout both Creation and in Redemption, I used to place just myI love You,’ my adoration and mythank You.’  But now, for some reason, I can’t do without asking for the Kingdom of the Fiat?”   


I want to overwhelm everything, from the smallest to the greatest, both Heaven and earth, even the very actions of Jesus, including Jesus Himself.  I want to force everything and everyone to say together with me, ‘We want the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat.  We want It to take control and rule in our midst.’  Moreover, since they all want It, the very acts of Jesus, His life, His tears, His Blood and His wounds, all say from within: ‘May our Kingdom come upon the earth.’  Then I enter into the Act of Jesus, and I repeat along with It: ‘May the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat come soon.’”


While I was thinking about this, my beloved Jesus came out from within me.


With indescribable tenderness, He said, “My daughter, someone who is born in My Will feels Its life flowing within her.  Naturally, she wants everyone to have what she has.  My Will is immense; It envelops everyone and everything.  Someone who possesses It goes around through everything It encloses, praying for It, to win It over, so It will descend upon earth to form Its Kingdom.  To have dominion over all the things that came out of My Will and enclose them in It, and make them say what you want, you first had to know them and love them.  It is this love that gives you the right to possess them and make them do and say whatever you want.”



Before, going around through all of My works, you would impress your ‘I love You,’ ‘I adore You’ and ‘I thank You’.  By doing this you were acquiring knowledge about My works and taking possession of them.  After you possess them, there is nothing greater, holier or more beautiful than to ask them, in the midst of My works, than for the coming of the Kingdom of My Will.  Nothing could bring more happiness to generations of humankind.  Especially since, in Creation, just as in the Kingdom of Redemption, it was actually the Kingdom of the Fiat that I wanted to establish in the midst of creatures.”

Deep within all of My Actions and even in My very Life, the Fiat was being sought.  They were made, in their substance and origin, for the Fiat.  If you could see inside each one of My tears or drops of My Blood, you would find the Fiat they were asking.  You would see within every pain I suffered, and in all of My works, how they were directed toward the Kingdom of My Will.  Even though they seemed to be directed to redeeming and saving man, they were actually preparing a way to reach to Kingdom of My Will.” 


It’s the same way with creatures when they decide to take possession of a kingdom, or a house, or some land.  They don’t instantly take it over, they have to go through a process.  It might involve sacrifice or even fighting.  At the least, it might involve climbing stairs, just to get into it to and then formalize ownership.”


My daughter, all the painful acts My Humanity suffered had the restoration of the Kingdom of My Fiat on earth as their origin, substance and life.  Otherwise, I would have abandoned and lost sight of Creation, which would never happen.  Once God has decided on something, He will, He must, follow through until it is accomplished.”


In everything you do, say and suffer, if you don’t ask for My Fiat, it means that the substance of it did not originate in My Will; it means you have abandoned your mission.  You have to go all around, time after time, within My Will, in the midst of My works, to ask, in chorus with all, for the coming of the Supreme Fiat. Then, together with all Creation and all My works that I did in Redemption, you will be filled to the brim with all these actions. They need to be placed before the Celestial Father to make them known.  They must all implore the coming of the Kingdom of My Will upon earth.”


All Creation, and all of My works done in Redemption, are tired of waiting.  They are like a rich, noble family, whose children are all the right height, good looking, uncommonly intelligent, always neat and very well dressed.  They always make the best impression and stand out among all the others.” 



However, this privileged family did have this misfortune: one of their children had no respect for himself.  Unlike his noble family, he always went around filthy.  His vile actions were unworthy of his noble family and brought dishonor on them.  They did everything they could to make him like the other brothers, without success.  On the contrary, he kept getting worse and worse, eventually becoming a mockery and the laughingstock of everyone.  The whole family was in constant sorrow.  No matter how much dishonor this son brought upon them, they couldn’t just kill him, or say that he had nothing to do with them.  His brothers couldn’t claim that he didn’t come from same father as they.” 


Creation and all the works of My Redemption find themselves in a similar situation.  They are all a Celestial Family with their origin in Divine Nobility. They all have the Will of their Celestial Father as their insignia, dominion and their very life.  They maintain the purity of their nobility through their enchanting beauty and decorum.  They are worthy of the Will that possesses them.  He was the only problem this honorable and glorious Celestial Family had.  Their only misfortune came from one lone man, who, though born of the same Father, had disgraced himself and his family.  In the midst of their great and glorious beauty, this dirty man played the fool with his vile and unworthy behavior.”


They can’t deny that he is one of them, but neither do they want to be seen with him all dirty and acting the fool.  Eventually, they get all tired of it and pray that the Kingdom of My Will come into the midst of creatures, so this honorable and glorious family can maintain their nobility.  Finally, they see the little daughter of My Will come into their midst.  She animates them by first asking, and then making them plead for the coming of the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat into the midst of creatures.  They are delighted with her because they know their sorrow is coming close to an end.”





October 26, 1926


I continued to unite myself with the actions that Jesus performed in Redemption.  As I did, my always lovable Jesus said, “My daughter, notice how all the actions I performed in redeeming man had no other purpose than to call back the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat into the midst of creatures.  Even in the act of performing miracles during My Public Life, I asked My Celestial Father to make It known and to restore It into the midst of human generations.  When I gave sight to the blind, My first act was to put to flight the darkness of the human will, the primary cause of blindness in body and soul.  The light of My Will can illuminate the souls of many the blind.  Then they can regain their sight, so they can see My Will and love It.  Even their bodies will be spared from losing their sight.” 

Whenever I gave hearing to the deaf, first I asked My Father that they might regain the ability to hear the voice, the knowledge and the wonders of My Divine Will.  Then It might enter into their hearts and rule them.  After that, there will be no more deafness in the world, of neither body nor soul.  When I resurrected the dead, I asked that souls might rise again in My Eternal Will, even those who were putrid with human will, worse than cadavers.” 


When I used cords to drive the profaners out of the temple, it was the human will that I was driving out, so that Mine might enter and reign with dominion.  Then they would be truly rich in their souls, and no longer suffer from the poverty of nature.  When I entered Jerusalem in triumph, in the midst of the exultant crowds, surrounded with honor and glory, I established the triumph of My Will in the midst of the peoples.”


Not one of the actions I performed while on earth neglected to place My Will, as the Primal Action, re-established in the midst of creatures.  That was what I cared about the most.  If I hadn’t done this, the work I did when coming upon the earth would have been incomplete.  Without the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat as the Primal Action restored in the midst of creatures, My work and suffering would only have been half as effective for human generations.  I would not have completely reintegrated the glory of My Celestial Father within them.”


My Will is the source of everything good and was the only purpose for Creation and Redemption.  It is the ultimate fulfillment of all Our works.  Without It, Our most beautiful works are framed in, but not yet complete.  It alone is the crown of Our works, proof that they have been signed, sealed and delivered.  For the honor and glory of the work of Redemption, It had to have, as Its Primary Impulse, the re-establishment of the Kingdom of My Will.”


Then I started my rounds in the Divine Will and went into the terrestrial Eden where Adam had made the very first act of withdrawal of his will from the Divine.


I said to my sweet Jesus, “My Love, I want to annihilate My Will in Yours, so it may never have a life apart.  May Your Will have life in everything forever.  Let me pay reparation for Adam’s first separate action, and return to Your Supreme Volition all It’s glory, as if Adam had never withdrawn from It.  I fervently desire to give back to him the honor he lost when he began to do his own will by rejecting Yours.” 


I intend to do this for as many times as all creatures have done their own will, the cause of all evil, and have rejected Yours, the source and font of all goodness.  I pray to You that the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat may soon come.  I pray that everyone, from Adam on, all the creatures who have since done their own will, may receive the honor and the glory that they lost.  May Your Will have Its glorious triumph, and Its fulfillment.”

My highest Good, Jesus, was moved and touched when I said this.  He made my first father Adam present to me so he could tell me himself, with an emphatic love, about his own unique situation.


Blessed daughter!  Finally, my Lord God!  After so many centuries, You have brought to the light of day she who would think about giving me back the honor and glory that I lost, alas, by doing my own Will.  Now my happiness has been redoubled.” 


Until now, no one has ever thought of giving me back that honor I lost.  I thank God profoundly for having brought you into the light.  I thank you, my dearest daughter, for making the commitment to give back to God the glory I lost when I offended His Will, as if it had never happened.  I thank Him for the great honor that the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat be established once again in the midst of generations of humankind.  It is right and just that I give you the place that had been destined to me, as the first creature that came out of the hands of our Creator.”


After that, my lovable Jesus gave me a big hug.


He said, “My daughter, not only Adam, the whole of Heaven awaits your action in My Will.  They are waiting to receive the honor that their human will has taken away from them.  You know that I have placed more grace in you than I placed in Adam.  I did this so My Will could triumphantly possess and dominate you, and that your own will might feel honored never to have a life of its own, by trading places with My Will.” 


The reason why My Humanity did not keep him company, as his help and strength, was that I did not have It then.  However, I have placed It in you, to provide you with all the necessary help, so that your will might know its proper place, and Mine may rule.  Together with you, It will follow your rounds in My Eternal Volition to establish Its Kingdom.”


I was surprised to hear this and said, “My Jesus, what are You saying?  You’re trying to tempt me or make fun of me.  How could You have placed more grace in me than in Adam?” 


He answered, “It’s true, My daughter, I certainly did.  I had to make sure that your will could be sustained by another Divine Humanity, so it could stay firm in My Will without stumbling.  So, I am not making fun of you; I’m telling you this so you will coincide with Me and pay more attention.”


October 29, 1926


I continued my rounds throughout Creation, following every action of the Supreme Will in each created thing.  My always lovable Jesus came out from within me and accompanied me everywhere under the vault of heaven.  As we reached each created things, Jesus trembled with joy and love. 


He paused to tell me: “My daughter, when I created the heavens, I centered My Love for man there, and to delight him even more, I studded them with stars.  It was not the heavens I loved, but man in the heavens; I created them for him.  My Love was so vast and strong that I extended this azure vault over the head of man and adorned with brilliant stars, as a pavilion for him.  No emperor or king could ever have one like it.”


However, I was not content with centering My Love for man in these heavens that I made purely for his delight.  I wanted to delight in love for him, so I created the sun, where I centered all my love for man.  It wasn’t the sun I loved; I loved man in the sun.  It was necessary to put my love there because the sun was necessary for the earth, the plants and the well-being of man.  There was love of the light that illuminates him, and love of the fire that warms him, and all the other innumerable effects that this sphere produces.  It is an on-going miracle placed in the vault of the heavens, where its light comes down for the good of all.  I centered so many kinds of love for man in the sun, one for each of all the many good effects it produces.” 


If only the creature at least paid attention to My Love the sun brings to her, how happy I would be.  I would be repaid for the great love I placed in this ambasador of My Divinity, the bearer of My Love and My Light.” 


As My Supreme Will operated, It established Itself as the life of each created thing, so It could give Itself as life for generations of humankind.  It is through each created thing that My Love, making its way in My Eternal Fiat, orients Itself around loving mankind.  In each created thing, in the wind and sea, a little flower or the little bird that sings, I centralized My Love in each of these so they may all bring him love.  This is My language of love.  However, mankind cannot hear, much less understand it unless they love Me.  If they don’t, all of Creation is dead silence for them.”


Then, after I created everything, I shaped the nature of man with My own creative hands.  As I formed the bones, extended the nerves and made the heart.  I also centralized My Love in him.  I clothed him with flesh, shaping him so he was more beautiful than any statue ever made by any sculpture.  I looked at him with so much affection that I was unable to contain My Love, and It overflowed as I breathed on him, infusing him with life.”


However, We were still not satisfied.  With superabundant love, the Sacrosanct Trinity endowed him by giving him intellect, memory and will.  We enriched him with all the attributes of Our Divine Being, as much as a creature in capable of receiving.  The whole of the Divinity was intent on loving man, so It poured Itself into him.  From the very first moment of his life, he felt all the strength of Our Love, and from the depth of his heart, he gave voice to his love for his Creator.” 


We were so happy when We heard this statue We made as part of Our work, speaking about his perfect love for Us.  It was the reflection of Our own Love that he was expressing.  This love had not yet been contaminated by his will, so it was still perfect; he still had all Our Love within him.  Out of everything We created up until then, none of them had ever told Us it loved Us.”


When We heard man expressing his love for Us, We were content.  We were so full of joy that, in the midst of our feasting, We crowned him as king of the entire universe.  He was the most beautiful jewel Our creative hands had ever made.  Man was so beautiful early in his creation.  He was Our reflection, so beautiful that Our Love was in rapture.  As Our reflection, everything he did was perfect.  The glory he gave to his Creator, his adoration, his work and his love, they were all perfect.  The perfect harmony of his voice resounded throughout Creation.  It was the Divine harmony of the same Fiat that had given him life.” 


Everything about him was in perfect order, like the image of his Creator that Our Will had given him.  It made him happy, and he grew in Our Likeness, according to Our words: ‘Let Us make man in Our Image and Likeness.  His every action was done in the Unity of the Light of the Supreme Fiat, each one a touch of the Divine Beauty he was given.  His every word added another note of resounding harmony.   Everything about him was a love that he sang in praise of Our Glory, Power and infinite Wisdom.  The heavens, the earth and sun, everything gave him joy, happiness and the love of He who had created him.” 


If you could make a statue exactly the way you wanted, and make it come to life within the empire of the freely given love you have poured into it, how much would you love it?  How much would you want it to love you?  Wouldn’t you want it completely for yourself?  Wouldn’t you get so jealous over it that you would want its every heartbeat to be just for you?  If you could see yourself in this statue, wouldn’t you feel torn up inside if it didn’t do every little thing just for you?”



That’s how I am.  Every time the creature does something that isn’t just for Me, My feelings get torn apart.  What makes it worse is that the earth that supports her is Mine; the sun that illuminates and warms her is Mine; the water she drinks and the food she eats are Mine.  Everything is Mine and she lives at My expense.  I give everything to this beautiful statue, yet she is not there for Me.  Can you image My sorrow at how outrageously offensive this statue is to Me?  Think about it, My daughter.”


You know that only My Will can give Me back My beautiful statue, just as I made it.  My Will is the preserver of all Our works.  It is the bearer of all Our reflections, the habitat of the soul.  When she loves, it is with the perfection of Our Love; when she works, it is with the perfection of Our works.  Everything she does is perfect and gives her so many different shades of beauty that her Maker, who formed her, is captivated by love.”


I would love so much that the Supreme Fiat be known and form Its Kingdom among generations of humankind.  I want to reestablish relations between Creator and creature.  I want her to return and share all Our wealth in common with her.  Our Will alone has this power.  Without It, there can’t be much good, nor could Our statue return to Us, as beautiful as We made it with Our creative hands.”




November 1, 1926


I was doing my usual rounds throughout all of Creation, so I could love and glorify, as the Divine Fiat Itself loves and glorifies, through all created things.


As I was doing this, I thought, “My sweet Jesus makes me do my rounds everywhere in Creation, reaching for His Will in all of Its actions.  He wants me to keep It company and give to Him my I love You, a thank You,’ an I adore You, and ask that His Kingdom come soon.  However, I don’t know everything this Divine Volition does in each created thing.  I would like to know more, so my actions may be united with Its own.”


As I was thinking about this, my always lovable Jesus, all goodness, came out from within me and said,


It is right and just that the little daughter of My Will should know what her Creator does.  You know that My Eternal Fiat fills all Creation and is the very life of each created thing.  It also keeps all Our Qualities spread all around everywhere in Creation.  Creation was supposed to be a terrestrial paradise for the human family.  It was to be the echo of the beatitudes and happiness of Heaven.  If It did not hold onto the joy and contentment of the Celestial Fatherland, It couldn’t form the happiness of a terrestrial fatherland.  It was one and the same Will that beatified Heaven and intended to make the earth happy.” 


You want to know what My Will does in the heavens.  There is nowhere that the heavens cannot be seen in that azure sky, always firmly stretched out over everyone’s head.  Day and night, they remain in place.  Our Will keeps Our Eternity with Our unchanging Firmness spread out.  It always stays in perfect balance, without ever changing, under any circumstances.  While It loves and glorifies Our Eternity, Our unshakable Being, It also makes the earth happy.”


It says to man, ‘Look how the sky is stretched out above your head.  Take it as an ever present model.  Be always firm when doing good, just as I am, always reaching out from here to protect you.  You too are like a second heaven, populated with stars.  Your eyes are bound to the heavens, and to the stars, the daughters of the sky.  The heaven of your soul shall be populated with stars.  You have given birth to them and they are your daughters.’


So, as you make your rounds in Creation, love and glorify Our Eternity when you arrive at the heavens, for you too are united with Our Will, Our unshakeable Being that never changes.  Pray that It makes creatures firm in doing good, so they may be the reflection of the heavens, and enjoy the happiness brought on by continual goodness that is never interrupted.”


Then, as you continue your rounds in Creation, out there in space, you will arrive at the sun.  This sphere is closer to the earth than the heavens, so it can bring the source of terrestrial happiness to creatures.  It is a metaphor for the beatitudes and the different flavors of happiness found in the Celestial Fatherland.”


You want to know what My Will does in the sun.  It glorifies the innumerable flavors of Our endless Light.  It loves and glorifies the infinite sweetness and all the indescribable shades of Our Beauty.  Its very heat echoes Our immense Love.  The sun sings Our praises; it loves and glorifies Our Divine Being.” 



Our Divinity, unveiled, beatifies the whole Celestial Fatherland with ever new action.  The sun does the same, as the faithful echo of its Creator and celestial bearer of the Supreme Majesty.  Veiled by its light, My Will dominates and reigns in it.  It brings terrestrial happiness to the earth with the light and heat it brings.  It brings so many sweet flavors to plants, herbs and fruit.  It brings color and fragrance to different flowers, with so many shades of beauty to delight and embellish nature.” 


My Will, the life of the sun, offers true terrestrial happiness, with plants, flowers and fruits, to generations of humankind.  If they can’t fully enjoy it, it’s because they have moved so far away from the Will that lives and reigns in the sun.  The human will destroys its own happiness by setting itself against the Divine.  My Will, veiled in the light of the sun, lovingly sings the praises of Our Divine Qualities.  From the summit of its sphere, It speaks to man.  ‘In everything you do, always be the light, just like I am.  Then let the light completely transform you into heat, so you can burn like a flame of love for your Creator.’” 


Look at me: always so warm and full of light, I have so much sweetness that I give it to the plants, and from the plants to you.  If you are always heat and light, You too will enjoy Divine sweetness.   Anger and rage will be banished from your heart.  You will enjoy the flavors and different shades of the Beauty of the Supreme Being.  You will be a sun, like me.  Furthermore, since God made me for you, and you were made for Him, it is right and just that you be more of a sun than I.’


See, My daughter, how many things you have to do while united with My Will in the sun’s sphere.  You have to love and glorify Our Light and sing the praises of Our Love, the infinite sweetness of Our innumerable flavors, and Our incomprehensible Beauty.  You have to beg, on the behalf of creatures, all the Divine Qualities that the sun contains.  When you find Divine Qualities in their midst, pray that My Will may come into the midst of generations of humankind, to reign unveiled and fully triumphant.”


Let us descend into the lower part of the earth, My daughter; let us go into the sea, where an immensity of crystal clear waters are piled up, a symbol of Divine Purity.  These waters are always moving; they never stop.  They have no voice, so they can only murmur.  They are lifeless, yet strong enough to create waves so high that they overwhelm and shatter ships, people and things.  After overturning what they have engulfed, they collapse onto their shore, peaceful, as if they hadn’t done anything, and continue murmuring as usual.  My Will within the sea sings loving praise to the glory of Our Power, Strength, and Our eternally ceaseless Motion.” 



Our Justice raises itself up in roaring waves that crush cities and people.  However, like the peace of the sea after a storm, Our Peace is never disturbed.  My Will, veiled by the waters of the sea, says to man, ‘Be as pure as these crystal clear waters.  Always move toward Heaven, if you want purity, otherwise you would putrefy, just like pure water become rancid if it is not always on the move.’” 


To become as strong and powerful as Me, let the murmuring of your prayer be continuous.  That’s how you can overwhelm your strongest enemies, among them, your own rebellious will that prevents Me from unveiling Myself.  Then I will come out of this sea to reign in you and extend within you the peaceful sea of My Grace.  Do you really want to remain below this sea that glorifies Me so much?” 


You too, sing praises, love and glorify Our Purity, Our Power, Strength and Justice.  Be united to My Will that awaits you in the sea as Its own daughter.  Unite with Our eternal Movement toward creatures and do good to them.  Follow the continuous murmuring of Our Love through created things.  Know that, while It murmurs Its love within them, It desires continual thanksgiving and the softly spoken love of the creature.  Pray that My Will gives them the same Divine Qualities It enjoys in the sea, so that It may come and reign in the midst of those who now continue to reject It throughout Creation.”


If you want to know what My Will does throughout Creation, go around in It.  My Fiat, finding Its daughter in all created things, will unveil Itself and tell you what It does for Divine Majesty.  It calls on all creatures because It wants to teach them Its lessons.”





November 2, 1926


I continued living in the Divine Fiat, and while performing my actions in It, I absorbed the light.  Its reflections came out as many threads of light that formed a net of light extending all over the earth to catch creatures.  Then Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, every time you go around in My Will, you take in more light and weave it into a net to catch creatures.  This net is My knowledge.  The more information I reveal to you about the Eternal Fiat, the more I get the net ready to caste out to catch souls who must live in My Kingdom.   This disposes the Lord to give you even more light.  When you go around in Our Will, your actions become light in the process.  They extend so far that they touch Divinity and draw even more of the light of truth into the midst of creatures.”



Then, as I continued making my rounds throughout everything that has been done in the Supreme Will, I arrived at all that my dear Celestial Mother had done in It.


I said to Her, “Sovereign Queen, I come to hide my little love in the great sea of your love, I want to pour my adoration of God into your immense ocean.  I will hide my thanksgiving in your sea.  I will hide my supplications, my sighs, tears and pain in your sea, so my sea of love and yours may be one and the same.  May my adoration and yours be one, may my thanksgiving acquire the vastness of your own limitless expanses.  I want my supplications, tears and pain to become one single sea with yours, so that I too may have my own seas of love and adoration.”


Your sovereign highness petitioned for the longed for Redeemer, so I too may present myself before the Divine Majesty with all these seas of love.  I will ask, beseech and implore the coming of the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat.  My dear Queen Mother, I must use your seas of love, grace and your very life to conquer It.  I must make It concede Its Kingdom upon earth, just as you conquered It to bring the Eternal Word down to us.  Please help your little daughter by giving me your seas, so that I may win the concession that the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat come down on to earth soon” 


“While all this was going on, I thought, “My Celestial Mom seemed preoccupied.  She didn’t seem very interested in the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat, or whether or not It might come soon to reign upon earth.  She did, however have an interest in the longed for Redeemer, and She succeeded in bringing Him down to earth.  The Divine Fiat, on the other hand, is more important, because It will put the relationship between the Creator and His creatures in perfect order.  However, It doesn’t seem to impress Her much, even though it was up to Her, as Queen and Mother, to reconcile the human will and the Divine.  It’s up to Her to help the Divine reign fully triumph.”


At that moment, my always lovable Jesus came out from within me.


All goodness, He said, “My daughter, since We were inseparable, My Mom’s mission was the longed for Redeemer, and She fulfilled it perfectly.  Moreover, you know that everything We did together was for the Kingdom of My Will.  In source and substance, it was Our primary impulse and the cause of all Our actions.  However, Redemption was necessary before the Kingdom of the Fiat could reign.  On the surface of it, We were all intent and quite busy with the Kingdom of Redemption.” 


Your mission, on the other hand, is exclusively the Kingdom of the Supreme Will, and everything that the Sovereign Queen and I accomplished is at your disposal.  We are here to help you, to stand in for you and to give you access to the Divine Majesty, so you can beg and plead nonstop that the Kingdom of the Eternal Fiat comes soon.”


You should have done your part to implore the goodness of the longed for Redeemer; however, you were not alive yet back then, so My Mom stood in for you.  Now you must stand in for Her and take Her part in pleading for the Kingdom of My Will.  So, then the Mom stood in for the daughter, and now the daughter stands in for the Mom.”


The Queen of Heaven was the first Daughter of My Will.  She always lived within Our expanse, and that’s where She formed Her own seas of love, grace, adoration and light.  Now, you are the second daughter of My Will, so what is Hers is yours, because Our Mom claims you as Her own birth child.  She enjoys having Her daughter inside Her own seas, imploring the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat that the earth has yearned for so long.  See how generously your Mom makes up for you, giving you all that is Hers.  She feels honored that Her immense seas serve to help you implore a Kingdom so holy.”


Later on, when I was following, in the Divine Will, what Jesus had done in Redemption, my sweet Jesus returned.


He continued, “My daughter, My Redemption came as a natural remedy for man; It was his staff of life.  It was a cure for the sick, the blind, the deaf, and every kind of disease.  However, some of them are so sick that they can’t take this medicine full strength; nevertheless, I brought It for their own good.”


I left the Eucharistic Sacrament as food that could give them perfect health.  Unfortunately, many eat It over and over again, and they still always look sick.  This food that is My very Life laments, hidden under the veil of the appearance of bread.  Sadly, some creatures cannot savor the taste of My food because their mouths are diseased.  Others have stomach problems and can’t digest all the nourishment of My Sacramental Life.  Still others are so feverish with evil that they have no appetite.  As a result, they stay sick.” 


I yearn so much for the coming of the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat.  Then, everything I did in coming upon earth will be food for those who enjoy perfect health.  Even though they eat the same food, there is a big difference in how sick people react to it than do those in perfect health.  Food has no taste for someone who is sick, they have no appetite; they only eat so they won’t get even sicker and die.  Someone who is healthy has a good appetite and eats with gusto, so they stay strong and healthy.”


I don’t want everything I did in the Kingdom of My Will to be food for the sick.  I won’t be content until I see It as food for the children of My Kingdom; they will be vigorous and in perfect health.  Furthermore, by possessing My Will, they will have My Life within them, permanently, just as the Blessed in Heaven enjoy It.  My Will is the veil that will conceal My Life in them.” 


The Blessed have Me in their soul, where true happiness originates; I am their very own life.  The happiness they continually receive from the Divinity holds hands and exchanges a kiss with the happiness that they already have inside them.  This is why they are so full of happiness.  That’s how it is with the soul who possesses My Will.  She will have My perpetual Life within her as an unending supply of food.  It’s not just not once a day, like the food of My Sacramental Life.  My Will is much more significant than that; It would never be content with giving Itself only once a day.  It is continually giving Itself to those with a mouth healthy enough to enjoy It and a stomach strong enough to digest It.  To these It gives strength, light and Divine Life, at every moment.  Over and above the Sacraments, My Sacramental Life is delightful food that brings new happiness to those who have the Life of the Supreme Fiat as their own.”


The Kingdom of My Will is the true echo of the Celestial Fatherland.  It is there that the Blessed have God as their own life, even as they continue to receive Him from the outside.  The Divine Life they have in their possession feeds Itself both from within the soul and from without.  I would be so happy to give Myself sacramentally to the children of the Eternal Fiat and finding My own Life already there in them.  Then My Sacramental Life will harvest all of Its fruit, and when I see It consumed I won’t have to worry any longer about leaving My children without the food of My Life.  Then, more than any Accidental Sacrament, My Will can keep full possession of Its Divine Life.”


Neither food nor communion will ever be interrupted in the Kingdom of My Will; they will always be there for the taking.  Then Redemption will no longer be remedial; It will be a joyful delight bringing ever growing happiness and beauty.  That’s when the triumph of the Supreme Fiat will have a bumper crop of fruit from the Kingdom of Redemption.”




November 3, 1926


I continue to live completely abandoned in the adorable Will.


While I was praying, I thought, “I wish I could go down into the prison of Purgatory and release all those souls being purged there.  Perhaps, in the light of the Eternal Will, I could bring them all to the Celestial Fatherland.”


At that moment, my sweet Jesus moved inside me.



He said, “My daughter, about those souls who have passed on to the next life.  The more they have submitted to My Will, and the more actions they have performed in It, the more pathways they have opened for themselves to the benefit of prayers from earth.  The more they have done My Will, the more they have established supply lines for those treasures of Mine that are present in the Church.  Every path they have opened allows at least some relief from pain, in the form of prayer.  These prayers walk the royal paths of My Will, and from there they bring to each soul the fruit of the merit they have accumulated within My Will.  Without It, there are no paths or other means of receiving any suffrage.  Even though all these prayers and indulgences of the Church always make it into Purgatory, they only go to those who have cleared paths for themselves.”


For the others, who have not done My Will, these paths are either closed or don’t even exist.  If these have been saved, it is only because, at the point of death, they have recognized the supreme dominion of My Will.  If the last action in this life has been adoring submission to It, they are saved, otherwise, there’s no hope for them.  However, for someone who has always done My Will, there are no paths to Purgatory; their path leads straight to Heaven.” 


Then there are those who have recognized My Will and have submitted to It, though not always and not in everything.  Of these, some have followed It, for the most part, and have opened so many paths for prayers to reach them, that they are quickly sent from Purgatory to Heaven.  These paths go in both directions.  Souls being purged had to have cleared paths for prayers coming from earth, while those down here had to open paths by doing My Will, so their prayers could reach Purgatory.”


