Book of Heaven


Volume 18





Sunday, August 9, 1925

My Jesus, give me strength.  You see the great repugnance I feel in writing.  If it weren’t for blessed obedience and fear of displeasing You, I would not have written a single word more.  Your long absences daze me and render me incapable of doing anything.  I need more help so I can put down on paper what your Holy Will whispers to me.  Give me your hand, and be with me always.


I was fusing myself in the Holy Divine Volition to requite God with love for everything He had done in Creation for love of creatures.  I had a thought telling me that it was not necessary to do this and that this way of praying was not pleasing to my Jesus.  Perhaps these are mere inventions of my own mind. 


Then my always lovable Jesus moved inside me.


He told me:  “My daughter, this way of praying, requiting God with love for all the things created by Him, is a divine right.  It becomes the creature’s primary duty.” 


The Creation was made for love of man.  Our love was so great that, had it been necessary, We would have arranged the cosmos so that each one of them might have a Creation for herself, a universe of her own.  We would have created as many heavens, as many suns, stars, seas, earths, plants and everything else, for as many creatures as were to come to the light of this world.”


When everything was created, Adam was the only spectator of all Creation.  He could enjoy all the good he wanted.  We did not do so, because man could enjoy everything anyway, as if it were his own, even if others also might enjoy it.  Who cannot say, ‘the sun is mine’, and enjoy the light of the sun as much as he wants?  Or, ‘the water is mine’, and quench his thirst and make use of it wherever he needs it?  Or, ‘the sea, the earth, the fire, the air, are all mine’, and so on with many of My other creations?  If it seems that man lacks something, that he suffers hardships in this life, it is because sin bars the way to my benefits, limiting the abundance of My creation for the ungrateful creature.”


In all created things God bound His love toward each creature.  So, it was her duty to compensate God with her little love, with her gratitude, with herthank Youto the One who had done so much for herThe first fraud that the creature commits against God is to withhold acknowledgement and loving thanks for everything He has done for man in Creation.  He takes God’s gifts without even acknowledging where they came from: the One who has loved her so much.  This is the first duty of the creature and is so important as to be indispensable.”   


She who took to heart all Our glory, Our defense and Our interests, impressed Her requital of love, of glory, of thanksgiving, for all and in the name of all human generations.  She went continually around, through all the spheres, from the smallest to the greatest thing created by God.  Indeed, it was my dear Celestial Mother who filled Heaven and earth with loving thanks for everything that God had done in Creation.  After Her came my Humanity, which fulfilled this sacrosanct duty that creatures had failed so badly, rendering my Celestial Father benevolent toward guilty man.  These were my prayers, and those of my dear inseparable Mother.  So, wouldn’t you want to repeat my very own prayers?  This is precisely why I have called you into my Will.  I want you to associate yourself with Us, following and repeating Our acts.”


So I tried, as much as I could, to go around through all created things, to give my God love, glory and gratitude in return for everything He has done in Creation.  I could see in all created things the requital of love from my dear Empress Mother and from my beloved Jesus.  This return of love made the most beautiful harmony between Heaven and earth, and bound the Creator to the creature.  Each repayment of love was a tonality, a little sonata of enrapturing celestial music.


Then, my sweet Jesus added:  “My daughter, all created things were issued as an act of Our Will.  They cannot move, or change the effects, the position or the office received from their Creator.  They are only mirrors for man to admire the reflected qualities of his Creator.   Some things have power and some have beauty.  Other created things have goodness, immensity, light, or many other attributes.  So, each created thing preaches to man about the qualities of its Creator, and with mute voices they tell him how much I love him.” 


On the other hand, in creating man, it was not just Our Will, but an emanation that came out of Our womb, a part of Ourselves that We infused in him.  We created him with a free will so that he might always grow in beauty, wisdom and virtue.  In Our likeness, he could multiply his blessings, his gracesIf a sun had a free will and could make two suns from one, four suns from two, it would give all honor and glory to its Creator, as well as glory to itself.” 


What created things, without a free will, cannot do, because they were created to serve man, man himself can do, because he is to serve God.  All Our love was centralized in man.  We placed all Creation at his disposal.  We arranged it all around him so that man might make use of Our works as stairways and paths, so he can to come to Us, to know and love Us.” 


Imagine Our sorrow in seeing man below Our created things.  It’s even sadder to see the beautiful soul that We gave him transformed into ugliness by sin.  It is stunted in goodness and horrid to the sight.” 


Even if everything that was created for him were not enough for Our love, to preserve this free will,

We gave him the greatest of all gifts.  Surpassing all other gifts, we gave him Our Will as an antidote to preserve him, as prevenient grace and help for his free will.”  


Our Will placed Itself at his disposal to give him all the aid that man might need.  Our Will was given to him as his primary life, the first action of all his works.  To grow in grace and in beauty, he needed a Supreme Will, not only to keep his human will company, but as a substitute for that which operates in the creature.  However, he despised this great gift also and just didn’t want to know.”


See, then, how Our Will enters the primary life of the creature.  As long as It maintains Its first act, Its life, the creature always grows in grace, light and beauty.  She preserves the bond of the first act of her creation, and We receive the glory of all created things, because they serve Our Will operating in the creature, the only purpose of all Creation.  So, my recommendation to you is to let Our Will be more than life for you, and the beginning of all your actions.”





Saturday, August 15, 1925


I continued to fuse myself in the Holy Divine Volition to repay my Jesus with my little love for everything He has done for mankind in Creation.  My beloved Jesus, moving inside me, giving more value to my little love, did what I was doing together with me. 


Meanwhile, He told me: “My daughter, all created things were made for man, and all of them run toward man.  They have no feet, but they all walk.  They are all in motion, either looking for him, or waiting to be found.  The light of the sun leaves the heavens’ height, looking for the creature, to illuminate and warm him.  The water walks, reaching even into human bowels, to quench his thirst and refresh him.  The plant, the seed, walks, ripping up the earth and forming its fruit so it can give itself to man.  There is not one created thing which does not step, or make some motion, toward the one to whom the Eternal Maker had directed it in its creation.  My Will maintains the order, the harmony, and keeps them all on their way toward the creatures.  So, it is my Will that walks constantly toward the creature within created things.  It never stops.  It is all motion toward the one whom It loves so much.  Yet, who saysthank you to my Will?  It brings him the light of the sun and water to drink to quench his thirst.  It brings bread and fruit to satisfy his hunger, flowers to cheer him and many other things to make him happy.  Is it not right then, since my Will does everything for man, that man should do everything to fulfill my Will?


If you only knew how my Will feasts on created things when It walks toward someone who fulfills my Will and serves them!  My Will operating and fulfilled in the creature, and my Will operating in created things, kiss each other as they meet.  The greatest prodigy of all Creation, they love each other and harmonize in a hymn of adoration to their Creator.  Created things feel honored when they serve a creature who is animated by that same Will which forms their own life.” 


On the other hand, my Will feels sorrow in those same created things when It has to serve someone who does not fulfill my Will.  That’s why created things often act against man.  Because they keep intact within themselves the Divine Will that has animated them from the very beginning of their creation, they become superior to man.  They strike out at man, who has descended down below.  They punish him, for he does not keep the Will of his Creator within himself.”


After this, I began to think about the feast of my dearest Celestial Mother Assumed into Heaven and my sweet Jesus, with a tender and moving tone, continued.


He said:  “My daughter, the true name of this Feast should be: Feast of the Divine Will.  It was human will that closed Heaven and broke the bonds with its own Creator.  It let misery and sorrow enter the arena, and cancelled the feast that the creature would enjoy in Heaven.”


This creature, Queen of all, by doing the Will of the Eternal One always and in everything, reopened the Heavens.  Because the Divine Will alone was Her life, She bound Herself to the Eternal One and restored the creature’s festival in Heaven.  She started a new feast in Heaven with every act She did in the Supreme Will.  She formed suns to adorn these festivals and sent melodies to delight the Celestial Jerusalem.” 


So, the true cause of this feast is the Eternal Will operating and being fulfilled in my Celestial Mama.  Heaven and earth were astonished at the prodigies It operated in Her.  She chained the Eternal One with indissoluble bonds of love, and even captured the Word into Her womb.” 


Even the Angels, enraptured, repeated among themselves:  ‘From where does all this excelling Creature’s glory and honor come?  We have never seen such great prodigies before!  Yet, She is coming from exile.’”


Astonished, they recognized the Will of their Creator as the Life operating in Her.  Trembling, they said:  ‘Holy, Holy, HolyHonor and glory to the Will of Our Sovereign Lord!  Glory, and trice Holy, She who let this Supreme Will operate.’”


So, more than anything, it is my Will that was and is celebrated on the day of the Assumption into Heaven of my Most Holy Mother.  It was my Will alone that made Her ascend so high, distinguishing Her among all.  Everything else would have been nothing, had She not possessed the prodigy of my Will.  It was my Will that gave Her Divine Fruitfulness and made Her the Mother of the Word.  It was my Will that made Her see and embrace all creatures together, becoming the Mother of all, and loving all with the love of Divine Maternity.  It made Her the Queen of all.  It made Her rule and dominate.”

On that day, my Will received first honors, the glory and the abundant fruit of Its work in Creation.  It began Its feast, which It never interrupts, for the glorification of Its operating in my beloved Mother.  It was I who opened Heaven.  Many Saints were already in possession of the Celestial Fatherland when the Celestial Queen was assumed into Heaven.  However, She Herself was the primary cause, having fulfilled the Supreme Will in everything.  So, we waited for Her, who had honored It so much.  It was She who contained the true prodigy of the Most Holy Will, and who made the first feast for the Supreme Volition.” 


The whole of Heaven magnified, blessed and praised the Eternal Will, upon seeing this sublime Queen enter the Empyrean, in the midst of the Celestial Court, all circumfused by the Eternal Sun of the Supreme Volition!  They saw Her all studded with the power of the Supreme Fiat.  There had not been even one heartbeat in Her which did not have this Fiat impressed on it.” 


Astonished, they looked at Her and said:  ‘Ascend, ascend higher.  It is right that She who so much honored the Supreme Fiat, and through whom we find ourselves in the Celestial Fatherland, be our Queen and have the highest throne.’  The greatest honor that my Mama ever received, was to see the Divine Will glorified.”




September 16, 1925


My days are ever more bitter because of the long absences of my sweet Jesus.  His Will alone is left to me, as a precious inheritance of the so many visits He made to my poor soul.  Now I have been left alone, forgotten by the One who formed my life.  It seemed to me that we were fused together, and that neither could He be without me, nor I without Him.


While I think:  ‘Where o where did the One go who loved me so much?  What have I done that He should leave me?  Jesus!  Come back, come back.  I can’t take it anymore!’ 


I want to abandon myself to sorrow, and ponder the great misfortune of having lost the One

in whom I had placed all my happiness and hope.  However, the Holy Divine Volition imposes Itself on me, making me follow my course of action in His adorable Will.  It keeps me from grieving even more for being without my only good.  So I remain petrified and all alone, without the slightest comfort from either Heaven or earth.


While I was in this state, thinking about the pain of Jesus’ Passion, He appeared for a little while.


He told me: “My daughter, with all my pain, I was always the same, I never changed.  My gaze was always sweet, my face always serene, my words always calm and dignified.  Everything about Me had such equanimity.  Anyone could recognize Me as their Redeemer, just by my manners.  Always being the same, in everything and for everything, they would have recognized Me.” 


It’s true that my pains were so many that they could eclipse Me, surrounding Me like so many clouds.  But that doesn’t mean anything.  After the heat of the pain, I would reappear in the midst of my enemies like a majestic sun, with my usual serenity and manners, with peaceful equanimity.  Only God is always the same, and the true children of God.  Constancy impresses the divine character in the soul, and reveals the creature’s life as pure and holy.”


On the other hand, a character that changes is typical of creatures.  It is a sign of the passions that roar within the human heart, tyrannizing it and revealing an unpleasant character that is unpleasant to everyone.” 


So, I recommend to you that you be always the same; with Me, with yourself, and with others.   Be the same in pain, even when deprived of My presence.  An unchanging character must be indelible in you.  Even though the pain of my absence knocks you down, forming clouds of sorrow inside and outside of you, your constant manner will be a light that dispels these clouds.   It will reveal how, though hidden, I dwell within you.”


After this, I continued thinking about the painful Passion of my adorable Jesus, with the nail of His absence in my heart.  Then my lovable Jesus appeared again inside me.  This time, He seemed so distant.  His suffering aroused my pity. 


I said to Him:  ‘My love, why are You so silent?  It seems like You never tell me anything anymore.  You no longer confide your painful secrets to me.’  Then Jesus became all goodness, though He was still suffering.


He told me:  “My daughter, sometimes silence is more eloquent than speaking.  Silence is a decision of someone who, not wanting to be dissuaded, keeps silent.  The silence of a father with his beloved son, while in the midst of other unruly sons, is a sign that he is ready to strike the rowdy sons.”


Don’t  you think there’s a reason I don’t come to see you or share my pain with you as much?  There’s a very good reason why not, my daughter.  When I’m not with you, my Justice becomes filled with scourges to be used to strike man.  Things have gotten worse.  All past evils, earthquakes and wars were nothing compared to the evils to come with the great war and revolution they are preparing.”


“The sins of men are so many.  They don’t deserve that I share my pains with you, letting them escape them from the scourges they deserve.  So, be patient.  My Will shall stand in for my visible presence when I am hidden in you.  If that weren’t the case, then you couldn’t have kept up the pace when making your usual rounds in my Will.  I do make them with you, even when I’m hidden.  You are following the One whom you do not see.  Later, once my Justice has finished gathering  scourges, I will be with you, just like before.  So, be brave.  Wait for Me and don’t be afraid.”


While He was saying this, I found myself outside my body, in the midst of the world.  In almost every nation, you could see them preparing for war, with ever more tragic ways of fighting.  I was fright-stricken at the mere sight of it. 


Then, our great human blindness became even blinder.  They were acting like beasts, not like men.  Blind as they were, they couldn’t see that, while wounding others, they were wounding themselves. 


I found myself back inside myself, all alone and afraid without my Jesus.  The departure of the One whom I love was a nail in my heart.  He has left me, all alone, abandoned.


While I was raving in agony from the pain, my sweet Jesus, moved inside me and sighed because of my dilemma,


He said:  “Calm down, my daughter.  Calm yourself, I am here within you.  I haven’t gone anywhere.  Besides, how could I leave you?  Look, you are in my Will and my Will is everywhere.  Where could I go to be away from you?  There is no such place.”


I would have to limit my Will and gather It in at some point in order to leave you.  But I can’t do that either.  My immensity extends everywhere.  All that belongs to Me is naturally immense.   My Will is immense, and so is my power, my love and my wisdom.  How can I leave you if I find you everywhere in my Will?  So, to be sure that I do not leave you, plunge yourself ever more deeply into the immense abyss of my Will.”




