Week 1+3

Week 2+4








5:30 PM




 O, God, come to my assistance.




 O Lord, Make haste to help me.





 Praise the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit,

both now and for ever,


The God who is, who was, and is to come,

at the end of the ages.






Most holy God of heavens high,

The dazzling vast expanse of sky,

You decked with richest colors bright,

You flooded all with beauteous light.


The fourth day brought on new display,

The sun with flaming disk of day,

The light of circling moon for night,

And stars in wandering courses bright.


Most loving Father hear our plea.

You rule the world with equity.

Together with Your only Son,

And with Your Spirit three in one.






Psalm 103


Bless the Lord, my soul!

Lord God, how great you are,


clothed in majesty and glory,

wrapped in light as in a robe!


You stretch out the heavens like a tent.

Above the rains you build your dwelling.


You make the clouds your chariot,

you walk on the wings of the wind,


you make the winds your messengers

and flashing fire your servants.


You founded the earth on its base,

to stand firm from age to age.


You wrapped it with the ocean like a cloak:

the waters stood higher than the mountains.


At your threat they took to flight;

at the voice of your thunder they fled.


They rose over the mountains and flowed down

to the place which you had appointed.


You set limits they might not pass

lest they return to cover the earth.


You make springs gush forth in the valleys:

they flow in between the hills.


They give drink to all the beasts of the field;

the wild-asses quench their thirst.


On their banks dwell the birds of heaven;

from the branches they sing their song.


From your dwelling you water the hills;

earth drinks its fill of your gift.


You make the grass grow for the cattle

and the plants to serve manís needs,


that he may bring forth bread from the earth

and wine to cheer manís heart;


oil, to make his face shine

and bread to strengthen manís heart.


The trees of the Lord drink their fill,

the cedars he planted on Lebanon;


there the birds build their nests:

on the tree-top the stork has her home.


The goats find a home on the mountains

and rabbits hide in the rocks.


You made the moon to mark the months;

the sun knows the time for its setting.


When you spread the darkness it is night

and all the beasts of the forest creep forth.


The young lions roar for their prey

and ask their food from God.


At the rising of the sun they steal away

and go to rest in their dens.


Man goes forth to his work,

to labor till evening falls.


How many are your works, O Lord

In wisdom you have made them all.

The earth is full of your riches.


There is the sea, vast and wide

with its moving swarms past counting,

living things great and small.


The ships are moving there

and the monsters you made to play with.


All of these look to you

to give them their food in due season.


You give it, they gather it up:

you open your hand, they have their fill.


You hide your face, they are dismayed

you take back your spirit, they die,

 returning to the dust from which they came.


You send forth your spirit, they are created;

and you renew the face of the earth.


May the glory of the Lord last for ever!

May the Lord rejoice in his works!


He looks on the earth and it trembles;

the mountains send forth smoke at his touch.


I will sing to the Lord all my life,

make music to my God while I live.


May my thoughts be pleasing to him.

I find my joy in the Lord.


Let sinners vanish from the earth 

and the wicked exist no more.

Bless the Lord, my soul.





 Praise the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit,

both now and for ever,


The God who is, who was, and is to come,

at the end of the ages.



Short Reading

Week 2 (varies)

Rom 3:23-25a


Since all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God;

they are now justified by his grace as a gift,

through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus,

whom God put forward

as a sacrifice of atonement by his blood.



Responsorial Psalm



Heal my soul, because I have sinned against you.


I keep saying: Lord, pity me. 

Because I have sinned against you.


Praise the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit,

both now and for ever,

The God who is, who was, and is to come,

at the end of the ages


Heal my soul, because I have sinned against you.



Magnificat Antiphon 


 God favors the humble.

Bow down before the power of God,

and he will raise you up on the appointed day.



Song of Mary


My soul glorifies the Lord,

my spirit rejoices in God my Savior.


He looks on his servant in her nothingness;

henceforth all ages will call me blessed.


The Almighty works marvels for me.

Holy is his name!


His mercy is from age to age,

on those who fear him.


He puts forth his arm in strength

and scatters the proud-hearted


He casts the mighty from their thrones

and raises the lowly.


He fills the starving with good things,

sends the rich away empty.


He protects Israel, his servant,

remembering his mercy,


The mercy promised to our fathers,

for Abraham and his sons for ever.





 Praise the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit,

both now and for ever,


The God who is, who was, and is to come,

at the end of the ages.






Blessed are you, Lord God,

our creator and redeemer.

Have mercy on us and hear our prayer,

as we say:


Lord, hear our prayer!


Lord, break down the walls which divide your church,

and reconcile us to yourself in the one body of your Son.


Lord, hear our prayer!


Have pity on those who are destitute,

fearful and oppressed,

and be their comfort in time of tribulation.


Lord, hear our prayer!


Create us a new heart in us, Lord,

and renew a steadfast spirit within us.


Lord, hear our prayer!


Free us from all bitterness, wrath and anger;

make us forgive each other as you forgave us in Christ.


Lord, hear our prayer!


Have mercy on those who have gone before us in death;

give the light, peace and joy.



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Let us renew the covenant of forgiveness

which Jesus taught us:



Our Father,

who art in heaven,

hallowed be thy name,

Thy kingdom come,

thy will be done on earth

as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread;

and forgive us our trespasses

as we forgive those

who trespass against us;

 and lead us not into temptation,

but deliver us from evil.





Concluding Prayer



As once you walked in the garden,

Lord, in the calm of the evening,

so this evening you come seeking us.


If we are tempted to flee from your presence,

change our fear to confidence.


Confessing our sin,

without blaming others,

we place our hope in your mercy and forgiveness,

through Jesus, your Son, our Lord.








May the Lord bless us,

keep away all evil,

and lead us to eternal life





Let us bless the Lord.


Thanks be to God.