The key here is to have some contact with My Will, the only thing that can unite and bind everyone together.  If someone is far from It, they can pray all they want, however their prayers will never reach their goal.  Without the true life of My Will, they cannot even walk, let alone fly to their destination, they simply die.”


The effectiveness of a soul’s prayers, sacrifices and suffering depend on how much of My Will she has made her own.  This determines how much relief she can bring to those blessed souls in need.  I measure and give value to everything the soul can do, in proportion to how much of My Will she has in her possession.  If My Will runs throughout all of her actions, the measurements I take are so immense that I can never finish measuring them.  In these, I assign such a high value that the weight of their impact cannot be calculated.  On the other hand, if someone doesn’t care much about My Will, the measurement is miniscule and has scarcely any value or importance.  For those who don’t care about It at all, It doesn’t matter what the soul does; there’s nothing there to measure or be assigned any value.  Devoid of value, they are worthless and can bring no relief to souls in Purgatory who cannot recognize, much less receive, anything except what My Eternal Fiat creates.”


Those who possess the life of My Will in everything can bring all kinds of relief to souls.  Since It dominates triumphantly in her, she brings purifying light and a love that transforms.  This soul doesn’t have to clear any path; having possession of My Will, she has a right to any and all paths.  She can go to all points because she has the royal path of My Will within her, so she can go deep into that prison to bring them relief and even liberation.” 


We endowed man with Our Will as his personal inheritance when We created him, so We recognize everything he has done within the boundaries of Our inheritance.  We do not recognize anything outside of It, because it wouldn’t be Ours.  We don’t allow anything to enter Heaven that has not been done by creatures either in Our Will, or at least in the process of entering It.”


Creation came out of the Eternal Fiat, and Our Will jealously guards It, allowing no action entrance to the Celestial Fatherland without passing through Its Fiat first.  If only everyone knew what the Will of God means.  All works that do not have It, even if they appear to be good, are devoid of the light of life and are worthless; they cannot enter into Heaven.  If they did know, they would be so careful to do My Will in everything, forever.”    




November 4, 1926


I was in my usual state in the Supreme Will, constantly praying to my Queen Mom to help me beg for this Kingdom of the Eternal Fiat.  My sweet Jesus, moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, the original template for the children of the Kingdom of My Will is My Celestial Mom.  It was only because My Will had Its first Daughter within Itself that Redemption could come.  Without having Our first Daughter within It, I, the Eternal Word, would never have descended from Heaven.  I would never have made use of, nor trusted, children who were outside of Our Will as a means of coming down to earth.”


A Daughter of Our Will was needed for the coming of the Kingdom of Redemption.  She was Daughter of the Kingdom of the Eternal Fiat, therefore a faithful copy of Her Creator and perfect copy of all Creation.  She had to enclose within Herself all the actions the Supreme Will performs in all created things.  She was supreme sovereign over all Creation, enfolding within Herself the heavens, stars, sun and everything else.  We needed a copy of the heavens, the sun and the sea as well as the flowery earth, so all could be found within Her Sovereignty.” 



Looking at My Mom, you could see in Her signs never before seen.  You could see the heavens; the most radiant sun, and crystal clear seas where We could reflect Ourselves to see Our Daughter.  You could see earth in springtime, always flowery, where the Celestial Maker liked to stroll.  The Celestial Sovereign was so beautiful.  We saw Her, not just as Our copy, We saw all of Our works enfolded within Her.  That’s because She enfolded Our Will within Herself.”     


However, for the coming of the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat, Our Will needed another daughter.  She had to be Its daughter because only then could Our Will entrust Its secrets to her.  It would never trust anyone else with Its sorrows, knowledge, miracles, sanctity or Its dominions.  Mothers and Fathers enjoy telling their children about their property rights and making sure their children come into possession of them.  They would also like to own even more, so their kids could be even richer and happier.  It’s like that.  My Will enjoys making Its treasures known to Its children, to make them rich and happy, a happiness that never ends.” 


Now, in the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat, We will have copies of the Sovereign Queen.  She also awaits in longing for this Divine Kingdom on earth, where She too will to have Her copies.  What a beautiful Kingdom It will be, a Kingdom of light, infinite riches, perfect sanctity and dominion.  Our children of this Kingdom will all be kings and queens, all members of a Divine and Royal Family.  They will hold all of Creation within themselves.  They will resemble Our Celestial Father, their image, and will be the fulfillment of Our Glory, the crown on Our head.”


I contemplated for a while what Jesus had told me.


Then I thought, “Before She knew She was to be Mother of the Word, my Mom never had any pain or sorrow.  By living within the expanses of the Supreme Will, She was happy.  She possessed so many seas; however, she had no sea of pain, though even without one, she still prayed for the longed for Redeemer.” 


Jesus continued, saying, “My daughter, even before knowing She was to be My Mother, My Mom had Her sea of sorrow, full of pain, from all the insult toward Her Creator.  She grieved so hard, like a fountain of tears, because Her pain was animated by the Divine Will in Her possession.  It changes everything done in It, even the tiniest little things, like drops of water into an unending sea.  My Will doesn’t know how to do small things, only great ones.  The truth is, We only have to open Our mouth and say ‘Fiat’ to spread out a boundless heaven, and another Fiat’ to form a sun that fills the whole earth with light.  There are so many examples.”



This clearly shows that if My Will controls, or even touches, something as small as an atom, by this little act, it becomes a vast sea.  If It should lower Itself to do something small, It compensates with Its regenerative virtue, multiplying it so many times that man couldn’t ever count them all.  Who could ever count how many fish or other species there are in the sea?  How many birds, how many plants cover the earth?” 


This is how a little ‘I love You in My Will becomes a sea of love; a little prayer turns into a sea of prayer, an ‘I adore You’ into a sea of adoration, and a little pain into a sea of pain.  When the soul repeats her ‘I love You,’ with her adoration and prayer in My Volition, My Will rises, forming gigantic waves of love and prayer.  When she suffers pain in It, they become waves of suffering and pain.  They crest and then crash into the unending sea of the Eternal One, where the love of God and of the creature blend and meld in the Will of both One and the other.”


Someone who lets herself be dominated by My Will possesses one sea for each action she performs in It; though she does little, she has much.  She has a Divine Volition that delights in making a little act of the creature into an expansive sea.  It is only from within these seas that she can implore the longed for Kingdom of the Divine Fiat.  This is why We needed Our little newborn daughter of My Will.  It turns her little pains, her ‘I love You and everything she does, into seas that flow into the Sea of the Eternal One where she can be lifted up to plead for the Kingdom of My Will.”


After this, I thought, “When my sweet Jesus speaks about His Will, He almost always mentions Creation.  I wonder why?”


I felt Jesus moving again inside me.


He said, “Everything originates from what My Will has done and is doing for love of the creature, My daughter.  Anyone who has to live in the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat must begin from there.  Actually, that’s why My Will is not loved; it’s because creatures don’t know about It.” 


Creation is the living word of My Will, and My Will is hidden within all created things like a noble Queen who will not go out unless people know she is coming.  Knowledge will tear off the veil that hides It, and then It will go out and reign in the midst of Its children.  Who can make known what My Will does out of love for creatures better than Creation?  It is an ever present action that everyone can look at and touch.”



My daughter, look at how passionate the love of this noble Queen is.  She goes so far as to veil Herself with earth to make it solid enough for man to walk safely upon it.  When he walks over the veil of earth that hides Her Highness, She holds onto the soles of his feet with Her noble little hands, so man can walk firmly without stumbling.  It is through mother earth that She holds the soles of man’s feet tightly to Her noble breast.  She would like to remove the veil of earth that covers Her and go out, but man just walks all over Her, without ever paying attention to see Who is supporting his step.  He doesn’t care who holds this great mass of earth so firmly for him so he won’t fall all over the place.”


The noble Queen is still veiled with earth, waiting to tell Her long story about what She has done for love of man.  With an incredible patience only a Divine Will could have, She waits to be recognized and loved.  Her love is so great that She sometimes feels the need to tear off this veil of earth that covers Her.  It is then that She makes use of Her dominion to shake the earth.  With Her imperial power, She takes entire cities and peoples and hides them deep within Her bosom.  She does this so man may know that down inside this earth, right under his feet, is a Will that rules everything and dominates all.  In Its sorrow, It shakes Itself to let it be known that It loves, yet is not Itself loved.”


In the Gospel, you can read with wonder about when, kneeling at the feet of My Apostles, I washed their feet.  Even the traitor Judas, I did not leave out.  The Church remembers this act, which was certainly very humble and tender beyond description, however, I only did this once.  However, My Will stoops even lower.  It stations Itself beneath their feet as they walk, in a single ongoing Action.  It makes the earth solid enough to support them so they won’t fall into the abyss.  Yet nobody seems to care.”


This noble Queen, veiled for so many centuries within all created things, is waiting with enduring patience for Her Will to be known.  When It does becomes known, however, She will tear off the veils that hide Her, and let it be known what She has done for the love of man for so many centuries.  She will say astonishing things in excess of love that no one has ever thought of before.” 


So that’s why when I tell you about My Will, I often talk about Creation.  My Will is the very life of all created things, and through them It gives life to all.  This life wants to be known, so the Kingdom of the Eternal Fiat may come.”


My Will is veiled within everything, everywhere.  It is veiled within the wind, bringing a cool, refreshing breeze to caress humankind.  Its vivifying breath regenerates them continuously with new life that ever grows in grace.” 



However, the noble Queen, veiled in the wind, feels Her caresses being rejected; and She is offended.  Her virginal freshness mutates into ardors of human passion.  The grace of Her life-giving breath blows back as fetid as death.  She shakes Her veils and the wind turns to fury.  Gathering into a mighty storm, it sweeps away entire peoples, cities and regions as if they were feathers.  The power of the noble Queen, hidden in the wind, is thus made known.”


My Will is veiled within every created thing, without exception, and they are all waiting for It to be known.  They are all waiting for the coming of the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat in all Its triumphant glory.”




November 6, 1926


I was so depressed.  The absence of Jesus weighed on me heavily.  I yearn for the Celestial Fatherland so much.  I would never lose sight of Him there.  I wouldn’t suffer such a painful martyrdom, that of dying without actually dying.  I was sick and tired and tired of waiting, but then my sweet Life, my dear Good, my sweet Jesus, moved within me.


He was really upset.  He was so mad that He was raining down punishments over the earth.  He didn’t want me to see what He was doing, because He knew it would hurt my feelings.  But I could see what He was doing, and I understood why they were being punished.


He sighed and said, “Be brave, My daughter.  Let Me finish showing you what has to be done for the Kingdom of My Will.  I want to make sure that everything is in place to form It in the midst of the human family.  I’ll bring you into our Fatherland, just as soon as I’m finished here.  Do you think you’ll see the full triumph of the Kingdom of Eternal Fiat before coming to Heaven?  You will have to wait until you’re in Heaven to see Its complete triumph.”


It will be just like what happened with Me in the Kingdom of Redemption.  I did everything I had to do.  I built the foundation and gave the necessary laws and counsels.  I instituted the Sacraments and left them the Gospel as a guide to life.  Then I suffered unimaginable pain as I died.”



While I was on earth, however, I saw little or nothing of the fruit of Redemption as It was being carried out.  After I finished everything, and there was nothing left to do, I left the whole project to the Apostles.  They were to announce the Kingdom of Redemption so the fruit of the works I did for the Kingdom of Redemption could ripen.” 


That’s how it’ll go with the Kingdom of Supreme Fiat.  We will do It together, My daughter.  Your long suffering sacrifice and incessant prayer that My Kingdom come soon will bear fruit.  Through My revelations concerning It, I will unite everything to Myself as I erect the foundation for It.” 


Then, once I have completed everything, I will entrust My Kingdom to My Ministers.  They will be like second apostles of the Kingdom of My Will; they will announce It.  Do you think Father Di Francia came by chance?  It’s something I arranged Myself.  He shows so much interest in the publication of what concerns My Will; he’s really taken it to heart.  It is a providential Act of the Supreme Will wanting him to be the first apostle of the Divine Fiat.  He will proclaim It.”


He happens to be the founder of a religious order, so it is easier for him to approach bishops, priests and people.  He can also proclaim and promote the Kingdom of My Will within his own Rogation institute.  This is why I help him so much by giving him special light.  It takes great grace to understand My Will.  Little lights won’t do, a sun is required to comprehend a Divine, Holy and Eternal Will.  Someone who is entrusted with this responsibility has to be ready and well prepared.”


It was I who prompted this priest to visit you every day.  I’m in a hurry to find the first apostles of the Fiat of My Kingdom, so they might proclaim My Eternal Will and what It implies.  Let Me finish up first, so I can entrust it to the new apostles of My Will.  Then, after I’m done, you can come to Heaven with Me.  From up there, you’ll be able to see the fruit of the longed for Kingdom of the Eternal Fiat.”


After that, I continued to perform my usual actions in the Supreme Volition.


I thought to myself, “My poor mind goes all around through the sea, the sun, and the heavens.  It goes everywhere, following the actions the adorable Will has done in Creation.  However, once I finish going around, I always find myself back down here below, suffering in lonely exile.  I wish I could at least be a star in the blue heavens for my Creator.  It hardly matters though, because I wouldn’t be noticed in the midst of the other stars, since I am neither beautiful nor shining like them.  They would probably get annoyed, push me out and hurl me back down to earth to continue my long exile.” 


As I was thinking about this, my sweet Jesus moved within me.


He said, “My daughter, someone who lives in My Will, lives within the Unity of her Creator.  He keeps within Himself, in His Unity, all of Creation.  Along with Creation, He keeps, in His Unity, the soul who lives within the Eternal Fiat.  Being within this Unity means that she has within her all the reflections of her Creator, as well as His Unity with all Creation.  Thus, the living Image of He who created her can be seen in her soul.  By maintaining His Unity with everything, He keeps her within the reflections of all He has created.  These reflections conjure the sea, sun, heavens, stars and all the enchanting varieties of nature in the depths of the soul.” 


The soul who lives in My Will, if placed in the azure heavens, would be the most beautiful ornament for this sapphire vault.  It would astonish both Heaven and earth.  She would have everything within herself, her Creator, a heaven, a sun, a sea, and they would be all hers.  Nothing would be missing.  She would have the entire planet, covered with flowers.  All the birds would be hers, sweetly singing in joyous harmony with the music of their Creator. Each created thing would chime in with a Divine note of their very own.  Hurling you back down to earth would never occur to them; they would do their best to keep you up there in their midst.”   


There are so many wonders within My Will.  It has the power to portray all of Our works in the soul, and center all Its actions within her.  It is not content if It doesn’t see Its own beauty in the soul.  It must find Its own echo, Its own joy and everything else that belongs to It.”




November 10, 1926


My days seem to alternate between short visits by my sweet Jesus, and being deprived of Him altogether.  He often appears like a flash and then escapes, leaving me feeling like I’ve been pierced by a nail, and wondering when He’ll be back.    


I sigh and call to Him: “My Jesus, come back; come back to your little exile; come back and stay with me forever.  Come back; bring me to Heaven with You.  Don’t leave me in exile; it’s been too long; I can’t take it anymore.” 


No matter how much I call Him, He doesn’t answer.  So I abandoned myself in His Holy Divine Volition and performed my usual actions as best I could, going all around throughout Creation.  Finally, my sweet Jesus had mercy on my poor soul.  Seeing that I couldn’t take it anymore, He stretched out His arm from inside of me.



Moved by pity, he said, “Courage, My daughter, don’t stop.  Let your flight into My Eternal Will go on forever.  You know My Will continuously performs Its role in each created thing, and every one of Its actions is distinctly unique for each created thing.  It does not do in the heavens what It does in the sun, nor in the sun what It does in the sea.  My Will has a special action for each created thing; and even though My Will is one, Its actions are innumerable.”


The soul who lives in It eventually enfolds within herself every action My Will does in all of Creation.  She must do what It does in the heavens, sun, sea and everywhere else.  She must enclose everything within herself, so the soul can follow all the acts of My Will, and so that My Will may receive acts of thanksgiving in return from the creature.  However, if you are not continually in action, My Will doesn’t wait for you.  It follows Its course, leaving in you an empty void where your actions ought to be.  Consequently, a certain distance and dissimilarity remains between you and My Will.”


You know what great good you enclose by enfolding within yourself all that My Will does in Creation.  While you follow Its actions, you take in the reflection of the heavens, and the heavens are formed and extended within you for your protection.  You collect the reflection of the sun, and the sun is recreated within you for your illumination, warmth and nourishment.  You accept the reflection of the sea, and the sea swells within you and overflows with waves of love, mercy, grace and strength for the good of all.  You receive the reflection of the wind that purifies and brings rain down on souls burned by passion.  Your are presented with the flower of perpetual adoration of your Creator.  You receive the reflections of all nature and everything created and they all arise from the depth of your soul.”


Living in My Will is the wonder of all wonders, the true triumph of the Supreme Fiat; the soul becomes the reflector of her Creator and of all Our works.  Our Will triumphs completely only when It places in the soul what It can and knows how to do.  It wants to see more than just He who created her; It wants to see all of His works.  It is not content if even the slightest thing pertaining to It is missing within her.  Our works shall be complete with the souls of the Supreme Fiat, and not until then.  They shall be new wonders never before seen, much less known, either in Heaven or on earth.” 


The Blessed in Heaven will be surprised and enchanted when they see the first-daughter of the Divine Fiat enter their Celestial Fatherland, carrying her Creator with her with all His works.  Watching her reflections of the heavens, sun, sea and the entire earth covered with all kinds of beautiful flowers, they will be gloriously happy.  They will recognize in her the complete works of the Eternal Will, for It alone can perform the miracles that can complete Its works.”


Then I abandoned myself in the Eternal Fiat to collect more of Its reflections


My sweet Jesus continued: “My daughter, My Celestial Mom in Heaven was the first one to have the title Daughter of the Supreme Volition.  As first-Daughter, She reserved around Herself a place for each child of the Supreme Fiat.  You can still see a lot of empty places surrounding the Queen of Heaven that are reserved for Her copies only.” 


Because She was the first of the generation of My Will, the Kingdom of the Fiat could be called the Kingdom of the Virgin’.  This sovereignty over all Creation will be immediately recognized in these children of Ours.  By virtue of My Will, they will enjoy everlasting bonds with all created things.  They will be in constant contact with everything.  The Eternal Creator will feel honored and glorified to have them as His true children.  He will recognize His own Divine Will operating within them, because that is where It has reproduced His true Image.”


After this, I thought, “Before He sinned, my first father Adam enjoyed all these same tight bonds.  He was in perfect communication with all Creation.  It was natural for him to have a perfect understanding about everything he did because he was in full possession of the Supreme Will.  However, this connection with all Creation was ripped apart when he withdrew from this Will so holy.  In a single breath, these bonds suddenly snapped, breaking off all lines of communication.”


Just by wondering whether I should perform one action or another, or not, I feel the heavens tremble.  Any hesitation on my part makes the sun darken.  All Creation quakes as It deserts me.  When this happens, I tremble in fear along with them.  Then, suddenly, hesitation disappears and I do what I know I have to do.  How could Adam do this?  Couldn’t he feel the torment of being so cruelly torn away from everything?”


Then Jesus moved within me.


He said, “My daughter, Adam felt the trauma of his soul being torn away from My Will.  Nevertheless, in spite of all this, he fell into the dead end maze of his own will, depriving himself and all his descendants of any peace of mind.  All Creation withdrew from him in the space of a single breath.  All happiness, peace and strength abandoned him then, as he lost his freedom and autonomy.  He was left all alone with himself.”


It was very costly for poor Adam to withdraw from My Will.  After he no longer had the close company of all Creation, he felt so isolated.  From then on, he lived in fear from the terrifying horror of such loneliness.  He was scared of everything, including My own works.  He was right to be afraid though, because as it is said: He who is not with Me is against Me.  After that, he no longer had anything to do with them.  So it is right and just that they would be against him.” 



Poor Adam, you can’t help but have some pity on him.  This was all new to him; he had no warning from past experience.  He had no idea that anyone could fall into such great evil.  In fact, He had no idea what evil was.  My daughter, the evil of sin that came from the fall had two major consequences that could have given him advance warning.  For someone who is evil and wants to fall, it serves as an example of how to go about it.  It is an enticement that spurs him on, only to fall into the abyss of evil.  For someone who is good and does not want to perish, it serves as an inoculation that helps to deter evil and prevent such a fall.” 


Seeing the great evil of someone else’s misfortune can serve as a deterrent that might keep you from falling.  It can be like a warning sign not to follow a path that will only lead to disaster.  The evil that befalls someone else can alert you to be on your guard.  The fall of Adam is actually a blessing in disguise.  It calls your attention to an important lesson, one that Adam did not have, because there were no lessons to learn, since evil did not yet exist.”





November 14, 1926


I was performing my usual actions in the Divine Volition.


I thought, “If I spent one day not acting in It, would anything good be lost or any evil done?” 


My always lovable Jesus answered me, “My daughter, I’ll tell you what would happen.  When you aren’t performing any action in My Will, Creation is not reflected in you.  If you were to stop, on that day the heavens would not extend within you, the sun would not rise, nor would the sea flow within you.  There would be no joy, so no new flower would bloom in your earth.  The birds of the air would not sing and the sweet symphony of the spheres would turn to silence.  Nor would there be music of any kind, because the echo of My Will would be gone.  On that day, the little daughter of Its Volition would be sorry she had not, out of love and thanksgiving, given It a reflection of heaven in return.  She couldn’t, because she wouldn’t have one to give.  She couldn’t make the sun rise in herself in return for Its eternal light.  It would be denied the sweet murmuring sound of a flowing sea and even the silent darting of the inhabitants of the waves.” 



My Will could not form Its echo in you because neither Its actions nor Its works would be in you.  In sorrow, It would say, ‘Even though I have given My little daughter a heaven, a sun, sea, flowers, singing, music and joy, today, she has not returned any of these things to Me.  Now that she no longer has My likeness, her singing does not harmonize with mine.  Even though I have constantly shown her so many displays of affection, today, she has not.’  That’s what you would do, something My Will would never tolerate!  Its little daughter must never be emptied of Its works.”


I answered, “My Jesus, my Love, I hope I am never the cause of such sorrow to Your adorable Will.  I hope You will help me by giving me more grace.  Then I will be more attentive and receptive to the echoes and reflections Your Holy Will produces all over Creation, and make them my own.”


Jesus responded, “You know that great grace is needed to develop, in the human soul, the Sanctity of living in My Will.  The other sanctities can be formed with less significant graces.  They are not as immense as the eternal Will they have to embrace and possess, just little pieces of It, such as Its commands, or Its shadows.”


On the other hand, they have to have My Will as their own life.  They must be Its followers and make Its actions their own in this Sanctity.  However, seas of grace are needed to form this Sanctity.  My Will must bi-locate Itself to extend Its sea into the depth of the soul.  Then It extends another, the sea of Itself, to receive what befits Its sanctity, Its unending light and boundless immensity.  The goodwill of the soul is the seafloor that forms the shore surrounding the water.  That’s what makes a sea.”


It takes a lot to keep and to hold a Divine Will within the soul, My daughter.  The Divinity knows the creature doesn’t have anything equivalent for a Will so holy, so It doesn’t hold anything back.  Everything is placed at her disposal, within her, to form the Sanctity of living in My Will.  God Himself acts as both lead Actor and sole Spectator.  My Humanity gives everything It ever did, suffered and conquered.  They are endless seas of help from this fully Divine Sanctity.”


The Queen Mother gives everything She has to help: Her seas of grace, love and sorrow.   She feels honored that they can help the Supreme Will bring about the Sanctity of the Eternal Fiat in the creature.  Heaven and earth are glad to give, because they are saturated with this Will.  They long to help the fortunate creature fulfill the purpose of Creation, the source of the sanctity that the Supreme Volition wants from the creature.  Your Jesus will provide everything you need.  You will lack nothing.”



This has been my burning desire; I have yearned for It, I have longed for It for six thousand years now.  We have waited that long to see Our Image reproduced in the creature.  We want to imprint Our Sanctity on her.  We want Our Will to operate in her.  We want Our works to be enfolded within her and Our Fiat fulfilled.”


I wanted to enjoy seeing the creature be Our reflector; We take great pleasure in this; It is Our delight.  There would be no amusement for Us without Creation, or harmony.  There would be nothing to reflect Our resounding echo.  Our Sanctity would have no place to imprint itself.  Our Beauty would have nowhere to shine.  Our Love could not be poured into anything.  Our Wisdom could not unfold anywhere, nor would Our Mastery have a place to operate.  All of Our Attributes would be hampered in their work, because they wouldn’t be able to find any suitable materials to work on to shape their reflector.” 


On the other hand, wherever My Will reigns in the soul, It prepares her to become suitable material, so Our Attributes may carry out their delightful crafting.”




November 16, 1926


I kept up my usual state of abandonment in the Supreme Fiat.   Now, however, while I’m doing that, I call to Him, the source of all my happiness, my life, everything.  Then, while this was going on, Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, the more you abandon yourself in the Supreme Volition, the more you advance along Its ways, acquiring even more knowledge as you go along.  You also take possession of more of the treasures that are in the Divine Will.  There are always new things to learn and more riches to take.  My Will was the first inheritance bequeathed by God to the creature, together with Its eternal treasures.  It is always giving things to Its heiress.  However, It is only ready to do this when It finds the creature within the boundaries of Its Volition.  Then the feast begins and It gives new treasure to Its heiress.  The soul who lives in It is the feast of My Will.  Those who live outside of It, however, are Its sorrow.  They make it impossible for It to give, which It always wants to do, because that is Its nature.”


Each act of the human will is a veil in front of the eyes of the soul, preventing her from seeing My Will clearly, so she cannot see the treasure within It.  Most creatures live continuously of their own will.  They are wearing so many veils that they are nearly blind to My Will, their own rich inheritance, one that would make them happy now and forever.  If creatures could only comprehend the great evil of the human will, and how great Mine is.  They would abhor their own wills so much that they would lay down their very lives to do Mine.”

The human will makes man a slave who seems to be in need of everything.  He has no strength or light, ever, so his own existence is always in danger.  He wouldn’t have anything at all if he didn’t pray really hard.  The man who lives of his own will is truly a beggar, whereas, someone who lives in My Will has no need of anything; he has everything at his disposal.”


My Will gives him dominion over himself, so he has strength and light, and not just human strength and light, but Divine.  His existence is always secure, since he is the owner and can take whatever he wants.  He doesn’t even have to ask.  In fact, before Adam withdrew from My Will, prayer didn’t even exist.  Prayer comes about from need, and he didn’t need anything, so he didn’t have to ask or petition for anything.  He loved, praised and adored his Creator; prayer had no purpose in the terrestrial Eden.”


Prayer arose, after sin, from an extreme need in the heart of man.  When someone prays, it means that he needs something and has some hope of receiving what he needs.  On the other hand, someone who lives in My Will has the opulent treasure of her Creator as her own.  If she feels any need or desire at all, it is that she sees herself surrounded by so much wealth, and wants to share her happiness and great fortune with others.  As the true Image of her Creator, Who has given her so much without any restrictions whatsoever, she wants to imitate Him by giving to others from what is hers.” 


The heaven of the soul who lives in My Will is so beautiful.  It is a heaven without storms, clouds, or rain.  The water that quenches her thirst and nourishes her, that helps her grow into the Likeness of He who created her, is My Will.  It is so greatly jealous that the soul might take anything not of My Will that It makes Itself all things to her.  If she wants to drink, It makes Itself into water so refreshing that it extinguishes every thirst, other than for Its Will.  If she is hungry, It makes Itself into food so satisfying that it takes away her appetite for any other kind of food.”


If she wants to be beautiful, It makes Itself into a brush that beautifies her stroke by stroke.  Having Itself impressed such rare beauty in the creature, My Will is enraptured by how gorgeous she is.  It exclaims to all of Heaven: “Look at how beautiful she is.  It is the flower, fragrance and color of My Volition that made her so stunning.’  It gives her Its strength, Its light and Its sanctity and everything she needs, so It can say, ‘She is entirely the work of My Will; I intend her to like Me so she can possess me.’  Look into yourself to see the work of My Will and how your actions, illuminated by Its light, have changed the very earth of your soul.  Everything is light that arises within you, which then turns around to wound He who enlightened it.  The biggest insult I get from creatures is not doing My Will.”


After this, He transported me outside of myself and made me see how evil generations of human beings can be.


Then He continued speaking, “My daughter, look at how much evil the human will has produced.  They have blinded themselves so badly that they are preparing fearsome wars and revolutions.  This time it will not be just Europe; other cultures will also band together.  The circle will become wider and other parts of the world will take part.  The human will is so evil; it blinds man and makes him so desperate that he becomes suicidal.”


I, however, shall use this for My own ends.  There is a higher purpose here.  The gathering together of so many cultures will help communicate the truths that will prepare them for the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat.  This punishment is just a preview of what will come.  So many more cities will be destroyed, with lots of people buried under the ruins and, in numerous places, plunged into the abyss.  The elements will take revenge on behalf of their Creator because My Justice can bear no more.  My Will would rather triumph by means of love to establish Its Kingdom; however, man refuses to encounter this love, so now is the time for justice.”


As He said this, He showed me an immense vat of fire coming out of the earth.  Those who were near it, disappeared as they were engulfed in fire.  I was scared.  I hope and pray that my beloved Good will calm down.




