Book of Heaven



Divine Will

July 23, 1923

The Divine Will is in continuous act of giving Itself to the creature,

and wants her continuous encounter in order

to give her the life of Heaven in advance.


I was abandoning all of myself in the Holy Divine Will according to my usual way, and my sweet Jesus made Himself seen coming toward me in order to receive me in His Most Holy Will. 


He told me: “My daughter, my Will is in a continuous encounter with the will of the creature.   As the human will encounters Mine, it receives the Light, the Sanctity and the Strength which my Will contains.  My Will is continually in the act of giving Itself to the creature in order to give her the life of Heaven in advance.  If she receives Me, she remains with this Celestial Life.  This Supreme Volition, for her good, is all intent on making her happy, strong, holy, divine, and as though transformed into a dawn of celestial light.  But if in every act she does, she does not receive It, she remains alone with her human will.  This renders her weak, miserable, muddy, and surrounds her with passions so vile as to move one to pity.” 


“Don’t you see how many souls drag themselves around because of their weakness, being unable to conquer themselves in order to do good?  Don’t you see others, who are unable to dominate themselves or those who are inconstant, like reeds in the wind?   How about those who are unable to pray without a thousand distractions or those others who are always discontent?   And then there are those who seem to be born to do evil.  These are all souls who do not encounter my Will in all their acts.  Yet, my Will is for all.  But since they run away from It, they do not receive the goodness that my Will contains.  This is a just penalty for those who want to live involving themselves in every misery


“They did not want to encounter this Will of Mine during their lifetime, not even to receive some goodness every time they would meet It.   But they will encounter It at their death.  They will suffer some pain for every time they escaped It, because by escaping It, they have become guilty, stained and covered with mud.  So it is right that they suffer some pain.  Some painful encounter was formed for them every time they failed to encounter my Will upon earth.  But these painful encounters will be without merit, without new gain, as it would have happened, had they encountered It during their life.  Oh, how many moans of sorrows come from the prisons of Purgatory, how many shouts of desperation can be heard from hell, because my Will was not encountered upon earth


“Therefore, my daughter, may your first act be to encounter my Will.  May your first thought and heartbeat be to encounter the Eternal heartbeat of my Will, that you may receive all my Love.  Try to make continuous encounters in everything, that you may be transformed in my Will and I in yours, in order to dispose you to make the last encounter with my Will at your last hour.  In this way, you will have no painful encounters after your death






July 24, 1923

The Divine Will and the human will.

The Will of God grants us its possession more than its presence. 

The will accomplishes everything and keeps it within Itself.


I was feeling really depressed because of the absence of my always adorable Jesus.

I was saying to myself: ‘Everything is over for me.  As much as I look for Him, He doesn’t come.  What torture!  What martyrdom


But while I was thinking about this, my adorable Jesus made Himself seen Crucified, laying Himself upon my poor person.


Then a Light which came from His adorable forehead said to me: “My daughter, my Will contains all my Being, and one who possesses It, possesses Me, more than if she enjoyed my continuous Presence.  In fact, my Will penetrates everywhere, into her most intimate fibers, counting her heartbeats and thoughts.  It becomes the life of the most beautiful part of the creature, her interior.  From there, the external works arise, as though from a spring, rendering her inseparable from Me.  On the other hand, if my Presence does not find my Will in the soul, it cannot be life of all her interior.  She remains separate from Me


“How many souls, after having enjoyed my favors and my Presence, have engulfed themselves again in sin.  Not having in them the fullness of my Will, Its Light and Its Sanctity, they have taken part in pleasures, and so have separated from Me.  That is because the Divine Will, which renders the soul untouchable from sin, even the slightest one, was not in them.  Otherwise, the most pure, the most holy and the greatest works are formed in those who possess all the fullness of my Will


“The will has supremacy within the creature so that, if there is a will, she has life.  If there is no will, she seems like a tree which, though having trunk, branches and leaves, has no fruit.  So, within the creature, the will is not thought, but it gives life to the actions of her mind.  Her will is not an eye, but it gives life to her gaze.  If it has a will, the eye wants to see.  It wants to know things.  Otherwise, it is as if the eye had no life.  The will is not word, but it gives life to each word.  It is not a hand, but it gives life to its actions.  It is not a step, but gives life to her steps.  It is not love, desire nor affection.  But it gives life to love, to desire and affection


“But that’s not all.  The will is the life of all human actions.  But once the creature has performed them, she remains naked of her own acts.  She is just like a tree loaded with fruits, but is stripped by the hands of those who pick them.  However, the gazes she gave, the thoughts she formed, the words she said, the actions she performed remain as though sealed in her will.  So, her hand has worked, but her action does not remain in her hands.  It goes away, who knows where, but it still remains in the will.” 


“Everything is written, formed and sealed in the human will.  But this happens in the human will only because I sowed the seed and My likeness in it.  So then, think about what my Will is within Myself, and what It will be if the creature lets herself be possessed by my Will






July 27, 1923

Jesus formed in His Most Holy Mother

the deposit of all the goods

of the Incarnation and of His own Life.

In the same way, He forms in His little daughter

the deposit of all the knowledge and goods of His Will.


This morning my sweet Jesus made Himself seen in a marvelous way.  He was standing upon my heart.  He had placed on it two bars, above which He had formed an arch.  In the middle of it He had fixed a wheel with two ropes, one to the right and one to the left, and a little bucked hanging from it.  And Jesus, all in a hurry, made the little bucket descend into my heart.  Then He pulled it up full of water, and poured it upon the world.  He pulled and poured, in such a way as to flood the earth.  It was delightful to see Jesus, worked up, dripping sweat, for the effort He made in pulling up so much water.


And I thought to myself: ‘How could it be that so much water comes from my heart, even though it is so small?  And when did He put it there


And blessed Jesus made me understand that all that equipment was nothing other than His Will, which had worked upon me with so much goodness.  The waters He was pulling up were the sayings and the teachings on His adorable Will, which He had placed in my heart as though in a reservoir.  He wanted to water the Church in order to give Her the knowledge of His Will, which is more than water.  So, He was pulling it up, so that It might be fulfilled as He wants. 


Then He told me: “My daughter, this is what I did in the Incarnation.  First I placed in my dear Mama all the goodness She needed to descend from Heaven to earth.  Then I incarnated Myself, forming the deposit of my very Life.  This deposit came out from my Mama as the life of all.  It shall be the same with my Will.  It is necessary that I make the deposit of the goodness, the effects, the prodigies and the knowledge It contains.  Then, once I have formed this deposit in you, It will make Its way out and will give Itself to the other creatures.  See, everything has been prepared.  The deposit is almost complete.  There is nothing left but to dispose the first ones to receive It, that It may not remain without Its fruit






July 30, 1923

The soul who enters into the Divine Will

is like the flower which exposes itself to the sun:

she receives from God all His divine characteristics,

and the likeness to her Creator.


I was fusing myself in the Holy Divine Will, and my sweet Jesus came and told me: “My daughter, every time the soul enters my Will to pray, to work or to do other things, she receives another Divine color, one more beautiful than the other.  Don’t you see how much variety of colors and beauty nature contains?  These are the shadows of the variety of colors and beauty which my Divinity contains.  But how do plants and flowers acquire such a variety of colors?  To whom did I give the office to color so many different plants with so many different colors?  I gave it to the Sun.  Its light and its heat contain nourishment and a variety of colors, enough to embellish the whole earth.  The plants only need to expose themselves to the kisses of its Light, to its embraces and to its heat.  Then the flower blooms.  Then, as though returning to It the kiss and the embrace, it receives the shades of the colors and forms its beautiful complexion


“Now, the soul who enters into my Will symbolizes the flower which exposes itself to receive the kiss and the embrace of the sun, to receive the different colors which the sun contains.  By returning them, she receives the different colors of Divine Nature.  She is really a celestial flower which the Eternal Sun, by the breath of Its Light, has colored so well as to perfume Heaven and earth, and delight with its beauty the very Divinity and the whole Celestial Court.  The rays of my Will empty her of what is human and fill her with what is Divine.  One can see in her the beautiful rainbow of my attributes.  So, my daughter, enter often into my Will, in order to receive the tones and the different colors of the likeness of your Creator




August 1, 1923

By virtue of the Divine Will,

the whole Creation brings to us the

“I love you” of Jesus,

and in His Will we must give Him our own.


I was feeling very afflicted because today my Sun Jesus did not rise on my poor soul.  Oh God, what pain it is to spend one day without sun!  Always night!  As I was feeling pierced through my soul, I had the benefit of looking at the starry Heaven. 


I said to myself: ‘How is it, that my sweet Jesus no longer remembers anything about me?  I don’t know how, in the goodness of His Heart, He can tolerate not making the sun of His adorable Presence rise on me.  He told me that He needed to come visit His Little Daughter, because little ones cannot be too long without their father.  They have so many needs that the father is forced to stay with them to watch them, guard them and nourish them.  Ah, does He not remember when, carrying me outside of myself, He led me up there, beneath the vault of the heavens.  In the midst of the celestial spheres, walking together with Him, I impressed my “I love You” in every star, in every sphere.  Ah, I seem to see it in every star: my “I love You”.  Ah, it seems to me that the glittering of Light that forms around the stars echo around them with my “I love You, Jesus”.  Yet, He does not listen to it.  He does not come.  He does not let His Sun rise, which, eclipsing all the stars with my “I love You”, may make of them one with His own.  So then, rising again in the midst of the celestial spheres, I impress a new “I love You, Jesus”.  O please, stars, cry out loudly, make my “I love You” resound, so that Jesus may be touched and come to His Little Daughter, to the little exile


‘Oh Jesus, come, give me your hand, let me enter into your Holy Will.  I want to fill the whole atmosphere, the blue Heaven, the Light of the Sun, the air, the sea, everything – everything, with my “I love You”.  I want to fill everything with my kisses, so that, everywhere You may be, if You look, You may look at my “I Love You” and at my kisses.  If you listen, may You hear my “I love You” and the smacking of my kisses.  If You speak and breathe, may You breathe my “I love You” and my anguished kisses.  If You work, may my “I love You’s” flow in your hands.  If you walk and tread the ground, may my “I love You” and the roaring of my kisses be under your steps.  May my “I love You” be the chain that draws You to me.  May my kisses be the powerful magnet that, whether You want it or not, force You to visit the one who cannot live without You


But who can explain all my nonsense?


Now, while I was thinking of this, my adorable Jesus came, all goodness.


Showing me His opened Heart, He told me: “My daughter, place your head upon my Heart and rest, for you are very tired.  Then, we will wander around together in order to show you my “I love you’s”, spread over the whole of Creation for you


So I hugged Him, placing my head on His Heart to rest, as I felt an extreme need for it.


After a while, as I was still outside of myself, but clinging to His Heart the whole time, He added: “My daughter, I want you, who are the Firstborn Daughter of my Supreme Will, to know how the whole Creation, on the wings of my Eternal Volition, brings my “I love you” to the creatures.         So the creatures, on the same wings of my Will, making It their own, should give Me their “I love You” in return


“Look at the blue Heaven: there is not one point in it without the seal of my “I love you” for the creature.  Every star and the glittering that forms its crown, is studded with my “I love you’s”.  Each ray of the sun, stretching toward the earth to bring Light, and every drop of Light, carry my “I love you”.  And since the Light invades the earth, and man sees it, and walks over it, my “I love you” reaches him in his eyes, in his mouth, in his hands, and lays itself under his feet.  The murmuring of the sea whispers, “I love you, I love you, I love you”.  The drops of water are as many keys that, murmuring among themselves, form the most beautiful harmonies of my infinite “I love you”.  The plants, the leaves, the flowers, the fruits, have my “I Love you” impressed on them.  The whole of Creation brings to man my repeated “I love you’s”.


“And man: how many of my “I love you’s” does he not have impressed in his whole being?  His thoughts are sealed by my “I love you”.  The beating of his heart, that thumps in his chest with that mysterious “Tic, tic, tic…”, is my “I Love you”, never interrupted, that says to him: “I love you, I love you, I love you…”  His words are followed by my “I love you”.  His movements, his steps, everything, contain my “I love you”.  Yet, in the midst of so many waves of Love, he is unable to rise to return my Love.  What ingratitude!  How grieved does my Love remain


“Therefore, my daughter, I chose you as Daughter of my Will, so that, as faithful daughter, you might defend the rights of your Father.  My Love absolutely wants the return of the love of the creature.  In my Will you will find all my “I love you’s”, and following them, you will impress your “I love You” in mine, for you and for all!  Oh, how happy I will be in seeing the love of the creature fused with Mine!  This is why I give you my Will in your power, so that one creature may return to Me that Love which I gave in Creation, defending the rights of my Love






August 5, 1923

In order to make Redemption,

it was necessary for the Most holy Humanity of Jesus

and for His human will,

to enter into the Divine Will.

In the same way,

in order to fulfill the “Fiat Voluntas Tua”,

it is necessary that another creature, Luisa, enter into It.


I fusing all of myself in the Holy Will of God, and my sweet Jesus, investing me with a Supreme Light, told me: “My daughter, if my Supreme Will had not let my human will enter into the Divine Will, my Humanity, as Holy and pure as it is, could not have formed the complete Redemption.  My human will would not have been All-seeing, and so It could not have seen everyone.  It would have lacked immensity, so It could not have embraced all.   It would have lacked Omnipotence, so It could not have saved everyone; Eternity, and It could not have taken everything as one point, making up for everything


“Therefore, the first role in Redemption was that of the Divine Will; the second, of my Humanity.  If it wasn’t for the Divine Will, Redemption would have been for only a few, and only for a limited time.  By not having the All-seeing Light which makes everyone known, I could not have extended Myself to all.  So, in order to form Redemption, I did nothing other than open the doors of the Divine Will to my Humanity – doors, which the first man had closed. By giving It free reign, I let It work Redemption in Its very womb.  Since then, no one else has entered my Divine Will to work in It in full freedom as Its master, as though owning It and enjoying all the power and goodness It contains


“My Will in Me is like the soul to the body.  And if doing my Will has been the greatest Grace for the Saints, which entered into them as though by reflection, what will it be not only to receive Its reflections but to enter into It and enjoy all Its fullness


“To form Redemption it was necessary for my Humanity and for my human will to enter into the Divine Will.  For the fulfillment of the “Fiat Voluntas Tua” on earth as It is in Heaven, it is now necessary that I open again the doors of my Eternal Will.  I want to let one creature enter, and giving her free reign, I will let her do everything, from her greatest to her tiniest act, in the All-seeing Immensity and Power of my Will.” 


“As you enter into It to emit your thoughts, words, works, steps, reparations, pains, love and thanksgiving, my Will shall coin all your acts.  They will receive the Divine Image, with the value of Divine acts, which, being infinite will be able to make up for all, reach all.  They will have so much ascendancy over the Divinity as to make this Supreme Will descend upon the earth, bringing the goodness It contains


“It will be like metal, gold, or silver.  Until the image of the king is minted on it, it cannot be given the value of money.  But as soon as it is minted, it acquires value as currency and it circulates throughout the whole kingdom.  There is no town, village or important place, in which it does not enjoy its prestige as money, and there is no creature who can live without it.  Its metal may be vile or precious, it does not matter.  As long as the image of the king is impressed on it, it runs through the whole kingdom.  It enjoys supremacy over all, and makes itself loved and respected by all.  In the same way, everything which the soul does in my Will, since the Divine Image is minted on it, runs through Heaven and earth, has supremacy over all.  It does not refuse to give itself to whomever wants it, and there is no place in which its beneficial effects are not enjoyed


Now, while He was saying this, we prayed together, and Jesus let my intelligence enter His Will.  Together, we offered to the Supreme Majesty the homage, the Glory, the submission and the adoration of each and every created intelligence.  On contact with the Supreme Will, a Divine Image was impressed in the homages and adorations, and they diffused over every created intelligence.  They were like many so messengers speaking.  These placed themselves in ranks all over Creation, all of them connected to the Supreme Will.  But who could explain what one could see and understand of all this?


My most sweet Jesus added: “My daughter, have you seen?  Only by entering my Will, can all this happen.  So, continue to let your gazes, your words, your heart and all the rest of you, enter into It, and you will see surprising things


Then, after spending more than three hours in the Divine Will, doing together with Jesus everything that He told me to do, I found myself back inside my body.  But who can explain all this?  I feel that I am unable to do so, with my poor intelligence.  If Jesus wants it, I will continue.  But for now, I will stop here.






August 9, 1923

The human will enwraps the creature with darkness;

but one who lives in the Divine Volition,

 makes the Light and the Sun of the Divine Will arise.


I was fusing myself in the Holy Divine Will, and my sweet Jesus, squeezing me to Himself, started to pray with me.


Then He told me: “My daughter, the human will has covered the whole atmosphere with clouds, in such a way that thick darkness hangs over all creatures.  Almost all of them walk limping and groping.  Every action they do, without the connection of the Divine Will, intensifies this darkness and man becomes more blind. This is because the Light, the Sun of the human will, is the Divine Will.  Without It, there is no light for the creature


“Now, one who works, prays, walks or does anything in my Will rises above this darkness.  As she works, prays or speaks, she pierces these thick clouds.  She sends flashes of Light over all the earth, enough to shake up those who live down at the bottom of their will, preparing their souls to receive the Light, the Sun of the Divine Will.” 


“This is why I care so much that you live in my Will.  I want you to prepare a Heaven of Light which, sending continuous flashes of Light, may dispel this heaven of darkness that the human will has formed over their heads.  I want them to possess the Light of my Will, so they may love It.  Then my Will, being loved, will reign upon earth




August 13, 1923

The “Fiat Voluntas Tua” had Its beginning,

origin and seed in the Celestial Mama.

This plan of the human will in the Divine,

was realized by Jesus, and now, through Luisa,

He makes it available to human creatures.


I felt oppressed because of the absence of my sweet Jesus, so I started to pray.  I was praying that He would no longer delay His return to my poor soul, for I could no longer resist.  Then, to my surprise, I saw that He was clinging to my neck, holding me in His arms, with His Face touching mine.  He had a Light which He wanted to infuse in my mind.  Drawn to Him, I kissed Him.  But for some reason I wanted to reject that Light. 


I said to myself: ‘I don’t care about knowing anything.  All I want is to save my soul, and Jesus alone is enough to save me.  All the rest is nothing


But Jesus touched my forehead and I could no longer resist.  Then the Light entered into me and said: “My daughter, one who has been called to an office, must know its secrets.  They must know the importance, the duties, the goods, the founder and all that belongs to that officeYou must know that a simple creature broke the relations which existed between the Divine Will and the creature.  This split destroyed the plans which God had in the creation of man


“Now, a simple creature, the Virgin Queen of all was endowed with many graces and privileges.  But she was still a mere creature.   She was given the office to bind again, to be tested by, and to place herself in relation with the Will of her Creator, in order to repair the first split of the first creature.  A woman was the first one.  A woman was the second one


“She was the One who, binding her will to Ours, gave back to Us the honor, the decorum, the subjection, and the rights of Creation.  Was it not one creature alone who received the beginning of evil and formed the seed of the ruin of all generations?  In the same way, this Celestial Creature alone received the beginning of good.  By putting herself in relation with the Will of her Creator, she formed the seed of the Eternal FIAT, which then became a tree.  The Eternal Word felt covered by resting in the shade of His Eternal Will.  He was conceived, forming His Humanity in that virginal womb, in which His Supreme Will reigned as a ruling King


“Do you see, then, how all goodness come from my Supreme Will, and all evils enter the field when the creature withdraws from the Divine Will


“I found a creature who had my Will as her life, and who connected with Me with those bonds of Creation I wanted.  If I had not, I would not have wanted, nor would have I been able to descend from Heaven to take on human flesh in order to save man.  Therefore, my Mama, was the beginning, the origin, the seed of the “Fiat Voluntas Tua” on earth as it is in Heaven.  Since one creature had destroyed it, it was just that one creature would rebuild it


“My Humanity never separated from my Divinity.  So, upon this seed of my own Will which I found in my Divine Mother, I formed the great plan of the human will within the Divine Will.  With my human will united to the Divine, there was not one human action which I did not place in relation with the Supreme Will.  With the Divine Will, I was aware of each and every act of all generations.  With the human will, I repaired and bound them to the Eternal Will.  There was not one act which escaped Me, and which was not ordered by Me in the most pure Light of the Supreme Will


“I could say that Redemption cost Me little.  My external Life, the pains of my Passion, my examples, my word, would have been sufficient and I would have done it quickly.  But to form the great plan of the human will in the Divine, to bind all the relations and links which had been broken by it, I had to place everything in my interior.  It had to contain all of my hidden Life and all of my intimate pains.  These are far more numerous and more intense than my external pains.  But they are not yet known.  It is enough to say that I beseeched forgiveness and the remission of sins.  I implored refuge, salvation and defense from the great dangers in the life of man.  I did this during my Passion, but now there will be a new uprising of all of man’s interior.  I had to make the Sun of the Eternal Will rise.  The whole interior of man would be bound with enrapturing power, even his most intimate fibers.  It was to lead him to the womb of my Celestial Father, as though reborn in His Eternal Will


“Oh, how much easier it was for Me to implore his salvation than to reorder his interior in my Supreme Volition!  Had I not done this, Redemption would not have been complete, nor a work worthy of a God.  I would have neither fixed nor would I have ordered all the parties of man.  I would not have restored in him that Sanctity which was lost by withdrawing from the Divine Will and by breaking the relations with It.  The plan has already been fulfilled.  But to make it known, first it was necessary for man to know that with my Life and Passion he could obtain forgiveness and salvation.  This will teach him to know how I had gained for him the greatest and most important thing, the new rising of his will in Mine.  It will give back to him his nobility and reestablish his broken contact with my Will, and with it, his original state


“My daughter, my Eternal Wisdom disposed that the Holiest of all Celestial creatures would prepare the seed of my Holy Will.  In it, I formed the plan of the new rising of man in my Supreme Will.   Now, I am letting another creature enter the eternal regions of my Will.  I am binding her Will to Mine, and uniting her to all my acts. I shall make all of her interior rise again in the Eternal Sun of my Will.  I am opening the field of this plan to the generations, so that whoever wants it can enter into it to put herself in relation with her Creator


“The creatures have enjoyed the goodness of Redemption. Now they will move on to enjoy the fruits of the “Fiat Voluntas Tua” on earth as it is in Heaven.  They will regain what man had made disappear from the face of the earth by following his own will.  Once more they will enjoy their lost happiness, their dignity, their nobility and the fullness of celestial peace.  Greater grace I could not give him, because by connecting him again with my Will, I give back to him all the benefits with which I endowed him in his creation.  So, be attentive.  This is about opening a large field of benefits for all your brothers



August 16, 1923

Jesus wants us to do His Will in order to give us of His own.

If we do so, He receives His own Glory from the creature.


I was thinking to myself: ‘Why does blessed Jesus have so much interest in me, if He wants and loves so much that His Will be done?  What Glory can He receive from a poor and vile creature who surrenders her will into His most high, most holy and most adorable Will


Now, while I was thinking about this, my adorable Jesus, with a tenderness and sweetness beyond words, told me: “My daughter, do you want to know why?  Because my Love, my supreme goodness, is so great that every time the creature does my Will and operates in it because I want her to do it, I give her some benefit of my own.  But in order to always give her something of my own, I want her to do my Will.  So, the reason I have so much interest in her doing my Will, is to find the occasions and means to be able to be always giving.  It is my Love that does not want to be still.  It wants to always run, flying toward the creature.  But to do what?  To give!  By doing my Will, she comes closer to Me and I to her; and I give and she takes.  On the other hand, if she does not operate to do my Will, she keeps her distance from Me.  She becomes foreign to Me, so she cannot take what I wanted to give her.  Even if I did give her some benefit of my own, it would be noxious and indigestible for her.  Her palate, rough and contaminated by the human will, would not allow her to taste or appreciate the Divine gifts.  That is why I have so much interest in all this.  It is because I want to be always giving something of my own


“My Glory, then, is my own Glory which I receive through the work of the creature who does my Will.  It is a Glory which descends from Heaven and rises again right at the foot of my Throne, multiplied by the Divine Will which has been exercised by the creature.  On the other hand, the glory that those who do not do my Will can give Me, if there were any at all, would be a something foreign to Me.  This false glory often reaches the point of nauseating Me.  Moreover, when the creature operates to do my Will, by giving her of my own, I unite to that work my Sanctity, my Power and Wisdom, the beauty of my works. These gifts have an incalculable and infinite value.  I could say that these are the fruits of my lands, the works of my Celestial Kingdom, the Glory of my family and of my rightful children.  So, how could they not be pleasing to Me?  How could I not feel the enrapturing power of my Supreme Volition in those works of the creature, who works only to do my Will?  Oh, if all knew the good of It, they would not let themselves be deceived by their own will






August 20, 1923

Living in the Divine Will is not an individual Sanctity,

but, like the Sun, it is for the universal good:

It is the greatest miracle. 

So is the Celestial Mama, more than a silent Sun,

in order to be the Queen of the Sanctity of the Saints,

and Mother and Bearer of the Divine Life to all.


I was thinking to myself: ‘My good Jesus says many marvelous things about His Will, and how there is no greater, higher or holier thing than the soul whom He calls to live in His Will.  If it were so, who knows how many marvelous things I should be doing, how many amazing things, both internally and externally.  On the contrary, there is nothing charming or striking about it.  Instead, I feel like the most abject and insignificant person of all, who does nothing good.  The Saints, however, they did so much good.  They did amazing things, miracles.  Yet, He says that the living in His Will leaves all Saints behind


Now, while these and other thoughts were passing through my mind, my Jesus moved in my interior, and with His usual Light told me: “My daughter, when Sanctity is individual, in time and space, it has more external prodigies to attract those individuals, places and times, to receive the grace and the good which that sanctity contains.  On the other hand, the Sanctity of living in my Will is not an individual sanctity, assigned to do good to certain places, to certain people and to certain times.  It is a Sanctity which has to do good to all, at all times and in all places.  It is a Sanctity which remains eclipsed in the Eternal Sun of my Will.  It invades everything.  It is Light without speech.  It is fire without wood, without bellows, without smoke.  But in spite of this, it does not cease to be the most majestic, the most beautiful, the most flourishing.  Its Light is more pure, Its heat more intense, and the true image of it is the Sun which illuminates our horizon.  It illuminates all, but without clamor.  It is Light, but has no speech; it says nothing to anyone.  It does so much good.  It germinates the seeds.  It gives life to all the plants.  It purifies the polluted air with its heat, and destroys all that is noxious to humanity.  It is so silent that, even though they have it with them, they pay no attention to it.  But in spite of this, it does not cease to be majestic and beautiful, and to continue the good it does for all.  And if the sun were missing, everyone would cry over it, since the greatest miracle of fertility and preservation of all nature would be missing


“The Sanctity of living in my Will is more than the Sun.  A soul who is upright and fully ordered in my Will is more than an army in battle.  Her intelligence is ordered and bound to the Eternal Intelligence.  Her heartbeats, affections, desires, are ordered with eternal bonds.  Thus, her thoughts, her Will and all her interior, are armies of messengers which come from her and which fill Heaven and earth.  They are voices speaking.  They are weapons that defend everyone, first and foremost, their God.  They bring good to all.  They are the true Celestial and Divine militia which the Supreme Majesty keeps mobilized within Itself, always ready at Its every command


“There is the example of my Mama and the true Sanctity of living in my Will, with her interior totally eclipsed in the Eternal Sun of the Supreme Volition.  Having to be the Queen of the Sanctity of the Saints, and Mother and Bearer of my Life to all, and therefore of all goodness, she is hidden in all, bringing about the good without her being recognized.  More than a silent Sun, she brought Light without speech, Fire without bellows, Good without exposing herself.  There was no good which did not come from Her.  There was no miracle which was not unleashed from Her.  By living in my Will, she lived hidden within all, and she was and is the origin of the goodness of all


“She was so enraptured in God, so fixed and ordered in the Divine Will, that all her interior swam in the sea of the Eternal Volition.  She was totally aware of the interior life of every creature and she placed her own into these to reorder them before God.  It was exactly the interior of man, more so than the outside, that is in greater need of being re-done and reordered.  Having to do the major part, it seemed that she did the minor part, while she was the origin of both external and interior goodness.  Apparently, she did not do great or amazing works.  More so than the Sun, She went unobserved and hidden in the cloud of Light of the Divine Will.  When the very Saints gave of themselves, they apparently did more amazing things that my own Mama did.  Yet, what are the greatest Saints before my Celestial Mama?  They are just little planets compared to the great Sun.  If they are illuminated, it is just because of the Sun


“She didn’t do anything amazing, yet she did not cease to be visibly majestic and beautiful, just barely flying over the earth. She was all intent on that Eternal Will, which she charmed and enraptured with great love and violence. She transported It from Heaven to earth after the human family had so brutally exiled It up on High. With all her interior ordered in the Divine Will, She gave no time to time.  Whether She thought, palpitated, breathed, or anything else, all of her actions were more charming bonds to draw the Eternal Word down upon earth.  And in fact She won. She performed the greatest of miracles, which no one else could do


“Your task, my daughter is to charm Me and bind Me with your interior all reordered in the Supreme Volition.  Then you can transport It from Heaven to earth, so that It may be known and have life on earth as it does in Heaven.  You shouldn’t worry about any of the rest.  Anyone who has to do the major part has no need to do the minor ones.  On the contrary, that field is given to others.  They can do the minor parts, so everyone has work to do.  I know what is needed: time, place and people.  When I have to make known my greatest works, I will also use external prodigies.  So, must always continue your flight in my Will, filling Heaven and earth.  You will charm Me so much that I will be unable to resist performing the greatest miracle, that my Will reign in the midst of creatures





August 28, 1923

It is not enough to possess the Divine Will;

we must also keep It,

cultivate It and expand It within ourselves.