Thursday, October 1, 1925


I was accompanying my sweet Jesus in the pain of his Passion as I usually do.  I even offered up my own deprivation of Him and the torture it caused me, as a testament of my sorrowful love.  I gave Him my compassion for His pain and prayed for His relief. 


While I was doing this, my beloved Good was inside me when He moved one of His arms.  He  raised His right hand, rivulets of blood and of light flowing from His fingers, over my poor soul, withered and burned by the powerful winds of His absence.  I was so sad that Jesus Himself was shaken and moved to compassion, wanting to cheer me up somehow.


He said to me: 


Courage my daughter, don’t be afraid.  One who lives in my Will is in the center of my Humanity, because the Divine Will is in Me like the sun within its sphere.  Even though its rays reach the earth, the sun never departs from its center on high.  It always remains encircled within its own sphere, its majestic throne.  Its light reaches everywhere, dominating everything.   Everything serves as its footstool, as all await its beneficial light.” 


My Divine Will is within Me, center of the sphere of my Humanity.  The light begins in my sphere, reaching everyone, everywhere.  Rejecting my Supreme Will was the first act of man, so it was appropriate for my Humanity to take the first step toward It.  Centralizing this Eternal Will within Me, as the center of life, I brought It to man once again, through my life, my works and my pain.   Thus, may he return to his Creator and the life that has been created for him.


See, my daughter?  The soul who lives in my Will is at the center of my Humanity, and everything I did and all that I suffered surrounds her.  It is there to help her.  If she is weak, it administers my strength to her.  If she is stained, my blood washes and adorns her.  My prayers sustain her.  My arms hold her tight and cover her with my works.  Everything is for her help and defense.  That’s why thinking about my pain is natural for you.  Living in my Will, they surround you like so many clouds of light and of grace.” 


Within the sphere of my Humanity, my Will placed my works, my steps, my words, my blood, my wounds, my pains, and everything I did, as though on the way, in order to call man and give him sufficient aids and means to save him and to make him come back again into the womb of my Will.  If my Will had wanted to enter the field on Its own in order to call man, he would have been frightened.  Instead, I wanted to call him with everything I did and suffered, like many enticements, pushes, encouragements and means, to make him return into my arms.  So, everything I did and suffered is the carrier of man to God.  Now, one who lives in my Will, by living in the center of my Humanity, takes all the fruits of everything I did and suffered, and enters the order of Creation; and my Will fulfills in him the full purpose for which he was created.  Others, then, who do not live in my Will, find the means to be saved, but do not enjoy all the fruits of Creation and of Redemption.”


While my lovable Jesus was explaining this to me, I said to Him:  ‘I don’t know My Love.   You tell me that I live in your Will, and then You leave me?  You put me go through such hard martyrdom.  Everything changes for me as soon as You leave.  I hardly recognize myself anymore.  Everything dies for me.  Light, love, goodness, it all dies.  You alone maintain the pulse of life in my poor soul.  As soon as You leave me, everything dies.  See how hard and painful it is for me when You leave?  O please!  Have pity on me!  Don’t leave me!  I can’t take it anymore.’


I was about to say more, but my Jesus just sighed.


He said:  “Quiet my daughter, no more.  Your words wound my Heart.  I wish I could pull this hard nail from your heart, so I can go.  I know this nail is unbearable for someone who loves Me.  It continuously kills without pity.  So, lay down the thought that I might leave you.  You should convince yourself that, rather than leaving, I am penetrating ever more deeply into you and that I remain as a silent passenger in the little ship of your soul.  This is so true!  Nothing has moved within you. 


The preparations that were there, are still there.  They are all in order.  It is enough for my Will to want it.  I  give a little spin to the preparations which are there, and I am with you in no time. 


Besides, how can I leave you?  Someone who does my Will and lives in It keeps unbroken the bonds of Creation existing between Creator and creature.  Unbroken are the bonds of Redemption, and the bonds between the Sanctifier and the ones who are being sanctified.  My Will seals all these bonds and renders the creature inseparable from Me.  Be sure that your Jesus does not leave you.”


While He was saying this, I saw many threads of light bound to my heart.  Some of them were bound to all created things.  More threads of light were coming out from all that Jesus had done and suffered, and others from the Sacraments.  May everything be for the glory of God, and for the good of my soul and of all souls.  Amen.




Sunday, October 4, 1925


I was fusing myself in the Most Holy Will of God in my usual way, and going around in It to place my ‘I love You’ upon all things.  I wished that my Jesus would see or hear nothing but myI love You’.  While repeating the singsong of my ‘I love You’, I thought to myself:  ‘It shows that I am really a little child, who can’t say anything except the little story she has learned.  What good does it do me to be repeating ‘I love You, I love You…’ over and over again?’ 


While I was thinking about this, my adorable Jesus came out from within me and showed my ‘I love You’ impressed all over His Divine Person.  It was on His lips, His face, forehead and eyes, in the middle of His cheast, on the front and back of the palms of His hands and on the tips of His fingers.  Everywhere. 



With a tender tone, He told me:  “My daughter, aren’t you glad that none of the I love You’s’ that came out of you got lost, and that they were all impressed within Me?  Don’t you know what good comes to you by repeating them?  When the soul decides to do some good, to exercise a virtue, she forms the seed of that virtue.  By repeating those acts, she forms the water  to water that seed in the earth of her heart.  The more often she repeats them, the more she waters that seed, and the plant grows beautiful and green,and quickly produces the fruit of that seed.” 


On the other hand, if she is slow in repeating them, the seed often suffocates; and if it comes out at all, it will barely grow and never give fruit.  Poor seed, without enough water to grow.  My Sun does not rise over that seed to make it flourish into maturity with beautifully  colored fruit, because it has not been nourished.  On the other hand, by always repeating those same actions, the soul will have enough water to nourish that seed.  My Sun rises over that seed every time It sees it being watered.  It greatly delights, knowing that it has enough strength from It to grow, with its branches reaching up to Me.  Seeing all its fruit, I pick them with pleasure,  resting under its shadow.”


Repeating yourI love Youfor Me procures for you water for the tree of love.  Continual patience waters and nourishes the tree of patience.  Repeating your actions in my Will brings water to nourish the divine and eternal tree of my Will.  Nothing can be formed with one single action.  The actions must be repeated over and over again.  Only your Jesus contains the virtue of forming all the greatest things with one single act, because I contain the creative power.” 


However, the creature, by dint of repeating the same action, forms the good she wants to do, bit by bit.  Through habit, that good or that virtue becomes her nature, and the creature becomes the possessor of it, and it forms all of her fortune.  This happens also in the natural order.  No one becomes a teacher by having read the vowels and the consonants just once or even several times.  For a teacher to be able to teach others, they must be repeated constantly, until they fill his mind, his will and his heart with all that science that is needed.” 


No one feels full if he does not eat, bite after bite, all the food that is needed to be satiated.  No one harvests seed if he does not repeat, who knows how many times, his work in his little field.  This is true for many things.  To repeat the same action is a sign that one loves, appreciates and wants to possess that very act which he does so often.  Therefore, repeat, and repeat incessantly, without ever tiring.”


Afterwards, I found myself outside of my body.  My sweet Jesus carried me around, through all those places where, while being on earth, He had operated, suffered, prayed, and also cried.  Everything was in action; everything He had done there. 


My beloved Good told me:  “My daughter, daughter of my Supreme Volition, my Will wants you to take part in everything.  Everything you see is the work I have done while on earth.  My Will keeps it all suspended within Itself, because creatures are not inclined to receive them, partly because they still do not know what I have done.  See, here are the prayers I said at nighttime, covered with bitter tears and ardent sighs for the salvation of all.  They are all waiting to give themselves to creatures, so they may have the fruit contained in them.  Enter into them, Daughter.  Cover yourself with my tears.  Clothe yourself in my prayers, so that my Will may accomplish in you all that was in my tears, prayers and sighs.” 


My Will keeps, all lined up within Itself, my childhood pains, and every interior act of my hidden life.  The humiliation, glory and pain of my public life, and the most hidden pain of my Passion, are prodigies of grace and of sanctity.  Everything is in suspension.  The ripened fruit has not yet been picked by creatures.  I am waiting for the ones who must live in my Will, so that they may be suspended no longer.  Then they will pour themselves out upon them, giving them their fill of fruit.  Only the ones who must live in my Will can bring my blessings out of suspension.  Enter into my every act and pain, so my Will may be fulfilled in you.  Between you and Me, I don’t want things suspended, nor do I tolerate being unable to tell you what I want.  I want to find my own Will in you.  Then nothing may oppose what my Will Itself wants to give you.” 


While He was saying this, I moved from one act of Jesus to another.  I was transformed, covered with His own acts, prayers, tears and pain.  Who could ever really explain what I experienced?  I hope that blessed Jesus will give me the grace to correspond, and to fulfill His adorable Will in me, and in all.  Amen.




Saturday, October 10, 1925

As I was in my usual state, my poor mind found itself way up high in the atmosphere.  I saw the Divinity, and there upon one knee of the Celestial Father, our dear little Queen Mother, without any sign of life, like she was dead.


Surprised, I thought to myself:  ‘My dearest Mother is dead.  What a happy way to die, on the knees of our Creator!’ 


However, looking more closely, I saw Her will, detached from Her body.   The Divine Father was holding It in His hands.  I looked on in amazement.  I simply could not comprehend what I was seeing.  Then I heard a voice coming from the divine throne.


It said:  “This is the elect of all the elect.  She is the all beautiful.  She is the only creature who ever gave Us Her will as a gift, leaving it dead, upon Our knees, in Our hands.  We, in exchange, gave Her the gift of Our Will.  We could not give Her any greater gift.  By acquiring this Supreme Will, She then had the power to make the Word descend upon earth to prepare for the Redemption of mankind.  A human will would have no power nor attraction over Us.  However, a Divine Will, given by Ourselves to this incomparable creature, won over Us, enrapturing and conquering Us.  Unable to resist, We surrendered to Her petitions to make the Word descend upon earth.” 


Now We are waiting for you to come to die upon Our other knee, giving Us your will.  Then We, seeing it dead in Our hands, no longer existing for you, will give you the gift of Our Will.  Through this Will of Ours given to you, Our Fiat will return to live upon earth.  These two wills, dead upon Our knees, will be the ransom for many rebellious wills.  We will keep them as a precious pledge that will repay Us for all the evils done by the other creatures.  Only with Our Will could they be able to satisfy Us.”


When I could no longer hear the voice, I found myself on the other paternal knee, in the act of breathing my last, and dying.  Just then I found myself back inside my body.  I can’t begin to tell you what I felt, only that I prayed from the heart that my will would never again enter into me.  Henceforth, only the Divine shall have life within me.  It alone is the bearer of all goodness and the replicator of Jesus within souls.  Echoing the Fiat of Creation, It embraces everything and everyone in one breath.  It makes up to God for the work of Creation, Redemption and Sanctification.  The Divine Will, operating in us can do anything.  It is the true Queen who reigns and rules over everything.    


After that, I saw my dear Celestial Mother with Baby Jesus in Her arms.  She kissed Him and gave Him Her breast, giving Him Her purest milk.


I said to Her:  ‘Mama mia, what about me?  Aren’t You going to give me any?  Please!  Let me at least put myI love Youbetween your mouth and that of Jesus while You kiss, so that my littleI love Youmay run within everything You do.”


She said to me:  “Please do, my daughter.  Place your littleI love You’, not only in the mouth, but in all the actions that pass between Me and my Son.  Everything I did for my Son, I intended to do for those souls who were to live in the Divine Will.  Being in It, they could receive all the actions I did for Jesus, and I would find sufficient space to store them.”


In kissing my Son, I kissed them, since I found them together with Him in His Supreme Will.  They were the first to be aligned within Him, and my maternal love urged Me to let them take part in everything I did with my Son.  Great graces were needed for those who were to live in this Holy Will.  So I placed all my goodness, my grace and my sorrow at their disposal, as their help, their defense and strength, as their support and their light.  I felt glad and greatly honored, to have as my own, the children of the Will of the Celestial Father.  I too was in possession of It, so I looked at them as if I had given birth to them as well.” 


Furthermore, the same can be said of them as is said about my Son.  The first generations found salvation in the merits of the future Redeemer.  It’s the same way with these souls, my future daughters.  By virtue of the Divine Will operating in them, they are the ones who incessantly implore salvation and grace for future generations.  They are with Jesus, and Jesus is in them.  They repeat together with Jesus, whatever is within Him.  So, if you want Me to repeat for you what I did for my Son, let Me always find you in His Will.  For you, I will be generous with my favors.”




Saturday, October 17, 1925


After two days of being bitterly deprived of my highest Good, Jesus, I felt Him move inside me.  I saw Him sitting in there, with His head leaning sideways on my shoulder, with His mouth turned toward my mouth, in the act of administering the words to me.  I was hugging Him tightly, listening, as I completely abandoned myself in Him.


He was saying to me:  “My Will is more than just food My daughter.  Food gives strength to the body by warming it and nourishing its blood.  It livens up the intelligence if it is dim.  It makes every part of it lively and urges the creature on to new works and more sacrifice.  On the other hand, someone on an empty stomach, not having enough food for her body, becomes cold and weak.  Lacking in blood, her intelligence dims and every part of her body is exhausted.  She becomes melancholy and doesn’t feel like doing anything.  She looses all desire for self-sacrifice.  Poor little girl, her whole body feels lifeless.  You know for sure when when an illness is mortal for a creature because she stops eating.  By abandoning food, she is likely to die.”


Eternal Wisdom has established that the soul too should eat, and she was given the Supreme Will as a delicious food for her.  Anyone who eats this food has the strength to do good.  She is soaked with love for her God.  This food augments the divine blood so the Life of God can grow within her.  Like sunshine, it is reflected in her intelligence, so she can know her Creator and be formed in His likeness.  It makes the whole soul lively, reenforcing all the virtues and urging her on to new works and unheard-of sacrifice.”


The food of my Will is constantly being given, with every breath, day and night, in everything, and as often as you want.  There is no danger, as with corporal food, that eating too much of it could be harmful or make you sick.  On the contrary, the more one eats, the more it fortifies her and raises the soul to the likeness of her Creator.  One can remain with one’s mouth always open, in the act of eating this celestial food.  Everything is the opposite for someone who does not eat this food of my Will.  Someone who doesn’t eat at all disposes herself to die eternally.  Those who seldom eat, grow weak and inconsistent in doing good.  Her love grows cold.  Without enough divine blood, the Divine Life becomes anemic.  The light of her intelligence grows so dim, that she knows little or nothing of her Creator.  By not knowing Him, His likeness seems so far away; every bit as distant as the food of His Will.”


Without sufficient food, she is listless in doing good.  First, patience escapes her, followed by charity, and then her detachment from things.  The poor virtues starve without enough of the food of my Will.  Seeing a soul without celestial food is enough to make you cry.  She is so miserable covered with all that rubbish.  You can feel compassion for the creature starved of corporal food, because sometimes she can’t afford to buy it.  However, the food of my Will is handed out for free, so anyone who does not take it deserves condemnation.  She condemns herself, because she has rejected the food which gave her life.”