November 19, 1926


My always lovable Jesus drew me into His adorable Will and made me see and feel the pain He felt from the ingratitude of creatures.  I heard His sorrowful sigh.


He said, “My daughter, the pain My Divine Will feels is so inconceivable to human nature that it could never be expressed in words.  My Will lives in all creatures, albeit in a terrible nightmare of excruciating agony.  Instead of giving It free reign to live Its life in them, they repress It and deny It any freedom of action.  It is so restricted, It can hardly breathe, and even Its heartbeat is stifled.  Instead, it is the human will acting.  It breathes freely and its heart goes on beating unhindered, while Mine is left there merely to assist them and help them with their actions.  There it lives, suffocating in anguish within their actions, century after century.   You can still hear Its agonized death rattle.”


Like a tormenting nightmare, My Will writhes in agony inside creatures.  It squirming is from remorse of conscience, disillusion, depression, setbacks, crosses, and everything else that can bother the poor creature.  They keep crucifying the Divine Will; you can hear Its tormented gasping within them.  It’s only right and just that the Divine Will should call to them with this same agony.  Without dominion over them, that’s really all It can do.”


Who knows; perhaps, if they come to their senses, they will see how much unhappiness their own ill will brings them.  Maybe then, they will give It a little breathing room and save It from Its arduous misery.  The agony of My Will was so unbearable as My Humanity was suffering in the Garden of Gethsemani that I had to ask My own Apostles for help.  Even they couldn’t do anything as I sweated living Blood in spasms of anguish.  The agony of My Divine Will was so terrible and went on for so long that I felt Myself succumbing under the enormous weight of it all.  I had to invoke the help of My Celestial Father, saying to Him: ‘Father, if it be possible, let this chalice pass from Me.’”


Of all the pain I suffered during the rest of My Passion, as atrocious as it was, I never said, ‘If it be possible, let this pain pass.’  Absolutely not!  While on the Cross, I cried out: ‘I thirst’, and thirst for pain I did.  Nonetheless, I did feel the full weight of this agonizing pain of the Supreme Will for such a long time.  This unbearable torment of the Divine Will writhes in agony from generation to generation within humankind.  Good grief!  There is no sorrow equal to this.” 


Now the Supreme Fiat wants out.  It’s tired of it all.  It wants to get out from under this prolonged agony at any cost.  When you hear about punishment, destruction and cities collapsing, what you are hearing is the writhing agony of Its passion.  Unable to bear it any longer, It now wants the human family to feel Its pain.  It wants them to feel what it’s like to squirm with unbearable pain, without the least compassion from anyone.  It had to resort to violence to help them understand that It actually exists in them, writhing in agony and that It doesn’t want to suffer like that anymore.  It wants freedom of dominion; It wants to live Its life in them.” 


My daughter, there is so much disorder in society simply because My Will does not reign!  Their souls are like cluttered houses; everything is knocked over; the stench is horrible, worse than some putrefied cadaver.  My Will is so immense that It would never consider withdrawing from even one single heartbeat of a creature, yet It agonizes in the midst of so many evils.”


This goes on all across society in general, and in particular cases, it’s often much worse.  Take the religious, for example, or the clergy, or all the others who call themselves Catholics.  My Will not only agonizes within them, it is kept lethargic, as if It had no life at all.  This makes things a lot harder for Me.  In them, even though I might be in agony, I can squirm about in reaction to the pain; at least I have an outlet of sorts.  Even though I am in agony, they can still feel My living presence in them.  However, when they are lethargic, I am completely immobilized, frozen in a living death.



It’s all for appearance sake.  Their complacency concerning My Will is only the outer clothing of religious life.  Their laziness regarding It makes them drowsy, as if the light of all goodness had nothing to do with them.  If there is any outward expression of it at all, it is devoid of Divine Life and evaporates in the smoke of vainglory and self-esteem.  It’s all about pleasing other creatures.  Even though I am inside them along with My Supreme Volition, We are left out of all their work.”


They are so rude, My daughter.  I want everyone to feel, or at least understand, My tremendous agony, the interminable death rattle and the stupor they impose on My Will.  It’s all because they insist on doing their own will rather than Mine.  They don’t even want to know about It, much less have It reign within them.” 


The pressure of Its stream of broiling agony is ready to burst Its banks.  If they won’t accept knowledge of Its love, they will then surely have knowledge of Its justice.  After centuries of agony, My Will is sick and tired of all this and wants out, thus, two outcomes are being prepared.  One way leads to the triumph of Its knowledge.  It will bring the incredible richness of the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat.  The other way brings justice to those who would deny Its triumph.  It’s up to the creatures.  They will inevitably have to choose, one way or the other.”




November 20, 1926


I was making my rounds through Creation as I usually do, following the actions of the Supreme Will within It.  While I was doing this, my always lovable Jesus let me hear the sweetness of His voice in each created thing.


He was saying, “Who is calling My Love?  Let My Love descend into her, or let hers ascend into Mine, so they can fuse together into one single love.  Give My Love the freedom of action, to fill her soul up with a new sea from her own love.  My Love celebrates Its triumph when It is given freedom of action as an outlet for It.”


I moved up to the heavens and into the sun and then down into the sea.


I kept hearing His voice saying, “Who is calling My eternal Light and My infinite Sweetness?  Who is calling My incomparable Beauty and the unshakeable Firmness of My Immensity?  Given freedom of action, they assemble to raise up within the creature many seas of light, sweetness, beauty and firmness.  They are happy to escape their idleness.  They will use the very smallness of the creature to enclose all of their qualities within her.  Who is calling them?  Is it her?  Yes, it is the little daughter of Our Will.”


Then, after I heard Him say to me, within each created thing, “Who is calling Me?” my sweet Jesus came out from inside me and gave me a big hug.


He said, “My daughter, when you go around in My Will, following It in each created thing, all of My Attributes hear your call.  As they enter the field, each one of them forms a little sea full of their qualities.  They feel triumphant, going into action, each one forming its own little sea.  However, their greatest pleasure and delight is to form their seas of love, light, beauty, tenderness and power in the little creature.”


My Wisdom acts like a talented artisan, setting Its immense and infinite qualities into her littleness with amazing ingenuity.  The soul who lives in My Will harmonizes with My Attributes so well.  Each one of them takes on its role by installing Its Divine Quality.  If you only knew what great good comes to you by following My Will in all of Its actions.  If you knew the craftwork It puts into you, the constant joy of the feast would be yours too.”


After He left, I continued following Creation.  I could see the Eternal Motion that never stops flowing everywhere.


I thought, “How can I follow the Supreme Volition in everything, when It runs so rapidly everywhere in all things?  I certainly don’t have Its virtue, nor Its speed, so I always get left behind without being able to follow Its eternal murmuring within everything.” 


While I was thinking about this, my sweet Jesus moved within me.


He said, “My daughter, everything is continually moving.  It has all come out of a Supreme Being Who is the source of all motion and full of life.  Everything coming out of God has a vital movement that never ceases.  If it were ever to stop, all life would come to an end.”


You yourself have a murmuring, continuous movement within you.  Moreover, the Divinity, in creating the creature, gave him the Likeness of Three Divine Persons.  It set within him three movements that murmur continuously.   They melded in continual movement, murmuring love of their Creator.  One is them is the beating of a heart that never stops, another is the continuous circulation of blood, and the third is the ceaseless breathing of lungs.  Likewise, as in the body, there are three kinds of motion in the soul that murmur continuously: the intellect, the memory and the will.” 


Everything conspires to keep your movement in synch with the gestures of your Creator, so it may murmur along with His Eternal Motion.  This is how you follow the non-stop motion of My Will in Its unending actions.  This is how you make your own movements return to the womb of your Creator, where He lovingly awaits the appreciative replication of His work, His Love, and His murmuring.”

When He created creatures, the Divinity acted like a father who, for their own good, sends his children off to particular places on earth.  One might go to a town, another to a field, some across the sea, and still others to various locations near and far, each one with their own task to complete.  As soon as this father sends them out, he is already anxiously waiting for their return.  He is always on the lookout to see if they are coming back.  When he does speak, he talks about his kids.  His thoughts fly to his children as his love runs after them.”


Poor guy: having sent his children so far away, he longs for their return.  He loves them more than his own life, so he feels like he’s being crucified.  May it never turn out like this, however, if he were not to see all of them, or even some of them, come back, he would be inconsolable.  Seeing him weep and moan, his cries of sorrow are enough to snatch tears from even the hardest of hearts.  He will never be content until he sees them return to his paternal bosom, so he can give them a big hug.  Until then, his heart burns with love for his children.” 


“For our Celestial Father, it is even worse.  He sighs, His heart burns for His children.  He raves about them because He delivered them from His very womb.  He awaits their return so can enjoy having them in His loving arms.  This is precisely what the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat means: the return of Our children into Our paternal arms.  This is why We yearn for It so much.”


After all this, I felt totally immersed in the adorable Will of God.  I thought about how good it would be if everyone knew of this Fiat so holy.  Then, when It is fulfilled, our Celestial Father will finally be content.  Then, my sweet Jesus continued speaking.


He said, “My daughter, We felt such joy in creating the creature.  As We were forming him with Our creative hands, contentment come out of Our womb.  He would keep Us entertained while on the face of the earth; he would be Our continual feast.  When We formed his feet, We expected them to be there for Us to kiss


We thought they would follow Our steps and come to Us, so we could amuse ourselves together.  While We formed his hands, We thought that they would exist for Our hugs and kisses, because We had hopes that We would watch him reliving Our works.  After We shaped his mouth, We hugged him to Our womb and kissed him, because We wanted him to echo Our Word.  When We designed his heart, We hoped he would return Our Love, because his very life had come out of Us.  We breathed life into him, a life completely Our own, as confirmation of Our work and Our Love.  We gave him Our Divine Will as an inheritance, to help him keep his integrity as he followed Our steps in Our works.  We imprinted the life of Our Image within him with the echo of Our Word, and Love to help keep him just as We had originally created him.  We want to amuse Ourselves with him again.  We want to lavish Our affectionate kisses on he who is the work of Our hands and share Our sweet conversations with him.” 

When We see Our Will within the creature, We see Our steps in her, Our works, Our Love, Our words, Our memory and Our intellect.  We know that Our Supreme Will lets nothing enter that is not Our own.  She belongs to Us, so We give her everything: kisses, caresses, favors, love and a tenderness beyond parental.  We don’t want any distance at all between us, not even one step.  If there were even the slightest distances between us, We couldn’t continue amusing Ourselves.  We couldn’t exchange kisses, or share Our most intimate and secret joys.”


We cannot amuse Ourselves with the soul when We do not see Our Will in her because We don’t see any relationship between Us.  There wouldn’t be any harmony between us.  Her walk is nothing like Ours, neither are her words or her works.  We don’t feel any love for her because he keeps her distance from her Creator.  We cannot ignore the infinite distance that exists between the Creator and the creature unless the powerful magnet of Our Will is pulling us together.  We don’t like to amuse Ourselves with her then nor do We desire to lavish Our kisses and favors on her.”


When he withdrew from Our Will, man interrupted Our amusements and sabotaged the designs We had for configuring Creation.  Our designs will be implemented only when Our Supreme Fiat begins to fully reign on the face of the earth.  Our amusements will not resume until Its Kingdom is established.”





November 21, 1926


I was depressed about the sudden death of one of my sisters, and the fear that my lovable Jesus might not have her with Him tormented my soul.  Then my highest Good, Jesus, came, and I told Him about my pain.


He, in all His goodness, said to me, “Don’t afraid, My daughter.  My Will makes up for everything with the Blessed Sacraments and all the other help that can be given to a poor dying creature.  This is especially true when the person’s will is not opposed to receiving the Sacraments and all the motherly comfort that the Church gives at the end of life.”


When I kidnapped her without warning from the earth, My Will compelled Me to surround her with all the tenderness of My Humanity.  My Heart, both human and Divine, then sent the most tender fibers of My Being into action.  I have looked upon her passions and their feeble defects with an infinitely tender finesse that is Divine.  When My tenderness enters into it, I can’t help having pity on her and letting her enter into a safe harbor.  This is the triumph of My tenderness.  When human help is missing, Divine assistance abounds.”


You were afraid that she might have died alone, with no one there she could ask for help.  My daughter, in the last moments of life, human help is useless, because the dying enter into that one unified Primal Action with their Creator, and the living are not allowed there.”


For those who are not perverted, a sudden death is good because it keeps the diabolical from going into action.  The enemy is artful in tempting and striking fear into the dying, and he feels robbed when he can’t follow them, much less tempt them.  Although some people believe this kind of death disgraceful, it can often be a blessing.”


After that, I abandoned myself completely in Supreme Volition, and then my sweet Jesus, continued speaking.


He said, “My daughter, someone who lives in My Will predominates over all the other creatures’ actions as well as everything else.  Her actions come first in the eyes of her Creator.  Among all the creatures who love, the soul who lives in My Will comes first; the others come in second, third or fourth, according to the intensity of their love.  Among those creatures who adore Me, glorify Me or pray to Me, the soul who lives in My Will adores and glorifies Me best, their prayers are heard before the others.  This is natural, because My Will is the life and Primary Action of all creatures.  Someone who lives in It lives within in Its Primal Act, so she is the closest of all to God.  She replicates the actions of all creatures, as they should have been done, and performs all the actions that they neglected to do at all.”


The Sovereign Queen of Heaven never allowed Her will to have a life of its own.  She lived Her life completely within My Will, so She has every right to be first.  She is the one who loves Us the best, she is the one who gives Us the highest glory; it is she who prays to Us the most.  There are other creatures who love Us, however, none of them as much as the Celestial Queen.  However much they may glorify Us and pray to Us, it just doesn’t compare.  Her glory and prayers are foremost; they rule imperially over everything.  It is so beautiful to see that, no matter how much other creatures might love Us, She would never be outdone in love.  Moreover, as She becomes one with the Primal Act, She sends Her sea of love flowing around the Majesty.  All the other creatures are little drops of love left behind in the sea of the Celestial Mother’s love.  That’s how it is with all their little actions.”


To live in My Will is only one word, My daughter.  Nevertheless, It is the Word that weighs as much as Eternity; It embraces everything and everyoneFiat.





November 23, 1926


I was in my usual state when my always lovable Jesus appeared inside me.  His face was sticking out from inside my chest and He was looking at something far away, His eyes sparkling with light.  I followed His gaze, and within that light, I could see rivers overflowing, and seas swelling with tsunami crashing out onto their shores.  Ships were being swept away and whole towns were submerged by water.  Storm surges carried away everything they touched.  Catastrophe would recede in one place only to renew its fury in others.  It was so frightening to see the earth, wind and the waters of the sea, armed by Divine Justice, lashing out at the poor creatures.  I prayed to my Highest Good that He would calm down and withdraw His demand for justice by the elements. 


My sweet Jesus threw His arms around my neck and hugged me tight.  Then He made me feel His Justice and I thought I would faint.


My sweet Jesus sighed and said, “I can’t take it anymore, My daughter.  My Justice has to follow its course, so don’t be alarmed at what you see.  Concentrate on the Kingdom of the Eternal Fiat.”


I was still suffering, in torment because of all the great evil yet to come, so I abandoned myself into the adorable Will of my Jesus.  I wrapped up all the thoughts, gazes, words, works, steps and heartbeats of everyone within It.  I wanted everyone to love the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat, and join me in begging that It would soon be established in the midst of generations of humankind.


My beloved Good continued explaining things to me.


He said, “My daughter, living in My Will is what forms the true Sun between Heaven and earth.   Its rays extend downward and infiltrate each thought, word, gaze, step and work.  It binds them together with Its light, and then uses them to fashion a crown for Itself.  It keeps this securely within Itself so nothing can escape It.  Its rays extend upward, penetrating all of Heaven and all the Blessed.  It binds them all within Its light so nothing can escape It.”


Then this Sun declares triumphantly: ‘I enfold everything, including all the works of my Creator and everything that belongs to Him; nothing else is missing.  I hover over everything with my wings of light.  I embrace everyone; I am triumphant over them all, even over my Eternal Maker.  In the light of His Volition, there is nothing He wants that I do not bring to Him.  I give Him all the love there is.  There is nothing I would not do for Him.  My Eternal Fiat gives me these wings of light.  I am the rightful king.  I permeate and dominate everything.’


No one outside of It could ever resist these solar rays or break free from them because, wherever they go, their power is irresistible.  It ripples against them and no one can escape their touch.  It gently plants its kisses of heat and light upon them.  The pressure of its light penetrates them triumphantly.  Even though there are some ingrates who might ignore it with nary a ‘thank you,’ this never bothers the light.  It just focuses on being light, secure in its role as a benefactor of good things.  That’s especially true for the Sun of My Will, which unlike the natural sun up in the sky, has no limits.”


Imagine if the sun’s sphere were so big that it wrapped all around the entire sky.  As the earth turns, there would always be sunlight, without any space for night to invade.  Think of the Sun of My Will as a boundless sphere, always at high noon.  Someone who lives in It embraces all times and all generations.  She pervades everyone’s actions and makes them all into one single action with one love generating great glory for her Creator.” 


The rays of this Sun of My Supreme Will are My Attributes.  Even though they have different roles, with various qualities, they are all basically a form of light.  My Will directs all My Attributes by combining all these lights together into one.  One of these rays of light is My Justice.  When creatures violate My rights, they deserve to be struck, and I direct this ray at them.”




November 27, 1926


I was completely abandoned in the arms of the adorable Will.  I was praying that my sweet Jesus would make use of His Power so that Supreme Volition would invade generations of humankind and bind them to Itself.  I prayed that It might prepare Its first children, the ones It had yearned for so long.  Then my Highest Good moved within me.


He said, “My daughter, when someone has a special mission to fulfill, this person is often referred to as its mother, or father.  Whoever comes out of this mission, once it is fulfilled, could be called the daughter of this mother.  True motherhood means carrying your child within your womb, with all the pain and sacrifice of forming it with your own blood.  You would risk your life to give birth to this child within you.  When this child has matured within your womb and has come out into the light, then it is right and just that this child be called your son, and she who generated him, the mother.  So, to be mother, you first have to form all the child’s limbs inside of you, generating them with your own blood.  Then you have to generate all their actions with a mother’s heart.” 



To be a daughter of My Will, you have been generated within It.  You yourself have been formed in It.  Even more important than blood, the love light of My Will has grafted Its ways in you.  Its very attitude and way of operating makes you embrace everyone and everything.  As a matter of fact, ever since you were born into It, you have been called the newborn of My Will.”  You are now Itslittle daughter’.  Only someone who has been generated by It can generate more children of My Will.  So you will now be the mother of a whole generation of Its children.”


I was stunned, and said, “My Jesus, what are You saying?  I’m not even any good at being a daughter, so how could I ever be a mother?”


Jesus answered, “Nevertheless, a generation of these children must come from you.  No other mother has suffered as much as you.  No one but you, who have been confined to a bed for over forty years, for the love of being reborn from yourself, will give birth to a whole generation of such children.  No other mother, however good she might be, has sacrificed her whole life like this.  Your entire existence has been dedicated to enclosing within yourself all these thoughts, heartbeats and works.  You’ve done this so that everything could be reordered within the child you carried, only wanting to give life to it.  Moreover, you have done this many times.  Actually, you do this once for every action your child performs.”


I know that you can sense these generations of children within yourself, because you follow their thoughts, words and deeds as you reorder them all in My Will.   You want to give life to each one of them, so they can know My Will and be regenerated in It.  Everything that you are doing and suffering internally is nothing less than nourishing the growth and development of an Infant that is all of Heaven.  This is what I’ve told you over and over again: your mission is so great that nothing could ever match it.  This is your task and highest duty, so focus on It as best you can.”


Nonetheless, when Reverend Father Di Francia wrote to tell me that my childhood memories were being printed along with everything else, I got really depressed about it.


I was so sad that I said to my beloved Jesus, “My Love, take a look at what they’re doing to me.  They started out with what You’ve told me about virtue and Your adorable Will, but now they’re printing things about me that are personal.  They can’t do this now; they should at least wait till after I’m dead.  I’m the only one who’s being made to suffer here, no one else is.  Please, Jesus, give me the strength to do Your Holy Will in this too.” 


Jesus gave me a big hug to encourage me.



All goodness, He told me, “My daughter, don’t torment yourself like this.  You know that what is sanctified is like a small light that forms in the soul.  These lights can shrink or grow, or even go out all together.  So you’re right, they shouldn’t be printing this while you are still living in time.  These lights will seem to go out when you pass on to the next life.  People might get the wrong idea if they thought this light no longer existed.”


On the other hand, the sanctity of living in My Will is not just light, It is the Sun, and It will never grow dim or go out.  No one could ever touch the sun, nor could anyone take the least bit of light away from it, or anything at all from its heat.  No one could ever move it even an inch from on high where it reigns in dominion over all the earth.  If it weren’t for the Sun of My Supreme Fiat, I would have kept them from printing that part.  Instead, I hurry it on, because the sun’s benefits greatly outshine this little light.”


These little lights are good, but not that important.  It wouldn’t make that much difference whether they were hidden or on display.  On the other hand, the benefits of the sun embrace everything and are good for all.  Anything that could prevent the sun from rising for a few days would be so harmful.  Cutting that kind of delay, by even one day, would be a big improvement.  A good sunny day is worth a lot.  That’s the way it is with the Sun of My Eternal Will, only more so.  By postponing sunrise, creatures are deprived of sunny days, while the Sun Itself is deprived when Its rays are confined within Our Celestial Fatherland.”


Yet, in spite of everything Jesus said, I was still depressed.  My poor mind was gloomy at the thought that my poor insignificant existence would be put into the hands of so many and scrutinized by so many eyes.  It out to be buried, so no one would notice I had ever been on earth.  ‘My God, my God; such sorrow!’ 


Then, while I was still thinking about all this, my lovable Jesus appeared inside me.  He was lying flat, as if His Holy Humanity were the floor of my poor little soul. 


He said, “Don’t get distracted, My daughter.  With My Heart palpitating in love, I formed the foundation of the Kingdom of the Eternal Fiat in you through the steps I took and the works I performed.  For the honor of My Will, I did it with ardent sighs and tears burning My eyes.”



My whole Life forms such a solid and holy foundation within you.  It supports all your little works, so don’t let yourself get distracted; it wouldn’t be right.  Let no shadow be cast over your rounds in the Supreme Volition.  No, you mustn’t let that happen, My daughter.  Don’t be afraid, you will remain buried within the Sun of My Will.  It can conceal you better than anything else could, so no one will even notice you.  The Sun of the Supreme Fiat will take great care to surround the little lamp of your soul with Its rays.  The Sun will appear while keeping the lamp hidden within Itself.”


“Stay calm and make your Jesus happy.  If you abandon yourself in Me, I will take care of everything.”




November 29, 1926


I was abandoned in the adorable Will as usual when all Creation appeared in the present.  Reigning triumphantly, the Supreme Will flowed within It, in the form of light, as the source of Its life, in great things and the smallest alike.  It is pure enchantment to see the rare beauty of Their harmonious order.  The Will that dominates Them is one, and as It flows within Them, It binds them together so that one cannot be without the other. 


I was so amazed; my sweet Jesus had to distract me.


He said, “My daughter, My Will continued orchestrating life within each created thing so that It might be free to reign fully triumphant.  It controls the existence of the heat and light of the sun, as well as Its immensity and the multiplicity of Its works in the heavens.  It also controls the life of Its power and of Its justice in the sea.” 


My Will is not like the creature’s will.  If they do not have hands, they cannot work, or if they don’t have feet, they cannot walk, or if they are mute or blind, they can neither speak nor see.  My Will performs all these actions in one single Act instead.  It operates as It walks, and while It is all eyes to look, at the same time, It is all voice to speak, with such eloquence, that no one can equal It.  It speaks in the roaring of the thunder, in bolts of lightning, in the whistling of the wind, in tumultuous waves of the sea and in the little bird that sings.  It speaks everywhere, so everyone can hear Its voice, sometimes strong, at other times sweet, or even thundering.” 


My Will, You are wonderful!  No one has loved creatures as much as You have.  My Humanity is so far behind You.  I am hidden in Your light as You continue an operation that has no beginning and will never end.  You are always there before us, giving life to all created things in order to bring Your life to creatures.” 


I wish everyone could appreciate what It does for them and how much It loves them.  If they only knew how Its vital breath gives life to all, they would love It so much they would all stay closely clustered around My Eternal Fiat to receive the life It wants to give them.”


My daughter, My Supreme Volition remained in all created things, controlling them as their very life, doing what only It can do within each and every one of them.  It serves Itself, Its own Will, which intended to live and reign in the creature, for whose benefit It had created all things.  It was like a king who made a palace for himself where he would live and reign.  He built it with many well-lit rooms, so they wouldn’t be under the rule of darkness.  He installed little fountains of clear fresh water, and music for his amusement, all surrounded by delightful gardens.  He installed everything worthy of royalty, for his own happiness.”


A king must have his servants, ministers and soldiers; however, suppose they deny the king.  Then, instead of the king being ruler, the servants, ministers and soldiers are in charge.  This king is so sad, because all his hard work has not served him, but rather his servants instead.  It’s unfair that his work should only benefit his servants.  In a way, he has become the servant of his servants, because, unless you work for yourself, you are indeed a servant.”


My Will intends to serve Itself in the creatures.  It left Itself as noble Queen within all created things as a guarantee that Its royal stature as Queen within the creature would continue.  No one is worthy to serve My Will, other than My Will Itself.  It could never be content being served by servants, because none of them would have the courtly manners of Divinity needed to serve It.” 


Now I will tell you the great sorrow of My Supreme Will.  As it Its daughter, it’s only right that you should know the sorrows of your Mother, your Queen, who is your Life.  In Creation, It has to act as the servant of servants.  It is forced to serve the human will, because Mine does not.  It is hard to serve servants, especially for so many centuries.  As the soul withdraws from My Will to do her own, she relegates My Will to servitude in Creation.” 


It is a great sorrow to go from being Queen to acting as servant.  No one can soothe such bitter sorrow.  The only reason It continues serving servants in Creation is that It is waiting for Its children.  It is waiting for the time when Its works will serve the children of Its Eternal Fiat.  When they finally let It reign in dominion within their souls, then It will serve Its own nobility.  Only these children can soothe such long and bitter sorrow. Only they can dry so many centuries of tears in servitude and return Its royal privileges.” 



That’s why it is so important to make known My Will.  They have to know what It does and what It wants.  They must know that It is everything and has all that is good within It.  They need to know that It is in constant sorrow because they do not let It reign within them.”


After that, my mind was possessed by the sorrow of the Supreme Will.  All Creation stood there before my mind.  To my great sorrow, I could see this noble Queen veiled within each created thing, as It served all creatures.  It acted as a servant within the sun, by giving them heat and light.  It took on the role of servant within water, by offering it to their lips to quench their thirst.  It was servant in the sea, offering them fish.  It acted as a servant in the earth, giving them fruit, food of every kind, flowers, and so many other things. 


I could see It in all things, veiled in sadness, because It was neither right nor just that It serve creatures.  It was inappropriate for It, the noble Queen, to act as the servant of ungrateful and perverted beings.  They would take Its servitude for granted, without even a glance at It.  At least servants get a salary, and perhaps a ‘thank you.  I simply don’t have the words to express my understanding of the deep sorrow suffered by the Eternal Fiat for so long.


While I was swimming in this sorrow, my adored Jesus came out from inside me and hugged me tenderly.


He said, “It is so sad, and humiliating, My daughter, for My Supreme Volition to act as a servant of creatures who won’t let It reign within them.  It will feel glorious, however, and much happier, in those who let It reign.  When you look at It within yourself, you can see how happy It is to serve you.  It reigns within you as you write and feels honored and happy to serve you.  It guides your hand as you write, so you can put down on paper the words that will make Itself known.” 


It places Its sanctity at your service within your mind so It can give you ideas, terms and most tender examples regarding My Supreme Will.  These will help It make Its way into the midst of creatures so It can form Its Kingdom.  It helps you see better when you look at what you write.  It feeds you mouth with words and makes your heart palpitate with Its own Volition.  This makes such a big difference!  It is happy to serve you, because It is serving Itself.  This service helps forms Its own life as It bestows the knowledge of Itself and Its own sanctity that will form Its Kingdom.” 


My Will reigns in you as you pray.  It serves you by making you fly up into Itself, so you can you repeat Its actions as you take possession of Its treasure.  This way of serving My Will is gloriously triumphant and overrides everything.  The only way It would suffer is if the soul did not let herself be fully served by It in everything.”

December 3, 1926


In continual abandonment, as usual, in my adorable Supreme Fiat, I anxiously awaited my highest Good, Jesus.  The boundaries in the endless light of the Eternal Volition cannot be seen, neither where they begin, nor where they end.  I was all eyes to see if I could catch sight of Him whom I longed for so much.  Then Jesus came out from within me to calm my restless heart.


As soon as I saw Him, I said, “My Love, You always make me struggle and sigh for your return.  You wait until I can’t take it anymore.  This clearly shows that You no longer love me as You did before.  You told me that You would love me more and more, and that You could never be without me.  Yet now You leave me in pain, sometimes all day long, crushed by your absence, abandoned and all alone.”