I felt highly afflicted because of the absence of my sweet Jesus.  As much as I called Him and prayed, He would not deign to return to His little exile down here.  Ah, how hard is my exile!  My poor heart agonized because of the pain it felt, because the One who forms its life was far away from me.  But as I longed for His return, the Confessor came, and at that moment, after waiting so long, Jesus moved in my interior, squeezing my heart tightly and making Himself seen.


And I to Him: ‘My Jesus, couldn’t You have come earlier?  Now I must obey.  If You please, come when I receive You in the Most Holy Sacrament.  Then we will be alone again, and we will be free to be together


And Jesus, with a dignified and indifferent look, told me: “My daughter, do you want Me to destroy the order of my Wisdom and to take away this authority from my Church?” And in saying this, He made me share in His pains. 


Then, afterwards, I said to Him: ‘But tell me, my Love, why didn’t You come?  You made me wait so long that I was beginning to lose hope that you would return.  Because of this pain of loneliness, my heart struggles between life and death


And Jesus, all goodness: “My daughter, having placed in you the ownership of my Will, I want you not only to possess It, but to be able to keep It, cultivate It, expand It, so as to multiply It.  Therefore, pain, mortification, vigilance, patience, and also my very absence, serve to expand and to keep the boundaries of my Will in your soul


“It is not enough to possess; one must be able to possess.  What good is it for a man to possess any land, if he does not take the care of sowing, cultivating it, keeping it, and to then harvest the fruits of his hard work?  If he does not work his property, even though he possesses it, one could say that he has nothing to eat.  Hence, it is not possessing which renders man rich and happy, but being able to cultivate well what he possesses


“It is the same with my graces, my gifts, and especially my Will, which I placed in you as a Queen.  What it wants from you is the food, that is, the work of your pain, of your acts.  It wants your will, fully subjected to It, to give It in everything the honors and the courting which befit It as Queen.  And in everything you do and suffer, It will have its food ready to feed your soul.  And so, you on one side, and my Will on the other, will expand the boundaries of my Supreme Will within you




September 2, 1923

In addition to the privation of Jesus,

Luisa feels the pain of humanity separated from God,

because of the bond she has with Jesus

and therefore with all humanity. 

The nations are preparing for war.


I felt really bitter because of the absence of my adorable Jesus. Moreover, He would appear like lightning, draw me out of myself, and then escape in a flash.  In the meantime, I was forced to look at tragic and gloomy events.  There were rumors of wars involving Italy.  There were leaders of governments approaching other leaders, offering them sums of money to make them fall into the net of the war.  One day this past January, when I was in great suffering, Jesus had told me that He was making me suffer in order to enlighten the nations which, wanting to start a war, wanted to drag others along as well, offering great sums to draw them in as allies. 


How painful it was for me to go out of myself to see suffering peoples, and another war field being armed, without having my Jesus together with me to say a word to Him!  To snatch from Him, even at the cost of pain, mercy for unfortunate humanity!


I spent several days in this state, and my heart could not take it anymore.  I felt not only the pain of being almost completely deprived of my Jesus, but another pain, so hard that I myself cannot explain it.  Then, He Himself, not being able to take it anymore, appeared to me, clinging to my heart seeking rest and refuge.


I squeezed Him to myself and I said to Him: ‘My Life, Jesus, tell me, where did I offend You that You don’t come?  What is this pain, on top of the pain of your absence, which lacerates Me and separates Me from You


And Jesus, all afflicted, told me: “My daughter, did you perhaps intend to offend Me in anything, since you fear that I withdrew from you


And I: ‘No, my Jesus; I would rather die than displease You


And Jesus: “So, a daughter who has always been with her father must be attentive to know the secrets, the manners, and the reasons for his behavior towards her.  I have been with you for so long, and you still do not understand the reasons which force Me to withdraw?  But you have understood them.   You saw the grave evils, when I used to come to you like lightening, drawing you out of yourself, and leaving you alone wandering around the earth.  How many tragic things have you seen?  On top of this, you saw the great preparations for war which the nations are making.  Last year, France, by moving against Germany, rang the first bell.  Italy, by moving against Greece, rang the second bell.  Then, another nation will come, which will ring the third bell, to call them to fight.  What treachery!  Such stubbornness!  This is why my Justice can no longer bear so much stubbornness, and It forces Me to withdraw from you, to be free in Its course.  The pain you feel in your heart, in addition to the pain of my absence, is nothing other than the pain of humanity being separated from Me.  Indeed, it is such a horrible pain that my Heart writhed and agonized.  And now, because of the bonds you have with Me, you remain bound to the human family, and you yourself are forced to feel this pain.  It is from the human generations which depart from Me with their horrendous sins


“Courage, do not lose heart!  Let Me give free reign to my Justice, and then I will be with you again.  Then we will pray and cry together over the destiny of man, that he may no longer roam throughout the earth, but return to his God





September 6, 1923

One who is a dwelling for Jesus on earth,

is also kept by Him in His Heart in Heaven.

Let us never forget the Love of God,

 and to love Him for all.

When the Love for God ceases, there begins sin.


I felt petrified with pain because of the absence of my sweet Jesus.  It seems to me that even His flashes, His shadows, my only support in His absence, are decreasing.  They are like little drops of dew, sustain the poor little plant of my soul, burned and withered by His absence, giving it a thread of life so as to not let it die.  But, I was completely resigned to His Will, and I tried as much as I could to continue my interior acts, just like when I used to take flight together with Jesus in His Most Holy Will.  But, something was different.   I did them badly, being too distracted to give my God to all.


So, I was saying in my interior: ‘My Jesus, in your Will I unite my thoughts to Yours.  Since your thoughts circulate in each and every created intelligence, I want every thought to draw from yours the love of your intelligence.  Then I can place each thought of the creature into the flight of love.  This flight goes up into Heaven, before the Supreme Majesty, and blending with the Eternal Love, draws the Love of the Most Holy Trinity down upon the earth, over all creatures


Now, while I was doing this and other things, my adorable Jesus moved in my interior and, sighing, told me: “My daughter, you cannot be without Me.  But even less can I be without You.  Everything you feel in your heart is Me.  Your anxieties, your sighs, the martyrdom you suffer being deprived of Me, are Me.  Those are my heartbeats which resound in you, bringing you my pains, hiding Me from you.  It is when Love can no longer resist, surpassing Justice,  that It forces Me to unveil Myself


And as He was saying this, He made Himself seen.  My God, who can tell how reborn I felt?


Then He added: “My daughter, you gave Me a dwelling in you on earth, and I keep you in Heaven inside my Heart; so, while being on earth, you are with Me in Heaven.  The Divinity delights with the Little Daughter of the Supreme Volition, having her in Heaven with Itself.  And since We have Our Little Daughter in Heaven and on earth, it is not worthwhile for Us to destroy the earth, as Justice would want to do, since creatures deserve it.  At the most, many cities will disappear.  The earth will open abysses in several places making lands and people disappear, and wars will decimate it.  But out of regard for Our Little Daughter, We will not destroy it, having given her the task to make our Will live on earth


“So, pluck up your courage and don’t lose heart too much during my absence.  Know that I cannot go too long without letting you see Me.  I Myself cannot do this, and you will never, never cease to love Me, not only for yourself, but also for all our dear brothers


“In fact, do you want to know why Adam sinned?  Because he forgot that I loved him and he forgot to love Me.  This was the first seed of His fall.  Had he thought that I loved him very much and that he was obliged to love Me, he would never have decided to disobey Me.  So, first love ceased, and then began sin; and as soon as he stopped loving his God, true love for himself ceased.  His members and powers rebelled against him.  He lost dominion, order, and he became fearful.  Not only this, but true love toward other creatures ceased.  But I had created him with the same love which reigned among the Divine Persons, in which one was to be the image of the other, the happiness, the joy and life of the other


“This is why, in coming upon earth, the thing to which I gave greatest importance was that they love one another as they were loved by Me.  I wanted to give them my first Love, to let the Love of the Most Holy Trinity breathe over the earth


“Therefore, in all your pain and depression, never forget that I love you very much, so as to never forget to love Me.  As the Daughter of Our Will, you have the task to love Me on behalf of all.  In this way, you will have the right orientation and you will not be afraid of anything





September 9, 1923

It is impossible that it might be the Devil manifesting

the knowledge and the secrets of the Divine Will,

because It is hell for him, and he knows It only to hate It.


I still had another strong fear.  Who knows whether it might not be my adorable Jesus to deign to speak to Me, manifesting to me so many sublime truths, especially on the Divine Will, but the devil, in order to deceive me.  While it seems that he raises me up high with so many truths, he then makes me fall again into the abyss.


Then I said to myself: ‘My Jesus, free me from the hands of the enemy.  I don’t want to know anything.  All I care about is saving my soul


And blessed Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, why do you fear?  Don’t you know that the thing which the infernal snake knows the least about Me is my Will?  Because he did not want to do It, and by not doing It, he did not know It nor love It.  And even less did he penetrate into the secrets of my inscrutable Volition in order to know the effects and the value of my Will.  So if he does not know them, how could he speak about them?  Even more, the thing which he abhors the most is that the creature do my Will.  He does not care whether the soul prays, goes to Confession, goes to Communion, does penance or makes miracles.  But the thing which hurts him the most is that the soul do my Will.  As he rebelled against my Will, hell was created in him along with his unhappy state and the rage that consumes him.  My Will is hell for him.  Every time he sees the soul being subject to my Will and knowing Its qualities, value and Sanctity, he feels hell being redoubled.  This is because he sees the paradise, the happiness and the peace he lost, being created in the soul.  And the more my Will is known, the more tormented and furious he is.  So, how could he possibly speak to you about my Will, if It forms his hell?  And if he did speak to you, his words would form hell in you, because he knows my Will only to hate It, not to love It.  Whatever is hated never brings happiness and peace.  Besides, his word is empty of grace, and so he cannot confer the grace to do my Will






September 14, 1923

All creatures rotate around the Divine Sun.

This is why man was created.

Catastrophic consequences of sin


I was thinking of how all things rotate around the Sun.  The earth, ourselves, all creatures, the sea, the plants, in sum, everything; we all rotate around the Sun.  And because we rotate around the Sun, we are illuminated and we receive its heat.  It pours its burning rays upon all.  By rotating around It, we and the whole Creation enjoy its Light and receive some of the effects and goodness which the Sun contains.  How many beings do not rotate around the Divine Sun?  Everyone does: all the Angels, the Saints, men, all created things.  Even the Queen Mama; does she perhaps not have the first round, in which, rapidly spinning around It, she absorbs all the reflections of the Eternal Sun?  While I was thinking about this, my Divine Jesus moved in my interior.


Squeezing me all to Himself, He told me: “My daughter, this was exactly the purpose for which I created man.  He should always rotate around Me.  I, being at the center of his rotation like a Sun, was to reflect in him my Light, my Love, my Likeness and all my happiness.  At every round of his, I was to give him ever new contentment, new beauty, burning arrows


“Before man sinned, my Divinity was not hidden, because by rotating around Me, he was my reflection.  He was the little light.  So, naturally, I being the great Sun, the little light could be the reflection of my Light.  But, as soon as he sinned, he stopped revolving around Me.  His little light became dark.  He became blind and lost the light, so he was unable, as much as a creature is capable, to see my Divinity in his mortal flesh.  He was so blind, that in coming to redeem man, I took mortal flesh so I could be seen.  I did so not only because man had sinned with the flesh, needing Me to make amends with the flesh, but because he lacked the eyes to be able to see my Divinity.  In fact, my Divinity, dwelling within my Humanity, was able to unleash, like lightening and flashes, only a few rays of Light from my Divinity


“See what great evil sin is.  For man it means to leave his orbit around His Creator.  He annuls the purpose of Creation.  He is transformed from Light into darkness, from being beautiful, to becoming ugly.  It is such a great evil that, with all my Redemption, I was unable to restore to him the eyesight necessary to see my Divinity in his mortal flesh.  He will see only when this flesh of man, decomposed and pulverized by death, will rise again on the day of judgment


“What would happen if the whole of Creation could stop revolving around the Sun?  Everything would be turned upside down.  They would lose their Light, their harmony and beauty.  Each would bump against the other.  Even if the Sun were still there, since nothing would revolve around It, the Sun would be as if dead for the whole of Creation.” 


“Because of original sin, man left his orbit around His Creator, so he lost order, light and dominion over himself.  Every time he sins, he stops revolving around, not only His God, but even around the goodness of Redemption, which, like a new sun, came to bring him forgiveness, refuge and salvation


“But do you know who never ceases her round?  The soul who does my Will and lives in It.  As usual, she never stops, and she receives all the reflections of my Humanity plus the flashes of Light from my Divinity






September 21, 1923

Courage and fidelity in trials.

Love, the Cross and the Divine Will made justice in Luisa.

The circle of the Divine Will

which embraces the great wheel of Eternity.


I felt very bitter because of the absence of my sweet Jesus.  Everything seemed to be over for me, with almost no hope that He would ever return to His poor little exile.  I felt my heart breaking in pain, thinking that I would never again see the One who had lived His life with me, thereby forming my own life.  But now my life has disappeared and is gone from me!  My Jesus, how brutally You kill me!  Without you I feel the pains of hell.  While I die, I am forced to live!


Now, as I was in this painful state, my always adorable Jesus moved inside me, and stretching out one arm, He held me tightly to give me back life.


He told me: “My daughter, my Will wanted to make justice of you.  It was necessary to test your fidelity, since all my attributes concur in all my works.  When the generations see all that I poured into you they will be surprised.  They will say: ‘How could she not do all this, after all the graces He gave to her?’ My Justice will show the trials It made you undergo, and will say to them: ‘I made her go through the fire of my Justice and I found her faithful.  My Love has continued Its course


“Moreover, you must know that the first one to make justice of you was my Love.  How many trials did It make you go through in order to be certain of your love?  The second one was the Cross, which made severe justice of you.  My Will, drawn by my Love and by the Cross, even wanted to descend into you and make you live in It.  But then, my Will did not want to be outdone by my Love and by the Cross.  So, to be more certain, It jealously withdrew, making justice of you, to see whether you would continue your flights in my Will without Me


Upon hearing this, I said: ‘Ah!  How could I continue those flights without You?  I didn’t have enough light, and if I started, I could not finish, because the One who, making everything present to me, was not with me.  My mind was swimming in the empty space, finding no one.  How could I finish them?  It was You who made me operate for all, allowing me to bind all the relations between the Creator and all Creation.” 


And Jesus: “You started by doing, and your pain for being unable to finish was its completion.  It takes courage and fidelity.  With a little test, one is always more sure and certain.  If not even my Queen Mama was spared from these trials, would you want to be exempted from them


After some time, He came back again, and He made Himself seen inside of me, in the middle of a circle upon which He invited the souls to go, in order to let them walk on that circle.  I got on it, never to descend again.


My adorable Jesus told me: “My daughter, this circle is my Eternal Will, which embraces the great wheel of Eternity.  There is nothing in this circle other than all that my Humanity did in the Divine Will, begging that my Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.  Everything is geared up and ready.  There is nothing left but to open the doors and to make It known, so that man may take possession of It


“It was said about Me, when I came upon earth to redeem man, that I was going to be either the salvation or the ruin of many.  The same will be said now.  This Will of Mine will be of great Sanctity for some, since my Will is of absolute Sanctity, or of ruin for many others


“See, while rotating upon this circle, it is necessary to look inside, never outside of it.  Inside there is Light, knowledge, my strength and my acts.  They are lively attractions that can help one to take the Life of my Will.  Outside of It, there is none of this.  The creatures will find only darkness and will fall into the abyss.  So, pay attention.  Keep your gaze always fixed on my Will and you will find yourself with the fullness of the Grace of living in my Will





October 4, 1923

The Divine Will is everywhere with Its Immensity,

Omniscience and Power,

 but for the majority of creatures,

It is not upon earth as their Queen and Life. 

What the creature must do in order to have It as Life.


I felt I was being destroyed by the painful absence of my Jesus, with the sad thought that He would no longer come to me.  Oh, how piercing it is to think that I would never see again the One who forms my Life, my happiness, everything that is good! 


While I was thinking about this, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior and told me: “My daughter, how could I leave you if my Will is imprisoned in your soul?  It gives life to all your actions and carries out Its Life as within Its own center?  My Life is focused on one point of the earth.  Ah, if this Life of Mine on earth was not there, my Justice would pour Itself out with such fury as to annihilate it


In hearing this, I said: ‘My Jesus, your Will is everywhere, there is no place in which It is not, and You are saying that It is imprisoned in me


And Jesus: “It is indeed everywhere with Its Immensity, with Its Omniscience and Its Power.  Like a Queen, It subjects everything to Itself, allowing no one to escape Its empire.  But as the Life in which the creature forms her life, living her life in the Life of my Will and forming the Life of the Divine Will on earth, It does not exist.  For the many that do not act in It, it is if my Will did not exist.  It is like someone had water in his room but would not drink it, or fire but he would not approach it in order to get warm, or bread but he would not eat it.  In spite of the fact that he has access to all these elements which can give life to man, by not partaking in them, he can die of thirst, cold and hunger.  Others take them rarely, and are weak and sick.  Others do so every day, and these are healthy and robust.  Everything is in possession of something good.  It depends on whether the human will wants to partake in it, and how it wants to partake in it.  So, it obtains its effects depending on whether it uses it or not


“That is how my Will is.  To become the Life of the soul, she must make her will disappear in Mine.  Her will must no longer exist.  My Will must take over in all her actions, as the prime actor.  Then It will give Itself to the soul like water to quench her thirst with Its Divine and celestial waters.  It’s like fire that can not only to warm her but destroy what is human in her and rebuild in her the Life of my Will.  It’s food that can nourish her and make her strong and robust.  Oh, how hard it is to find a creature who surrenders all of her own rights so she can give my Will alone the right to reign!  Almost everyone wants to keep something of their own will for themselves.  But my Will is not able to form Its Life in all the creatures if It does not reign in them completely






October 16, 1923

So that the Divine Will may descend upon earth,

the human will, emptied of all that is human,

divinized and transformed into all that is God,

must raise up to Heaven and live

in communal Life with the Most Holy Trinity;

it must take and give to all.


The pain from the absence of my Jesus is concentrated more and more in my poor heart.  The nights are so long without Him!  Without Jesus they seem like eternal nights, without the sun or any stars!  The only thing left for me is His adorable Will.  I abandon myself in It, finding rest in the thick darkness which surrounds me!  Ah, Jesus, Jesus, come to my tormented heart, for I can’t go on without You!


While I was swimming in the immense sea of pain that is His absence, my Jesus moved inside me.


Taking my hands in His, He pressed them tightly to His Heart and told me: “My daughter, in order for my Will to descend upon the earth, it is necessary that your will rise up to Heaven.  And in order to rise up to Heaven and to live in the Celestial Fatherland, it is necessary to empty it of all that is human, of all that is not Holy, pure and upright.  Nothing can enter into Heaven to live a communal Life with Us, if it has not been completely divinized and transformed into Us.  Nor can my Divine Will descend upon earth to carry out Its Life from within Its own center, if It does not find the human will emptied of everything.  Then it can fill itself with all the goodness that my Will contains.  It will be only the thinnest veil, which will serve Me to cover Myself and to dwell within it, sort of like a Consecrated Host, inside which I form my Life.  Then I can do all the good I want.  I can pray, I can suffer, I can enjoy.  And the Host does not oppose; it leaves Me free.  Its office is to be there to keep Me hidden, and in mute silence, to agree to preserve my Sacramental Life.  This is the point we are at: your will is about to enter Heaven, and Mine is about to descend upon earth.  Therefore, yours must have life no longer; it must have no reason to exist.” 


“This happened to my Humanity, which, though having a human will, was all intent on giving life to the Divine Will.  It never decided by itself, not even to breathe, but it took and gave also its breath in the Divine Will.  And so the Eternal Will reigned in my Humanity on earth as It does in Heaven.  It lived Its terrestrial Life in it, and my human will, fully sacrificed to the Divine, prayed that, at the appropriate time, It would descend upon earth, to live in the midst of creatures, just as It lives in Heaven.  Don’t you want to give my Will first place on earth


While He was saying this, I seemed to find myself in Heaven where, from one single point, I could see all generations.  Prostrating myself before the Supreme Majesty, I took the reciprocal Love of the Divine Persons, their perfect adoration and the ever unique Sanctity of their Will.  Then I offered them all, in the name of all, as the return of the love, adoration, submission and union which every creature should give to her Creator.  I wanted to unite Heaven with earth and Creator with creature, so that they might embrace and exchange the supreme kiss of the union of their wills.


Then my Jesus added: “This is your task: to live in Our midst and to make all that is Ours your own, giving it to Us on behalf of your brothers.  Then, drawn by what is Ours, We will be bound to the human generations, and give them the supreme kiss of the union of their wills with Ours, which We gave to man in Creation






October 20, 1923

Jesus sows seeds of Divine Light in the field of the soul

 that they may become Suns.

Then He collects them in order to prepare new seeds,

and this causes the soul to feel that everything is over.


I felt completely annihilated within myself.  The absence of Jesus throws me into the most profound humiliation.  Without Jesus, I feel like the interior of my soul becomes devastated.  It seems that everything good declines and dies.  My Jesus!  My Jesus!  How hard it is to be without You!  Oh, how my heart bleeds when I see that everything is dying within me, because the One who is Life, and the only One who can give Life, is not with me!


Then, while I was in this state, my most sweet Jesus came out from within my interior.


Placing His hand upon my heart and pushing strongly on it, He told me: “My daughter, why are you always so upset?  Abandon yourself in Me and let Me do what needs to be done.  Just when it seems to you that everything is declining and dying, then will your Jesus make everything rise again, but more beautiful and more fruitful.”


“You must know that the soul is my field where I work, sow and harvest.  But my favorite field is the soul who lives in my Will.  In this field my work is delightful.  I do not get covered in mud when I sow, because my Will has converted it into a field of Light.  Its earth is Virgin, pure and celestial, and I amuse Myself very much in sowing little lights in it, almost like a dew, which forms the Sun of my Will.  Oh, how beautiful it is to see this field of the soul all covered with many drops of Light which, as they grow, form many suns!  This is an enchanting sight.  All Heaven is enraptured at their sight.  They all look attentively at the Celestial Farmer who cultivates this field with such great mastery, and who possesses a seed so noble as to convert it into a Sun


“Now, my daughter, this field is Mine and I do whatever I want with it.  Once these suns have formed, I collect them and I take them to Heaven.  After gathering these most beautiful conquests of my Will, I then go back to work in my field.  So, I turn everything upside down, and the Little Daughter of my Will feels that everything is over and everything is dying.  She sees those suns, so refulgent, being substituted by the drops of light which I am sowing, and she thinks that everything is perishing.  How you deceive yourself!  This is the new harvest that must be gathered.  When I want to make it more beautiful than the first one, and make it larger in order to double my harvest, at first sight it seems that the work is more difficult, and the soul suffers more.  But those pains are like the strokes a of hoe into the earth, which push the seed deeper down.  This makes it sprout up better, with greater fertility and beauty.  When a field is harvested, you can see how desolate and poor it looks.  But it lets itself be sown with seed again, and then you will see it even more beautiful than before.  So, let me act.  You, by living in my Will, shall always be at work with Me.  We will sow the little drops of light together, and we will compete to see who can sow more.  We will amuse ourselves, sometimes sowing, resting at other times; but always together.  I know, I know what your biggest concern is: that I may leave you.  No, I will not leave you.  One who lives in my Will is inseparable from Me.”


And I: ‘My Jesus, You told me that when You did not come it was because You wanted to chastise people, and now it is not because of this that You don’t come, but for something else


And Jesus, as though sighing: “They will come.  The chastisements will come.  Ah, if you only knew.” And having said this, He disappeared.





October 30, 1923

One who lives in the Divine Will is nourished by the flames of Jesus

and filtered through the Light of the Divine Will,

in order to be deified in God.


My life is always bitter and my heart petrified by pain from the absence of my sweet Jesus.  I feel without Life, because the One who is true Life is not with me.


I kept repeating, over and over again: ‘Tell me, my only and highest Good, where did You direct your steps, so that, in following them, I may find YouAh, from afar I kiss those hands which, with so much love, embraced me and pressed me to your Heart.  I adore and kiss the Face that showed itself to me with so much grace and beauty, and which now hides and is far away from me. Tell me, where are You?  Which way should I take in order to reach You?  Tell me, what should I do?  Where did I offend You, that You run away from me?  You told me that You would never leave me; and now You leave me?  Ah, Jesus, Jesus, come back to the one who cannot live without You, to your little daughter, to your little exile


But who can tell all my laments and the nonsense I said?


In the meantime, I felt like I was losing my senses, and I could see a dove, all on fire, agonizing.  There was somebody next to it, who, with his burning breath, was feeding the dove with his flames in order to nourish it.  He was preventing it from taking any other food, holding it tightly and so close to his mouth, that it could do nothing but breathe and swallow the flames which came from him.  The poor dove, in agony, turned into those flames with which it was nourished. 


I was surprised to see this, and my Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, why do you fear that I may leave you?  By leaving you, I would leave Myself, which I cannot do.  As much power as I have, I do not have the power to be separated from Myself.  The same is true for the one who does my Will.  Since she becomes inseparable from Me, I lack the power to separate from her, so I keep nourishing her with my own flames.  Did you see that dove, all on fire?  It was the image of your soul, and I was the one who was feeding it with his breath.  I am so delighted to nourish someone who lives in my Will.  I feed that one through my breath with the flames unleashed by my Heart”.


“Don’t you know that someone who lives in my Will must be filtered through the most pure Light of It?  And to be filtered is more than to be put under a press, because even though the press crushes it all to pieces, it lets everything out, both seeds and skin, which settle at the bottom and always leave something cloudy.  On the other hand, when something is filtered, and especially if it is filtered through the thick Light of my Will, there is no danger that it might deposit something cloudy.  Instead, everything is clear, similar to the clearness of the Light through which it has been filtered.  This is a great honor for the soul who lives in my Will.  Whether she thinks, speaks, loves or does anything else, my Will makes the commitment to filter whatever she does through Its most pure Light.  This is necessary so that in everything she does, there may be no distinction from what We do, rather, may all things hold hands and share their likeness


As He was saying this, I found myself outside of body, in a garden.  Being tired, I sat down under a tree to rest.  But the rays of the sun darted through me in such a way that I felt I was burning.  I wanted to go under a thicker tree, with more shade, so I would not be burnt by the sun.  But a voice (it seems to me that it was my beloved Jesus) prevented me from doing so.


