Book of Heaven



Divine Will


November 28, 1922

The Divine Will is beginning, means and end of every virtue,

and must be the crown of everything and

 the fulfillment of the glory of God

on the part of the creature.

Necessity that the Divine Will be manifested and known


I was praying, fusing all of myself in the Most Holy Will of God, and with some doubts in my mind concerning all that my sweet Jesus keeps telling me about this Most Holy Volition.


And He, clasping me to Himself, with a light which He cast into my mind, told me: “My daughter, my Will is the beginning, means and end of every virtue.  Without the seed of my Will, it cannot be given the name of true virtue.  It is like the seed for the plant: after it has sunk its roots into the ground, the deeper they are, the higher the tree becomes. The seed contains all of that.  So, first there is the seed; this forms the roots; the roots have the strength to make the plant sprout from under the earth; and as the roots sink into it, the branches are formed, which keep growing so high as to form a beautiful crown.  This will form the glory of the tree which, unloading abundant fruit, will form the utility and the glory of the one who sowed the seed


“This is the image of my Church.  The seed is my Will, in which She was born and raised.  But in order for the tree to grow, it takes time.  It takes centuries for some trees to give fruit.  The more precious the plant is, the longer it takes.  The same is true for the tree of my Will, which is the most precious, the most noble and divine, the highest of all.  It took time for it to grow, and for its fruits to be made known.  So, the Church has known the seed, and there is no sanctity without it.  Then She has known the branches, but it is always the same tree that She has been around.  Now She must know the fruits in order to nourish Herself and to enjoy them.  This will be all my glory and my crown, as well as of all virtues and of the entire Church


“Now, what is your wonder, if instead of manifesting the fruits of my Will before, I have manifested them to you after so many centuries?  If the tree was not yet formed, how could I make the fruits known?  All things go like this: if someone is to be made king, the king is not crowned before the kingdom, the army, the ministers and the royal palace are formed.  He is crowned at the very end.  And if anyone wanted to crown the king without forming the kingdom, the army and everything, that would be a mockery for the king.  Now, my Will was to be the crown of everything and the fulfillment of my glory on the part of the creature, because only in my Will can she say: ‘I have accomplished everything’.  And finding in her, accomplished, everything I want, not only do I make her know the fruits, but I nourish her and I make her reach such height as to surpass everyone.  This is why I love so much and I so much care that the fruits, the effects and the immense goodness contained in my Will, and the great good which the soul receives by living in It, be known.  If they are not known, how can they be desired?  Much less can anyone be nourished by them.  And if I did not make known the living in my Will – what It means, the values It contains - the crown would be missing to Creation and to virtues.  My work would be a work without crown.  See, then, how necessary it is that everything I have told you about my Will be manifested and known.  This is why I push you so much, and how I always make you go outside the order of others.  If these, as well as the graces given to them, I make known after their death, in your case, instead, I allow that what I have told you about my Will be known while you are still living.  If It is not known, It will not be appreciated, nor loved.  Knowledge will be like manure for the tree, which will make the fruits mature.  Once they are well matured, the creatures will nourish themselves from them.  You and I will be so content






December 1, 1922

Jesus did and suffered everything in the Divine Will.

What true reigning is


I was thinking about the Passion of my sweet Jesus, and I felt those pains so close to me, as if He were suffering them at that very moment; and looking at me, He told me: “My daughter, I suffered all pains in my Will, and as I suffered them, they opened many ways in my Will to reach each creature.  Had I not suffered in my Will, which envelops everything, my pains would not have reached you and everyone else; they would have remained with my Humanity.  Even more, because I suffered them in my Will, not only did they open many ways in order to reach creatures, but they opened as many other ways in order to let creatures enter into Me.  They could unite themselves with those pains, and give Me, each one of them, the pains which, with their offenses, they would give Me throughout the course of all centuries.  And while I was under the storm of the blows, my Will brought Me each creature to strike Me.  So, it was not just the ones who scourged Me, but the creatures from all times would concur in my barbarous scourging with their offenses.  The same with all other pains: my Will brought Me everyone.  No one was absent from roll call, everyone was present to Me, no one escaped Me.  This is why my pains were so much harder and much more numerous than those which could be seen.  Therefore, if you want your offerings of my pain, your compassion and reparation, your little pains not only to reach Me, but to follow the same ways as mine, let everything enter into my Will, and all generations will receive their effects


“This is true, not only with my pains, but also with my words, because, being spoken in my Will, they reached everyone.  For example, when Pilate asked Me whether I was King, and I answered: ‘My Kingdom is not of this world, for if It were of this world, millions of legions of Angels would defend Me’.


And Pilate, on seeing Me so poor, humiliated, despised, was surprised, and said with greater emphasis: ‘What?  You are a King?’ 


And I, with firmness, answered him and all those who are in his position: ‘I am King, and I have come into the world to teach the truth.  And the truth is that it is not positions, nor kingdoms, nor dignities, nor the right of command that make man reign, that ennoble him, that raise him above all.  On the contrary, these things are slaveries, miseries, which make him serve vile passions and unjust men.  They make him commit many unjust acts which disennoble him, cast him into the mud, and draw the hatred of his subordinates upon him.  So, riches are slaveries, positions are swords, by which many are killed or wounded.  True reigning is virtue, to be stripped of everything, to sacrifice oneself for all, to submit oneself to all.  This is true reigning, which binds all, and makes one loved by all.  Therefore, my Kingdom will have no end, while yours is near to perishing.’  And, in my Will, I made these words reach the ear of all those who are in positions of authority, to let them know the great danger they are in, and to put on guard those who aspire to positions, to dignities, to command







December 2, 1922

Jesus places three pillars in the soul of Luisa

on which He can lean.


I was feeling very afflicted because of the deprivation of my adorable Jesus.  If He makes Himself seen at all, He is all taciturn.  Then, this morning, He made Himself seen in my interior, between two pillars.  He was forming a third one between these two, and He would lean now on one, now on the other, and now on the pillar in the middle, which He was raising.


Surprised, I said to Him: ‘My Love and my Life, when did You put these pillars in my interior?  Now You can be more comfortable; if You are tired, You can lean on them.’  And He, without listening to me, continued to raise the pillar and kept silent.


And I: ‘But, tell me, why don’t You talk to me?  What is the matter, how have I offended You?  Is it perhaps my reluctance in making known the truths You tell me that makes You keep silent in order to punish me?  But I promised You that I would not do it anymore, and, remember, we remained in peace


And Jesus, looking at me and heaving a loud sigh, told me: “My daughter, I am working, enlarging, preparing, and when I work I do not feel like speaking.  First I want to operate and then speak.  To your reluctance I pay no heed, because the power of my Will that acts in you is so great, that it crushes you if you do not do what I want.  After you hesitate, you are forced to run into my arms to tell me: ‘Jesus, I pray that You to make me do what You want.  You want it, so I want it’; and you do not let Me go until you see that your will and Mine are one.  Therefore, my silence is work.  I want the work I am doing in you to be more beautiful, more secure, more stable, so I put it between two pillars, stronger and higher.  One is my Humanity and the other is my Mama, and on which only can I lean.  But two supports are not enough for Me; I want a third one.  But if I do not form it for Myself, how can I have one?  So, here is what I need for my work.  You will lend Me the building material, which are all your acts done in my Will.  The more you do, the more materials you can lend Me.  I will work hard at making it, and then I will rest and speak to you.  Everything I did and that which my dear Mama did, will be connected together in this third pillar.  My only purpose is that it may be built with an Eternal Will which alone can serve as my support, and that this Will may be known.  I will put so much grace in it, that it will not only give Me rest, but will serve Me as a pulpit, as a voice to teach in the most attractive, penetrating and convincing manner what it means to live in my Will.  I will no longer be in the midst of my children like someone exiled, but my Will shall reign in them as on Its own throne.  Let Me do this, and follow Me


Then, afterwards, He came back again, and continued to make Himself seen in my interior, all intent on working; and we would look at each other in silence.  I raised my eyes, and I saw the head of Our Lord placed at the top of one pillar, and that of the Celestial Queen at the top of the other – both crowned.  The third pillar which He was forming was prepared for my head to be placed at its top.  The tiara that was to crown it was formed with half from the crown of Our Lord, and half from that of the Most Holy Virgin.  Uniting together, these two halves formed one single crown.


I remained amazed and enchanted, and my sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter, have you seen how much I have to work to form for Myself the third support?  You must hasten to form the materials so I can work.  What height it must reach in order to accomplish the work of my Will in you, and what crown must surround your forehead?  Therefore, do not lose a minute of time, and let your flight in my Will be continuous






December 8, 1922

On the Immaculate Conception


I write to obey, and I offer everything to my sweet Jesus, uniting myself to the sacrifice of His obedience in order to obtain the grace and the strength to do what He wants.  And now, oh!  My Jesus, give me your holy hand and the light of your Intelligence, and write together with me.


I was thinking about the great portent of the immaculate conception of my Queen and Celestial Mama, and in my interior I heard Him say: “My daughter, the immaculate conception of my beloved Mama was prodigious and marvelous.  Heaven and earth were astonished and began to feast.  All Three Divine Persons competed among Themselves.  The Father poured out an immense sea of power.  I, the Son, poured out an infinite sea of wisdom and the Holy Spirit, an immense sea of eternal love.  Merging into one, they formed one single sea.  In the middle of this sea the conception of this Virgin was formed, chosen among the chosen.  The Divinity administered the substance of this conception.  This sea was not only the center of life for this admirable and singular creature, but it surrounded Her.  It not only kept Her defended from anything which might shadow Her, but gave Her, in every instant, new beauty, new graces, power, wisdom, love and privileges.  Her little nature was conceived in the center of this sea, and was formed and grew under the influence of these divine waves. As soon as this noble and singular creature was formed, the Divinity did not want to wait as It usually does with other creatures.  It wanted Her embraces, the return of Her love, Her kisses, and to enjoy Her innocent smiles.  Therefore, as soon as Her conception was formed, I gave Her the use of reason, I endowed Her with all sciences, I made Her aware of Our joys and Our sorrows with regard to Creation.  Even from the maternal womb, She would come to Heaven, at the foot of Our Throne, to give Us Her embraces, the return of Her love, Her tender kisses.  Throwing Herself into Our arms, She would smile at Us with such delightful gratitude and thanksgiving as to snatch Our smiles.  Oh!  How beautiful it was to see this innocent and privileged creature, enriched with all the divine qualities, coming into Our midst, all love, all trust and without fear.  In fact, sin alone is what puts distance between Creator and creature, breaking love, dissolving trust, and striking fear.  So, She would come into Our midst as Our Queen.  With Her love, given by Us, she would dominate Us, enrapture Us, make Us festive, and capture yet more love.  And We would let Her do it, enjoying the love that enraptured Us, and constituting Her Queen of Heaven and earth


“Heaven and earth exulted and made a feast together with Us, having their Queen after so many centuries.  The sun smiled in its light, and considered itself fortunate in having to serve its Queen by giving Her light.  The heavens, the stars, and the whole universe smiled with joy and made a feast, because they were to delight their Queen, showing Her their beauty and the harmony of the spheres.  The plants, which were to nourish her, smiled at their Queen. The earth too, smiled and felt ennobled in having to provide the residence for its Empress and to be trodden by Her steps.  Only hell cried and felt itself losing strength because of the dominion of this Sovereign Lady


“But do you know what was the first act which this Celestial Creature did when She found Herself before Our throne for the first time?  She recognized that all the evil of man had been the split between his will and That of his Creator.  She trembled, and with no delay She bound Her will to the foot of my throne, without even wanting to know it.  And my Will bound Itself to Her and constituted Itself the center of Her life, so much so, that all currents, all relations, all communications opened between Her and Us.  There was no secret which We did not entrust to Her.  This, indeed, was the most beautiful, the greatest, the most heroic act She did: to lay down Her will at Our feet.  This was the act which made Us, as though enraptured, constitute Her Queen of all.  Do you see, then, what it means to bind oneself to my Will and to not know one’s own?” 


“The second act was to offer Herself for any sacrifice for love of Us.  The third, to render Us the honor and the glory of the whole of Creation, which man had taken away from Us by doing his own will.  And even from the maternal womb She cried for love of Us, in seeing Us offended; and She cried with sorrow over guilty man.  Oh!  How these innocent tears moved Us, and hastened the longed for Redemption!  This Queen dominated Us, bound Us, and snatched infinite graces from Us.  She made Us incline so much toward mankind, that We could not resist, nor did We know how to resist Her repeated petitions.  But whence came to Her so much power, and so much influence over the very Divinity?  Ah!  You have understood: it was the power of Our Will acting in Her, which, while dominating Her, rendered Her dominator of God Himself.  And besides, how could We resist so innocent a creature, possessed by the power and sanctity of Our Will?  It would be as though resisting Ourselves.  We could see Our divine qualities in Her.  The reflections of Our sanctity, the reflections of the divine ways, of Our love and of Our power, poured over Her like waves.  Our Will, which was Her center, drew all the reflections of Our divine qualities, and made Itself crown and defense of the Divinity dwelling within Her.  If this Immaculate Virgin had not had the Divine Will as her center of life, all the other prerogatives and privileges with which We so enriched Her would have been, in comparison, an absolute nothing.  This is what confirmed and preserved for Her so many privileges.  What’s more, It multiplied new ones in every instant.” 


“Here, then, is the reason why We constituted Her Queen of all; because when We operate, We do it with reason, wisdom and justice.  She never gave life to Her human will, but Our Will was always intact in Her.  How could We say to another creature: ‘You are Queen of the heavens, of the sun and the stars,’ if instead of having Our Will as dominion, she were dominated by her human will?  All of the elements, the heavens, the sun, the earth, would have withdrawn from the regime and dominion of this creature.  All would have cried out in their mute language: ‘We do not want her, we are superior to her, because we have never withdrawn from your eternal Volition - as You created us, so we are’.  So would the sun have cried out with its light, the stars with their glittering and the sea with its waves.  On the contrary, as soon as they all felt the dominion of this excelling Virgin who, almost as their sister, never wanted to know Her own will, but only That of God, not only did they have a feast, but they felt honored to have their Queen.  They ran around Her to form Her cortege and to pay their respects to Her – the moon, by placing itself as footstool at Her feet; the stars as crown, the sun as diadem, the Angels as servants, and men as though in waiting.  Everyone – everyone paid Her honor and bowed to Her.  There is no honor and glory which cannot be given to our Will - whether acting within Us, in Its own center, or dwelling in the creature.” 


“But do you know what was the first act which this noble Queen did when, coming out of the maternal womb, She opened Her eyes to the light of this low world?  As She was born, the Angels sang lullabies to the Celestial Baby, and She remained enraptured.  Her beautiful soul went out of Her little body, accompanied by angelic cohorts, and went around Heaven and earth, gathering all the love that God had spread throughout the whole Creation.  Penetrating into Heaven, She came to the foot of Our throne, offered Us the return of the love of all Creation, and pronounced Her first ‘thank You’ in the name of all.  Oh!  How happy We felt in hearing the ‘thank You’ of this Little Baby Queen.  And We confirmed in Her all graces, all gifts, to make Her surpass all other creatures together.  Then, throwing Herself into Our arms, She delighted with Us, swimming in the sea of all contentment, being embellished with new beauty, with new light and with new love.  She pleaded once again for mankind, praying to Us in tears to let the Eternal Word descend in order to save Her brothers.  But as She was doing this, Our Will let Her know that She should descend to the earth, and immediately She left Our contentment and joy, and departed, in order to do… what?  Our Will.  What a powerful magnet Our Will was, dwelling on earth in this newborn Queen!  No longer did the earth appear alien to Us.  We no longer felt like striking it, making use of Our justice.  We had the power of Our Will which, in this innocent child, restrained Our arms, smiled at Us from the earth, and turned justice into graces and sweet smiles.  Unable to resist this sweet enchantment, the Eternal Word hastened His course.  Oh, prodigy of my Divine Will!  To You everything is due, through You everything is accomplished, and there is no greater prodigy than my Will dwelling in the creature





December 16, 1922

On the Conception of the Eternal Word


I was thinking about the act in which the Eternal Word descended from Heaven and was conceived in the womb of the Immaculate Queen.  Then, from within my interior, my always lovable Jesus wrapped his arm around my neck.


In my interior He told me: “My beloved daughter, the conception of my Celestial Mama was prodigious.  She was conceived in the sea which came out of the Three Divine Persons.  But my conception was not in the sea that came out of Us, but in the great sea which resided within Us - Our very Divinity - which descended into the virginal womb of this Virgin, and I was conceived.  It is true that it is said that the Word was conceived, but my Celestial Father and the Holy Spirit were inseparable from Me.  It is true that I had the acting role, but they were of one mind.” 