Jesus interrupted me and said, “Courage My daughter, don’t lose heart.  I never leave you.  You know it’s true.  When I arrive to spend time with you, I always come out from inside you.  You don’t always see Me because I give you freedom of action to follow the single Act of My Will, the source of all action.” 


The light of My Supreme Volition flows from within your heart, from your mouth, your eyes, hands and feet, from your very being.  It hides Me in the glare of Its light within you, so you can’t always see Me.  It is boundless, which My Humanity is not, so I am hidden in Its strong light.  Actually, I enjoy being hidden in My Supreme Volition, where I can watch you fly within It.  From there, I observe all your actions in the Divine Fiat, unseen.” 


If you could always see me and spend time with Me, enjoying My sweet and lovable presence, you would be too preoccupied with My Humanity.  We would pour out our love for each other and then you wouldn’t have the heart to leave Me and follow the flight of My Will within Creation.  You wouldn’t have time to replicate all the actions My Humanity did in Redemption.  I remain hidden within you so you will have the freedom of action you need to fulfill the mission entrusted to you.  From there I follow all your actions in the Eternal Fiat.” 


That’s what I said to My own Apostles.  They had to be detached from My Humanity, even though they loved It very much and could not be without It.  They would not leave Me as long as I lived on earth.  However, they had to go forth to the ends of the earth to preach the Gospel announcing My coming upon earth.” 



It was only after My departure for Heaven, when they were filled by the Divine Spirit, that they received the strength to leave their own country and make known, far and wide, the treasures of Redemption.  At that point, out of love for Me, they were ready to lay down their own lives.  The presence of My Humanity would have hindered My Apostles’ mission.” 


This hindrance does not exist between you and I, however, because that only happens when two beings are able to be separated.  In our case, two beings have identified themselves with each other so much that one lives within the other.  There can be no hindrance because, wherever one of them goes, the other is there also.  They are so close together that, when one of them goes somewhere, the other follows without effort.  Either can go wherever they want, and the beloved is there within them.”


It is natural that both you and My own Humanity should so often be lost in the glare of the strong light of My Will, because It dominates us both and makes us follow Its actions.  That doesn’t mean I no longer love you as much as before, or that I can do without you; not at all.  Quite the contrary, My Will gives you the full and eternal love of your Jesus.  It positions Itself around Me like a wall of light; It won’t even let Me move away from you for a nanosecond.”


Actually, what puts distance between God and the soul is the human will!  Each one of the creatures’ actions is another step farther away from the Creator.  The more the human will operates, the farther man moves away from his Creator, until he finally loses sight of Him.  He degenerates from his original state and breaks every bond with the Celestial Family.”


Suppose that a sun’s ray could detach itself from its sphere.  Its light would disperse as it moved away from the sun.  Eventually it would move so far away that it would completely lose sight of the sun.  By then, this ray would have dispersed all of its light and turned into darkness.  Once having converted into darkness, this ray would still be living and moving, however it would no longer capable of giving light, because it wouldn‘t have any.  From then on, any further movement would only spread thickening darkness.” 


That’s what creatures are: rays of light that come out from the sphere of the Sun of Divinity.  As they move away from My Will, they lose their light and turn into darkness.  After all, it is My Will preserving the light in these rays.  If only everyone understood the consequences of not doing My Will.  Then they would be careful not to let the poison of human will enter into them, because it is the destroyer of everything good.”



Then I followed the passion and sorrow of my Jesus while He was in prison.  It was barbarous the way they had bound Him to a column.  He was tied up to it with His legs bent so He couldn’t stand up and I watched Him dangling from the fastenings, swinging left and right.  I held His knees so He could stand up and then I brushed the hair out of His adorable Face, covered with spit and dirt.  I wanted so much to untie Him and free Him from that painful and humiliating position.


Jesus, my tortured prisoner said to me, “My daughter, I allowed Myself to be put in prison during My Passion to free man from the prison of the human will.  Look at how miserable My prison is.  It was a narrow space that was used to dump garbage and human waste.  The stench was unbearable and there wasn’t even a little lamp in the thickening darkness.  I was in an excruciating position, dirty and covered with spit with My hair all tangled.  I was tied up so I couldn’t even stand up straight and I hurt all over.  I was completely helpless; I couldn’t even brush the hair out of My eyes, and that bothered Me a lot.”


This prison of Mine is the perfect symbolic Image of the prison formed by the creatures’ human will.  The stench from it is horrible, the darkness, thick, and there’s seldom even the little lamp of reason left to them.  They are always restless, deranged, and dirtied with most wretched passions.  The prison of the human will is something to be wept over grievously.  I vividly felt the evil it has done to creatures while in this earthly prison.  My sorrow was so great, I shed bitter tears as I begged My Celestial Father to free the creatures from such a shameful, agonizing prison.  So, pray together with Me, that creatures may release themselves from their will.”





December 6, 1926


It didn’t take as much effort to get Jesus to visit me this morning.  He stayed for quite a while, which He hasn’t done for some time now.  His visits are usually so short that I don’t have time to tell Him much, if anything.  Sometimes He gets right to the point, or He might go on and on about the endless light of His Volition.  When that happens, both of us get lost in the glare of Its light.  This light is so dazzlingly strong that we both lose sight of each other.  My little eyes are so weak I’m blinded, and I can’t see anything at all, let alone Jesus.



While He was with me, His Love grew so restless that His Heart began beating really hard.  He hugged me so closely I could feel the heat of His throbbing heart.  Then, drawing His lips close to mine, He poured some of the fire that was burning Him into me.  It was like liquid fire, but so very sweet, indescribably so.  Rivulets came out of His mouth like little fountains pouring into my mouth.  Some of these little torrents, however, were bitter, from human ingratitude pouring deep into the Heart of my sweet Jesus.  It has been a long time since Jesus has done that.  He used to do it almost every day.  He poured Himself out into me, everything He had in His Most Holy Heart.


Then He said, “My daughter, let us make a pact: don’t do anything without Me, and I will do nothing without you.”


I answered, “My Love, I like this pact; it’s beautiful.  I will do nothing without You.  Yet, what shall I do when You do not come?  I will remain idle, without doing anything until You place Your Will within me.  Then I shall be unable to will anything but what You want.  You will always win, and can do whatever You want, without me.” 


Then Jesus, all goodness, corrected me.


He said, “My daughter, when I don’t come, you shouldn’t remain idle, no.  You must keep doing what we have always done together, everything I’ve been telling you to do.  This doesn’t mean not doing anything without Me, because what we have been doing together will always continue, as if we were still doing it.”


Besides, you always want Me to win, don’t you?  When your Jesus wins, you win; if you win, you lose; if you lose, you win.  What’s certain, however, is that I will do nothing without you.  This is why I have placed My Will within you, and with It, My Light, Sanctity, Love and Strength; they are yours for the taking.  It’s so beautiful to see you take possession of My dominions, so that I never have to do it all alone.  This arrangement only works with someone dominated and governed by My Will.”


Later, as I was performing my usual actions in the Supreme Fiat, I thought it would be better to hide everything I could possibly do within the actions of the Queen Mother.  I decided to put my little love and my meager adoration within Hers, which are perfect.  I also put them inside the first actions that Adam did when he possessed the Unity of the Light of the Divine Will.


Then My adored Jesus added, “My daughter, an action is only perfect when it encloses within itself all other actions combined, and My Will alone encloses this perfect Act.  While It performs this one sole action, all possible and imaginable actions in Heaven and on earth gush forth from it.  This single act of My Will is symbolized by a fountain.  From it gush seas, rivers, fire, light, heaven, stars, flowers, mountains and earth.  Everything comes out of this one fountain.” 

Adam, in his state of innocence, possessed My Will, as does the Highest Sovereign Queen.  As they loved, they enfolded adoration, praise, glory, prayer and blessings within It.  Nothing at all was left out of even their slightest actions.  All the many qualities of one single Act of My Supreme Volition flowed inside It, making them embrace everything, so that, with one single action, they gave their Creator whatever suited Him.  So when they loved, they adored, and when they adored, they loved.  Isolated acts, when they do not embrace all actions together, cannot be called perfect; they are merely paltry acts of human will.  Only in the Fiat can the soul find true perfection in her actions, and thus offer a Divine Act to her Creator.”





December 8, 1926


I was doing my usual actions in the Eternal Volition when my always lovable Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, you are Our echo.  As you enter into Our Will to love, praise, or petition the coming of Our Kingdom, We hear the echo of Our Love within you.  It is the echo of Our Glory, of Our Fiat longing to rule over the earth.  It wants you to pray and pray and urge It to come reign on earth as It does in Heaven.” 


As you go around throughout Creation following the actions of the Supreme Will in It, We hear your echo.  We hear it in the sea, mountains and valleys, in the heavens from the sun and stars, in everything.  Our echo is so beautiful as it resonates throughout everything that is Ours.  We hear Our voice in this echo, the sound of Our works, the treading of Our steps, Our every movement, down to the beating of Our heart.  We greatly delight in seeing how little you are, as you try to imitate Our voice as Our echo.  We love the way you copy the movement of Our works as you echo the sound as Our steps as you love with Our own heartbeat.”


Sighing, He continued, “My daughter, if the sun had reason, and saw a plant, or any being, that wanted to be a sun, it would surely lend assistance.  It would increase its heat and light, covering this being with its blessings, all to help it become a sun.  It would not deny its light or its other gifts to other beings though, because it is the nature of light to diffuse itself and to do good to all, wherever it is.  The fortunate being that receives all these aspects of the sun, together with all its benefits, would become yet another sun.  It would be glorious.  The sun would be so happy if it were able to create another sun.  The entire history of the earth has never witnessed such glorious love as this one being that has turned into a sun by the gift of so many powers.”


By living in Our Fiat, all the soul does is to imitate her Creator.  The Eternal Sun concentrates all of Its reflections upon her until she becomes a little sun, in the likeness of the Divine Sun.  This was precisely Our purpose when We said, ‘Let Us make man in Our Image and Likeness.’ 


To create him without Our image and likeness of He who had created him, would be neither right, nor just, nor worthy of a work of Our hands.  To generate a being dissimilar from Us would never result from the power of the regenerative breath coming out of Our womb.”


Imagine a mother who gives birth to a child with eyes, mouth, hands, feet and everything just like hers, but smaller.  What if she instead gave birth to a bird, a plant or a stone.  That would be incredible, something contrary to nature and unworthy of a mother.  Being unable to pass on her own image and likeness to her newborn would seem tragic to her.  All things that generate life replicate themselves, like God, the first Generator, whose honor and glory in forming creatures are in making them similar to Himself.”


Fly non-stop in My Will, My daughter, so It can focus Its rays upon you until you are saturated and become Its own little sun.”


I was tired after that and couldn’t get myself to write what my adored Jesus had told me.  So Jesus, to my surprise, came to give me the strength and will to do it.


He said, “My daughter, these Writings of Ours come from the depth of My Heart.  I make the tenderness of My Heart flow into them, so it can touch those who read them.  The firmness of My Divine speech will strengthen them with the truth of My Will.  I make the dignity of My celestial Wisdom flow into all the truths, sayings and examples I have you write down on paper.  Those who read them, or shall read them, if they are in grace, will feel within themselves My tenderness, the firmness of My speech and the light of My Wisdom.  They will be drawn to the knowledge of My Will like a magnet.  Even those who are not in a state of grace will not be able to deny that it is illuminating, and light always does good, it never does harm.  It illuminates and warms; it helps you discover the most hidden things and then moves you to love them.” 


I am issuing these Writings from within My Heart, and they will do more good for everyone than the sun ever could.  That’s why I am so concerned that you write; it’s because of the great good I want to do to the human family.  I look upon them as My own Writings, because I am the One Who dictates, and you are the little secretary of this long story of My Will.”



After that, I followed the Divine Will in everything that my sweet Jesus had done while on earth in His Humanity.  I asked, during each one of His Actions, that His Fiat be known, and that It come to reign triumphantly in the midst of creatures. 

Then my highest and only Good, moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, all Creation is a veil that hides My Will.  In a similar way, My Humanity and all of My works, tears and pain are veils that hide My Supreme Fiat.  It reigned triumphantly in My Actions as It dominated everything.  That is how It laid the necessary foundations for It to come reign within the human actions of creatures.”


Someone who recognizes It in each one of My Actions tears off these veils, and the one who invites It to come out lets It dominate her own heart.  She tears off the veil of My works and enters into them.  She recognizes It as the noble Queen, and prays for It to no longer remain hidden.  She opens her heart to It and invites It to enter.  She tears off the veil of My tears, My Blood and My pain.  She removes the veil of the Sacraments and of My Humanity.  Offering her obedience, she implores It to no longer remain veiled.  She begs It to make Itself known as Queen, which It is, so It can claim Its dominion by forming the children of Its Kingdom.”


It is necessary that you go around in Our Volition and in all Our works and find the noble Queen of Our Will hidden within them.  Then you must pray for It to unveil Itself and come out of Its abode, so that all may know It and let It reign.”




December 10, 1926


My poor mind was swimming in the endless Sea of Eternal Volition, where my adorable Jesus showed me the wonder of all wonders.  Even though His Most Holy Will is so immense, It would restrict Itself within the creature, without shrinking, and dominate her as It forms Its own life within her.  The creature who stays immersed within the on-going action of this Divine Will is the miracle of miracles, and a marvel never before seen. 


Then my lovable Jesus, all goodness, said, “Dearest daughter of My Will, you know that only My Volition performs an on-going Action that never ceases.  This Act is full of life, and gives life to everything.  It preserves everything, all the while maintaining equilibrium within itself and in all things.  It alone can boast about performing this on-going Action that always gives life and always loves, at all times, without ever stopping, not even for an instant.”



My Humanity also performs this on-going Action because the same continuous Act of the Supreme Fiat flows in It.  The life of My Humanity upon earth was very brief.  I departed for My Celestial Fatherland as soon as I fulfilled what was necessary for Redemption; however, My Acts remained behind.  They stayed because they were animated by the continuous Action of My Will.”


On the other hand, My Will never departs.  It’s always at home, preexisting, without ever interrupting Its living action within everything that came out of It.  If My Will were to depart from created things on earth, they would all lose their life and would dissolve into nothingness.  My Will created all things from nothing, so if It were to withdraw, so would their very existence.”


It was the Celestial and Sovereign Queen who let Herself be dominated by this continuous Act of My Supreme Will.  She accepted this endless, living Act of Divine Will without ever allowing Her own will.   In doing so, She formed within Herself a life fully Divine in the Likeness of Her Creator.  From the very first moment of Her Immaculate Conception, She accepted this Act of life in the Divine Will.  She had it continuously for Her entire life.  This was the greatest miracle, a marvel never before seen: the life of the Divine Will living within the Empress of Heaven.” 


One single Act of life of this Fiat can issue heavens, suns, seas, stars, and anything else It might want.  Compared to this one single Act of life of My Will, all human actions are like so many drops of water dissolved in the ocean.  They are tiny little flames before the sun, single atoms in the vast expanse of the universe.  With this life of on-going Acts of Divine Will still forming within Her, imagine what Her Highness, the Immaculate Queen, has in Her possession.  The littleness of the Celestial Sovereign enfolded within Herself a Divine Life, a Will, immense and eternal, possessing all possible and imaginable goodness.  This was the true miracle, a marvel that no one had ever seen before.”


In feasts where the Church honors My Mom, all Heaven celebrates, glorifies, praises and thanks the Supreme Will.  They see Its life within Her as the primary force bringing about the arrival of the longed for Redeemer.  It was this Fiat living and reining in Her with dominion that brought them into possession of the Celestial Jerusalem.” 


It was no other than the Divine Will that formed Its life in this Excelling Creature and reopened Heaven after It had been closed by the human will.  It is right and just that as the Church celebrates the Queen, they also celebrate the Supreme Fiat that made Her Queen.  The primary cause of their eternal happiness is that It formed Its life within Her and was in full control.”



“It is the creature who lets My Will dominate and gives It a free hand to form Its life within her that is such a great miracle.  She can move Heaven and earth, even God Himself, as if it were nothing.  She alone can face anything, overcoming all obstacles, to win what’s most important, because Divine Will reigns within her.”


It took all the power of the Fiat dwelling in the creature to implore Redemption, and It was My Humanity, in full possession of that power, that was needed to form It.  In a similar manner, another creature is needed to implore the coming of the Kingdom of My Fiat Itself.  It has to be a creature who will let It dwell within herself, and give It freedom of action to form Its life.  It will be through her that My Will Itself shall perform the one most essential miracle: Its coming to reign on earth as It does in Heaven.”


Reestablishing Divine balance in the human family is the greatest thing of all, so I shall do great things through you.  I will centralize in you everything necessary and sufficient to know about this Kingdom of Mine.  They must know the great good It wants to give and the happiness of those who will live in It.  They must be familiar with Its long story over centuries of sorrow.  It wants to come reign in the midst of creatures to make them happy.  However, they won’t open their doors to It, they have no desire to invite It in, and even though It is already present in their midst, they are not aware of It.  Only a Divine Will could bear being in their midst giving them life, completely unknown to them.  Such patience is beyond understanding.”


My Will is great, endless and infinite, so wherever It reigns, It wants to do things worthy of Its greatness, sanctity and awesome power.  So pay attention, My daughter.  This is not about just any old thing, or even about becoming sanctified.  It is about forming a Kingdom for My adorable Divine Will.”





December 12, 1926


I was performing my usual actions in the Supreme Fiat, and my adored Jesus came out from inside me.


He said, “My daughter, during My Passion, a lamentation came out from the depth of My tormented Heart, with immense sorrow: They divided My garments and drew lots for My tunic.’  It was so painful for Me to watch My garments being divided among My own executioners, and My tunic being gambled away.  It was My only possession, given to Me, with so much love, by My grief-stricken Mother.  They not only stripped Me of it, they made it into a game.”


However, there was one piercing sorrow that was even worse.  Adam became present to Me in those garments.  He was clothed with the garment of innocence and covered with the indivisible tunic of My Supreme Will.  In creating him, uncreated Wisdom acted as the most loving of all mothers.  It clothed him with the unending light of My Will, better than any tunic, a garment that would never wrinkle, tear or wear out.  It would help man preserve the Image of his Creator and the gifts received from Him.  This garment of innocence would make everything about him admirable and holy.  While in Eden, Adam tore the garments of innocence apart in a fit of passion, and he gambled away the tunic of My Will, an incomparable garment of radiant light.” 


What Adam did in Eden was repeated before My very eyes on Mount Calvary.  It was so sad to see My garments being divided and My tunic gambled away, for they were symbolic of the royal garment given to man.  It was enough to make Me cry.  That’s when it occurred to Me that, when creatures do their own will, they are really making fun of My own.  They keep tearing up the garment of innocence with their passions, over and over again, like it was a game.  This royal garment of the Divine Will enfolds all good things.  Once it is gambled away and he is uncovered, he loses all these good things, because he has lost the garment that kept them enclosed within him.  On top of all the many crimes creatures committed by doing their own will, they added the loathsome evil of gambling away the royal garment of My Will.  It was irreplaceable.”


When my sweet Jesus stopped talking, He showed me how He was placing my little soul inside the Sun.  He held me still within that light with His holy hands.  It covered me completely, inside and out, and I couldn’t see anything but light.


Then my adored Good continued: “My daughter, when Divinity created man, It placed him inside the Sun of the Divine Will, along with all the rest of the creatures.  This Sun was not only a garment for his soul; Its rays also covered his body.  However, it was not just any old garment; it was so bejeweled and beautiful that neither kings nor emperors have ever been so well adorned as Adam in this radiant garment of light.” 


Those who say that, before sinning, Adam went naked, are wrong.  It never happened.  All things created by Us are clothed and adorned.  He was Our jewel, for whom all things were created.  It was right and just that he have the finest attire and stunning ornaments of all.  He was worthy of this beautiful garment of light of the Sun of Our Will and had no need of material clothing to cover himself.  As he withdrew from the Divine Fiat, this light left him, body and soul.  When he lost his beautiful garment and saw that he was no longer clothed in light, he felt naked.  Then he noticed that, among all created things, he was the only one naked, and felt so ashamed that he covered himself with whatever created material at hand to hide his nakedness.” 



That’s why, after My greatest sorrow at seeing My garments divided and My tunic gambled away, when My Humanity rose again, I took no other garments.  Instead, I clothed Myself with the radiant garment of the Sun of My Supreme Will, the same garment as Adam had when he was created.  That was because, to open Heaven, My Humanity had to wear the same garment of the light of the Sun of My Supreme Will, a regal garment.  It was the royal insignia that put dominion into My hands, so I could open Heaven to all the redeemed.  As I presented Myself before My Celestial Father, I offered Him the garment of His own Will that covered My Humanity, intact and beautiful.  It was only then that He acknowledged all those redeemed as Our children.” 


My Will is the original garment of the creatures’ creation, and It is life.  It holds all rights over them; however, they will do anything to escape from within this light.  Be still in this Sun of the Eternal Fiat, and I will help you stay in Its light.”


On hearing this, I said to Him, “My Jesus and My All, why was that?  Adam, in his state of innocence, had no need of clothes because the light of Your Will was better than any garment.  However, the Sovereign Queen possessed Your Will in Its entirety, and You, of course, were Your very Will.  Yet, neither You nor the Celestial Mother wore these garments of light; both of You wore material garments to cover Yourselves.  Why?” 


Jesus answered, “My daughter, both My Mom and I came to arrange family ties with creatures.  We came to raise degenerate humanity up, to take away the miseries and humiliations into which it had fallen, by ransoming them at the cost of Our lives.  If they had seen Us clothed with light, no one would have dared to even approach Us, much less work with Us.  My Passion would never have happened because nobody would have dared touch Me.  The light of the Sun of My Will would have blinded them and crushed them into the ground.”


So, I had to perform an even greater miracle, hiding this light within the veil of My Humanity.  I appeared as one of them, because It represented Adam fallen rather than Adam innocent.  I had to subject Myself to all of his evils and take them upon Myself as if they were My own, so I could apologize for them before Divine Justice.”    


Then, when I rose again from death, I represented the new, innocent Adam.  I no longer had to continue the miracle of keeping the garments of the radiant Sun of My Will hidden within the veil of My Humanity.  I was clothed with purest light, and with this dazzling royal garment, I made My entrance into My Fatherland.  I left open the doors that had remained closed up to that point, so all of those who follow Me could enter.” 


Again, by not doing Our Will, you lose all that is good and gain everything evil.”




December 15, 1926


I continued my rounds in Creation, following the Supreme Will in all created things.


As I did, I thought, “What good am I doing?  What glory do I give this adorable Fiat by going through and reviewing all created things?  All I do is to give them just one little I love You’.  Sometimes I wonder if this might not all be a waste of time.” 


Just then, my sweet Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “What are you saying, My daughter?  No time is ever wasted within My Will.  Actually, by following It, you gain Eternal Time.  Every created thing contains some delight, each one unique.  We put these delights there for Our own enjoyment as well as the creature’s.  Our Love runs through each created thing, and as you go through them, you note that your loves run there too.  Considering all Our Love, why wouldn’t you want to continue leaving your little love notes?  They harmonize with Our Love and delight Us.  You should share in Our delight.”


Delights give more joy when they are shared, whereas isolation destroys them.  Having your company while you go around through Creation reminds Us of all the many delights We placed within each created thing.  It makes Us relive Our enjoyment again; so while you delight Us, We delight you.  Besides, you wouldn’t want to leave Our Will isolated, would you?  No, never; it wouldn’t be right for the little daughter to leave her Mother alone; she should always be on Her knees, following Her around in all Her actions.”


My poor mind was swimming in the immense Sea of the Eternal Fiat.


My lovable Jesus continued, “My daughter, among My Will’s many qualities and properties, there is an act of beatitude that never stops.  For every action the soul does in It, she takes into her soul a distinct act of beatitude.  The more actions she performs in this Fiat, the greater is her inner reservoir of beatitudes and her own peace of mind while on earth.  When she goes to heaven, she will reap her reward in joy from all these beatitudes.”


Actually, it’s only natural that while you are on earth My Will in Heaven performs an action full of an infinity of ever new beatitudes.  The Saints, the Angels, who live of the Divine Will in Heaven, are the ones who take up this new and unending action.  Of course, it wouldn’t be fair if someone who lives in My Will, though still in exile, should lose all these acts of beatitude.  It’s only right and just that they be placed in the reservoir of her soul, so that, when she departs for her Celestial Fatherland, she may enjoy them all at once.  Then she can catch up with others who have been receiving this new act of beatitude all along without interruption.”

That’s the difference between performing one more, or one less, action in My Will.  Every time you do My Will, you merit another act of beatitude, and conversely, every time you do your own will, you lose one.  Moreover, she takes on more than just acts of beatitude.  She takes on an act of sanctity, Divine science and a unique act of love and beauty for every action she has done in My Will.  However, if she were always in My Eternal Fiat, she would have something of the sanctity of her Creator.  She would be so beautiful!  Heaven will hear the echo of Our Beatitudes, Our Sanctity and Our Love in this blessed creature.  She has been Our echo on earth, and she will be Our echo in the Celestial Fatherland.”





December 19, 1926


I continued my abandonment in the Supreme Volition, going around with my mind throughout all Creation.  I followed It in all created things, making My Will one with Its own, forming one single act with Its own, until my always lovable Jesus stopped me.


He said, “My daughter, when It issued forth Creation, the Divinity bi-located Its Will.  One remained within Us, for Our Dominion, Joy, Happiness, Contentment and Our innumerable and infinite Beatitudes, because Our Will is the basis of all Our Actions.”


Our other bi-located Will came out from Us into Creation, giving Us Divine honor and glory externally, along with immeasurable happiness and joy.  Actually, for Our Will, joy, happiness and beatitude are not so much possessions as they are Its own qualities, since that is Its nature.  It would be unnatural if It did not release these innumerable beatitudes and pleasures in Its possession.” 


The Supreme Majesty sent Our bi-located Will into all Creation to be the life and action of each created thing.  It released Its incalculable riches, countless beatitudes and immeasurable joy, things that only the power of the Eternal Fiat could preserve.  It also keeps them under Its control, so they won’t ever lose their truth and beauty.” 


All these attributes We gave to creatures glorified Us.  They gave Us the grandeur of an on-going Divine action for every created thing that came out into the light of day.  There they became the attributes of the creatures who could unite their wills with Ours, and then have their own action happen within each act of Our Will.  We determined to have the Divine act of Our Will in each created thing so We could merge the creature’s actions into Ours; then they would be the same single action.” 



That’s how she would come to know Its riches, and by knowing them, she would love them and thus acquire the right to possess them.  My Supreme Will performs so many Divine actions within each created thing; however, the creature is totally oblivious to what’s going on.  So how can she love them and possess them it she isn’t aware of them?  As far as the creature knows, all of the joy and richness of these Divine acts present in all Creation may as well not exist.  If they get anything at all, it’s still not theirs; it’s a just a side effect of the Supreme Goodness that is always giving everything It has.  It even gives alms to those who have no right to anything, and some people simply steal them.”


Actually, the creature has to exert herself to gain possession of these treasures that the Celestial Father has placed in Creation.   She must elevate herself to merge with the Divine Will, if she wants to work together with It.  Of course, she has to know about Its actions if she is going to replicate them; then she can say, ‘What It does, I do.’  This is how she acquires the right to possess all the acts of this Supreme Will.  When two wills merge to form one single will, ‘Mine’ and ‘yours’ no longer exist; what’s Mine is yours, and what’s yours is Mine.”


That’s why My Supreme Will calls and awaits you within each created thing.  It wants you to know about the treasure within It and how immensely rich It is.  It wants you to you to repeat Its Divine actions together with It, so It can make them rightfully yours, and then you in turn will be possessed by It.  You will become dissolved in Its immense wealth within Its every action.  The Divine Fiat really enjoys making you the owner of Its invaluable treasure.”


Its desire to establish Its heiresses is great, and It is doubly happy when It sees someone who knows what Its possesses and makes Its Divine actions her own.  Moreover, even though humankind withdrew from Its Will without any other way to come into possession of Its dominions, It did not stop.  It suffered so long watching the immensity of Its wealth left there unused without creatures taking advantage of them.  However, as soon as the Eternal Word clothed Himself with human flesh, It made Itself the life of each of His actions with superabundant love.  Then It created even more advantages for them, powerful aids and effective remedies more within the reach of a diminished humanity.  It would do anything to help them reclaim the fruits of Creation.”


Everything We have ever done has had only one goal, that the creature bring everything else back with him into Our Will.  Otherwise, We would irrelevant to Our own plan.  The whole purpose behind Creation and Redemption is that Our Will be everything, on earth as It is Heaven.  It is everywhere flowing all over, making everything Its own, and giving it all away.  So pay attention as you follow Our works, so you might satisfy this insistent desire of My Supreme Will.  It wants to own those who possess Its treasures.”



December 22, 1926


I thought about the Supreme Fiat as I prayed that my sweet Jesus would give me enough grace to fulfill completely His Most Holy Will in everything.  I want the whole world to know about It, so He may regain all the glory creatures deny Him.


While I was thinking about this, among other things, my sweet Jesus moved within me.


He said, “My daughter, why do you want My Will to be fulfilled in you and be known by all?  What purpose would It serve?” 


I answered, “I want it because You want it.  I want the Divine Order of Your Kingdom established on earth.  I want the human family not to be strangers to You.  I want them to be bound to the Divine Family again, where they used to be.”