It was saying: “One who lives in my Will must be fully exposed to the rays of the burning and Eternal Sun, in order to live of Light, to see nothing but Light, and to touch nothing but Light.  This leads to the deification of the soul.  Only when she remains all deified in God can one say that the soul lives in my Will.  Come out from under the tree and stroll in this Celestial Eden of my Will, so that, gazing at you thoroughly, the Sun may convert you into Light.  May It give you the final touch of your deification in God


I began to stroll; but as I was doing this, obedience called me back into myself.






November 5, 1923

In one who lives in the Divine Will Jesus

does not form the mystical Life given to those who live in His Grace,

but without having their acts identified in the Divine Volition;

rather, He forms His real Life,

like in the Most Holy Sacrament, and still more.


I felt depressed because of the absence of my sweet Jesus.  Not only that, but because I didn’t have the trust to open up with him, and because I was bad, my Confessor had denied me absolution.3



So, having received Holy Communion, I abandoned myself into the arms of my most sweet Jesus, telling Him: ‘My love, help me; do not abandon me.  You know in what state I find myself because of your absence; and still, instead of help, creatures add pain to pain.  Without You, I have no one else with whom to cry.  Losing You is such a bitter fate.  This should convince You the more not to leave me alone.  You should at least keep me company, poor and abandoned as I am.  My bitter exile is a living death.  Because of this, You, Who are the Highest Priest, should give me absolution.  Tell me that you forgive the sins that are in my soul.  Let me hear your most sweet voice, which gives me life and forgiveness


Then, as I was pouring out my pain with Jesus, He made Himself seen in my interior.  The Sacramental veils formed like a mirror in which Jesus was alive and real.


My sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter, this mirror is incidental to these pieces of bread, which keeps Me imprisoned within them.  I form my Life in the Host, but It does not give Me anything: not one affection, not a heartbeat, not the tiniest ‘I love you.’  It is as if it were dead for Me.  I remain alone, without a shadow of anything in return.  So my Love is a bit impatient to get out, to break this glass barrier.   Descending into hearts, I look inside them for that return which the Host doesn’t know how to give Me; nor can it do so.” 


“But do you know where I find my true return?  In the soul who lives in my Will.  As soon as I descend into her heart, I consume the attributes of the Host, because I know that nobler attributes, even more dear to Me, are ready to imprison Me.  They can then keep Me inside that heart, which will not only give Me life in itself - but life for life.  I will no longer be alone, but with my most faithful company.  We will be two hearts palpitating together.  We will be united in love; our desires will be one.  So, I remain in her, and I live my Life there, alive and real, just as I do in the Most Holy Sacrament.  But do you know what these attributes are which I find in the soul who does my Will?  These are her acts done in my Volition which, more than attributes, extend themselves all around Me.  They imprison Me, but inside a noble, Divine prison, not a dark one.  Her acts done in my Will can illuminate and warm, more than sun.  Oh, how happy I feel to live my real Life in her.  I feel as if I were inside my Celestial Royal Palace!  Look at Me in your heart.  How happy I am!  How I delight in them and feel the purest joys


And I: ‘My beloved Jesus, isn’t this something new and special that you are telling me: that you live your real Life in one who lives in your Will?  Isn’t this rather the mystical Life, which You live inside the hearts that are in possession of your Grace


And Jesus: “No, no, this is not the mystical Life.  That is for those who possess my Grace, but who do not live with their actions identified within my Volition.  They do not have sufficient material to form these attributes and imprison Me.  It would be as if the Priest lacked the Host, and still wanted to pronounce the words of the Consecration.  He could pronounce them, but he would speak them to empty space.  As a result, my Sacramental Life would certainly not have any existence.  In the same way, I find Myself in the hearts which might possess my Grace, but do not live completely in my Will.  I am in them by Grace, but not in reality


And I: ‘But my love, how is it possible that You can really live in the soul who lives in your Will


And Jesus: “My daughter, I live in the Sacramental Host, where I am alive and real, in Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity.  Why do I live in the Host in Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity?  Because there is not a will which is opposed to Mine.  If I found in the Host a Will opposed to Mine, I would not form a real, permanent Life in it.  This is why the Sacramental accidents are consumed when creatures receive Me.  I do not find a human will united with Mine, ready to give itself in order to acquire my Will.  Instead, I find a will which wants to act, and do it by itself.  So I make my little visit, and I leave.” 


“On the other hand, for one who lives in my Will, my Volition and hers are one.  If I can do this in the Host, how much more can I do it in her.  Moreover, I find a heartbeat, affection, my reward and interest, everything that I do not find in the Host.  My real Life is necessary to the soul who lives in my Will; otherwise how could she live in my Volition


“Ah, you don’t want to understand that the Sanctity of living in my Will is a Sanctity completely different from the other Sanctities.  Except for the crosses, the mortifications and the necessary acts of life which, done in my Will, embellish her even more, it is nothing other than the life of the Blessed in Heaven.  They live in my Will, and by virtue of It, possess Me within each one of them, as if I were there exclusively for each one of them.  I am within them, not just mystically, but alive and really dwelling within them.  This could not be called “Life of Heaven” if they did not have Me within them as their own Life.  Their happiness would not be perfect and complete, if even a tiny particle of my Life were missing in them.  In the same way, my Will would be neither full nor perfect in the one who lives in my Volition, if my real Life, which this Will emits, were missing


“It is true that these are all prodigies of my Love.  In fact, this is the prodigy of prodigies, which my Will has kept within Itself until now.  It now wants to deliver in order to achieve the primary purpose of the Creation of man.  Therefore, I want to form my first real Life within you


“In hearing this, I said: ‘Ah, my love, Jesus!  I feel so bad about all these contrasts.  And You know it!  It’s true that this helps me to abandon myself more into your arms, and to ask from You what they do not give me.  But all this makes me gasp!  It disturbs and troubles the peace of my soul.  Are you telling me that You want to form your real Life in me?   I am oh so far from this


And Jesus, again: “Daughter, don’t worry about it.  All that I want is that you add nothing of your own, and that you obey as much as you can.  It is known that all other sanctities, that is, those of obedience and of other virtues, are not exempt from pettiness, disturbance and arguments.  They can be a waste of time that can prevent the forming of a beautiful sun.  At the most, they form a little star.  Only the Sanctity of my Will is exempt from these miseries.  Furthermore, my Will encloses all the Sacraments and their effects.  So, abandon yourself completely in my Will.  Make It yours, and you will receive the effects of the absolution, or of anything else which you might be denied


“So, I recommend that you not waste any time, since by wasting time you hamper my real Life, which I am forming within you





November 8, 1923

Jesus allows all states of mind which existed along

the path of Sanctity to occur in Luisa,

so that everything may end up in the Divine Will,

and from her the new law and

the Sanctity of the Divine Will may begin.


The deprivations of my Jesus continue.  At the most, He comes like fleeting lightning, such that, while it seems to produce light, it leaves one in the dark, more than before.  Now, while I was swimming in the bitterness of His absence, my sweet Jesus made Himself seen in my interior, busily writing, not with a pen, but with His breath.  Emitting rays of light, He used that light like a pen in order to write into the depth of my soul.  But placing one finger on His lips, He made me understand that I should keep silent, for He did not want to be distracted.  Then, after He finished, He told me: “Daughter of my Supreme Volition, I am writing in your soul the law of my Will and the good which It brings.  First I want to write it in your soul, and then, little by little, I will explain it to you


And I: ‘My Jesus, I want to tell You of the state of my soul.  Oh, how bad I feel!  Tell me, why do you leave me?  What should I do in order not to lose You


And Jesus: “Don’t be upset, my daughter.  You must know that when I came upon earth, I came to abolish the old laws, and to perfect others.  But in abolishing them, I did not exempt Myself from observing those laws.  I just observed them in a more perfect way than others did.  Having to unite in Me the old and the new, I wanted to observe them in order to give fulfillment to the old laws, placing on them the seal of their abolition.  This was the start of the new law, which I came to establish upon earth.  The law of Grace and of Love, enclosed all sacrifices in Me, since I was to be the true and only sacrificed.  Since then, no other sacrifices were necessary because, being Man and God, I was more than sufficient to satisfy for all


“Now, my beloved daughter, I want to make of you a more perfect image of Me, nobler and Divine.  I will begin a new Sanctity, the “Fiat Voluntas Tua” on earth as it is in Heaven.  I want to centralize in you all the states of mind that have occurred until now along the path of Sanctity.  As you offer them and move on, doing them in my Will, I will establish their fulfillment.  I will crown them and, embellishing them, I will place on them the seal. Everything must end up in my Will.  There, where the other Sanctities finish, the Sanctity of my Will begins.  Being so noble and Divine, It uses all the other Sanctities as Its footstool.  It gives them their origin


“So let Me act on It.  Let Me repeat my Life and all that I did in Redemption with so much love.  Now I want to repeat it in you with more love, to set the starting point so that the laws of my Will may be known.  But I want your will united to and dissolved in Mine





November 10, 1923

The beauty of littleness

God does the greatest works in the little ones.

Jesus came upon earth to make Redemption

and to prepare the Kingdom of the Divine Will,

 but He used two little ones in order to fulfill this double plan:

Most Holy Mary and Luisa,

 at the head of two wings

 in which the human generations are divided.


I was abandoning all of myself in the arms of my sweet Jesus, and while I was praying, I saw my soul very little.  It was tiny. 


I thought to myself: ‘How little I am!  Jesus was right in saying that I was the littlest of all.  I would really like to know whether I am the littlest one of all


Now, while I was thinking of this, my always adorable Jesus, moving inside, showed me how He took this little one in His arms and squeezed her tightly to His Heart.  She would let Jesus do whatever He wanted with her.  Then He told me: “My dear little one!  I chose you little, because the little ones let me do whatever I want with them.  They do not walk alone, but let themselves be led.  They are even afraid to take one step by themselves.  If they receive gifts, feeling incapable of keeping them, they place them on the lap of their mama.  The little ones are stripped of everything.  They don’t care whether they are rich or poor.  They are concerned with nothing.  Oh, how beautiful they are at this tender age, so full of graces, of beauty, and freshness!   Hence, the greater is the work I want to do in a soul, the smaller I choose her.  I like childlike freshness and beauty very much.  I like it so much that I maintain her in the littleness of the nothingness from which she came.  I let nothing of her own enter her, so that she won’t lose her littleness, and thus preserving the Divine freshness and beauty from which she came


On hearing this, I said: ‘Jesus, it seems to me that I am very bad, and that this is why I am so little.  But You are saying that You love me very much because I am little.  How can this be


And Jesus, again: “My little one, wickedness cannot enter the true little ones.  Do you know when evil growth starts to get in?  When one’s own will starts to get in.  As it enters, the creature begins to fill herself and to live from her own initiative.  Everything comes from the littleness of the creature.  But it seems to her that her littleness becomes greater and she cries over this greatness.  Since God does not live completely in her, she moves away from her Beginning.  She dishonors her origin, losing the light, the beauty, the Sanctity and the freshness of her Creator.  She seems to grow before herself and maybe before men; but before Me – oh, how she decreases!  She may even become great, but she will never be my beloved little one


“My beloved is the one with whom I have fallen in love.  She, I will fill with Me, that she may remain as I created her.  I will make her the greatest of all.  No one will be her equal.  This is what I did so with my Celestial Mama.  Among all generations, She is the littlest one, because her will never entered into her to actions.  There was only my Eternal Will, and that always.  Not only did It keep Her little, beautiful and fresh, as She had been created by Us, but It made Her the greatest of all.  Oh, how beautiful She was, little in herself, but great.  Within Our virtue, she superior to all!  It is only because of her littleness that She was raised to the height of Mother of the One who formed Her


“So, as you see, everything that is good for man will be from doing my Will.  All evil comes from doing his own.  I chose my Mother in order for Me to come down and redeem man, because She was little.  I used Her as a channel that would let all the goodness and the fruits of Redemption descend upon mankind


“So that my Will might be known, I had to choose another little one among all generations.  This is how I will open Heaven and let my Will descend upon earth and to make It reign on earth as It does in Heaven.  The greatest Work that I want to do is to restore man in his origin, from which he came.  I will open for him that Divine Will which he rejected, and open my arms to him to receive him again into the womb of my Will.  For this my Wisdom calls the littlest one out of nothing


“It was evenhanded that she be little.  Since I had placed a little one at the head of Redemption, I had to place another little one at the head of the “Fiat Voluntas Tua” on earth as it is in Heaven.  In between two little ones was I to enclose the purpose of the Creation of man and realize my designs upon him.  Through one, I was to redeem him, wash his ugliness from him with my Blood and give him forgiveness.  Through the other one, I was to make man return to his beginning, to his origin, to his lost nobility, to the bonds of my Will which he had broken.  Through her I will admit him once again to the smile of my Eternal Will, to the exchange of a kiss between his will and Mine, so they may live as one within the other.” 


“This alone was the purpose for the Creation of man, and no one will be able to oppose what I have established.  Centuries and centuries will go by, just as they did in Redemption; but man will eventually return into my arms, just as he I created him


“But in order to do this, first I have to choose the one who must be the first to live in my Eternal Will.  I have to bind in her all the affairs of Creation, and to live with her with no split of wills, rather, one being her will and Ours.  Here is the necessity that she be the littlest of those which We delivered in Creation.  It is that, in seeing herself so little, she may run away from her will so that she might bind it so tightly to Ours as to never do her own will.  So even though she is little, she will live together with Us, through that Breath with which We created man


“Our Will maintains her fresh and beautiful.  She forms Our smile, Our amusement, and We do whatever We want with her.  Oh, how happy she is.  Enjoying her littleness and her happy destiny, she will cry for her brothers.  She will interest herself in nothing other than compensating Us for all and for each one, of all the wrong which they have done to Us by withdrawing from Our Will.  The tears of one who lives in Our Will shall be powerful, especially since she wants nothing but what We Ourselves want.  Through her We will open, together with the first channel of Redemption, the second one of the “Fiat Voluntas Tua” on earth as it is in Heaven


On hearing this, I said: ‘My Love and my All, tell me.  Who will this little fortunate one be?  Oh, how I would like to know her


And He, immediately: “How is it that you have not understood who she is?  It is you, my little one.  I have told you many times that you are the little one, and this is why I love you


But as He was saying this, I felt as though I were being transported outside of myself, into a most pure light.  In there I could see all generations, as though divided in two wings: one to the right and the other to the left of the throne of God. 


At the head of one wing, there was the August Queen Mama, from whom came all the goodness of Redemption.  Oh, how beautiful was her littleness!  How marvelous, how prodigious was Her littleness: little and powerful, little and great, little and Queen.  She was so little, seeing everyone hang on her littleness, as She arranges all, rules over all, and only because She is little.  She enwraps the Word within her littleness, making Him descend from Heaven to earth, to let Him die for love of men!


Another little one could be seen at the head of the other wing.  I say it trembling and out of obedience: she was the one whom Jesus had called “His Little Daughter of the Divine Will”.  And my sweet Jesus, placing Himself in the middle of these two wings, between the two little ones who were at their heads, with one hand took mine, and with the other, that of the Queen Mama.


Thus uniting them both together, He was saying: “My little daughters, hold hands before Our Throne, and embrace the Eternal Divine Majesty in your little arms.  To you alone, because you are little, it is given to be able to embrace the Eternal One, the Infinite One, and to enter into Him.  The first little one snatched Redemption from the Love of the Eternal One. May the second, giving her hand to the first, be helped by Her to snatch from the Eternal Love the “Fiat Voluntas Tua” on earth as it in Heaven


Who can really say what happened?  I have no words to express myself.  I can only say that I became even more humiliated and confused.  I am almost like a fussy little child; I wanted my Jesus so I could tell Him about my fears and my doubts.  I prayed that He would cast away from me all these things, as I feared that the mere thought of them was a subtle pride.  I prayed that He would give me the grace to really love Him and to do His Most Holy Will in everything. 


Then, my always adorable Jesus, came back again, and He appeared inside of me, my body serving to cover Him within me.




Without letting me speak, He told me: “My poor little one, what do you fear?  Courage, I am the One who will do everything in my little daughter.  You will do nothing but follow me faithfully, won’t you?  You are right that you are too little and that you can do nothing, but I will do everything in you.  Don’t you see how I am within you, and you are nothing but the shadow that covers Me?  I am the One who will cross within you the eternal and unending boundaries of my Will.  I am the One who will embrace all generations to bring them, together with your shadow, at the feet of the Eternal One


“Then the two wills, the human and the Divine, may kiss each other and smile at each other.  They will no longer look at each other like strangers, being divided, scowling at each other.  Then the one may be fused into the other, forming one single Will.  It is the power of your Jesus that must do this; you don’t have to do anything but comply.  I know, I know that you are nothing and can do nothing, and so you torment yourself.  But it is the power of my arm that wants and can work, and I like to work great things in the most little ones


“The Life of my Will has already been on earth; it is not completely new, although it was as though in passing.  It existed in my inseparable and dear Mama.  If the Life of my Will had not been in Her, I, the Eternal Word, could not have descended from Heaven.  I would have lacked the way through which to descend, or the room in which to enter.  I needed the humanity with which to cover my Divinity, the food with which to be nourished.  I would have lacked everything, because all other things are not suitable for Me.  But finding my Will in my beloved Mama, I found my own Heaven, my joys and my contentment.  At most, I changed my dwelling, from Heaven to earth, but I changed nothing of the rest.  All I had in Heaven, I found on earth by virtue of my Will being possessed by Her.  So I descended into Her with all my love to take on human flesh


“Then my Will had Its Life on earth in my Humanity.  By virtue of this Will of Mine, not only did I being about Redemption, but I extended Myself upon the works of the human generations.  I seal them with my Divine acts.  I beseeched my Father not only to redeem man, but that man, at the appropriate time, might enter the grace of Our Will, as when he was created.  I prayed that they might live according to Our purpose, that the Will of Heaven and of earth be one.  Everything was done by Me.  The plan of Redemption and that of the “Fiat Voluntas Tua” on earth as it is in Heaven, would not have been a work worthy of Me, had I not first rehabilitated man in everything, just as he was created.  It would have been a work half-done, not whole, and your Jesus does not know how to do incomplete works.  Sometimes I wait centuries to give the complete goodness I have prepared


“Don’t you want to be with Me in giving man the work which I completed with my Coming upon earth?  Then be attentive and be faithful.  Don’t worry, I will always keep you little in order to better accomplish my designs upon you





November 15, 1923

(Continuation) The role of Luisa is to draw the Divine Will

to reign upon earth,

just as Most Holy Mary drew the Word to be incarnated

in order to accomplish Redemption. 

Jesus did both things,

but fulfilled only Redemption,

to prepare the creature to receive the Kingdom.


I felt as though drowned in the Holy Will of God.  My sweet Jesus seemed to amuse Himself very much in my interior by sending me light, and I felt as though eclipsed in that light.  I felt that my mind was being filled with so much that I could not contain it, to the point of saying to Jesus: ‘Jesus, my Heart, don’t you know that I am little?  I cannot contain what You want to put into my intelligence


And Jesus: “Little daughter of mine, do not fear, your Jesus will let you drink this light sip by sip, so that you may receive it and comprehend it.  Do you know what this light means?  It is the Light of my Will.  It is that Divine Will which is rejected by other creatures.  It wants to come and reign upon earth, and seeks to find someone who would receive It, comprehend It, and love It.  In order to come and reign, It wants to find a little soul who would offer herself to receive all the acts that the Supreme Will had destined for each creature.  It wants to make her happy and holy, and to give her the goodness It contains.  The Eternal Will provided this happiness, Sanctity and goodness in order to communicate them to the creature just as It delivered the whole Creation; but they are now united and suspended.  And until It does find someone who will receive them and give It all the homage, honor and courting that the other creatures have not given, It cannot come and reign upon earth.” 


“So, your task is to embrace all generations in order to collect all the acts of the Supreme Will that they rejected, with all the goodness It contains.  If you do not do so, my Eternal Will cannot bring Itself to come and reign at the feast.  It will have the tears of past sorrows because of how ungratefully It was rejected; and someone who cries cannot reign.  It wants not only that the acts of Its Volition destined to each creature receive reparation, but that there be a desire to receive Its happiness with love, along with everything It contains


And I: ‘Jesus, my Love, how can I do this?  I am too little and also a little bad, and You know it.  Moreover, I’m afraid that I’m unable to do that even for myself, so how can I do it for others


And He, again: “This is exactly why I chose you.  I keep you small so that you may do nothing by yourself, but always together with Me.  I too know that, little as you are, you are good at nothing.  At the most, you make Me smile with your childishness.  Your Jesus will take care of everything


“This is necessary.  It was the same for a little daughter of Ours, my Mama.  In order to come and fulfill Redemption, She assumed the task of receiving within Her all the acts of Our Will that were rejected by creatures.  She made them her own and she welcomed them with decorum.  She loved them, repaired them, and returned them enough to fill all of them to their limits, as much as that is possible for a creature.” 


“This little Creature reintegrated in Herself the Divinity’s Will of Creation, not only for herself, but for all others.  When the Divinity saw this, It felt so attracted that It added the greatest, the most sublime, most prodigious act to the many acts of Its Will in Creation.  It raised this little One to the exclusive and unique dignity of Mother of her own Creator.  I, the Eternal Word, could never have descended from Heaven, had I not found in Her my Will, reintegrated, as We had wanted It to be in the creature.  What made Me come upon earth?  My Will wanted to exist in a little creature.  What did I care if she was small?  All I cared about was that my Will be safe in Her, with no fracture on the part of her human will.  Once Our Will was safe, all Our rights were given back to Us.  The creature placed herself in the order of her Creator, and the Creator placed Himself in the order of the creature.” 


“The purpose of Creation was already fulfilled, so We got down to the specifics.  The Word would be made flesh, first to redeem man, and then, that Our Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven.  Ah, yes, it was my Mama who took into herself the fullness Our Will, delivered for the good of Creation.  She darted the Divinity with Our Own Divine arrows and, like a powerful magnet, she pulled the Word into her arrow pierced womb


“We can deny nothing to one who possesses Our Will.  So now do you see why I want another creature to offer herself up to receive into herself all the actions of my Will, that I had delivered in Creation.  This will be the fulfillment of that FIAT which I brought upon earth, which up until now, only my Mother has welcomed and understood.  That’s why there was no division between Me and Her


“The Divinity wants to be wounded once again with Its own darts, in order to give the generations this great good: that my Will reign in them.  This is the greatest thing It wants to give: the true origin of man.  A human will is not enough to beseech It, much less to wound the Divinity.  Only a soul filled with the Divine Will may wound her Creator with His own arrows.  Then, once He is wounded, He can open the Heavens and let His Will descend upon earth.  Then He will find, as His noble court, all the acts of His Will lined up in the creature who snatched from Him this solemn act: that His Will come to reign on earth in complete triumph


On hearing this, I said to Him: ‘My beloved Good, your words confuse me.  Moreover, they annihilate me so much that I feel like a little newborn baby whose limbs are not yet well formed and need to be swaddled. But while swaddling clothes are still necessary to form me, You want to unswaddle me.  To do what?  To make me stretch my little baby hands and embrace your Eternal Will?  My Jesus, don’t You see?  I can’t reach.  I cannot hold It.  I am too little.” 


‘And another thing: if it pleases You so much that your Will reign upon earth, why did You wait so long?  And why, when You came upon earth, did You not do both things; that is, the Redemption and the “Fiat Voluntas Tua” on earth as it is in Heaven?  Your arms were strong and long enough to embrace your interminable Will.  Look!  Don’t you see, O Jesus?  Mine are weak and short.  How can I do that


And He, again: “Poor little child, you are right.  My words confuse you, the Light of my Will eclipses you and renders you the true newborn of the Supreme Will.  Come into my arms.  I will swaddle you with the clothes of my own Will, so that It may strengthen your limbs with Its fortitude.  Then it will be easy for you to hold tightly in your little arms that Eternal Will which wants to come and reign in you with so much love


So I flung myself into His arms, to let Jesus do with me what he wanted.


Then He added: “I could indeed have done both things when I came upon earth, but the creature is not capable of receiving the Work of her Creator all at once.  Anyhow, I Myself delight in giving ever new surprises of love.  But the creature had profaned her taste with her own will.  She had made the breath of her soul stink with such ugly things as to be disgusting to Me.  She had reached the point of acquiring a taste for the most revolting things.  It was so bad that she let them flow over the three powers of the soul like a rotten fluid.  By then her nobility could no longer be recognized.  Consequently, I had to take care of all of this first with my Redemption.  I provided all the remedies, and gave all these evils the bath of my Blood in order to wash them.” 


“Even had I wanted to do both things, his human will made man dirty, blind and deaf.  He would not have had the eyes of intelligence to comprehend, nor the ears to listen, nor the heart to receive my Will.  Then my Will, not being understood, and finding no place in which to dwell, would have turned back to Heaven once again.  So, you see, it was first necessary that man understand the goodness of Redemption so that he would be ready to comprehend the good of the “Fiat Voluntas Tua” on earth as it is in Heaven


“The same would also have happened with you, if at the beginning, when I began to speak to you, I had talked to you about my Will.  You would not have understood.  I would have behaved like a teacher, who, instead of teaching the first letters of the alphabet to his pupil, wanted to teach him sciences and foreign languages.  Poor boy, he would get confused and would learn nothing.  Instead, I wanted to talk to you of suffering, of virtues, things which are more adapted and more tangible for human nature.  Such things can be called the alphabet of Christian life or the language of the exile, and of those who aspire to the Celestial Fatherland.  On the other hand, my Will is the language of Heaven.  It begins there where all other sciences and virtues end.” 


“My Will is the Queen that dominates all and crowns all.  Before the Sanctity of my Will all other virtues shrink and tremble.  This is why, at first, I wanted to be your teacher of the alphabet, to prepare your intelligence.  Then I would become your Celestial and Divine Master, Who only knows the language of the Fatherland.  Later I would become a Teacher of the highest science that my Will contains


“First I had to remove from you the taste for anything, because the human will has this poison in it that makes one lose the taste for the Divine Will.  In everything I have created, I placed a Divine flavor.  But by doing her will, even in holy things, the soul cannot find this flavor.  So, in order to let you taste my Will, I am attentive in not letting you taste anything else, so I can teach you and give you the more sublime lessons of my Will.  This was necessary for you, and even more so for the whole Church.  To Her, I first had to make known the lesser things, and then later, the highest thing of all: my Will






November 20, 1923

Jesus Himself gives Luisa the proof that what she is writing is true:

in her there is the Life and the facts of what she writes.

The Divine Will is Life and air of the soul.


I felt concerned about what I was writing, and I thought to myself: ‘What will be my confusion on the day of Judgment, if instead of it being my Jesus speaking to me, it were only my fantasy, or the infernal enemy?   My Jesus, I feel like dying at the mere thought of it.  You know the great repugnance I feel in writing.  If it wasn’t for blessed obedience, I would not have written a word


And I felt such confusion, that if it had been in my power, I would have burned up everything.  While I was in this state, my always adorable Jesus came out from within my interior, like a little Baby, and placed His little head upon my shoulder.


He clung to my face and said: “My daughter, why do you fear?  You should not worry about thoughts, but about facts.  Isn’t it true that your will, embracing Mine, wants to find everyone in order to bind them with my Will.  Doesn’t it want to re-tie all the broken bonds between the human will and the Divine, holding yourself out to defend and to excuse the creatures, and to give reparation to the Creator


“For you this is indeed fact.  Is it perhaps not true that you swore you wanted to live in my Will, by pronouncing a “yes”?  Ah, that “yes” is a chain for you, and it keeps you bound within my Will.  As you enjoy the taste of It, it makes you abhor the shadow of your will.  This is a fact.  Plus there are many other things which you know.” 