“Imagine two reflectors, each one reflecting the same subject into the other.  These subjects are three: the one in the middle takes on the operating, suffering and supplicating role.  The other two are with it, in accord with it, and are spectators.  So, I could say that one of the two reflectors was the Most Holy Trinity, and the other was my dear Mama.  During the brief course of Her life, by living always in my Will, in Her virginal womb She prepared for Me the little divine ground in which I, Eternal Word, was to clothe Myself with human flesh, since I would never have descended into a human ground.  And as the Trinity was reflected in Her, I was conceived.  So, while that same Trinity remained in Heaven, I was conceived in the womb of this noble Queen


“All other things, as great, noble, sublime and prodigious as they may be, are all below even the very conception of the Virgin Queen.  There is not one thing, neither love nor greatness nor power, which can compare to my conception.  Here it is not about forming a life, but about enclosing the Life which gives life to all.  It was not about expanding, but about shrinking Myself so that I might be conceived.  It was in order to give, not to receive, that the One who created everything, enclosed Himself within a created and tiny little Humanity.  These can only be the works of a God, and of a God who loves, and who, at any cost, wants to bind the creature with His love in order to be loved


“But that’s nothing.  Do you know where all my love, all my power and wisdom blazed forth?  In a Humanity that was so little as to be comparable to the size of a hazelnut, but with all the members proportioned and formed, and the Word was conceived in It.  As soon as the divine power formed this tiny little Humanity, the immensity of my Will, enclosing all creatures, past, present and future, conceived all the lives of creatures in It.  And as my Humanity grew, so did they grow within Me.  So, even though I appeared to be alone, when observed under the microscope of my Will, all creatures conceived in Me could be seen.  It happened with Me as when someone sees crystal clear waters: even though they appear to be clear, when they are observed under a microscope, one can see so many microbes.  My conception was such and so great that the wheel of eternity remained stunned and ecstatic in seeing the innumerable excesses of my love, and all prodigies united together.  The whole mass of the Universe was shaken in seeing the One who gives life to everything shrink, reduce Himself, enclose everything, in order to do - what?  To take the lives of all, and make all be reborn






December 21, 1922

Privation of Jesus and pains of the soul


I felt miserable because of the deprivation of my adorable Jesus; or rather, I felt tortured.  My poor heart agonized and struggled between life and death.  While it seemed to be dying, a mysterious force made it rise again, to continue its most bitter agony.  Oh, denial of my Jesus, how ruthless and cruel you are!  Even death would be an absolute nothing compared to you.  After all, death does nothing other than bring one to eternal life, while the withdrawal of Jesus makes life itself run away.


But that was nothing.  My poor soul, wanting my Life, my All, left my body in order to find Him at least outside of myself, but in vain.  Rather, I found myself within an immense space.  Its depth, size and height seemed to have no limit.  I fixed my gaze everywhere within that great empty space; who knows, I might see Him at least from afar, so I could take flight and throw myself into His arms.  But it was all in vain.  I feared I might fall into that great empty space, and without Jesus, where would I end up?  What would happen to me?  I trembled, I shouted, I cried, but no one had pity.  I wanted to go back into my body, but a mysterious force prevented me from doing so.  I was in a horrible state.  My soul, being outside of myself, flung herself toward her God as though toward her center, faster than a stone that falls back again toward the center of the earth after it has been thrown up high.  It is not the stone’s nature to remain suspended, but it seeks the earth as its rest and support.  In the same way, it is not the soul’s nature to go out of herself and not to fling herself into the center from which she came.  This pain strikes me with such fright, fear and heartbreak, that I could call it the pain from hell.  Poor souls without God, how - how can they go on?  What pain must the loss of God be for them?  Ah!  My Jesus, do not allow anyone - anyone to lose You.


Now, as I was in such a painful state, I found myself inside myself, and my sweet Jesus wrapped his arm around my neck.  Then He made Himself seen holding a little girl in His arms.  She was so tiny.  The little girl was agonizing, and she seemed to be dying.  Jesus breathed on her, gave her a little sip, and squeezed her to His Heart.  The tiny little one would return to her agony again, but she would neither die, nor come out of that mortal state.  However, Jesus was very attentive.  He watched over her, assisted her and supported her.  He would not miss one movement of this dying little girl.  I felt all the pains of that poor little one as though reverberating in the depth of my heart.


Jesus, looking at me, told me: “My daughter, this tiny little girl is your soul.  Do you see how much I love you, with how much care I assist you?  I keep you alive with sips of my Will.  My Volition makes you smaller, It makes you die and rise again.  But, don’t be afraid.  I will never leave you.  My arms will always hold you tightly to my breast






January 2, 1923

Prodigies of the Divine Fiat in the void of the soul


I was praying and abandoning all of myself in the arms of the Most Holy Will of God, and my always lovable Jesus, coming out from my interior and taking my hand, told me: “My daughter, come with Me and look at the great void which exists between Heaven and earth.  Before my Fiat was pronounced, this great void was horrible to the sight.  Everything was disorder; no separation of land, of water, or of mountains could be seen.  It was one great heap that struck fear.  But as soon as my Fiat was pronounced, all things rolled about, bumping against one another, and each of them took its place, coming to order with the imprint of my Eternal Fiat.  Nothing can move if my Fiat does not want it.  The earth no longer struck fear.


“On the contrary, as one sees the vastness of the seas, their waters are no longer muddy but crystal clear.  Their sweet murmurings are as if the waters were voices speaking softly and quietly among themselves.  Their roaring waves sometimes rise so high as to make mountains of water appear and then fall back again into the same sea.  How beautiful it is!  How well ordered it is!  Creatures focus so much attention on it.  And then, the earth, all green and flowery has such a variety of beauty.  But that’s still was nothing.  The void was not yet completely filled.  Just as my Fiat hovered over the earth and separated things and ordered the earth, in the same way, hovering up high, It extended the heavens.  It adorned them with stars.  In order to fill the void of darkness, It created the sun which, dispelling darkness, filled this great void with light and made all the beauty of all Creation stand out.  But what was the cause of so much good?  My omnipotent Fiat!  However, this Fiat needed a void in order to create this machine of the universe


“Now, my daughter, do you see this great void in which I created so many things?  Yet, the void of the soul is even greater.  The first was to serve as the dwelling place of man.  The void of the soul was to serve as the dwelling of a God.  I was not to pronounce my Fiat for six days, as in creating the universe, but for as many days as the life of man has.  I pronounce It as many times as he might let my Will operate, if only he would put his own will aside.  Therefore, since my Fiat was to do more things than It did in Creation, more space was needed.  But do you know who gives Me free field in order to fill this great void of the soul?  Someone who lives in my Will!  My Fiats are pronounced repeatedly.  Every thought is accompanied by the power of my Fiat.  So many stars adorn the heaven of the soul’s intelligence.  Her actions are followed by my Fiat.  So many suns rise within her.  Her words, invested by my Fiat, are sweeter than the murmuring of the waters of the sea.  The sea of my graces flows in her words in order to fill this great void.  My Fiat delights in forming waves that rise up high, beyond Heaven, and descend again, more loaded, in order to expand the sea of the soul.  My Fiat blows upon her heart and makes fires of love in her heartbeats.  My Fiat leaves nothing out.  It invests every affection, tendency and desire.  It forms in them the most beautiful flowering.” 


“My Fiat operates many things in this great void of the soul who lives in my Will!  The whole machine of the universe is left so far behind!  The heavens are astonished.  Trembling, they watch the omnipotent Fiat operating in the will of the creature.  They feel their happiness double every time this Fiat acts and renews Its creative power.  Then they are attentive all around Me, to see when my Fiat is pronounced, in order to receive their double glory and happiness.  If only everyone knew the power of my Fiat and the great good It contains, they would all give themselves as prey to my omnipotent Will.  Yet, there is much to weep about.  Many souls, with these great voids within themselves, are worse than the great void of the universe before my Fiat was pronounced!  Since my Fiat does not hover within them, everything is in disarray.  The darkness is so thick that it is horrible and frightful.  Everything is in one heap, all mixed together, nothing is in place.  The work of Creation is upset in them, because my Fiat alone is order; the human will is disorder.”


“Therefore, my daughter, if you want order within yourself, let my Fiat be the life of everything in you, and you will give Me the great satisfaction that my Fiat may be able to unfold, pouring out the prodigies and the goodness It contains





January 5, 1923

Jesus prays that His Will be one with the will of the soul.

The Divine Will must be like the air that one breathes.

Attentiveness is the way to knowledge.


Continuing in my usual state, I could hear my adorable Jesus praying in my interior, saying: “My Father, I pray You that Our Will be one with the will of this little daughter of Our Volition.  She is a legitimate birth from Our Will.  O please!  For the honor and decorum of Our Eternal Will, let it be so that nothing may come out of her which is not a birth from Our Volition, and that she may know nothing but Our Will.  And in order to obtain this, I offer You all the acts of my Humanity, done in Our adorable Will


Afterwards, He remained in deep silence.  I don't know how, but I felt so transfused in the acts that my Jesus had done in the Divine Will, that I kept following them, one by one, making my own united with His.  This made me absorb so much light, that Jesus and I remained immersed in a sea of light.  Jesus, coming out from within my interior, was standing up, with the soles of His feet where my heart was.  He waved His hand, which sent forth more light than the sun, and cried out loudly: “Come, come all of you, Angels, Saints, pilgrim souls, all generations.  Come and see the portents and the greatest miracle never before seen: my Will operating in the creature.” 


At the sonorous, melodious and powerful voice of Jesus, which filled Heaven and earth, the Heavens opened and all ran around Jesus, and looked at me to see how the Divine Will was operating.  All remained enraptured and thanked Jesus for such a great excess of His goodness.


I remained confused and humiliated to the max, and I said to Him: ‘My Love, what are You doing?  It seems that You want to show me to everyone, to let everyone point at me.  What repugnance I feel.’ 


And Jesus: “Ah!  My daughter, it is my Will that I want everyone to know and to point at, as a new Heaven and the way towards new regeneration.  You will remain as though buried in my Will


“My Will must be like the air that one breathes.  While It cannot be seen, It can be felt.  It cannot be seen, but it gives life.  It penetrates everywhere, even into the most intimate fibers, to give life to each beat of the heart.” 


“Into the darkness, into the abyss, into the most secret receptacle, wherever it enters, it makes itself the life of everything.  In the same way, my Will shall be more than the air you breathe, which, as you exhale, will make Itself the life of everything.  So, pay more attention, and follow the Will of your Jesus, because attentiveness will make you know where you are and what you are doing.  Knowledge will give you more appreciation and esteem for the divine royal palace of my Will.  Suppose that someone should find himself in the royal palace of a king, but he doesn’t know that that the dwelling belongs to the king.  He will not appreciate it.  He might even walk around distracted, talking and  laughing.  He will not be inclined to receive any gifts from the king.  But if he knew that he was in the royal palace of the king, he would look at things with interest and appreciate them.  He would walk on tiptoe, speaking in a low voice.  He would be all eyes to see whether the king would come out of some room.  He would behave appropriately, waiting, hoping to receive great gifts from the king


“So you see, attentiveness is the way to knowledge, and knowledge changes a person, as well as the things around him.  It prepares him to receive great goods.  So, by knowing that you are in the royal palace of my Will, you will always receive, and will take enough to be able to give some to all of your brothers


I felt miserable because of the deprivation of my sweet Jesus, and I thought to myself: ‘Why does He not come?  Who knows how I might have offended Him.  Maybe that’s why He is hiding from me.’  And while I was thinking about this, and who knows how many other irrelevant things,  my adorable Jesus moved in my interior, and clasped me tightly to His Most Holy Heart.


With a tender and compassionate voice, He told me: “My daughter, after all this time that I have been coming to you, you should have understood by now why I hide, though hidden inside of you, not outside


Then, sighing, He added: “Ah!  It is the Second World War that the nations are preparing.  I will remain posted inside you, and as though on the lookout, to see what they are doing.  I have done everything to dissuade them.  I have given them grace and light.  I called you in a special way during the past few months, to make you suffer more.  I called you so that my Justice, finding an embankment in you and one more satisfaction in your pains, might let grace and light descend more freely into their minds, so as to dissuade them from this second turmoil.  But everything has been in vain.  The more they unite together, the more discord, hatred and injustice they foment.  They are forcing the oppressed to take up arms to defend themselves.  And when it comes to justice and defending the oppressed, which is natural, I must concur.  That’s because the nations which appear to be victorious, succeeded on the basis of the most perfidious injustice.  They should have understood this by themselves, and been meeker toward the oppressed.  Instead, they are even more relentless, wanting not only their humiliation, but their destruction too.  What treachery!  What perfidy, worse than diabolical!  They are not yet satiated with blood.  How many poor people will perish!  I grieve, but the earth needs to be purged.  More cities will be destroyed.  I too will claim many lives through the scourges I will send from Heaven.  While this is happening, I will stay inside you, as though at my post, and on the lookout.”  After that, He seemed to be hiding more often inside of me.


I felt immersed in a sea of bitterness because of what Jesus said.  Afterwards, I felt surrounded by people who were praying.  My Celestial Mama was there as well. 


She put her arm inside me and grabbed Jesus by the arm and pulled Him out, saying to Him: “My Son, come into the midst of the peoples.  Don’t You see into what a sea of storms they are about to plunge themselves?  It will cost them a sea of blood?” 


But as hard as She pulled Him, Jesus did not want to come out.


And She, turning to me: “Pray to Him very hard, so that things may be milder.” 


So I started praying, and He would place His ear in mine, letting me hear the movement of people and the noise of the weapons.  Then He would show me various ethnic groups of people uniting together – some of them ready to wage war, and others preparing themselves for it.


So, clinging tightly to my Jesus, I said to Him: ‘Calm down, my Love, calm Yourself.  Don’t You see how confused the peoples are, how much turmoil?  If this is the preparation, what will they do when they are ready for action?’ 


And Jesus: “Ah!  My daughter, they themselves are the ones who want this.  The treachery of man wants to reach the limits, and each one wants to draw the other into the abyss with them.  However, the union of different ethnic groups will serve my glory later on





January 24, 1923

How it had been reserved that the doors of the Divine Will  would be opened to Luisa.

The Divine Will, acting alone in Three distinct Persons in Heaven,

wants to act alone in three distinct persons on earth.


I spent all these last few days in a sea of bitterness, because blessed Jesus very often deprives me of His lovable presence.  If He makes Himself seen at all, I see Him in my interior, immersed in a sea whose waves rise above Him in the act of submerging Him.  And in order not to be submerged and suffocated, Jesus waves His arm, rejecting the wave, and looks at me with pitiful eyes, asking for my help.


He was saying to me: “My daughter, see how sins are so many that they try to drown Me!  Don’t you see the waves that they send Me?  If I did not brandish my arm, I would be drowned.  These are such sad times, they will have sad consequences.” 


While He is saying this, He hid even deeper within my interior.  It was so painful to see Jesus in this state.  This is the kind of pain that tortures the soul and tears it to shreds.  Oh!  I would suffer any martyrdom to relieve sweet Jesus.


Then, this morning it seemed to me that my lovable Jesus could not take any more.  Making use of His power, He came out from that sea full of all those weapons, capable of wounding and even of killing, which struck terror to the mere sight.  He leaned His head upon my breast, all distressed and pale, but handsome, and of enrapturing beauty.


He told me: “My beloved daughter, I could take no more.  If justice wants its course, my love too wants to pour itself out and follow its way.  I have come out of that horrible sea, which the sins of creatures form around Me, to give free reign to my love, to come and pour Myself out with the little daughter of my Will.  You could not have taken any more either.  While in that horrible sea, I heard the death-rattle of your agony because of my privation.  As though forgetting about everyone else, I had to run to you and pour Myself out and let you pour yourself out in love with Me, so as to give you life again.” 


While saying this, He squeezed me tightly to Himself and kissed me.  He put His hand on my throat, as if to relieve me from the pain that He Himself had given me a few days ago when, as He pulled hard on the nerves that connected my heart to my throat, choking me.  My Jesus was all love, and wanted me to return to Him the kisses, the caresses and the hugs that He gave me. 


After this, I understood that He wanted me to enter into the immense sea of His Will, to be cheerful, away from the sea full of the sins of creatures.