Jesus sighed, and continued, “You and I have the same purpose My daughter.  When father and son share the same purpose, the son wants what his father wants.  He works in his father’s fields rather than live at somebody else’s house.  When he is with other people, he talks all about how good his father is and how ingenious in his great enterprises.  They say he loves his father and is a perfect copy of him.   Any way you look at it, he belongs to his family.   He’s a worthy son who, as the offspring of his father, upholds family honor.”


This is how it is when someone belongs to the Celestial Family.  We have the same purpose, to do My Will, to be at home with It, and work to make It known.  We are forever talking about what Our Celestial Family does and what It needs.  You can recognize this creature clearly from any angle, and with good reason.  It is only right and just that Our Daughter resembles Us, after all, she’s part of Our Family, she is Ours.  She hasn’t changed a bit; she has kept the Image, the mannerisms, the bearing, the very life of the Father who created her.  You are part of My Family, and the more you make My Will known, the more you are acknowledged, before Heaven and earth, as Our own daughter.” 


On the other hand, someone who does not serve the same purpose as Ourselves seldom, if ever, lives with Us in the Royal Palace of Our Will.  He keeps moving around, from house, to dilapidated shack, to sleeping in the outdoors of his passions, disgracing his family.  He works in some stranger’s fields, if he works at all.  You never hear him saying anything about his Father’s great love, goodness, ingenuity and high sense of purpose.  From the way he acts, you would never know that he was a family member, and in a way, perhaps he is not.  If he is, this son is a degenerate who has broken all family ties and has no relations them.  Only someone who does My Will and lives in It can be called My child, a member of My Divine, Celestial Family.  Otherwise, they are all degenerate children who are estranged from Our Family.”


We become festive when you are so concerned about My Divine Fiat that you go around speaking into It.  That’s because We feel you are one of Us; it is Our daughter that speaks as she goes around working in the field of Our Will.  You leave door for your own children, no rooms are closed to them.  What belongs to the Father belongs to the children.  The Father places His hopes for many descendants in His children.  That’s how It is.  I have placed My hope in you that I have many descendants from the children of My Eternal Fiat.”


My mind continued thinking about the Supreme Will after that.


I thought, “How can that be?  I couldn’t possibly do that all by myself.  I’m just a little good-for-nothing who’s not even worth mentioning.  I don’t have the authority, let alone the dignity.  There is nothing superior about me that I could impose myself on anyone.  I may diffuse myself, and write so this Sun of the Divine Will can be known, but how would I ever be able to generate Its children and their descendants?” 


As I thought about this, my sweet Jesus interrupted and came out from inside me.


He said, “My daughter, it is My custom to begin My greatest works one-on-one with a single creature.  In fact, My Mom was one.  I carried out all My work on the great symbol of My Incarnation with Her alone.  We let no one in on our secret, nor were people allowed into our inner sanctum to see what was going on between the Celestial Sovereign and I.  Furthermore, She did not occupy any dignified position of authority in the world.  Actually, I never choose people for their superiority or dignity.  I look for the insignificant individual who has the face of My Will within them.  That is the greatest dignity and authority.  She had no dignified position giving superiority in the lower world.  However, Heaven and earth hung on Her Highness, the little girl of Nazareth, because She was in possession My Will.  The destiny of mankind was is Her hands, as was the destiny of all My Glory; the Glory that was due me from all Creation.” 


It was enough that the mystery of the Incarnation was formed within My Chosen One, the only One, for others to benefit from Its goodness.  One of these was My Humanity, and from It came the generation of those redeemed.  It is sufficient to form all the goodness necessary within one creature for the generation of that good to come into being. One seed is enough to multiply, by thousands upon thousands, the generation of that seed.  Capacity for the power and virtue needed to create further virtue forms with the first seed.  Once the first is ready, it multiplies like yeast, making further generations of it.  In a similar manner, one lone soul is enough for Me, if she gives Me absolute freedom to enclose within her the good I desire.  I form the Sun of the Supreme Fiat within her so Its rays may beat down upon the surface of the earth, forming new generations of children of My Will.”


You know that all Our greatest works carry within themselves the image of Divine Unity.  Additionally, the more good they are destined to do, the more they enfold this Supreme Unity within themselves.  In Creation, there are metaphors reflecting Divine Unity.  Every single work done there does so much good that the array of Our other works, all put together, don’t do as much.  Look at the heavenly vault.  There is only one sun; nonetheless, it has so many good effects on the earth, where life depends on it.  Even though there is only one sun, its light embraces everyone and everything.  This light holds everything on its lap, and it causes a distinct reaction in each one.  Depending on the variety of things it saturates, it brings fertility, maturity, color, sweetness and beauty, yet, there is only one single sun.  It is one, while the stars are many.  However, they don’t give such great goodness to the earth as the sun does, even though there is only one.” 


The power of one single act animated by creative power is incomprehensible, and there is no end to the goodness that can come from it.  It can change the face of the earth, from deserted arid land, to flowery springtime.  The sky is one, thus it extends everywhere.  Water is one, even though it seems divided into many different parts over the earth.  It forms rivers, lakes and seas, even though it descends from heaven in the same form, and there is nowhere on earth where there is not at least some water.  Those things We create that carry within themselves the image of the Divine Unity do the most good. They are indispensible; the earth would be lifeless without them.” 


Don’t think for a moment you are alone, My daughter.  I must be there within you to provide unity for this great work.  Furthermore, it means nothing that you have neither external dignity nor authority.  My Will is more important than anything else is.  Its light may seem mute; however, its silence infiltrates the intelligence to make you speak with eloquence so stunning that even the most learned keep their silence.  Light does not speak; although, it allows you to see and to know even the most hidden things.  The light does not speak; however, the meekness of its sweet warmth softens the hardest things, the most obstinate hearts.”


Light contains neither seed nor matter; everything in it is pure.  You see nothing but a wave of radiant, silvery light.  Yet it penetrates so deep that it makes even sterile things germinate, develop and flourish.  No one can resist the power of light, not even the blind.  Even if they can’t see it, they still feel its warmth.  Even deaf mutes feel and enjoy the benefits of light.” 


No one can resist the light of My Eternal Fiat.  Its knowledge shall be stronger than rays of light from My Volition.  It will beat down on the surface of the earth and penetrate hearts, bringing all the goodness of the light of My Will, along with everything It can do.  However, these rays must start from within their own sphere.  They must be centered in one single point, and from there rise to form dawn, day, afternoon and sunset within hearts, then to arise again.” 


This sphere and this single point are you, and the rays centered in it are of My knowledge.  They will give nourishment to generations of children from the Kingdom of My Will.  That’s why I keep saying, ‘Pay attention’, so not one bit of My knowledge is lost.  You would be responsible for losing even one of these rays from within your sphere, and you cannot even begin to comprehend how much goodness would be lost.  Each ray contains its own special kind of goodness that it must give to the children of My Will.  You would deprive Me the glory of giving that advantage to My children.  You would also deprive yourself of the glory of spreading yet one more ray of light from within your sphere.”





December 24, 1926


I felt agitated that my sweet Jesus hadn’t come to see me.  As I was raving, I spoke such nonsense, and my sorrow was so intense that I kept repeating, “You’ve changed, Jesus.  I never would’ve believed You could go so far as to deprive me of Your company for so long.”  Meanwhile, as I was pouring out my sorrow, my sweet Jesus appeared as a little child and threw Himself into my arms.


He said, “My daughter, tell Me, isn’t it you that’s changed?  Do you love someone else, perhaps?  Don’t you want to do My Will anymore?”


Jesus’ questions cut me to the quick and I was so sorry.


I said:  “Jesus, what do You mean by that?  God, no, I haven’t changed, and I don’t love somebody else.  I don’t know any other love but yours.  I’d rather die than stop doing Your Holy Will.” 


Then my sweet Jesus said, “So, you haven’t changed?  Well then, My daughter, if you, who’s nature is subject to change, have not, then how could I change, I who am unshakeable?  Your Jesus does not change; you can be sure of that; nor can He change.”


I was still confused and didn’t know what to say.


In His goodness, He added, “Do you want to see Me in the womb of My Sovereign Mom, and how I suffered?” 



As He was saying this, He conjured Himself inside my belly, lying flat, completely immobilized.  His little feet and hands lay stretched out so still that it filled me with pity.  He had no room to move; he couldn’t even open His eyes or breathe.  What was most harrowing was to see Him in the act of continual dying.  It was heart wrenching to watch my little Jesus die.  I suddenly found myself right next to Him, in the same position, totally immobilized.


After a while, my little baby Jesus hugged me.


He said, “My daughter, My state-of-mind in the maternal womb was painful.  My little Humanity had perfect reason and infinite wisdom.  From the very moment of My Conception, I comprehended everything about My sorrowful state, the darkness of a maternal prison without a glimmer of light.  It was one long night lasting nine months!  The narrow confines kept Me completely immobilized, in total silence.  I couldn’t cry or even whimper to pour out My pain.  I shed so many silent tears in the inner sanctum of My Mom’s womb, unable to move.” 


However, that was nothing.  My little Humanity had taken on a commitment to die, over and over again, to satisfy Divine Justice.  Once for every time creatures made the Divine Will die within them and once for each time they gravely offended Me by giving life to human will.  These deaths cost Me dearly.  To die and to live, to live and to die: that was the most harrowing, chronic pain for Me.  More so since, even though My Divinity was one and inseparable from Me, It would take an attitude of justice when accepting reparations from Me.  Even though My Humanity was Holy and pure, It was only a little lamp before the immense Sun of My Divinity.  I felt all the weight of the satisfaction I owed this Divine Sun, and the pain of degenerate humanity rising again within Me, at the cost of My dying so many deaths.”


It was the rejection of Divine Will, by giving life to self-will that spelled the ruin of degenerate humanity.  I had to keep both My Humanity and My human will suspended in a continuous state of death.  That way, Divine Will could continually live and expand within Me to extend Its Kingdom.  From the moment I was conceived, I concerned Myself with extending the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat within My Humanity.”  


The price of raising degenerate humanity up again was that I couldn’t allow My human will any life of its own.  Then, with this Kingdom established within Me, I could prepare the grace and everything else needed.  The ransom needed to make It known and establish It in the midst of creatures involved so much pain.  Now, everything you do can only be what I do in you for this Kingdom.  It is nothing other than the continuation of what I did from the moment I was conceived in My Mom womb.  So, if you want Me to carry out the Kingdom of the Eternal Fiat within you, let Me be, and never give life to your will.”


After that, I continued acting in the Eternal Volition.


Then sweet Jesus continued: “My Will is the soul, My daughter, and all Creation is It’s body.  The body has only one soul, and one will, while the body has several sense organs.  They are like several different keys, and each one of them performs its own little sonata.  Each member performs its own distinct part.  However, there is such order and harmony among them, that when one member plays a solo, all the other members are all intent on the lead performer.  They suffer together if the soloist plays out of key, and they all take pleasure when the virtuoso soars.  The will that moves them is one, as is the strength they possess.  Such is the whole of Creation; It is like a body animated by My Will.  Even though each created thing performs its distinct role, they are more united among themselves than members of the body are.  Since it is My Will alone that animates them and dominates them, the strength they possess is one force.” 


Someone who does My Will and lives in It is part of the body of Creation.  She has the universal power of all created things in her possession, as well as strength of her Creator.  More crucial than blood for the body, My Will circulates in the veins of all Creation.  This blood is pure, holy and vivified with light to spiritualize the body itself.  The soul is fully focused on all Creation and is in contact with all of Its actions, so she can do what It does.  In a similar manner, all Creation keenly focuses on her to collect her actions.  They are all intently listening to her solo as one of Its fellow performers in this beautiful little sonata.  You can see how living in My Will is the most indescribably happy destiny of all.  Heaven is where she originated and that’s where all her actions point.  There she lives, playing the music of Its heavenly spheres.”





December 25, 1926


I was anxiously waiting for little Baby Jesus, and after many a sigh, He finally came and my little baby threw Himself into my arms. 


He said, “My daughter, do you want to see Me as My inseparable Mom did when I first came out of Her maternal womb?  Watch and see.”


I looked at Him, and saw Him as a tiny little baby.  Seeing such rare beauty put me in rapture.  Rays of the most radiant light came out of every part of His little Humanity, from His eyes, His mouth, and from His hands and feet.  It completely enveloped Him and extended outwards far enough to wound the heart of every creature.  It was His first knock, knocking on the door of their hearts, asking them to open up and give Him shelter.  The knock was soft and sweet, yet penetrating.  A knock of light makes no noise; yet you could hear thunderclaps loud and clear. 

On that night, everyone felt something unusual inside them.  Sadly, very few opened their hearts to give Him even the humblest accommodation.  His greeting went unanswered.  He knocked and knocked, yet no one opened up for Him.  The tender Infant began crying, His lips blue and shivering with cold.  He sobbed and wailed, and then He sighed. 


He was there with His Celestial Mom as the light coming out of Him was asking creatures and being rejected the first few times.  As soon as He came out of Her womb, He threw Himself into Her maternal arms and gave Her His first embrace and His first kiss.  However, His little arms couldn’t quite reach Her for a hug.  Then the light coming out of His little hands surrounded Her completely, Mother and Son saturated with the same light.  The Queen Mother answered Her Son with a hug and a kiss, and there They stayed, embracing so tightly that they seemed to be fused one within the other.  She made up, with Her love, for Jesus’ first rejection by the hearts of creatures.  This dearly charming little Baby placed His first act, being born, along with His first sorrow and all His grace, in His Mom’s Heart.  From then on, what you could see in the Son, you could see in His Mom.  Finally, this gracious little Baby leapt into my arms and hugged me as hard as He could.  I could feel Him entering me, and I into Him. 


He said to me, “My daughter, I embraced you the same way I embraced My dear Mom when I was a newborn infant.  I wanted you to receive, just like My Mom, My first act, being born, along with My first sorrow and the tears of My tender weeping.  This has moved you with compassion for the sorrowful conditions of My birth.  If it were not for My Mom, I wouldn’t have had anyone to possess the infinite treasure of My birth with all its merit.  Without Her, I wouldn’t have had anyone in whom I could focus the light of My Divinity that shone forth from My little Humanity.  I fixed this same light inside Her, that I, Word of the Father, had within Me.”


When the Supreme Majesty decides that some great, universal good be done for all creatures, We have to choose one single person who can accept that much grace.  You can see how crucial this is.  She has to be able to receive within herself enough goodness for generations to receive it.  In fact, just because not everyone takes it all, or even part of it, doesn’t mean that Our work has to be fruitlessly suspended.  One chosen soul can receive all that goodness within herself and Our work would still be fruitful.” 


My Mom was the treasury, not only of My Life, but of all My Actions.  First, I checked to see whether I could deposit them within Her, and then I performed them.  I placed My tearful weeping inside Her, for safe-keeping, along with all the cold and pain I suffered.  She repeated all of My Actions, and with continuous thanksgiving, She accepted everything.  We had a contest between Mother and Son to see if I could give more than She could receive.” 




When My little Humanity made Its first appearance on earth, My Divinity wanted to shine forth out from It.  It would go all around Creation, making Its first visit with human senses.  The Creator visited all of His Heaven and earth, except for man.  They had never received such honor and glory as when they saw their King and Maker amidst them.  They were all honored to have the pleasure of serving the One Who had given them their existence, so they began to feast.  My Mom, with all Creation, made My birth so joyous and glorious, though sadly, creatures gave Me such sorrow.  I came to you because I wanted to relive the joy My Mom gave Me, by placing the fruit of My birth within you.”


Later on, I was thinking about how much unhappiness there was in that grotto where little Baby Jesus was born.  It was so exposed to freezing winds that it made you numb from the bitter cold.  There was no one there keep Him company, only the animals.


I wondered, “Which was more forlorn and sorrowful, the prison on the night of His Passion, or the grotto of Bethlehem?” 


My sweet Baby answered, “My daughter, the misery of prison during My Passion was nothing like the grotto of Bethlehem.  I had My Mom with Me in the grotto, body and soul, so Mother and Son could share each other’s joy; it was Our Paradise.  The joys of motherhood are great, but not as great as having a Mom.  We were everything to each other.”


Then there was My dad, Saint Joseph, who was like a father to Me.  I could feel all the joy he had because of Me.  During My Passion, however, joy between Mother and Son was disrupted, giving way to sorrow.  We felt the gloom of approaching separation, as far as the senses go at least.  My Death was looming.  The animals in the grotto acknowledged Me with honor as they tried to keep Me warm with their breath.  In prison, on the other hand, men did not recognize Me.  They insulted Me, humiliated Me and covered Me with spit, so you can’t really compare the two.”




December 27, 1926


My mind was swimming within the Sun of Eternal Volition.


As I did, my beloved Jesus said, “My daughter, it is highly insulting when a creature doesn’t do My Will.  My Will is better than solar light.  It pervades everyone and everything, and no one can escape It; you can run, but you can’t hide from Its boundless light!  By doing her own will, the creature tries to turn off this light; however, she only manages to dim it.  Then My Will rises up and follows Its Own path of light, leaving the creature in the darkness of her own will.” 

If someone could turn off the light of the sun, only to bring himself a long dark night, you might think he was an insane evil-doer.  Without the sunlight’s warmth, the poor man would freeze to death.  Without the benefit of light, he couldn’t do anything and would die of boredom.  Covered by the darkness of his will, his little field wouldn’t have the light it needs to grow and flourish.  He would starve to death.  He would be so miserable he would wish he had never been born!”


That’s what happens to the soul who does her own will.  Not doing My Will is the worst of all evils, because once My Will is gone, she dies cold and hungry for celestial goodness.  She dies of boredom, weak and exhausted, because My Will is missing, and that is Divine Life, the source of strength that allows It to work, that makes It rise up, full of joy.  When It’s not there, she dies of hunger, because Its light is what gives the little field of the soul fertility to grow food so she can live.  Creatures think there’s nothing bad about not doing My Will, when actually, it’s worse than all other evils put together.”


He stopped for a while and then continued.


He added, “My daughter, everything good, if truly good, has its origin in God.  On the other hand, anything that inflates the creature empties her of grace.  This includes loving, suffering and even doing good to others, as well as the study of science, either sacred or profane.  The heroism of those who rush headlong to achieve something does not have its origin in God.  Anything good that originates from humans, rather than God, is dust.  They are like works swept away by a mighty powerful wind that crushes cities, palaces and sumptuous houses into a heap of wreckage.”


It sometimes happens that a mighty wind knocks down and destroys the most beautiful works of art and ingenuity.  It has fun unleashing its fury on such works, so admired and praised!  The mighty wind of self-esteem and self-glory, the furious wind of pleasing other creatures, knocks down the most beautiful of human works.  That kind of goodness makes Me sick.”


The most appropriate and effective remedy, the one that blocks and soothes the fury of these winds within the soul, is the powerful light of My Will.  It hides everything in its glare. This powerful blaze of Divine Light calms the air, preventing those winds from blowing.  The seal of the Fiat can be seen in all the actions, large or small, of creatures who lives under the vital influence of Divine Will.  Her motto is, ‘If God wants it, I want it too.  If He doesn’t, then neither do I.’



My Will maintains perfect balance in all Creation.  For that matter, It maintains the balance of love, goodness, mercy, fortitude, power, and justice as well.  When you hear about punishing catastrophes, you can be sure that it is only the effect of My Will keeping Its balance.  As much as It loves the creature, It still has to maintain equilibrium, otherwise It would be weak and defective.  In fact, all of Its order and the sanctity depend on It being perfect balanced.  It’s always the same; It never changes.” 


Listen, My daughter, firstborn of My Will, and I’ll tell something about My Supreme Fiat that’s really beautiful.  When the soul lives within It and allows It to reign in her to form Its Kingdom, My Will bi-locates Itself to transfer Its perfect balance to her.  The soul then feels balanced in love, goodness, mercy, fortitude, power and justice.  Creation is unimaginably vast, yet My Volition performs a balancing act that is unique to each thing. As the soul regains her balance, My Will elevates her and expands her so much that she finds the balance of both in all of her actions, thereby inseparably uniting them.”


The creature finds herself in the sun where she does the same balancing acts that My Will does in it.  She does the same in the sea, the heavens, and in the little flower that blooms, where she gives off its fragrance together with it.  That’s what she does in the little bird that sings to cheer all Creation with well-balanced joy.  She finds herself in the fury of the wind, water and storms, for the balance of justice.  As you can see, My Will can’t do without this creature; they live life together, they are inseparable.  It’s nothing trivial that the soul can say, ‘I am stretched out within the heavens, to preserve them for the good of my brothers.  I am present in the sun, to germinate, nourish and give light to grow food for all mankind.’


Who could ever say, ‘I love my God as He loves Himself, as I love everyone, and I do all the good that my Creator does to the whole human family’?  Only someone who receives the equilibrium of Divine Fiat and allows It to reign within herself.”





December 29, 1926

How the new creation of the Kingdom of the Supreme Will was formed in the Humanity of Our Lord.


My sweet Jesus appeared, carrying a Sun in the center of His chest, holding it very tightly in His arms.  He came close to me and took the Sun from the center of His chest with His hands, and placed it in the middle of mine.  Then He took my hands in His, and crossed them very tightly over this Sun.


He said, “This Sun is My Will.  Hold It tight and never let It slip away.  It has the power to convert you and all of your actions and everything else into light.  It will absorb you completely into It, merging as one single Sun.”


Later on, I thought about everything my sweet Jesus had done when He came down to earth for Redemption.  I united myself with His Actions and asked Him, out of love for His own Acts, to make His Will be known, so that It may reign in dominion.


Then my adored Jesus said, “My daughter, as My Humanity was conceived, I began a new creation and overlaid the Kingdom of My Will over every Action My Humanity would perform.  Every Action I performed, both inside and outside My Humanity, Divine Will animated with Creative Power.  My Actions underwent new creation and converted into Acts of Divine Will as I extended Its Kingdom within Myself and all My external Actions.” 


Actually, who rejected and wrecked this Kingdom of My Will in man?  His human stubbornness rejected My Will because he didn’t want to be dominated or even animated by It.  He preferred let himself be dominated and driven by its own will, thus establishing within it his own ruined kingdom of misery and passion.” 


Before anything, My Humanity had to recreate this Kingdom of the Supreme Will, and then retrieve It back into Myself, that is, within My human nature.  I had to do this to prepare Redemption, so I could save humankind with a life-saving antidote.  I had to place this Kingdom safely within Me and give It every right to dominion, otherwise I could not have formed anything nearly as good as Redemption.  My Divine Will would have been relentless in not conceding Its treasure to Me, if I didn’t have first rights to establish Its Kingdom within Me.  Only then, as the second act, would It grant Me remedies to save creatures.” 


My Supreme Will oriented Itself within all of My Actions, dominating everything.  It triumphantly invaded My tears, My little baby moans, My sighs, heartbeats, steps, works, words, pains, and everything else, with Its Creative Power.  As It invaded, It strung them like pearls on Its endless light, threading all My Acts of new creation into a rosary for Its Kingdom within.  As a result, the Divine Fiat extended the boundaries of Its Kingdom within My Humanity every time I did something.” 


Creation was called from nothingness.  It was built on the foundation of My creative Word that created It with Its spoken command, at which point all things were harmonized as they all took their place in good order.  However, in the creation of the Kingdom of Supreme Will, forming It from nothing simply wouldn’t do.  It wanted to guarantee Its safety, so It was based on all the painful Acts of My Most Holy Humanity.  They would be the foundations and walls established for Its Kingdom.”


You can see how much this Kingdom of My Will cost, for I crafted It within Me with so much love.  Now that this Kingdom exists, there is nothing left to do but make It known, so all the good things within It can go out onto the field of action.  My Humanity left My Will free to establish Its Kingdom, and I want the same from you.  I want no resistance on your part. I need to act freely.  If you show no opposition, My Acts can flow in you and take their place of honor all lined up in proper order and ready to continue the life of the Kingdom of My Will within you.”


Then, in a flash, my sweet Jesus made His escape.  I wanted to follow Him, but within that flash I could see that contagious diseases were on their way and would spread throughout many nations, including our Italy.  I felt so bitter about it.  Homes were depopulating, there were so many dying from it.  Nearly every nation would but touched, though the scourge would rage more strongly in some of them.  This is all a direct result of offending the Lord, and Our Lord touches everyone with the same scourge.  I just hope He will calm down so people won’t have to suffer so much.




January 1, 1927


I meditated on the old year setting and the new one rising and then continued flying in the light of Divine Will as usual.  I was praying to my darling little Baby that He would make My Will die and never live again, just like last year has died, never to be born again.  I prayed that He would give me His Will as a new year present after I made Him a gift of mine.  I placed it as a footstool under His tender little feet where it wouldn’t have any other life but His Will alone. 


As I thought about it, my sweet Jesus came out from inside me.


He said, “Daughter of My Will, I love you so much and yearn for your own will to end.  I gladly accept your present!  It will be pleasant for Me to have it as a soft stool to rest My feet.  As long as it remains within the creature, rather than centered in God, the human will stays hard.  However, when it returns to its natural center, it becomes soft.  It amuses Me that your will could serve as a footstool for your little Baby Jesus.  It’s only right that someone as little as Me should have some fun.  What, with all My tears and sorrows, at least I won’t be deprived of your will to make Me smile.” 



You know that someone who puts an end to her own will returns to her original state and a new life of pure light begins for her, the never ending life of My Will.  When I came down to earth, I wanted to give a number of examples and metaphors of how I wanted the human will to end.  I wanted to be born at midnight, so I could break the darkness of human will with My own radiant day.  Even though nighttime continues long after midnight, a new day began. From midnight on, My Angels gladdened the vault of heaven with new stars and new suns, turning the night brighter than broad daylight.  They did this to honor My birth and to point out to everyone the new day of My Will.”


The Angels rendered homage to My little Humanity where the Sun of My Divine Will resided in full daylight.  They were calling creatures into the radiant light of Its day.  Then, while I was still little, I submitted to circumcision.  This was a cut so very cruel that I shed bitter tears from the pain, and not just Me, My Mom and dear St. Joseph cried too.  It was the human will I wanted cut off and Divine Will to heal the wound.  I didn’t want a lacerated will having any life whatsoever.  There will only be My Will running out from that cut, beginning Its life anew.”


I was still little when I had to flee to Egypt because a tyrannical, wicked will wanted to kill Me.  It was symbolic of human will wanting to kill Mine.  Therefore, I fled, as an example to all.  My message was: ‘Flee the human will, lest Mine be killed.’  My entire life was a calling of the Divine Will into the human.  In Egypt, I lived as a stranger amongst its people.  That was symbolic of My Will living among them as if It were a stranger.  The message was that whoever wants to live in peace, united with My Will, must live as a stranger to human will.  Otherwise, there will always be war between the two of them; they are two irreconcilable forces.”


After My exile, I returned to My fatherland.  That was symbolic of My Will that, after Its centuries long exile, returns to Its dear fatherland and into the midst of Its children where It shall reign.  As I went through these stages in My Life, I kept forming Its Kingdom within Me.  I called for It with incessant prayer, pain and tears to come reign in the midst of creatures.  I returned to My fatherland where I lived hidden and unknown.  This symbolizes the sorrow of My Will living unknown and hidden in the midst of all people.  As I hid, I begged that the Supreme Will be known so It can receive the glory and honor due It.  Everything I did symbolized the sorrow of My Will because of what the creatures put It through as I called for them to return Its Kingdom to It.  So I want your life to be a continuous calling of the Kingdom of My Will into the midst of creatures.”


After that, I went through all Creation gathering the heavens, the sun, moon and stars, the sea and everything else to the feet of little Baby Jesus, together with me.  We will all ask Him for the Kingdom of His Will upon earth to come soon. 


It was this desire that made me say to Him, “I’m not the only one who’s praying to You, the very heavens are praying with the voices of all the stars.  The sun, with the voice of its heat and light, and the sea, with its murmuring, they are all praying to You that Your Will comes soon to reign upon earth.  You cannot resist all these innocent voices praying to You.  These voices are animated by Your Will.” 


As I said this, my little Jesus came out from inside me to accept the homage of all Creation in their own silent language.


Then He hugged and said, “My daughter, the best way to hasten the coming of My Will upon earth is to help them learn about It.  This knowledge brings heat and light that form the Primal Act of God within them, so creatures can model their own on the first Act of all.  If they can’t find the first Act, creatures won’t have the virtue of replicating Primal Action.  This Kingdom cannot be established without them.”


You can see how important even one additional piece of information about My Will can be.  If they carry the Primal Act of God within them, they will have a powerful magnetic force that will draw creatures to repeat this Primal Act of God.  Their light will remove the illusion of human will.  Their heat will soften the hardest hearts to bend before this Divine Act.  Then creatures will feel captivated and want to model themselves on this Action.”


The more knowledge I reveal about My Will, the more quickly the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat will be drawn upon earth.”



January 4, 1927


My poor heart was moaning in agony from the pain of my dear beloved Jesus’ absence.  Hours seem like centuries to me; nights are interminable without Him and sleep escapes my eyes.  If I could only sleep, perhaps my intense sorrow would then slumber and give me some relief.  But no.  Instead of falling asleep, I am all eyes, open, not closed.  My thoughts are all eyes that strain to see where He is.  I look for Him to no avail.  Even my ears are all eyes, listening for who knows what, His feet treading softly, or perhaps the sweet gentle echo of His voice.  My eyes are watchful for Him, or at least a flash of His fleeting appearance.  I pay a heavy price on account of His absence and I long so much for His return. 