Later, I heard that several people had suffered contrasts, humiliations and other things, but then my sweet Jesus continued speaking: 


My daughter, sometimes the body contains bad blood which infects the good.  Then you might need to apply acid or leeches for bloodletting.  You have to draw out the bad blood, otherwise you could be in danger of becoming paralyzed for life.  It’s the same for the soul who continuously lacks the food of my Will.”


It may be so out of balance that it becomes necessary to blister it with humiliations, to draw out the bad humor of self-esteem.  It may require the bites of leeches to extract the infected humor of vainglory from yourself.  One might need immediate bloodletting, to block and draw out the bad blood of the little attachments that keep growing in her heart for the people she tries to help.  Otherwise, those humors would spread, infecting everything she does.  Her urge to do good could become paralyzed for life.”


Punctures always help.  They are the sentries of the heart that keep the blood pure; meaning that the intention of the soul can remain upright in doing good.  If only everyone did good, just to fulfill my Will, punctures wouldn’t be necessary, because my Will is the safeguard against all infection.  Punctures also serve as penalties for those who do not eat enough of the food of my Will.”





Wednesday, October 21, 1925


This morning, on coming, my sweet Jesus told me:  “My daughter, I bring you the kiss of all Heaven.” 


Then He kissed me and said:  “All of Heaven is in my Will, and because they are in this Supreme Volition, they feel the echo of my actions.  They repeat whatever I do as though responding to my echo.”


Having said this, He disappeared for a few hours.


Then He came back, telling me:  “My daughter, return to Me the kiss I gave you.  All of Heaven, my Mama, our Celestial Father and the Divine Spirit, are awaiting the requital of your kiss.  Since an act of theirs has come out in my Will for the creature who lives in exile, they yearn for its return by this same Will.” 


He brought His mouth close to mine and, trembling, I gave Him a kiss, which produced a harmonious sound, like nothing ever heard before.  It rose up high and diffused in everything and everyone. 


Jesus, with inexpressible love, added:  “These actions in my Will are so beautiful.  You don’t know how powerful just one single action done in my Will can be.  It’s marvelous.  This action moves everything in Heaven and earth, as if they were all taking part in it.  Everyone puts his own into it.  The Angels, the Saints and all Creation give and receive the response to that action.  Hence, an action done in my Will can never be unrequited.  Otherwise, all would feel the sorrow of a divine act that has moved everyone, yet goes unanswered.  My Will operating in the soul sounds like a silvery bell, shrill and vibrant.  It is loud enough to get everyone’s attention.  It rings and rings, so sweetly.  When they hear it, everyone knows that a soul is operating in my Will.  All receive the glory and the honor of a divine act.” 


Having said this, He disappeared. 


Later, I continued fusing myself in the Divine Will.  I was feeling sorrow for each offense ever given to my Jesus, from the first to the last man who will come upon earth.  In sorrow, I asked forgiveness. 


While I was doing this, I said to myself:  ‘My Jesus, my Love, it is not enough for me to feel sorrow and to ask forgiveness.  I would like to annihilate any sin, so that You may never, ever again be offended.’ 


Jesus, moving inside me, said:  “My daughter, I had a special sorrow for each sin, and upon my sorrow hung the pardon for the sinner.  This sorrow of mine is suspended in my Will, waiting for the sinner when he offends Me.  As he feels sorrow for having offended Me, my sorrow descends to feel this together with his sorrow.  I immediately grant him forgivenessHowever, there are so many who offend Me and do not feel sorrow.  So, my sorrow and forgiveness are suspended in my Will, isolated.” 


Thank you, my daughter, for coming into my Will to keep company with my sorrow and with my forgiveness.  Please continue to go around in my Will.  Make my sorrow your own, cry out, for each offense: ‘Sorrow!  Forgiveness!’  I don’t want to be the only One who feels sorrow and begs forgiveness.  I want to have the company of the little daughter of my Will, who feels sorrow together with Me.”





Saturday, October 24, 1925

As I was in my usual state, I felt my sweet Jesus move inside me.  I saw Him lie down within me, in agony.  I could hear the rattling in His throat.  I joined Him in His agony, suffering for a little while together with Him.


He said to me:  “My daughter, your thinking about my Passion, and having compassion for my pains, is very pleasing to Me.  I don’t feel like I’m alone in my pain.  I have the company of a creature, for whom I suffer, someone I love so much.  When I have her with Me, my suffering becomes sweeter.  It’s so hard to suffer alone!  When I’m alone, I have no one to entrust my pain, nor anyone to give the fruit of my pain.  I am drowning in pain and love.  My love can endure no more, so I come to you.  I suffer the pain of my Passion within you, and you with Me.  You relive what I did and suffered in my Humanity.” 


The creature who reenacts my Passion is different from someone who only thinks about and feels compassion for my pain.  The repetition of my pain is primarily an act of my Life.  I feel like I am being given back the value and effects of a Divine Life.  On the other hand, when someone thinks about my pain and shows Me compassion, it is merely the company of the creature that I feel.  I can reenact the pain of my Passion in someone who has my Will as the center of their life.”


My Will alone is one single act rather than a succession of actions.  This single act is fixed to a single point which never moves.  This point is Eternity.  Being one single, primal, endless act, Its circumference is so immense that nothing can escape.  It embraces everything and everyone with one single embrace, because everything starts from that single prime act.  So, the Creation, the Redemption and the Sanctification are one single action for the Divinity.  It has the power to make all actions its own, as if they were all the same action, only because it is one single act.”  “Someone who lives in my Will possesses this single act.  It’s no wonder that she takes part in the pain of my Passion, as if it were still occurring.  In this single act, she finds her Creator in the act of creating the Creation.  By forming one single act with her God, she creates together with Him.  She flows in all created things as one single act, forming the glory of Creation for her Creator.  Her love shines over all created things.  She enjoys and takes pleasure in them.  As things belonging to herself and to her God, she loves themIn that single act, she sings a note that echoes the whole divine operation.


In her emphatic love, she says:  ‘What’s yours is mine, and what’s mine is yours.  Be glory, honor and love to my Creator.’  In this single act she finds the Redemption in action.  She makes It all her own.  She suffers my pain as if it were her own.  She flows within everything I ever did: in my prayers, my pains, my words, everything.  She sings a song of reparation, of compassion, love and of an exchange for my Life.  In this single act she finds everything.  She makes everything her own and places her requital of love everywhere.  This is why living in my Will is the prodigy of prodigies.  The enchantment of God and of all Heaven, is to see the littleness of the creature flow in all the things of their Creator.  Like a solar ray, bound to this single action, she diffuses everywhere and in everyone.  So, even at the cost of your own life, never go out of this single act of my Will.  In you I will reenact the Creation, the Redemption and the Sanctification.”


Nature also contains the similes of this single act.  In the atmosphere, the sun has one single action.  From the moment it was created by God, it has continually performed this one single act.  Both its heat and its light are so transfused together that they are inseparable, one from the other.  From up on high, it is continually in the act of sending light and heat.  From up high, it knows how to perform only one single act.  The circumference of its light, descending down below, is so great that it embraces all the earth.  With its embrace, it produces innumerable effects.  It is the foundation of the life and glory of all created things.  By virtue of this single action, it encloses each plant within itself.  It administers development to some, to others, the maturation of fruits, or sweetness, or fragrance.  The entire earth begs life from the sun.  Each plant, even the littlest blade of grass, beseeches the sun for its growth, for every fruit it produces.  However, the sun never deviates in its action.  It glories in always performing one single act.” 


Human nature also contains the simile of one single action, the beating of the heart.  Human life begins with the heartbeat.  The heartbeat only performs one single action; it can do nothing but beat.  However, the virtue of this heartbeat and its effects on human life, are innumerable.” 


As it palpitates, each heartbeat makes the blood circulate through the members, as far as the outermost parts.  It gives strength to the feet, so they can to walk; to the hands, so they can work, to the mouth, so it can speak, to the mind, enabling it to think.  It administers warmth and strength to the whole person.  Everything depends on the heartbeat.  If the heartbeat is a bit labored, you lose energy and the will to continue.  The intelligence becomes dim; you feel pain,  and in general, you don’t feel well.  If the heartbeat ceases, life ceases.  The power of a single action repeated continuously is great.  The epitome of this is the single act of an Eternal God, who has the virtue of doing everything with one single act.  Therefore, neither past, nor present, nor future exist in this act, and someone who lives in my Will already finds herself in this single act.” 


The heart continues to beat in human nature and is its life.  Likewise, my Will palpitates continuously in the depth of the soul, but with one single heartbeat.  As It palpitates, It gives her beauty, sanctity, strength, love, goodness and wisdom.  This heartbeat encloses Heaven and earth.  It is like blood circulating.  Like the circumference of light, it can be found in the highest places and in the outermost parts.  Wherever this single action, this heartbeat of the soul, is vigorous and has full reign, a continuous prodigy occurs, such that only a God can do.  Thus, new heavens, new abysses of graces and surprising truths are discovered in her.  Someone might ask:  ‘Where does all this goodness come from?’  United with the sun, she can answer, together with the human heartbeat, and the single act of the Eternal God:  I do only one thing.  I do the Will of God always, and I live in It.  This alone is my secret and my fortune.’


Having said this, He disappeared; but later I found myself outside my body, with little Baby Jesus in my arms.  He was very pale and shivering all over.  His lips were blue; He was cold and pitifully emaciated.  He had taken refuge in my arms so I could defend Him.  I hugged Him to give Him warmth.  I took His little hands and feet in my hands, and I squeezed them so He stop shivering. I kissed Him and kissed Him, over and over again.  I told Him that I loved Him very, very much. 


While I was doing this, the little Baby regained color and stopped shivering.  He looked all better and clung more tightly to me.  At first, I thought that He would stay with me for good, but to my surprise I watched Him very gently climbing down from my knees. 


I cried out, pulling Him by one arm:  ‘Jesus, where are You going?  How can this be?  Are You leaving me?’ 


I must go.”  He replied.


And I:  ‘And when are You coming back?’


Jesus:  “Three years from now”; and He left.


Who could imagine my sorrow?  I was crying in convulsions.


I kept repeating to myself:  ‘I will see Him again in three years from now.  Oh! God, how shall I go on?’ 


The pain was so great that I fainted.  Nothing made any sense to me anymore.  Languishing and faint, I could just barely open my eyes.  Then I saw that He had turned back and was coming up onto my other knee.  Very gently, He curled up on my lap, caressing me with His little hands.


He kissed me, saying over and over:  “Calm down, calm down, I’m not leaving you.” 


Hearing Him say:  “I’m not leaving you”, I started coming round and I felt alive again.  Then I found myself back in my body, but I was so afraid, I thought I would die.




Sunday, November 1, 1925

I went through most bitter days, without my sweet Jesus.  The thought of not seeing Him any more hammered my poor heart.  I felt like I was on an anvil, the cruel hammer blows coming down on me repeatedly. 


Ah! Jesus, You have put me in a living hell.  The pain is worse than the infernal fires.” 


The damned do not love You.  The seed of love is missing, so they run away from You.   They do not long for your embrace either.  Their pains become that much harsher when you are near them.  A love that is hated cannot stand the presence of the person who is hated.  Your absence is more bearable for them.  For me, however, it is just the oppositeI love You.  I feel the seed of love deep inside my bones, in my nerves and in my blood.” 


We’ve lived together almost forty years.  Don’t You remember when You filled me up completely, my bones, my nerves, my blood?  I felt like a garment that covered You, concealing You within me.  Now, without You, I feel emptied of everything.  My bones cry out, my nerves and blood cry out for the One who used to fill them.  There is a continuous cry inside me.  It cuts me.  It tortures me.  Every part of me wants You, who used to fill my life.  Can’t You see the cruel slash marks on my poor, suffering existence?  Even in hell they don’t have such atrocious pain.  They are not so cruelly torn by the absence of a God that they used to possess and love!  Ah! Jesus, come back to the one who loves You.  Come back to the unhappiest of the unhappy, but unhappy only for You, only because of You.  What I mean is: You alone have made me unhappy.  I am not sad about anything else!”


While I was swimming in the bitter sea of the absence of my Jesus, I began to ponder the pain of the Heart of my Jesus, comparing it with the pain in my own poor heart.  However, instead of finding comfort in Jesus’ pain, my own pain just got worse. 


I thought my own pain must be worse than Jesus’ pain, because, as great as His might be, pain in the Heart of Jesus is caused by mere creatures.  As ungrateful as they can be, if they offend Him, they run away.  And after all, they are only finite creatures, not the Infinite Being.  On the other hand, my pain is God-given.  It is not a mere creature running away from me; it’s God, the Infinite Being.  Jesus does not have another God who might leave Him, nor can He have Him.  He cannot suffer the ultimate pain, being without a God.  But my pain of being without a God is great, infinite, as great and infinite as God is.  His pierced Heart has not suffered this kind of pain.  The searing pain of being deprived of the divine does not pierce His Heart. 


Besides, no matter how much pain creatures might give Him, my Jesus never loses His sovereign dominion, even over those who offend Him.  They can’t make Him smaller or diminish Him in any way.  He loses nothing of what He is.  He dominates everything, always.  He remains the Eternal, Immense, Infinite, lovable and adorable Being. 


But, as for me, I do not have sovereignty or dominion.  Without Jesus, I become smaller, I fade away, I am reduced to nothingness.  I become nauseating and unbearable, even to myself.


See, then, O Jesus, how my pain is greater than Yours.  You know the pain creatures give You, but do not know the pain that a God can give, or how heavily your absence weighs on me.” 


My poor mind was speaking nonsense.  I felt that there was no pain which could be compared to the pain of being deprived of Jesus.  It is a pain without beginning or end.  The pain, being as great as Jesus, is immeasurable, and there is no cure.   My poor, lifeless heart has drowned.   To keep from talking such nonsense, I forced myself to stop comparing my pain to Jesus’ pain and move on to something else. 


I prayed for Him to give me strength.  The pain of His absence was so great there was something mysterious about it.  It had a divine resonance, missing in other kinds of pain, and it was heavier than the weight of all other pains put together.  I prayed that, in His goodness, He would accept my pain, and that in His understanding, He would grant me the greatest grace:  that all may know His Most Holy Will.


May its mysterious, divine sound resonate in all hearts, and call everyone to fulfill the Most Holy Will.  May It crush the human will with Its ponderous weight, along with all passion and sin.  Then all may know You, love You, and comprehend what the loss of a God means


There’s really no way to explain these thoughts; it would take far too long, for one thing.  I just wish I could keep quiet about all this, instead of entrusting my secrets to paper, but obedience imposed itself, and I had to say Fiat.


I was exhausted and I couldn’t it take anymore.  Then my sweet Jesus, having compassion for me, came out from inside me.  He looked exhausted and His mouth was all filled with blood.  There was so much blood that He couldn’t speak; but with His sad gaze, He asked for my help. 


Faced with Jesus’ pain, I forgot about my own, especially because, since He was there, the pain had stopped.  I prayed that He would let us suffer together. 