Clinging to Him more tightly, I told Him: ‘My beloved Good, together with you, I want to follow all the acts which your Humanity did in the Divine Will.  Wherever You reached, I too want to reach, so that in all of your acts you may find mine as well.  Your intelligence, in the Supreme Will, went through the intelligence of each of your creatures in order to give the Celestial Father glory and honor.  You made reparation for each and every thought of your creatures in a divine manner and you sealed each one of their thoughts with the light and the grace of your Will.  I too want to go through each thought, from the first to the last, that will ever have life in human minds, to repeat what was done by You.  Even more, I want to unite myself with the acts of our Celestial Mama, who never stayed behind, but always ran together with You, and also with those acts which your Saints have done


At this last word, Jesus looked at me and, with all tenderness, told me: “My daughter, in my Eternal Will you will find all my acts, as well as those of my Mama.  They enveloped all the acts of creatures, from the first to the last which will ever exist, as though within a cloak.  It’s as if there were two of these cloaks.  One of them rose up to Heaven, in order to give to my Father, with a Divine Will, all that his creatures owed Him: love, glory, reparation and satisfaction.  The other remained as a defender and helper of creatures.  No one else has entered into my Divine Will to do all that my Humanity did.  My Saints have done my Will, but have not entered into It to do all that my Will does.  It takes all acts, as though in a twinkling of an eye, those from the first to the last man, and becomes both the actors and the spectators.  Then It divinizes them.  By doing my Will one does not arrive at doing all that my Eternal Volition contains.  Its descent into the creature is limited to as much as the creature can contain of It.  Only someone who enters into It expands and diffuses himself like solar light in the eternal flights of my Volition.  He finds my acts and those of my Mama and there he places his own.  Look inside my Will: are there perhaps other acts of creature multiplied within mine, reaching up to the last act which is to be performed on this earth?  Look well, but you won’t find any.  This means that no one has entered.  It had been reserved for my little daughter.  The doors of my Eternal Volition are only to opened for her.  Inside, she unifies her acts with mine and with those of my Mama, and render all our acts triple, before the Supreme Majesty and for the good of creatures.  Now, since I have opened the doors, others may enter, provided that they are prepared for such great goodness


I continued to go around in His Will together with Jesus, to do what was done by Him.  We looked at the earth together. We saw so many horrible things.  We saw how the preparations for war continued and it was horrifying.  Then I found myself back inside myself, trembling.  After a little while, He came back and continued to speak about His Most Holy Will.


He was saying to me: “My daughter, my Will in Heaven contained the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  The Will of the Three Divine Persons was one, even though They were distinct among Themselves.  Because their Will was one, and being the only Will acting within Us, It formed all Our happiness.  It was Our equality in love, in power and in beauty.  But if instead of one Will there were three Wills, We could not be happy, let alone make others happy.  We would have been unequal in power, in wisdom and in sanctity.  So, Our one Will, acting within Us, is all of Our goodness, from which so many seas of happiness are released.  No one can penetrate down to the bottom.  Now, in seeing the great good of acting alone in Three distinct Persons, Our Will wants to act alone in three distinct persons on earth: the Mother, the Son and the Spouse.  Through them It wants to release more seas of happiness which will bring immense goodness to all pilgrim souls


Totally amazed, I said: ‘My Love, who will be this fortunate Mother, this Son and this Spouse.  Who will conceal the Trinity on earth?  In whom will your Will be one?’ 


And Jesus: “What!  Haven’t you understood?  Two of them are already in their place of honor: One is my Divine Mama and I am the other, the Eternal Word.  I am the Son of the Celestial Father, and Son of the Celestial Mother since, by incarnating Myself in Her womb, I became Her own Son.  The Spouse is the little daughter of my Will.  I am in the middle, my Mama is at my right, and the Spouse at my left.  As my Will acts in Me, It echoes to the right and to the left, and forms one single Will.  This is why I have poured so many graces on you.  I opened the doors of my Will and revealed to you the secrets and the prodigies which my Will contains.  I opened many channels, so that you might be reached by the echo of my Will, and, by losing your own, you can live with my Will alone.  Does that make you happy


And I: ‘Thank You, O Jesus!  And, I implore You, let it be so that I follow your Will






February 3, 1923

The two dying ones


I felt life missing in me because of the absence of my sweet Jesus.  If He moves in my interior, He makes Himself seen inside that horrifying sea of the sins of creatures.  Then, unable to endure any more, I was crying out load, and He, as though moved by my moans, came out of that sea.  Hugging me tight, He told me: “My daughter, what’s wrong?  I heard your wailing, the rattle of your agony, and I put everything aside to come to help and sustain you.  My daughter, be patient.  We are two poor dying ones, you and I, for the good of humanity.  But while we are dying, love sustains us and does not let us die, so we can help poor humanity which seems to lie dying in the sea of its many sins


As He was saying this, it seemed that the waves of that sea would submerge both of us.  Who can say what we were suffering?


 And since in those waves we could see preparations for war, I said to Him: ‘My Life, who knows how long this second turmoil will last?  The first one lasted for so long.  What is going to happen with the second one, which seems larger?’ 


And Jesus, looking distressed, said to me: “Indeed it will be larger, but it will not last too long, because I will put my hand in it, and the scourges from Heaven will muffle those of the earth.  So, let us pray; and you - never go out of my Will





February 13, 1923

The good of being faithful and attentive


I felt all afflicted, and my sweet Jesus, made Himself seen for just a little while.


He told me: “My daughter, courage.  Be faithful and attentive to Me.  Faithfulness and attentiveness produce an equality of moods in the soul, forming one single mood and establishes perfect peace.  This peace makes her a dominatrix, so that she does whatever she wants, and reaches wherever she wants.  Someone who lives in my Will is like the sun, it never changes.   The sun has just one act: to unleash light and heat from its sphere.  It does not do one thing today, and something else tomorrow.  It is always faithful and constant in doing the same thing.  But while its act is one, as this act descends and hits the surface of the earth, many different actions take place.  They are almost innumerable.  If it finds a flower half-closed, with the kiss of its light and with its heat, it opens it and gives it color and fragrance.  If it finds an unripe fruit, it matures it and gives it sweetness.  If it finds fields that are green, it makes them golden.  If it finds air that is putrid, it purifies it with the kiss of its light.  In sum, to all things it gives what they need for their existence on this earth.  The sun enables things to realize the potential for which they created, which has been established by God.  So, by its faithfulness and by doing always the same thing, the sun is the fulfillment of the Divine Will over all created things.  Oh, if the sun were not always constant in sending its light, how many fluctuations, how many disorders there would be on earth!  Man would not be able to make any calculations, either about fields, or about plants.  He would say: ‘If the sun does not send me its light and its heat, I do not know when I am supposed to harvest, nor when the fruit will mature


“The same happens with the soul who is faithful and attentive: in my Will, one is her act, but its effects are innumerable.  On the other hand, if she is inconstant and inattentive, neither she nor I can make any calculation, nor establish the good which she can produce






February 16, 1923

The Cross which the Divine Will gave to Our Lord

In order to operate the perfect and complete Redemption,

Jesus had to do It in the sphere of Eternity.


I was doing my usual adoration to the Crucified One and abandoning all of myself in His lovable Will.


But as I was doing this, I felt my beloved Jesus move in my interior, saying: “My daughter, hurry, hurry, quickly, hasten.  Follow your course in my Volition, keep going through all that my Humanity did in the Supreme Will, so that you may unite your acts to mine and to those of my Mama.  It has been decreed that if a creature does not enter into the Eternal Volition to render all our acts triple, this Supreme Volition will not descend upon earth to carry out Its life in the human generations.  It wants the cortege of the triple acts in order to make Itself known.  Therefore, hasten.” 


Jesus kept silent, and I felt myself as though flung into the Holy Eternal Volition, but I am unable to say what I was doing; I can only say that I found all the acts of Jesus, and I placed my own.


Then He continued to speak, saying: “My daughter, how many things will my Will make known of what my Humanity operated in this Divine Will!  In order to manage the perfect and complete Redemption, my Humanity had to do It in the sphere of Eternity.  Here is the necessity of an Eternal Will.  If my human will did not have an Eternal Will with itself, all my acts would be limited and finite acts; but with It, they are endless and infinite.  Therefore, my pain, my Cross, had to be endless and infinite.  The Divine Will made my Humanity find all these pains and crosses.  It laid Me over the whole human family, from the first to the last man, and I absorbed all kinds of pains within Myself, and each creature formed my Cross.  So, my Cross was as long as all centuries are and will be, and as wide as the human generations.  It was not just the little cross of Calvary on which the Jewish leaders crucified Me.  That one was nothing but a allegory of the long Cross on which the Supreme Will kept Me crucified.  So, each creature formed the length and the width of the Cross, and as they formed it, they remained grafted in that same Cross.  The Divine Will, laying Me over It and crucifying Me, made the Cross not only my own, but of all those who formed that Cross.  But terrestrial space would not be big enough to contain It.  This is why I needed the sphere of Eternity to keep this Cross


“Oh!  How much will creatures love Me when they come to know what my Humanity did in the Divine Will, and what It made Me suffer for love of them.  My Cross was not of wood – no; It was made of souls.  It was them that I felt palpitating in the Cross on which the Divine Will laid Me.  It let none of them escape Me.  It gave a place to each one, and in order to give a place to all, It stretched Me in such a harrowing way, and with pains so atrocious, that I could call the pains of my Passion little, or even a relief.  Therefore, hasten, so that my Will may make known all that this Eternal Volition operated in my Humanity.  This knowledge will win so much love, that creatures will bend to let It reign in their midst


Now, as He was saying this, He showed so much tenderness and so much love that, amazed, I said to Him: ‘My Love, why do You show so much love when You speak about your Will?  It seems as if You wanted to release another You from within Yourself because of the great love that You feel.  When You speak about something else, this excess of love does not show in You?’ 


And He: “My daughter, do you want to know why?  When I speak about my Will, to make It known to the creature, I want to infuse in her my own Divinity, and therefore another Me.  My whole love enters the field in order to do this, and I love her as I love Myself.  This is why you see, that while I speak about my Will, my love seems to overflow out of Its boundaries in order to form the dwelling of my Will in the heart of the creature.  On the other hand, when I speak about something else, it is my virtues that I infuse.  I love her now as Creator, now as Father, now as Redeemer, now as Teacher, now as Doctor,    according to the virtues that I keep manifesting to her.  Therefore, there is not that exuberance of love as when I want to form another Me







February 22, 1923

Luisa’s fear that her state might be pretense

The higher the soul must rise, the lower must she descend.


I was very distressed by the thought that my state might be a continuous pretense.  What a bolt from the blue this is for me!  It calls all storms upon me, and puts me below all the wicked, and even the very damned.  A soul more perverted than I am has never had existence upon earth.  But what grieves me the most is being unable to get out of this state of pretense, for I would confess my sin, and at the cost of my life I would not do it anymore.  Jesus, who is so good, in His infinite mercy would forgive this soul, the most wicked of all.


Then, after I had gone through one of these storms, my always lovable Jesus made Himself seen.


I said to Him: ‘My beloved Jesus, what an ugly thought this is.  O please!  Do not let pretense exist in me; rather, send me death, but do not let me offend You with the ugliest vice, which is pretense.  It terrorizes me, it crushes me and it annihilates me.  It snatches me away from your sweet arms, and puts me under the feet of all, even of the damned.  My Jesus, You say that You love me very much, and then You permit this tearing of my soul away from You.  How can your Heart endure such great pain in me?’ 


And Jesus: “My daughter, be brave, don’t lose heart.  Someone who must rise above all, must descend all the way down to bottom, below everyone.  It is said of my Mother, Queen of all, that She was the humblest of all, because She was to be superior to all.  In order to be the humblest of all, She had to descend to the very bottom, below everyone.  And my Celestial Mama, with the knowledge that She had of Her God and Creator, and of who She was, a creature, descended so low that, as She descended, We would raise Her, but so high, that there is no one who could equal Her


“The same is true for you.  In order to give the little daughter of my Will primacy in my Will, I have to raise her above everyone.  I make her descend to the very bottom, below everyone.  The more she descends, the more I raise her up and make her take her place in the Divine Volition.  Oh!  How enraptured I am, when I see one who is above all, below everyone.  I run, I fly to take you in my arms, and I expand your boundaries within my Will.  Therefore, I allow everything for your good in order to accomplish my highest designs upon you.  However, I do not want you to waste time thinking it over.  When I take you in my arms, put everything aside immediately, and follow my Will






March 12, 1923

The privation of Jesus and the effect it produces

How Jesus suffered the privation of the Divinity


I felt I was dying from the pain of the deprivation of my sweet Jesus.  If He comes at all, it is like a flash that escapes.  Then, as I could not take any more, having compassion for me, He came out from within my interior.


As soon as I saw Him, I said to Him: ‘My Love, what pain!  I feel I am dying without You, but dying without dying, which is the hardest of deaths.  I don’t know how the goodness of your Heart can bear seeing me in a state of continuous death just because of You.’ 


And Jesus: “My daughter, have courage, don’t lose heart so much.  You are not alone in suffering this pain.  I too suffered it, as well as my dear Mama.  Oh, how much harder it was than yours!  How many times in my moaning Humanity I remained alone, and the Divinity was as though apart from Me.  Oh!  How I felt this privation.  But it was necessary to give place to expiation, because these pains were incapable of touching the Divinity, even though It was inseparable from my Humanity


“You must know that when the Divinity issued the work of Creation, It also issued all the glory, all the goodness and happiness that each creature was to receive, not only in this life, but also in the Celestial Fatherland.  Now, everything that was destined for souls who are lost remained suspended, because it had no one to whom to give itself.  Therefore, having to complete everything and absorb everything into Myself, I offered Myself to suffer the privation which the very damned suffer in hell.  Oh!  How much did this pain cost Me.  It cost Me the pain of hell and a ruthless death.  But it was necessary.  I had to absorb everything that came out of Us in Creation into Myself, all the glory, all the goodness and happiness, so as to let them come out of Me and enter the field again for all those who wanted to enjoy them.  I also had to absorb all pain and the very deprivation of my Divinity.” 


“I have absorbed into Myself all the goodness of the whole work of Creation.  Being the Head from which every good thing descends upon all generations, I keep searching for souls who are like Me in pain and in works.  I let them partake in so much of the glory and happiness contained in my Humanity.  But since not all souls want to enjoy them, nor are all of them empty of themselves and of the things of down here, I keep searching for souls to whom I may make Myself known.  Then I withdraw, leaving the pain of my absence in the emptiness of their own selves and of their acquired knowledge of Me.  In this deprivation she suffers, the soul comes to absorb into herself the glory of my Humanity which others reject.  Had I not almost always been with you, you would not have known Me nor loved Me, and would not feel this pain of my deprivation, nor could it form in you.  The seed and the nourishment of this pain would be missing in you.  Oh!  How many souls are without Me, and maybe they are even dead.  They grieve if they are deprived of some little pleasure, of whatever trifle, but they have no pain, nor even a thought, if they are deprived of Me.  So, this pain should console you, because it brings you the sure sign that I have come to you, that you have known Me, and that your Jesus wants to place in you the glory, the goodness and the happiness which others reject







March 18, 1923

The words of Jesus on His Divine Will are bonds of indissoluble union with the soul,

and give her the knowledge and the possession of the goodness It contains


I was abandoning all of myself in the Most Holy Will of my sweet Jesus, even though I felt I was without Him and as though my heart had been pierced.


I thought to myself: ‘Why did He speak to me so much about His Eternal Volition, if now He has left me?  Rather, His very words pierce my heart and tear it to shreds.  Even though I am resigned, and I kiss those very piercings that lacerate me and the hand that pierces me, still, I feel vividly that everything is over for me.’ 


But while I was thinking of this, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior, and throwing His arms around my neck, told me: “My daughter, my daughter, do not fear, nothing is over between you and Me.  Jesus is always your Jesus for you.  The strongest thing that binds the soul is to dissolve her will in Mine.  How can I leave you?  And besides, if I have spoken to you so much about my Will, it is because of the many bonds of indissoluble union that I have placed between you and Me.  In speaking to you, my Eternal Volition bound your little will with the bonds of my Eternal Will for each and every word I have spoken to you.  Moreover, you must know that, in creating man, Our first Supreme Will was that he should live in Our Volition.  Having to live in It, he was to take what is Ours and live at Our expense, repaying Our Will with a divine act for every human act he would do in Our Will.  This was in order to enrich him with all the goods which Our Will contains.  But man wanted to live in his will, at his own expense, thereby exiling himself from his Fatherland and so he lost all this goodness.  So, my goods remained without heirs; they were immense, and nobody possessed them.  Then my Humanity came to take possession of all these goods by living every instant in this Eternal Volition.  It wanted to live always at Its expense, being born, growing, suffering, working and dying in the eternal kiss of the Supreme Volition.  And as I kept living in It, I was given the possession of the many unemployed goods, which ungrateful man had sent into oblivion


“Now, my daughter, if my infinite wisdom has spoken to you so much about my Will, it was not just to give you some simple news.  No, no!  It was to teach you about living in my Will and what goodness It contains.  And as you walk on your way in It, you take possession of It.  My Humanity did everything.  It took possession of everything, not for Myself alone, but to open the doors to my other brothers.  I have waited for so many centuries.  Many generations have gone by, and I kept waiting.  Man must return to Me on the wings of my Will, from which he came.  Therefore, you, be the first to be welcomed.  Let my words be a spur for you to take possession of It.  Let them be the chains which bind you so tightly as to never let you go out of my Will







March 23, 1923

The sorrows of the Celestial Mama,

and how the Divine Fiat acted in them


I was thinking of the sorrows of my Celestial Mama, and my lovable Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, I was the first King of sorrows.  Being Man and God, I had to centralize everything within Me in order to have primacy over everything, even over sorrows.  Those of my Mama were nothing other than the reverberations of mine own which, being reflected in Her, made Her share in all my sorrows.   They pierced Her, filled Her with such bitterness and pain that She felt Herself dying at each reverberation of my sorrow.  But love sustained Her and gave Her life again.   She was the first Queen of the immense sea of Her sorrows, not only for honor, but also by right of justice.” 