While I was so busy yearning for Him, my sweet Jesus moved inside me where He appeared sitting at a little table made of light.  He was concentrating intently on an outline of everything He had revealed about His Most Holy Will. He was checking His list to see if everything was marked or if something might be missing.  He was scrutinizing it to see how close He was to completing everything regarding His Most Holy Will.  Everything concerning His Volition, all those words full of  knowledge, turned into a ray of light in Jesus’ hand.  Then He put every back in place on that desk of light.  He was so engrossed in His work that no matter how loudly I called, He didn’t notice me.  I kept silent, content just to be near Him, watching. 


Then, after a long silence, He said, “My daughter, when it comes to things that regard My Will, Heaven and earth remain silent and reverent spectators of a new act of the Supreme Will.  Each one of Its new actions brings one more Divine Life into being, with additional strength, happiness and enrapturing beauty for all.  The greatest thing that could ever exist, in Heaven or on earth, is the Divine Will in operation as It emits an action from within Itself.  New heavens, complete with a beautiful sun, come out of each additional act of My Will.”


When it comes down to It, you and I both have to put everything aside and occupy ourselves exclusively with the Eternal Fiat.  This is not about recalibrating your human will, nor is it about some virtue or another; it’s about reprogramming how a Divine Will operates.  It takes concentration.  That’s why I ignore your calls when I’m busy doing what I have to do to bring about something as good as a new act of Supreme Will.  When it comes to implementing major projects, minor details can be set aside.”


After that, I followed my Jesus in His Passion, and I arrived at where Herod assailed Him with questions while He remained silent.


I thought, “If Jesus had only spoken, perhaps Herod would have changed his mind.” 


Jesus moved within me and said, “My daughter, Herod did not question Me to know the truth.  He was just curious and trying to make a fool of Me, and if I had answered, I would have made a fool of him.  When there is no will to know the truth or follow it, the soul is too dry to take in the heat generated by the light of My Truth.  Without living water germinating and nourishing the truth, too much heat can burn and wither whatever goodness it may have.”


It’s like the sun.  Without moisture, plants wither up and burn.  If there’s water though, it makes them grow prodigiously.  Truth is beautiful and lovable.  Its nourishment revives the soul with its heat and light.  It brings the prodigious development of sanctity and grace, but only for those who love to know it in order to live it.  Those who don’t love to live it are mocked by the truth and not the other way around.”


I was so tired I could barely write.  Moreover, I felt that Jesus wasn’t making it any easier by feeding me words.  He wasn’t filling me with the oceanic mental light that fills the mind, so I have to be satisfied with only a few drops of light to write with.  Even when I tried to write everything down, I was like a person who goes into the sea and tries to hold all of its water in his hands.  The more he takes, the more it spills.  However, if he takes only a few drops, he can manage to carry them off. 


I was a hardship case, body and soul.  I felt sick.


I thought, “Maybe it is no longer God’s Will for me to write, otherwise He would have helped me like before.  The workload is so heavy; I just can’t go on like this.  If Jesus doesn’t want it, neither do I.”


Then, as I was thinking about it, my sweet Jesus came out from inside me.


He said, “My daughter, anyone who wants to possess the Kingdom of My Will, not only has to do Its Will and live in It, she has to feel and suffer everything My Will feels and suffers within souls.  What you must feel is exactly what It feels, depending on the circumstances It encounters in creatures.  It takes so much effort to subdue creatures into doing Its Will that It only flow in spurts. They hold It back with their own will, taking within them only the best of Its life: Its energy, strength and joy.  That’s how It is forced to act under the pressure of a human will that is weak, forlorn and unpredictable.” 


Creatures keep My Will in such a deeply bitter, crushing nightmare.  You will have to share Its pain.  My daughter, you must be a musical instrument that makes whatever sound My Will wants to produce.  After It has produced every sound in Its repertoire in you, sounds of joy, strength, goodness, sorrow and all the rest, Its victory will be complete, having formed Its Kingdom within you.  Think of it as a unique and very special sonata that It wants to play within you in a new key that It adds to your soul.  In the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat It wants to hear all the notes in the concerto of the Celestial Fatherland, so Its Kingdom may have more music.”




January 6, 1927


I was performing my usual actions in the Supreme Volition when sweet Jesus came out from inside me.  He stretched out His arms to embrace me, and He gave me such a big hug that He completely enfolded me within Him.


He said, “My daughter, I’m not satisfied unless I see you completely hidden within Me.  I want you so completely dissolved in Me that I can no longer see you inside yourself, only Me.”

A bit later He said, “My daughter, someone who lives in the Divine Will is always equal to herself.  Her Actions are symbolized by a light that shines equally forward and back, left and right.  As this light increases in intensity, it expands; nonetheless, it always shines equally in every direction as it grows in circumference.” 


As the light from these actions enters into My Will, it embraces past, present and future.  At that moment, the fullness of this light expands everywhere instantly, overtaking everyone within its endless circumference.  So, no one, no matter how good, can say to someone who lives in the Divine Fiat: ‘I am like you’.  However, the one who lives in It can say: ‘I am like He who created me, and whatever He does, I do.  There is only one light pervading us.  There is only one strength, that of the Will.’


After that, I thought about the Holy Magi visiting the little Baby Jesus in the grotto of Bethlehem.


Then my always lovable Jesus said, “My daughter, notice how My Divine Providence unfolds Itself.  I chose to make use of a poor humble Virgin for the great miracle of My Incarnation.  My custodian, the virgin Saint Joseph, was My adoptive father.  He was so poor that he had to work to support Us.  For Our greatest works, and the mystery of the Incarnation could not be greater, We make use of people whose outward appearance doesn’t attract attention.  The dignity of high office, royal scepters and wealth, are only noxious fumes that blind the soul.  They prevent her from penetrating into celestial mysteries to receive such a great Act of God, that is, God Himself.” 


I had to somehow reveal My coming to the peoples, the coming of the Word of the Father upon earth.  I decided to make use of royal authority, of learned, cultured men who could use their imposing authority to give out information about the God Who had been born on earth.  However, of all the people who saw the star, only three paid any attention.  It moved them so much that they followed it.  Out of all the people at that time, only these three had a certain self-control that carved out a small void within themselves. It was My call echoing within this void, more than the star, that they were following.  People talked about them because they were leaving for they knew not where.  They were heedless of the gossip and mockery, disregarding everything.  They were in full control of themselves as they followed this star emanating from My call.  It seemed as if a talking star was resonating deep inside them.  It enlightened them and drew them onwards as it explained many things about the One they were going to visit.  They were drunk with joy as they followed their leading light.”



To give the great gift of the Incarnation, We needed a Virgin without human will, someone more of Heaven than of the earth.  It was an on-going miracle that prepared Her for this great miracle.  She didn’t need to be someone who would attract people’s attention, She was all We needed.  To reveal Myself, however, I wanted men who could control themselves enough to keep a small void inside them where My resounding call would echo.  You can imagine their surprise when they saw the star stop above a squalid lean-to rather than a royal palace.  They didn’t know what to think, all they knew was this mystery was Divine and not human.”


Animated by their faith, they entered the grotto, and as they knelt down to adore Me I revealed Myself.  I let My Divinity shine forth from My little Humanity, and they recognized Me as the King of kings, He who was coming to save them.  They promptly offered to serve Me, they would lay down their lives out of love for Me.  However, My Will made Itself known and sent them back to their own countries where they would announce My coming upon earth in the midst of their people.”


That’s how important it is to be in control of oneself while keeping a void in the heart where My call may resound.  Only then will they be fit to know the truth and reveal it to others.”





January 9, 1927


I was going around everywhere as usual, following the Divine Will in all Creation, when my sweet Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, it’s amazing how the soul operates in My Will.  The Fiat maintains balance in the whole of Creation.  By echoing My sense of balance, she establishes equilibrium in all creatures and pivots them centered in the Kingdom of My Will.” 



She is a light that comes down from above and establishes herself in everyone.  She places the Kingdom of the love, adoration and glory of My Will within everyone, along with everything in Its possession.  She lets nothing escape her as she comes down as light and goes back up in radiance, bringing equilibrium to each act of Creation within every heart throughout time.  Then she brings them to her Creator.  She tallies up the balance of all the human actions the soul has let the act of the Divine Will enter.  Then she empties out all the human actions and replaces them with Divine Will flowing as its Primary Action.  After that, the Divine Will forms Its Kingdom within them, because this soul has taken to heart that there can be no human action unconnected to her light.  This is means to knock down all that is human, so only the Divine Will may re-emerge within all things.” 


That’s why I practically force you to touch everything with your own hand.  I want you to extend yourself out to everyone and into everything, so I compel you to extend the Kingdom of My Will.  That’s what I desire; I want My Will to flow in everything.  It must saturate everything with Its light, while remaining above it all, as everything becomes My Will.” 


It is possible for someone to escape this light, just like someone can escape from the light of the sun.  However, that’s not because of the sun.  Sunlight is well balanced.  The very act of shining its light is intended for everyone and everything.  While giving light to all, the sun maintains the glorious equilibrium of every act of light on behalf of its Creator.  So it remains in perfect order, while those who escape the light are out of order.” 


In a similar manner, the soul in possession of the Unified Light of the Supreme Fiat, possesses all of Its acts of light.  That’s how she can lend her act of light of the Divine Will to human actions, so she can do her part to extend Its Divine Kingdom everywhere.  Even though creatures do escape, that’s not important; the light of My Will spreads anyway.  I can see that My Kingdom follows Its way in My chosen one where It extends and is established.  So I want to see your actions within My Will superimposed over each and every thought of creatures, in each word, heartbeat, step and ever one of their works, in everything.  For now, let’s just think about forming our Kingdom.  Then, once It is formed, we can think about those who escape and those who are caught in the luminous net of My Will.”


I was utterly exhausted after all that because I had a fever for several days and could barely write what He told me today.  I had to stop because I just didn’t have the strength to keep writing, so I began to pray.  Then my sweet Jesus came out from inside me and gave me a big hug.  He was sympathetic.



He said, “My daughter’s not feeling well, she’s sick.  I’ll have you know that, as far as creatures go, a sorrowful note was struck in the Kingdom of My Will, a sorrow that, for centuries now, no one has ever thought of soothing.  This sound was too doleful even for the Supreme Fiat.  That’s why the Divine Will and the human will still scowl at each other.  Now, the firstborn daughter of My Will has reconciled both parties before coming into Our Fatherland.  She must fill all the empty spaces before My Kingdom can be established in the midst of creatures.”


My daughter is sick, so now she will form the Kingdom of Divine Pain within It.  Your discomfort will flow like a wave of heat and light that will sweeten this sorrowful note.  Heat and light have the power to convert even the bitterest things into the sweetest nectar.  My daughter, since you live in Our Volition, it is your mission to let your feverish sorrow flow within Our endless boundaries.  Let them flow along with the intimate pain that makes you die without dying, because of My occasional absence.  Let them permeate this sad, sorrowful sound in the Divine Fiat and transform it into the sweetest, most harmonious note.  Then the two wills can stop scowling at each other; they will be reconciled.”


Then He said, “My daughter, you don’t understand how I feel about you.  I am so happy and joyful because I find the first fruits of the Kingdom of My Will within you.  Early fruits are delightful, especially the first renditions of music that only a creature who lives in It can perform.  She takes all the notes in Our Will and makes them her own.  Then she composes her beautiful music in My Kingdom.  Listening to her is such a delight.  I find the first fruit of the arrangement and true love My Will has allowed her.  I find the first fruit of beauty that enraptures Me so much that I can’t stop looking at her.  All of your actions are like first acts to Me.  No one’s ever given them to Me before.” 


First fruits are always favorites.  They have such an attraction, and people enjoy them more than anything does.  After the first fruits, others acts almost as good may follow; however, they can only be formed by virtue of the first act, the one that gets the glory.  You will always have the first fruits in the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat; everything done in It will start from your first act, without exception.”


Everyone will turn to you, the beginning of glory.  I want everything to begin with you.  That’s how we will form My Supreme Kingdom.”





January 13, 1927


It’s hard to write because I still have a fever, so I decided not to write anymore until I felt a little better.  Hopefully then I can write in more detail what blessed Jesus reveals to His little daughter.  In the meantime, I try to condense everything as much as I can. 


Having decided not to write, I didn’t give it another thought until my always lovable Jesus moved within me; He seemed to be praying for me.


Then He said, “At least write a little bit, My daughter; something’s better than nothing.  You can write more, later, when you’re feeling better.  You’ll be writing again in no time, and I’ll help; I won’t leave you to do it alone.  If I see that you can’t go on, I will say ‘Enough,’ because I love you very much.  I love you, and your nature, because it’s Mine as well.  I don’t want to push you past your breaking point.”


But please don’t deny Me the pleasure of presenting ever new revelations for you to write down.  There’s no place else in the whole world where I can share My happiness and receive happiness in return.  You are the focal point of My happiness in this world.  For Me, happiness means talking to you.  Speaking with a creature who understands is happiness for Me, and abounding happiness for the one who listens to Me.  Besides, you are in My Will, so when I talk to you, I speak to you within My Will, not outside of It, and I am sure of being understood.  When I talk to you about My Volition, I can sense the happiness of My Kingdom in you, the happy echo of the Celestial Fatherland.”


Imagine what would happen if you denied Me this pleasure.  I keep you in the Supreme Fiat because I look upon you as someone from My Celestial Fatherland.  Imagine someone who already lives in Heaven decided they didn’t want any of the new joys I naturally release from My womb to make all the Blessed happy.  It is, in fact, My nature to give ever new beatitudes.  This soul would be a hindrance to My happiness.  She would lock inside My womb the joys I want to give out. That’s what would happen with you; you would become a hindrance to My happiness, to the ever new joys of My Will.”


I feel happier when I make the little daughter of My Will happier.  It’s only because of Us that she suffers lowly exile.  She gives Us freedom of action to form Our Kingdom in the midst of creatures, and to restore Our rights and the glory of Our works all throughout Creation.  My Heart would be sad if I could not make My little daughter happy.  That would be so painful for Me.  My Word your greatest joy; isn’t It?”


I answered, “Certainly, My Jesus.  If You only knew how unhappy You make me when You deprive me of It and I feel abandoned by happiness.  Nothing else, no matter how beautiful and good as it might be, could ever make up that.”


Jesus continued: “Even though My Word makes you happy, My daughter, I don’t want My happiness to reside only in your own emptiness, I want it to help establish My Kingdom.  I want it to be written down on paper as confirmation of My Word and of the happiness that comes from Me, as well as My verification of our working together.”


After that, I began to pray, bringing all Creation together with me before the Supreme Majesty.  I brought the heavens, the sun, stars, sea and everything else, so my prayer would be animated by all the actions the Supreme Fiat performs throughout Creation.  My sweet Jesus came closer and leaned His head against mine, putting His arm around my neck to encourage me. 


So I said, “Jesus, My Love, I am not the only one praying to You.  Your Will, operating in all Creation, is there with me, praying that Your Kingdom come.  It wants all Its rights, whole and complete, over everyone and everything.  Only with the coming of the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat upon earth shall all Its rights be returned to It.” 


Listen, oh Jesus, the voice of Your Fiat touches all the azure heavens; how eloquent it is within the sun; how attractive and strong it is in the sea.  Your Fiat resounds everywhere, chanting the rights of Its Kingdom.  O please!  Listen to Your own Fiat.  Hear Your little daughter who makes all Its acts her own, who prays to You, begging that Your Kingdom come.  O Jesus, even though I am only a infant, I too want my rights, and I’ll tell You what they are.  I want to give back to Your Will all glory and honor, as if no one had ever offended It, as if everyone had fulfilled It, loved It and adored It.  As Its daughter, I want Its rights returned to It.  I want my first father Adam to be given back his honor, as if he had never withdrawn from Your Will.” 


My sweet Jesus was moved.


He said, “Everything will be granted to My little daughter who takes to heart the rights of My Divine Fiat so much and who makes use of Its own power to breach her way into My Heart.  How could I not satisfy you, My daughter; to you everything will be given.  Moreover, together we will arrange everything regarding My Will, as well as what concerns the creatures.  That should make you happy.” 




My daughter, from the moment My Will took the field in Creation, It has been firm and unshakeable in doing good, in spite all the griping by creatures and their many offenses.  Triumphing over everything, It has followed Its course, always doing good.  I want to establish My Kingdom in their midst, so the creature can ascend once more into the everlasting goodness of My firmly steadfast Will.  You can see just where I’ve put you; in the firmly resolute Fiat where you can inaugurate My Kingdom within It.  Just as My Will firmly triumphs over everything, so will you triumph over everything, with Its own firmness, in the resoluteness of Its actions.  You will rearrange the Divine Order between the two wills.  Divine Will shall be reintegrated in Its glory, once human will places itself again in the order established by God.”


After writing this, I thought maybe it wasn’t really necessary, especially since it’s so hard to write because of my fever.  However, I wanted to do a least a little bit to make Jesus happy.  Then my sweet Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, to live in My Will, the soul must ascend; and to ascend in It, she must leave behind what does not pertain to My Will.  She must leave behind her wretched rags, vulgar habits and vile food, along with all her other miseries.  She must leave everything behind so she can wear royal garments.  Hers will be Divine habits, exquisitely nourishing food and infinite treasures, along with everything else belonging to My Will.  What you have written is good enough for now; it serves the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat.  This will be the rule for those who want to live in It.  This is how they must make use of all the operational actions of My Will to stay within the boundaries of My Kingdom.  Even though it might not seem necessary to you, it’s indispensable for the formation of My Supreme Kingdom.”





January 16, 1927


I continued plunging myself into the Supreme Volition until my sweet Jesus appeared and leaned His head against mine.


I was depressed and I said, “My Love, look, I am in Your lovable Will.  Therefore, since I want to come to Heaven with You, it is Your own Will, rather than I, that asks You to take me with You.  So, give Your own Will this satisfaction.  It is everywhere and It prays to You far and wide, in the heavens, the sun and the sea.  It begs You to end Its little daughter’s exile, so far away from You.  After so much hardship, deprived of Your Presence, It implores You to let her enter Your Celestial Fatherland.  O please!  Have mercy on me, as well as on Your own Will that now prays to You.”


Jesus, full of compassion, answered, “My poor daughter, you’re right.  I know how much this exile costs you.  You’re trying to persuade Me by making Me be prayed to by My own Will.  That’s the most powerful strategy you could ever find.  Nevertheless, you know, My daughter, that the Supreme Fiat wants something else from you.  It wants you to fashion every kind of beauty in Its Kingdom with an endless variety of colors in every conceivable shade.  All this beauty is already there, in every variety of color, however, all the shades are missing.  For the beauty and decorum of My Kingdom, I don’t want you to leave out anything.  If you only knew how much one extra shade can stand out.  This is how you must embellish it.”


I’ll tell you how to form all these shades.  Each additional saying of Mine can be one more shade in any of a variety of colors.  You will add many other shades.  Just one of your little rounds in My Will is itself one of these shades, as is each of your little pains, offerings and prayers within the Fiat.  My Volition will be delighted to administer all of them to you.  Everything in It is complete, and It would never tolerate that Its first daughter would not take all of Its actions completely, as much as possible for a creature, that is.  That’s how we will form Its Divine Kingdom.”


After that, I continued my flight in the Supreme Volition, and then my sweet Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, someone who lives in the Divine Will takes everything together, all at once.  My Will is everywhere and nothing can escape It.  Its life is eternal and Its immensity knows no limits, for  It has no circumference.  The soul who lives in It takes the Eternal God, all the heavens, the sun, the Virgin, all the Angels and Saints and everything else that exists.  Her heart palpitates as she prays, breathes or loves, and her every action is shared by all.  All hearts palpitate with her throbbing, all breathe with her inspiration, all adore with her love.  Wherever My Will extends, It moves everyone to perform the same actions as the one who lives in It.” 


The Sovereign Queen comes first in the Divine Fiat, and now She has a little daughter who lives in It close by.  By associating with her, She repeats what she does, together with her.  She places Her Seas of grace, light and love in common, to be shared by all, because the Will of the Mom and that of the little daughter is one and the same.  Moreover, Her Highness, the Sovereign of Heaven feels honored by her acts of Divine Will.  She senses this little daughter entering into Her seas and stirring them up with her actions, making them swell by expanding them twice their size.  Why?  To give her Creator Divine Its own Glory twice over, and twice over from Her own seas of love.  She deposits the seas of her Celestial Mom in Her treasury with interest, so She can collect twice the Glory.”



Even though she is little, this creature moves everything and imposes herself on all.  Everyone lets her do what she wants because they all feel how powerful the advantages are that she wants to give to them.  She is both little and strong, and although she is small, she is present everywhere.  She is little because she chose to be small, and she owns nothing, not even her will, for she has voluntarily given it to He who had rights over it.  The Divine Will gives her everything; there is nothing that It does not entrust to her.” 


The wonders of living in My Will are innumerable and indescribable.  If everyone knew what it means to live in My Will, and the advantages It gives them, they would all compete to live in My Holy and Adorable Volition.  They would long for It in anticipation.  There are endless advantages to It and there is no good It cannot do.”





January 20, 1927


Even after receiving Communion I was still stressed out and depressed.  The coughing fits were so bad, I was nearly suffocating and I couldn’t think straight or be with Jesus as usual.  After coughing so hard for over an hour, I finally calmed down.  


I thought, “It has already been over an hour since I received Jesus, and I still haven’t been able to recollect myself enough to be alone with Him.  Even though I consumed the Host physically, Jesus has gone, and I don’t know where else I can look to find Him again.  So, today it’s been as if I hadn’t received Holy Communion.  Nevertheless, I kiss, I adore and I bless the Supreme Fiat.”


As I thought about this, my sweet Jesus came out from inside me and leaned His head on my shoulder.  He held me up with His arms to give me strength; I was so exhausted, I felt like dying. 


All goodness, He said, “My daughter, there is a Communion that’s eternally abundant, never diminished or consumed.  Its veils hide it in the midst of creatures, never to perish like the veils of the Sacramental Host.  It gives itself every moment, with each heartbeat and every breath, in all circumstances.  You’d have to have your mouth open all the time to receive them all.  However, you would have to really want to receive this Communion.  Otherwise, they often remain outside the soul, never entering her at all.  It is on-going and so great that, no matter how much it gives itself, it would never be consumed or diminish in any way.” 



You have already understood what this great and continuous Communion is.  It is My Divine Fiat.  It is the life flowing within your soul, food and warmth to nourish you and make you grow.  It flows with the blood in your veins, in the beating of your heart, in everything.  It is always in the act of giving Itself to you, if you really want to receive It.  It wants to give you so many that It could drown you with Hosts.” 


It is right and just that the Communion of My Will be without limits.  The reason it is not consumed is that It is the creature’s origin, its means and end.  That’s how she could take It without ever running out.  Anything origin, means and end must be continually in the act of giving itself, and being received.  If that weren’t so, the origin of her life and the means to sustain it wouldn’t be there for this poor creature, and she would lose the end that she must reach.  My infinite Wisdom would never allow the Communion of My Will to be restricted that way.”


On the other hand, Sacramental Communion is neither the origin nor the end of creatures.  Given as a means, It was something to help them, as refreshment or medicine, something limited rather than everlasting.  That’s why the veils of the Sacramental Accident of the Eucharist are consumed.  Thus, if creatures love to receive Me continuously, they can have the great Communion of the Eternal Fiat, because It is constantly in act of giving Itself to them.  Yet, you were upset, nearly torturing yourself, when you thought the Sacramental Species were consumed.  There was no reason to be worried, because both inside and outside of you there is the Communion of My Will, never actually consumed.  Its Life thrives in Its fullness, always.  My Love would never tolerate the little daughter of Our Will being unable to receive Our Divine Life, ever new and everlasting.”


I still felt sick after that, so there was a note of sadness within me as I made my rounds in Creation, following the acts of the Supreme Will.  Obedience has commanded me to obey and let my sickness go away as I yearned for Heaven.


I wanted to jump from the middle of Creation all the way to the Fatherland.   I prayed yearning that the heavens, stars, sun and all created things would accompany me.  One was the Fiat that gave us life, so I had my rights; they shouldn’t ever leave me alone.  They should all follow me up to the Eternal Gates first, and then wait there until that very Will that possessed me on earth had received me in Heaven.  Only then, after my entrance into the beatific Celestial Will, could they withdraw, each to its assigned place. 


Sadly, I couldn’t do that and I felt forlorn going around throughout the whole of Creation.  As I was doing this, I heard a loud, harmonious, silvery voice from the center of Creation.



It said, “Your sad note has been heard by all created things and we are all forlorn today.  You can be sure that we will all accompany you to Heaven.  It is only right that someone who has been in our midst and kept us company should not enter Heaven without our accompanying her.  However, then all Creation will be left without the one who put gaiety into It and kept It festive.  Your echo will no longer resound in our midst.  Up until now, you have been our translator as we magnify, love and praise the Divine Will that created us and Who preserves us.  We shall lose the one who visits us to keep us company.” 


The voice fell silent and I felt the sadness of the very air I was breathing.  I thought I had committed a sin by making all Creation melancholy with my sadness, and yearned for my sweet Jesus so I could tell him about the evil I had done.  I wanted to tell Him that the reason He had made me write so many things about the Divine Will was so that they might reach out into the midst of creatures.  Then, by living in the Divine Fiat, they can possess a holy Kingdom.  As I was thinking of this, among other things, my beloved Jesus moved inside me.


He said, “My daughter, it’s good that you want to come, however, you’ll have to wait for all the knowledge about My Will to come out and take its course; it will take time.  This is why Creation is right in saying that It will be left all alone within Its own silence once again.  However, I don’t want you to stress yourself about this.  Abandon yourself within Me and let your Jesus take care of everything.”


I responded, “My Love, when You take me to Heaven, I pray that You take me as quickly as possible, so they won’t have the time to place me under obedience concerning this.” 


However, just as I was saying this, I saw the heavens, the sun and all Creation surrounding me, bowing in homage.


Jesus continued, “My daughter, when you die, all Creation will permeate you, and you will pass into Heaven in a flash.  That should make you happy.”




January 23, 1927


I was even sicker than before when my sweet Jesus appeared before me, however He wasn’t alone, all Three Divine Persons were there.  They all surrounded me, and I was in Their midst, yet, I couldn’t see anything but Their Supreme Highness and the immense light that surrounded Them.


Then all three of Them said to me, “We have come to visit to our poor little sick daughter.  Our Will, pulling Us like an ultra powerful magnet, called Us from Heaven and made Us come to you.  We simply had to come cheer up the firstborn daughter of Our Will, so We came to keep her company briefly while she was ill.  The strength of Our Fiat is irresistible to Us, and Our happiness is in surrendering to Its strength.”


Who could ever describe what I felt or make clear what I began to understand while in Their midst?  I don’t have words to express what I saw.  I was now under obedience to eat something, but I couldn’t.  I tried to obey; I tried to swallow a few spoonfuls of broth.  I could feel it in my throat; but it just wouldn’t go all the way down into my stomach.  That was right before Jesus came.  I asked Him to let me obey, and Jesus, all goodness, passed His holy hand from my throat to my stomach, making it go down so I could digest it.  For once, I didn’t throw up like I do every day.  Usually, whatever I eat comes right back up.  My Jesus is infinitely good to me, I who am the poorest little creatures of all.


I was depressed after that because, at first, I thought They would take me with Them.  However, They didn’t, and that made me sad.  Then Jesus tried to cheer me up.  He put His face in front of my chest and blew on me.  A light came out with His breath that thoroughly recomposed me in body and soul.  Unfortunately, whenever His breath stopped, my body would fall apart.   


Jesus tried to cheer me up by saying, “Courage My daughter, as you can see, the mere light and breath of My Will can recompose your body to be well.  Now, if I stop My breathing, your body will fall apart and you will immediately be taken away to Our Celestial Fatherland.”


I said, “My Love, I am a useless good for nothing.  Wouldn’t it be better to simply get rid of Me by sending me to the Celestial Jerusalem?” 


Jesus, all goodness, answered, “My daughter, everything is useful to Me for building, even small rocks and rubble.  That’s true for you as well; everything about your body is like rubble.  Yet, when brought back to life by the vital fluid of the Eternal Fiat, everything becomes so precious that you could never put a price on it.  In fact, I can build the strongest, indestructible cities out of that precious rubble.”


When man withdrew from the Divine Will by doing his own, it was like a strong earthquake striking a city.  The violent tremors make giant crevasses open up in the earth.  Here and there, it tears houses to pieces, swallowing them whole.  Powerful tremors break open the strongest bank vaults, scattering about diamonds, rare coins and other treasures.  Then thieves go in and steal whatever they want.  The poor city is in ruins, a wreckage heap of stones and rubble.  Later, should the king want to rebuild that city, he could recycle what remains of these heaps of rubble.  Eventually, it’s like new, in a beautiful modern style, with so much sumptuous art that no other city can compare.  Then he makes it the capital of his kingdom.” 