After we had suffered together for a little while, the blood from His mouth stopped.  Then He noticed how much His absence had crushed me.  He grabbed me and pulled me to Himself.  Then He laid Himself down within me in order to fill me with Himself.


He told me:  “My poor daughter, you look beat.  You shouldn’t do this to yourself.”


You’re right, being deprived of God is the worst kind of pain.  It’s so bad that it took all the strength of my Will to sustain you.  But you still don’t know what it means to suffer in my Will.  Wherever was my Will, there ran your pain: on earth, in Heaven, within the Saints and the Angels.  As soon as it reached them, they all turned toward you to watch, ready to help.  If paradise were capable of suffering, it would have changed all of their happiness and joy into sorrow.  However, it is not capable of suffering, so they all beseeched grace to exchange for such great pain.” 


The pain of the soul who lives in my Will is everyone’s cross.  It compensates for everything, and converts the fury of Divine Justice into celestial dew.  So, be brave and never be tempted to leave my Will.” 


I was still confused.  I was expecting a reproach from Jesus because of all my nonsense; however, He didn’t even mention it.  We were perfectly at peace.




Thursday, November 5, 1925

I was fusing myself in the Holy Divine Volition as usual, trying my best to repay my Jesus with my little love for all that He has done in Redemption.  Meanwhile, my sweet Love, Jesus, began moving inside me.


He said:  “My daughter, while you are flying in my Will, find all the Sacraments that I instituted.  Descend into the depths of them and give Me your little requital of love.  There you will find so many of my secret tears, bitter sighs, and the breathless moans of the Holy Spirit.   Faced with Our love’s many disappointments, He moans continuously.” 


The Sacraments were instituted to continue my Life on earth in the midst of my children.  Yet, We still have so many sorrows.  This is why I need your little love.  It may be small, but my Will shall make it great.  Someone who must live in my Will associates herself with my sorrows; My love does not tolerate otherwise.  She must give Me her little requital of love for all that I have done and that I suffer.  See how my love moans in the Sacraments, my daughter.”


When I see a newborn being baptized, I cry with sorrow.  Through Baptism I restore his innocence.   In finding my child again, I return to him his lost rights over Creation.  I make the enemy flee from him, so he no longer has any right over him.  I entrust him to the Angels, and all of Heaven puts on a feast for him.   I smile at him with love and satisfaction.  However, soon my smile turns into sorrow, and the feast into mourning.”


I see that the one who is baptized will be an enemy of mine, a new Adam, and maybe even a lost soul.  My love moans so much with each Baptism.  It’s even worse when the minister baptizing does not do it with that respect, dignity and decorum which befit a Sacrament of regeneration.”


They often pay more attention to trivialities or whatever else is going on, than administering a Sacrament.  So, my love feels itself being pricked by the baptizer and by the one who is baptized, and it lets out unutterable moans.  So, would you give Me a requital of love, a loving moan, for each Baptism, to keep my sorrowful moans company?”


Move on to the Sacrament of Confirmation, which brings Me so many bitter sighs.  Through Confirmation, I restore his courage.  I return his lost strength, making him invincible to his passions and all enemies.  He is admitted to the ranks of the militia of his Creator, so he can fight for the acquisition of the Celestial Fatherland.  The Holy Spirit gives him His loving kiss again, lavishing a thousand caresses, offering Himself as a life-long companion.  However He often feels that He is being requited with the kiss of a traitor, His caresses being despised, His company shunnedHe sighs and moans so much for the return of the one who shuns Him.  He speaks secretly to the heart until He gets tired of talking, all in vainSo give the Holy Spirit your loving kiss of requital.  Keep Him company as He moans from so much neglect.”


But, don’t stop there.  Keep flying, and you will hear the anguishing moans of the Holy Spirit in the Sacrament of Penance.  Those who administer it are so ungrateful.  Both they and those who receive abuse It profanely.


In this Sacrament, my Blood goes into action over the contrite sinner.  It descends upon his soul, to wash him, embellish him, to heal and strengthen him and give him back the grace he had lost.  It will hand him the keys to Heaven, which sin had snatched away from him.  It will mark his forehead with the peacemaking kiss of forgiveness.” 


Regardless, you can often hear the harrowing moans of the Holy Spirit as He watches souls approach this Sacrament of Penance without any sorrow at all.  Some only come out of habit, while others merely seek an emotional release for the human heart.  Some go just to have a nice chat, making a mockery of the Sacrament.  It’s a terrible thing to say, but others, instead of going to obtain grace, the life of their souls, go pouring out their passions, seeking death.  Then my Blood, instead of descending as a bath, comes down as fire, withering them further.” 


Our love cannot be consoled when, during each Confession, It sobs, crying, over and over again:  ‘Human ingratitude, how great you are.  You try to offend Me at every turn.  When I offer you life, you transform the very life I offer you into death.’  So you can see then, how Our moans await your requital of love in the Sacrament of Penance.


Don’t let your love stop.  Go through all the Tabernacles, through every Sacramental Host, and in each Host you will hear the Holy Spirit moan with unspeakable sorrow.  With the Sacrament of the Eucharist, souls receive not only their own life; it is my very own Life that gives Itself to themThe formation of my Life in them is the fruit of this Sacrament.  Each Communion helps make my Life grow and develop so much that you can say:  ‘I am another Christ’. 


However, very few take advantage of it.  Even worse, I often descend into hearts where they make Me find the weapons to wound Myself, and repeat for Me the tragedy of my Passion.  As the sacramental species are consumed, instead of urging Me to stay with them, I am forced to leave, bathed with tears, crying over my sacramental lot.  There’s no one to calm my crying and sorrowful moaning.  If you could tear down the Host’s veils, which cover Me, you would find Me bathed in tears, knowing the what awaits Me when descending into heartsSo, let your requital of love for each Host be continuous.  Calm my crying, and diminish the sorrowful moaning of the Holy Spirit.”


Don’t stop, otherwise We will not find you always sharing Our moaning and Our secret tears.  We will feel the void of your missing requital of love.” 


Descend into the Sacrament of Ordination.  There you will find Our most intimate hidden sorrows, the bitterest tears and the most heart-rending moans.” 


Ordination elevates man to a towering height, to a divine character, the replicator of my Life.  He administers the Sacraments and reveals my secrets, my Gospel, the most sacred science.  He becomes something sacred, the peacemaker between Heaven and earth and the bearer of Jesus to souls.  He exists as the most important character between Heaven and earth.” 


Sadly, We often see how someone who is ordained becomes for Us a Judas, a usurper of the character being impressed in him.  You should hear how the Holy Spirit moans when He sees someone who is ordained being snatched away from Him.  He hears so much profanity.  Everything the ordained does out of character turns into a sorrowful cry, bitter sobbing and a heart-rending moan.” 


Ordination is the Sacrament that holds together all the other Sacraments.  If the ordained one is able to preserve whole within himself the character he has received, he will safely guard all the other Sacraments.  He will be the savior and defender of Jesus Himself.” 


However, when We do not see this in someone who is ordained, Our sorrows sharpen ever more, and Our moans become continuous.  So, let your requital of love flow in each priestly act, to keep the Holy Spirit company while moans in love.”


Lend Us the ear of your heart and listen to Our profound moaning in the Sacrament of Marriage.  It’s chaotic!  I elevated Marriage to a Sacrament to make it a sacred bond, the symbol of the divine love enclosed within the Sacrosanct Trinity.  The love, concord and peace that was to reign in the father, mother and children, was supposed to symbolize the Celestial Family.  I intended to have many families on earth similar to the Family of the Creator.  They were destined to populate the earth like terrestrial angels so I could then bring them back to populate the celestial regions.” 


But now the Holy Spirit moans and moans, watching families of sin being formed in Marriage, who symbolize hell, with their discord, their lack of love leading to hatred.  They populate the earth like rebellious angels who will then populate hell.”


Watching each Marriage, the Holy Spirit emits heart-rending moans when He sees so many of them turning into infernal dens on earth.  So, place your remittance of love inside each Marriage, within every creature who comes to see the light of day.  This is how your loving moan can make Our own continuous moaning less sorrowful.”


The story of Our moaning is not yet finished.  Let your requital of love reach the bed of those who are dying while the Sacrament of Extreme Unction is being administered.  We moan and moan while shedding Our secret tears!  This Sacrament has the virtue of bringing the dying sinner to safety in at any cost.  It is the confirmation of sanctity for the good and the holy.  Through its Unction it establishes the last bond between the creature and God.”


Extreme Unction is the seal of Heaven impressed upon the redeemed soul.  It is the infusion of the merits of the Redeemer that enriches and purifies and her.  With it, the Holy Spirit embellishes her with the final brush stroke that disposes her to depart from the earth to appear before her Creator.”


 “Extreme Unction is the final display of Our love, the clothing of the soul.  It is the rearranging of all good works.  It acts in a surprising way in those who are alive to grace.  Extreme Unction covers the soul with celestial dew, extinguishing her passions in one breath, along with her attachment to the earth and anything else that does not belong to Heaven.” 


It’s so sad.  So many bitter tears, so much moaning, loathing and negligence!  So many lost souls.  So few the sanctities to be confirmedSo scarce the good works to be reordered and rearranged!  If everyone could hear Our crying and moaning over the bed of someone dying, while We are administering the Sacrament of the Extreme Unction, they would all cry with sorrowThis is the final display of Our love toward the creature.  So why wouldn’t you want to give Us your requital of love every time this Sacrament is administered?”


Our Will awaits your requital of love everywhere.  We want to have your company as We moan and sigh.”




Monday, November 9, 1925


I was fusing myself in the Holy Divine Volition as usual, to adore to my crucified Good.  I fell asleep a couple of times while acting in the Supreme Volition.  That’s never happened before.  So I accomplished nothing, nor did I adore.


So I said to myself:  ‘First I will adore the crucifix, and then, if I don’t fall asleep, I will fuse myself in the Divine Volition to do my usual acts.’


However, while I was thinking this, my sweet Jesus came out from inside me, and brought His face close to mine.


He said:  “My daughter, I want you to fuse yourself in my Will first.  Come before the Supreme Majesty to reorder all human wills in the Will of their Creator.  It is from within my own Will that you must repair all the broken actions of the creatures’ wills opposed to Mine.” 


Will came out of Us to divinize the creature, and Will do We want.  When this Will is rejected by them, to do their own will, it is the most direct offense to the Creator.  It is a denial of all the gifts of Creation.  It means moving away from His likeness.” 


Do you think fusing yourself in my Will is trivial?  It is like having My complete Will on your lap.  And even though there is only one, It divinizes each and every creature.  By reuniting all these acts of my Will together, you bring them all before the Supreme Majesty.  You repay them with your love, compensating them with your will together with Mine.  By redoing all these acts conversly to those of creatures, you impress my Will on them.  You surprise the creatures by repeating these acts over and over again.  This is how they can come to know It, and accept It within themselves as their prime action, love It, and fulfill this Holy Will in everything.” 


There are people who commit to the adoration of my wounds.  However, no one returns to Me the rights of my Will, even though this was My primary action toward man.  So, it is your duty to do it, since you have a special mission concerning my Will.” 


Even if you fall asleep while you are doing it, our Celestial Father will watch you lovingly, as you sleep in His arms.  He sees that, even while sleeping, His little daughter holds on her little lap all the acts of His Will.  He watches as you repair and return them in love, giving to each act of Our Will the honor, the sovereignty, and the right that befits It.  So, first fulfill your duty, and then, if you can, do the adoration of my wounds as well.”


Thanks be to Jesus, always.  Last night, by His goodness, I did both one and then the other.




Thursday, November 12, 1925


I was fusing myself in the Holy Divine Volition as usual, and my sweet Jesus, moving inside me, gave me a big hug.  Then he assumed the role of a teacher, giving me a lesson and correcting it.


He told me:  “Pay attention when you perform your actions in my Will, My daughter.  When someone is called to head a mission, the more he personifies the benefits of that mission, the more goodness he will be able to pass on to others.  Those benefits will be like so many seeds that he will lend to others.  Then, whoever has the good fortune of desiring those seeds may possess their next harvest.” 


This happened with Adam who, being the first man, was made head of all generations.  He being the head had to possess the seeds in order to give to others what is necessary for the development of human life.  These seeds have been expanded, elucidated and are thus better known.  However, the capacity and ability to plant these seeds has depended on the goodwill of the following generations.   On the other hand, Adam had them all within himself, so everything comes from him.  Being created by God, he was endowed with all sciences.  What others learn with so much effort, he possessed as an amazing gift.” 


He possessed the knowledge of all the things of this earth.  He knew the science of all the plants and herbs and understood their virtues.  He knew the science of every species of animal and how he should use them.  He knew the science of music, singing, writing, medicine and everything else.  And even though every generation developed new science, Adam possessed them all.  So you see the responsibilities of the one who is the first to lead.  He must know all about the benefits he must share with others.” 


The same is true for you, my daughter.  I have called you to be the head of a special mission, even more so than Adam.  This time, it is not about human science, but the science of sciences,  my Will, the science of Heaven.  I want you to enclose within yourself all of the seeds my Will contains.  The more actions you do in It, the more knowledge you will acquire.  You will add more rays of light on the Sun of my Will, so that, with greater fullness of light, It will be able to diffuse more for the good of the generations.  Then, stirred by the fullness of light, they will be able to know with greater clarity the good contained in my Will.  Then they will better understand what it means to live in It and be enriched by Its great benefits.”


It is like the sun.  It is so full of light that it can easily take the whole earth in its power.  Shining its light on all, It warms it, illuminates it and nourishes it, so that everyone can more or less know how good it is.  However, if the sun, so high in the sky, were poor in light, the sunshine coming down to earth naturally would not be very strong, except perhaps at its equator.” 


I gave the sun such fullness of light for the good of all generations.  Even more so do I want to fill them with the full light the Sun of my Will.  It will illuminate souls and warm them, casting into them the fruitfulness of the seed of Divine Sanctity.” 


Just as I chose Adam as the head, just as I chose a point in the heavens in which to fix the center of the sun which was to illuminate the earth, so did I choose you as the center of the Sun of my Will; and the fullness of light must be so great, that all may be able to enjoy it and be invested by this light, and each one may make it his own.  This is why your complete acts in my Will are needed, as well as the knowledge which I keep manifesting to you, in order to form the fullness of this light.”


Of course, Eternal Wisdom establishes the actions of the creature to complete the good It wants to do in her.  That’s what happened in the coming of Redemption upon earth by the Eternal Word.  It took the course of four thousand years to do it.  During this time, all the actions necessary to prepare creatures to earn the great good of Redemption had been established.  This included all the grace and knowledge given by the Supreme Majesty to make known the good the descent of the Word would bring into their midst.”


Thence came the patriarchs, the holy fathers, the prophets and all the good of the Old Testament.  Their actions prepared the way, a staircase, to reach the fulfillment of the longed-for RedemptionBut it wasn’t enough.  As good and holy as their actions were, original sin was such a high wall that it still divided them from God.”