While He was saying this, I seemed to see my Mama in front of Jesus.  Everything that Jesus contained, the sorrows and the piercings of that Most Holy Heart, were reflected in the Heart of the sorrowful Queen.  At those reflections, many swords formed in the pierced Heart of Queen Mama.  These swords were marked by a Fiat of light.  She was immersed in the midst of so many Fiats of the most refulgent light which gave Her so much glory that there are no words to narrate it. 


Then, Jesus continued, saying: “It was not the sorrows that made my Mama Queen and made Her shine with so much glory.  It was my omnipotent Fiat, which was braided into Her every act and sorrow, and made Itself the life of each of Her sorrows.  So, my Fiat was the first act that formed the sword, giving Her the intensity of pain It wanted.  My Fiat could place all the sorrows It wanted in that pierced Heart.  It added piercings upon piercings, pains upon pains, without a shadow of the slightest resistance.  On the contrary, She felt honored that my Fiat would constitute Itself as the life of even one heartbeat of Hers.  My Fiat gave Her complete glory and made Her the true and legitimate Queen


“Now, who will be the souls in whom I can reflect the reverberations of my sorrows and of my very Life?  They will be those who will have my Fiat as their life.  This Fiat will make them absorb my reflections, and I will be generous in sharing with them that which my Will operates in Me.  Therefore, in my Will do I await souls, to give them the true dominion and the complete glory of each act and pain that they may suffer.  I do not recognize any operating and suffering outside of my Will.  I could say: ‘I have nothing to give you.  What is the will that animated you in doing and suffering this?  Get your reward from that will.’  Many times it happens that doing good or suffering can be miserable slaveries which degenerate into passions, if my Will is not present in them.  It is my Will alone that gives true dominion, true virtues and true glory.  That is what will transform the human into divine








March 27, 1923

Sorrows of the Sacramental Life of Jesus

Graces and gifts with which He anticipates souls

in order for them to receive Him.


After I received Communion, my sweet Jesus made Himself seen, and as soon as I saw Him, I threw myself at His feet, to kiss them and to cling to Him with all my heart.  Jesus, extending His hand to me, said: “My daughter, come into my arms, come into my Heart.  I have covered Myself with the eucharistic veils so I won’t scare anyone.  I have descended into the deepest abyss of humiliation in this Sacrament in order to raise the creature up to Me, identifying her with Me so much as to form one single thing with Me.  By letting my Sacramental Blood flow inside her veins, I make Myself the life of her heartbeat, of her thought, and of her whole being.  My love devoured Me and wanted to devour the creature in my flames, to be reborn as another Me.  This is why I wanted to hide Myself under these eucharistic veils and, so hidden, enter into her to form this transformation of the creature into Myself.  But in order for this transformation to take place, the creatures had to be ready.  Giving in to excess, my Love instituted the Sacrament of the Eucharist.  It released from within my Divinity more graces, gifts, favors and light for the good of man, to render him worthy to receive Me.  I could say that it released so much good as to surpass the gifts of Creation.  First, I wanted to give him the graces in order for him to receive Me, and then Myself, to give him the true fruit of my Sacramental Life.” 


“However, for souls to receive these gifts, it takes a little emptying of themselves, hate of sin, and desire to receive Me.  These gifts do not descend into rot, into mud.  Without my gifts they are not truly ready to receive Me, and in descending into them, I do not find them receptive to an understanding of my Life.  I am as though dead for them, and they are dead for Me.  I burn, yet they do not feel my flames.  I am light, but they remain blinder than ever.  Alas!  There is so much sorrow in my Sacramental Life.  Many, not being ready, don’t feel there is anything good about receiving Me, and if they receive Me at all, it is only as a cause for my continuous Calvary and their own eternal damnation.  They nauseate Me.  It is just one more affront they give Me, if it is not love that pushes them to receive Me, just one more sin which they add to their souls.  Therefore, pray and give reparation for the many abuses and sacrileges that are committed in receiving Me in the Sacrament






April 2, 1923

The Divine Will is seed of resurrection to grace,

to sanctity and to glory. 

In the Divine Will there is the void of the human works in the divine.

Knowledge is the eyes of the soul.


As I was in my usual state, my always lovable Jesus made Himself seen all lovable and majestic, as though enwrapped within a net of light.  He sent forth light from His eyes.  He unleashed it from His mouth, in His every word, and each heartbeat.  Light issued from His every movement and step.  In sum, His Humanity was an abyss of light.


And Jesus, looking at me, bound me with this light, telling me: “My daughter, how much light, how much glory did my Humanity have in my Resurrection.  During the course of my Life on this earth I did nothing but enclose the Supreme Will in each one of my acts, breaths, gazes - in everything.  And as I kept enclosing It, the Divine Volition prepared for Me glory and light in my Resurrection.  And since I contain the immense sea of the light of my Will within Me, it is no wonder if, as I look, as I speak, as I move, enough of it comes out of Me to give light to all.  Therefore, I want to chain you and overwhelm you in this light in order to sow in you the seeds of resurrection for every act that you keep doing in my Will.  My Will alone makes body and soul rise again to glory.  My Will is the seed of resurrection to grace, seed of resurrection to the highest and perfect sanctity, seed of resurrection to glory.  So, as the soul emits her acts in my Will, she keeps binding new divine light, because my Will is light by nature, and one who lives in It has the virtue of transforming thoughts, words, works, and everything she does, into light


Then, afterwards, I was saying to my sweet Jesus: ‘I pray in your Will, so that my word, multiplying in It, may have a word of prayer, of praise, of blessing, of love, of reparation, for each word of each creature.  I would want my voice to rise between Heaven and earth, and absorb all human voices into itself, in order to give them back to You as homage and glory, according to the way You would want the creature to make use of the word.’ 


Now, as I was saying this, my lovable Jesus placed His mouth close to mine and exhaled.  His breath absorbed my breathing and my voice into His.  As He sent my breath on its the way into His Will, it went through each human word, and changed words and voices according to what I had said.  And as it went through them, it rose high in order to perform the office of all human voices before God, in the name of all.  I was amazed.  


Remembering that Jesus no longer speaks to me so often about His Will, I said to Him: ‘Tell me, my Love, why do You no longer speak to me so often about your Will?  Is it perhaps because I have not been attentive to your lessons and faithful in putting your teachings into practice


And Jesus: “My daughter, in my Will there is the void of human works in the divine, and this void must be filled by someone who lives in my Will.  The more attentive you are in living in my Will and in making It known to others, the sooner this void will be filled.  As my Will sees the human will hovering around within Itself, as though returning to the origin from which it came, It will feel satisfied and will see Its yearnings upon the human generation being fulfilled.  It doesn’t even matter whether they are few, or maybe even just only one.           With Its power, my Will can make up for everything, even with only one, when It does not find any others.  But it is always a human will that must come into Mine to substitute for everything that the others do not do.  This will be so pleasing to Me as to split the Heavens and make my Will descend, making known all the good and the prodigies It contains.  Each additional entrance you make into my Will pushes Me to give you new knowledge about It, and to narrate to you more prodigies.  I want you to know the good you do, so that you may appreciate it and desire to possess it.  And in seeing that you love it and appreciate it, I give you possession of it.  Knowledge is the eye of the soul.  The soul who does not know is, blind to that good and to those truths.  In my Will there are no blind souls because each new understanding gives her a greater power of sight.  Therefore, enter often into my Volition and expand your boundaries within my Will.  When I see this, I will come back to tell you more surprising things about my Will


Now, while He was saying this, together we went round the earth for a little while, but - oh, what fright!  Many wanted to wound my beloved Jesus, some by knife, and some by sword.  And among them, there were bishops, priests and religious, who wounded Him deep into His Heart, but with such torture as to strike fear.  Oh!  He was suffering so much that He threw Himself into my arms for me to defend Him.  I pressed Him to myself and prayed to Him to let me share in His pains.  He made me content by piercing my heart through with such vehemence, that I felt a deep wound within me for the rest of the day, and Jesus came back several times to wound me again.


Now, the following morning, as I was feeling deep in pain, my sweet Jesus came back, saying to me: “Let me see your heart.” 


And while He was looking, He told me: “Do you want me to heal you in order to relieve you from the pain you are suffering?” 


And I: ‘My Highest Good, why do You want to heal me?  Am I not worthy of suffering for You?  Your Heart is all wounded, and mine, compared to Yours – oh!  How scarce is my suffering.  Rather, if it pleases You, give me more pain.’ 


And He, squeezing me all to Himself, continued to pierce my heart through with more pain, and then He left me.  May everything be for His glory.







April 9, 1923

God is the primary motion of all Creation,

and one who operates in the Divine Will

operates in this primary motion.


I felt all immersed in the Divine Volition, and I said to my sweet Jesus: ‘Ah!  I pray You, never let me go out of your Most Holy Will.  Let it be so that I may always think, speak, operate and love in your lovable Will.’ 


Now, as I was saying this, I felt myself surrounded by a most pure light.


Then I saw my highest and only Good, who told me: “My beloved daughter, I love so much these acts done in my Will.  As soon as the soul enters into It in order to act, the shadow of my light surrounds her, and I run, so that my act and hers may be one.  Because I am the primary act of all Creation, without my primary motion all created things would be paralyzed, without strength and incapable of the slightest movement.  Life is in the motion; without it, everything is dead.  I am the primary motion, and I give life and attitude to all other motions.  At my first motion Creation begins to rotate.  It happens as to an engine: at the touch of first motion of the first wheel, all other wheels begin to rotate.  See then, how it is almost natural for one who operates in my Will to move in my primary motion.  By operating in my motion, she finds herself and operates in the motion of all creatures.  As the creature flows in my own motion, I see her and I feel her in all the motions of my creatures.  She gives Me as many divine acts as the many offensive human acts that others do.  This is only because she has operated in my primary motion.  This is why I say that one who lives in my Will substitutes for all, defends Me from all, and provides safety for my motion and my very Life.  This is why operating in my Will is the prodigy of prodigies, but without clamor or human acclamation.  It is my true triumph over the whole of Creation.  Since it is a triumph fully divine, what is human remains silent, and has no equivalent words with which to acclaim the triumph of my Supreme Will







April 14, 1923

How God, in doing works which must serve the good of all,

centralizes all the good He wants to give

  in one creature from the human family.


I was thinking about all that my always lovable Jesus keeps manifesting to me about His Most Holy Will, and many doubts and difficulties arouse within my mind, which I don’t believe it is necessary to say here.


Then, moving in my interior and clasping me tightly to His Heart, He told me: “Beloved daughter of my Will, great works are those in which the whole human family is to take part, but only if they want them.  You must know that when I want to do great works, my usual way is to centralize all the goods and all the graces which this work contains in one single creature, so that all others may draw as much as they want of that good, as though from a fountain.  When I do individual works, I give limited things, but when I do works which must serve the good of all, I give things without limit.” 


“I did this in the work of Redemption.  In order to be able to elevate a creature to conceiving a Man and God, I had to centralize all possible imaginable goods in Her.  I had to elevate Her so high as to place in Her the seed of the very Paternal fertility.  My Celestial Father, virgin, generated Me within His womb with the virginal seed of His eternal fertility, without the work of a woman, and from the same seed the Holy Spirit proceeded.  In the same way, with this eternal seed of the Paternal fertility, wholly virginal, my Celestial Mama conceived Me in Her virginal womb, without the work of a man.  The Sacrosanct Trinity had to give of Its own to this Divine Virgin so that She might conceive Me, the Son of God.  My Holy Mama could never have conceived Me without having a seed.  Since She belonged to the human race, this seed of eternal fertility gave Her the virtue of conceiving Me as Man.  Because the seed was divine, at the same time She conceived Me as God.  The Holy Spirit proceeded at the same time as the Father generated Me.  In the same way, as I was generated in the womb of my Mama, the generation of souls proceeded at the same time.  From eternity, everything that occurred to the Most Holy Trinity in Heaven was repeated in the womb of my dear Mama.  The work was immense and incalculable to the created mind.  I had to centralize all goodness, and even Myself, so that all might find whatever they wanted.  The work of Redemption was to be so great as to overwhelm all generations.  So, I wanted for many centuries the prayers, the sighs, the tears and the penance of so many patriarchs and prophets, and of the whole people of the Old Testament.  I did this to get them ready to receive such great goodness, and to move Me to centralize in this celestial creature all the benefit which everyone was to enjoy.  Now, what moved this people to pray, to sigh, to cry and do penance?  The promise of the future Messiah.  This promise was like the seed of so many supplications and tears.  Had there not been this promise, no one would have given it a thought, so no one would have hoped for salvation


“Now, my daughter, let’s come to my Will.  Do you think it is a Sanctity like the other sanctities?  Do you think it is a goodness, a grace, almost like the others which I have given for many centuries to the other Saints and to the whole Church?  No, no!  This is about a new era, about a goodness which must serve all generations. But it is necessary that I first centralize all this good in one creature alone, just as I did in Redemption by centralizing everything in my Mama.  Take a look at how things proceed in a parallel way.  In order to make Redemption come and to dispose souls for It, I made the promise of the future Messiah.  By hoping for Him to come, they might not only get ready, but they too find their own salvation in the future Redeemer


“Now, in order to dispose souls to live in my Will, I want to let them partake in the goods It contains, and to make man return to the path of his origin, just as he was created by Me.  I Myself wanted to be the first to pray, making my voice resound from one end of the earth to another, and even up high in Heaven, saying: ‘Our Father, who art in Heaven’.  I did not say ‘My Father’, but I called Him Father of the whole human family, so as to engage Him in what was to come.  Then I said: ‘May all hallow your Name, so that your Kingdom may come, and your Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven’.  This was the purpose of Creation, and I asked the Father that it be fulfilled.  As I prayed, the Father surrendered to my supplications, and I formed the seed of a great good.  Then, so that this seed might be known, I taught my prayer to the Apostles, and they transmitted it to the whole Church.  The people of the future Redeemer found salvation in Him and prepared itself to receive the promised Messiah.  With this seed I formed, the Church can pray and repeat my own prayer over and over.  Then the Church might ready Herself to receive the benefit of recognizing and loving my Celestial Father as their Father.  This way She might deserve to be loved as His children and so receive the great good that my Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven.”


“In this seed and in this hope that my Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven, the very Saints have formed their sanctity, and the martyrs have shed their blood.  There is no good which does not derive from this seed, so, the whole Church prays.  The tears, the penances and prayers to obtain the Messiah were directed toward that excelling Virgin whom I was to prepare for Me to centralize such a great good in Her.  I did this so that they might receive their Savior, even though they did not know whom She, my Mother would be.  In the same way, now, when the Church recites the ‘Our Father’, it is precisely for you that She prays, so that I may centralize in you all the good that my Will contains.  This is the way.  This is how the Divine Will may have life on earth as It does in Heaven.  Now even though you are not known, by echoing my prayer, ‘Thy Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven’, the Church implores Me, urges Me to centralize all this good in a second virgin.  Then, like a second savior, she might save a humanity in danger.  Making use of my inseparable love and mercy, I can then answer my own prayer, united with that of the whole Church.  This brings man back to his origin, to the purpose for which I created him, which is that my Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven.  This is precisely what I mean by living in my Will.  Everything I keep manifesting to you pushes you forward and confirms you in this.  This is the great foundation I keep forming in your soul.  In order to do this, I keep centralizing in you all the graces, past, present and future, which I have given to all generations.  What’s more, I double them, I multiply them


 “My Will is the greatest, the holiest, the noblest thing, which has no beginning and no end.  So in order to place It in one creature, it is right and decorous that I centralize in her all possible goods.  These are innumerable graces, divine purity and nobility; so that this Will of Mine may have the same cortege It has in Heaven.  It is the same Will that operated in Redemption, and wanted to make use of a Virgin.  What portents and prodigies of graces did It not work in Her?  My Will is great, It contains all goodness, and in operating, It acts with magnanimity.  So if it is about doing works and doing good for all humanity, then It puts all of Its goodness at stake


“Now It wants to make use of another virgin in order to centralize Its Will in her, and to begin to make known that Its Will must be done on earth as It is in Heaven.  In Redemption It wanted to come to save lost man, to satisfy for his sins, which man had no power to do.  It wanted to give him refuge and the many other benefits which Redemption contains.  Now, It wants to display even more love than in Redemption Itself, by making my Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven.  My Will comes to give man his state of origin, his nobility, the purpose for which he was created.  It comes to open the current between Itself and the human will.  Then, absorbed by this Divine Will and being dominated by It, the human will shall give It life within itself, and my Will shall reign on earth as It does in Heaven.” 