“If you were just writing an autobiography and what you write were not factual, then you should truly be afraid, for I would have given you neither strength, nor Light, nor assistance.  On the contrary, it would have been dull and I could not have continued any further.  So calm down and continue to live as though you were being kneaded in my Will.  This will expand the boundaries of your human will within Mine


“Please understand that my Humanity was also little.   But It too kept growing as though kneaded with the Divine Will.  As I grew, my human will, living together with the Divine, expanded its boundaries within the Will of the Eternal One.  As it grew It prepared Redemption and the “Fiat Voluntas Tua” on earth as it is in Heaven.  As for you, don’t you want to follow my growth and your flight within my Will


“My Will is not only Life, but the very air of the soul.  If air is missing from life, its nature begins to wane.  The breathing is hampered, the heart is hindered in its beating, blood circulation is irregular, the intelligence becomes numb, the eyes become almost lifeless, the voice is choked, and life loses its strength.  What is it that throws so much chaos into human life?  It is a lack of air.  A soothing breath of air can restore order and vigor in nature


“All this is caused by one’s own will which, like bad air, produces chaos, irregularity, weakness and the decline of all that is good in the soul.  The Celestial air of my Will makes everything rise again.  It fortifies, orders and sanctifies all.  If one does not help himself with It, human life will be a life half-extinguished, disordered and sloping downward to evil





November 24, 1923

The story of the Divine Will 

The Most Holy Virgin made

all the acts of the Divine Will Her own;

 in this way She prepared the Food for Her children:

 this is why She is “Mother and Queen of the Divine Will”.

Luisa must do the same for the Work of the “FIAT”.


I was doing the Hour of the Passion in which the Sorrowful Mama received Her dead Son into Her arms, and placed Him into the sepulcher. 


I was saying in my interior: ‘My Mama, together with Jesus I place all souls into your arms, so that you may recognize them all as your children.  Inscribe them one by one into your Heart, and place them in the wounds of Jesus.  They are children of your immense sorrow, and this is enough for you to recognize them and love them.  I want to place all generations in the Supreme Will, so that no one may be missing, and in the name of all, I give You comfort, compassion, and divine relief


While I was saying this, my sweet Jesus moved inside me, and told me: “My daughter, if you knew with what food my Sorrowful Mama nourished all these children


And I: ‘What was it, O my Jesus


And He, again: “You are my little one, chosen by Me for the mission of my Will.  You live in that FIAT in which you were created.  I want to let you know the story of my Eternal Will, Its joys and Its sorrows, Its effects and Its immense value.  I want you to know what It did and what It received, and the one who took Its defense to heart


“Little ones are more attentive in listening to Me, because their minds are not filled with other things.  They are almost empty of everything.  If one wants to give them other food, they feel disgusted, because, being little, they are used to taking only the milk of my Will.  More than a loving mother, It keeps them attached to Its divine breast and nourishes them abundantly.  They remain with their little mouths opened, waiting for the milk of my teachings, and I amuse Myself very much.  Oh, how beautiful it is to see them smiling and rejoicing and crying when they hear Me narrate the story of my Will


“The origin of my Will is eternal.  Never did sorrow enter into It.  Among the Divine Persons this Will was in closest harmony; or rather, It was in unison.  In every act It issued forth, both “ad intra” and “ad extra”, It gave Us infinite joys, new contentment and immense happiness.  When We wanted to deliver the machine of Creation, It gave Us so much glory, so much honor and harmony.  As soon as the FIAT was unleashed, this FIAT released Our beauty, Our light, Our power, order, harmony, love and Our Sanctity.  We were glorified by Our own virtues, in seeing, through the FIAT, the blossoming of Our Divinity which was concealed within the whole Universe.  Our Will did not stop.  Swollen with love as It was, It wanted to create man.  You know his story, so let me continue


“Ah, he was the cause of the first sorrow to my Will.   He tried to embitter the One Who loved him so much and Who had made him happy.  My Will cried more than a tender mother who weeps over her son, crippled and blind, and only because he withdrew from the will of his mother.  My Will wanted to be the first agent in man, if, for no other reason, to give him new surprises of love, of joys, of happiness, of light, of riches.  It wanted to give – always; this is why It wanted to act.  But man wanted to do his will and broke it away from the Divine.  If only he had never done that!  My Will withdrew, and he fell into the abyss of all evils.” 


“In order to rejoin these two wills, One was needed Who would contain a Divine Will within Himself.  I, the Eternal Word, loved this man with an Eternal Love.  So, We decreed among Our Divine Persons, that I was to take on human flesh in order to save him, and rejoin the two broken wills


“But where could I descend?  Who was to be the One to provide her own flesh for her Creator?  This is why We chose a Creature, who, by virtue of the foreseen merits of the future Redeemer, was exempted from original sin.  Her will and Ours were one.  It was this Celestial Creature that understood the story of Our Will.  We narrated everything to Her, as if to a little Child.  We told her about the sorrow of Our Will, and how ungrateful man, by breaking his will away from Ours, had constrained Our Will within the divine sphere.  He just about hampered It in Its designs, preventing It from communicating to him Its goodness and the purpose for which he had been created.” 


“For Us, to give is to make Ourselves happy as well as the one who receives from Us.  It is to enrich without being impoverished.  It is to give what We are by nature, forming it within the creature by grace.  It is to go out of Ourselves to give what We possess.  In giving, Our Love pours Itself out, and Our Will makes a feast of it.  If We were not to give, why would We form Creation?  So, just not being able to give to Our children, to Our dear images, was like being in mourning for Our Supreme Will.” 


“Just seeing man work, speak and walk without the connection of Our Will brought Us sorrow.  Currents of grace, of Sanctity and of science would have run in him, had he been with Us, but they could not because he had broken the connection.  Every act of a creature was a sorrow for Us, because We saw that these were acts empty of divine value.  They were deprived of beauty and sanctity and completely dissimilar from Our acts


“Oh, how the Celestial Little One understood this great sorrow of Ours, and the great evil of man in withdrawing from Our Will!  Oh, how many times She cried hot tears for Our sorrow, and for the great misfortune of man!  Thus fearful, She did not want to concede to her own will even one act.  This is why She remained little.  It was because her will had no life in her.  So how could she grow?  But that which she did not do, Our Will did.  It raised Her up all beautiful, holy and divine.  It enriched Her enough to make Her the greatest of all creatures.  She was a prodigy of Our Will: a prodigy of grace, of beauty and of sanctity.  But She always remained so little that She never came down from Our arms.  She took on Our defense.  She compensated for all the sorrowful acts of the Supreme Will.  Not only was She completely conformed to Our Will, but She made all the actions of my creatures Her own.  Absorbing into Herself all of Our Will that had been rejected by them, She repaired It, loved It, and kept It deposited in her virginal Heart.  She prepared the food of Our Will for all creatures


“Do you see, then, with what Food this most loving Mother nourishes Her children?  It cost Her Her whole life, unspeakable pains, and the very Life of her Son.  She prepared within Her the abundant deposit of this food of my Will, to keep It ready to nourish all her children as a tender and loving Mother.  She could not love Her children more; by giving them this Food, Her love reached the ultimate degree.  That is why, among the many titles that She has, the most beautiful title that could be given to Her is that of “Mother and Queen of the Divine Will”.


“Now, my daughter, since my Mama did this for the Work of Redemption, you too must do it for the Work of the “Fiat Voluntas Tua”.  Your will must have no life in you.  Making all of the acts of my Will in each creature your own, you will deposit them into yourself.  In repaying my Will in the name of all, you will form within you all the necessary food to nourish all generations with the food of my Will.” 


“Every saying, every effect, any additional knowledge of It, will be one more flavor that they will find in this Food.  They will eat it with gusto.  Everything I tell you about my Volition will serve to whet their appetite.  At any cost whatsoever, they will want no other food but this.  Consider a food that is said to be good, restore strength, heal the sick, contain all flavors, and is even said to give life, beauty and happiness.  Who would not make any sacrifice to have this food?  So it will be for my Will.  Knowledge of It is necessary for It to be loved and desired.  So pay attention, and receive within you this deposit of my Will.  As a second Mother, you can use It to prepare food for our children.  In doing this, you will imitate my Mama.  It will also cost you a lot, but in the face my Will any sacrifice will seem like nothing to you.  Be little, do not come down from my arms, and I will continue to narrate to you the story of my Will






November 28, 1923

Luisa is the Little Newborn of the Divine Will,

and the Divine Will wants to be everything for her

 – life, food, garment and Cross –

just as infinite was the Cross of Jesus,

which gave Him death

for each act of the will of the creatures

opposite to the Divine.


I felt continuously submerged in the Holy Will of my Jesus.  I seemed to see my little soul like a newborn baby whom blessed Jesus held in His arms through the breath of His Will.  He was so jealous that He didn’t want her to look at anything, hear anything or touch anything at all.  He kept her charmed with the sweet enchantment of His teachings on His Most Holy Will so that nothing else would distract her.  The little newborn was raised and nourished with the breath of the Will of her Jesus.  Then He covered me with many little crosses of light.  Looking at myself, I could see a cross of light emblazoned on every part of me.  Jesus amused Himself by multiplying these crosses.  Then He wanted me to keep my gaze fixed on Him so that I could count all His words, which serve me as food to make me grow. 


Then, afterwards, my Jesus told me: “My little daughter, my Newborn of the Divine Will, my Will conceived you, made you be born, and now raises you with all Its love.  Don’t you see with how much love I hold you in my arms, allowing you to take no food other than the breath of my Will?  It is the most beautiful, the dearest, the most precious thing that has been delivered in Creation until now: the Newborn of my Will!  I will keep you with jealousy.  I will not let anyone one touch my Newborn.  My Will shall be everything for you.  It will be your life, your food, your garments, your clothing and cross.  It would be unbefitting for your Jesus to mix something so great as Our Will with other lesser things which are not born from It.  Forget about everything, so that no waters may surround you, inside and out, other than the immense sea of the Eternal Will.  I want in you the honor, the nobility and decorum of the true newborn daughter of my Will


On hearing this, instead of rejoicing, I felt like dying from confusion.  I only had the courage to say: ‘Jesus, my Love, I am little, it is true; I myself see it.  But how can you say all this, even though I am a little bit bad?  How can it be?  Do You perhaps want to make fun of me?  I know that many people make You cry.  Is it because You want to keep from crying that You want to amuse Yourself with me by making these jokes?  Well, even though your jokes confuse me, go ahead and make them anyway.  Let them be the jokes of your Will


And Jesus, pressing me more tightly to Himself, continued: “No, no, your Jesus is not making fun of you.  I amuse Myself, yes.  But the sure sign that what I tell you is true are the crosses of light that my Will marked on you.  Know, my daughter, that the largest, the longest Cross, the one that never left Me, was the Divine Will for my Humanity.  What’s more, every act of the human will opposed to the Divine, was a distinct cross which the Supreme Will impressed into the most intimate part of my Humanity. 


“In fact, when the human will moves from earth to act, the Divine moves from Heaven to meet the human will and to form one single act together with Its own.  This makes torrents of graces, of light and of Sanctity flow in that act.  By not receiving this encounter with the Divine, the human will goes to war against its Creator, exiling into the celestial regions the good, the light and the Sanctity which were about to be poured upon it.


“The Supreme Will, being offended, wanted to be compensated by Me, so with every act of the human will, It inflicted a Cross upon Me.  I received, along with the cross, all the good which had been rejected by them.  I was to keep it safe within Me for the time when the creature would be ready to accept the encounter with the Divine Will in her acts.  But in spite of all this, I could not be exempted from feeling the intense pain of so many crosses


“Look inside of Me.  How many billions of crosses my Humanity contained!  The number crosses in my Will were incalculable.  I moaned under the weight of Its infinite pain.  This infinite pain had enough power to give Me death every instant, and to give Me a cross for each act of the human will opposed to the Divine.” 


The Cross of my Will is not made of wood, which only makes one feel its weight and pain.  It is a Cross of Light and of Fire, which burns and consumes, and imprints itself, forming one single thing with nature itself


“If I wanted to tell you about the Cross that my Divine Will gave Me, I should braid all the acts of the creatures together.  I would make them present to you, and let you find out for yourself how the Divine Will, demanding fair satisfaction, inflicted on Me cross upon cross.  Wasn’t it human will that offended the Divine and broke up with It?  As a result, a Divine Will had to crucify and grieve my human nature and will.  All the rest of man can be called superficial.  The source, the root, the substance of either evil or good is in the depth of his will.  Hence, only the Divine Will could make Me do penance for the evil of so many human wills.” 


“This is why I want you all in my Will.  I want to make known what this Divine Will has done, what It made Me suffer, and what It wants to do.  This is why you are marked with many crosses of light.  Your cross has been my Will, which has changed everything into light to prepare you to be the true Newborn of my Will.  I will entrust the secrets, the joys and the pains of It as to a faithful daughter.  Uniting you with my actions will open the Heavens to make It descend upon earth, and to make It known, received and loved





December 4, 1923

Luisa does not want to be known,

but it is necessary that it be known

how Jesus made the Kingdom of the Divine Will depend on her,

just as it was necessary to speak of Most Holy Mary

in order to make Redemption known.



I was thinking about what I am writing on the Most Holy Will of my sweet Jesus.  The fact that blessed Jesus wants to say many sublime things about His Holy Will is right.  Anything that can be said about It: Its height, Its greatness or Its prodigies, is all good.  Even so, everything is little compared to what could be said.  Never the less, always braiding this poor soul of mine with It?  This should not be written in there.  It is His Will that He should make known, not me.  My poor person should not exist; especially since this whole thing is His, not mine.  To me, there is nothing left but my confusion of what He tells me.  But in spite of this, obedience forces me to write, not only on the Divine Will, but also on the braiding He makes between me and His Will.


While I was thinking about this, my sweet Jesus came out from within my interior.


Squeezing me to Himself, He told me: “My daughter, you are always the Newborn of my Will; but you are wrong.  You want Me to speak about my Will and to make It known.  Then how is it that the one who has to be the channel, the spokesperson, the instrument to make It known, should not exist?  If this thing were to remain just between Me and you, maybe it could work this way.  But I want my Will to have Its Kingdom and a Kingdom cannot be formed with only one person.  However, there so many people, all in different conditions.  So it is necessary that my Will and the goods It contains, be known.  It’s also important that the nobility of those who will want to live in this Kingdom, the good, the happiness, the order, the harmony which everyone will possess, be known.  But to start with, the one whom my Goodness has chosen as the origin and beginning of such a great good must be known


“By braiding you together with my Will, by raising you above all the things of Creation, I do nothing other than give more importance to my Will, raising It higher, and giving It more weight.  Consider the goodness of a king.  Is he holier, richer, more generous and more loving than his subjects?  Would he offer his own life rather than allowing anyone who lives in his Kingdom to be touched?  The more goodness has the king, the more that Kingdom is esteemed and loved, arousing in all the desire to live in that Kingdom.  They would even compete with each other to see who would obtain such a fortune.  Thus, the good functioning of the Kingdom and its importance derive from the knowledge of the King.” 


“By saying that you do not want to be braided with my Will, you would want a Kingdom without a King, science without a teacher, possessions without an owner.  What would happen then to this Kingdom, to this science, to these possessions?  There would be so much disorder, so much ruin.  I do not know how to make things disorderly.  On the contrary, order in Me is primary


“This would have happened in Redemption if my dear Mama had not wanted to make known that she was my Mother, that she had conceived Me in her virginal womb, or that she nourished Me with her milk.  My coming upon earth would seem incredible.  No one would have been moved to believe and to take the goodness contained in Redemption.” 


“Be thankful that my Mother had made known who She was.  She was the One who is exempt from every stain.  Her origin was a prodigy of Grace.  She loved all creatures as tender children, and for love of them She sacrificed the Life of her Son and God.  Because She was known, Redemption received greater importance and became more accessible to the human mind, forming the Kingdom of Redemption with Its copious effects.  So you see, braiding my Mother with the Work of Redemption was nothing other than giving more importance to the great good which I came to do upon earth.  Having to be visible to all, taking on human flesh, I had to use a creature of the human race, whom I had to exalt above all, in order to accomplish my high designs


“This is what had to happen in order to form the Kingdom of my Redemption upon earth.  In much the same way, having to form the Kingdom of my Will, it is necessary that another creature be known.  It must be known in whom the true reigning of my Will must have Its origin and beginning as well as who she is and how much I loved her.  It must be known how I kept her as a sacrifice for all and for each one and, in a word, everything which my Will has disposed and poured into her.” 


“But even in braiding you, it is always my Will that must stand out.  These are the ways and means by which to make It known.  These are the attractions, spurs, lights and magnets that will draw everyone to come live in this Kingdom of happiness, of Grace, of peace and love.  So just let your Jesus, who loves you very much, do what must be done.  Don’t get yourself all upset and don’t be the least concerned about the way I carry out the braiding of my Will with yours.  Think only about continuing your flight towards the eternal boundaries of my Supreme Volition






December 6, 1923

How to go around and fly in the Eternal Volition.

The mission of the Most Holy Virgin,

the mission of Jesus,

and the mission of Luisa for

 the coming of the

Kingdom of the Divine Will upon earth.

 Difference between the Sanctity of the Divine Will and that of virtues.


I was praying, and my sweet Jesus appeared inside me, staring at me.  Drawn by His gaze, I looked deep down inside Him.  It looked like a crystal, inside of which I could see all that my beloved Jesus was doing.  Then I united myself with Him and tried to do what He was doing.


At other times, it seemed to me that Jesus would take my soul in His hands and launch it flying into the immensity of His Will.


He was telling me: “The Newborn of my Will!  You were born in my Will and I want you to live in it.  Fly, fly into the Eternal Volition.  Fulfill your office.  See what needs to be done between the Divinity and the creatures.  Go around all generations, but always in my Will, otherwise you will not find them all.  Loving, working, repairing and adoring on behalf of all, you will go before the Supreme Majesty.  As the First Newborn Daughter of Our Will, You will to give It all the love and the homage of each and every one


I would start flying and Jesus would follow my flight with His gaze.  But who can say what I did?  In His Will I could find all the love that His Will was to give to the creatures.  But because they would not take it, it was suspended, waiting to be taken later.  So I would make It my own.  Investing every created intelligence, I would form for each thought an act of love, of adoration, and of all that every intelligence was supposed to give God.  I embraced everything within me, as though holding everyone on my lap.  When I would reach the vault of the Heavens, I would set them on the lap of the Celestial Father.


In the meantime, I was saying to Him:


‘Holy Father, I come to your Throne to bring you on my lap all your children, your dear images that You created.  I set them on your divine lap, so that You may bind and re-tie once again that Will which they had broken from You.  It is the Little Daughter of your Will who asks this of You.  I am little, it is true, but I take on the commitment to satisfy You for all.” 


‘I will not depart from your Throne until You bind the human will with the Divine.  You must bring It down to earth so that the Kingdom of your Will may come upon us.  Nothing is denied to little ones, because what they ask is nothing other than the echo of your own Will and of what You Yourself want


Then I would go to Jesus, who was waiting for me in my little room, and He would take me in His arms, covering me with kisses and caresses.


He was telling me: “My little one, in order for the Will of Heaven to descend upon earth, all human acts must be sealed and glazed with acts of Divine Will.  When It sees that all the acts of my creatures are covered with Its Will, and drawn by the powerful magnet of Its own Volition, the Supreme Will may descend upon earth and reign in it.  You, then, have been given this task, as First Newborn of Our Will


“You should know, that to draw out the Word and make Him descend from Heaven, my Mama took on this commitment to go around all generations.  Making all the acts of the human will her own, She placed the Divine Will in them.  She possessed a reservoir of the Supreme Volition that surpassed what all the creatures put together could possess


“For every round She made in It, this reservoir grew.  I, the Eternal Word, saw that one of our most faithful creatures had gracefully and lovingly covered all human actions with the Divine Will.  Seeing that Our Will was present in the world, I took to heart all that was needed to do this, and being drawn in, It descended from Heaven.”


“The second commitment was suitable for Me to form Redemption.  I had to go around and across all human actions, taking them all in my hand, covering them, sealing them and glazing them with my Divine Will, in order to attract my Celestial Father.  This made Him look at all the human acts covered with that Divine Will which man had rejected and exiled into the celestial regions.  I did this so that my Divine Father would open the gates of Heaven, which had been closed by the human will.  There is no good which does not descend by means of my Will


“The third one is yours.  It befits you, Firstborn Daughter of Our Will, to add the third seal of Our Will upon all human acts.  Adding this one to the first and the second seals will facilitate the coming of the Kingdom of the Divine Will upon earth.  Now go around, my daughter, over all the human acts of creatures.  Penetrate into their hearts.  Bring to each heartbeat the heartbeat of my Will, to each thought the kiss, the knowledge of my Will.  Impress the Omnipotent Fiat in every word.  Invade everything.  Overwhelm everyone with It, so that my Kingdom may come down upon the earth.  Your Jesus will not leave you alone in these rounds.  I will assist you and guide you in everything


“While He was saying this, I continued my flight, going around everything and everyone.  But who could put in plain words what I did?  Jesus alone can explain what it is He made me do.  I spent the whole night with my Jesus.  While going all around, I would bring Him now and then all thoughts, all words, works, steps and heartbeats, all invested by His Will.  Jesus received everything with love and made a feast of it.” 


Then He said to me: “Do you see what a great difference there is between the Sanctity in my Will and that of other virtues?  This Sanctity is constantly open to the currents of Grace, of Light, of Love, and in each one of her actions, the creature remains synchronized with her Creator.  Therefore it is Sanctity which is closest to her Creator.  The other virtues differ in time and circumstances, whenever the occasion occurs to exercise either patience, or obedience, or charity and the like.  But if the right occasions do not occur, the virtues are interrupted and do not grow, and cannot partake of the goodness which a virtue in action contains.” 


“On the other hand, in the Sanctity of my Will there are no stops or interruptions.  My Will is always focused on darting through the creature.  She is continually open to It.  Whether she breathes, thinks, speaks, palpitates, eats food or sleeps, everything enters my Volition.  She can be filled constantly with my Will, along with all the goodness inherent in It





December 8, 1923


The Immaculate Conception of the Most Holy Virgin.

To be able to conceive the Son of God,

She was conceived eternally in the life and in the works,

in the sufferings and in the merits of the Incarnate Word.

I was thinking about the Immaculate Conception of my Queen Mama, and after I received Holy Communion, my always adorable Jesus appeared inside me in a room filled with light.  In this light He was showing all He did during the course of His life.  One could see, lined up in order, all His merits, His works, His pains, His wounds, His Blood, and all that the Life of a Man God contained. They were in the act of protecting a Soul, who was very dear to Him, from even the slightest evil that might shadow Her.  I was stupefied at seeing so much attention coming from Jesus. 


He said to me: “To my Little Newborn I want to make known the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin, conceived without sin.  First you must know that my Divinity is one single Act.  All Its acts concentrate into a single One.  This is what it means to be God.  The greatest portent of Our Divine Essence is not to be subject to a succession of acts.” 


“If to the creature it seems that We do something now, and something else later, it is only because We allow her to know what is within that single Act.  But since the creature is incapable of knowing it all at once, We allow her to know it little by little.” 


“As the Eternal Word, everything that I was to do in my assumed Humanity itself formed one act within that single Act contained in my Divinity.  Hence, before this noble Creature was conceived, everything that the Eternal Word was to do upon earth already existed.  So, in the act of the conception of this Virgin, all my merits, my pains, my Blood and all that the Life of the Man God contained, lined up around her Conception.  She was conceived within the interminable abysses of my merits, of my Divine Blood, and in the immense sea of my sufferings.  By virtue of them, She remained Immaculate, beautiful and pure.  Since my incalculable merits barred the way to the enemy, he could do no harm to her.” 


“It is fair that the one, who was to conceive the Son of a God, had to first be conceived in the works of this God.  Then she would be able to have the virtue of conceiving that Word, who was to come to redeem humankind.  Thus, first She was conceived in Me, and then I was conceived in Her.  There was nothing left but to make it known to the creatures at the appropriate time.  This was so even though, within the Divinity, it had already been done.  Therefore, the one who most gathered the fruits of Redemption was this excellent Creature, who had already received Its complete harvest


“Having been conceived in It, She loved, esteemed and kept as her own, everything that the Son of God did upon earth.  Oh, the beauty of this tender little one!  She was a prodigy of Grace, a portent of Our Divinity.  She grew up as Our own Daughter.  She was Our decorum, Our joy, Our honor and Our glory


While Jesus was saying this, I was thinking in my mind: ‘It is true that the Queen Mama was conceived in the endless merits of my Jesus.  But her blood, her body, were conceived in the womb of St. Anne, who was not exempt from original sin.  So, how can it be that She inherited nothing of the many evils which we all have inherited from the sin of our first father Adam


And Jesus: “My daughter, you have not yet understood that all evil is in the will.  It was the nature of his will that crushed man, that is, the will of man was not crushed by Nature.  Nature remained in its place, just as it was created by Me.  Nothing changed.  It was his will that changed, turning itself against the immensity of the Divine Will.  It was this rebellious will crushed his nature, debilitating it, contaminating it, and rendering it a slave to most vile passions.  It was like a container full of perfumes or other precious objects.  If it is emptied and then filled again with rotten, vile things, has the container changen?  The content has changed, but the container itself stays the same.  Its value depends on what it contains.  Such was man


“Now, to be conceived in the womb of a creature of the human race did no harm to my Mama, because her soul was immune to every sin.  There was no division between her will and the Will of her God.  The divine currents found no obstacle or opposition in pouring out into Her.  At every moment She was under a pouring rain of new graces


“Her will and her soul were holiness, purity and beauty.  So, the container of Her body, which She received from her mother, was fragrant, in good repair, well ordered and divinized so that it was exempt from all the natural troubles by which human nature is invaded.” 


“Ah, yes!  She was the One who received the seed of the “Fiat Voluntas Tua” on earth as It is in Heaven.  This ennobled Her and restored Her to her origin, as man was created by Us, before he sinned.  Moreover, it made Her surpass it.  It embellished Her even more by the continuous flows of that FIAT, which has the singular virtue of reproducing images fully similar to the One Who created them.” 


“By virtue of the Divine Will acting in Her, one can say that what God is by nature, She is by Grace.  Our Will can do anything and can reach everywhere, when the soul gives Us the freedom to act, and does not interrupt Our work with her own will




December 26, 1923

For one who lives in the Divine Will it is always Christmas,

and the mysteries of the Life of Jesus are a continuous act.

There are no rags of misery for her.

The continuous dying of Jesus, and like Him,

of Luisa, in the Divine Will.


I went through most bitter days because of the privation of Jesus.  I felt like a vile rag which Jesus had thrown aside because it was disgusting to Him, so filthy it was.  Inside me, I heard Him say: “In my Will there are no rags.  Everything is Life, and Divine Life.  A rag is torn and becomes dirty because it does not contain life.  In my Will, which contains life and gives life to all, there is no danger that the soul may be torn to pieces, much less get dirty


Not paying attention to this, I thought to myself: ‘What beautiful Christmas holidays Jesus is making me spend!  It shows how much He loves me


Moving inside me, He added: “My daughter, for one who does my Will, it is always Christmas.  As the soul enters my Will, I am conceived in her act.  As she performs her act, I develop my Life.  As she completes it, I rise again, and the soul remains conceived in Me, develops her life in Mine, and rises again in my own actions.  See, then, how Christmas holidays are for those who, once a year, prepare and place themselves in my Grace.  They feel something new about my Birth within them.  But for one who does my Will it is always Christmas.  I am born again in each one of her actions.  So, would you want Me to be born in you just once a year?  No, no!  For one who does my Will, my birth, my Life, my Death and my Resurrection must be a continuous act, which is never interrupted.  Otherwise, what would be the difference, the immeasurable distance, from the other sanctities


Hearing this, I felt even bitterer, and I thought to myself: ‘What fantasy!  What I am hearing is nothing other than a most subtle form of pride.  Only my pride could suggest this to me, and reach the point of making me write so many things about the Will of God.  The others are good, humble, and this is why no one ever dared to write anything like this.’  And while I was thinking about this, I felt so much pain that I thought my heart would break.  I tried to distract myself so that I wouldn’t hear anything.  What a terrible fight.  I just felt like dying!


Then, while I was in this state, my beloved Jesus appeared, as though He wanted to say something more about His Most Holy Will.