This is why a Virgin was needed.  She had to be innocent, holy, conceived without original sin, and enriched by God with all graces.  She had to make Her own all the good actions over the course of four thousand years.  She covered them with Her innocence, sanctity and purity, in such a way that the Divinity would see those actions through the acts of this innocent and holy Creature.  She embraced all the acts of the ancients, surpassing them all with Her own, thus securing the descent of the Word upon earth.” 


All the good actions of the ancients were like gold and silver.  However the image of the king, which gives monetary value to precious metal, is not impressed on it.  So, even though it’s valuable, it’s not money that can circulate in the kingdom as currency.  However, suppose that this gold or silver were acquired by the king, and he minted it into coins with his image impressed upon them.  Then that gold becomes legal currency.” 


This what the Virgin did.  She impressed upon them Her innocence, Her sanctity and the Divine Will, which She possessed in its entirety.  She presented them all together to the Divinity, thus obtaining the longed-for Redeemer.  The Virgin had completed all the actions needed to make the Word descend upon earth.”


But that’s not all.  For the Redeemer to have freedom of action on earth, the operational imprint of the Word Himself was needed to make man rise up to Heaven.  It was the imprint of innocence, sanctity and the Divine Will.  Then, whoever wanted to could use those acts as coins to purchase Heaven for himself.”


Although the Virgin was enough to make Me descend into the midst of creatures, my divinity had to be operational for man to rise.  This is why I embraced all those acts and made them my own.  I made up for all, accomplishing everything.  I placed the divine imprint on all the good actions, for the benefit all, from the first to the last man who is to come upon earth.” 


This imprint cost Me unimaginable pain and the shedding of my Blood.  Like a magnanimous King, I gave to all the coins needed to purchase Heaven for themselves.  All this had been established by Uncreated Wisdom.  For Redemption to take place, not even one of these actions could be missing.”


My daughter, just as it was with Redemption, so it will be with my Will.  To make It known and to make It reign as the primary action of life in the creature, these actions must be fulfilled.  You must following the example of my Celestial Mama and I.  You too must embrace in my Will all the acts done in the Old Testament, those of the Queen of Heaven and those done by Me.  You must make your own all those actions which are done and will be done by the saints and all good people, up to the last day.  You must place your seal of requital of love, of blessing and adoration, through the Sanctity and the Power of my Will, upon each one of them.” 


Nothing must escape you.  My Will embraces everything.  You too must embrace everything and everyone, and place my Will alone at the first place of honor upon all the actions of creatures.  It will be your imprint, with which you will imprint the image of my Will on all the actions of creatures.  Your playing-field is vast.  I want to see you in my Will, flowing over all the many graces and the prodigies I did in the Old Testament.  You will give Me your requital of love and thanksgiving in the actions of the patriarchs and prophets, to make up for their love.” 


There is not one act in which I do not want to find you.  I would be neither satisfied nor content if I did not find you in all the actions of creatures which have ever been done and ever will be done.  Otherwise you would not have completed everything in my Will.  You would not be truly living in my Will.  So pay attention, if you want enough fullness of light to illuminate all people with the Sun of my Will.” 


Anyone who wants to give light to all must embrace everyone in one single hug, by substituting himself for the life of everything and of everyone.  Isn’t my Will the life of everything?  Is not this life repaid with nothing but bitterness?  Is there not a need for someone who could flow through everyone, sweetening this bitterness by substituting for each action of the ungrateful creature?  This would be an act of life within my own Will.”




Thursday, November 19, 1925


I was immersed in the immense sea of the Supreme Will, doing what my lovable Jesus would have wanted me to do.  I didn’t want anything to escape me of all the acts It has done, does and will do, which for Jesus are one single act.  I wanted to be always with this Divine Will, to give It my little requital of love and thanksgiving.  I wanted to at least make a long list of all the actions of this Supreme Will, to admire and praise what It can do.  I wanted to be always with It and never leave It alone. 


But sadly, I’m so little that I get lost and don’t know where to start, because I find It everywhere.  It’s always in the act of doing surprising things, great and small. 


While I was thinking about this, my sweet Jesus, came out from inside me.


He told me:  “Daughter of my Holy Will, every daughter knows what her father does.  She knows what he possesses, and can say to her father: ‘What is yours is mine’.  If it were otherwise, it means that father and daughter are not close, or perhaps she is not his legitimate child.  However, a true daughter of my Will knows what It does and the immense goodness It has.”


To live in my Will means keeping company with all the actions my Will performs.  My Will does not want to live isolated in the midst of Creation.  It wants the creature’s company because It loves her so much.  It maintains order in all Creation.  It maintains life in the whole universe and makes Itself the life of each thing.  When It finds the soul who keeps It company in this life, my Will rejoices at the feast and feels happy.  It finds the one whom It loves, and by whom It is loved in return.  It finds one to whom It can make Itself and Its possessions known.  In Its happiness, It narrates to the soul the secrets of Its Volition, Its value and Its astonishing effects. 

And that’s the least of it.”


As It narrates Its knowledge, what It is and what It does, It donates what It manifests to her.  More than a valid script, it is knowledge itself that has been impressed in the soul with characters of light.   Knowing It means possessing Its benefits.” 


It is so beautiful to see the sanctity, the power and the immensity of my Will dwelling in the littleness of the human will when it keeps my Will company.  It always wants to give, It never stops.  It wants to see littleness become beautiful, rich and powerful.  My Will wants to keep this littleness always close to Itself, so It can always give it things.” 


There is nothing more beautiful, more gracious or more surprising to see, than a soul who tries to follow the actions of the Will of her Creator.  There is a contest going on continuously between them, a reciprocal love, a continuous giving and receiving.  If you only realized how rich you are!  For every single thing you know about my Will, there is some corresponding benefit attached.  If you tried to enumerate them, you would get lost and drown in them.  So pay attention when following the acts of my Will, if you want to constantly keep It company.”





Sunday, November 22, 1925

I was fusing myself in the Holy Divine Volition as usual, trying as hard as I could to embrace everything in my little lap.  I was trying to place my little ‘I love You’, my ‘thank You’, my adoration, my ‘I bless You’, upon all created things, with the power of the Supreme Fiat.  I wanted to keep company with this Supreme Will, which is spread throughout Creation with so much love. 


While I was doing this, I thought to myself:  ‘What does the soul get out of living in this celestial atmosphere of the Supreme Will?’ 


At that moment, my lovable Jesus came out from inside me, and gave me a big hug.


He said: “My daughter, do you really want to know what the soul gets by living in my Will?  Her will is united with the Supreme Will.  In this union my Will takes on the task of giving the will of the soul parity with Itself.  My Will is holy and pure.  It is light.  It wants to make the soul equal to Itself in holiness, purity and light.”


The task of the soul is to live in my Will.  My task is to give my likeness to the human will in a perfect way.  That’s why I want you always in It.  It will not only keep you in Its company, It will make you grow in Its likeness.  That’s why I feed you the food of Its knowledge.  It will make you grow in a divine manner and with Its perfect likeness.  And that’s why my Will wants you always with Itself, wherever It operates.  It will give you the very act of Its operating.  You will receive the full value of the Divine Will’s operation.”


On hearing this, I said:  ‘My Love, your Will is everywhere.  Everyone lives in It, however not everyone receives this likeness.’ 


Jesus countered:  “What does that have to do with it, my daughter?  It is true that everyone lives in my Will, because there is nowhere my Will is not present, but almost all live in It as foreigners, or as mercenaries.  Some are forced, others rebel.  These live in It but don’t know It, nor do they know Its benefits.  On the contrary, they are the highjackers of that very life they have received from my Will.  Their every action is a divergence of their will from their Creator’s.  It is a confirmation of their poverty, of their passions, and of the thick darkness with which they fill themselves.  They are blind to all that is Heaven.” 


To reach parity with my Will, you cannot live as a foreigner.  You must be the owner.  You must look at all things as your own, and take care of them.  To love and possess them, you have to know them.  As beautiful and good as something may be, if it is not totally yours, you neither love nor esteem it, and don’t take care it the way you should.  You are cool toward it, apathetic.  On the other hand, if it’s yours, you are all eyes.  Looking at it, your heart is full of love for it.  You esteem it so much that you make it into an idol for your heart.  That something in itself has not become more beautiful.  What it was, it still is; it hasn’t changed.   It is the person who has changed, by acquiring it and keeping it as something exclusively their own.” 


I’ll tell you what the soul gets by living in my Will.  She receives It as her own, she possesses It, she feels Its celestial aura, Its Life of Heaven, the likeness of the One who created her.  Since she lives in my Will, she is studded with the reflections of her Creator.  In everything she feels the power of that Fiat which gives life to all things.  In her sea of goodness, she says:I’m so happy!  The Will of God is mine!  I possess It and I love It.’ ”


All acts done in my Will diffuse over all, and everyone takes part in them.  Remember when, at daybreak, you were saying:  ‘May my mind rise in the Supreme Will, to cover the intelligence of all creatures with your Will, so that all may rise in It.  In the name of all I give You the adoration, the love, the submission of all created intelligence…’?”  While you were saying this, celestial dew descended upon all creatures, covering them with the rewards of your actions.” 


It was so beautiful to see all creatures covered by this celestial dew.  My Will is symbolized by the night dew adorning plants in the morning.  It nourishes them and keeps them from withering.  Its celestial touch gives them life to grow.  Dew at daybreak is so enchanting.  But the dew of actions done by the soul in my Will is so much more enchanting and beautiful.”


And I:  ‘Yet, My Love and my Life, even all this dew doesn’t seem to change creatures.’ 


And Jesus:  “The night dew does nothing if it falls on dry wood, severed from the plants or upon anything else without life.  Even if they are embellished with dew, they are dead to It

Nonetheless, by the vivifying virtue It possesses, even if they are dead, It tries to infuse a breath of life into them.  The rest feel the effects of this beneficial dew more or less according to their dispositions.”


As the sun rises, little by little It withdraws the dew from them.  If they are alive in the first place, the night dew is very good for the plants.  And unless they are completely dead to grace, the dew my Will sends down upon souls does even more good.”




Sunday, December 6, 1925


I was performing my interior actions in the Supreme Volition as usual, embracing all Creation and all creatures to make all of their acts my own.  I was repaying my God with my little love, for everything He has done in Creation and for everything that all creatures should do. 


While I was doing this, I had a thought:  ‘You take so much time doing this!  What good is it? What glory do you give to your God?’ 


Just then, my sweet Jesus moved inside me.  Stretching out His arms, He embraced everyone and everything.  Raising them up, He offered everything to His Celestial Father.


Then He said to me:  “My daughter, this is what it means to truly live in the Supreme Will.  I must find everything and everyone in the depth of the soul.  Everything my Will has issued in Creation for the good of creatures must be bound in the soul with her love.  By living in my Will and by her requital of love, she is already bound to and in possession of all that my Will has done and will do.  She can love as my Will loves.” 


By virtue of truly living in It and binding everything to herself, the soul becomes for Me the starry heavens.  I find everything in her: the refulgent sun, the vastness of the seas, prairies full of flowers.”


It is right that the soul, hopping from one thing to another, over all that is mine and hers, should understand this.  Playing upon all created things, it is right that she impress on each one of them her kiss and her little ‘I love You for the One who created so many things as gifts for creatures.  Loving that man be happy, this great variety of creations displays how many different ways He loves him, giving him a surplus over and above the necessities.”


But that’s not all.  True living in my Will binds everyone.  Not only must I find the whole of Creation in the soul, I must find Adam himself in her.  I must find Adam guilty, humiliated and crying.  Sharing in his tears, she must long with him for that Fiat he rejected, causing so much ruin.  I must find him in action, holy as he came out of my creative hands.  She must bind herself to him in his state of sanctity, and take part in his innocent and holy actions, thus giving Me glory and making the whole of Creation smile again.”


I must find in her the prophets, the patriarchs and the holy fathers, along with all their actions.  As they longed for the Redeemer, you will long for my Supreme Fiat, as the triumph and fulfillment of their sighs.” 


I want to find my inseparable Mama, with all Her actions.  My Will, having full dominion, gave so many premonitions through her.  I want to fully find Myself and all my actions.  I want to find everything that belongs to Me, all that my Supreme Will has done and will do.   These are all things which are inseparable from Me, so it is just and necessary that they become inseparable from one who lives in my Will.”


If I don’t find everything, then she doesn’t live completely in my Will.  If I look in her, and don’t find all of my things there, but instead see them scattered outside of the soul, then I cannot receive her requital of love for all that belongs to Me.  It’s not understood that I have created the creature so that she be a little world and a little god?”


That’s why I tell you so often that living in my Will is not yet known.  I keep teaching you, first one thing, then another.  I expand your capacity so that everything of Mine and all the good my Will has issued, may enter into you.  I want to hear you repeat to Me your return of love in everything that belongs to Me.  I do not tolerate anyone who lives in my Will not knowing, loving and possessing everything that belongs to Me.  This is required for the great prodigy of living in my Will


After this, my sweet Jesus remained silent as I wandered in the Divine Volition.  I wanted so much to place my loving and grateful kiss upon all created things, and my little ‘I love You’ on all supreme acts of the Divine Volition.  I wanted to bind them to me, and they to me, surrounding my Jesus inside me with all the actions of the Eternal Will.”


I watched the starry heavens until my lovable Jesus continued: “Look at the heavens, my daughter.  See the order and harmony among the stars.  One star cannot be without the other.  They are so bound together, that each one sustains the other.  Each one is the strength of the other.  May it never be, but if even a single star moved from its place, there would be such confusion and disorder in the sky.  There would be such danger that everything could end up in ruin.”


The beauty of the heavens lies in all the star’s staying in place.  They communicate in the common union and attractive force they have among themselves.  A strong, natural force keeps them suspended and bound to one another.”


Man is the new heaven, more so than the heavens above the earth.  Each creature is an animated star.  From the first man, Adam, up to the last one who is to come, everything was to be in common among them.  Man was to possess the strength of all, not just his own.  All goods were to be held in common.  My Will, more than any natural force, was to be the bond among them, communicating all that is good and holy.  Each man, occupied with different actions, was to do his own thing.  However, since all were to start from the primary point of my Will, all were to be converted into light.  Each one was to be light for the other.” 


Seeing this heaven of creatures so messed up, my sorrow was great, incomprehensible to human creatures!  My Will binds everyone, linking everything together.  Once It was removed, darkness entered, along with disorder, confusion, disunion and weakness.  Poor heaven of creatures; it’s hardly recognizable anymore.  It is only by living in my Will that this heaven will again be reordered and shine with new light.” 


This is why I tell you that I want to find everyone and everything in you.  My Will, the primary action of all celestial and terrestrial creatures, will communicate to you all their actions.  You will be bound to them, and they to you.  By living in my Will, everyone and everything shall be enclosed in It.  So pay attention, because I want to give you the greatest gift of all.  I expect great things from you.  Give me you full attention.  One who gives much expects much in return.”