April 20, 1923

God does His greatest works in virgin and unknown souls.


I was thinking over what has been said above, and my poor mind was swimming in the sea of the Divine Will.  I felt as though drowned in It.  In many things I lack the words.  In others, since they are many, I am unable to keep the order and it seems to me that I put them on paper disconnected.  But it seems that Jesus bears with me.  It is enough that I write them.  If I don’t, He reproaches me, saying: “Mind this - these are not things that must serve you alone, but must serve others too.” 


Now, I was thinking to myself: ‘Jesus loves so much that this way of living in the Divine Will be known.  It will be a new era which will bring so much good as to surpass the very goodness of His Redemption.  But He should have spoken to the Pope.  As the Head of the Church and having the authority, he could immediately influence the members of the whole Church by making known this celestial doctrine.   He could have spoken to some authoritative people and bring this great benefit to the human generations.   It would be easier for them.  How can I, a poor ignorant person who is unknown, make this great goodness known?’ 


Then Jesus, sighing and pressed me more tightly to Himself and told me: “Daughter so very dear to my Supreme Volition, it is my usual way to do my greatest works in virgin and unknown souls.  These are not only virgin by nature, but virgin in their affections, heart and thoughts.  True virginity is the divine shadow, and only in my shadow can I nourish my greatest works.  During the times in which I came to redeem, there were also pontiffs and authorities, but I did not go to them, because my shadow was not there.  Therefore I chose a Virgin, unknown to all, but well known to Me.  If true virginity is my shadow, it was divine jealousy that, choosing Her unknown, wanting Her all for Myself, kept Her unknown to all others.  But even though this Celestial Virgin was unknown, I made Myself known, by making my way to make Redemption known to all.” 


“The greater the work I want to do, the more I cover the soul with the appearance of the most ordinary things.  Now, since the persons you mention are known people, the divine jealousy could not maintain its watch, and the divine shadow - oh, how hard it is to find it!  And besides, I choose whomever I please.  It is established that two Virgins must come to Humanity’s aid.  The first one was for the salvation of man.  The other is to make my Will reign upon earth and to give man his terrestrial happiness.  She is to unite two wills, the Divine and the human, and make them one, so that the purpose for which man was created may have its complete fulfillment.  I Myself will take care of making my way to make known what I want.  What I most care about is to have the first creature in whom to centralize my Volition, and that my Will may have life in her on earth as It does in Heaven.  The rest will come by itself.  This is why I always say to you: ‘your flight in my Will’, because the human will contains weaknesses, passions and miseries, which are veils that prevent one from entering into the Eternal Volition.  If they are grave sins, they are barricades that form between one will and the Other.  And if my Fiat ‘on earth as it is in Heaven’ does not reign upon earth, this is precisely what prevents It from doing so.  Therefore, to you is it given to tear these veils, to knock down these barricades, to make of all human acts as though one single act by the power of my Will.  It will overwhelm them all, and bring them to the feet of my Celestial Father, as though kissed and sealed by His very Will.  So, in seeing that one creature has covered the whole human family with His Will, attracted and pleased, He may let His Will descend upon earth through her, making It reign on earth as It does in Heaven






April 21, 1923

The darkest point of the present society.


This morning my always lovable Jesus transported me outside of myself, to a place in which one could see flags being waved, and parades in which all classes of people were participating, including priests.  Offended by all this, Jesus wanted to clasp the creatures in His hand to crush them.


I, taking His hand in mine, clasped Him to myself, saying to Him: “My Jesus, what are You doing?  After all, they don’t seem to be doing anything evil, but rather, good things.  It seems that the Church is uniting with your enemies of before, and they no longer show that aversion for dealing with people from the Church.  On the contrary, they call them to bless their flags.  Is this not a good sign?  And You, instead of being pleased with it, seem to get offended.” 


And Jesus, sighing and highly afflicted, told me: “My daughter, you are deceiving yourself.  This is the darkest point of the present society, and their union means that they all have the same color.  The enemies are no longer afraid and horrified to approach people from the Church, because since the true fountain of virtue and religion is not in them.  On the contrary, some of them celebrate the Divine Sacrifice without believing in my existence.  For others, if they believe at all, it is a faith without works, and their lives are a chain of enormous sacrileges.  So, what good can they do if they don’t have it within themselves?  How can they call others to the conduct of a true Christian by making known what great evil sin is, if the life of grace is missing in them?  With the all the unions they form, there are no more men who fulfill the precept.  So it is not the union of the triumph of religion; it is the triumph of their party.  They are masking themselves with it.  They are just trying to cover up the evil they are plotting.  It is true revolution that is hidden under these masks.  I am still the offended God.  I am offended by evil people who pretend to be pious, in order to strengthen their party and do grave evil.  I am offended by people from the Church, who, having a false piety, are no longer good for drawing people to follow me.  On the contrary, it is the people that carry them away.  Can there be any time sadder than this?  Pretense is the ugliest sin, and that which most wounds my Heart.  So, pray and repair their sinful acts





April 25, 1923

The Will of God is the royal way which leads to

the Sanctity of the likeness of the Creator.

As Luisa continues on from where Adam left,

God constitutes her the head of all,

and the bearer of the happiness and

the goods which had been assigned to all.


I was praying, and my sweet Jesus came, placing Himself near me in order to pray together with me.  His intelligence was reflected in mine, and I prayed with His.  His voice echoed in mine, and I prayed with His words.  But who can say what the boundless effects of this prayer were?


Then, afterwards, my beloved Jesus told me: “My daughter, I wanted to pray together with you in order to strengthen you in my Will, and to give you the grace of letting you be present before the Supreme Majesty in the act of the creation of man.  As We endowed him with all goodness, and his will was Ours, and Ours was his, everything was harmony between Us and him.  Whatever he wanted he would take from Us: sanctity, wisdom, power and happiness.  He was Our prototype, Our portrait, Our happy son.  So, at the beginning of his existence, Adam had a period in which he perfectly fulfilled the purpose for which he was created.  He experienced what it means to live of the Will of his Creator.  We were also happy to see Our acts being reproduced in Our image.  Then, as he broke his will from Ours, he remained separated from Us.  But the first acts of man are still in Our Will.  I want nothing else from you but to come into Our Will to continue on from where Adam left, so that you may bind within yourself all the harmonies that he broke.  This first creature, because he was created by Us as the head of the whole human family, by withdrawing from Our Will brought unhappiness to all.  In the same way, as you come to continue on from where he left off.  We are making you the head of all, and therefore the bearer of that happiness and goodness which had been assigned to all had they lived in Our Will.” 


And I: ‘My Jesus, how can this be possible?  You Yourself came upon earth to suffer so much pain to redeem us.   And not even You were able to reacquire the happiness which the first man lost for himself and for all.  So, how can it be now, that by binding myself within your Eternal Volition, I may give back this lost happiness


And Jesus: “My daughter, all times are in my hands, I give to whomever I want, and I use whomever I want.  I could very well bring the happiness that my Will contains upon earth.  But I found no human will that wanted to live perennial life in Mine, so as to retie the bonds of Creation.  There was no one to give Me back all the acts of the first man as if he had done them all with the seal of my Supreme Will, thereby replacing the lost happiness in the world.  It is true that I had my dear Mama, but She had to cooperate with Me for Redemption.  Besides, man was a slave, imprisoned by his very sins, infirm, covered with the most repugnant wounds.  I came as a loving father to shed my Blood in order to rescue him, as a doctor to heal him and as a teacher to teach him how to escape, so as not to fall into hell.  This poor, sick man; how could he have extended himself in the eternal flights of my Volition if he was unable to walk?  Had I wanted to give the happiness which my Will contains, it would have been as though giving it to the dead and letting it be trampled upon.  He was not disposed to receive such a great good.  This is why I wanted to teach him the prayer to prepare him.  So I contented Myself with waiting for another era, letting centuries upon centuries go by, to make known the living in my Will and to restart this happiness


And I: ‘My Love, if with your Redemption not all are saved, how can it be that your Will can give this happiness to all?’ 


And Jesus: “Man will always be free.  I will never take away from him the rights which I gave him in creating him.  In Redemption, I only came to open many ways, small paths and shortcuts to facilitate salvation and the sanctity of man.  Now I come with my Will to open the straight and royal way which leads to the sanctity of the likeness of their Creator, and true happiness.   But in spite of this, they will always remain free to; some on the royal way, some on the small paths, and some completely outside of it.  However, in the world there will be what now is not: the happiness of the Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven.  Man did his first acts in my Will and then he withdrew, therefore he was ruined.  And since he was the head of all, all members were ruined together.  My Humanity formed the plane of all human acts in the Divine Will.  My Mama followed Me faithfully; so, everything is prepared.  Nothing else is now needed but another creature who, wanting to live perennially in this Will, may come to take possession of the plane formed by Me.  And may she open the royal way to all, which leads to terrestrial and celestial happiness






April 28, 1923

Luisa must crush the head of the infernal serpent.

The living in the Divine Will is the complete triumph

of the Creator over the creature.

The primary purpose of the coming of Jesus upon earth was that

the Divine Will might triumph over the human will.


I felt as though immersed in the endless light of the Eternal Will, and my sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter, my Divinity does not need to operate in order to make Its works come out.   It only needs to want them.  So, I want and I do.  The greatest works, the most beautiful, come out merely by my wanting them.  On the other hand, even if the creature wanted them, if she does not work, she does not move, she does nothing.  Now, to one who makes my Will her own and lives in It as in her own royal palace, the same power is communicated, as much as is possible to a creature


Now, while He was saying this, I felt myself being drawn outside of myself, and I found an ugly monster under my feet, which was biting itself out of rage.


And Jesus, being near me, added: “My Virgin Mother crushed the head of the infernal serpent.  Now I want another virgin, the first possessor of the Supreme Will, to press again that infernal head so as to crush it and debilitate it.  She must confine it to hell, so that she may have full dominion over it.  It must not dare approach those who must live in my Will.  So, place your foot on its head, and crush it.” 


Made brave, I did it, and it would bite itself more.  It shut itself up in the darkest abyss so it would not feel my touch,. 


Then Jesus resumed His speaking: “My daughter, do you think that the living in my Will is nothing?  No, no – on the contrary, it is everything.  It is the fulfillment of all sanctity.  It is the absolute dominion of oneself, of one’s passions, and of one’s capital enemies.  It is the complete triumph of the Creator over the creature.  So, if she adheres and I let her live in my Will, without her ever again wanting to know her own, that’s all I want from the creature.  She has nothing left to give Me.  All my yearnings are fulfilled and my designs realized.  There is nothing left but to delight in each other.  It is true that I came upon earth to redeem man, but my primary purpose was that the Divine Will might triumph over the human will.  By harmonizing these two wills together and making them one, the human will is taken into that Will from which it had gone out.  This was the main offense that my Celestial Father received from man, and I was to compensate Him for it, otherwise I would not give Him full satisfaction.  But in order to accomplish the first purpose, I had to issue the second.  To save him, first I had to give him my hand, since he had fallen, to wash him of the mud in which he was lying.  How could I say: ‘Come live in my Will’, if he was horrid to look at, and was under the slavery of the infernal enemy?” 


“So, after having obtained the second purpose, I want to secure the first one.  My Will shall be done on earth as It is in Heaven, and man, who had gone out of my Will, shall enter into Mine once again.  To achieve this, I give all my merits to this first creature, all my works and steps, my palpitating Heart, my wounds and my Blood.  I give my whole Humanity, to dispose her, to prepare her, to let her enter into my Will.  In fact, first she must take the full fruit of my Redemption, and then, as though in triumph, enter and possess the immense sea of my Supreme Will.  I do not want her to enter as a stranger, but as a daughter; not as someone poor, but rich; not someone ugly, but beautiful, as if she were another Me.  So, I want to centralize my whole life in you.” 


While He was saying this, it was as though many seas were coming out of Him.  They poured out upon me, and I was engulfed by them, sunken.  At the same time, a Sun was beating down with Its light and It was receiving the full fruit of Redemption in order to be able to give the full fruit of Its Will to the creature.  It was the Sun of the Eternal Volition, which celebrated the entrance of the human will into Its own.


And Jesus: “This Divine Will of Mine grew within my Humanity like a flower, which I transplanted from Heaven into the true Eden of my terrestrial Humanity.  It germinated in my Blood.  It sprouted from my wounds, to make of it the greatest gift to the creature.  Don’t you want to receive it


And I: ‘Yes.’ 


And He: “I want to transplant it into you.  Love it, and know how to keep it







May 2, 1923

When the ‘Fiat Voluntas Tua’ has its fulfillment

 ‘on earth as it is in Heaven’,

 then will the complete fulfillment of

the second part of the Our Father occur.


I felt my poor mind dissolve in the immensity of the Eternal Volition, and my sweet Jesus, returning to speak about the Most Holy Will of God, told me: “My daughter, oh!  Your acts done in my Will harmonize so well.  They harmonize with mine, with those of my beloved Mama, and one disappears within the other, forming one single act.  It seems that Heaven is on earth, and the earth is in Heaven.  There is the echo of one in three and of three in one, of the Sacrosanct Trinity.  Oh!  How sweet it sounds to Our hearing.  How it enraptures Us, enough to capture Our Will from Heaven to earth.  And when my ‘Fiat Voluntas Tua’ has its fulfillment ‘on earth as it is in Heaven’, then will the complete fulfillment of the second part of the Our Father occur; that is, ‘Give us this day our daily bread  I said: ‘Our Father, in the name of all, I ask You for three kinds of bread every day.  I ask for the bread of your Will, or rather, more than bread, because if bread is necessary two or three times a day, this one is necessary at each moment and in all circumstances.  Moreover, it must be not only bread, but like balsamic air that brings life, the circulation of the Divine Life in the creature.  Father, if this bread of your Will is not given, I will never be able to receive all the fruits of my Sacramental Life, which is the second bread we ask of You every day.  Oh!  How my Sacramental Life feels uncomfortable, because the bread of your Will does not nourish them.  On the contrary, it finds the corrupted bread of the human will.  Oh!  How disgusting it is to Me!  How I shun it!  And even though I go to them, I cannot give them the fruits, the goods, the effects or the sanctity, because I do not find Our bread in them.  If I do give something, it is in small proportion, according to their dispositions, but not all the goods which I contain.  My Sacramental Life is patiently waiting for man to take the bread of the Supreme Will, so I can give all the good of my Sacramental Life.  See then, how the Sacrament of the Eucharist will give all the fruits which they contain and complete fulfillment.  But they will only be complete when Our bread, the Will of God, is done on earth as it is in Heaven.  This is true for all the Sacraments that I have instituted and left to my Church


“Then I asked for the third bread, the material one.  How could I say: ‘Give us this day our bread’?  I could do so in view of the fact that, as man would do Our Will, what was Ours would be his.  The Father would no longer have to give the bread of His Will, the bread of my Sacramental Life and the daily bread of natural life, to illegitimate, usurping, evil children.  He could then give It to legitimate and good children, who would share in the goods of their Father.  This is why I said: ‘Give us our bread.’  Then will they eat the blessed bread.  Everything will smile around them, and Heaven and earth will carry the mark of the harmony of their Creator


“After this I added: ‘Forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors  So, charity also will be perfect.  Once man has eaten the bread of my Will as my Humanity ate it, then will forgiveness have the mark of heroism, as I had it on the Cross.  Then will the virtues be absorbed into my Will and receive the mark of true heroism and of divine virtues.  They will be like many little rivulets, which will gush forth from the bosom of the great sea of my Will


“And if I added, ‘And lead us not into temptation?’  How could God ever lead man to temptation?  It was because man is always man, free in himself, since I never take away from him the rights I gave him in creating him.  So he, frightened and fearful of himself, tacitly cries out, and prays without expressing it with words.  ‘Give us the bread of your Will, that we may reject all temptations; and by virtue of this bread, deliver us from every evil.  Amen


“See, then, how all the goods of man find again their connection in the tight bond of ‘Let Us make man in Our image and likeness’. He finds the validity of each of his acts and the restitution of his lost goods.  He also finds the signature and the assurance that his lost happiness, both terrestrial and celestial, is given back to him as well.  Therefore, it is so necessary that my Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven, that I had no other interest, nor did I teach any other prayer but the ‘Our Father’.  The Church, faithful executor and depository of my teachings, has it always on Her lips in every circumstance.  Everyone, learned and ignorant, little and great, priests a  nd lay people, kings and subjects all pray that my Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.” 