My daughter, for mankind, the human will was worse than any earthquake, and this earthquake is still going on, sometimes stronger, other times, smaller, mere aftershocks.  These disasters deprive humankind of some of the most precious things ever placed in the depths of humanity by God.  It’s the earthquake of his own will; that’s why humans are so messed up.  The Supreme Fiat’s key that kept everything securely in custody no longer exists for them.  The doors no longer have keys, only collapsing walls.  The thieves of their passions go looting, exposing everyone to all manner of evils.  Sometimes everything is shattered into such wreckage and rubble that you can hardly recognize them as cities once built by their Creator.” 


Now I want to rebuild the Kingdom of My Will in the midst of creatures, and I want to use your own wreckage and rubble.  I will form the capital of the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat by saturating them with the vital fluid of My Creative Will.  That’s why you are so useful to Me.  That should make you happy.”





January 25, 1927


I felt so bad that I couldn’t write a single word of what my blessed Jesus revealed to His little daughter and I went quite a few days without writing a thing.  Deep down inside, Jesus urged me to write, but I had to refuse; that’s how weak and tired I was. 


Finally, only this morning, He came out from inside me.


He said, “Tonight My daughter must write.  Even if you were dying, I would still want to give you some last flashes of light with a few dazzling, powerful revelations of the Supreme Fiat.  Then everyone would know that My Will has at all times kept her occupied with Itself and Its Kingdom.  As a sign of the Kingdom of My Will, her last breath will be a blinding flash of light.  That will be her final testimony of love.  So I’ll help you write, because I know the little daughter of My Will can refuse nothing to her Jesus.  Full of love, the Fiat holds you on Its lap as It entrusts Its secrets to you.”

So, after that, I made up my mind to write, even if just a little, because my sweet Jesus would be content with anything at this point. 


Then, my sweet Jesus said, “My daughter, the one who lives in My Divine Will breathes the All, which is God.  Breath is given and taken without interval.  As she breathes in, she receives the All, and when she exhales, she gives It back.  She takes All, and gives All.  So when she gives All to God, she is giving God to God.  After she gives the All to creatures, she breathes God in again, along with everything God does.  It’s only natural that someone who takes in everything can give out everything.  However, only in the Divine Will is the Life of the Supreme Being continually bi-located in creatures.”


I said, “My Jesus, I don’t feel like I’m doing anything, yet You tell me that in Your Fiat I take All and I give All?”


Jesus answered, “My daughter, when the All operates, nothing stays in place, It just waits to receive the All.  Besides, I know you can feel the strength of the All inside you.  You do, don’t you?  You feel It urging you to embrace and enter into everything: stars, sun, seas, heavens and earth.  You emulate all the actions My Fiat performs everywhere in Creation, and then It makes you bring them to your Creator.  You do all this as if you were breathing, giving everyone and everything back to Him.” 


No one up till now has given as you have.  You’re the only one who can say, ‘I give everything to God, including God Himself.  God is mine, the heavens are mine, the sun and everything that the Supreme Fiat has done is mine, because I live in His Will.  Since everything is mine, I can take everything and I can give everything.’  It’s only natural that someone who lives in My Will should have possession of the All.  To form the Kingdom of the Divine Will is to draw It down upon the earth, and to form this kingdom takes the awesome strength of the All.”


After that, He appeared as a little child.  He was staring intensely at me, as if He wanted me to look at Him.  He seemed to have imprinted Himself inside me; and I was imprinted in Him. 


Then, all love and tenderness, He said, “My daughter, this is the true image of how someone lives within My Eternal Volition.  The soul copies the Divine Will within herself, and the Supreme Will copies the soul.  Your Creator then keeps a copy of your image imprinted within His womb.  He treasures her, because He sees her exactly as she originally was when He issued her from His womb, as fresh and beautiful as ever.  He can see His own features imprinted on this copy.  There, in the paternal womb of God, this copy sings for Him the praises of all Creation, one each for every one of His works.  Over, and over again, she whispers in His ear, ‘You made everything for me.  You loved me so very much, and I want to convert absolutely everything into love for You.’ 


This copy is the image of God within His womb; she is the memory of all His works.  This is the copy of the soul in God, and the copy of God in the soul.  This is how the Divine carries out Life in the creature.  How beautiful is the Kingdom of My Will!  It is nothingness dissolved in the All and the All infused into nothingness.  It is the lowliness of the creature rising up high into the Divine and from there, the Divine, descending into the depths of the creature.  They are two beings clasped inseparably together, transfused identically, their hearts beating together so closely as one that you can hardly tell they are actually two different lives.” 


All this sublime magnificence, the sanctity and wonder of the Kingdom of My Will means something.  To be precise, this is a faithful copy of the soul in God, and a copy of God, beautiful and complete, within the soul.  The children of the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat shall be so many images, like little gods, within My Kingdom.”




January 28, 1927


I was totally abandoned in the Supreme Fiat, following Its actions within Creation.  Then my sweet Jesus came out from inside me.


He said, “My daughter, look at these exquisitely ordered heavens. That is how it shall be when the Kingdom of the Divine Will has Its dominion on earth in the midst of creatures.  Then the earth will be this beautiful and perfectly ordered as well.  Then I will have three Kingdoms: one in the Celestial Fatherland, another in Creation, and the third will be among creatures.  Each one will be an echo of the other, each one a reflection of the other.”


All created things have their own place of honor.  They are all so well-ordered and in harmony among themselves that none of them has any need of the others.  Each one of them abounds in the good things that God endowed them with when He created them.  They all have this same superabundance.  They have all been created by a Being Who is happy and so immensely wealthy that His riches never decrease by giving them away.  All created things carry this mark of happiness and each has a superabundance of good things from their Creator.” 


All the children of the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat will have their place of honor too, just like created things.  Moreover, they will have all the decorum of dominion.  They have the same perfect order as heaven, so the harmony among themselves will be closer to perfection than the celestial spheres.  The abundance of good things that each one will come to possess shall be so great, that none of them will ever have need of the other.  Each one will have within himself the source of all his Creator’s treasures, as well as His everlasting happiness.  It shall banish poverty, unhappiness, unmet needs and all evil  from the children of My Will.  After all, being so immensely rich and happy, It would not be fitting for My Will to deny these children anything.  They too must enjoy the opulence of all the good things that continually arise from It.” 


Imagine if the sun was so poor in light that it could barely send a few glimmering rays to the earth.  Imagine looking at a part of the sky where the hem of heaven’s gown comes down and there were only a few stars there.  Then imagine the rest of the azure firmament, devoid of any enchantment whatsoever.  Someone might say, ‘Whoever created the sun apparently has no access to the immensity of light that arises; that must be why He could only afford a few glimmers of light for the earth.  He obviously doesn’t have the power to extend the heavens everywhere; that must be why He could only lay the hem of the celestial gown above our heads’.  You can see how someone could get the idea that God is poor in light.  They might suppose He simply doesn’t have the power to extend the works of His creative hands everywhere.  Instead, however, when you see the sun abounding with so much light, and you note the heavens extending everywhere, you can easily understand that God is immensely rich.  He does indeed possess the source of all lights.  Furthermore, He hasn’t lost any of His own light by so generously endowing the sun with it, nor has His Power diminished in the least by extending the heavens everywhere.” 


That’s how people might react if the children of My Will were not abundantly endowed in everything.  They might say that My Will is so poor that It simply doesn’t have the power to make the children of Its Kingdom happy.  That will never happen.  Quite the contrary, Creation has the image of the Kingdom of My Will.  The heavens extend everywhere and abound with stars, the sun overflows with light, the air is full of birds, the sea with fish, and the earth fluoresces with plants and flowers.  That’s how It is.  The Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat echoes Creation.  The children of My Kingdom shall be happy, with an abundance of everything.  Each one, bursting with joy, will possess abundant treasure, right there where the Supreme Will has placed them.  Whatever condition or station in life, they will all be happy with their destiny.” 



The Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat will be the perfect echo of the Kingdom that My Will has in Creation.  One sun will be seen on high, and another down below, there in the midst of the creatures who will possess this Kingdom.  The heavens’ reflection will appear in these fortunate children, and they will populate all their actions with stars.  Furthermore, each one of them will be a distinct heaven, and within it, each will be a unique sun.  No matter where it might be, there shall always be a heaven with a sun in the presence of My Will.  It would never be without them.  As It takes possession of each of Its children, It forms Its heaven and Its sun.  It’s only natural that wherever It has stable possession, with Its sanctity and endless light, It forms a heaven with a sun, and then It multiplies them everywhere.”


There’s a lot more going on.  Creation, the echo of the Celestial Fatherland, has music: the royal march, the music of the spheres, the heavens, sun and sea.  They are all beautifully composed and in perfect harmony with each other as they go round and around and around.  The music of this symphony has much to admire.  The harmony in this composition endlessly revolves.  You could say it is like the breath of the Supreme Fiat blowing into all created things as if they were so many musical instruments.  It composes the most beautiful melodies, and if creatures could hear it, they would be enraptured.”


Then the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat will have an echo in the music of the Celestial Fatherland with the song of Creation.  The harmony of this composition revolving continuously around their Creator will be grand, with each one of their actions, words and steps as melodic counterpoint.  They will like an orchestra with an array of musical instruments sounded by the breath of Divine Volition.  Everything they do will each be another concert performance that will bring joy to the ongoing festival of the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat.  Then it will be all the same for Me, whether I remain in the Celestial Fatherland, or go down to stay in the midst of creatures in the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat upon earth.  Then Our work of Creation will sing full throated Our victorious triumph.  We will have three Kingdoms in one, symbolic of the Sacrosanct Trinity.  All Our works carry this mark of the One who created them.”


After that, I thought, “The true children of the Supreme Fiat will be happy, with an abundance of everything, yet, my Queen Mother and Jesus, the very Divine Will, were poor on this lowly earth.  They suffered the pain and hardship of poverty.” 



My sweet Jesus responded, “My daughter, true poverty is when a creature is in need of things he can’t get and is forced to ask others for the bare necessities.  Reasons for poverty of need are usually coercive.  Actually, both Me and My Celestial Mom had the fullness of the Eternal Fiat with Us.  We never felt in need of anything, nor were poverty ever forced on Us.  It was voluntary poverty, something that spontaneously happened as We were squeezed by the winepress of Divine Love.  Everything was Ours.  Simply by wishing it, luxurious palaces would have been raised, and sumptuous banquets prepared with food never before seen or tasted.”


Every now and then We would make a little wish.  That’s when even the birds would serve Us, bringing Us fruit, fish and other things in their beaks.  Since they were serving their Creator and their Queen, they would have a feast for Us.  They would sing  beautiful melodies for Us with trills and warbling.  Sometimes We had to command them to depart, so We wouldn’t draw the creatures’ attention to how different We were.  Obedient, they would withdraw and continue their flight under the vault of the heavens where Our Will was waiting for them.”


Our poverty was out of love.  It was an example for creatures, to teach them detachment from the meaner things of earth.  It was not a needy poverty, nor could it ever be so absolutely, because when the life of My Will comes to fully reign, all evil ends with a single blow; it dies.”


The Reverend Father Di Francia heard that I had a fever, so today he let me know that, if I needed, I could take some of the money he left with me for one of his other projects.  Later, when my lovable Jesus came, He was smiling a bit wryly.


He said, “My daughter, tell Father that I thank him in My name and will reward the goodness of his heart for taking care of you.  Just the same, let him know that the daughter of My Will has no need of anything.  My Will gives her everything in abundance, and furthermore, It gets jealous when others offer her anything.  It will be the Only One giving all things to Its daughter.  No matter where My Divine Will reigns, no one is afraid that an abundance of natural advantages might do any harm.  On the contrary, the more advantages she has, the more abundance she enjoys.  The more she sees the power, goodness and wealth of the Supreme Fiat in them, the more she converts everything into the purest gold of Divine Will.” 




The more My Will gives to her, the more It feels glorified by carrying out Its life in the creature.  It offers everything It owns to the one who lets It be sovereign within them.  It would be absurd that a very wealthy father could have children who were poor; such a father would deserve to be condemned.  What good would wealth do, if his children, his own flesh and blood, had to endure a life of hardship and misery?  It would be dishonorable for the father and unbearably bitter for these children.  They would know that their father is extremely wealthy, while they lack everything and can barely satisfy their hunger.”


That would be absurdly dishonorable for a father in the natural order, and it even more so in the supernatural order of the Supreme Fiat.  The Supreme Fiat is so much more than a father.  It surrounds the fountain of all goodness, and wherever It is present, happiness reigns and It gives them everything in abundance.  Moreover, It administers sharp and penetrating insight, body and soul, to the one who has possession of the Divine Will.  Suddenly, she is able to penetrate into those natural things that hide It like a veil.  Then, tearing off these veils from the natural order, she finds the noble Queen of the Divine Will reigning in dominion within her.” 


For Her, natural things disappear, and she discovers that the adorable Will in her possession Itself possesses all things.  She kisses It and adores It as, for her soul, everything becomes Divine Will.  From then on, everything she encounters in nature becomes one more new act of Divine Will, all for her benefit.  For someone who is a child of My Will, natural things are a way of making better known what My Will does, what It can do, and what It possesses.  All this serves only to point out how excessively It loves the creature.”


One reason creatures are so bereft of natural resources is that these are so often snatched away from them as they degrade themselves in squalid misery.  Of first importance, they don’t share the fullness of the Supreme Fiat, and secondly, they are confused about the natural order of thing; they think nature is God.  They can’t see the Supreme Will in natural things because they are so greedy.  Their attachment to them as idols for their blind heart is vainglory.  Seeing how it is, it’s important for the soul’s safety that she doesn’t have too much of the natural world in her.”


Happily, none of these dangers exist for a child of My Will.  I don’t want them deprived of anything.  I will give them everything superabundantly.  They will never do without.”





January 30, 1927


I thought, “My sweet Jesus has told me many times that I should imitate Him in everything.  However, He never wrote anything down himself while on earth.  The Gospel only mentions Him writing once, and then with His finger rather than a pen.  So why does He want me to write?  How can I be both obedient and imitate Him when He didn’t write at all, and I have to write a lot.” 


While I was thinking about this, He graciously appeared as a little child Who came into my arms and drew His face close to mine.


He said, “My daughter, give Me your kisses, and I will give you Mine.”


I kissed Him a few times and He wanted me to kiss Him some more.


He said to me, “My daughter, I didn’t write then because I was waiting until I could write through you.  I’m the One Who animates your intelligence and feeds you the words.  It is My hand making yours move as you hold a pen and write these words on paper.  I am the One Who is writings, not you.  All you have to do is pay attention to what I want written.  It is your job to focus while I do all the rest Myself.  Remember how many times you stopped writing because you didn’t have the strength to continue.  It’s especially then that I touch your hand so I can write with it.  I go inside you to animate your hand with My own Life.  Then I write what I want.  You know how many times I’ve done that.” 


An entire age had to pass before announcing the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat.  Before revealing the Divine Fiat, We first had to allow enough time for the Kingdom of Redemption to become better known.  At the time, I decreed that nothing be written until I could write together with you, or rather, through you, because by then, this Kingdom would be closer.  I wanted to surprise creatures with the excess of love within this Will of Mine, though actually it wouldn’t be the first time.  I want them to know what It has done and what It has suffered.  They need to understand what It wants to do out of love for them.”


My daughter, innovations often bring new life with greater benefits.  Creatures like novelties a lot, and sometimes they really get carried away with them.  The novelties of these new revelations about My Divine Will have Divine Strength.  They will be bearers of happiness, light and infinite goodness.  A sweet enchantment will rain down like celestial dew upon souls burnt by the human will.  There are no threats in these revelations, so there’s nothing at all to be afraid of in them. The only fear is for those who choose to remain in the maze of the human will.  All the rest will only hear the echo, the language of the Celestial Fatherland.  It is a sanctifying balm from on high, and It will divinize them.  Think of It as a down payment on the happiness that reigns only in the Blessed Fatherland.”

It is delightful for Me to write about the Divine Fiat; after all, It’s about My Fatherland.  Only ungrateful traitors will be deaf to the echo of Heaven within My revelations.  They are links in a long chain of love for the Supreme Will.  It wants creatures to share in the treasures of our Celestial Father.  He wants to set aside everything that has gone by in the history of the world and start a new era with an innovative foundation.  This is crucially important, like everything I do, so let Me be in charge.  We are about to begin the new history of Creation.”


I responded, “You love this Kingdom of the Eternal Fiat so much; more than anything.  You focus all Your Love on It, all Your works. You almost seem to boast about how they serve this Kingdom.  Since You love It so much, when will It come?  Why don’t You hasten It’s arrival?”


Jesus answered, “My daughter, by the time these revelations about My Divine Will have gone their course, they will ask that My Kingdom come soon.  They will see that they contain great treasures, things no creature has ever thought about until now.  The Kingdom of My Will shall pour out of Heaven.  The echo of celestial happiness will be heard when they see how abundantly the earth shall provide, and they will all be unanimous in their desire for It.  All Creation acclaims in Its silent language that It be known.  Though perhaps inaudible, My Will resides in It as created things ask with loud and eloquent voices that this Kingdom reign in dominion over all.  They will echo as one, from one end of the earth to another, a single sigh.  One single prayer will be unleashed from all beings; ‘May Thy Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat come now.’  That’s when It will then make Its triumphant entry into the midst of creatures.”


From here you can see the importance of these revelations.  They are incitements that will whet the creature’s appetite to taste such delicious food.  They will all feel the same deep desire to live in such a happy Kingdom.  They will declare their freedom from the tyranny and slavery of their own human will.  As their knowledge of these revelations advances concerning all the advantages of a Supreme Fiat, they will discover what you have done.  They will see how you have turned Heaven and earth upside down and inside out, and how you went all around everywhere asking that this Kingdom become known soon.  They will find out how much you have suffered to obtain such great blessings for them.  They will learn how to conduct themselves, and what they have to do to have the freedom to live in It


It’s imperative that everything be known for My Kingdom to be fully complete, with nothing missing, neither great nor small.  You have to be aware that there are certain things that may seem slight to you that are actually Divine rocks transformed into the purest gold.  They could even be a part of the foundation of the Kingdom of My Supreme Will.”


A bit later I thought, “My sweet Jesus sings such joyous praises of the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat.  Yet, He Who is the very Divine Will, with my Celestial Mom, who possessed It in Its entirety, were not happy on earth.  Actually, They were the ones who suffered the most while on earth.  So did I.  He says that I am the firstborn daughter of His Will, yet He’s kept me confined to a bed for over forty-three years.  Only Jesus knows how I’ve suffered.  Even though It’s true I’ve been a happy prisoner, apparently, to other humans, this happiness is somehow invisible.  I wouldn’t trade my joyful fate, even if they offered me scepters and crowns.  What Jesus has given me makes me so much more than happy.  It’s a mystery how Jesus’ happiness clashes with what we think of His pain and the pains of the Sovereign Queen, or for that matter, of my own, the least of His creatures.” 


I thought some more about this until my sweet Jesus surprised me.


He said, “My daughter, there’s a huge difference between the one who has to make something good, like a kingdom, and those who get to enjoy it.  I came upon earth to redeem man by cleansing him of his sins.  To do this, I had to take on all of the creatures’ pain as if it were My own.  My Divine Mom, the Co-Redemptrix, was the same way.  Those five drops of blood that She gave Me from Her most pure Heart to form My little Humanity, they came out of Her crucified Heart.  For Us, this pain was part of the mission, it was all voluntary, not something imposed on fragile nature.” 


However, you should know that, in spite of all Our pain, We had to carry out Our mission.    Such sublime happiness, this paradise of ever new and unending joy exists only forr Me and My Queen Mother.  It was easier for Us to be detached from Our pains because they were nothings intrinsic to Us, they were of nature, just another part of what had to done.  Nature is separate from the immense sea of happiness and joy native to Our Divine Will.  Whatever We possessed would only produce in Us what is Our own, things intrinsic to Us.” 


The sun’s nature is to give light, of water to quench one’s thirst, and fire to warm or ignite things; it would be unnatural if they did not.  It is the nature of My Will to bring comfort and joy.  Paradise arises wherever It reigns.  The Will of God and unhappiness can never co-exist, at least not completely.  There are still rivulets of human will bringing bitterness to these poor creatures.  For Us, joy is always at its peak.  We were indistinguishable from these seas of joy because human will had no access to Us.  Even when I was on the Cross, with My Mom spiritually crucified at My Divine feet, perfect happiness never left Us.  For that to happen, I would have to leave Divine Will, disassociate Myself from Divine nature, and act only with natural human will.”



Our pain was all voluntary, freely chosen by Us as a mission We came to fulfill.  It was not the fruit of the human nature and had nothing to do with fragility or the imposition of degenerate nature.  Anyhow, you know your pain is part of the mission, and it is voluntary.  Remember that when I called you to be a sacrificial victim, I asked you if you would voluntarily consent, and you willfully accepted by pronouncing the Fiat.  Later on, after some time had passed, I repeated My mantra, ‘Would you consent to living with My Divine Will and within It?’  Again, you repeated the Fiat and It regenerated you with new life; It made you Its daughter.  It gave you a mission with all the pain befitting the fulfillment of the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat.” 


My daughter, voluntary pain has such power over Divinity, strength imperious enough to tear open the womb of the Celestial Father.  Seas of graces overflow from this torn God.  Both the Supreme Majesty and the creature triumph in this empire of her voluntary pain.  Voluntary pain was necessary both for the grand prophesy of Redemption as well as for the supremely wondrous Kingdom of My Fiat.  The pain that goes with this mission is animated by a Divine Will that has empire over God, and over His creatures who grant such great goodness to their mission.”


My joyous praise of the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat does not clash just because I was the Divine Will Itself and did indeed suffer.  It’s not a contradiction that I have kept you in bed for so long.  The One who wants to create something good, such as kingdom, must do one thing: they must suffer.  That’s what it takes to prepare everything to conquer God before you can do it. There’s something else you have to do to get it; you have to appreciate it.  Be grateful to the one who has suffered in victorious battle and then magnanimously handed over his conquests for their enjoyment.  The Kingdom of My Will in the midst of creatures shall echo of the happiness of Heaven.  One is the Will that reigns in dominion for Both.”


My Humanity was formed from the pure blood of the Sovereign Queen’s crucified Heart.  Redemption came from My continual crucifixion on Calvary where I said the sign the cross over the Kingdom of those redeemed.  The Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat will come out of a crucified heart; the same way My Will crucifies yours to establish Its Kingdom, all for the happiness of Its children.  That’s why I call you to be a victim from the time to time.  I’ve often talked to you about crucifixion, even though you thought about it as a crucifixion of hands and feet, and I’ve let you live out this crucifixion.  However, once is not enough to bring about My Kingdom.  The complete and continual crucifixion of My Will within your whole being is required.  This is precisely what I meant to explain to you.  To call forth the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat, your own will must suffer My on-going crucifixion.”




February 3, 1927


My always lovable Jesus, drew me completely into Himself.


He said, “My daughter, the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat shall have one single Will as Its center, the Divine.  Everyone shall have only one Will infusing all and embracing everything.  It will give happiness, order, harmony, strength and beauty to all.  It will be the Kingdom of one single Will; one Will for all, and all for one Will.  Nothing else could make the Celestial Fatherland happy other than the Will of God, the Will of all.  Imagine something than could never be, that some other will other than God’s could enter Heaven.  The Saints would lose their everlasting peace.  They would sense the chaos of a will that is not Divine, an unholy presence bereft of anything good; certainly not the bearer of peace and happiness.  They would all be unanimous in casting it out.  Any way you look at It, the Kingdom of the Fiat shall have My Will and none other.  It alone shall be the law governing Its dominion and everyone will be happy by virtue of Its one single joy.  All contention will disappear and there shall be everlasting peace.”


I’m trying as hard as I can, however, I’m so tired, I don’t know if I can keep on writing like this.  Then my beloved Jesus began inciting me.


He said, “My daughter, each additional word about My Will is potentially one more key that opens the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat.  Each new bit of information concerning It could open another door, and with more entrances it will easier for the children of Its Kingdom enter.  Each new metaphor about My Will opens up one more path as a line of communication with this Kingdom.  The least little thing regarding My Fiat is one more of Its own heartbeats palpitating in the midst of the children of Its Kingdom.  It would never be appropriate to stifle this heartbeat, My daughter.  An additional new Divine Life will be bi-located from every one of these heartbeats, for the enjoyment of those fortunate enough to possess this Kingdom.” 


However, before you can say that a kingdom exists, it first has to be established.  Only then can you say it truly exists.  First, paths have to be opened up leading to It, then security doors will be needed, with keys forged of gold; no other metal will do.  Thus, entrance into the Kingdom of My Will shall be easy.  One path less, one key missing, one door locked, these all make entrance into It more difficult; it has to be made smooth and stress-free.  Everything I say to you serves not only to prepare this Kingdom, they also make it easier for those who want It.  So, the firstborn daughter of My Will must be sure that everything concerning the Kingdom of the Eternal Fiat be made easier.”



I resumed my actions in the Supreme Volition by leaving my body and going all around Creation, following the Divine Will in each created thing.  As I went along, the veil of each created thing was torn off so I could see the Holy Will dwelling in them.  It was acting out the action inherent in each created thing, continually operating, non-stop.  Then my sweet Jesus, came out from inside me.


He said, “My daughter, the exuberant love of My Will continually runs as smooth as ever in the ongoing act of giving.  It never draws back from what It decided to do as the Supreme Fiat echoed throughout Creation.  My Will is committed to performing artfully, as I carry out every mission, servant to all, taking on any shape necessary to make man happy.  Moreover, however It acted, It was more tender than any mother.  It was hidden within innumerable breasts, nursing all created things as It let Itself be suckled by humankind.” 


It transformed Itself into a sun, to let him suckle Its light.  It changed Itself into a heaven, to let him suckle the unending vitality of Its love.  It made Itself into stars, to let him suckle all kinds of good things inherent in Its works.  It turned Itself into water, plants and flowers, to let him suckle waters of grace to quench his thirst, and let him suckle Its sweetness and all of Its chaste fragrances.  My Will took on all shapes: birds, lambs, doves and anything else that might reach the mouth of man to let Itself be suckled by him, all to give him the goodness within each created thing.”


Only a Divine Will, One Who created everything in an outpouring of Its love, could take on so many shapes.  It plays endless roles as It tirelessly performs Its never-ending Act.  However, does anyone ever try to penetrate within created things to see Who She is that offers Her breast for him to suckle Her milk?  Hardly anyone does that.  Who is She that breast-feeds creatures to amuse them and to make them happy?  It is My Will, continually pouring out Her very self.  She pours Her life out into each created thing to give them life.  Yet they don’t even bother to look back at Her to see Who She is that loves them so much, She Who is the life of their very life!  All these denials by creatures are the great sorrow of My Will.”


She is waiting for Her children with Divinely invincible patience.  By knowing Her, they tear the veil from created things that hide Her.  They recognize their Mom’s breasts and gratefully suckle them as truly Her own children.  The glory of all Creation, Redemption, your Jesus, and the Eternal Fiat will be complete only when the children of Her Kingdom attach themselves to Her breast to suckle.  Once they recognize Her, they won’t ever again leave Her breasts.  She will give them all goodness and enjoy the glorious contentment of seeing all of Her children happy.  They, in turn, will have the honor and glory of imprinting within themselves the Mother who lovingly holds them on Her lap and nourishes them with Her Divine milk.”


As of now, My Will is like the sun when clouds prevent the fullness of its light from vividly saturating the earth.  The sun is indeed always giving out the same brilliant light; however, it cannot display it all because of the clouds.  The clouds hinder the glory of the sun from letting all its light shine forth. That’s how it is with the clouds of human will that obstruct the Sun of My Will from going forth ever toward them.  It cannot transfer all the treasure It contains, either directly or through Creation; Its glory is intercepted by the clouds of the human will.” 


Only when they know the Supreme Fiat and become Its children shall these clouds be dispersed, and only then shall My Will be able to give out the treasure within It.  At last, Our Glory shall be complete in the midst of creatures.”





February 6, 1927


I was totally immersed in the Supreme Volition, following Its action, incorporating myself within every act of each creature.  My sweet Jesus came out from inside me with arms outstretched and squeezed me with a big hug.  As Jesus was embracing me, all created things, heavens, sun and sea, all of them, even the tiny little bird, arranged themselves around Jesus. Then, wishing to repeat His Actions, they all embraced me.  It was as if they were competing among themselves; none of them wanted to be left out.  I was so confused when all Creation ran toward me for a hug.


Jesus said, “My daughter, when the soul lives in My Will and I Act toward her, even just a little kiss or a simple word, suddenly all Creation goes into motion to reenact It.  Beginning with the Sovereign Queen, down to the least the littlest being, they all throw themselves into It.  One is the Will of the soul, Mine and theirs; all have a right to mingle with Me and do whatever I do.” 


It wasn’t just Me, all beings wholly existing within My Will were together with Me in embracing you.  So, whenever I perform another Act with someone who lives in My Will, I declare yet another new festival for all Creation.  At every new feast, all assemble and stand at attention while I am about to give you a gift and pronounce an edict.  Altogether, they concur with Me vociferously and repeat My Actions.  When presented with such a new feast, they, in turn, prepare a new festival for you with your own action in full regalia.  Was it not a feast for you to feel the embrace of your Celestial Mom, the embrace of the light of the sun?  How about the waves of the sea, and the tiny little bird that stretched out its wings to embrace you?  My daughter, wherever My Will is present, there is everything, and nothing can escape It.”



I continued to follow Its actions in the Supreme Volition.