Sunday, December 20, 1925


 I was thinking of the tears that Baby Jesus shed at His birth. 


I said to myself:  ‘How bitter these tears must have been for Him.  They must have frozen and then burned that tender face.’ 


In fact, from what I know, tears have two effects, depending on the reason they are shed.  If they come from love, they burn and make you sob; if by sorrow, they are ice-cold and make you shiver.  For my royal little Baby there was both intense, infinite love, and endless sorrow, so His tears must have cost Him very much.


While I was thinking about this, my sweet Jesus moved inside me.  I saw His face wet with tears.  They flowed one after the other, wetting His chest and hands. 


Sighing, He said to me: 


My daughter, my tears began from the very first instant of my conception in the womb of my Celestial Mama, and continued up til my last breath on the Cross.  The Will of my Celestial Father entrusted to Me the work of tears.  My eyes shed as many as would all creatures put together.  Just as I conceived all of their souls within Me, so was I to shed all of their tears from my eyes.”


“See, then, how much I had to cry.  I had to shed from my eyes the tears which creatures shed out of passion, so that mine might extinguish their passions.  I had to shed the tears needed after sin, to give them sorrow for having offended Me so they would understand the evil they had done.   My tears prepared them to resolve not to offend Me any more.  I had to shed tears in order to move souls to compassion, to make them comprehend the pain of my Passion.  I also shed abundant tears of love, electrifying souls to love Me, drawing their sympathy and their hearts to Me.  It tell you that not one tear arises on the human eye, which I did not fall from my eyes.” 


No one knew about all my tears, all my crying, hidden and secret.  How many times, even as a tender Child, I flew from earth up to Heaven to lean my little head upon the knees of my Celestial Father.  I cried and cried.”


Sobbing, I said to Him:  ‘My Father, You see, I am born in the world to tears and sorrow, just like my brothers, who are born to tears, and die amidst cryingI love these brothers so much, that I want to shed all of their tears from my eyes.  Not even one do I want to let escape.  I will sanctify and divinize their tears of love, of sorrow, of victory.’ 


The heart of my dear Mama would be pierced so many times, just by seeing Me all wet from crying.  The pain of seeing Me cry would unite Her tears to mine.  We cried together so often.  Sometimes I had to hide to vent my crying, so it wouldn’t always pierce Her innocent, maternal Heart.  Other times, I waited for when my Celestial Mama was busy doing housework so I could cry enough to finish all the tears of all creatures.”


When I heard this, I said to Him:  ‘My Love, Jesus, so, your eyes have also shed my tears, as well as those of our first father Adam.  I want You to pour them out upon my soul.  They will give me the grace not only to do your Most Holy Will, but to possess It as my own.  Then Your will shall become mine.’ 


At that moment, Jesus shook His head and tears flowed from His face onto my poor soul.


He said:  “Daughter of my Will, I did indeed shed your tears.  As they passed through my eyes, I gave you the great gift of my Will.  Even though Adam’s tears passed through my eyes as well, he did not earn this gift.”


However, before sinning, Adam did possess my Will, and by possessing my Will he grew in the likeness of his Creator.  He grew so much alike that all in Heaven were enchanted, and all felt honored to serve him.  After sin, he lost possession of my Will.  Even though he wept over his fault and sinned no more and he was able to do my Will, he was no longer in possession of It.   The Divinity would form the new divine graft between the creature and the Creator.  However, because Adam had offended Him, the Divinity was absent and Only the Divinity could let him again cross the threshold of the possessions of the Eternal Volition.” 



I, the Eternal Word, made this graft after four thousand years, when Adam had already passed on to the thresholds of Eternity.  However, in spite of the divine graft I made with tears, sighs and unimaginable pain, many were reduced to the state of Adam after his sin, just merely doing my Will.  Some don’t even want to know about It.  Others rebel against It.  Only someone who lives in my Will rises to the state of Adam when he was still innocent, before falling into sin.” 


The truth is, there is huge gap between those who do my Will and those who possess It.  It is the difference between the innocent Adam and Adam after sin.  When I came to earth, it was to act as God.  I came to complete the work of man in everything.  I came to raise him back up to where he started, by giving him possession of my Will.” 


Many make use of my coming as remedy for their salvation.   They take my Will as medicine to strengthen themselves, using it as antidote to keep them from going to hell.  Nevertheless, I am still waiting, so that souls may arise who will take It as their own life.  I am making It known, so they can take possession of It.  This is how I will complete the work I started when I came to earth.  Then the divine graft I renewed with the creature will bear fruit.  Then my tears will turn into celestial and divine smiles, for Me and for them.”




Friday, December 25, 1925


I was thinking about what He told me last time: that the Divine Will is a gift that someone possesses as their own.  On the other hand, someone who does the Will of God must submit to Its commands.  He often has to ask for guidance.  The gift is loaned to him; he is not the owner of it.  He has to perform the action God wants, and, once it is done, he has to return the gift he had borrowed. 


Many images and similes formed in my mind about anyone who lives in the Divine Volition and possesses It as a gift.  Someone who does the Most Holy Will of God does not fully own the gift.  If he ever does possesses It at all, it is only because it has been loaned to him now and then.  I am going to use some of those similes.


Imagine that I had a gold coin that could replicate itself into as many coins as I wanted.  With this gift, I would become very rich.  On the other hand, someone else receives this gift as a loan for one hour, or as long as it takes to carry out a single action, and then immediately gives it back. 


What a difference between the richness of the gift I possess and that of someone who receives it as a loan!  I have received the gift of a light that never goes out.  I am safe, day and night.  I always have the benefit of seeing this light, and no one can take It away from me.  It becomes a natural part of me.  It gives me the benefit of knowing what is good, so I can do it, and what is evil, to escape it.  With this light that I was given, I can sneer at the world, the enemy, my passions, and even at myself.  This light is a constant source of happiness for me.  It has no weapons, yet it defends me.  It has voice, yet it instructs me.  It has neither hands nor feet, but it directs my way, a sure guide to bring me to Heaven. 


On the other hand, someone else has to go and ask for this light when he feels the need for it.  He does not have it at his disposal.  He is not accustomed to always having enough light to see. Consequently, he does not possess knowledge of good and evil.  He doesn’t have the strength to do good and avoid evil.  By not always having sufficient light, he is in dire straits, with danger and deception on all sides.  What a difference between the one who possesses this light that is given him, and someone who has to go and ask for it whenever he needs it.


My mind wandered amid so many similes


I said to myself:  ‘Living in the Will of God means possessing the Will of God, and this is a gift.  However, if the goodness of God does not condescend to give It, what can the poor creature do?’ 


At that moment, my lovable Jesus moved inside me and gave me a big hug.


He said:  “My daughter, it’s true that living in my Will is the greatest gift you could have.  This gift has infinite value.  It is money that just appears every moment.  It is a light that never goes out.  It is a sun that never sets.  It places the soul in the right spot, the one established for her by God in the divine order.  Thus she takes her place of honorable sovereignty in Creation.”


It is only given to someone who is so inclined, someone who will not waste it, someone who will esteem it ever so much, loving it more than his own life.  Moreover, he must be ready to sacrifice his own life, so that this gift of my Will may have supremacy over everything, and be held up as greater than life itself.  His own life is worth nothing compared to It.” 


Therefore, first I want to see that the soul really wants to do my Will.  She must never do her own will but must always be ready to make any sacrifice to do Mine.  In everything she does, she must always ask Me for the gift of my Will, even if it’s just for a loan.” 



Then, when I see that she does nothing without the loan my Will, I give it to her as a gift.  Hence, by asking for it over and over again, she has formed a void within her soul where this celestial gift can reside.  By becoming accustomed to living with the loan of this divine food, she loses the taste for her own will.  Her palate becomes nobler and no longer adapts itself to the vile food of her own self.  Finding herself in possession of the gift she has longed for, yearned for and loved so much, this gift of Life becomes her life.  She loves It, and will give It the esteem It deserves.” 


Imagine a man who, out of affection, likes to have a little boy around to play with.  Suppose he gave him a thousand dollar bill, and the child, not knowing its value, tore it into little pieces after a few minutes?  Would you criticize this man?”


On the other hand, suppose he first makes the child desire it, by teaching him its value.  If he then gives a thousand dollar bill to the child who now knows what it can do for him, he will not tear it to pieces.  Appreciating more the gift and the giver, he will go put it under lock and key.  Wouldn’t you praise that man who had the ability to make known to the little child the value of money?  I act like this man, though much more so.  I give my gifts with wisdom, justice and true love.” 


You see here the necessity of the right disposition, knowledge, esteem, appreciation and love for the gift itself.  Knowledge of It is like the herald of the gift of my Will, which I want to give to the creature.  Knowledge prepares the way, like a contract I write for the gift I want to give.  The more knowledge I send to the soul, the more she is spurred on to desire the gift and to solicit the Divine Writer to finalize it with his signature.  The gift then becomes her possession.” 


The sign of the times is knowledge about the gift of my Will that I want to give.  So pay attention.  Don’t let anything escape you of what I teach about my Will.  Then I will give my final signature for the gift I yearn to give to creatures.”


After this, my poor mind wandered in the Supreme Volition, where I did as much as I could to perform all my actions in the Divine Will.  I felt invested with a supreme light and as my little acts came out of me, they went into it and were themselves converted into light.  I could see neither the point of light in which I had done them, nor where to find them.  I could only see that they had become incorporated into that endless light and nothing else.


It was impossible for me to navigate through all that inaccessible light.  I could go inside of it, yes, but to cross the whole of it seemed impossible for someone so little.  At that moment, my lovable Jesus moved inside me.


He said:My daughter, the soul is so beautiful when it is operating in my Will.  Her action unites with the single act of her Creator, which knows no succession of acts.  The eternal light is not divisible.  Even if it could be divided, which can’t, the separated part would become darkness.  Being light, the divine act makes of all her operations into one single action.” 



By operating in the light of my Volition, the soul unites herself to that single action of her Creator and takes her place within the aura of eternal light.  This is why you cannot see your actions, either the point of the light where you performed them, or where they are.  It is impossible for a creature to cross the whole of the eternal light of God.  All she knows is that her act is certainly present in that light, and takes its place in the past, in the present, and in the future.” 


The sun is a bit like that.  Being the image of the shadow of the divine light, it possesses this property in part.  Suppose you were operating someplace where the sun shines.  You see its light in front of you, above and behind you, on the right and on the left.  If you wanted to see which part of the sunlight it was that surrounded you completely, you would not be able to find it, let alone distinguish it.  All you could tell for certain was that the light was shining on you.”


That light was there from the moment the sun was created and it will continue.  Suppose your action could be converted into solar light, like it converts into divine light.  Would you be able to find your own particle of light, or the light given to you by the sun that lets you operate?  Certainly not!   However, you know that an action has emanated from you and was incorporated into the light of the sun.” 


This is why I say that living in the Supreme Volition is the greatest.  It means living Divine Life.  As soon as He sees the soul in His Will, the Celestial Creator takes her in His arms.  Placing her on His lap, He lets her operate with His very own hands, with the power of the Fiat that made all things.  His reflections cover the creature so that it seems that it is He that is operating.  This is why the creature’s action becomes light.  It unites with that one single act of her Creator and is transformed into eternal glory and continuous praise of her Creator.” 


So pay attention and let living in my Will be your All, so you will never descend from your origin, that is, from the lap of your Creator.”  




Sunday, January 10, 1926


I was fusing myself completely in the Holy Divine Volition, and the littleness of my mind wandered within It.  I could see It everywhere and in every place, always in the act of operating in the whole of Creation. 


I really wanted to follow It and give It a little return of my love in everything It was doing.  I wanted to give my ‘thank you’, my profound adoration, and my meager company. 


While I was thinking about this, my adorable Jesus moved inside.


He said: “My daughter, my Will is always on the move in created things, approaching my creatures.  But who fulfills It?  Who puts the final touch on the work of my Will?  The creature; or rather, the creature who understands that all created things are the fulfillment of my Will.”


My Will makes Its way in the seed as It prepares the earth to receive it, giving it the power to make the seed germinate and multiply.  Its craftwork is in calling the rain to water it, the sun to germinate it, the wind to purify it, the cold to make it take root, the heat to develop it and make it reach proper maturity.” 


Then It gives power for the machines to cut it, thresh it and grind it, so it can be made into bread.  It calls the fire to cook it.  It offers it to the mouth of the creature, so she can eat it and sustain her life.  See how many steps and how much crafting my Will does in that seed.  See how many things have been summoned to that seed so it could reach the mouth of creatures as bread!” 


Who takes the final step on the path of my Will?  Who performs the final act of my Supreme Volition?  The one who takes the bread that bears the Divine Will within it, and eats it.  As she eats that bread, she eats my Will within it.  It increases strength of body and soul.  It is the Divine Will’s fulfillment of everything.” 


The creature is the center of everything.  In making all created things, My Will aspires to use all Its craft to do everything It can to reach the creature.  It works the same way with all created things that serve man.  My Will makes Its way in the sea, and works in the multiplication of the fish.  It makes Its way on the earth, multiplying plants, animals and birds.  So that nothing can escape, It makes Its way to the celestial spheres, where It has everything under Its eyes.  From there It makes Itself the feet, hands and heart of each creature, offering each of them the fruit of Its innumerable harvests.   However, Its feast is only for those who take as their own what is of the Supreme Volition as their fulfillment and final destination.”


If it wasn’t for my Will, all things would be frozen, resembling so many painted pictures portraying things absent of life.  As Its Fiat was being released, something of Itself was left on the way in all created things so they would reach man.  Thus, the Supreme Fiat will have Its primary place in the one for whom all things had been created.  It is both the actor and the director of the very life of the creature.”


So, poor creature, if my Will were to withdraw from making Its way in all created things, they would all resemble painted pictures.  They would no longer have any benefit for man.  So you see that it is not created things that serve him.  It is my Will, veiled and hidden, that makes Itself the servant of man.” 


It is right and just, a most sacred duty, for him to look at my Supreme Will in all things and to fulfill It in everything.  He must then return the favor by serving the One who does not disdain to serve him, even in the smallest things?  When I see that they reach him, and he takes them as the fulfillment of my Will, I feel compensated, repaid for my craftwork.  Then I feast.  After such a long way, my intent and purpose in the process of creating things is fulfilled.   The fulfillment of my Will is finally realized in the creature.”


My Will is bit like an actor who must present his show to an audience.  Poor guy!  There is so much behind the scenes work, so many late nights, so many rehearsals.  He must apply his art in rehearsing every move so that his posture may make the audience, laugh or cry.  With all this craftwork, the actor has no time to party.  On the contrary, he has to sweat, work and toil.” 


When everything is ready, he has to publicize the show.  The more people come, the more his heart is filled with joy, because, who knows; he might have a runaway hit on his hands.  But the real thrill is after opening night when the full-cast performance is over.  The audience acclaims his show an artistic triumph and his hands are filled with coins of gold and silver.”