“Do you not want, then, that my Will descend upon earth?  But just as Redemption had Its beginning in a Virgin, in the same way, now my Will must have Its beginning, possession, growth and development in one virgin creature.  I was not conceived in all men in order to redeem them, even though whoever wants it, can enter the good of Redemption and each one can receive Me in the Sacrament for himself alone.  Whoever prepares himself and wants it, will enter the goodness which living in my Will contains.  Had I not been conceived in my beloved Mama, Redemption would never have taken place.  In the same way, if I do not operate the prodigy of making one soul live in my Supreme Will, the ‘Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as it is in Heaven’, will not take place within the human generations






May 5, 1923

As many times as the soul enters into the Divine Will,

so many ways does she open between Creator and creatures.


Finding myself in my usual state, I felt drawn outside of my body.  I could not see the azure heavens nor the sun of our horizon, but a different heaven, all of gold, studded with stars of various colors, more refulgent than the sun.  I felt drawn upwards so high, and as this heaven opened before me, I found myself in front of a most pure light.  Prostrating myself before this light, I called the intelligence every human into my own.  I called upon them from the moment in which Adam began to break the union of his intelligence with that of His Creator by withdrawing from the Divine Will, up to the last man who will exist upon earth.  I tried to give to my God all the honor, the glory and submission of each created intelligence.  And I did the same for all my other senses, calling all those of the other creatures into mine.  I did all this, always in His lovable Will, in which everything can be found.   Nothing can escape It, even things that may not exist at the present moment, and in which everything can be done. 


While I was doing this, a voice came out from within the immensity of that light, saying: “Every time the soul enters into the Divine Will to pray, work or love, she opens up another path between Creator and creatures.  Seeing the creature making her way to go into It, the Divinity opens Itself to meet Its creature.  In this encounter she copies the virtues of her Creator, and absorbs ever new Divine Life into herself.  She penetrates more into the eternal secrets of the Supreme Volition, and nothing she does is any longer human in her, but divine.  This divine operating forms a golden heaven within her, on which the Divinity strolls, delighting in finding Its own operating in the creature.  It delights in awaiting the creature in order to receive her divine acts, and so opens more ways for her in Its Divinity.  It keeps repeating with great love: ‘Behold!  Here is how, in my Will, the creature comes closer to my likeness.  She accomplishes my designs, she fulfills the purpose of Creation.’  While hearing this, I found myself back inside myself.    






May 8, 1923

Luisa must reach the beginning.

Only the Divine Will can place in safety and keep with jealousy

all the goods which God wants to give to the creature.


As I was in my usual state, I found myself outside my body.  I seemed to be covering a very long way on which I encountered many people.  Some were horrifying to look at, some seemed to be incarnate demons.  Very few were the good.  The way was so long that it seemed it would never end and I was tired.  I wanted to go back into myself, but someone who was near me prevented me from doing so.  He was telling me: “Come now, keep going.  You must continue until you reach the beginning.  You have to go through every generation in order to get there.  You must have them all under your eye so you can bring them to your Creator.  Your beginning is God, and you must reach that point of eternity in which the Eternal One created man.  Then you can receive all the bonds of Creation and retie all the harmonies that can exist between Creator and creature


So, a supreme force made me go forward, and I was forced to see the evils of the earth and those which will come.  They were, unfortunately, horrifying.  Then, after this, I found my sweet Jesus.


I was so tired that I threw myself into His arms, telling Him: ‘My Love, what a long way I had to go through.  It seemed like centuries without seeing You, and without finding the One who forms my Life.’ 


And Jesus, all love: “Ah, yes, my daughter, rest in my arms.  Come into your beginning, from which you came.  I too was anxiously awaiting you, to receive from you, in my Will, all that Creation owes Me.  I’ve been waiting to give to you, in my same Will, all that I must give to all Creation.  My Will alone can place in safety and keep with jealousy all the goods which I want to give to the creature.  Outside of my Will, my goods are always in danger and poorly kept, while in It, I abound and I give to one what I should give to all.  This is why I want to bind all Creation in you.  I want to place you at the original point of the creation of man.  It is my usual way to deal one on one with one creature alone in what I want to give her and what I want from her.  Then, from her, I let goodness draw from her for others.  Ah!  My daughter, I had created man like a flower, which was to grow, to acquire color and fragrance in my very Divinity.  By withdrawing from my Will, he was like  a flower which is snatched away from a plant.  As long as it remains on the plant, the flower is beautiful, lively in its color and fragrant in its perfume.  But once it is snatched away from the plant, it withers, it fades, it becomes ugly, and eventually gives off a bad smell.  What a lot this was for him, and what a sorrow for Me who, with so much love, wanted to raise this flower in my Divinity, to delight and amuse Myself with him!” 


“Now, by my omnipotence, I want this detached flower to bloom again, by transplanting it once again into the womb of my Divinity.  But I want a soul who desires to live in the womb of my Volition.  She will be the seed that she will lend to Me, and my Will shall do all the rest.  In this way, my delight in Creation will return.  I will amuse Myself with this mystical flower, and I will be repaid for Creation.”  






May 18, 1923

How difficult it is to find a soul who wants to suffer.

The executioners of souls present in the Church.


I was feeling depressed and lonely without my sweet Jesus.  What hard martyrdom is His deprivation!  A martyrdom without the hope of storming Heaven like the martyrs do.  They make their every suffering sweet.  His deprivation, instead, is a martyrdom which disunites, burns, cuts, and opens an abyss of separation between the soul and God.  A martyrdom which, instead of sweetening suffering, embitters it, makes it toxic.  While the soul feels herself dying, death itself runs away from her.  Oh, God, what pain!


I was in the immense abyss of the absence of my Jesus when, just barely, He moved in my interior.


I said to Him: ‘Ah!  My Jesus, You don’t love me anymore.’ 


He, not paying any attention to me, looked all upset.  He was holding something black in His hand, which He was about to throw upon the creatures.  Then He took my heart in His hands and squeezed it tightly, squashing it.  My heart was anxiously awaiting His pains as refreshment and balm for the pains I suffered because of His deprivation.  Oh!  How afraid I was that He might cease to make me suffer, plunging me once again into the abyss of His separation. 


Then, after this, He said to me: “My daughter, I do not pay attention to words, but to facts.  Do you think it is easy to find a soul who really wants to suffer?  Oh, how hard it is!  With words, there are many who say they want to suffer.  But, when it comes to facts, they run away when a single pain oppresses them or other sufferings surround them.  Oh!  How they would rather free themselves.  And I remain always the isolated Jesus in pain


“This is why, when I find a soul who does not shun suffering and who wants to keep Me company in my pains, it makes Me delirious with love.  She waits and waits for Me to bring her the bread of suffering and makes Me reach the point of committing follies.  I abound so much with this soul as to astonish Heaven and earth.  Do you think my Heart, which loves so much, was indifferent while you were without Me, waiting for nothing else but to receive from Me my bitter pains


While He was saying this, He made me feel that the Most Holy Sacrament was passing by, in the street, and He squeezed my heart tighter.


And I: ‘My Jesus, what is going on?  Where are You going, and who is carrying You?’ 


And He, all sad: “I am going to a sick person, and I am carried by an executioner of souls.” 


And I, frightened: ‘Jesus, what are You saying?  What?  Your ministers, executioners of souls?’ 


And He: “There are many executioners of souls in my Church!  There are executioners, attached to interests, who make a slaughter of souls.  Instead of helping souls to be detached from all that is earthly, by their example, they engulf them even more.  There are the immodest ones, who, instead of purifying souls, disfigure them.  There are executioners of pastimes, dedicated to pleasures, to strolls and other things.  Instead of making souls recollected and infusing in them love for prayer and retreat, they distract them.  These are all slaughters of souls.  My Heart feels so much pain in seeing that the very ones who were to help and sanctify souls, are the cause of their ruin







May 23, 1923

The Will of God is fullness,

and one who lives in It

must centralize everything within herself.


His absences continue, and as my sweet Jesus made Himself seen just a little, I said to Him: “Tell me, my Love, where have I offended You, that You run far away from me?  Ah!  My heart is bleeding because of the bitterness of the pain.”


And Jesus: “Have you perhaps withdrawn from my Will


And I: ‘No, no.  May Heaven free me from such a misfortune


And He: “And why, then, do you ask Me where you have offended Me?  Only when the soul withdraws from my Will, does sin enter.  Ah, my daughter, in order to take full possession of my Will, you must centralize all the interior states of all creatures within yourself, and as you move from one interior state to another, you take dominion over it.  This happened in my Mama and in my very Humanity.  How many pains, how many states of souls were centralized in Us?  Several times my dear Mama remained in the state of pure faith, and my moaning Humanity was almost crushed under the enormous weight of all the sins and pains of all creatures.  But while I suffered, I remained with the dominion of all the goodness opposite to those sins and pains of creatures, and my dear Mama became Queen of faith, of hope and of love, and dominator of light, to the extent of being able to give faith, hope, love and light to all.  In order to be able to give, it is necessary to possess.  In order to possess, it is necessary to centralize those pains within oneself, and with resignation and love, change pain into goodness, darkness into light, coldness into fire.  My Will is fullness, and one who must live in It, must acquire the dominion of all possible imaginable goodness, as much as is possible for a creature.  Do I not have enough goodness to give to all?  Does my inseparable Mama not have enough to give?  If We do not give more, it is only because there is no one who takes them.  We suffered everything, and while We were on earth, Our dwelling was in the fullness of the Divine Will


“Now it is your turn to follow Our same path and to dwell where We dwelt.  Do you think that to live in Our Will is something trivial, or just like any other life, even a holy life?  Ah, no, no!  It is the All.  In It one must embrace everything, and if something escapes, you cannot say that you live in the fullness of Our Will.  So, be attentive and always follow your flight in my Eternal Volition






May 25, 1923

The Divine Will legitimizes souls as children of God.

How everything was created for them


I felt as though immersed in the Eternal Volition, and my always lovable Jesus, drawing me to Himself, transported me outside of myself, showing me Heaven and earth.


As He was showing me this, He told me: “Beloved daughter of Our Supreme Will, see, this whole machine of the universe: heavens, sun, seas, and all the rest, was created by Us to give it as a gift.  But do you know to whom?  To the ones who would do Our Will.  Everything was given to them as to Our rightful children.  We did this for the decorum of Our works.  We save them and give them as gifts, but not to foreign people or to illegitimate children.  They would not understand the great goodness which is contained in them, nor appreciate the greatness and the sanctity of Our works.  On the contrary, they would waste them and despise them.  So, We give them to Our rightful children


“Each created thing contains a distinct love and a particular good for the one to whom the gift is directed.  Our Will, dwelling in them and forming Its very Life in them, would make them comprehend all these loves.  They are distinct among themselves and are present in the whole of creation.   Each goodness has its own specialties.  So, they would exchange with Us each distinct love, and would give Us glory and honor for ever good thing given to them.  Our Will has created them with one Fiat, and knew all the secrets dwelling in Our legitimate children.  With another Fiat We would reveal Our secrets, which are contained in all created things, and would make them give Us love for love


“Harmony and communication would be mutual between them and Us.  Even though it seems that those who do not do Our Will enjoy and take part in them, the gifts are not theirs.  They enjoy them as an indirect cause, as usurpers and unlawful children.  Since my Will does not dwell in them, they understand very little or nothing of my love, which all creation brings to them, and of the great goodness present in it.  Moreover, many don’t even know Who created all these things.  These people are truly foreign to Me.   They live off of things that belong to Me, yet don’t even want to recognize Me


“So, this great gift of the whole universe was presented by my Celestial Father to my Humanity, as to a true Son, and I thanked Him for everything: gift for gift, love for love.  Then came my Celestial Mother, who was able to thank Her Creator so well.  Now, the children of my Will have come, whom my Will is to adopt as Its true children.  This is why all Creation exults with joy, has a feast and smiles.  As I draw you outside of yourself, together with Me, it recognizes its true owner, the rightful daughter of the Supreme Will


“All created things would want to run around you and up onto your lap and have a festival in your honor.  They want to be appreciated, defended, and considered as gifts of their Creator.  They all compete to give you, each one of them, their distinct love and the gift which each created thing contains.  Some want to give you the gift of the beauty of your Creator and the love that beauty contains.  Some want to give you the gift of power and the love that power contains.  Some want to give you the gift of wisdom, some of goodness, some of sanctity, some of light, some of purity, as well as the distinct loves contained in wisdom, goodness, sanctity, light and purity.” 


“My Will knocks down all the barriers that exist between the soul and God.  It places her in harmony between Heaven and earth.  It reveals all secrets contained in the whole Creation, and It renders her the depository of all the gifts of God






May 29, 1923

God is always the first to operate in the soul.


I was accompanying my sweet Jesus in His pain, especially in what He suffered in the Garden of Gethsemani.


Moving in my interior while I gave Him my compassion, He told me: “My daughter, the first one to form the crafting of my pains in my Humanity was my Celestial Father.  He alone had the strength and the power to create pain and to place in it as many degrees of pain as were needed in order to be satisfied for the debt of creatures.  Creatures were secondary, because they had no power over Me, nor the ability to create pain as intense as they wantedThe same happens in all creatures: in creating man, the first crafting, both in the soul and in the body, was done by my Divine Father.  With His own hands, He formed human nature with so much harmony and happiness.  Everything is harmony and happiness in man.  Even the merely external part contained much harmony and happiness.  The eyes can see, the mouth can talk, the feet can walk, the hands can work and take things from where the feet have gone.” 


“But what if the eyes could see, but man did not have the mouth to express himself.   What if he had feet to walk, but no hands to work?  Wouldn’t there be unhappiness and disharmony in his human nature?  What about the happiness and harmony of the human soul?  What about the will, the intellect and the memory?  Don’t they contain much happiness and harmony?   It is enough to say that they are part of the happiness and harmony of the Eternal One.  God created His true personal Eden in the body and soul of man, a celestial Eden.  Then He gave him the terrestrial Eden as his home.  Everything was happiness and harmony in human nature.  And even though sin upset this happiness and harmony, it did not completely destroy all the good which God had created in man


“So, just as God created with His own hands all the happiness and harmony in the creature, He created all possible pain in Me.  This pain had to be repaid because of human ingratitude.  Lost happiness had to come out of the sea of my pains, as well as the accord for the upset harmony.  This is what happens to all creatures.  When I must choose them for a distinct sanctity or for my special designs, it is my own hands that work in the soul.  I create in it now suffering, now love, now the knowledge of celestial truths.  My jealousy is such that I want no one to touch her.  If I allow creatures to do something to her, it is always something secondary.  But I Myself have primacy, and I keep forming her according to my design






June 6, 1923

The sign that the soul is all of God

 is that she has a taste for nothing but Him.


I was concerned about the reason why my Jesus was not coming, and I said to myself: ‘Who knows what evil there is inside me, that Jesus hides Himself so as not to be displeased?’ 


And He, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, the sign that there is nothing evil and that the interior of the soul is completely filled with God, is that nothing is left to her which is not all mine.  In everything that may happen inside and outside of her, she no longer has a taste for anything.  Her taste is only for Me and of Me.  This is true not only with profane or indifferent things, but also with holy things, pious people, services, music, you name it.  Everything is cold, indifferent to her, like something that does not pertain to her.  The reason is natural.  If the soul is completely filled with Me, she is also filled with my tastes.  My taste is hers, and other tastes have no place to lodge themselves.  As beautiful as they may be, they hold no attraction for the soul; rather, they are as though dead for her


“On the other hand, the soul who is not completely mine is empty.  She feels insider herself a taste for everything that surrounds her, if she likes it.  If, on the other hand, there are things which she does not like, she feels disgust.  So, she is in a continuous alternation of taste and disgust.  And since any taste which did not come from Me is not lasting, many times taste turn into disgust.  This is why so many variations of character can be noticed in her: now too sad, now too cheerful, now all irascible, another time all affable.   Her character changes so much because, in place of Me, there is an empty void in her soul.  Her character is nothing similar to mine, for I am always the same and I never change.” 