I said: ‘My Jesus, help me.  Don’t You see how much pride there is in me?  Have pity on me - free me from this subtle pride; I want to know nothing - it is enough for me to love You


And Jesus: “My daughter, crosses, sorrows and pains are like a press for the soul.  Just like a wine-press words to crush and peel grapes, so that that the wine remains on one side and the skin on the other.  These crosses and pains, just like a press, peel the soul of pride, love of self, passions, and of all that is human, leaving the pure wine of virtue.  That’s how my virtues find a way to communicate and lay themselves down within the soul, like on a pure white canvas, with indelible characters.  So why be afraid, if every time I show you my truths about my Will, these truths have always been preceded by crosses, sorrow and pains?  And every time, these pains are stronger and more intense.  It was nothing other than the pressure of the press with which I squeezed you, in order to peel off all that is human.  It was in my interest, more than yours, that these truths would not mix with the skin of human passions


And I: ‘My Jesus, forgive me for telling You this, but You Yourself are the cause of my concerns.  If You did not leave me, if you did not hide and did not deprive me of You, these fears would never arise.  Ah, Jesus, You make me die, but of a cruel death and of a double death, because I do not die.  Ah, if I only could experience death and die, how sweet it would be for me.  Ah, Jesus, I’m telling You.  I can’t take it anymore!  Either You stay with me, or You take me with You


While I was saying this, my adorable Jesus grabbed me in His arms and with His hands, made as if He were tying up me with ropes.  Then He pushed into the press.  I was being crushed under the press.  I can’t express the pain I felt inside me.  He alone who made me suffer knows it. 


Then, afterwards, He told me: “Beloved daughter of my Will, look inside of Me.  My Supreme Will did not concede even one breath of life to the will of my Humanity.  Even though It was holy, not even that was conceded to Me.  I had to live under more pressure than a wine press.  It was the press of a Divine, infinite, unending Will, which constituted the life of every one of my heartbeats, my words and every action.  My little human will died in every heartbeat, every breath, act or word.  And in all reality, It did actually die.”


“It actually felt death, because It never had life.  I only had my human will to make it die continuously.  Even though this was a great honor for my Humanity, it was the greatest of omens.  At every death of my human will, it was substituted by a Life of Divine Will.  However, this continuous dying was the greatest, the hardest, the most bitter and painful martyrdom of my Humanity.  Oh, how the pains of my Passion shrink before this continuous dying of mine!  And only through this did I complete the perfect Glory of my Celestial Father.  I loved Him with a love which surpasses every other love for all creatures


“To die, to suffer, to do something great once in a while and at intervals, is not so great.  Also the saints, the good and other creatures have worked, have suffered, have died.  But since it was not a continuous suffering, working and dying, it constitutes neither a perfect Glory to the Father, nor a Redemption which can be extended to all.  Therefore, my daughter, Newborn of my Eternal Volition, take a look at where your Jesus calls you and wants you: under the press of my Divine Will, so that your will may receive continuous death, just as my human will did.  Otherwise, I could not make the new era arise, in which my Will will come to reign upon earth.  It takes the continuous act, pains, deaths, in order to snatch from Heaven the “Fiat Voluntas Tua


“Pay attention to this, my daughter.  Don’t pay any attention to others.  Ignore my Saints and to the way I behaved with them.  It just makes you all surprised about the way I behave with you.  With them I wanted to do one thing; with you it is something else


As He was saying this, He took the shape of a Crucifix and placed His forehead on mine, laying Himself upon my whole person.  I remained under His pressure and all prey to His Will.





December 29, 1923

One who lives in the Divine Will

is bound to Jesus with eternal bonds

and must let none of His works and creatures escape her,

to be able to give Him return of love

for everything and for everyone.


I was praying when I found myself outside of myself in a place where a Crucifix was laying on the ground.  I came close to it to adore and kiss His Most Holy wounds, but as I was doing it, the Crucifix came alive.  He pulled His nailed hands from the Cross and clung to my neck, squeezing me very tightly.  Fearing that it might not be Jesus, I tried to free myself from those grasping hand.


Then Jesus said: “My daughter, why do you want to run away from Me?  Why do you want to leave Me?  Don’t you know that between Me and you there is an eternal bond that binds us together?  Neither you nor I can detach ourselves, since what is eternal enters into Me and becomes inseparable from Me?  All the acts we have done together in my Will are eternal acts; just as my Will is eternal.  So you have of your own in Me, and I have something of my own in you.  An eternal vein flows in you, which renders us inseparable.  The more you continue and multiply your acts in my Will, the more you take part in that which is eternal.  So, where do you want to go?  I was waiting for you to come, to relieve Me and free Me from this place into which human perfidy has thrown Me.  With hidden sins and secret evils, they have barbarously crucified Me.  This is why I clung to you, that you might free Me and take Me with you


I gave Him a big hug, I kissed Him, and found myself with Him in my little room.  I could see, between me and Jesus, that my interior was centered in Him, and that His was centered in me. 


Afterwards, I received Holy Communion and as usual, I was calling all created things and arranging them around Jesus.  There, they surround Him like a crown, returning His love and showing reverence to their Creator.  They all ran at my call and I could clearly see all the love of my Jesus for me in all created things.  Jesus waited in my heart, with great tenderness and affection, for the return of so much love.


Flying over all and embracing all, I brought myself to the feet of Jesus, and said: ‘My Love, my Jesus, You have created everything for me, and gave it to me as a gift.  Everything is mine, and I give it back to You out of love for You.  So I say to You, “I love You” in every drop of light of the sun; “I love You” in the flickering of the stars; “I love You” in every drop of water.  Your Will allows me to see your “I love you” for me even in the depths of the ocean, and I impress my “I love You” for You, on every fish that darts in the sea.  I want to impress my “I love You” in the flight of every bird.  I send my “I love You” everywhere, my Love.  I want to impress my “I love You” on the wings of the wind, in the moving of the leaves, in every spark of fire.  I give you my “I love You” for myself and for all


The whole Creation was with me saying “I love You”.  I wanted to embrace all human generations in the Eternal Volition.  I wanted everyone to prostrate themselves before Jesus, so that all might fulfill their duty of saying “I love You, Jesus” in each one of their acts, words and thoughts.  But they escaped me, and I got lost and didn’t know how to do it.


I said this to Jesus, and He told me: “Yet, my daughter, the living in my Will is exactly this: to bring the whole of Creation before Me.  In the name of all, give Me the fulfillment of their obligations.  No one must escape you, otherwise my Will would find voids in Creation, and would not be satisfied.  But do you know why you do not find all, and many escape you?  It is the power of free will.  However, I want to teach you a secret: where to find them all.  Enter into my Humanity and you will find all of their actions held in custody.  I took on the commitment to satisfy for these before my Celestial Father on their behalf.  Go and follow all my acts, which were the acts of all.  This way you will find everything, and you will give Me the return of love for everyone and for everything.  Everything is in Me.  Since I did everything for all, in Me is the deposit of all.  I render to the Divine Father the duty of love for all, and whoever wants it, can use it as the way and means to ascend to Heaven


I entered into Jesus, and I easily found everything and everyone.  And following the works of Jesus, I said: ‘I love you in every thought of your creatures.  I love You in the flight of every gaze.  I love You in the sound of every word.  I love You in every heartbeat, breath and affection.  I love You in every drop of blood, in every work and step


But who can explain all that I did and said?  Many of these things I am not able to explain.  Moreover, what one says, is said very badly, compared to the way it is said when one is together with Jesus.  So, saying “I love You”, I found myself back inside myself. 





January 4, 1924

The words of Jesus in the Garden:

“Not my will, but Yours be done.”

 In this way He established with His Celestial Father

 the contract of the Kingdom of the Divine Will upon earth.


I was thinking about the words of Jesus in the Garden, when He said: “Father, if it is possible, let this chalice pass from Me; yet, “non mea Voluntas, sed Tua fiat” (“not my will, but Yours be done”).  My sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, do you think it was for the chalice of my Passion that I said to the Father: ‘Father, if it is possible, let this chalice pass from Me’


Not at all.  It was the chalice of the human will which contained such bitterness and fullness of vice.  My human will united to the Divine felt such repugnance, terror and fright, as to cry out: ‘Father, if it possible, let this chalice pass from Me


“The human will is so ugly without the Divine Will, which enclosed Itself in each creature, as within a chalice!  There is no evil in all the generations, of which it is not the origin, the seed and the source.  In seeing Myself covered with all these evils produced by the human will, before the Sanctity of my Will, I felt like dying.  Indeed I would have died if the Divinity had not sustained Me


“Do you know why I added, and as many as three times, ‘Non mea voluntas, sed Tua fiat’I felt weighing upon Me all the wills of creatures united together.  I felt all their evils, and in the name of all I cried out to the Father: ‘May the human will be done on earth no more, but the Divine.  May the human will be banished, and may Yours reign.’  This was something that I wanted to do this at the very beginning of my Passion, because it was the thing which interested Me the most and was the most important.  That was to call upon earth the “Fiat Voluntas Tua” on earth as it is in Heaven.  So, from that moment on, I Myself said in the name of all: ‘Non mea voluntas, sed Tua fiat


“From that time on I constituted the era of the “Fiat Voluntas Tua” upon earth.  I said it three times.  The first time I implored It.  The second time I made It descend.  The third time I established It as the ruler and dominator.  By saying ‘Non mea voluntas, sed Tua fiat’, I intended to empty the creatures of their wills and to fill them with the Divine


“Before dying, since I had only a few hours left, I wanted to negotiate with my Celestial Father my prime purpose.  The reason why I came down upon the earth was that I wanted the Divine Will take Its first place of honor in the creature.  This had been the first act of man: to withdraw from the Supreme Will which was Our first offense.  All his other evils are of secondary importance.  It is always my Will to have primacy in all things.” 


“Even though the fruits of Redemption could be seen before its effects, it was by virtue of this contract which I made with my Divine Father that His Fiat would come to reign upon earth. Then the true purpose of the creation of man and the prime purpose for which I came upon earth would be realized and man could receive the fruits of Redemption.  Otherwise, my Wisdom would have lacked order.  If the origin of evil was his will, it was this will that I had to order and restore, reuniting Divine Will and human will.  And even though the fruits of Redemption could be seen first, this means nothing.  My Will is like a King who, though being first among all, arrives in procession as the last.  He is preceded, for reasons of honor and decorum, by his people, his armies, ministers, princes and the whole royal court.  That’s why the fruits of Redemption were needed first. That’s how the royal court, the people, the armies and the ministers can be found worthy of the Majesty of my Will


“But do you know who was the first one to cry out together with Me: ‘Non mea voluntas, sed Tua fiat’?  It was my Little Newborn of my Will, my little Daughter, who felt such repugnance and fright for her will as to cling to Me.  Trembling, she cried out with Me: ‘Father, if it is possible, let this chalice pass from Me’.  And crying, she added with me: ‘Non mea voluntas, sed Tua fiat’.  Ah, yes, you were together with Me in that first contract with my Celestial Father.  At least one creature was needed in order to validate this contract.  Otherwise, to whom give it?  To whom entrust it?  And in order to render the custody of the contract safer, I gave you all the fruits of my Passion as a gift.  I lined them up around you like a formidable army which, while forming the royal court of my Will, wages a fierce war against your will


“So, have courage in the state in which you find yourself.  Dismiss the thought that I may leave you.  It would go against my Will, since I keep the contract of my Will deposited in you.  So, be at peace.  It is my Will that tests you.  It wants not only to purge you, but to destroy even the shadow of your will.  So, in all peace, continue your flight in my Will and be concerned with nothing.  Your Jesus will see to it that everything which may happen inside and outside of you, will make my Will stand out even more.  It will expand Its boundaries in you, in your human will.  I Myself will maintain the rhythm in your interior, in order to direct everything in you according to my Will


“I occupied Myself with nothing else but the Will of my Father.  Since all things are in It, I occupied Myself with everything.  If I taught a prayer, it was no other prayer than this: that the Divine Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.  However, it was the prayer which enclosed everything.  I did not move anywhere but around the Supreme Will.  My words, my pains, my works and my heartbeats were filled with the Celestial Will.  That’s what I want you to do.  You must go around It so much that you let yourself be burned by the eternal breath of the fire of my Will.  You will lose all other knowledge, and will know nothing else but my Will - only and always








January 14, 1923

The Divine Will was everything for man,

and with It he needed nothing. 

Before the scourging,

Jesus wanted to be stripped,

in order to give back to the creature her royal garments.


I was contemplating the mystery of the Scourging, feeling compassion for my sweet Jesus in the moment when He saw Himself so confused in the midst of enemies.  He was then being stripped of His garment, under a storm of blows.  Then my adorable Jesus, come out from my inside me, just as He was when He was being scourged. 


He told me: “My daughter, do you want to know why I was stripped when I was scourged?  In every mystery of my Passion, My first concern was with adjusting the fracture between the human will and the Divine.  Then I saw to the offenses which this fracture produced


“When man in Eden broke the bonds of the union between the Supreme Will and his will, he stripped himself of the royal garments of my Will.  Instead he clothed himself with the miserable rags of his own will, which were weak, inconstant and incapable of doing any good.  My Will was a sweet enchantment for him, which kept him absorbed within a most pure light.   It made known to him only His God, from Whom he came.  It gave him nothing else but immeasurable happiness.  He was so absorbed by all that his God gave him, that he gave no thought to himself.” 


“Oh, how happy man was.  The Divinity delighted in giving him so many particles of His own being.  He gave the creature as many as he could hold, in order to render him similar to Himself.  But as soon as man broke this union of Our Will with his, he lost the royal garment.  He lost the enchantment, the light and his happiness.  So he looked at himself without the light of my Will.  But in looking at himself without the enchantment which kept him so absorbed, he knew himself for what he was and felt ashamed


“He was so afraid of God, that nature itself felt the sad effects.  Becoming aware of his nakedness, he was cold and felt a strong need to cover himself.  Our Will had kept him in the harbor of immense happiness, but now his own will has put him in the harbor of miseries


“Our Will was everything for man, and in It he found everything.  It was fair that, having been delivered by Us and living in Our Will as Our tender child, he would live off of It.  This Will was to provide for everything he needed.  So, when he wanted to live of his own will, he was in need of everything because the human will does not have the power to provide for all his needs.  It does not contain the source of goodness within itself.  He was forced to earn in hardship the necessary things of life by the sweat of his brow.  See, then, what it means not to be united with my Will!  Oh, if all knew It, how they would have one single yearning: that my Will come to reign upon earth


“Had Adam not withdrawn from the Divine Will, his nature would have had no need of clothing.  He would not have felt the shame of his nakedness, nor would he have been subject to suffering cold, heat, hunger, weakness.  But these natural things were the least of it.  They were, rather, symbols of the great good which his soul had lost


“So, my daughter, before being tied to the column to be scourged, I wanted to be stripped in order to suffer and repair the nakedness of man, when he stripped himself of the royal garment of my Will.  I felt such confusion and pain within me in seeing Myself stripped in the midst of enemies who were making fun of Me.  I cried over the nakedness of man and I offered my nakedness to my Celestial Father, so that man might be clothed once again with the royal garment of my Will.” 


“So that it would not be denied to Me, I offered my Blood and my flesh to be torn to shreds as ransom.  I let Myself be stripped not only of my garment, but also of my flesh, to pay the price and give satisfaction for the criminal nakedness of man.  I poured out so much Blood in this mystery that in no other did I pour so much of it.  There was enough to cover him with a second garment, a garment of Blood.  This would cover him again, warm him and wash him, to prepare him to receive the royal garment of my Will


On hearing this, I was surprised and I said: ‘My beloved Jesus, how can it be possible that, because he withdrew from your Will, man felt the need to clothe himself?  Why was he so ashamed and afraid?  I don’t understand.  You always did the Will of the Celestial Father, You were One with Him, and your Mama never knew her Will.  Nevertheless, you felt a need for clothing, of food, and you suffered from the cold and heat


And Jesus added: “Yet, my daughter, that’s exactly right.  If man felt ashamed of his nakedness and was subject to many natural miseries, it was exactly because he lost the sweet enchantment of my Will.  Even though the evil was done by his soul and not by his body, the body, however, was still an indirect accomplice in the false will of man.  His nature was profaned by his treacherous will.  As a result, both one and the other had to feel the pain of the evil done.  As for Myself, indeed I always did the Supreme Will, but I did not come to find an innocent man, as he was before his sin.  I came to find man the sinner with all his miseries.  So I had to join him, taking upon Myself all the evils of man, and subjecting Myself to all the necessities of life, as if I were one of them.  However, in Me there was this prodigy.  If I had wanted, I could have been in need of nothing, neither clothing, food nor anything else.  But I did not want to use it out of love for man.  I wanted to sacrifice Myself in everything, even in the most innocent things created by Me, in order to prove to him my ardent love.  Moreover, this served to beseech my Divine Father.  Out of regard for Me and for my will completely sacrificed to Him, He would give back to man the noble royal garment of Our Will



January 20, 1924

The only refreshment in the privation of Jesus

 is to wander more in the Divine Will.

 The Divine Will is a sea of Light and of Fire in which one cannot stop,

but needs to go around continuously

in order to take everything in every instant.


I was in a hard state from the usual deprivation of my Beloved Good.  I felt immersed in bitterness, deprived of He who alone makes the sun with its warmth smile and happiness arise in my poor soul.  Without Him, it is always night time. I become numb with the cold of His deprivation.  I am unhappy.  I was feeling so depressed when my sweet Jesus moved inside me.


He told me: “Courage my daughter, do not abandon yourself as prey to oppression.  If you only knew how much I suffer in seeing you suffer!  I suffer so much that, in order not to see you suffer so much, I put you to sleep.  But I remain close to you.  I do not leave you.  While you sleep, I do for you what we should be doing together, if you were awake.  It is not you who wants to sleep.  It is I who wants it so that I can make up for you.  Do you see how much I love you?  If you knew how much I suffer when I see you wake up and fidget, because you have not realized that I was close to you.  It was I Myself who had put you to sleep in the torment of my deprivation.  It is true that you suffer and I too suffer.  It is the bond of my Will which flows in you also in this, and embracing you more, renders our union even more stable


“So be brave and remember that you are the little boat of my Will.  The Divine Will is not a sea of water, which has its ports and shores.  Boats, ships and passengers do not make stops to rest or have a good time and there are no final destinations.  The sea of my Will is a sea of Light and of Fire, with no port and no shore.  There are no stops for my little boat.  She must be crossing It continuously, but with such speed as to enclose the whole of unending Eternity within each one of your heartbeats and acts.  That way you can connect them to that Eternal Heartbeat and Act, which is the heartbeat and action of everyone.  You will be crossing over all.  You will go around all of Eternity once with every beat of your heart.  You will take everything, and will bring back to Us all that comes from the Divinity for the sake of giving and to receiving, but which gives without receiving.  My little boat has the task of crossing the immense sea of my Will in order to give Us in return everything that comes from Us.” 


“If you upset yourself, you will lose focus while going around It.  The sea of my Will, not feeling the vibrations from my fast little boat, will burn you even more and you will fidget even more because of my absence.  But if you keep going around, you will be like that sweet little breeze which brings refreshment to my Fire.  It will serve you to sweeten the torment you suffer because of my deprivation of you





February 2, 1924

The abandonment in the Divine Will forms the wings

in order to fly with the Divine Volition and to wander around with It,

 in the sphere of Eternity.

 The immense circle of Eternity.

Those who take part in It.


I felt very oppressed because of the absence of my sweet Jesus and for other reasons, which it is not necessary to put on paper.  My sweet Jesus, moved inside me and hugged me to give me strength, for I felt like giving up the struggle.


He told me: “My daughter, my Will is the life and momentum of everything.  Do you know who follows Its motion and takes flight in my Eternal Volition, and wanders around, as It does, in the sphere of Eternity?  Do you know who is wherever It is, and does whatever It does?  It is the soul who is completely abandoned in my Holy Will.  This abandonment forms the wings that make it fly along together with my Will


“As abandonment ceases, she loses her flight and her wings are destroyed. Everyone feels the movement, the life of my Will, because there is no motion which does not come from Me.  Without It they remain in the place where they are.” 


“Only someone who has the wings of the abandonment in Me and follows the same way as my Will, flies over  and above all, both in Heaven and on earth.  This one enters the sphere of Eternity, wanders around in the midst of the Three Divine Persons.  She penetrates into Their most intimate hiding places, and is aware of Their secrets and of Their beatitudes


“It happens as to an engine which has the main fly wheel in the middle and many other small gears around it, which are fixed.  As the first wheel moves, they all move, but they never actually touch the first wheel, nor do they know anything of what it does and of what good it serves.  But there is another small gear which is not fixed, and through a mechanism, it turns continuously across all the gears, corresponding to each revolution of the fly wheel and then continues its round again


“Now, this moving little wheel knows what is there in the main wheel and takes part in the good it contains.  The first wheel is my Will, the fixed small wheels are the souls who are abandoned to themselves, which renders them motionless in goodness; the moving little wheel is the soul who lives in my Will, and the mechanism is her complete abandonment in Me.  Therefore, each lack of abandonment in Me is a revolution that you lose around the sphere of Eternity.  If you only knew what it means to lose an eternal round


On hearing this, I said: ‘But tell me, my Love, what does Eternity mean, and what is this eternal round


And Jesus added: “My daughter, Eternity is an immense circle, in which one cannot know where It begins or where It ends.  In this circle there is God, with no beginning and with no end, in which He possesses infinite happiness, beatitude, joys, riches and beauty.  At each divine motion, which never ceases, He unleashes from this circle of Eternity new happiness, new beauty and new beatitudes.  But this new Act is never interrupted.  Distinct among themselves, each contentment of Ours is always new.  Each one is different from the other.  Our beatitudes are so great and so many that, as We enjoy one, another surprises Us continuously, and they never end, they are eternal, being immense as We are.  And what is eternal has the virtue of making ever new things arise.  Whatever is old, things that are repeated, do not exist in what is eternal


“Do you know who takes part in Heaven in this new Act which is never exhausted?  They are those who will have practiced more good on earth.  This goodness will be like the seed which will bring them the knowledge of Our beatitudes, joys, beauty, love and goodness.  According to the good which the soul has practiced upon earth, which has some accord with our different beatitudes, she will come closer to Us.  She will fill herself with that beatitude whose seed she contains, and in large gulps, to the point of overflowing.  She will participate in all that is contained in the circle of Eternity, and she will be filled with as many seeds as she has acquired on earth


“It will happen like someone who has learned music, a job, or a science.  When music is played, many listen and enjoy it, but who understands it?  Who feels all those notes of joy or of sorrow penetrate into his intelligence and descend into his heart?  Who feels as though filled with it and sees, in action, the scene which that music expresses?  One who has studied it and who has worked hard in order to learn it.  The others enjoy it, but do not understand it.  Their enjoyment is in the perception of their hearing, but their interior remains all empty.” 


“The same is true for someone who has learned science.  Who enjoys it more?  Is it someone who has studied and has applied his intelligence to books on scientific subjects; or someone who has only looked at them?  It is certainly the one who has studied that can earn fair profits and occupy certain positions in industry.  Conversely, the other one can enjoy only limited insight should he encounters something related to science.  It’s the same with all subjects.  Just as this happens on earth, it turns out to be even more so in Heaven.  There, Justice weighs every little good act done by the creature with the scales of love.  It consigns to that good act unending happiness, joy and beauty


“Now, what will happen to the soul who has lived in my Will, in which all her acts remain like an eternal and divine seed?  The circle of Eternity will pour upon her so much that the whole Celestial Jerusalem will remain stupefied, and will make new feasts and will receive new glory




February 8, 1924

What one must do in order to fulfill the office of living in the Divine Will. 

Where little ones must be and what they must do in It.


I was fusing myself completely within the Holy Divine Will.  In doing so, as the littlest of all, I placed myself in front of all generations, even before Adam and Eve were created.  That way, even before they sinned, I could prepare, before their existence, an act of reparation to the Divine Majesty.


Since in the Divine Will there is no past and no future, everything is present.  So being little, I could approach It in order to plead and to do my little acts in It, to cover all the acts of creatures with His Divine Will.  That’s how I was able to bind to It the broken human will and make them one. 


While I was doing this, my annihilation, my misery and extreme littleness were such that I said to myself: ‘Instead of placing myself before everyone in the Most Holy Will, I should instead put myself behind everyone, even behind the last man who is to come.  Since I am the most abject and the most miserable of all creatures, the last place is suitable for me


While I was doing this, my beloved Jesus came out from inside me.


“Taking my hand, he told me: “My little daughter, in my Will the little ones must come before everyone; even more so inside my Womb.  One who has to plead, repair and unite Our Will not only with hers, but with everyone’s will, must be close to Us.   She must be so united to Us that she can receive all the reflections of the Divinity so she can copy them within herself.  She must have a thought that can belong to everyone; a word, a work, a step, a love that can be of all and for all.  Since Our Will encompasses everyone, may that thought of yours be of everyone in Our Will.  May that work, that action and that love shine in every thought, word and act of every generation.  By the power of Our Will, may they become antidotes, defenders, lovers and workers


“If you only knew with what love Our Celestial Father awaits you, and the joy, the contentment He feels in seeing you, so little, bringing the whole of Creation onto His lap, to give Him the return of all!  He feels the glory, the joys, and the amusements of the original purpose of Creation coming back to Him.  This is why it is necessary that you come before all.  After you have come forth, you will turn back within Our Will and go behind everyone.  You will place them on your lap, and you will bring them all into Our Womb.  In seeing them covered with your acts done in Our Will, We will welcome then with more love.  We will feel more disposed to bind Our Will with that of the creatures so that It may return to its full dominion.” 


“Be brave.  Little ones get lost within a crowd, so it is necessary that you come forward in order to fulfill the mission of your office in Our Will.  In Our Will, the little ones have no personal thoughts or belongings, but everything in common with the Celestial Father.  Everyone enjoys the sun, being inundated by its light, because it has been created by God for the good of all.  Likewise, everyone benefits from the acts done by the Little Daughter of Our Will, which, more than sun, dart through all.  This is how the Sun of the Eternal Volition can rise again with that purpose for which the generations were created.  So, do not get lost within the crowd of your miseries, of your abjection, of self reflections, but think only about your office as little one within Our Will, and be intent on fulfilling your mission





February 10, 1924


Necessity to write everything in these writings

The good they will produce

Indisputable purity, sanctity and strength of the doctrine of the Divine Will

It will be as a new Sun in the Church,

which will renew Her and therefore transform the face of the earth.

Abandonment in the Divine Volition


I was thinking to myself about all that was written in these past days, and I said to myself that they were neither necessary nor serious things.  I could have done without putting them on paper, but obedience wanted it so, and I had the duty to say ‘FIAT’ also in this.


But as I was thinking about this, my beloved Jesus told me: “Yes, my daughter, everything was necessary in order to make known how to live in my Will.  By not saying everything, some quality of how to live in It would be missing, and therefore the writings could not have the full effect for living in my Will.  One example would be on the abandonment of living in my Will.  If the soul did not live completely abandoned in my Will, she would be like a person who lived in a sumptuous palace.  Imagine her leaning out of a window, then out of a balcony, and then went down to the front door.  The poor person goes through the rooms just briefly or in passing, and consequently knows nothing of the rule, of the work it takes, of the goods which are in there, of what she can take, or of what she can give.  Who knows how many goods are there, and she knows nothing about it.” 


“As a result, she does not love as she should love, nor does she admire that palace as it deserves.  For the soul who lives in my Will and is not completely abandoned in It, self reflections, cares about herself, fears or disturbances are nothing other than the windows, the balconies and the front doors that she forms in my Will.  By going out so often, she is forced to see and feel the miseries of human life.  But since the miseries are her own property while the riches of my Will are Mine, she becomes more attached to the miseries than to the riches, so she will not love nor enjoy the full meaning of living in my Will


“Unfortunately, since she formed the main entrance, some day she will go out to live in the miserable hovel of her own will.  See, then, how complete abandonment in Me is necessary in order to live in my Will.  My Will does not need the miseries of the human will.  It wants the creature to live together with It: beautiful, just as she was delivered from Its Womb, without the miserable provisions she made for herself in the exile of life.  Otherwise, there would be disparity, which would bring sorrow to my Will and unhappiness to the human will.” 