What if after so much rehearsal and getting the set ready, nobody shows up?  He plays and plays on his toy trumpet, but only few people show up, and they leave after the first act.  The poor guy gets depressed when his highest hopes turn into mourning.  The unfortunate actor was so generous and talented in performing his scenes.  Who is it that has dashed his hopes?  It was those ungrateful people who had no desire to be in the audience for the poor actor’s show.”


Such is my Will, which, like a talented actor, prepares the most beautiful scenes to amuse man in the theater of the whole Creation, not to receive, but to give.  It prepares scenes of the most resplendent light; the most radiant scenes of flowering beauty.  It arranges scenes of strength in the roaring of thunder, the bursting of thunderbolts, the continuous surging of the waves and even on the peaks of the highest mountains.  It composes the most moving scenes of a Baby who cries, shivers and is numb with cold.  It designs sorrowful and tragic scenes of blood, and even death, in my PassionNo actor, however capable he might be, can match Me in the variety of my love scenes.” 


But sadly, not many look at my Will in all these scenes.  They don’t taste the flesh of the fruit in them.  They turn the festivals my Will has prepared in Creation and Redemption into a wake.

So, my daughter, let nothing escape you.  Take everything as a gift given to you by my Will.  Whether they are great or small, natural or supernatural, bitter or sweet, let them all enter into you as gifts, the fulfillment of my Will.”




Sunday, January 24, 1926

I felt completely abandoned by Heaven and earth.  I remembered that Jesus had told me a long time ago that I was to live in hard exile from life, as if there were no one else but Jesus and I.  Everyone had to disappear from my mind and from my heart.


Now, after everything has gone from me and I am used to living only with Jesus, He too has run away.  He has left me alone, prey to unspeakable bitterness, in this unendurable state of isolation.  ‘Oh! God, it hurts.  Have pity on me.  Come back to the one who needs You more than her own life.’


While I was thinking about this and other even more harrowing things that would take too long to explain, my sweet Jesus moved inside me.


Sighing, He said:


Daughter of my Supreme Volition, be courageous in your isolation.  This way you can keep my Will company, since It has been abandoned by creatures.  The sorrow of Its isolation is so much harder than yours.” 


My Will is the Mother of all the creatures’ wills.  As the most tender Mother, She left Herself in the center of Creation to deliver human wills and keep them all around Herself.  She raises them upon Her knees and nourishes them with the milk of Her celestial teachings.  She makes them grow in Her likeness, giving them all Creation to amuse themselves.”


My Will is the center of each created thing.   Wherever creatures go, She, as the center of all things, always stays closer to them than the most affectionate Mother.  They never lack Her maternal cares, nor descend from Her nobility and likeness.”


But sadly, these daughters, these human wills, delivered by the Celestial Mother, my Will, despise and neglect all Her maternal care and attention and Her tender love.  Even though my Will is close to them, these human wills are far away from their Mother.  Many of them don’t even know Her.  Others despise Her and make fun of Her.” 


This poor Mother, my Will, is left isolated, abandoned in the midst of so many of the daughters she has delivered.  Although they all receive their life from Her, they offend Her by diverging from her likeness.  Can there be any greater sorrow for a mother than to be abandoned by her own children?  What can be worse than to be disowned by the fruit of her womb?  They turn out to be enemies, offending the one who brought them to the light?” 


The isolation of my Will is a great and inconceivable sorrow.  May your isolation be the company of this isolated Mother, who cries and searches for Her children.  She cries, shouts and calls Her children with the most tender voice, with the most bitter tears, with the most ardent sighs, or she chastises them with the most thundering voices.  Still, these unruly children keep far away from the womb of She who generated them.” 


My daughter, don’t you want to share, as a true faithful daughter of my Will, in Her sorrow and in Her isolation?”


After this, I began to do the adoration to my Crucified Good, but instead, a long line of fully armed soldiers, that never ended, passed before my mind.  I’d rather think about my Crucified Jesus instead of soldiers, but, against my will, I was forced to watch these soldiers, armed to the teeth.  So I prayed to my sweet Jesus to take that sight away from me, so that I might be free to be with Him.”


Tormented, Jesus told me:  “My daughter, the more it seems that the world is at peace, the more they hide their wars and revolutions.  They sing the praises of peace, but under that ephemeral and masked peace lay tragic scenes for poor humanity.  They sing hymns of victory and triumph and promote union between Church and State.  However, the more they seem to favor my Church, the closer is the fight they are preparing against Her.” 


It was the same with Me.  Up until they acclaimed Me as King and received Me in triumph, I was able to live in the midst of the people.  However, after my triumphal entrance into Jerusalem, they could no longer let Me live, and after a few days they shouted at Me: ‘Crucify Him!’  Then, taking arms against Me, they watched Me die.” 


When things do not start from a foundation of truth, they don’t have the strength to rule for long because truth is missing, love is missing, and the life that sustains it is missing.  What they are hiding comes out easily.  They turn peace into war, and favor into revenge.  They are preparing so many unexpected events.”


Jesus disappeared, and I became tormented, thinking to myself: 


My beloved Jesus has told me many times that I wasthe little newborn of the Divine Will’; however, just newly born, not yet having formed my little life in the Supreme Volition.” 


Now that I am most in need of Him to form my growth, Jesus leaves me alone.  So, my birth in the Divine Will has been aborted and no longer exists. 


Don’t You see, then, my Love, how pitiful I am?  Your plans for Me have come to nothing.  O please!  If You won’t have pity on me, at least have pity on Yourself, on your designs and on your works which You have done for my poor soul.’ 


My poor mind sunk even deeper into the sorrowful state I was in.  Then my beloved Good came out from inside me, looking at me all over, from head to foot. 


 He told me: 


My daughter, in my Will there are neither deaths nor abortions.  Anyone who lives in It has as their own life, the Life of my Will.  Even if she feels like dying, or even feels dead, she is still in my Will.  It has Life and continually raises her up again to new light, to new beauty, grace and happiness.”


It always delights in preserving her littleness within Itself, so as to have her great with Itself.  It keeps her little but strong, little but beautiful, a new-born, so that she might have nothing human, but everything divine.”


Her life is my Will alone.  She will carry out all my designs without any deviation.  You will be like a drop of water submerged in the great sea, like a single grain amidst great fields of wheat.  The drop of water seems to disappear within the sea just as the grain amidst the fields.  Yet no one can deny or take away from them the fact that they exist.  Never fear.  Lose your life so that you acquire the right to have my Will alone as your life.”




Thursday, January 28, 1926

I was thinking about the Holy Divine Volition.


I thought to myself:  ‘How is it be that after Adam’s sin, having broken his will away from the Will of God, lost his strength and dominion.   Why were his acts no longer delightfully pleasing to God?  Indeed, before sinning, Adam had learned to perform his acts toward God.  Why then, in repeating them afterwards, did they no longer sound the same.  Why did they no longer contain the fullness of divine love and the complete glory of God?’ 



Now, while I was thinking about this, my lovable Jesus moved inside me.


A light that He sent to me said:  “My daughter, first of all, before he withdrew from my Will, Adam was my son.  Because he had my Will as the center of his life and of all his actions, he possessed a strength, a dominion, an attractiveness that was fully divine.  His breath, heartbeat, his actions, all of his being gave off a celestial fragrance that drew Us All toward him.  Consequently, We felt wounded from all sides by this son.  When he breathed or spoke, or did even the most innocent, indifferent and natural things, those were wounds of love for Us.  We amused Ourselves with him, filling him more and more with Our blessings, because everything he did came from one single point, which was Our Will.  We liked everything about him.  We found nothing displeasing in him.”


After sinning, Adam demoted himself from being our son to being a servant.  As soon as he broke up with the Supreme Will, his divine strength, dominion, attractiveness, and celestial fragrance left him.  Neither his actions nor his being seemed divine any longer.  Instead, they were filled with an unattractive human sensation.  We no longer felt wounded by love, so We kept our distance; he from Us, and We from him.” 


Just because he still repeated the same actions as he did before sinning, as in fact he did, meant nothing.  The actions of the creature, without the fullness of Our Will, are like food without seasoning or substance.  They are no longer enjoyable; they disgust the human palate as much as they disgust the divine palate.  They are like some unripe fruit that have no sweetness or taste or like flowers without fragrance.  They are like vases full of flowers that are old, fragile and faded.  They are like the most basic necessities of man, just a shadow, a shaded glory of God.  They do not fully serve the happiness or well-being of the creature, nor the fullness of the glory of God.” 


On the other hand, one eats food that is well flavored and nourishing with great pleasure.  It strengthens the whole person.   The mere smell of its seasoning whets one’s appetite and makes one more eager to eat it.  Likewise, before sinning, Adam flavored all of his actions with the substance of Our Will.  He whetted the appetite of Our love, making all his actions Our most enjoyable food.  We, in return, gave him Our most delicious food, Our Will.” 


However, after sinning, the poor man lost direct communication with his Creator.  Pure love no longer reigned in him.  Love was alienated by apprehension and fear.  Since he no longer had the absolute dominion of the Supreme Will in him, his actions before and after sin no longer had the same value.’


The whole of Creation, including man, came out of the Eternal Creator, their source of Life.  So they are preserved only with the Life of the Divine Will.  Everything is founded upon It.  This foundation of the Divine Will preserves the beauty and nobility of all things as, just as they came out of God.  All created things are just as they were created and none of them has lost anything of their origin.  Only man lost the life, the foundation, and consequently, his nobility, strength, and likeness to his Creator.” 


In spite of this, my Will did not leave man completely.  Unable to continue as his source of life and sustaining foundation, because he himself had withdrawn from It, It offered Itself as medicine so that man might not perish completely.” 


My Will is his medicine, sanity and preservation. It is his food, his life, the fullness of highest sanctity.  Anyway the creature wants It, that’s how It offers Itself.  If she wants It as medicine, It offers Itself to take away her passion-fever, the weaknesses of her impatience and the vertigo of pride.  It cures her of the sickliness of attachments and all other evils.  If she wants It as sanity, It offers Itself to preserve her mental health, freeing her from any spiritual illness.” 


If she wants It as food, It gives Itself as food, so her strengths develop and grow more in sanctity.  If she wants It as life and as fullness of sanctity, then my Will has a feast, because It sees man returning to the womb of his origin, from which he came.  It offers Itself to give him the likeness of his Creator, the only purpose for his creation.” 


My Will never leaves man.  If It left him, he would dissolve into nothing.  If man does not allow himself to let my Will make him a saint, It at least tries to save him.”


On hearing this, I said to myself: 


Jesus, my Love, You love us so much that your Will still operates in the creature the same way as when You were in the act of creating her.  You love us just as if there had been no fracture between your Will and that of the creature.  So why, in coming upon earth to redeem us, did You not give us this great benefit of your Will, triumphant in everything.  It could have put us back in the order of Creation, just as we came out of the hands of our Celestial Father?’ 


Jesus, coming out from my interior, hugged me tightly to His Heart.


With indescribable tenderness, he said:  “My daughter, the primary purpose of my coming upon earth was indeed that man would return to the womb of my Will, just as he came out of it when he was created.  However, to do this, I had to form, by means of my Humanity, the root, trunk, branches, leaves, and flowers that would produce the celestial fruit of my Will.  No one can have the fruit without the tree.  This tree was watered by my Blood and cultivated by my pain, my tears and my sighs.  The sun which shone upon it was the Sun of my Will alone.  Thus, the fruit of my Will shall certainly comeThey must know how precious this fruit is before they will desire it’s richness and the good it brings


“Here is the reason, then, for the many manifestations of my Will which I have made to you.  In fact, knowledge will bring the desire to eat it.  Once they have enjoyed what it means to live only to do my Will, at least some of them, if not all, will return to the path of my Volition.  The two wills shall exchange the perpetual kiss.  There will be no more dispute between the human will and that of the Creator.  After all the fruit It has given, my Redemption will give also the fruit of the Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven.  Therefore, you must be the first one to take this fruit.  You shall want no other food, nor any other life but my Will alone.”




Saturday, January 30, 1926


I was in the depths of despair because of the untimely death of my confessor.  To my great anxiety over the frequent absence of my sweet Jesus, He has added such a painful blow to my poor heart.  He has deprived me of the only one who knew my poor soul. 


May the Fiat Voluntas Tua be always done, loved and adored.  The earth was not worthy to have such a person, so the Lord, to chastise us, took him to Heaven to be with Himself.  I was intensely bitter at having been left without a confessor.  Not knowing, to whom to turn, I prayed to my lovable Jesus for that blessed soul, saying: 


My Love, if You took him away from me, at least bring him straight to Heaven with You.’ 


Crying, I said to Him:  ‘I place him in your Will.  Your Will contains everything: love, light, beauty and all the good which has been done and will be done.  May these purify him, embellish him, enrich him with all that is needed to be in your presence.  Now You will find nothing in him to prevent his entrance into Heaven.’


Meanwhile, a globe of light came up to me.  Within that light, there was the soul of my confessor, making its way toward the vault of the Heavens, without saying even one word to me.  I felt consoled by his destiny, yes, but as bitter as could be for my own.  He had taken my confessor away from me and I had no one to confide with me.  I prayed to Jesus that, by His goodness, He would free me from bothering the confessor, but not for my sake; only if Jesus wanted it that way.  I felt that if Jesus were to concede this to me as a favor, I would feel as if the earth had disappeared from beneath my feet, the heavens from above my head, the heartbeat from my heart.  It would be a disgrace for me rather than grace. 


Utterly abandoned in sorrow, I offered everything to Jesus, so that He would give me the grace to do His Most Holy Will in everything.  Then Jesus, having compassion for my sorrow, gave me a big hug.


He said:  “Courage, my daughter, don’t be afraid.  I never leave you.  I will always be with you.  I promise you that if no priest follows my Will by making himself available for your assistance, I will free you from this annoyance.  I will do this, not because you want it, but because I Myself want it.  So don’t be afraid.  I will not let your will enter into this.  I will do everything Myself.  I will be jealous even of your breath, so that your will shall not enter into it; only Mine.”


Then, that night, I was so afraid that my blessed Jesus might take me by surprise and make me fall into my usual depression.  I trembled and cried because I thought I might want Him to free me.  Blessed Jesus came out from inside and put His face close to mine.  He cried so much that I felt His tears wetting my face too. 


Sobbing, He said to me:  “Be patient My daughter.  Remember that the fate of the world depends upon you.  You don’t know what it means to be in such pain together with Me, even for half an hour or even five minutes.  It is my real Life that is repeated upon earth.  It is this Divine Life that suffers, that prays, that mends you, and transmutes my very Will into you, operating in you as It operated in my Humanity.  Do you think this is trivial?” 


I kept silent as He continued crying.  My heart was breaking as I watched Jesus cry.  He was crying for me, to give me sufficient grace so that His Will could dominate me.  Then my will would cease living, so It could maintain Its Life undivided within my soul.  His tears would secure a place for His Will within my poor soul.” 


He cried for priests as well, to give them the grace to comprehend His works, so that they too would be willing to do His Will.”