“Do you have any taste for what exists down here?  What do you fear?  Is it that I hide Myself because I am displeased with some evil in you?  Wherever I am, there can be no evil.” 


And I: ‘My Love, I don’t feel like having a taste for anything, no matter how good it might be.  And besides, You know it better than I do.  How can I have a taste for anything else, if the pain of your absence totally absorbs me?  It makes me bitter down to the marrow of my bones.  It makes me forget about everything else.  The only thing I’m aware of is the nail of your absence that is driven into in my heart


And Jesus: “This tells you that you are mine and that you are filled with Me, because every taste has this power.  If it is my taste, it transforms the creature into Me.  If it is a natural taste, it sweeps her into human things.  If it is a taste for passions, it casts her into the current of evil.  It may seem that taste is something trivial; but, it isn’t.  It is the first act of either good or evil


“Ask yourself why this is so.  Why did Adam sin?  It’s because he removed his gaze from the divine attraction.  When Eve gave him the forbidden fruit to eat, he looked at the fruit, and his sight took pleasure in looking at it.  His hearing took delight in hearing the words of Eve: that if he ate the fruit he would become like God.  And His palate took pleasure in eating it.  So, taste was the first act of his ruin.  On the other hand, had he felt displeasure in looking at it, tedium and bother in hearing the words of Eve or disgust in eating it, Adam would not have sinned.  On the contrary, he would have done the first heroic act of his life, by resisting and correcting Eve for having done that.  Then he would have remained with the everlasting crown of faithfulness toward the One to whom he owed so much, and Who had all the rights for his subjection.  Oh!  How careful must one be with the different tastes which arise in the soul.  If they are purely divine tastes, one must give them life.  But if they are human tastes, or of passions, one must give them death; otherwise there is the risk of falling into the current of evil






June 10, 1923

The office of victim,

and what it means to be deposed from it.

In order to live in the Divine Will,

the door through which to enter is the Humanity of Jesus.


I was lamenting to my sweet Jesus about His deprivations, and I thought to myself: ‘Who knows why He’s not coming?  Maybe it’s true, as He sometimes tries to make me understand, that He does not come because of the chastisements.  Given the state of victim in which He keeps me, if He comes, it is to tell me about His pains because of the office I occupy, like when He feels His arms being broken.  It is because justice wants to punish, since the creature forces it to do so.  This is why He doesn’t come.  Well, if this is the case, then He should remove me from the state of victimhood.  As long as He comes, I don’t care much about everything else.  What I care about is Jesus, my Life, my All.  Nothing else matters to me


Now, while I was thinking about this as well as other things, my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior and wrapping  His arm around my neck, told me: “My daughter, what are you saying?  Deposing you from your office?  You don’t know what it would mean to lose dominion, to lose the right to command, to no longer be able to dispose of anything.  In fact, when someone is in office, he can always dispose.  If he is a judge, he can judge, he has the right to issue a condemnation and also to absolve.  It may be that for days or weeks he does not exercise his office because there is no occasion for it.  But in spite of this he receives his pay, maintains his rights, and as guilty or righteous people present themselves, he is at his post as judge, and can defend or condemn.  But if he is deposed, he loses all his rights and is unable to do anything.  The same is true with all other offices.  Therefore, be content with being without Me sometimes, rather than wanting to be deposed from your office.  Otherwise you will also lose the right of holding back some part of the scourges that are so well deserved.  If it seems to you that because of the lack of pain for a few days, you are not doing anything, to remain in office is always something.  What you do not do one day, as I come to you and find you in office, you can do on another day


“But that’s not all.  That’s just a small part of it.  The most essential part is that in order to live in my Will, the door through which to enter, the first link of the connection, is my Humanity.  My Humanity was indeed the first and true victim which, because of the office given to Me by my Celestial Father, lived as a sacrifice and was completely crucified in the Divine Will.  By virtue of the power of my Eternal Volition, It was able to multiply my Life for each and every one.  By the power of one single Fiat, I multiplied so many created things, giving to each creature the right to make them her own.  In the same way, the power of my Will multiplied one single Life, so that each one might have Me for himself alone as his help, as his defense, his refuge; however he wanted Me.  This is all the greatness, the good, the all, the infinite distance between living in my Will and living in some other way, even if good and holy.  This the multiplication of one act into as many acts as one wants, enough for as many as want to make use of them


“If I deposed you from your office, you would not occupy my office on earth, since you would not be in my Humanity.  While in office, through your prayers, It obtained so much good for man.  Yet It did not take the rights, the honor or the decorum away from my justice when it would justly require man to be punished.  I would resign Myself instead.  But, lacking the connecting link, you would not be able to live in my Will.  You would lose dominion and your acts would become simple intentions.  So when you say: ‘My Jesus, in your Will, I love You, I bless You, I thank You for all and I feel sorrow for each offense.’, your acts would not hover over each human act.  They would not become the act of each human act and love for each love that creatures should give Me.  You would not follow all my acts which are present in my Will, you would remain behind.  They would be pious intentions at most, which can do some good, but they not acts for all, which may give life and contain the power of Our creative Will.  And yet, how many times you tell Me: ‘Since You have called me into your Will, do not leave me behind. Oh, Jesus, let it be so that, together with You, I may follow the acts of Creation, to repay You for the love of all created things, as well as those of Redemption and of Sanctification.  Wherever your acts and your love are present, let there be my requital.’  And now you want Me to leave you behind


I remained confused and did not know what to answer.  Good Jesus disposes as He best pleases.  And everything is for His glory.






June 15, 1923

In what does perfect charity consist?


Continuing in my usual state, I was praying that my always lovable Jesus would deign to come to visit my poor soul.  He, all goodness, came, and made Himself seen as He kept touching me up all over with His holy hand.  In touching me, He would leave a light as a mark at each point where He touched me.


After this, Jesus disappeared, and my first confessor came, who is now deceased, and he told me: “I too want to touch you at those points where Our Lord touched you.” 


I didn’t really want him to touch me, but I didn’t want to say no, so I let him do it.  But as he was doing it, that light which Jesus had left in touching me, was communicated to him.  He became endowed with a light for each touch he gave me, always at the same points where Jesus had touched me.  I was surprised, and the confessor told me: “The Lord has sent me to give me a reward for the merit I acquired when I would come to you to be charitable and act upon you.  Now this has turned for me into the light of eternal glory


Then, afterwards, my second confessor came, who is also deceased, and he told me: “Tell me what Jesus said to you.  I want to hear it, so that the light of the divine truths may unite to the many lights of the truths which the Lord spoke to you.   Hearing them from you when I was alive, I became as though impregnated.  Now the Lord has sent me to confirm for myself the reward for the merit I acquired by wanting to hear those truths.  If you only knew what it means to hear these divine truths and what charming light they contain, enough to eclipsed the sun.  If you knew the good they bring to the one who speaks them and to the one who listens to them.  If you did, there would be competition between you, in speaking them, and the one who feels compelled to listen to them.  So, hurry, tell me.  What did He say to you?” 


And I, remembering that Jesus had told me what charity means, told him what He said.  My words turned into light and invested him; then, all content, he disappeared. 


Now I will relate what Jesus had told me about charity: “My daughter, with its power, true charity can convert all things into love.  Look at fire.  It converts all varieties of wood, and many other things, into fire.  If it did not have the power to convert everything into fire, it could not be called true fire.  The same is true for the soul.  If she does not convert all things into love, both supernatural and natural things, joys and bitterness, and everything that surrounds her, she cannot be said to possess true charity.” 


Now, as He was saying this, He let many flames come out of His Most Holy Heart, which filled Heaven and earth and, uniting together, they formed one single flame.


And He added: “Continuous flames of love come from my Heart.  To some they bring love, to some pain, to some light and to others strength.  They all come from the center of the furnace of my love.  Therefore, even though they perform different offices, they have only one purpose: to send love to the creature.  All these flames unite together to form one single flame.  The same is true for the creature.  Even if she does different things, the purpose must be love.  She must be able to make each one of her actions a little flame which, uniting together, will form the great flame that will burn everything and will transform her completely into Me.  Otherwise, she will not possess true charity






June 18, 1923

Prodigies, wonders, excesses of love of Our Lord

in instituting the Most Holy Sacrament,

and in communicating Himself


I was feeling totally absorbed in the Most Holy Will of God, and blessed Jesus made present to me, as though in the act, all the actions of His Life on earth.  I had just received Him sacramentally in my poor heart.  So He made me see, as though in the act, in His Most Holy Will, the moment in which my sweet Jesus, in instituting the Most Holy Sacrament, communicated Himself.  How many wonders, how many prodigies, how many excesses of love there were in this act of communicating Himself.  My mind wandered amid so many divine prodigies.


Then my always lovable Jesus told me: “Beloved daughter of my Supreme Volition, my Will contains everything.  It preserves all of the divine works as though in the act.  It lets nothing escape It.  It wants to make known the goods It contains and to anyone who lives in It.  So, I want to make known to you the reason for which I wanted to receive Myself when I instituted the Most Holy Sacrament.” 


“This prodigy was great and incomprehensible to the human mind.  The Apostles themselves, while they easily believed in the Incarnation and in many other mysteries, remained troubled before this one, and their intellects were reluctant to believe.  This mystery was perplexing.  It was incomprehensible for the creature to receive a Man and God and to enclose the infinite in a finite being.  How could we give to this infinite Being the divine honors, the decorum and a dwelling worthy of Him


“I had to repeat It several times before they would surrender.  So, what to do?  I, who instituted it, had to take care of everything.  When the creature would receive Me, the Divinity was not to lack honors, divine decorum and a dwelling worthy of God.  So, my daughter, as I instituted the Most Holy Sacrament, my Eternal Will was united to my human will.  It made present to Me all the hosts which were to receive the sacramental consecration until the end of centuries.  I looked at them, one by one.  I consumed them, and I saw my Sacramental Life palpitating in each host, yearning to give Itself to my creatures.  In the name of the whole human family, my Humanity took on the commitment for all.  It gave a dwelling within Itself to each host.  My Divinity, which was inseparable from Me, surrounded each sacramental host with divine honors, praises and blessings, to give worthy decorum to my Majesty.  So, each sacramental host was deposited in Me and contains the dwelling of my Humanity and the cortege of the honors of my Divinity.  Otherwise, how could I descend into the creature?  It was only because of this that I tolerated sacrileges, coldness, irreverence and ingratitude.  By receiving Myself, I secured my own decorum, the honors and the dwelling which befitted my very Person.  Had I not received Myself, I could not have descended into creatures, and they would have lacked the way, the door, the means to receive Me


“This is my usual way in all my works.  I do them once in order to give life to all the other times in which they are repeated, uniting them to the first act as if they were one single act.  So, the power and the immensity of my all-seeing Will made Me embrace all centuries.  It made present to Me the communicants and all sacramental hosts.  I received Myself every time, so that, through Myself, I might pass into each creature.  Who has ever thought so much of my love?  In order to descend into the hearts of creatures, I had to receive Myself so as to secure their divine rights.  This is how I was be able to give them, not only Myself, but the very acts I did in receiving Myself.  Now I can prepare them so that I might give them the right to receive Me”


I was surprised and inclined to doubt, so Jesus added: “Why do you doubt?  Is this not perhaps to operate as God?  This is one single act of forming as many acts for as many creatures who want to enjoy it, while it still remains one single act.  Was it not the same for the act of the Incarnation, of my Life and of my Passion?  I incarnated Myself only once.  One was my Life and one my Passion.  Yet, this Incarnation, this Life and Passion is for each and every one, as if it were for one alone.  So, they are still as though in action for each one, as if I were now incarnating Myself and still now suffering my Passion.  If it were not so, I would not be operating as God, but as a creature, who, not containing a divine power, cannot let herself be possessed by all, nor give herself to all


“Now, my daughter, I want to tell you of another excess of my love.  One who does my Will and lives in It, comes to embrace the works of my Humanity, because I greatly yearn that the creature become similar to Me.  Since my Will and hers are one, my Will takes pleasure in her.  Amusing Itself, It places all the good I contain into the creature.  I form in her the deposit of the very sacramental hosts.  My Will, which she contains, lends her and surrounds her with divine decorum, homages and honors.  I entrust everything to her, because I am certain to keep my works in a safe place.  My Will becomes actor, spectator and custodian of all my goodness, of my works and of my very Life






June 21, 1923

Difference between the soul who finds herself in the Divine Will

because the Divine Will envelops her and is everywhere by Its own nature,

and one who prays and acts in the Divine Will

having the knowledge of what she does within herself.


I was doing my usual adoration to my Crucified Good, and I was saying to Him: ‘I enter into your Will; or rather, give me your hand and place me in the immensity of your Will Yourself.  May I do nothing which is not the effect of your Most Holy Will.’ 


Now, while I was saying this, I thought to myself: ‘How is this?  The Divine Will is everywhere, I am already in It, and yet I say: I enter into your Will?’ 


But while I was thinking of this, my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, yet, there is a great difference between one who prays and acts because my Will envelops her, being everywhere by Its own nature, and one who, of her own will, having the knowledge of what she does within herself, enters into the divine sphere of my Will to operate and pray.” 


“Do you know what happens?  It’s like the sun filling the earth with its light.  The light and the heat are not the same at all points.  At some points there is shade, at other points there is direct light and the heat is more intense.  Who enjoys more light, who feels more heat?   Is it the one who is in the shade or the one who is at some point where the light is not covered by shade?  However, one cannot say that where there is shade there is no light.   But the light is more vivid, the heat is more intense where there is no shade.  Moreover, the rays of the sun seem to invest and absorb the creature.  And if the sun had reason, and one creature exposed herself of her own will to its burning rays, and in the name of all said to it: “Thank you, O sun, for your light and for all the goods you produce by filling the earth.  I want to give you the return of the good you do for all.  This would give so much glory, honor and satisfaction to the sun.” 


“It is true that my Will is everywhere.  But the shade of the human will does not allow the soul to feel the vividness of the light, the heat, and all the good It contains.  On the other hand, by wanting to enter into my Will, the soul lays down her own and removes the shade of her volition.  My Will then makes Its vivid light shine, It invests her and It transforms her into light itself.  And the soul, plunged into my Eternal Volition, says to Me: ‘Thank You, O Holy Supreme Volition, for your light and for all the goodness You produce by filling Heaven and earth with your Eternal Will.  I want to return to You the good You do for all.’  Then I feel the highest possible honor, glory and satisfaction.  My daughter, how many evils the shade of one’s own will does: it cools down the soul, it produces sloth, sleep and sluggishness.  The opposite is true for one who lives in my Will


Then, after this, I found myself outside of my body, and I saw what looked like some contagious diseases that were to come, and many people were carried to leper hospitals.  A general fright was reigning, and many other new kinds of maladies.  But I hope that Jesus will appease Himself by the merits of His most precious Blood.






June 28, 1923

How, in creating man, God cast into him the seed of his eternal love.


I was thinking of the immense love of my most sweet Jesus, and He let me see all creatures, as though bound inside a net of love. 


He said to me: “My daughter, in creating man, I cast into him many seeds of love.  These are in his intelligence, in his eyes, in his word, in his heart, in his hands, in his feet.  In everything I placed the seed of love.  I was to work it from outside.  Together with Me I placed all created things in order to make this seed sprout and grow according to my Will.  Having been placed by an eternal God, this seed was also eternal.  Man contains an eternal love within himself, and an eternal love goes toward him constantly.  It goes to receive the return of the seeds of its eternal love cast into man, and to give him new and eternal love.  In fact, I wanted to be inside of man as seed, and outside of him as worker, to form in him the tree of my eternal love.  What would be the good for man to have eyes filled with light, if he did not have an external light to illuminate them?  He would remain always in the dark.  So, in order to enjoy the effect of the light, it takes the internal light of the eye as well as the external light of the sun which illuminates it.  The same for the mind: if he had no speech to express his thought, the life of his intelligence would die and would be without fruit. Everything is like that.” 


“I loved man so much that I not only cast into him this seed of my eternal love, but I put him under the waves of my eternal love which is spread throughout the whole creation.  That was to make the seed germinate in him and to overwhelm him completely within my eternal love.  So, if the light of the sun shines in his eyes, it brings him the wave of my love.  If he takes water to quench his thirst, or food to nourish himself, they bring him the wave of my eternal love.  If the earth lays itself under his feet and remains firm to allow his step, it brings him the wave of my love.  If the flower gives off its fragrance, if the fire unleashes its heat, everything brings him my eternal love.  But this is not enough.  I Myself am with them, working inside and outside.   I arrange, confirm and seal all my similes in the soul of man, so that, as I give him eternal love, eternal love he may give to Me.  So, the creature also can love Me with eternal love, because he contains the seed of it.  But to my highest sorrow, man suffocates this seed.  Then, even though my love keeps him under its waves, he does not feel the light which my love brings him, because, having suffocated the seed, he has become blind.  Even though he burns, he does not get warm, and as much as he may drink and eat, his thirst is not quenched, nor is he nourished.  Where there is no seed, there is no fruitfulness







July 1, 1923

The good and the effect of prayer in the Divine Will.