Then my sweet Jesus continued, “My daughter, someone in possession of My Will has the Sun centered within herself; not the sun you see up in the sky; the Divine Sun, the One that is centered in God.  Extending Its rays, It centers Itself in the soul.  She is the owner of this light, because she has the life of the light within her, along with all the advantages and benefits inherent in It.  She enjoys the communal benefits of her Creator; everything held in common with those in possession of My Will.  Love, light and sanctity shared in common along with everything else are all accessible to her.  She is surely His daughter, since her Creator recognizes her as firstborn of His Divine Will.  He wants to share His treasure in common with her because He loves her and enjoys sharing what He has.”


Otherwise He would suffer as any father would, especially if he was immensely rich and found it impossible to give any of his wealth his true and faithful children.  He is forced to watch them living in poverty.  This father, surrounded with opulent wealth, would die of sorrow, poisoned by his own bitterness.  A father’s joy is to give to his children so they can share in his own happiness.” 


If an earthly father, unable to share his wealth in common with his children, could suffer so much that he is about to die of sorrow, imagine how much the Eternal Creator would suffer.  He would suffer the most because He is the most loving Father of all.  Imagine how He would feel if He couldn’t share His wealth in common someone in possession of the Divine Fiat.  After all, it’s only a matter of justice that she, as His daughter, should have the right to possess the wealth held in common with her Father.  Anything else would clash with a love that knows no limits.  It would be incompatible with a generosity beyond that of any parent.  Our works however, are always and everywhere triumphant.”


As the soul begins to possess the Supreme Fiat, the first Act of God is to share His wealth in common with her.  After centering His Sun in her, He sends His treasure down into the depths of her soul through Its streaming light.  From there, she takes whatever she wants and then sends it back up to her Creator through that same stream of the light that is now in her possession.  It is a sign of the greatest love, reverence and gratitude that this same stream of light carries it all back down to her once again.  These treasures ascend and descend continuously, as a sure sign and seal of the Communion that exists between Creator and creature.” 



That’s how it was with Adam when he was created, until he sinned.  What was Ours was his.  The fullness of light was centered in him, because his will was one with Ours and It gave him full access to the treasure We hold in common.  When We saw Adam, Our son, sharing in Our own Happiness, We felt It redoubled by Creation.  Since His will was one with Ours, Our Will could pour out into him Our Treasure and Our Happiness in torrents.   There was so much he couldn’t hold it all, because he didn’t have the same capacity as his Creator.  Filled to the brim and overflowing, he would send it all back up again to He Who had first sent it.  What ascended was the perfect love he had received from God, along with the sanctity and glory that he possessed in common with Us.  It was tit-for-tat, love, happiness and glory.  We gave him Happiness, and he returned It to Us double; love, sanctity and glory We gave him; love, sanctity and glory he gave to Us.” 


My daughter, to possess a Divine Will is astounding and you cannot comprehend everything about It.  Creatures can feel It and possess It, however human nature doesn’t know how to express It.”




February 9, 1927


I’m so incompetent; I don’t think I should write any more.  It not just that; I’m just so sick and tired, I don’t think I can go on writing.


I thought, “Perhaps it is no longer God’s Will that I write, otherwise He would give me more help or make me stronger.  Besides, if Jesus wants, He can write by Himself, without me.” 


Then my always lovable Jesus moved within me.


He said, “My daughter, the sun always gives off light, and it never gets tired of following its path as it permeates the surface of the earth.  Its triumph in finding the seed to germinate it, bringing it to maturity so it can multiply, causing it to flower in color with fragrance, and then making it bear sweet, tasty fruit.  In fact, just by implementing its power, the sun demonstrates that it is the true king of the earth.  It triumphs whenever it can find someone who is receptive to its influence.  That’s how it exercises its royal authority over the natural world.”  


However, in certain lands, where it finds no seeds, flowers, plants, or fruit, it cannot convey its powers.  There is no triumph in keeping them all to itself.  Like a king without subjects, he has no authority.  He becomes so indignant that he cannot demonstrate his power, he implements a scorched earth policy, leaving it sterile, incapable of producing a single blade of grass.” 

My daughter, the sun is the symbol of My Will and It naturally wants to follow Its path of light into the soul where It may reign in dominion.  Its light has innumerable good qualities, It never tires, nor does It get exhausted.  It wants to transmit Its powers, though It can only triumph when It finds you well disposed toward It.  Then, better than any seed, flower or fruit, It can effectively transmit Its blessings, fragrance, color and sweetness.  These in turn, transform themselves into knowledge about My Will, and that’s what makes this garden so enchanting.  Then My Divine Fiat, more so than any sun, feels like a king who is able to exercise his royal authority.  It then has, not only subjects, It also has Its daughter, and it is to her that It transfers Its revelations and powers until she becomes like a queen.  That is Its compete triumph; to transform the soul into a queen and clothe her in royal garments.  My revelations about the Supreme Fiat are what will form a new garden for the children of My Kingdom.  Since It always wants to transfer Its powers to you through Its light, It will make this royal garden luxuriant with every species of celestial plant, flower and fruit.  Such a great variety of beauty will be so attractive that everyone will be enraptured and strive to live in My Kingdom.”


I hope you are still inclined to receive information about the effects of the Sun of My Will and write it down.  The goodness within It is astonishes the mind and has to be made known.  Otherwise, My Will would act like the sun.  It would burn you so bad that you would become like a sterile land devoid of life.  Besides, how can I write alone, without you?  My revelations have to be tangible rather than invisible.  They must fall before the senses of creatures.  The human eye does not have the virtue of seeing invisible things.  It would be as if I said to you, ‘Write without ink, pen or paper.’  That would be absurd.”   


For My revelations to be useful for creatures, body and soul, I need material in order to write, and it is you who must lend it to Me.  You will serve as pen, ink and paper for Me, and I will write with these through you, letter-by-letter.  As you feel them enter yourself, let them out; make them tangible by writing them down on paper.  You can’t write without Me, because you would have neither topic nor subject nor anyone to dictate what to copy down, so you wouldn’t have anything to say.  On the other hand, I can’t write without you; I wouldn’t have the main things necessary to write: the paper of your soul, the ink of your love and the pen of your will.  This is a work that we have to do together in mutual agreement.”


As I was writing, I thought, “Sometimes I hesitate to write certain little details that Jesus tells me because they seem so trivial that I shouldn’t bother putting them on paper.  However, in the very act of writing them down, Jesus reorders the words inside me in a way that changes the scene. Though seemingly small in appearance, they turn out to be of great importance in substance.  All things considered, those who have had, and do now have authority over me will have to account to God for not ordering me to write under obedience.  How many things have I neglected because I have received no direction?” 


Jesus move inside me and said, “Daughter, they will indeed have to account to Me. If they do believe that it is Me writing, the account will be a very strict one.  Believing that it is I yet not taking into account even one of My words would be offensive.  It’s as if they would suffocate a sea of goodness for the benefit of creatures simply because My Word always begins with the strength of Creative Power.  In fact, at first I only needed to pronounce one Fiat in Creation, and It extended a heaven studded with innumerable millions of stars.  Continuing with the Fiat, It formed the sun.  I did not have to say twenty words to form all the many things in Creation; one Fiat was enough for Me.” 


My Word still contains Its Creative Power, and neither you nor anyone else can know if My Word is directed to forming a heaven, a star, a sea or a sun for souls.  If they don’t take this into account and neglect putting it on display for creatures, they end up ejecting heaven, sun, stars and sea back into Me, their source.  Meanwhile, they could be doing so much good for creatures.  The resulting harm would be ascribed to the one who, by not taking all this into consideration, has suffocated It within Me.” 


If, on the other hand, they do not believe, it’s even worse, because they are so blind that they haven't the eyes to see the sun of My Word.  Doubt leads to obstinacy and hardness of heart, while belief softens the heart and inclines it to let itself be subdued by grace and to receive the insight to comprehend My Truths.”




February 11, 1927


As I was in my usual state, my adorable Jesus made me see many strings inside me, all close together, radiating out in all directions from a sphere.  Underneath this sphere, however, it was as empty space where my sweet Jesus was plucking these strings, playing with indescribably beautiful harmony. 


Then, after He played His little sonata, He said, “My daughter, these strings are symbolic of the soul in whom My Will reigns.  I delight in arranging and then perfectly tuning them.  Look at them; see how beautiful they are.  Each string has distinct color permeated with light, and all together, they form a beautiful rainbow, radiant with light.  Each string has its own distinct color because each one of them symbolizes one of My Divine Qualities, My Attributes.”



I’ve arranged the strings just right: the strings of love, goodness, power, mercy, strength, wisdom, purity; I’ve got them all, including a string of justice.  Now, when I want to love and beloved, I pluck the string of love.  It sounds so sweet and soft, delightful, penetrating enough to move Heaven and earth, probing the innermost fibers of all beings where My Will reigns.  I love, and am loved; its sound induces everyone in raptures of love for Me.  Even I am enraptured by My own Love as It sends Itself out, oceans full of love.  Its melodious sound makes Me tolerant of everything, so I can bear the great evils of this lowly world


This sound moves Me to pluck the string of goodness; and this sound calls everyone’s attention.  It’s a call to gather up the treasures that My Goodness wants to set out as gifts for all creatures.  Voices can be heard speaking within this sound, calling everyone’s attention.  You can hear sounds of surprise and admiration in these voices.  They are amazed at the wealth I want to give them.  This sound urges Me to lay My treasure before the creatures and encourages them to gather it up.  Now, every time I want to put one of My Attributes into play, I pluck the corresponding string and It sounds out with power.” 


I have tuned all these strings within you because, wherever My Divine Will reigns, I want to find all of Myself and everything that belong to Me.  Whatever I do in Heaven I must be able to do in the soul in whom My Supreme Fiat dominates and reigns.  I must have My throne and My music resonating with the sound of mercy that convert souls.  I want the sound of wisdom that makes Myself known, the sound of My Power and Justice to make Myself feared.  Only then can I say, ‘Here is My Heaven.’”


After that, I made my rounds throughout Creation.  While impressing my “I love You” on each created thing, I asked, by virtue of that Divine Will preserving their beauty and wholeness, that the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat come upon earth.  However, while I was doing this, I thought, “Created things are inanimate, so they haven’t the virtue of asking for a Kingdom so holy.”




As I was thinking about this, my beloved Jesus came out from within me.


He said, “My daughter, it’s true that created things have no soul.  However, within each one of them runs the life of My Will, and only by virtue of It do they remain beautiful, just as they were created.  Created things are all noble queens belonging to My Royal Family.  By virtue of My Will animating them, and of the actions My Will exercises within them, they have the right to ask for the coming of My Kingdom.  It is their Kingdom as well.  To rightfully ask for the coming of the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat, you have to live there as one of Our family.  That is Our Will’s primary residence, Its throne, Its life.  That’ why, before anything else, I had to make you be born in It, so It would have Its paternal rights over you.  That way you would have every right, as a daughter, to ask for Its Kingdom.  You wouldn’t be alone.  By virtue of all those innumerable actions Our Will exercises within the whole of Creation, all created things ask that Our Kingdom and yours may come.” 


My daughter, who can aspire the right to be king, if not the son of king?  Moreover, everyone can see, in everything he does, that he has a right to this kingdom.  However, imagine they see a servant or peasant farmer aspiring to it, someone who doesn’t belong to the royal family.  Suppose he says, he has the right to be king and the kingdom will be his.  They would think he was crazy and deserving of mockery.  That’s how it is.  If someone asked for My Kingdom without having My Holy Will reign within him, it would be like a hired hand demanding the right to rule My Kingdom.  He demands something without having any right to It.  That’s a rather simple-minded way of speaking.” 


Suppose this king had hundreds of children, or even thousands of them, all legitimately belonging to his royal family.  All of them have a right to occupy positions appropriately reserved for their status as nobility.  All of them could rightly say, ‘Our father’s kingdom is ours because we carry his royal blood in our veins.’  It’s like that in Creation.  For the children who will belong to the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat, Its very life will flow within them, something much more important than blood.  It will give them their rights as members of the Royal Celestial Family, and they will all occupy noble positions worthy of their rank.  They shall all be kings and queens.”


Created things have more rights to the Kingdom of My Will than human creatures do.  These created things calling for It to come are all daughters of Heaven because they themselves are acts of My Will asking for Itself from within them.  Human creatures, on the other hand, have been demoted to servants because they do their own will.  However, it is different when you ask for the coming of the Kingdom of My Eternal Fiat in the name of the heavens, the sun, sea and of all other created things.  Then you force My Will Itself to ask for the coming of Its own Kingdom.  It’s important to understand that a Divine Will prays within each created thing as you implore the coming of Its Kingdom?” 


So keep going and never look back.  It’s important to understand that it is My Will sending you on your way throughout Creation.  It wants Its daughter together with It in all of Its actions.  It wants you to do what It does.”





February 13, 1927


I was following the actions of the Divine Will throughout Creation when a doubt arose in my mind.    


Why did Jesus say the glory of Creation and Redemption will be incomplete until the Kingdom of His Will comes upon earth?  How can that be?  Why can’t this Supreme Will glorify Itself by Itself?  I’m sure It could, and that would be more than enough for Its glory.  Yet, He says that if His Will does not extend Its Kingdom into the midst of creatures, Its glory within Creation will still be incomplete.” 


As I thought about this, my adorable Jesus surprised me with an extremely bright light coming out of Him.


He said, “It’s quite clear, My daughter.  Until My Will is known and takes Its primary place of honor and dominion within each being coming out of Our creative hands, Its glory will never be complete.  There’s a good reason for that.  As We released this Supreme Will from within Ourselves, It bi-located throughout Creation.  It extended everywhere: in the heavens, the sun and sea, in flower and plants, even in the earth.  Then It expanded into each and every being coming out of Our creative hands.  It established Itself as the life of everything so It could place Its life within each being and then bi-locate Itself in each creature.  Our prime purpose in Creation was that It have one life and one kingdom under Its dominion for each creature that comes out into the light of day.”


My Will has not withdrawn however, there’s not a single point anywhere that Its Divine Life does not reach; there’s not one creature without this Supreme Will within them.  Nevertheless, even though It extends everywhere and pervades everything and everyone, It still can’t form Its own life in everyone.  So many Divine Lives are suffocated within creatures because they deny It first rights within their actions.  A parade of vile and unworthy acts takes precedence over the dominion It has been denied.  The destruction of so many Divine Lives of this Will of Mine in creatures is not something trivial.  So many of Its noble and sublime actions are being wasted as they use It to form their own deplorable human lives, monsters that will serve in hell.  This is nothing trivial, My daughter.” 



These immeasurably great offenses are so detrimental to Our Glory in Creation.  All the good of Redemption could repay never repay Us, since, even after Redemption, man has still not come back into the Unity of Our Will.  It doesn’t yet reign in full dominion within creatures.  How many lives, said to be good and holy, are torn between Divine Will and human will.  Hence, Our Glory in Creation is not complete.  Only when what We have created serves Our own Will shall It be ready.  Only when human creatures give It a suitable place of honor, by recognizing It’s primacy in all things, will It be finished.  Only when they recognize It as ruling King and Royal Queen by letting It reign in all their actions; then It will be complete.”


It is only right and just that everything belong to My Will.  My Will is everywhere and is, for everyone, the primal life of everything, so everyone should be able to recognize It, since they all belong to It.  Then, all and sundry shall become Divine Will.  Imagine a king who had a kingdom where all land, every mansion and entire cities were his own personal property.  He owns absolutely everything, both because he is the sovereign and because he has property rights to it all.  Then, from the goodness of heart, this king wants to make his people happy by distributing his farms, mansions, palaces, along with all of his lands, to his people as a gift.  He even gives them free housing in his cities.  Then, no matter what their occupation, they would all have such abundance that you might say they were all now wealthy.  Now imagine that he does all these great things for his people for the sole purpose that they recognize him as their king, by giving him absolute dominion.  They all realize that the land they live on is now a gift from the king.  If they acknowledge this, he should be glorified and loved for the favor he has done them.”


Now suppose these people were ungrateful and refused to recognize him as their king.  They all claim property rights of over lands in their possession, yet they deny that they were gifts given by the king.  The king loses the glory he deserved for being so generous to his people.  Adding insult to injury, some of them don’t even work the land, it lays fallow.  Beautiful plantations are no longer productive and pleasant gardens become squalid, weed strewn plots.  What they have actually done is to procure for themselves their own unhappiness and misery.  To the detriment of his glory, this would give dishonor and inconsolable sorrow to the king.”


This is but a mere shadow of what My Supreme Will has done, and still does.  We haven’t asked a penny for the goodness of sun, sea and earth.  We gave them everything free, just to make them happy, so they might recognize My Supreme Fiat.  It has loved them so much and wants nothing else other than love and dominion in return.” 



Who could ever repay this king for the damage to his glory; who could ever console such intense sorrow?  Now suppose that one of these people felt sorry for his king and wanted to repay him for his lost glory.  He begins to work the land he occupies and makes it into the most pleasing, beautiful garden in the kingdom.  He tells everyone his garden is a gift from the king, given to him out of love, and he himself loves the king.  Then he calls the king into his garden and says to him, ‘This is part of your dominion, you have the right to do anything you want with it.’


The king is pleased with this loyalty, and says, ‘I want you to be king along with me; we shall reign together.’  He is so glad his glory is being restored and his sorrow soothed by one of his own people.  This man does not stop there, however.  He walks every path in the kingdom, exhorting the people.  He calls a good handful of people to do the same and organizes a group of loyal citizens to reestablish the rights of dominion to their king.  The king see his glory restored, and as reward, he adopts them as his legitimate children and says to them, ‘My kingdom is yours; reign with me, my children.’


This is My intention, that there be no servants in My Kingdom, only My children as co-regents.  That’s how it shall be with My Divine Will.  It waits so patiently to have Its full glory reestablished within Creation. It wants everyone to acknowledge that everything belongs to It, so It can declare, ‘Everything is yours; let us reign together.’  It waits so patiently for knowledge of the Supreme Fiat to cover the paths and exhort the people, to call creatures back into My Kingdom.  That’s how I will form My true children, so I can give them their titles as kings.”


That’s why I have such an interest that these revelations on My Divine Will be known.  This is about My greatest Act, the fulfillment of My Glory for the sake of creatures.”





February 16, 1927


I was going around throughout Creation so I could bring all created things together with me before the Supreme Majesty.  They came in the form of homage, praise and adoration for He alone Who was worthy of it.  They are works of His creative hands, animated by His Divine Will. 


As I was doing this, I thought, “Created things don’t move, they stay where they belong, so they can’t possibly go anywhere.  To say that I bring them together with me is nonsense, because I don’t.”



That’s when my sweet Jesus came out from inside me.  He was showing me my little soul, with all these light beams radiating out from it.  They served as two-way lines of communication with all created things.  Then I noticed that these rays of light were not actually coming out of with me.  Their primary point of origin was God, Who maintains lines of communication with everyone and with everything.


My lovable Jesus said, “My daughter, wherever My Will reigns with Its light, no one can resist.  It is immense, penetrating everywhere as It establishes lines of communication with everything.  Each ray starts from the center pivot of the Divine, where My Will primarily resides.  These rays are actions emanating from the Divine Fiat.  As they permeate each created thing, It forms Its life there, establishing another secondary dwelling in each one of them.” 


It’s natural, for the soul where My Will reigns, that she forms her actions within My Volition.  When she does, all created things are notified of it by virtue of the light that unites them.   They all come together along the flight path of this ray of light, following the actions of the soul as My Will reigns in her.  They have only one Will in their possession and only one source of strength; so essentially, the action they all want to perform is one and the same.  It is My Will, moving everything, that makes the action of one the action of all.  So, even though these created things remain in place, you can be sure that they certainly do follow you.  My Will sets them on their way to you, so you won’t be alone; all of them accompany you.”


It’s like a wedding.  The bride and the groom walk in front by themselves, and the retinue of those invited follow them in great numbers.  You are the bride of My Will at this royal wedding.  However, first, It wanted to break down any divisions or obstacles existing between you and Itself, thus forming the happiest couple that has ever existed.  These are days of celebration for you and My Will.  Your actions, animated by Divine Fiat, are open invitations for you to send out to all things made by Our creative hands.  Your guest list is extremely long, and no one may decline, since it is Divine Will that calls all of Its works to Its banquet, including My Celestial Mom.  They feel glorious to be invited, and all feel honored to attend the wedding and celebrate the nuptial banquet of My Supreme Will.  They anxiously await your actions, your invitations, your calls inviting them to come and sit at the banquet.  There they will celebrate the two spouses.”


Go to the front of the procession and walk with My Will before the Supreme Majesty.  My works join the pageant, following behind you in the wedding march.  It is right and just that when all things were created, We gave stewardship over Our works to a creature, the one in whom Our Divine Fiat would reign fully and completely.  However, the creature degraded by her own will shall be cast out of the wedding hall into the darkness outside.  She had not received an invitation and has no right to expect one.  On the other hand, it is given that the creature in whom My Will reigns is the one who rightly sends out the invitations.  Everyone will follow behind her in the pomp and pageantry.”

Operating in My Will is the greatest miracle of all.  It is the fullness of all actions merged together as one and the triumph of the Divine Act within human actions.  Before, My Will was barren in the midst of creatures, and now, It enjoys having Its first daughter.  It sees how many shall be born as they come out from within Itself and into the light of day.  It shall live no more as a barren woman in the midst of the people; It will be a fertile mother with many children.  Once upon a time, It was a widow.  When It created the first man It wedded human nature.  It gave a dowry from the immense riches of Its Will, as a seal of the marriage It arranged with man.  When he withdrew from My Will, It became a widow for many centuries.  It has now discarded the mourning clothes of Its widowhood and remarried.  It has put on Its bridal garments again and has paid Its dowry.  The seal of this dowry is knowledge about It, the most precious gift in Its possession.”


My daughter, treasure your bridal garments, and enjoy the dominions My Will has given you as dowry.”




February 19, 1927


I was continuing my flight in the Divine Fiat when my sweet Jesus came out from inside me.  He took my hands and braided his fingers in mine.  Then he asked me to fight with Him.  I’m so very week and little, and I don’t know anything about combat, so I knew I  wasn’t up to fighting with Him.  Then a voice came out from within a light, saying, “She’s too little; she can’t possibly win this fight.” 


Jesus answered, “On the contrary, it’s because she’s so little that she can win; all strength resides in its compactness.”


I was dismayed.  I didn’t dare fight Jesus.



Inciting me to the fight, He said, “Courage, My daughter, at least try.  If you win, you can have the Kingdom of My Will.  Being little shouldn’t stop you, because I have put all the strength of created things at your disposal.  All the strength of the heavens will back you up.  The sun, water, wind and sea will all fight on your side against Me.  They will fight Me to make Me surrender the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat.  They fight creatures with the weapons that all created things have in their power.  They fight to make them surrender to My Will, so creatures may let It reign as they themselves do.  They want to win, and they have arrayed themselves in battle formation.  When seeing creatures resist, they try to win by any means necessary.  On their side, they have the strength of the Will animating and controlling them.  They possess weapons that can strike down people and entire cities.  No one can resist this kind of imperial power.  You cannot comprehend all the strength and power all the elements possess.  If My Will did not restrain them, the battle would be so fierce; they would make the earth a heap of ruins.” 


Their strength is yours as well, so go into their midst and arrange them in battle order.  Call all Creation to stand at attention the same way you ask for the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat.  My Will, moving within It, sends all of Its actions on a royal mission, both to give and to win Its Kingdom in the midst of creatures.  It is My Volition Itself that fights, waging battle with My very Will, for the triumph of Its Kingdom.  Your fight is animated by It with irresistible strength sufficient to win.   So, go ahead and fight, for you shall win.  Besides, fighting to win the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat is the holiest fight of all.  It is the most righteously just battle ever fought.  It’s true; My Will Itself began fighting this battle when It first formed Creation.  It must win overwhelmingly before It surrenders.”


Sometimes you and I do fight.  I fight when I reveal any knowledge of My Eternal Fiat to you.  Each saying, description or metaphor concerning It is a fight, a battle waged to win over your will.  When We issue something We have created and place it in context within the Kingdom of My Divine Volition, the fight begins.  When I begin a battle to subdue your will, I start it in the midst of creatures.  I fight with you whenever I teach you the way that you must follow, what you must do to live in My Kingdom, and the happiness and joy you shall possess.”


However, I fight using the force of the light My knowledge holds.  I fight using the force of love, with examples so touching you could never resist.  I fight with promises of happiness and endless joy.  My fight is persistent; I never get tired.  I fight to win.  What shall I win?  I fight to win your will, and in your will, those who will come to acknowledge Mine and live in My Kingdom.  Then you fight with Me when you receive My knowledge and arrange it in good order within your soul.  You form the Kingdom of My Supreme Fiat within you, and then you fight Me trying to win My Kingdom.” 



Every time you perform an action within My Will, you pick a fight with Me.  During each round you make through all created things to reenact the actions My Will performs in Creation, you call on all Creation to wage war to win My Kingdom.  You move My very Will, sovereign in every created thing, as you wage battle on My Will Itself, to establish Its Kingdom.  That’s why, during these hard times, the wind, water, sea, heaven and earth are on the move.  More than ever, as new events occur, they wage battle against creatures.  More disasters will strike, killing people and destroying entire cities.  In battle, you have to be prepared to suffer heavy losses, both winners and losers.  There have never been conquests of kingdoms without battle, or at least not lasting ones.” 


You enter within everything I did and suffered in My Humanity, My tears, My most intimate pain and prayer, My steps and words, every drop of My Blood.  You use these as weapons to fight Me when you imprint them with your I love You.’  You win when you ask for the coming of the Kingdom of My Supreme Fiat within each one of My Actions.  It’s not even a fair fight when you engage in this battle with Me.  You move My Own Actions to overwhelm Me on the field and force Me to surrender My Kingdom.”


I fight with you, and you fight with Me.  You have to fight to win My Kingdom.  I have to fight to win your will and begin the battle to establish the Kingdom of My Supreme Will in the midst of creatures.  I have My Will with all Its immense strength and power to help Me win.  You have My Will Itself at your disposal, with all Creation at battle stations, and all the good I did in Redemption in flanking columns.  You launch a formidable army to begin the battle to win the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat.”


Each word you write is another weapon in the armory you use to fight Me, an additional soldier that joins the army that must win the Kingdom of My Will.  Pay attention, My daughter, for now is the time to fight, and it is necessary to use every means at your disposal in order to win.  Now, let the battle begin.”





February 21, 1927


My poor mind was wandering around through what I knew of Supreme Volition, and I asked myself:  “Why is Jesus so concerned that Divine Will be known and reign among creatures?” 


As I thought about this, my always lovable Jesus came out from within me.


He said, “My daughter, you want to know why I am so concerned that My Will be known and reign in the midst of creatures.  It alone has what it takes to recreate the creature, by Me giving and her accepting.  Until My Will returns triumphantly sovereign among creatures, I won’t be able to give what I want, nor will they have the room or capacity to store what I am ready and able to give them.” 


In fact, My Will alone has this virtue, the power to establish order and balance between Creator and creature.  It opens all lines of communication between them.  God has His royal road for carrying His gifts safely and securely to the creature.  He descends whenever He likes and personally delivers His precious gifts to her.  The creature has the same free passage to be there to receive Him, or ascend up to the Lord and take possession of what He wants to give her.”


As rich and powerful as a king may be, he may have no one to bequeath his wealth.  He will be uneasy until he can satisfy his desire to give, lest his abandoned estate have no heir.  He might drown in opulence; however, he will never have the contented joy of giving to other, so they may enjoy his wealth, without some way of handing it down.  This poor king holds court with no one; there is neither cortege nor retinue, no one to smile at him or say thank you, no festivities for him; feasts are for giving and receiving.  With all his wealth, the king has a nail in his heart, abandonment and monotony.  As wealthy as he may be, there is no glory, only heroism without a name.”


My daughter, the reason We issued forth Creation and created man was to give away Our superabundant wealth.  We want the outward glory of Our works to merge with the Glory and immense Joy inherent in what We possess within.  The creature is so far away from Us, she’s not in Our Will.  There’s no one around Us saying thank You, nor anyone to smile at Us in delight for Our works.  Surrounded by immense wealth and desolation, with Our creatures so far away from Us, We have no one to give Our treasure.  There is no one to admires Our works or enjoy them.” 



We are happy all by Ourselves.  No one could ever disturb Our Serenity, in the least.  Nonetheless, We are forced to watch the creature in sorrow.  Without unanimity, they can never accept, nor We ever give.  Human will has put up fences and locked all doors to access.  To give is magnanimous, heroic and loving, to receive, gracious.  However, the creature, by doing her own will, stifles Our heroic generosity and Love.  Even when something is given, it has restrictions by dint of strain and intrigue, for lack of any understanding between us.  There is no sense of freedom.  We are not capable of sorrow.  Our Being is untouchable by all evil.  Were We capable of sorrow, the creature would poison Our existence.  This, then, is why We have an interest in making Our Will understood so It may reign with dominion in the midst of creatures.  We want to give; We want them to share Our own Happiness.  Our Will alone can do all this.  Creatures must realize the purpose of Creation and allow Us to share Our wealth in common with them.”


O Will of God, how powerful, admirable, and desirable You are.  Please!  Conquer us with your imperial power.  Make Yourself known.  Force us all to surrender to You.”