“Do you see how necessary it is to make them understand that complete abandonment is needed in order to live in my Will?  And you say it is not necessary to write about it?  I feel compassion for you, because you do not see what I see, and that’s why you take it lightly.  Instead, in my All-seeing, I note that these writings will be for my Church like a new Sun which will rise in her midst.  Men, attracted by its radiant light, will strive to transform themselves into this light and become spiritualized and Divinized.  By this they will renew the Church and transform the face of the earth.” 


“The doctrine on my Will is the purest and most beautiful of all.  It is not subject to any shadow of material interest, either in the supernatural or in the natural order.  Just like the Sun, It will be most penetrating, most nourishing, most welcomed and appreciated.  Being Light, It will make Itself understood and will make Its own way.  It will not be subject to doubt or suspicions of error.  If some words will not be understood, it will be because of too much light, which, eclipsing the human intellect, will not allow them to understand the fullness of Truth.  However, they will not find one word which is not true.  At the most, they will not be able to comprehend it fully.” 


“In view of the good which I see, I urge you to neglect nothing in writing.  One saying, one effect, one simile on my Will can be like beneficial dew upon the souls.  This dew will be beneficial to the plants after a day of burning sun, or like a pouring rain after long months of drought.  You cannot understand all the good, the light and the strength contained in one word.  But your Jesus knows it, and knows the ones whom it will serve and the good it will do


“Now, as He was saying this, He showed me a table in the midst of the Church, and all the writings on the Divine Will placed on it.  Many venerable people surrounded that table and were transformed into light and divinized.  As they walked, they communicated that light to whomever they encountered.” 


Then Jesus added: “You will see this great good from Heaven, when the Church will receive this celestial food, which will strengthen her and make her rise again to her full triumph





February 16, 1924

Immense sorrow and infinite joys

which are incessantly renewed in the Heart of Jesus 

One who, with love, shares in His sorrows,

also shares in His joys.


I was thinking of the sorrows of the Most Holy Heart of Jesus.  Oh, how my pains disappeared when compared to His!


And my always adorable Jesus told me: “My daughter, the sorrows of my Heart are indescribable and incomprehensible to a human creature.  You must know that every beat of my Heart was a distinct pain.  Every heartbeat brought Me a new and unique pain, each one different from the other.  Human life is a continuous palpitating.  If the heartbeat ceases, life ceases.  Imagine what torrents of pain each beat of my Heart brought Me.  Up to the last moment of my dying, from my conception to my last heartbeat, it did not cease from bringing Me new pains and bitter sorrows


“You know that my Divinity is inseparable from Me.  However, you must also know that my Divinity, while watching over my Heart, was letting a new sorrow enter at each heartbeat.   But, simultaneously, with each heartbeat, It let enter new joys, new contentment, new harmonies and celestial secrets.  I was rich in sorrow and my Heart enclosed immense seas of pain.  I was also rich in happiness, infinite joys and unreachable sweetness.” 


“I would have died at the first heartbeat full of pain, if the Divinity, loving this Heart with infinite Love, had not let each heartbeat resound in twos within my Heart.  It was sorrow and joy, bitterness and sweetness, pain and contentment, death and life, humiliation and glory, human abandonment and divine comfort.” 


“Oh, if you could see my Heart, you would see all possible and every imaginable sorrow centralized in Me.  It is from my Heart that creatures rise again to new life, contentment and divine riches which flow in my Heart like so many seas, as I diffuse them for the good of the whole human family


“But who has a bigger share of these immense treasures of my Heart?  They are those who suffer more.   For each pain and every sorrow, there a special joy in my Heart which follows that pain or sorrow suffered by the creature.  Pain renders her more dignified and lovable.  She becomes dearer and more worthy of sympathy.” 


“My Heart draws upon Itself all divine sympathies by virtue of the pains suffered.   Seeing pain in the creature is a special characteristic of my Heart.  Watching over this pain, with all my love I pour upon her the joys and contentment contained within my Heart.” 


“My Heart wants to let my joys follow the pain I send to the creatures.  Usually, to my great sorrow, I don’t find in them the love of suffering and the true resignation which my Heart possesses.  The pain is not accepted with love and honor and the highest submission.  My joys still follow pain, but they see that my joys do not find a way to enter that sorrowful heart so, grieving, they return to my Heart.” 


“However, when I find a soul who is resigned and loves suffering, I feel her being regenerated within my Heart.  Oh, how sorrow and joy, bitterness and sweetness, alternate.  I hold nothing back of all the goodness which I can pour upon her





February 18, 1924

All created things have one single “I love you” from God for us,

which, at the same time, is distinct in each one of them.


I was fusing myself within the Divine Will according to my usual way.  I was trying to find every created thing so I could return to It my love on behalf of myself and every creature


Now, as I was doing this, I thought to myself: ‘My Jesus says that He has created everything for love of me and every creature.  But how can this be if there are so many created things I don’t even know?  There are so many fishes that dart in the sea, so many birds that fly in the air, so many plants, so many flowers.  There is such great variety of beauty contained in the whole universe.  Who can know them all?  Especially me!  I’ve been confined in a bed for years and years, so I only know a few of them.  So, if I don’t even know them, how can He say that all created things have the mark and the seal of His “I love you” for me


While I was thinking about this, my sweet Jesus moved inside me.


He was of pricking up His ears so He could hear me, and said: “Nevertheless, my daughter, it is true that each created thing has a distinct love for you.  It is also true that you do not know them all, but that doesn’t mean anything.  On the contrary, it reveals my love to you even more.  It tells you in clear notes that my “I love you” for you is both near and far from you, both hidden and revealed.  I do not act like those creatures, who, when they are with you, are all love, but as soon as they go away, they become cold and are no longer able to love.  My Love is stable and fixed.  It is near as much as it is far, hidden and secret.  It has one single sound, never interrupted: “I love you


“You know the light of the sun, that’s true.  Indeed you can have as much light and its heat as you want.  But even more light overshoots you; enough to fill the whole earth.  If you wanted more light, the sun would give it to you: all of it.  All the light of the sun tells you my “I love you”, from near and from afar.  Moreover, as it shines all over the earth, it carries to you a little sonata of my “I love you”.


“Yet, you know neither the paths that the light covers, nor the lands it illuminates, nor the people who enjoy the beneficial influence of the sun’s rays.  Even though you don’t know everything that its light does, nevertheless you are in that very light.  If you don’t take it all for yourself, it’s only because you lack the capacity to absorb it all within you.” 


“So you can’t say that all the light of the sun doesn’t tell you, “I love you”.  On the contrary, it makes an even greater display of love, because as it covers the earth, it is narrating my “I love you” to all.  The same is true for every drop of water.  You cannot drink them all and hold them inside you.  But that doesn’t mean to say that they don’t tell you “I love you” on my behalfHence, each and every created thing, known or unknown, have the mark of my “I love you”, because all of them serve the harmony of the Universe, the decorum of Creation and the mastery of Our creative hand


“I acted like a rich and kindhearted Father, who loves his son.  Since the son has to leave the paternal House to take up his own position, the Father prepares a sumptuous palace for him.  It has innumerable rooms, and each of them contains a certain something, which may serve his son.  However, there are so many rooms that the son doesn’t notice some of them.  Moreover, he hasn’t even seen some of them, because he’s never had a reason to use them all.  But even so, can anyone really deny that in each room there is a special love of the father for the son?  Obviously, the paternal goodness has provided over and above anything that the son might ever need.” 


“That’s what I did.  This son came out from my womb, and I wanted him to lack nothing.  What’s more, I created many different things because some enjoy one thing, some another.   But everything has this one single sound: “I love you






February 20, 1924

Luisa is the first one in the Church to live in the Divine Will.

Jesus has not manifested It to anyone before.

It means to make the pure joys of the purpose of Creation return to Jesus;

It is a continuous exchange between human will and Divine Will.


With all that my sweet Jesus has told me about His Most Holy Will, I was thinking to myself: ‘How can it ever be possible that until now there has been not one soul who lived in the Divine Volition and that I am the first one?  Who knows how many others there have been before me, and in a more perfect way, a more active way than I


But as I was saying this, my always adorable Jesus moved inside me and said me: “My daughter, why don’t you want to recognize the gift and the grace of your mission?  You have been called to live in my Will in a way that is supremely special and new?  Living in my Will is the most important thing.  That is what interests me the most and I care very much about it.” 


“If there had been other souls in my Church before you, there would have been traces, rules and teachings in my Church about the one destined to live in my Will.  There would have been some knowledge about the attraction, the effects and the goodness inherent in living in my Will.  If there had been any other manifestations, I would have used my Power to let the sublime way of living in my Will shine through.  It would have been my great delight, seeing Myself honored by such soul with the glory of my own Will. I would have pushed that soul so much that she could not have resisted manifesting what I wanted.” 


“Just as there are sayings and teachings on living resigned, patient and obedient, there would have been this as well.  It would have been really funny and strange if I had kept hidden the thing which I love the most.  The more one loves something, the more he wants to make it known.  The more delight and glory a certain way of living brings Me, the more I want to diffuse it.  It is not in the nature of true love to hide what can make others happy and rich.  If you only knew how I longed for this time of the coming to light of my Little Newborn of my Will, to make you live in my Volition!

What a court of Grace I have prepared to fulfill the intention!  You would be stunned and would be more grateful and attentive to Me


“Ah, you don’t know what it means to live in my Will!  It means to make pure joy the purpose of Creation.  It will make my innocent pleasure, the reason I created man, return to Me.  It means to remove all the bitterness that the perfidious human will gave Me just after the dawn of Creation.  It means a continuous exchange of wills between the human and the Divine.  It means the soul, fearing her own will, lives from Mine, while Mine keeps filling the soul with joy, love and infinite goodness


“Oh, how happy I feel in giving whatever I want to this soul, because my Will contains enough capacity to receive everything!  Now there are no longer divisions between Me and her, but stable union, in working, in thinking and in loving.  My Will compensates for everything, so we remain in perfect accord and in communion of goodness.  This had been the purpose of the Creation of man: to make him live as Our own child and to share all Our goods with him.   We wanted that he might be fully happy, and that We might be amused with his happiness


“Now, to live in my Will is exactly this: to have the purpose, the joys, the feasts of Creation returned to Us.  Do you say that I should have kept it hidden in my Church, without manifesting it?  I would have turned Heaven and earth upside down.  I would have overwhelmed souls with irresistible strength, to make known that which will be the fulfillment of Creation.  Do you see how much I care for this living in my Will, which places the seal upon all my works, so that all of them may be complete?  It may seem to you that this is nothing, or that there are similar things in my Church.  No, no!  For Me, on the contrary, it is the All of my works, and you must appreciate it as such.  You must more attentive in fulfilling the mission I want from you






February 22, 1924

God enjoyed the pure joys of Creation until man sinned; then, when the Most Holy Virgin came to the light, and when the Word came upon earth.  He will enjoy them finally when the creatures will live in the Divine Will.  For this reason He chose Luisa as the beginning and model, depositing in her this new Celestial and Divine Law.


I was thinking about what is written above, and I said to myself: “Is it possible that the Blessed Lord, after so many centuries, has not enjoyed the pure joys of Creation, and that He was waiting for the living in the Divine Will in order to receive these joys, this glory, and the purpose for which everything was created


Now, while I was thinking of these and other things, my sweet Jesus made Himself seen in my interior. 


Through a light He sent to my intellect, He told me: “My daughter, I did enjoy the pure joys of Creation.  I enjoyed my innocent amusements with the creatures, but at intervals, not continuously.  But when things are not stable and continuous, they increase sorrow even more.  It makes Me fidget more to enjoy them again.  I would make any sacrifice to make them permanent


“First, I enjoyed the pure joys of Creation when, after I had created everything, I created man - until he sinned.  There was highest accord, common joys, innocent amusements, between him and Us.  Our arms were always opened to embrace him, to give him new joys and new graces.  In giving, We amused Ourselves so much that We made a continuous feast for Us and for him


“For Us, to give is to rejoice.  It is happiness, it is amusement.  As soon as he sinned and broke his will from Ours, everything ended.  The fullness of Our Will was no longer in him, so the current which enables giving and continuing the life of mutual happiness, was missing.  Moreover, Our Will was missing in him, so he lacked the capacity and the safeguards to keep Our gifts.” 


“Second, We enjoyed the pure joys of Creation when, after many centuries, the Immaculate Virgin came to the light of day.  She had been preserved from even a shadow of sin, and possessed all the fullness of Our Will.  There had been not even a shadow of any fracture between Her and Us, between Our Will and hers. Our joys, Our innocent amusements, were always returned to Us.  She brought to Us all the feasts of Creation on her lap.  We gave Her so much and so much enjoyed the giving that We enriched Her every moment with new graces.  We gave Her so much new contentment and new beauty; that She could not contain more.  But the Creature Empress did not last long on earth. She came into Heaven, and We could not find another creature in the low world to perpetuate Our amusements and bring Us the joys of Creation.” 


“Third, We enjoyed the joys of Creation when I, Eternal Word, descended from Heaven and took on my Humanity.  Ah, by possessing the fullness of my Will, my beloved Mama had opened currents between Heaven and earth.  She made everyone festive, both in Heaven and on earth.  During this feast, for love of a creature so holy, the Divinity made Me be conceived in her virginal womb, giving Her Divine Fruitfulness.  This would let Me fulfill the great work of Redemption.” 


“She had primacy in my Will, and lived a perfect life in my Volition.  She lived in It as if She did not have her own will, thereby putting in circulation the joys of Creation and Our feasts. If there had not been this excelling Virgin, the Eternal Word would never have come upon earth to fulfill the Redemption of mankind


“So you see then, how the greatest, the most important, the most pleasing thing, that which attracts God the most, is to live in my Will.  One who lives in It, wins over God.  This makes God give out gifts so great as to astonish Heaven and earth – gifts, which for centuries and centuries could not have been obtained.” 


“While I was a being on earth, I contained the very Life of the Supreme Volition, which was, moreover, inseparable from Me.  Oh, how my Humanity brought to the Divinity, in a complete way, all the joys, the Glory and the exchange of love with the whole of Creation.  The Divinity was so delighted that It gave Me primacy over all, and the right to judge all peoples.  Oh, what goodness the creatures found, in knowing that their own Brother, who had loved them so much and had suffered so much to save them, was to be their Judge!  In seeing the whole purpose of Creation enclosed within Me, the Divinity, stripping Itself of everything, conceded Me all rights over all creatures.” 


“But my Humanity passed on into Heaven, and no one remained on earth to perpetuate the living in the Divine Volition.  There was no one who, rising above everyone and everything, in Our Will, would bring Us pure joy.  There was no one allowing Us to continue Our innocent amusements with a terrestrial creature.  So, Our joys were interrupted and Our amusements broken on the face of the earth


On hearing this, I said: ‘My Jesus, how can it be as You say?  Our Mama went to Heaven, and so did your Humanity.  Why didn’t You bring the joys with You, so You would be able to continue your innocent amusements in Heaven with your Celestial Father


And Jesus: “The joys of Heaven are Ours and no one can take them away or diminish them.  Those that come from earth, We are in the act of acquiring, and the amusement comes in the very act of new gains.  The victory or loss produces for Us the joy of winning or the sorrow of defeat


“Now let’s come to us, my daughter.  When I came upon earth, man was so glutted with evil and so full of human will that the living in my Will could find no place.  Because of the state he was in, he was incapable of receiving the greatest gift: living in my Will.”


“So, in my Redemption, first I beseeched the grace of resignation to my Will for himI beseeched for him the greatest grace, as the crown and fulfillment of all graces: living in my Will.  Then Our pure joy of Creation and Our innocent amusements would begin their course again on the face of the earth.” 


“About twenty centuries have passed since the true and pure joys of Creation were interrupted.  We still haven’t found sufficient capacity, a total stripping of the human will, to be able to entrust the ownership of Our WillIn order to do this, We had to choose a creature who would be the closest to and most familiar with the human generations.” 


“Had I offered my Mama as an example, they would’ve felt very distant from Her.  They would’ve said: ‘How could She not live in the Divine Will?  She was exempt from any stain, even from the origin one?’  They would’ve shrugged their shoulders, and not have given it another thought.” 


“If I had placed my Humanity as an example, they would have been even more scared.  They would have said: ‘He was both God and Man!  Since the Divine Will was His own Life, it’s no wonder that He lived in the Supreme Will


“So that this living in my Will could have life in my Church, I had to go down the stairs, descend further, and choose a creature from Her midst.  I provided her with sufficient graces, and made my way within her soul.  I had to empty her of everything, and make her understand the great evil of the human will. She should abhor it so much she would choose death rather than do her own will.” 


“I gave her my Divine Will as a gift, assuming the attitude of a Master.  I made her understand all the beauty, the power, the effects, the value, and the way to live in my Eternal Will.  I established in her the law of my Will, so that she could live in It.  I acted as in a second Redemption.  I established the Gospel, the Sacraments and the teachings as the primary life towards continual Redemption.” 


“Had I not left any foundation, to what could the creatures cling?  What to do?  That’s just what I did for the living in my Will.  How many teachings have I given you?  How many times have I lead you by the hand in eternal flights in my Will?  You, flying over the whole of Creation, brought the pure joys of Creation to the feet of the Divinity, and We amused Ourselves with you


“So, having chosen a creature who is apparently no different than everybody else, they will take courage.  Finding the teachings, the way, and knowing the great goodness of living in my Will, they will make It their own.  This way the pure joys of Creation and Our innocent amusements will no longer be broken on the face of the earth.  Even though there should be only one for each generation to live in Our Will, it will always be a feast for Us.  During feasts there is always a greater display, and one is more generous in giving.  Oh, how much good will they obtain on earth, while their Creator plays on its surface


“So, my dear daughter, be attentive to my teachings, because it is about letting Me establish a law.  It is not a terrestrial law, but celestial.  It is not a law of mere sanctity, but a divine law.  It is a law which will no longer allow any distinction between terrestrial and celestial citizens.  It is a law of love, a law which will destroy everything that can prevent even a shadow on the union between the creature and her Creator.  It will put all His goods in common, removing from her all the weaknesses and miseries of original sin.  The law of my Will shall put so much strength in the soul that it will be a sweet enchantment.  It will put to sleep the evils of nature and substitute them with the sweet enchantment of divine goodness.” 


“Remember how many times you saw Me write in the depth of your soul.  It was the new law of the living in my Will.  At first I delighted in writing it to expand your capacity.  Then I took the attitude of a Master to explain it to you.  How many times have you seen Me taciturn and pensive in the depth of your soul?  That was the great crafting of my Will that I was forming in you.  In seeing Me not speaking, you lamented that I no longer loved you.  But it was exactly then that, pouring Itself out upon you, my Will enlarged your capacity.  It confirmed you in It, and that was when I loved you the most.  So, don’t be curious about anything that I do.  Just rest and be sure that you are always in my Will






February 24, 1924

How the goods and the law of Redemption

were deposited by Jesus in the Heart of His Most Holy Mother;

and this is what the Church knows. 

In the same way,

He placed the eternal law of the Divine Will in Luisa. 

Immensity of one single act done in It.


I felt immersed in the Divine Will, and I thought to myself: ‘Who knows how many more things on His Will my sweet Jesus shall say to other souls!  He has told me so many things.  But I am so incapable and unworthy.  Who knows how many more sublime things He will say to the others, who are good


“Then my adorable Jesus, moving inside me, said: “My daughter, all of the law and the goodness of Redemption were written by Me and deposited in the Heart of my dear Mama.  It was fair, being the first to live in my Will, thereby drawing Me from Heaven and conceiving Me in her womb, that She know all the laws.  She is the depository of all the goodness of Redemption.” 


“When, going out into my public life, I manifested it to the people and to the Apostles, I did not add one coma.  It was not because I was unable to do so.  Neither anyone in the Church nor the Apostles themselves has added anything to what I said and did when I was on earth.  The Church has added no other Gospel nor has it instituted any additional Sacrament.  She always turns to all that I Myself did and said.  It is necessary that the one who has been called as the first receive the depths of all that good which I want to do to all human generations.  The Church has interpreted the Gospel and has written much on all that I did and said.  But She never departed from Me as the source and origin of my teachings


“It will be the same with my Will.  I will place in you the depths of the eternal law of my Will.  It will be all that is necessary that it may be understood.  It will have all the teachings which are needed.  The Church will develop explanations and commentary.  But She will never depart from what I have established as the origin, the source.  If anyone should want to depart from it, he will remain in obscure darkness without light.  If he wants light, he will be forced to go back to the source, that is, to my teachings


On hearing this, I said: ‘My sweet Love, when kings constitute laws, they call their ministers as witnesses to the laws which they establish and place them in their hands.  The ministers then make them public, to be observed by the people.  I am not a minister.   On the contrary, I’m too little and not capable enough to be good at anything


Jesus added: “I am not like the kings of the earth, who deal with the great.  I prefer to deal with little ones, because they are more docile and attribute nothing to themselves, but everything to my Goodness.  But in spite of this, I too chose one of my Ministers to assist you in this state of yours.  As much as you begged Me to free you from his daily visits, I did not listen to you.  Even if you were no longer subject to falling back into that state, I would still not allow you to be without his assistance.  The reason why you had to have one of my Ministers was so that he would be aware of the law of my Will.  Knowing my teachings, he will be a witness and depository of a law so holy.  As my faithful Minister, he would make public within my Church the great good which I want to do to Her by making my Will known


Then, I remained so immersed in the Divine Will that I felt as if I were swimming inside an immense sea.  My poor mind wandered around, and somewhere I took a drop of Divine Will, somewhere else another drop.  Pieces of the knowledge of It poured into me so much that my capacity was overwhelmed and I was unable to absorb them all.


I said to myself: ‘How great, profound, high, immense and holy is your Will, O my Jesus!  You want to put together everything regarding It, and I, being so little, drown in It.  So, if You want me to comprehend all that You want to make me understand, infuse it in me little by little.  This way, I will be able to manifest It to whomever You want


And Jesus: “My daughter, my Will is indeed immense.  It contains all Eternity.  If you knew the good which even one single word on my Will and one single act done in It by the creature contain, you would be stunned.  In that act she takes Heaven and earth as her power.  My Will is the life of everything and It flows everywhere.  Together with my Will she flows in every affection, in every heartbeat, in every thought and in everything else that creatures do.  She flows in every act of her Creator and in every good thing I do.  She flows in the light I send to the intelligence, in the forgiveness I give out, in the love I send forth, in the love I ignite, in the blessed souls I beatify – in everything.  There is no good I do, nor point of Eternity in which she does not have her own little place.  Oh, how dear she is to Me!  I feel how inseparable she is from Me!  She is the true faithful of my Will, and she never leaves It alone.  So go ahead, run into It, and you will find out for yourself what I am telling you


As He was saying this, I plunged into the sea of His Will, and I ran and I ran.  But who can explain all this?  I touched everything, I flew everywhere, and I found out for myself what Jesus was telling me.  But I am unable to put it all on paper.  If Jesus wants, He will have to give me more capacity.  So I will stop here for now.





February 28, 1924

All the goods which God prepared and established in Creation

in order to give them to the creatures, are suspended,

waiting for those who will return to their original order.

This is what He is doing in Luisa as first.


While I was praying, I felt my adorable Jesus within me; now praying, now suffering, and then as if He were working.


He called me very often by name, and I said to Him: ‘Jesus, what do You want?  What are You doing?  It seems to me that You are very busy and that You are suffer a lot.  You call me, then drawn by your occupations, You seem to forget that You have called me and You don’t tell me anything


And Jesus: “My daughter, I am so busy in you because I am carrying out all the works of living in my Will.  It is necessary that I first do it in you.  As I do it, I bind your entire interior within the unending Light of my Will, so that your little human will may be connected to It and take first place in It.  Then, expanding within It, it may receive all the good which the Divine Will wants to give to the human will.” 


“You must know that as the Divinity decreed Creation, It delivered all that It was to give to the creature: the gifts, the graces, the caresses and the kisses of love which It was to manifest to her.  Just as It delivered the Sun, the stars, the blue heavens and all the rest, so It delivered all the gifts with which It was to enrich the souls.  As man withdrew from the Supreme Will, he rejected all these goods.  But the Divinity did not withdraw them into Itself.  It left them suspended in Its Will, waiting for the human will to bind itself to Its Will and to enter into the original Order created by It.  Then all the gifts established by It will be set in the same current with human nature.  All the fineness of love, the kisses, the caresses, the gifts, the communications and my innocent amusements which I was to have with Adam, had he not sinned, are suspended in my Will


“My Will wants to unload these heaps of goods which It had established to give to creatures.  This is why I want to establish the law of living in my Will: to reestablish between Creator and creature all these suspended goods.  This is why I am working in you: to reorient your will with the Divine.  This way I will be able to start to replace in the current the many goods which until now have been suspended between Creator and creature.” 


“I care a lot about this reorientation of the human will with the Divine and that the human will live completely in It.   Until I achieve this, I feel as if Creation did not have its original primary purpose.  Besides, I didn’t form Creation because I needed it.  I was more than sufficiently happy by Myself.  I created it because, with all the goodness We contained within Ourselves, We wanted an amusement outside of Us.  This is why everything was created.  Within an immense outpouring of Our most pure Love, We delivered this creature from Our omnipotent breath.  We did so that We might amuse Ourselves with her, and she might be happy with Us and with all the things We created for love of her.” 


“The one who was to serve only to make Us rejoice and to amuse Ourselves together, served Us bitterness by departing from Us.  He was destroying Our purpose by withdrawing from Our Will.  Instead of amusing himself with Us, he amused himself with the things We created and with his own passions, putting Us aside.  Was that not turning the whole purpose of Creation upside down?  Do you see, then, how necessary it is that We restore Our rights and that the creature return into Our Womb, so that we may restart Our amusements?  But she must return to where man made Our sorrow begin, and bind herself to Our Will with an indissoluble bond.  She must dismiss hers, to live in Ours. This is why I am working in your soul.  You must follow the work of your Jesus, who wants to place in the current all the gifts, the suspended graces, which are there in my Will





March 2, 1924

By virtue of the Light of His Will,

Jesus extended Himself to everyone and everything;

only one who lives in His Will can do the same. 

This generation of legitimate children,

who preserve whole within themselves the purpose of Creation,

will be as though the first to be created by God.


I was thinking of how it could be that as my sweet Jesus thought, spoke and worked. He extended His thoughts into each thought of the creature, into each word and work.


Then my beloved Jesus, moving inside me, said: “My daughter, there is nothing to be surprised about.  In Me there was the Divinity with the unending light of Its Eternal Will.  In this light I could see, very easily, each thought, word, heartbeat and act of the creatures.  As I thought, the light which I contained brought my thought to each thought of my creatures.  It’s the same with my word and with everything else I did and suffered


“The Sun also possesses this virtue.  Its light is one; yet many are inundated by that light.  Imagine being able to see everything inside of man, his thoughts, heartbeats and affections.  That’s just the way Sun invades everyone with its light.  It would make its light flow in every thought, heartbeat and the like.  The light of the Sun can do this, without descending from on high into the bottom in order to give its light and heat to each one.  Yet, it is nothing other than the shadow of my Light.   I can do so much more.  I contain immense and unending Light.  It is my Divine Will that contains this virtue.  As the soul enters my Will, It opens the current of the Light It contains.  Invading all, my Light brings to each one the thought, the word, the act, which have entered the current of Its Light


“There is nothing more sublime, more extensive, more divine, nothing holier than living in my Will.  The generations of Its acts are incalculable.  When the soul is not united with my Will and does not enter into It, she neither turns It, nor does she open the current of Its unending Light.  Everything she does remains personal and individual.” 


“Her goodness, her prayer, is like the little light which is used inside rooms, which does not have the virtue of giving light to all the receptacles of the house.  It can shine its light even less outside.  Furthermore, You can think about oil as the continuation of her actions.  If is lacking, the little light goes out and she remains in the dark


Later, I was fusing myself in the Eternal Divine Volition by placing myself before everyone.  As the first among all, I was bringing to the Divine Majesty, all the acts of the creatures, the return of everything, especially their love. 