Delight of Jesus in manifesting His truths to the creature.

 How God is ever new.


I was fusing myself in the Holy Divine Will in order to go around through each creature’s intelligence, and give to my Jesus the return of love of each thought of creature.


But while I was doing this, a thought said to me: ‘What is the good of praying in this way?  On the contrary, it seems to me that this is nonsense, rather than prayer.’ 


And my always lovable Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, do you want to know what the good and the effect of it is?  The creature comes to cast the little pebble of her will into the immense sea of my Divinity.  As she casts it, if her will wants to love, the infinite sea of the waters of my love ripple, are agitated.  I feel the waves of my love giving off their celestial fragrance.  I feel the pleasure, the joys of my love being agitated by the little pebble of the will of the creature.  If she adores my sanctity, the little pebble of the human will agitates the sea of my sanctity and I feel cheered by the most pure auras of my sanctity.  In sum, whatever the human will wants to do in Mine, it flings itself like a little pebble into each sea of my attributes.  As it agitates them and ripples them, I feel I am given my own things, and the honors, the glory, the love which the creature can give Me in a divine manner.” 


“It is like a person who is very rich and has every good thing in his house: the freshest fountains, fragrant fountains, warm fountains.  Someone else enters into this house, but has nothing to give to that person, because he already possesses everything.  However, he wants to please him, he wants to love him; so what does he do?  He takes a little pebble and casts it into the fountain freshness.  The waters, being agitated, give off a most delicate freshness, and the lord of that house enjoys the pleasure of the freshness of his own fountain.  He delights in the very goods he possesses.  But why?  Because the other one took the care of agitating that fountain, since, when things are stirred, they give off the fragrance, the freshness or the heat they contain more intensely.  This is what it means to enter into my Will.  It is to stir and to move my Being and to say to Me: ‘Do You see how good, lovable, loving, holy, immense, powerful You are?  You are Everything, and I want to move the whole of You in order to love You and to give You pleasure’.  And do you think this is trivial


Having said this, He withdrew into my interior, and I was left thinking: ‘How good Jesus is.  It seems to me that He greatly delights in communicating Himself to the creature.  He takes so much pleasure in manifesting His truths, that while He is saying one, that very truth is a spur for Him, and almost pushes Him with an irresistible force to manifest more truths.  What goodness!  What love!’ 


And Jesus came out again from within my interior, and placing His face close to mine, added: “My daughter, you do not know what it means to manifest my truths.  That’s why you marvel at my pleasure and at the irresistible force I feel to manifest Myself to the creature.  Someone who is willing to listen to Me forms my joy and my delights in conversing with her.  You must know that when I manifest one truth of mine which is not yet known, it is a new creation that I make.  I love very much to release from Myself the many goods and secrets which I contain.  But as much as I may speak, since I am that ever new action which never repeats itself, I always desire to say more.  As I speak, I always have more new things which I would like to say, because that newness is never exhausted in Me. I am always new in love, new in beauty, new in contentment, in harmonies – new in everything, and ever new.  This is why I do not tire anyone, I have always new things to give and to say, and the irresistible force that pushes Me to manifest Myself is my love.  In an outpouring of love I issued the Creation.  verything that can be seen in the whole universe was all inside of Me.  Love made the shadow of my light overflow from my interior, and I created the sun; the shadow of my immensity and of my harmonies.  I extended the heavens, harmonizing them with many stars and celestial spheres.  These and other things which I created were nothing other than shadows of mine which I released from Myself.  My love had Its outpouring, and I took great delight in seeing what was contained in Me, spread out in little particles hovering over all creation


“What will be my joy in manifesting my truths, which are not shadows of mine that come out of Me, but the substance of the goodness I contain within Me.  They speak of Me, not in a mute language like all created things do, but with a clear, sonorous and eloquent voice.  Since my word is creative, these truths are like a new creation that forms in the soul the truths I manifest.  With one Fiat I created many things.  In manifesting my truths it is not just one Fiat that I pronounce, but as many words as are needed to show souls and have them comprehend that which I want them to understand.  Imagine what my contentment is in manifesting my truths to the soul who, not in a mute language, but with a speaking voice, will manifest my goods, my truths, to others.  She does this in order to infuse in others the good she has received.  So, in manifesting my truths, my love finds its outpouring and becomes festive.  I greatly love someone who is willing to listen to Me






July 5, 1923

Jesus is presented to Pilate by the Jews.

What His Kingdom is.


I was accompanying my suffering Jesus in the hours of the His most bitter Passion, especially when Jesus was presented to Pilate by the Jewish leaders, and was accused.  Pilate, not satisfied with the simple accusations they were making against Him, returned to question Him in order to find a reason sufficient to condemn Him or to release Him.


Jesus, beginning to speak in my interior, told me: “My daughter, everything in my Life is a profound mystery.  It contains sublime teachings in which man must reflect himself in order to imitate Me.  You must know that the pride of the Jewish leaders was very great.  They professed a false sanctity because of which they were held as especially upright and conscientious men.  They believed that by just presenting Me themselves, saying that they had found Me guilty, Pilate would have to believe them.  They wanted him to condemn Me to death without making them undergo any interrogation to determine fault.  They thought they would succeed since they were dealing with a gentile judge who had no knowledge of God, nor a conscience.” 


“But God disposed things differently in order to confuse them.  This was to teach superiors that, as good and holy as the people who charge a poor accused person may appear, they should not believe them easily.  The judge should almost overwhelm the plaintifs with a detailed interrogation, to see whether the charges are true.  They should find out if, under the appearance of goodness, there is any jealousy or rancor.  They should look out for the intention to snatch some aspired position or dignity from their superiors by making their way into their hearts.  Scrutiny enables one to know people.  It confuses them, and shows that one does not trust them.  Then, in seeing themselves not appreciated, they dismiss the thought of aspiring to positions or of accusing others.  Superiors do so much harm when, keeping their eyes closed, they trust in false goodness and not in proven virtue.  Then they assign a position or pay heed to someone who is falsely accusing someone else of some fault



“The Jewish leaders were humiliated because Pilate did not easily believe them and they had to go through interrogation themselves.  He surrendered to their demand in condemning Me, but it was not because he believed them.  It was because he was forced to, so he would not lose his own position.  This confused the Jewish leaders, so much so that their extreme confusion and profound humiliation was impressed on their foreheads like a mark.  Their humiliation was even worse, since they noticed more rectitude and more conscience in a gentile judge than in themselves.  How necessary and just scrutiny is.  It casts light and calm into the true good, and confusion into the evil.” 


“Then Pilate, wanting to scrutinize Me also, asked Me: “Are You a king?  Where is your kingdom


“I wanted to give another sublime lesson by saying: “I am King”.  And I wanted to say: “But do you know what my Kingdom is?  My pains, my Blood and my virtues are my Kingdom.  This is the true Kingdom which I possess, not outside of Me, but within Me.  What one possesses on the outside is not a true kingdom nor a safe dominion.  That which is not inside of man can be taken away, usurped, or he will be forced to leave it.  But that which he has inside, no one will be able to take away from him.  Its dominion will be eternal within him.  The characteristics of my Kingdom are my wounds, the thorns and the Cross.  I do not act like other kings who make their peoples live outside of them, unsafe, and eventually, even starving.  Not Me.  I call my people to dwell inside the rooms of my wounds, fortified and sheltered by my pains, their thirst quenched by my Blood, their hunger satisfied by my Flesh.  This alone is true reigning.  All others are reigns of slavery, of danger and death, while in my Reign there is true life


“There are many sublime teachings and profound mysteries in my words.  Each soul, even when in pain and in suffering, in humiliation and in abandonment by all, should practice true virtue.  Each soul should say to herself: ‘This is my kingdom, which is not subject to perishing.  No one can take it away from me or touch it.  On the contrary, my kingdom is eternal and divine, similar to that of my sweet Jesus.  My suffering and pain certify it for me and render my kingdom more fortified and fierce.  In the face of my great strength, no one will be able to wage war against me.’  This is the Kingdom of peace, to which all my children should aspire.”                 





July 11, 1923


The greater the work God wants to do,

 the more necessary it is that the creature he chooses

be unique and singular. 

The paternal goodness wants to

open another era of grace.


I was praying and abandoning all of myself in the arms of my most sweet Jesus, but with a thought in my mind which was saying: ‘Only for you is this martyrdom of having to bother others, of being a burden to your ministers.  I cannot do without letting them meddle in my business, the things that pass between me and Jesus.  The others are free.  They enter a state of suffering, and they free themselves by themselves.  I have prayed to Him so many times to free me, but in vain


Now, while I was thinking of this and other things, blessed Jesus came, all goodness and love, and placing Himself near me, told me: “My daughter, the greater the work I want to do, the more necessary it is that the creature I choose be unique and singular. The work of Redemption was the greatest.  I chose only one creature and endowed Her with every gift.   With gifts never conceded to anyone, this creature could contain enough grace to become my Mother.  Then I could deposit in Her all the goods of Redemption.  To keep my own gifts safe, from the moment She was conceived until She conceived Me, I kept Her hidden in the light of the Most Holy Trinity.  It was Her custodian and had the office of directing Her in everything.” 


“I was the first true Priest and primate of all other priests.  So, when I was conceived in Her virginal womb, I Myself took on the charge of keeping Her and directing Her in everything, even in the motion of Her heartbeat.   And when I died, I entrusted Her to another priest, Saint John, a privileged soul who contained all graces.  He was unique in the divine mind, unique in history.  I did not want to leave Her without the assistance of a representative of mine up until Her last breath.  Have I perhaps done this with other souls?  No, I have not, because they did not contain so much good, so many gifts and graces, and therefore so much custody and assistance was not necessary


“My daughter, you too are unique in my mind, and will also be unique in history.  There will not be, either before or after you, another creature for whom I will dispose, as though forced by necessity, the assistance of my ministers.  I have chosen you in order to deposit in you the sanctity, the goodness, the effect and the attitude of my Supreme Will.  It was appropriate, just and decorous, for the very sanctity that my Will contains, that one of my ministers should assist you.  He is to be the first depository of the goods which my Will contains, so as to let them pass from his lap into the whole body of the ChurchWhat great attention is required of you, and of them!  You shall receive from Me, as if you were my second mother, the great gift of my Will, and by your attentiveness, you will know all Its qualities.  If they are attentive in receiving them from you, the ‘Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven’ will be fulfilled in my Church.”        


“Ah!  You do not know how much I had to give you to prepare your capacity, so that I might deposit my Will in you.  I removed from you any seed of corruption.  I purified your soul, your very nature, so that neither do you feel anything for them, nor do they for you, because, since the seed is missing, it is like fire without firewood.  Even though I did not exempt you from original sin, as I did with my dear Mother, by removing from you the seed of corruption I worked another prodigy of grace.  This has never been conceded to anyone else.  It was not decorous for my Will, trice holy, to descend into and take possession of a soul which would be shaded, even slightly, by the slightest corrupted breath.  My Will would not have adapted Itself to take possession of her, to communicating Its attitude to her, had It seen any seed of corruption in her.  It is just as I, Word of the Father, would not have adapted Myself to being conceived in the womb of the Celestial Mama, had I not exempted Her from original sin.  I have given you so many graces.  Yet you think it is nothing.  You give it no thought.  Instead of thanking Me, you occupy yourself with thinking about what I have prepared for you, and about those I have placed around you.  I only want you to follow my Will


“You must know that this fulfillment of my Will is among the greatest works which the Divinity has ever done.  I want It to be known, so that in knowing Its greatness and the immense goodness It contains, they may love It, esteem It and desire It.  Three times did the Supreme Divinity decide to operate ‘ad extra’.  The first was in Creation, and it was without the intervention of the creature, since none of them had yet come out to the light of the day.  The second was in Redemption, when It interposed a woman, the holiest, the most beautiful, my Celestial Mama.  She was the channel and the instrument I used in order to fulfill the work of Redemption.  The third is the fulfillment of my Will to be done on earth as It is in Heaven.   It is that the creature lives and operates within the sanctity and the power of Our Will.  It is a work inseparable from Creation and Redemption, just as the Sacrosanct Trinity is inseparable.  Nor can We say that the work of Creation has been completed by Us, if Our Will, as We decreed, does not act in the creature and live with that freedom, sanctity and power with which It operates and lives in Us.  Moreover, this is the most beautiful act, the highest, the brightest, and the seal of the fulfillment of the work of Creation and Redemption


“These are divine decrees, and they must be fully completed.  To fulfill this decree We want to use another woman, and that is you.  A woman was the incitement, the cause for which man fell into his misfortunes.  So, We want to use a woman to put things back in order, to let man out of his misfortunes and give back to him decorum and honor, Our true likeness, just as he was created by Us.  Therefore, be attentive, and do not take things lightly.  This is not about just anything.  This is about divine decrees, and about giving Us the field to let Us accomplish the work of Creation and Redemption.” 


“We entrusted Our Mama to St. John, so that She might deposit in him, and from him to the Church, all the treasures and graces of my teachings.  I had place all these in Her during the course of my Life, when She was entrusted to Me and I acted as Priest to Her.  I deposited in Her, as in a sanctuary, all the laws, the precepts and the doctrines which the Church was to possess.  She, faithful as She was, and jealous of even one word of mine, deposited them in my faithful disciple John, so that they might not be lost.  Therefore my Mama has primacy over the whole Church.  This is what I did with you.  Since the ‘Fiat Voluntas Tua’ must serve the whole Church, I entrusted you to a minister of mine.  That way, you may deposit in him everything I teach you about my Will.  Tell him about the goods contained in It, how the creature must enter into It, and how the paternal goodness wants to open another era of grace.  By placing His goods, which He possesses in Heaven, in common with the creature, He will give back to her the happiness that was lost.  Therefore, be attentive, and be faithful to Me






July 14, 1923

Expectation of a new era

The surest sign that it is near


As I was in my usual state, my good Jesus came, but He was all upset.


It seemed to me that He could not detach from me, and, all goodness, told me: “My daughter, I have come to make you suffer.  Don’t you remember when I wanted to chastise man and you did not want Me to, wanting to suffer yourself in their place?  To make you content, I told you that instead of doing ‘ten’, for love of you I would do ‘five’.  Now the nations want to fight against one other.  Those which believe themselves to be the most powerful are arming themselves to the teeth in order to destroy the weak nations.  This is about total destruction, my daughter.  This is why I have come to make you suffer: to give you that ‘five’ which I promised you.  My justice will give to fire and water the power of the office which they contain, in order to destroy peoples and entire cities.  So, a little bit of your suffering is necessary in order to reduce the chastisements by half.” 


While He was saying this, He moved in my interior.  It seemed as though He was holding several instruments in His hands.    As He moved them, the suffering and pain began with such a tearing of all my limbs that I don’t know how I remained alive.  He could see me moaning and shivering because of the intensity of the pains.  Then with the air of one who has triumphed over everything, Jesus would say to me: “You are my Life, and with my Life I can do whatever I want.”  And He would continue His craft to make me suffer.  May everything be for the glory of God, for the good of my soul, and for the salvation of all.


Afterwards, He added: “My daughter, the whole world is upside down.  Everyone is waiting for change, peace, and something new.  They gather to discuss it, and are surprised at not being to come to a conclusion about anything or to make any serious decisions.  So, true peace does not arise, and everything resolves into words, but nothing factual.  They hope that more conferences may serve to make some serious decisions, but they wait in vain.  In the meantime, while waiting, they live in fear, some prepare themselves for new wars and some hope for new conquests.  Meanwhile, the people are impoverished, stripped alive.  They are waiting, tired of the sad present era, so dark and bloody, which enwraps them.  They wait and hope for a new era of peace and of light.” 


“The world is exactly at the same point as when I was about to come upon earth.  All were awaiting a great event, a new era, which did indeed occur.  It’s the same now.  The great event, the new era in which the Will of God may be done on earth as It is in Heaven, is coming.  Everyone is waiting for this new era, tired of the present one.  But they don’t  know what this new thing, this change is about, just as they did not know what it was about when I came down upon the earth.  This expectation is a sure sign that the hour is near.  But the surest sign is that I am manifesting what I want to do.  So by turning to a soul, just as I turned to my Mama in descending from Heaven to earth, I communicate to her my Will and the goodness and the effects contained in It.  I will make of them a gift for the whole of humanity