Sunday, February 7, 1926

I was fusing myself in the Holy Divine Volition as usual, taking the eternal ‘I love you’ of my sweet Jesus and making it my own.  I was going around throughout the whole of Creation to impress it upon each thing.  Then everything and everyone could sing the same note, the same tone in harmony together: ‘I love You, I love You, I love You.’  They could sing for me and for all, to my Creator who loved me so much.


While I was doing this, my lovable Jesus came out from inside me and hugged me tenderly.


He said: “My daughter, how beautiful is the ‘I love You’ of someone who lives in my Will.  I hear the echo of myI love Youtogether with hers over all created things.  I feel the return of my love from creatures for everything I have done.” 


To love means to possess what one loves, or at least wanting to possess that which is loved.  You love the whole of Creation because It is Mine, and I let you love It because I want to make It yours.  Your repeated I love You’ for Me upon each created thing is the way you gain the right to possess them.  By feeling loved, all Creation recognizes their master.  They begin to feast when they hear your ‘I love You’ being repeated over them.  Love makes you recognize what’s yours.   They give themselves only to those who love them.” 

“When my Will rules the soul, it is confirmation that what is mine is hers.  The highest accord is required when something is held common by two persons; one cannot do anything without the other. To maintain an inseparable union, they need to continuously communicate with each other on what to do with what they possess.” 


My Will reigning in the soul raises her so far above everything.  Loving with the love of God, she can love all things with His own love, and becomes the owner and queen of all Creation.”


My daughter, I created man in this happy state.  My Will would make up for all that was lacking in him, and raise him up to the likeness of his Creator.  This is precisely my goal for you; to return you to your origin state, the way We created man.” 


I don’t want any divisions between Me and you.  I don’t what is mine not to be yours.  However, to give you your rights, I want you to recognize what is mine.  Then, as you love everything and your ‘I love You’ flows over all things, all of Creation will recognize you.  They will sense in you the echo of the beginning of the creation of man.  Delighting in it, they will yearn to be possessed by you.”


Imagine that I am like a king who is despised by his peoples, offended and forgotten.  These peoples are no longer under the king’s rule of law.  If they observe any of these laws, it is only by force, not from love.  The poor king is forced to live in his royal palace, isolated, without the love of the people.  Because they do not submit, they are not subject to his will.” 


Among them all, he notices that there is one lone person who remains completely subject to the will of the king.  What’s more, this person cries and tries to make up for the rebellious wills of the whole population.  He tries to compensate the king by acting on behalf of each creature, so that he might find in one person everything that he should find in all the rest of the people.  The king feels drawn by love for him.  He keeps him always under his eyes to see whether he is constant, not just for the day, but for the duration of his life.  The king can only rely on constancy to know for sure what he wants to make of the creature.” 


It’s easy for the creature to sacrifice himself, to do good for one day.  However, sacrificing yourself and doing good for your whole life; that is very difficult.  If it does happen, it is because divine virtue is operating in the creature.” 


When the king feels sure about him, he calls him into his royal palace and gives him all that he would have given to the entire population. Leaving the others aside, he conjures the new generation of his chosen people out from this one person.  They will have no other ambition than to live by the will of the king alone.  They will all show submission to him, as if they were all born from his womb.”


Isn’t this is precisely what I am doing for you, my daughter?  I continuously call you into my Will, so that It can live inside you without your own will.  I want you to let Me find the tone of your ‘I love You’ and your adoration for your Creator.  I want your reparation given to all created things, for each and every offense committed by the first to the last man that is to come.”


Doesn’t this clearly tell you that I want everything, so that I can give you everything, and raise you above it all?  I want my Will to be fully restored in you, beautiful and triumphant, just as It came out of Us at the beginning of Creation?” 


My Will was the primary act of the creature, hence the creature had her primary act in my Will.  That’s why It wants to live Its life in her.  Even though It was suffocated when It first arose in the creature, It was not extinguished.  It is still waiting to have Its playing field of life in her.” 


Don’t you want to be Its first little playing field?  Then pay attention!  When you want something, never do it on your own.  Pray to Me, so that my Will can do it for you.  The point is that if you do it yourself, it will sound bad and give off a human odor.  However, if my Will does it, it sounds good; it harmonizes with Heaven, sustained by divine grace and power.  Then it is the Creator that operates in the creature and its fragrance is divine.    Rising up everywhere, it embraces everyone with one single embrace, so that they all feel the goodness of the Creator operating in the creature.”




Thursday, February 11, 1926

I was thinking to myself:  ‘Why am I so afraid?  It’s gotten to the point where I feel devoid of life.  I hope it never happens, but I’m afraid that I might not do the Most Holy Will of God entirely and completely?’


The mere thought of it devastates me.  What would happen if I got to the point of withdrawing, even for a second, from the Supreme and Adorable Will of my Creator?’ 


While I was thinking about it, my lovable Jesus came out from inside me.  Taking my hands in His, He kissed them with indescribable love and then He pressed them so very tightly to His chest.


Tenderly, He told me: 


My daughter, how beautiful is my Will operating in your hands.  Your motions wound Me, however, they are divine wounds.  They come from the depth of my Will, which is dominating, operating and triumphant in you.  I feel like I am being wounded by another Me.” 


You are right, to be afraid.  If you went out of my Supreme Will even for one second, you would plummet.  You would fall from the state of Adam innocent to the state of Adam guilty.” 


Adam had been created as the head of all generations.  His will, withdrawn from his Creator, formed the wood worm rotting the root of the tree of all generations.  Now everyone feels the decay that the wood worm of the human will has caused from the very beginning of the creation of man.  Every action of the human will that is not connected with God’s Will forms an abyss of distance between Creator and creature.  Sanctity, beauty, nobility, light and science become more distance.  By withdrawing from the Divine Will, Adam put himself at a distance from his Creator.  This distance debilitated and impoverished him, throwing him completely off balance.” 


This unbalanced all future generations, because when evil is in the root, the whole tree feels the malignant effects, the disease in its roots.  I have called you to be the first, my daughter.  As the head of this mission, My Will must establish a balance between you and your Creator.  You must remove the distance between the human will and the Divine.  Then the root of this tree, free from all disease, will form in you, allowing only the vital energy of my Will to flow.  This tree’s vegetation will not be stunted in the development of its precious fruit.”


If you perform any action of your own will, unconnected with Mine, you will be the source of wood worm in the mission I have entrusted to you.   Like a second Adam, you would ruin the root that I am creating in you of the tree of my Will.  You would jeopardize all those who might want to graft themselves to this tree, because they would not find the fullness of my Will in its root.” 


It is I who cast this fear into your soul, so that my Will may always be dominant in you.  Then everything I have shown you will grow, cultivating the divine root, trunk, branches, flowers and fruit, without the shadow of your human will.  You would return to your origin, into the womb of your Creator, so beautiful, mature and well-developed within the fullness of the Supreme Will.  The Divinity will be satisfied with your work in the creation of man.  Its chosen people of the Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven will come out from you and the mission entrusted to you.  So pay attention, my daughter and don’t screw up the work of my Will in you

I love it so much and it costs Me so much, that I shall be infinitely jealous of my Will.  I shall guard It Myself, so that your will may never have a life of its own.”


I was surprised, and I clearly understood what an act of human will means compared to an act of Divine Will.  By doing her own will, the soul loses the image and likeness of her Creator, She strips herself of her natural beauty, eating filth and clothing herself in miserable rags.  Acquiring a diabolical likeness, she can barely drag herself into goodness.



My Jesus, give us all the grace never to do our own will.  Let us not fall back into a life of passion.  Trembling a little, I tried to plunge more deeply into the Supreme Will.  I called on my dear Celestial Mother to help me, so that, together, in the name of all, we might adore the Supreme Will on behalf of all the human wills opposed to It.”


While I was doing this, the Heavens opened, and my Jesus came out from inside me.  He was in such a festive mood.


He said: 


Daughter of my Volition, when my Will rules the soul, It integrate everything she does.  It develops the Life of my Eternal Will within her.  It was not you who called my Divine Mama, it was my Will that called Her.  She felt called by Divine Will, always whole and triumphant within Her.  She immediately knew that one of the Celestial Family was calling Her upon earth.”


She called to all of Heaven:  ‘Let’s go, let’s go.  One of our children is calling us to fulfill our Family duty.’  Here they are!  Look at them, all around us:  the Virgin, the Saints, and the Angels.  They are here to perform the act of adoration that you want to do and the Divinity is waiting to receive it.”


My Will has enough power to enclose everything and make everyone do the same thing, as if it were all one single action.  There’s a big difference between someone who lets my Will reigns within her and someone who lives for herself.  In the first one there is a Divine Will that prays, operates, thinks, looks and suffers.” 


With her every movement, the Divine Will moves Heaven and earth in synch with everything else, so everyone feels Its power operating in the creature.  They all recognize her nobility and the likeness of the offspring of their Creator.  As the daughter of the Celestial Family, they all protect her, assist her and defend her.  They long to have her together with them in the Celestial Fatherland.” 


It’s just the opposite for someone who lives for her own will, the key to hell, infidelity and misery.  However you look at it, there is only evil.  If she seems to do any good at all, it is only superficial, because inside of it is the wood worm of her will, gnawing at everything.  So, even if it should cost you your life, never, never go out of my Will.”




Thursday, February 18, 1926


I felt depressed by all the thoughts going through my head, that and the absence of my sweet Jesus.  I was struggling between the hope that He would not stay away too long and the fear that I would never see Him again.


Just then my lovable Jesus took me by surprise and filled me up with Himself so much that I couldn’t see myself.  I could see only Jesus, who conjured around Himself an immense sea of little flames.  These were all the truths about His Divinity and His lovable Will. 


I wanted to gather up all these little flames, so I might know the One who is everything for me, and make Him known to everyone.  But, no: I couldn’t find human words to express them.  My mind was too small to hold them.  I was able to embrace neither infinity nor the immensity in which I was lost.


I could comprehend a little bit of everything, but sadly, celestial language is very different from terrestrial language.  I couldn’t find the right words to make myself understood.  When I am with Jesus, however, I speak the same language as Jesus; we understand each other perfectly.  But once Jesus has withdrawn and I find myself back inside myself, everything changes.  I am just barely able to say some of what He says, and that half-mangled.  I can only babble like a little child.


So, I began swimming inside that sea of little flames.


As I swam, my beloved Jesus told me: 


It is right that the little newborn of my Supreme Volition share in the beatitudes, joys and happiness of She who delivered her to the light.  All these little flames in this endless sea of my Will are symbolic of the secret beatitudes, joys and happiness It holds.  I say secret because I have not yet manifested the fullness of knowledge contained within the Eternal Will.  Creatures aren’t ready yet for My teachings.”


In the meantime, these beatitudes are suspended within the Divinity.  We were withholding them until someone would be born, live and carry out her life in Our Will, without interruption.  Since her will is one with Ours, all divine doors are open and Our most intimate secrets revealed.  Joys and beatitudes are held in common with her, as much as possible for a creature.  We teach her as much as she is capable of learning.” 


Everything I show you about my Will is a beatitude born from the womb of the Divinity.  This makes you happy, inclines you toward living in my Will and prepares you to learn even more.

Furthermore, all of Heaven is inundated by this new beatitude as it comes out of Our womb.  They are so grateful to you.  They pray that I continue teaching about my Will!” 


These beatitudes were quarantined within Ourselves by the human will.  Each act of human will is another lock on these celestial beatitudes, not only within time, but also in Eternity.  Each act of my Will done on earth sows in the soul the seed of a beatitude she will enjoy in Heaven.  Without seed, it is fruitless to hope for a plant.  So I want you to go deeper and deeper into my Will.”




Sunday, February 21, 1926


I was totally immersed in the Holy Divine Volition.  A celestial and divine air surrounded me.  Through an inaccessible light I saw all the actions of the Supreme Will being done simultaneously.  Finding the same Will in me, these actions gave me their love and a kiss.  I kissed them in return and I impressed my ‘I love You on each action of the Eternal Volition.

They all wanted my attention.  They wanted reciprocity through perfect accord and mutual possession. 


While I was in this state, my sweet Jesus came out from inside me.  With His divine hands He bound me within that light, so that I couldn’t see anything else but Jesus, His Will and everything that It was doing. 


I felt so happy!   I can’t tell how joyful I was.  Jesus Himself was in festive mood.  He was so glad to see me in His Will and advocating for It.   He seemed to forget about everything except that His Will be complete in me, triumphing over everything and fulfilling the purpose for which all things were created.


Afterwards, He said to me:  “My daughter, little newborn of my Will, Someone who is born in my Will can also be a mother, giving birth to many children for my Supreme Volition.  To be a mother, you have to have enough material inside you to continually nourish with your own flesh and blood the child you want to bring into the light.  If there is no seed and not enough nourishment, there is no hope of becoming a mother.” 


Since you have been born in my Will, you have fertile seed within you.  You also have plenty of material from everything I’ve taught you about my Will.  Each lesson I have given you is sufficient to give birth to a child of my Will.  Your continuous actions in my Will are more than enough nourishment to gestate these children of Heaven within yourself.  Their delivery will be a triumph, an honor, glory and the crown of my Will.  They will be an everlasting joy to the mother who delivered them.” 


So you see what each additional manifestation signifies.  It means one more birth my Will delivers.  It means another Divine Life going out for the good of creatures.  It weakens the strength of the human will and establishes in it the fortress of the Divine Will.” 


Pay attention so you won’t forget even the slightest detail of what I teach you.  Otherwise you might deprive Me of the honor of having one more child, who can tell everyone about another benefit of my Will, thus giving it to creatures.  Then they might love It more and let themselves be subdued by the power of my Supreme Volition.”


Then, for some reason, I don’t know why, I felt the same fear that I might, even if only slightly, go out of the Most Holy Will. 


My always lovable Jesus came back again.


Lovingly, He said:  “My daughter, why do you fear?  Listen:  when you worry and upset yourself our of fear that you might go out of my Will, I laugh to Myself and joke about it with you.  I know that there is so much of the water of my oceanic Will surrounding you that you would never find the end of it to get out.  Whichever way you turn to go, left, right, forward or back, you could walk, yes, but always within the water of the sea of my Will.” 


It is you who have produced this water, with all the actions you have performed in It.  In truth, since my Will is endless, by carrying out your actions in It, it is who you have formed this sea around yourself, and you cannot come out it.  Every action you perform creates new water, further expanding the sea of the Supreme Will, both inside and outside of you.” 


Your fear that you might leave your origin, where you were born, generates waves that agitate you, plunging you more deeply into the abyss of the sea of my Will.  That’s why I do not reproach you.  I know where you are, and how you doing.  Instead, I prompt you to live in peace in my Will, or I surprise you by telling you more astonishing things about the Eternal Volition.  Surprised, you forget about everything, including your fears, and you navigate the sea of my Will in peace.  I, the Divine Helmsman, delight in guiding the one who lives in Our Supreme Will.  I am all for It.”


May everything be for the glory of God, even though I am confused, the most miserable of all creatures.