As I was doing this, I thought to myself: ‘How can it be that I can go before all, since I was born after so many generations?  It would be better if I place myself somewhere in the middle, between the past and the future generations to come.  Better yet, because of my unworthiness, I should be the last, behind everyone


My adorable Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, the whole of Creation was created so that everyone would do my Will.  The life of the creatures was to flow within my Will, as the blood flows in the veins.  They were to live in It as my true children.  Nothing that belongs to Me was to be alien to them.  I was to be their tender, loving Father, and they were to be my tender, loving children.” 


“Since this was the purpose of Creation, even though there have been other generations before them, which is meaningless, they will be placed behind.  My Will shall place as first the ones who will be and who have been faithful in maintaining the whole purpose for which they were created.  These, whether they have come before or after, will occupy the first rank before the Divinity.  Having maintained the purpose of Creation, they will be distinguished among all and marked by the halo of Our Will, as by a refulgent gem.  Everyone will let them pass freely, so that they may occupy the first place of honor


“This wouldn’t surprise anyone.  It happens the same way in this low world.  Imagine a king in the midst of his court, his ministers, deputies and armies.  Then his little prince son arrives, and even though all the others are great, everyone lets the little prince pass, so he may take his place of honor at the side of the King, his Father?  Who deals with the King with the same familiarity which is worthy of a son?  Who would blame this King and his son, who, though being the littlest of all, rises above all and takes his prime and legitimate place close to the King, his Father?  Certainly no one!  On the contrary, everyone would respect the right of the little prince.” 


“Descend even lower: imagine a family.  A son was born first, but he did not want to occupy himself with doing the will of his father, nor did he want to work or study.  He remained almost moronic in his sloth, bringing sorrow to his Father.  Then another son comes to the light, and this one, though littler, does the will of his father, studies and becomes a professor worthy of holding the highest positions.  Now, who is first in that family?  Who enjoys his place of honor close to the father?  Isn’t it the one who came last


“Thus, my daughter, only those who will have preserved the purpose of Creation whole within them will be my true legitimate children.  By doing my Will, they have preserved within them the pure blood of their Celestial Father, Who has given them all the features of His Likeness.  It will be very easy to recognize them as Our legitimate children.  Our Will shall preserve them in their nobility, pure, fresh, and full of love for the One who created them.  As Our children, who have always stayed within Our Will and who have never given life to their own, they will be like the first to be created by Us.  They will give Us glory and honor the purpose for which all things were created


“This is why the world cannot end.  We are waiting for the generation of Our children, who, by living in Our Will, will give Us the glory of Our works.  These will have my Will alone as their life.  It will be so natural, spontaneous and effortless for them to do the Divine Will, just as natural as their heartbeat, their breathing and the circulation of their blood.  For them We will not keep It as a law, because laws are for rebels.  For them it will be Life, honor, their beginning and end.  So, my daughter, may you take to heart my Will alone.  Be concerned with nothing else, if you want your Jesus to fulfill and enclose within you the purpose of all Creation





March 13, 1924

True love can hide nothing from the beloved of what it has in its heart.

The immense Light of the Divine Will contains and carries everything

– pains and joys –

 in order to perform its crafting. 

So It did in Jesus, and so It does in the soul.


I felt like dying because of the absence of my sweet Jesus.  Then, after much hardship, He moved inside me and He shared His pains with me.  But it was so much that I felt like I was suffocating.  I felt an agonizing death rattle, but I myself am unable to tell you who was the cause of my pain.  I only saw an immense Light, and this Light turned into pain for me.


Then, after having somehow suffered, my adorable Jesus told me: “My daughter, I did not want to come because the pains I suffered were so many.  It’s because you are faithful and inseparable from Me that, by coming to you, my Love would have led Me to share them with you.  I would have suffered from seeing you suffer because of Me


And I: ‘Ah, my Jesus, how you have changed!  It shows that You no longer want to suffer together with me.  You want to do it all by Yourself.  If I am no longer worthy to suffer together with You, don’t hide.  Just come without making me suffer.  It’s true that not taking part in your pains would be a nail too piercing for me.  But it would be less painful than being deprived of you


And Jesus: “My daughter, you don’t know the nature of true love.  That’s why you talk this way.  True love can hide nothing from the beloved, neither joy nor pain.  For each sorrowful thought, for each fiber of the heart which it hides and does not pour into the beloved, it feels as though being separated from her, discontented and restless.  Until it pours all its heart into the loved one, it cannot find rest.  So, coming without pouring in you all my Heart, my pains, my joys and the ingratitude of men, would be too hard for Me.  I would rather content Myself with remaining hidden in the depth of your soul, instead of coming without sharing with you my pains and my most intimate secrets.  So, I will have to be content with suffering in seeing you suffer, rather than not pouring all of my Heart out in you


And I: ‘My Jesus, forgive me.  I said this because You said that You suffered in seeing me suffer.  But let nothing ever divide us in love.  I would rather suffer any pain; but to be separated from You, never


And Jesus added: “Do not fear, my daughter; wherever my Will is, there can be no separation in love.  In fact, I did nothing to you; it was the Light of my Will to make you suffer.  Penetrating into you as most pure light, It brought my pains down into the most intimate fibers of your heart.  My Will is more piercing than any sword; more than nails, thorns and scourges.  Being most pure light, in Its immensity, It sees and encloses everything.  It contains the power of all pains, and as It makes Its light penetrate the soul, It brings the pains It wants.  So, since your will and Mine are one, the current of Its light brought you my pains


“That’s how my Divinity operated in my Humanity.  Its most pure Light brought Me pain with every breath, in every heartbeat, at every movement, into my whole Person.  Nothing was hidden from It – either that which was needed to restore the glory of the Father on the part of creatures, or their offenses, or that which was needed in order to save them.  It spared Me nothing.  Its most pure Light crucified my most intimate fibers, my heartbeats of fire.  It made of Me the perpetual Crucified; and not just in my hands and feet.  Its Light, scanning Me completely, crucified the most tiny particles of my Person


“Ah, if creatures only knew what my Divine Will made my Humanity suffer for love of them, they would be drawn to love Me as by a powerful magnet.  But for now they cannot, because their taste is rough and profaned by the human will.  They wouldn’t enjoy the sweet fruit of the pain of my Divine Will.  Moreover, by living at the bottom, in the human will, they would not understand the height, the power, the attitude or the goodness which the Divine Will contains.  But the time will come when the Supreme Will shall manifest the pains which my Eternal Will made my Humanity suffer.  It will make Its way into the midst of creatures and make Itself more understood


“Henceforth, when the Light of my Will flows in you, let yourself be scanned by It, so that It may accomplish Its perfect and full work in you.  And if you do not see Me often, do not torture yourself.  These are new events which are preparing unexpected things for the poor world.  But you will never be without the Light of my Will


“After this, my adorable Jesus disappeared, and I felt submerged in His Will.  I felt my poor littleness in contact with the divine greatness, height and immensity.  My misery was touched by divine riches. My ugliness was touching eternal Beauty.  In His Will, I lived from the reflections of God.  While receiving everything from Him, I found everything and I carried all Creation on my lap at the feet of the Eternal Majesty.  It seemed to me that in His Will I did nothing but ascend to Heaven and descend upon earth.  Then I would ascend again to bring Him all generations, to love Him for all, and to make Him loved by all.” 


“While I was doing this, my Jesus appeared again and told me: “My daughter, how beautiful and delightful it is to see the creature live in Our Will!  She lives from Our reflections, and while living from Our reflections, she absorbs the likeness of her Creator within herself.  So she is embellished, enriched and enlarged enough to take everyone and to bring them all to Us.  She draws enough love from Us to love Us for everyone.  We find in her all Our Love, which We delivered in Creation, Our satisfaction, Our contentment and the return of Our works.  Our Love for the soul who lives in Our Will is so great that, by virtue of our Will, the soul becomes what We are by nature.  We pour everything into her.  Not even a fiber do We leave out which is not filled with Our own.  We fill her enough to make her overflow, forming divine rivers and seas around her.  We descend into these seas to amuse Ourselves, admiring Our works with love and feeling fully glorified


“So, my daughter, live in the most pure Light of my Will, if you want your Jesus to repeat again that word which He said in creating man: “By virtue of Our Will, let Us make this soul in Our Image and Likeness





March 19, 1924

The Light of the Divine Will is the passport in order to penetrate everything and everyone

– Heaven and earth, and to multiply many Lives of Jesus,

for as many existing creatures,

and for as many acts as they do.


I was fusing myself in the immense sea of the Divine Will, and my sweet Jesus came out from within my interior in the act of blessing me.


Then, after He blessed me, He wrapped His arms around my neck and said to me: “My daughter, I bless your heart, your heartbeats, your affections, your words, your thoughts and even your tiniest movement.  Through my blessing, all of them will be invested by a divine virtue.  Entering my Will, they will bring this divine virtue with them by virtue of my blessing.  They have the power to diffuse in all, to give themselves to everyone, and to multiply Me for each one, in order to give Me love and glory, as if they all had my Life within them.  Now enter into my Will, penetrate between Heaven and earth and go through everyone


“My Will is most pure light, and this light is All-seeing.  This is the passport to enter the most intimate hiding places, the most secret fibers, the abyss of depths and the expanse of the furthest heights.  This passport does not need a signature to be valid.  It contains this power within itself because, being a light that descends from on high, no one can hinder its step while entering.  Moreover, it is King of all and it has dominion everywhere


“So, place your thoughts, your words, your heartbeats, your pains, all of your being, in circulation within my Will.  Leave nothing within yourself, so that, by the passport of the Light of my Will and by my divine virtue, you may enter every action of the creature.  Then you may multiply my Life in each one of them.  Oh, how happy I will be in seeing that the creature, by virtue of my Will, fills Heaven and earth with as many Lives of Mine as there are existing creatures


“So I abandoned myself in the Supreme Volition.  Going around within It, I made my thoughts, my words and my reparations flow in each created intelligence and in all their human works.  As I did my acts, Jesus was formed.  Oh, how beautiful and enchanting it was to see many Jesuses everywhere the passport of the Light of the Eternal Will passed


Then I found myself back inside myself.  There I found Jesus, clinging to my neck and hugging me.  It seemed that He was enjoying a feast, as if I were the cause of the multiplication of His Life, giving Him the honor and glory of many Divine Lives.


So I said to Him: ‘My Love, it does not seem real to me that I could multiply your Life, to give you the great honor of many Divine Lives.  You are everywhere.  It is by Your own virtue that this Life arises in every act, not because of me.  I remain always the little child who is good at nothing


And Jesus: “My daughter, what you say is true.  I am everywhere, but it is my Power, Immensity and Omniscience that allows Me to be everywhere.  It is not the love and the action of the creature in my Will that makes Me be everywhere and multiplies Me.  When the soul enters my Will, it is her love and her acts, filled with divine virtue, that make my Life arise, more or less according to how her acts are extended and done.” 


“The reason for my feast is in seeing that the creature takes of my own and gives Me my Love, my Glory and even my very Life.  My satisfaction is so great that the creature cannot comprehend it while she still lives in exile.  But she will comprehend it in the Celestial Fatherland, when she sees herself repaid with as many Divine Lives as she formed upon earth





March 22, 1924

Necessity that Luisa write all that Jesus tells her about the Divine Will.

In spite of the prodigies which God works in Luisa, the world has not changed.

In the same way, also the Most Holy Mama,

with nothing exterior, performed the greatest miracle;

but then the time came when it was recognized as the fruit of Redemption. 

The same will happen with the Divine Will,

in order to put an end to the way of perdition of the world.

Jesus gives Luisa the “key” in order to understand the established times.


When I told the Confessor what is written above, he said that he was not convinced, and that, if this was true, this morning we should see the world changed, at least in part.  So I remained doubtful and almost unwilling to write or say anything else.  Then, when my adorable Jesus came, I abandoned myself in His arms, and I poured out all my heart to Him.  I told Him what the opinion of the Confessor was and that in order to believe, they would like to see prodigious things such as miracles.  My beloved Jesus hugged me as though casting away, by His touch, the doubts which were troubling me.


He told me: “My daughter, be brave, don’t lose heart.  If it weren’t necessary that you write, I wouldn’t have forced you into this sacrifice.  You must know every effect, every good, every value I teach you about my Will and all that the creature can do by living in It.  They are like many tasty flavors, like bait, magnets, nourishment, harmonies, fragrances and lights.  Each effect I talk to you about contains its own distinct property.  By not showing every good thingcontained in my Will and where the soul can reach by living in my Will, you would leave out some of the bait with which to capture them.  There would be less taste to attract them, or magnet to draw them, or nourishment to satiate them.  The perfect harmony, the pleasure of the fragrances, the light to lead them, would be lacking.  By not finding every possible good, that is, by not knowing about them, they would not have that great yearning to rise above all other things to live in my Will


“Don’t worry about what you were told.  My Mama also contained my love as Her life.  Yet, the world still continued its evil course as if nothing had changed.  Not one external miracle was ever seen in Her.  Everything that She did not do in the low world, She did in Heaven with Her Creator.  With Her continuous living in the Divine Will, she formed a place within Her in which to draw the Word upon earth.  She changed the destiny of mankind.  She performed the greatest miracle, something which no one else has ever done or ever will do.  To transport Heaven down upon earth was a unique miracle.  One who has to do the greatest, does not need to do the least.  Yet, anything of what my Mama was doing?  Who knew what she did with the Eternal On to obtain the great portent of the descent of the Word into the midst of creatures?  It was known only by a few at my Conception, that She was the cause of It.  Later, it was known by many, when they saw Me breathe my last on the Cross


“My daughter, great is the good I want to do to the soul.  This good must descend for the good of human generations and must bring Me complete glory.  This will be, the more I draw her to Myself and make this good mature and seasoned between Me and the soul.  I segregate her from everyone.  I cause her to be ignored.  When my Will wants her to approach a creature, it takes all my power to make her submit to the sacrifice.  So, calm down and let your Jesus do what He needs to do


And I: ‘My Jesus, they are right.  They say that they see no evidence, no positive good, that these are only words.  And I… I don’t really want anything.   All I want is to do what You want so that I may do your Most Holy Will.  I want everything that happens between me and You may remain in the secret of our hearts


And Jesus: “Ah, my daughter, would you like it if I had worked my Redemption in secret between my Celestial Father and my dear Mama, who was to conceive Me?  Was no one else supposed to know that I had descended upon earth?  A good, as great as it may be, if it is not known, does not produce life, it does not multiply, it is neither loved nor imitated.  My Redemption wouldn’t have had any effect on the creatures.  My daughter, let them talk, and let Me do.  Don’t be concerned.  Do everything I did when I was upon earth, both internally and externally.”  


“It is not yet known, nor has it received its full and desired fruit, especially my hidden LifeThe creatures knew almost nothing of all the good I did.  Yet, it served in an admirable and prodigious way before my Divine Father to prepare and mature the fruit of Redemption.  Apparently, I lived with the creatures, ignored, poor, miserable and despised; but this meant nothing to Him.  Before my Father I was who I was.  My interior works opened seas of light, of graces, of peace and of forgiveness between Heaven and earth.  My interest was to open Heaven for the good of the earth


“My daughter, great is the good I want to do to the soul.  This good must descend for the good of human generations and must bring Me complete glory.  This will be, the more I draw her to Myself and make this good mature and seasoned between Me and the soul.  I segregate her from everyone.  I cause her to be ignored.  When my Will wants her to approach a creature, it takes all my power to make her submit to the sacrifice.  So, calm down and let your Jesus do what He needs to do.


“I wanted to reopen Heaven, which had been closed for many centuries to creatures.  I would pray that my Father would look with love upon the creatures.  Once this was done, the rest would come by itself.  Wasn’t this a great good?  Furthermore, it was complete; it was the yeast, the preparation and the foundation of Redemption


“It is the same with you.  It is necessary that I add the yeast of my Will and that I form the preparation and lay the foundations.  What is crucial is that there be the highest accord be between you and Me, between my interior acts and yours, to open Heaven to new graces and new currents.  This is to dispose the Supreme Majesty to concede the greatest Grace: that Its Will be known on earth and It may live in the midst of creatures with Its full dominion, as It does in Heaven


“In the meantime, do you think that the earth receives no good?  Ah, you are wrong!  The generations are running on an exposed slope of evil.  Who sustains them?  Who prevents them from being submerged in their dizzying race to the bottom and their extinction from the face of the earth


“Remember that not too long ago, when the sea broke its boundaries under the earth, threatening to swallow entire cities and that your own town was in great danger.  Who stopped that chastisement?  Who stopped the waters and enclosed them within their boundaries?  This is exactly the great chastisement which is being prepared for the ugly, reckless race of creatures.  Nature itself is tired of so much evil and wants to take revenge for the sake of the rights of its Creator.  All natural things want to hurl themselves at man.  The sea, fire, the wind and the earth are about to breach their boundaries to harm and strike at the generations, to decimate them


“Does it seem trivial to you that I call you while the human race is immersed in irreparable evils?  Raising you between Heaven and earth and identifying you with my own acts, I make you run in my Will to counteract the many evils that flood the earth. Prepare what is good by trying to reconquer man with my Love so he will stop his dizzy race.  Give him the greatest gift of all, the Light of my Will, so that, by knowing It, he can use it as nourishment to restore his lost vigor.  Strengthened by It, he can stop his race with haste and reacquire a step firm enough that he no longer falls into evil


Then my Jesus disappeared, and I was left with even more bitterness by thinking of the ugly, dizzy race of creatures and of the turmoil which nature will bring against them. 


As I went back to prayer, my Jesus returned in a pitiful state.  He was moaning in His restless grief.  He lay down within me, tossing and turning.


I asked Him: “Jesus, my love, what is it?  O please!  I can see how much You suffer.  Share the pain with me.  There’s no need to do it alone.  Can’t You see that You are suffering so much that you can’t take it anymore


As I was saying this, I found myself outside of myself, in the arms of a Priest.  However, even though he looked like a Priest, his voice sounded like Jesus.  He said to me: “We are going on a very long journey.  Pay attention to what you see


We started walking without touching the earth.  At first, I carried Him in my arms, but there was a dog following us and I was afraid that it would bite me.  So, to free me from that fear, we switched positions and He carried me. 


I said to Him: ‘Why didn’t you do that before?  I was so scared, but I didn’t say anything because I thought you needed to be carried.  Now I am content.  I’m being carried in your arms, so it won’t be able to do anything to me


I kept saying: ‘Jesus is carrying me in His arms


And He would repeat: “I carry Jesus in my arms


But that dog kept following us during our whole journey.  It grabbed one of my feet with his mouth, but it did not bite it.


The journey was long, and I often asked: ‘How much longer do we have to go


And He: “A hundred more miles


Then, when I asked again, He said: “Thirty more”, and so forth, until we arrived in the city.


Who could describe what could be seen along the way?  Somewhere, cities were reduced to a heap of ruins.  Somewhere else, places were flooded and cities submerged by waters.  Somewhere, seas were overflowing.  Somewhere else it was the rivers.  In one place, abysses of fire were opened.  It seemed to me that all the elements were conspiring to harm the human generations, opening graves in which to bury them. 


Further along the way, even more frightening and horrifying, were the evils of creatures. 

Everything that came from them was darkness, but thick darkness, rotten, poisonous and close.  It was so dark that many times you didn’t even know where you were.


Everything seemed treacherous and pretentious.  If there was any good at all, it was only superficial and apparent, but inside the ugliest vices were smoldering.  They were plotting the most insidious snares to continually displease the Lord, even more than if they were openly doing evil. 


This came from all classes of people, like a woodworm which gnaws at the root of goodness.  In other places, one could see revolutions and the murdering of people by ambush.  But who could describe everything that could be seen?


I got so tired of watching that much evil that I kept repeating: ‘When are we going to finish this long journey


And the One who was carrying me, lost in thought, would answer: “A little bit farther.  You haven’t seen everything yet


Finally, after much hardship, I found myself back inside myself, in my bed.  My sweet Jesus continued to moan because He was still suffering a lot.


Stretching out His arms toward me, told me: “My daughter, give Me a little rest.  I cannot take it anymore


He laid His head upon my breast, looking like He wanted to sleep.  But His sleep was anything but peaceful.  Not knowing what to do, I remembered about His Most Holy Will in which there is full rest.


I said to Him: ‘My Love, I lay my intelligence in your Will in order to find your uncreated intelligence.  By laying mine within Yours, may I shade all created intelligences, that You may feel your shadow placed upon all created minds.  May You find rest for the Sanctity of your Intelligence.  I lay my word in your FIAT, in order to place the shadow of that Omnipotent FIAT between You and the human voices, so that your breath and your lips may be able to rest.  I lay my works in Yours in order to place the shadow and the Sanctity of your works between You and the works of the creatures, to give rest to your hands.  I lay my little Love in your Will to place You in the shade of your immense love, which I place between You and the hearts of all, to give rest to your fatigued Heart


As I kept saying this, my Jesus calmed down and fell asleep sweetly.  Then, after a while, He woke up. 


He was calm, and hugging me, He told me: “My daughter, I was able to rest because you surrounded Me with the shadows of my Works, of my FIAT and of my Love.  This is the rest I spoke about after creating all things.  And since man was the last to be created, I wanted to rest in him.  By virtue of my Will acting in him, forming in his will the shadow of Mine, he was to let Me find my rest and the fulfillment of my worksBut this was denied to Me because he did not want to do my Will.” 


“My Image in the soul is concealed in the shade of My Will.  Until I find someone who wants to live in my Will, not finding my shadow, I cannot rest.  I cannot complete my Works, giving the last divine touch to all Creation.  This is why the earth needs to be purged and renewed, but the purges with so strong that many will lose their lives.  And you, be patient and always follow my Will





April 8, 1924

The sleep of Luisa, after the tiredness and the sleep of Jesus. 

If Jesus sleeps, woe to the world;

but for Luisa it is necessary in order not to succumb completely.


The absence of my sweet Jesus continues and I spend my days in a living purgatory.  I feel like dying, and I do not die.  I call Him, I become delirious, but in vain.  I feel a tragic scene going on inside me.  If it could be seen externally, even the stones would be moved to pity and would melt down in tears.  But, alas, no one is moved to pity for me, not even that very Jesus who used to say He loved me so much.


As I was at the peak of my sufferings, my beloved Jesus, my Life and my All, moved inside me, and forming a cradle with His arms, rocking me, sang: “Rock-a-bye, my daughter, sleep in the arms of your Jesus.  Rock-a-bye, my little one…”


After falling asleep, when I would wake up again, He repeated: “Rock-a-bye, my daughter…”  Unable to resist, unwilling and crying, I fell into a deep sleep.  After hours and hours of sleep without being able to wake up, my sweet Jesus, holding me tightly, leaned on the place of my heart.  I felt an enormous weight crushing me.  But in spite of this, I could not wake up. 


Ah, how many things I would have wanted to tell Him, but my sleep prevented me!  Then, after struggling between vigil and sleep, I saw that my good Jesus was in deep suffering.   He was almost suffocating from the pain.


I said to Him: ‘My Love, You’re suffering so much that you’re suffocating, and You want me to sleep?  Why don’t You let me suffer along with You?  And if You want me to sleep, then why don’t You sleep with me


Jesus, looking miserable, told me: “My daughter, the offenses they give Me are so many that I feel like I’m drowning in pain.  Even if I wanted to share them with you, you couldn’t take it and remain alive.  Don’t you feel the crushing weight they put on Me, a weight which, since I am within you, I inevitably share with you?  And if I wanted to sleep together with you, my Justice would pour out freely against man, and the world would roll about


As He was saying this, Jesus closed His eyes, and it seemed that the world would roll around and that all created things would go out of the order of Creation.  The water, the earth and the mountains were in turmoil among themselves and became homicidal and noxious for man.  Who could describe the great troubles that occurred?


Taken by fright, I cried out: ‘Jesus, open your eyes, don’t sleep!  Don’t You see how everything is messed up and thrown into disorder


And Jesus, again: “Have you seen, my daughter?  I cannot sleep.  If you only knew how many evils occurred, just by closing my eyes!  It’s you that needs to sleep, so I won’t see you succumb completely.  However, know that I place you in the center of my Will, so that your sleep too may be an embankment for my Justice, which, quite rightly, wants to pour itself out against man





April 11, 1924

In the state of the world,

which is threatened not only by chastisements but by destruction,

the state of Luisa is a great embankment,

even when she is sleeping. 

Jesus does not like forced things,

otherwise He moves on,

just as He did when He was born in Bethlehem.


I continue to feel dazed and sleepy.  My powers no longer understand anything; and if I understand anything at all in a moment of rest, of vigil, then I feel a shadow around me.  Concealing me completely, down to my most intimate fibers, it makes me yearn and long for the Holy Will of God.  Oh, how I fear that I might leave His Most Holy Will!


I was upset by the chastisements which Jesus had talked to me about and by the sight of the turmoil of created things.  I also heard from some people of the great evils that occurred during these last days in several parts of the world, including the destruction of entire regions.  But as I heard this, my Jesus, moving inside me, told me: “My daughter, you haven’t seen anything yet.  We will go further in purifying the face of the earth.  I’m so disgusted; I can’t bear the sight of it


I feel more depressed than ever.  The horrible picture of nature’s turmoil I had seen in recent days came alive in my mind.


Returning to prayer as usual, I said to my adorable Jesus: ‘You are determined to chastise and I can’t do anything about it.  I can neither suffer nor let people be spared from the trouble they deserve.  You could free me from this state of victim, or suspend me for awhile.  I would then at least spare others from the bother


And Jesus: “My daughter, I don’t want to displease you.  If you want Me to suspend you, I will


I was afraid that I might be doing my own will, so I said: ‘No, no, my Love, You shouldn’t say to me “if you want”.  You should say “I’m the one who wants to suspend you from this state”.  It should not come from my will, but from Yours.  Then I would accept.  Don’t do it just to please me, be let your Will to be done in me


And Jesus again: “I don’t want to displease you; I want to make you happy.  If you want me to suspend you, I will.  However, know that Justice wants to follow its course and you and I must surrender in part.  There are certain rights of Justice which one just can’t do without.  But I placed you in the center of my Will, in this state of victimhood.  Whatever you do now, whether you sleep or suffer or pray, it will always be a levee for my Justice that will prevent the course of the almost total destruction of everything.  In fact, this isn’t just about chastisements anymore, but destruction


“You know that I don’t want to force you.  I’ve never liked force much.  When I came down to earth, I wanted to go and be born in Bethlehem.  I went, yes, knocking on door after door asking for a place to be born, but I did not force anyone.  Had I wanted to, with my Power, I could have used force to get a more comfortable place where I could be born.  But I didn’t want to do that.  I contented Myself with knocking and asking for shelter, and without insisting, I moved on to knock at other doors.  And since no one wanted to receive Me, I was content with going to be born in a cave.  There the animals gave Me free access and made their first adorations to their Creator, instead of  being forced to let Me enter.  However, this refusal was costly to the people of Bethlehem, because they never again had the benefit of my soles treading their lands, or of seeing Me in their midst again.  I like spontaneous things, not forced.  I like that the soul makes My desires her own, as though they were hers and not Mine, and that freely, with love, she gives Me what I want.  Force is for slaves, for servants and for those who do not love.  This is why I move on from those souls, just as I did with the people of Bethlehem.  They just weren’t ready to let Me enter into them and give Me full freedom to do whatever I wanted with them


On hearing this, I said: ‘My Love, Jesus, no, I don’t want to be forced.  I want to remain in this state freely, even at the cost of mortal pain.  And You; never leave me, and give the grace to always do your Most Holy Will





April 23, 1924

The state of profound sleep of Luisa continues;

together with Jesus, she suffers the crushing weight of the world.

It is not the devil who is throwing her into this state, but Jesus.

What Jesus infuses and what the devil infuses.


I spend my days in bitterness with the absence of my sweet Jesus, sometimes falling into a  sleep so deep that I don’t know where I am or what I’m doing.  I feel the shadow of my Jesus surrounding me, like an iron shirt which renders me motionless.  It deprives me of  life and puts me in such a daze that I no longer understand anything. What painful changes are going on inside me.  I, didn’t know what sleep was.  Even if a light sleep surprised me, I was still aware of what was going on inside me. 


I was aware of the fibers of my heart and of my thoughts.  I wanted to give them back to Jesus who loved me so much and to accompany Him in all the hours and pains of His Passion.  Other times I wandered within the immensity of His Will to give everything back Him, especially the acts which He wanted from all creatures. 


And now, everything is over.  My Jesus, what bitter pain!  What a sorrowful sea You want my poor soul to navigate!  O please, give me strength, do not leave me, do not abandon me!  Remember that You Yourself said that I am little, or rather, the littlest of all, just newborn.  If You leave me, if You do not help me, if You no longer give me strength, this newborn will certainly die.


While I was in this state, I thought to myself: ‘Who knows whether it is devil casting this shadow and putting me in this state of immobility


As I was thinking this, I felt crushed more than ever under an enormous weight.  My adorable Jesus, moving inside me, showed Himself setting a wheel He was holding edgewise upon me, and in a troubled voice said to me: “My daughter, patience!  This is the weight of the world which crushes us.  Yet, just this one single edge of the wheel weighing on you prevents Me from putting an end to the whole world.” 


“Ah, if you only knew how many lies, how much fraud, how many evils they commit, and how many hidden schemes of ruin the creatures are plotting.  Even though these schemes will backfire on them, they still add more weight on my shoulders, enough to make Divine Justice overflow!  This is why there will be such great evils throughout the whole world


“So then, why do you fear that it might be the enemy putting you in this state?  When the enemy makes someone suffer, he throws desperation, impatience and disturbance upon them.  On the other hand, when it is Me, I infuse love, patience and peace, light and truth.  Do you perhaps feel impatient or desperate, that you fear that it might be the enemy


And I: ‘No, my Jesus; on the contrary, I feel as though I have been plunged into the deep, immense sea of your Will.  My only fear is that I might be thrown out of the abyss of this sea.  But even while I’m afraid, I feel its waves rising higher upon me, making me sink even deeper


And Jesus: “This is why the enemy cannot approach you.  The waves of the sea of my Will, even while plunging you into Its depths, keeps guard and keeps far away even the shadow of the enemy.  In fact, he knows nothing at all of what the soul does and suffers in my Will.  Nor does he have the ways and means, or doors to enter into It.  On the contrary, It is the thing which he abhors the most.  If sometimes my wisdom manifests something of what the soul does in my Will, the enemy becomes enraged.   It multiplied his infernal pains because my Will, loved and fulfilled in the soul, is Paradise.  When not loved or fulfilled, it forms hell.  So, if you want to be safe from any diabolical snare, take to heart my Will and live continuously in It





May 9, 1924

The chastisements will purify the earth so that the Divine Will may reign.

However, many times Jesus is appeased in seeing

His Divine Will within a creature upon earth;

 even more, He lives hidden in her as within another Humanity of His.


I spend my days in the most profound bitterness and in deep silence on the part of Jesus, and with an almost total deprivation of His adorable presence.  These are unspeakable pains that I am suffering, and I believe that it is better to keep them in silence so as not to embitter my harsh martyrdom even more.


After much hardship, this morning blessed Jesus appeared inside me, filling me completely with Himself.   Surprised by His unexpected presence, I wanted to lament to Jesus about His absence, but He did not give me time to do it.


Sounding upset, He told me: “My daughter, how embittered I feel!  Creatures put in Me three nails - not to my hands, but to my Heart and breast, which give Me deathly pain.  They are preparing three conspiracies, one uglier than the other, and these conspiracies are aimed at my Church.  In his evil, man does not want to surrender.  On the contrary, he wants to hurl himself even farther along his race”


As He was saying this, He showed me secret meetings, where some of them were plotting how to assail the Church.  Some of them wanted to start new wars, and others, new revolutions.  How many horrifying evils could be seen.


My sweet Jesus continued: “My daughter, is it not right that my Justice take arms against man to strike him and to perhaps destroy the many lives which dirty the earth?  Why shouldn’t It obliterate entire regions together with them so that the earth may be purified of so many pest-ridden lives and incarnate devils?  They disguise themselves under a thin veil of apparent good, but are plotting ruin for Church and society.” 


“Do you think that my absences from you are something trivial?  No, no; on the contrary, the longer my absences from you, the graver will be the chastisements.  Remember all the things I have told you about my Will.  The evil and destruction will serve to fulfill what I have told you: that my Will shall come to reign upon earth.  But It wants to find it purified, and in order to purify it, destruction is needed.  So, patience, my daughter, and never leave my Will.  Everything that happens within you will serve the work, that my Will may have Its dominion and may come triumphantly to reign in the midst of men


At these words of Jesus, I became resigned, yes, but very troubled.  The thought of the grave evils of the world and His absences are like a double edge knife that kills me and, to my greater torment, does not make me die.  Then, the following morning my sweet Jesus made Himself seen inside me as though He were confined within me.


He told me: “My daughter, I am posted within you, and from your interior I look at what the world is doing.  In you I find the air of my Will, and I feel that I can be there with the decorum which befits my Person.  It is true that my Will is everywhere, but – oh, how different it is to find It as the life of the creature and the creature living in It!  In the midst of creatures elsewhere, my Will finds Itself isolated, offended, unable to carry out the goodness It contains or to form a life completely from Itself and for Itself.  On the other hand, wherever It finds a creature who is willing to have no other life but my Will, It finds company.  It is loved.  It carries out the goodness It contains and enjoys placing them in common with the soul to form a life from Itself and for Itself.” 


“In finding my own things in the soul, that is, my Sanctity, my Light, and my very Will acting in her, I find Myself with honors and decorum.  It just as I was in my Humanity when I lived on earth, in Which my Divinity, living in It, was as though posted and covered with the garment of my Humanity.” 


“In the same way, I cover Myself with the garment of the soul who does my Will.  I live hidden within her as in my own center, and from within her I look at the evils of creatures, and I cry and pray for them.  In seeing that one of them possesses my Will while on earth, out of regard for her I spare her the many evils and chastisements?  How many times I am in the act of destroying them and of making an end to them, because of the great evils they commit.   But just by looking at you and seeing in you my Will and Its fortress, I return to My post again and I refrain.  So, my daughter, have patience and let my Will always have Its full life in you





May 13, 1924

True adoration consists of the accord of the human will with the Divine.

The true model of adoration is the Most Holy Trinity.

The Divine Will connects everything in Unity.


I was doing my usual prayers and, while I was abandoning all of myself in the arms of the Supreme Will, in It I intended to do my adorations to the Divine Majesty.  My Jesus, moving inside me, took my poor soul in His arms.  Raising it between Heaven and earth, adored with me the Supreme Being; and then He said to me: “My daughter, true and perfect adoration is in the complete accord of the union of the Will of God with the soul.  The more the soul makes her will and That of her Creator one, the more complete and perfect is her adoration.  If the human will is not one with the Divine, or worse, if it is far away from God, it cannot be called adoration but shadow, or colorless shade, which leaves not even a trace.  If the human will is not disposed to receive the kiss of the union of the Supreme Will, instead of adoration, it can be insult and contempt.  The first act of adoration is to recognize the Will of her Creator in order to do it.  If this is not there, she adores with words, but in fact she insults and offends.  If you want to know the true and perfect model of adoration, come with Me in the midst of the Three Divine Persons


I don’t know how, but Jesus held me more tightly and raised me higher, into the midst of an unending Light.  I felt annihilated.  But my annihilation was replaced by a Divine Life, which unleashed from Itself many different colors of beauty, of sanctity, of light, of goodness, of peace and love.  My nothingness was transformed by those divine colors until it was no longer recognizable and the very One who had so much embellished me became enamored.


My sweet Jesus continued: “Do you see, my daughter?  The prime Act of the Divine Persons is the perfect accord of Our Will.  Our Will is so unified that no one can distinguish the Will of One from That of the Other.  Even though Our Persons are distinct – We are Three – Our Will is One, and this One Will produces a continuous act of perfect adoration among the Divine Persons – One adores the Others.  This accord of Will produces equality of Sanctity, of Light, of Goodness, of Beauty, of Power and of Love.  It establishes in Us the true reign of order and of peace, giving Us immense joy, happiness and infinite beatitudes.  The accord of the human will with the Divine is the first link of connection between Creator and creature.  From it, divine virtues descend into her, as within a channel, producing in her true adoration and perfect love for her Creator.  Rising from within that same connecting channel, she receives the different shades of divine qualities.  Every time the soul rises in order to dive into this Eternal Will, she is embellished by It and acquires that many more varieties of divine beauty


“This is why I say that the soul who does my Will is my amusement and my contentment.  To amuse Myself, I keep the brush of my Will in my hand for a touch up as she dives into my Will.  I amuse Myself with my brush by painting her with one more shade of my Beauty, of my Love, of my Sanctity, and of all my other qualities.” 


“For Me, being in her is like being in Heaven.  I find the same Adoration of the Divine Persons, my Will and my Love.  Sometimes I act as a skillful painter, portraying my Image in her.  At other times I act as a Master, teaching her the most high and sublime doctrines.  Now and then I act as a passionate Lover, giving and wanting Love.  There is always something to give to the creature and I use and perform all my arts to amuse Myself with her


“There are times when I cannot find a place to take refuge, a place to escape from those who follow, trying to kill Me or force Me to return to the vault of the Heavens.  So when my Love is offended by creatures, I take refuge in the soul who contains my Will within herself.  There I find my Power to defend Me, my Love loving Me, my Peace to give Me rest.  I find everything I want.” 


“My Will connects everything together.  It unites Heaven and earth with all goodness, making them one.  From this alone all possible and imaginable goods are unleashed.  So, I can say that the soul who does my Will is everything for Me, and that I am everything for her


Then my adorable Jesus withdrew into the depth of my heart, and He disappeared.  I felt comforted, yes, and strengthened, but still prey to the sorrow of having been without Him for so long.   I didn’t even have a chance to say a single word to Him about my hard life.


Ah, yes, when one is with Jesus, the soul flatters herself that she will possess Him forever and she feels no need for anything.  All troubles disappear and, with Jesus, all goodness enters the field.  But as He withdraws, the troubles come back and the pain of His absence sharpens its edge even more.  It rips her poor heart open without pity, rendering her pain ever new and more intense.


In the meantime, my Jesus appeared again, and told Me that He His Heart had been wounded all over by a thousand pricks.


Then He said to me: “My daughter, you too made these wounds to my Heart.  As you called Me, you wounded Me.  As you remembered that you were deprived on Me, you wounded me again.  And as you suffered because of my absence, you added still more wounds


On hearing this, I said: ‘My Love, if You only knew how my heart bleeds because of You.  I feel so wounded and bitter because of your absence.  It’s gotten to the point where I just can’t take it anymore!  I feel even more wounded than You do


And Jesus: “Let’s see, then, who has more wounds, you or I


So Jesus visited the interior of my soul and then He made a comparison between Me and Himself, to see who had more wounds, whether I or Jesus.  To my surprise, I saw that Jesus had more wounds than I did, though I certainly had enough.


And Jesus continued: “So you can see that I am more wounded than you.  However, know that there are real voids of love because of my absences.  But do not fear.  I will make the commitment to fill them, since I know that you cannot do what you do when you are together with Me.  Since it is not your will to form these voids of love, your Jesus will take care of filling them.  I will make you take a flight in my Will.  That will be enough to reconcile us in our love.   This love will gush outside us and flow for the good of our brothers.  So, let Me do what I need to do.  Trust Me





May 19, 1924

All the acts of one who lives in the Divine Will,

whether little or great, acquire the value of eternal and divine acts.


My poor mind wandered in the immensity of the Supreme Volition. 


I felt as if I was submerged in the sea, and my whole being was drinking in large gulps of the salutary water of the Eternal Will.  Moreover, it entered from every part of my body: from my ears, my mouth, my eyes and nostrils, from the pores of my skin. 


While I was in this state, my sweet Jesus moved inside me and said: “My daughter, my Will is Eternal.  It is only for someone who lives in It, embracing Eternity.  All of her acts, from the tiniest to the greatest, being animated by an Eternal Will, acquire the value, the merit and the shape of divine and eternal acts.  The Divine Will empties those acts of all that is human.  It fills them with Its Will, makes them Its own and places on them a seal which transforms them into many eternal and divine acts


On hearing this, I was surprised and said: ‘How is it possible, O my Highest Good, that by living only in your Will, the creature can receive this great gift, that her acts become eternal and divine


And Jesus: “Why are you surprised?  It’s really simple.  The whole reason is that my Will is Eternal and Divine.  Everything that comes from It is born of an Eternal and Divine Will.  Nothing that comes from It can be excluded from being eternal and divine, as long as the creature puts her human will aside to give place to Mine.  If that’s the case, all her acts, large and small are counted among Ours


“And then, this happened in Creation: how many things, great and small, were created; even the smallest seed, the littlest insect?  You can’t say that just because a work is large that it must therefore be a divine work created by the Supreme Will.  Conversely, you can’t say that little works cannot have been created by a divine hand just because they are little.  On the contrary, because they were created by an Eternal and Divine Will, every little seed has the virtue of multiplying, because all things contain my creative and preserving virtue


“One can see that all the things which were created above, like Heaven, the sun and the stars are always permanent and stable.  You can also see that those things which were created on the lowly earth, like flowers, plants and birds are subject to being born and dying.  But this doesn’t mean anything either


“It’s true that all created things, both great and small, were created by virtue of my Omnipotent Fiat, and can therefore be called divine works.  So much more so can one call divine and eternal the acts which my Will works in the soul who surrenders.  Placing her human will at the feet of my Will, she gives Me full freedom to let my Will operate


“Ah, if creatures could see a soul who lets my Will live within her, they would see astonishing things, never seen before.  A God working in the little circle of the human will is the greatest thing which can exist on earth and in Heaven.  Creation itself – oh, how far behind it would remain, compared to the prodigies I work in this creature






May 24, 1924

The doctrine of the Divine Will is most pure,

most clear and refulgent,

and to doubt about it is the most absurd thing. 

The first word which God pronounced in Creation was “FIAT”. 

 It encloses everything, and with it God gave the first lesson on His Will. 

Divine Image and Likeness within us.


I felt embittered to the highest degree because of the absence of my sweet Jesus.  I was haunted with sad doubt that everything Jesus has told me and worked in my soul might be nothing other than my own illusion, a trick of the infernal enemy.


I said to myself: ‘If I were allowed and if all the writings were in my hands and in my power – oh, how gladly I would burn them all up!  But alas, they are no longer in my power.  They are in someone else’s hands.  Even if I wanted to, I would not be allowed.  Ah, Jesus, save at my poor soul.  Do not let me perish!  Now that the relationship between me and You is over, save me from the greatest misfortune, of not doing, even slightly, your Most Holy and adorable Will’


While I was thinking about this, my adorable Jesus moved inside me.  Before His adorable presence, the darkness fled, the doubts disappeared, and light and peace came back to me. 


My sweet Jesus told me: “Daughter of my Will, why do you doubt my work in you?  To doubt about my Will and about what I have told you on my Supreme Volition, is totally absurd.  The doctrine of my Will is as crystal clear as water taken from the limpid fountain of my Divinity.  It is as brilliant as the Sun, which illuminates and warms.” 


“It is a perfectly clear mirror.  Whoever shall have the great good of reflecting himself in this celestial and divine doctrine, will be shaken and will feel within himself enough goodwill to be purified of his stains.  He will be able to drink large gulps from this celestial doctrine and so become embellished by Its divine adornments.” 


“You must know the cause, the reason why the Divine Wisdom and Omnipotence wanted to pronounce the “FIAT” in Creation.  It could have created all things without saying a word.  However, It wanted His Will to breathe over all things.  He wanted these things to receive the virtue and the goodness It contains, so It pronounced the “FIAT”.  As It pronounced it, It communicated the prodigies of Its Will, so that all things might have my Will as their life, rule, example and teacher.” 


“My daughter, since the first word of your God which resounded in the vault of the Heavens was “FIAT”, rather than anything else, this meant that everything was in the FIAT.  With the FIAT He created everything, constituted everything, ordered everything and enclosed everything.  He bound in them all His goodness for the good of all those who would not go out of His eternal FIAT.” 


“When, after creating everything, I wanted to create man, I did nothing but repeat the FIAT, as though kneading him with my own Will.  Then I added: ‘Let Us make man in Our Image and Likeness.  By virtue of Our Will, he will maintain Our Likeness whole within himself, and will preserve Our Image beautiful and intact


“The uncreated wisdom wanted to pronounce it, as if It were unable to say anything else but “FIAT”.  That’s because this lesson, so sublime, was necessary for all.  This Fiat is still in the air, upon the whole of Creation, as the preserver of my own works.  It is in act of descending upon earth to invest man and to enclose him once again within Itself, so that he may return there from where he came.  Having come from my Will, he has a way to return to my Will.  It is my Will that all things created by Me return to the same path from which they came.  May they come back to Me, beautiful, decorous and as though carried triumphantly by my own Will


“Of all I have told you about my Will, this has been my purpose: that my Will be known and come to reign upon earth.  What I have said shall be.  I will overwhelm everything to obtain this, but everything must return to Me within that word: “FIAT”.  God said “FIAT”, and “FIAT” must man say.  In all his things he will have nothing but the echo of my FIAT.  The mark of my FIAT and the works of my FIAT shall give the goodness which my Will contains.  In this way, I will obtain the complete fulfillment of all Creation


“This is why I began the work of making known the effects, the value, the goodness and all the sublime things my Will contains.  The soul, following the same road as my FIAT, will become sublimated, divinized, sanctified and enriched.  Heaven and earth will be astonished at the sight of the portent of my FIAT operating in the creature.  By virtue of my Will, I shall unleash new graces, never given before, light that is more refulgent and unheard-of portents, never seen before


“I act like a Teacher when he teaches the sciences he knows to his disciple.  He teaches his disciple because he wants to make of him another teacher like himself.  So do I.  My sublime lesson was my first word, “FIAT”, the prayer I taught was the FIAT “on earth as it is in Heaven”.

“Then I moved on to give you fuller, clearer, more sublime lessons about my Will.  That’s because I want the disciple to not only acquire Its science, but to become its master, and then to teach it to others.  I also want her to acquire all my properties and my goods, my joys and my own happiness.  So, be attentive and faithful to my teachings, and never move from my Will





May 29, 1924

The Ascension of Jesus was the greatest sorrow of the Apostles. 

Pain for love of Jesus forms all the good of Jesus. 

The Throne and the Kingdom of the Divine Will in Luisa

could be established only upon a divine pain:

the continuous loss of Jesus.


I was thinking of when my sweet Jesus went back to Heaven in His glorious Ascension, and consequently, of the sorrow of the Apostles in being deprived of such great good. 


My sweet Jesus, moving inside me, said: “My daughter, the greatest sorrow in the lives of all the Apostles was to be deprived of their Master.  As they saw Me ascend up to Heaven, their hearts were consumed with the pain of my leaving.  This pain was much sharper and more penetrating because it was not human pain over something material they were losing, but a divine pain.  It was God that they were losing.  Even though I had my Humanity, as It resurrected, It was spiritualized and glorified, so all the pain was in their souls.  Penetrating them completely, it consumed them with grief, causing them the most harrowing and painful martyrdom.  But for them, all this was necessary


“One can say that until that moment, they were still nothing but tender babies in virtues and in the knowledge of divine things, and of my own Person.  I could say that I was in their midst, yet they did not really know Me, or love Me.  But when they saw Me ascend into Heaven, the pain of losing Me tore the veil.  Then they recognized Me with certainty as the true Son of God.  The intense sorrow of no longer seeing Me in their midst delivered firmness in good and strength to suffer anything for love of the One whom they had lost.  It delivered the light of divine science.  It removed the swaddling clothes of their childhood, and formed them as intrepid men; no longer fearful, but courageous.  The pain transformed them and formed in them the true character of Apostles.  What I could not obtain with my presence, I obtained with the pain of my absence


“Now, my daughter, here’s a little lesson for you.  Your life can be described as the continuous pain of losing Me and the continuous joy of acquiring Me.  But between the pain of the loss and the joy of acquiring Me, I have given you many surprises.  I have told you many things.  It was pain and the painful martyrdom of losing Me that prepared you and disposed you to hear the sublime lessons on my Will


“It seemed to you that you had lost Me many times.  But while you were immersed in your harrowing pain, I would come back to you with one of the most beautiful lessons on my Will.  I would make the new joy of gaining Me come back, to dispose you once again to the piercing pain of my absence.  I can say that the pain of remaining deprived of Me has delivered within you the effects, the value, the knowledge and the foundation of my WillIt was necessary that I behave with you in that way, coming to you very often, and then leaving you prey to the pain of being deprived of Me. “


“I had established that I would teach to you, in a very special way, many things about my Will.  I had to leave you prey to continuous divine pain, because my Will is Divine, and only upon a divine pain could It establish Its Throne and lay Its dominion.  I assumed the attitude of a Master and communicated the knowledge of my Will, as much as it’s possible with a creature.  Many will be amazed on hearing of the continuous visits I made to you, which I have not done with others.  They will be amazed at your continual pain from my absence.” 


“If you had not seen Me so many times, you would not have known Me or loved Me so much.  Each one of my visits brings new love and additional knowledge of Me.  The more the soul knows Me and loves Me, the more her pain is redoubled.  By coming, I kept provoking your pain more intensely, because I don’t want my Will to lack the noble courting of pain, which makes the soul firm and strong.  This is how my Will is able to form my stable dwelling in her, and to give her new and continuous lessons on my Will.  So, I repeat.  Let Me do what I need to do.  Trust Me






June 1, 1924

The great good which, more than celestial dew,

the memory of all that Jesus said and suffered in His Life brings to the soul,

 as she makes it her own.


This morning I found myself outside my body, and I saw my last late Confessor, surrounded by many people who were all attentive, enraptured in listening to him.  He talked and talked, inflaming his listeners.  I drew near to listen to what he was saying, and to my surprise, I heard that he was saying all that blessed Jesus had told me.  He was talking about His finesses of love and the continual condescension of Jesus toward me.  When he spoke about the stratagems of the love of Jesus toward me, he radiated light.  He was transfused within that light along with those who were listening to him. 


I was surprised, and I said to myself: ‘The Confessor was telling the others about the things of my soul, not only in this life, he was also doing it after his death, in the other life.’  I waited for him to finish speaking, so I could approach him and tell him about some of my difficulties, but he hadn’t yet finish when I found myself back inside myself.


Then, according to my usual way, I followed my beloved Jesus in His Passion, satisfying Him, repairing Him and making His pain my own. 


And Jesus, moving inside me, said: ‘My daughter, the memory of Me and of all that I did, suffered and said in my Life, procures so much great good for the soul!  By remembering, one by one, my pain, my works, my words, she calls them into herself and places them in nice order within her soul.  By having compassion for Me and making my intentions her own, she comes to take the fruit of all I did, suffered and said


“This produces a sort of divine humidity within the soul, in which the sun of my Grace delights in rising and in forming celestial dew, by virtue of that humidity.  This dew not only embellishes the soul in a marvelous way, It also has the virtue of mitigating the rays of the burning sun of my Divine Justice.  Otherwise, finding souls burned up by the fire of sin, It is ready to strike them, burn them and wither them ever more and more.  By mitigating Its rays, this divine dew uses them to form a beneficial dew, preventing them from striking the creatures.  It becomes vital humidity that will not let them wither.  This symbolizes nature when, after a day of burning sun, the plants are about to wither.  If the night is humid enough, the sun, rising again, shines on that humidity, forming its dew.  Then, instead of making them die, its heat serves to nourish them and completes the maturation of their fruits.” 


“This happens more surprisingly in the supernatural order.  The memory is the beginning of every good.  The memory forms many sips for the soul, giving her life.  When things are forgotten, they lose their vital virtue for the soul.  They lose their attractiveness, their gratitude, correspondence, esteem, love and value.  This memory does not only produce the origin of every good in life, but also after death, it produces the origin of Glory.  Have you not heard your late Confessor, how he delighted in speaking about the graces I have given you?  This is because during his life he cared about hearing them.  He remembered them and his interior became filled with them, overflowing.  And now, see how much good did this procures for him in the other life?  It is for him like a fountain of goodness which overflows for the good of others.  The more the soul remembers all that belongs to Me, my graces, the lessons I have given her, the more the fount of my goods grows within her.  Then, unable to contain them, they overflow for the good of others





June 6, 1924

One who must live in the Divine Will

must enclose within herself all that the Divine Will contains.


“I was in the midst of my usual hard pain from of the absence of Jesus.  I feel I am under the lash of a Justice which punishes me with great rigor, with not even a shadow of pity.  Oh, punishing Justice of God, how terrible you are!  But You are even more terrible when You hide from the one who loves You!  Your arrows would be sweeter to me if, while You punish me, even tearing me to pieces, my Jesus were with me.  Oh, how I cry over my destiny.  Moreover, I would like Heaven and earth, everyone, to cry with me over the destiny of this poor exile.  She not only lives far away from her Fatherland, but she is also left alone by her Jesus, who was her only comfort, the only support in her long exile


While my poor heart was swimming in the bitterness of its pain, my adorable Jesus made Himself seen inside me in the act of dominating everything.  It was as if He held many reins in His hands, and each rein was bound to a human heart.  So, there were as many reins in His hands as there were existing creatures. 


Then He said to me: “My daughter, the path is long and furthermore, each creature’s life is a distinct path.  Hence, it is appropriate to walk far through many paths.  You will be the one who will cover all these paths, because having to enclose my Will in you, you must enclose all that It contains.  It is befitting that you cover all the paths of every creature, together with my Will.  Thus, in my Will you have yet much to do and suffer


On hearing this, depressed and tired as I was, I said: ‘My Jesus, this is too much!  Who is going to do them?  I am already tired enough as it is.  And then, You leave me alone and without You I can do nothing.  Ah, if I only had You always with me, then I could do them; but, alas, You leave me alone and I can do nothing


And Jesus added: “Yet, I am in your heart leading everything.  I have already covered all these paths.  I enclosed everything.  I let not even a single heartbeat or the least pain of any creature escape Me.  You must understand that, having to enclose my Will in you as center of life, it is necessary that my Supreme Volition find in you all the paths and all that your Jesus did, because these are inseparable from It.  Not accepting even one single thing It contains is to prevent It from forming Its center, having Its full dominion, and having Its point of origin in you, to make Itself known and to dominate others.  It will have it from Itself, but not from you.  See then, how necessary it is that you embrace all and cover the paths of all, loading yourself with the hardship, the pains and the actions of all, if you want the Majesty of my Will to descend in you and to follow Its course within you


On hearing this I was surprised and said: ‘My Love, what are You saying?  You know how poor I am and in what state I find myself.  So how can I enclose all of your Will?  At the most, by your Grace, I can live in It, but to enclose It is impossible.  I am too little and I cannot contain an unending Will


And Jesus: “My daughter, it seems like you don’t want to understand.  The One who wants to enclose this Will in you must give you the grace and the capacity to contain It.  Didn’t I enclose my whole Being in the womb of my Celestial Mama?  Or did I only enclose part Myself, leaving the other part of Myself in Heaven?  Certainly not!  By enclosing Myself in her womb, was She not the first one to take part in all the acts of her Creator and in all the pain, identifying Herself with Me without omitting anything of what I worked?  Was She not my starting point, from which I came out to give Myself to other creatures?” 


“If I did this with my inseparable Mama so I could descend toward man and fulfill my Redemption, can I not do it with another creature?  Couldn’t I give her the grace and capacity to enclose my Will, making her share in all the acts It contains?  I did this in order to form Its Life and to come out from her, as from a second Mother, to make Me known and to fulfill the “Fiat Voluntas Tua” on earth as it is in Heaven.  Don’t you want to be the point of origin of my Will?  But oh, how much it cost my Queen Mother to be the point of origin of my appearance upon earth!  So shall the starting point of my Will cost you, so that It may make Its appearance in the midst of creatures


“One who must give everything, must enclose everything.  One can only give what he possesses.  So, my daughter, do not take lightly what regards my Will and what is befitting for you to do, so that It may form Its Life in you.  It is the thing which interests Me the most, and you must pay attention in order to follow my teachings


Deo gratias.